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bradypnoea · 3 minutes ago
For I Do Not Fear The Dark | englishbutter | (10/10) - 110k | Oct ‘14 - Jun ‘15
The winter has been one of the harshest in living memory, and Sigyn knows that not all of her family will live through it. So when a blue-skinned and red-eyed monster comes in the dead of night with an offer beyond her wildest imagination, Sigyn has no choice but accept if her family is to survive. Taken to a castle in the north with secrets around every corner and a mysterious visitor that sleeps on her bed, Sigyn finds that there was far more to this bargain than was on the surface.
Note: (In honour of the impending release of the Loki miniseries and my sceptical optimism for it, I'm highlighting a few canon-adjacent Loki works that can pass the time between new episodes or, if you're like me, distract from new content long enough to miss the first wave of inevitable Discourse.) englishbutter describes this work as "A Logyn retelling of the Norwegian fairytale 'East of the Sun and West of the Moon,'" though I can only attest to the fantasy epic carefully detailed here. This rendition of Sigyn has the weight of her entire family to consider against every experience in the early arc of this work, and the looming consequence of her failure never drifts far from her mind. Over time a mysterious feature of her circumstances grows ever more enticing, and the consequences of Sigyn's hallmark intelligence sets her on a harrowing, violent path that will leave her, and Jotunheim, forever changed.
- Masterpost on Author's Tumblr | @englishbutter - - Author's Twitter -
Now. I must move now. I cannot wait for any longer.
My mother has a long memory, and she has said to us all a thousand times over that this winter is the worst she has ever seen. It started snowing in October, and even I, likewise blessed with an excellent memory, can never recall such an early snowfall. The cold weather is yet another blow after much of our harvest was washed out by a heavy rainstorm in mid-September. The morning when we woke up to the rain pounding on the roof will be burnt into my memory forever. Hnoss, the youngest of my six sisters and just shy of fourteen decades, had woken up before the dawn. She had never quite grown out of waking up early like my other sisters and me.
“Father! Mother!” she calls. “Look at the rain! It’s falling so hard….”
Her voice rang through our tiny farmhouse — a single room separated only by wicker walls that are more like screens than anything else, keeping the work and food area isolated from the place where the nine of us sleep. My parents share the good bed; my sisters and I sleep on the three straw mattresses pushed against the wall, huddled together like a litter of kittens sharing in each other’s warmth.
“Rain?” Father asks.
Hnoss nods, her blonde curls bouncing in excitement. “Lots. Buckets of rain.” She wiggles her fingers to illustrate.
I don’t think she quite understands the implications of what heavy rain means for us — a family who relies on the harvest to survive through the year.
My father sprints to the door, pausing only to pull on his shoes and a shirt whilst the rest of us sit upright.
“Heavy rain?” the second oldest of my sisters, Lofn, mutters furiously, jamming her feet into her own shoes. “It can’t! Not this close to harvest!”
Vár, who my sisters and I have all agreed takes the pessimistic view on life more often than she should, says, “The weather doesn’t care. We should hurry; salvage what we can.”
“What is it?” Hnoss asks. “It can’t be that bad for the harvest. I mean, everything’s underground, isn’t it? Why would the carrots care?”
No one answers her. We all follow Father out of the door, sprinting through the rain to our three fields. The leftmost is a stone’s throw away from the wood that surrounds our land, and it is flooded, the water coming up past my ankles. I run towards it. Hnoss follows me, and comprehension seems to dawn on her face as she sees how urgently we are scrabbling in the mud, and the crops that have been overturned by the rain.
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stucky-on-spiderman · 4 minutes ago
Imagine Bucky getting ID’d and his license just saying how he was born in 1917 like
Tumblr media
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the-reynolds-pamphlet · 5 minutes ago
Patrochilles Paralleles
What he says: I’m fine.
What he means: Japeth and Aric from the School for Good and Evil, Steve and Bucky from the MCU, and Hamilton and Laurens had a lot of parallels to Achilles and Patroclus from Greek mythology. Achilles, Japeth, Steve, and Hamilton had all been outcasts and excluded from the rest, coming from a horrible family and environment. They were desperate to fight in battle to prove themselves. Patroclus, Aric, Bucky, and Laurens were their lover and “better half” as I should say. They helped calm their boyfriends down and assisted them always in battle with common sense. 
Hamilton, Steve, and Achilles were the hot-headed, angry, speak-before-you-think type of people. Japeth was also violent and quick-tempered, although admittedly Aric was a little bit more. Laurens, Bucky, and Patroclus often advised their boyfriends, being older and wiser. Laurens and Aric were hesitant in their relationship, while Hamilton and Japeth were eager.
After their lover’s death, all of them changed in some way: Japeth became bitter and desperate for revenge, wanting to bring Aric back; Hamilton became quiet and subdued, not speaking anyone for two days; Steve cried for nearly a day and never fully recovered from Bucky’s “death”, and was shocked when he found out he was actually alive; and Achilles was driven to such grief that he may have actually purposefully driven that arrow into his heel.
Steve kissed Peggy after Bucky’s “death” and even went back to live with her in Endgame; Hamilton had already been married to Eliza Schuyler and didn’t have another affair until Maria; Achilles had also already been married and seemed to have gone back to loving Breseis. Japeth was the only one who never got over him.
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feetoffthetablee · 6 minutes ago
bucky barnes and sam wilson lockscreens/wallpapers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
reblog + favorite if saving/using and please don't remove the watermark!
edit is mine, photos from pinterest.
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marvelous-parker · 9 minutes ago
i-i’m sorry for drawing this monstrosity 😂 why did i want to make this?
(click for better quality)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pomegranaet · 9 minutes ago
In Which You Get an Explanation
In Which You Get an Explanation
(Loki x Reader)
part 2 of “Roommates”
Synopsis: After the events of striking a God in the ribs with a baseball bat, you both decide to talk things out and get a better understanding of the situation at hand. 
Words: 1k+
Warnings: none :)
The two of you found yourselves in the small kitchen after many moments of silence. You were stood in front of the kettle preparing two cups of tea, debating whether or not this was a piece of fiction your tired mind had made up. Ten minutes ago, Gods and magic were nothing more than fairy tales and fables. Never did you think such things were actually real. 
Once you had prepared the two cups you turned around and held one out to the man, no, God sitting peacefully at your kitchen island. He carefully took the cup from your outstretched hand and cradled it with his own, his hands being so massive they made the cup nearly invisible. 
You took a sip, “So, let me get this straight.”
Loki’s eyes darted up towards you, the sudden sound coming from your lips was almost shocking to hear after your long stretch of silence, “I’m listening.”
You set your cup down and pinched the bridge of your nose, “You are from a planet called Asgard.”
“And on that planet, you are a prince?”
He nodded.
You took a deep breath, “You were the one who tried to destroy New York.”
“This doesn’t make any sense.” Your hands went over your eyes.
‘I’m going crazy'
The God rolled his eyes, “Oh, please. You are not going mad.”
Your eyes widened and you could only stare at Loki, who seemed too unbothered by the whole scenario peacefully sipping his tea, with your mouth agape. His eyes met yours and he placed the cup back down onto the island.
“I can read minds as well.”
You glared at him, “don’t do that.”
“I can’t exactly help it, it just sounds as if you’re talking.”
“I don’t care, stop.”
His lips pressed into a thin line.
“I deserve an explanation.”
“I suppose,” He took another sip, “What do you want to know?”
“Why are you here.”
He sighed, “I decided, by my own accord, to make things somewhat less chaotic between me and Midgard- apologies, Earth.”
You opened your mouth to speak.
“I’m not finished,” He paused, “I was sent to the dungeons of Asgard, and while I was there something rather tragic happened.” His eyes softened for a moment but he resumed eye contact, “Thor, my brother, thought it’d be best if as a form of my punishment I would have to live out the rest of my sentence on Earth and assist the Avengers. There was minor disagreement considering-”
“considering you tried to destroy their home and take over the planet?”
He glared daggers into you, “Once again, debatable.”
“How can that be debatable? A lot of people died by your hand-”
“I am not getting into specifics just-” He closed his eyes and paused again, “before I was so rudely interrupted, I work with the Avengers now. It is not as well known given that they do not want people to make a fuss of it.”
You crossed your arms and looked at him, unsure if you were able to ask another question given his previous reaction.
“Yes, you can ask questions.”
You let go of a breath you were unaware you were holding, “Okay. If you’re with the Avengers, why are you not staying with them?”
He chuckled, “That is merely my own choice. I was staying there until they deemed me “nonthreatening” by a landslide, I can assure you that if I had to stay there any longer I would be the cause of many fatalities.”
You didn’t know how to respond.
“You have nothing to worry about.”
You shot a look at him, “I never said I was-”
“Your thoughts say otherwise. In case you hadn’t noticed, two people have moved into the complex, one of which lives across the hall.”
You furrowed your eyebrows again
The god swirled the dark liquid around in his mug, “I would not exactly call it a coincidence.”
You bent over the counter and rested your head in your hands and thought. You were well aware now of how this strange individual knew everything your mind conjured up, yet you still felt the need to speak to him directly.
“If you’re going to continue living here,” you glanced up at him only to meet his eyes with your own, “we need to set some ground rules.”
Loki fought back a groan and slumped down in his chair.
‘for a prince, he really acts like a child’
You were met with a pair of angry eyes.
“Rule one: don’t read my mind.”
Loki rolled his eyes, “I told you I can’t help it.”
“Then try harder.”
“Don’t think so loud.”
You glared at each other.
You knew you were in for a long night.
A list of rules had been established... eventually
Rule One: No mind-reading
Loki actively attempted to fight you on this one claiming that he "couldn't help" hearing your thoughts, and while that may be true you wished to keep your private thoughts private.
Rule Two: No sneaking around
You wanted to prevent another accidental baseball bat incident as much as possible. This meant no sneaking around the house in the early hours of the morning, but also mentally preparing for Loki to arrive at the apartment later than expected if the need arises.
Rule Three: Try and stay out of trouble
This was a given considering a war criminal working for the Avengers was sharing a space with you, but with a name like "God of Mischief," you felt the need to bring it up. Loki was in agreement with this, to an extent, for the pure thought of something or someone tracking him down to this location and putting an innocent bystander, at risk.
Those were the big three you thought up.
Loki had some input of his own.
And by input, he meant rules for you.
Rule One: Keep questions to a minimum
His reasoning being something along the lines of; "Top secret Avengers stuff" which you couldn't argue. You did bring up the need to know things if the reason deemed absolutely necessary.
Rule Two: "Stay out of my room"
Self-explanatory. People need privacy. Even Gods.
Those were the main ones. The rest were too little and silly to acknowledge.
And thus began the start of a potentially chaotic new life
taglist: @startrekkingaroundasgard @fukyouthink @kaogasm @thewrittingworldofeva
you can opt-out of the tag list at any time
wow this took far too long (school stuff) . i don't have a huge following but i am terribly sorry for the people that enjoy this series so far. the next chapter for this series is already in the works and i have loads of mini-fics in my drafts right now that are almost done that i am very excited for. i have a tag list for this fic now too :)
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unitedwestandpromo · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
UNITED WE STAND is an active, application - based and 21+ Marvel & DC crossover writing group hosted on Discord !
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petergender · 14 minutes ago
discourse aside mcu fanfic is actually supremely fun bc ppl who watch these movies think abt them more than the russos ever will <3
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heroicsaviors · 15 minutes ago
Open to: F/NB
Suggested Connections: Roommate, Girlfriend, FWB, Friend.
Jace tapped his pen with a sigh as he scanned through the want ads in the newspaper. While he enjoyed having a trust fund, keeping his distance from his family meant that he had to keep that money at a distance as well. “What’s a job you can see me doing?” he asked as the other prepared some breakfast. “I’m at the point where there no real dumb ideas.”
Tumblr media
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meadowlarker · 25 minutes ago
There were some brave things I accomplished so far this year, but by far I think the biggest one was sharing my cringey fanfic outline I had to my friends from a past interest lmaooo
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vanishedpromos · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
new york. 2020. two mutants go missing right outside the gates of the prestigious xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, an event which would define the months that followed after. all across the nation, reports of missing enhanced and superhuman individuals were reported from gotham, metropolis, new york, and even reached as far as atlantis. nobody could find the source or cause of the vanished, the only certainty that was known was that it would continue to happen again and again with no warning and no distinguishable pattern.
gotham and new york. 2021. with the government refusing to cooperate in any investigation to find the vanished, the justice league and avengers called upon heroes from all across the galaxy to join them in new york and gotham to try and figure out where the vanished are and why they have disappeared.
join  vanishedhqs.
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jades-tea-shop · 38 minutes ago
emeralds and steel. (pt. 1)
                                       ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
a/n: hi! this is my bucky barnes x reader series! reader is afab and uses she/her pronouns in this! she is also born indian as i myself am indian and i don’t see enough indian representation, especially in fics. however, she knows many languages, so feel free to interpret her ethnicity as you see fit. i’m sorry for not posting anything over the past couple of days, as i was working on this! i hope you enjoy!
warnings: canon-typical violence, sexism, racism, implied racial slurs
tags: none so far, but if you would like to join the taglist, please fill out the taglist form!
summary: reader is a sorceress who was prophesized to be the host of the time stone. she has been alive since ancient greece and has been wandering the earth since. she cannot age nor die since she is now the body of an infinity stone. she was in the british royal military during the second world war, but didn’t see her strengths used well, so she signs up for the ssr: being shipped out to project rebirth with peggy carter.
                                      ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“With all due respect, sir, I have been part of the British Royal Military far longer than you have had a job. I wish to join the Strategic Scientific Reserve, for which my resume is--to be honest--overqualified.”
“What would an Indian woman have to do with the British Royal Military? I find your story ineffably false.” The snooty man pushed his glasses up his nose and narrowed his eyes at her. Her tie was askew, her hair was all over the place, and her papers were in a bunch: only held together by her hands.
Just then, another woman walked by the desk, raising her eyebrows at the pair. “Don’t tell me you don’t recognize Lieutenant (l/n), Mr. Lowe. She’s got not one, but two doctorates in the sciences. I’d think she’s rather qualified for the SSR, regardless of her gender or race.” The man huffed and got up, storming off to who knows where. The woman smiled and held her hand out. “Agent Peggy Carter from the SSR. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Lieutenant.” 
(Y/n) smiled, furrowing her brows, and shook Peggy’s hand. “I’m surprised you know who I am.”
“Nonsense, I’ve followed your career since I joined the military. You’re somewhat of a legend around these parts. Now, the head of the SSR heard of your application and is assigning you to Project Rebirth as a supervisor alongside myself. Your doctorates in chemistry and neuroscience will help us quite a lot.” She started walking towards a side door, motioning for (y/n) to follow. “There’s a plane waiting to take us to Camp Lehigh. Do you have luggage with you?”
She shook her head as she followed the woman. “I’m a light traveler. When you’re a lieutenant with no family you tend to have no roots in society.” (Y/n) gave Peggy a half-smile, waving away her concerned look. “I’m fine, Agent Carter. I’ve survived this long, haven’t I?”
“Indeed you have,” she said pensively. How could someone so strong have no one to rely on? The lieutenant was the first woman to hold such a high rank in the military and have so many degrees for her age. She was young, beautiful, and smart: everything a man could want. She would be expected to have a husband and kids, and yet she had no family. The woman had seemed to hold a sense of sadness as she said this, but she seemed empathetic and lively. Peggy intended to be her friend, whether (y/n) wanted her to or not. Maybe then she could find out what made her tick...
(Y/n) stepped into place beside Peggy as they observed the candidates. The men looked buff and ready to charge into battle, that is, all but one. The scrawny man, sorry, boy that trailed after the others seemed like he belonged in a toy wagon playing with the other children rather than Camp Lehigh. “Ready to scare them, Agent Carter?”
“Always, Lieutenant.” Peggy walked forward, revealing herself to the men. “Recruits, attention! Gentlemen, I’m Agent Carter. I supervise all operations for this division.” (Y/n) smiled serenely at them as she walked forward and stood next to the agent. “For those of you who may not know me, I am Lieutenant (l/n), the assistant supervisor for this division.”
“What’s with the accent, Queen Victoria? Thought I was signing up for the U.S. Army.” The soldier internally rolled her eyes at the remark. Men, the bane of her existence. “And what’s with this...lieutenant? Didn’t know we were letting ni-”
(Y/n) shot forward and put him into a chokehold. “I dare you to finish that sentence, soldier. I am not to be discriminated against just because my skin is darker than yours, and if such foul words are going to come from your mouth, I daresay that we should wash it out and string it up on a clothesline.” She let him go and turned to Peggy, giving her a closed-eyed smile. “Would you like to do the honors, Agent Carter?”
“Certainly, though I think you’ve scared him enough.” The agent punched him, sending him straight to the ground. “That’ll teach you to respect women and especially women of color.”
"Faster, ladies! Come on. My grandmother has more life in her, God rest her soul. Move it!”
“You’re not really thinking about picking Rogers, are you?” Colonel Phillips walked beside Dr. Erskine and the lieutenant, frowning at them. They couldn’t possibly be thinking of picking the runt of the group for the experiment of the decade, could they?
“I am more than just thinking about it. He is the clear choice.”
“When you brought a ninety-pound asthmatic onto my army base, I let it slide. I thought, what the hell? Maybe he’ll be useful to you, like a gerbil. I never thought you’d pick him.”
“Steven has character, Colonel, something that most of our recruits don’t,” (Y/n) cut in. “Dr. Erskine is right. He is the clear choice.”
The colonel sighed as he watched Steve fail to catch up with the rest. “Look at that. He’s making me cry.”
Erskine’s thick German accent was tinged with fatigue, as if he had run a marathon. “We are looking for qualities beyond the physical.”
“Do you know how long it took to set up this project?”
“Yes, we know, Colonel--”
“All the groveling I had to do in front of Senator What’s-His-Name’s committees?”
“Brandt. And yes, we know.”
“Then throw me a bone. Hodge passed every test we gave him. He’s big, he’s fast, he obeys orders. He’s a soldier.”
“Let me stop you there,” the lieutenant held out a hand, effectively stopping him in his tracks. “Not only is Hodge racist and sexist, he is also arrogant and rude. He is a bully.”
“You don’t win wars with niceness.” He fished a grenade out of a box, holding it out so they could see. “You win them with guts.” Phillips threw the grenade at the recruits, yelling, “Grenade!” and standing by to watch.
To the trio’s amazement, Steve jumped onto the grenade, willing to sacrifice himself to save others. The two doctors looked at the colonel, each hiding a smile. “It was a dummy grenade,” he informed. “All clear. Back in formation.”
“Is this a test?”
Colonel Phillips ignored the soldier, and grumbled, “He’s still skinny.” To his chagrin, the two doctors were proven right. Steve would become the new super soldier, even though he was far too weak.
                                      ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
a/n: this was a lot of fun to write! expect a part 2 come up in a couple days to a week! oh, and if you’d like me to create a playlist for this series, i’d love to! in the meantime, i have another special surprise~
© jades-tea-shop 2021. please do not modify, edit, copy or reproduce any of the works published.
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