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#bucky barnes incorrect quotes
man-imgay7 hours ago
Villian: Did you honestly think you could be the new Captain? You're weak. Useless! And you will never live up to Steve Rogers's legacy.
Sam: (Looks down in defeat)
Bucky, picking up his knife: I was gonna hand you over to authorities but for that, Imma cut a bitch. No one insults Sam, but me! Got it!
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fandomdorlyf11 hours ago
Nat : what's your worst day in your life?
Steve : when I woke up and found out I was in ice for almost 70 years
Bucky : the day I fell from the train
Sam : when my wingman died
Bruce : when I was struck by gamma radiation
Wanda : the day I lost my brother and my country
Thor : the day my brother died and my home was destroyed
Tony : the day my mom died
Y/N : the day I was born, it still haunts me till now
Avengers : ...
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incorrecttmarvell11 hours ago
Judge: do you swear to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Bucky: yeah
Judge: is it true that you鈥檝e been in an intimate relationship with steve rogers since the 20th century?
Bucky: omg dare
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imaginethatmarvel13 hours ago
Y/N: Woah, woah, woah. You think I'm into Steve?
Sam: Yes, Y/N, I do. Because you are.
Bucky: You mentioned his name nine times in the last five minutes.
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retthew16 hours ago
Peter: Guys I'm- Wanda: Gay? Natasha: Homosexual. Bucky: Gay? Peter: -- going to the store??? 馃槶
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fuddlewuddle16 hours ago
Bucky holding Zemo鈥檚 hand: this is my emotional support Baron.
Sam: I think they call them Sugar Daddies now, Buck.
Zemo: Never stop holding my hand.
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Bucky: You love me right?
Sam: Yeah, of course.
Bucky: What if I did something bad?
Bucky: I mean like really bad.
Sam: What did you do?
Bucky: Are you SURE you鈥檇 still love me?
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inlovewivlove17 hours ago
Sam: *showering*
Bucky: *pulls back curtain*
Bucky: Are we - stop screaming, it鈥檚 just me - dealing with the powerbroker or the soldiers today?
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kai-queen17 hours ago
Bucky: Im going, to kill you, with my bare hands.
Zemo: I am going to rip your heart out and eat it whole
Sam: I love my friends :)
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thatmarvelobsessedenby18 hours ago
Sambucky: Museums
Sam: Y'know, it's really funny how they portray people they view as heroes.
Bucky: That sounds philosophical, what the fuck does it mean?
Sam: They won't talk about Steve's quirks or shortcomings. They wouldn't talk about how he acted like a kicked puppy when you said no. Or his uncompromising morals sometimes got in the way of doing what's right.
Bucky: OR how he wore newspaper in his shoes and threw up at Coney Island.
Sam, laughing: Those things too, although the Coney Island thing isn't that big of a deal.
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madsmylittlemeowmeow21 hours ago
Bucky:this might be decades of repressed emotions talking but I'm upset
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black-dahlia202121 hours ago
Y/n: We very much hate each other but I would totally fuck you if you asked
Bucky: What?
Y/n: What
Sam, in the background eating popcorn: They said they'd fuck you if you'd ask
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pastelrengasa day ago
Bucky, internally: man, I REALLY like Sam
Bucky, internally: I better show him how much he means to me
Sam: Buck!
Bucky: *punches him* you dumbass
Bucky, internally: why am I like this?
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