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#attack on titan
peanutbutterstuffedbagels · 26 minutes ago
Hello! If it's not too much of a bother I would like to request a letter. Specifically something along the lines of an angsty confession of some sorts with Levi - I'm sorry if it's too vague - please feel free add whatever you feel like if you find it too vague
As about a few things about me, I go by She/her I have shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes and few freckles and as for nickname my name is Clairy
Personally wise I would like to think of myself as determined, adventurous and energetic yet I am an introvert and a bit closed off
Thank you so much!❤
Tumblr media
(In this, your Levi’s life long friend, through thick and thin...though he never really referred to you as so. Writing for Levi makes me realize how many cool words I know)
To you, Clairy,
I’m sorry. I know apologies have never been my thing because I’ve never really cared enough to apologize, to anyone. But to you...I suppose this is an exception of some kind, because I truly am remorseful over the fact I’m writing a damn letter to you because I’m to chicken shit to say it to you in person.
Truth is, I’ve never thought of you as a friend, Clairy. Friends don’t feel the way I do about you, it would be so...inappropriate for lack of a better word. Friends have never been my thing anyway.
You’re on my mind at some time every day. I think about how clean you are compared to every one else, how you’re ebony hair is so soft and beautiful compared to any other women I’ve ever met...not to mention your adventurous spirit, how you give you’re heart in soul into the heat of a battle— and yet, you still have time to sit with me, to just read a book even after how brash I am.
This letter isn’t a love confession in order to swoo you, to barter for your affection. No, this is just a way to get you the hell out of my head. Even if you did return any of these feelings, I don’t care. I can’t care with everything going on in the world. I don’t have the time to be with you, I don’t have the emotional capability to get attached again....I’m to far into my feelings...
I won’t lose you, you’ll only die. Another death for the sake of humanity, remember that. Please...I can’t take another loss, another attachment
With best regards,
Captain Levi.
Wanna love letter? Click here! Event lasts from May 10th- 17th!
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bird-tirex · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
- look! looks like you! - you think? I can no longer turn a blind eye to the fact that armin and link are similar and that the legend of zelda is not ironic can become armin's favorite. change my mind.
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kristoffhalpert · 53 minutes ago
I’m writing an EruRi fic and having some writers block so here, have a little drabble of something I thought of :)
Levi let out a satisfied sigh as he stepped out of his car and into the driveway. Normally he was a stay at home dad to his three adopted children, Armin, Eren, and Mikasa, and he rarely ever got a break; today, however, his husband Erwin had the day off and insisted Levi take the day to do whatever he pleased. Levi had been wanting to do something extravagant, so he decided on a spa day to decompress. As stressful as they could be, he was glad to be home early to eat dinner with his family and tuck the kiddos into bed.
Levi opened the door when suddenly his stomach dropped. The house was in complete shambles; toys were scattered all over the floor, dress up clothes hung from the railing of the staircase and crayons were spilled all over the living room rug. Levi could hear screaming coming from in the kitchen and ran in to see what the hell had happened.
There at the kitchen table sat Erwin with the three toddlers, each in their baby chairs. Eren was throwing spaghetti at Armin while Erwin was desperately trying to get Mikasa to eat her pasta. Eren caught a glimpse of Levi in the hall and giggled to himself before hurling a meatball right at Levi’s chest. Erwin noticed Levi and gasped.
“Oh, you’re home early...” he said nervously.
“I wasn’t expecting you to be home til later....”
Levi grabbed a napkin and wiped the spaghetti sauce off his white shirt before walking towards Armin to clean the noodles off of him.
“I’m sorry Levi, I’ll clean all of this up; you don’t have to worry about a thing.” He said finally.
Erwin was worried Levi would be angry about the mess but he was put at ease when he saw a small smile appear on his husbands face.
“They would never do this if it were me watching them,” he said with a chuckle.
“And for the record, Mikasa doesn’t like spaghetti. She likes just plain butter noodles,”
Erwin looked at the noodles on the baby spoon in his hand and sat it down in defeat.
“I don’t know how you do it babe...I tried so hard to take care of them as well as you do by myself tonight but I ruined everything,” Erwin said aggravated.
Levi noticed a stray meatball on the table from one of Eren’s little fits and picked it up.
“You did just fine. Look at them, they had a blast.” He laughed and then threw the meatball at Erwin. Erwin was surprised by Levi’s sudden burst of playfulness and laughed.
“I’m glad you think so. I might need some help cleaning them up for bed though...” he said while watching Armin play in the spaghetti sauce on his plate.
“You don’t say.” Levi chuckled.
The two dads put the three kids in the bathtub and cleaned them up. Somehow Armin had gotten spaghetti on his entire body, while Eren had it smeared all over his face. Mikasa had sauce all over her hands from refusing to eat it and throwing it on the ground.
After putting the kids to bed and an hour of cleaning up spaghetti sauce and toys, Erwin and Levi sat on the couch to relax for the night. Erwin poured the two a glass of wine and put his arm around his husband.
“I have a new appreciation for how hard you work every day,” he admitted.
Levi smiled at Erwin and kissed him softly.
“Does that mean I get more days off?” He joked.
“I’m not sure our children would survive if you regularly took days off,” Erwin and Levi laughed.
Levi was glad to have had a day to himself but, truthfully, he loved being at home with his kids. The three of them had become his whole world and he felt lucky to have them to look after. It was so heartwarming to see Erwin trying so hard, and it felt nice to be appreciated.
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campanula89 · 55 minutes ago
Colt Grice x Oc
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Be calm Colt you can kill her x'D
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hei-ch0u · 59 minutes ago
I wasn’t lying ...I’m working on something. I had to do my baby 🥺
Also hear me out .... “eye water” OST at the final moment in anime 😭
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rivapetosprmcy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eremika and Rivetra from the Animation Gallery. You just have to love how both of the ships are staring at each other..
Also, for the Eremika's out there, here's the translations:
Tumblr media
“Episode 37: what Mikasa told Eren in a state of absolute despair.”
Mikasa: Thank you..for teaching me how to live, (for teaching me to live my life with purpose) thank you...for wrapping this scarf around me.
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aphee-sheiz · an hour ago
I am NOT over his emotions in this scene
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you Mappa
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hei-ch0u · an hour ago
I wasn’t lying ...I’m working on something. I had to do my baby 🥺
Also hear me out .... “eye water” OST at the final moment in anime 😭
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sleepysnk · an hour ago
i decided to do some headcanons after i got some ideas from you guys! i hope you all enjoy 💗!
Shy Neighbor Headcanons
Characters: Eren Jaeger
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
Eren Jaeger:
- okay so.. being that this is shy!eren, he definitely would have a hard time trying to speak to you. he's just a lil awkward guy 🥺
- needless to say, Eren is very kind to you whenever you both see each other. he'd always wave or stop mowing the lawn to come over and ask how you're doing, you're his attractive neighbor! he can't resist <3
- Eren has the biggest crush on you, but poor baby doesn't know how to tell you because he is scared of rejection 😭.
- sometimes Eren will come buy and bring you some goodies, he always thinks of you, so whenever he is making something he'll bring some just for you. ngl, he is a good baker, and his cookies are bomb.
- call him weird for this, but he remembers what time you come home, when you leave, etc. it isn't meant to be creepy, but when he likes someone, he picks up on everything they do.
- Eren gets all blushy when you come over to say hello to him, sometimes he stutters or gets awkward because he thinks you're so amazing 🥺. he could talk to you all day if he wanted to, he could never get bored of you.
- i see him having to fix things for you often 😭, if your sink is clogged, you just have to run next door and he'll be there in no time. he's good with his hands iykyk 😈..
- speaking of fixing, he also comes to help you with whatever you need. you're struggling to get something out of the shed? don't worry, Eren's got it. you need someone to mow the lawn? Eren will be there in a flash. he definitely is an acts of service kind of guy.
- since he brings you goodies, you'll definitely drop by to give him some too. HE LOVES YOUR COOKING AND HE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT, he tried your muffins and he wanted to marry you on the spot.
- since Eren likes you and all, you'll definitely see him getting somewhat jealous if another guy were to show up to your house. he gets discouraged that he'll never have a chance with you, and it makes the poor baby insecure :(.
- you actually developed feelings for Eren after he stayed with you one night when you were sad, some dumb guy had fucked you over and you called Eren to listen. he was so sweet to you and your heart melted at his words 🥺
- "he isn't shit (y/n).. any guy is stupid to pass YOU up."
- Eren checks up on you often, that's something you definitely admire about him. he's always been there for you and he's proved it, unlike those assholes you've talked to.
- you tried hinting things multiple times, but they went all over his head. he likes you a lot, but he just never thought anything you said you ever meant for him.
- you couldn't help but watch him whenever he took his shirt off to mow the lawn, you would not stop thinking about that all day.
- one night, the two of you were talking through your windows, it was something that you two often did because of how convenient it was. you both ended up confessing to one another about your feelings, and boy, Eren was a huge mess. he had a huge blush on his face, and he could barely look you in the eye.
- you went over the next day and make some cookies together <3.
- on a real note, this relationship is super adorable and he is so sweet to you. sometimes you guys talk until 3 am at each other's windows because you like each other so much, who would complain though?
- ugh.. can Eren be my neighbor please?
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yoshinojunpeis-bangs · an hour ago
My PASTEL Bois (work in progress) ^^^
Below is the piece from 5 years ago that I am currently redrawing.
Tumblr media
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daddysfangirls-anime · an hour ago
You’re dating Captain
Pairing: Levi x jaeger! reader ( or is it, Yeager)
summary:  Levi x Eren's sister reader. Eren is a dead hard Levi fan and his older
Tumblr media
(Y/n) was Eren’s older sister being born three years before the boy and just like him wanted to be part of the scout's regime but unlike him, she was very petite, quiet, and shy. As soon as she was of age (y/n) ran off to join the Scout regime joining the military school and training. Her mother disowned her last words to her being “ might as well grieve now it won’t be long before you are dead”  later on her mother sent a letter apologizing but those were the last real words from her mother. Three years later soon after she was sworn into the Scout regime well on her first expedition the walls fall and her mother is dead. A week after that she sees her father she doesn’t entirely remember that encounter but soon after that, he vanishes.
“what’s going to happen to him” (y/n) said in a soft quiet whisper, she always spoke like this, as she laid her head in her boyfriend’s lap.
Her brother was recently arrested and being held in the dungeon. He was found out to be part Titan and well that was bad. There was a trail to be held tomorrow and (y/n) would be attending seeing as she was family and a part of the Scouts regime.
“Erwin’s got a plan. Hopefully, it works and your brother will join the Scouts Regime... Did you know? about the titan thing,” he asked she sat up
“no... but I have a few clues as to who might have known. My father but he’s long gone”
She straddled his lap ran a hand through his hair and smiled “ Levi did you know my brother is your second biggest fan?”
“who’s my first,” he asked kissing her neck
“I am” she giggled.
“Another question, what will your brother think about his ideal having his sister”
“well we’ll have to find out” she smiled kissing him.
The had been secretly dating for a while getting together on her birthday. The only ones to know about their relationship was Hanji, Erwin, and Mike. Levi told Erwin, Mike smelt it (weird), and Hanji doesn’t understand knocking so yeah. Those were the three that knew and no one else no one not even the rest of Levi’s squad knew. It was a super-secret relationship. Which is why (y/n) was in his room at 2 am.
“Levi” (y/n) called as he kissed her neck.
“I love you” he pulled away
“good because this would be awkward then.”  he gave her a gentle kiss “ I love you too. But don’t tell anyone ruins my rep” she giggled
“I promise”
(Y/n) was happy and pissed at the same time her brother was saved but he had the shit beat out of him to assure it. Oh, Levi was going to get a mouth full from her. (y/n) didn’t even knock she barged right into the room putting a fist on her hits prepared to hit Levi with a lecture but that all changed when she saw her brother sitting on the couch,
“Eren,” she said softly quickly rushing to her brother’s aid.
“he’s fine lost a tooth but it’s already grown back. Isn’t that amazing” Hanji said eyeing the tooth that fell out during the beating but (y/n) didn’t care.
“Are you okay?”  (Y/n) said as she brushed back his hair and looked for any more wounds.
“I’m fine. I’m in the scout's regime did you hear. I’m under the watched of Captain Levi” Eren said looking on the bright side on things.
Hearing his name (y/n) looked on the other side of Eren to see Levi who was very interested in the walk across from them. She stood up and slapped him.
“(Y/N)” Eren screamed as his sister started beating on Levi.
“ah just leave it” Hanji pulled him away before he got in between them.
(Y/n) was hitting him but it wasn’t hurting him. She wasn’t even speaking just hitting him. He got annoyed and finally grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to straddle his legs and then he kissed her. He pulled her way once she was calmed down.
“You done now?” she slapped him
“now?” she scratched his arm
“Now?” she pinched him
“...” she pinched him again
“I’m done now”.
“It was the only way to get Eren. If they knew we could control and take him out if necessary they’d entrust him with his”  Erwin explained but (y/n) looked to Levi.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” she pouted to Levi
“it was a secret plus if you had known would you let me gone through with it?”
“No,” she said and snuggled into the crook of his neck. Levi pulled her head up she looked at Levi and brought their lips together. At first, it was a gentle kiss and he held her hands but it got rougher and he wrapped his hands around her waist and she wrapped her arms around her neck.
Erwin smiled as he watched the two. and Hanji watched with a hand over her heart. awe her midget has found love. Mike pretended to ignore them but he too had a slight smile. Everyone just smiled as the two basically made out in front of them.
Mike cleared his throat interrupting their make-out session. The two pulled away from each other to look and see Eren sitting right in front of them looking like they each had grown two heads.
“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” Eren shouted
“lower your voice,” Levi said sternly
“Eren this is my secret boyfriend Levi. Levi this is my not a secret brother Eren. say Hi” she said shyly crawling of Levi’s lap
“sup Brat”
“You’re dating Captain Levi. You’re dating Lance Corporal Levi. You’re dating Humanity’s Strongest. You’re dating your Captain” Eren said the last part in a whisper as if it were a bad thing as if it were forbidden. Levi leaned close into Eren and whispered
“yes she is. Is that a problem?”
“Nope. No sir not at all sir”
“thought so”
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incorrect-ft-ez-quotes · an hour ago
AFROFLUFF REACTION: Attack on Titan Final Ep 74 trust is all over the place
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jakinana · an hour ago
My sad headcanon
Jean eventually marries Pieck because he would never try to get together with Mikasa after Eren's death ... even though he knows that Pieck will never be Mikasa
the video that inspired me ⬆️
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koy6na · an hour ago
i been thinking about milf lover armin who has a bit of a crush on the older woman who works at the local farmer's market. he tries to visit her everyday and make her smile at him with those warm eyes. until one day she doesn't show up at her usual stand and then about six months later he spots her one night carrying groceries back to her apartment and has a baby strapped to her front. his heart skips a beat and he immediately offers to carry her groceries back to her apartment. once they arrive she invites him in for tea. he can hear her shuffling around trying to put the baby down to sleep before making her way over to him. 
they talk and he realizes how much he's missed her smiling eyes, he can't help but notice how full her breasts look and how glowy she's become after her pregnancy. he also can't help but notice that her poor unsuspecting husband is on a weekend long business trip and won't be back for a few days. he can't help but notice how flushed she looks under the lamplight, he can't help but notice how her hands are closing in onto his thigh. he can't help but get hard under her soft fingers, so he confesses everything because he feels so guilty. so she smiles and tells him everything's gonna be ok as she unzips his jeans and pulls out his hot throbbing cock. 
he's moaning and whining so prettily as he lays in her lap, her soft hands are pulling at his dick so nicely. there's precum running down her hands and the noises that are filing the quiet room are too much for poor armin to handle, he's cumming in her hand and cooing into her breasts as she talks him through his orgasm with praise. "you're doing so good, baby. that's it." his face contorts in pleasure at the sound of her voice. he's gasping for air and whimpering in desperation. his cock is still hard, and she's noticed. "can you do one more for me?" she asks sweetly, her voice is psychedelic and he's in an unwavering trance. "yes. yes, please." 
happy mothers day lmao
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