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#yandere avengers
thefieryphoenix · 7 hours ago
For marvel yanderes, do you see any of them capable of letting their obsession has a normal life with a job and friends instead of locking them up and keeping them all to themselves? If so what ones do you think are possible of doing so?
Well I’d imagine Bucky, Tony, Thor and Bruce who might let you live normal lives and you’ll have to keep assuring them that you won’t try leaving them and you’ll love only them. You might be able to see your friends only after you gain their trust which will take a while but till that time they might let you have some online friends. No spilling of personal information though and yes, they WILL come to know once you say more that what’s needed to other people, don’t ask me how. If you want to post something on social media you will need their approval and all that and you can only do it on THEIR phones so they can keep an eye on you while you do so. But hey, at least it’s better than going stir crazy with the same lifestyle and it’s a start right?
Now as for Natasha, Clint and Steve, you won’t be able to go out anymore that’s for sure. Maybe till the fence and around the backyard but in the real world? Uh uh... no can do. You might be able to post and publish things with their permission online though and they’ll encourage you to do so after a lot of pleading and begging
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avengers-goddess · 23 hours ago
all things lost
Tumblr media
dark peter parker, 1.7k words
Burnsley was well known for it's violent nature. It all dated back to when Steve Rogers and Tony Stark fell out six years ago.
No-one knew what over but it must have been something bad. The pair used to be best-friends. People took sides and then the whole town split up into two sections.
North Side and South Side.
Tony owned North Side. He practically built it from the ground up. He mostly recruited kids who had just graduated from high-school. Ones who were smart. Ones who would be easily manipulated.
Steve did things different. He didn't recruit the young. Most of the people he took in where ones who came to him- or his little gang's family members. South Side had been abandoned ever since Burnsley existed, so he claimed that without second thought.
And that's just the way things were in Burnsley.
Ever since the fallout, your brother, Bucky, took Steve's side. You weren't shocked. They had been inseperable most of there live's. He urged you to take Steve's side, to join their little gang and be one of them.
You didn't. Instead, you stuck to yourself and got yourself a job in the bar where everyone hung out. Bucky scored you the job, not like Steve would have minded.
Not many people were brave enough to run the bar where all the bikers hung about. Also, Steve had an office set up in the back, so whenever trouble with the North Side started, it usually happened here.
Like now, Steve had just got word that Tony was planning a hit on Dr. Banner's Pharmacy.
Bruce Banner didn't pick a side, but Steve offered to let him set his business up on the South Side. No one knew why but most people thought it was because of the fact Bruce used to hide Steve out when he was running from Tony.
"What are we going to do?" Sam asked Steve, who was running his hands through his hair due to frustration. You watched closely as he was clearly lost in his thoughts.
You knew how much Bruce meant to him, so seeing him like this was expected. Bucky looked equally as worried as he paced up and down.
"We can get some men to guard it. Hide Bruce out in the safehouse," Sam said and Steve stopped his actions, furrowing his eyebrows. "Good idea, Sam."
"We need someone to get Bruce," Wanda informed from her seat. All of a sudden, all eyes moved to you. The breath hitched in your throat as their eyes stalked you.
"No," you gritted out in annoyance. You did not want to pick sides. The only reason you stayed in this town was for your brother.
"Please, Y/N. They won't expect you to turn up."
Bucky's words spiralled around in your head. This was practically Dr. Banner's life in your hands. He used to babysit you for god's sake. And how could you deny your brother?
"Fine, but if anything happens Buck..."
"It won't. If it does, we'll get them back. Ten times harder." Steve promised. You took a deep breath and before you knew it, Wanda was throwing your car keys in your direction.
Catching them, you grabbed your jacket before leaving the bar, starting your car and driving off into the direction of the Pharmacy.
"Dr. Banner?"
You pushed the door open slowly, jumping at the sound the bell made. Placing your hand on your heart out of shock, you stood still for a second to catch your breath.
There was nothing here. No Dr. Banner. Not that you could see anyway.
Slowly, you made your way to the back. A gasp escaped your lips as you saw smashed glass behind the counter. A splot of blood was on a piece of it and you felt your heart pace quicken up when you realised the door to the back was ajar.
Whoever was in there, must be hurt.
"Dr Banner?" You said it more harsher this time. A bang was heard from the back room. By now, you felt like your heart was going to tear it's way out of your chest.
You were contemplating whether or not to enter the room. What if something happened to you?
Before you knew it, you were entering the room. A gasp left your lips when Dr. Banner was tied up. Cellotape was wrapped around his mouth and his wrists and ankles were bound with rope.
Grabbing a pair of scissors from the table, you cut the ropes and carefully pulled the tape from his face. "Y/N. Thank god," he cried out and his arms wrapped around your shaking figure.
"W-who did this to you, Bruce?"
"Peter. Peter Parker."
The name rang a bell. It rang several bells. Peter used to be your classmate. You even considered yourself friends at one point. But when Tony took him under his wing, you couldn't bring yourself to see him.
Steve would probably go insane if he found out you were friends. So you stopped. For his good, and your own.
"Come on. Before he comes back to burn the place down."
He stood from the floor and it was then when you noticed the blood trickling down his arm. You didn't question it but when you were fleeing the building, you grabbed some bandages for the wound.
The shout of your name very much caught your attention. And especially the person who was screaming it. Peter Parker was stood on the other side of the car-park, with a baseball bat in his hands.
A tub of gasoline was in the other and you took a shaky breath before whispering to Bruce, "Get in the car."
"But Y/n-"
"Do it, Bruce."
He obeyed and quickly jumped into the passenger seat of your red chevrolet. Peter came closer towards you approached him aswell. His eyes ran up and down your body and it made you feel queasy.
Ever since you could remember, Peter had always had a crush on you. MJ said all he used to speak about was how beautiful your smile was or how your face was carved by angels.
"You know I can't let you get away. Tony would kill me."
"Not even for an old friend, Parker?"
"No, Barnes. Not even for an old friend."
His attack came from nowhere and before you knew it, he swung his bat in your direction. Luckily, you managed to move backwards and your fist swung, hitting his jaw.
You should have expected it. His face to be rock hard. What you didn't expect was his reaction. Peter flipped you over onto the hood of your car, making you gasp at the sudden contact. His hand struck your face and you hissed when you felt the blood trickle down it.
You kicked your knee up into his groin and smirked when he keeled over in pain. Quickly, you gave him one last kick before diving into the driver's seat. "Jesus, Y/n. Are you okay?"
"I'm fine," you huffed out and pushed the hair out of your face before starting the car. Peter stood up just as you accelerated and it took you all your might to not run him over.
Instead, you reversed and turned, taking the back road which led into the woods. "Say goodbye to your Pharmacy, Banner!"
Bruce's eyebrows raised and you said, "Forget it. Steve will fix it. At least your alive."
"Where are we going?"
"Steve's safehouse. You'll be fine there until they sort you out a new place to live."
Nothing more was said in the ride up to the safehouse, but Bruce was bleeding more and more. You noticed a cut above your eye from when Peter hit you and you had a sore back.
After about fifteen minutes, you arrived at the familiar house. Sam was stood outside and you could make out a gun in his hands. You flashed your headlights twice, which was the usual signal to know you were friendly.
He raised his hand and the gates opened. Driving closer, Steve and Bucky ran out of the front door, Wanda hot on their tail. As you both got out, Bucky and Wanda ran to you whilst Steve ran to Bruce's side.
"I'm fine," you said when the pair of them were worrying over your cuts and bruises. "Bruce is bleeding, probably lost a lot of blood."
"Thank you, Y/n."
Steve's thanks made you look over at him. Bruce was now being whisked away by Clint and Sam. "Never again!" You shouted. Bucky tried to reach you but Steve put his arm out in front of him, stopping him from doing so.
You scoffed at the action and gave one last glare to Steve, before getting back into your car, reversing away from the house.
Looking out of your mirror, you watched as Bucky began shouting at Steve who only looked on as you dissapeared down the road.
As you turned the road, the rain started to come down hard. The weather in Burnsley had always been bad, but this was one of the worst things you'd seen.
Turning on the radio, you relaxed when Bob Marley was playing. When you turned the road to approach your house, you noticed the redness in the sky.
Confusion etched your features as the police and fire engines were lined up on your street. That's when you realised it- it was your's and Bucky's house.
"Oh my god," you gasped, hitting the brakes just outside your house. You recognized Thor, who worked with the fire department. "What's happened?!"
"Miss Barnes. W-we don't know what happened. All we know, is that some neighbours said they saw someone driving off in a black camaro. You growled when you realised who drove that car.
Peter Parker.
"I'll kill him!" You yelled and dived back in your car, heading to his house, where you knew he'd be hiding out.
"I'll get, you little fucker."
By now, Bucky should be getting word on the fact your house was up in flames. And the fact you drove off into the direction off Peter's place. Hopefully, back up should arrive soon.
Even though you vowed you didn't want to be between this whole war Tony and Steve had going on, the North Side had hit your weak spot. The place you and Bucky grew up. The only things you had left of your parents, your older sister.
Now, they were all gone.
All thanks to Peter.
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yandereseptilper · 2 days ago
I'm gunna start taking requests for fanfics anyone got any thing they want me to write put it in my asks and I'll get to them!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Hi, for marvel love letters, maybe a romantic Peter Parker writing to his obsession that is hesitant toward his love?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you? Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen the way you’ve been keeping to yourself even more than before, especially when I’m around. Or how you try to make yourself as small as possible hoping I won’t notice you, I always notice you. Or how you shy away or scurry off whenever I get close to you.
I know my confession came out more jumbled and intense then I wanted but I just couldn’t contain myself. I’m sure it overwhelmed you and I’m sorry for that but you could at least be honest with me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. But being able to finally tell you how much you mean to me and how in love I’ve been with you for God knows how long just felt too good.
You don’t need to give me an answer or even return my feelings right now. I just needed to tell you how I felt. If you need time then that’s perfectly fine. I’ve waited this long, I can wait awhile longer. But please don’t shut me out or run from me again. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide or keep anything from. I’m here for you and that’s never going to change.
Call me whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen.
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thefieryphoenix · 7 days ago
Hi I was wondering if you could match me with marvel character?
I have long brown hair and green eyes. I love books especially thrillers and horror. I’m quite sensitive and emotional, I would say I’m very right brained despite being pretty academic. I love writing and hope to write a book one day. I’m very opinionated and have been described as having an attitude problem but I think it’s a key part of my personality. I’m also a compulsive swearer.
You anons make it REALLY HARD for me to take a break TvT *Sad author noises* but I ship you with Clint Barton aka. Hawkeye. PLEASE DON’T SEND ME ASKS AND REQUESTS FOR A WHILE!!!!
It would be difficult to know if he’s a yandere or not since he hides his obsessive yandere tendencies really well no joke. You wouldn’t even notice if he was after you or not, he’s THAT secretive 
He’s really good at sneaking in the shadows all stealthy like but he’s all smiles and rainbows with you since he doesn’t want you to suspect him
As a yandere Clint can be possessive, obsessive and a bit manipulative too. Oh and violent too if anyone is that stupid or that much of a dummy to hurt you while HE’S around 
When he realizes you like books as well he’ll get you some books for you to read and you both engage in conversations about books quite often. He loves it when your eyes light up and sparkle with joy and adoration when you talk about books, it makes his heart go all Doki doki
Yes, Clint is a swearer too so no need to be shy but he finds it really amusing and hilarious not to mention cute too when you start swearing be it at Tony or some other random villain
Speaking of Tony, this man will get INSANELY jealous as HECK if Tony or ANYONE else for that matter starts flirting with you. One death glare from Clint will make the opposite person shut up in seconds and maybe running away in fear. Oh, what’s that? Someone from SHIELD asked you out today? Oh too bad they won’t be able to make it 
He already has a place for you to live with him. His farm, where the 2 of you can lead a nice normal happy life with a happy big family. This man here sure plans everything ahead and he might have even taken the help of Natasha and Steve and some of the other Avengers to spot if there were any loopholes in it
He’s prepared to you fighting him and everything and he’ll fingerprint locks on all modes of escape like doors and windows and stuff like that. He will do whatever it takes to keep you by his side at any cost no matter what
Hope you liked this and PLEASE don’t send in any more asks, I’ll open my inboz again after a few days, I just need a vacation for a while since it’s getting kinda stressful for me now. I hope you guys understand and I’m really sorry TvT
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A Pure Soul (Yandere!Wanda Maximoff x ADD!Autistic!reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Two weeks or so after Wanda arrives at the Avengers’ Place, (y/n) shows up. An autistic Avenger who’s extremely honest and who doesn’t really seem to mind just being by themself, but also is kind and even affectionate to others. Wanda’s smitten by this and does the unthinkable.
Request?: Nope. I’m literally just throwing this out of the back of my head. From the Yandere Starter Prompts list by @yandere-mccree
Prompt: 5. “This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.”
Warnings: (AOU Spoilers, CACW spoilers, IW spoilers, Endgame spoilers, torture sorta, sleep paralysis mention, ableism, slight manipulation?, kidnapping, mind-breaking mention)
Note: I wanted to try a bit more of a subtle Yandere vibe for Wanda. I’ve never really written one of these, so it might not be as great as I hoped. I don’t encourage or condone the unhealthy aspects.
Word Count: 3,268
It’s only been a couple of weeks or so after she’d been taken from Sokovia after it was destroyed. Wanda’s still mourning the loss of her brother when you arrive. You're a shy person, not a fan of eye contact, but you do like touch, hugs in particular, as well as head pets.
Wanda doesn’t pay attention to you much at first. You’re just another Avenger to her; a nice change of pace, but that’s all. But then comes Lagos. Wanda now has guilt along with so much trauma. It’s no surprise when you hear her crying in her room one day, the door somehow left open a crack.
“I’m a terrible person,” she says softly, thinking no one heard.
You peek in and catch her with a pillow to her face, weeping. Your heart breaks. You know it’s on her, but she clearly feels terrible. You stand in the doorway until she soon notices you.
“Oh....(y/n),” she says as casually as she can. “Hey.”
“You’re not a terrible person,” you tell her.
She’s shocked to hear this.
“You’re not afraid of me?”
You shake your head.
“Why would I be?”
“I’m too destructive,” she says, sniffling. “You saw what happened in Lagos.”
You enter your room and sit on her bed with her. 
“But you’re also very kind,” you point out. “And you’re a good person. You clearly care when you hurt others, and you want to rectify your mistakes. A bad person wouldn’t do that.”
In that moment, you can sense her need for some physical contact. You lean over and give her a hug, rubbing her back.
“I’m glad you’re here, Wanda,” you tell her.
And you are. You truly are. Even if you don’t know her well, you’ve heard her talk a few times, and she’s a breath of fresh air. Most of the Avengers tend to be a bit loud and sometimes a bit insensitive, but not Wanda. Wanda’s extremely sensitive to others’ feelings and tends to be a quiet person. It’s something you need. Her accent is also soothing to you for some reason, not to mention she’s beautiful.
You let her cry on your shoulder for a few hours, even humming to her a bit. Then it’s dinnertime and you’re called to the kitchen. That’s when something in Wanda changes. You, an Avenger who barely knows her, aren’t afraid of her; in fact, you’re glad that she’s here. She also doesn’t know you all that well, but she’s seen some acts of kindness you’ve done for her and the other Avengers, even when you thought no one was watching. And she heard your thoughts when you were hugging her, all wonderful things about her, how you wish she could see how amazing she is, how beautiful she is.
At that moment, her heart melts. How can someone with such a sweet and pure soul like you exist? How could someone so....perfect exist? It’s a ray of sunshine in her heart, making her forget about the guilt and trauma, even if only for a few moments. Your presence is exactly what she needs. And she needs more of it.....
At first it starts off simple and small; making an effort to see you more often, running into you in the compound, smiling at you, making conversation. And honestly, there’s something about Wanda you can’t quite shake off. She does make your heart flutter; sometimes you get shy around her or even blush. It’s adorable and it’s something that only makes her more fond of you. 
She discovers you’re autistic when the lights of the compound are too bright one time. The second she notices how anxious you are after Tony turns on the lights before getting his coffee in the other room, she immediately turns them down for you, and she’s the first person you tell. 
“I’m touched that you trust me enough to confess this,” she tells you with a few tears in your eyes.
Wanda asks you what other things you like or dislike, things that give you sensory overload and things that help you calm down. She asks you about your experiences as an autistic person. You’re touched by how considerate she is, and even confess to her about your ADD, or Inattentive ADHD, as they call it now. She also asks about that, but does her best to take it a little at a time so that you’re not overwhelmed with questions.
What you don’t know is that she already knows all of this, having telepathy and all; she wants to hear it from you so that it doesn’t come off as creepy. She also loves to hear your voice. It’s like music to her ears, music that eases her stresses and trauma, even if only temporarily.
Then she starts to make some more effort, actively implementing what she knows and paying attention to things you say and do, so that she knows what she can do or say without it being suspicious. Wanda wants the relationship to move as naturally as possible. You’re her precious angel, and she doesn’t want to scare you. And she won’t unless it’s inevitable or of absolute necessity. 
Wanda buys a bunch of fidgets and other sensory things for you to try, keeping in mind what you’ve told her. But also throwing in some “close guesses,” meaning things she knows but that you haven’t told her, things close to what you’ve told her. She can easily pass it off as just “having a hunch,” as long as it doesn’t happen too often. 
Though she wants it to be as natural as possible, she occasionally uses her powers on you; nothing too severe at first. Just sending little suggestions to your mind; she’s told you a few of her favorite things, so she’ll base those suggestions off of that. One of the first suggestions is why not ask her how to make paprikash? She suggests that the two of you make it together and you agree. You’re not big on spice, but there’s some sweet paprika as a substitute. And it’s not as spicy as you think, but it’s delicious.
Sometimes Wanda sends a suggestion to get you going on a rant on one of your Special Interests; it’s both a chance for her to “get to know you more,” but mostly because she adores hearing you speak about what you love; she especially loves seeing that twinkle in your eyes and she loves seeing your face light up. It’s one of the most precious things to her, seeing you so happy. She wants to cherish every single second of it. 
Though you’re nervous about it, suggestions of humming or singing to her pop into your mind. You give into them fairly often, mostly later on in the relationship. She tells you about how beautiful your voice really is, which gets you shy and blushing. It’s so endearing to her, seeing her sweet little sunbeam being so cute without even trying.
When you come back from a battle, Wanda checks to make sure you’re okay as soon as possible. She volunteers to patch you up to the best of her ability, and she soon becomes the person you first think of when you need first aid or care after a battle.
Then Wanda decides to take it a little further; her room in the compound is next to yours. She stands outside of your door, waiting for you to go to sleep, before opening the door a tad and sending in sweet dreams. If there’s one thing she despises, it’s seeing her sweet little angel upset, and this assures that it won’t happen. 
Next she sends little dreams with her in it; first only small appearances, but then she becomes apparent little by little until she ends up being the focus of many of them. Of course she’ll throw in miscellaneous dreams here and there, just to make sure you don’t get suspicious.
Then comes Wanda’s biggest suggestion to you; you two have gotten so close over the past few months, why not ask her to be your girlfriend? It only makes sense. You still feel those butterflies in your stomach, you two both have amazing chemistry, and you both are very close. At this point, you don’t question it. You’re just nervous to ask, as you’ve never been in a relationship before. Of course the nervousness is also slightly part of the suggestion, more on a subconscious level. It’s not enough to make you panic; just enough to make you shy when asking her. And of course, you are. You end up stammering a little, blushing a bit. She fondly assures you that it’s okay to feel this nervousness, and happily accepts being your girlfriend. 
Now that you two are a couple, her next suggestion for you is to give into those affectionate feelings you have when cuddling with her. She loves the warmth you bring. Wanda didn’t think you could get any cuter, and yet she’s a full-on puddle when you cuddle with her. You’re just so sweet and Wanda can’t help but feel protective over you.
Others begin to notice you opening up more and they start making conversation with you. Of course Wanda’s listening to their thoughts to make sure they’re not interested in going further than a friendship with you. Friends are okay for her, and she’s very excited inside when you make a new friend, as she knows that making friends doesn’t exactly come naturally to you. However if it ever gets to anything past that, she’d have to take action. One does express interest in you, and that doesn’t sit well with Wanda. This person doesn’t deserve such a sweet angel, let alone her sweet little angel. Something must be done. 
That night, after sending you sweet dreams, she sneaks over to their place and hides just outside of their bedroom door. She’s able to track their brain activity, so she knows when they’ve gone to sleep. Once they do, she sends them their worst nightmares, ones that paralyze them in their sleep out of fear. The next day, you don’t see them at their usual time. You figure maybe they’re sick or they overslept. In the meantime, she’s there to keep you company. It happens on and off with them for some odd reason.
If it’s one of the Avengers taking an interest in you, Wanda ensures that the two of you don’t get too close. If you go on a mission and need a partner, Wanda steps up. It’s not really a surprise to them, with her being your girlfriend and all. She glares at the Avenger who’s showing interest, letting them know to stay back. 
And then shit hits the fan.
You come back to the compound in tears one night and Wanda’s the first one at your side.
“(Y/N), what happened?” she asks worried.
You tell her about how you ran into someone who said that autism is a disease that needs to be cured and that you shouldn’t exist because you’re a burden on society. Wanda doesn’t leave your side that night. You need someone there for you. Externally she’s supportive and loving. But internally, she’s both heartbroken and fuming as she looks through the memory. A fire storms inside of her. How dare they tell such a sweet and pure soul like you that they’re a burden! How dare they say her sweet angel has a disease that needs to be cured! Wanda knows that autism has its challenges, but also its upsides. It’s not anything that needs a cure. It’s a part of your identity. She will NOT let this slide. Not even a little. 
After cuddling with you, and sending extra-special sweet dreams that night, Wanda finds the place of the person who told you this. Wanda sneaks into their bedroom and induces their worst nightmares, along with a dose of sleep paralysis. She uses her telekinesis to throw objects around the room and even at them. She uses her power to make them choke. Her grief and anger only amplifies the severity. It’s satisfying to her to hear them scream, plead, beg for mercy, to see them so helpless, knowing what they said to her precious angel. She keeps doing this to them until they’re completely broken, even going back multiple nights, just to make sure they’re gone for good. 
You don’t hear from them until you find out that they’ve become completely catatonic. Part of you still feels bad for them for some reason, but you don’t know why.
“You have nothing to feel bad about, (Y/N),” Wanda assures you when you bring this up with her. “Their guilt probably just got the best of them. C’mon, how about we get some lunch together?”
Wanda’s got your back and more for the next few days. And then Tony locks her in her room, and you’re infuriated. He just sees her as a weapon and not a person. In spite of their attempts to convince you to come along on missions, you decide to stay back and keep Wanda company, to make her confinement more bearable. 
The two of you both fight Tony together, end up in the Raft, and escape together, living away from the compound. Then comes the war. You’re the one dusted and Wanda survives. Those five years without you are hell to her. She spirals back into grief, guilt, and trauma, blaming herself for not being able to save you. Thank God for Bruce Banner. In 2023, he brings you back. The second Wanda finds this out, she rushes for you, her eyes filled with tears, and you’re just as relieved to see her. Your warmth sparks a sense of purpose back into her. After you died and were brought back to life, to her you’re truly an angel now, and she refuses to let an angel be harmed. She’s reluctant to let you fight, but she tells you as long as you stay by her, it should be fine.
Tony sacrifices himself to save you all from Thanos. The second the funeral is over, you decide to take a nap. Wanda gently grabs you and takes you to a remote location; a cottage in the middle of the woods on an island. Those five years without you and then suddenly having you back sent her protective instincts into overdrive. She decides that she can’t let anyone or anything hurt you anymore. She’s lost her parents and her brother. She can’t lose you. She won’t lose you.
When you come to, you’re shocked about where you are. 
Sitting up you begin to panic when you hear a familiar voice.
“Good! You’re awake.”
The smell of paprika hits your nose as you see her face, a sweet smile upon it. 
She brings over a plate of chicken paprikash. 
“What do you think, (y/n)?” she asks.
“Of what?”
She gives a little giggle.
“Of our new home, of course.”
Your heart jumps in your chest.
“New home?”
Wanda sets down the food on a nearby table, and sits next to you on the bed you’ve been placed in. 
“(Y/N), I.....those past five years....”
“Must’ve been horrific,” you say, still in shock.
She nods. 
“And I wish I could’ve saved you.”
She gently takes ahold of your hands. 
“And now that you’re back....I’m scared to lose you. I want us to be together forever.”
Your face flushes, and you glance away. She giggles a little and gently guides your face back up to her.
“My sweet (y/n), you’re too adorable,” she tells you.
Your eyes meet the bridge of her nose, and she doesn’t make you look at her eyes. She knows eye contact can be hell for you.
“I’ve missed this energy so much; I’ve missed your kind-hearted nature, your beautiful voice, your wide and innocent eyes, that cute little button nose, you cuddling up close to me. I’ve set everything in this cottage up just for you. I want you to be as comfortable and happy as possible here.”
“Where exactly are we, though?” you ask.
“Somewhere where you’ll never be hurt again. I’ll ensure that.”
This set off a slight red flag, and you panic a little.
“We couldn’t have just moved to a house in the suburbs or maybe a house in Greece?”
She shakes her head as she pets yours, something that absolutely gives you butterflies.
“No. This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you, sweet (y/n). You have such a pure soul-you are a pure soul-and the world outside will only hurt you. Sweet and innocent people, especially at your age, are very rare. They’re like diamonds; real diamonds. They’re extremely difficult to find, but once you do, they’re a treasure that needs to be protected. I want to be that for you. I want to protect you, keep you safe, love you and care for you. This cottage, this island, it can become a whole new world. At least give it a try? For me? Please?”
You want to say no, right? You’re not sure. It feels like something inside of you is at war, but one side is winning. Wanda’s clearly relieved to have you, and you’ve loved her for a long time now as she’s loved you for a long time now. You feel comfortable around her too. Perhaps a little protection might not be the worst idea. At the very least, a trial run wouldn’t hurt.
You nod.
“Okay, I’ll give it a go.”
Wanda hugs you close and gives you a small peck on the cheek. 
“Thank you, my sweet (y/n)! Thank you.”
The two of you have dinner together and then watch a few sitcoms before you cuddle up in bed as Wanda softly sings you a Sokovian lullaby, your head lying near her shoulder. As you drift off to sleep, Wanda watches you endearingly. What you don’t know is that you’re going to enjoy being here. She’d love it if it’s on your own terms, but if you start to seem distant, she won’t hesitate to use her magic to send some suggestions. Maybe it’s to prompt you to ask her to include or remove or change something, or even to enhance your joy for the little things. Extreme worst-case scenario? She’ll plague you with a few nightmares, ones that’ll show you how dangerous the outside world is without her, but it will pain her to do so. Expect a lot of cuddling and kisses from her when you wake up in tears in the hopes of making things better. And she makes sure they do. All she wants is for you to stay and be happy and safe with her. 
And even if you wanted to leave, it’s doubtful that even with your powers, you’ll get past the barrier Wanda’s put up. It’s doubtful that you’ll even get that far. It’s a big island after all. Big and deserted. She wants to give you enough space, but not too much. Just enough to make you happy. If you somehow find it, Wanda will make sure you’ll forget finding it. She’ll fill in the gaps with something else so that it doesn’t seem suspicious. It’s not surprising that she knows how to deal with so many outcomes; she’s had five years to think it over, after all, just in case you came back.
But none of that matters right now. All that matters is that she has you, her precious angel, and you’ll be hers forever one way or the other.
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thefieryphoenix · 10 days ago
hi!! i was wondering if i could please get an avengers matchup?
im like 5’4” with like an average build. i have blue/gray eyes and medium length brown hair and freckles.
for my personality, im fairly introverted but my friends tell me i come off as charismatic when meeting new people. in my friend groups im known as the kinda innocent and like bookish/smart one. i love reading, watching films, and learning languages. i also have been a dancer for most of my life and enjoy running.
thank you so much but please feel no pressure<3
Sure thing and this is my first Avengers matchup thing so... I’m sorry if this might seem like utter nonsense TvT
Hmmm.... Smart one and kinda bookish you say? I know JUST what to do with you (*Sorting hat voice from Harry Potter*)... I’d ship you with... Bruce Banner aka The Hulk! 
Tumblr media
Pic from: GIFER by Gavizius
He’s a complex person so I wish you all the best for dealing with him here. He has the emotional range of a literal freaking OCEAN ngl....
He’d be obsessed with you after getting to know you since not many people would be that comfortable and chill while hanging around him. You could calm him down when he was in his angry Hulk form and that’s what made you unique and special. You weren’t scared of him like most people and he’s grateful and thankful for that. He doesn’t get enough love considering the fact that people view him as a monster of some sort. Although he might seem violent and aggressive, he the complete OPPOSITE when it comes to you 
He’ll treat you with the most gentlest of care like a delicate precious flower
He’s also extremely smart and he can be quite good at manipulating people too. He can read you like a book no matter how much you try concealing things from him. He has Phds for a reason and man will NOT hesitate to put them to good use. He likes your innocent personality, you look so cute and adorable to him when you just look confused he just wants to drop whatever he’s doing and hold you and cuddle you 
Since you like learning new languages, I imagine that Bruce here might try learning some of the languages with you like Spanish and French and etc. He’ll come to whatever show you’re giving a dance performance at and he’ll drag the other Avengers too. If Tony tries flirting with you Bruce will just raise his eyebrows in a questioning manner at him and try telling him that he likes you and if he could please back TF off. Well they ARE good friends so he won’t go all Hulk and try killing him. YET. If he continues to do so he’ll be having a little ‘talk’ with him this time in his HULK form and you KNOW things won’t end well when he transforms into Hulk
He will get easily flustered and become a blushing tomato when you compliment him on something. In conclusion, he really loves you and isn’t afraid to show the world HOW much he loves you
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anxiousnerdwritings · 11 days ago
I'd like to argue that Y/N would make Yandad Steve and Yanuncle Tony wear the "get along" t-shirt. Or she'd force them to reconcile or talk it out or she'd give the silent treatment or something
Most definitely! And who are they to say no to their precious bby, after all they just want the two to get along. Meanwhile, Reader is taking pictures and recording the whole thing, sending it to the Avengers group chat. No one’s gonna let Steve or Tony live it down but it may just do the job when it comes to the two arguing again. At least they’ll be more mindful not to argue around Reader from now on.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 12 days ago
I just imagine darling in civil war just looking at it in safe distance while eating food and drinks leisurely in asgard with uncle banner and uncle thor. She would just treat the fight as a wwe show and chill while uncle thor ordered the servants for more food or drinks and the fighting commentary of uncle banner in the background
I could see that. Thor probably up and took Reader before he left, that’s one of the reasons for the Civil War. Meanwhile, Thor and Banner are just vibing with Reader, watching the chaos ensue. No doubt Loki is there too, loving every second of it.
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loive · 13 days ago
can you please write something about some of the avengers being obsessed with you and planning to kidnap you?? thanks! 💕
Yandere Thor
Tumblr media
You mess with his head so much, maybe you're actually a witch and cast your seduction spells on him.
Even if you are, his love and desire for you burn with the strength of a forge fire.
The desire to hold you in his arms, touch your beautiful face, kiss your sweet lips, and take you to his bed.
(And who could blame him? You are a total provocation! With your beautiful dresses, your bright smile and your sweet voice.Just thinking about you, he felt the lust burn in himself.)
Your sweet smile whenever he talks to you, the gentle way you treat him, surely this is all a sign that you love her as much as he loves you, right?
That must be it, you are just too shy to be able to speak directly to him.
He knows that you are in love with him, he is also in love with you.
He is already planning everything, soon you will be in Asgard as his queen, and the sooner he takes you, the sooner you will be filled with his heir.
You will be a happy family, he will guarantee that.
I hope that's what you had in mind, sorry if it wasn't. I hope you enjoyed it.
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loive · 13 days ago
Hello dear! How long have you been eating well and staying hydrated?
Warnings:(a little) Dirty talk, dark and yandere behavior, obsession, dark! Steve.
Context:You are Shield’s innocent and sweet recruit, a fledgling hero.
Daddy’s Girl
Warnings:Daddy kink, sex, Dub-Con, Non-Con, forced orgasm, stockholm syndrome,smut, vaginal sex, mention of anal sex.
Context:Bucky loves you very much, you are his little doll. Everything was going reasonably well, until he took you to a Tony party and, it can be said that he does not deal well with other men around you, especially your best friend.
Nigth Visitor
Warnings:Non-Con, Somnophilia, Helpless reader, oral (female receiving), masturbation, drugged reader, Yandere Steve, Dark Steve.
Yandere!Steve X Yandere!Reader
Stalking,A little dirty language,Dark! Steve, Yandere! Steve, Dark! Reader, Yandere! Reader.
Sumamary: You met Steve Rogers when he was saving the city, you fell in love with him and started chasing him, his love was not normal, but what you didn’t know is that he felt the same kind of love for you.
Peter Parker X Yandere!Reader
(Peter is 18 and Reader is 20.)
Warning:Mommy Kink, Oral (female and male receiving), masturbation (Male receiving), vaginal sex, Mention Dark! Reader
Summary:Y / N was Peter’s neighbor. One day, Aunt May invited the girl to have dinner at their house.
Dark! Natasha X Reader X Dark! Wanda
Warnings: Dark! Natasha, Dark! Wanda, Yandere! Natasha, Yandere! Wanda, betrayal, kidnapping, forged death, yandere, dark, anguish, mention of sex, captive Reader.
Note: Reader is masculine here, I tried my best to use the right pronouns, but most likely they will end up changing when translating.
American Gods
I love you, you stupid leprechaun
Mad Sweeney X Shy / Pure / Reader.
Fem / reader
Warning: Violence, Alcohol and inappropriate language.
Summary: You were friends with Mad Sweeney, which was a strange combination considering how different you were, but maybe that’s why you wanted to be around him so badly.
Technical Boy X Reader.
Warnings: Swearing, Mention of sex, Jealous Technical Boy, Mad Sweeney hasn’t given up on you yet, Tention between Mad and Technical.Technical calling Mad a goblin 😅😂
Yandere!Techinical Boy
Tecnical boy X Reader
The Witcher
Law of Surprise
Yandere! Geralt X Reader.
Summary: Your father offered the law of surprise as payment to the Witcher, but he ended up just giving what the wizard most wanted, his source of obsession and yandere love.
Warnings: Yandere! Geralt, Dub-Con, Non-Con, fingering, mention of kidnapping, squirting, Breeding kink. (Did I forget something?)
Headcanon Yandere Illumi NSFW
Adult trio with physically loving darling
Puppy Illumi!Darling
Neko Illumi
Yandere Silva Zoldyck with his darling having mood swings. Yan!Illumi and Yan!Chrollo Breeding kink  Yandere! Illumi being a father. Honey with a cute sneeze. Yandere Kikyo Zoldyck Yandere Silva and Kikyo with cow darling
One Piece
Platonic! Yandere! Doflamingo X Daughter! Reader
Stardew Valley
Shane X Farmer(Reader)
Yu Yu Hakusho
Vincent Sinclair fluff
Michael,Bo and Vincent with an s/o who is secretly a hitman
Frozen s/o forcing the slashers to watch Frozen with her
Kidnapping Michael, Jason, Thomas react to someone kidnapping their s/o?
Succubus s/o Michael and Brahms with a Succubus s/o
Vampire S/O Michael, Jason and Brahms  with an S/O vampire Werewolf! Reader Brahms,Jason,Michael,Bo and Vincent with a werewolf S/O Yandere!Brahms X Greta's friend!Reader. Yandere Brahms X Invader!Reader Incubus Brahms Michael with his Y / N having a rude boss. Yandere!Brahms X Invader!Reader 2 Brahms have a tantrum. Yandere Brahms After the S / O escape attempt Valetine’s day special(Yandere Slashers) Yandere!Brahms X Yandere!Reader Yandere!Brahms with S / O without memories Yandere! Brahms with S / O accepting your love Yandere! Brahms NSFW headcanon Brahms taking care of sick Y / N Brahms with a thick curvy S / O
Stranger Dream
Dream 1
Warnings: Non-con, Somnophilia, Female! Reader, Virgin! Reader, Loss of Virginity, Monster, Exophilia, Yandere! Monster, Alpha and Omega, Breeding kink, fingering, drugs
Dream 2
Warnings:Non-con, Dub-con, Female! Reader, Virgin! Reader, Loss of Virginity, Monster, Exophilia, Yandere! Monster, Cio, Alpha and Omenga, Breending Kink, Creampie, oral sex, aphrodisiac, potion, Drugs, Size kink, Daddy kink, overstimulation, vaginal sex, anal sex. 🐻
Sorry if something was missing, I'm terrible at making master lists. I WRITE FOR
American Gods
The Witcher
One Piece
Hunter x Hunter
Yu Yu Hakusho
Jason Voorhees
Brahms Heelshire
Bo Sinclair
Vincent Sinclair
Michael Myers
Stardew Valley
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chaoticgaysstuff · 15 days ago
The Monster and The Prey | Yandere Tony Stark x Male! Reader
Tumblr media
"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, idiot. Bye." You smiled and waved at your friend who sent a smile back before walking to his dorm room. 
Cort was a good friend of yours who you met here at M.I.T. during your first year of college. He took you out to dinner and a movie since you both had been working very hard lately and needed to get out and do something fun. After dinner, he took you to the beach where you both walked and talked about everything and nothing. The beautiful ocean waves occasionally crashing onto land along with lasers of the moonlight shining down onto you both made it more peaceful and relaxing, which is what you needed. 
You pushed the door open to your door room and shut it behind you, taking off your jacket and putting it on the rack next to your door. It was so quiet in here. You had a roommate once upon a time, but he suddenly went missing with no apparent explanation of where he was. 
You turned on the lamp next to your bed and let out a huge gasp, practically jumping out of your skin at seeing Tony Stark sitting in your desk chair.
"Where were you?" Tony demanded to know in a stern voice, standing up. 
"I was out with a friend, why?" You questioned, "What are you doing here? And how'd you get into my dorm room?" 
"Oh, well you and I made plans to hang out together, but it seems that you were too busy with your friend to be with me!" He raised his voice at you, anger present on his features as he clenched his fists. 
You let out a sigh of irritation, knowing where this conversation was heading. 
You've known that Tony has had a bit of a crush on you. Rhodey and Cort even told you that. But he was constantly Jealous whenever you would hang out with someone else and it has started getting out of hand now. 
"Tony," You sighed again, "I can't keep dealing with this all the time." 
"Dealing with what?" He asked, narrowing his eyes at you, as he walked closer to where you were standing. 
"You and your jealous ways." 
"I'm sorry for getting jealous all the time, Y/N. I just don't want anyone to take you away from me. I want you so badly, you have no idea how much I feel about you."
"Every time I have sex with someone, you're all I can think about. I always imagine you under me as I fuck you, or when I'm kissing someone, the only person I can see and think about is you. I just want to make sure that you stay in my life and that I don't ever lose you." 
You stared at the ground for a moment, before looking back up at Tony and straightening your posture, clearing your throat. 
"I need some time away from you, and space to just think about everything." You said softly. 
"If that's what you want, that's what I'll give you. I'll give you your space away from me. Whatever you want, whatever you need, whatever you treasure, I'll give it all to you in a heartbeat." 
Tony's eyes are truthful and honest, and the way he spoke made you believe him.
He left your dorm room without a glance back and you let out a small sigh, taking off your clothes, which left you in only your boxers. You crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep a few minutes later.
A few months had passed since you and Tony stopped speaking to each other. 
Surprisingly, he kept true to his word and didn't contact you after that night, giving you space and time that you needed, which you were really grateful for. 
You had just gotten back to your dorm when you felt your phone buzzing loudly in your pocket, which resulted in you pulling it out and answering it, "Hello?" 
"Y/N!" Rhodey's voice came from the other side of the phone and you could hear laughing in the background along with the occasional talking as well.
"Hey, bro. What's up?" 
"It's about Tony." 
Although you had anticipated that the reason Rhodey was calling you was on Tony's behalf, you didn't expect it to happen now. 
One thing you and Rhodey mostly had in common was dealing with Tony when something happened, though you hadn't done it in some time. You wondered what he'd done now. Was he drunk? Or did he sleep with someone again?
"Uh, well Tony and I aren't really speaking to each other right now." 
"I know, Y/N. But, listen to me for a second. Tony's parents died, man." 
"What? When did this happen?" 
"Last night and it was on the news earlier today. They died in a tragic car accident and Tony could really use your support right now." 
You nodded, even though he couldn't see you through the phone, "Okay, I'll make sure to stop by and see him." 
You hung up the phone and threw it on your desk as you sat down in the chair, wondering if you should stop by his dorm or call him first. In the end, you decided to call him first and picked up your phone, dialing his number quickly. 
Tony picked up after the first ring. 
"Hey, Tony! It's me, Y/N!"
You mentally slapped yourself. Of course, he would know it was you. 
"Y/N? I'm so happy to hear your voice.    I missed you so much." He cooed softly.
"I missed you too," You replied honestly, "How are you feeling? Are you okay?" 
"I'd feel better if you were here with me." 
"Okay. Alright, I'll come over now." 
Arriving at his dorm room, you knocked on the door a couple of times before shoving your hands in your pocket, waiting for him to answer the door. 
The door had opened so fast you thought the hinges would have come off. Tony took a hold of your hand and brought you inside, bringing you into a hug, burying his face into the crook of your neck as you hugged him back, rubbing his back in a circular motion. 
"I'm so happy that you're here with me." He murmured into your neck, "I missed your hugs. Always so full of love and affection." He admitted breathlessly. 
"I'm happy to be here too, Tones." 
You stayed with Tony for the rest of the day, since you didn't feel like you should leave him during this painful time. 
And you stayed with him at his parents' funeral a week later and stayed with him at his dorm. Him not having a roommate really helped when you stayed there. 
One thing you noticed about Tony was that he was very calm and chipper for someone who just lost their parents. 
People grieve in different ways though. 
You knew that. Some people break down and cry, while others don't, but you guess that he was trying to be strong. 
Sometime after that, you ended up moving into Tony's condo that he bought, due to his wealth and because he didn't want to live on campus anymore, but wanted you to be close to him. 
Since you have been with Tony so much, you have been neglecting your other friends. Had a lot of missed calls and concerned messages. 
So, to stop their excessive worrying and concern, you decided to see your friends again. It would be good to see them after some time now. 
Tony wasn't happy about that. 
He created this huge argument about it. Telling you how your friends weren't good enough for you and how he needed you more than them. 
Clinginess is one way to describe Tony. 
He acted like he would completely fall apart if you weren't with him every day. 
And his clinginess would be cute if it wasn't so annoying. You felt like you couldn't go anywhere without him. Ultimately, felt smothered by him. 
So, you brought some of your friends over to his condo. You needed to reconnect with your friends and wanted to have a life outside of Tony. 
But, one thing you failed to realize was that Tony was relentless on being the only person in your life and scared off your friends, having you all to himself. 
You sat on the couch with a small huff, "Tony, I thought we talked about this, you're jealous ways have got to stop. I have other friends to see as well." 
Tony sat down on your lap, his lips pulling downward into a frown, "Aren't you my friend, Y/N?" He asked sternly. 
You blinked at the brown-haired male sitting in your lap suspiciously, "...Yes." 
"Then don't you think you have enough friends? I should be the only one you need." He spoke in a dangerously dark tone, very deep and controlling that set you on edge. 
"Uh, I do need other friends besides you."  You insisted since you felt the need to make a stand for yourself. 
"Do you not love me or something?" 
"I do love you, in a friend type of way." You added in, much to Tony's dismay. 
"Why, huh?!" Tony exclaimed in anger, clutching onto you tightly, "I can give you anything you ever wanted!" 
"But I don't like you in that way! And I don't want to be with you of all people. I see you only as a friend, nothing more." 
Okay, that did come out pretty harsh. 
You didn't mean for it to sound like that, but you had a point that you needed to get across. The point that you didn't like Tony in that way, and only saw him as a friend. 
"I'm sorry, Y/N. It's just... I like you so much and I let my emotions get the best of me. You're so amazing to me that makes me wanna spend every second of every day with you. You always see the good in me, and I don't want to lose you. I promise that I will control my jealousy from now on." He planted a kiss on the top of your forehead. 
But, Tony's jealousy never got better, it only became worse as time went on. He turned into a possessive, jealous monster who wouldn't leave your side. 
It caused you to be unable to maintain any of your friendships with anyone because Tony was always with you, not even Cort wanted anything to do with you anymore, which really hurt a lot. 
Tony had taken up so much space in your life. Too much. You felt like you were unable to breathe because of him. Like you were drowning with no way to the top of the surface. 
You really should have cut ties with Tony completely. That's what you needed to do to help you mentally, but you cared a lot about Tony. Despite what a monster he appears to be, you saw the good in Tony and knew that he could become a good person. 
Unfortunately, you found out how you were wrong about Tony being a good person when you found pictures of you that were taken by him. 
Your eyes widened. It was pictures of you during your first year of college, around campus, you masturbating in the bedroom, and you in the shower. 
These photos sickened you. Sickened you to your very core. You couldn't believe that you were friends with such an obsessed, psychotic, possessive monster. 
You needed to leave now, and that's exactly what you did. You packed up your things in your suitcase and duffel bag and walked away without a glance back, getting out of Tony's life permanently. 
                      6 Years Later  
It's been six years since you graduated college and left your old life behind you for good, which included Tony Stark. 
Before the graduation ceremony had taken place, you avoided Tony every chance you got when he tried to contact you in some way. Mostly stayed in your dorm when you had classes or went to your safe place where Tony didn't know. 
After graduation, you basically fell off the face of the earth. You moved to a different state to make sure that Tony wouldn't see you again. Only your parents knew where you were and made them promise not to tell Tony if he contacted them and they agreed, despite them not knowing the reason why. 
And when Tony would not stop calling your phone every day for who knows how long, you decided to change your phone number. 
Tony had no way of contacting you now and you were grateful for that. 
You were also grateful for your boyfriend who you've been dating for nine months now. He was the light in your life and actually kept you sane.
But he was in another state for a business meeting, which you also take, but not nearly as much as he does.
You had just come inside your house that you and Jermey bought when a number you didn't recognize started calling your phone. 
"Hey, N/N. It's so great to hear the soothing sound of your voice again." 
You froze and your breathing hitched in your throat. The glass that was once in your hand dropped to the floor with a loud bang, shattering completely. 
"How did you get this number?" You asked nervously. 
"You should know by now that I'm a literal genius and can always contact you." And you could practically picture the smirk on Tony's face. 
"What do you want, Tony." 
"I want to know why you decided to up and leave me without an explanation. That hurt me so much, baby." 
"I'm not your baby." You gritted out and could hear the thumping in your chest. 
Tony laughed, "Someone's in denial." 
You rubbed your eyes and let out a sigh when Tony spoke again. 
"You should really clean up that glass in case you accidentally cut yourself and can I just say that those jeans does wonderful things for your ass." 
You threw your phone across the room as you started to hyperventilate. 
Quickly, you started to make sure that your door and windows were locked. 
Suddenly, a blunt force hits the side of your head, and darkness takes over. 
You awoke in a flash and sat up quickly. 
The first thing you noticed upon awakening is that Tony sat in front of you, pressing a warm cloth against the side of your forehead that was bleeding. 
Your arms and feet were tied together in a tight knot and you were in a place that you didn't recognize. 
"...Tony, what the hell is going on?!" 
Did he seriously kidnap you?
"I'm sorry for hitting you so hard in the head with a crowbar," Tony sighed, "But I knew that you wouldn't come with me willingly, so I had to kidnap you." 
"And what the hell was the purpose for kidnapping me?" You demanded, a lump forming in your throat as Tony kept cleaning your bruise. 
"To make sure that you stay mine forever. I needed you to be mine. You're the only one who sees what's right here," He brings your tied-up hands and somehow manages to press it against his chest, "You see the good in me and I can be my true self around you. I love you so much and I can't lose you to anyone, not even Jeremy." 
"You're right about that," You agreed as Tony waited for you to continue, "I did see good in you, once upon a time. But there's no good left in you." 
"Maybe there still would be some good in me if you hadn't left me." He growled, putting the washcloth aside and laying down next to you, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you against his chest, "You're mine, Y/N. All mine, baby boy, and there's no going back now. I love you, Y/N..." 
He couldn't lose you. He was a broken man who has never had anyone to love him except you. You saw the good in him and that was enough to keep you with him. He loved you and you would learn to do the same in time. You're all he has. 
And he wouldn't lose you to anyone. 
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anxiousnerdwritings · 15 days ago
Y/N, at their new job working for Yanuncle Tony: so what am I doing again?
Yanuncle Tony: be cute and precious
Yandad Steve: and you're doing so well! Come here sweetie *goes to hug Y/N*
Y/N: *Naruto runs away*
Yandad Steve: *recording Y/n while they’re at work, taking a million pictures* You’re doing great sweetheart! I’m so proud of you!
Y/n: *trying to hide away* Could you not!
YanUncle Tony: No. it’s in your contract. We’re allowed to come and marvel at our bby being an adult.
Yandad Steve: Tony, don’t say the “A” word! I’m not ready for my bby to grow up! I think I’m going to cry 😭!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 15 days ago
OK but I think we're sleeping on Yanuncle Hawkeye. You'd think he's totally on your side and would talk yandad Steve into being more lenient, but Yanuncle Hawkeye just SNAKES you by busting you when you sneak out, or telling yandad Steve about your secret S/O or friends. But on the other side of the coin, he'd totally be down with sneaking you junk food in exchange for cuddles
He’s probably the chillest out of the Avengers. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own antics and tendencies but he’s not as overwhelming as the others.
Clint is Steve’s eyes and ears. But he can also be out for himself and also Natasha. He would basically blackmail Reader into being good for Steve, but he and Natasha would definitely benefit from it too.
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rubylonewolf · 15 days ago
Yandere!Avengers x You- The high school student and the Avengers.
Tumblr media
You walked through the people that they were walking and chatting, you have a backpack that you brought for your high school as you accidentally bumped into a man you know well, Tony Stark, known as Iron Man. You gasped, “I’m sorry about bumping into you!”
You rushed away as you didn’t notice Tony and his friends were staring at you, you kept running to your high school and finally you arrived at your high school and you headed for your classroom. You don’t like when your teacher is still talking like blah blah, you were so bored and sighed. Suddenly the windows shattered and the students were screaming in terror and the villian showed up, you know the villain well, Red Skull. He commanded his men, “Search for Y/N L/N.”
Of course because you were a skilled hacker from one of your siblings who taught you and you walked so carefully to avoid getting captured by the Red Skull but too late the men caught you and fled away with Red Skull’s jet. The men placed the handcuffs on your wrists on your back as you looked up, glaring at Red Skull, Red Skull smirked darkly, “Now you will work with me and you will get the Avengers’ plan so no one will stop me.”
But you refused to work with him and a few seconds later the jet landed on the ground and the men dragged you to their hidden base, putting you inside the cell as you sighed and muttered, “I got bad luck.”
You were laying on the bed and waiting for the heroes or other heroes to rescue you, you started sleeping. 
Suddenly you jerked open your eyes when you heard the loud noise as you rushed toward the door but locked and you started listening, screaming, gunshots and others as you heard the voice belonged to Captain America, “Where is Y/N L/N?”
You smiled and knew Captain America with the Avengers, you clenched your fists and started banging against the door so the Avengers could hear you. You halted when you heard the footsteps get closer as you walked backward, finally the door had unlocked and opened but you were terrified when the Avengers were covered with blood, you know the Avengers can’t kill enemies, always put the villains in jail or custody.
“Y/N L/N right?” Captain America asked you as you nodded but still scared as you saw Iron Man was standing behind Captain America as he walked toward you and he unmasked his mask so you can see his face, smiling, “I told my friends about you, Y/N L/N. So we know a lot about you.”
The Avengers did stalk you for all time, you were shocked as Black Widow gave you a smile, “Now you will be under our wings and stay with us.”
“And we will chat.” Thor smiled and Hawkeye added, “And teach you how to fight.”
Hulk nodded in agreement as Captain America stepped in, “Now let’s go.”
You nodded and forced yourself to join the Avengers and now you became a member of the Avengers.
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I'll Protect Them and You
This took me a week to complete!
Tumblr media
Yandere Tony Stark x Single Father Reader.
Requested from @yandereseptilper
Warning: Violence. Not that many warnings.
What they Requested: Maybe the reader introduces tony to his kids. ( ages from 8-13) and the kids like tony and so that makes the reader happy and so maybe tony takes this as his family and needs to protect them!
M/n: Male name
O/C/N: Oldest child name
S/O/C/N: Second oldest child name
Y/C/N: Youngest child name.
F/C: favorite car
R/G/N: random guy name
(You can pick the genders, you want them to be.)
Word count: 2136
Hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it's bad! shitty title I know
DISCLAIMER: I have never watched any of the Avenger/Marvel movies, so my knowledge is slim. If you see something that isn't part of the movie just go with it.
Takes place before Iron Man 3?
"Kids come down and eat breakfast!" you yelled from downstairs, hearing small footsteps coming downstairs.
You were the single father of three kids. Now they didn't have a mother since you made an agreement with a woman to carry your child. After she gave birth to your three kids, you both went your separate ways.
(This process was called surrogacy. look it up if you don't what I mean.)
You wanted to be a father because you adore kids, but you didn't want to be with a woman. You were interested in the same gender. You knew two guys couldn't have a baby so that's why you did that.
You snapped out of your thoughts when the laughter of children came into earshot. The oldest children came in with their other siblings. They were O/CN was 13, S/O/C/N was 11, and Y/C/N was 9.
"Come sit down and eat!" "Okay, dad!" they said in a unison. They all took their seats and waited for you to serve them their meal.
The smells of pancakes, bacon, sausage fill the room. "Breakfast is served!" The plate consisted of pancakes with syrup drizzled on it, crispy bacon, well-cooked, two juicy sausage patties, scrambled eggs with cheese on top of it, and of course, milk on the side to wash it down.
"Thank you!" They yelled already digging in. You smiled at them before eating yours, it was the same but instead of milk, you had coffee. (Whatever beverage instead of milk.)
You taught your kids manners and how to treat people. Your kids listened to everything you said. To be honest, you thought it was going to be hard since you weren't in a relationship. But you managed
The oldest is usually the one who breaks up the fights between the two younger ones. And maybe uses them as servants, since they are older and more dominant than the middle or youngest.
But you had an announcement to make. "So kids, I was recently invited to visit my boss, Tony Stark. And would you like to meet him?" They stopped eating and responded. "YES!"
"Great! After we're done eating, we gotta get ready." They nodded before return back to eating.
You and your kids lived in Malibu, California. The reason why was because you were the personal assistant of Mr. Stark.
"Alright, it's time we get ready! We'll be leaving in 30 minutes!" You said, getting up and putting your plate into the sink. "Okay." They did the same before rushing upstairs to get ready.
You were nervous about your little meet with Mr. Stark. The reason why was because he would look at you weirdly, almost like staring, and whenever you were talking to someone you could feel his glare. You hoped it wasn't going to be like that.
You made sure you at least looked presentable. And you checked up on your kids and made sure they looked presentable.
Time skip (20 minutes)
"Are y'all ready?!" you yelled waiting at the door with your keys in hand. You see them running downstairs wearing presentable apparel, S/O/C/N was almost about to fall but they quickly caught themselves.
"We're ready? We got everything?" They nodded. "Alright, let's go!" You opened the door and made sure to lock it on your way out.
In the driveway was your F/C. "Come on, we on a time limit." Your kids got in one by one. You allow O/C/N to sit in the front since they are older and you made sure they wear their seatbelt.
(wear your seatbelts!)
"And we're off!"
Time skip (30 minutes)
After driving for 20 minutes of driving, y'all finally arrived to see a luxurious mansion. The exterior was white and large windows. 'I should've expected this.' You thought. He's a fucking billionaire.
The house- the mansion was beautiful and modern on the outside, but you wondered what it looked like on the outside. "We're here. Come on."
You slammed the door along with the others. You text Mr. Stark that you arrived. He gave you his number because he wanted to keep in touch with you. He also gave you a new phone too.
You: I'm here and I hope you don't mind me bringing my kids.
Tony knew you had kids but he wondered if you were in a relationship. Since you use the phone Tony gave you, he had access to everything you do. What Videos you watch, pictures you take, people you text, and many other things.
Now, this was an invasion of privacy but Tony didn't care. He also had access to your camera which means he can watch you. And he also has a tracking device on your phone.
Boss: Okay.
"Come on." You gestured your kids to follow. The front yard was nice just like the exterior.
You rang the doorbell, y'all stood there just waiting. You could hear the waves crashing on the side of the cliffs and seagulls overhead. Then the door opened.
"Business?" they said in a monotone voice. "Uhh, I have a meeting with Mr. Stark." You said while not making eye contact, your kids were just standing behind you. "Alright, you can come in. Mr. Stark has already been notified of your arrival."
"Okay." You walked in along with your kids and the interior was amazing! The inside had a high-tech design with white walls and other modern things.
Your kids were in awe too. Then, you hear the familiar voice of someone. "Hey, M/n! Glad you came!" Tony greeted you before giving you a hug. 'This is awkward. More like cringe.'
"Hey, Mr. Stark-" "Please, call me Tony," Tony said interrupting you. "Okay, Tony." You fixed your problem and Tony smiled before addressing the kids.
"So, who are your kiddos?" Tony said looking at the kids, who were still looking around until Tony pointed them out. "As you know these are my kids- their names are, o/c/n, s/o/c/n, and y/c/n. They are 13, 11, and 9. Now, say hi."
The kids waved at Tony. Tony found it cute, your kids look almost like you. "Now how about we take a tour and talk?" You nodded and followed Tony with your kids behind you.
Time skip (When you and the kids left)
The meeting went alright, the kids loved Tony and that made you happy. Maybe Tony will become an UNCLE to them? You and the kids had a nice dinner with him. Tony reached the kids about Tech and other things.
Then there is you, Tony asked some questions. Some of those questions were personal like, "Are you a relationship?" "Are you seeing someone?" and "Do you have any interests in someone?"
You answered them truthfully. The short was no, but maybe one of them was a lie. You liked Tony, he was kind of hot and good-looking. But he had a reputation of sleeping around and leaving them the next day, so you just pushed your feeling for him away.
Tony had feelings for you but they were a little more extreme than yours. He feels like you should pay attention to him and only him, that's why you got your position as his personal assistant.
So, he can keep a close on you and you gave him the attention he wanted. When he checked your photos out and saw three kids in them, he thought you were in a relationship and that made him a little jealous.
But when you said you weren't, he was a relief, and plus, he feels a connection with the kids. He feels like he should protect them and you.
When you mentioned that you were planning on dating someone. Tony was furious at the thought of someone being with you instead of him. Some random stranger taking his spot as your lover.
Your date in a couple of days and Tony decided to interfere with your date. Tony was going to help this person to retire....... from life.
Time skip (Wednesday, 8:30 PM)
You were waiting for your date to arrive but he didn't come yet. You've been waiting for 30 minutes and you kept texting him but he never responded.
"Hey, M/n! Didn't expect to see you here." You turned to your left to see Mr. Sta- Tony approaching you. "Oh, hi Tony." You said not making looking at him and just kept looking at your phone for a response.
"What's wrong M/n?" Tony said taking a seat in front of you where your date was supposed to sit. Tony put on a worried expression but that hid his true intentions.
"R/G/N was supposed to show up... But I've been waiting here for 30 or so minutes." You felt like he ditched you, he could've just told you that he wanted to cancel the date, and not let you waste your time.
"Maybe he ditched you M/n?" This only made you more upset, you just turned off your phone. "I think I'm going to go," you said as you were getting up but Tony stopped you.
"How about we treat ourselves to dinner! I'll pay for it." Tony said confidently. You were shocked, did he just ask you out while you were waiting for R/G/N? He hasn't shown up so you decided to just go with Tony.
(Before you arrived at the restaurant.)
R/G/N was getting ready for his date with you. He genuinely liked you and wanted to take you out. While he was getting ready he received a text from an unknown number.
UNKNOWN: Leave M/n alone. Or there will be consequences.
R/G/N just ignored it before blocking the number thinking it was nothing. 'How did they know I was going with M/n?'
Then he heard another ding.
UNKNOWN: Find I guess wanted it the hard way.
"Huh?" R/G/N was generally confused before he felt something impale his chest. Blood was pouring out of the wound. R/G/N was turned around to face someone in all black.
They then slashed R/G/N's neck, he was choking on his blood before he died. "Mr. Stark, the target has been taken down." The assassin said.
"Good job, I'll pay you when I come back from my date," Tony said before hanging up and going on with his plan. The assassin cleared up the body and made sure there was no evidence.
Time skip (5 months later)
The date went amazing! You and Tony began to go on dates after that. The kids were happy that you found someone, and they were extra happy when it was Tony!
After dating for 5 months, Tony decided it was time. He brought you to the mansion when the sun was setting. You and Tony looked out to see beautiful colors in the sky and the sun setting on the horizon.
It was overall beautiful. Tony then spoke, "M/n... the reason I brought you here was that... I Love you. You make me feel things I never feel before. I've never been like this towards anyone. You make me feel complete and I was wondering; Would you like to be my boyfriend/husband?"
Tony hoped you accepted it or he'll have to go to plan B. You were shocked but also happy that he felt the same. "Yes... yes! I always liked you but I didn't think you shared the same feeling like me! But yes, I'll happily be your!"
You launched yourself at him before kissing him. The scene was romantic, the sun setting in the distance and you both embraced each other.
"How would the kids react?" You asked pulling away. Tony just smiled. "I think they'll be pretty happy to know I'm their father. And we gotta change your name to; M/n Stark." You smiled at him.
'You're finally mine M/n, I'll cherish you forever. I've killed so many people just for this to happen.'
"I'll protect them and you. I promise."
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thefieryphoenix · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Gif by Tenor
Tony as a yandere would be calculating, EXTREMELY possessive, a manipulative and obsessive one too and it's all for the best in his eyes
He'd first meet you at a party or something like that. You weren't like those other types of people, shallow and self centered. The way you just... blended with the flow and you were super chill about it was intriguing to him. So he came up to you and when you suddenly tripped on your shoe lace/ heel, he caught you by our waist as you spilled your drink on him . You apologized profusely and grabbed a few tissues from somewhere and offered to help him but he just brushed it off telling you it was no problem
May or may not send JARVIS to spy on you just to know 'if your safe of not' and heck, he'll even find a way to hack into ALL your accounts you never told a single soul about and YES that even includes that Wattpad and Tumblr account too. He'll keep track of all your social media and if he sees anyone trying to flirt with you or something, he'll either end up blocking them or send JARVIS or his Iron Legion or deal with those clowns. He needs his daily dosage of hourly updates on you so he knows you're safe or he'll freak
He knows you like the back of his hand and probably much more than you know about yourself. He can read you like an open book, always calculating and interpreting your next move
He tries being subtle with you first, trying to gain and get your attention with gifts and all that romantic shit, but he grows puzzled and confused when you keep on rejecting him. He gets upset and startled when you call him a 'Playboy' and he'll do something completely IRRATIONAL like kidnapping you. Ah yes, the most easiest way to deal with problems when it comes to yanderes
But he'll never yell or raise his hands on you and make you do things you aren't comfortable with. He has a lot of respect for you and literally DROWNS in his respect women juice. He will spoil you rotten till no ends. Want that new book series that got released? Don't worry, he's already called ahead and made sure those guys have a separate stock ready for you. Want your favorite snack? It's already there sitting beside your bed table
When you act up or try running away from him, he'll be heartbroken and disappointed like a dad. He'll restrict you from using your favorite items for a while and then he'll just cuddle you and kiss you saying he really loves you and not to scare him or do something like that again
If someone tries harming you that fool who decided to do something as stupid and dangerous as that would literally pay with their lives no joke. He'll be bashing them up till they bleed and after he's done torturing them, he'll kill them. No one messes with the love of his life and TF away with it
Man has ABSOLUTE power that can even ruin people's lives if necessary
Just listen to him before he does something really irrational like killing your friends because they're ''taking'' you away from him
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peoplesgraves · 19 days ago
Random female mcu characters and what kind of yanderes they’d be
Agatha Harkness
Tumblr media
Gaslight gatekeep girlboss queen. A big believer in having to break someone before building them back up. Never uses physical punishments and instead makes you relive some of your more painful memories only to ‘save’ you from them. Wants you to be happy with her but doesn’t really care if it’s real or artificial.
Tumblr media
Like Peter P shuri is a very chill yandere. She knows how important it is for you to have other friends so as long as they’re properly vetted then she’s ok with letting you go off with them. As long as most of your time is still spent in her lab, testing out whatever new inventions she’s made or testing out all the new things wakanda has to offer. Thinks it’s so cute when you come up with ideas or try to invent something to show her. Even if she already made your ideas years ago and your invention is little more then scrap she’s still ready to lay on the praise.
Darcy Lewis
Tumblr media
Honestly more likely to be a platonic yandere then a romantic yandere. Can you blame her for wanting to protect her best friend. She doesn’t mean to monopolize all your time and drive all your other friends and dates away but she just has to show you this super weird phenomenon. Wouldn’t you love to be part of a possible new discovery? Just the thought of all the time you’ll get to spend together doing what Darcy loves makes her elated.
Proxima Midnight
Tumblr media
Straight up just the worst. Treats you like a child treats an old pet. She’ll lock you away and forget you for days and then suddenly you’re woken up in the middle of the night, starving and dehydrated but Proxima only wants to hold you, with no care for your actual needs. Will probably only say she loves you or do anything ‘nice’ like once a year.
Tumblr media
Pretty infantalizing honestly. Thinks you’re incapable of surviving without her but also knows you’re better than everyone else. Wants to see her pretty baby on a throne and doesn’t care who she has to kill to make it happen. Her love deserves to be royalty and she’ll stop at nothing to rule by your side.
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icesnaps · 21 days ago
Yandere Clint with male best friend reader
Warnings?: yandere, cursing, kidnapping, possessive Clint
Requested?: nope
Spell checked?: nope
A/N: rushed
•in the eyes of the purple archer you were as perfect as they could come, you made everyone look like nothing when compared
• you met wile he was still a shield agent In training
• you worked at a coffee shop near the training site, and as such a lot of agents had come to the shop after or before training to get a coffee
•Clint went to the coffee shop on a whim, wanting a nice warm drink, he had heard from his friends that the shop was really good
• he walked in and then he saw you working there and his heart almost stopped
•he knew from the moment he laid eyes on you that you were meant to be with him one day, even if you didn’t know it yourself
•he was one of the smarter yanderes’ though, still just as emotional as the liked of Tony or Bucky, but smarter when it came to getting his darling
• he knew that before he could be your lover it would be useful to already be in your life, already be close to you
•before he could become your lover he would become your friend to gain trust
•so he set himself into motion, he went over, ordered his coffee wile chatted with you, then he came back the next day and did the same
•this repeated over and over for months, and soon you were meeting after work and you considered him a friend
•even after he was moved away from the training site he still came to visit you daily, even when he was on secret missions he would still text you at least
•once he was close enough to you he started making sure no one got in the way of your friendship with blackmail and threats, all wile keeping a joking, kind front up to you
•he got rid of people who talked negatively of him, he got rid of people who wanted to be close with you
•his plan was going so well
• he adored every time another friend would ‘cut you off’, you would come to him crying and wanting comfort
•and he sure as hell gave comfort, he loved holding you in his arms as he comforted you, he loved the feeling of you being reliant on him
•after a few years you became even closer, he knew everything about you, you knew all he wanted you to know about him
•your relationship was going Just as he wanted it, he was so close to being able to ask you out and have all his hard work pay off!
•but then he joined the avengers and he didn’t see or talk to you for months due to the public and the other avengers
•those months felt like torture to Clint, he went from getting daily doses of your affection and joy to nothing at all, it was withdrawal
•he knew you were a drug to him but he never expect to be as addicted as he was
•it was worse then any amount of torture hydra could ever do to him
•then he finally got chance to see you again
•you started working at a cafe near the avengers compound
• he found you one day in the cafe and instantly hugged you, shocking you before you realised it was your basically best friend
•you soon got on your brake and started chatting happily to Clint
•he was so happy, he of corse took note of any new ‘friends’ you mentioned
•back in the day he would feel like he had to get rid of them, but now he felt as if they count never replace him
•after all he had made sure you were somewhat reliant on him, emotionally
•but then you mentioned something they broke him
• “and I’ve started dating this cute guy called Scott Lang!”
•he had to look away from you as a scowl grew on his face, you were dating someone?
•he left for a few months abs you ended up dating someone?!?
• of corse!!!! That’s just his luck isn’t it!?! Needles said he’s pissed
•he felt pissed, betrayed, hurt, but mostly jealous, how dare this random man come into your life and try to take the role meant for him!!
• after he let his face relax, using the image of you in his mind to help that, he turned to you and smiled “he sounds like a right charmer, I hope he treats you good”
•though Clint’s words seemed nice, in reality they hid malice and rage, if he had his way, the relationship would be over in the week
• you went back to your work abs he went back to the avengers compound abs instantly used his resources to research this ‘lang’ fellow
•sure he was mad when he found out you were dating someone, but when he found out you were dating a ex-convict... he blew a casket
•he couldn’t deal with the idea of a criminal dare touching his little angel
•he quickly got to work dragging up a bunch of old crimes from Scott’s past, he also found out you didn’t know about Scott’s... history with the law
•he couldn’t help but smile, knowing that he would secretly send you the information, then you would come crying to him got comfort, and he would comfort you with jokes and hugs
•in the end this would bring you closer to him~
•he waited a few days, then he sent the information to you with a fake email
•after he got a notification saying the email was red he waited for you to call him crying, or to come visit him with a need for comfort
•but you didn’t, and he grew worried, why weren’t you running to him like you were meant to? Did Scott have something to do with it?
•hid worry took over and he started searching for you, going to your home first
• he found you at home alright, but in the arms of another man, the arms of Scott
•sitting on the couch watching a movie
•Clint was furious, how could you just watch a movie with a criminal?!?
•he had finally reached the end of his rope, he wanted you to fall for him naturally, but this... stain on society was getting in his way
•he was going to make you his already
•you enjoyed the night with scott, after you confronted him about his past he explained and you forgave him
• after that movie you went to sleep with Scott for three first time
•but when you woke up...
•Scott was nowhere in sight...
•and this wasn’t your bedroom...
•you looked around in a panic, all the windows in the cabin style room were bolted shut, the door was open though
•you got out of bed and quickly got moving, trying to escape wherever you are
• you found your way into a living room, as you tried to go for the front door, strong arms pulled you into his chest
• “your up darling, rise and shine~” Clint smirked in a sing song voice, you could move out of his chest, and his hand was tracing your face carefully, tilting it to look at him
• “Clint what are you do-” he for you off with a kiss
• “I’m taking what I want baby bird, and I want you, and no one else will take you from me... okay baby?”
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thefieryphoenix · 25 days ago
MY SLEEPING BEAUTY~ A Yandere Peter Parker Oneshot
Tumblr media
I do NOT own the gif, got it from Google :)
You were such a pretty delicate cute fragile little thing in Peter's eyes. The way you chewed your lip when you were anxious or nervous was so cute to him..... you reminded him of a little cute adorable baby bunny and yes, baby boi here developed something more deeper than an innocent crush.... he had a crazed obsession for you but he'd stutter and become a blushing flustered mess while talking to you. However he won't hesitate to make a person back the HECK away from you if he thinks they're getting too close to you
Peter likes watching you drinking and admiring your beauty from far normally as well as Spiderman. He'll stalk you home under the pretense of patrol and will make sure your safe and secure at your home, sleeping cozily on your bed like a curled up kitten
Ever wondered what that sudden rush of wind was or you clearly remember shutting your window last night? Well, that's Peter for ya, or the friendly Spiderman checking if you were doing all right. He liked to watch you sleep, focusing on your soft breathing as your chest rises and falls slightly. Sometimes, he'll even come in bed and snuggle with you only to leave a few hours before you got up and yes, he'll gently kiss the top of your forehead when you nuzzle into him or cuddle back into the unknown force that's holding you
You were lovely to him and even more lovely in the night which was PRECISELY why he'd watch you sleep and visit you in the night. Oh he HAD to, your plump rosy soft lips were too addicting for him to resist you for too long
"Oh darling Y/N'' he sighed as he lay in your bed with you. "If only you knew how much I love you, what I'm going to do to you when we're together'' he chuckled slightly and caressed your cheek lovingly. "Don't worry, Spiderman will save you from your life, I know how hard it is for you sweetheart, exams and tests and studies and on top of that you're even working at that god damn coffee shop where people have the guts to ask you for your number! Don't worry darling, I'll keep you safe from all this no matter what. Leave it all to me~"
Unable to control himself, he reaches down to your neck and as you squirm slightly and sigh, he just shushes you gently and mumbles, "I'll kiss you and take such good care of you. Isn't that what you want my love?"
He peppered your face with light kisses, worshipping you. He lay in bed for some more time with you and then as he glanced at the alarm clock on your bedside table, he curses that it was time for him to get going and places a gentle kiss to your lips and says, "Don't worry my sleeping beauty, we'll be together soon. The thought of kissing you and having you is too addicting~" and strokes your cheek lovingly with his thumb
"Sweet dreams my cute little sleeping beauty, I'll be back for you and then we can live a happy life together~"
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