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deexchanel · an hour ago
When he tries
(part 2 to when he cheats)
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Swearing, Allergic reaction, Angst, fluff.
Summary: little Melanie has a allergic reaction when she is at school. Instead of the teacher calling y/n, she calls bucky.
A/N: I wouldn’t have thought of this if @bx725 didn’t comment so thank youu 🥺 all the credit goes to you!
Tumblr media
Bucky sat at meeting table very stressed. Him, Steve and Tony were coming up with ideas on how to take down the next hydra base.
“So we can’t come in on the left?” Steve placed his hand on his chin. Bucky sigh leaning back in the chair. Tony removed his glasses from his face.
“That side is overcrowded with soldiers so no unless we send in hulk.”
Bucky’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He held a finger up, using his other hand to take his phone out. Seeing that it was his daughter’s school calling confused him. “Hello?”
“Is this Mr.Barnes?”
“Yes it’s me.”
“M-Mr. Barnes I need you to come to the emergency room. Melanie had an allergic reaction and it was b-bad.”
In a panic, Bucky gets up from the table, hanging up the phone and ignoring everyone. His mind wondered about his baby girl and prayed that she was okay. He drove over the speed limit trying to reach her in time.
“Melanie Barnes? I’m her father!” Bucky frantically placed his hands on the receptionist desk.
“187, Down the hall on the left!”
Bucky ran past her following the directions that was given. When he opened the door, his heart broke seeing his daughter state. Melanie eyes were swollen with a red rash going up her neck. Her teacher sat in the chair trying to calm herself down.
“What happened?? How did this happen?” Bucky rubbed his baby hand as he stood beside the bed. He moved the hair from her forehead.
“I-It was snack time, I specifically put on her plate what you guys me to put. Melanie asked to go to the bathroom so I let her. The student beside her switched her chocolate chip muffin to a banana one without me knowing. Mel ate it not knowing and 2 minutes later, her eyes were swollen shut.” The teacher tried to keep her composure. On the inside she knew her job was good and gone.
Before Bucky could reply his phone rang. Not taking his eyes off his sleeping daughter, he answered. “Hello?”
Steve replied in a heartbeat.“Buck what happened?? Everything alright? You left in a panic.”
“I’m alright, Melanie is in the e.r. she had an a-allergic reaction.”
“I’m on the way. Have you called Y/N?”
“Shit! Let me call her right now.”
He hung up not even waiting on a response. Bucky hit Y/N’s emergency contact.
“What do you want Bucky?”
“It’s not like that right now. Y/N you need to get to the emergency room. Melanie had a bad allergic reaction. I’m here now with her teacher.”
Y/N hung up not wasting no time leaving work. Melanie eyes opened seeing her dad’s tall frame standing beside the bed. “D-daddy?”
Her little voice grabbed the Winter Solider’s attention. He leaned over the bed frame grabbing her hand. “Yes princess, I’m here.”
Melanie eyes filled with tears, her throat began to feel itchy. “Daddy my face hurt and throat is itchy.” Bucky eyes wandered around, then caught a glimpse of the itching cream on the stand beside the bed.
“I know honey, let me put some cream on it.” He grabbed the container, putting some cream on his fingers then smeared it on her irritated skin.Relief flood through Melanie as she didn’t have the urge to scratch her skin. Steve peaked his head in the door.
“Is she woke?”
“Yeah man.”
“Uncle Steveeee!!” She beamed excitedly then let out a cough. Bucky rubbed her back for comfort. “Princess don’t overwork yourself , we want you to feel better soon.”
Steve came into view holding a white teddy bear. “Daddy’s right, don’t over do it.” He slid into bed right beside Melanie. She cuddled up to her uncle and they engaged into a weird conversation.
Bucky took this time to stand out the door to collect his thoughts and physically calm down. It was also to wait on Y/N’s arrival. He could take a deep breath and accept that his daughter would be okay.
James watched his wife rush into the hospital with tears in her eyes. Even though they were separated, they still haven’t filed for a divorce. “Where is she?!”
“In the room Y/N with Steve and her teacher. She’s fine.” He tries to grab her hands but she snatched away. Bucky could see how stressed and tired she was from the bags under her eyes.
“Why didn’t you call me first??” Y/N hit his chest.
“W-Why you didn’t call?”He took the hits from her.
“W-Why??” Bucky blocked the hits pulling Y/N into his chest. She cuddled her face into his chest, breaking down. Being away from each other was hard on the both of them. Bucky kissed her forehead.
“Doll I’m sorry I didn’t call as soon as I got the news. I rushed here to make sure our daughter is safe. I’m so sorry.”
“Bucky I can’t do this without you. I’m so stressed, these 3 weeks without you has been hard.” Y/N sniffled pulling back from his chest. She wipes her eyes trying to control the tears. “I need help and I need you but you cheated on me. I think about it every night because you showed me that I wasn’t good enough. Why am I not enough? Is it my weight? The way I look? Do you not want Melanie??”
“Enough with the nonsense Y/N. There isn’t no excuse on why I cheated. I don’t want to come up with a bullshit ass excuse. I’m sorry that I cheated Y/N . I’ll do everything in my willpower to make it up to you. I know forgiving me will take time and I don’t care how long it does. I will wait for you. You are perfect for me, the way you look, your hair, your body, your eyes. Everything is perfect for me. I want you and our daughter over anyone else. I love you Y/N, I’ll forever love you until my heart stops beating.” Bucky placed his forehead against hers. Y/N grabs his face, pulling him into a passionate a kiss.
“I love you too Bucky Barnes but this will take time for me.”
“I will be here when you’re ready.”
Y/N gave him another peck on the lips then gave a small smile. “Let’s go check on our daughter.” Bucky gave her one more hug then let Y/N open the door.
I hope you guysss like thissss 😁😁😁
This is just a fanfic. We do not condone cheating in real life!!! Beat his ass if he do☝🏾
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marvelouslycaptivating · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is a list of my works so far!! I will update this list whenever a new story or part is posted!! Thanks so much for reading. Xx
Steve Rogers
A Swarm of Butterflies: Part one, Part Two
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marvelouslycaptivating · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Swarm of Butterflies
Part One
Part Two: Awaiting His Call
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: It’s been a few weeks since you’re first initial meeting, and you’re still waiting for a certain blonde super soldier to call.
Authors Notes: I’m so excited to be sharing Part Two of my first Steve Rogers series with you!!! Please tell me what you think. Feel free to message me with requests!! Thanks for reading. Until next time. Xx
Tumblr media
Two weeks had come and gone in the blink of an eye. Fourteen days and Steve still hadn’t called. To say you were disappointed was the understatement of the century. You hadn’t been on a date in well over a year. Your last relationship, which ended abruptly three years prior, had made you cautious. None of the dull men you had accompanied on dates since your breakup had intrigued you enough to give them a second chance. So you spent most of your time in your own company.
You had finally felt a spark with Steve that you had never found anywhere else. You had been excited to explore that, and so your heart was somber when the days had passed and you hadn’t heard from him. You had assumed he had changed his mind about the dinner. While it was disheartening, you understood. He was, after all, one of the Earth’s mightiest hero’s and you were just an average woman. There was nothing memorable about you, and you most certainly couldn’t compare to any of his female colleagues. You were positive that you were not weaving your way into his thoughts the way he was into yours. He’d probably forgotten about you as soon as he’d gotten back to the compound and was thrust into whatever work awaited him there.
You sat at your desk, your fingers lazily tracing the patterns in the cherry stained wood. Your thoughts drifting to a set of piercing, soft blue eyes, a chiseled jaw line, and a breathtaking smile. You could almost still feel the warmth of his hand in yours, and feel the nervousness that had crept up your spine. You hadn’t even realized that you were daydreaming until your boss snapped his fingers in front of your face.
“Y/N! Hello, Y/N?” He tried desperately to capture your attention. You blinked a few times, looking up at the elderly man through your dark lashes. Mr. Klein stood before you dressed in a dark grey suit. In one hand he held his briefcase and in the other a file filled with paperwork. 
“Are you alright?” He asked. His face was riddled with concern. His white eyebrows furrowed and his forehead littered with wrinkles. You realized you still hadn’t responded as you gazed at him. You sat up a little straighter and smoothed your hands over the skirt of your navy dress attempting to collect yourself.
“Yes, I’m fine!! Sorry Mr. Klein. What can I do for you?” You asked, shuffling awkwardly in your seat under the gaze of his deep, brown eyes. 
“I need you to fax this paperwork for me immediately. It’s for my upcoming trial.” He spoke, his voice dripping with urgency. You smiled and took the paperwork from his hands. 
“Of course Mr. Klein. Anything else?” You asked as you stood and made your way over to the fax machine, your heels clicking softly on the white, tile floor.
“No, my dear that will be all.” he replied as he shuffled across the room toward his office.
“Once you’ve completed that you may go home for the day and sort out those thoughts that have you so distracted. I’ll see you next week.” The old man flashed a devious smile over his shoulder. 
“Have a good weekend, sir.” You blushed as he shut the large wooden door. You let out a soft sigh and chuckled to yourself at the old mans bluntness.
You had worked as Mr. Klein’s assistant for the last two years. You had interviewed with him on your third day in Brooklyn, and he hired you on the spot. He was a kind man, always looking out for you. He was wickedly smart and very calculated. He was one of the best attorney’s in the state so you were always busy. There was always a steady stream of work to do and you often came in on weekends during large trials to ensure everything was running properly. This weekend was a rare work free one, and you intended to use it wisely.
You quickly pulled the documents from the file and faxed them over to the office of another attorney in Manhattan. Mr. Klein often partnered with Mr. Davis on large, challenging cases. You had never met Mr. Davis, but Mr. Klein had tried to set you up with him on more than one occasion.
Once you were sure every page was received you powered off the device and began to collect your belongings. You slid your bag over your shoulder and headed toward the door. Pulling it open you stepped out of the office entrance onto the sidewalk. 
It was Friday evening and the street was surprisingly calm. You took a moment and looked around. Across the street the woman who owned the bakery, Gina, was locking up. You sent her a small wave which she returned with a smile. A few buildings down an elderly couple was walking a small Chihuahua, their hands intertwined and smiles adorning their faces. Children were sitting on the steps of an apartment building laughing at a joke one of them had told. You took in the sight and basked in the joy that seemed to radiate from all around you. You began your walk home, humming softly to yourself. You were thrilled for your free weekend and you had planned to go home, order Chinese, and spend the weekend binge watching all of your favorite shows.
Fifteen minutes later you arrived in front of your apartment building. It was older and a little run down, but you loved its charm and character. It was an original brown-stone building. Flower boxes hung from each window and the door to the front entrance was bright red. It stood three stories tall and consisted of fifty small apartments. Yours was on the third floor. 
You skipped up the steps to the entrance and opened the heavy, red door. You stepped inside the first floor hallway and made your way over to the staircase in the corner. The metal stairs clanked under your shoes as you trudged up two flights of stairs before arriving on your floor. You walked down the carpeted hall to your apartment. You stopped in front of your dented, black door and searched for your keys in your bag. Once you’d retrieved the set of keys dangling from a Lady Liberty keychain you began to work on unlocking the door. You had just shoved the key into the lock when your phone began to ring. 
“Oh, damn it.” you huffed, abandoning the keys in the lock to search through your bag for your phone. You pulled it out and flipped it over in your palm. The screen was illuminated with an unknown number. Furrowing your brows you hit the accept call button and brought the phone to your ear.
“Hello?” you questioned, resting the phone between your ear and shoulder. Your hands reached up to the key and jiggled a few times to get the old lock to turn.
“Hi, is this Y/N?” the caller asked. You froze, the swarm of butterflies returning. It was Steve. 
“Yeah,’s me.” you replied, voice suddenly shaky. You pushed open the door and stepped into your apartment. You placed your keys on the small, white table in the front hall and walked into the small living room. 
“It’s Steve. I’m sorry it took so long for me to call. I got sent out on a mission as soon as I got to the compound. I just got back home yesterday.” he apologized, his free hand running through his blonde locks. He was pacing back and forth in front his sofa in his room at the compound. He had just woken up, having slept since he arrived back after the mission. 
“Oh, its fine. I completely understand.” you smiled to yourself, over the moon that he hadn’t forgotten you. You sat on your beige sofa, crossing your legs beneath you anticipating his next words.
“Well, I’d still love to have dinner with you. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since that morning at the park.” He said, suddenly shy as he picked at the waistband of his grey sweats. Your heart started to pound. You could hear the blood rushing in your ears.
“I would like that very much.” you gasped out, realizing you’d been holding your breath. Your entire face was on fire, and you couldn’t keep your smile at bay. 
“Are you free now?” he asked, gaining a bit of confidence. You glanced at the clock it was 5:45. You had planned a quiet evening at home, but you’d much rather be in the company of the super soldier.
“Umm, yeah I’m free.” You replied, trying to sound nonchalant as you rose from the couch and strolled into your room. You sauntered over to the closet and yanked the door open, searching for something to wear.
“Great. How about you send me your address and I’ll pick you up at 7?” he asked, excitement laced in his voice.
“That sounds perfect. I’ll see you soon, Steve.”
“I’ll see you soon, Y/N.” He chucked. He hung up the phone and tossed it onto his bed. His smile was so wide his cheeks ached.
Steve had thought of the girl he’d shared a sunrise with constantly over the last two weeks. Although the two of you had exchanged few words he had felt incredibly comfortable sitting with you on that bench. He had come to the park because he couldn’t sleep. The team has just returned from a difficult mission, and he had been feeling anxious. Your presence has washed over him like a wave, completely calming his racing thoughts.
He stood there running his hands through his hair craving that calmness once more. He wondered how it would feel to hold you in his arms and kiss your soft, baby pink lips. Then he felt it, something he hadn’t felt since Peggy. The undeniable feeling of butterflies dancing in his stomach.
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captainapple · 9 hours ago
Dating Steve Rogers (HC)
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader
Word count: 700+
Warning: slight fluff, slight angst
Tumblr media
You work with Captain America, but the relationship remained as co-worker. You are a SHIELD agent, specialized in strategy management of the team.
Being a woman, surrounded by men, it is important for you to prove your ability. Even you have to be involved in heated argument with Captain himself during planning a mission for the Avengers. Not that you dislike him, you just have different strategy, the better one - you thought.
One day, you visited Peggy's grave. It was her one year commemoration. She was your idol growing up.
Captain also went to the grave on the same day. His mind wondering why he would meet you there. "Are you her relative?", he asked.
You told him how you adore her, even you were lucky to be able to meet her before she passed away.
Steve got excited to share Peggy's story with you. Sometimes, he read your expression, maybe you hinted a boredom in his long story. He was glad that you were still interested listening to him.
In the middle of your conversation, your stomach growled. He chuckled at the sound. "Wanna continue over breakfast? I know a diner nearby", he offered.
You gladly accepted the offer. When you and Steve were walking out from cemetery complex, he realized that you rode an antique motorcycle. He finally found someone who shared the same interest as him.
Both of you ended up talking about each other's personal life during breakfast. He is quite an interesting gentlemen - you thought.
"Friendly" date became a routine for both of you. Steve realized he might be falling for you, but he was scared that you might feel different. You also felt the same. But he is still into Peggy, get a hold of yourself - you took mental note.
You tried to bottle up your feeling, until it finally broke.
"It is a suicide mission, Cap! You could get killed", you shouted as disagreeing with his plan.
The argument went quite long. Fury and the other Avengers excused themselves out from meeting room, fully aware that the argument would last very long. Both of you are known to be the most stubborn person.
"So what? At least the world is safe!", he shouted back.
"Then what about me? How could I lose someone I care about. No, someone I like". You blurted out all of your feelings. You could feel tears pooling your eyes. Damn, you never imagine it would turn out like this.
"You what?". Steve furrowed his eyebrows. "Nevermind", you hurriedly leave the meeting room.
Steve could not believe what he just heard. You like him. He could not understand the feeling, he got excited but worried about you at the same time. He decided to go to your apartment.
"What do you want, Cap?". You opened the door and tried to avoid Steve gaze. His blue eyes were your weaknesses.
He called your name, but you only hummed back in respond. He finally lifted your chin to meet your eyes.
"I like you too". He smiled at you. "I thought you don't feel the same, because I don't want-"
You hugged him before he finished. He stood still for seconds before hugging you back.
"Can I kiss you?", he whispered.
You giggled at his question. Such a gentleman. You nodded.
He kissed you slowly and passionately. You kissed him back in the same manner. It was a long kiss until two of you need to breathe.
It was official after the kiss. Both of you agreed to keep the relationship as secret. Steve does not comfortable with PDA, and you want to keep things professional in work. Beside, you do not want to live under his shadow. He respects your decision.
The Avengers did not know about your relationship, yet.
"Do you want to come? It's just a dinner, doll". Steve asked you to be his plus one in Christmas Eve dinner with Avengers. You seemed conflicted.
"I mean it's fine if you don't want to. It's just Nat won't stop giving me list of girls to date and Tony thought I was having an imaginary girlfriend". He showed his puppy eyes. You could not say no to him, especially after he told you what he was going through. You finally agreed to come with him
"Another mission from Fury?", Tony asked as soon as you arrived at the compound.
Steve came and wrapped his arm around your hips. "Everyone, meet my girlfriend".
Everyone dropped their jaw. It became silent for a moment until Nat came to you. "C'mon, tell us more and Steve, nice choice", she winked at you.
"But how- since when?", Tony stuttered.
"A year ago", you and Steve answered in unison.
"Well, Tony you owed each of us twenty dollar", Bruce grinned.
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colossalcriminal · 13 hours ago
Love and War
Pairing: InfinityWar!Steve Rogers x Avenger!Fem!Reader
Summary: Steve decides it's the perfect opportunity to propose- while they're fighting Thanos' army.
Content Warnings: War, Thanos' ugly ass children. Also, I can't remember what happened during the Wakanda battle, sorry. ALSO I REALISE I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO WRITE BATTLE SCENES? WHAT VOCAB GOES INTO THAT IDK
Thanks for the idea @meganemily231
Thor had already made his grand entrance, providing a sense of relief to the Avengers as they continued to fend off the atrocity of Thanos' army.
Y/N's searched the battlefield after successfully killing whatever alien Thanos had recruited, eyes landing on a sight she wasn't happy to see. Sprinting towards it, heartbeat loud in her ears, stomach pounding after receiving a hard blow. It wasn't long before she ripped the creature away from Steve, killing it with the little energy she had left. "Thanks, sweetheart." He panted.
She scoffed, helping him up. "Almost died and all I get is a thanks?" She joked, instantly getting back into a fighter's mindset as she stood back to back with him, Outriders hounding them, only to be thrown back or killed.
"Then how about you marry me?"
Stabbing another one, Y/N gasped, head snapping towards the blond. "Is now really the best time?"
Steve grunted, throwing his fist. "I think now might be the only time." He gripped her arm, spinning her into his chest, flinging off another Outrider in the process. "I love you. I've waited 6 years, and I don't want to wait another second. What do you say?"
Lips breaking out into a grin, she nodded, calling out. "Thor! You busy?"
"Just a little!" The god responded.
"You mind marrying us?"
"Hold on a minute!"
The pair split from their embrace, continuing the routine of war. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, can I skip this? I'm going to skip it." He rambled.
Steve sighed, finishing his own activity before placing Y/N's hand in his. "Y/N L/N, do you take me to be your husband?"
Their massive smiles were a stark contrast to the battlefield around them. "I do!"
"That's great!" The super soldier smiled proudly, watching his to-be-wife practically slaughter an Outrider before joining him again.
"Steve Rogers," Hands still interlocked, small groans left there lips as they repelled the danger around them with weapons. "do you take me to be your wife? In sickness and in health, oh shit."
The response was delayed as they were both too busy basically fighting for their lives, but Steve got their eventually. "I do."
"And I now pronounce you super soldier and wife. You may kiss," Thor announced, swinging storm breaker around, struggling to finish the sentence. "Just kiss, already."
The couple almost, key word almost, joined for their first kiss as husband and wife. The act of affection was interrupted by none other than the ugly creature that'd been hounding them since Steve's proposal.
The 'animal' was down within seconds, thanks to Bucky, and his gun, who offered the newly weds a small smile and a nod before running off.
Steve gripped Y/N's waste, pulling her in with such a force, chests bumping together and lips meeting in a soft, passionate kiss. "I love you." She panted.
"I love you more, Mrs. Rogers."
And just like that, they were pulled back into real life.
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thewritingdoll · 14 hours ago
[ ᴍɪɴɪ ᴍᴜsɪɴɢs ] promise not to stop when i say when ❛ bucky barnes
fandom: marvel featuring: soldat!bucky x hydra doctor!reader rating: nsfw ( minors DNI ) content warning: dub con (brief), smut, thighjob summary: our reader gets trapped with soldat. attention: do not repost my works EVER. feedback and reblogs are essential to me, so please consider letting me know what you think! this was written back before TFAWS was even announced i think, and it was also a piece i didn’t really like when i wrote it, but i decided to post it anyways. hopefully you guys like it :) like my work? tips are always loved and appreciated.
Tumblr media
you were surprised that the restraints held him when he lashed out like this, as much as they could, anyways. you could hear leather whining against the strain of his superhuman strength, the whirring of the fierce metal limb as he threatens to break free. neither of those sounds made you as uneasy as his screams, his grunts of pain as they shatter what’s left of his psyche. not that he really needed the treatment, but Hydra wanted to ‘stay in control’ as they’d put it. only right now, right now there was no such thing as control.
the soldat was absolutely wild.
instructed to stay as far back as you could, you pressed your back into the glass of the window and stared at the spectacle. the otherwise nameless soldier was a specimen indeed, large and powerful, with his bare chest glistening with a thick sheen of sweat and his growls that didn’t sound human. there was something beyond primal in his oceans of deep, clouded blue, like a ghost of his old self, but you didn’t know for sure, even as he stared you down. his line of sight always seemed zeroed in on you, even in a room full of people. even now as a handful of Hydra agents held him back.
his gaze felt almost as powerful as his physical form, and you could damn near feel his glare alone pressing you back against the window. you were frozen, watching his rebellion. you should’ve smashed the panic button on the other side of the room, and sprinted through the automatic doors when they opened, but you couldn’t move, you were much too nervous. Hydra never said this would be part of the job, and now you were beginning to regret taking their job offer. 
the sound of screaming leather brought back to reality. “The restrai-” you tried to call out, to brace the agents for the supersoldier to break free, but it was much too late for that. in an instance, the material snapped against the pressure of vibranium and his mechanical arm flew free, ruthless fingers wrapping around one poor soul’s neck and he hurled him across the room like he was nothing but a ragdoll. your clipboard clattered to the floor by your feet as the man collided with a power box, headfirst into a cluster of cords and lightbulbs, short circuiting the entire room. the power flickered, sizzling against the side of his face, before it cut completely. 
your heart jumped from your chest to your throat as you stumble through pitch black and the sounds of bodies hitting the floor. the only light left untouched was a backup, a swinging, lonely bulb that was dim and flickering. it illuminates corners of the room, flashes of the floor and you can see the trail of destruction: unconscious Hydra agents scattered about the room, some bloody, others knocked out cold. you stagger over them, reaching out for the panic button that should be right…about..
two, powerful arms crank around you, one icy as the soldat hauls you back to his body, your back crashing against his chest. it was almost incredible how easily he plucked you from the security of the floor, your legs flailing in the air as you blindly waved your arms, attempting to smack him away. you’d been monitoring for weeks now, and you knew that there was no way in hell that you could fight him off, but that didn’t stop you from trying.
“Soldat!” it was meant to sound harsh and authoritative, but instead you sounded shaky and unsure. you’d never addressed him directly.”Stop-”  
“Doctor,” a husky growl of his voice against the shell of your ear, the warmth of his breath prickling your skin with goosebumps stops you in your tracks. “Don’t fight me. You won’t win, we both know that.”  
he was right, and you knew it. you remained tense, but one of your hands had since made a connection with his face. keeping it over your head and a firm pressure against his jaw, your other drops to your side as you squirm. “They’ll be in here any minute,” you aren’t sure if you’re trying to convince him or you. “If you kill me, they’re going to-”
you’re cut off by the feeling of his taut, muscular form pressing you forward against the wall. he knocks the wind out of you, but doesn’t seem to care as you choke on it, free arm stretching out towards the panic button, glowing red and, unfortunately, just out of reach. one strapping hand reaches around to dip thick digits into the tiny gaps between the buttons of your blouse, and with one rough jerk, he’s popped them all. they hit in the ground in a faint rain of plastic as the fabric gives in to his power, and your body does the same. your body pressed between his and the wall, you are painfully aware of the hardness grinding against your thigh, and you can hardly breathe. his flesh hand, warm and hungry, claws at your breasts through the padding of your bra, while cold, metal fingers find the faint slit in your pencil skirt, tearing through it as if it were made of notebook paper. “I’m not going to kill you.” he’s firm in your ear, forcing you against the wall as he presses himself into the curve of your ass. “But I will have you.”
perhaps you’re only noticing now because you are clad in much less than before, but it’s absolutely freezing in the room you’re trapped in, and his glacial palm cupping your sex through your panties, consequently being responsible for the wet patch forming there as your core shudders in depraved delight. you whimper, having no choice but to do so. your hand shoots from his face down to grip his wrist. at first, you think it’s to pry his hand from your most intimate regions, but you realize that, instead, it’s to keep him there. “Have me?”
“Don’t play stupid,” he barks, planting a sloppy kiss on the side of your cheek. it’s heated, desperate, and mindless. the hand working on your breasts drop to his own crotch as boot-clad feet step in between yours, kicking them further apart. it seems as if, seconds later, he’s pulled his manhood free and has it nestled between your thighs that desperately want to clench closed. the size of him ceases your breathing and you grip his metal arm tighter, even as he uses it to shred your panties from your body, giving his cock free reign of your vulnerable slick. “They can’t keep dangling you in front of me like this and expect me not to. It’s been so long.”  
you can tell he’s starved. you can tell by the way he acts on instinct alone, rubbing his length between your thighs, grinding himself against your sex as you purr in response. it fuels the fire within him and he attacks your shoulder with teeth and tongue, metal digits curling around your neck as he pushes more fervently against you, squishing your pillowy swells against the wall, turning your face towards him so he can watch your reaction to him. gazing up at him, you’re forced to catch flashes, glimpses of him as the light casts a menacing glow on his burly features every few seconds, only to have him disappear into the shadows when the bulb swings in the opposite direction moments later. those azure oceans that intrigue you so seem black in the dim lighting, his pupils dilated with lust. lust for you.  you shiver and whine, no longer struggling against his touch but writhing in pleasure in his vice, squirming as you roll your hips, positioning yourself to give him more sensation. his thick tip spreads your labia as he slides against you, coating his length in your sticky essence, and he has you perched upon him, slotted as your lips hug him. 
twitching, his head is leaking precum already, but the soldat is ravenous, insatiable, and he pushes himself, slithering in between your dripping folds. you wished that he would just stretch you open and fuck you into utter oblivion, but he didn’t. a gurgle of a moan bubbles from your throat when the broad head massages your swollen clit. “Soldat… Fuck.”
your curse rips a growl of pleasure from his lips, latched on to your neck. the sound vibrates against your skin and he bites down, so hard you’re worried he might draw blood. “Again.” he instructs, sounding all but impetuous. “Moan for me again.” his demand is punctuated by his grip on your neck tightening, and he uses that to lift you off your feet once more, holding you steady in the air as if you weighed nothing at all, supporting you entirely by the grasp on your fragile esophagus and his shaft gliding between your legs. your thighs are soaked in your own desire, and each rock of his hips bring on a new sensation, paired with the pressure on your windpipe cutting off more and more of your air. you can feel each violent snap of his hips deep in your bones as he slams your body into his own with no remorse.
you have to obey, you have no other choice as another, weakened moan spills over from your lips. “M-more…”
and, like a good toy soldier, he also obliges. using his leverage on your body, the super soldier drags you, limp and helpless, up and down his shaft as if you were nothing but a toy to be used by him until you broke, but you couldn’t be happier in this position, because you can reach behind you. your fingers tangle in chocolate tendrils, soaked with sweat as your back presses against his chest, and your heartbeats begin to sync up, fast and hard, like both of your ragged breathing. “Keep going, you’ve been starved for so.. mm!.. So long, take it out on me!” your pleading has an effect on the snarling, huffing soldier, and he growls into your ear with pure, primal instinct to fuck and breed.
“Can you take it all if I do?” it doesn’t sound like a challenge, but a serious inquiry. was he concerned about you, even locked in this position as he forces the very breath that keeps you alive from your body, rubbing himself against your body with so much friction and need that you can feel your orgasm coming on fast.  
a croak, akin to a moan of pleasure as his weeping tip spears your clit merciless, abusing it with no sign of stopping, has your thighs tightening, toes curling. your incredibly unsexy black flats slip from your feet and you’re left, barefoot, suspended in the air, being pushed across this adonis’ cock. “Wouldn’t you like to find out?” you challenge, but it sounds weaker still as his metal thumb and forefinger clamp down on your neck,and you sputter, tilting your head back, your cheeks begin to heat up. “You’re close, aren’t you, Soldier? I can- feel it…”
not only was his grasp choking the life out of you, your vision blurring from the intensity, but his shaft twitches like mad as he grinds into you, your labia embracing every inch as the bucking of his hips become erratic, wild. the sounds he makes when his climax possesses him is almost poetic. his breathing twists into snorting as the beast takes over, his thrusts stuttering as he holds you tight, towing you down the length of him one more time, before back up to his chest for the last time before he erupts, splattering warmth over your thighs with a raspy cry.
it was enough to push you over your own edge and you come undone atop him, riding against his jumping, sensitive member. as you shiver and whimper, you grind into him once more, his shaft, still spilling seed, slipping between your folds to coat your core with his mark, two beings’ euphoria liquefied and mixing into one where your bodies joined.
his grip on your neck loosens, and you suck in too much air at once after being without it for so long, coughing on the taste as your vision comes back into focus, aftershocks subsiding.
panting, your toes are uncurling, painfully slow due to the cramps that have set in, but you have little time to recover before you hear the heavy footsteps of countless agents bound down the corridor. Soldat drops you, and you’re wobbly on your feet, your cum running down your thighs as you attempt to pull your shredded skirt to cover your swollen, abused center and clasp your hand over your blouse. “Shit,” you mumble under the breath you’re attempting to catch, glancing around the trainwreck of a room. you just knew he was in for the treatment of a lifetime.
“Am I going to forget you?” his teeth are grit, as if the thought of having this encounter erased from his memory physically pained him.  
“Yes,” you answer honestly, but cradle his tensed jaw in your hands and pull him down to press a chaste kiss to his lips. “But I’ll be sure to make it worth reliving again and again, don’t worry.”  
just as you spoke, the door opens and in they march, dragging him from you as you stumble back and slip outside before anyone can ask too many questions, watching for a moment through the window as they strap him into the machine that will destroy his mind once more.
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toomanyrobins2 · 15 hours ago
a little birdie told me pt. 19
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Birdie” Parker left New York and her family three years ago in the middle of the night. Now, a call for help to her best friend brings her back into the fold of the Three Families and their “business.”
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Parker!Reader
Content warning: physical abuse, miscarriage, mentions of forced marriage, sex, mentions of alcohol abuse
Notes: I can not express how much I've loved writing this story and seeing people interact! I hope you all will stay and read about Peter and Indigo's story 💛
series masterlist
Y/N did get her chance to surprise Steve with the baby. After that first night home from the hospital, they started fresh. It wasn’t always easy, but they had stayed true to 100% honesty and it made life easier. A couple weeks after he had been home from the hospital, she had put Jamie in the big brother shirt and put him in his highchair with a snack. They were due over to the compound for a celebratory potluck dinner and she was trying to get everything ready. The front door opened as she was cooking and Steve greeted her with a kiss. Y/N pulled away and smiled up at him, “Could you grab Jamie and clean him up? I’m almost done.”
Hiding her excitement as she waited was nearly impossible. Finally, she heard him choke on air when he read the shirt, “Sweetheart, something you want to tell me?”
Y/N turned around and bit her lip nervously, “Surprise?”
“You’re pregnant?” Steve was frozen in place, “Really? Jamie’s gonna be a big brother?”
Y/N put the spoon down and walked over to her little family, “Yeah, is that okay?”
“Is that okay? Of course, it’s okay!” Steve picked her up and spun her around, kissing her hard. Images were flashing in his mind: a house with a yard, two kids running around as he and the dog chased after them. Y/N painting as she watched. The fearsome mobster looked like a puppy, “I can’t believe we’re gonna have a baby! Who knows about this?”
“Just Mom and Becca.”
His hand smoothed over her stomach, “How far along?”
“About 10 weeks. I thought most of my symptoms were from stress but apparently
He had the biggest, cheesiest grin on his face, “I can’t wait to tell everyone.” They quickly finished everything up at the house and drove over to the compound. Steve grabbed Jamie out of the car and the group went in.
Jamie stayed in Y/N’s lap for a while, but eventually, Bucky wanted some time with his nephew. He was playing with him when Y/N watched him pull the shirt taut and read what it said. His eyes got bigger than Steve’s had and he turned to her. She couldn’t even try to hide the giant smile on her face. “Birdie, is this a joke?”
“No, it’s not a joke.”
“Holy shit! Are you serious?” Bucky’s exclamation had drawn the attention of others.
“What’s going on?” Nat looked concerned. He turned Jaime around and showed the table the shirt. There was a moment of silence while they read it and then an explosion of excitement. Jaime burst into tears from the shock and Y/N laughed as she took him back to comfort him.
Tony came over to hug her. “I’m so proud of you, little bird. Admittedly, I kinda want to punch Rogers but I also felt that before the announcement,” he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “All I’ve ever wanted is for you and Peter to be safe and somehow along the way I lost sight of what that meant. Because of it I lost so many years with you and led you right into HYDRA’s trap. I wish I would’ve seen what I was doing to you. Despite all of my failings, I’m so proud of who you’ve become. With Pepper being pregnant and now you, I never want to miss a second of your life.”
Y/N had happy tears in her eyes and she hugged Tony, “I love you, Dad.” She smirked at him, “Besides, you’re gonna have Steve Rogers as a son-in-law for the rest of your life. That is the best kind of karma I know.”
All of the noise in the room came to a standstill and the father-daughter duo turned. Y/N audibly gasped at how rough her brother looked. Peter stood in the doorway, looking worse than death. His shirt was rumpled, hair pointing in all directions and his eyes were bloodshot. He had a piece of paper clutched tight in his fist, “Indy’s gone.”
Read Peter’s story “drunk on indigo skies” here
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amberspellharbor · a day ago
There is literally so much I’m working on lately between your requests, the end of the serie War Rages On, the beginning of a new serie coming this summer and a couple other projects
I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it !!
(Also, here is the new Taglist Form !)
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softsebnbuckystan · a day ago
Soul ties - Part 11 (Bucky Barnes au)
"High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again"
Tumblr media
It took Bucky exactly eight minutes to meet you in the kitchen after you'd come back from taking your things at Darren's. He didn't say anything right away, placing a hot cup of fresh coffee in front of you.
"Black, no sugar," he told you.
You smiled softly at that small thing he'd managed to remember about you. Damn, your standards were low.
"How did it go?" he asked as he sat before you.
"Not as bad as I imagined," — you sighed – "even though he still found a way to be a dick."
"I'm sorry."
You shrugged as you held on tight to your cup. "It's not your fault, don't  be."
"I kinda feel responsible, though."
You took a sip of your warm drink before instinctively grabbing his hands on the table.
"The only thing you're responsible for is making me see how he already was. I should thank you for that."
"I just..."
Footsteps made you remove your hands and place them back around your cup as you looked down. Bucky cleared his throat, visibly uncomfortable as well.
"I didn't want to interrupt anything, sorry," Steve apologised. "Buck, Tony just confirmed we're going on a small mission tomorrow. You're still up, right?" He looked back and forth at you and his friend. "You can also stick around if you want. It's not gonna be difficult."
Bucky's eyes interrogated you for a second. Did he want to stick around to stay with you? You wish you knew. He tilted his head on the side, thinking.
"Nah, I already said I'd come."
"Cool. It's just gonna be Nat and the two of us. We should be fine."
As Steve laid a comforting hand on your shoulder, you felt his last sentence was more directed at you than it was at Bucky, who would actually be on the mission. He squeezed your shoulder before leaving the two of you alone again. The awkwardness that lingered  in the air was killing you : had you made him uncomfortable by kissing him? Had he changed his mind about you?
"This is weird," you finally said. "I made it weird, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..."
"Hey, hey, calm down," he whispered. "You didn't make anything weird. I just don't want to you  to think I'm pushing you to anything so I..." — he  shook his head – "I though not saying anything about what happened  between us would make you more comfortable."
"Thank God," you breathed. "I thought you regretted it."
"How could I?" He stared at your eyes, his own checking out your lips for a second. "I'd do it again without any hesitation if you asked."
You felt a tickle in your stomach as he leaned towards you, his elbows resting on the table.
"What if I asked now?" you questioned, feeling your cheeks heating up.
The shadow of a smile appeared on his face as he grew closer to you, teasing you with his slow motion. You put your chin forward to make your intentions clear. Taking the hint, he  brushed his lips against yours, sending shivers down your spine. You allowed your hand to touch his neck to pull  him in and kiss him deeper. You soon felt him smile before he pressed a kiss on the corner of your mouth and sat back properly. You rested your head on your hand and shot him a bright smile before acknowledging your feelings and what you'd told Wanda.
"I'm scared, Buck," you confessed. "I don't want to impose my mess of a sentimental life on you."
"You mean that husband of yours?" Bucky scoffed. "It's not gonna be a problem,  doll."
You chuckled at the nickname before grabbing his hand again. "I'm talking to Tony tonight to see if he knows a decent lawyer. After that...I'll have divorce papers drafted," you explained.
Bucky gently squeezed your fingers. "Are you ready to do it now? You have the right to wait."
"I know," you said, distractingly drawing circles on his hand with your thumb. "I also know that the sooner I do this, the less time he'll be able to torment me, because... I'm convinced he won't let this settle in peace."
"I'll be there. All the way."
You couldn't help but smile as you looked at both your hands. It felt so natural that you couldn't even feel any guilt about your marriage.
"Alright lovebirds, I've waited long enough  for my tea," your sister joked as she walked in.
You let out a delicate laugh before getting up. "I'm gonna go work in the lab a little," you said. "I promised Bruce I would look into our tissue theory."
"Can I watch?" Bucky asked in an eager voice.
"Of course!  I'll even teach you a few science tricks if you're nice enough." You smiled once more. "See you,  Wanda!"
"Thanks for doing this with me," you said. "I could've gone alone, but..."
"Hey, it's alright," Sam told you. "That's what friends are for."
"Mrs y/l/n?" a young man asked you. "Mr. Reyes is ready to meet you."
You got up and breathed out before entering the attorney's office. As he invited you to take a seat in front of him, you quickly explained Sam was here to support you.
"Mr. Stark told me you might come with a friend," he told you as he grabbed a pile of paper and his pen. "Do  you know what you want out of this divorce? Money, the house?"
"Oh, hum..." You  fiddled with your fingers and Sam gave you a nod of encouragement. "All I want is to get out of this marriage. He can keep the place, I don't care. We don't even have joined bank accounts."
"Yeah, I noticed that. A smart move from you, lady." He took some notes before asking you for your postal address. : you gave him the compound's one. "You won't need elaborate papers for this, I believe. Regular ones will do it just fine, and I promise  you'll  be out of it in no time, provided your future ex-husband signs them soon enough."
"About that... What should I do if he doesn't?"
"Is it a strong possibility?"
You looked at Sam as you debated the question. You hadn't been married for long, but you believed Darren's ego and pride could possibly make this procedure trickier than it actually was.
"Yeah. He's not really happy with my decision."
"If he doesn't sign, then we'll settle this in court. Don't worry, though, we'll make sure we don't have to. Shall we go over the papers together?"
Once you were out of the office, Sam decided to stop at a bar to buy you a drink. "You deserve it," he said. Sitting there at the counter, a beer in your hand, you were anxious about Darren signing papers that hadn't even been sent yet.
"He'll sign them, y/n. And if he doesn't do it willingly, I trust Steve and myself to convince him."
He bumped your shoulder, making you chuckle.
"I hope you're right. I really don't want this do be dramatic. I know it's unfair to him, but..."
"Wait a second," he interrupted you. "Divorce isn't unfair given the way he's been treating you for years."
"I know that now. Both Wanda and Bucky have made it seem very clear to me. But he still deserves a real soulmate, one he will treat right. And I shouldn't have lied to him in the first place."
Sam took a sip of his beer and you took a minute to check out the beautiful small carvings on the edge of the counter. The whole bar had a dark, comfy vibe that you found yourself to enjoy a lot. The bartender had obviously recognised Sam, but he was chill about it.
"Maybe, but the same reasoning applies to you," your friend replied. "You deserve to be with your soulmate, and so does Bucky."
"You're probably right. Thank  you again for coming along. I would've asked Wanda, but..."
"You didn't want to bother her and Vision, didn't you?"
"Yeah, and Steve was on a mission, so... Plus, you're way more chill than he is," you said, laughing a little. "Don't tell him I said that."
"I won't."
"I'm glad we're friends, you know? You, Steve, and the're family to me now."
Sam patted your shoulder.
"I know. We'll always be."
You nodded slowly, taking another sip before Sam's phone started buzzing.  He picked it up quick.
"Stark? What's up?"
You couldn't hear Tony's voice on the other end of the call, but Sam's furrowed brows had you worried. He looked down for a second.
"We'll be here in no time."
He hung up, probably making this one of the shortest calls in history.
"What's wrong?" you asked. "I know something's wrong. Tell me."
"They're back. We gotta go."
Sam grabbed his coat on his chair and dropped a bill on the counter to pay for the beers. He didn't even bother to wait for his change and you followed him outside.
"Okay but why the rush, Sam?"
"Bucky's hurt, and you're the only doc available right now."
--- And that's part 11! Part 13 will be the last one and it's making me emotional... :)
Tag list : @ginger-swag-rapunzel @joscelyn02 @writehistorynotthegrocerylist @bluemoon-icecream @lady-loki-ren @simplybombshell @lizajane3 @livingonkpop @kaitieskidmore1
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Tumblr media
A Swarm of Butterflies
Part one
Part two
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: Your first meeting with Steve Rogers elicits the fluttering of butterflies in your belly.
Authors Note: Hey y’all!! I’m new here on Tumblr and this is my first published fic. I plan to write for several different characters eventually!! So stick around and look out for your fav. This is the first part of a Steve Rogers series. I don’t know how many parts it will be just yet. It will be in chronological order from the first meeting forward. Please leave feedback in the comments!!! Message me requests and I’ll see what I can do. Happy reading friends!!
Tumblr media
Ever since you had moved into the city you had strolled through the park a few blocks from your apartment each morning. The park was rundown and over grown because people preferred the new park that was build ten miles north, but this park was your favorite place. You found solitude and peace walking the abandoned trails that were intricately wound though a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers. Honeysuckles climbed the trees and bees buzzed about collecting pollen for their honey. Halfway through the trail, surrounded by roses was an old wooden bench. You sat there each morning to watch the make it’s ascent into the sky. The park gave you an escape from the city. It was a hidden treasure. It gave you a break from the chaos of everyday life. A moment to breathe. A moment to reflect and recollect your thoughts. It was the most cherished moment of each day.
You walked the familiar pathway in silence taking in the greenery encasing the trail. When you began to approach the rose bushes that were bursting with bright hues of red and pink you knew that you were nearing the halfway point of the trail and the old, wooden bench you frequented each morning. Your favorite spot in the city. You rounded the corner with a smile and spotted the bench. It was usually vacant, but on this particular morning it was occupied. You stood back beyond the rose bushes and admired the man sitting on your bench for a moment.
He sat on the bench with his muscular arms stretched across the back of it. His golden hair glinted in the morning light. His jaw was beautifully sculpted and his cheeks tinted the lightest shade of pink. His long legs were crossed at the ankles, wrinkling the bottom of his worn jeans. His face was tilted up toward the sky as he admired the variety of pinks and oranges painted across the sky. A soft smile graced his lips. He looked so at peace. You almost turned and headed back down the path. You wanted to allow him this peaceful moment. Maybe he needed it. Maybe it had the same positive effect on him as it did for you, but you couldn’t fight the undeniable pull you felt toward this man. Your feet carried you closer. You took small, quiet steps and came to a stop a few feet away. You took a deep breath and cleared your throat to speak.
“Excuse me,” you spoke. Your voice was soft, almost a whisper.
He turned his head to face you. His bright blue eyes meeting yours for the first time. It stole your breath for a moment, and you tried to calm your racing heart. You had never seen such an angelic looking man.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” You asked, your voice sounding small in the open space. He offered a warm smile.
“Not at all.” He spoke, moving his arms to rest at his sides. He scooted over to make room for you.
You sat down on the opposite end of the bench and crossed your arms over your torso. You could feel his gaze lingering on your frame, but you kept your eyes on the sky. A few moments passed before you spoke again.
,“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” You asked, breaking the silence between you. He turned his gaze back to the masterpiece appearing in the sky before you.
“It is. Since I was a kid I’ve loved getting up early and watching the colors change.” He replied.
“I come here every morning and watch the sunrise. It’s my favorite part of the day. Normally I’m alone. This park has been abandoned for a decade.” You explained, clasping your hands in your lap.
He chuckled, the sound deep and melodious. “I know. I’m from here.” He replied turning his body to face you. “I’m Steve.” He introduced himself, extending his large hand between you.
You turned finally really taking in his face for the first time. You felt foolish for not realizing who he was sooner. Those baby blue eyes were plastered on posters all over the city of Brooklyn.The pounding in your chest intensified. You wound your hands together to try to mask their shaking.
“I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N” you blushed, placing your palm in his.
As soon as your hands touched goosebumps erupted all over your arms, and it felt as though electricity danced through your veins. His hand was warm and much larger than yours. It was calloused and rough from years of fighting. You looked up into his eyes and he shot you a wide smile. He was easily the most beautiful human being you’d ever seen.
“What a beautiful name.” He replied, your hand still encased in his. At his compliment a swarm of butterflies began to take flight in your belly. Their wings fluttering fiercely and causing the most delightful sense of nervousness to wash over you. You hadn’t felt a sensation such as this in years. Your cheeks heated at the thought and you lowered your gaze for a moment.
“Thank you.” You said with a smile, finally removing your hand from his. You turned back to the sunrise then and took a deep breath trying to calm the fluttering in your stomach. He too turned his gaze back to the sky.
You sat together in comfortable silence as the sun climbed completely over the horizon. Birds fluttered around, squirrels skipped through the trees, and far off in the distance you could hear the rush of cars on their morning commute. The entire world was coming to life, and all you could think about was the super shoulder five feet away. How comfortable you felt sitting there with him, a stranger. The way it had felt when his hand touched yours.
Once the colors had faded into a bright blue and the awe of the moment had dissipated Steve stood from his spot on the bench. Smoothing his hands over the front of his jeans. He walked a few steps closer and looked down at you, hands in his pockets.
“Well Y/F/N Y/L/N, it was nice watching the sunrise with you.” He smiled.
“It was nice watching with you Captain Rogers.” You replied, standing from your spot and walking over to one of the rose bushes. You ran your fingers over the delicate petals of a deep, pink rose.
He laughed, “Please call me Steve.” You crossed your arms over your chest and shot him a warm smile. “Alright, Steve.” You responded. His face lit up.
“I’ve got to head back to the compound, but I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner sometime?” He asked, his voice nervous. He reached a hand back behind his head to rub his neck.
You blushed, caught completely off guard. After this moment you never expected to see him again, and you most certainly weren’t expecting him to ask you to dinner. You looked down at your feet nervousness suddenly overtaking you. You were so tied up in your thoughts that you had forgotten to respond.
“Oh, god. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to over step. Forget I asked.” He rushed out, waving a hand in dismissal in front of him.
“No, no. You didn’t over step.” You shot your head up to look at him. Taking a few steps closer to the towering man. “I was just caught by surprise. I would love to go to dinner with you Steve.” You offered a soft smile.
The super soldier blushed and bowed his head with a smile on his face. He shuffled his feet a bit before looking up at you. “Great. How about you write your number down for me?” He asked, pulling a small leather notebook and pen from his pocket and handing the items to you.
You laughed and took the notebook, writing your name and number on a blank page. You handed them back to him with shaking hands. He reached out for the book and as his fingertips brushed against yours you felt the butterflies wings beating once again.
“I’ll call you, Y/N.” He smiled, tucking the notebook back into his pocket.
“Looking forward to it, Steve.” You smiled. He turned and began to walk the opposite direction. He looked over his shoulder one last time and raised his hand in a small wave.
You smiled and waved back. You stood frozen in your spot as you watched the man disappear around the corner. You really hoped he would call. You turned and continued down the path with a smile on your face and a swarm of butterflies dancing in your tummy. 
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marvelslag · a day ago
Saw this trend on tiktok where you make what you’d look like throughout the MCU on picrew and I’m bringing it to here cause mine was longer than a minute and I put WAY too much thought into it lol
Avengers Assemble
Tumblr media
- my first appearance
- working in shield basically always running after hill
- there would be hints of a friendship blooming with Natasha
- where I first meet Steve
Age Of Ultron
Tumblr media
- I’d just have a cameo in the party scene
- would show my close bonds with Natasha and Steve
- start of seeing me as a softer more relaxed character
Captain America: Winter Soldier
Tumblr media
- I’d be helping Steve and Nat in the first scene mission. First glimpse of me being a badass
- I’d go missing after Fury’s death and marked a fugitive along with Steve
- instead of Hill it would be me that saves Steve, Nat and Sam taking them to the safe house to reveal Fury is alive
- me and Nat would both take down the council in disguises together forming the final stage of us two being seen as a duo
Civil War
Tumblr media
- Sam would mention I was helping him track down Bucky
- first appearance in the film would be me helping Wanda escape which would be the start of our friendship
- the Clint and Nat fight scene at the airport would be me and Nat instead but we’d say “sisters” instead of “friend” in the “we’re still friends right?”
- me and Nat together would help Steve and Bucky escape
- I’d be in jail with the rest of team cap
Infinity War
Tumblr media
- I’d of been on the run with Steve, Nat and Sam. Changed my hair to hide my identity
- Me and Nat would of had a bomb ass first appearance scene together when saving Wanda and Vision
- me and Bucky would have a really cool fight scene together in Wakanda
- included in the “she’s not alone” scene
- I wouldn’t of dusted
- very emotional scene of me and Nat searching for each other worried that the other had dusted
Tumblr media
- I’d of kept Avengers going with Nat, there’d be a scene of us both talking about them being our family
- I wouldn’t of gone on the time heist I’d of stayed behind to make sure everything was working with Bruce
- very emotional scene of me breaking down when Clint came back without Natasha
- After setting my own memorial for her within the compound there would be a scene of me getting my old shield uniform from the first movie to make me feel close to Natasha and the family we lost. Also be the start of me always having some sort of braid in my hair to honour Nat
- Once again included in the sick “she’s got help” scene
- At Tony’s funeral I’d be stood with Wanda holding her’s and Bucky’s hand
Tumblr media
- I’d be in this series cause Wanda would of never been alone on my watch
- I’d of gone along with everything because of my own grief
- would still sport my hair in a braid
Tumblr media
- Because I was there when the Hex was created I gained powers from it (basically like Monica) which turned my hair white
- in the end of Wandavision instead of the fake Wanda you see on the steps of the cabin it’s me protecting her while she learns her powers and I come to terms with mine
Tumblr media
- I would be in this cause I’m plain greedy but I’d only have a cameo
- I now wear all white a sign of a new era no longer trying to blend in but still have two braids for Natasha
- I’d of left Wanda when I saw John kill someone with the shield to take it from him not realising Sam and Bucky were on it as were no longer in contact
- instead of Sharon it would be me whipping off the disguise in New York to Bucky. Very cute reunion scene then I’d help him against the flag smashers
- After Sam’s speech he’d see me with Bucky. He’d offer to have my name cleared if I wanted to join his team as he could use some with ‘special skills’
- I’m tempted until they both get called away and I watch how close they are now and how happy Bucky is compared to before which makes me see I can’t leave Wanda till she is happy too. I look up at the sky talking to Nat that I’ll look after our family before stepping back into the crowd and it’s the last the audience sees of me for now.
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The Calmness of Piers
Author’s Note: Just a little drabble that I had in my head the last couple of days. Based on the last scenes of FATWS.
Enjoy reading.
You were excited for the day. Bucky and you arrived at the port where everyone else was already having fun and the children were playing around. When they saw Bucky, the play fought him and he played back even though he had the cake that you guys bought in his hand. You laughed at the play fighting as Sam’s nephews laughed and Bucky made faces to them.
You moved on and greeted Sarah and asked if you could help somehow. Bucky went and said hello to Sam and you smiled, relieved that the two of them finally got along. Generally you loved watching Bucky in the last days. He was so happy and relaxed.
The time after Steve left was hard for you both. You knew his plans, and knew that he wasn’t coming back. He was Steve, you stupid big brother, and you could read him like a book. Same for Bucky. Though knowing didn’t make it easier for both of you.
Bucky was still fighting his inner demons and when Sam decided to give the Shield away, you knew he had trouble coming to terms with it. Then John Walker happened and everything went downhill from there.
It was disgusting to you, to see someone in Steve’s outfit and carrying Steve’s shield. You were there when Steve got it, and seeing this lunatic walking around with it, like he actually was Captain America … it just made you sick.
But now things are better. Bucky finally accepted himself and made peace with his past.
You were looking forward to your future together.
You smiled again when you saw Bucky talking to Sarah and the others and had the kids hanging from his metal arm.
“You’re smiling an awful lot nowadays.” Sam’s say, nudging you as he stands beside you.
“Am I?” you ask him, smiling at him.
“Yes, it’s great, you haven’t done it a lot since Steve left.” He says, putting his arm around you.
“Yeah, well things are turning for the better, now that we have a new Captain America that is worthy of the title.” You say, laying your head on his shoulder turning your view back to Bucky.
“Are they?” Sam asks chuckling.
“Yes, cause Bucky and I can finally get calmer life. Though it’s not going to be that calm in the near future.” You say grinning up at Sam.
“What do you mean?” he asks, looking at you worried. Probably thinking the worst.
“Well… we’ll soon have a little Barnes walking around here.” You whisper, as you knew that Bucky would be eavesdropping otherwise.
“No! You’re kidding” Sam exclaims turning to you and grabbing both your shoulders.
“Shhh… He doesn’t know yet.” You try to calm him down and whisper.
Sam stops in his little jumps and tries to act as normal as possible but a few people still noticed his outburst, including Bucky. He walked over looking curious about what happened.
“What was that about?” he asks smiling at you and taking you in his arms.
“Nothing…” Sam stutters “She was just telling me that..”
“That I helped design his suit.” You said, smiling up at Bucky and then throwing a glare at Sam.
“I think Sarah is calling me. I better go and see what she wants.” Sam mutters and leaves.
Bucky looked bewildered, but the two of you just walked to the end of the pier. He gives you a kiss to your forehead and you look up at him smiling. He smiles back and leans in for a kiss.
“It’s so calm here.” You say, as the both of you looked out to the sea.
“Yeah it is.” Bucky agrees.
“Do you think, we could find a house here?” you ask innocently, trying as hard as you could to hide your excitement.
“A house? Why would we buy a house here? Besides to piss of Sam.” Bucky chuckles.
“Well maybe, because we need a bit more space in the future than our current apartment can offer. And I like it here.” You answer watching his face.
“Why?” he asks and keeps looking even more confused as you take his hand and move it to your stomach. You just love his confused look. He looks like a lost puppy. But then it dawns on him and he opens his mouth but nothing comes out. You giggle and nod you heard.
“Doll.. you mean, we…” he starts.
“Yes, I mean, we are going to be parents” you answer, gleaming. Out of the corner of your eye you can see Sam watching you, gleaming with excitement and slightly hitting Sarah, who is just confused and yells at him to stop.
Bucky laughs and picks you up, spinning you around. Before your feet touch the ground again, he kisses you passionately.
“I love you so much.” He says against you lips, a kiss between each word making you giggle,
“I love you, too.” You say and hold his face in your hands.
In the meantime, apparently Sam was to excited to hold it in anymore and runs over to you both and hugs you both at the same time.
“Congrats. I am so happy for you.” He exclaims.
“How do you even know?” Bucky asks, not sure how to proceed with the hug.
“Doesn’t matter.” Sam says, giving you a kiss on the cheek and slapping Bucky’s back.
“If it’s a boy, you’ll call him Sam though. “He says and Bucky just scoffs.
“Of course not.” Bucky answers and the two of them bicker on about how it’s not going to be Sam nor Samantha.
You smile and giggle at them both. Finally, you got some calmness in your life.
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Part 9
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, little bit of sexual actions.
Summary: Euphoria doesn’t think her actions have consequences.
A/N: I don’t know why this is in third person but enjoyyyyy! The lyrics in this is from Crybaby- Megantheestallion
Tumblr media
Euphoria rubbed her fingers through Sebastian's soft hair as he laid on her chest. It was around 10:30 a.m and he was still sleeping. Her phone buzzed taking the attention away from the tv.
bestie- My hair company is up and running! Wanna go out to celebrate?
phorialuv- yess! You know I'm always down to celebrate with my best friend. What time we leaving tonight?
bestie- 9:30
phorialuv- okay
"Babe?" Sebastian hoarse voice spoke up kinda of scaring her. "Who you texting?"
"I'm texting alexis about tonight." Euphoria said then placed a kiss on his lips. "It's girl's night."
"Mhm girl's night. I guess you can go."
"You guess I can go? Baby who said you were able to tell me what I can and can't do?"
Sebastian sits up then hovers over her "I said it because I'm daddy." His face get closer to hers as she felt his breath against her face. "I tell you what do. You're mine."
Euphoria stare into his eyes then at his lips, she leans forward closing the gap between them. Her hands entangled into his hair, the kiss getting deeper.
Sebastian's phone rings but that didn't stop him. "Babe answer it, it might be important." Euphoria pulls back nodding her head towards his phone. He grabs her neck, kissing her again obviously ignoring the phone.
The ringing was ruining the mood. Euphoria pulls back again slightly annoyed, "Baby answer the phone please."
Sebastian rolled his eyes, "Fine." He presses the green button answering it. "What? Yeah. That's today?? Fuck I forgot about that. I'll be there in the next two hours." He hangs up running his hand through his hair.
Euphoria looks at him puzzled, "What is it baby?"
Sebastian gets out of bed looking for things too pack, "Chris,Mackie and I have a press conference today and tomorrow morning in New York. I forgot all about it."
Euphoria pouts, "I thought it was going to be our sort of lazy day. I wanted you to come with me to get my nails done"
Sebastian pecks her lips in a rush, "I'm sorry baby. I'll make it up too you tomorrow evening when I get back okay?"
She didn't want her boyfriend to leave at all but she knew it was apart of his job so Euphoria couldn't say anything. "Okay baby I love you."
"I love you too baby." Sebastian said fulfilling his urge to kiss her again. He then answered the first of many phone calls. She sighs falling back in the bed.
"It's lit up in here!" Alexis yelled over the music. The security guard was guiding them to their own section.
"Yesss! This is what I like too see!" Euphoria smiled at how live the party was. She flag the waiter down.
"Can we get a bottle of Hennessy and Siroc?" She yelled to the waiter who nod his head.
"Oh you trying to get fucked up. We mixing clear and brown. I'm so glad I came out with you!" Alexis said moving with the beat.
"Yes bitch we celebrating you so why not get fucked up!"
"Bitch tryna brag about taking my man (huh?)
Ha, I needed me a nigga off my hands (hahahaha)
Uh-uh, don't fuck me like that, fuck me like this, yeah, ayy"
Alexis was right they did get fucked up. They let go all the drama and worries, enjoying their night as best friends.
"DON'T FUCK ME LIKE THAT, FUCK ME LIKE THIS AYYYY! REPLAY THATT!" Alexis yell standing on the couch twerking. Euphoria could barely stand as she grabbed on the couch so she could bend over to twerk.
"Hey! I know youu!!!" Alexis pointed at this guy walking past the table. Euphoria stood up wobbling confused.
The guy stopped pointing at myself, "Me?"
Alexis jumped up and down, "Yea you're Jason Momoa. Sir you are fine as fuckk!"
He laughed showing his pearly white, "Thanks. You two are beautiful ladies."
"Come hang out with us for a minute. We don't bite!" Euphoria laughed gesturing him to come in there sections. He looked around then shrugged his shoulders.
"Fuck it!"
"Ugh!" Euphoria groaned holding her pounding head, waking up. Alexis phone kept buzzing nonstop. She shook her arm.
"Alexis answer that damn phone!"
Alexis jumps awake eyes closed, she looked around as if she could see. "Hmm?"
She reached over grabbing the buzzing phone. Her opened showing the redness in them. She pressed the answer button.
Alexis winced pulling the phone back. Hemsworth was so loud, he wasn't even on speaker and Euphoria could hear him. Phoria gasp to herself realizing she had a boyfriend of her own to tend too.
"Where the hell is my fucking phone."
"Chris don't be doing all that yelling in my damn phone. What the hell you talking about?!" Alexis groaned swiping away on the phone. The swiping stopped and her eyes widen. "E come look at this."
Euphoria walked over to the side of the bed she was on. "What is it?" The shade room post showed them sitting in Jason Momoas's lap, drunk as hell. A video showed them dancing on top of the couch and he was hyping them up. It looked like he was hitting their asses but he wasn't.
"This is some deep shit!" Euphoria curses knowing the outcome with Sebastian was not going to be good. "I love you bestie. I need to get home."
"I love you too! Be safe!"
She kissed Alexis cheek and was out the door in the next two minutes. Euphoria got into her apartment, setting down her things and desperately try to find her charger.
"I need to find my damn charger, call Sebastian- AH! babe what are you doing here?? Shit I didn't mean it like that."
Sebastian sat there on the couch not taking his eyes off her. He took a deep trying not to lose his temper.
"Euphoria you have 5 seconds to explain before I go whoop his samoan ass."
"I didn't even know we did that, I just remember us getting our drinks.We were fucked up babe."
"I don't care what you was Euphoria. No matter how drunk I am, there wouldn't be no damn news about me and another girl. Euphoria you are not single no more!"
"Don't you think I know that Sebastian. I was drunk, it's a little mishap, nothing happened."
"How do you know if you didn't kiss him, grind on him or even fucked him; like you said, you were drunk!"
"You really think that fuckin low of me. I know my boundaries when it come down to getting drunk! I'm not going to go home with some random dude!" She raised her voice getting angry. "Plus he's a good person, J wouldn't do that to me."
"Oh you're on nickname bases with him?" Sebastian asked angrily in disbelief getting off the couch. "Fuck this, I'm out of here!"
"I just said J cause I didn't feel like saying his name." Phoria huff reaching for his hand. "Where the fuck you're going?!"
"I'm leaving! You really think this shit okay?! If you want to be a whore with other guys then obviously we can't be together." He snatches away giving her a angry glare. That right there pissed Euphoria all the way off.
"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK EUPHORIA. THAT DOESNT MAKE IT NO DIFFERENCE . YOU'RE IN A RELATIONSHIP, HE'S SINGLE. YOU WERE ALL OVER HIM AS IF YOU THREE WERE OUT TOGETHER." Sebastian stood over her wanting the eye contact to be serious. He have never yelled at her so she knew this was serious.
Euphoria was taking deep breath so she wouldn't knock his ass out.
"I embarrassed you?! like you didn't embarrass me in front of the whole cast after it was told that you was sleeping with another bitch while sleeping with me! now it's a problem that I go out and have fun with friends , drink or party!"
"This is about what you shouldn't do, not about what you can and can't do. Stop fucking making this about yourself Euphoria!!"
"Now I'm making this about myself? You know what stop being so damn uptight, obsessive, overprotective and let me live. I didn't cheat on you Sebastian! You should know damn well I'm in love with with you that's why we're together."
Sebastian anger replaced with an unfazed attitude," Maybe it was mistake for us to be together. You're not ready to be a girlfriend. We're over." He gave her one last look before walking over to her door.
A broken-hearted Euphoria eyes filled with tears flipping him off,"Fuck you Sebastian."
Sebastian flipped her off back ,"Fuck you too Euphoria." He walked out the door, not looking back.
Wow uhh this a filler😬
@majo240820 i think you’re going to lovee thisss! But don’t forget to read the previous chapter.
Next chapter is the last until I write another one!!
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(Y/N and Bucky are sleeping in their bedroom when they hear a noise)
Y/N: Quick! Its my husband you need to leave!
Bucky:(jumps out of the bed,jumps through the window and crawls into the bushes, onto the street)
(realises something after five minutes and returns)
Bucky: Wait a minute- I AM YOUR HUSBAND!!!
Y/N:Then why did you leave?
Sharon: Honestly speaking...this is not even the dumbest shit i have heard or seen him do....
Sam and Zemo eating turkish delight: Same....
Steve, Natasha and Tony in heaven,drinking wine together in lavish glasses: Same...
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part one / part two / part three
"You're joking." Y/N groaned when the elevator refused to move.
"I do not joke." JARVIS informed her and she jumped in frustration, slamming her feet down over and over again. "That would not work even if you were Captain Rogers, ma'am."
Y/N cursed at the elevator door, kicking it and falling through when the doors open suddenly.
"I don't understand why I'm grounded. I did my chemistry homework this time." She grumbled, making her way into the communal kitchen, eyes narrowed.
"It doesn't count if you plagiarised it all." Bruce reminded her from his seat at the kitchen island and she grumbled again.
"It's not plagiarism if you reference." She reasoned and he raised his eyebrows.
"You didn't reference." She scowled at him, well aware she was throwing a strop, not caring enough to fix it.
"Bet I won't be grounded when there's a call for a mission. Funny how I can go to work but not Starbucks." She sneered. Steve poked his head in from the living room and fixed her with a warning look.
"You have actually been benched. Bucky, Wanda, and Pietro went to Montreal this morning with Tony instead." Y/N let her jaw drop, her eyes wide open, and stared at Steve.
"For the squishy rats? You promised I could go this time!" The elevator opened, letting Clint and Natasha out and she turned her glare on them.
"Whoa, tone it down." Clint held his hands up defensively while Natasha only laughed.
"Did you know that not only was I grounded, I was also benched for the squishy rats?" Y/N asked, fists clenched.
"I made the decision and whispered it in Hill's ear who whispered it in Steve's." Natasha shrugged, heading for the fridge.
"Boo you whore." Y/N grumbled to two choruses of 'hey!' from Steve and Bruce and one too happy 'get in loser, we're going shopping' from Clint.
"I'm running away." She informed them all.
"Can't run away if you're grounded." Steve reminded and she glared, hands on her hips.
"Can too! Running away trumps getting grounded. I'm gonna join the circus." She frowned at Clint. "I'm amending that. I'm going to join a terrorist organization. Well, Wanda and Pietro already did that. God, I've never had an original thought ever."
"I know. I graded your chemistry." Bruce spoke up, hiding his laugh behind the paper. No one else bothered to hide their laughter.
"That was my thirteenth reason." She told him and huffed when no one laughed. They were all so old. She huffed again before sliding into the seat next to Bruce and resting her head on his shoulder.
"Help me do it?" She asked and he sighed.
"Tomorrow morning we'll go over it again." He promised and she gave him a soft smile.
She was almost over her tantrum when the elevator opened, letting Tony, Bucky, Pietro, and Wanda out. They looked miserable.
"Squishy capybaras." Bucky groaned and the look of anguish on Y/N's face almost made them think someone had died.
"What's a capybara?" Clint asked.
"Only the second-largest rodent on Earth!" She groaned, dropping her face into her folded arms on the island.
"Second largest?" Bruce asked, petting her head awkwardly to somewhat console her.
"After Pietro of course." She sighed.
"Isn't that a line in Bob's Burger's?" Steve asked and she looked up at him and nodded sadly. They watched it together sometimes when neither of them could sleep. They all had ways to comfort their nightmares.
"I could've quoted so much Bob's burgers." She sighed, leaning into Bruce's hand when he scratched at her scalp.
"Next time do your own chemistry homework." Bucky told her, accepting a coffee from Steve.
"Okay, Mr. Fall Off A Train And Forget My Best Friend." She seethed and Bucky hid his smirk when Steve began to lecture her on manners and not bringing up people's trauma.
"I'm going for a bath, anyone seen the toaster?" Tony spat out his coffee and Steve launched into a whole new lecture on how fatalist humor hadn't been charming in the 1940s and it certainly wasn't any different.
"Steve, it wasn't funny then cause you were a stick in the mud and even less so now because you're a centennial." Y/N sighed.
"Centenarian." Bruce corrected her quietly and she rolled her eyes.
"You're being childish." Natasha sighed.
"I am a child." She reminded her.
"You're almost eighteen, time to start acting like it. Start doing your homework, stop annoying everyone." Tony sighed and Y/N shot him the finger making Steve scowl again.
"If you benched me from the squishy capybaras then considered me benched. I'm not going back until I decide my grades have improved enough. Try being one down and see how it goes." Y/N turned on her heel and headed back to the elevator.
"I still don't know what a capybara is." Clint sighed as the elevator doors shut.
That night Y/N found Steve on the sofa in the communal living room. On his left, Bucky had fallen asleep but she could tell it was only recently, he hadn't started to drool yet.
"I'm sorry." She whispered, sitting on his right and wrapping the rest of Steve's blanket around herself. He only rolled his eyes, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and changing the television over to Bob's Burger's letting it pick up where they'd left off.
Tina was trying to become her school's news anchor and Y/N was beginning to drift off to the steady rise and fall of Steve's chest. He was running his hand through her hair slowly, trying to relax her. "You wanna come to Washington with me?"
"When?" She asked around a yawn that made her jaw crack.
"Probably in the next day or two. Fury's narrowing down the location of what used to be a Hydra base. We're not expecting a fight, just information recovery. I was gonna bring Natasha and Tony but what if we just went down together?" Steve asked. This was his way of apologizing. It was no squishy capybara but it would do.
"We might find out Bucky is actually my dad this time." She told Steve, leaning against him more and getting comfortable.
"I'm not your dad. I'd have given you up for adoption." Bucky spoke sleepily from Steve's left.
"You're only proving my point Buckmeister. I am adopted." Y/N closed her eyes with a satisfied smile.
a/n i just adore the thought of the Avengers having to deal with a gen-z team member
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just for you, honeybee (4/?)
pairings: steve rogers x fem!reader (platonic), bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings: characters death, swearing, flirting with colonel phillips, guns, plane crash
word count: 4,327
a/n: holy crap this one is long! i really enjoyed writing this chapter just because i got to watch CA:TFA all over again and i cried like a little baby. hope you guys enjoy this! btw, next chapter is going to be very short - probably the shortest one yet, just a heads up!
Tumblr media
“Johann Schmidt belongs in a bughouse,” Colonel Phillips started, “he thinks he’s a god and he’s willing to blow up half the world to prove it, starting with the U.S.A.”
You tensed up next to Steve as Howard moved behind you, taking a seat to your right, “Schmidt’s working with powers beyond our capabilities. He gets across the Atlantic, he will wipe out the entire Eastern Seaboard in an hour.”
Peggy’s eyes met yours before they drifted to Steve who tossed a pile of papers on the table in front of him. One of the Howling Commandos spoke up, “how much time we got?”
Colonel Phillips sorted through some files, “according to my new best friend, under 24 hours.”
You spoke up, “where is he now?”
The Colonel presented the group with a photo, “Hydra’s last base is here. In the Alps, 500 feet below the surface.”
Another Howling Commando spoke up, “so what are we supposed to do? I mean, it’s not like we can just knock on the front door.”
“Why not?” And just like that, Steve captured everyone’s attention in the room, including yours. You knew this was going to be a suicide mission, especially if he continued with this idea, “that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.”
Everyone looked at Steve with wide eyes, except for you and Peggy. Schmidt was in for a rude awakening.
Grabbing a motorcycle alongside Steve, the two of you headed into the snowy forest towards the base. Glancing over at Steve, you noticed he kept the design on the shield, joy sparking in your chest, “you kept it!”
Steve barely heard you over the sound of the motorcycles but he smiled, “not too shabby for your first Captain America design.”
You chuckled, about to respond until you glanced back, seeing six motorcycles behind you, “we got company, Cap!”
Quickly swerving back and forth to avoid whatever-the-hell they were shooting at you, Cap glanced back once more before he pushed a button on the pad attached to his motorcycle, two hooks with strings attached latching onto two trees. Right away, two guys on motorcycles failed to avoid the trap, sending them flying forward.
Cap yelled over to you, “get next to me!”
Speeding up a bit on your bike, you ended up next to Steve as he pressed another button, fire immediately covering two of the cyclists. You gave Steve a look, “that was so badass!”
On your left, you saw two Hydra motorcycles race ahead of you before you looked to Steve, “I got an idea! Move quickly!” Racing ahead, you quickly picked a pin from their motorcycles, making sure Steve was nowhere near them. Looking back, you sent a smirk his way as he sped up next to you, hearing and feeling the explosion of the motorcycles.
Riding towards the base, a tank was placed right before the entrance. Steve yelled, “stay right behind me,” just as the tank started shooting at you. Racing behind Cap, you both saw the tank explode as Steve shot at it from his motorcycle, riding up the cement barrier of the base.
Jumping over the barriers with your bikes, both you and Steve were met with Hydra soldiers with guns pointed right at you. Continuing your ride, you saw Steve jump off his, watching it explode the first wall of the base. Riding through the base, you quickly took down any soldier in your way, shooting them with your new best friend – StG 44.
Running a few fellas over with your bike, you looked over at Steve who was taking multiple soldiers down with the shield. Turning your attention back towards the fight, you continued to take down more men – but you noticed their numbers were growing bigger by the second.
In a spare glance, you turned to Steve who was now surrounded by two men holding flamethrowers, making it unable for him to move. You came to a stop, noticing a line of men pointing their guns at you. With a sigh, you hopped off your bike – but not before shooting one more guy by your feet.
You saw Cap look around for you worriedly until he met your eyes; you nodded at him, telling him to not put up a fight, at least not yet. He nodded back, allowing the Hydra soldiers to take both your weapons and leading you down the halls of the base and into a room that had it not hold one of the world’s most dangerous men, you’d say it had a beautiful view.
You and Steve stopped side-by-side with the Hydra soldiers as Johann Schmidt started talking, “arrogance may not be a uniquely American trait, but I must say, you do it better than anybody.”
This was not what you expected Johann Schmidt to look like.
He glanced at you, “seems you have no limits, Captain, bringing a woman into this.”
You glared at the red-faced monster, “I came here on my own accord, just to clarify, Schmidt.”
Johann hummed as he turned away from you, “however, even you have limits as to what you can do, Captain. Or did Erskine tell you otherwise?”
Steve spoke up beside you, “he told me you were insane.”
Schmidt seemed unsurprised, looking down to the floor and back to Steve, “ah…he resented my genius and tried to deny what was rightfully mine. But he gave you everything. So, what made you so special?”
Steve chuckled, “nothin’. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.”
Schmidt turned to you, “how about you, little one? What makes you so special?”
You swallowed thickly, “good looks?”
You nor Steve really aren’t sure what exactly set Johann off, but a switch had flipped, and his face grew into a frown before he slapped you across the face twice, doing the same to Cap while also kneeing him in the stomach. Both you and Steve were put on your knees as all three of you breathed heavily.
With a slight grin, Steve looked up at Johann, “I can do this all day.”
Johann was not amused, “oh, of course you can, of course.” He paused before he continued, pulling a gun out from the side of his uniform, “but unfortunately, I am on a tight schedule.” He pointed the gun to Steve’s head just as the Howling Commandos began to zip line towards the base.
You growled towards Schmidt, “so are we.”
Once Schmidt realized what was happening, you and Steve quickly grabbed the guards behind you, pulling them in front as Johann fired his gun at them, their bodies disappearing in thin air. You gave Steve a look as the Howling Commandos flew in through the windows, firing at the enemy as Schmidt took off.
Quickly getting up off your feet, you scurried towards the hall where Schmidt took off, a Howling Commando yelling behind you, “Rogers! You might need this!”
Hearing the shield pass through the air, you knew Steve caught it as he yelled back, “thanks,” then hearing his footsteps take after yours.
Hydra troops marched down the halls of the base, guns ready to fire at any moment. With your heightened sense of hearing, you knew the rest of the platoon was taking over the Hydra base, gunfire slowly taking over your senses. Explosions filled the base as smoke and fire entered your senses; Steve ran beside you, sensing the same things.
You saw Schmidt turn down a corridor, yelling over to Steve, “this way!” Quickly, Schmidt retaliated, sending bolts of his gun your way, making you narrowly avoid being disintegrated. Steve ran beside you, shield blocking the gunfire as you chased after the madman.
With a lucky throw, Steve threw the shield, catching it between metal doors where Schmidt narrowly escaped. Cap let out a sigh, rushing towards the shield as you quirked an eyebrow, “lucky throw?”
Before he could answer, a Hydra Agent came around the corner with two flamethrowers, making Steve push you against the wall as he ran opposite of you; you both were trapped as fire encapsulated your vision. Glancing towards the fire welder, you tried coming up with a plan before, lo and behold, Peggy Carter shot at the man, his flaming body falling to the ground.
Both you and Steve looked around the corner, spotting Peggy as soldiers ran by; Steve smirked at Peg, “you’re late.”
Your eyes shifted towards the ceiling as you tried to avoid the awkward moment; Peggy spoke up, “weren’t you about to –“ Steve nodded, “right, yeah – y/n.” With that, you and Steve took off towards the door where the shield held its place. Grabbing your hand, Steve pulled the shield and quickly took off.
You spotted men from the 107th shooting at the giant airship, Hydra agents lying about the floor. Turning to Steve, who was a few steps behind you, you nodded your head, “we got a problem.” The ship’s engines had already started, and it seemed Schmidt was, understandably, in a rush to complete his plan. The ship turned, wheels screeching against the floor as you and Cap slowed down, watching it slowly make its way to the exit.
Steve glanced around, watching as Hydra forces and your own fought one another. With a nod towards you, both you and Steve took off, running headfirst into battle, making sure to avoid trouble along the way; that, and, well, Steve also wanted to get some hits in.
You noticed where Cap was headed as you two ran in battle, “how do you plan on fitting us both on that?”
Steve glanced back at you, “think you can hold on, kid?”
You grumbled, “yeah! But I’m literally older than you by like, 4 months…”
Quickly, Steve jumped over huddled bodies until he reached a box of supplies lying right beneath a chain; with a jump, Steve latched onto the chain as you skipped a step, latching onto his waist mid-flight. Reaching a safe zone, you jumped first, meeting Steve in a mid-run as you headed towards the ship Johann Schmidt was currently about to fly.
You and Steve ran beside one another, pushing to reach Schmidt even as fire from the engines burnt your face. You yelled over to Steve, “c’mon, Steve! We’re – we’re almost there!” Your last sentence turned into a scream, your body yelling at you for pushing itself to the limits.
The fans from the ship sped up as you and Steve struggled to catch up with Schmidt, your hopes slowly fading as he seemed to get further and further away. Steve pulled you to a slow jog, about to crash until Peggy Carter and Colonel Phillips pulled up beside you in one of Schmidt’s cars.
Colonel Phillips yelled at you both, “get in!” Before you even settled down beside the Colonel and Steve beside Peggy, you took off, hair flying behind you. You turned to the Colonel with a smirk on your face, “nice ride, Phillips!”
The Colonel glanced a look at you as he sped up, “figured I might keep this once we’re done here!” You let out a laugh that soon died off as you recognized the light from the sun and a runway – right where Schmidt currently was.
You looked to the Colonel, a worried look on your face, as he pressed a button beside the steering wheel; right away, the car you were seated in blasted off, hair wildly being thrown behind you as the Colonel grasped onto the wheel. You held onto the door handle, eyes wide as you were reaching the ship, “remind me to never drive with you again, Colonel!”
With shaky legs, you began standing up as Steve did the same mid-ride, reaching the back end of the ship. You and Steve yelled to the Colonel, “keep it steady!”
Peggy shouted over the sounds of the ship and car engines, “wait!” Steve looked back to Peggy as she pulled him into a kiss.
You looked to the Colonel with a shrug; he shook his head at you, “I ain’t kissin’ you!” You gave a laugh as you blew him a kiss, leaning on the hood of the car to avoid getting chopped up by the propellers on the ship. Steve followed right behind you, shield meeting the propellers only once, sparks flying.
You glanced at Steve quickly before you jumped towards the ship’s wheel, grabbing onto the metal support beam as Steve flew right below you, catching onto the lasting part of the wheel. Looking down, you tried steadying your breath as you realized how high up you were; grasping Steve’s hand, you pulled him up alongside you as the wheel you two stood on was slowly pulled into the ship.
With a shaky hand, you reached into your shirt and grabbed Bucky’s dog tags, holding them tight against your scolding skin, even though it was blistering cold in the Alps.
Once inside the lower level of the ship, you and Steve quietly made your way along the metal floors, looking below you as you saw a horrifying sight; bombs with names of major cities written on them, including Chicago and New York.
With a slight gasp, you turned to Steve who looked just as distraught as you were. As his eyes met the New York bomb, footsteps echoed above you, Hydra agents making their ways across the metal landings. With stealth, Steve jumped up, grabbing onto the railing, and kicking an agent over the ledge. Jumping just as high, you landed on the landing and met with the remaining three agents.
With a slight run, you met one agent halfway as he immediately threw a punch your way. You narrowly avoided it, ducking to the side and elbowing him in the face, hearing a nice crunch beneath your elbow. Steve made his way around you, kicking another agent in the chest as he flew backwards. Kicking your opponent over the ledge, you grabbed a knife holstered onto your thigh and threw it at the third and final agent running away, hiding him in the back of the neck; with a grunt, he fell against the side of the landing.
Somehow, Steve’s agent escaped during a quick moment of distraction, climbing on top of the Chicago bomb. Cap ran towards the control panel, pressing the red escape button before the poor guy could even make it inside the capsule, hearing him scream as he fell thousands of feet.
You took a quick breath, “I don’t feel guilty about that…is that bad?”
Steve shrugged, “I – I don’t think so…no, yeah, no, definitely not.”
Less than a second later, two Hydra agents ambushed you and Steve, punching you in the side as you let out a grunt. Avoiding another punch, you grabbed a knife from your thigh and stabbed your opponent in the chest, flipping him over just for good measure. Steve had already disposed of his guy as you kicked yours down towards the opening where Steve’s own guy had just gone down.
You wiped off the blood from your knife on your suit as Steve grimaced, “what, waste a perfectly good knife? Sorry I don’t have a shield, Stevie.”
Steve just shivered, “that’s just…gross, y/n.”
You rolled your eyes, “so overdramatic. C’mon, let’s go.”
Before you could continue on within the ship, however, Steve and you heard someone get into one of the bombs, closing the lid. Steve immediately jumped onto the window, another agent jumping on top of him. Without thinking, you threw your knife at the agent, hitting him in the shoulder as the bomb, along with Steve on it, dropped into the sky.
You screamed, “Steve! No – no!”
Grabbing at your hair, you held back tears as you watched Steve fly around, narrowly avoiding the tiny ship’s propellers. With careful steps, you saw the scene unfold as the agent you had stabbed was shoved into the propellers, blood flowing from the sky; you gagged, “jesus, Steve – that was disgusting.”
Stepping away from the platform, you trusted Steve and continued your way through the ship, trying to find Schmidt. Grabbing Cap’s shield from where it had been discarded before the bomb was dropped, you made your way to the cockpit where you realized it was quiet – too quiet.
At some point, you felt the ship shake and loud bangs filled the air as you hoped it was Steve – back in one piece. Slowly walking down the stairs, the shield protecting you, you quietly walked upon the metal grates of the ship until reaching the pilot’s seat; leaning to the side, you realized Schmidt was no longer there.
“What the –“ Before you could finish, you heard the sounds of a gun preparing to fire, and in a split second, you used the shield to protect yourself from Schmidt’s laser, the shot hitting the window of the ship.
Harsh winds forced itself into the ship, your hair blowing wildly as Schmidt stood before you, “you don’t give up, do you? Where’s Mr. Rogers, little one?”
Just then, Steve decided to make his grand entrance as you glared at Schmidt, “kids from Brooklyn aren’t exactly known for givin’ up, Johann.” With a flick of your arm, you threw the shield to Steve as Schmidt fired, forcing you to jump to the side. Steve caught the shield, blocking another hit from Schmidt’s laser as it hit the window again.
Cap ran towards Schmidt, blocking more hits as he fought with the red-skulled man, avoiding yet also receiving some hits. Once Cap was kicked to the ground, you jumped behind Schmidt, kicking his hind legs and kneeing his lower spine, hearing him grunt in pain in response. Steve stood up, pushing Schmidt against a wall before being slammed to the ground.
You ran towards Johann, arm going around his neck, choking him as he tried grabbing at anything for leverage. With a quick glance to the table lying in the middle of the room, glowing blue, you threw yourself on top of it, pulling Schmidt with you and onto the floor. Steve had then pulled Schmidt up, hitting him with his shield until Schmidt fought back, hitting Cap with his own weapon before Steve headbutted him.
Steve leaned back before he grabbed onto Schmidt’s uniform, throwing him towards the pilot seat, sparks immediately flying through the air. With a yell, you realized the ship was tipped downwards, heading straight towards, what looked like, an icy landscape. Flying to the ceiling alongside Schmidt and Steve, you flew towards Johann, punching him in the stomach as he did you, trying to gain some type of balance.
As the three of you fought in the air, you gave your best kicks and punches, watching Steve be thrown to the side of the ship. In the short time, Schmidt flew over and pulled up the steering stick of the ship, pressing a few buttons as you all three fell to the floor, the ship back to normal altitude.
Landing on the metal grates harshly, you groaned as Steve stood up, pulling you alongside him as he held his shield in front of you both. Schmidt turned towards you, gun in hand as he stumbled down the stairs, “you could have the power of the gods! Both of you!”
Schmidt shot towards you and Steve as you ducked, feeling the heat of the gunfire pass over your head, “yet you wear a flag on your chest, and think you fight a battle of nations!” He kept firing at you, Steve pulling you along as Schmidt continued, “I have seen the future, Captain, little one! There are no flags!”
Another shot fired over your head as Steve analyzed his next steps, yelling back, “not my future!” Leaping forward, Steve rolled and protected himself from another shot from Schmidt as you kneeled by the side, ready to step in.
With a grunt, Steve threw the shield at Johann, forcing him to hit the glowing table, the item inside slowly coming out of its container. You narrowed your eyes, “what the hell is that?” Its bright light captured your attention as Schmidt stood beside it, “what have you done?”
The bright blue box was now outside its container, off to the side from the force of Johann’s body; Schmidt grabbed it, and after a few seconds, bright lights flew around the ship and the universe seemed to open up above him. Your brain could not comprehend what you were seeing – millions of stars and planets littered the space above as Schmidt stood below, arms beside him as he looked up.
Slowly, Schmidt’s body began to deteriorate, his screams of pain echoing throughout the ship, rainbow flashes coloring your vision as both you and Steve looked away. Then, in a split second, the blue cube fell to the ground and Schmidt was gone.
You looked at Cap, “what…what just happened?”
Steve shook his head, leaning down to grab his shield before nodding towards the pilot’s seat, “we gotta figure this out.”
Sitting beside him as co-pilot, you turned on the radio as Steve tried to figure out how exactly to land the aircraft. He looked down at the map, noticing the ship was on its way to New York. Looking at one another, you pressed on the intercom button beside you, “come in! This is y/n l/n, alongside Captain Rogers. Do you read me?”
Right away, someone responded, “Y/N, L/N, what is your –“
Quickly, Peggy interrupted him, “y/n! Is that you? Is Steve with you? Are you both alright?”
You sighed at the sound of Peggy’s voice as Steve smiled, “Peggy! Schmidt’s dead and – and –“
Peggy calmed you down, “what about the plane?”
You looked to Steve for help as he talked for you, “that’s a little bit tougher to explain.” You raised an eyebrow at Steve as you grasped onto Bucky’s dog tags around your neck, trying to help the conversation. Peggy continued, “give me your coordinates, I’ll find you a safe landing site.”
With solemn eyes, you looked at Steve who was trying his best to possibly fix something, anything, “there’s not gonna be a safe landing…but I can try and force it down.”
Peggy stumbled, “I – I’ll get Howard on the line. He’ll know what to do.”
Steve shouted back, “there’s not enough time. This thing’s moving too fast and it’s heading for New York.”
The sky ahead of you looked beautiful. It was orange, mixed with bits of yellow and blue. Your nose had grown quite cold and your hair whipped your face as you still grasped onto the dog tags.
Steve breathed heavily, “I gotta put her in the water.”
You knew this was coming. You just knew it.
Peggy responded, “please, don’t do this. We have time. We can work it out.”
You called out to Peggy, “Peg…we’re in the middle of nowhere. If we wait any longer, a lot of people are going to die.” Steve glanced at you with worry in his eyes; you nodded to him as he continued, “Peggy… this is our choice. We’re okay.”
Steve reached into his pocket, pulling out a compass with a picture of Peg in the middle of it, placing it on one of the meters. With a grunt, Steve pushed the level down, the airship leaning towards the ocean in no time. You looked at Steve, your heart racing as tears raced your cheeks; not in fear, but in sadness.
Sadness that you never got to have your dance with Bucky at your wedding, nor see his smile once again or feel his lips against your own. You wouldn’t get to hear his gravelly voice in the morning right after a good night’s sleep, or get to hold his hand as he pulled you along at fairs. You wouldn’t be able to smell him or feel his hair against your fingertips as he cuddled into your chest. You wouldn’t be able to be with him before you died.
The altitude was dropping fast and Steve continued to look at the picture of Peggy, the sun glaring in his eyes, “Peggy?”
With a whisper, Peggy responded, “I’m here.”
Steve stared at the glaciers that were coming into view, “I’m gonna need a rain check on that dance.”
Your lips quivered as the glaciers came closer and closer to you. Peggy let her tears fall as she whispered back, “all right. A week, next Saturday, at the Stork Club. And I expect you there, too, y/n. You hear me?”
You and Steve let out a breath as Steve responded, “you got it.” Steve reached beside himself and grabbed for your hand, holding it tightly. The tears came faster as did the glaciers and the cold water.
Peggy continued, “8 o’clock on the dot. Don’t you dare be late. You two understand?”
You swallowed, tears clouding your vision, “yes ma’am.”
Steve stared at the oncoming landscape, “you know, I still don’t know how to dance.”
Peggy whispered as Steve’s hand gripped yours tight, “I’ll show you how. Just be there.”
Steve had his own tears running down his cheeks as you sobbed quietly, hand gripping his tight, “we’ll have the band play something slow.”
Steve turned back towards you, eyes sad as he saw your cheeks, “I am so sorry, honeybee. I’m so sorry.”
With your remaining hand, you held onto Bucky’s dog tags tightly, alongside Steve’s hand, as he turned back to the radio, “I’d hate to step on your…”
The last thing you saw was your James Barnes standing right in front of you, arms wide as he yelled, “my honeybee! There she is – looking gorgeous as ever, honey.” With a kiss to your lips, it almost felt real as you responded, “hi, Jamie.”
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