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julesjohansson · 16 hours ago
What if Loki met the Doctor and her/his newest companion (the reader) and Loki and reader fell in love.
Just the 5:45 am ramblings of Whovian
Ms. Who? // Loki x Reader
A/N: This ended up being more of a drabble than anything, I hope this is okay!
Another day, another mission.
“Y/N!” you heard your best friend - the Doctor - call out, anxiously.
“Yes?” you called back.
“See, I’ve got the funniest problem,” said the Doctor, gesturing frantically. “With the Tardis. It’s positively-”
“Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey?” you interjected, a small smile appearing on your face.
“Yes, that! See...” the Doctor pointed. “There’s a bit of a problem with the direction, y’know, the Tardis seems to know where it’s headed... the only issue is, I don’t know where it’s headed.”
“Well, I suppose we could just wait and see where the Tardis takes us, and go from there?”
The Doctor contemplated it.
“Yes,” they said, though they sounded a bit troubled. “...Yes, I suppose.”
You’d been many places with the Doctor. Some good, some bad.
Some beautiful, some positively terrifying.
But you had never been anywhere like this.
“What is this place?” asked the Doctor, wrinkling their nose.
“What, you mean you don’t know?”
“No, of course not, Y/N. My direction is completely off today.”
You rolled your eyes, stepping over a large piece of garbage.
“Well, who are you?”
You glanced up, making eye contact with a petite but intimidating woman.
“I’m Y/N L/N,” you said. “I’m an associate of-”
“The Doctor,” the Doctor said, rushing in front of you to shake hands. “Yes, hi.”
“The Doctor, huh?” said the woman. “Well - we could use one of those.”
The woman - who you had come to know as Brunnhilde - ushered you down a long hall.
“Where are we going?” the Doctor inquired, politely, but the woman didn’t answer.
“Well, aren’t you... intriguing?”
The words were spoken by a man draped in golden robes, lounging on a silver throne.
“Who is this, Scrapper 1142?”
“He says he’s a Doctor,” said Brunnhilde, jerking her head in the Doctor’s direction. “And they’re... their assistant, I suppose.”
“More like a companion,” you corrected, softly.
“Interesting, interesting. Well, we could use a Doctor around here. And a... whatever you are.”
The Doctor was led away, and you found yourself left alone. Even Brunnhilde had lost interest in you.
“Might I know your name?”
You turned around, finding yourself face-to-face with an attractive looking, dark-haired man.
“It’s Y/N,” you said, offering him your hand. He kissed the back of it. “Y/N L/N.”
“It’s a pleasure. Loki. Of Asgard.”
“Asgard...? I’m unfamiliar.”
“You must’ve not traveled much, then.”
“Oh, no. In fact, I’m quite the expert in interplanetary travel. I’m the Doctor’s current companion, you see.”
“This Doctor... who are they?”
“One of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, of course.”
“Well, we have something in common, then.”
You and Loki exchanged challenging glances.
And somehow, you knew this was the start of something good.
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julesjohansson · a day ago
Tumblr media
Old Habits Die Hard, Part 1 - Bucky x Reader x Zemo
A/N: Inspired by an ask by @nyx-aira​ as well as an anon! I decided to make it a series.
When Bucky comes to see you, it’s an ordinary Monday.
You twist your keys in your front door, let yourself in. Tuck the groceries into the fridge. Collapse on your couch.
But something...
Well, something feels wrong.
Terribly, terribly wrong.
“Hello, Sergeant Barnes,” you state, attempting to keep your voice level.
You knew he wouldn’t really hurt you - still, you’d spent far too many years in Hydra not to have your heart skip a beat when you find the Winter Soldier at your dining room table.
“...You know that’s not my name.”
You let yourself smile.
“Hey, Bucky.”
He sits down beside you - and for the first time in awhile, Bucky lets himself smile, too.
“It’s been a long time,” he says. “...What? Almost six years?”
“Seven. I counted.”
“Right. I would’ve reached out sooner, but... you made yourself pretty hard to find.”
“Well, Hydra was looking for me. After they found out I was a spy, well... I didn’t mind taking a few precautions.”
He shook his head.
“I’m gonna have to hear the whole version of that story sometime. All I ever got was... the communication I found. The one that tipped them off.”
This silences you, for a moment, and you remember the exact circumstances in which you saw Bucky for the last time.
Bucky had been your trainer, your mentor, your only friend. You had been a gift from the Red Room to Hydra, and they had used you as a spy. Years later, you’d double crossed them - and become a spy for Shield.
Of course, that all came crashing down the moment Bucky - no, not Bucky, the Winter Soldier - intercepted one of your messages to Shield.
The moment you’d had to go into hiding.
“You could have killed me,” you say, softly. “...Why didn’t you?”
He shrugged.
“You could have killed me when Tony told you to. Why didn’t you?”
You hesitate in answering, and you know you’re holding back. You get the sense that Bucky is, too.
“Didn’t want to come out of hiding,” you answer brusquely. “Kinda wanted to keep my title as... the most underutilized Avenger.”
“As much as I wish you could keep that title, I need you.”
“Sure you do, Barnes. What’s the job?”
Bucky chuckles, tossing you a file.
“An extraction. Nothing you’re not used to. One rule - no killing.”
You shrug in response.
“I mean it, Y/N.”
Half of you wants to respond ‘make me.’
...The other half of you wants to remain professional.
“Okay, okay. No killing,” you hum, scanning the file. “...Who’s the target?”
“The one who killed T’Chaka? Jesus, Barnes! You think I want Wakandans knocking at my door? I might be the Red Widow, but any member of the Dora Milaje could put me on my ass, easily.”
"If this works out, the Dora’ll never even know, Y/N.”
“Of course they’ll know. They’re the Dora Milaje.”
“Fine, then. Stay here, in your cave. I’ll let you know when the danger’s over.”
Your mouth dropped open, and you whirled around to face him.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me, krasnaya vdova.”
Your fists clench, and you charge at him. Never mind that the two of you aren’t Hydra anymore, never mind that you’re not sparring partners-
Old habits die hard.
And he takes you down easily, of course, as he always did and probably always will. Even without the metal arm, Bucky had always been the better fighter.
You had different talents. Your weapons were your words.
You groan, feeling his weight pressed against you as he slams your chest into the kitchen floor.
“Will you play nice now, kukla?”
“Nyet!” you manage to shout, throwing him off you and tackling him to the ground.
Bucky wheezes, and for a moment - just one - you think you’ve really got him. That he’s dying, underneath you.
Of course, you were very, very wrong.
He stabs you in the thigh with the smallest of knives, and you double over, whimpering. You look up to find Bucky, offering you his hand.
“You could join us, you know. Or, if you’d rather... you could lose a few more rounds.”
You swallowed, pressing your finger to the wound.
“...When do we start?”
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heroesdelomniverso · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
¿Te gustan las series Marvel? ¿Te gustaría rolear a alguno de sus personajes o cualquier otro héroe del mundo fílmico o del cómic? Visítanos
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heroesdelomniverso · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
¿Que te parecen los Eternos de Marvel? ¿Has leído los cómics? ¿Te ha gustado su diseño en el MCU? A nosotros nos parece un gran proyecto. Si te gustan los Eternos y quieres rolear con alguno de sus personajes o algún personaje de Marvel, DC, Vértigo, Valiant, Top Cow, Millarworld o cualquier otra editorial de cómics únete a nosotros. Empieza tu aventura desde el principio.
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raineydays411 · 5 days ago
Fly me to the moon
Dick Grayson x Reader
Summary: After a mission goes wrong, you and the Guardians are left with no other choice but to land on Earth. The only problem is that you haven’t been there in about three years and you kind of left on bad terms.
Tumblr media
Fear gripped your heart as you held on to the arm rests of your seat. You never will get used to being jerked around as Peter navigated through asteroids.
While trying to escape from whatever being, gang, or government the team has angered that day.
This time, you’re running because the king of some planet wanted you to marry his son. Then Rocket threatened to castrate him, all 
What can you say? You wanted adventure.
Oh shit.
Lights keep flashing as the ship started shaking. Peter and Rocket were arguing as Drax was laughing. You and Groot look at each other in concern and Gamora just looks like she wants to kill everyone. 
“um guys...”
“I’m sorry, I’m just a little concerned with the FLEET OF SHIPS CHASING US RIGHT NOW”
“WHAT Y/N??!”
“They’re surrounding us..”
Peter and Rockett’s eyes widen as they actually pay attention, seeing that you pursuers are indeed forming a large circle. 
Rocket turns to Peter, “Make a jump.”
“What?! Are you crazy?!” “YES but we don’t have any other better ideas!!” 
“Just do it!” Gamora yells, fed up with the arguing.
 And after a beat of hesitation, Peter faced forward and shouted a quick,“HOLD ON TIGHT”
Then made the jump. 
After a flash of light, you feel the ship enter the atmosphere of a planet. It shakes as Peter tries to gain control but is failing.
“Someone need’s to go out there and fix the booster!” Peter yells looking at Rocket.
“Don’t look at me. I went last time.”
“As did I.”
“Me too.”
“I am groot.”
You sigh, knowing that it was your turn, “ Alright I’ll go.”
You unbuckle your seat belt and grumble to Peter,” You know, you’re not a responsible guardian.” 
He scoffs and says, “I’m teaching you life skills kid. Now go with Rocket.”
You and Rocket roll your eyes as you head towards the back of the ship. He helps you get tied up as the ship shakes around you. He reminds you how to fix the broken part and then mutters a gruff, “You sure you’re gonna be okay?”
To which you smirk and reply with a, “Sure old man, why you worried?”
He rolls his eye and immediately take back what he said, opening the hatch allowing you to step out and crawl out on the side of the ship. Simple, you’ve done this before.
But this time it was different. It seemed that Peter was having trouble steering. You’re jostled around and you scowl. You speak into the little ear com
“Ay Quill, you mind flying better?!”
“SOrry kid. There's some flying dude in spandex trying to hit us!!”
What? There's no way.
“What? Is he in blue and has a red “s” on his chest?” 
There’s no way. Your luck is not this shitty.
“Um..yeah how did you know that?”
“Uh I-AH” You’re cut off, a red laser shooting the rope that had you harnessed to the ship, and helped you keep balance. Thus making you cling onto the side of the ship with your best abliltiy.
The ship swerves more, trying to avoid the flying man.
“Where are these guys coming from?!”
That’s the last thing you hear when you’re knocked off the ship, you look up to see a bat shaped object where you were holding on. Everything goes in slow motion as you fall. The last thing you hear is Peter yelling in your ear as you hit the ground and everything goes black.
You groan as you shift on the ground. A sharp pain running up your leg as you sit up. You see a few cuts and you know at least your ankle is sprained.
Your vision clears as you look at your surroundings. You see forrest. That’s all, just forrest. You hear the calls of birds and chattering of woodland creatures.but then you hear footsteps. The crunching of twigs as someone creeps your way. 
You leap to your feet, crying out as the weight on your ankle sends more pain shooting up your side. But you don’t let that deter you. You keep the small mask Rocket made for you on, hiding your identity. That’s when you see him
“You’re not from here are you?” 
You stay silent, observing his moves. Not wanting to get ambushed.
“Do you know what I’m even saying?”
There's a beat of silence then you lowly say “ My..My family?”
“Oh they’re fine. It seems that the ship you were on crashed but everyone's okay! Don’t worry. They’re worried about you though. So, um, you wanna come with me.”
Relieved you relax your stance. A familiar feeling coming over you as you cock your hip, “ I don’t know, Rocket always said not to speak to strangers.”
He blushes, not expecting your shift in tone, “ Well, I’m Robin.”
You smirk, “ I know.” 
He looks confused, but that morphs into shock as you click a button, allowing the mask to retract and reveal your face. 
“Hey Grayson.”
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heroesdelomniverso · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
¿Te gustan los mundos de Marvel? ¿Quieres rolear con alguno de sus emblemáticos personajes? Únete a nuestro foro y disfruta de una maravillosa experiencia en el mundo del rol basado en los mundos heroicos de cómic
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heroesdelomniverso · 9 days ago
Te gusta el mundo de Batman. Quieres rolear algún personaje emblemático en la oscura Ciudad de Gotham. Ven a visitarnos:
Tumblr media
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heroesdelomniverso · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
¿Te gusta la Justice League? ¿Quieres rolear a alguno de sus personajes? Héroes del Onmiverso es tu foro. Empieza está aventura con nosotros desde el principio eligiendo un héroe que te guste; tanto sea de cómic como serie o película basada en cómics.
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seriously-sirius-black · 11 days ago
— prompt list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( let’s be honest it’s about time i added one to my profile )
“It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”
“‘Cause you’re pretty, and you’re smart and you’re... ignoring me, so you’re obviously my type.”
“Your lips are warm.”
“Pretty boy, with me!” (...) “Oh, I’m pretty boy?”
“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”
“Are you flirting with me?” “I have been for the past year or so, but I appreciate you noticing.”
“You’re an idiot.” “But you love me.”
“Could you say that again?” “Were you not listening?” “No I was, I just like hearing your voice.”
“You took all the pillows so I’m using you as one.”
“You look...“ “Ridiculous? Stupid? Out of place?” “Breathtaking.”
“Y’know, when I said you’d fall for me, this is not what I had in mind.”
“It looks good on you.”
“Whenever I’m around you I get super nervous and get this weird feeling in my stomach. So, I’m either in love with you or allergic to you, and I don't know which one is worse.”
“It’s pouring rain, why are you here?”
“I love you.” “No, you don’t” 
“It didn’t mean anything- you didn’t mean anything.”
“I didn’t know where else to go.”
“I don’t want to feel this. I want to be numb again.”
“You were a bad decision. A lapse in judgement. Nothing more.”
“Please don’t make me choose.”
“‘You and I?’ There was never a you and I. Just a (boy/girl) running so desperately for love.”
“You’ll always be a friend.”
“So, this is it? After everything we’ve been through? You’re just gonna throw that away?”
“You were an investment.”
“Choke me.” “...Are you into that?” “No, I just wanna get knocked out for like... an hour or two.”
“Is that a threat?” “Do you want it to be?”
“Are you drunk?” “...No.”
“You’re late.” “I wasn’t even gonna come today, so don’t start.”
“You could always beat him with a stick.” “I bet he’d be into that.”
“Do you trust me?” “No.” “That’s fair.”
“Alright— where’s the idiot?” “Uh... I’m here.” “Surprisingly enough, I’m not talking about you this time.”
“This is a horrible idea. Who came up with this?” “You did.”
“I’ve got good news and bad news.” “Good news first.” “...It’s very unlikely I will ever do it again.”
“I’ll drink to that.” “You drink to everything.” “Cheers!”
“Keep in mind that what I’m saying should be accompanied by a five-foot tall neon sign that reads ‘I should’ve known better’.”
( if you have any other prompts you’d like me to add, shoot me an ask! )
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gingerwriter97 · 14 days ago
Black & White (CH2)
If you want to continue to see this story plz let me know 💕
"We need to get y/n to a doctor." Bucky suggests.
"Are you sure you can see color?" Sam asks.
"Of course. Why would I be making this up?"
"To flatter me." Zemo says.
"Shut it." Sam and Bucky tell Zemo.
"Apologies." He quietly says.
Even that was so sweet. Margret had to be right. Either that or I just experienced love at first sight with a total stranger.
"Y/n isn't into you and never will be." Sam says.
You shoot a glance at Zemo who caught your eyes. He gives you a soft adorable smile which you reciprocate.
Hours later, you exist the doctors office.
Zemo awaits for you all in his stylish car, bumping to music. He turns the volume down once he sees you walk out.
"Am I your soulmate kitten or were you just playing with my feelings." He asks.
"I most definitely was not playing with anyone's feelings." You glare at him.
Sam and Bucky silently get into the back seat, letting you take the passenger. Zemo glances at them, "I take it by the way they're staring at me, we are soulmates."
"I wouldn't necessarily say that, but I was color blind and once I saw you I have color Margret told me. Exactly as she told me."
Zemo starts his car, turns his music back up and puts his arm around the passenger seat. "Darling." He winks at you.
Later that evening you are all getting ready to head into the heat of Madripoor. Sam and Bucky had both been given stylish clothing and Zemo even dug something up for you.
You exit your room in a black v-neck bodysuit paired with black heels.
"Dayummmm...." Sam says as he spots you.
Bucky turns around with a smile on his face and you lock eyes Zemo who lowers his glass from his lips, slowly licking them clean.
You shyly glance to the floor and back up and the guys.
"We're definitely keeping our eyes on you tonight." Bucky says walking up to you, offering you his arm. You smile and go to take it when Zemo pops in.
"May I?"
Bucky shoots a glance at you, you give him a nod assuring him that Zemo is okay. Bucky hesitantly hands you off to him. Zemo slides in and gives you a soft smile which you return. Your hand rests on his bicep under his coat long thick coat.
"Shall we?" he gestures to the door and they all head out.
The loud music starts ringing your ears as the four of you approach the alley.
"Are you sure you'll be fine Buck?" You ask.
He nods, trying to get back into the Winter Soldier mode. You still worry about him but there isn't much you can do. You glance over at Sam who is still trying to walk in his heels.
You all enter and head up to the bar. Zemo orders Sam a drink and you almost throw up at the sight of it. You must hold it in or everyone's cover could be blown. Sam too. Sam realizes this and after a few failed attempts, he finally downs the drink.
A strange man comes up and exchanged a few words with Zemo. You just remain at his side and try to look as pretty and intimidating as possible. The man makes a comment directed at you which appears to have aggravated Zemo. Before you know it, his lips are on yours. He dramatically kisses you then pulls away and turn back to the man, apparently making a statement.
The man leaves and Zemo, and he turns to you, "Apologies, y/n. I should have asked before."
You shake your head, "That's okay." You say. All you could say as you were still thrown off by that sudden and amazing kiss.
Zemo spots another man approaching and addressed Bucky, "зимний солдат".
Wow that was sexy.
A man suddenly places his hand on Zemo's shoulder causing you to move but is instantly grabbed by Bucky and thrown to the floor. You gasp but revive a quick look from Zemo. Cover. Right. Several more unfortunate souls try to throw hands at Bucky but fail. Bucky holds a man against the bar and you silently urge Zemo to stop it.
"молодец солдат."
The men are then escorted to a private room in the back. You wait outside for them, not wanting to ruin anything. After the men protest, you win out.
It seems like forever until they return but when they return they're rushing. Zemo grabs your wrist without stopping and drags you along.
"What happened?" You ask.
"Sam answered his phone and busted our cover." Bucky states.
"What is everyone looking at us?" You ask, getting more worried by the second.
Zemo spots a lady mimicking a gun shot to him and hears everyone's phone chime, "This is not good."
Suddenly gunshots ring out. You scream and cover your head. Sam and Bucky sprint forwards and as you go to lung after then you screech as your pulled off to the side and down a tiny alley by Zemo.
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chokemepansy · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
There will be days when you feel alone, and that is when hope is needed most. No matter how buried it gets or how lost you feel, you must promise me that you will hold onto hope. Keep it alive.
-> headcanons are marked with ❦
─ preferences
♥︎ seeing you get hurt
what gwen does when she sees you hurt ❦
Tumblr media
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heroesdelomniverso · 16 days ago
Netflix estrenará en nada Jupiter's Legacy.
Sí leíste el cómic y quieres rolear alguno de sus personajes, ven a visitarnos:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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