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mayraki · 4 hours ago
✧ chapter four: fire is catching - b. barnes x oc series ✧
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
‘let’s play fire with fire’ series masterlist
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summary: the night continues so sam, bucky and sera deal with the big man on his big throne. but when their mission doesn’t go according to plan, blood ends up spilling on the floor as their little team starts to fall apart.
warnings: graphic descriptions about blood.
Tumblr media
“Where do you think you’re going?” A tall man with his deep voice asked while putting his hand on Sera’s shoulder as soon as she walked in front of him with the intention to walk inside the VIP area.
Sera, who had her veins still pounding from her fight with Bucky moments earlier, she moved the man’s hand away and looked at him dead in the eyes. “Dude, I’m not in the mood for this so you better fuck off.”
“Excuse me?”
Sera nodded with a smile. “Oh, you heard me.”
“Hey, hey.” Sam appeared from her back trying to calm the situation down like he always did. But before he could let out another word, the big guy on his boy throne spoke while he had three girls around him.
“What is going on with that girl, Jack?”
Sera moved her head to the side to be able to see the guy on the eyes. “We just need to talk to you!”
The man let out a big laugh soon joined by the girls next to him, which lead to Sera feeling her chest being filled with anger and hotness. “And why would I do that, sweetheart? What makes you think a man like me would want to talk to a girl like... you?” He grabbed one of the girls he had next to him and quickly moved her on top of his lap. Disgusted by this man, Sera clenched her jawline and rolled her eyes. “Unless, is not exactly talking what you want to do with me.” The man let out a grin as Sera tilted her head to the side and squinted her eyes when a thought crossed her mind.
Bucky took a step closer angrily but soon stopped once he saw from the corner of his eye the little smile forming on Sera’s lips. “No, you’re right. It’s not talking what I want to do.” As soon as she said those words she opened her eyes normally and felt the hot air going through them.
Sam and Bucky looked at her and carefully watched her moves. But she wasn’t moving a single muscle from her body. Sam, noticing this and her silence, walked to be next to Sera and locked at her eyes. Followed soon by Bucky, but to her other side.
“Careful, now.” Sam said softly. “Just to get us in.”
Bucky heard Sam’s words and furrowed his eyebrows confused still looking at Sera and her red eyes. But before he could let out a word the man letting out a big scream in pain made him turn to him and see how he was grabbing his head as he was kneeled down on the floor.
“Sr? Sr? Are you alright?” The big man quickly walked towards him to try and take him off the floor worryingly. But soon after, the man stopped grabbing his head and quickly looked up with terror in his eyes.
“Just to get us in.” Sera said softly looking at how the man struggled to get up. The girls around him stepped back as they were grabbing each others arms.
As Bucky’s eyes were seeing everything that was happening in front of him, his thoughts about her were slowly coming together. She and her powers were still a mystery to him, the more he spent time with her the more he found out. And this time, he had one thing to add to the list: her saying “I can burn everything that’s on your mind without moving a finger” wasn’t a lie after all.
“Everyone out!” The man yelled after regaining his feet on the floor and started to push everyone out of the way. “Now!” His loud tone could be heard on top of the music gaining some looks from the people dancing. Proudly walking inside that tiny VIP area, Sam, Sera and Bucky stood in front of the man as he sat down once again on his throne, trying to gain his confidence and thoughts back. “Seraphina Thompson. I’ve heard stories about you... I should’ve guessed you were going to come here.”
“And why is that?” Sera asked as she crossed her arms around her chest.
“My name is Zaha and I’m a smart man. Enough to know that I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. And for that, I am truly sorry.”
“You know where you can stick your apology-”
“Sera.” Sam stopped her gaining her eyes on him. “We’re not here to get ourselves into trouble, remember? We just want to talk.” Sera rolled her eyes and went silent, letting Sam take over the conversation. “We need to talk about a guy that calls himself The Red Wolf.”
“I’m sorry. But what makes you think I know about him?”
“Rumours has is that one of his guys worked here for you, and we need to know if you’ve seen or heard about him.”
“I’m sorry... but I don’t. I’ve never heard that nickname before.” Sera squinted her eyes and took a deep breath in, noticing the guy moving uncomfortably on his seat.
“You sure about that?” Bucky said and for the looks of it, he seemed to have caught the same thing as Sera.
“Yes, I am sure. Otherwise I don’t know why I would hide information from you guys.”
“You call yourself smart but you lie about having information,” Bucky said “and I don’t think that’s very smart of you, Mr. Zaha.”
“I’m not lying.”
“Oh, I think you are.” Sera spitted out. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be moving in your seat nervously like you’re doing right now. If you don’t have anything to hide, then don’t be nervous.”
“Oh, I think he is very nervous.” Bucky agreed, getting closer to Zaha.
He crossed his legs to hide his heart beating faster but unlucky for him, nothing passes unnoticed for Sam, Bucky and Sera.
“Nervous like a little chihuahua.” Sam said jokingly. “Shaking like you need to pee right now. Do you need to pee Mr. Zaha? Or that brain of yours is hiding something important and that’s why you’re shaking like a little baby?”
“I think is the second option, Sam,” Bucky said firmly “so you better be smart about this.”
It was obvious that Zaha was caught off guard and didn’t expect to face someone like them on that night. Sera knew that he was a man that liked to be feared and not the one being threatened, so trying to gain control of the situation he let out a grin and tilted his head slowly to the side. “And you are, Mr...?”
“You don’t want to find out.” Bucky said quickly, not wanting to deal with Zaha’s twisted mind.
“Not to be rude or anything,” Zaha said slowly while while pointing at Bucky with his long finger “but why are you the one with the job of intimidation?” He let out a grin and then slowly turned towards Sera, who furrowed her eyebrows angrily. “Don’t you two think that is better to use the girl with fire in her eyes?”
Before Sam or Sera could say anything, Bucky quickly walked towards Zaha and punched the side of his throne making a loud noise once his hands touched the sit and for Zaha to lock eyes with him and regain the fear on his eyes.
“Don’t look at her, look at me.” Bucky said firmly with his jaw clenched and his killing eyes on Zaha. “You better speak and tell us what you know because you don’t want to be on my bad side.”
Sera noticed his big arms under that black jacket he had and felt how her stomach turned once the need of touching them appeared on her mind. Unintentionally, she widen her eyes at the surprise of Bucky feeling angry once again. But this time, Sera wasn’t angry too, this time she felt the hotness growing inside of her as the butterflies were going crazy inside of her stomach. He looked attractive and her mind wasn’t going to let it pass.
So lost in her thoughts, Sera didn’t notice the metal arm showing once Bucky moved closer to Zaha. Before she could do something about it, Zaha moved his eyes towards it since it made a different noise than the other hand. Realising the dark grey color Bucky had on his arm, his eyes went wide open as his back touched the back of his seat, clearly intimidated of what he had in front of him.
“You’re the winter soldier... and you” Zaha turned to Sam, immediately recognising him “you’re the falcon.” Bucky stepped back as Zaha was going back and forth between them all with shook in his eyes. “Seraphina Thompson with the falcon and the winter soldier?”
“Now you see the trouble you’re in?” Sam said nodding his head.
“I knew... The Red Wolf.” Zaha said finally after a couple of seconds and looking down at the floor. “He used to make his reunions here.”
“Why used to?” Sera asked.
“I don’t know. He suddenly stopped needing the place. I- I never stepped inside one of his meetings because he didn’t allow it.” He looked up waiting for one of them to talk but receiving not words he sighed and shook his head. “He is a very dangerous man. And has so many people behind him- even I was impressed. I knew who he was but I never knew or tried to understand what he was planning to do. To be quite honest, I was terrified, truly terrified, when he came here I moved myself out of the way. He once asked me to give one of his men a job here so I did. And that’s it. So, I’m sorry but I can’t help you more.”
“So you let a man have his meetings here for a long time but you don’t know anything about him?” Bucky asked. “It sounds like bullshit.”
“Sera do you smell that?” Sam asked and Sera quickly smelled the air and nodded. “Bullshit.”
“It’s not! I’m telling you the truth.”
“Sounds to me like you’re a coward.” Bucky let out slowly as he was getting closer.
Noticing his eyes on Bucky’s metal arm, Sera let out a tiny grin and slightly tilted her head to the side. “What? Afraid of a little metal arm?”
Bucky let his hands rest on the side of his chair to get his face closer to his, feeling the fear growing inside of Zaha. “Talk.”
“That’s all I-”
“Talk, before you make me lose my patience.”
“I’m being serious! That’s all I know!”
Bucky said something else but Sera didn’t hear it. As soon as he said his next words Sera felt how they slowly faded away as the electricity ran through her veins. She closed her eyes feeling her eyes burn and her throat feeling up with hot air.
“Sam-” She said almost in a whisper but it was enough since Sam worryingly turned to her and quickly walked towards her to grab her shoulder.
“Sera? Are you alright?” He asked but as soon as she locked eyes with him, he understood.
“Something’s wrong.” The second she said those words the sound of a bullet entering the room his their ears and soon ended up inside Zaha’s head, immediately making his body to fly backwards as the blood was pouring from his forehead and slowly covering the floor around him.
Realising what just happened, Bucky turned around to lock eyes with Sera. But when another thing caught his eyes, he immediately ran towards her as the sound of bullets being shot hit his ears. Without hesitating, Bucky covered her body and lifted his metal arm to stop any bullet quickly flying her way.
As Sam threw himself out of the way, Sera closed her eyes once Bucky turned her to the side and with strength pushed her against the wall to cover themselves from the thousands of bullets going their way.
Ignoring the pain Sera was feeling on her back from hitting the wall, she locked eyes with Bucky who seemed to have glued himself in front of her. Their eyes were locked to each other with no intention to move them away. Their faces were so close that their chests would almost touch the moment they filled their lungs with air. Sera widen her eyes at the realisation that Bucky just saved her body from ending covered in bullets.
Even if the loud noises around them were still going, Bucky and Sera didn’t take their eyes away from each other, until Sam quickly ran towards them to cover his body the same way Sera and Bucky were doing.
“Would you two mind stopping with the whole staring thing and help me?! Because I don’t think Mr. Zaha has the intention to do so now!” Sam yelled after taking the gun out of the back of his jeans and trying to hit anyone that had the intentions to kill them.
Going back to reality and what was happening next to her, Sera moved Bucky out the way the moment he took out the guy he had on his back. Feeling the fire on her fingertips grow Sera moved her feet towards the bullets and ignored the big yell of her name coming out of Bucky’s mouth. Lifting her hands to her side the second her eyes turned red, a wall fire started growing in front of her making the bullets towards her, Sam and Bucky melt the instant they touched the burning wall Sera had created.
Bucky seeing what Sera was doing and the second he took off the shook out of his face, he ran towards Sam who was now standing next to the wall of fire with his chest going quickly up and down. He turned to look at Bucky who was still surprised at the way Sera and her red eyes were handling the situation, something that he had never seen anyone do before.
The sound of the melted bullets hitting the floor were now hitting their ears. “I guess she can do a little more than turn into a torch.” Bucky said with his eyes locked on her. When the bullets stopped going through the wall, Bucky lifted his gun ready to face whatever was coming even if it felt like Sera had everything covered. And she did.
Without waiting another second, moving her hands to the ceiling she closed them into fists to feel the burning sensation growing inside her palm. Her chest was filled with hot air as the smoke was quickly coming out of her skin. Silence surrounded the room, but then, quicker as another bullet trying to get through, Sera opened her hands and with a loud noise left the fire of the wall fly like a pheonix towards the man with big guns trying to kill them, making them all fly toward the wall and end up unconscious on the floor, with nothing more than empty gun and burning marks on their skins.
Feeling her hands going back to normal, she turned around to Sam and Bucky who were standing behind her with their eyes locked on the guys at the floor with furrowed eyebrows. Sera did a little smile and shrugged her shoulders once she gained their eyes on her, doing a thumbs up and nodding. “We’re cool now.” She said before turning around and leaving the VIP area to join the now empty dance floor.
“Yeah, more than a torch.” Sam said softly before leaving a confused and still surprised Bucky behind.
“Now what?” Sera asked once she had her two partners by her side on that empty room with lights going all sorts of crazy.
Before Sam or Bucky could say anything, the sound of a door opening hit their ears letting them notice the now four guys with big guns going their way. “I guess is fighting those assholes.” Sam said before they all ran towards a big white column to hide their bodies behind it.
Expecting to hear more bullets going their way, Sera made her hands burn making fire grow out of them, but before she could move her hands to her side, a big ball of fire hitting the side of the column made them all jump backwards as both Bucky and Sam looked at a very confused Sera.
“What the fuck was that?!” Bucky asked.
“Did they cloned you or some shit?!” As Sam asked that questions, Sera looked at her hands glowing and spitting fire, she closed her eyes the second an ugly old memory game back to her head.
“Can’t be.” She said moving her head to the side to have a better look at the men with black suits and big guns on their hands. But they weren’t normal guns... they were white and were as big as their whole torsos combined. It had red lines on each side that Sera knew they glow everytime they charged. The little sound of fire it made when it threw the ball fire hit Sera’s ears once again making her move Sam and Bucky out of the way by pushing them and hitting their backs to the wall by their left.
“What is that and where can I get one!?” Sam asked when another fire ball hit the white and big column.
“It’s a fire arm!” Sera yelled moving the fire growing towards them.
“Yeah no shit, Sera!” Bucky yelled putting off the little ball of fire by his side with his foot. “What do we do now?”
“We need to make a plan!” Sam yelled. “Bucky go left and I go right while Sera stops the fire-!” He was yelling but then shut his mouth when Bucky and Sera completely ignored what he was saying and started to walk towards the big guns throwing fire. “Why the hell did you ask?!” Sam asked but then went back to the wall once another ball of fire went his way.
“This fucking shoes!” Sera yelled feeling the pain on her toes and ankles the second after she moved the fire going towards her and Bucky by her side.
“Give them to me.” Bucky said and without questioning it, Sera lifted her foot and took of the heel and handed the two pairs of shoes to Bucky. As her eyes were slowly following Bucky’s move, she saw how he moved his metal arm backwards and how the shoe left his hand the second his hand passed his head.
Without giving Sera a moment to react, her other shoe was already flying towards another man, ending up inside his eye. Sera’s eyes were seeing how the blood started to pour out of their eyes as slowly as a tear going down their cheeks. “I always knew you could use a heel as a weapon.” Sera said surprised. But that tiny moment didn’t last long since she felt another ball of fire going her way. Lifting her hands to her side she quickly stopped it and pushed it away, making a big explosion and taking down the other men in front of her in the process.
Bullets hitting her ear Sera turned to her side and noticed Sam behind the counter trying to hit the man now going towards him. With quick steps, Bucky walked passed her ready to take the man down. Seeing how the gun he had on his hands was glowing, Bucky stopped with the intention to move to the side and avoid the big ball of fire wanting to burn him. But before it even had the chance, the second it was out of the big white gun, the big ball of fire quickly moved backwards like someone pushed it, making the man fly backwards and hit the wall behind him.
Bucky turned back to see Sera with a little smile on her face as her eyes were slowly going back to normal. “Uno reverse card, bitch.” She said as she was getting closer to Bucky and Sam, who were now standing side by side.
“Having fun?” Sam asked out of breath while Sera was barely different from when the fight started.
“Is it wrong if I say yes?” She answered cheekily. Eating the laugh that came out of Sera’s mouth, the front door opened letting them see another man entering with, this time, an ever bigger weapon. “Holy shit.” Sera said with shook in her eyes.
“Still having fun?” Bucky asked gaining a mean look from Sera.
Without giving them a second to breathe, another big ball of fire was flying towards them but Sera moving in front of Bucky and Sam lifted her hands into the air and quickly stopped it. Feeling the fire inside of her hands and her eyes burning with desire, she pushed the fire towards the wall by her side making a big loud noise in the process.
Punches were being thrown out, bullets flying as well as fire growing each second around Bucky, Sam and Sera. Neither of them expected to end the night like that, or even why they were in that situation to begin with.
After moving another ball fire going her way, feeling her arms getting tired she moved to the side and let her back rest on the wall as the bullets leaving their guns was hitting her ears. She slightly moved her head to see better what was happening as she heard Sam yelling for Bucky. They needed her. She felt her heart beating faster as she saw how Bucky and Sam were struggling to keep up the fight. Her breathing was going quicker as the sound around her was fading away and her sight was becoming blurrier. Her fingertips felt the burning sensation as her eyes wanted to close. But trying her hardest, she moved towards Sam and Bucky to lift her hands and enter the fire about to burn them into her body.
The scene in front of her getting blurrier and blurrier as the seconds were passing, seeing the fire around her and being thrown at her became even more harder. She didn’t know what was happening or how to stop it. Moving her head side to side to see if Bucky and Sam were alright, she felt how her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. Bucky was struggling when three men were grabbing his arm with strength. Sam, by her other side, was still hiding behind the counter trying to move himself out of the way were fire was growing everywhere around him.
With the intention to move, Sera tried to lift her foot but it felt like it was heavier than ever. The pain in her legs turned into feeling like she was glued to the floor down her. The burning on her hands was stronger but nothing seemed to want to come out of it as her eyes hurt like something had stabbed them a second ago. Her head was pounding while she noticed the noise around her was slowly fading away. No bullets, no fire, no voices but complete silence... until she felt something grabbing her neck and pulling her to the ground as she felt an electric sensation against her neck making her breathing cut short and her eyes to fully close, stopping her from feeling anything else and fall unconscious on the floor.
Bucky’s foot quickly flew towards one of the guys’ knee making him quickly fall into the ground. Able to free himself from one of them, he threw his head backwards to hit the guy behind him in the forehead. Having one guy left, he just lifted his hand and quickly punched the guy in the face, leaving three men now in the floor next to him. Wanting to look for his friends, Bucky looked up and noticed Sam trying to fight a man but quickly shooting him to the ground. Nodding once they locked eyes with each other, with the same intention they both looked around looking for the third member of their team. But once they both saw the same thing, it made their quick feet ran towards a Sera laying on the floor with four men around her. But before any of them could make another move, a strange electric feeling hit their skin making them soon fall to the floor.
Feeling his body shake against the floor, Bucky’s eyes were still glued to Sera as his heart dropped to his stomach. “Sera!” He tried to yell but it came out nothing more than a loud whisper with so much pain in it.
“Look at you.... the winter soldier.” Bucky heard with a joking tone as he was laying in the floor. “What a pity.” Soon after a sound of someone spitting by his side hit his ears and then steps moving away.
As her skin was moving uncomfortably on the floor, he managed to keep his eyes on Sera. The way that a man grabbed her body and lifted her on his shoulders like she was bag of some sort, made his inside burn with anger. He felt how his heavy body was starting to hurt him and getting tired the more he spent on the floor with his eyes stuck on one side of the room.
“What are you gonna do now, Winter Soldier?” A guy yelled kneeling down before letting out the biggest laugh ever, shaking the walls around him. “We’re going to have fun with her. Don’t worry.” He said after getting up and letting out another smile seeing how Bucky still couldn’t get up from the floor.
Following the men with his eyes, Bucky felt how his brain was screaming at him to move and save her. But nothing seemed to be working, the electric feeling against his skin was still shaking his body slowly and keeping anything else from hearing the commands his brain was yelling.
Shaking Sera jokingly, the man that just talked to Bucky turned her head and said something that Bucky couldn’t hear. There was nothing he could do about it, they were taking her God knows where and were planning on doing terrible things to her while Bucky couldn’t even get up to try and save her. He felt useless while the pain inside of him was growing as they were taking Sera further and further away out of the building.
Suddenly, when he gain full attention of his heart beating faster he immediately felt something falling from his eyes towards his cheek. He tensed his teeth together while the pain became tighter around his chest and heart. His breathing was cutting short when the air became thicker around him. Closing his eyes when he heard the front door closing and seeing that Sera was no longer inside the building, hearing his breathing was the only thing he could hear next. The thick air, his heavy stomach and the pain inside his chest were growing each second that was passing as a single tear drop was going down his cheek. She was gone. They took her and Bucky couldn’t save her. That was just... it.
A strong headache appeared on Sera’s head the second she opened her eyes and the white strong light troubled her eyes. She squinted them as they were wondering around the room. It was as white as the light itself and had nothing but the chair she was sitting on and a giant black window in front of her. A tight feeling around her wrist made her realize that she was wrapped at the chair as well as her ankles. The coldness on her neck and being unable to move her head far backwards, she noticed a thick metal necklace covering her neck with a red light that would turn on and off constantly.
The memories before she closed her eyes were slowly coming to her the more she found herself in that room. The fire around her, her burning eyes and... her blurry sight. She still didn’t understand why she felt like that and why couldn’t she control herself. Her heavy body was now gone but she still felt a slightly electric feeling on her neck.
With the intention to move her fingers to feel the burning sensation in them, she took her full attention towards them, but as soon as she tried the white giant door by her left side quickly opened to let her see that ugly face she hated seeing.
“Jackson.” She said angrily as he let out a tiny smile once he closed the door behind him. He had his same long red coat and brown shiny boots. It didn’t matter to the old man that he had a powerful woman like Sera under his power, he still took the time to look good. “I should’ve guessed it was you.”
“Why?” Jackson asked while slowly walking towards her with his hands behind his back. “Because I am the only one who can defeat you?”
“No,” Sera quickly nodded as a grin started to grow on her lips “because I can smell the rotten fish from here.”
Instead of saying something back, Jackson just let out a tiny smile and got even closer to her face. Seeing every detail on his eyes, Sera felt the blood in her veins move faster as his lips were becoming even more into a bigger smile. “Nice to see you again, Sera. And not with those two.”
“Where are they?” She asked moving her body towards him making a loud noise as the chair moved with her.
Seeing how Sera clenched her jawline and the anger Jackson loved so much to see in her eyes, he moved backwards and let out yet another smile. “You really care about them... don’t you?” Not wanting to get an answer from her, Jackson took another step closer and added: “One thing at a time, dear, one thing at a time.”
“Yeah, and the first thing I’ll do is burn everything to the ground.”
“Ah. There she is. I missed you.” Jackson grabbed her chin with strength taking her head backwards as her eyes were burning with anger while looking at him. “But you need to be careful with what you do, dear. I want you to see something. You’re going to love it.” With the same strength as he was holding her, he let go of her chin making her move her head to the side and immediately feel the pain on her skin the moment he let go.
Following Jackson with her eyes, she noticed how his hand went inside his pocket and slowly took out a small controller with a bunch of different color buttons on it. “See this? This, can do a lot of things.” He arrived next to the window and let out a tiny smile while pointing at the blackness next to him. “First of all...” he pressed a button and Sera saw how it quickly turned the lights from the other room. Being the light so bright, Sera squinted her eyes and looked down trying to cover her eyes from the strong and bright light.
But when curiosity became even stronger than the pain she was feeling, she looked up and immediately widened her eyes. The moment she saw those blonde hairs and those green eyes her heart dropped to her stomach. “Angela.” Sera whispered making her throat hurt. Red scratches covered her lips and arms making Sera feel some tears fighting to come out. Her heavy dark bags under her eyes made it seem like she hadn’t slept for days.
Angela, being kneeled down on the floor with chains covering her wrists, looked up and made her face and body even more visible. Realising the shook in her eyes, Sera noticed that she could see her when they both locked eyes with each other. Her skinny lips turned into a smile as soon as her eyes realised that the person she was looking at was Sera, but then noticed Jackson standing in the other room as well, she erased it and rolled her eyes moving her scratched body to the side.
Feeling the anger and pain of seeing her friend all hurt grew inside of her as her fingertips were staring to feel their burning in them. A slight noise hit the room as Sera filled her lungs with fire and tried to free herself, but before she could let anything out, she felt a strong electric shook in her neck, making her body go back to normal and let out nothing but smoke out.
“And that, my dear, is the second thing this controller does. See that fashionable necklace I gave you? Yes, this little thing does the trick but, oh boy, that is the thing that could destroy you. So, if I were you, I would check my options and keep those beautiful fingertips still. We don’t want your sight to her blurry again before you fall on the floor, do we?”
“What do you want?” Sera asked with a firm tone once her neck recovered from the electric shook.
“What do I want?” Jackson asked getting closer to Sera. “I want you, of course.”
“Yeah...” He said softly. “To help me, of course. Like you did years ago.”
“I’m not that same person I was years ago, so fuck off.”
“Oh, language, please.” Jackson said disgusted arriving closer to Sera and stopping right in front of her body. “The old you is still there,” he pointed at her chest “I know it.”
“You don’t know shit, Jackson. You think you do, but you don’t. You want to control something that you can’t.”
“Well, I did controlled you, didn’t I?” He asked softly enjoying the look of Sera’s eyes.
She remembered all those old memories like it was the other day. Her old self being by Jackson’s side and doing whatever his mouth let out. Burning, exploding, tortuning.... it was horrible for her to recall all of those things. Knowing that she was no longer than person was what kept her going, but being in front of him asking her for help, made it more difficult to forget and not get affected by them as they were slowly coming back.
“You were happy, Sera. What happened?” Jackson asked slowly.
“I wasn’t. You manipulated me, you used me. You saw my pain so you took your chance to use what I can do-”
“But, yet, you did them. No questions asked. I never pointed a gun to your head. Did I? Don’t make excuses for the things that you did, dear.”
“I’m not. Believe me. I’ve spent years regretting and trying to forget what I did.”
Jackson stopped for a moment while a little smile grew on his lips. “Yes, with Mr. Wilson, am I right?”
Sera felt her chest close up as his mouth let out his name. “Don’t talk about him. Go to your point, Jackson, what is it exactly that you want from me?”
Seeing how Jackson lifted the controller and got ready to press another button, Sera furrowed her eyebrows as she was waiting for his next words. But before he did, the little noise of the button being pressed hit her ears and soon after, the door quickly opened. “I want you to make me more, Sera.”
Tables and more tables with the same weapons that Sera saw before collapsing on the floor were entering room. She slowly wondered the room and shook her head before turning once again to lock eyes with a proud Jackson staring at her like he was staring at her soul.
“What do you say, Sera? Just like the old days?”
“Like the old days-” Sera closed her eyes with strength while shaking her head. “This is insane, Jackson! Even for you!” The moment she opened her eyes Jackson was closer that made her able to see the desire and craziness now building inside his eyes.
“Sera, you and me together; we could rule the world. We would be unstoppable. If you make me more I can take down those asshole that want me dead and then make the underground mine. And after that, make the whole world mine. If you help me, if you give those weapons the energy they need to breath out fire it’s going to happen. I could be the king. And you... can be my queen, right by my side.”
Sera moved her head backwards and slowly shook her head while her eyes wondered the room once again, shook of what she was hearing and seeing. “Jackson. You want to play with something that’s way more complicated than you think. Understanding how this works isn’t something as easy as knowing how to build those weapons. It was comes after.” Seeing the anger and disappointment growing on his eyes, Sera moved closer to his face and whispered loudly: “Fire is catching. And if you play with it when you can’t control it... you’ll burn.”
“Well, I controlled you and I didn’t burn, did I?” He asked with the some tone but with anger before walking backwards and grabbing the controller once again. “And if I can make you remember, I have something that is going to make you help me, dear.” Jackson pointed at Angela who was confusingly watching every single weapon that there was in the room. Noticing that everyone was looking at her, she turned to lock eyes with Sera and let out a tiny smile even if her eyes screamed the pain she was feeling inside and out. “If you don’t help me, I can make her eyes go blurry.... like yours did. But I don’t think someone as weak as her can take it. So you better think it twice.”
Sera didn’t move her eyes from Angela. She saw how after giving her a smile, she went over to Jackson and flipped him off when he turned to her. Him, letting out a long angry sigh, went back to staring at Sera and tilted his head to the side, enjoying having the upper hand on her and the defeated look on her face.
‘I’m sorry’ Sera mouthed at Angela who slowly shook her head with a confused smile. Not wanting to look at her in the eyes anymore, she turned to Jackson and said the words she would never expected to say ever again: “I’ll help you.”
The trees were passing on Bucky’s window as the car was moving on the road. He had his elbow touching the door while his hand was against his lips holding his heavy head. The only noise surrounding the car was the sound of it running and the beeping coming from Sam’s phone.
After both, Sam and Bucky, gained control of their bodies they ran out of the building to see if they could notice anything that could lead them to Sera. But the whole street was as empty as the club inside. No noise, no black car, not even people walking around. The wind was the only thing they noticed moving around them.
Bucky found himself walking backwards and moving his metal hand with speed towards the wall behind him, hitting it with strength and making a big whole in the process. Feeling his breathing getting heavier as the anger grew inside of him, he closed his eyes with strength while his mind was trying to think of his next move.
He had no idea where they could’ve taken her, or even if she was still on the ground or on a plane going somewhere. His brain was empty as his chest became even more tighter and his heart wanted to jump out of his body. He opened his eyes to see Sam standing right next to him with his eyes glued to his phone screen typing something as fast as his fingers let him. Confused on what he was doing, he got closer to him but as soon as he arrived to his side, Sam blocked his phone and started walking away, quickly being followed by Bucky.
“So how exactly is this thing going to take us to Sera?” Bucky asked with a raspy voice once he looked at the phone, seeing how it had a tiny map in it and had a big red circle beeping every two seconds.
“A couple of years ago, when I used to work with Sera, I installed a tracker on her phone because there were times where she would...” Sam stopped and Bucky noticed that he was struggling on deciding if he should keep talking or just stop right there, but then when a tiny sigh came out of his mouth, he continued: “Look, our story is way more complicated than I could ever let you know. And if ever let you know, she has to say yes first. It’s her decision.”
“What is it about it that it’s such a big thing for you to ask her permission?”
“It’s complicated, Bucky, like I told you. It’s more of her story than mine, that’s why.” Bucky looked to the window a million of questions were flying around his head. Was it something bad? That questioned seemed to eat his brain the most. It wasn’t like Bucky’s past was clean and he was worried of thinking bad of her if he knew, his past was the dirtiest of them all, the wonder and the curiosity was the thing that was surrounding his brain. Why was it so important that Sam didn’t want to tell him?
“I get it.” Bucky said. “Believe me, I do. It’s not like I have the cleanest past.”
“Look, remember the first where she stayed with us? The one where we told her to wait?” Bucky nodded, as he looked at Sam remembering what Sera told him about Sam seeing it before. “It used to happen a lot back then, but even worse than the one we saw. She would take more minutes to calm herself down, make bigger shields around her to the point where we couldn’t even be close to her. It was ugly, Bucky.”
“Why, Sam? What makes her do that?”
“She comes from a hard life. Even if she acts like she doesn’t, the worst scenario that could happen to a person happened to her. After that, she went through even more terrible things. The point is, when those moments were over, she would usually end up in places far, far away.” Sam said. “That’s why I decided to install this tracker, I never told her because I knew she was going to hate it. But that was the only option I had back then.”
“And that’s how you knew where she was after all those years.” Sam nodded as Bucky let out sigh and added: “Good thing you thought of it, then.” He let out a tiny smile and turned to his window once again.
Even if some of the questions Bucky had on his mind were answered, he still felt as confused as the moment he started to wonder about her. Thousand of ideas were growing on his head as the seconds were passing. Not knowing the real story was eating him on the inside and making him even more nervous. He moved on his seat uncomfortably as his foot started to move up and down with speed. The minutes didn’t seem to pass as they where moving and that made the blood in his veins to rush.
Noticing this, Sam did a quick look to Bucky and his nervous actions. That wasn’t something normal on him, feeling anxious and showing it. He would always hide what was going on that brain of his carefully managing every movement he did. He was good at it. He was trained to be good at it. Even if his mind wasn’t the one that it used to, he still had everything he learned inside of him. So to be this out and about with his emotions, it had to be something big.
“You care about her, don’t you?” Sam asked ending the silence between them. Bucky, instead of turning to Sam and denying it, he stayed in silence and let out a tiny sigh. Maybe he did.
The memory of how his body felt when his eyes were seeing those men taking her away... made his chest tighten and feel his heart beating a little bit faster than usual. His throat closed up making it harder for him to say something to Sam. Like his cheek had a memory of it self, he felt how the invisible tear dropped down from his cheek while his mind was replaying Sera’s body being carried out. She knew this girl in less than a week but had him feeling things he hadn’t felt in a long time. He found himself caring about her, wanting to protect her like she was his.... Bucky knew that Sera didn’t need a protection, she proved more than capable of taken care of herself multiple times, but for the way his body and mind were acting, that didn’t matter to Bucky, he still felt the need to make sure she was fine until her last breath.
“She’s going to be fine, Bucky.” Sam said softly gaining Bucky’s attention.
Locking eyes with Sam, he nodded and let out a tiny smile not wanting to worry Sam with his millions of questions inside his brain. And weird enough, a big noise coming from a far helped him do that. As soon as the noise hit their ears, they both turned to the the road to see a big explosion going off, fire surrounded trees as big piece of smoke was flying upwards towards the sky. Like they were thinking the same thing, they both turned to Sam’s phone and noticed that the big red circle was closer than they expected.
“I think we found her.” Sam said softly, quickly turning the car towards the side of road after checking if anyone was coming, ready to follow the fire slowly growing around the forest.
“C’mon, Angela, get up.”
As the smoke around her was getting bigger and thicker, fire was growing and building up every second, Sera quickly ran towards her friend and grabbed her arm to help her get up. She noticed the weapons all now destroyed and some men also laying on the ground, but Jackson was nowhere to be seen.
Since the moment Sera saw those weapons get into the room, her little plan started working inside her head. She saw the opportunity and knew that she was going to take it. So, when Jackson pushed the little button to take that thick eletric necklace out of her neck and slowly took it off her, she looked up and immediately felt her eyes burning with desire as her hands touched the cold metal of the weapons.
“How-?” Angela asked after coughing the smoke out of lungs. “How did you do that? I thought you were going to help them.”
“That asshole wants to control fire but doesn’t even take the time to understand it.” She said while getting Angela’s arm around her shoulders to help her walking. “If I can give that piece of crap the amount of energy to work, I can also give it the energy to self destruct and explode. C’mon, let’s go.”
Covering Angela’s mouth with her own shirt to prevent her from breathing in the smoke around her, they both walked outside the room to find their way out of that building. Wondering with her eyes, Sera looked to her left and noticed a light coming from a tiny window surrounded by fire. But that wasn’t a problem for her. Moving her feet towards the window, she moved the flames to the side making a tiny path for her and Angela to walk through. Once close to it, she lifted her other hand that wasn’t holding her friend and as she felt the burning on her palm, she moved it with speed and threw a ball of fire to break the glass and finally, leave the burning building behind.
“C’mon, watch your step.” Sera said as Angela was carefully jumping the window and dropping to the other side.
Trees on fire and more smoke was the only thing Sera noticed the moment her shoes touched the grass. She looked around and realised the where both in the middle of the forest, there was nothing else than trees and bushes around them. But getting away from the fire to keep Angela safe was the only thing Sera wanted to do, so without waiting another second, Sera wrapped Angela’s arm around her shoulders once again and started to walk away, leaving pieces of smoke behind her.
“Wow, ok, so let me get this straight.” Angela started saying with her heavy breathing as they were both carefully walking besides the tall trees. “You have super powers. You can control fire and explode things... am I right?”
“And other things, but yes.”
“Alright! Cool, cool, cool, cool. That’s just... oh my god, that’s wild Sera! All this time since I’ve known you?” Sera nodded. “What the fuck?!” She yelled but then regretted it since a strong pain appeared on her stomach. “Fuck. I mean,” she said softly “you, fire, that’s crazy! And that man? What’s your story with him? Did you work with him? Is he bad? Angela, of course he’s bad! He trapped you for days to get to Sera! Of course! So, ok, Sera equals super powers. Then bad guy takes me to find Sera and make her do shit that’s bad. Ok, I got it. Then, Sera, a badass, explodes the entire building so we can escape. Sounds good?”
“You know, for being trapped in a horrible room for days you do have the energy to talk a lot.” Sera said and then soon heard Angela let out a tiny laugh, which lead to Sera’s chest fill with relief since her friend was alright and it was starting to hit her.
“Yeah. I mean if you just found your roommate for almost a year has super powers, you would too!”
Sera let out a tiny laugh but then quickly shook her head. “It’s not that amazing.”
“Sera! Are you kidding me, of course it is! You made an entire building blow up! Ouch- fuck.”
“Are you alright?” Sera asked once she looked to her friend, noticing her hand on her stomach. “We can stop if you want.”
“No, we need to get out of here. I trust you and your amazing powers, but those assholes can come after us any minute. C’mon.”
After feeling like they’ve been walking for long minutes, Sera and Angela both smiled when they started to hear the sound of cars moving along on the road. But the moment Sera moved her foot to keep walking, the sound of people walking behind them made her turn around with speed and fill her hands with fire and her dark eyes to turn red.
“Sera! It’s us!”
“Bucky?” She asked making her hands go back to normal as well as her eyes. Once she locked her sight with Bucky’s, a wave of safeness ran through her body.
“And you have hot friends too?!” Angela asked in a loud whisper by her side making her let out a tiny laugh and erase the feeling Bucky just gave her, saving it in a little box along with the others.
“Sam. How did you find me?”
“That’s a long story for later, now we need to get the hell out of here because-” Sam was saying but then the sound of a group of people running towards them cut him off. Turning around, they all noticed the men with weapons ready to fight them all. Sera took of Angela’s arm and walked closer to Sam, before he turned around to look at her once again “well, because those douche bags were following us.”
“Sam, Bucky, you need to take Angela to the car and keep her safe. Leave and don’t look back, I got this.” Before Sam could let out a word, Sera talked again “C’mon, you know better than anyone I can handle it.”
Sam took a second but then nodded, taking Angela’s arm and turning around, ready to follow what Sera told her.
“I’m not leaving you.” Bucky said walking in front of her. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
“Bucky, go!” She tried to push him by touching his chest, but barely moving Bucky turned to the men walking towards them and ignored the angry Sera by his side. “Bucky.”
“I’m not leaving without you, Sera.” His firm tone made her realise he wasn’t going to change his mind and having no more time left, she let out a big angry sigh and turned to the side ready to face the fight coming her way. With her eyes, she counted the amount of men in front of her and as soon as the number ‘15’ appeared on her mind, she turned to Bucky and whispered “Regret staying now?” But got no response, he just tilted his head to crack his neck and moved his metal arm, preparing his body to help Sera and end that fight once and for all.
From the moment that the first shot was fired and Sera stopped it, neither of them stopped moving. Sera moving her hands left and right, filling their surroundings with flames, destroying or exploding the weapons along side the men holding them. Bucky, with his quick feet would make his way towards each men by the right side, avoiding balls of fire and using his strength to take every guy to the floor by only one punch. Soon after, they both find themselves with three guys left.
Feeling Bucky by his side, Sera locked eyes with him and nodded when Bucky grabbed the knife from his back pocket and quickly moving it between his fingers. Lifting her hand towards Bucky, she carefully lit up her fingers and as soon as Bucky’s knife left his hand, she took full control of it and moved it towards the men with the intention to hit three of them at the same time. And just like she wanted, as the fire was leaving her hand she moved the knife and with a quick move of her wrist she saw how the tiny metal object hit one, then another one, and final, the other men lined in front her, taking them all to the ground in less than three seconds.
“Good throw.” Bucky said while nodding with approval which lead to Sera just shrugging her shoulders and letting out a tiny smile.
“I had a little bit of help.”
“A little bit?” Bucky said offended, but that little banter didn’t last long since Sera felt that electric feeling against her skin and soon faced forward to see the big ball of fire going with speed towards her.
Before she could lift her hands to stop it, a big yell coming from Bucky’s mouth hit her ears making her turn around with worry. But what she feared to see didn’t happen, instead, a quick Bucky was now in front of her seconds away to get hit by the fire flying ready to burn him.
Everything after that turned like a slow motion movie for both of them. The flames hitting his skin and the pain on his face made her eyes widen and get watery at the sight of it. As fast as her feet could allow her, she moved towards him and quickly placed herself in front of him immediately feeling the fire hitting her skin in every single place of her body. She touched his shoulder and closed her eyes with strength, ready to do one of the hardest thing she ever learned to do.
Bucky as soon as he felt the burning sensation against him, he closed his eyes with clenched teeth feeling the strong pain now growing on his body. Not being able to bare it anymore, he let out a loud scream in pain but soon after, like a quick wave of water had hit him, he suddenly stopped feeling that irritating pain. Opening his to see what was happening, he met hers. Her red eyes were staring at his while tears were dripping down her cheeks. Her hair was moving around her uncomfortably as her glowing skin was making her body shine.
From the corner of his eyes Bucky noticed the fire still going around him, but he wasn’t burning. His eyes were still glued to hers trying to understand what she was doing, he suddenly felt how her fingers on his free hand started to tingle so he looked down to find his skin... glowing. Just like Sera, his skin started to glow the same color as the fire around them. The tingle feeling was now all over his body expect on his metal arm which seemed to be the only thing that didn’t change since the fire hit him.
Looking back to Sera, the moment that they both stared at each other was when a strange feeling appeared on their insides. It felt like they were connecting, he felt like he could read all of her thoughts as she could read his. A second later, Sera moved her hand to Bucky’s cheek and pressed her palm with strength agains his skin to feel every single part of him on her.
Their hearts felt like they were beating as one with the same rhythm, their veins were twisting together like cables as their blood were mixing to become just one. Those feelings felt so strange but real at the same time. Their glowing bodies were becoming one as the fire that had went inside Bucky was slowly flying out. Suddenly, like the slow movie that was happening they both felt everything come undone when Sera lifted her hands and let the explosion that was building inside her body finally come out.
Once the noise was gone and there was nothing but silence surrounding them, they both opened their eyes to find themselves lying on the floor with smoke trying to get inside their bodies. Their eyes locked as their heavy breathing was moving their chest up and down.
Bucky felt so confused at what just happened that he sat down and stared at his surroundings noticing nothing but fire around him. Going back to Sera, he saw how her body was going back to normal and her red eyes were turning dark once again. She knew what just happened and he couldn’t wait to ask her, but nothing seem to want to go out their mouths.
Their connection was all they could think about. The way their bodies became one and everything they felt. Even if Bucky was confused and had no idea what just happened, he knew one thing: that was definitely not a nothing.
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Legacy: Part Five
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Part Five
A/N: Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week! Sorry for the large gap between these few parts. I have been swamped on schoolwork because of AP exams coming up. I do not own any of these characters except (y/n)! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Zemo has one plan to get to the source of the serum in Madripoor; the winter soldier. After a fiasco in low-town, the three of you run into an old ally who is willing to help you in your mission.
Warnings: mentions of blood, minor character death, typical cannon violence, angst, some fluff
(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(y/n/n) - your nickname
(y/h/c) - your hair color
Italics - flashbacks
Tumblr media
(Y/n) pov:
As I was slowly waking up, I hear the words I never wanted to hear; “James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone.” Suddenly wide awake, I shoot up out of my chair.
“No! Absolutely not! Bucky, you’re not him anymore!”
“Hey, take it easy, (y/n/n). You’re still hurt.” Bucky says softly. “As much as I hate it too, it’s the only way, doll.”
“You’re serious? James, come on! This is the same Zemo who made you fight all of us in 2016!”
Bucky stands up from his chair and walks towards me, gently grabbing my uninjured arm. He leads me away from the cabin and into the small kitchen where we could have some privacy. To my surprise, he immediately envelopes me into a hug, careful of my injuries.
Burying my face in his shoulder, I quietly ask, “Bucky, how are you actually feeling about this?
“I’m okay.” I know he’s lying because I can physically feel him tense up at the question.
“I’m terrified, (y/n). The last time I was him, I fought you, Steve, and the other Avengers.....I know I just have to act like him, but it just brings me back there.”
I pull away so I can look him in the eyes. “You didn’t have a choice then, but you do now. You’re finally in a good place. Please don’t do this Buck.”
“I hate this, but I have to. It’s the only way to find out where the serum is coming from.”
I sigh, stepping back from him to lean against the counter. “If I can’t change your mind, I’m coming with you.”
His expression hardened. “No. Absolutely not. You’re still hurt. You still have to wear a sling and have a cast on your hand!”
To make a point, I quickly take my arm out of my sling before he could stop me.
“Damn it, (y/n)!”
“See?” I move my arm around in a circle, biting back a groan because of the pain radiating from my bicep. “I’m fine!”
“You’re so damn stubborn!” He huffs before storming out of the room.
I can’t believe he’s actually going this, and I really don’t know why he’s trusting Zemo. I can’t help but think back to Berlin and all the problems surrounding our “Civil War.”
Zemo’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts. “James has informed me that you are going to be accompanying us to Madripoor. Here is your attire for the mission.” I take the dress he was holding out to me and hold it up to my figure.
“It doesn’t leave much to imagination, does it?”
“You will have to play as Smiling Tiger’s date. Sam will be playing him and James and I will be playing as ourselves.”
Scoffing at the fact Zemo thinks Bucky is only the Winter Soldier, I turn and walk into the bathroom to get changed.
The dress is upper thigh length, form fitting, dark green, and completely covered in sequins. It has a plunging neckline that makes me very self conscious of my physique. As I’m looking in the mirror, my mind wanders to the last time I got dressed up like this. Nat and I had went out for a girls night just a few weeks before the tragic mission in Lagos. She always had told me that I had to be willing to go out of my comfort zone for missions and just everyday life. Our current situation definitely qualifies as out of my comfort zone.
With every movement of my arm, it sent sharp pains through my bicep. I sneak into the kitchen and take more pain medicine without anyone else seeing, then go back to the bathroom. When I was almost done fixing my hair and makeup, I hear a knock on the door.
“Here are some shoes.” It was Bucky. I can tell he is still angry at me but I really don’t care. There’s no way I would let him go anywhere with Zemo without me, even if Sam was there.
“Thanks.” I open the door and grab the shoes as I walk past him. He grabs my uninjured hand, stopping my movement. I turn towards him and I was not expecting the look I got from him. It was like his anger had faded away as soon as he saw me.
“Wow. You look so beautiful, doll. I really like that on you.” His warmth filled eyes roamed my body and lingered where the dress was tightest on my curves. That was when I noticed the uniform he was wearing. It was very similar to the actual Winter Soldier vest that Bucky wore in D.C.
“Thanks James. I wish I could say I like yours.”
“I know. I don’t like it either.....look, I’m sorry about earlier. I just don’t want you getting hurt again.”
I nod as I sit on the seat to look at the heels he gave me. They were four inch black block heels with ankle straps. Surprisingly, they fit me perfect. Standing up, I pull the dress down, trying to cover as much exposed skin as I can.
Bucky looked like he was about to say something but stopped at the sight of Sam walking in the room. I look over to him and immediately start laughing. He was wearing a dark red suit with yellow circles and all types of decorations.
Looking to over to Bucky, I continue to laugh as a smile cracks on his face.
“Shut up, (y/l/n).”
Zemo walks in. “Time to go.”
Bucky and I haven’t said much to each other since his apology. We’re currently walking on a bridge, making our way to Madripoor.
“We have to do something about this. I'm the only one who looks like a pimp.” Sam complains.
“Only an American would assume a fashion-forward Black man looks like a pimp. You look exactly like the man you're supposed to be playing. The sophisticated, charming African rake named Conrad Mack, aka the Smiling Tiger.” My eyes widen and a laugh threatens to leave my lips at Zemo’s words.
“He even has a bad nickname.” Zemo leans over and shows Sam a picture of Smiling Tiger on his phone. “Hell, he does look like me, though.
As I take a deep breath, my nose burns from some horrid scent. “You smell this?”
“Yeah, what is that? Acid?”
A car approaches us and stops about 10 feet ahead of us. As we all walk towards the car, Zemo starts talking again.
“Madripoor. No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depend on it. There's no margin for error. High Town's that way. Not a bad place if you wanna visit, but Low Town's the other way.”
Bucky opens his mouth for the first time in a while. “Let me guess. We don't have any friends in High Town.”
He gets no response as Zemo gets into the car and waits for the rest of us to get in. Bucky opens the door for me and gently grabs my hand.
“Please be careful. And know I’m sorry for whatever I may have to do.”
“Always, James.” I lean up and kiss him on the cheek before getting in the car, where he gets in next to me.
Arriving in the club, I could practically feel every man’s eyes on me. It made me feel so objectified, and Sam caught onto this. He pulled me closer to him by my waist and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” into my ear. Looking over at Bucky, I see that it’s hard for him to keep his cool at all of these men looking me up and down. Even though he is frustrated with me, and vice versa, he still is my boyfriend. We make eye contact for a short second and his eyes convey a thousand emotions.
As we’re walking through the club, the people surrounding us start to notice and chatter about who was with us; the Winter Soldier. Finally making it to the bar, a bartender approaches us, looking at Sam.
“Hello, gentlemen.......and lady. Wasn't expecting you, Smiling Tiger.”
Seeing Sam somewhat panic, Zemo saves him. “His plans changed. We have business to do with Selby.”
“What would you like, sweetheart?”
I clear my throat, “Just water please.” He gives me a weird look but hands me a glass.
This time he turns to Sam. “The usual?”
He nods and the bartender turns around and grabs a snake from a jar on a shelf. Sam looks at me with wide eyes as I suppress another laugh. The man cuts into the snake’s stomach, grabs something out of it, and drips
“Ah. Smiling Tiger, your favorite.” Zemo jabs with a smirk.
Looking extremely uncomfortable, Sam picks up his drink. “I love these.”
“Cheers, Conrad.” They clink their glasses together and Zemo drinks his shot straight away. Sam, on the other hand, just puts the glass to his lips. Getting a whiff of the strong stench, he groans, moving it to his eye level.
“Mmm.” He brings it to his lips once again but hesitates on drinking it. With a final, groan, he downs the drink while I just sip my water, trying not to laugh. Bucky subtly nods and looks away with a tiny smirk in order to stop himself from laughing too.
Eyeing Sam suspiciously, the bartender walks away. Immediately, our attention is stolen by a bald man with a bushy beard.
“I got word from on high. You ain't welcome here.”
“I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me...” Zemo gestures mover to Bucky.
“New haircut?” The man asks.
Taking a breath, Zemo finishes, “Or bring Selby for a chat.”
With that, the man walks away and I find myself drawing closer and closer to Sam out of fear of what might soon happen. Zemo turns towards Bucky as he grumbles.
“A power broker? Really?”
“Every kingdom needs its king. Let's just pray we stay under his radar.” This is the first time I’ve ever seen Zemo even moderately scared over a potential adversary.
Sensing there was something he wasn’t telling us, I break my silence. “Do you know him?”
“Only by reputation. In Madripoor he is judge, jury, and executioner.”
Within a few seconds of Zemo’s comment, another burly man walks towards us. As soon as the Baron started speaking Russian, I knew what was about to happen, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. The only thing I could do was hold onto Sam and try not to act like it bothered me.
“Зимний солдат. Атака.”
When the man placed his hand on Zemo’s shoulder, Bucky sprang into action, grabbing his hand and clotheslining him. As more men ran towards him, he continued to take them out.
Zemo leaned over to Sam and I, whispering, “Didn’t take much for him to fall back into form.”
At his comment, I almost punched him but Sam gripped my waist tighter, warning me not to. As if he felt my blood pressure rising, Bucky ended the fight by slamming a man onto the counter with his hand around the guy’s neck. Suddenly, guns were being cocked all around us and Sam placed a hand on Bucky’s vibranuim arm.
“Stay in character or the whole bar turns on us.” Warns Zemo in a whisper.
He turns to Bucky. “Молодец, солдат.”
The whole bar is silent until the bartender from earlier breaks it. “Selby will see you now.”
Bucky slowly lets go of the wheezing man who then falls onto the floor. He quickly looks over at me with a look I can’t identify except as shame. I wish I could run to him and give him a hug, saying everything is okay. Sadly, we have roles to play.
As Sam and I walk closer to him, Sam asks, “You good?” All James does in response is inhale sharply and nod quickly before walking away. Having enough of the act, I reach out for his hand. I’m quickly stopped by Zemo who gives me a death stare that reads, “Stay in character.” As much as I hate it, he’s right. Taking my place on Sam’s arm, I silently pray nothing else will go wrong in our mission.
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whenweloveagain · 6 hours ago
You're Not My Bucky (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
"No no no . . ."
You were running. He's there. You know he's there! You know he's there! He just can't leave you alone, he's always spreading, like a cancer, consuming you and your life and everything you ever cared about . .
Bursting through the upper floor of the Russian Embassy . . . The man he has pinned hits the ground. Every time you show up, you have his full attention. And you wouldn't have it any other way.
"What's wrong Soldier?" You growl. "You look live you've seen a ghost."
You dodge the first knife. Your arms rise as his full weight descends upon you. Drop as he aims for your ribs. He's fast. And strong. And every time you're about to hit, he's blocking and every time you're about to hit, he's dodging. It's like knowing all the steps to a dance you've done a thousand times before. Because he's an insult.
"Give up!" Your shout snaps his concentration for one second long enough. Elbow up like a battering ram. It strikes his jaw with a crack. The twisting kick follows. BANG! As fast as he's down he's up like a yo-yo.
"You aren't the goal," he warns you. Look at how you can take all that gentleness, all that handsome charm that Bucky had, and twist it into something so warped. Something that spits in the face of everything he stood for.
"No," you say. "But I've got your attention on me now. And you better not take it off."
His laugh hits you like shards of glass. "I know you."
"And I knew you. But you're not my Bucky, you're just the thing that killed him."
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mayraki · 7 hours ago
a little sneak peak of tonight’s chapter: fire is catching 👀
“I’m not leaving you.” Bucky said walking in front of her. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
“Bucky, go!” She tried to push him by touching his chest, but barely moving Bucky turned to the men walking towards them and ignored the angry Sera by his side. “Bucky.”
“I’m not leaving without you, Sera.” His firm tone made her realise he wasn’t going to change his mind and having no more time left, she let out a big angry sigh and turned to the side ready to face the fight coming her way. With her eyes, she counted the amount of men in front of her and as soon as the number ‘15’ appeared on her mind, she turned to Bucky and whispered “Regret staying now?” But got no response, he just tilted his head to crack his neck and moved his metal arm, preparing his body to help Sera and end that fight once and for all.
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demonsandmischief · 10 hours ago
Come Home To Me Part 4
Marvel - A Sam Wilson Imagine
Sam Wilson x Female Reader, 1.1K Words
Here's Part 3 and my Masterlist for additional parts.
TW: panic attack
Tumblr media
-Part 4-
Making progress.
"Come on, Sam. You're not going to hurt me," you protested.
"It's like a dance, baby. You can't rush right into the performance. It takes several weeks, even months to build up to that point," Sam grinned. "Try again."
You huffed, but clenched your fist and went right for his splayed palm. You were tired of hitting his hands. You wanted to do something fun.
"Again," he said.
This time when you went for the punch, he grabbed your fist and twisted your wrist painfully.
"Ow. What was that for?" you whined. He didn't release you, just untwisted you and pulled you to his chest.
"You're too slow. You're giving the other person the advantage," his words were low and breathy in your ear and you couldn't help the contagious smile you gave him. "Let's take a break. You've improved a lot."
"How do I get faster?" you asked curiously. It seemed there was only so much movement you could put into the swing. You swung into the air just to test the theory.
Sam chuckled. You were a funny girl. "It's just going to take practice. I think when we start adding some steps it'll become more reflexive."
You turned and wrapped your arms around him. He hugged you tight.
"Thank you for helping me. I know you're busy."
"Never too busy for you," he said. "Ready to go to DC tomorrow?"
You shrugged, "This place has grown on me, but I'd never want to be anywhere you weren't."
Sam cupped your cheeks, running his thumb along your skin soothingly. You were so sweet. "We'll be back soon. You could just stay. I know you want to be with me, but remember, I'm going on a mission and will be away for a few days."
You sighed. The past few days had been blissful, but he was Captain America after all. "I just want to spend as much time with you as possible," you said earnestly, covering his hands with your own.
He leaned down, pressing his lips to yours. You weren't expecting the kiss, but it didn't stop the hammering of your heart and the butterflies in your stomach. This man truly was your everything, not that you had much to begin with..
He pulled away, brushing his lips against your forehead and pulling you tighter.
"I have never seen DC before," you mumbled into his chest.
"There's a lot to see, that's for sure."
The one thing Sam didn't know about you was your reoccurring nightmares. The few nights you had been in Louisiana, you had slept alone. He had enough to worry about, and you didn't see any reason to tell him. There wasn't anything that could be done either way.
You had to be up bright and early to travel, but everytime you got far enough in sleep, you were jolted awake.
You pushed your sweaty hair out of your face, glancing at the clock that only said two am.
You reached for the lamp, your hand brushing the cool metal knob of the bedside table in the darkness. You felt your chest tighten.
You squeezed your eyes shut, willingly away the dark images that flashed in your mind.
Your ears began to ring as your breath picked up erratically.
You did your best to calm yourself down. You were just overreacting because of your nightmare.
The lights to your bedroom were turned on and you squinted harshly to adjust to the bright light.
You couldn't focus enough, not with the pounding of your head and chest, but Sam was in front of you, and you had never been so relieved to see him.
He was saying something you couldn't hear, but his soothing touch was grounding you.
You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out.
"It's okay. You're fine," he soothed.
"I-" you swallowed thickly, "I didn't mean to wake you."
Sam chuckled slightly, running his hand up and down your arm. "You wake me up every night. I know you don't want my help, or want to talk about it."
You reached for him, holding your arms out like a child, and he lifted you into his lap.
You curled your arms around his, placing your face in his neck. "I hate bothering you," you mumbled.
"You don't have to do that tough girl shit with me, Y/N. I care about you. It's not healthy to pretend like nothing happened."
You sighed. You knew that, but you preferred pushing it out of your mind. You yawned and snuggled closer to Sam's warm chest.
"This was more than a nightmare. This was a panic attack. What happened?"
"I reached for the lamp, but grabbed the metal knob on the drawer instead. I was on a metal table in my dream." You rushed to get the words out.
Sam rubbed your back, kissing your forehead. He was still aware you didn't want to talk, but he hoped you would get more comfortable with him. "We only have a few hours before we are supposed to leave. How about we lay down for a bit?"
"Sam," you pulled back. "I might have another nightmare. Why don't you just sleep in the other room? You do have to drive quite a bit."
"So sweet," Sam grinned. "I'd rather just stay with you. Do you think you're the only one with nightmares?"
You moved off his lap and he stood up.
"Wait, I thought you were staying," you said confused, scooting back to get under the blankets.
"I'm just turning off the light, baby. I thought you didn't want me to stay," he teased.
You didn't know what to say, so you waited patiently for him to return. Your eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness, and you were not prepared for him to jump onto the bed, barely missing you.
"Sam!" you yelled with a laugh as the mattress threatened to toss you. The headboard definitely damaged the wall.
He pulled you from the edge of the mattress and to his side. He was happy he made you laugh, successfully easing your mind before you tried to sleep again.
"Don't fall now," he laughed, fixing the blankets so you were covered once more.
You reached for him in the darkness, feeling his smooth skin.
"Hey, where did your shirt go?" you giggled, rubbing his back much like he had yours.
"Don't worry about it," he mumbled, already sounding like he was asleep. "Night."
"Night," you repeated, closing your eyes and drifting into the best sleep of your life.
A/N: Sorry for the delay. Finals week and moving home kicked my butt. :) Hope you enjoyed. I'll be wrapping this up soon.
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fallingfavourites · 13 hours ago
Right so i wrote this about Bucky a while ago and im not sure if i should continue it, please help me guys
Tumblr media
there he was standing right in front of me. I hadn't seen him in what felt like 70 years and it has been. I could never forget those bright blue eyes in a million years, though these blue eyes weren't bright, they looked dull and empty. As if someone had sucked the soul out of them. I could hear a voice screaming at me only I couldn't make out what they were saying and right on cue I felt a sting in my stomach. it didn't particularly hurt. it felt more like a burning sensation.
That feeling is practically imprinted in my brain. I knew immediately what had happened. my hands unconsciously reached for my stomach. I felt my clothes dampening around the wound. when I looked down at my hands I saw the crimson red liquid slowly starting to stain my hands. a soft exhale escaped past my lips. I again heard the voice screaming out to me. only when he stopped by my side I could make out who it was.
Steve kept looking back and forth between me and the man that had fired the gun. horror and worry clearly showing on his face. when the man had run away Steve paid his full attention to me. I saw his mouth moving but couldn't make out what he was saying. he put pressure on the wound in the lower part of my abdomen when I noticed the familiar female with shoulder-length red hair.
As I looked up I vaguely saw someone flying above me with metal-looking wings. the longer I kept looking up at the sky the more tired I was getting. I could faintly make out Steve telling me to stay with us. I heard nats frantic voice saying that help was on the way. I hadn't noticed sam flying back up and searching if there was any sign of him, the man who had shot me. S.H.I.E.L.D. cars were driving right to us, which I internally debated if that was good or bad.
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amberspellharbor · 18 hours ago
I've seen that your requests are open, can you do something with reader gifting Bucky Barnes the 3 Lord of the Rings books? They were published after WWII, and reader knows he liked The Hobbit so she thinks it's something he'd like.
The request is here
I'm sorry it took so long to write it, I'm going as fast as I can while studying at the same time - I twisted the request a little bit to fit the story, I hope you'll like it !!!
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multific · 20 hours ago
Picture Perfect
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson x Reader
Summary: Now that things were back to normal, you finally had the chance to relax and meet with everyone, and you decided to bring your daughter along as well.
It was a lovely Saturday, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was perfect for a party. 
Sam came up with the idea to have another get together with everyone by the boats. 
This would be the first time for you to bring your newborn daughter along. And you couldn’t wait for everyone to meet her.
Of course, Sarah and the boys already met her, but not everyone else. Sam told you that Bucky might be there as well.
Once you placed your baby in the carrier, you were off.
A lot has happened in your lives, you giving birth then Carly, Sam becoming Captain America, a lot has changed and you learned a lot. You were extremely proud of your husband that’s for sure.
He placed his hand on your thigh as he drove to the party. The smile on his face was so bright. It filled your heart with warmth and made you smile as well.
Soon you were on the docks, everyone laughing, chatting having a great time. Many people wanted to take a picture with Sam so he had a small little meet and greet while you went to Sarah with your daughter.
The little bundle of joy soon became the center of attention.  
Everyone was cooing at her and she just smiled and giggled. Her little giggle was possibly the cutest thing you ever heard.
Then soon Bucky arrived, with a cake. The boys immediately rushed to him. 
You looked at Sarah and wiggled your eyebrows. She only rolled her eyes as she looked back at you, but she was smiling.
Everyone was having an amazing time, and you enjoyed yourself just as much. Soon your daughter got hungry so you excused yourself to feed her. You walked away from everyone, found a calm place and started to feed her, although you covered yourself with a cloth, you still didn’t want anyone to see you.
“Slow down Pumpkin.” you told her when she got a bit too quick. Her hand was holding your finger as she ate, you tested her strength by wiggling your hand. 
You laughed a little when she knitted her eyebrows, she didn’t like that you were wiggling your hand.
You were so occupied with her, you didn’t even notice Sam watching you.
He went after you when Sarah told her you left to feed your little one, and what he found was perfection.
The woman he loves so much, and his daughter. Sitting as a light breeze moved her hair, she was giggling at their daughter as she was feeding.
Sam wanted to take a picture, but he also knew that he will never be able to forget this perfection in front of him.
After a few more minutes of just watching the two, he decided to head over.
You finished by then and heard someone approaching, you slightly turned your head and saw your husband. You offered him a smile before he took your daughter to burp her.
And now you had the change to ogle over your perfect husband. How could a muscular man like him be so gentle and caring with a baby amazed you. It was possibly the hottest thing you can ever think of. And so, you took a picture of the two.
It really was picture perfect.
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Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You for reading my story!~
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juls-art · a day ago
I loved the concept behind your latest Sambucky doodle batch :0
Do you perchance have any good fic recs that explore Buck's sexual trauma or related issues? Because I'd deeply appreciate them ☺️
oh shit me and you both, anon-- GOD I WISH I HAD SOME ON THAT LEVEL. I'm unfortunately a newly appointed bucky-liker,,, so i got no fics what-so-ever. 😔 srry. But I'm really glad you enjoyed my page there~ (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
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amberspellharbor · a day ago
Somewhere Only We Know (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Request: @the-craziestone story about Bucky x Reader, where Bucky is really obsessed with Reader - But not in a creepy way, more like he's really really in love with her and he can only see her, like she's his world Anon: can you do something with reader gifting Bucky Barnes the 3 Lord of the Rings books? They were published after WWII, and reader knows he liked The Hobbit so she thinks it's something he'd like
Words: 2943
A/N: this is pure fluff with no warning, also I changed a tiny bit the second request to fit the story - enjoy ;)
He couldn’t explain the sadness he constantly felt every time he was walking through the streets of the city he used to know by heart. A stranger in a strange land was the best way to describe him. More than seventy years had passed, and he hadn’t witnessed any changes. While he had been a puppet deprived of freewill and controlled with the sole purpose of killing, he had missed the birth of a whole new world. Now, as he strode around the streets, he could easily remember each of their names, but none of them were familiar. His mind remained in the 1940’s and in the middle of the noises, surrounded by the sound of first responders vehicles, the children running around and cars piling up on the road, he was a stranger in his own home. It was an unsettling feeling, a pining melancholy that reminded him in every step he made that his Brooklyn didn’t exist anymore. 
He was furious in a way, but mostly confused. Haunted by memories he had gotten back a second ago, and they didn’t fit this new reality. He wasn’t even nostalgic, but the loneliness was getting heavier every day. He could still picture the park he used to take his sister, the alley where Steve had gotten beaten up one day, the bakery his mother used to go to every morning. Treasure of souvenirs he would keep forever. And although the park, the alley and the streets names were still here, he was left alone walking down Brooklyn. 
“Hey, Y/N!” He heard a voice shouting. “Where do I put those ?” 
His head mechanically turned to a young boy carrying a heavy box of what looked like antics. Without thinking he crossed the road and when his eyes laid on the small shop, he gasped. There it was, one small piece of his past still here. It was an old bookstore he used to go to with his sister. The man, a friend, an immigrant from France with a thick accent, would let them stay for hours. Bucky loved reading to Rebecca. They would sit inside and she’d insist to hear The Hobbit. François, the man owning the store, would make coffee and stay with them, relating the stories he had heard around the world, telling them all about the France he had known. It was all still here. ‘Au Nom de la Rose’ was still here. 
He didn’t hesitate a second and rushed inside the place, an honest smile on his face. His eyes roamed over the room and he took a deep breath. It was just like he remembered, a place filled with murmurs and whispers floating above his head and through the roof, indistinct conversations between friends, huge windows bringing in a powerful light at this hour of the day, plants in almost every corner. Even the atmosphere was the same, this powerful smell of imagination coming from the laying books on the shelves, begging to be read, mixing with a distinct smell coming from the dust. The small couch and the old table he used to sit by with his sister were also there. The wooden pieces had many rough and sharp edges but looked just as smooth and clean as he remembered. Finally, his eyes landed on a woman there. He watched her rearranging a bouquet of daffodils, breathing in the perfume of the vibrant flowers as she tended to them meticulously. 
For some reason, he couldn’t look away. She felt familiar, like he had known her all his life, yet he had never seen her before. When she turned around he took an instinctive step toward her. She noticed, raised her head and that was the moment their eyes met. His breath caught in his throat when she smiled at him. He stood, frozen on the spot, staring at her. He couldn’t comprehend that instant connection. There was an inexplicable sense of excitement yet weird feeling that they had known each other forever, that they were meeting each other again after a long journey. He was transfixed, almost stuck by the confusing mixture of emotions but oddly comforted by them - all at the same time. 
“Can I help you ?” She asked him.
He surprised himself thinking there was something eerily calming about her voice, that he could listen to her for hours.
“Do I know you ?” He quickly wondered out loud, mentally facepalming himself for his lack of tact. 
“Shouldn’t I be asking that question ?”
“Why ?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes” She grinned.
“I’m … I’m sorry” He apologized profusely. “I didn’t mean to…” 
“Look weird ?” 
He could swear his heart skipped a beat when he heard her laugh.
“This place is beautiful”
“Thank you” 
“How long have you been working here ?”
“Forever” She smirked. “The store belongs to my family. Passed on from generation to generation” 
Bucky raised an eyebrow, surprised.
“You’re related to François Y/L/N ?” He questioned.
She tilted her head, crossing her arms.
“Now I’m intrigued” She told him. “How do you know about my grandfather ?” 
“We’ve met,” He answered without thinking. He rapidly realized his mistake when she narrowed her eyes in utter curiosity. “I … I didn’t mean … I mean … It was … It was a long time ago”
He gulped, hoping she wouldn’t push it. She looked him up and down, assessing him. 
“What’s your name, weirdo ?” She inquired, giving him a skeptical glance.
“Bucky. M’am” 
She smirked.
“Let me guess, a soldier ?” 
“How … ?” 
“You all have the same manners, and the same eyes”
“What do you mean ?”
She was now standing in front of him, staring at his face with the most adorable smile he had ever seen.
“You carry the same sadness and the horror you’ve seen” She replied honestly. “My father was a lot like that too” 
Her answer had the effect of a punch in the gut he hadn’t been expecting. He felt naked under her gaze, a stranger with the power to see through his soul.
“I’m Y/N” She introduced herself, raising her hand to shake his.
It was rare for him to smile truthfully but the unexpected bliss slowly growing made his lips twitch before he could even acknowledge it.
“Hi, Y/N” He greeted her.
She chuckled, amused. 
“Hi, Bucky” She murmured. 
After that encounter, he made a point of coming back as much as he could. He stayed for hours sitting on the couch, reading the same book over and over again. They shared quick words but he didn’t dare to start up a conversation, too afraid he would say something he shouldn’t, something that would scare her away. He was content like this. There was no Winter Soldier, no war, no fight, no one else than Bucky. Being next to this girl was in itself a medication for him. It made no sense but she was so bright and radiant. Like a magnet, he was sucked into an invisible gravitational pull toward her.
By the second week of him coming into the store, she started to notice the small marks of attention. He would come so silently she wouldn’t hear a thing, bringing a fresh cup of coffee he would lay on her counter when she wasn’t looking, replacing the daffodils before they could fade, carrying the heavy boxes filled with new books. When she wasn’t working, she would grab something to read and sit next to him. They would exchange a smile but wouldn’t talk. The proximity was enough. Their presence was louder than any word. A quiet routine they were slowly creating. 
By the fourth month, nothing had changed and that day was no different. Rain was pouring outside and the store was empty, except for Y/N and Bucky. Just as usual, he was reading in a corner while she was working. New stacks of books had arrived and she was methodically putting them on the shelves. Standing on a ladder, on the tip of her toes, she was so focused on the task she had failed to notice the soldier walking up to her. 
“Do you need any help ?” He offered. 
Surprised to hear his voice so close to her, she lost her balance and slipped. She yelped as her ankle hit one side of the ladder and automatically closed her eyes, anticipating the fall. She tried to brace herself but before her body could touch the ground she felt something cold holding her waist. Suddenly, instead of laying on the floor, she was against his hard chest, in a protective embrace. She recognized his arms around her and shivered at the odd coldness. He  felt it immediately and was quick to put some distance between them, making sure his metal arm was no more on her body and only his human hand was steadying her. 
“Are you alright ?” He questioned. She pursed her lips, trying not to show that she was hurt when she heard how worried he sounded. 
“Yeah, it’s fine. I’m fine”
He looked skeptic but didn’t say anything about it.
“I didn’t mean to scare you,” He apologetically told her.
He took the books scattered on the ground, putting them away, and helped her walk to the couch.
“You know, if the goal was to literally make me fall for you, I’d say you did a pretty good job there” She flirted, making him chuckle. 
He sat on the table in front of her and grabbed her calve, gently laying her leg on his thigh to assess the damage. From the corner of his eyes, he could see her blushing. It made him insanely happy to know he wasn’t the only one affected by their closeness. They tried not to look at one another, too embarrassed by the situation. This was the closest they had ever been and the touch on his skin on hers was more than enough to make her heart ready to jump out of her chest. When he clasped her injured ankle, she cried and instinctively pushed him back. 
“Fine, huh ?” He repeated her own words with a smirk.
She huffed and rolled her eyes.
“It’s not a big deal, Bucky” She reassured him. “I’ve got to get back to work”
“You’re not moving from this couch” He ordered.
“Is that an order, soldier ?” She ironically threw at him, crossing her arms in annoyance.
“You bet it is”
She watched him, intrigued, as he stood up and piled up some books on the table to put her ankle to rest on it. 
“No moving around, got it ?” He made sure she would follow his advice.
“Aye, aye, Captain”
He chuckled 
“Technically speaking, I’m not a Captain” He confessed as he continued what she had been doing earlier and started putting the books carefully on the right shelves. 
“Would you have preferred Sergeant ?” She replied, bitting her lips, unsure this was the wrong moment to admit she knew who he was.
He instantly stopped what he was doing and slowly turned around to stare at her.
“What did you say ?” He asked, more scared than ever.
Up until that moment, he had avoided telling her who he was. Becoming part of the Avengers meant his identity wasn’t a secret anymore, and although he had done a terrific job staying hidden among the mass of people, it wouldn’t have taken more than a little push to find who he really was. He stood in front of her, frozen, not having a clue how to react.
“Sergeant Barnes, isn’t it ?” She sounded nervous, almost frightened to say his name out loud.
“I… “ He tried to say anything, but as the rain kept pouring outside, slowly turning into a thunderstorm, he blankly stared back.
“Would you have told me ?” She whispered.
She humorlessly snorted. 
“We’ve known each other for more than three months, Bucky. I see you practically every day. Be honest, eventually would’ve never come” 
“It’s not like that” He tried to explain.
“I’m not mad, don’t worry” She sadly smiled. “I just wish… I guess I wish you could’ve trust me” 
He rubbed his jaw in frustration and made a step toward her. Without breaking his gaze, he slowly took the glove off, revealing his metal hand. Still, he didn’t look at her, too afraid of her reaction. The cold metal had never felt so hot against his skin, a burning reminder of the stranger he had become.
“I didn’t want you to be scared,” He admitted in a broken voice. 
“Of you ?” She was surprised. “Why would I be ?”
“I’m not a good man, Y/N”
“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that ?” 
“You don’t understand…”
“The red box under the counter” She interrupted him. “Can you take it for me ? And turn the sign of the shop, we’re closed.”
He gave her a puzzled look, but did as she said anyway. He locked the front door and took the box she asked for before walking to her and putting it directly in her hands.
“Sit” She instructed him.
He didn’t dare to stay near her and chose to stay on an opposite chair.
“I found this a little after you and I met” She told him, motioning to the box. “It was in the basement, hidden under old junks my parents had kept over the years”
He let her speak, not understanding where this was going or why she was telling him about that. She slowly opened the mystery box and took a small envelope out of it. It looked old, so old the paper had turned into a deep shade of yellow.
“My grandfather wrote this” She confessed. “In 1957. It’s addressed to Bucky and Rebecca Barnes. I believe it belongs to you” 
She handed him the letter that he took with shaky hands.
“How did you… ?” He started to ask.
“It was a long shot,” She explained. “The first time you were here, you said my grandfather's name like it meant something to you. Like you really knew him. When I found the box, and the envelope, I didn’t make the connection with you right away. But your name was all I needed to start my research. My parents kept pretty much everything so it didn’t took me too long to find an old photo with you and him, back in the 1930′s” 
He wasn’t moving at all when she showed him a picture François had taken of them right before he was enlisted. 
“I wanted to wait for the right time to tell you, I guess. I mean, you have enough ghosts as it is”
“Still not scared ?” He inquired in a humorless chuckle.
“Not one bit” She didn’t hesitate to reply.
She softly smiled and motioned for him to come closer. When he sat next to her, she moved the box from her lap to his. 
“We were friends, François and I” He recalled, his eyes glued on the letter. “He was married to Eloise. This bookstore was their treasure. He kept repeating that I shouldn’t go to war when I could stay hidden under the pages of books that would take me around the world without risking my life”
She took his metal palm between her fingers when she heard his voice breaking. He almost tried to remove it but she tightly entwined their hands together.
“Maybe he was right” He muttered under his breath.
“Or maybe you and I were meant to meet almost a century later” She shrugged.
He snorted before turning around the envelope to open it. Y/N gently laid her head against his shoulder and let him read in silence. She didn’t move when she felt his body shaking with tears but only held his hand harder.
“They’re originals, from 1954 I think. He kept them for you” She told him as he slowly took what was in the red box. A set of three old books. “Why Lord of the Rings, though ?” 
He laughed,sniffing, before brushing the tears off his face and staring down at the woman. At that very moment, he felt like the journey was done. His soul had stopped the search it had been on for a time that felt like forever. Like a century. 
“My sister and I, we used to come here often,” He said in a melancholic grin. Sorrow was finally starting to be replace by something much better, happiness. “We would sit on this very couch and she would make me read the Hobbit. She used to love that story so much.”
“How many times has she make you read it ?” The woman smirked.
“Enough to remember every single word” He exaggerated, making her giggle. “When I told François I was leaving, he said he would send me books to help me travel away from the war, even just for a moment. I guess he kept them, hoping I would come back. Even after I was declared dead” 
“Maybe deep down he knew you weren’t”
“And he planned this whole meeting with his granddaughter ?” He ironically added.
“Oh no, that was beyond him. That was fate, Barnes”
“I was meant to find you” He agreed, a deep feeling of love and utter contentment forming in his heart. He bent his head down and let all he needed to say be spoken through the kiss they shared. 
“Will you read it to me ?” She playfully requested.
Overflowed with joy, he smirked and kissed her forehead before opening the old book on his lap. There it was, the only choice he needed to make. The only home he had yearn to create. Her. 
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writingsutlac · a day ago
Bucky Barnes Imagine
Tumblr media
Warnings: faws spoilers but the imagine is not based on it (I guess it was ep. 3)
Summary: After the Blip, the reader is ignored by Bucky, and s/he confronts him.
Word Count: 940
Notes: The gif is not mine. I might have forgotten about MCU, so if there are any mistakes about the universe, please forgive me. Love you <3
You were helping Sam and Bucky with the Flag Smashers, and right now you were in Madripoor at Sharon’s place. At first you didn’t want to include yourself to the mission because of the awkward situation between you and Bucky. Before the Blip, you two had been really close and even your relationship had been evolving romantically. Unfortunately, you both had vanished because of the Blip. After you had come back and everything had been normal, Bucky had not been feeling the same way in contrast to you. He didn’t want to see you.  Actually, he did not say it verbally, but you understood it from his behaviours. Anyways, you were here mainly because of Sam who is a very good friend of yours.
It was late at night, and you were sitting in the room Sharon gave you. Madripoor was a really strange and unsettling place. It was really hard to fall asleep in a place like this, so you were sitting thinking and listening to your favourite songs to make yourself relaxed. Then, your stomach cried out craving for food. You decided to go to the kitchen and look for something to eat. Usually, it was not a habit of yours to seek for food in someone else’s kitchen, but you were really hungry. You went down to the kitchen hoping Sharon would not be bothered.
You started making yourself a P&J sandwich. While you were trying to open the peanut butter jar, you were startled by a voice coming right behind you.
“You need help?” Bucky asked delibaretly showing his shining vibranium arm.
“No, thanks” you said opening the jar. “I can handle it.”
You could see a slight smirk on his face, which annoyed you. “Stress eating huh?” he asked. You were surprised as you didn’t expect him to start a conversation. “I know that you normally avoid eating at night unless you are stressed.” You were again surprised by his claim of knowing you and this sentence being the longest he said to you since the beginning of the mission.
“No, I’m just hungry” you said taking the knife and some peanut butter with it. He raised his eyebrows at your response. Then, he grabbed a slice of bread and a knife and started making himself a sandwich too. You two just stood side by side making your sandwiches in awkward silence. You could feel the heat coming from his body, and his scent. Things may have changed but his scent stayed the same you thought to yourself. The things having changed could not make your heart more broken than right now.
“So, how are you?” he asked pulling you out of your thoughts. “You are asking this now?” you snapped not being able to hold yourself. “It’s been a long time since we saw each other again due to the mission, and you are asking me this now? Well, I’m fine if you really care.” The second you finished your sentence you felt regret with what you said. You didn’t want him to think that you cared about him enough to get mad at him.
“I- I did not mean to upset you. I’m sorry” he apparently didn’t expect you to react like this. You just shrugged your shoulders to his apology. However, you could not stop the anger growing inside, and your eyes got watery. You managed to keep yourself from crying. You just wished to finish your sandwich and go back to your room. You reached for the jelly jar for the final touch to your sandwich, but at the same time Bucky reached for it too causing the jar fall to the floor and break.
This triggered the growing anger towards Bucky inside of you. All this time you had wondered why you two were not together and blamed Bucky for this. All you wanted to say to Bucky revealed with the falling jar.
“Why did you do this-” You whimpered.
“It’s just a jar. No big deal, I can clean it up” He said softly trying to calm you down. He looked confused as you started crying.
“To us?” you looked at him waiting for a proper answer to your question. You hated yourself because of crying in front of him, even if your tears were caused by anger. You didn’t want to look helpless to him.
He slowly hugged you and placed his chin on top of your head. “Oh, Y/N” he sighed. You suddenly realized how much you missed his touch. Giving in, you wrapped your arms around him slowly.
“I cannot tell you how much I regret what I did” you heard him sniffing. “I’ve been coward all this time. After the Blip, even the possibility of losing someone…” he breathed out deeply “even I was the one who was lost, the thought of being the one who lost someone made me so worried that I kept myself from you. I couldn’t resist losing you”
“But we came back. No one is lost right now” you said wiping your tears away.
“I know. But the Blip, then Steve, all these things affected me terribly. I became too afraid to lose someone” You hugged him tightly as you wouldn’t let him go. All this time you had thought that he didn’t want you, he didn’t love you. After hearing his worries, you understood him completely. His life had not been an easy one after all.
“I missed you so much” you mumbled inhaling his scent while you rested your head on his chest.
“I missed you too, Y/N” he said placing a kiss on top of your head.
Feel free to share your thoughts and feedbacks!
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chloelucia13 · a day ago
Made of Ashes
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Prompt: Faking your death wasn’t an easy thing to do, but SHIELD said that it had to be done. But you couldn’t stay out of the life you were born to have, even if it was risky. Even if it brought you face to face with the people who still believed that you were dead. Based off of “My Tears Ricochet” by Taylor Swift
Warnings: ANGST, a teensy bit of fluff, language, violence, gore, discussions of death (obviously)
Word Count: 5.1k 
A/N: We did it, boys, we’ve found another hyperfixation. Let’s see how long this lasts. Anyway, my tag lists and requests and DMs are always open! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Death was never a foreign thing to you. It seemed to linger, its presence permeating every interaction and movement as if to remind you that you never know what could happen. 
Just because it wasn’t unfamiliar didn't mean that it wasn’t miserable, though. You’ve lost so many friends, family, and everything in-between and it never seemed to get any better.
You knew how painful it was, but you could never imagine the pain that you felt when you witnessed your own funeral. When you watched the people you love grieve over you while you were only feet from them but couldn’t comfort them.
You had watched their tears streak down their faces as they stared ahead at the closed casket, their cheeks glistening under the rays of sun that shone down on them. You watched their hands tremble as they showered individual roses onto the gleaming mahogany lid before returning to their seats with their heads bowed low. You watched the light sheen of sweat build on their skin that made them wonder if this heat was comparable to what you had felt.
They were told that you were caught in a building that Hydra had bombed, pinned underneath the falling debris as the flames rose as engulfed you. They were told that your body couldn’t be found, that it was most likely hidden under all of the rubble or turned to ash. They had to bury an empty casket.
The word had spread fast, and the wake that they’d planned on being a small gathering became flooded with familiar faces from around the galaxy. Basically everyone was there, eyes damp and hearts heavy.
In a car tucked away from the wake but still in view of it, you and Maria Hill watched their grieving in silence. “This is all for your safety,” she had explained to you, but the guilt of what she had to do was still lingering. You had nodded along to her word, but your mind was in another place. 
It was stuck in a whirlwind of panic, hurt, and confusion as you stared at the man who kept his distance from the crowd of Avengers, but his shoulders still shook with sobs as your casket was lowered into the ground. The man who gave you heaven and gave you hell. The man you swore you’d love until you died, even if you were already dead to him in his mind.
And to him, it was true.
You and Bucky had met when he was still the Winter Soldier, when he had dragged Steve from the water and dropped his limp body directly at your feet. You remember staring at him in a panic, unknowing of what he would do to you. He had stared you directly in the eye and gave you a nod before walking past you, leaving you with a seemingly-lifeless Steve.
That small, but meaningful, interaction had led you on a manhunt of sorts, devoting your free time to finding this “Bucky” that Steve spoke so fondly of.
After a couple of months, you came across a reported sighting of the Winter Soldier in Bucharest, though the man was not hostile. Immediately, you booked a flight there and, without telling another person, snuck off to find this supposed Winter Soldier.
You found him at a small market in the middle of town, your eyes locking with his as he lifted his gaze. The panic he felt from being seen was evident, but that panic seemed to melt away as a smile grew on your lips. He was still on alert, though, as you crossed the street and walked over to him. It was clear that he recognized you, but your gentle demeanor gave him a strange sense of comfort.
That first meeting had slowly built up to monthly visits that lasted for days at a time, the two of you nurturing a relationship that was kept hidden from the word, especially the Avengers.
The day that Bucky’s past life came rushing back, the two of you were on one of your monthly “dates,” as you’d jokingly called it.
The blue of his eyes had drawn you in for a moment too long, prompting a chuckle from him. You rolled your eyes and pursed your lips, turning your face from his so he couldn’t detect the blush blooming on your cheeks. “What, I can’t admire the beautiful sight before me?” you defensively hummed in Romanian, crossing your arms over your chest as your examined the baskets of fruit in front of you.
“I never said that,” he teased, playfully bumping your shoulder with his before turning to the woman running the fruit stand and asking her a few questions.
The woman handed Bucky a bag of plums and you both thanked her before walking down the street. “Plums?”
He nodded, shrugging slightly. “I figured we could make something with them.”
“I think there’s still some phyllo dough in the fridge.” He nodded, but his attention was clearly elsewhere. You followed his line of sight and saw a man sitting in a newspaper hut staring worriedly at Bucky. You touched his right arm and the two of you exchanged a glance before making your way over to the man. The moment he noticed the two of you stepping towards him, he retreated back before running out of his hut.
Bucky pulled the newspaper the man was reading off of the surface it rested on and held it out in front of him.
“Winter Soldier Cautat Pentru Bombardmentul Din Vienna”
“Bucky,” you spoke slowly, forcing yourself to tear your eyes from the paper so you could look up at his visibly shaken face.
“We need to go,” he grumbled, placing the paper face down and gripping onto your forearm.
The two of you walked at a hurried pace down the street that led up to his apartment, trying to seem as inconspicuous as possible despite the fact that you both were shivering with fear.
After climbing the multiple flights of stairs with no one in sight, the tension slowly began to dissolve from the naive belief that they may not have tracked him down yet. His grip had loosened on your arm, as well, signifying that the fear had began to die down in his mind as well. The two of you silently slipped inside and closed the door behind you, letting out a soft sigh of relief when you could see that the apartment was empty. That breath hitched in your throat, though, when a pair of heavy footsteps echoed through the stairwell just outside the door. 
You nodded towards the bathroom door and he quickly pulled you into the small room, closing the door and tucking your form behind him. The creaking front door swung open and shut, and a shadow passed across the crack of the bathroom door. You gripped tightly onto the arm of Bucky’s canvas jacket and he placed his hand over yours, giving you a gentle nod. He led the two of you out of the bathroom and into the open space of the studio apartment, keeping your eyes trained on the familiar figure standing at the fridge that made your stomach turn.
After speaking out to what was most likely a voice in his ear, he turned on his heel to face you two.
You could tell from the look of pure bewilderment on his face that he absolutely was not expecting you to be there. “Y/N?” Steve questioned.
You gave him an awkward smile and a wave. “Hi,” you hummed with a simple nod.
A wave of emotions crossed over his face and he let out a sigh. “We don’t have time to talk about this right now.”
After the chase that led you, Bucky, Steve, and King T’Challa in prison, and the prison break that took place afterward, Bucky had kept his distance from you. He became cold, calloused to you. You figured that it was due to the stress of being framed for a crime he didn’t commit and the man who did commit it trying to tap into the Winter Soldier, but that didn't mean that it didn’t hurt. You’d spent months working on a relationship with this man who you loved more than you’d care to admit, all for it to be gone within moments.
But it didn’t go away, even after everything was taken care of and Bucky had came back to you.
The bright smile on your face couldn’t be suppressed when Steve and Bucky had came into view, both of them clearly exhausted from everything that had occurred. That exhaustion was tucked away, though, when Steve saw you standing there, and he quickly headed over to you and pulled you into a tight hug. You took his affection gratefully, the two of you chatting with equally wide smiles.
After about a minute or two, Steve told you that he had something to do before quickly slipping out of the room, leaving you and Bucky alone. Bucky stood a good distance from you, avoiding your gaze and keeping his stance rigid. It was obvious that he was still hurting, but you figured that your presence could cheer him up.
“Bucky,” you sighed, hurrying over to him and reaching out for a hug.
He turned away from your embrace, keeping his eyes on the ground and his face emotionless. 
“Buck?” You dropped your arms to your sides, brows furrowing in confusion as you attempted to search his face. He gave no expression, and you gave up on his face, instead glancing at his robotic arm that was no longer there. “Oh my god, your arm.”
“It’s fine,” he huffed, stepping away to stare out the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the landscape of Wakanda.
He was shutting you out, acting more rigid than he did when you two first met. Your lips pressed together as you walked over to the windows, keeping a few feet of distance between you two. “It’s beautiful here-”
“God, do you ever take a fucking hint?” 
You jumped from the tone of his voice, giving him a look of shock while his face, still, stayed flat. “What?”
“I don’t want you here. I want you to leave me alone.”
His words made your heart sink to your shoes, but there was a pestering itch in the back of your mind that made you push him further. “You don’t mean that.”
He stepped forward until you were backed up against the glass, placing an arm on each side of your body and caging you in. “Don’t I?” He let out a huff, eyes trained on yours which were brimming with tears. “You’ve ruined whatever chance I had at being normal. You found me, you led everyone to me, and you got me sucked back into all of this bullshit.”
You shook your head. “I just wanted to help.”
He scoffed. “You sure helped a lot.”
You blinked back the tears and clenched your jaw, giving him a look of spite. You averted your gaze for a moment, eyes catching on the small black cord that peeked out from his shirt. The cord that was so familiar because it was a necklace you’d gifted him. You let out a huff before shoving his arm out of your way and stomping away down the expansive hall.
On your way to your room that T’Challa had given you the key to earlier, you ran into Sam, who immediately noticed the anger and pain radiating off of you. “Whoa, whoa, cool it on the stomping there. You might just smash through the floor,” he teased and gripped your arm with a smile, but it fell when his eyes searched yours. “What’s wrong?”
“Go ask Bucky, because I sure as shit have no clue.”
Months after you’d left Bucky in Wakanda, your “funeral” had taken place, and it pained you that you were never able to resolve the issues that had divided you two. 
You tried your hardest to live your life as normal (well, as normally as you could while staying as underground as possible and basically living a completely different life than the one you previously had), but that plan had crumbled and turned to dust like half of the planet. You’d lost Hill and Fury, the  only people who knew that you were still alive and were actively working to keep you safe. At first, it was horrifying to know that no one would be watching your every move as you’d grown so used to it. But as time went on and you realized that you had to be somewhat present in society, you had finally felt the freedom that you’ve been held from for years.
You lived life under the new identity that Hill and Fury had previously given you (Sandra McMahan, 27, unemployed, living in Boston, Massachusetts), but you couldn’t give in to the normal life that was at your fingertips, so close yet so far away. Instead, you launched yourself headfirst into researching all of the people who turned to dust. It was clear that it was a result from something that the Avengers fought due to the multiple sightings of spacecrafts that were documented on Stark’s databases, but it proved to be much more devastating than you could’ve guessed.
All of your friends were either dead or missing, and you couldn’t help but feel the immense guilt from the thought that you could’ve saved them.
Five years had come and gone in a haze of misery and loneliness, each day blurring into the previous day and the next day. You tried your hardest to participate in a society that was struggling to cope with the devastating loss that had occurred, but most days you had failed to get out of bed.
You still vividly remember the day of the blip, when the billions of people who’d vanished into thin air had reappeared just as quickly and in the same exact state. You remember the amalgamation of cheers and cries as people were reunited with their loved ones, all while you watched them from your 10th floor window in your dingy little apartment.
All alone.
The databases were updated at that point, displaying who had come back. Of course, there were still a few people whose status never changed, and no matter how long you refreshed the page in hopes that it would switch from “missing” to a blank spot where that word once sat, it didn’t. Instead, it changed from “missing” to “deceased.”
Hill and Fury had tried to get back in contact with you, but you ignored their messages, instead choosing to look deeper into the reappearance of one man.
You’d watched Bucky from a distance, lingering in the shadows as you went along with all of daily activities. Going to the grocery stores, spending Wednesdays at an asian restaurant with a man you didn’t recognize, and attending this weekly therapy appointments. His routines were, well, routine, until the day that he and Sam traveled to the Raft to break out the man who nearly landed Bucky in that same prison. They’d escaped successfully, and their movements brought you to Madripoor, a place that instantly settled a heavy weight in the pit of your stomach. 
The dress you wore in that dark and musty bar was itchy and the stares you earned from it made your skin crawl, but you bit your tongue and kept a straight face as you tucked yourself away into a dark corner. The doubt that itched in the back of your mind of how the three men would show kept growing stronger and stronger, only for it to shift into pure terror as Bucky and Sam walked in with that bastard. 
Bucky’s face was as still and hollow as it was the first day you met him, that hauntingly empty look that made your insides churn. But that churning was incomparable to the bile that bubbled in your chest as he attacked men at Zemo’s word, his actions harsh and merciless.
Silently, the three men were led into a back room by an armed man, and once the trio disappeared into the room, you overtook the man and disarmed him. You gripped the gun in your hands and stood just outside of the room, still lingering within earshot.
Zemo and who you assumed to be Selby discussed some sort of contract that had to do with the super soldier serum, of which he offered Bucky as payment for information on where to get the serum. The discussion was cut short by Sam’s phone ringing, which snowballed into a situation much bigger than they were expecting.
As Selby ordered for them to be killed, a gunshot rang through the air and Selby’s words were cut short. After attacking the guards that surrounded the room, the three men escaped out the back door, and you followed them. The road leading out from the bar proved just as treacherous as another spray of gunfire sounded from all around, and you all sprinted down the narrow street and into an attached back alley.
You shot down the two motorcyclists that had followed them in and stepped out of the shadows, gun trained on Zemo as your hands shook with fury. “Disarm him,” you spat, finger hovering over the trigger.
“Y/N?” Sam spoke, voice laced with shock.
“Power him down, Zemo,” you continued, ignoring the shocked looks from Sam and Bucky. “I will not hesitate to blow your fucking brains out!”
“Drop the gun” Bucky roared, making you jump. 
“Well, this is too perfect,” a woman’s voice echoed, standing in the space next to you and aiming her gun at Zemo. “Drop it, Zemo.”
Zemo slowly lowered his gun to the ground and held his hands in the air, retreating back as the other two men walked forward. “Sharon?” Bucky spoke.
“You cost me everything.”
“Sharon, wait-” Sam pleaded.
The four of them bickered while you stepped back and lowered your gun to your side, trying to catch up with everything that was going on while also trying to comprehend why Bucky was with Zemo, why he acted like he was the Winter Soldier.
Sharon’s offer of refuge seemed to draw everyone in, but as they all began to walk, Bucky turned to you and gripped both of your biceps in his hands, forcing you to drop your weapon. He backed you up into the brick wall and tightened his jaw, the rough material scraping against your exposed back. “Bucky,” you cried out.
“Who are you?” he hissed, pulling you close to him before swiftly slamming you back against the wall, knocking the breath from your lungs.
“Bucky, it’s me. It’s Y/N. Please.”
“Y/N is dead.” Sam appeared behind him and rested a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off. “Who. The fuck. Are you.”
“Bucky, we don’t have time for this!” Sam snapped. “She’s coming with us, let’s go.”
You silently pleaded with Sam but he walked away, allowing Bucky to wrestle both of your arms behind your back and walk you to the car.
*** As Sharon and Sam and Zemo conversed, Bucky dragged you into the first room he saw and threw you inside, locking the door behind him.
You let out a hiss of pain as you pushed yourself up into a sitting position, glancing dow nat the rug burn on your palms before looking up at Bucky. “Buck, come on, it’s me,” you begged, watched as he leaned against the wall that faced you.
“Don’t call me that,” he hissed, lips pursed tightly. “Who are you and why are you here? How did you find me?”
You spoke slowly, “Bucky, it’s Y/N Y/L/N. We met in Bucharest, we were... We were best friends, until...”
“What, until I went to Wakanda or until you died?”
“They made me fake my death, Buck, it wasn’t my choice. They made me hide away from everybody for what they said was my own safety. They said that I could be used by Hydra to get secrets about everyone, about you.” You let out a trembling sigh. “I’ve been hiding for seven fucking years. I’ve been alone for seven years.”
He looked away from you, gliding his tongue over his bottom row of teeth before pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. 
“You cut your hair,” you spoke after a moment’s silence.
“You came back from the dead.”
“So did you.”
He shot a glare at you, standing up straight and walking over to sit in a chair on the other side of the room. Hesitantly, you rose to your feet and walked over to him, leaving about 10 feet of distance between you two. “How did you find me?”
“Stark’s databases. They said that you were getting court-mandated therapy in New York City, so I went there, and I guess I just followed you from there.”
“Why...” He cleared his throat. “Why didn’t you talk to me?”
“Well, first of all, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to risk you getting hurt because of my selfishness.” You sat in the chair adjacent to his. “And I figured that it would be best that I stayed away from you since you despised me.” 
He let out a sigh, mouth opening to defend himself. 
You shook your head. “Do you know how much that hurt me?” you cried out, lower lip quivering. “I-I thought that you cared about me, but you didn’t, did you?”
“I can say the same fucking thing about you!” he snapped. “When I came back from the blip, I saw you everywhere! I thought that you were haunting me, that my guilt was just making you appear, but it was actually you!”
“I didn’t want to do that, okay.” “What, you didn’t want to haunt me? You made me miserable!”
“That’s just what you said the last time I saw you.” You pushed yourself out of the chair and faced away from him, not wanting him to see you cry. “You were one of the only people I had. After you left, I wanted so badly to go see you. I could’ve gone anywhere, but the one place I wanted to be was with you. And then I had to hide away from the world, and I had no one. And I had to live with the fact that I would never be able to fix things between us.”
“You’ve really got some balls to say that shit.” He gripped your arm and spun you around to face him. “Fuck you, Y/N. Fuck you and everything you did.”
You yanked your arm from his grasp and stormed away. “I don’t think I’m the one to blame here, Bucky.”
You slammed the door shut behind you and walked past the room where the other three were gathered. “Hey, where are you going?” Sharon shouted.
“Outside,” you grumbled, walking out into the open courtyard in front of the house. 
Sobs bubbled in your chest and past your lips, collapsing onto the front steps with your head held in your hands. Your shoulders shook and though you tried to keep the noise to a minimum, you couldn’t hold back the hiccups of air that you tried to breathe in.
Heavy footsteps clicked on the pavement behind you a few minutes later, and you hastily swiped away the tear tracks that soaked your cheeks. “Sam, I’m fine. I’ll be in in a minute and you can interrogate me all you want,” you choked out, wrapping your arms around your knees.
“Not Sam,” Bucky’s gruff voice rumbled behind you, his form settling beside you on the steps.
You pursed your lips, eyes trained on the concrete path ahead of you. “Why did you go to the wake?” The words tumbled from your mouth before you could stop them.
“I... I saw you at my wake. Why were you there? I thought I was dead to you.”
He shook his head. “You were never dead to me. You... God, you were the only thing keeping me going. You were all I had.”
You finally lifted your gaze to his face, locking eyes with him. “Then why’d you hurt me?”
A sigh left his lips. “After that chase in Bucharest, I... I guess I realized that you being with me wasn’t safe. And then when Zemo was able to get the Winter Soldier to come out...”
“So you hurt me to keep me from getting hurt.”
“What, am I wrong? God, when you push people away you really go for the heart.”
“It’s not like it was easy for me! When I saw how badly I hurt you, it felt like a part of me died inside.”
“But you still had every goddamn piece of me in your hands. Was that not enough for you?”
He stayed silent, searching your eyes for a moment before directing his gaze to his shoes. You scoffed and pushed yourself to your feet, turning on your heel to leave.
Bucky reached his left arm up, the cool metal curling gently around your wrist as he also stood up. In one fluid motion, he spun you around to face him and pressed his lips into yours. You froze in shock, but before you could even decide how to feel about his bold actions, he pulled away and searched your eyes. 
You let out a shuddering sigh, trying to gather your composure as quickly as possible. “Bucky, I would’ve died for you.”
“That was the last thing I wanted. It still is.” His cool fingers loosened their grip, delicately gliding along the back of your hand. “And when I found out that you died, I blamed myself. I told myself that if I hadn't hurt you, if I was with you, then you would’ve lived.”
“My therapist, she made me create a list of people that I need to make amends with. I-I’ve gotten through most of it, but there’s a few names that I still need to get through.” He dug in his back pocket, fishing out the small pocketbook and turning to the last page. “I wrote your name down. I-I knew that there was no way I could ever make amends with you, but I felt like I had an obligation to.”
You stared at your name scrawled out on the page in his messy handwriting. It was the only name on the page, placed right in the center. Tears welled in your eyes and you let out a shaky breath, unable to find the words to say.
“You don’t have to forgive me, and honestly I don’t expect you to, but I just needed-”
He closed his mouth, his sweet blue eyes following your movements as you closed the book in his hands and settled both of your hands on his cheeks. You could see the stress melting off of him as soon as he felt the warmth of your touch, his shoulders dropping slightly and a hint of a smile threatening to crack on his lips.
“Bucky Barnes, you are the most stubborn son of a bitch I’ve ever met,” you sighed, giving him a small smile. “And I know it’s because you’ve been hurt more times than you can count, but if I can take away some of that hurt, I’d do it a million times over and never regret it.” The tip of your nose brushed against his, and you heard his breath hitch in his throat. “I forgive you.”
With a gentle tilt of his head, his lips bumped against yours before quickly locking together. Your fingers drifted down his cheeks and his throat before clasping together behind his neck.
He stole a few more quick kisses before pulling away completely, his tongue darting out to wet his lips before permitting a smile to rest on his face. You mirrored his smile and carded a hand through his hair. “Y’know,” you breathed, “I really dig this haircut.”
He arched a brow. “Really, I thought you liked the long hair.”
“I did like the long hair! It just... This is more you. Not the Winter Soldier, not HYDRA. You.”
You felt his arm pressed against your body as he tucked his book into his jacket pocket before both arms tenderly snaked around your waist and pulled you close to him. He pressed a chaste kiss, then two, then three onto your lips before letting out a small sigh.
“I’ve got clients coming in half an hour and I’d prefer not having people with targets on their heads making out on my front step,” Sharon shouted from the front door, giving both of you a pointed look before stepping back inside.
“I should leave,” you hummed, dropping your hands to your sides and beginning to wiggle yourself free of his grip.
“Y/N,” he breathed, fingers catching onto yours and weaving together. “Stay. Please. I... I just got you back, I don't want to lose you again.” Your eyes locked with his and he held the stare for a few moments before clearing his throat and shifting his gaze to the ground between you two. “Besides, I think Sam and Zemo might kill me if I don’t go back in there without you.”
You giggled. “Oh, that’s the reason you want me to go in there with you?”
“Yeah!” His voice was nearly drowned out by your laughs, but he persisted. “I swear to god, if looks could kill, I would’ve died before I could’ve even gotten out here to talk to you. Fucking Zemo even said something about ‘when you’ve got a woman like that, you should never take hurt them.’”
You grinned. “You think he’s wrong about that?”
He shook his head fervently. “No, no, not at all! I just... I guess I’m out of practice with this whole... talking thing.” He let out a breath and squeezed your hands. “I need to catch up on the seven years that I’ve spent without you, and there’s no better time to start than now.”
You bit down on your lower lip to suppress the smile that was close to splitting your face in two. “I don't know, Bucky, but that sure sounds like some good talking to me.”
He rolled his eyes, but a smile finally began to settle on his lips. “Shut up.”
You pressed a final, sweet kiss to his lips before slipping from his grasp, giving yourself a moment to admire the purple light that caressed his skin. “Come on, let’s head inside before Sharon loses her shit.”
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A Stark and her Soldier ~ Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Tension rising between you and Bucky as you spend time together in Madripoor.
Warnings: TFATWS E03 SPOILERS! Things start to get a little heated! 
Series tags: @supernaturalcat7 @sapphiredreamer26 @babygirlwilly @misssilencewritewell @wavyjassy @stydia-4-ever @freeflyingphoenix​ @xkonpinkx​ 
Read Part 1
The flight to Germany would have been a great chance for you to try, as you kept telling yourself, but you decided to sleep through most of it – you didn’t even know where to start.
You knew what was coming before it happened, you knew it the moment your brother grabbed for the gauntlet, you knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t attempt something like that without a reason.
He raised his hand to reveal the stones. The weight that fell over you was nearly enough to crush you.
“Tony,” Your voice was barely a whisper.
“And I am Iron Man,” You could have sworn you felt every ounce of pain coursing though his body.
He snapped.
You gasped awake, tearing your head off of Bucky’s shoulder – you hadn’t even realized you placed it there.
“Hey, it’s okay, you’re okay,” His eyes were laced with concern, and his voice was like a soothing balm.
You looked away from him, focusing on nothing in particular and trying to calm your breathing. You grounded yourself and realized how iron tight your grip was on Bucky’s arm, you quickly released, realizing that your nails had broken through his scarred skin, “I-I’m sorry.”
He tilted your head up, forcing you to meet his eyes, and brushed your hair way from your clammy skin, “Don’t be, doll.”
You felt the nickname deep in your bones, it had been so long since he had called you that. You let out a shaky breath and turned away from him. Say something, now’s your chance, say something. You placed your head back on his shoulder and shut your eyes, before whispering, “He wasn’t wrong.”
“Steve,” Your voice was barely audible as you said it, you doubted a regular person could hear it, you’d have to remember to ask him if his hearing was enhanced – on second thought, maybe you didn’t want to know…
Tumblr media
“Stop pacing, you’re making me nervous!” You obeyed, turning to your friend.
“He should be back by now, Sam! Zemo knows far too much, if he –” You couldn’t let yourself think about what could be going on in the cell, so you turned your attention back towards pacing.
“I wasn’t gone that long,” You let out a sigh of relief at the sound of Bucky’s voice.
“Long enough to get her pacing.” You ignored Sam and gave Bucky a once over before searching his eyes, and thankfully, found nothing out of the ordinary.
“Come with me.”
The two of you let Bucky lead you through the hallways of the prison and down a set of stairs. He eventually pulled out a flashlight and began to explain what he was planning.
“What are you talking about, you want to break Zemo out of jail? Where are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?”
Your mind was spinning at the idea that Bucky presented, everything in you was screaming no, “Y/N, say something.”
“Bucky please,” You begged, taking a step towards him, “Meeting with Zemo was one thing, but freeing him? We can’t do this.”
“We don’t know how they’re getting the serum. We don’t even know how many of them there are,” He paused, “Look, let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
The tone in his voice told you that this ‘hypothetical’ wasn’t going to be as hypothetical as it should’ve, “What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything.”
You exchanged a look with Sam, “Bucky, seriously.”
He slowly explained his ‘hypothetical’, every word that left his mouth was more suspicious than the last.
You clenched your fists to keep your hands from shaking, you hated where this was going, you hated that look in his eyes, “Whoa. Whoa, Whoa –”
You followed Sam’s gaze and froze in your spot. Zemo, the cause of most of your nightmares and the man who tore apart your family. You couldn’t help but blame him for what happened five years ago – maybe, just maybe, if Tony and Steve had never fought, if all the Avengers had been together, you could have won that initial war against Thanos and his army. Maybe you would still have a family. You knew it was a stretch, but you couldn’t help it.
Sam and Bucky’s resounding “No!” snapped you out of your thoughts.
“When Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you backed him. You broke the law and you stuck your necks out for me, I’m asking you to do it again.”
“I really think I’m invaluable…”
“Shut up,” Sam turned back to Bucky and sighed, “Okay. If we do this, you don’t make a move without out permission.”
Bucky turned his attention towards you, still glued in your place a few feet away from them. He walked over and took your hand again – he had to be able to sense what that did to you, “What do you say Y/N, you trust me?”
You let out a shaky breath and met his eyes, “Always.”
“Okay Zemo. Where do we start?”
Tumblr media
You gave Bucky one last look of concern, silently begging him to change his mind before climbing aboard Zemo’s private jet.
“Why don’t you tell us about where we’re going.”
“Sorry, I was just fascinated by this,” Zemo said gently, examining a page in the book he was reading, “I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?”
Before you knew what was happening, Bucky was standing above Zemo, a gloved hand wrapped around the baron’s throat. You couldn’t help but squirm at the sight of it, your whole body burning up.
“You touch that again, and I’ll kill you,” You released a breath alongside Zemo, you hadn’t even realized you were holding it – and it definitely wasn’t a breath of relief.
You couldn’t take your eyes off of Bucky, there was a darkness to him that you hadn’t seen in a long time. You barely registered Zemo’s comment about the list of names.
“I’ve seen that book, it was Steve’s, when he came out of the ice.” You looked over and recognized it too, he put a bunch of your suggestions in that book as well. He had watched, read, and listened to every one of them, a sad smiled crept on to your face at the fond memories of your discussions with him about them.
You turned your attention back to the conversation, “You remember that, right? As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon.”
Pain flashed though Bucky’s eyes, sometimes you forgot how old he really was, and didn’t even want to think about the horrors he had faced in his lifetime. You had the sudden urge to pull him into your arms and never let go, to remind him that he was safe now and to remember it yourself. But you remained seated.
Tumblr media
You pulled at the too short dress that clung to your body, showing off every curve and swell. Arm candy, that was the role you were to play, and you despised every second of it.
Every time you saw Bucky in his uniform, it took your breath away, but the hard mask he currently wore made you feel like you were suffocating. You were struggling to keep from staring at him anyways, so you decided to make it a part of your role, watching him with lust-filled, dazed eyes – easier than giving Zemo that look, you doubted that anyone would blame you.
The atmosphere shifted the moment Zemo ordered Bucky to attack. You had seen him fight before, but not like this – not since his escape from the compound, you shuddered at the memory. Your breath hitched as he sent a man flying with his kick, you felt a mixture of awe, worry, and lust coursing through you. Pull it together, Y/N.
The more he continued though, the more the worry took over, you could tell Sam felt the same way when he reached for Bucky’s arm. Zemo spoke to him in Russian and he released the man, though his movements and expression remained the same, you noticed him blinking something away from his eyes, as though the Winter Soldier had truly been trying to resurface in those brief moments. You subtly gripped his hand, in hopes to pull him back to reality.
You had already been struggling to stay in character, and this exchange made it even harder – it required physical effort to keep the worry from etching your features.
It didn’t make things any easier when Zemo guided you to sit on the arm of his chair, looping his own arm around your waist and resting his hand far too high on your thigh. You couldn’t even focus on Selby’s words because of how uncomfortable you felt. Natasha had always taken on this role during previous missions, she never trusted Tony and Steve to not lose their cool in such a situation, so she always took one for the team. You tried your best to channel your inner Nat, but it only made the ever-present tightness in your chest more unbearable.
Bucky stood with his jaw clenched and you could have sworn that the anger in his eyes was from more than just his Winter Soldier act.
“Tell us what you know about the super-soldier serum,” Zemo got up from beside you, giving your thigh a tight squeeze, before walking up to Bucky, “and I give you him. Along with the code words to control him of course. He will do anything you want.”
It felt like a punch to the gut to see Bucky being treated like a machine to be used and traded, especially knowing that that was exactly what was done to him. Watching Zemo caress his face like you would a prize animal made you even angrier – you had to clench your fists to keep from shaking, trying to keep that aloof expression on your face was a tremendous feat at this point.
You noticed sadness flash through Bucky’s eyes. It was subtle enough that no one but you, and maybe Sam, would recognize it, but it was there, and it killed you to witness.
You turned back towards Selby as Zemo dropped down next to you again. The conversation was halted when Sam’s phone began to ring. Fuck.
You heard Sarah’s voice on the other end, please pick up on what’s going on, please… plea- “Sam I’m sorry, I’ll call you back.”
“Sam? Who’s Sam?” Before she could finish giving the order to kill you, she was dead.
You instantly fell into you action, lunging for the man nearest to you and knocking him out cold – if there was one thing that Natasha taught you, it was to win a fight, and not just that, but to do so in heels.
You quickly followed Zemo out, sticking close to Bucky. When the firing began, you were the first thing he reached for, ensuring that you were by his side as you ran. You only stopped when the men following you were shot dead, you whipped your head around looking for who could have done it, “Well, this is perfect.”
Sharon… You watched quietly as she walked up to Zemo, gun in hand, and Sam tried to explain the situation to her. If you had it your way, you would have let her shoot him, but you knew that wouldn’t do anyone any good. Your heart broke as she talked about how she didn’t speak to her family anymore. You couldn’t help but blame yourself, I should have done more, I should have convinced Steve or Tony to get her pardoned… I didn’t even think about it… fuck.
As if sensing the direction of your thoughts, Sam gently put his hand on your back, one look at his face told you that he was feeling the same way.
You let out a sigh of relief when Sharon decided to let you stay with her, you hoped this would give you a chance to make amends – although, that seemed impossible considering what she had gone through.
You paused before walking into Sharon’s place, gesturing at Bucky to stay with you, “You guys go ahead, we’ll catch up in a few.”
She threw a questioning glance your way before leading Sam and Zemo away.
“What is it?”
You didn’t answer the question, you just wrapped your arms around Bucky’s torso and buried your head into his chest. You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, you only knew that after the events of the night you wanted to get the feeling of Zemo’s hands off of you, and more importantly you wanted Bucky to feel a sense of safety and love. He was hesitant at first, but he pulled you tight against him, gently caressing the back of your head, “Are you alright?”
You let out a shaky breath and nodded against him, “I just need a few more seconds.”
Soon enough you pulled away and headed towards the door the others had walked through.
Sharon led you to a room separate from the boys, allowing you to choose from a wide array of sexy yet tactical outfits – anything was better than what you were currently wearing. Once you were ready, the two of you joined the others, Sam was still changing when you walked in and you let out a low whistle, as Sharon said, “Much better.”
Though Sam didn’t acknowledge the remarks, you noticed a hint of a smile creeping on to his face.
Your breath hitched when you saw Bucky on the couch. You had never seen him dressed like this, that tight black suit made you feel things that you didn’t care to admit. As you took a seat next to him you prayed more than ever for his hearing not to have been enhanced, “You okay?”
“Yeah.” Your voice came out a bit higher than you would have intended. You took the drink sitting on the table, assuming it belonged to the man that had you squirming, and threw it back, you were certain you’d need a couple more to get through this night.
Tumblr media
Sam and Zemo had drifted off into different direction, leaving you by the bar with Bucky. You swirled the brown liquid in your glass before drinking the last bit of it. You didn’t drink more than you could handle, but you also never drank like this before or during a mission. You needed the liquid courage to be standing next to the super soldier, especially considering what he was wearing.
There were two wolves inside you of, one that wanted to tear that suit off of him and devour him whole, and the other that wanted to avoid looking at him until the suit was gone – either way, that suit had to come off.
Sharon hadn’t been kidding when she described the party, the atmosphere made it even harder to for you to focus on anything but him.
“How do people dance to this music?” Bucky asked, snapping you out of your thoughts before they went too far south.
You knew it was a rhetorical question, but the alcohol running through your veins decided it would be a good idea to answer it, via demonstration of course. You walked towards the edge of the dance floor and threw an innocent smile over your shoulder before starting. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him as you sensually swayed your hips to the music, fingers gently outlining your curves before brushing against your face and into your hair.
Bucky was absolutely stunned, he knew that he should do the gentlemen-like thing and turn away, but watching you move like that definitely didn’t make him feel like a gentleman.
When you finally turned to him, the darkened look on his face was enough to make you stride up to him, every step was swift and determined. You took his hand and led him to dancefloor with you. You continued where you had left off, swaying against his body this time. He didn’t move, but he didn’t stop you either, he simply watched – well, felt.
The music changed and you finally realized where you were, and what you were supposed to be doing. Your face felt like a furnace and you stepped away, turning to him.
“We uh… we should find the others,” You managed to choke out.
The look on his face mirrored none of the embarrassment you felt, his expression was still as dark as before. He simply stared at you – or, into you – for a moment before nodding, and walking off. You hurried to follow him, trying to calm your thoughts and cool the burning in your core.
Sam gave you strange look as you joined them, you prayed that he hadn’t seen you, knowing he would never let you live it down.    
“Hey, guys. I found him.”
“Here we go.”
Just before you walked out, Bucky handed you a glass of something, you raised a brow at him and he shrugged, the faintest smirk on his face, “Water. Cold water.”
Tumblr media
The tension between you and Bucky on the way to the shipping yard could be cut with a knife. It was enough that you decided to stay outside with Sharon to keep watch, “What’s going on between you two?”
You looked over at her and shrugged, “Nothing.”
“Please, last time I saw you, you made it pretty obvious how attracted you were to him,” You tried to keep yourself from blushing, “You were so young then, it just seemed like a little school girl crush, but this,” she gestured to nothing in particular and chuckled, “Jesus Y/N, you’ve got it bad.”
Before you could answer, you heard the footsteps, you quickly turned on your earpieces, “Guys, we have company.”
You gave each other a quick nod and sprung forward. You activated the gauntlet your brother had created for you and shot two of them, as Sharon attacked with a metal rod.
Even with Sharon’s impeccable fighting ability and your equipment, you were struggling to hold them off. The two of you made your way into the lab, “Guys, we’re seriously out of time here.”
The moment the words left her mouth, Zemo shot Nagel, “Shit!”
“What did you do?”
Bucky must have sensed what was coming – maybe heard it with that potential enhanced hearing – because he pulled you against him just as the blast tore through the side of the lab, and threw you to the ground, shielding you with his own body. You winced as he pushed himself off of you, groaning in pain himself.
He reached down and pulled you up, making sure you were steady on your feet before moving to help Sharon and Sam.
You could barely see your targets through the smoke, but you kept shooting, both with your gun and the gauntlet.  You rolled your eyes, as Sam and Bucky began arguing.
“Guys, not the time!” Sharon called out, just as you said, “Really? Now?!”
You managed to fight your way past them as Zemo pulled up with a car, you scooted in behind him, Sam squeezing in next to you, “You’re not gonna move your seat up, are you?”
“No.” You let out a genuine laugh, not just at the pettiness of Bucky’s revenge – you still remembered every second of that first car ride you had been on with the two of them, you and Steve thought you were going to lose your minds and eventually decided to move you to the front seat with him and turn the music up – but also because you couldn’t believe that you had just survived that. You had been in bigger fights before, but you had always been covered head to toe in Tony’s gear, this felt like your own fight, and you had made it out alive.
Tumblr media
With the adrenaline gone, the tenseness in your body returned. You picked at your cuticles to keep yourself from staring at Bucky as he wiped down his metal hand on the plane. That metal arm had been the star of many of your fantasies, you couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel between – “You okay?”
You shot your head up, fearing you had been caught staring, but thankfully Bucky’s attention was on Sam, not you. You were desperately trying to ease away from him after your little fiasco at the party, but he wasn’t making it easy for you. The worst part was that he wasn’t even doing anything.
You knew Sam’s comment about the shield struck a chord with Bucky because he made eye contact with you for the first time since your show, and it managed to shut you down enough to meet his glance. You got up from your seat and moved next to him, gently squeezing his hand as he began arguing with Sam about what the shield represented.
Without knowing it, that hand squeezing gesture had become a source of safety for both of you, it was enough to ground each other and let you know that you were safe.
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Hi!!! I saw that your requests are open and was wondering if you could do a little something where Sam has had a bad couple of days via nightmares, PTSD, etc. And the reader comforts him? I really just wanna give this guy a hug sometimes because I know he's been through some shit, but is always focused on taking care of others, and I wanna see him be comforted for once. Thank you regardless, and I hope you have a great day!!
A/N: I love this so much! Sam deserves all the hugs!! Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy!! 
Warnings: mentions of death, angst/fluff, TFAWS spoilers
Tumblr media
You wake up randomly and look at the clock on the nightstand. 2:45 AM. You sigh. You are so tired, but know you’re not going to get back to sleep with it being as hot as it is. New Orleans has had crazy high temperatures lately and even the AC hasn’t helped stop the sweat from drowning you in your sleep. As you get up, you look to your left and notice Sam isn’t in bed with you. 
“Sam?” you call out. You get no response. 
Worried, you jump out of bed and hurry down the stairs. 
“Sam?” you call out again as you reach the bottom of the stairs. With no response for the second time, you look out the kitchen window and see a figure standing down at the dock, facing the water. 
Knowing it must be Sam, you slip on some shoes and head out the back door. 
You walk up to Sam and stand beside him, taking a few seconds to look at the calmness of the water, before turning to look at him.
“Why aren’t you in bed?” Sam asks, his voice hoarse. 
You look at him confused. “I could ask you the same thing. Is everything okay?”
Sam turns his head to look at you and it’s then you notice the tears in his eyes. Your heart softens. 
You place your hand on his cheek. “Is it the nightmares again? You’ve been having them for a few days now.” 
Sam grabs the hand you placed on his cheek and gives it a squeeze, before pulling it off his face and dropping it back to your side. 
He turns to stare back at the water. “I… I just keep thinking about how everything went down and can’t help but wonder if there was something more I could have done” he says. 
His admission brings tears to your eyes. “Sam, you did everything you could. But, you didn’t kill Karli. You didn’t pull the trigger. Sharon did. You can’t blame yourself for something you didn’t do.” 
Sam shakes his head. “It’s not even just Karli. I know I didn’t pull the trigger. I know she didn’t deserve to die though either. A lot of people I’ve seen die, didn’t deserve to.” 
You think for a second before answering. “Are you talking about Riley? Your wingman from when you were in the Air Force? Because that wasn’t your fault either. He was killed by an RPG. You didn’t fire that RPG.” 
He looks back at you again. “No, I didn’t, but maybe there was something I could have done differently to save him. To save Karli. To save the thousands of people I’ve seen die while fighting as an Avenger.”  
“Oh, Sam,” you whisper. You place your hand back onto his cheek. “You are thinking of all the people you’ve witnessed die, but are forgetting the thousands of other people that you’ve saved. There’s a reason Steve gave you that shield. You, Sam Wilson, are a good man and a worthy one at that. Yes, things can always go differently in situations, but the important thing is that you always do what you think is right. You’re selfless when helping others and it shows. Sometimes, I think a little too selfless. I wish you’d focus on taking care of yourself because you matter too. You matter to so many people. You matter to me.”
By the end of your speech, you’re both crying. You pull Sam into a hug and lay your head on his chest. 
He places his head on top of yours. “Thank you, darling. You always know what to say.”
“That’s what I’m here for,” you say. 
You pull away to look at him. “Next time you have a nightmare, please wake me up. We can figure it out together.” 
Sam grabs your hand and interlocks your fingers. “I will, I promise.” 
You smile at him. “Good. Now, why don’t we head inside, so I can cuddle you back to sleep? After we turn up the AC, of course. It’s hot as hell in our house.”
He laughs. “Okay, okay, we will turn up the AC. I need at least a few more hours of sleep anyway. Starting my new duties as Captain American tomorrow.” 
You pull him towards you. “My Captain America. And, a damn good one at that.” 
He leans in to kiss you. “Always yours. I love you.”
“I love you too.” You close the gap between you and kiss him.
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imaginestuffs · a day ago
Her Cowardice - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 382
Warnings: slight injury, cursing, tfatws era no spoilers though! Angst!
Summary: Reader left Bucky when they needed each other most. Pt. 2 maybe?
This is my first fic for Bucky and I think it might have another part so please be kind. Any feedback would help so much. Love you all💛
Tumblr media
(Not my gif!)
A hand wrapped around a pen, and tears hidden behind a neutral gaze.
"I chose this for myself... but I thought maybe... just maybe... he would find me." You spoke into the void of your empty house. You set the pen down and just decided to speak knowing your words would be scripted cursively across marble counter tops and undecorated walls.
"After everything, I ran. After Nat, after Tony." You took a shaky breath "After Steve... my body shut down. It felt like my soul became so heavy it pulled me so far under the water. Far enough for me to give up and let the pressure of the water shatter my remaining fragility."
You let your neutral gaze fall and brokenness cascaded from your e/c eyes. You never meant to leave like you did, but you did and you can never change that. You ran from him when you need each other the most because you were scared. You have never forgiven yourself for that.
"I don't-I don't know why I ever thought he would look for me. I left him there because I couldn't handle what happened." Your voice broke.
Your sadness broke and a sudden anger washed over you.
You stood up abruptly gripping the vase in the center of the table and throwing it across the room.
"He was there! Why weren't you there for him! You fucking coward!" You screamed at yourself. Without thinking you reached for the whiskey bottle next to you and smashed it.
You jump in surprise at your blind action. More tears fell from your eyes as you reach down with shaky hands to try and collect the glass. Tears obscured your vision and you lost your balance.  You let out a cry as you felt your skin collect the glass and alcohol that littered the floor.
For a moment you laid there letting sobs violently wrack through you. Knowing the pain you felt was nothing compared to the pain Bucky felt when you left him alone.
You were lucky enough to live far enough away from anyone for somebody to hear you.
Little did you know, someone was listening from outside your door. Two men you thought you'd never see again. Two men you thought you never deserved to see again.
Let me know if you want a part 2! 💛
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beyondspaceandstars · a day ago
While You Sleep
Chapter 4
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: angst, mention of violence, slow burn Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier. 
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Hope was surprisingly actually kept alive as suddenly you were seeing the blonde-haired super soldier every morning. Sometimes even in the afternoon. While his order never changed -- quite the man with a plan as he certainly liked to stick to a routine -- he became much more talkative. 
It started out as the littlest things. Steve would bid you a good morning or ask you about some breaking news he saw the other day. You entertained the chit-chat quite well in between orders. Steve had practically taken over the seat at the bar, the same one you had offered him that one nerve-wracking day.
Wondering what he would ask you about each day certainly helped to keep your mind off things. Granted, it didn’t totally block out the fact you were speaking to your soulmate’s best friend, but the conversations mixed with that tinge of hope sure did keep thought about the nightmares at bay. 
Nothing was exactly progressing or regressing with the nightmares. They were at a sort of standstill in your mind. They were filled with violence but still were of older times, decades ago. The emotions, though, were not letting up. If you didn’t wake up with vivid imagery of knives being flung and guns being loaded, you sure did wake up with a roller coaster of feelings rushing through you. 
But what was felt from your soulmate didn’t exactly align with what the nightmares told. The small glimpses of Bucky’s eyes as the Winter Soldier wasn’t filled with… anger, sadness, regret. They were just… eyes. They held little to nothing outside of stoic determination. If lines were getting crossed, you weren’t sure. You still walked around feeling like a freakshow on display despite the fact no one, especially your coworker who had seen you initially crash and burn, ever asked you about the soulmate “dreams.”
Well, that was until Steve started getting more comfortable at the coffee shop.
One afternoon, he had apparently decided to get bold. He was lounging at the little bar area and you could feel his eyes watching you clean up some syrup bottles. 
Steve broke the silence, asking you something that he typically always did: “How are you?”
You shrugged with your back still facing him. “I’m doing okay, Steve. How are you?”
“No,” he let out an awkward cough. Your brows furrowed as you turned to him, abandoning your task. “How are you?” He asked with such a pointed look that your heart sank. 
You fumbled with the rag you were still holding, trying to look anywhere but at Steve -- but his demanding presence didn’t allow for it.
“If I’m being honest, not much is getting better,” you admitted. “I still see things, sure, but it's really about the feelings I get. They are so strong but I don’t know how. The dreams are like old memories or something, I’m not sure anymore.”
Steve nodded then looked down at his lukewarm coffee. You didn’t know how he didn’t get tired of that stuff, but you were past thinking he actually came in for the coffee anymore. 
“Thought they would’ve lightened up by now,” Steve eventually said. Your eyes shot to him. Every other word out of this man’s mouth seemed to stun you. You were nearly convinced he knew everything.
You wanted to tread on this, but carefully. 
“Why…” you sighed. “Why do you say that?”
“Hmm?” Steve hummed as if he didn’t hear your question. Your eyes narrowed in confusion. 
“I asked, why do you say that?”
He looked away, this time at the lines of syrup bottles behind you. He seemed lost in thought, his eyes shining with concern. Maybe he just needed that push and you wanted him to confirm… something, anything. 
Steve snapped back to you suddenly. “Just thought since it’s been a few weeks it’d be better.”
You looked to the ceiling, taking a deep breath. “Steve, do you-,” 
You were abruptly cut off by Steve getting up and placing his empty coffee mug on the counter. “Thanks for the coffee.” That was his final parting words for the day before he walked out of the shop, leaving you standing there confused and annoyed. 
But this wasn’t going to be over. Especially not after you went home that night, settled into bed, and gave into the nightmares. While still past memories, they were only a few years old. And featured Steve. Flashed of a bruised, tragic-looking Captain America played out quickly. The feelings washing over you were those of strong love but even stronger regret. Everything pounded in you as the nightmares played, coming in a weird kaleidoscope of clips. The hurt you felt was overwhelming. But there was also just so much… Worry. Fear. Your soulmate was afraid. Afraid of what exactly, you didn’t know, but he was consumed. 
You woke up in the early morning hours, heart pounding, feeling raw from that nightmare. Everything felt powerful like the final straw was snapped in you. You needed stuff to lessen and, supposedly, that could come with actually meeting your soulmate. You didn’t know the logistics of it all, people had been so vague as they preferred to fawn over and treasure the initial dreams, but there were ideas out there about how once soulmates formally met they created new shared dreams. Together, through the connection. These could be just as bad or they could be just as good as the original telepath. No matter the fact, you needed something. You were begging for this pull to loosen. The world was setting you up with this man and you had to see about it. Maybe get some kind of closure, at least. You were exhausted from playing it safe with Steve. Everything from his dumbass vague phrases to his hovering gaze gave you your answers. 
You were once again a woman on a mission, but this time you couldn’t hide behind a coffee counter and brewing espresso. 
You called out of work but showed up at opening time. Your coworker stared at you in surprise when the bell rang but you just gave her a wave and made yourself comfortable at a table right by the door. You sat very still, staring at the glass door, watching the patrons. 
A glance at the clock told you Steve was late for his usual coffee run but you weren’t giving in. If he had any inkling about your confusion he would show, be the confident man he could be and face you. 
Thankfully, you were correct. It was mid-morning by the time Steve strolled in, definitely not surprised to see you patiently waiting. Your eyes locked immediately as he gave a defiant sigh. But he didn’t bypass you for the counter. Instead, after you gave a single nod, he sat at the table, directly across from you. 
“Good morning,” Steve greeted you but he lacked that award-winning smile he always gave with it.
“Good morning,” you said, suddenly feeling iffy under his gaze. You had to practically shake yourself out of it to get back on track. You weren’t backing out, not after what you had felt last night. This would consume you after so many years. Your soulmate was going to consume you if you didn’t man up. “I think we need to talk.”
Steve nodded. “I agree.”
You sighed, a bit relieved. He possibly did know, your suspicions were confirmed. “These nightmares I have - they’re about-,”
“Bucky,” Steve answered so simply, you were almost jealous by how the name rolled off his tongue with ease. That was your soulmate and you could barely talk about him. But that was ending, you reminded yourself. Right now, you were taking steps. Life had become a whirlwind but maybe you needed it. 
“Yes,” you confirmed. “Everything I see it’s from his days as… you know what.”
“The Winter Soldier.”
You groaned in annoyance with yourself. “I’m sorry, this is just so weird for me,” you said. “I just learned the other day him and I are… And it’s a lot. Everything is a lot. I see and feel so much in the nightmares that I needed to make progress or something but, truthfully, I don’t know how to go about any of this.”
Steve nodded, his eyes looking very sympathetic. He leaned forward, his arms now resting on the surface. You shifted in your seat, staring down at the wood patterns of the table. Steve didn’t seem to mind the lack of eye contact, though, as he began. 
“I’ve known about you for a while,” Steve admitted. “When Bucky began getting back to himself he would talk about you every now and then. I-I don’t know when he realized it but he’d tell me bits of what he thought you looked like, where you went to school, the coffee shop you were always in… And, well, it didn’t take long for me to realize it was you he was seeing in dreams. But he doesn’t know that I see you nearly every day,” Steve let out a light chuckle, almost in disbelief of himself. “And he certainly doesn’t know the dreams he’s relaying to you. I don’t think he’s ever thought about it, honestly.”
Your heart jumped knowing your soulmate actually knew about you. Saw you. Got the loveliest dreams about you. It made you feel pretty good, really. You were glad you were giving him something light, relaxing, after everything he had seen. Maybe that was a fair trade. As long as your soulmate was okay.
“He doesn’t know I see all those… Things?” You asked, your voice dropping a bit timidly.
Steve sighed, shaking his head. “If I had to guess, it would have something to do with the fact that he’s remembering everything,” he said. “Everything he had done, the people and violence… All that comes back to him. He’s said he remembers it all. That’s probably the feelings you’re getting with the nightmares - him handling the aftermath.” 
Your heart dropped at that. You lifted your gaze to meet Steve’s, seeing he was wearing a similar mix of sadness and worry. It was still strange to feel this ache when you were awake.
But you understood, at least, as much as you could. It sounded like there was some healing going on, with everything coming in waves. Did you like that you had to suffer because of it? No. But that was your soulmate and a deep part of you wanted to just take all that pain away for him personally. 
“It’s not fair he has to deal with all this,” you said. 
Steve agreed, “It’s not.”
“But I want to help,” you spoke with such sudden determination. Steve gave you a confused look. “Would he… Would he want to meet me?”
That look of surprise on him suddenly morphed into some form of relief, with a bit of a smirk playing on Steve’s lips. 
“I think I could arrange that.”
“R-Really?” Your hands were practically shaking at this point but Steve seemed too cool and collected, almost proud of the situation he was concocting. 
“If I’m being honest, he mentions something about you nearly every other day.”
Your jaw went slack, now making you the surprised one. “But you knew who I was. Why didn’t you just tell him?”
“Would you have honestly been comfortable if I just sent him in here?”
Well, he had you there. You sighed, shaking your head, sinking a bit in your seat. 
“Yeah, he wouldn’t either,” Steve mumbled. “But it’ll be okay. I’ll figure out something.”
You nodded, maybe a bit too eager. “Thank you.”
Steve gave a small smile then averted his gaze to the table as if debating what to say next. You thought the conversation had wrapped up nicely but there was another thing you didn’t expect to hear about.
“You know,” Steve began, “back in the day, Buck never had any dreams and while now we know why,” he motioned towards you. You blushed. “We had just figured he didn’t have a soulmate or something. Like the world had just happened to screw up…” His voice trailed, letting out a brief sigh. “I can’t imagine his relief when he got the first images of you.”
Your heart swelled. It took everything in you not to choke out sobs. The feeling of hope and… love suddenly wash over you. It was such a distant feeling but it was all coming. Slowly, it was becoming an acquaintance. 
“Do you have a soulmate, Steve?”
He nodded. “I did.” You frowned at the past-tense use of the word. “But that time has come and gone. I’m more than happy to help Bucky get his.”
The lovely feelings crept back, stronger than ever. Just the thought of being in the same area as your soulmate was making it bloom even more.
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Burn The Witch 16 - No Plan [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful support and feedback my loves ! ❤ Here’s the next chapter, I hope you like it as well and please let me know what you think! ❤ Thank you! ❤❤❤
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Warnings: Enemies to lovers, fake dating, mentions of blood, sex, violence, death, manipulation, language, guns, knives.
Summary: It’s dangerous to have no plans.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
It wasn’t unheard of to be very busy during missions, but when your fake boyfriend couldn’t call you for two days, common sense became less and less sensible for you.
You had tried everything, and considering you were just done with your briefing, there were about thousand other thing you were supposed to worry about, like finishing your mission report within an hour but there you were. Staring at the coffee machine and turning your phone in your hand, trying to decide whether or not you were supposed to-
Oh, screw it.
You clicked your tongue and touched his name on the screen, then waited to hear the beep.
“Hey,” you said breathlessly, “I hope you’re okay, can you like….text me or something? I’m getting worried.”
You hung up and rolled your eyes at yourself, this whole civilian cover was getting more and more annoying by a minute. After grabbing your coffee, you walked down the hallway to step into the base, then made your way to Chloe’s desk.
“Hey,” you said. “What’s up?”
“I was just about to come and get you,” Chloe said. “I need some photos of you and Julian.”
You scrunched up your face. “Why?”
“I mean, I went over your social media and now I’m going over his,” she said, “Since his cover is the bitter ex, I figured he would have some photos of you two together.”
You shrugged your shoulders, “I deleted all our photos.”
“Yeah, I figured you’d say that,” she heaved a sigh and her eyes found someone over your shoulder, “Julian! You have a sec?”
“Jesus, Chloe!”
“I don’t like him either, but he’s a part of the mission now,” she said and crossed her arms when Julian stepped closer.
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“You have any photos from when you two were dating? I’m putting your social media together just in case.”
“No he doesn’t—“
“I do.” Julian cut you off and you pulled back slightly.
“I’m sorry?”
“Relax, I deleted all your nudes,” he said, making you roll your eyes. “But yeah, I have some photos of us together. That one at the beach for example—“
“That’s great!” Chloe said, “It fits the hometown thing, send it to me asap.”
“Why do you still have them?” you asked as one of the agents called out Chloe’s name, making her walk away from you to talk to him.
“Why wouldn’t I?” Julian asked back and you scoffed.
“Come on, cut the bullshit. What are you playing at?”
“Is it really that hard to believe I enjoyed our time together?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “Yeah it is.”
“Are you sending those kind of photos to him too?”
You tilted your head, “What kind of photos?”
“You know what kind.”
A small smile pulled at your lips, “Why do you want to know?”
“Because— he—“ Julian stammered for a moment, “You know, he’s a target.”
“I know he is.”
“So he could get the…wrong idea.”
“Wrong idea of us dating?”
“Fake dating,” Julian corrected you and you clicked your tongue.
“Well, he thinks we’re dating,” you stated, “And we’re doing all kinds of things couples tend to do.”
“Is that a yes?”
Your smile widened, “It’s none of your business what I do with my boyf—fake boyfriend, Julian. Including what kind of photos I send him.”
“You do realize that you’re a spy, right?”
“I’m a spy playing honeypot,” you said, “I can do whatever I want as long as he believes we’re in love. As long as it ensures that I have his trust.”
“And do you?”
“Do you have his trust yet?” he asked, making you frown.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“What exactly does he share with you, Y/N?” he asked back, “Other than your bed? Because from where I’m standing, we’re just wasting one of our top spies to play house and get nothing in return.”
“It’s the fucking Winter Soldier we’re talking about,” you said, “He is a little different than other targets, it’s taking some time. But it’s going to be worth it.”
“If you say so.”
You clenched your jaw, doubt hitting you out of nowhere, “Did the General say something?”
“Nope,” he smiled calmly, “Just my observation.”
“Your observation is wrong.”
“Yeah? Tell me one thing you know about him other than his favorite position.”
You made a face, “I’m not going to get into this stupid argument with you.”
“Oh come on Y/N, just face it,” he said, “It’s only a matter of time the General pulls the plug on this one. Barnes doesn’t trust anyone, including his girlfriend. We have nothing to use against him, and the General wants answers. As soon as possible.”
Your heart dropped to your stomach and you scoffed, shrugging your shoulders.
“Don’t worry about it. Unlike your missions, mine don’t end in failure.” you said, “I’ll make sure of that.”
He raised his brows, “Yeah, let me know how it went.”
“I won’t!” you called out as you walked out into the hallway, then leaned your back to the wall, closing your eyes for a moment.
“God damn it.”
Bucky didn’t call you for the whole day, and by the night time, you were way too restless for a spy. You half wanted to call Chloe and tell her to use the face I.D. scan on cameras to find out where he was, but you managed to stop yourself.
That could create some questions.
Fucking Julian.
You took a look at the huge teddy bear placed in the corner of the living room, flipping your phone in your hand but before you could do anything else, the doorbell rang. Your head shot up and you grabbed the gun off the coffee table, but as soon as you peeked through the peephole, you let out a relieved breath and opened the door.
But as soon as you did, your jaw dropped.
“What the hell happened?!”
Bucky tried to offer you a small smile, but even that wasn’t enough to distract you from his face full of bruises.
“Why are you holding a gun?”
“Why do you look like someone beat you up?”
“You should see the other guys.”
“For God’s sake….” You mumbled, pulled him inside and closed the door. He held onto his left side as he walked to the living room and you ran a hand over your face.  
“I’m sorry I couldn’t call,” he reached into his leather jacket to pull out his phone that looked almost smashed, “I was on my way back.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” you murmured. You of all people could understand how dangerous it was to call someone on a mission, but of course he wasn’t aware of just how well you knew that.  
“Stay here,” you said as he sat down on the couch with a groan and you walked to the bathroom to grab the kit under the sink, then made your way back to the living room.
“I already patched up my side,” he said quickly when he saw the kit in your hand and you took out the small bottle of antiseptic, motioning at him to tilt his head back.
“You don’t want it to get infected, trust me,” you said and poured it on the piece of cotton ball, then pressed it on the wound over his brow.
“I heal pretty quickly.”
You raised your brows to shoot him a look. “What happened?” you asked again and he heaved a sigh.
“We had it under control.”
“Oh yeah, you look like it.”
He hissed as you pressed it harder, “I admit, at a certain point it got out of control.”
“You know, back in my day nurses used to be gentler—“ he joked but stopped talking when you glared at him, “Sorry.”
You knew you were supposed to ask, that’s what the General would want you to, but for some reason, your question had less to do with the General and more to do with your own worries about him.
“Where were you?”
“Out of the country.”
What the….
“And that um,” you pulled back to reach out for the kit to look for the band aids, “That crazy person you talked about, were they there too?”
You could almost swear your heart leaped out of your chest and your hand froze on the kit. You stole a look at the gun on the dinner table right next to the goddamn teddy bear was filled with knives but he could definitely stop you before you could reach any of it—
The team.
You had a team ready to interfere anytime. And Keith was right next door, so even if Bucky took you hostage…
A subtly as you could, you ran your finger over the small button on your wristwatch but didn’t press it yet.
“I’m sorry?” you asked, hoping to gain more time and he shrugged his shoulders.
“That must be her code name. I heard one of her teammates call her that the last time.”
Oh thank God.
Relief hit you so fast that you could swear your head was spinning.
You turned to him to pretend that your momentary shock was something much less suspicious.
“Her?” you asked, “You didn’t tell me she was a woman.”  
He looked almost surprised before he shot you a mischievous look, “I didn’t?”
“No,” you muttered and clicked your tongue, annoyance written all over your face instead of panic, “Is she pretty?”
“I haven’t seen her face yet, and no she wasn’t there.”
You hummed and got the band aid out to place it on the small wound over his brow.
“But,” he grinned, pulling you closer to brush your lips against yours, “Not as pretty as you, I’m sure. That’s impossible.”
“Liar,” you couldn’t help but smile back as you pecked him on the lips, commanding yourself to focus on the problem at hand, “Wait, did you say Shrike?”
“Like the bird?”
He pulled his brows together, “I guess?” he said, “Do you know anything about it?”
Did you?
You figured that even if him knowing your codename was less than ideal, you could still use it to your advantage. He didn’t know about your cover yet and you could mislead him and make him look for someone else to at least throw him off the scent.
“Julian used to take me to these Trivia Nights,” you mumbled, “One night it was about birds and one of my friends from high school totally kicked our asses. Maybe they gave her that codename for a reason.”
“Could be,” he admitted, “Okay, what do you know about it?”
“It’s called the butcherbird,” you murmured, “It’s… it imitates the songs of other birds to lure— that’s not important, but the way it kills its prey might be relevant.”
“How so?”
“A shrike kills its prey by impaling them,” you said, “On—on twigs, on thorns, anything sharp. So if you— I think if I were you, I’d look out for knives? Does that make sense?”
If he expected knives from you, maybe the next time you crossed paths, you could take him by surprise. Knives were slower than guns, and you could easily hide a gun, it could give you an advantage.
You knew it wasn’t a huge advantage, but you’d take what you could especially if it was against the Winter Soldier in a fight.
“Yeah,” he nodded, “Thanks darling, that actually helps a lot.”
“See?” you said, “Sometimes sharing information with the civilian helps.”
“I don’t hide anything from you.”
“Mmm, you’re not really the sharing type either.”
He took a deep breath, as if he was torn between decisions and licked his lips.
“There’s this country near Sokovia,” he said, “Well, what used to be Sokovia, that is. It’s pretty peaceful, you’d like it there.”
Your heart sank and you lowered your gaze, nibbling on your lip. Everything you found out you had to tell the General, you knew that and for some reason, you did not want to know more about this mission of his anymore.
Not if it meant you’d have to parrot it to the General.
You stole a look at his bloodied knuckles and shook your head, throwing the kit to the other side of the couch.
“I ran out of gauze after I was shot, never got new ones,” you said, “Wait here, I’ll be back.”
“The pharmacy is right next to the noodle shop, it’s so close,” you said, and grabbed your jacket before he could stop you, “Wait here, okay?”
“I’m going to come with—“
“Nope,” you said, “You’re going to sit here and try not to die, I’ll be back in five minutes, I swear.”
“Y/N, you don’t—“ he started but you had already grabbed your wallet and phone, and then you were out of the door. Instead of taking the elevator, you walked down the stairs, worry making your stomach flip. As soon as you left the building and started walking to the pharmacy, your phone vibrated in your hand, making you look down at it and let out a curse.
“General,” you answered the phone, straightening your back out of habit as if he was there.
“Can you talk?”
“Yes,” you said, “I left the asset back in my apartment.”
“He’s back?”
“Just arrived.”
“Are you sure it’s a good idea to leave him there?”
“I have nothing in the apartment that could blow my cover sir, I made sure of it,” you said, “I’m outside to get something, it’ll only take a minute.”
“Alright, I won’t keep you long,” he said, “So, I’m sure Julian shared my concerns with you. I get that Barnes doesn’t trust anyone, but we need to have something, Shrike. Anything.”
Tell him. Just tell him.
He was near Sokovia.
“Of course, sir.”
“Has he told you anything about his whereabouts?”
Near Sokovia.
“Where did he go on this secret mission with Captain America? Did you get it out of him yet?”
You pressed your lips together and looked up at the sign of the emergency, holding the phone tight.
“I did, sir.”
“Great,” he said, “Good job. Where was he?”
You leaned back to the street lamp, trying to ignore the lump in your throat.
“Mexico?” he repeated and you nodded to yourself, then cleared your throat.
“Yes sir, they were in Mexico. Or at least that’s what Barnes told me.”
Giving false information to your superiors, to the General himself, that was unforgivable. You had never done that before, no agent had ever-
Except for Marco. You were pretty sure you had heard Chloe talk about it, towards the end of his mission, he had started to give some false reports in order to make sure no one could find him or his target.
Right before they killed him.
But as it turned out, Bucky wasn’t the only one whom you wanted to throw off the scent.
“Good job,” General said, “Let me know if he tells you anything else, I expect your report on my desk as soon as possible.”
“Of course sir,” you managed to say before he hung up and you took a deep breath, rubbing at your eyes.
“What the hell am I doing?” you muttered to yourself, then throw your shoulders back and walked into the pharmacy.
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