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fumkyfrenshfamtherfigure · a minute ago
Sometimes I think abt changing my url but idk what I would even change it to. Maybe boimgfrog.
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redheadarcher · 2 minutes ago
me @ scarlett regarding that crackship :  who’s the guy, Scar ?? 👀
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ludgatesapril · 3 minutes ago
i love lb i really do
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toytulini · 4 minutes ago
Apollymi should fake his death (the first time) as a car accident actually, i think. i hate to kill off his little car but it would be more believeable bc it would mean abandoning the car, vs if the house burned down and the car disappeared, that would be suspicious
#toy txt post#apollymi#ocs#either yeet it off the edge of one of those windy mountain roads or into the water. water is good i think bc then maybe its less weird to#not find bodies? or should there still be. stolen cadavers#i love the symbolism of putting it in the water but actually. yeeting it off the mountainside into the forest also works#and then u can have cadavers as bodies but hide it well enough that by the time they find the bodies theyre impossible to identify and its#assumed to be apollymi and nereus?#the second time he does this. it involves a small private plane bought under his new alias that crashes into the sea.#maybe in the bermuda triangle. just for fun. amd then he and nereus just chillin in a sma inflatable boat until their ride comes to pick#WAIT. apollymi nereus and vince this time!! he lives with them at this point.#them up who i GUESS is Charm? in a yacht that is not on any books. it doesnt exist. its not out at sea. no one knows about it.#that sounds terribly unsafe for sea travel but anyway. then they use charms yacht to sail to an island. depending on the direction i go with#this this may involve and include. son of two tongue as a grumpy hostage bc he wont stop trying to kill apollymi for killing his father#so apollymi. who is tired of killing. is going to just. pass him off to charm and lenny. since he wants so badly to live that life. idk idk#basically. i will never fully free apollymi from charm bc its so funny to test charms abilities to avoid being stabbed#the second fake death is even more elaborate and over the top than the first and involves lots of fucking around in the ocean and dubious#recordkeeping on vehicles and then living on a secluded island? i guess? idk i think thats the end goal here#hed probably consider trying to just. live at sea on a boat if he didnt think nereus would murder him in his sleep for it#Apollymi cant stop going Home (derogatory) to Charm and he Hates it. but its useful#bc i think via this method. his exgf can be told that hes not dead. and she can come visit and kick his ass for FAKING HIS DEATH. TWICE and#not telling her. lenny is out here girlbossing it up so hard. yes she becomes horrible but is she worse than Charm was? no. therefore its an#improvement. that depends who u ask. some think shes scarier than Apollymi. she is certainly even more honed for being a brutal and#terrifying crime machine. she is so fucking repressed in so many ways. forgive me for this phrasing but.#just like daddy taught her (derogatory) (but this is Purely Actual Father Figure phrasing. Charm did raise her)#she has never expressed an emotion that has not been thoroughly and coldly calculated to only express if its relevant and furthers her goals#her brain has to submit a written request 3 business days in advance to experience any emotion.#...all of this set of ocs are so fascinating and also. fucked up. absolute mess. including charm!! man i have NO idea what charms deal is#fuck im out of tags AGAIN. i have to go get my laundry anyway. my characters are disasters goobye
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sadgrrly02 · 5 minutes ago
so my misfiring synapses have created a couple of astolfo stories but refused to finish any of them. To remedy this issue I just published all of them together. Ao3 Link:
“Just let me sleep a little more, Astolfo.”
“Erm, Master, it’s nearly 4PM.”
“What!?” Isolde jolted awake, and sat up. She leaped out of bed, and put on a jacket and boots.
“Geez, I’m sorry. Have you eaten yet?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” They took her hand.
Astolfo had taken a liking to coffee. Since they’d discovered it a month ago, they’d become obsessed with its black, savory darkness. They took a sip. Adding sugar and cream only adulterated it. They needed a stable bitterness, a temper to their own saccharine nonsense. They took another sip. Their reverie ended when they asked Isolde “Do you think I’m okay?”
She looked confused.
“Am I an okay roommate? I know some people think I’m annoying.”
“You’re a great person to live with.” She replied. “I especially like your cooking.”
They blushed. “Thank you.”
“I really do appreciate it.”
“You’re not so bad at making coffee yourself.” Astolfo said.
“My mother would disagree.”
“Sieg, you jerk.” Astolfo muttered. They stared upwards at the moon, and held a small photograph in their hand.
“Why Sieg, why?” They sighed, tucking the photo into a pocket.
“Guess I oughta put a tent up” They said, pulling themself off of their hippogriff’s back.
“You’re good, boy.” Astolfo cooed. “We’re resting for now” They unlatched a saddle bage and retrieved their tent. After staking it down, they took a last look at the night sky. Each star was like a pinprick set against a pitch-black curtain. They sighed. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It wasn’t too unlike the night Sieg had become their master. Astolfo winced.
“Nostalgia, or pain?” they wondered. “Nostalgia, or pain?” That phrase had become a mantra for them as of late. They kept muttering it as they laid out a bedroll. It was the end of February, and the night air was frigid. Astolfo could see their breath through their scarf. It appeared as a tiny gush of steam, then it vanished.
“Just as transient as you.” They muttered. Sieg had fluttered into their life, stolen their heart, and then ripped it out. “Sure,” They thought. “He hadn’t meant to do that, at all. Doesn’t make moving on any easier.” They zipped up the tent, and then tumbled into bed. They’d gotten through another day. They could rest now, and leave the world behind for a little while. Dreams were a kind of escape, even if Sieg was often there. Astolfo’s eyelids were heavy. They knew it was time to sleep. They muttered one last time, and then nodded off.
Flowers. The first thing Astolfo saw was a field of flowers. Their blossoms formed a disordered rainbow that which stretched from where Astolfo stood to a white pavilion.
“Really?” They huffed. “One of these dreams? I suppose it’s fitting.” They began walking towards the pavilion, potentially for the last time. Roses, poppies, and whatever else were crunched underfoot by Astolfo’s steps. Once they entered the pavilion,  Sieg materialized behind them.
“Hello, Rider.”
“Evening, Sieg. I trust  you’ve been well?” Astolfo’s voice had taken on an uncharacteristic coldness.
The door opened. Erika had been expecting it, but it still startled her. Cat-like, Astolfo stepped into the apartment, their footsteps barely audible. They were halfway to their room before the called out
Erika laughed, then called back “It’s good to see you.” She heard a short “Yeah” in response before their door closed. Erika looked at they unfinished essay sitting on her laptop. She’d written most of it, and that was good enough for tonight, she thought. A few moments later Astolfo emerged from their room, wearing a black nightgown. They had two black coffees in their hands.
“Want one? They asked.
“Just put mine in the fridge,” she said. “I can’t sleep it off the way you can.”
“Fair enough.” Astolfo said cheerfully, taking a seat next to her.
“How was your day?” They asked.
“It was alright.” Erika replied.
“Good, good,” They said. “How’s school going?”
“Eh, same as it was yesterday. I’m nearly done with this paper.”
“Good job!” Astolfo said. “Could I read a little bit of it?”
“Oh, sure.” She said.
As Astolfo leaned over her to read, she got a whiff of coffee and strawberries. The latter was from their job, but the former seemed to waft off of their hair. It made her a bit self-conscious. Her hair smelled like plain old soap. Nothing fancy.
“Hm, congenital defects in pure-bred poodle populations.” They read a little more then said “Seems like a downer to me.”
“I suppose,” Erika granted. “I find it interesting.”
“Whatever makes you happy.” Astolfo was now lying on the couch, head resting on a cushion beside her legs.
“You’re cute.” Astolfo muttered.
“Hm?” Erika queried.
“Nothing.” they giggled.
“No, no, I think I heard something.” Erika insisted. “For the record, you’re cute as well.”
“You think so? They asked.
“Yeah, I do.” She said.
“That’s good,” Astolfo said. “Probably makes living with a scatterbrain like me easier.”
“Oh hush,” Erika said, closing her laptop. “You’re very smart, you just can’t focus.” She set her laptop on a side table, then said “Don’t be too hard on yourself.”
“I try not to be,” Astolfo insisted. “After all, my job’s okay, and the bosss likes me.” They rolled onto their back, now staring up at Erika. They stared at her, make eye contact, then purred.
“You good?” She asked.
“Oh, yeah,” Astolfo snapped back to reality. “It’s comfy down here.” They said.
Erika stared back into their pink irises and thought “Cute.” Then she began berating herself.
“You only live with them because they’re cute.”
“Stop being creepy. Break eye contact. Now.”
“They probably only tolerate you.”
“Hey, you okay?” She was rescued from a self-destructive spiral by Astolfo, whose face was now inches from her own.
“You’ve been staring a while.” They said.
“Oh, sorry.” She said, not breaking eye contact.
“It’s okay.” They said. Astolfo started laying back down when Erika said “Weird question.”
“Weird Answer.” Astolfo joked.
“Could I … kiss you?” Erika asked.
Astolfo smiled. “Sure! Go ahead!”
She hesitated, then leaned over them, going in for the kiss. Their lips made contact with hers. Astolfo was good at this, she thought. They both leaned into it. She pulled back after 15 or so seconds.
“That was fun.” Astolfo said, blushing. Erika realized she was also blushing.
“Yeah,” she said. “I haven’t made you uncomfortable, have I?”
“No,” they said. “I’m good. How about you?”
“I’m content.” She said. It had been a good kiss.
Astolfo glanced at their phone. “Ah, looks like it’s bedtime for me.” They gave her another small peck on the cheek before they marched off to bed.
When Erika got back from class the next day, Astolfo was already home.
“Shouldn’t you be at work?” She asked.
“I worked an early morning shift today.” They explained.
She dropped her bag next to the couch, collapsing onto the couch shortly afterwards.
“You seem tired.” Astolfo noted.
“I didn’t get much sleep.” Erika said. After last night’s kiss she’d stayed up all night fretting over it as well as her classes.
“Makes sense,” Astolfo said. “I heard you pacing last night.”
“How are you?” She asked, deflecting the focus of the conversation.
“I’m fine,” They said, getting up from the couch.
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yaku-soba · 5 minutes ago
help it is barely 11am and my lit tutor is drinking wine on zoom and just called my friend out for not knowing grammar 😭😭😭 he rlly pulled no punches 💔💔
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wonderall · 5 minutes ago
𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫 :  males. 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲𝘀 :  jane,  23,  (ex?)  “escort”  /  drug  dealer.  assume  connection. emma greenwell  fc. <3
Tumblr media
“  you’re  no  good  for  me.  you  never  were.  “
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subbyspence · 6 minutes ago
So anxious for absolutely no reason that my heartrate hasn’t dropped beneath 90BPM for hours now
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unh3althyobsession · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Not and Oc or a Mcyt, just a random person
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scullydubois · 7 minutes ago
head: hurting
stomach: aching
sleep: time
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prisonerofdreamsss · 9 minutes ago
My mom misread the appointment date and turns out out haircuts r scheduled for next Friday not this one!!!!! Just let me chop it off!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would do it myself but she wants to "make a day of it" together, I'm going to s c r e am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !! !
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