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#avatar the last airbender
sithzuko · a minute ago
no bc sokka definitely bought momo an appa plushie just because <3
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peacerisendove · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Been dying to do an edit over of Asami from the comics for my next gen Avatar so I did \o/
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sithzuko · 19 minutes ago
sokka: all classification systems are ultimately arbitrary because no matter how objective we try to be, our attempts at categorizing the world are fundamentally rooted in the values we hold,
sokka: which brings me to my next point about horses being reptiles due to vibes.
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an-aspiring-jester · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Time for the Aang’s kids!!! I really liked their dynamic, wish it was explored more!
Other Avatar siblings:
Mako & Bolin
Sokka & Katara
Lin & Su
Zuko, Azula & Kiyi
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midsonder · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) S01E20
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duck-goddes · an hour ago
@the-great-anteater AAAAH SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG :””” but here yah go
Bumi/Iroh for the outfit meme :3
Tumblr media
(If yah like this, reblogs are well appreciated:3!)
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marigamismoon · an hour ago
im having azutara brain rot. the parallels I literally can't. (AZLAS FIRE IS EVEN BLUE IT MATCHES KATARAS). no thoughts except katara helping azula recover post war and them falling in love.
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dayleeart · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Zuko in hanbok🔥
Zuko’s hanbok is a ‘gonryongpo(곤룡포, dragon robe), which is a robe worn by the king and the heir to the throne. The gold patterns on his chest and shoulders are called hyoongbae(흉배). The king’s has a dragon with five claws on each foot, and the crown prince’s has a dragon with four claws instead. Zuko has the king’s in this drawing.
Note: the red of the robes and the gold dragon pattern are historically accurate, but I changed the color of the clothes’ lining, belt/pumdae(품대), and shoes to fit fire nation colors better.
Aang / Katara
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midsonder · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) S01E20
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pinkdevile · an hour ago
azula redemption is very possible, is just not a straight line, she would probally deny that she has problems and try to take zuko off the power and free ozai, but i think at some point she would realize the consequences of her actions, not by the gaang, but by the fire nation citizens.
"Azula was surrounded by old men who believed what they did was the best for the country all their lifes, she was teached what the best for the country was, Azula was teached she was the best for the country, but while she walked on the streets hidden and dressed like a commoner she heard the people. Mothers crying the loss of their children to the war gave Azula's mouth a bitter taste, the name of the long lost warriors carved in the Agni Shinto was something that reminded her of Zuko's scar, and Ozai. Seeing the soldiers of mighty empire walk in the street was something that made Azula's blood boil in rage, some of them where blind, some of them had no arms or legs, all of them burned, and all of them dressed like peasants. For all their loyalty and dedication they should have each island named after them and their own palace, and then, for the first time in her life, Azula was glad that Ozai was away from them."
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hereforthehurts · an hour ago
Will you write a h/c sickfic where Tonraq and Senna adopts Asami ?? Thank you and I love your writing !!!
YESSS you know I'm always on my tlok brainrot babey <33 I saw this one comment on a post where someone said "tonraq and senna adopts the whole krew because they're all orpahns" and that comment has never left my mind ever ..... so if anyone has an idea on what scenarios there is for mako/bolin i would write it asap 😁 ! For now go enjoy some Asami whump ((again)).
She was nobody's girl. 
She's heard the word a million times before - about Jinora, about Ikki, about Korra. How they were all their father's and their mother's girl. Her , though, she was nobody's girl. Not really. Haven't been for almost more than a decade. 
That word was for real daughters. Daughters who loved and were loved. Not for a shell of a broken girl turned bitter by the world. Not for Asami Sato, no. It's so pathetic that sometimes she laughs about it out of spite. She wants to scream at herself every time she flinches at Senna when she extends herself to kiss her forehead just as she has with Korra, or when Tonraq tries to wrap an arm around her shoulders as every normal father would do. 
And now, now that they're looking at her and hovering over body that's wrapped under the heaps of blankets Korra had frantically put her in the moment she got sick - what are they thinking? A pathetic little girl in the shell of a grown woman that's too stuck up to ask for help, maybe. Too ashamed, too scared. 
She was nobody's girl. At least that's something she's come to terms with a long time ago. 
"Asami? Sweetheart, you're soaked," Senna's voice whispers in her ear. She fought teeth and bone to not let the scared six-years-old girl inside her flinch away, but the girl was stronger. And Asami, she was weak. A startled jolt was enough to make Senna retreat her hand, and she felt like she could scream all over again. 
"Hey, hey it's okay," Korra was ready on her side, holding her down. She had stuck long enough around her to know better, at least. "It's just me and my mom, 'Sami." 
“I’m sorry I scared you,” Senna says softly. “The sheets are wet, is it okay if we move you to the couch?” 
"I'm sorry," the word flows out of her mouth instantly. "I'm - I didn' - "
“Don’t be. Let us take care of you, yeah?” She tries to reach for her again, and this time, Asami manages to not jump away. “C’mon, let’s get you to the living room.” 
“I've got her,” Tonraq offers, scooping Asami from the bed and into his arms as if she was no more than a kitten. Korra hovers beside them as he carries her through the corridors settling Asami so carefully on the couch. He supported her head for another while before letting her down on a soft, cold pillow, and Asami briefly wonders how it would feel to be Korra, so used to the gentleness and all the love. 
“I’m sorry,” she whispers again, and Tonraq shushes her. His hand - rougher than her father's, her mind unnecessarily provides - presses against her forehead gently and he clicks his tongue in sympathy. 
"That's a pretty bad fever going on there, kiddo."
Korra presses her nose against the side of her head, and Asami buries her face into the crook of her neck. "Should we get Katara?" 
"No, I think it's just a really bad flu," Tonraq offers her a smile. "She'll survive, but we'll need some tea in order for her to do that." 
"Oh, yes, lots and lots of soup and tea," Senna chimes in from the corner of the room. "Korra, can you get the bedsheets changed for me? I put some fresh ones in your room." 
"Sure," Korra moved away to get up, and she fought the scared girl inside her once again to not let a whine out of her. “Hey, I’ll be right back.”
The little spot beside her was replaced by Senna soon enough, a thermometer in her hand and a wet washcloth in the other. “Alright, you, let’s see how bad this flu of yours is.” There’s something in her voice that sounded so playful yet caring, and she didn’t know how to react to that. Maybe all mothers do this, she doesn’t know. She’s never had a mother before. Not one she remembered, anyway.
“Hmm, yeah, that’s a pretty bad one right there, sweetheart.” Her hand reaches to wipe the sweat-plastered hair off her forehead, and Asami tries, she tries so hard not to flinch away but Senna’s hand trails down to stroke her cheek and the girl, the animal inside her is screaming at her to scramble off and get away -
“I don’t feel good,” she remembers mumbling before the commotion starts and she retches to her side, gagging and fighting to bring up that thing inside her that won’t let her be loved, what is wrong with her? Please let her be loved, please let me be loved, please love me! She’s sobbing as she spits out her own vomit the next thing she knows, inch deep into a bucket Tonraq was holding. Senna was cooing behind her, supporting her weight and holding her hair back.
“Shhh, it’s okay, love,” Senna shushes, pulling her back and settles her into her lap. And she kept sobbing and sobbing and she doesn’t think she’ll ever stop. And Senna cards her fingers still through her hair relentlessly like any mother would, calming the wild animal inside her, calming the little girl that’s begging to be loved. “You’re really sick, hmm? It’s alright. I’ve got you. I’ll take care of you.”
“What happened?” Asami doesn’t have to look up to know that it’s Korra, back from her sheet-changing duty, a frantic expression on her face. “Is - is she okay?”
“She’ll be okay,” Tonraq soothes, his deep voice calming everyone down, and Asami wonders if this is why he’s such a great leader. Why he’s such a great father. She wouldn’t know, though. She’s never really had one either, not really. And when she finally feels like she does? He’s gone. And she was nobody’s girl once again.
“Come, I’ve boiled you some tea,” he tells her, and then she’s being lifted up and propped against the wall on her back. “We can’t have our girl sick, can we?” She’s so weak and it should feel unreal but there’s someone she could lean onto and a mother rubbing her back like it’s her job and a father blowing off the steam from her tea, and she’s crying once again.
“Don’t cry, ‘Sami,” Korra mutters to her softly. “Why are you crying?”
She shakes her head. “I don’t know. ‘M happy.”
“Happy?” Senna asks her. There’s a smile on her face when Asami looks up to lean on her shoulder.
She nods and smiles back despite the tears falling from her cheeks. The words kept replaying in her head. Our girl. Our girl.
Thank you for loving me, she wants to tell them, but the words were caught up in her throat and left unsaid like all the others. But she’s nuzzling against Senna’s chest and there’s Korra stroking her hair and she’s sipping the warm tea from the mug Tonraq was holding, and they probably heard her all the same.
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gaangy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
bringing back the old flower crown trend :)
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mycomfortblanket · 2 hours ago
“You uh... you got a motel room nearby?” Taang!
The guy- Aang- is kissing up her neck and leaving what she knows is going to be large bruises in the morning on her hips from where his fingers are digging in. They’re in an abandoned hallway of some club and they are slowly but surely getting to what is considered public indecency.
“Do uh… do you have a hotel close by?” she asks just as he slips a hand underneath her skirt and runs a finger over the lace that is covering her. He lightly rubs a finger over her clit and her hips just barely buck in response.
“Yeah, we can go there, but first, I want to see something.”
Toph wrinkles her eyebrows not exactly sure what he means, but he quickly pulls aside the fabric and plunges two fingers deep into her without warning.
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umbrumturtle753 · 2 hours ago
Azula: you jump off cliffs? Why?
Teo: I like scary things. Makes life more exciting.
Azula: your crazy. Why do you hang out with me?
Teo: I told you I like scary things.
Azula(blushes): oh
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avatarfandompolice · 2 hours ago
Addendum to @ceruleanwhore ‘s idiotic “tHeRe’S nO RePrEsEnTaTiOn In AvAtaR” post:
Tumblr media
Yeah...they totally retconned everyone’s RACE in the comics after LOK. They definitely didn’t clearly show Sokka and Katara as Inuit-influenced in the original show. Nope, not at all...
And before they try to say I read this wrong, the original post was about racial representation, not LGBTQ+ representation.
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sildarmillionsays · 2 hours ago
One True Ace Pairing: Avatar The Last Airbender
This post is about Zutara. Spoilers for both Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.
Zutara does not really fit the mold for the pairs I've discussed in the One True Ace Pairing series. But I had Thoughts and I figured it wouldn't hurt to stick them in here.
When I started watching AtLA as a child, I independently fell into the Zutara camp. This was over the course of watching Book One. I didn't get around to watching the rest of the show until much later, mostly because I lost access to Nickelodeon. At some point though I found out that Aang and Katara get together at the end. It's still interesting to me how that revelation had lessened my interest in completing the series. It's strange how we get so attached to our ships.
It was still the early days of people having a second life on the Internet. And I hadn't used the Internet to engage in fandom much at all. But once, when I decided to check out the Avatar fandom out of curiosity, I discovered a major shipping war. I can't possibly summarize it all here, so I will link to (1) ad entire playlist of video essays about it, and if that's too much, (2) one 20-minute video about it. Discovering the intense fandom behind this ship was actually comforting - at least I wasn't alone in feeling betrayed by my ship sinking (what's the official term for that?) and with that knowledge I could eventually finish the show.
To this day I find it curious that the dismissal of this ship affected by enjoyment of the show this much. So much of it comes from how we are conditioned by media to want our favorite relationships to end in a romantic relationship - marriage, children, the works. After re-watching the show again, I think it's so curious that so many of us can't appreciate the fantastic relationship arc between Zuko and Katara simply because it didn't end in marriage, children, and the works. Their relationship goes through a complicated journey of being enemies, tentative allies on the brink of friendship, betrayal, repentance, an attempt to make amends, learning to forgive, and forming an effective partnership. I think most viewers will agree that the Zutara relationship arc was much more complex and interesting than the Kataang arc. And that is specifically why so many of us wanted that ship to be canon. But even if it didn't end the way we wanted it to, at least we got all of these developments - at least it's still a darn good compelling on-screen relationship.
I'm of the camp that the show should not have ended by settling the debate and making one ship canon. The characters were quite young even by the end, and Katara was still pretty confused about how she felt about Aang, so they could have just left us hanging and developed it more in the comics. Basically, what happened with The Legend of Korra. The canon relationship in that show was nowhere near as complex at Zutara, but it developed slowly, with a very slow burn, and the friendship between Korra and Asami gradually grew stronger and stronger until we (or at least some of us) could see how good they are together. But the ending shot of that TLK ended with possibility rather than outright taking sides in a ship war. That may have well been because the showrunners felt that society was not yet ready for a gay kiss in media meant largely for children, but I think TLK would have earned that kiss more so than AtLA did.
Despite all that, I still can't help but feel a pang of betrayal regarding what happened with Zutara. But this was among my many experiences that taught me not to get attached to ships. Because sometimes they sink.
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