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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Hi, for marvel love letters, maybe a romantic Peter Parker writing to his obsession that is hesitant toward his love?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you? Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen the way you’ve been keeping to yourself even more than before, especially when I’m around. Or how you try to make yourself as small as possible hoping I won’t notice you, I always notice you. Or how you shy away or scurry off whenever I get close to you.
I know my confession came out more jumbled and intense then I wanted but I just couldn’t contain myself. I’m sure it overwhelmed you and I’m sorry for that but you could at least be honest with me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. But being able to finally tell you how much you mean to me and how in love I’ve been with you for God knows how long just felt too good.
You don’t need to give me an answer or even return my feelings right now. I just needed to tell you how I felt. If you need time then that’s perfectly fine. I’ve waited this long, I can wait awhile longer. But please don’t shut me out or run from me again. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide or keep anything from. I’m here for you and that’s never going to change.
Call me whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen.
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A Pure Soul (Yandere!Wanda Maximoff x ADD!Autistic!reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Two weeks or so after Wanda arrives at the Avengers’ Place, (y/n) shows up. An autistic Avenger who’s extremely honest and who doesn’t really seem to mind just being by themself, but also is kind and even affectionate to others. Wanda’s smitten by this and does the unthinkable.
Request?: Nope. I’m literally just throwing this out of the back of my head. From the Yandere Starter Prompts list by @yandere-mccree
Prompt: 5. “This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.”
Warnings: (AOU Spoilers, CACW spoilers, IW spoilers, Endgame spoilers, torture sorta, sleep paralysis mention, ableism, slight manipulation?, kidnapping, mind-breaking mention)
Note: I wanted to try a bit more of a subtle Yandere vibe for Wanda. I’ve never really written one of these, so it might not be as great as I hoped. I don’t encourage or condone the unhealthy aspects.
Word Count: 3,268
It’s only been a couple of weeks or so after she’d been taken from Sokovia after it was destroyed. Wanda’s still mourning the loss of her brother when you arrive. You're a shy person, not a fan of eye contact, but you do like touch, hugs in particular, as well as head pets.
Wanda doesn’t pay attention to you much at first. You’re just another Avenger to her; a nice change of pace, but that’s all. But then comes Lagos. Wanda now has guilt along with so much trauma. It’s no surprise when you hear her crying in her room one day, the door somehow left open a crack.
“I’m a terrible person,” she says softly, thinking no one heard.
You peek in and catch her with a pillow to her face, weeping. Your heart breaks. You know it’s on her, but she clearly feels terrible. You stand in the doorway until she soon notices you.
“Oh....(y/n),” she says as casually as she can. “Hey.”
“You’re not a terrible person,” you tell her.
She’s shocked to hear this.
“You’re not afraid of me?”
You shake your head.
“Why would I be?”
“I’m too destructive,” she says, sniffling. “You saw what happened in Lagos.”
You enter your room and sit on her bed with her. 
“But you’re also very kind,” you point out. “And you’re a good person. You clearly care when you hurt others, and you want to rectify your mistakes. A bad person wouldn’t do that.”
In that moment, you can sense her need for some physical contact. You lean over and give her a hug, rubbing her back.
“I’m glad you’re here, Wanda,” you tell her.
And you are. You truly are. Even if you don’t know her well, you’ve heard her talk a few times, and she’s a breath of fresh air. Most of the Avengers tend to be a bit loud and sometimes a bit insensitive, but not Wanda. Wanda’s extremely sensitive to others’ feelings and tends to be a quiet person. It’s something you need. Her accent is also soothing to you for some reason, not to mention she’s beautiful.
You let her cry on your shoulder for a few hours, even humming to her a bit. Then it’s dinnertime and you’re called to the kitchen. That’s when something in Wanda changes. You, an Avenger who barely knows her, aren’t afraid of her; in fact, you’re glad that she’s here. She also doesn’t know you all that well, but she’s seen some acts of kindness you’ve done for her and the other Avengers, even when you thought no one was watching. And she heard your thoughts when you were hugging her, all wonderful things about her, how you wish she could see how amazing she is, how beautiful she is.
At that moment, her heart melts. How can someone with such a sweet and pure soul like you exist? How could someone so....perfect exist? It’s a ray of sunshine in her heart, making her forget about the guilt and trauma, even if only for a few moments. Your presence is exactly what she needs. And she needs more of it.....
At first it starts off simple and small; making an effort to see you more often, running into you in the compound, smiling at you, making conversation. And honestly, there’s something about Wanda you can’t quite shake off. She does make your heart flutter; sometimes you get shy around her or even blush. It’s adorable and it’s something that only makes her more fond of you. 
She discovers you’re autistic when the lights of the compound are too bright one time. The second she notices how anxious you are after Tony turns on the lights before getting his coffee in the other room, she immediately turns them down for you, and she’s the first person you tell. 
“I’m touched that you trust me enough to confess this,” she tells you with a few tears in your eyes.
Wanda asks you what other things you like or dislike, things that give you sensory overload and things that help you calm down. She asks you about your experiences as an autistic person. You’re touched by how considerate she is, and even confess to her about your ADD, or Inattentive ADHD, as they call it now. She also asks about that, but does her best to take it a little at a time so that you’re not overwhelmed with questions.
What you don’t know is that she already knows all of this, having telepathy and all; she wants to hear it from you so that it doesn’t come off as creepy. She also loves to hear your voice. It’s like music to her ears, music that eases her stresses and trauma, even if only temporarily.
Then she starts to make some more effort, actively implementing what she knows and paying attention to things you say and do, so that she knows what she can do or say without it being suspicious. Wanda wants the relationship to move as naturally as possible. You’re her precious angel, and she doesn’t want to scare you. And she won’t unless it’s inevitable or of absolute necessity. 
Wanda buys a bunch of fidgets and other sensory things for you to try, keeping in mind what you’ve told her. But also throwing in some “close guesses,” meaning things she knows but that you haven’t told her, things close to what you’ve told her. She can easily pass it off as just “having a hunch,” as long as it doesn’t happen too often. 
Though she wants it to be as natural as possible, she occasionally uses her powers on you; nothing too severe at first. Just sending little suggestions to your mind; she’s told you a few of her favorite things, so she’ll base those suggestions off of that. One of the first suggestions is why not ask her how to make paprikash? She suggests that the two of you make it together and you agree. You’re not big on spice, but there’s some sweet paprika as a substitute. And it’s not as spicy as you think, but it’s delicious.
Sometimes Wanda sends a suggestion to get you going on a rant on one of your Special Interests; it’s both a chance for her to “get to know you more,” but mostly because she adores hearing you speak about what you love; she especially loves seeing that twinkle in your eyes and she loves seeing your face light up. It’s one of the most precious things to her, seeing you so happy. She wants to cherish every single second of it. 
Though you’re nervous about it, suggestions of humming or singing to her pop into your mind. You give into them fairly often, mostly later on in the relationship. She tells you about how beautiful your voice really is, which gets you shy and blushing. It’s so endearing to her, seeing her sweet little sunbeam being so cute without even trying.
When you come back from a battle, Wanda checks to make sure you’re okay as soon as possible. She volunteers to patch you up to the best of her ability, and she soon becomes the person you first think of when you need first aid or care after a battle.
Then Wanda decides to take it a little further; her room in the compound is next to yours. She stands outside of your door, waiting for you to go to sleep, before opening the door a tad and sending in sweet dreams. If there’s one thing she despises, it’s seeing her sweet little angel upset, and this assures that it won’t happen. 
Next she sends little dreams with her in it; first only small appearances, but then she becomes apparent little by little until she ends up being the focus of many of them. Of course she’ll throw in miscellaneous dreams here and there, just to make sure you don’t get suspicious.
Then comes Wanda’s biggest suggestion to you; you two have gotten so close over the past few months, why not ask her to be your girlfriend? It only makes sense. You still feel those butterflies in your stomach, you two both have amazing chemistry, and you both are very close. At this point, you don’t question it. You’re just nervous to ask, as you’ve never been in a relationship before. Of course the nervousness is also slightly part of the suggestion, more on a subconscious level. It’s not enough to make you panic; just enough to make you shy when asking her. And of course, you are. You end up stammering a little, blushing a bit. She fondly assures you that it’s okay to feel this nervousness, and happily accepts being your girlfriend. 
Now that you two are a couple, her next suggestion for you is to give into those affectionate feelings you have when cuddling with her. She loves the warmth you bring. Wanda didn’t think you could get any cuter, and yet she’s a full-on puddle when you cuddle with her. You’re just so sweet and Wanda can’t help but feel protective over you.
Others begin to notice you opening up more and they start making conversation with you. Of course Wanda’s listening to their thoughts to make sure they’re not interested in going further than a friendship with you. Friends are okay for her, and she’s very excited inside when you make a new friend, as she knows that making friends doesn’t exactly come naturally to you. However if it ever gets to anything past that, she’d have to take action. One does express interest in you, and that doesn’t sit well with Wanda. This person doesn’t deserve such a sweet angel, let alone her sweet little angel. Something must be done. 
That night, after sending you sweet dreams, she sneaks over to their place and hides just outside of their bedroom door. She’s able to track their brain activity, so she knows when they’ve gone to sleep. Once they do, she sends them their worst nightmares, ones that paralyze them in their sleep out of fear. The next day, you don’t see them at their usual time. You figure maybe they’re sick or they overslept. In the meantime, she’s there to keep you company. It happens on and off with them for some odd reason.
If it’s one of the Avengers taking an interest in you, Wanda ensures that the two of you don’t get too close. If you go on a mission and need a partner, Wanda steps up. It’s not really a surprise to them, with her being your girlfriend and all. She glares at the Avenger who’s showing interest, letting them know to stay back. 
And then shit hits the fan.
You come back to the compound in tears one night and Wanda’s the first one at your side.
“(Y/N), what happened?” she asks worried.
You tell her about how you ran into someone who said that autism is a disease that needs to be cured and that you shouldn’t exist because you’re a burden on society. Wanda doesn’t leave your side that night. You need someone there for you. Externally she’s supportive and loving. But internally, she’s both heartbroken and fuming as she looks through the memory. A fire storms inside of her. How dare they tell such a sweet and pure soul like you that they’re a burden! How dare they say her sweet angel has a disease that needs to be cured! Wanda knows that autism has its challenges, but also its upsides. It’s not anything that needs a cure. It’s a part of your identity. She will NOT let this slide. Not even a little. 
After cuddling with you, and sending extra-special sweet dreams that night, Wanda finds the place of the person who told you this. Wanda sneaks into their bedroom and induces their worst nightmares, along with a dose of sleep paralysis. She uses her telekinesis to throw objects around the room and even at them. She uses her power to make them choke. Her grief and anger only amplifies the severity. It’s satisfying to her to hear them scream, plead, beg for mercy, to see them so helpless, knowing what they said to her precious angel. She keeps doing this to them until they’re completely broken, even going back multiple nights, just to make sure they’re gone for good. 
You don’t hear from them until you find out that they’ve become completely catatonic. Part of you still feels bad for them for some reason, but you don’t know why.
“You have nothing to feel bad about, (Y/N),” Wanda assures you when you bring this up with her. “Their guilt probably just got the best of them. C’mon, how about we get some lunch together?”
Wanda’s got your back and more for the next few days. And then Tony locks her in her room, and you’re infuriated. He just sees her as a weapon and not a person. In spite of their attempts to convince you to come along on missions, you decide to stay back and keep Wanda company, to make her confinement more bearable. 
The two of you both fight Tony together, end up in the Raft, and escape together, living away from the compound. Then comes the war. You’re the one dusted and Wanda survives. Those five years without you are hell to her. She spirals back into grief, guilt, and trauma, blaming herself for not being able to save you. Thank God for Bruce Banner. In 2023, he brings you back. The second Wanda finds this out, she rushes for you, her eyes filled with tears, and you’re just as relieved to see her. Your warmth sparks a sense of purpose back into her. After you died and were brought back to life, to her you’re truly an angel now, and she refuses to let an angel be harmed. She’s reluctant to let you fight, but she tells you as long as you stay by her, it should be fine.
Tony sacrifices himself to save you all from Thanos. The second the funeral is over, you decide to take a nap. Wanda gently grabs you and takes you to a remote location; a cottage in the middle of the woods on an island. Those five years without you and then suddenly having you back sent her protective instincts into overdrive. She decides that she can’t let anyone or anything hurt you anymore. She’s lost her parents and her brother. She can’t lose you. She won’t lose you.
When you come to, you’re shocked about where you are. 
Sitting up you begin to panic when you hear a familiar voice.
“Good! You’re awake.”
The smell of paprika hits your nose as you see her face, a sweet smile upon it. 
She brings over a plate of chicken paprikash. 
“What do you think, (y/n)?” she asks.
“Of what?”
She gives a little giggle.
“Of our new home, of course.”
Your heart jumps in your chest.
“New home?”
Wanda sets down the food on a nearby table, and sits next to you on the bed you’ve been placed in. 
“(Y/N), I.....those past five years....”
“Must’ve been horrific,” you say, still in shock.
She nods. 
“And I wish I could’ve saved you.”
She gently takes ahold of your hands. 
“And now that you’re back....I’m scared to lose you. I want us to be together forever.”
Your face flushes, and you glance away. She giggles a little and gently guides your face back up to her.
“My sweet (y/n), you’re too adorable,” she tells you.
Your eyes meet the bridge of her nose, and she doesn’t make you look at her eyes. She knows eye contact can be hell for you.
“I’ve missed this energy so much; I’ve missed your kind-hearted nature, your beautiful voice, your wide and innocent eyes, that cute little button nose, you cuddling up close to me. I’ve set everything in this cottage up just for you. I want you to be as comfortable and happy as possible here.”
“Where exactly are we, though?” you ask.
“Somewhere where you’ll never be hurt again. I’ll ensure that.”
This set off a slight red flag, and you panic a little.
“We couldn’t have just moved to a house in the suburbs or maybe a house in Greece?”
She shakes her head as she pets yours, something that absolutely gives you butterflies.
“No. This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you, sweet (y/n). You have such a pure soul-you are a pure soul-and the world outside will only hurt you. Sweet and innocent people, especially at your age, are very rare. They’re like diamonds; real diamonds. They’re extremely difficult to find, but once you do, they’re a treasure that needs to be protected. I want to be that for you. I want to protect you, keep you safe, love you and care for you. This cottage, this island, it can become a whole new world. At least give it a try? For me? Please?”
You want to say no, right? You’re not sure. It feels like something inside of you is at war, but one side is winning. Wanda’s clearly relieved to have you, and you’ve loved her for a long time now as she’s loved you for a long time now. You feel comfortable around her too. Perhaps a little protection might not be the worst idea. At the very least, a trial run wouldn’t hurt.
You nod.
“Okay, I’ll give it a go.”
Wanda hugs you close and gives you a small peck on the cheek. 
“Thank you, my sweet (y/n)! Thank you.”
The two of you have dinner together and then watch a few sitcoms before you cuddle up in bed as Wanda softly sings you a Sokovian lullaby, your head lying near her shoulder. As you drift off to sleep, Wanda watches you endearingly. What you don’t know is that you’re going to enjoy being here. She’d love it if it’s on your own terms, but if you start to seem distant, she won’t hesitate to use her magic to send some suggestions. Maybe it’s to prompt you to ask her to include or remove or change something, or even to enhance your joy for the little things. Extreme worst-case scenario? She’ll plague you with a few nightmares, ones that’ll show you how dangerous the outside world is without her, but it will pain her to do so. Expect a lot of cuddling and kisses from her when you wake up in tears in the hopes of making things better. And she makes sure they do. All she wants is for you to stay and be happy and safe with her. 
And even if you wanted to leave, it’s doubtful that even with your powers, you’ll get past the barrier Wanda’s put up. It’s doubtful that you’ll even get that far. It’s a big island after all. Big and deserted. She wants to give you enough space, but not too much. Just enough to make you happy. If you somehow find it, Wanda will make sure you’ll forget finding it. She’ll fill in the gaps with something else so that it doesn’t seem suspicious. It’s not surprising that she knows how to deal with so many outcomes; she’s had five years to think it over, after all, just in case you came back.
But none of that matters right now. All that matters is that she has you, her precious angel, and you’ll be hers forever one way or the other.
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thefieryphoenix · 25 days ago
MY SLEEPING BEAUTY~ A Yandere Peter Parker Oneshot
Tumblr media
I do NOT own the gif, got it from Google :)
You were such a pretty delicate cute fragile little thing in Peter's eyes. The way you chewed your lip when you were anxious or nervous was so cute to him..... you reminded him of a little cute adorable baby bunny and yes, baby boi here developed something more deeper than an innocent crush.... he had a crazed obsession for you but he'd stutter and become a blushing flustered mess while talking to you. However he won't hesitate to make a person back the HECK away from you if he thinks they're getting too close to you
Peter likes watching you drinking and admiring your beauty from far normally as well as Spiderman. He'll stalk you home under the pretense of patrol and will make sure your safe and secure at your home, sleeping cozily on your bed like a curled up kitten
Ever wondered what that sudden rush of wind was or you clearly remember shutting your window last night? Well, that's Peter for ya, or the friendly Spiderman checking if you were doing all right. He liked to watch you sleep, focusing on your soft breathing as your chest rises and falls slightly. Sometimes, he'll even come in bed and snuggle with you only to leave a few hours before you got up and yes, he'll gently kiss the top of your forehead when you nuzzle into him or cuddle back into the unknown force that's holding you
You were lovely to him and even more lovely in the night which was PRECISELY why he'd watch you sleep and visit you in the night. Oh he HAD to, your plump rosy soft lips were too addicting for him to resist you for too long
"Oh darling Y/N'' he sighed as he lay in your bed with you. "If only you knew how much I love you, what I'm going to do to you when we're together'' he chuckled slightly and caressed your cheek lovingly. "Don't worry, Spiderman will save you from your life, I know how hard it is for you sweetheart, exams and tests and studies and on top of that you're even working at that god damn coffee shop where people have the guts to ask you for your number! Don't worry darling, I'll keep you safe from all this no matter what. Leave it all to me~"
Unable to control himself, he reaches down to your neck and as you squirm slightly and sigh, he just shushes you gently and mumbles, "I'll kiss you and take such good care of you. Isn't that what you want my love?"
He peppered your face with light kisses, worshipping you. He lay in bed for some more time with you and then as he glanced at the alarm clock on your bedside table, he curses that it was time for him to get going and places a gentle kiss to your lips and says, "Don't worry my sleeping beauty, we'll be together soon. The thought of kissing you and having you is too addicting~" and strokes your cheek lovingly with his thumb
"Sweet dreams my cute little sleeping beauty, I'll be back for you and then we can live a happy life together~"
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avengers-goddess · a month ago
I Hate You- Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
Dark Thor Odinson X Reader
Tumblr media
He didn't come. Of course he didn't. He never did anymore. How could he blow his daughter's birthday party off for some cheap hook-up. You were mad all night, but it turned to sadness when you saw the realisation on Italia's face when she knew her dad wasn't coming.
Once your family and friends left, you began picking up some of the mess left around the house as Italia played with her presents. The party food that was left was cold, but you didn't care as you bit into the pizza.
A text message came through on your phone, and you scoffed when Thor's name popped up.
Sorry, something came up. I'll be around in ten minutes.
You decided not to tell Italia just in case she got her hopes up and he never did turn up. But to your shock, he did. The door opened and Thor came through the door, a big bag full of presents in his grip.
"Daddy!" Italia giggled, getting up and running over to him. He picked her up and twirled her around, wishing her a happy birthday. You watched the interaction with a scowl on your face. Still annoyed at his behaviour, you decided it would be best to leave them be so they could celebrate together until her bed-time.
"Where are you going, mommy?" You winced when you realised Italia had noticed you creeping off, and you slowly turned to face her. "Mommy isn't feeling well, so she's going to bed early. Daddy can put you to bed, okay?"
You gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and gave one last look of dissappointment to Thor, before trudging up the stairs.
Tumblr media
Of course you weren't going to bed, but it was your only excuse to get away from him. All you could hear was Italia's giggles as Thor played with her downstairs. She had always been a daddy's girl.
Shortly after ten, you heard Thor come up the stairs with Italia, putting her to bed. Carefully, you rose from your bed and opened the door. Thor noticed you and sent you a short smile but whe you didn't return it, he knew how mad you actually were.
"Before you start-"
"Just go, Thor. She's gone to sleep now, so just go."
He stepped back when you said that, shocked at your sudden outburst. "Please, let me explain," he begged and now that you knew he was genuinelly serious, you decided to let him.
"Fine, come in here," you pointed back to your bedroom door and he nodded, steppig beside you and into the room. "Do you remember when we used to share that bed?"
"Don't make me regret letting you explain yourself, Thor."
"Sorry," he muttered. His hands wondered to the photograph of Italia on your bedside table, and his smile picked up. "We made her, Y/N. Together."
"Well, where were you then?"
"I wa- I was getting her presents."
The pathetic excuse made you let out a scoff and he furrowed his eyebrows. "Don't lie!"
"Fine, I had someone over. Happy now?"
Even though the pair of you weren't together anymore, it still stung. Once when you went on a date, Thor wouldn't stop going on about how dangerous the man could be. He ended up putting you off him, so you spent your days alone with Italia.
He took a step back at his harsh words, and looked down at the floor when he saw the tears welling up in your eyes. "You knew how important this was to her, Thor. God, if you didn't turn up, I don't know what would have happened."
Your voice cracked as you spoke and he reached his arm out to comfort you, but you harshly pulled back. "Don't touch me! You lost that right when you stopped coming over to see your daughter."
"Y/N, I-"
"Get out! Get the hell out of my house!"
"No, Y/N. I'm not leaving you like this."
"I cared about you, Thor. God, I still do. Do you know how irritating that is?!"
You walk past him to leave the room, bumping his shoulder as you did. His hand gripped your wrist, pulling you back so you were wrapped in his chest. "Let me go! I hate you, Thor!"
The tears were falling freely down your face as his hand reached out to wipe them. All you could do was let him, as you leant on his chest for comfort. You slipped out of his grip and fell onto the floor, leaning against your bedroom wall.
He dropped down with you, wrapping his arms around you securely. His fingers rubbed circles up your arm as his head rested in the crook of your neck. "I know you do, baby. I know."
"Just please, let me go."
"I-I can't. I'm sorry for this, Y/N. But we all need to be together, and this is the only way."
Your head snapped up and the confusion was evident on your face. His hand reached into his back pocket and he pulled out a needle. "What?"
You shot up and tried to escape the room, but Thor was faster and stronger. His hand reached over to your mouth and he clamped down so Italia wouldn't wake up to your screams.
"Just relax. It will only sting for a minute."
The needle was stabbed into your neck and he placed whatever liquid was in it, inside your body. Darkness slowly came over you and you felt dizzy. "Why?"
As you lost all consciousness, you collapsed into his arms. Thor picked you up carefully, and carried you bridal style to his car that was parked in the garage. "Don't fret, darling. We'll be happy together soon."
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icesnaps · a month ago
100 follow special: Yandere Tony with criminal mastermind brother reader
Warnings?: cursing, blood shed, yandere, maybe inc*st but it isn’t meant to read that way I’m sorry if it dose
Requested?: yes by my 100th follower @yandereseptilper
Spell checked?: hahaha- even for a special no-
A/n: I didn’t think I would get 10 followers never mind 100!! Thank you all <3
•Before you vanished:
• the relationship you had with your older brother was Rocky to say the least
•you were five years younger then him
•at first the relationship as close, Tony loved to care for his baby bro
•but by the time you were five you both already started drifting away from each other
•don’t get him wrong, tony still adored and loved his brother, but he was getting to the age were he wanted more independence from his family, including you
• on the other hand, you just wanted to have your brothers approval and attention, like any other little sibling you looked up to your brother
•the fact he kept pushing you away, but you kept trying to squeeze into his life caused more and more friction between you two
•”Tony! Tony! Look I drew-” “I don’t care get out my room brat!”
• “Tony what’s that? What do-” “oh shut it!”
• by the time you were ten your relationship was pretty much nonexistent, only a few words every few days
•and those words were normally a insult from Tony
•even if you did something amazing he would find a issue to call out
•he still cared for you, but it had become natural to try and push you away
•and in all honestly, he loved the way you chased for his attention, he hoped that if he pushed you away enough you would start doing it again
•but you... you had become disillusioned to your brother, finally seeing him for what he was to you, a asshole
•a cruel asshat who had been nothing but degrading to you
•and then, years later your parents died, you were only 16, still a kid, you could feel yourself being pushed to the edge, this world...
•it wasn’t fair!
•your brother was a asshole and your parents were dead?!?
•you got the bad hand out of the deck if life and you knew it
•Tony was devastated, he had a argument with his dad then, bam! His dad and his mother are dead! He felt like shit
•you made one last attempt to reach out to your brother, for his, and your sake
• “Tony... it’s not your fault, you couldn’t have-” “what do you know!!! You were off doing jack shit with your stupid friends when I... just fucking vanish already! It’s all your good for”
•Tony didn’t mean it, he never did really, he was just lashing out because of how he felt
• but it was the final push you needed, you were done with it
•you walked away from your brother, stole some money from the family account, and you were gone
•Tony didn’t notice till the next day when he came to say sorry for once
•he searched the whole house five times, before he broke down when he couldn’t find you
•he regretted every mean word he ever said to you, and begged to a god he didn’t even believe in you would come back after cooling off
•but you never did
•When you reconnect:
•most people assumed you died on the streets, so did Tony, his happy go lucky brother couldn’t survive out their in his eyes
•he still saw you as the little innocent kid who needed protection
•he never did notice you mature emotionally, physically and mentally, he was to busy finding the next Insult
•he mourned your ‘death’ for years and still visits your grave a lot
•but you didn’t just survive, you thrived!
•you found out you had quite the skill for manipulating people, twisting them to do as you wished, all why playing up the innocent card to avoid them getting mad if they caught on
•you were attractive(I don’t care if you think you aren’t cuz you are!) , this helped, after all people tend to be more lenient to people they find hot
•you became cruel and ruthless, all wile seeming classy and cute
•you fashioned yourself it what looked to be a high tech butler outfit with a parasol as your weapon
•of corse the parasol had a hidden sword in the shaft
•you knew a lot about deal making from your dad, so that with your talent for playing the game, made you grow into a almost unstoppable crime lord
• you didn’t intend to meet Tony again, hell you didn’t even really plan to even think of him again, yet here you are
•at some random cafe, making a deal with the biggest gang in New York to kill some random traitor
•when you notice a pair of eyes locked on to you, Tony’s eyes
•his eyes were wide and shocked, unable to believe his brother was alive
•you were different yes, but he knew it was you, he would know you anywhere, he would always know his darling little brothers face, no matter how much it changed with age
• “well gentlemen, it was a nice talk, but I have to go” they wouldn’t even try to stop you as you left, even the big gangs feared you
•you picked up your parasol and made your exit, full well knowing Tony was running after you
•you weaved through streets, trying to make it hard to follow you
•Tony didn’t care how hard you made it for him to get to you, he would have his brother back to matter what
•he shoved himself through people roughly, till you soon stopped in a back alley
•you pointed your parasol to him “stop following me dick head!”
•Tony didn’t care about the insult, he knew he had earned it if anything “your alive! Your alive!... why... did you...”
• “why did i... vanish? Easy, you asked me to!” You smugly responded
•before turning to leave, but arms around your waist stopped you in your tracks “don’t leave me... not again”
•you wanted to hit him over the head with your parasol, but couldn’t bring yourself to as he started crying into your shoulder
•you just stood and let him hug you, he didn’t even seem like the same guy that bullied you as a kid
• “are you done?” “No...”
•it took a long wile for Tony to let go, as soon as he did you went to walk away again
•but this time as he went to grab you again, he felt a force on the back of his head, then everything went black
• and when he woke up again he was in his bed
•Tony then made it his mission to find you again
•he used all his resources, even going as far as asking Natasha to help
• in his search for you he learned of your terrifying reputation
• he didn’t believe you were actually cruel and sadistic, he beloved that the cruel world and his actions made you that way
•and he wanted to ‘fix’ you
•and soon he found you
•well your base of operation
•he burst in with his Ironman suit and killed your guards
•and he took you, but didn’t expect you to put up as mush of a fight as you did
•you were able to force him out of his suit with the amount of damage you did
•you looked pissed as you stood over him, pressing a foot on his chest to keep him down, not letting him move a inch
•you unsheathed your blade and lifted it above your head “why couldn’t you have just stayed away!” You didn’t really want to kill him, he was still your brother but you knew you had to
•just as you were about to thrust the blade down on him, a needle was jabbed into your neck
•you quickly flipped your blade and thrusted it behind you, causing the person who had the needle to back off, giving you a chance to see them, black widow
•you stumbled off of Tony and dashed to Nat blade first, but your legs have out just as you reached her, you fell to the ground and fell into darkness
•when you woke up you were laying on a bed in a room you knew well, it was your old bedroom from before you ran off
•Tony kept it just the way you left it, even down to the slightly used pen that had to be dried out by now
•the windows was blocked with a Metal plate painted to look like a summer sun and the door was now metal itself, with a rental scanner
• “your up!” You turned your head to look at Tony, he was smiling happily at you wile sitting on your old chair
• “what... why am I here Anthony?” You growled at him
• his smile dropped “don’t be like that, your here because it’s your home, and we can finally be a family again, this time we will be the perfect family”
• tony walked over and dragged his hand over your cheek gently “your never leaving me again”
•he dose put effort into being a better brother, he will get you anything you show interest in
•show a interest in painting? You will have a whole art studio by the next hour
•he will even get you people to kill if you really want
•he will also insist in sharing a bed with you, he’s a very protective man, he’s lost you once ave he’s not planing to again
•he’s very easy to manipulate, despite him being the one in control, just play into his game of brothers and he will do more or less anything you want
•he stops going to as many parties, instead spending the time tending to his brother
•you hate to admit it but you loved the attention he gave you, the attention you craved but was never given as a kid
•and when people come to find you, he pulls a few strings and the avengers deal with them
•if your really good he will expand the area your allowed in, soon letting you in the kitchen and living room
•he had done the same modifications to the windows and doors there as well
•but he made two fatal errors
•the bathroom window was glass, and he didn’t hide the knives
•he trusted you, after all, you were his sweet darling little brother, as long as you can’t leave your fine
•but then the choice comes to you, kill Tony and escape or continue playing happy families?
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avengers-goddess · a month ago
Cabin In The Woods- Four
Tumblr media
This is a dark Wanda Maximoff story. She is kind of redeemed in this chapter, considering this is the last one. In no way am I trying to romanticise this type of love.
Wanda always woke up early, but today wasn't one of them. It must have been the fact that she was finally in your arms, and she didn't want to get up. She fully awoke when you began tossing and turning. Your eyes opened slowly and you gasped at how close she was to you.
"Morning, my love," she purred. Flashbacks from last night came sweeping back, and you felt sick to your stomach. "Oh god. We- we slept together."
She nodded with a smile but it dropped when she seen the look on your face. "Why did I do that?" You scolded yourself, getting up and grabbing a fresh pair of underwear. Thank god Wanda had decided to bring some clothes for you, otherwise you'd have nothing to wear.
"But you loved it. You said."
"God, Wanda. How self-centered can you be? I haven't been touched like that in months!"
Grabbing a dressing gown out of the wardrobe, you wrapped it closely around you and snuggled into it. "My family are going to be worried, Wanda. The police are probably already looking for me."
She shook her head in denial and answered, "They won't be."
Your hand dropped from the door handle and you turned towards her, a questioning look in your gaze. "What do you mean?" She stood from the bed and came closer to you. She was only wearing her panties, so the top of her was exposed. "I've wiped your existence from your family and friends memories. You don't exist anymore."
Her voice tone was cold as she crossed her arms and tilted her head. That's how you knew she wasn't joking. You didn't even exist anymore. "What the fuck?!"
Now you truly had no-one. Wanda was all you had. You felt extemely faint and she must have realised because she caught you like ease when you fell. She settled you back onto the bed, pulling the covers just to your neck. "Get off me!" You yelled when she touched your hair.
You shot up out of bed and made a run for the door but she slammed it. Your eyes closed in annoyance, as she was using her magic to her advantage. The en-suite was the next best bet, so you ran there. She didn't expect that, and you locked yourself in.
"This won't end well for you, Y/N! Do you want to go back to the basement?"
The basement. That was it. If you could manage to stay down there for a while, you'd be able to come up with an escape route. You couldn't tell her that you wanted to be there, you had to act smarter than that.
Tumblr media
Wanda decided to leave you in the bathroom. If you wanted to play like that, she'd happily oblige. She gave one last look at the bathroom door and headed downstairs to check on Cherry.
She was asleep but immediately woke up to the sound of footsteps. "Hey, Cherry," Wanda giggled, stroking behind her ears. "You must be hungry, let's go get some food."
Cherry watched as Wanda poured the biscuits into the bowl and jumped up when she smelt them. "Patience."
As she settled the bowl down, she bent down next to the dog and carried on stroking her whilst she ate her food. She turned to Wanda and nuzzled her head into her lap. "Sorry, Cherry. I'm just so stressed and tired. I love Y/N so much, and I just want everything to be perfect so-"
Wanda was cut off by the sharp knock on the cabin door. But she thought it wasn't visible for others? Quickly scouring Y/N's mind, she read about her plan to escape and shout for help. Deciding to deal with her later, she used her magic to put a gag in Y/N's mouth, and got ready to answer the door.
The police were on the other side. There was three of them, all looking very stern. "Are you Wanda Maximoff?" The woman asked. Wanda nodded her head, too scared to speak. Her mouth became dry, and she was panicking internally.
"We have reason to believe you're holding someone against their own will. A Y/N Y/L/N."
Her legs almost buckled underneath her. Things were about to get messy. She looked back to Cherry and stepped outside, slamming the door. The police officers took a step back, so she decided this would be the perfect time for her to use her powers to make them pay. "Stay out of my home!" She yelled, sending them all flying backwards.
The woman pulled a gun out of her pocket and began shooting, but Wanda managed to stop them. She sent them back and took out the two men. The woman was obviously more trained than them, as sheavoided the bullets.
The bullets ran out and when she went to reload, Wanda flew her up into the air and crashed her back down again. She heard cracks and the officer began screaming in pain.
Deciding to put her out of her misery, Wanda snapped her neck and let out a shaky breath afterwards. Looking up at the window, she could see Y/N's horrified face. "Oh god," she whispered, realising her love had witnessed the whole thing.
Tumblr media
You pulled your hair back after you finished throwing up. The disgust you felt was un-real. How could she do that? That's when you knew just how serious this was. She had a major problem.
You heard the front door slam shut and the thumps of her moving the bodies inside. This made you even more sick, but nothing came out. Everything must already have been cleared out of you.
Whilst you brushed your teeth, the thought of what she was doing to the bodies made you shudder. Would she bury them? Burn them? Stuff them?
Slowly, you exited the bathroom and went onto the landing, peeking over the railing. Wanda was sat on the living room, slapping her head. It must have hurt her, so you looked away. Even though you despised her for doing this to you, it sort of hurt you to see her like that.
To break down and wonder what to do. All your life, she had been the calm, collective person. Now, she was different.
"I can see you, you know?" She said. The cracks in her voice made you know full well she was crying. You knew you would have regretted this, but you decided to comfort her. She would have done it for you so you had to do it for her.
Even though she had put you through all that pain, you knew it was the right thing. Your arms wrapped around her when you were downstairs and her head rested in between your breasts. "I'm so sorry, Y/N. I am, I truly am."
"It's okay. You know, I know why you did what you did."
She looked up at you and whispered, "Why?"
"Because you love me. And love makes you do crazy things. I- I forgive you, Wanda."
Wanda scoured your mind, desperately searching for a reason why you'd say this. Maybe it was a plot. But it wasn't. You truly meant it. "Go," she whispered.
It was now your turn to stare at her in shock. You were at a loss for words. She was really letting you go? "I'll restore everyone's memories. Just go. Before I change my mind."
You leaned forward and gave her one last kiss on the lips, before exiting the cabin. You decided to leave Cherry with her, considering she'd probably need her more than you.
Giving one last look at the cabin, Wanda was still sat in her same position on the floor. Instead of facing the ground, she was watching you walk off. She gave you one last smile, she shut the door, leaving you to go home. Alone.
Tumblr media
2 Years Later
Wanda kept her promise. Everyone still knew you, but they didn't know you had been gone for them long days. You decided to not tell them about your experience. Wanda was just a broken woman who had lost everything to her. Truly.
Two months after you returned home, you discovered you were pregnant. With twins. You knew it had to be Wanda's. Even though it was impossible, you knew it was down to her magic.
Lilliana and Elena Maximoff.
Your family always asked who the father was, and you lied and said it was just a one night stand. You never told them the twins last name, they always thought it was just yours. Wanda knew about the children, and you often sent some photos of them to her phone . They had been read, but she never responded.
When the twins were one and a half, your parents passed away in an unfortunate car-accident. Your brothers moved away so you had the house all to yourself with them.
Your mind often skimmed to Wanda when you were doing things that reminded you of her. Cooking, feeding the kids, even going down into the basement. You hated to admit it, but you really missed her.
Today, you found out someone was moving into Wanda's old house. You decided to go and welcome whoever it was by baking them a pie and giving it to them.
Once it was cooked, you put the twins in their pram and made your way over. Knocking on the door, you heard quick footsteps. You braced yourself for the new neighbours and put on a nice smile.
The door opened wide and it dropped immediately. "Wanda," you gasped, dropping the pie on the floor. "Hello, my love."
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avengers-goddess · 2 months ago
Yandere Alphabet- Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Affection: How do they show their love and affection? How intense would it get?
Peter likes to crawl into the bed with you at night and cuddle you, much to your dismay. He holds you tight as he’s scared that you’ll leave him just like everyone else. It wouldn’t get too intense, only if you tried to move away. That’s when he use his super strength to keep you close.
Blood: How messy are they willing to get when it comes to their darling?
Peter wouldn’t hurt anyone for you only if absolutely necessary. Maybe if someone was starting to realise maybe Peter had you was when they disappeared mysteriously.
Cruelty: How would they treat their darling once abducted? Would they mock them?
Peter would try his hardest to get you to love him. He wouldn’t hurt you physically, he’d more like mock your tears when he get pissed at you.
Darling: Aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling’s will?
No. Peter wants their first time to be special and he’s waiting patiently for you to finally give in. He’d slowly manipulate you instead, making petty excuses.
Exposed: How much of their heart do they bare to their darling? How vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?
Extremely vulnerable. He try’s not to show it, but he doesn’t need to. You just know it.
Fight: How would they feel if their darling fought back?
Peter would be pissed. He’d just want you to relax and if you fought back that meant you’d have to stay in the basement, which he hated doing to you.
Game: Is this a game to them? How much would they enjoy watching their darling try to escape?
It’s not a game. He generally believes that you two are meant to be together, so when you try to escape, he’d hate it.
Hell: What would be their darling’s worst experience with them?
Probably getting kidnapped. Peter try’s his hardest to be nice to you and your experience hasn’t been the worst. He’d give you privileges unless you’d been bad.
Ideals: What kind of future do they have in mind for/with their darling?
He wants the full deal. Marriage, kids, happy life. He’s just trying to get you to see that.
Jealousy: Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?
He doesn’t get jealous because he can’t. You don’t go out so there’s no one to get jealous over.
Kisses: How do they act around or with their darling?
Peter loves cuddling with you, and he’s very affectionate. He’d hate it when you’d pull away.
Love letters: How would they go about courting or approaching their darling?
Peter would try his hardest to impress you. Mostly it would include buying ice-cream for kids or helping old ladies cross the road. But if that didn’t work, that’s when he’d take you.
Mask: Are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?
No. Peter truly is a really nice boy, his thoughts are just a bit warped. He thinks it’s normal to kidnap people and doesn’t see the problem with it.
Naughty: How would they punish their darling?
Peter would try his hardest from hurting you when punishing you. He’d lock you in the basement or throw you in the shower and cover you in cold water.
Oppression: How many rights would they take away from their darling?
Not many. He’d still let you eat and drink and use the bathroom. But he wouldn’t let you upstairs.
Patience: How patient are they with their darling?
Very patient. He’s waited the longest time to try and get you to have sex with him, and he doesn’t want to force it.
Quit: If their darling dies, leaves, or successfully escapes, would they ever be able to move on?
No. He’d hunt you down and do it all over again.
Regret: Would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling? Would they ever let their darling go?
If he sees you crying and can’t get you to stop, that’s when he’d rethink his actions. But he would never let you go.
Stigma: What brought about this side of them (childhood, curiosity, etc)?
After Tony died and he came back from the snap, he was broken. He didn’t have anyone to love and when he met you he knew that he’d try his hardest to make you love him.
Tears: How do they feel about seeing their darling scream, cry, and/or isolate themselves?
He’s so hurt. He tries his hardest to comfort you but when you push him away, he won’t go. He’ll stay until you calm down.
Unique: Would they do anything different from the classic yandere?
He’d let you have privileges and wouldn’t punish you much.
Vice: What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?
They’d probably try to pretend to love him and he’d trust them more. I think you’d have to target Peter’s heart because he’d fall for it.
Wit’s end: Would they ever hurt their darling?
He’d probably emotionally hurt them. Say things like no one wants her or say that no one cares about her. So then she’d have to rely on him.
Xoanon: How much would they revere or worship their darling? To what length would they go to win their darling over?
Extreme lengths. He really loves you, he’d probably kill for you.
Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?
Around seven months. Peter wanted to keep it a secret in case any enemies found out about you. But he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer so took you.
Zenith: Would they ever break their darling?
He’d try his hardest not to. No promises though.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 3 months ago
Okay that ask you did with platonic yan!pepper Potts was soooo good!! Would you maybe write something for a a familial yan!platonic pepper? Maybe with like a shy reader? Thank you so much, I love your writing!!
Yandere Pepper Potts w/ Shy!Reader (platonic)
Tumblr media
Pepper is the definition of a helicopter parent. She’s always hovering over her obsession and keeping a close eye on them and everything that goes on around them.
She’s very hands on, any problems you have she’ll take care of them right away. She’s very thorough in anything and everything she does, especially when it comes to you and if things aren’t up to her standards then there’s going to be a problem.
Her protectiveness would only be worse with a shy obsession. You’re just too vulnerable for your own good, what if you get pulled into something bad? What is someone tries to take advantage of your meekness? She can’t have any of that. 
She calls and texts every five to ten minutes right on the dot just to check in. If you don’t answer quick enough then Pepper will assume the worst and panic. The only way she’ll calm down is by having you back in her arms again.  
She probably has Tony put some pretty hefty parental controls on literally anything electronic of yours and she’s able to monitor all of it. Pepper probably has a tracker in your phone also courtesy of Tony. There isn’t any chance of her not having any idea of what you’re doing or who you’re talking to. 
God forbid if anyone gives you trouble or bullies you. No one is going to mistreat or hurt her darling on her watch. She has plants of ways with dealing with anyone who do s just that and none of them are good. It’ll start out as a chat with that person or their parent and if that does nothing then she’ll play dirty just to get her pint across; No one messes with her bby and gets away with it.
Not to mention if you were targeted for being associated with her and Tony. Pepper would never forgive herself if anything happened to you and neither would Tony. There would be hell to pay, They would make sure of it. If you’re precious and important to Pepper than you’re just as precious and important to Tony and he won’t let anything happen to you either.
As independent as Pepper herself is she would love and prefer for her obsession to be as dependent as possible. She never wants there to be any reason for you not to need her. She has to have a prominent and constant role in your life no matter how old you are or whether you want some space. She needs to always be there for her obsession and she won’t let anything stop her from doing what she needs to as a parent.
She works a lot but she always makes time for you. Your presence is a constant at Stark Towers. Pepper has you stay by her side all the while she’s working and when she was to be up and about she’ll have you following close behind. Whenever she has to attend an event Pepper will want you by her side throughout the whole thing. She doesn’t like leaving you home alone. You could be in the safest place on earth and she still wouldn’t trust to leave you by yourself or with anyone else for that matter. Pepper just can’t bring herself to part with her obsession.
Pepper dotes on you but only to a degree. She spoils and rewards you when she thinks you deserve it. She doesn’t take lightly to misbehavior or any attitude you give. She expects you to listen to her and when you don’t then she isn’t happy. She can be strict and stern when it comes to privileges and she’s more than willing to take it all away if you aren’t being obedient. You should keep in mind who takes care of you before you do anything of your own accord. But if you ask Tony for something he’ll be more likely to give to you, it’ll come with the wrath of Pepper later but it’s worth it to him if it gets a smile out of you.
After a long day of having to put up with Tony and his antics, Pepper just wants to have some relaxing time with her obsession and if you aren’t one to go out then she’ll appreciate that even more. The two of you will just stay in, order out and watch movies, that is after your homework is done of course. 
She lives and breathes to make you happy. And to have the good and loving moments with you that she does really mean the world to her that’s why it only hurts more when you act out. She knows it’s just a phase and you’ll get past it but can’t you see she’s doing all of this for you. Hopefully one day you will.  
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anxiousnerdwritings · 3 months ago
So you know that post you did one all the avengers sharing a s/o? Well can I have headcanons of what the s/o would do in a day? Like all his lovers? ( also can you add Hawkeye instead of thor he scares me) also can the male reader just be chill with having all the avengers sharing him? Thanks and love your work!! XXX
Yandere Avengers Day to Day w/ Male!Reader
Tumblr media
Mornings are the hardest for the Avengers, it means they have to up and leave their love for the day. They absolutely hate it but it’s what has to be done.
Steve is the first to wake, trying to quietly get out of the bed without waking you up. He doesn’t mind if he wakes up the others just as long as you get your well deserved rest. He’ll kiss you before he regrettably has to leave.
Natasha and or Bruce are probably the next two to wake up. They also leave goodbye kisses for their darling before leaving. Bruce desperately tries not to wake anyone up but Natasha doesn’t share the same care. She’ll purposely try to wake up Tony and Clint, especially Tony. There maybe a little bit (okay a lot) of jealousy towards them for getting extra time with you.
Tony and Clint are the last to wake up and that’s only if you’re already awake or Pepper comes to force Tony to get up and start the day. She or Happy will usually bring breakfast or Clint will make you and himself something to eat before leaving. Clint’s the one to sleep in as long as he can, reveling in the few minutes he gets you to himself.
Last but not least is you. Your day depends on whether you’re allowed to work or not. Even if you have accepted all of them and their obsessive tendencies they still fight about whether you shouldn’t have to work at all and stay home or if you should be allowed to do what you want, including getting a job to busy yourself while they’re all gone.
It’s usually around lunch or the afternoon in general when everyone starts checking in on you. Steve and Tony are typically the first ones to call or pop in on you. They’re the clingiest and most anxious when it comes to leaving you on your own.
All throughout the day all of them send you messages to remind you how much they love/miss you and just to know how you’re doing and if you miss them too. Again it’s usually Steve and Tony who do the more lovey-dicey messages, while Natasha, Clint and Bruce just check up on you. Not like they all don’t have trackers on you to know where you are and what you’re up to.
One or all of them may come bring you lunch (as long as none of them are on missions or have time to see) and spend some much needed time with you before having to part ways and go back to whatever they were doing. Sometimes you may come and see them. Either way this time is usually a pick me up they all need to go on for the rest of the day.
The rest of the afternoon is spent trying to make through the rest of the day until their finally able to come home to their love and be with you again.
Night time is usually when all the loving and affection happens. Everyone is making up for lost time and attention. Cuddles are a necessity when everyone is finally home and all together.
Steve, Natasha and Clint are the first ones back in your arms at the end of the day when there aren’t any missions or anything needed their attention longer then necessary. While Bruce and Tony, specifically Tony, are the last ones to be back.
Tony and Bruce usually are up all night more times then not working and or coming up with something new and innovative. Sometimes they’ll have you come to their lab so they can spend sometime with you but sooner or later one of the others will come and take you off to bed. Bruce and Tony will often stay in the lab a while longer before slipping into bed at the wee hours.
Steve, Natasha, and Clint always make sure you’re taken care of no matter what though. They’ll make sure you’ve eaten, been given enough love and cuddles before bed and then it’s off to bed where they’ll cuddle with you even more until all of you fall asleep. Eventually everyone will be crammed into the shared bed and you’ll be smothered by your partners once more.
You rarely ever have to go to bed by yourself. Someone is almost always with you at all times and if they’re all somehow incapable of being with they’ll have someone (who they trust dearly) to check on you, not that the cameras and Friday aren’t enough to know what’s going on with you at all times. Usually Pepper, Happy, or even Peter are the ones who swing by and keep you company, sometimes Bucky and Rhodey.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
(So, I got a request for a noncon Thor and it got deleted. I couldn’t remember what all the request had in it but I tried. I also tried to leave this pretty gender neutral.) Please, let me know what you all think. I’m not sure if I’ll do noncon again or not.
Tw: Noncon
You knew what he wanted. How could you not? He made it clear the day he took you away from your old life. You had been dancing around the subject though, for as long as you could, but Thor finally had enough of your games. He was going t take what he wanted from you one way or another.
You had no clue of when Thor would be returning but you knew you had to be quick. You knew what he had in store for you when he came home and you weren’t ready. You didn’t even want to be with him after everything he’s done but if he got what he wanted then you would only be stuck with him all the more.
There was no time to pack anything, hell you didn’t even want to take anything with you. You just wanted as far from him and his home as possible.
Running to the doors to your shared bedroom, you shoot off into the hall. Thankfully you’d been allowed to roam the palace so seeing you about wouldn’t strike anyone suspicious. Making your way through the extravagant Asgardian halls, you aim to reach the gardens. You weren’t quite sure how you were going to escape from Asgard but you sure as hell were going to try.
There weren’t many people, if any at all. The few who were there were servants tending to their jobs. Footsteps quickening, you try to reach deeper into the gardens, knowing just where to go. Maybe you could hide out or at least get some time to think of a better escape plan. Besides the gardens always brought you even the slightest bit of peace.
Reaching your designated spot you let yourself crumble to the grassy floor. What the were you supposed to do now? At least you wouldn’t be there when he returns. If you weren’t going to get out of this then you would at least make him work for it.
You don’t know just how long you had been there in that same spot but it was long enough for you to have fallen asleep. You had only awoken because of the loud sound of thunder breaking across the once blue sky. You don’t have time before an even louder and closer crash nearly sends you flying. He’s back and he’s here for you.
Getting to your feet, you try to make a run for it only to be stopped by a sudden shock of lighting charring the very ground you were about to step on. Turning around, you’re met with a very angry and frustrated Thor. Each step he takes closer to you only causes your anxiety to rise. He definitely wasn’t going to let you get out of this, at least not unscathed.
Before you know it Thor is on you in an instant. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find you? Especially when you were hiding in your favorite garden hideaway.” He has you pushed up against a tree now, the bark of it bitting into your back and shoulders. He was putting enough weight on you to not only make it hurt but to takeaway your breath. He was here to show you just who was in control.
There was no fighting him, no matter how hard you tried. He was tearing at your clothes before you could even process it. Only hearing the ripping of material and both your heavy breaths, you’re trying deeper to mentally prepare for what’s to come but nothing can prepare you. Not when he’s pressed so close, the heat radiating off of him is scorching you.
Thor holds you even closer then before, pants pulled low enough to free himself from his confining restrictions. A new heat presses close to your entrance and you close your eyes for the inevitable but it doesn’t come. A harsh hand grabs your chin, squeezing it hard enough the pain causes you to open your eyes once more. Thor is looking straight into them, to the point he looks as if he can see all of what you are.
“No. I want you to look me in the eyes as I fuck you full of my seed.”
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mrsdarkandyandere7 · 5 months ago
Yandere Tony Stark - Imagine
Notes: Hi! My first yandere Tony imagine. Also remember this is a dark/yandere writing containing sensitive and triggering content, so read at your own risk. I hope you guys like this and give me feedback. I love you :) Enjoy
Tumblr media
“Jarvis, access her cameras” Tony waits till your image fills the screen and relaxes at your sight. The hidden Stark cameras were transmitting your apartment live, showing you were quietly sitting in the couch, snuggled in your blankets. A wave of bliss dominates Tony while watching you.
That´s until he catches you smiling a little too much over texting on your phone. His mood completely changes to an annoyed one, why were you suddenly so happy? “Give me visual on (y/n)´s phone, Jarvis.” He impatiently commands. In a matter of seconds, he has the entire content of your phone at display on his 3D table. Red blurs his vision as he reads the multiple texts between you and a too friendly co-worker.  The guy was clearly flirting with you and Tony wasn´t liking it. Taking deep breaths to calm him down, the billionaire takes a final look at your smiling face. That smile belonged to him and no one else.
“Give me that douchebag´s address.” He orders while getting inside the Iron Man´s suit. Tony has a visit to make.  
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 months ago
So I would like to request something. Headcanons for the avengers (tony, steve, bruce, nat, Thor) were they all kinda share a s/o (romantic)? Like she kind of catches the eyes of all them and they all decided that it would just be the best to try to share her? (yandere, please) I think escaping would be impossible. The s/o would have no privacy and stuff like that.
Yandere Avengers Sharing an S/o
Tumblr media
Having one Avenger obsessed with you is bad enough, but having damn near all of them obsessed with you is pure hell.
Before they all even agree to play nice with each other and share you, they're at each other's throats, but not in front of you of course, never in front of you. They don't want you to witness any of them being violent or see them being anything other then what they portray to you. None of them want you to be scared of them or hate them by any means, especially not when you're not even theirs' yet.
You'll be caught in the middle of a war you had no idea is raging on. All you know is that they all want to spend more time with you then usual. You'll be in an odd game of tug of war in the very beginning, being taken in every which direction by all of them. They'll all get caught in a game of stealing you from each other before they decide to even fathom the though of sharing you.
Some of the Avengers would eventually team up with each other before they decide to all share. An example being Tony and Bruce (the science bros would definitely share with each other). Steve and Nat would also share with each other. Nat and Bruce could also be a possibility in the sharing game, along with maybe Steve and Thor (I could just imagine how that would go, two soft bois that can be utterly terrifying..😬) Tony and Steve trying to share would be worse then having all the Avengers beefing with each other.
Having members already willing to share with each other wouldn't necessarily change anything, although there would be more of a bond within those members that the others may feel threatened or weary of them for. After all, whose to say that they won't turn against the rest of the lovesick Avengers and take you for themselves?
When they do finally agree to share you, any future freedom you may have had is completely gone, you won't be left by yourself in any aspect, at least not with them so head over heels for you. You won't have a moments piece again, anywhere and everywhere you go you'll always have eyes on you or a hand keeping you in place, they aren't leaving any room for you to flee, especially when you're finally theirs'.
The whole thing is going to be one big trial and error situation; whether they've already been planning to share you with another member or not, they're completely new (and at a loss) to actually be sharing you with all of them. There is going to be a major power struggle, primarily with Tony and Steve, while the others are more capable of learning along the way and going with the flow. Now that doesn't mean that they all don't have their own needs and wants, they all are selfish in their own right after all, so there are going to be problems along the way with all each and every one of them.
It won't take them long to get into a routine with each other, they all have their own duties after all, so there is a type of schedule that they more or less try to stick to. For example; Thor has his duties to Asgard as well as being an Avenger, so you'll be seeing him/spending less time with him compared to the others. He does get his time made up for though, otherwise he would throw a massive fit and no one wants to deal with that, not after the last time.
Steve, Tony, Thor, Natasha, and Bruce all have their own respective dates and alone time with you. They're already sharing you as is. they'd rather not have share dates and whatever personal time they get with you too. Although, none of them abide by the 'schedule', they'll all find any excuse to intrude on whatever time another member is having with you. Some of them are more vocal about not caring about taking up someone else's time while others are more discreet about it.
Even though he has his own family and is the only Avenger to not have an obsession with you, Clint will still keep tabs on you for the others, especially Natasha. He'll always have an ear and eye out for you and anything concerning you. He'll be your only friend, the only person that any of your admirers can tolerate. Although, it should be kept in mind that whatever you tell him will surely make it's way to the others. As much as he does like and care about you, he does have a loyalty to them, to Natasha. Clint can also act as a safe haven for you but only for awhile before one, or all, of your lovers come to sweep you away.
It goes without saying that there is no way of escaping your 'lovers', they'll scour the ends of the earth, hell, even the whole galaxy for you. If you're lucky enough and actually do end up escaping, you'll always be having to look over your shoulder, the paranoia of them coming for you overwhelming. But that scenario is just a far away dream given the fact you'll have at least 5 different types of trackers constantly on you. You won't be able to go anywhere on your own, one of them being with you on the clock, 24/7.
God forbid anyone tries to hurt you or take you away from them. Anyone who so much looks at you oddly gets an ass kicking, anyone to actually try and target you for any reason will get a much worse fate then you could ever imagine.
Punishments are a mess, everyone has their own way of wanting to deal them out, if they even want to punish you to begin with. Bruce and Steve would be less likely to actually punish you, they leave that to Tony, Nat, and Thor. They'll always take care of you after, but the level of the punishment usually depends on what you did. Sometimes they can be so long and gruelling, while other ones can be short and sweet, so to speak.
Steve, Nat, Tony, Bruce and Thro all have their own special things that they do with you. You'll rarely ever spend time with all of them together, they all need their own personal time with you after all, otherwise it would be spent with them all fighting each other or sneakily trying to get you away from everyone else. But they do have their own individual soft moments with you.
As rough as the beginning of this situation will be, the end will be worthwhile, at least to them. Maybe it'll be worthwhile to you too, that is if you let yourself give in to their love.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 8 months ago
Hi, can I request a yandere platonic love letter with Tony Stark? Thanks.
Tumblr media
Hey Kid,
I'm sorry I've been a little busy, you know how the Avengers are, it's a job in itself to try and keep them in line. Heck, it's not even my job but who am I to not lend my voice when an opportunity arises?
Anyway, I made sure that Happy stopped by to check in on you, even though I've been keeping a close eye on you already, and to also take you out for burgers. Also, Pepper said that she would come by to pick you up when she was done cleaning up and or managing my messes, so to speak, her words not mine. She makes me sound like a chore, but you and I both know that she likes to exaggerate.
You know that your old man isn't that bad, right? Sure you do.
I'll be back at the tower by the time Pepper brings you home and then we can really start the fun. I haven't quite decided what we'll do tonight but we'll definitely have to play a few pranks on the other Avengers, that's a must. Maybe we'll leave Aunt Natasha out of it this time.
After I took the fall for you, like a good father might I add, for replacing her workout music playlist with meme songs she's had it out for me ever since.
Who would have thaough that she'd be bugged by that, right? I certainly didn't.
But we can still plot against Old Steve and the God of L'oreal, they're always fun to go after. I know Peter is already planning on the stuff you and he can do. That being said, the two of you better not turn on me, not like last time. I still can't believe you went along with it, how could you betray your father like that?
Also, I've been meaning to talk to you about that one friend of yours. I thought I told you to stop hanging out with them? Do we have to have another talk about that? I'll be forced to take whatever measures I see fit if nothing changes, yet again. I guess we'll have to see.
Alright, I'll be home any minute now, see you soon!
Your Awesomely Cool Dad.
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peoplesgraves · 8 months ago
A date
Yandereish Carol x reader
Tumblr media
Everytime Carol looked at her it felt like when she’d first gained her powers all over again. She felt weak and stronger than ever all at the same time. It was...painful, but If it meant being able to bask in the presence of her darling, she’d happily bear the pain forever.
The fact that y/n was still unaware of Carols unwavering stare was annoying. Maybe she was doing it on purpose which was an even more annoying possibility. Carol’s mind was occupied with this thought until her love’s voice brought her out of it.
“Are you ok? It looks like you’ve been concentrating pretty hard.” You take the seat across from her “is it anything I can help with?”
Carol can barely contain the need to brush her calloused fingers over your impossibly soft looking skin. Still she couldn’t contain her smile, the one she saved only for you.
“It wasn’t anything important, at least not important enough to bother you with.” Carols voice was so impossibly soft that almost no one would believe it was hers.
“You know you could never bother me, but if you’re not too busy with that ‘unimportant thing’ maybe we could get go to that new bakery together.” You grin are her, so oblivious to her feelings.
Carol couldn’t contain her lovestruck stare this time. “Like a date?”
You nod without giving it even a second thought. “Yep. Carol Danvers, protector of the stars, will you go on a date with me?” You say it with such dramaticism, that Carol barely stifles a laugh.
Not trusting her voice she nods and stands up allowing you to lead her. Carol was impossibly happy and for the time being, so were you.
Ive never written anything like this but I’ll hopefully get better.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 months ago
27 with yandere Winter Solider? I would like it romantic too please :)
Tumblr media
27. "Let's runaway together somewhere safe from here, safe from them."
The one thing The Asset could never forget even with the help of HYDRA's brainwashing, was you. You were the only person to treat him with any amount of humanity, you didn't think of him as some animal or test subject. He was just a man to you and that made him feel all the more human while under HYDRA's control. The Asset knew he couldn't let them know about his attachment to you, they would use you to keep him compliant and in line. He couldn't risk any harm coming to you due to his insubordination, so he kept himself from leaning into your touch or staring at you for longer then what would be labeled as normal.
The Asset's fear only came crashing down on him when he came back from an unsuccessful mission. He knew they wouldn't be happy with him; he failed the cause, their cause and for that they weren't going be forgiving, they never were forgiving. He thought he had done so well at keeping whatever he felt for you at bay and hidden from everyone else but he was mistaken. Of course they knew about you, they knew everything, saw everything, heard everything. But The Asset couldn't let them take you from him, he wouldn't let you be taken from him like everything else.
"I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" "You're not safe anymore, they're coming for you." "What do you mean I'm not safe?" "Let's runaway together somewhere safe from here, safe from them." You still weren't completely sure what had just transpired moments ago. A man who you had only met a handful of times came to you talking about how you were a 'target' now and how the two of you had to leave right away. He looked disheveled and beaten up, you weren't sure whether to go with him or not but he looked adamant about what he was saying and you didn't think it would be wise to put up a fight.
Now that he has you with him, The Asset won't let anything come between him and the light at the end of the tunnel. He needs to keep you safe and with him, maybe along the way you can help him remember who he once was. You may not have been his past but you'll be his future and that's how it's going to stay.
(Fun Fact: I named my dog after Bucky Barnes🥰)
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 months ago
Yandere Platonic!Spiderman x Kid!Reader?
Yandere Platonic!Spider-man x Kid!Reader
Tumblr media
When Peter first meets you its while out on patrol, he had just swung to another rooftop to rest and keep a look out when he heard something and saw a kid sitting out on the firescape of their assumed apartment. They were wearing a Spider-man jacket and Peter couldnt help to smile and let out a laugh. He would decide to make their day and give them a visit since he had some free time.
When Peter makes his presence known to the kid, he's greeted by a shocked yet happy face and he knows that he may not come back from this moment. Asking their name he gets a very excited reply, "Y/n! Are you really THE Spider-Man?" Peter nods which leads to you jumping around in overflowing excitement. From that day on you and Peter were friends or at least you and Spider-Man were friends.
Peter would often drop by when he had sometime away from fighting crime and the two of you would just sit and talk. You would tell him all about your day and he would tell about all the bad guys he put away, not in too much detail of course. He likes its while you tell him about school and what all you've been doing or when you get excited hearing his stories about the bad guys he just fought.
You remind him so much of his younger self, especially when he met Tony and became an Avenger. That's what probably really draws him to you. Especially if you feel like an outcast or are getting bullied. Speaking of which, if he finds out someone is bullying you or mistreating you they'll get a visit from Spider-Man.
Peter is definitely going to be more protective of you if you're scrawny or weaker looking and have any medical issues. When he's out on patrol he'll always drop by just to check in on you and how you're doing.
He would definitely help you with homework and whatever else you needed. Especially science and math. You'll probably get the highest grade in those classes. If you have a science fair project you and Peter or Spider-Man are going to have a fun time testing out your project on the roof of the building.
When you get a good grade or have accomplished something Peter will get the two of you ice cream to celebrate. He'll often take you to the roof of the building so the two of you can hangout while he's on patrol. Peter will even bring the two of you food while you wait for anything criminal to happen.
Peter might even let you know his true identity. As much as he loves hanging out with you as your favorite friendly neighbrohood superhero he would also like to be able to do more with you.
When your parents or siblings come into your room and see you talking to and having full on conversations with yourself on the firescape, they're understandably concerned. They don't know that Perter or Spider-Man is right next to you sticking to the wall outside. But what they do think is that you're too old to be having an imaginary friend.
If your family tries to get in the way of Peter's quality time with you, he won't be happy. He doesn't necessarily want to get rid of them, but he may have to if it comes down to it.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 months ago
Hi!! Could you do general yandere Pietro Maximoff :) Btw I love your blog
General Yandere Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
Thank you!💖 I'm glad you're liking it💚
Pietro is naturally impatient, it comes with the territory of being a speedster, add in his delusional and obsessive behavior and you're in trouble. He's not going to be able to be without you for too long. The only reason he hasn't already taken you is most likely due to his sister. Wanda has to keep him in check, always telling him wait and be more patient but he just can't hold out that much longer.
You probably wouldn't even know it but Pietro will follow you everywhere you go, keeping an eye on you and staying close by in case anything dangerous happens. He would take you then and there in these moments if it weren't for the words of his sister in the back of his mind telling him otherwise.
Pietro has one hell of a mean jealous streak. He just can't even fathom the thought of you with someone else and he won't either, if he can't have you then no one can and he will stand by that. If anyone did try to sweep you up before he had the chance, they'll be gone and you'll be in a new place you aren't familiar with.
If your consistently rebellious, uncooperative and just keep causing Pietro trouble, Wanda will step in and manipulate your mind to make you behave and accept Pietro and his affection. Wanda wants to see her brother happy and if you make him happy then she'll do everything in her power to keep you submissive and compliant for him.
Pietro could literally just up and relocate you at the snap of a finger. If anyone's looking for you they won't be able to find you easily if at all. You're going to be stuck with Pietro for a while before anyone can even get a hint to where you might be.
He loves to talk to you in Sokovien, he'll tell you everything he loves about you in both his mother tongue and yours. You probably won't understand but with all the time you'll have together Pietro will definitely teach you.
I feel like Wanda and Pietro are a packaged deal in a sense. Like you'll be the signficant other or lover of one of them and then the other will develop a Platonic relationship (yandere or non-yandere) with you. They've only had each other for so long, even when their parents were alive, and that won't change even after they've started their own lives and families, they will still be close by for each other.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 months ago
Hey can you do yandere natasha romanoff with student reader???🥺
Tumblr media
Yandere Teacher!Natasha Romanoff x Student!Reader
Tumblr media
Natasha is your Arts teacher at the local University in town, she's also a self defense instructor at the University's gym in her free time. Your one of her students, one of the few who actually takes her class seriously and for that she keeps a close eye on you. The two of you have actually bonded over some of the topics including ballet and from then on Natasha has taken a liking to you.
During class Ms. Romanoff can be both kind and strict depending on how you act in class and how seriously you take it. She has plenty of students who are only taking the class for extra credits or because they have to and those are her least favorite students to deal with. It's one thing to waste your own time but don't waste hers.
As the semester goes by, Natasha can't help her attraction to you. She feels kind of dirty even thinking about being in a relationship with a student but there's something about you that she can't stop thinking about. She'd be more than willing to risk everything for you, all the while you couldn't be any the wiser to your teacher's affection.
One day, while making her way to the gym she catches sight of you nearby and at first a smile makes it's way to her lips only for it to fall not even a second later when she witnesses another student harassing you. Her blood is boiling and she's ready to put this student in their place but she pulls herself together be more separating the two of you. She advises the other student that the dean will be well aware of what just happened and watches as they stock off. She'll check you over to make sure you're okay only to offer for you to come with her to the gym for her class. You're hesitant but she persuades you into going.
She'll get you to become a regular, even having you meet up with her and walk to the gym together. Ever since she witnessed the student harassing you (who has since been kicked out) she couldn't shake the feeling of needing to keep you safe and protected. She's glad she talked you into taking her classes at the gym but that just isn't enough for her, she wants the two of you to be even closer so her worries can be at ease.
The more time the two of you spend in class and at the gym, the more your student teacher relationship will evolve. The two of you will shortly start an actual relationship together and Natasha couldn't be happier. She would have thought that her worries and protectiveness would go away or lessen but they only got worse, especially mixed with her new behavior.
Natasha will be extremely possessive especially if your younger than her, she sees all these other students your age and she can't stand the thought of any of them taking you from her. She'll have a hard time keeping your relationship secret in these moments. She just wants to show everyone that you belong to her, that she's the only one who can have you.
The relationship won't be too bad besides the possessiveness and jealousy, otherwise she takes good care of you and makes sure you're happy. She has moments of being selfish towards your time and attention, she'll get to the point where she'll keep you after class as long as she can.
If anyone gives you a hard time, they'll be taken care of. Natasha isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, like you've told her before, "She's both beautiful and dangerous."
If you for whatever reason had to transfer schools or if you transferred because of how overwhelming her behavior became, she would follow you to whatever new college you go to. She has access to student records so she can find wherever you go and she'll send in a transfer to work there. You're not going to just up and leave her.
She may even blackmail you or threaten to with hold your grades or maybe she'll falsify your grades to make you get back with her so you can graduate and get the degree you're desperately working for for. She could take your whole future away in more ways then one.
As long as you stay compliant and cooperative Natasha will be the best lover ever but god forbid you step out of line or try to leave her again, there will be consequences.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 months ago
Hey! Can i get order of a yandere bruce and a male reader please?
Yandere Bruce Banner x Male Reader
Tumblr media
A/n: It was specified that the reader knows about Bruce's yandereness and is okay with it.
You and Bruce have been together for awhile, well aware of his obsessive behavior but that doesn't deter you from loving Bruce. His behavior was never bad enough to warrant any real worry from you.
You knew he could get a little jealous at times and even a little passive aggressive, but never anything detrimental, that is until the Hulk comes into the picture.
Bruce has always had this obsessiveness towards you but it only got much worse when Hulk was involved. He'd only ever encourage Bruce to act out on his more aggressive thoughts.
One thing that both Bruce and Hulk can both agree on is that you are their #1 priority. No harm will come to from anyone, especially from them. You'll be well protected and taken care of by both of them.
Hulk feeds off of Bruce's more negative emotions, he lives for getting rid of anyone who comes between you and them.
They prefer to keep you in the dark about the more serious acts they commit. Neither of them want you to be mad or start to fear them. Bruce definitely wants you to keep thinking of him as your dutiful, nerdy boyfriend/husband and that's how he'll keep it.
Hopefully you'll never find out about all the people they've hurt just for you. They know you wouldn't want it that way, but that's the only way they can think of keeping you safe and with them.
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