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#bruce wayne x reader
superhero--imagines · an hour ago
What kinda stuff do you guys want to see? In terms of fics and stuff in my store? RN I’m thinking of adding a “care package from Molly Weasley”
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I was re-reading 'in times past' and I wanted to ask: does reader and bruce continue with their relationship after the end? do they actually end up married (like it was kinda suggested in the last portion of the fic)? what happens in the future for them?
In Times Past — One Shot
They do actually end up married. The next day, they were across every tabloid. Everyone in Gotham - and pretty much the world - knew about their engagement.
What no one expected was how long they would be engaged. Bruce thought he was doing Y/N a favor by getting noisy people off her back about finding a man and all that.
But once their engagement was “announced,” all that badgering just turned into people nagging them about the wedding. Which to Y/N was so, so, so much worse. 😑
They basically stay engaged for two years. Neither of them wanted to rush into anything. They basically just...dated.
Much to the dismay of Gotham, Y/N and Bruce secretly eloped. There was no extravagant wedding. There was no announcement. Nothing.
The only people in attendance? A 9-year-old Dick Grayson, Alfred, and Y/N’s parents (who were not informed of what was going on until they arrived at Wayne Manor.)
[Dick became a part of their lives a year or so after Y/N and Bruce got engaged.]
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ruddyswojtyla · 4 hours ago
Hey Guys Thanks so much for like my stories. If you want me to write or create a moodboard for you. Just DM here or in Instagram @ruddyswojtyla.
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meshlasolus · 12 hours ago
Cruel Irony
Bale!Bruce Wayne x Reader
I'm gonna start rewriting a steve rogers fic I wrote a while back before my old blog was deleted. Back then it was called captain but I'm probably gonna rename it. Anyways carry on.
Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.
Chapter Warnings: mentions of sex (no smut) angst, mad moyra??
Tumblr media
The day that Alfred suggested that Bruce should start acting more like a regular billionaire, in the stereotypical sense at least, was the day I began to get jealous for the first time. He'd been taking different women out recently, and last evening he decided to take a woman out to a fancy dinner, bringing her home with him after.
I was too petrified to leave my room for the sounds I heard coming from his. Bruce Wayne was sleeping with a movie star in the room across from mine, and it made my blood boil.
I had no right to be jealous, or even upset. He wasn't in any position to be holding back in his love life, especially not for my sake. Neither of us had any obligations such as that, but of course I knew I wouldn't pursue any romantic advances to any other man. I was enthralled with the man I lived with, but I hadn't expressed anything to him, so why should I have any right to lay a claim over him.
I couldn't really sleep that night, for even after the loud whimpers and pathetic squeals from his partner had stopped, my mind raced with the fact that he was now laying side by side with someone he didn't even care about, the same way he laid with me some nights. I hadn't known if he felt anything for me, but even if he did, I wasn't in that room right now.
I know that Alfred meant well when he suggested to Bruce that he should begin to pursue a life that would avoid suspicion, but I secretly despised his efforts. I could not find it in my heart to be truly angry at Alfred, he'd only ever shown me kindness. I was just unhappy with his words.
When the alarm on my clock went off, I looked over to see the usual morning time of eight o'clock AM. I was very happy to get out of bed and busy myself getting ready for work, instead of laying in bed any longer, not being able to sleep and simply thinking of the events across the hall.
I pulled myself from the sheets, feeling a bit weaker than usual due to the lack of sleep. I shook it off and headed to my bathroom, deciding that I wouldn't look in the mirror right away. I already knew I hadn't slept, I didn't need to see the evidence of it.
I did my morning routine the best I could, trying not to fall over while doing so. I nearly fell asleep on the toilet, not that anyone needs to know that part. I barely was able to put on enough makeup to look presentable, but I needed to get finished as soon as possible. The sooner I got downstairs to the coffee, the sooner I would be able to function like an actual human being.
I was not in the mood to do my hair the way I'd learned how to for this job. I pulled it back into a hairtie and heaved a sigh in the mirror. Even under the concealer, the dark bags under my eyes could easily be seen.
I went out to the hall, hearing a faint giggle, signifying that the love birds were awake. I did not lag my steps, scared of the chance that I might run into one of them in the hallway. I couldn't even imagine having to face Bruce later and tell him of my predicament.
I carefully made my way down the stairs, accidentally tripping on the last step and falling against the railing, gripping it for dear life. I stood back up and composed myself. I was getting more annoyed at this point, simply because there was a reason for my lack of sleep, and it was still upstairs probably being smothered by it's one night conquest.
I went into the kitchen, heaving myself up onto a barstool by the counter. The kitchen was quiet and serene, and before I could even convince myself to stand up and make a pot of coffee, my face began to lean foward to the countertop in a haze.
"Good morning, miss Moyra." Alfred appeared into the room with a sweet smile on his face. If there was one thing I always appreciated in the morning it was how chipper he was.
"I wish it were, Alfred. I wish it were." I nearly collapsed again, so I just placed my elbow up and let my face fall to my hand instead.
"I'm sorry to hear it, how did you sleep?" He asked, taking my exhaustion as a queue to make the pot of coffee and help me to wake up a little.
"I didn't." I said shortly, and with annoyance. I wasn't annoyed with him, but I couldn't help but take it out on the only person I'd seen today.
"Oh, I see." Alfred immediately knew what the problem was. This hadn't ever happened before, which meant the only thing out of place in the situation was what Bruce did last night.
"Yup." I said, taking the coffee mug from Alfred with a grateful smile. I thanked him quietly and he nodded.
I took a few sips and began to feel better. The caffeine was doing it's job, but I was probably going to need to either drink more coffee periodically through the day to get by, or leave work a little early to come home and rest.
As if the morning couldn't get any worse, Alfred turned and smiled towards the door, making me spin around. I nearly spit my coffee onto the floor.
"Hello there." Alfred greeted the gorgeous brunette, her blue eyes shining like diamonds in a mine. She was only a bit shorter than me, with the figure of an hourglass. Her appearance caught my eye for a moment, but her attire was what I now focused on. The most minuscule pair of shorts I had ever seen, along with a shirt I'd seen one too many times. I'd actually worn it the first day I arrived here. Bruce's shirt.
I raised an eyebrow as she approached us further into the kitchen, comming to sit on the stool by mine.
"Hi." I said, dragging out the I. I took a long sip of coffee, preparing myself for an awkward conversation.
"Morning, miss." Alfred said to her, but this time when the words came out the smile wasn't as genuine as earlier. He was anything if not polite, but even I could tell he was faking it.
"Good morning, I hope I'm not being a bother." She said with her bright smile. She looked too dimwitted to notice the tension in the room, for she seemed to be perfectly comfortable.
"Not at all." I told her with a fake smile of my own, she seemed to not know the difference and nodded. Alfred brought her a cup of coffee as well. "Not anymore at least..." I mumbled into my coffee cup. Alfred heard me, and while his back was turned, he smirked, but the beautiful girl didn't take notice of my words. I'm not sure she heard them.
"How'd you sleep, miss?" Alfred kept the conversation going, fearful that my somewhat sarcastic nature might take things overboard if I was given the chance.
"I slept wonderful, thank you." She replied, to which I chuckled a little.
"I bet you did." I said suggestively, my face staring straight on to the refrigerator in waiting of how she would respond.
Alfred shot me a playful but narrow look that said 'watch it' and I knew that perhaps I should stop my antics.
"What was that?" She said sweetly, she must not have heard me. I just raised my eye brows and turned back to her.
"Oh I just said I'm glad you slept well."
She smiled again and leaned over in her seat. She finished her coffee then set the cup back down on the counter before grabbing the bag she'd set down that I somehow had missed.
Alfred dismissed himself from the room, claiming he had something to attend to. I knew right away that he meant he was going to go chastise Bruce, but our guest here didn't need to know that.
"So, you live here?" She turned and asked me.
"Yeah, I actually moved in a little after Bruce got back." I lied, knowing that I was supposed to tell a certain story to avoid suspicion in the city.
"Oh. Are you his-?" She asked, traling off so that I would fill in the blank.
"Old friend... I've known him for years since before I moved to Gotham." I said, something about the word friend didn't sit right with me, but I wasn't going to hash that out with Bruce's one night stand.
"I see. You must know him really well, then." She said with a shy voice, scooting her stool closer next to mine. I wasn't sure why, but I kept calm and answered her.
"Absolutely, I do." I said with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Whatever she was about to ask, I already had an answer. I was pretty confident that I knew what she was up to.
"Do you think you could tell me what he likes in a woman?"
Bingo. Let the games begin. Alfred had left the room, so now he couldn't give me any looks to stop me from my mischief. My smirk broadened into a fake, manipulative smile, and I could feel in my bones the havoc I was about to wreak. I just couldn't help myself.
"You know, I'll be honest. Bruce is usually into blondes..." I paused, seeing the look on her face change into one of not only surprise, but a bit of disappointment. "Chubby ones." I added.
"Oh." She sat back into her seat from her leaned position, and I needed to look away in order to keep a straight face.
"Yeah... that's why I was, well.... surprised when I saw you walk in. Bruce doesn't usually skew towards such beautiful women." I commented, seeing her face twist from disappointment to confusion. She looked as if he didn't understand.
"So he does like me, then?" She asked, and I had to hide my smirk with my coffee cup when she looked right at me.
"Oh I'm not sure about that. With Bruce it's hard to tell, but I'll give you some advice. If you play hard to get, and I mean really hard to get.... he'll show more interest." I was not only about to exact revenge on her, but also on Bruce. If you keep me from sleep, then you better watch out. I am a force to be reckoned with.
"Really?" Her eyes lit up. She probably felt amazed that she had a chance with Bruce Wayne. I knew she didn't, but I felt the need for evil this morning, so I nodded and continued.
"Oh yeah. In fact, when he comes in here, you should slap him and leave dramatically. That will definitely catch his attention. He'll be thinking of you all day." I said matter of factly, with my facial expressions doing their job to fillt convince her.
"Slap him? Not too hard though, right? Or is he into that?" I nearly choked on my coffee at that last remark, but it would work to my advantage if I used it.
"Oh he loves it. Use which ever hand is strongest." I added, taking another sip from my drink to hide my smug grin.
"Thank you so much, I bet Bruce is lucky to have a friend like you around." She said, standing up with a smile.
"Oh, you have no idea." My smile was broad and genuine now, as I watched Alfred approach the room. Bruce seemed to be trailing behind. Oh joy.
"Miss, uh-" Alfred began, waiting for her correct title to be given.
"Ashley." She said sweetly.
"Miss Ashley, your cab has arrived." Alfred told her. The cab was here, thank God. I did not want to have to endure both her and Bruce before work.
"Thank you." She told him, before I saw Bruce finally make his appearance today. He glanced at me across the room and he already looked like he had guilt. He was about to be even more sorry.
Ashley stepped up to Bruce, looking at him for a moment before slapping him hard and turning to leave. She smiled and nodded at me and I gave her a nod and the 'ok' hand gesture before she was out the door and headed for the main entrance. I doubted I'd ever see her again and for that I would thank my lucky stars.
Alfred follwed her to let her out, and Bruce looked at me dumbfounded, as I held the biggest smile on my face.
"What was that about?" He asked, coming over and sitting down next to me. I didn't make eye contact with him. I was still mad at him, or at least partially.
"Sweet, sweet revenge." I replied. I was finally at the bottom of my giant coffee mug, after taking many small sips throughout the wonderful morning.
He felt guilty. Alfred had told him what he'd done and he felt horrible. Not only did he keep me up, but I was practically mortified at just hearing the sounds of Bruce and another girl going at it. "I'm sorry."
"Yeah, you're gonna be." I said, my bitterness still in my voice. I should probably lay off, since he and I had to patrol tonight for the first time. I didn't want to be fighting.
"I'll make it up to you, I promise."
"Don't worry about it, now I have a get out of jail free card." I said, giving him a smile. I couldn't stay too mad at him. Not for long, anyway.
He leaned over and tried to hug me, but I hopped up from my stool, taking my mug to the sink and cringing.
"Wash your hands before you hug me, I don't know where they've been." I joked. He rolled his eyes, making a point to come up beside me by the sink. He washed his hands then shook the water off at me. I laughed and immediately all was forgiven. Too bad I was so gone for him, it made it hard for me to actually show him my anger.
"Come here." He held his arms out and I walked into him.
"This isn't gonna be a regular thing, is it?" I looked up at him, only lightly tilting my head to the side.
"No. Only every once and a while. I have to make it seem like it's happening every night, though. Can't have any nosy people getting suspicious. Even one conspiracy theory could blow this whole thing." He explained. I understood the reasoning for it, I just didn't like it. Too bad it wasn't my decision.
"Speaking of... I'm gonna probably come home from work early. I'll need a few hours more of sleep if I'm gonna pull off anything." I told him. The look of guilt crossed his face once more but he didn't want to bring the subject back up. He'd apologize in a better way later, probably with something more expensive.
"If you wanna stay home, then-"
"No. I'll be fine." I assured him. I backed away from his embrace, looking him up and down before I stepped towards the counter again. I glanced at the clock on the microwave, and sighed. "I've gotta go, I got a press conference at ten and I wanna get to the briefing before that."
"I'll see you." He muttered, watching as I rushed for the door that would lead to the garage.
"I'll see you." I smiled before leaving out of his sight.
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thedamianalghulwayne · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
this one was outta pocket
Tumblr media
i found another one 😭
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1-800-creator · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
um i made these but idk if i’ll do anything with them but the whole scenario is basically
Girl moves to Smallville and becomes friends with Clark. She still goes to Gotham to visit her dad on school breaks, one day he forgets something and she takes it to him at work and meets a young Bruce Wayne. They’re all besties now.
If it was hard to tell they’re all supposed to be in high school probably like juniors or seniors. She met Clark when she was 8 and Bruce when she was 10. They’re all like 17 or 18 now.
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ragingbookdragon · 18 hours ago
I’m Only A Crack In This Castle Of Glass (Hardly Anything Else I Need To Be) PT. 7
Batfamily x Batsis Story
Word Count: 2.1K Warnings: Explicit Language, Angst
Author’s Note: Anyone order a part seven? Cause I got a part seven for y'all. Enjoy! -Thorne
Ever since the meeting that night, she’d gotten more letters from her family than she’d ever received in twenty-one years. Not that she decided to read them. The first line from Dick’s letter was, ”I never wanted you to leave because of me. If only I’d known…”. She couldn’t keep reading, and she wasn’t sure if it were from guilt, sadness, or anger, but there was something there that she didn’t want to face.
It didn’t stop there though. They kept coming even if she tacked a return to sender on it and sent it back. She’d even labeled one and written, ”Stop writing me.” but that didn’t stop them. Wally texted her every other night on top of the letters and she wanted to strangle him through the phone.
She knew though, that if she could keep holding out for three more months, she’d be home free. Wherever home was at this point. Every city she kept thinking about had some type of vigilante and there was nothing that didn’t; eventually she decided on Coast City. Somewhere warm and sunny, and as far from Gotham and Central as possible.
Of course that little voice in the back of her head just kept telling her to talk to them, but she was going to be as stubborn against it as possible—but time was dwindling, and so was her resolve.
“Ophelia, have you seen the extra bag of espresso beans? I can’t remember where you put them the other week.” She waited for a response. “Ophelia?” she turned and frowned. “Why did I accept the manager’s position when I can’t even round up my workers?”
She walked out of the storage and wiped her hands on the rag at her waist. “Ophelia?” A giggle sounded at the counter and when she walked out, her eyes went wide at the sight.
Jason was leaning against the counter with that smile he used to use on the models at the galas. He smiled at Ophelia. “Tell me, what do you make better, the cappuccinos or lattes?”
“Well, I make a —”
“She makes a mean ‘get in the back and find my espresso beans’,” she grunted and both of them jumped.
“Melisandre!” Ophelia stuttered, pale cheeks flushing pink. “I thought you were in the back.”
“I was. Think you can go find the coffee beans you put away?” She shot Ophelia a stare that screamed ‘scram’ and the girl nodded, hurrying to the storage room.
“Aww, why’d you run the cutie off, Melisandre?” Jason queried. “I was going to ask her out on—”
“Can I talk to you?” she interrupted, voice barely containing her seething rage. “Outside.”
Jason shrugged and shoved his hands in his jean pockets. “Sure, but be careful, people might get suspicious.”
She grunted and walked outside, listening to him follow and when the door shut, she turned around and hissed, “What the fuck are you doing here?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just getting coffee.”
“Oh, don’t play dumb with me, Jason. We both know that’s a load of bullshit.”
His eyes narrowed and he noted, “You’ve really gotten comfortable using foul language. You know that, (Y/N)?”
She glared at him. “What. Do. You. Want.”
“You won’t answer our letters,” he shrugged. “Didn’t have a lot of options to talk.”
“And showing up at my job is the better option?” she griped.
“It was that or your house, (Y/N). Take your pick but you can’t have both.”
“Well, maybe my silence is supposed to be the answer to those letters. Did you think about that?”
“I did,” he nodded. “But after the third letter being rejected, I decided to go big or go home.”
(Y/N) growled. “Go home.”
Jason smirked. “No.”
“I’m not fucking joking here, Jason. I don’t want you coming here. Ever.”
“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,” he retorted then stepped forward and grabbed her wrist. “You don’t wanna talk willingly, fine. I’ll make you talk to me. And if I have to show up here every day, I will.”
“No, you won’t.”
Jason cocked a brow and tightened his grip. “You wanna bet? Because I’m not Dick and I’m sure as hell not Bruce. I don’t have a day job to get to.” He smirked. “I can do this all day.”
(Y/N) bit the inside of her cheek and thought for a moment then sighed and yanked her arm away. “Fine. Come to my apartment after five. We’ll talk there.”
“Don’t thank me yet,” she interrupted coldly. “I’m agreeing for one meeting and then you fuck off back to Gotham City and leave me the hell alone for good.” She spun on her heel and started back for the door when his voice reached her, tired and pained.
“Do you really hate all of us? Do you really hate us like you make yourself think you do?”
(Y/N)’s feet felt like lead and she stopped, gazing at the glass door. “I don’t know, Jason.”
“Then let me help.”
“You can find the apartment on your own. I know you’re good at looking for homes.” She slipped in the café door, leaving him standing there shocked and hurt.
Sure enough, a minute after five o’clock, her doorbell rang and she called, “It’s open.” The door opened and shut, and she looked up from the little kitchenette, watching the way Jason walked into her apartment, gazing around the empty living room.
“Shit, do you live in a home or a prison cell?”
(Y/N) grunted. “Nice quip. Come up with that by yourself?”
He wandered into the kitchen, leaning back against the counter as she prepared dinner. “What’re you making?”
“Chicken marsala,” she replied. “You’re here to talk. Start talking.”
“Are you going to be a bitch like you were the other night or can I ask about life in Central the last three years?” she shot him a glare, warning him, but he paid it no mind. “You going to school?”
(Y/N) nodded. “I go to Central City Community College. Take classes all week at different times.”
“What are you studying?” he asked.
“For now, general studies, but I’m minoring in political science.”
“Planning on a four year after you graduate?”
She shrugged. “Maybe. Maybe not.” Her hands stalled for a moment. “I don’t have the money for a big school to get a bachelors.” Shaking her head, she chopped up the vegetables. “Figure if I can get a job in the area, I can scrounge up enough to start the process though.”
“Might take years,” Jason noted, and she nodded.
“Yeah, hard work usually does.” (Y/N) glanced at him. “What’s Cassandra like?”
He blinked, evidently not expecting that, though he recovered and smiled. “She’s great honestly. Kicks ass better than anyone I know.”
“Even Batman?”
Jason huffed a laugh. “I’m sure she could wipe the floor with each of us if she decided to not hold back. Her mom’s Lady Shiva and her dad’s David Cain.”
“I don’t know who they are but I’m assuming from the tone that they’re not exactly the best parents in the world.”
“No…they’re not.” He agreed. “David didn’t teach Cass how to speak so she’s been mute all her life.”
“I’ve heard the few interviews she’s given,” (Y/N) replied. “She’s very eloquent when she does.”
“Shakespeare’s influence. And probably Emily Dickinson.” He smiled. “I leave her a lot of books to read so I can be her favorite.”
She snorted. “Yeah, that sounds like you.” Sliding the cast iron skillet into the oven, she sat at the crappy metal dining table, Jason taking the seat on the other side. (Y/N) scratched at the table. “Does Bruce like her?” she questioned lowly, and he nodded.
“Loves her like she’s his own.” He her with cautious eyes. “Just like he loves you.” Jason watched the emotion flash across her face, quick as lighting, a deep sorrow, then she was humming.
“Well, that’s good then.” She cleared her throat and looked at the clock. “How’ve you been? I hear a lot about Outlaws.”
Jason chuckled. “Yeah, that’s my band of renegades. Me, Roy Harper, and Koriand’r.”
“Remind me, those were Speedy and Starfire, right?”
He snorted. “Arsenal and Starfire. But yeah, close enough.”
(Y/N) got up and pulled two glasses from the cabinet before going to the refrigerator and getting the lemonade. She poured them both glasses and sat back down. “How’d you manage to wrangle two of the Titans into your posse?”
“Kori willingly tagged along, and Roy won’t leave me alone,” he griped, sipping his lemonade.
“Mmm…and how does Dick feel about you stealing two of his exes?”
Jason choked on his drink, spilling it on the table and down his chin. “That’s not—” he coughed. “That’s not what that is.”
“Uh huh, sure it’s not.”
“It isn’t,” he glowered.
“Riiiiiiight,” she drawled out with a grin, then took a sip and set her glass back down. “Figured you’d get Cass along with you. she seems like she’d be fit for Outlaws.”
He shook his head. “Nah, she’d be better off with Tim and his Young Justice weirdos.”
“She non-lethal?”
They dwindled into silence until the timer went off on the oven and she pulled the skillet out and set two plates on the table. “You’re gonna feed me?” he asked as she handed him a fork.
(Y/N) scoffed. “Duh. I’m a bitch, but I’m a bitch with manners.” She smiled sweetly. “But you have to leave afterwards.”
“Mmm…can I crash on your couch?”
He shrugged. “Figured I’d try anyways.”
They ate in silence, occasionally speaking about their lives the last three years, and when the food was all gone and the lemonade drunk, he sighed and reclined in the chair.
“What?” (Y/N) questioned and he shrugged.
“Dunno…I’d like to do this again soon.” His teal eyes found hers. “It’s been too long since we were together.”
“Tread carefully,” she murmured, looking at the wall and he sighed.
“Sis, talk to me,” he begged. “Even if it’s just to tell me how much you hate me, just talk to me.” She didn’t respond and he sighed again, standing from the table. “Thanks for dinner.”
“…I hate that you all put Gotham and every civilian before our family.” Jason stopped dead in his tracks and turned, gazing at her, though she didn’t tear her eyes from the wall. “I hate that the only time I felt like anyone paid any attention to me was when we were at galas and even then, the attention was just for show. It didn’t matter because all anyone wanted to do was get the hell out of the manor and go on patrol. It didn’t matter because I wasn’t like any of you. I wasn’t a part of the real family.”
Tears gathered in her eyes. “I hate that I spent more nights sitting in a dark and silent manor than spending them with my family. I hate that I never had a normal family growing up where we’d go for ice-cream after school and attend school performances. I hate that I got stuck with a bunch of siblings hellbent on giving every piece of themselves to the world and they couldn’t take one night off to have a family night to save their lives. To at least pretend to be normal.”
(Y/N) finally took her eyes from the wall and he felt his heart tighten as the tears slipped down her cheeks and she breathed, “I hate that I was born Bruce Wayne’s biological daughter and I’d give anything and everything I have to be someone else’s daughter and sister.”
Jason’s mouth felt dry, and he didn’t have single thing to say to her and she whispered, “Is that what you wanted to hear, Jason?” she blinked. “Because that’s what I feel every morning I wake up.”
“I’m sorry,” he murmured, and she cleared her throat, wiping her cheeks.
“Yeah well, I’m three years passed sorry.” (Y/N) nodded to the front door. “You should leave now.”
Jason nodded but his feet didn’t move. For a moment, he couldn’t move them, then he sucked in a breath and started edging back to the door. When he neared the door, he pulled it open and paused, looking back at her. “(Y/N)?” she didn’t answer but he said it anyway. “I love you. More than you’ve ever known.” He sighed and stepped out, closing it behind him.
(Y/N) buried her face in her hands and sobbed alone at the dinner table.
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ragingbookdragon · 22 hours ago
With all the boys over at her apartment, she didn’t exactly have privacy, but then again, she never had privacy at all because no matter where she was, she either had a sibling following her around or one of their friends. That being said, it did make for some interesting calls when someone who wasn’t exactly a “hero” contacted her.
She pulled the buzzing device from her thigh pocket and peered at the unknown caller. “Who is it, sis?” Dick asked, pausing the movie, much to Wally’s dismay.
“Dunno,” she answered and slid her thumb along the bottom, raising it to her ear. “This is Wayne.”
Wanna come with me and raid a high-security facility and probably kill a couple high-level targets?
She snorted and shook her head. ”Why can’t you ever ask me to a party? Why’s it always a mission?”
Because we dance best in a battlefield not a ballroom.
“Fair point. Where’s the facility?”
”Meh…and what are you going to offer me to make it worth my while?”
A massive amount of money and my good company.
At that, she cackled. ”Slade, I don’t think there’s such a thing as your good company.”
So? You comin’ or what?
“When are we leaving?”
I’m waiting outside your door.
Her brows furrowed. “Wait, you’re what—” a knock sounded at her door and she sighed, rubbing her temples. “Of course you are.”
Let me in.
“It’s open!” She shouted and the door opened and slammed before he appeared in her living room. Immediately Dick and the others tensed and started rising and she waved her hands. “No! Not inside the apartment!” She jumped to her feet and stood between him and the others. “Everybody calm down!”
“Why is he here!” Dick shouted and she rolled her eyes.
“Sometimes we hang out,” she responded, and Jason snickered.
“Bet something else hangs out too.”
“Shut up, Jason.” She glanced at Slade. “Go stand in the entryway and lemme pack a to-go back.”
“I’m comfortable right here,” he replied, and she glared at him.
“Do not start a fight in my living room, Slade. I’m serious.”
“Doesn’t look like I’m the one who’s going to,” he said, shooting a smirk at Dick and Wally who glowered at him in response.
“Jesus Christ, why am I friends with you?” she muttered, wandering into her bedroom.
A moment later she appeared with a duffel bag thrown over her shoulder. Oddly enough the group was curled around the TV, watching the show, throwing back different theories. It was almost heartwarming if she set aside the number of times they’d all tried to kill each other.
“Ready to go?” she asked, and Slade stood up.
She leaned over and pressed kisses to Dick and Jason’s heads. “Watch the apartment for me, would you? And don’t tell dad I’m hanging with Deathstroke or he’ll have a stroke.” Her brothers, and even Slade, groaned at her pun and she grinned before leaving with the assassin.
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Mission Successful  (part two)
Tumblr media
Part One / Masterlist 
Recap/Summary: Abaddon and her entourage have struck once again. The second wealthiest group in Gotham has decided to throw the best party. Unlike other people, the man and wife love to show off their riches. Unfortunately, Abaddon and her husband discovered the Gates were showcasing their diamonds and a bunch of other valuables. Abaddon and her team wish to take those items and melt them down to create a weapon. Once you and the Titans discovered what the enemy was planning, you immediately knew what to do.
Y/L/N: Your last name
Y/H/T: Your hair type
Dialogue Prompts (Credits go to the original creator): None
Dick Grayson x-reader
[Third Person View]
Y/N's heart began to race, her hands starting to shake slightly. Dick noticed his girlfriends nervous actions. He looked around before walking over to join Y/N's side. Dick Grayson grabbed her hand, he rubbed the top of her hand soothingly. Abaddon and Ricky strolled down the pathway and looked at the glass cases of the jewels. "Just relax, don't fall for their scare tactics," Dick whispered so only Y/N Y/L/N could here.
Abaddon walked over to the bar with Ricky's hand in hers. The wife and husband sat down on each stool, waiting for a bartender to approach them. A tall young man walked over to the couple with a welcoming smile, wearing mainly black clothing: a cream colored button down shirt, classy pants, shiny dress shoes, suspenders, and a small black bow tie. The man's long blonde curly hair was put into a low ponytail, tucked away from his face.
"What can I do for you two?" he asked with a kind tone. Abaddon and Ricky smiled to themselves as they settled into their seats. The enemy of the Titans set her purse on the chair beside her. "A Screwdriver and a Tom Collins please," Ricky said, setting a twenty dollar bill onto the counter. The man took the bill and set it into the register underneath a marble counter. "I'll be right back with your drinks," Reynolds - the bartender - said. Abaddon and Ricky thanked the young man, they both turned around and looked over at the glass cases.
They exchanged in small talk, making comments about the gold encrusted tiaras along with silver diamonds that laid on top of a small white pillow inside a glass case. Abaddon flattened the hairs that had gotten loose from the firm grip of the hair gel.
Rachel, Gar, and Jason sat a few stools down from the enemy. Jason took a sip of his coca cola while Gar and Rachel sipped on some water. Reynolds came over to Abaddon and Ricky with their cold beverages. They thanked the man, drinking their alcoholic beverages. Y/N and Dick kept a close eye on them as well as looking at everything around them.
"Team, how's everything going?" Essie questioned, her voice echoing.
"Abaddon and her entourage know we're here, but we're keeping it a low profile," Y/N answered, "Got any details?" There was a long pause after the Y/H/C girl asked the question. Y/N Y/L/N turned around so her face was facing the wall behind her. She double tapped the patch behind her ear, trying to see if there was a bad connection with the comms.
"I lost them," Y/N mumbled, "You?"
She turned back around and looked to her boyfriend, he shook his head as a response. Y/N looked over at the bar and saw Abaddon and Ricky were nowhere to be found. "God dammit," Y/N mumbled. Dick furrowed his eyebrows at her outburst. She nudged his shoulder and tilted her head towards the direction where the two people once sat. Dick Grayson grunted in frustration, he brought his hand up and ran his hand through his hair.
"I'll go find them, you grab Rachel, Gar and Jason then meet me in the hallway next to the casing area," Dick ordered. Y/N gave her boyfriend a quick nod before racing over to where the rest of the team was. Dick took off and rushed down the hallway, getting ready to grab his gun if he needed it. Y/N leaned over and took the last sip of Jason's soda. "Hey! My father is a high class businessman!" he exclaimed.
"Ah, shove it," Y/N responded. She grabbed ahold of his collar bone and ushered Rachel and Gar to follow her. The four of them began to walk towards the hallway where Dick told Y/N to meet. "Everything okay ma'am?" a security officer asked, walking up to them. Y/N smiled and nodded her head as a response. Jason slowly took Y/N's hand away and stood beside her. "Sorry sir, I was just taking my brother and his friends away from the bar," Y/N replied, "We needed to take a break." The man nodded his head and left them be.
"What the fuck's going on?" Jason asked, crossing his arms. Y/N looked behind, beside and in front of them to make sure nobody was listening in. Her gaze switched over to the entrance way and noticed the two men closing the front door, almost as if they were locking it. ‘Shit, Kory won’t be able to get in,’ she thought. Y/N sighed and brought her attention back to Jason,Gar, and Rachel. 
"Abaddon, Ricky, and her crew are gone. Dick went down that hallway to try and find them," Y/N replied, she motioned to the pathway with her head. Rachel's face went pale in a nervous complexion. Gar noticed her change of expression, he set a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Jason looked back at the door and noticed what Y/N Y/L/N had caught a glimpse of. 
"The coms are dead," Y/N continued, "Dick and I tried contacting them, but we got no response." The three teens nodded, Rachel grabbed a hair tie and put her hair up in a low ponytail. They looked back and scanned the people that looked into the cases of the Gates prized possessions. "Okay, for now on. I'm your older sister, I'm here to supervise you after our father 'the business man' decided he wasn't able to go to the party. We'll have the same first names, but different last names," Y/N explained, "Follow my orders until we get back online with Essie and the others."
After the four agreed to the plan, they set forth down the pathway, making sure they weren't being followed. Small pictures were hung on the sides of the walls. Gold flowers were on the wallpaper, little silver incisions were imprinted on the floral pieces. The group passed a brown table with a vase of red roses at the middle. 
"Damn, and I thought Bruce was rich," Gar commented, under his breath.
"You should be happy Bruce didn't hear that," Rachel replied as she looked at the photos as well. Y/N looked behind them, making sure nobody was following them. She glanced back and forth to see if Dick was there, but unfortunately Y/N saw no sight of him.
"Fuck," she muttered. The three teens turned to look at their 'older sister' with looks contorted with worry and confusion.
"Dick's not here," Y/N answered their rhetorical questions. Jason sighed and tapped the side of the patch behind his ear in hopes that the coms would magically start working, the other two did that same motion. "I've already tried that," Y/N said. Rachel, Gar and Jason all sighed in frustration. The two doors to the long decorated hallway suddenly shut with a loud slam.
Y/N held up her arm and waved her hand above the watch on her wrist. A floorplan of the tall skyscraper projected from the little device. The Y/H/C noticed Kory Anders standing at the front door arguing with the two men up front. The four of them noticed their friends demeanor change once Abaddon’s crew mates weren’t letting Starfire in. A clock icon showed up at the top of the building. "We're running out of time, the party ends in less than two hours," Y/N said, looking up from the watch. The floorplan disappeared as she lowered her arm back to her side. Y/N walked down the hallway with Jason, Gar and Rachel following her. Once they turned a corner the four of them were met with two armed men.
"Hey there! We were just looking for the restroom," Gar said, standing beside Y/N. The red headed man standing to the left kept a straight face, his hand remained on his gun. Rachel and Jason stood on the other side of Gar and Y/N.
"Y/N," Rachel murmured, "Got any plans?"
The Y/H/T girl swiftly grabbed her gun and shot the man's weapon out of his own palm. He lunged forward, about to kick Y/N in the stomach. Jason took out his grappling hook and fleetly dragged the man's leg away. Gar immediately transformed into his alter ego as the green tiger, he pounced on the second guard. Three other uniformed men turned the corner behind the team.
"Shit! There's more of them?" Y/N exclaimed, but it sounded like a question. The girl pressed the button at the side of her belt. The dark purple suit leaked from the loop and practically latched onto her skin. Y/N glanced over at Jason and took notice of his suit doing the same action. The two of them stood back and to back, fighting off whichever guard they could.
"Go get Dick! We'll take care of this!" Y/N ordered, looking over at Gar and Rachel.
The two other teammates quickly nodded their heads and rushed down the hallway. Y/N unsheathed her sword, throwing it at the man. The silver weapon landed in the man's chest. He fell to the ground as he screamed in agony. Y/N extended her hand and the sword was pulled out of the man's chest and back into her hand.
Jason glanced at the girl and smirked once he got a break from fighting one of the guards. With Y/N's super hearing, she overheard the enemies crewmate sneak up on her. Her hand collided with the man's face and he fell to the floor, unconscious. Jason and Y/N looked around, finding all of the kayoed men. The two vigilantes gave one another a fist bump before racing down the hallway.
Y/N tapped the side of her mask that covered the upper part of her face, the floorplan appeared before her eyes. They had exactly 10 minutes before the party was over with. Jason and Y/N turned a corner and headed straight for the casing room. The two teammates realized the doors were still shut. Y/N glimpsed at Jason and motioned for him to kick the door open. The white wooden door flew off its hinges and landed outside the entryway.
Y/N extended her hand, stopping Jason from walking through the door. She slowly walked ahead and looked both ways to make sure everything was alright. Tables had been thrown all over the place, the bars cabinets were broken into, glass laid all over the ground. Jason nudged Y/N's shoulder, he pointed to the ceiling. A large hole had been made in the plaster of the ceiling.
"God dammitt," Y/N mumbled.
She looked back down and saw Rachel kneeling beside Dick in his Nightwing suit. Gar stood behind her, making sure that the two of them were alright. Abaddon and Ricky were slouched over a table, unconscious. Their crew was stood against the wall with their hands handcuffed. "Dick," Y/N muttered. Dick's girlfriend rushed over him, a worried expression drawn on. Jason stepped over to Abaddon and Ricky to make sure they weren't dead.
Y/N looked at Rachel and Gar, wanting an answer. "He's alright," Rachel reassured, "We've already called." The door to the casing area was torn off the frame of the entrance way. A red and orange glow slid through the air, Y/N put a protective arm over Dick to protect him from the piercing flames. The group of vigilantes looked up and saw Kory Anders standing there with Bruce and Essie behind her. 
“You’re late,” Jason said, hopping up from beside the criminals. 
[Two Hours later: at the base, third person view]
The midnight moon hovered above the skyscrapers that sat in front of the Titans secret base. Birds flew through the sky, trying to get to their home away from home. Sounds of laughter and relief filled the air of the tall building where the Titans were relaxing. Kory and Essie stood in the kitchen baking a celebratory chocolate cake and a vegan one for Gar. Music floated through the atmosphere as everyone chuckled at their successful mission. Rachel and Jason sat at the counter playing a game of war, Rachel was winning at the moment which Jason despised.
Gar sat on the couch playing a videogame that Y/N and Dick had gotten him for his birthday last year. Kory walked over with some silverware and a couple of plates. The smell of sugar radiated from the kitchen all the way to where Dick and Y/N's room was. The low hum of the TV was all Y/N Y/L/N heard as she stepped out of the bathroom wearing a white robe along with her favorite Y/F/C fuzzy slippers. 
She glanced at the television and saw Dick Grayson had been watching a news broadcasting of the mission the Titans had victoriously finished. Y/N walked over and turned off the TV. Dick stood at the dresser - shirtless - looking for a pair of clothes to change into (GIF Above).
A couple of bruises aligned his arms and chest, he winced in pain as he searched for some clean clothes. The dim glow of the light on the bedside table lit the room around Dick. He picked up a grey sweatshirt and set it on top of the dresser, still looking for a pair of sweatpants. Y/N walked over and sat at the right side of the bed, facing where Dick stood. 
“Hey,” she said, quietly. 
Y/N stood up from the bed, taking Dick’s hand into hers. He glanced down at her and smiled then kissed her on the forehead. The former detective closed the drawers to the dresser and wrapped his arms around his heroic girlfriend. Dick Grayson couldn’t help but smile at the one person he truly loved. “We did good tonight,” he commented, wrapping his arms around Y/N’s waist. She smiled and ran her hand over his shoulder. “Hell yeah we did,” she remarked, earning a chuckle from Dick. He brought his face to hers, kissing her on the lips. Y/N felt Dick’s grip on her waist tighten as they fell onto the bed. Their affectionate moment was soon interrupted by a loud knock on their bedroom door. Y/N groaned in frustration, setting her head on Dick’s bare shoulder. 
“Who is it?” Dick called, keeping his arms around Y/N. 
“The cakes ready if you two want some!” Rachel replied. 
“Stop eating eachothers faces and come out!” Jason exclaimed. 
Y/N Y/L/N and Dick Grayson could hear Rachel and Gar start to laugh at the boys outburst. Y/N turned her head to look at Nightwings alter identity. Dick looked at her with a flirtatious grin still on his face. He slowly got up from the comfortable bed and changed into his sweatshirt and a pair of tan colored khakis. “Come on,” Dick said, grabbing his favorite orange t-shirt along with a pair of shorts. He neatly folded them beside Y/N so she could change into the clothes he had set out for her. 
“I don’t want to get up!” Y/N groaned. She took ahold of a pillow and set it on top of her face so she couldn’t see the brown eyed boy standing before her. Dick stepped over, hovering over his fellow teammate. Y/N slowly took the pillow off of her face and was met with Dick’s smiling face. “Fine, I’ll get up,” she said, giving in. Dick let out a happy cheer and waited till his girlfriend got changed. 
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Piano Keys
Summary: the grand piano is played and it’s weird to Jason.
Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader, Jason Todd x Sister!Reader
Tumblr media
Jason heard the grand piano being played. It’s often only played when Bruce has hosted a gala or a party where classical music is a must. He must investigate further.
You’re seated at the bench of the piano. Jason doesn’t remember being notified of another kid being added to the manor. He made his way over to you as you flipped the page of sheet music.
“Who are you?” Jason asked.
He spooked you and you turned to look at him. He’s 6’4 and beefy.
“Y/n,” you said very quietly.
“Did Bruce pull ya off the street?” Jason asked.
You shook your head no. Jason came closer.
“Shitty parents?” He questioned.
“Just mom,” you said.
“Dad?” He asked.
“Didn’t know about me,” you said softly. “Till like two weeks ago.”
“Wait, you mean that Bruce is your real father?” Jason asked.
You nodded your head and Jason sat down on the bench beside you.
“You poor thing,” Jason said putting his arm around your shoulders. “That makes you related to the demon spawn and I’m sorry that you are. —Wait, your mother didn’t raise you to be an assassin or some shit?”
You shook your head no and you looked at the 23 year old confused. Your mother was normal except for the part that she didn’t want you and always made sure you knew it.
“You’ll learn everything in due time,” he said with a smile. “Anyway, what are you playing, Munchkin?”
“Uh, I don’t know- the title- it’s in French,” you said.
“I failed French so I can’t help you with that,” he said. “-you can read sheet music?”
You nodded your head and flipped the page back to the beginning. You started playing from the top.
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ragingbookdragon · a day ago
The Vampire's Masquerade PT. 2
A Jason Todd x Vampire!Reader Story
Word Count: 14,090 Warnings: NSFW (Smut), Explicit Language, Violence, Mentions of Past Assault and Abuse
Author's Note: I made a story mixing DC and Skyrim and you're going to like it because that's what I've put on your plate. I've chaptered the story but Tumblrs a bitch and I can't post the entire thing so I'm going to do two parts. But it's still going to take forever to read. Enjoy! :) -Thorne
***Chapter Six***
He was uncomfortable. He was extremely uncomfortable under the scrutiny of his brothers and father, and yet she looked like she was over the moon as she laughed at another dumb joke Dick told. And he didn’t know what he was more unnerved by, the fact that she’d lied straight through her teeth about what she did for a living like it was the easiest thing in the world, or that his family of “Master Detectives” couldn’t figure out that the twenty-eight-year-old freelance artist was actually a ten-thousand-year-old vampire from another dimension—some detectives they were.
Jason watched as she grabbed the silver fork again and took a bite of the cheese souffle appetizer that Alfred had prepared for dinner. He worried about the contact of silver on her skin. None of the jewelry or silverware in her home was silver, in fact, nothing in her home was silver. It was either bronze or gold. She’d mentioned that prolonged exposure to silver would cause a rash and even if she were older than most vampires, and well-weathered against many of the things that would seriously wound younger ones, he knew it had to be causing discomfort to her.
As she chewed silently, he leaned over, turning his head away so his family couldn’t see his lips moving and whispered, “Is your hand, okay?”
She pressed a hand to her mouth as she swallowed and nodded. “I’m alright,” she replied too-cheerfully for his liking. “Thank you for asking.”
“Is something wrong, (Y/N)?” Dick questioned and they both looked at him.
She smiled and shook her head. “Oh no, I’m alright. I just had a bit of a…womanly pain before I came here earlier.” She sipped her wine. “Jason had some ibuprofen in his glove compartment and gave it to me.” Leaning over, she pressed her lips to his cheekbone, leaving a dark, wine red lip print. “He’s just worried about me.”
While his brothers snickered, Jason glared at his plate, incapable of stopping the crimson spreading over his cheeks. “You’re gonna pay for this later,” he muttered under his breath and she merely smiled in return.
“So, Richard—”
“Please, (Y/N),” he grinned. “Call me Dick.”
“Of course. Jason told me you used to work at the Blüdhaven Police Department. I remember the talent you possessed while working for Haly’s Circus.” Her eyes bore into his and Jason was slightly worried they’d see the auburn behind the green contact lenses. “Did you ever consider a career in gymnastics? I’m sure someone as talented as you could’ve been an Olympic gymnast.”
Dick nodded, setting down his glass of water. “I did compete in some tournaments growing up, but I guess I’ve always had the desire to serve the public. Guess BPD was the closest I could get.”
(Y/N) smiled wholeheartedly at him. “A noble desire, indeed, Dick. I’ve no doubt the family around you is proud of your accomplishments.” His cheeks tinted pink, and he looked down at his plate, murmuring a quiet ‘thank you’, and she glanced at Tim.
“Jason’s spoken quite a lot about you as well, Timot—Tim. He says when Bruce isn’t working at Wayne Enterprises, you act as the CEO.”
Tim glanced up from the souffle, cheeks stuffed, and immediately flushed as he swallowed the food in his mouth. “Uh, yes. I do.” He coughed a bit. “It’s, uh, no big deal.”
Her eyes widened and she leaned forward a bit. “No big deal? That company has so many different branches and subsidiaries! You say no big deal but keeping track of every one is a feat all on its own!” (Y/N) shot him a knowing look and winked. “I bet you’re wicked smart though, hmm? Genius level and you could do it with your eyes closed, can’t you?”
He didn’t say anything, but the small curve of his lips told her all she needed to know, and when she turned her gaze on Damian, he simply rolled his eyes. “Is it my turn for the foolish flattery?” he deadpanned, and Jason gripped the edge of the table.
“Be nice,” he warned darkly and (Y/N) inconspicuously rested her hand on his thigh, squeezing gently.
“I guess you saw through me, huh Damian?” she questioned, and he scoffed, slouching enough in his chair to tell her he was bored.
“Richard isn’t a career cop and Timothy works with Lucius who is the actual CEO.” His evergreen eyes narrowed. “Even you would scrape the barrel for those compliments.”
When Jason’s thigh started tensing, she tightened her grip and smirked. “Rapiers or katanas?”
“Katanas,” he glared. “Cutlasses or scimitars?”
“Cutlass,” (Y/N) replied. “Easier to use in close quarters.”
“Hand to hand mastery?”
“I’d like to say I can hold my own but I’m certain you’d wipe the floor with me,” she teased, and he smirked for a split second then it was gone.
“One last question,” he muttered. “Cats or dogs?”
(Y/N) leaned forward and whispered, “Why limit yourself to just the two?”
For a moment they simply stared at each other, then Damian glanced at Jason. “She’s acceptable.”
“Happy to get your approval,” Jason griped, and she patted his thigh quietly.
“Well, Ifor one am happy to have it,” she finalized, and shifted when Alfred pulled the souffle out of her way and placed down the main course. “Thank you, Mister Alfred.”
He smiled warmly at her. “You’re most welcome, Miss (Y/N).” he placed the other dishes around the table, explaining, “Tonight’s dish is grilled pheasant with a juniper berry and rosemary sauce, accompanied by roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts.”
She watched the others pick up their forks and start eating but her hesitance kept her from it. Juniper wasn’t poisonous to her, but it would weaken her considerably to the effects of fire. She could feel her lungs begin to tighten as she stared at the grilled bird drizzled in the burgundy sauce. All she had to do was pick up her fork and put it in her mouth and smile through it, but she couldn’t manage to do it.
“Never had pheasant before, (Y/N)?”
Her head shot up and she gaped at Bruce who had a knowing look as he cut into it with his knife. “What?” she said, just shy of shocked.
He chuckled. “The first time Alfred made this, I wouldn’t eat it because it smelled funny.” Bruce’s steely blue eyes found hers and he smiled. “I promise it tastes better than it smells.”
(Y/N) gave him a tight smile and nodded. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be awkward.”
“No worries, Miss (Y/N),” Alfred replied. “I would be alright with making you something else, if you wish.”
He started reaching for her plate and her eyes widened as she shook her head. “What? No!” the family stared at her and she felt her cheeks warm. She inhaled and cleared her throat. “Please don’t, Mister Alfred, I’ll eat it.”
(Y/N) cut into it quickly and stuck a piece in her mouth, ignoring the burning sensation rolling over her tongue as she chewed, and down her throat as she swallowed.
She let her eyes widen again and she made a show of gaping at the plate then back to him. “Oh wow! That’s fantastic!” she huffed a laugh an embarrassed laugh. “Of course, I’d be worried about something I never tried.”
Alfred chuckled, as did the others, though Jason knew something was wrong by the way she winced with every bite, but he didn’t voice his concern for fear of letting them know her secret.
(Y/N) stifled a yawn behind her hand and he glanced over. “Tired?”
She nodded. “Just a bit, but I’m alright.”
Jason shook his head. “We can go to bed if we want.”
“But the house is—oh you mean stay here?” she questioned, and he nodded. “But I don’t want to put anyone out.”
“You’re more than welcome to stay here, (Y/N),” Bruce said. “I’d be a horrible father and host if I said get out.”
Laughing, she nodded her head and met Jason’s eyes. “Are you?” He nodded and started pushing back his chair.
“We’re gonna go to bed,” he commented, holding out his hand to her.
She took it and stood to her feet, pushing in her chair behind her, then she looked at his family. “Thank you for inviting me for dinner. It and the conversation were wonderful.” The others smiled and waved, watching as Jason led her out of the dining room and down the hall.
When they were far enough away, he spun around and took her face in his hands. “Are you okay?”
(Y/N) shook her head. “I need to get to a bathroom. I’m going to be sick.”
Jason nodded and pulled her up the stairs. “My bedroom is on the farthest end of the manor. No one will hear you.” He shot a worried look back at her. “What was it?”
“The juniper sauce,” she groaned, putting the back of her hand to her mouth as her stomach churned uncomfortably. “It weakens my ability to resist fire.” She suddenly stopped, leaning against the wall, and Jason gaped as her skin flushed with red swirls, all the way from her face to her toes.
He wasted no time, immediately picking her up in his arms as he all but sprinted to his bedroom, shoving the door open with his hip. (Y/N) saw the bathroom in the corner of the room and rolled out of his arms, almost gliding to the bathroom—he barely saw her move, like flash steps—in one place one moment in another the next.
She slammed the door behind her, and he closed his bedroom door as he heard the toilet seat shove open, and she began retching. Jason felt terrible as he locked the door and made his way to the bathroom, listening to her. He also felt very disturbed because he’d never heard such violent convulsing.
“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” he worried. “Can I do anything?”
A low groan followed by another round of vomiting sounded from inside and she grunted, “I’d ask for—ngh—clean blood but…but I just have to—oh Divines—ride out the effect.”
Jason didn’t like that answer. “Give me something to do, doll. I feel horrible.”
“It’s not your—ugh—fault, darling,” she hissed. “Just—just get in bed and wait for me.”
(Y/N) went silent after that and he was still beside himself about her, but at least she wasn’t puking anymore, and Jason heaved a sigh, moving away from the door to sit on the bed, eyes still trained on the bathroom.
It was almost three full hours before the bedroom door opened and he shot up, eyes wide but still hazy from sleep. Jason hadn’t realized he’d fallen asleep.
(Y/N) thrust a thumb back towards the bathroom. “I borrowed an extra toothbrush and your mouthwash,” she muttered. “I hope you don’t mind.”
He shook his head, holding out his arms and she walked to him, letting him wrap them around her legs as she rested her hands on his shoulders.
“Are you feeling better now?” he questioned, eyebrows pulled in concern and she offered a smile that looked a lot like a grimace.
“I’d prefer to avoid any flames for the time being, but yes, I’m much better now.”
Jason lowered his head. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t know that juniper was poisonous to you.”
This time she did smile as she crawled into his lap, letting him bury his face in her shoulder. “You didn’t know, Jason.”
“I should’ve,” he mumbled, words muffled against her sweater. “I should know by now what’s going to harm you.”
(Y/N) sighed and pulled back, stifling a giggle when he whined from the loss of contact. “Look at me, Jason,” she murmured, and he did albeit shamefully. “I can be harmed by anything that you can be. Gunshots, stab wounds, physical attacks,” she shrugged. “Food is not so much a touchy subject. The things that make me ill are far, few, and in between.”
She placed a hand on his cheek. “It just so happens that juniper is one of those things, but it’s not your fault and neither is it anyone else’s. Things just happen sometimes.”
He took a moment to absorb her words, then he asked quietly, “…Are you sure you’re feeling better?”
(Y/N) gazed at him, and something in her eyes made his body flush with desire and she suddenly grinned. “I can show you if you’d like?” Rather than waiting for a response, she slipped off his lap and sunk to her knees in front of him and Jason’s legs automatically spread to accommodate her. She giggled. “I guess you know where this is going, darling?”
“I think and I very much hope it is,” he agreed, heart fluttering, watching with enjoyment as she placed her hands on his thighs and shoved them farther.
“Take your pants off,” she commanded lowly, and Jason was scrambling for his belt buckle, then shimmying out of his jeans. (Y/N) gave an amused hum. “I’ve half a mind to make a joke about how obedient you are.”
“You’re a woman worthy of my obedience, (Y/N),” he replied simply before stripping his shirt staring down at her on her knees for him.
She chuckled and biting at his thigh. “I’m worthy of a lot,” she retorted. “Much more when I was back in my homeland.”
“Did you sit on a throne and rule over the people?” he questioned, grunting when she dug her fingers underneath the seam of his boxers.
(Y/N) leaned up, lips brushing his ear as she whispered, “Oh darling, I was the most powerful being alive. There was nothing I didn’t have.” She shoved him back so that he was propped up on his elbows and she pressed kisses to his chest, nipping her way down his body until she got to his groin.
Jason was already hard, and she curled her fingers in his boxers and tugged them down and off when he lifted his hips. She took his length in her hand and gave him a tug, smirking when his hips jumped, a grunt escaping him, then she stilled, and he gaped at her.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, voice straining as he barely kept himself from thrusting into her grip.
“Oh, I’m simply waiting for you to tell me what you want.” (Y/N) responded with a pleasant smile and he scowled.
“Isn’t that a little obvious?” he retorted, inhaling when she nipped at his thigh.
“What? You mean the way your cock is standing at attention for me?” she rolled her eyes “I had no idea.”
Jason growled and cocked a leg up, nudging her behind. “I want your mouth, (Y/N).”
“Say please,” she cooed, shifting her hand so she could run her thumb up the thick vein that ran the length of him.
He groaned and briefly shut his eyes as she applied pressure. “Please, (Y/N).”
“Just a little more, darling,” she murmured, nipping the juncture of his thigh and pelvis.
“(Y/N), please, put those pretty lips on my cock and suck me,” he begged, and Jason’s eyes went wide when she obeyed, taking his head in her mouth. “Fuck,” he cursed, expression contorting with pleasure as she dipped her tongue into his slit, her hand starting to move on his length.
She hummed and his back arched as the vibrations went straight through his cock, then she flattened her tongue and took him into her mouth as far as she could.
“Oh shit, (Y/N),” he breathed, and shifted one of his arms, curling his hand around her head. Jason groaned as her jaw went slack and he tugged her, watching her head bob up and down.
Hollowing her cheeks, she pulled back and kept his head in her mouth while her hand slicked up and down his cock.
“(Y/N),” he purred, and she met his teal eyes. “Touch yourself for me, doll.” He let out a moan when he saw her free hand disappear between her thighs. Jason couldn’t see but when he heard her muffled gasp and felt her knees spread, hitting his ankles, he knew she was.
“Are your fingers inside?” he questioned, and she hummed, bobbing her head as she pushed her digits in herself. “Imagining my cock instead?”
Her eyes found his and he saw the desire clouded with irritation—Jason did get cocky when it came to sex. (Y/N) lifted her head and swirled her tongue around the head of his length, sucking sharply and his hips jerked, as he let out a startled moan.
“Right there, doll. Right there.” Jason moved his hand and cupped her cheek, pressing his thumb against his head when it poked the side of her mouth. “I wanna know what lucky bastard you practiced on to get this good,” he praised. “Fuck, your mouth is talented.” She smirked around his cock and tongued his slit again. “I’m gonna come of you keep doing that, doll.”
He immediately realized that was horrible to tell her because with her track record, she would’ve started teasing him, but evidently, she wasn’t in the mood too because she did it again. And again. And again. Until Jason’s hips were rising off the bed and he was whimpering quiet little, “Yes, yes, yeses.”
And the warmth spread across her tongue, bitter, but she groaned and swallowed him, all the while Jason’s eyes were screwed shut, toes curling as the tightness in his gut suddenly snapped.
(Y/N) pulled away when he moaned lowly and he watched her press her cheek to his thigh, staring up at him with glazed eyes as she panted and he reached down, caressing her cheek.
“You did so well, doll. It’s your turn, please.” He pleaded, thumbing her lip and she took it in her mouth, sucking it. Jason’s gut stirred again, and he begged, “Come on your fingers, (Y/N). All over them. Come for me.”
He watched her go still, then shudder with a pitched whine against his leg before she collapsed against him with a heavy breath. They caught their beath, then she rose and climbed onto the bed, lying beside him.
For a moment, they were silent, then he commented, “That was incredible.”
(Y/N) giggled and turned her head, kissing his shoulder. “Tell me about it.”
She sighed, feeling sleep calling to her and he murmured, “Tired?”
“A bit,” she answered. “I might be more resistant to things because of my age, but I definitely notice that I recover slower.” She shimmied out of her pants and sweater before crawling up to the covers.
Jason followed, slipping underneath with her, and he pulled (Y/N) into his arms, lifting the sheet and comforter over them.
“Sleeping it off can’t hurt, huh?”
She snorted halfheartedly, already feeling her eyelids drooping as she propped her head on his shoulder, nose brushing against his neck. “That’s how I’ve dealt with…a lot of my problems.”
He chuckled. “Same here, doll.” Jason kissed her forehead. “I love you.”
“I love you more,” (Y/N) murmured, and he felt her breathing even out against his throat moments later.
***Chapter Seven***
The werewolf hadn’t shown up in a month, and while the citizens of Gotham had celebrated by returning to the nightlife, like the idiots they were, Jason and his family knew otherwise that it was still out there, waiting for another hunt. At least, that’s what (Y/N) had told him, and he believed her more than anything though even she herself was concerned about how quiet the nights had become, and he’d gotten more than comfortable patrolling with her following close behind in the shadows, usually invisible to avoid detection.
Jason knew she was using him as bait for the Lycan, waiting for it, to see if it would try attacking him. Had it been anyone other than her, he would’ve said hell no, but he knew (Y/N) was always watching him and his surroundings, and there was no one he trusted more to watch his six than her.
That being said, she wasn’t with him that night, a call from one of the council members had finally come and she’d stayed behind to discuss a course of action, leaving Jason to patrol his portion of the city alone. He was fine alone but (Y/N) insisted that Nevermore come with him just in case; he agreed when she shot him that firm glare and he couldn’t help but cave, sighing when the raven pecked at his helmet, sitting atop his shoulder pads.
Jason stood on the ledge of the clocktower, staring out at the large expanse of city before him. Usually, he knew where to start but right now he kept running the “If-I-Were-Blank-Where-Would-I-Hide?” question, wondering where a werewolf would be—it wasn’t in the sewers, they’d checked multiple times.
He sighed just as the sound of boots came behind him and he glanced over his shoulder, seeing Nightwing and Red Robin coming his way. “Hey,” he muttered, going back to the city.
“You’ve been up here for like thirty minutes, Hood. The city isn’t going to patrol itself.” Nightwing commented. “Something on your mind?”
He shrugged. “Trying to think where it’s hiding.”
“The werewolf?” Red Robin questioned, though it sounded rhetorical.
“Yeah,” he replied. “All this city space and one giant beast. You’d think we’d be able to find it.”
“Maybe it got shot with a silver bullet?” Nightwing offered. “Or taken up by animal control?”
Red Robin snickered but Jason merely raised his arm and whistled, waiting while his brothers stared at him like he had three heads.
A low croak sounded above, and they watched as the raven fluttered and perched on his wrist. “Find anything?” he asked it and the bird turned its head and shook it. “Damn,” Jason cursed and fished around in his pocket for a treat. “Keep a lookout would you, bud?” The raven cawed and took off into the night sky once more.
“Was that a crow?” Nightwing asked, blinking in shock and Jason bristled.
“He’s a raven. Name’s Nevermore.”
“Where’d you find a trained raven?” Red Robin quizzed with wonder.
Jason glanced at him. “He’s (Y/N)’s.”
Nightwing’s jaw went slack. “She’s—she’s got a raven?”
“And a wolfdog, two cats, and a Neapolitan Mastiff named Fang.” He looked at his eldest brother. “The little demon-spawn would keel over if he met them.”
“Wait, if Nevermore’s (Y/N)’s raven…and he’s with you…does that mean…?” Red Robin trailed off and Jason nodded.
“Yeah, she figured out pretty quick actually,” he remarked. “She’s a lot more than what she lets on.”
“What? Is she like us?” Nightwing joked, Red Robin cackling along and Jason turned his head.
“(Y/N) outclasses every one of us. Especially Bruce. In every way. And I’m not saying that because I’m her boyfriend. I’m saying it as warrior who knows she’s my better.” It was all he said before diving off the ledge, shouting, “Have fun patrolling your sectors, losers!”
It had come out of nowhere during the evening and knocked him out of mid-grapple before he’d even realized what it was. Jason rolled along the rooftop a couple times before he slammed into the barrier with a pained grunt. Gravel scattered across the roof and he looked up, seeing the werewolf hunched over on all fours, saliva dripping from its jowls as it growled, and he felt his stomach clench in fear.
“Ah crap,” he hissed quietly and slowly got to his feet, all the while the beast started edging towards him.
A sharp cry echoed above and stupidly, he looked up to see Nevermore. It was all the time the creature needed, lurching forward with a snarl.
Jason brought his arm up as the werewolf’s clawed hand came down at him. It tore through his brown leather jacket like it was a wet napkin, and he thanked God that (Y/N) had taken it upon herself to reforge most of his body-armor plates because when the creature’s nails raked across his wrist guard, it sparked viciously, but didn’t shear.
He cocked his leg out and hit the beast in the stomach as hard as he could, shouting, “Nevermore! Go get her!”
Another cry sounded above, and Jason prayed that he had the strength to hold out as the Lycan came back his way.
She rubbed at her temples and resisted the urge to slam her head into the wall for what seemed like the millionth time. “I know, Alexander,” she griped. “I know what the council designations are. I fucking wrote them. What I want to know is when are you imbeciles going to contact the Lycan Alliance Colony in Virginia so we can figure out who the hell is in Gotham.”
The vampire on the line sighed. It’s not that simple, (Y/N), and you know it.
“Not that sim—Alexander, all you have to do is pick up the fucking phone and contact the chambers. Then you meet and acknowledge the problem and contact the LAC in Virginia. How hard is that?”
It’s time consuming, (Y/N). We’ve already got—
I will contact Lady Heady and Lord Bartholomew and see what we can fit into our schedules.
(Y/N) bit her tongue so hard it bled and before she could speak, something flapped against her living room window, frantic squawking following. She put the phone down, ignoring the vampire’s calls and opened the window, gaping at Nevermore who was still cawing wildly.
“Nevermore!” she shouted, trying to calm him. “It’s alright! What’s the matter?”
He hopped repeatedly along the window ledge and croaked, pointing his beak back towards where he’d flown and she bent forward, smelling his feathers—its blunt scent invaded her senses and she recoiled with a hiss.
“Where is it?” (Y/N) demanded, deathly quiet.
Nevermore answered her with a squawk and she grabbed the window ledge, her skin turning that dark gargoyle shade as her fingernails grew, scratching the wooden frame, and her eyes glowed a bright crimson.
Jason’s back hit the edge of the roof, knocking the wind out of him, and he collapsed into the gravel. He pitched forward, catching himself on his hands while he coughed harshly, blood splattering across the rocks. His left arm had already gone numb from blocking every swipe and his right leg was bleeding in three different places; he was sure he’d broken multiple ribs too; maybe his sternum, but in the grand scheme of things, Jason was lucky the werewolf hadn’t disemboweled him yet.
A growl made his head cock up and his breathing stuttered as the beast came around for another swipe. He tried to climb to his feet, but he couldn’t. He’d wasted way too much stamina blocking and waiting the fight out, and now he had nothing left. His body was too tired to keep moving. He was going to get ripped to shreds all the while mentally aware.
Jason’s eyes went wide as it got within striking distance, and a blur of gray overtook his vision and the most vicious snarl he’d ever heard filled his ears. He watched as the blur suddenly expanded and in the light of the city, he saw the full-bodied, gray wings stretched out before him. He thought it was Bruce at first. The points of the wings were sharp and black, and Jason saw the muscled legs beneath them, just as he looked up and saw the white-haired head snarl again, baring its razor-sharp teeth.
His eyes darted to the werewolf who was coming back to strike. The creature let it come, dodging the arm before it struck back, a single slash with its long, black-clawed hand and the beast recoiled with a cry of pain, bright red blood flowing down its face. The clawed hand dropped something, and Jason gaped as one of the werewolf’s yellow eyeballs bounced; it was quickly squashed into mush by the creature who screeched one last time and the Lycan turned tail and fled, outmatched, and wounded.
When it was clear, the winged being turned and Jason shifted back just a hair as he came face to face with the ashen gray creature. His breath caught in his throat as he took in the facial features, gaunt skin pulled taut over high cheekbones, nose flat and pointed with wide nostrils, brow bone full over its eerie crimson eyes. His gaze lowered to the thin-lipped, open mouth and he stared at the pointed teeth and canines.
“Jason,” it boomed, voice like thunder, and knelt, clawed hands reaching out. He wanted to move away but couldn’t, and when the ice-cold palm touched his cheek and its eyes narrowed in what looked like concern, suddenly he realized.
“(Y/N)?” he whispered, and she nodded, placing her other palm to his cheek.
“I got here as soon as Nevermore called,” she replied, then looked down his body. “Divines, Jason. We—I have to get you somewhere safe.” She moved, one arm curling under his legs, the other his back and she lifted him like he weighed nothing.
He let his head rest on the frigid gold metal covering her shoulder, but it was nothing compared to the relief he felt now that he was safe. “Held out as long as I could,” he groaned, and she stepped up onto the ledge before spreading her wings out.
“You did well, darling,” she praised. “I’m proud of you despite my fear.”
Her voice sounded so distorted from its usual one, but Jason wasn’t bothered—this was still (Y/N), just another form. She took off the ledge in the opposite direction of her home and he inhaled sharply when he went weightless, her heavy wings beating around them.
“I have you, Jason. You will not fall,” (Y/N) affirmed. “Rest darling, you will need it.”
Far be it from him to disobey a request like that, especially with how exhausted he was, and the last thing he remembered was comforting beat of her wings, and the soothing timbre of her voice.
The sound of calmly running water woke him and when he came to, Jason felt like he was laying on a bed of stone. When he turned his head and looked beside him, he realized he was laying on a bed of stone. With a groan, he pushed himself up and glanced down at his body as the blanket covering him fell down. He was still in his undergarments, but he had no stiches or scars and he wondered if (Y/N) had used her magic to heal him this time.
At the thought of her he looked around, eyes widening at the amazement surrounding him. He sat on a stone bed surrounded by ankle deep water in the middle of what looked like a natural waterfall. Ivy grew along the walls of the cavern and he saw the moon shining on him from a hole in the ceiling. It felt like one of those ethereal places you only ever dreamed of discovering.
Drawing his eyes down, he saw (Y/N) sitting at the end of the stone bed, no longer in her other form, her legs crossed beneath her, eyes closed. Her hands were resting on her knees, palms up and he watched the purple magic swirl between them, like the northern lights, and Jason took a moment to just gaze at her. She looked beautiful. Peacefully beautiful.
He reached for her. “(Y/N).”
Even though his voice was a whisper, her ember eyes snapped open, and the purple spell faded as she breathed, “You’re awake.”
Jason blinked. “I thought you were meditating or something?”
(Y/N) shook her head and inched forward so she could sit next to him. “I was spellcasting while you recovered.”
“What spell?”
“A life detection spell. I wanted to make sure nothing came here while you slept.” She raised a hand and brushed it through his hair before sighing, “Thank the Divines you’re alright. I—I was so scared when I got you here.” Her hand moved to his face, cupping his cheek.
Jason reached up and cradled her hand to his face. “Did something happen?”
“You had already slipped unconscious, and I was worried you were losing too much blood internally.” Her thumb twitched against his skin. “I pooled all my magic into my Restoration spells and healed you for the better part of two hours.” She gazed at him. “Are you hurting anywhere?”
He shook his head. “Nowhere, (Y/N). I feel great, in fact. Like I’ve lost aches I didn’t know I had.”
She returned his quip with a halfhearted smile. “Yes, that’s the power of Restoration healing.”
“But you don’t seem very happy about that.” He commented and she shook her head.
“You were almost murdered because I wasn’t with you and the werewolf got away.”
Jason wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her to him, laying back on the stone bed. She laid her cheek against his bare chest, her hand flat against his heart. “(Y/N), you got there in time. That’s all that matters to me,” he murmured as he rubbed her back.
“But you were hurt.”
“You healed me.”
“The werewolf still got away.”
“Then we’ll find it again,” he countered and propped his arm behind his head, gazing at her. “You scratched it’s eyeball out and it bled. There’s DNA on that rooftop we can use to track it with.” He smiled. “For someone who hasn’t done this in a while, you proved you’ve still got it.”
(Y/N) exhaled through her nose, but she cracked a smile. “Thank you, Jason.”
He hummed. “Always, doll.” He kneaded his fingers into her flesh, asking, “Did you learn anything when you were fighting it?”
“I did,” she said. “I’m falling on intuition here, but I think it’s feral.”
“Feral? Like wild?” Jason made a face. “They are wild werewolves?”
(Y/N) snorted. “Indeed, there are.” She propped her chin on his chest and looked at him. “Vampirism and Lycanthropy are quite different when it comes to actually being the creature you become. Vampires completely transform—we’re no longer humans. But werewolves are still humans, they just have the wolf spirit inside.”
“So what? They call on the spirit to transform?”
“Mhm. When you take on the wolf form for the first time you call on the wolf spirit, but some can’t separate the animal from themselves and eventually go feral. Trapped. Lost forever.”
His eyes narrowed like he was figuring something out. “Sounds like you’re speaking from personal experience.”
(Y/N) nodded. “At the time that I accepted the gift of vampirism, I was a werewolf, but Harkon’s blood purged it from my body.”
“The way you talk about him makes him seem like some overlord who was in power because he was the greatest vampire. Was he like a pureblood or something?”
She shook her head. “No. Harkon wasn’t a pureblood, but he did get his vampirism straight from Molag Bal and not another vampire like the ones in his court.”
Jason’s brows furrowed. “Who the hell is Molag Bal?”
Her mouth opened, then it snapped shut and she tipped her head side to side. “Okay, this won’t make sense unless I explain it completely.” He gestured for her to continue. “So, in my realm there are two types of deities which we worship. The first are called Aedra, which roughly translates to ‘our ancestors’, and they are essentially the Gods that created the lands and everything. In the most common pantheon, there are eight Aedra: Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Mara, Stendarr, and Zenithar. Each correlate with some type of virtue: beauty, love, time, fortune, fortitude, you get the point.”
(Y/N) took a breath. “The second kind of deity are called Daedra and that translates to ‘not our ancestors’. They’re typically viewed as evil and worshiping them out in public is not a good idea. Daedra worshipers are very secretive about their beliefs for fear of persecution. I have witnessed it firsthand,” She admitted. “There are seventeen Daedric deities and they are: Azura, Boethiah, Clavicus Vile, Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, Jyggalag, Malacath, Mehrunes Dagon, Mephala, Meridia, Molag Bal, Namira, Nocturnal, Peryite, Sanguine, Sheogorath, and Vaermina.”
“Who did you worship out of both?”
“When it came to Aedra, I really only followed one deity and that was Akatosh. I was—am blessed with great power and called, ‘Dragonborn’. My body is normal, but my soul is that of a dragon. I can speak their tongue and do lots of other weird shit I’ll tell you later. But Akatosh divinely gifted me the soul and blood of a dragon so I hold him in reverence.”
“Is that why you always say ‘Divines’?” he questioned, and she nodded. “That explains a lot.”
(Y/N) snorted. “When it came to the Daedra however, it’s hard to exist in my realm and not at some point interact with them. They like messing with people, it’s…their nature to change things.” She tipped her head. “I’ve talked to them all, met four in person. I personally reverenced Azura, Meridia, Nocturnal, Sanguine, and sometimes Sheogorath, but honestly that fucker is balls to the walls crazy.”
Jason chuckled. “Sounds like he’d fit right in with Gotham.”
“Oh, he would, absolutely,” she agreed. “But, to answer your original question, Molag Bal is a Daedric Prince who is revered as the Lord of Domination and Enslavement. He is also the father of all vampires, though the first woman was…not a willing participant of the process.” He fell silent at her words. “He raped her and left her for dead. Legend has it that he shed one drop of blood on her brow and when a tribe found her, they tried to heal her, but she appeared to have died. They made her a funeral pyre and lit it.”
(Y/N) frowned. “She walked out of the flames as the first pureblooded vampire and in a fit of rage, slaughtered the nomads, ripping the women’s throats out, feasting on the children’s eyeballs, and raping the men.” Her voice quieted. “She became known as the first ‘Daughter of Coldharbour’.”
Her eyes found Jason’s and she could see the horror and revulsion within them; she didn’t blame him. “She is where vampirism descends from in my lands, unless Molag Bal grants it instead.”
Jason took a long moment to speak, and when he did, his voice was almost a whisper. “You said she was the first? Were…were there more?”
(Y/N) nodded. “A tradition grew amongst his worshippers where on his invocation day, the females of the cults would be offered to him. The women lucky enough to survive emerge as pureblood vampires and henceforth referred to as ‘Daughters of Coldharbour.” Her eyes darkened. “My friend, Serana, who was Harkon’s daughter…was one. As was her mother. They both were a part of the ceremony.”
“They did so willingly?”
She couldn’t help but shrug. “They were his followers and being selected to participate in the ritual was held in great honor and not something that was rejected lightly. Knowing Harkon…Serana and her mom didn’t have a choice but to accept it. Though Serana told me all I needed to know about the ceremony. It was degrading and agonizing, and she didn’t want to revisit it.”
They fell silent and Jason mulled a question on his tongue that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to ask or not until she whispered, “You can ask me whatever it is you wish to, Jason.”
His hand tightened on her back. “Did you…are you a…”
“A Daughter of Coldharbour?” he nodded, and she shook her head. “No. Even if Molag Bal had ever personally requested my presence I would never accept.” Her eyes darkened with a hatred so cold, Jason almost shivered. “If Daedric Princes could be killed, I’d’ve stomped into his domain and slaughtered him for everyone he’s hurt.”
(Y/N) stared into his eyes. “Are you relieved I’m not one?”
Jason’s expression filled with agony. “No, it’s…the thought that you could’ve endured such an event just…makes me—it makes me—”
She cut him off by leaning up and pressing a kiss to his lips. “I know,” she murmured. “I know Jason…and thank you.”
Pulling away enough to gaze at her, he breathed, “I love you, (Y/N). More than you will ever know.”
“I love you most,” she promised, resting her head back on his chest. “Rest, darling. We can both still rest until the morning.”
***Chapter Eight***
Jason hadn’t spoken to Bruce about the incident with the werewolf, knowing that it would also involve (Y/N)’s secret too. Instead, they both started their own tracking of the Lycan in addition to the normal route patrolling. Apparently as well, in her haste to get to him that night, she’d grabbed a bottle of wolfsbane too and applied it to her claws. Its healing capabilities would be slowed down considerably, and she’d assured Jason that the wound she’d given it would take at least a month of healing meaning they’d have some time to do more tracking.
It also happened that the monthlong wait fell in time with Bruce’s annual Wayne Charity Gala, and while Jason had been planning on inviting (Y/N) to it, the continual pestering from his brothers almost made him keep his mouth shut and skip it entirely. They were just as captivated by her as he was—he wasn’t sure how to feel about that, but the night was young, and (Y/N)’d yet to arrive.
He sipped the golden champagne from his chute and ignored the urge to cold cock Dick who was practically stuck to his side.
“C’mon, Jason!” he whined. “Please tell me you invited (Y/N)!”
Following the crowd silently, he waited patiently for her head to pop in the crowd.
“Richard, you are embarrassing yourself and the family,” Damian muttered. “Todd invited her. Relax.”
“Or he didn’t because we scared her off,” Tim remarked, grinning when Jason’s gaze narrowed at the statement.
Of course, that set Dick off again and after the fifth whine, Jason reached over and gripped his eldest brother’s bowtie, crumpling it and his collar in a white-knuckle grab as he hissed, “For the last time, she’s coming. Now quit fucking badgering me and go do something useful with your useless self before I lose my goddamn patience and shove this chute up yours.”
Dick choked slightly, grinning, “Think that’ll fit up my chute?” His brothers snickered and Jason glared and let him go. He straightened out his collar and bowtie. “Just making sure you did, Little-wing.”
“Why?” Jason quizzed, exasperation evident in his tone as he glared at him. “Last time I checked, (Y/N)’s my girlfriend.”
“Well yeah,” Dick started, glancing around the room. “But we’ve only seen her that once and you haven’t brought…her…” he trailed off, jaw slacking, and he slapped the back of his hand against Jason’s chest. “Jason,” Dick breathed. “Look.”
Jason followed his brother’s gaze to the main entrance of the event and suddenly, his brother’s odd mood shift made sense because he too went slack jawed as (Y/N) stepped into the ballroom, head high and shoulders squared like she the main event herself.
(Y/N) wore a strapless gown that looked like she pulled it straight out of Gone With The Wind, red fabric and black laced up to her chest where it split across and around her arms. There were little gold chains dangling from the arm cuffs and she wore elbow length black silk gloves.
He trailed his eyes up her bare collarbones to her face and neck where she had a black velvet choker wrapped tight around her neck, a garnet the size of his pinky resting in a gold plate, dangling off it. Her lips were a deep wine red, and her eyelids were painted elegantly with black and gold eyeshadow, topped off with perfectly drawn eyeliner and dramatic eyelashes.
Everyone in the room was spellbound by her and Jason’s feet were moving before he knew what was happening, heading straight to her. She saw him coming and her dark lips split into a pearly white smile, making his knees go weak and he almost fell at her feet. Not that that seemed like a terrible idea because from the glares of the women and the hot-eyed stares from the men around, he wasn’t the only one who wanted to drop to his knees and worship her. Something tight pooled in his gut at the thought.
(Y/N) held out her hand and watched with amusement as he took it and pressed his lips to her knuckles. “Good boy,” she murmured, and he felt that tightness again as he pulled away.
“(Y/N), you look…” he shook his head, unable to find the words.
“Beautiful?” she offered, and Jason swallowed.
“That and everything more,” he whispered, and she laughed, sending shivers down his spine.
“I’d love to hear them all, darling.” She stepped towards him and grazed his cheek with the back of her hand before sealing his lips in a kiss that had his whole body flushing as gasps echoed around them. But he didn’t give a damn—he was too busy being seduced by the woman in front of him.
(Y/N) pulled away and smirked at the look on his face. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten how to speak, Jason.”
He chuckled and held his arm out for her to take. “Not just yet, doll. But something tells me I will tonight.”
“Count on it,” she winked and rested her palm on his wrist, allowing him to escort her around.
“Everyone is staring at you,” he murmured as they walked towards his family. “I think it’s the dress.”
She didn’t make the show of glancing down, but she hummed. “You said formal, and this was as formal as I have.”
“Really? A corset and a period gown?”
“Don’t act like it doesn’t make you want to bend me over a table, darling. I saw your eyes when you gaped at me,” she retorted with a smile and he huffed.
“You saw that?”
“The way you lost all control of your facial features and body? Oh yes. I saw it all.”
Jason grunted though a smile was on his face as they met his family. “Mock my attraction to you at your own peril, (Y/N),” he threatened lowly, and she giggled.
“Oh, I tremblewith fear, darling,” she murmured, then lifted her hand for Bruce to take. “Bruce, it’s a pleasure to see you again. You look wonderful tonight.”
He chuckled and kissed her hand. “And you look radiant, (Y/N). I think you outshine us all.”
Her laugh was like tinkling chimes and she smiled at Dick who took her hand and kissed it too before tugging her forward just a bit. “Would you care to dance, (Y/N)?” he asked. “Someone as elegantly dressed as you must obviously know how to waltz as well.”
She shot a look at Jason who appeared to be fuming and if looks could’ve killed, Dick would’ve been dead and buried. “I’d love to dance, Dick,” she replied, letting him lead her to the dance floor.
“You look absolutely beautiful, (Y/N),” he flirted. “And all I’m really doing right now is seeing how pissed I can make Jason, so if you’d smile or laugh and play along, I’d love you forever and ever.”
(Y/N) giggled and he twirled them. “You are going to get punched in the face, you know that right?”
Dick smirked and leaned close into her ear. “Yeah, but it’s going to be so worth it.” He spun them again, so she was looking over his shoulder. “Look at him. He’s so jealous he’s practically spitting like an angry bull.”
She inconspicuously glanced in her lover’s direction and gave a rather unladylike snort at the sight. Jason stood beside Bruce with his fists clenched, jaw tight and she could see him grinding his teeth as his eyes narrowed on them.
“Hmm…I wonder who he’s going to be more upset with? Me or you?”
They glanced at each other and she said “Me” while Dick said “You”, then they both dissolved into laughter and she pressed her forehead against his shoulder to muffle her giggles.
As the song ended, they separated and Dick bowed while she curtsied and someone came up and said, “Pardon me, may I have this dance?”
Just as (Y/N) turned to excuse herself, a strong arm wrapped around her waist and tugged her backwards and she let out a quiet gasp as her back collided with someone’s equally strong chest. Turning her head, she saw Jason glaring daggers at both Dick and the new dancer.
“Fuck. Off.” he spat, and he watched the two scatter like they’d been shot.
“Darling,” (Y/N) purred, raising her hand to caress his jaw. “Don’t be so green.” Jason’s turquoise eyes lowered to hers and her stomach fluttered from the heated stare.
“I don’t want any other man touching you,” he growled, and she smirked.
“Trying to say I belong to you?”
His arm tightened around her waist. “Like I do to you.”
(Y/N) merely gazed at him before extending her arm across his chest, raising the other beside her breasts, whispering, “Tell me you have a song just for us, darling?”
Jason’s arm shifted to her hip as his free one took her hand in his larger one, giving her a heated stare. “Of course I do, doll. I think you’ll enjoy it.”
The music started and he took the first step, leading her and she barely managed to contain her startled laugh. “The Vampire Masquerade? Really, Jason?”
His lips brushed her ear as he pressed just behind and he murmured, “It’s fitting, don’t you think?” he spun her out and pulled her back, wrapping his arm around her waist as she placed hers on his shoulder.
“Fitting indeed,” she flirted. “But awfully bold to play in front of all these people.”
Jason stepped forwards and her backwards and as they danced, he said, “I like to think I’m bold about the woman I love.”
It felt like hours in just mere moments when the music began to pick up again, signaling the climax of the song and he inhaled deeply as her eyes narrowed in amusement, and suddenly they were twirling, each spin moving them faster and faster across the dancefloor. All eyes were on them, but they simply gazed into each other’s eyes.
“I’ve been thinking about something, (Y/N),” he said lowly.
She nodded. “Go on.”
“It’s about vampirism and…the idea of joining you.”
(Y/N)’s footing failed her, and she stumbled as the song ended on the final note of the cello, her eyes wide. “What?”
Jason glanced at the party then behind him towards the door leading down the steps to the garden. He turned and pulled her along, through the crowd and into the night. They hurried through the maze of bushes and ended up beneath a willow tree in the far corner of the grounds, the moon and stars hanging overhead. She didn’t know where to start and neither did he apparently, but she figured they had to do it somewhere and she stepped just out of reach.
“What you said in there, Jason…at the end?”
He glanced at her, gaze solemn. “Believe me when I say, I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, (Y/N).”
She inhaled deeply, taking in his words and she turned away, looking out at the garden. “Have you told your family about me?”
“No. Not just yet. I was waiting until you were ready.”
(Y/N) tipped her head side to side. “While I thank you for doing so, I don’t think this is a decision to make until we’ve revealed everything to them.”
“Why’s that?” Jason questioned, brows furrowing in confusion and she spun slowly.
“Jason, vampirism is a…a lifechanging transformation. Not just for the individual but for the people around them as well.” She shook her head. “No, I don’t think this conversation should be had right now until we tell your family the truth.”
He took her words in stride and reached out for her. She placed her hand in his and he took her into his arms, resting his chin on her head. “Would you want me to join you?”
(Y/N) was silent for a long time, then she murmured, “…More than anything Jason. But you’ve yet to really grasp the concept and all it entails.”
“What do you mean?”
“Vampirism isn’t just extended life and protection from disease and poison, darling. It’s…it’s watching every human in your life grow old and die while you remain young forever. It’s remembering every detail that plagues history while the books get it wrong. It’s watching the world go by while you remain frozen as you are.”
She pulled back to stare into his eyes. “Though I would love to be with you for all of time, I don’t want to witness your despair as you watched your family and friends pass on.”
Jason’s mouth opened then he closed it when he realized he didn’t have a thing to say, and she smiled knowingly. “Darling, we’ve all the time in the world to figure this out.” Raising a hand, she cupped his cheek. “Don’t decide on forever, right now.”
“But I want to be with you,” he insisted quietly, that firm look she loved dearly in his eyes again.
“And I you. But as I said, you still need to discuss this with them first.”
Whatever comeback he had was cut off by a croak and they both turned their heads upwards as a bird circled them.
“Nevermore?” she called, raising her arm and he flew down, perching on her wrist. “What’s a matter boy?” He squawked and (Y/N)’s gaze hardened. “Do you know where?” When he answered her, she lifted her arm. “Take flight and lead me,” she commanded already pulling from Jason’s arm to head for the thickly barred iron gate.
“(Y/N), what is it?” Jason asked and she spun on her heel, still heading to the gate.
“Nevermore saw the werewolf hunting the city.”
He was already moving back to the ballroom. “I’ll get the oth—”
“No.” she commanded, and he stopped, gaping at her as she said, “I will be the one to finish this tonight. And I alone.”
“(Y/N), you can’t be serious,” he argued, and she shot him a sharp stare.
“Jason. You almost died last time.” Her eyes narrowed dangerously. “I need to do this by myself.”
She was gone before he could say another word and he couldn’t help but stomp his foot into the ground and curse, “Shit.”
Finding it didn’t take long this time, less than two hours. Now that she had its scent, she had a straight path to it and even she was surprised at the location it was in—the same rooftop she’d fought it the first time on. She landed behind it and curled her wings around herself, watching as it sniffed around the rooftop.
“You’re not going to find your eye, Lycan,” she said, and it spun around, dropping to all fours as it snarled menacingly. (Y/N) merely gazed at it, taking in the pink scars across its face and the hollowed orbital socket. “Tell me who you are. I know your kind can speak in that form. Or are you feral?”
Again, it growled, and she tipped her chin up. “Couldn’t separate the man from the beast, hmm?” she challenged. “That happens when you’re weak and can’t control your own spirit.”
Something in her words set it off and it charged at her with a snarl. (Y/N) simply sidestepped when it came her way, safely avoiding the snapping jaw and it skidded in the gravel, spinning around to charge again.
“I would feel pity for you had you not murdered so many people.” Her eyes narrowed dangerously. “I bet you got cocky in whatever circle you were in. Thought you could handle the beast before you were trained well enough.”
The werewolf swiped at her, but she dodged each strike and sent back one of her own, slicing into its side like it was paper. Howling, the beast scampered back a bit.
“Who was it that gave you their blood to consume? Your friend? A lover? Or perhaps some younger, more naïve circle member?” She shot forward and shot her wing out, colliding with the wolf. “The worst kind of transformation is the kind where the participant is foolish and inexperienced.”
(Y/N) hissed when it bit at the flesh of her wing and she scratched its leg with the claws on her feet. “How many transformations were you in control? Three? And then you just lost all control as it took over and you couldn’t come back!”
She closed both wings then extended them with a powerful beat, knocking the werewolf back a few feet. Wasting no time, she pushed off with her foot and surged forward, one hand gripping the wolf’s neck, the other flat and pointed.
“Your curse ends tonight, Lycan.” (Y/N) struck out and felt the warmth bleed across her arm as she planted her hand in its chest. “May you find mercy in whatever plane you end up in.”
Yanking her hand back, its snarl died in its mouth and she let go, watching it fall to the ground, gurgling and bleeding before it stilled, going slack in the rocks. (Y/N) cast one last look at it then turned her eyes to the moon high in the night sky. Almost a whole year of chasing and searching for this werewolf and it’d taken less than an hour to end it.
“Such a waste,” she hissed and stepped away. “So many people murdered and—”
Something latched onto her back and she spun to see what it was when she felt it spread out and dig into her skin. She grunted and reached for whatever had pierced her when it shocked her violently.
(Y/N) screeched and spun around, reaching behind her but whatever it was, was too far down. It kept pulsing and each one got stronger after the other and as she stepped forwards, she suddenly tripped and collapsed onto the gravel. Looking down through the pain, she saw her legs tied together with some kind of tri-weave rope.
She reached down to cut it when another pulse split through her body and she bellowed, back arching, wings beating out. (Y/N) knew she had to get away and she crawled along her hands, dragging her tied legs towards the edge. She was almost there when another compressed shot came from behind and she found herself cocooned by her wings, shocks still pulsing her body.
Struggling, she screeched and hissed, hoping to scare off whatever it was when she heard, “I’ve got this.”
It sounded like Dick and before she could say anything, he pressed something against her spine and the worst of the electric shocks passed through her and she descended into darkness.
***Final Chapter***
When (Y/N) didn’t contact Jason within the few hours she had left, he started to worry. He started panicking when Nevermore didn’t come to find him either.
One of the great things about her house is that other than it being a magic house that was bigger on the inside, it was also enchanted, and people didn’t notice it, so she kept the door unlocked.
Jason burst through the door, startling Fang who had been sound asleep on the couch and part of him wanted to apologize but his concern overrode it. He sprinted through the house, shouting her name.
“(Y/N)!” he turned down the hall and ran to the studio. “Where are you!” it was empty and he cursed, checking both bedrooms before entering the study. She wasn’t there either.
The only place she could be was in the basement and he moved back to the hall closet, pulling the door open. Jason yanked the rug away from the hatch and propped it up, getting on his hands and knees to yell down.
“(Y/N)! Are you down there!” he waited, voice echoing down the ladder and through the basement. “(Y/N)!”
A growl sounded beside him and he looked over, seeing White-Fang staring at him.
He reached over and ran a hand through his haunches. “Buddy, where is she?”
The wolfdog merely blinked and turned his snout into Jason’s wrist.
“She went after it, White-Fang. She went after it and I didn’t go with her and now she’s nowhere to be found.” His gazed at him. “What do I do?”
White-Fang bared his teeth in a snarl and Jason looked at them.
“I gotta tell them, don’t I?” he sighed and pulled his hand away, running it through his hair. “Alright. She might’ve wanted to tell them, but if she hasn’t sent Nevermore to relay, something’s wrong.” Jason stood and slammed the hatch shut.
As he ran down the hallway, he paused and looked back at the wolfdog. “Thanks, buddy.”
Bruce was anything if not punctual, and when he said for a party to be over, it was over. Honestly, it was actually Alfred who relayed the message and cleared everyone out—he had a knack for it, but Jason figured the loaded rifle he liked to clean in front of everyone.
That being said, the only people still in the ballroom when Jason got to the manor, were Lucius and Alfred. He sped up to them.
“Alfred. Lucius. Have either of you seen (Y/N)?”
Alfred blinked, shaking his head. “No, Master Jason. The last we saw of her, Miss (Y/N) was with you.”
He opened his mouth, but nothing came out and Lucius asked, “Is something wrong, Mister Todd?”
“I can’t find her,” Jason admitted. “She left the party to find something, and she hasn’t called back or…or sent…” he trailed off and Alfred placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Your brothers are in the cave.”
He offered Alfred a tight smile. “Thanks, Alfred.” Glancing at the other man, he nodded. “Lucius.” They watched as he hurried off to the study.
His feet hit the bottom step and he strode to the Batcomputer where Dick and Damian were crowded around Tim who was typing away at something. “Hey,” he called, and they spun around, eyes widening.
“Little-wing, where’ve you been?” Dick quizzed, then took in his appearance. “You haven’t changed out of your suit.”
Jason’s hands subconsciously went to his tux and he smoothed it. “Yeah, haven’t gotten around to it yet.” He shook his head. “Doesn’t matter. Have any of you seen (Y/N)?”
Tim spun around in the chair. “Thought she was with you?”
“No. She left after we went into the gardens.” He reached out and curled his hands around the latches of Dick’s armor. “Dick, this is serious. I need to know if any of you have seen or heard from her.”
They gaped at the seriousness surrounding their brother and before they could respond, footsteps echoed behind him. Spinning around, they saw Bruce walking over. “Talk to me,” he demanded.
“We found the beast while you were dallying with the elite, father,” Damian quipped, then nodded to a medical table on the far side of the room.
Jason finally noticed it and his eyes widened at the werewolf’s dead body. “What?” he whispered.
“You killed it?” Bruce questioned and Dick snorted.
“Oh no, wedidn’t.” he nodded at the opposite side of the room. “That thing did.”
Everyone’s attention turned to a glass case about half the size of the study and what Jason saw made his heart drop into his feet. (Y/N) was in the farthest corner of the cage, her wings curled around her. She was still and silent.
“What is that?” their father asked, and Tim shrugged.
“Dunno. We ran a blood sample, but we have no idea what to make of it.”
“What doyou know about it?”
As they delved into a conversation, Jason made his way over to the cage. A flash of black appeared in his vision and he looked up, seeing Nevermore gliding to sit atop the cage. He tipped his head, staring at him with a beady eye.
“Is she okay?” he whispered and Nevermore nodded, hopping down to Jason’s wrist when he held it up above the cage. He glanced at the keypad and knew it had some type of failsafe to shut down on the first failed attempt.
“What’s the number, pretty boy?” he asked softly. “Four digits.”
Nevermore cocked his head to the keypad then back to Jason. “One-Nine-Eight-Nine.”
Jason punched in the number and the door slid open with a hiss. Nevermore fluttered up to the bars away from the cage and as he stepped inside, he slammed his fist into the keypad, watching as it sparked, and the door slid shut.
He heard his name being shouted behind him, but he moved to her, yanking off his gloves. “(Y/N)?” he whispered, fingertips tracing the ashen gray skin of her wing. “Doll? Are you alright?”
Someone hit the glass door. “Jason! Get away from that thing!” It was Bruce.
“I’m here, (Y/N),” he promised. “I’m right here.”
A single wing curled away, and he breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped into it and it curled around him, darkening his vision, though he could see the faint glow of her crimson eyes.
He felt her arms wrap around his body and he shut his eyes, one cradling the back of his head as she stood to her feet and he grabbed tight to her as she bent her knees and suddenly shot up through the glass ceiling, shattering it into a million pieces.
It felt like an eternity, being weightless in her arms, then the shock of the world came back as they hit the cave floor and she uncurled her wings, exposing them to his family.
Jason opened his eyes as he heard the various weapons unsheathe, charge-up, and extend, and he stared up at (Y/N). “It’s going to be alright, doll.”
“I can hear their hearts, darling,” she whispered lowly. “They are afraid for you.” (Y/N) looked down at him. “Of me.”
He shook his head and smiled, “Let me handle this, okay?”
For a moment she didn’t move, then she slowly uncurled her arms and he turned, but he didn’t step away from her, merely extending his arm out to protect her.
“Guys, you’ve got to relax,” he directed, and Jason saw their eyes dart from her to him.
“Jason, you’ve gotta be joking man,” Tim countered. “That thing killed that thingover there.” He took a step forward. “Put its hand through its chest.”
“I know she did,” he replied and held out his other hand to motion for them to stop. “But she’s not going to hurt anyone here.”
“She?” Dick repeated. “That’s a she?” From the look on his face, he didn’t believe his brother.
Jason looked at Bruce. “She’s not going to hurt us, B.” he inhaled deeply and pleaded, “You’ve gotta trust me on this. Put the weapons down.”
They stared one another down and then Bruce held out a hand, and the weapons lowered. He glanced back at (Y/N) and nodded, though her eyes were still wary, and he murmured, “Everything’s going to be okay, I promise.”
Sighing, she stepped back and cocooned herself with her wings once more, then a swirl of black smoke rose around her and a moment later, (Y/N) stepped forward, her face unreadable and Jason would’ve paid all the money in the world to have a picture framed of the expressions his family gave at her reveal.
“Good evening,” she greeted. “I’m sure this is coming at a surprise.”
No one said a word. Not a single word and Jason was sure this was the first time he’d ever seen his family speechless.
“I have contemplated revealing my true nature to you all since our first meeting, understand though that I didn’t wish for you all to see my…other form.” (Y/N) explained. “But please, do not be afraid of me. I’m not going to harm you.”
Jason reached back and took her hand, pulling so half her body was behind him. “I know this is confusing but (Y/N)’s been doing this a lot longer than we have.”
“Uh…how long exactly?” Dick wondered.
He looked back at her and she sighed. “About ten…thousand years.”
Again, he wished he had a picture of their faces.
Tim blinked. “Is there a term for older milfs that isn’t cougar?”
At that, the cave descended into hysterical laughter and (Y/N) pressed her face into Jason’s shoulder as she cackled, and even he was rubbing at his eyes as tears gathered in them.
“Oh my God, I’m so happy I’m no longer the only one being known to date older women!” Dick shouted and the mood was broken by Bruce who walked up to them.
“How long have you been in Gotham?”
(Y/N)’s laughter faded, and she pulled a solemn expression. “About four centuries. I helped the American soldiers against the British when the war came here.” She looked away. “It’s been a long time since I involved myself in human affairs but…” Jason squeezed her hand and she glanced down at their cojoined grip. “But Jason changed that when he picked a fight with a coven a year or so ago.”
“Okay, technically I didn’t pick the fight, they started attacking me,” he retorted.
“After youwaltzed into their territory like you owned the joint.”
Jason scowled. “Semantics.”
(Y/N) chuckled and met Bruce’s gaze, and something passed between them. “Is there something on your mind, Bruce?”
“What are you?” he asked, and she opened her mouth, flashing her fangs. “Vampire?”
“Yes…but that doesn’t seem to be the problem for you.” her eyes narrowed. “So, what is?” Bruce glanced at Jason and she knew right then. “I haven’t used any powers over Jason to sway his mind.”
“Are you sure?”
(Y/N) reached up and undid the tie from Jason’s neck, then unbuttoned the first two of his shirt and showed his neck to them. “Vampiric seduction only works when a vampire has consumed the blood of someone they enthralled.” She let Jason go. “I haven’t fed on Jason nor any human for ten millennia. This I swear to you.”
Jason nodded. “(Y/N)’s never hurt me, B.”
“She killed that thing,” he said, nodding at the corpse and she turned to it, pulling away from Jason to walk over.
“I did. As was my duty as a vampire.” She examined the werewolf. “But I did confirm my suspicions. It was a feral. But now it’s dead and no more people will be ravaged by it.”
“Feral?” Dick repeated. “Like crazy?”
“Wild,” (Y/N) corrected. “When a human can’t separate the beast from themselves, they lose control over their abilities to shift.” Her fingers trailed delicately over the hole she made in its chest. “They’re lost forever. A mindless beast.”
“You mean this was a human?” Damian questioned. “A person?”
She nodded. “Was. Hasn’t been for some time now.” Shaking her head, she admitted, “Though I’m still unsure of how it got into Gotham City. The nearest werewolf colony is in Virginia. It is…concerning that it got this far, especially with as many vampiric territories between here and there it must’ve passed through.”
“We could’ve saved them,” Bruce grunted, and she gazed at him.
“No. No you couldn’t’ve.”
“You don’t know that,” he shot back, and she cocked a brow.
“With all due respect, Bruce, you’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”
“And you do?”
(Y/N)’s face pinched. “I’m a ten-thousand-year-old vampire that’s battled against Lycans for thousands of years.” Scowling, she griped, “Yeah, I think I know what I’m talking about.”
Bruce took a step forward, but Jason cut him off. “Look, I know how much you love being right, but this time, you’re not, okay? (Y/N) stopped this thing from hurting anyone else.”
“She killed it. We don’t kill in my—”
“Bruce.” She silenced him with a firm call. “I understand your no kill rule, but you need to understand that Gotham City isn’t your city. And even if you think it is, my centuries of being here out way your family’s.” She got in his face, staring him down. “I did what was expected of me by the council and I’m not going to apologize for taking care of my business.”
Pointing back at it, she added, “And this was mine. Not yours.”
They glared at each other and Jason rested a hand on her shoulder, prompting her to soften her eyes when she looked at him. “(Y/N), you’ve expended a lot of energy being in your form for so long. We should get you something to eat and some rest.”
(Y/N) reached up and wiped the fatigue from her eyes. “I need to contact Alexander and tell him I took care of it.”
“Do it tomorrow,” Jason urged, pulling her into his arms. “Doll, you’re exhausted. Even I can tell.”
“I’m fine,” she retorted but his arms tightened around her.
“I will throw you over my shoulder and carry you if I have to,” he threatened, and she hissed.
“I am not a sack of potatoes.”
“So, you’re going to walk willingly?” he asked, blinking those pretty teal eyes expectantly and she scowled at him.
“Fine.” (Y/N) started towards the stairs, him grinning as he followed.
“(Y/N),” Bruce called, and she stopped, glancing back at him.
He didn’t look at her. “Can I expect more of these again? Or any of you? That form specifically?”
“Lycans? Not likely. Vampires? More likely. Me though?” she shook her head. “No, I’m the only one of my kind in this dimension.”
“This dimension?” Tim queried and stuck himself to her side. “Are you from another dimension?”
(Y/N) blinked down at him. “Why do you wanna know?”
“That’s not a no.”
She smirked, ruffling his hair. “Tell you later. How about that?”
His lips pursed, but after a moment he nodded. “Can we test your stamina and any other limits you’ve got?”
“Sure Tim,” she agreed and took Jason’s hand. “Hundred bucks says I can give your dad a run for his money.”
He grinned. “I’ll take that bet.”
(Y/N) waved at the others and leaned on him as they walked up the stairs in silence.
He’d already changed out of his suit and slipped on a pair of boxers when she stepped out of the bathroom and immediately collapsed beside him on the bed, letting out a groan.
“Tired?” he chuckled, rolling over to lay on his stomach, hand caressing her back.
(Y/N) nodded. “It’s odd. I don’t get tired like I used to when I first started out but…”
“But?” Jason encouraged and she turned her face to look at him.
“But I’ve noticed that when I spend long amounts of time in my Vampire Lord form, I revert back and am just overcome with fatigue.” She exhaled deeply and buried her face in the mattress before inching up to lay her face just below the pillow. “I’m tired,” she said, voice muffled against the fabric and Jason snorted, raising up.
He straddled her hips, pressing himself against her and smirked at the curious noise she made when he yanked the towel away leaving her exposed. Jason dug his hands into her skin, kneading every knot she’d gathered the past few months.
(Y/N) groaned into the sheets as he squeezed her shoulders, digging his thumb into the curve of her back muscle and she couldn’t help but shift slightly, the relief almost shy of painful. It was, however, the price to pay for all she’d put her body though recently.
“I think you’re more knotted up than a fishing net,” he murmured, massaging her sides.
She grunted and wiggled her hips, listening to him inhale sharply. “Can’t help it,” she said. “I knot easily.”
Jason smirked and shifted back slightly, hands moving down to knead the flesh of her lower back and haunches. “You must be happy to have me as your personal de-knotter.”
“Could be happier,” she countered, gasping silently when he pinched her rear. “Jason!” she hissed and shot a look over her shoulder. “Don’t do that.”
He blinked innocently. “Do what?”
“I will punch you,” she warned, and he rolled his eyes.
“No, you won’t.”
“Excuse me?” she shot back, eyes widening at the audacity. “I won’t punch you? Who do you think you’re talk—oh wow,” (Y/N) inhaled sharply when he cupped her, fingers sliding between her thighs.
“What was that?” Jason asked and she groaned his name.
He hummed, middle finger twitching enough that it had her arching back. “What do you want?”
“I’d personally rather die than beg you to finger me,” she hissed and placed her hands out away from her and shifted, sliding her legs from underneath him. (Y/N) turned over and propped herself up against the pillows, curling her pointer finger up at him.
Jason started crawling up the bed. “So, what will it take for you to beg?”
“Depends on what you want me to beg for, darling,” she countered, elegantly raising a leg, placing her foot on his shoulder. “But I’m sure you could persuade me to lower myself enough.”
He chuckled and reached up, grabbing the top of her foot as he leaned forward and she bent it, letting her heel rest on his back. Jason pushed her other thigh apart, exposing her and he looked up at her, waiting.
“Want permission?” she queried with a smile and he pressed a kiss to her thigh.
“Can’t come without it…isn’t that how that goes?” he teased and (Y/N) rolled her eyes, reaching down to grab his chin.
She tipped his head up and whispered, “Love me, darling. Like you want to.” Jason’s eyes darkened as he swallowed thickly and she pulled her hand away, resting it on her stomach. “Going shy on me?” (Y/N) murmured and propped her other arm behind her head so she could watch him. “But you look so pretty.”
“You’re a witch, you know that?” he countered and shifted her legs further apart. “You enjoy the power, don’t you?”
(Y/N) hummed. “I’m not called a ‘Lord’ for nothing, darling.” She groaned when he nipped up her thigh to her center. “My power isn’t challenged often.”
“I guess I’m just cocky enough to challenge,” Jason shot back before dragging his tongue up her center, smirking when she gasped, the leg over his shoulder tensing.
She reached down and carded her fingers through his hair. “Or foolish,” she breathed, grip on his tresses tightening when he circled her clit with his tongue. “Jason,” (Y/N) moaned, arching her back in need.
His only response was a groan that had her shivering as it sent shocks throughout her body and then he was sliding his middle finger into her, pumping it quickly.
“More,” she begged, and he obeyed, sliding another finger into her, curling them repeatedly until he found that spot inside her that had (Y/N) writhing, hips lifting with every pump.
Each time he gave her a sharp suck, she tugged his hair, pricking his scalp with points of pain and he returned it with low groan that had her whining and pulling him closer to her. At one point, she’d forgone watching him, tipping her head back, letting out little “Ah-ah-ah’s” and Jason knew the higher pitched she got, the closer the was and all it spurred him to do was make it happen faster.
Her thighs began to close around him and before he knew it, she was grabbing at his shoulders and yanking him up to kiss him. Jason kept curling his fingers and she gripped his wrist, stopping him.
“What’re you doing?” he questioned, pulling away to look into her ember eyes. They were blown wide with desire and she shook her head.
“I want you inside me.”
“I was,” Jason breathed heavily, though he removed his fingers and started shimmying off his underwear.
(Y/N) took his length in her hand and pumped him a few times, smiling breathlessly when he cursed and squeezed the flesh under her thigh still over his shoulder. “Not the part of you I want inside anymore.”
He took his length in his hand, guiding himself until he was up against her core, but he stopped and gazed at her. “Beg me.”
“I hate you,” she hissed, and he smirked.
“Hate sex is fun too, doll. We can do that instead if you want, but you’re still going to beg a little.” Jason leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, rolling it with his teeth.
“Jason,” she whined. “Please.”
“Little more,” he coaxed when he pulled off, heading for the other one and she cocked her other leg around his hip.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” (Y/N) barked. “Fuck me already, you ass.”
Jason smirked and sheathed himself in one thrust, both of them gasping at the ripple of pleasure; his chest was heaving as he looked down at her. “How do you want it?”
“Fast,” she pleaded. “Fast and hard, please, Jason. Please.”
He grunted and pulled out only to thrust back in, setting a harsh pace that had her shouting, back curving up against him. Jason bent forward, pushing her leg into her chest and she dropped her head back.
“Fuck,” she groaned, feeling him deep inside her and he chuckled, though it sounded strained against her skin.
“Hard enough for you?” he growled, pinching one of her nipples and she nodded rapidly.
“Yes, yes, Jason. Keep going. More.”
He huffed a laugh. “Whatever will it take to please you?” Jason captured her lips in a searing kiss as he felt her slip a hand between them, and then she was tightening around him. “Shit,” he cursed, breaking their kiss and he gazed at her. “Doll…” he panted; his voice was taut, and he could feel it coming faster and faster.
(Y/N) whimpered beneath him and cupped his cheek. “Darling, please,” she begged, and that needy voice was the final push. Jason buried his face in her neck and moaned her name desperately as he spilled himself, hips stuttering and then she was gasping in his ear, clenching, and pulsing around him.
They both laid there panting, trying to catch their breaths for what seemed like an hour, then Jason helped her lower her leg before he eased himself out, collapsing beside her. (Y/N), very slowly, turned over and tucked herself underneath his arm, resting her head on his chest, listening to his heart.
“You know…” he started. “That was supposed to be a slow and gentle lovemaking.”
(Y/N) snorted, wrapping her arm around his waist. “We can do slow in the morning.” She looked at him. “Now was the time we tired ourselves out so we can sleep longer.”
“Oh? Is that what that was?” he asked with a grin and she nodded.
“Indeed, it was,” she answered and laid her head back on his chest, eyes starting to slip shut.
“I want you to know that my decision hasn’t changed.”
Her eyes opened but she didn’t look at him. “Truly?”
“I want to be with you. Now…and forever.”
For a moment, she was quiet, then she said, “I want you to spend one whole year talking to your family. If after one full year, you have gained their approval of this choice…then we’ll start the process and I’ll make you vampire.”
“Really?” he asked. “Just like that.”
“Just like that.”
“You won’t regret doing it?”
(Y/N) turned her head, gazing into his eyes. “I regret many things in my life, Jason. But I would never regret you.”
He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, then murmured, “Nor I you.”
She smiled and reached up, grazing her fingers against his cheek. “Now that that has been settled, it is time to rest.”
“You’ll still be here when I wake up?” he asked, and she hummed.
“Always, darling. Always and forever.”
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ragingbookdragon · a day ago
The Vampire's Masquerade PT. 1
A Jason Todd x Vampire!Reader Story
Word Count: 14,610 Warnings: NSFW (Smut), Explicit Language, Violence, Mentions of Past Assault and Abuse
Author's Note: I made a story mixing DC and Skyrim and you're going to like it because that's what I've put on your plate. I've chaptered the story but Tumblrs a bitch and I can't post the entire thing so I'm going to do two parts. But it's still going to take forever to read. Enjoy! :) -Thorne
There’d only been a handful of times in his life where’d he’d been truly afraid. So afraid that his throat would tighten to the point he’d lose air, adrenaline pumping through his veins, making every motion lightning fast, hands and knees shaking for fear of what would come. One hand was all he needed to count that many times, but this made two.
He’d run out of ammunition moments before but even then, it didn’t matter because the bullets didn’t seem to even affect the creatures in the slightest. The All-Blades had been knocked out of his hands from the last hit that had sent him back into the concrete pillar—through it actually and slamming into the wall. Every bone in his body creaked under the strain as he slid down the wall, collapsing onto his side with a low groan that broke into a cough as blood splattered across the cobblestone.
His sides ached with a fury too, and he was still reeling from the fact that it hadn’t been a weapon, but claws—nails—that had slashed through his tri-weave, titanium body armor, like a hot knife through butter. He pressed one hand against his bleeding side and coughed again, clambering to his feet, though he stumbled back to a kneeling position when his left knee gave out.
A hissing laugh echoed around the courtyard and he looked up, glaring at the group coming back towards him, though his anger was short lived when one of them threw their hand down by their side and those silver nails glinted in the moonlight.
“You were foolish to come alone, human,” one of them growled, cocking their arm back, and in a flash, they were coming at him faster than any human could move, even someone like him.
This was it. He was going to die again, and he didn’t even know what was going to kill him.
But he wasn’t a coward, and he wasn’t going to shut his eyes at his final moments. He steeled himself, waiting for the nails to pierce his throat when his attacker suddenly reared back with a sharp cry of pain and black blood splattered across his skin as their arm dropped to the ground, severed from their body.
The other creatures gathered around the wounded one and they all seemed to hiss at something darting around in the dark courtyard and behind the pillars. He couldn’t tell what it was because it was too fast—much faster than these things he was fighting. And bigger too. He watched in shock as each creature dropped to their knees then pitched forwards, torsos hitting the ground. He brought the back of his hand to his mouth when their heads rolled away, one tumbling right up to his boot.
They were dead but his relief was short lived as a low growl sounded above him and he drug his eyes up the giant dark mass in front of him and his jaw went slack. At least the things that were trying to kill him looked human, but this thing didn’t. And he only caught flashes in the moonlight as it took a step towards him, and the cobble cracked under the heavy stomp.
It had to be at least eight feet tall and at least seven hundred pounds if that hulking frame was any help. Suddenly it spread outwards and he sucked in a breath when he realized it was the wingspan of its large, gray wings, the tips of them pointed with long black horns. He finally got a full glimpse of its body, covered in a ragged black dress, and adorned with glinting golden jewelry and rubies.
He drew his eyes up to it’s face and he felt his heart stutter in his chest and trepidation burst through his veins at the mouth that was opened, and he saw two rows of serrated white teeth and four, long razor-sharp canines. Its eyes were glowing a crimson, locked on him and it raised an impossibly honed, clawed hand, reaching towards him.
He backpaddled away from it until his back connected with something hard and he looked behind him, seeing the wall.
“Shit,” he cursed and turned back around, and he couldn’t fight the whimper that escaped him when he saw the talons right in front of his face, curled into a fist. “Please,” he begged, and the hand uncurled and before he knew what was happening, a green light shot out of its palm and hit him in the forehead.
Peace washed over him in waves, and he swayed as his eyelids drooped, and the last thing he saw was the creature reaching out to him with both hands before it all went dark.
He drifted along the edges of unconsciousness for hours until he was finally able to make his body wake up enough to clear the haze from his mind. He didn’t have to open his eyes to know he was somewhere unfamiliar—the smell around him wasn’t one he recognized, like herbs and sharp metal.
Cracking his eyes open, he caught sight of what looked like a woman standing in front of a table. Her arms were moving, and he couldn’t see what she was doing, but the gentle scrape of what sounded like a pestle and mortar reached his ears. He took a moment to scan his surroundings.
The room was small and quaint, with wine red walls and black furniture, oddities hung on the wall and he squinted when he thought he saw a bird sitting atop a perch. He blinked and sure enough, the bird’s head turned sideways, a single beady eye gazing at him as it tipped its head down.
He started to sit up when he heard, “Don’t move. You’ll tear your stiches.”
She turned and walked over to him, taking a seat on the side of the bed. Silently, she reached down beside the bedside table and he heard splashing, then she brought up a wet rag and started wiping his chest and abdomen.
“Who are you?” he asked, voice hoarse and scratchy from sleep.
Her eyes didn’t shift from his sun kissed skin as she drug the rag over his abs. “My name is (Y/N) Storm-Strider. But you can call me (Y/N). What is your name?” she inquired, softly.
“Jason,” he murmured and a particular spot on his side made him wince and she halted immediately, looking for signs of discomfort on his face. “Are you alright?”
He grunted and shifted slightly. “It’s a little tender.”
She hummed and picked up a little bottle from the bedside table, using her teeth to pull out the cork. “This will sting a bit, but it will help,” she murmured and with one hand, rested the rag beneath the stitched wound, the other pouring the oozing green liquid over the area.
“Shit,” Jason hissed, feeling it sting viciously for a few moments before it started to dull and ultimately numb.
Evidently, she knew what would happen because she smirked and prodded the area with a stiletto nailed finger. “Feel better now?”
He huffed a laugh. “Can’t feel anything actually.”
“Yes, that’s what a paralytic agent will do.”
“I’m sorry, paralytic?” Jason repeated, blinking at her and she nodded.
“It’s paralyzed the nerves in that particular area.”
“What about healing?”
“Oh, that’s the joy of alchemy, darling. If one is skilled enough, they can negate negatives from potions while keeping certain aspects intact.” Suddenly, her eyes turned serious as she stared at him. “To your knowledge, were you bitten by any of the creatures you were fighting?”
“I don’t think—” he went silent, eyes narrowing as he asked, “How do you know that I was fighting?”
(Y/N) cocked a brow. “Who do you think saved you?”
Jason’s eyes went wide. “You mean that…thing…was you?” she merely smiled in return and he shook his head, feeling dumbfounded. “I thought…I thought you were going to kill me.”
She barked a laugh and rinsed the rag before wringing it again and wiping up his chest. “Hardly, darling. I haven’t killed someone of your kind in at least a few decades.” Her eyes narrowed as she admonished, “But I have to say it was foolish to enter a vampire’s coven with no protection.”
There was so much about that criticism that Jason wanted to open up but only one thing stuck out. “Vampires?”
(Y/N) met his teal eyes and smiled, revealing a set of pearly white teeth, and two pointed canines. “I can hear your heart racing,” she commented, then reached up and wiped the blood from his cheek. “You needn’t be afraid of me. I won’t harm you.”
“They did,” he shot back, and she chuckled.
“Well, that’s because you were fresh blood and you stepped into their lair.” She gave him a knowing look. “By all counts they were in their right to slit your throat and feast on your blood.” Her eyes narrowed amusedly. “After they ravaged you alive, of course. Vampires are known for desecrating the living.”
His mouth opened then it closed, and he thought a moment before asking, “If you’re one of them too…why did you kill them?”
(Y/N) hummed and set the rag on the nightstand before taking his face in her hands, tilting it left and right and up and down. She was looking for something, but Jason wasn’t sure what it was. “To be completely honest I’d been planning on it. I was waiting for a better time but when Nevermore told me there was a live human vigilante engaged in a fight with them, I couldn’t wait any longer.”
“Nevermore?” he asked, brows furrowed in confusion, and she tipped her head back to the bird sitting atop the perch.
He blinked and deadpanned, “You named your raven, ‘Nevermore’?” a snort passed his lips. “Poe fan much?”
She scowled and with her pointers and thumbs, spread his eyelids open so she could examine at his eyes. “It was a fitting name for an elegant bird, smartass.” She shifted her fingers and opened his mouth, looking at his teeth. “You didn’t answer my question earlier. Do you remember if one of them bit you?”
After she removed her fingers, he shook his head. “I don’t think any of them did.”
(Y/N) frowned, brows furrowed as she stood from the bed and moved to the window. She unlatched it and pushed them open before turning and holding out her arm.
“Nevermore, come,” she commanded lowly, and the bird landed on her arm. Her fingernails scratched lightly under his chin and she murmured, “Go to the grounds and fetch me some nightshade and bloodroots. We’ll need to concoct a cure for him just in case.”
The raven replied with low croak and flew out the open windows and she turned to him. “Nevermore will come back soon with the ingredients I need to make your cure, but since there will be a wait, I’d prefer you stay so I can monitor your possible condition.”
“You think I might become one of you?” he questioned, forcing himself to sit up despite her earlier warning. Now he was really worried. “How long do I have? What’s going to—”
(Y/N) shushed him with a raised hand. “Peace, Jason. Vampirism is a long process that takes many days. But it takes many painful days.” She replied and moved back to sit on the bed. “You might not be opposed to becoming one, but at the same time, one should choose vampirism for themselves, not fall prey and contract it without their expressed consent.”
She raised a hand and rested it on his chest, just above his heart and promised, “Please do not worry or be afraid. I will do everything in my power to make sure you have a complete recovery.”
Something warm bubbled in his chest, perhaps the sincerity of her words or maybe the calming trust that bled from her auburn eyes that glowed dimly, like embers of a fire.
“Thank you, (Y/N),” Jason murmured, cheeks warming as she pulled her hand away and smiled.
“Are you hungry or thirsty at all?” she asked, rising from the bed. “I’d be more than happy to make you something to eat or get you something to drink.”
He took a deep breath, suddenly feeling exhausted and he shook his head. “No, I think I’ll get some rest if that’s alright with you?”
(Y/N) hummed and opened the door, but just as she stepped out, she paused and turned back around, saying, “You needn’t be scared of anything harming you in this home, Jason. You can rest peacefully knowing you are completely secure.”
He trusted her—which was a first because he didn’t usually trust strangers, but he nodded and offered her a tired smile, one she returned and closed the door behind her. He shimmied back into a laying position, resting his head on the fluffy pillow, his eyes turning to the moon still in the sky. Jason stared at it, all the thoughts of what he’d learned running through his head, and he inhaled deeply, before shutting his eyes, and drifted back into sleep.
***Chapter Two***
Something cold and wet was touching his side and it made him twitch in his sleep, face contorting as he shifted away. He exhaled and his expression eased, but a moment later the cold, wet thing was pressed against his side againand before he could open his eyes, he heard a low whine.
With furrowed brows, he opened his eyes and looked down to his right, seeing a wrinkly faced dog with slobbering jowls propping its chin in the elbow of Jason’s arm, his nose pressed into his skin.
Jason snorted and reached over, scratching the dog behind one of its floppy ears. “And who are you?” The dog shook its neck and the tag on its collar jingled, prompting him to look at it. Fang the Boarhound. It read.
“Really? She named the dog ‘Fang’?” Jason rolled his eyes. “What a bookworm.” He looked down at him. “Fang the Boarhound, huh?”
The dog let out a low groan in response, head shifting to bite at the long pants Jason was wearing. He tugged on the fabric as if telling him to come on and Jason laughed heartily.
“Alright, alright. I’m getting up,” he chuckled, and Fang relented, bounding out of the bedroom. He rolled out of the bed and paused to examine himself. Every wound along his body, especially those long gouge marks from the claws had sealed up and he couldn’t fight the impressed feeling that went through him.
He tied the jogger laces tighter around his waist and walked through the door, though he stopped when he was faced with a long hallway and a lot more doors. One was at each end of the hallway and there were two on one side of the hallway, one on the other, and then a rather large opening. Jason figured that was the entry way and he tiptoed down the black carpet.
As he neared the entrance, a big black cat padded out of the opening and sat in front of him, staring up at him with golden eyes. The cat was huge, and he recognized it as a Maine Coon. A very friendly one as it pranced over to him and mewled until he opened his arms and it hopped into them.
He scratched its chin, cooing, “Aren’t you a pretty kitty?” It meowed and flopped in his arms, tucking itself under his chin and Jason huffed a laugh as he walked through the entryway, immediately entering the living room. It was wine red just like the bedroom he’d left, and the furniture was dark as well.
Jason scanned the area and saw a light coming from his left; he walked over and entered the little kitchen area, seeing (Y/N) bent over the counter, Fang pressed into her side.
“No, Fang, you already ate.” She admonished. “You’re gonna get fat if you keep eating.”
He tipped his head back and let out a howl.
“Oh, is that right, big boy? You’re still hungry?” Fang grumbled and she smiled, pulling something out of her pocket. “Alright, here you go.” He took it from her and chewed on it, and she turned, grinning at Jason.
“I see Salem found you,” she remarked, walking over to scratch the cat’s belly. “Handsome boy.”
Jason nodded. “Yeah, wouldn’t leave me alone until I picked him up.”
(Y/N) giggled. “That’s how he works.” She took Salem from him, smiling at how the cat mewled. “Go and do something productive, Salem.” The cat took off and she met Jason’s gaze. “Are you hungry?”
His mouth opened, but his stomach answered with a fierce growl and he felt his cheeks get hot as she snorted.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” she replied and turned around, grabbing something from the counter. (Y/N) spun back around and handed him a plate.
Jason took it from her and glanced down at it. There was a panini sandwich with meat and cheese and various fruits surrounding it.
“Thank you,” he said, and she smiled.
“Table’s in the living room,” she said and walked around him, leaving him to follow.
She’d already pulled a chair out when he got there and he sat down, his hunger keeping him from conversation as he began to eat, her merely watching.
After he finished the first half of his sandwich, he happened to look up just as another cat was jumping into (Y/N)’s lap, this one black too like Salem, but sleeker and spotted, and peering at him with big turquoise eyes.
He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Don’t you have enough pets around here? Two cats, a mastiff, a raven. That’s a lot for one woman.”
(Y/N) grinned and ran her nails down the cat’s back, smile widening when it chirped. “I’ve got one more actually, but he’s probably not going to come out until he finds himself sure of your character.”
“Dog or cat?”
“Half-wolf, actually,” she corrected. “His name’s White-Fang.”
Jason shook his head. “What is it with you and naming your pets after animals in books?”
She shrugged. “I think their names are fitting.”
“What’s the cat’s name?” he asked, nodding at the one in her lap.
“His name is Pharaoh,” she murmured, gently scratching under his chin. “He’s an Egyptian Mau. I thought the name was appropriate for the breed.” She paused. “I’m surprised he came out so easily. Pharoah usually follows White-Fangs rather anti-social nature.” Her eyes met his. “He must sense you a good character.”
Jason wanted to counter that statement, but he simply grunted and popped a grape in his mouth. “Can I ask you a question?”
(Y/N) hummed. “I assume you’ve got many you want to ask?” he nodded, and she hummed. “Just remember curiosity killed the cat.”
He huffed. “I’ll keep it in mind.” Jason gazed at her. “If those things were vampires like you…why’d you kill them?”
“Gotham has been vampiric territory for almost three centuries. Vampires like myself, who are capable of taking on another form, are tasked with keeping our kind in check.”
“You mean keeping the discovery of the supernatural a secret.”
She nodded. “That particular group has been extending itself higher and deeper into the Gotham elite. My fear was that they would try to induct some of the socialites into their coven.” Her eyes narrowed. “I didn’t need to consult the council to know what would happen if that occurred, so I took care of the problem before it came.”
“The council?” Jason questioned.
“The Vampiric Council. They’re responsible for overlooking all vampiric territories around the world. Really, the chain of command designates they overlook my position and I overlook lesser vampires around here.” (Y/N) sipped a glass of some red liquid he hoped wasn’t blood. “Though I haven’t been a part of the council nor its lapdog order in centuries.”
He gave her an odd look. “I know it’s rude to ask a lady’s age, but you keep saying centuries. How old are you exactly?”
(Y/N) chuckled, setting down her glass. “Do you want the age I was turned or how old I am now?”
“Both?” he quipped with a grin and she matched it.
“Hmm…I was turned when I was twenty-eight and I’m now…?” her face scrunched up. “Divines, how long ago was it when the Greeks lived?”
“About ten thousand years ago. Probably longer if you sit down and examine human history if I’m being honest.”
(Y/N) hummed. “Then I’m about ten-thousand and twenty-eight years old, give or take a few decades.”
Jason’s jaw went slack, and he simply gaped at her for a full minute. “…Are you shitting me?” he blurted out. “You lived before the Greeks were in their prime?”
She nodded and sipped her glass again. “Actually, this particular dimension wasn’t the one I was born into.” She waved a hand. “The dimension I’m originally from is much, much older.”
“How’d you manage interdimensional traveling?”
“Through sheer dumb luck and bad footing,” she griped, then let out a heavy sigh. “I was exploring a draugr ruin with a friend and somehow we came across the portal, though it was inactive.”
“And I assume the need for adventure made you curious about how to get it going again?”
(Y/N)’s eyes shifted to her glass as she murmured, “You’d assume correctly. We combined our magics and got it to come to life, but something must’ve malfunctioned. As old as the ruin was, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.” She swirled the liquid. “My friend was sucked into it and I reacted, trading places with her.”
She looked up and met Jason’s eyes. “She was safe, and I fell through. I ended up in Neolithic Greece, as it’s referred to now.”
He wasn’t sure he should be so shocked. Honestly, he’d probably seen and heard more stunning things but still, her age and story were incredible.
“You’re really that old?”
(Y/N) nodded. “I am.”
“How’d you manage to survive this long?”
“I wasn’t some helpless babe when I came here, Jason. I knew how to take care of myself. Whether it was shelter and nutrition or fighting.”
Fighting was something Jason could work with.
“What do you prefer to fight with?” he asked, and she shrugged.
“I’ve mastered one handed and two-handed weapons. And I’ve mastered most if not all, hand-to-hand combat-styles. But if I’m being honest, I prefer daggers and magic. It’s easier to take down targets with stealth.”
“What type of magic do you use?” Jason questioned curiously. Being trained by the All-Caste meant magic was a common in his repertoire.
(Y/N) paused and thought a moment. “Well…there’s a few different schools to the aspect of magic. Five to be exact.” Her face pinched. “Six, if you count Necromancy, but technically that falls underneath one of the five.”
“Necromancy? Like summoning dead? Bringing them back to life?”
Before she could respond, something tapped at the window and she looked over the loveseat to the glass, and hurriedly placed a grunting Pharaoh on the table as she made her way over. Cracking the window open, Nevermore hopped onto her wrist and she held her other hand out, smiling when he dropped a bundle into her palm.
“Good boy?” he crooned, and she nodded.
“Good boy, indeed,” she cooed, pressing her lips to his beak. Nevermore fluttered from her wrist to the table and started preening Pharoah who rolled onto his back and let him.
Her eyes found Jason’s and she held up the bundle. “I’ve got the ingredients needed to make your cure, Jason.”
“How long will it take?”
“Less than an hour.” (Y/N) walked around the table and headed through the entryway, Jason scrambling from his seat to follow after her, more curious than anything.
She opened one of the doors on the left of the hallway and he was surprised to see how big the bedroom was. “Master bedroom?”
“Upset I put you in the guest room?” she teased, and he snorted, watching as she walked over to a chest and bent down, opening it. (Y/N) pulled a few bottles out and shut it before rising once more and exiting her room, Jason still following as they moved back to the guest room.
He watched as she started pulling the nightshade petals off the stem and putting them in the mortar and grinding them. After she was apparently satisfied, she dropped in the bloodroots and started grinding them into a mixture that smelled absolutely foul. (Y/N) picked it up and scraped it into a bowl, then added the bottles of oils and liquids that she’d taken from the chest.
When she was finished, she turned and bypassed him, moving to the bedside table where the oil lamp was burning. She set the bowl on top and left it there, sitting on the bed.
“It will take time for the mixture to boil and form,” she explained, and he took a seat beside her.
“Thank you for doing this, (Y/N),” he murmured, and she nodded.
“I do it because it is not something you’ve chosen, but I must request a favor in return.” Jason motioned for her to continue. “The knowledge of my existence? Of Gotham being vampiric territory? Of the council? You must keep it a secret. From everyone, even those you trust the most.”
He stared at her for a moment. “I can do that, but why?”
(Y/N) sighed and gazed at her hands. “Jason, I’ve been living here in Gotham since before the American Revolution. This city has always been vampiric territory and I’ve been overseeing it for all this time.” Her gaze shifted to him. “I don’t want to pack up and leave because knowledge of supernatural existence has been revealed. It would only cause problems for both our kinds. Hell, for all kinds of supernatural.”
“There’s more?”
“Werewolves, fairies, nymphs, anything you can think of it exists.”
Jason blinked. “…Wow that’s…a lot of otherworldly beings.”
(Y/N) huffed a laugh. “You’ve no idea.” She reached over and took his hand. “But I need you to swear to me that you will keep this secret. Do not tell anyone where you were the other night or what you were fighting. I’ve already disposed of the bodies and cleaned the area. No one will ever know besides us and I need it to stay that way.”
He nodded. “I will. I swear.”
She smiled and pulled her hand away. “Thank you, Jason.”
For a few moments they sat in silence, then he leaned over and asked, “So…tell me about those magic schools.”
Clapping her hands together, she chirped, “Oh, I forgot I was talking about that!” she held up a fist. “There are five schools. Restoration, Alteration, Illusion, Conjuration, and Destruction.” With every category she raised a finger.
“And Necromancy?”
“Falls under Conjuration. Each school is different, Destruction and Conjuration speak for themselves, as does Restoration. Alteration is the school of magic where it affects the world around it by altering the laws of reality and manipulating it to one's own accord, allowing you to cast spells such as water-breathing, paralysis, and dragonhide armor.”
“Illusion,” she started. “involves manipulating the mind of the enemy, allowing one to cast spells like fear, calm, and invisibility.”
Jason cocked a brow. “That spell you used on me, the one that made me pass out. Was that a calming spell?”
(Y/N) nodded. “I was worried you’d start fighting me, so I did the easiest thing. Set your mind at ease and allowed your body to rest.”
He opened his mouth, then closed it for a second, then asked, “Will you show me some spells?”
She smirked. “I thought you’d never ask.” (Y/N) raised a hand. “The school of Destruction focuses on the elevation and perfection of three basic spells: fire, frost, and sparks.” The sharp smell of magic wafted up his nose and he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up when she willed the purple electricity to her fingers.
“Each spell can be elevated to the master level of fire storm, blizzard, and lighting storm. All devastating spells. There are also spells that can cause health absorption from your enemies.” She smiled. “I’m favorable of those.”
“What are your favorite destruction spells?” he questioned, and she thought for a moment.
“I’m favorable to two: unbounded storms and the touch of death. Both are incredibly effective on the battlefield, though the touch of death is useful for stealth killings.”
Jason’s lips pulled in a satisfactory way. “That’s impressive. I’d love to see those in action sometime.” He smiled at her. “Show me the invisibility spell.”
“Say please,” she countered, and he chuckled.
“Pretty please.”
(Y/N) closed her eyes and waved her hand, the sparks fading into a shimmering blue cube with pink, orange, and purple swirling around her hand. She curled her hand into a fist and then released it, and to Jason’s amazement, she disappeared from sight.
“Holy shit,” he breathed. “That’s awesome.”
Her giggle sounded beside him and she waved a hand that he had to squint to see. “Invisibility works on those who aren’t trained to spot changes in the environment. I’m invisible, but you can see me if you look close enough.” Snapping her fingers, she appeared instantaneously, and he blinked.
“Wow…that’s an impressive ability.”
“Thank you,” she smiled and turned her attention to the mixture that was bubbling over the lamp. “I think this should be done by now.” Taking it off the lamp, she wiggled her fingers and Jason could feel the chill from where he was sitting as she transferred it to her frozen hand, watching the steam rise from the contact.
After a moment, she handed it to him and said, “Drink.”
The natural human reaction was to smell it and that’s what he did, all but recoiling from the horrid scent. She laughed. “It’s not meant to be caramel syrup, Jason. It’s a cure for a disease. Plug your nose and chug.”
Jason scowled at her before squeezing his nostrils shut and lifting the bowl to his lips. He almost vomited when it touched his tongue, but he forced it down his throat and finished with an entire body shudder.
(Y/N) took the bowl back and gently cradled his cheek in her hand. “Let me see,” she urged, and he stared into her glowing ember eyes. Something appeared in her vision, relief, then she smiled and pulled her hand back; he mourned the loss of contact, even if her hand was freezing. “Yes, if you had caught vampirism, you’re cured of it now,” she said.
“Thank you, (Y/N),” he expressed, and she stood, giving him a smile.
“You needn’t thank me, Jason. I’m only doing what’s right.” She nodded at the chair in the corner. “I fixed your suit for you, so whenever you’re ready to leave, you may.”
As she headed for the door to give him privacy, he called out, “Can I come back to see you?” She glanced over her shoulder with an arched brow, and he added rather quickly, “To see more magic and hear about your life?”
(Y/N) gave him a smile and nodded. “I think I’d like that, Jason.” She turned back around. “It’s been far too long since I had personal contact with a human. Maybe you can show me how to work a smartphone.”
“You don’t have a smartphone? In this day in age?”
“I have a rotary phone!” she retorted and scowled, “I don’t even have credit cards, Jason.”
“How do you pay for things?” he asked.
“I use cash? I’m rich, Jason. And I mean old, old world rich.”
***Chapter Three***
He hadn’t even taken one step into the cave when he was clobbered to the floor by three brothers in a bear hug. His back hit the cold cave floor and he mentally thanked that she’d healed his wounds because that probably would’ve opened them.
That being said, she hadn’t healed his sour mood because he immediately growled, “Get off me, now.”
His eldest brother looked up at him. “Jason, you’ve been missing since last night!” he cried. “We were worried about you!”
“Well, I’m obviously alive and safe, so get. The. Fuck. Off. Me.” He scowled at his brothers. “All of you.” They climbed off and pulled Jason to his feet, letting him brush off his clothes.
“Where’ve you been all night, Jay?” Tim questioned, taking a moment to pull the leather jacket away from his older brother’s side. “Your suit looks like it took damage…but I see you fixed it.” his head cocked to the side. “It looks like you used a blacksmith forge to do it.”
Jason whacked his hand away, tugging his jacket back in place to cover the fixes she’d made. “Got into a tussle with a couple gangbangers and tore my suit.” He glanced at his father who was making his way over, a frown on his face.
Bruce stood in front of him and held up a communicator. “You missed three calls. The first from Dick, the second from Alfred, and the last from me.”
“Oh my god, seriously?” he grunted. “I’m a grown man. I can take care of myself without having to check in every hour like a pre-teen on his first date.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed heavily, then calmly stated, “I got into a fight, got my suit ripped, and went back to an underground safehouse outside the city where I fixed it and recovered for the night.”
He looked at his family. “I’m sorry I missed the calls but I’m alive and I’m safe. So can we drop it?”
For a moment, Jason thought he was in the clear, then Dick’s eyes narrowed in that stupid way that meant he was going to say something completely ridiculous, but not exactly off the mark.
“Were you with a girl?” Dick teased. “It’s okay, Little-wing, you don’t have to be ashamed of seeing your girlfriend.”
It was a trap and by God ,Jason knew it, but damned if he couldn’t help himself. “For your information, Dickhead, I’m bisexual so I could’ve been seeing a boy, but no, I wasn’t seeing a girl. I was sleeping. Alone.”
“The lady doth protest too much methinks,” Damian smirked, and Jason pointed at him.
“I’m not above kicking your ass just because you’re younger than me,” he threatened and shoved past everyone, moving to the suit racks. “I’m going back to bed.”
“But you haven’t told us about your girlfriend,” Tim called, grinning whenever Jason threw him the finger from behind.
“I already told you, I wasn’t with anyone,” he retorted and stomped up the stairs to the study.
Dick crossed his arms over his chest with a smile and murmured, “B, I think Little-wings’ got himself a woman, don’t you?”
Bruce merely hummed in response. “I’m still concerned about the complete radio silence. He’s never done that before.”
“Oh, come on, who do you think we learned radio silence from, Mister-Robin-Go-Find-Evidence-While-I-Apprehend-Catwoman?” he countered, smirking when Bruce glowered at him. “Everyone wants a bit of privacy every now and then B, and as much as we’d love to tease Little-wing into telling us who he was with, he is entitled to his silence every now and then.”
“True,” Bruce grunted. “But I still don’t like my sons ignoring me when I’m worried.”
Suddenly he was being pulled into a hug by the three boys around him while Dick squeaked, “Aww you do care!”
“Hrn, get off me.”
It’d been about two months since Jason came back to (Y/N)’s home, knowing that his brothers were watching him every night to see if he’d go offline again. He’d told them to screw off more times than he could count, but finally they relented, either assured of the fact that he wasn’t going to say anything or that they actually believed he had been alone that night.
Regardless, he found himself standing in front of her home, and now that he thought about it, the place was a lot smaller outside than it was on the inside, like those tents in the Harry Potter movies. Magic. He assumed and reached up, grabbing the brass door knocker that gave him the heebie jeebies more than he wanted to admit.
The ring sat in the mouth of a brass skull that had demonic horns curled around it. He shook his head and tapped the knocker a couple times then pulled away when he heard clacking on the other side of the door.
“Open!” something said.
He turned the antique brass doorknob, pushing open the door with a quiet, “Excuse me.”
Jason paused as he stepped inside. (Y/N) wasn’t anywhere in the living room or kitchen and he frowned, wondering where she was when something tugged at his jacket sleeve.
Glancing down, he saw the raven hopping up and down and he smiled, holding out his wrist, watching it hop to his forearm then up to his shoulder.
“Hey Nevermore. How are you today?”
The bird croaked in return. “Happy.”
“Yeah? Where’s (Y/N) at?”
“Studio!” Nevermore replied and Jason started moving past the coffee table and couch, smiling at the Neapolitan Mastiff and Maine coon lazing.
“Hey Fang, hey Salem.”
Fang didn’t even wake up, but Salem mewled once and shut his eyes again, flopping onto the dog’s wrinkly back.
Jason got to the hallway and paused. “Alright bud, which way?”
Nevermore hopped once. “Right!”
“Right it is,” he agreed and walked down the hallway to the single open door. He knocked quietly on the doorframe and stepped inside, immediately catching sight of (Y/N) at a stool, a paintbrush in her hand as she delicately lined her work.
“Good morning, Jason,” she said. “I was wondering when you were going to come back around.”
He hummed and walked over, watching as Nevermore flew off his arm to perch atop a wooden peg in the corner of the room.
“My family wouldn’t let up about the other night.”
“Ah,” she replied, and though he couldn’t see her face, he could hear her smile. “Yes, the notorious Batfamily. Master detectives, I’ve been led to believe, hmm?”
Jason stood beside her, gazing at her ember eyes that traced the movement of the paintbrush. She must’ve been seeing something he hadn’t because her hands were shifting faster than could follow.
“You know about us?”
“That Bruce Wayne is Batman and that his children are the gangling quartet of Robins? Oh yes, Jason. I’ve known since he took up the mantle.” Her eyes finally found his. “Pull that stool from over there and sit. I’ll be here for some time.”
He did as she said and sat down, propping his elbows on his knees. “Who are you painting this for?”
(Y/N) shrugged. “Some billionaire in Hong Kong commissioned a painting of his dog and his brood of pups.”
“You don’t know the guy’s name?” Jason snorted and she shook her head.
“As I said, you’re the first personal human contact I’ve had in decades.” She dabbed the paintbrush in blue and painted the eyes of the sire. “I don’t typically associate with humanity much anymore. It’s easier to let things simply pass by.”
He frowned. “That seems like a lonely existence, (Y/N).”
“Not so much. I’ve had the boys for all this time.”
Jason blinked, then looked at Nevermore. “Wait, how old are your pets?”
“Immortality doesn’t just stop at vampires, Jason. The boys are all of extended lifeforms.” She smiled that pearly white grin and he saw the pointed canines. “Nevermore for example is tied to my life. He won’t die unless I do.”
“What if he gets crushed in a meat grinder?” Jason countered. “I feel like would stop him from coming back.”
“He’d come back missing a few feathers,” (Y/N) snorted when Nevermore squawked in anger. “But trust me, he’d come back, Jason.” She glanced at him. “How’ve you been? Any more problems?” He scowled, making her laugh. “Oh, this I have to hear.”
Jason grunted. “My brothers wouldn’t leave me alone about that night I was radio silent. They kept asking who my girlfriend was.”
“Did you tell them?”
“Tell them what?” he repeated, confused.
“Who your girlfriend was.”
“I don’t have a girlfriend.”
(Y/N) huffed. “Should’ve said you were with someone. That probably would’ve gotten them off your back enough.”
“I thought you said to keep it a secret,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“I did. But people are going to believe whatever they want to believe even if you’re sincere about otherwise,” she explained with a knowing tone. “I’d’ve just said I was with someone and couldn’t be bothered to talk because I was ravishing them until they couldn’t walk.”
Jason’s face went hot, and his stomach felt tight as he looked away. “Oh, uh, I…” he trailed off and cleared his throat. “I guess that’s how you play ball, huh?”
(Y/N) chuckled lowly, sending shivers down his spine. “I’d almost forgotten how easy humans flustered.” She shot him a polite smile. “Apologies. I’m used to vampiric vulgarities.”
“Vampires are vulgar? Aren’t vampires supposed to be regal and pretentious?”
She cackled. “Oh, they are,” (Y/N) agreed. “When vampires aren’t attending council meetings or higher functions and are in a small group of trusted companions, they’d act so obscenely it’d put sailors to shame.” She sighed wistfully. “Massive orgies, endless feedings and flowing wine. It’s all so…common.”
“Have you attended many of those…parties?” Jason quizzed and she nodded.
“I did back a very, very long time ago, but I haven’t for some time now. It’s not exactly my thing.”
“But it’s a thing for vampires?” he said, brows furrowing.
(Y/N) met his eyes. “Feeding when copulating is supposed to be an intimate thing. Between two, in private, behind closed doors and away from prying eyes, because it’s a binding of blood and bodies. It’s meant to be an exclusive thing not an inclusive one.”
She shook her head. “It’s…hard to explain to someone who isn’t a vampire nor a lover of one.”
“Have you ever done it?”
(Y/N) blinked. “Fed in private?” he nodded, and she tipped her head in agreement. “With other vampires yes, but not humans.”
Jason felt curiosity course through him. “How come? I’d figure if you’re one who enjoys the more private events, why not humans too?”
“Because I stopped consuming human blood before I fell through the portal ten thousand years ago,” she explained. “Even then, the last intimate relationship I ever had with a human was in Scandinavia when the Vikings walked the earth some millennia ago. I haven’t been with another human since he died.”
“Sounds like it’s not a happy subject,” he murmured, and she nodded. “It’s okay, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t.”
She shook her head. “No, it’s alright. Mathias didn’t want me to mourn him but to remember him with joy.” (Y/N) rested the brush on her thigh. “Mathias got sick and none of my Restoration magic was healing him nor the rituals his clan were casting. I offered to make him one of my kind. It would’ve saved him, and we would’ve been together, but…” she trailed off and in a moment of compassion, Jason laid his hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently.
“Thank you,” she whispered, then inhaled deeply. “He worried that Odin wouldn’t accept him into Valhalla when he met his end. At the same time, he didn’t wish for me to break my vow of never consuming human blood again.” Her lips pulled into a sad smile, lamenting, “I held him when he took his last breath, and then I lit the pyre he laid upon.”
(Y/N) shook herself out of her stupor. “I then travelled across the lands for many centuries and to the Americas where I’ve been now.” She smiled. “I have had many human friends over the years and each time it gets easier to let go. You learn the pain is only temporary, but their memories are forever.”
Jason couldn’t think of a thing to say so he simply squeezed her shoulder again and pulled away, resting his hands in his lap. After a moment, he commented, “You’re an extraordinarily strong woman, (Y/N). I don’t think I’d be able to live as long as you could.”
“There’s always something new to discover, Jason. Vampirism is merely an extension of life until you die. Perhaps when this land is but ruins, I’ll travel back to Europe and discover something new?” she smiled, and he felt his heart thump against his ribcage. “The possibilities are endless.”
Before he could say anything, a low growl sounded from the doorway and Jason looked over his shoulder and hissed, “Oh shit.”
(Y/N) snorted and spun on her stool, holding out her hands to the wolfdog in the doorway. “White-Fang! I see you’ve come out of the study for once.”
The hybrid bounded over with heavy footfalls and Jason almost shit himself when it got up close. Because it was bigger than he’d imagined. Bigger, and dark furred, with bright white eyes.
She drew her hand up his hackles. “How’s my big, scary boy doing?” he growled in response, low and gravely, practically glaring at Jason.
“Is he going to eat me?” Jason whispered with mild-fear and he swore that wolfdog laughed at him.
(Y/N) huffed. “No, he’s not going to eat you.” She patted White-Fang’s head. “He’s just teasing.”
“I think he wants to eat me,” Jason retorted when she grabbed his hand and he whimpered as she neared the hybrid’s head. “My hand especially.”
She leveled White-Fang with a glare. “Heel.” The wolfdog immediately sat down and waited, watching carefully as Jason’s hand neared his head, and when it touched, he held for a second then groaned and moved around until Jason’s hand was at his ear.
“He wants you to scratch his ears, Jason,” she murmured, and he did, grinning like an idiot as the hybrids leg started thumping on the ground. “See, he’s not so scary.”
“I bet he is to anyone that tries to hurt you,” he remarked with a smirk and she smiled.
“Oh, he’s ripped a few throats out, certainly.” (Y/N) patted White-Fang’s side. “Alright boy, wanna go outside?”
He was pulling away from Jason’s hand in an instant, twirling in a circle at the door whilst growling for her to hurry.
“Well, go find your harness and you can leave.”
He disappeared and Jason questioned, “Harness?”
(Y/N) nodded. “I make Nevermore go with him so he can keep an eye out for trouble.” She huffed. “Animal control is one thing I don’t need on my plate.”
White-Fang came back with a harness in his mouth and bounded to (Y/N), letting her adjust it. After she was finished, Nevermore cawed, and perched himself atop a little wooden handle on White-Fang’s back, starting to preen himself as the hybrid hurried to the front door.
“Can he open that him—” the front door slammed, and Jason blinked. “I guess that answers that question.”
She giggled and stood to her feet, stretching her arms over her head before asking, “Want something to eat?”
Jason smiled. “Yeah, I could eat.”
***Chapter Four***
It was a constant weekly visit to her home, but Jason almost found himself returning every other day. At first, he thought it was some vampiric seduction she’d put over him, but with every laugh that escaped her lips from the stupid jokes he’d stolen from his older brother, he realized it wasn’t supernatural power that kept him coming back—it was love. He was hopelessly and irrevocably in love with her. And it only made it harder to see her because he knew with the knowledge of her previous human lover, she wasn’t going to be interested in Jason. But he could hope.
He stowed the black key into his pocket and curled a hand around the doorknob, pushing it open. “(Y/N)!” he called out.
Somewhere in the home, he heard, “In the study!”
God, that was another reason he loved her. She had books galore. First additions of books he’d only ever dreamed of holding, let alone reading. And she’d told him to take whatever he’d wanted.
He couldn’t stop himself from hurrying to the door at the opposite end of the hallway, turning into the study to see her bent over her desk, penning something on letter paper. He smiled at Nevermore who was perched on the bust above her on the wall.
(Y/N) looked up at him and gave a tired smile. She must’ve been about to go to bed from the looks of her wear, a black chemise she was fond of. “Good evening, Jason. How are you doing tonight?”
He put down the takeout bag on one of the loveseats and walked around her desk, leaning back on the edge.
“Well, it looks like I’m doing a lot better than you are,” he remarked, glancing down at her letter. It was full of words he didn’t understand, obviously another language he didn’t recognize, but he caught ‘Vampire’ and ‘Council’ a couple times but there was one word that slightly worried him and that was ‘Lycan’.
She sighed heavily and placed the pen back it its stand and rubbed her temples. “I’ve spent the last eight hours penning letters to and from the council and other confidants in neighboring locations.” (Y/N) pinched the bridge of her nose. “There’s a problem in Gotham and I’ve got to understand how it started and fix it before it gets worse.”
Jason eyed her. “Are you talking about the werewolf that’s been running around at night?” he sighed. “I just got off patrol looking for the damned thing.”
“So, you are as well?” she answered lowly, her ember eyes shifting to gaze out the window at the nightly moon reflecting off one of the windows of a skyscraper. “I don’t know how one got into Gotham without my knowledge, but it has.”
She stood suddenly and walked around to her drink stand, pouring a glass of wine; she took a sip. “Now the council is up my ass about Lycan-encroachment on vampiric territory and I still have to contact the nearest werewolf colony to ask if they’ve lost one. I’m sure they’ll tell me to screw off in less nicer ways.”
“Yeah, Bruce isn’t too happy about the thing either,” Jason said, and he could feel his eyes on her as he mumbled, “It’s been killing every night and last night it ripped a family to shreds. Mom and a dad with three kids.”
A glass shattered and he looked over, seeing (Y/N)’s hand clenched tightly, wine glass in shards on the floor, red wine and black blood mixing as it ran down her arm.
“(Y/N),” he exclaimed, moving to her and he saw the crystal tears on her cheeks.
“Fuck,” she hissed harshly. “Nevermore and I have been out every night for the last week, but we can’t find the fucking thing.” Her auburn eyes found his and he saw the wrath within them. “To hell with the werewolf colony and protocol. I’ll rip that moon-born’s spine out with my bare hands.”
Her skin started to turn that pale gray like her second form and Jason gently took her hand, “Calm down, (Y/N).” She gazed at him and before she could say anything, he added, “If my family and I can’t find it, I don’t think you could either.” He gave a tight smile and reached up with his opposite hand, caressing her cheek. “Let’s get your hand cleaned up, yeah?”
She let him guide her to the bathroom where she sat town on the toilet seat, gazing deadly at the wall ahead while he pulled out a black bag, digging around for tweezers. Jason started plucking the glass out of her hand, every so often pausing to check for signs of discomfort in her expression.
When he was finished, he held her hand over the sink and rinsed it before toweling it, and when he pulled the black towel away, her wounds had already resealed themselves. He tossed the towel onto the sink and held her hands, not exactly knowing what to say to her.
“How old were the children?” she questioned calmly, and he sighed.
“Two, ten, and fifteen.”
(Y/N)’s eyes welled with tears again and she dug her black-nailed fingers into her palm, ignoring the pricks of pain. “Goddamn them,” she cursed in a tone frozen as winter. “Damn them to hell. All of their kind.” He watched her quietly as she raged. “Goddamn Lycan colonies allowing their kind to trample all over other kinds’ territories with no regard for the natural or supernatural. This is why I hate werewolves. They’re so inconsiderate and destructive.”
She brought a hand to her eyes, harshly wiping the tears. “Three children taken before their times and no justice to be given.” A sob escaped her. “I’ve allowed myself to become too complacent with your family protecting Gotham that I forgot my duty. Now look what I’ve caus—”
Jason took her hands. “Woah, woah, woah,” he said firmly, digging his thumbs between her fingers and her palms. “(Y/N), you didn’t do anything wrong.”
“That family though—”
“Didn’t die by your hands,” he replied. “You’ve been trying to stop it. You haven’t been negating your duties. You never had the duty of keeping Gotham safe from crime.”
(Y/N) blinked. “What?”
“Your duty has always been to keep vampires in line here, not to stop crime from happening.” He shook his head. “As far as anyone is concerned, you’ve been doing exactly that. There is no complacence on my family.”
She gazed at him for a long moment, then leaned forward; Jason followed, pressing his forehead to hers. “Your words are kind, Jason, but I fear they’re not negating my emotions.”
One of Jason’s hands rose to hold her cheek. “Let me try another way,” he whispered and tilted her face, delicately pressing his lips to hers.
(Y/N) started to pull back. “Jason, I—”
“Shh,” he whispered, pressing another kiss to her lips. “Let me help you right now.”
“I need,” she started. “I need more, Jason.”
He nodded. “Whatever you want from me, you can have, doll.”
(Y/N)’s breath shuddered, and she was never one to be held like she was glass. She surged forward and curled her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and Jason responded with a noise of shock which she swallowed, as he wrapped his arms around her waist, tugging her against him.
Suddenly, she pulled back and whatever he was planning on saying died on his lips when she commanded, “Bed. Now.”
Jason couldn’t help the startled laugh as he pulled away, letting himself be shoved backwards out the bathroom door and down the hallway. “Excited, aren’t you?”
She scowled as his back collided with the bedroom door and he lowered a hand trying to open it. “You’ve been walking on eggshells for the last six months, Jason. You want this as much as I do.”
His eyes went wide, and he stopped fumbling for the doorknob. “You—you know?”
(Y/N) pressed up against his body, shoving one of her thighs between his hips and Jason inhaled sharply as she ground herself against him. “Of course, I know,” she purred, tugging the collar of his shirt down. “I can smell your desire every time you come here.”
Jason’s only reply was a groan when she latched onto the skin just above his collarbone, sucking a red welt into it. One of his hands gripped her waist, the other starting back for the doorknob again, but she grabbed it and slammed it beside his head, fingers wrapping around his wrist just shy of painful.
“Blood, you see, Jason, is intoxicating on its own,” she murmured, trailing her lips up his throat, nipping enough that it had his hips canting forward, trying to rub against her thigh. “But the pheromones of desire?” (Y/N) whispered in his ear. “Are even more so,”
And he was helplessly pinned between her and the oak door, as she lowered her free hand and swiftly undid his belt buckle and popped the button of his jeans before she tugged his zipper down just enough to give it slack.
She slid her hand down into the front of pants and cupped him, smirking when he gasped and rolled his hips into her palm. “Divines, I could smell it crawling all over you,” she said. “I could smell those times you’d come over after relieving yourself of the ache.”
“(Y/N),” Jason moaned, and she squeezed him again, eliciting an even deeper moan from his throat.
“Tell me, Jason. How many times?” she asked, and he couldn’t find the words to answer her, starting to pant. “How many since we met have you taken your cock in your hand and pleasured yourself?”
“I—fuck—too many to count,” he gasped and gazed down at her; she was giving him that perfect little smile that made him twitch in her grasp.
(Y/N) shifted her hand and slid it inside his boxers, wrapping her fingers around his length and Jason’s knees almost went out beneath him right there when she started pumping him. “What do you think about when you do?” she smirked. “I know it’s obviously me.” Her ember eyes bored into his as she squeezed him. “Is it my mouth? Or my hand?”
He swallowed thickly, breath hitching as he confessed, “Y-you’re on your back and you’re—”
“I’m already bored, Jason,” (Y/N) cooed. “Missionary is boring.”
A chuckle actually made it from him at that and he whispered, “You didn’t let me finish.”
She laughed, countering, “Good thing I’m going to let you.” He groaned as she swiped her thumb over his tip, pressing down. “Come on, Jason. Give me something I can work with. Give me the most lust-filled scenario you’ve thought about.”
To accentuate her point, she tugged his length roughly and he growled, “I’m fucking you into the bed senseless while your ankles and wrists are bound and you’re screaming yourself hoarse.”
(Y/N)’s lips split with delight and he saw those points again as she pricked her tongue on one and all he wanted to do was suck the black blood pooling on the tip of it. “Am I on my stomach?”
“Yes,” he hissed. “Your ass is up in the air and your—shit—your ankles are tied to your bed posts.”
“Ooo, I’m spread open for you, huh? Afraid I’ll be a bad girl and move before you can tell me too? Or are you afraid I’ll take control and ride you?” she taunted.
Jason’s eyes darkened and he glared down at her. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.”
(Y/N) grinned evilly and quipped, “Not right now you’re not.” She started pumping him faster and he sucked in a breath as his thighs started to quiver, stomach muscles clenching in anticipation.
“(Y/N),” he warned with a deep grunt, and she placed her thumb underneath his head, massaging there.
“I can smell it, darling,” she whispered, “how close you are.” She pressed her lips to his pulse point, mouthing the skin, flicking her tongue to taste the salt of his sweat. “I want to feel you come apart. Do it, Jason. For me, please, darling.”
“(Y/N) I—I’m gonna—” he choked out and she pressed herself onto his clothed thigh, rubbing and moaning and he could feel how damp she was. It sent him spiraling. “Doll, I’m—fuck I’m—” Jason threw his head back and canted his hips forward, seeing stars as he pulsed in her hand, jaw going slack as he let out a guttural groan. She twisted her wrist and pumped him through it until he was grabbing at her wrist, an overstimulated and shaking mess.
She leaned away from his neck and pulled her hand from his boxers, lifting her fingers to her lips. He watched as her tongue darted out and tasted him and he felt the desire pool low in his gut again as she moaned, swirling her tongue between two of her fingers, collecting the sticky white lines leftover.
Jason grabbed her wrist and yanked her to him, pulling her into a searing kiss, groaning at the taste of himself on her tongue. She was strong, but he wrenched his wrist out of her iron tight grip and grabbed the doorknob, shoving the door open. He swallowed her laugh, and she tipped her head back so he had better access.
They stumbled to the bed and his calves hit the edge. Her hands were already pushing his pants down to his knees to the floor and he leaned away from her, pulling his shirt over his head. He smirked when her eyes flared with need and she placed her hands on his chest and shoved. Jason went down easy, and she was crawling over his body, lowering herself to grind on him.
He bit back a groan as he felt himself hardening and slipped his fingers under her thigh length chemise, feeling up her stomach and to her breasts. (Y/N) gasped when his thumbs swiped over her nipples and she arched her back into his touch.
“Like that?” he smirked, and she matched his grin.
“I’d like it a lot better if you pinched ‘em.” He chuckled and did exactly that, moaning when she ground herself harder onto him, her head tipping back slightly.
Jason pulled his hands away and she whined until he grabbed the chemise and lifted above her head and off her body. His eyes widened when he realized she was completely nude underneath and she giggled when he twitched beneath her.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the great dick is surprised. Both figuratively andliterally.” (Y/N) placed a hand on his broadly defined chest and bent her knees beside his hips, resting the tops of her feet on his thighs.
He grunted and griped her hips as she raised herself up. “Something tells me you were planning this all night.”
She smiled sweetly and grabbed him, using his head to spread herself. “Did you want me to wait for dinner first?”
Jason’s laugh dissolved quickly as he groaned, “God, you’re so wet, doll.” He could feel her dripping down his length and he fought to keep himself under control and not thrust up into her heat.
“I can’t help it, darling. You do it to me.” She sunk down on him slowly, letting out a moan that hitched when he bottomed out inside her.
(Y/N) took a moment to breathe, letting herself adjust to his size; he was certainly bigger than most and she knew he was thinking it by that smart grin on his lips, though she could tell by the way his chest was heaving that he was straining.
“Tell me, Jason, was this ever a fantasy of yours?” she asked, pulling at his hands until he ran them up her legs, massaging the flesh of her thighs.
“Absolutely,” he panted, and she purred when he pressed his thumb between her legs and rubbed lightly.
“Please tell me you were handcuffed to this bed, darling,” she begged and using her leverage she raised herself off him all the way then sunk back down, grinding her hips against his. “Tell me I was watching you writhe underneath me while I bounced up and down on you.” She moaned. “Oh, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve come all over my fingers thinking about riding your cock.”
Jason’s back arched slightly, and he couldn’t help but dig his head into the pillow beneath him. “Fuck, your mouth is so dirty, (Y/N).”
She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his chest. “Tell me something I don’t know,” she countered, then shifted, taking one of his rosy buds in her mouth.
“You’re really tigh—fuckin’ hell,” he cursed when she tugged lightly with her teeth.
(Y/N) laved it over with her tongue and was heading for the second one when he grabbed her chin and yanked her head up, hissing, “Ride me like you mean it or I swear to God, I’ll flip us and fuck you until you’re boneless in this bed.”
“Promises, promises, darling,” she cooed and put both hands on his chest to push herself up. And that was all she said before setting a vicious pace, bouncing up and down, and all Jason could do pinned underneath her was grab her hip and thrust up when she came down.
When he tried to sit up to hold her, she placed one hand in the center of his chest. “Not right now, darling. Later tonight.”
He groaned. “We’re still gonna be busy tonight?”
(Y/N) winked. “All until the early morning hours,” she panted and with her free hand, reached between her legs. She hissed at the added pleasure and then Jason knocked her hand away, replacing it with his fingers and soon she was clenching tighter and tighter around him as he sped up.
“Jason,” she whimpered, the coil in her gut moments away from snapping and he nodded, massaging the flesh of her hip with his free hand.
“I know, doll,” he replied heatedly, swirling his thumb tighter and faster. “Let go. Let me feel you around me.” Jason bypassed her hand this time and sat up, pulling her against his body and he grabbed her chin, growling, “Come for me, (Y/N). Do it. I wanna see you come all over my cock.”
(Y/N) stilled in his lap with a gasp as she shuddered against him, insides fluttering as the ache between her legs pulsed. Jason’s thrusting turned frantic and sloppy and soon he was falling over the edge too, grip like steel on her body as he spilled himself deep inside her with a low groan. He collapsed back onto the mattress, pulling her with him and they lay there, panting and sweating, but satiated and content.
Jason’s fingers skimmed up and down her spine and she nestled against his chest, her long fingernails delicately tracing the scars over his skin.
For a moment, all was calm and quiet, then in the quietest, most painfilled tone she’d ever heard him use, he whispered, “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”
She didn’t want to move herself from his warmth, though she tipped her head up, propping her chin on his chest. “What for?”
He couldn’t look at her. “I—I didn’t want to do this.”
“What?” she breathed and immediately she was pulling away from him, ignoring the separation of their bodies. “If you didn’t want to do this then why would you—”
Jason held her close and lamented, “Mathias. I…I didn’t want to make you think of him.”
(Y/N) gaped at the man beneath her, then she calmed and rested a hand on his cheek, explaining, “Jason, Mathias died thousands of years ago.” She smiled, though he could see the sadness, even as minute as it was. “I lost him, yes, and I mourned him for many decades. But I moved on.” Her thumb swiped over his skin. “You needn’t worry of my affections for Mathias coming in between this. I loved him. Past tense.”
Her eyes flashed with sincerity. “But right now? I love you. Present tense.”
Jason blinked in shock. “You…you love me?” he shook his head when she nodded. “I just thought that you’d want…well you know…”
She laughed. “That I’d just want sex?”
“I trust me, I do want that. But,” she began and leaned up, brushing her nose against his. “I want your heart, Jason.”
“Please mean that figuratively and not literally,” he joked, and she rolled her eyes.
“I forgot how much humans could act like asses when they wanted too.”
He let out a ‘hmpf’ and tipped his head up. “You like my ass, thank you very much. It’s perfect and round and perky.”
“I do. And it is. But I think I’ll like it more when I’ve got you shoved face first into the bed and it’s all pretty in the air for me,” she smirked and his eyes went wide, jaw dropping.
“Are you talking about…”
(Y/N) grinned wickedly. “Oh yes, darling. Yes, I am. I’ve got one in the drawer down there if you want to go ahead and start the process.”
Jason swallowed thickly and chuckled nervously, “Maybe we can save that for a later day?”
Giggling, she nodded. “Whenever you’re ready, Jason.”
“Oh, thank God,” he sighed, cracking a smile when she snorted. He looked at her and cupped her cheek. “I love you, (Y/N).”
She smiled wholeheartedly and he felt his heart flutter in his chest. “I know. And I you.”
***Chapter Five***
Jason learned to not hope for things to stay the way they were in his life. He lived each day knowing it could be his last, a stray bullet or a well-placed knife between two ribs, he didn’t hope to stay alive—he wanted to, but he didn’t hope for it. But when it came to the fifth month of dating her, he hoped things would never change.
It was odd at first, staying over at her home every other night. Mainly because he learned early on that (Y/N)’s vampirism meant she hardly ever needed sleep. An hour, maybe two at the most, and then she was ready to go. Of course, when he’d brought it up, she did mention that the older she got, the less sleep she needed. Something about being as powerful as she was. Apparently, new blooded vampires slept for months on end, whereas the older ones barely slept at all.
He also noticed that with her not-sleeping, she also watched him a lot. It did send shivers up his spine, but not in the bad way. The only reason he knew she did was because he was asleep at one point and being trained to know when there were eyes on him, the hair at the back of his neck kept standing up and when he rolled over and opened his eyes, she offered him a sheepish grin and an apology for staring at him. “You’re really handsome and content when you sleep, darling.” She’d said. “It makes for a perfect inspiration to paint.” Jason learned to relax after that.
But soon, every other night carrying a duffel bag to her place became spending every night and filling a chest of drawers with his pants and undergarments, and the closet with his shirts and jackets. She’d even let him use an armor stand in her basement—she had a basement with weapons and armor and a blacksmithing station that made him squeal like a child when he first saw it—to place one of his extra suits. If it had been anyone else, Jason would’ve said things were moving way too fast, but something about (Y/N) told him that there wasn’t going to be anyone after her—while he wouldn’t be her last love, she was the last he’d ever have.
Arms encircled his waist and he hummed as she propped her chin on his bicep, watching as he prepared the vegetables. “What are you making?” she murmured, pressing a kiss just below where his T-shirt sleeve stopped.
He noticed that about (Y/N) too. She was very affectionate, always pressing kisses to where she could reach, or resting her hand or leg on him. He’d never been big on contact since coming back, but there was something so comforting about the chill of her lips and fingertips when she did.
Jason sliced into a carrot. “Beef stir-fry.” He grabbed a long green bean from one of the bowls just off the cutting board and raised it to his arm, smiling when she took it from him.
“Mmm, I’m glad I don’t have to do all the cooking for once,” (Y/N) quipped, as she licked her lips.
“Oh, is that all you’re keeping me around for then? To be your personal chef?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, Jason.” Her eyes twinkled and she pressed herself up against his back, her hands sliding down to his haunches where she squeezed lightly. “I keep you around as a personal bed warmer too.”
He barked a laugh and glanced over at her. “I should’ve seen that coming.” (Y/N) puckered her lips and Jason chuckled. “I did see that one coming though,” he remarked as he pressed his lips to hers, smiling into the kiss when she giggled.
She pulled away from him and walked to his other side, leaning down on the counter. “Do you want any help?”
“Nah,” he said with a shake of his head. “I’ve got it.” Jason turned his eyes onto her. “Did you get any response from the Lycan colony in Virginia?” (Y/N)’s eyes momentarily darkened, and he sighed. “Guess not.”
“They won’t talk to me through unofficial channels,” she answered. “If I actually want to learn what’s been happening, I’ll have to ask the council to call a meeting with the Lycan Alliance.” She rolled her eyes. “Going through the procedure is just bureaucratic bullshit but it’s what’s kept our kinds from all-out war for thousands of years.”
Jason glanced at her. “There some type of truce made like in the movies?”
(Y/N) nodded. “Back when I still worked on the council I—”
“Wait,” he interrupted, disbelief crossing his face. “You sat on the Vampiric Council? But I thought you hated it?”
“Oh no, I don’t hate the council. I loathe it. Entirely,” she corrected. “But I was the one who put forth most of the effort to get the truce into place.”
“Really now?” he wondered, eyes wide with impression. “How’d that come about?”
“Tensions between our species reached a boiling point and we were headed for full annihilation of our species if we couldn’t find peace somehow,” (Y/N) remembered. “I called on the leaders of the Lycan forces and asked for a parlay to negotiate a truce.”
“Did it work out well?” Jason asked. “Can’t imagine werewolves and vampires sitting peacefully in a room together. Sounds like a recipe for complete disaster.”
“In any other case, I’d agree, but you’d be surprised how calm people can get when peace is on the table,” she remarked. “I was the strongest on the council and my word carried the most authority, so myself and my most trusted confidants met with the most authoritative Lycan leaders for an entire month and on the night of the final day, we reached an agreement.”
“You weren’t worried you’d be outvoted by anyone?”
(Y/N) grinned, showing her pointed canines. “Oh no, darling. Me and the others made enough to outvote their opposition. But I digress, the agreement stated that all forces were to cease fighting when the sun rose on the first day of the new month and return to their respective colony or coven immediately. Our leaders would designate territories for both species and the other wasn’t allowed to enter unless given express consent.”
Her ember eyes followed the knife he wielded. “If a vampire killed a werewolf, the offended party was given custody of the perpetrator to do with as they wished and vice versa. Any crime against another was to be investigated and handled by elite members of the species, and punishment only carried out when acknowledged and allowed by the Council or Alliance.”
She sighed. “It took an entire month to draw out the truce and even longer to enforce it to the point that we could all take a breath and not dread war. But it worked, and we’ve had relative peace for a few millennia.”
Jason scraped the chopped carrots into a bowl. “How are your territories designated?”
(Y/N) hummed. “Fairly easily actually. Werewolves prefer warmer climates and vampires prefer cooler ones, so southern states and countries were typically handed over to the Lycan Alliance while the Vampiric Council took control of the north.”
He snorted. “So, what, the closer I get to the equator, the more werewolves I’ll find?”
“Pretty much.” She smiled. “Most northern and eastern states here in the U.S. are vampire-controlled territory. The south and Midwest are typically werewolf territory.” (Y/N) tipped her head side to side. “That being said, there are some cases in which Lycan colonies will reside in vampire control and the other way around too.”
“What cases are those?” he questioned, quickly chopping some tomatoes.
“On average, most native tribes are werewolf packs, though there are some tribes that are vampiric. The Mohawk tribe has been known to have a few of my kind here and there.” She reached over and plucked a cherry tomato from another bowl. “Since some native tribes still reside on their original lands, we share the territory with them.”
“Oh, so like in Twilight?”
“Yes, but also no, and please don’t ever mention that abomination again,” she scowled, and he chuckled.
“Yes ma’am.” Jason smiled, then seeming to think about something, his hands stilled.
(Y/N) caught it instantly. “Is something wrong?”
“Can I ask you something personal?” he questioned, gazing at her seriously and she nodded.
“Of course. Ask me anything.”
He inhaled deeply. “How’d you become a vampire? And why?”
She blinked, evidently not expecting that one, but she recovered and pulled his arm, tugging him away from the counter. They wandered into the living room and Jason collapsed onto one end of the loveseat, (Y/N) at the other. Resting her feet in his lap, she smiled when he started massaging them.
“This was back when I was still in my dimension and human, but vampires had become bolder and started attacking cities. They were looking for something, but no one knew what it was. All we knew was that there were attacks night after night and no sign of it ending.”
Her head tipped back onto the arm. “I was approached by a vampire hunter who wanted me to join the Dawnguard, an order of vampire hunters who were looking into the growing threat. I agreed and met up at the fort where the leader, a man named Isran, told me to go to a location called Dimhollow Crypt and investigate why the vampires seemed particularly interested in the tomb.”
Jason dug his thumbs into the bottoms of her feet. “What did you find?”
“A bunch of dead Vigilants of Stendarr and a whole lotta vampires,” she deadpanned, and his brows furrowed.
“What’re Vigilants of Stendarr?”
“Holy hunters of the Divine God Stendarr,” (Y/N) answered. “They root out evil and daedra where they find it.” She couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “A bunch of pretentious assholes if you ask me.”
Shaking her head, she continued, “So I snuck through the crypt and eventually found this…pillar with a bunch of unlit braziers around it. My dumbass put my hand on the pillar and got impaled by a spike, but my blood broke whatever magic seal and lit the braziers.” She took a breath. “After I got slid them in order, the floor moved, and an ancient sarcophagus was revealed.”
“And you found a mummy?” he quizzed with a grin.
“Actually, I found a vampire,” (Y/N) retorted with a smirk. “And Divines know how long Serana had been down there, but I helped her out of the crypt and back to her home off the coast of one of the capital. There, I met her father, the leader of the coven, Lord Harkon. He wanted to repay me for returning Serana, so he offered his blood—the chance to become a Vampire Lord like him.”
Jason rubbed her ankles. “What made you accept?”
She glanced at him. “He did show me the form of the Vampire Lord and…I was a greedy, power-hungry young woman then,” she admitted somewhat shamefully. “The thought of being able to bend humans into submission by swaying minds and having all that power… spoke to something dark inside me.”
(Y/N) cleared her throat. “I accepted, though it didn’t take long for my heart to change. I got less concerned with power and more concerned with security and ensuring our kind in the castle were safe.”
His hands stopped moving and she looked at him. “What is it?”
“You said you were greedy and power-hungry, but the woman before me hates any form of control, especially the Council.” Jason’s brows furrowed. “If you were as cruel and dark as you said, what changed you mind?” He seemed to remember something. “Did it have to do with your refusal to consume human blood?”
She bared her teeth in a growl, though it was more herself than him. “Divines, I forgot how fast you pick things apart.” (Y/N) sighed heavily and looked away. “…Harkon used to have humans in a dungeon beneath the castle. He called them…cattle. At first, I didn’t mind, but the thing about feeding is that you receive human emotions and memories.”
Her eyes got a faraway look. “It got to the point where I couldn’t bear feeding on them because all I could feel was their despair and agony.” She could feel his hands squeezing her heels. “I went to see an old friend and relayed my problems and he reminded me of something he’d told me a few years before…”
“What did he say?” Jason murmured and (Y/N) turned her attention back to him.
“He said, ‘I once told you when you came to question my death, What is better: to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?’ I feel as though now it is your time to look inside and choose.” she paused. “I swore an oath there that I would never again consume the blood of a human. I would overcome my desires and nature and I would do it every day as long as I breathed.”
(Y/N) stared at him. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of what he told me. I repeat the mantra every day. I live by it.”
Jason merely gazed at her for a moment, then he offered her a small smile. “You’re a strong woman, doll. Stronger than anyone I know.”
She huffed a laugh. “Thank you, Jason, though my strength is nothing compared to some of those heroes on the news.”
He chuckled and shifted her legs apart as he moved up her body. Jason rested comfortably atop her and she threaded on of her hands in his silky hair, scratching her long nails against his scalp.
“Nah, you’re the strongest of them all,” he said, pecking her forehead.
(Y/N) smiled widely. “I love you.”
“I love you more,” Jason replied, leaning down to kiss her lips, and a shrill ringtone made them both jump. He gave a flustered laugh and reached down his pocket, pulling out his smartphone. “Sorry, thought I had it on silent.”
She giggled. “It’s quite alright, Jason.”
He grinned at her and raised the phone to his ear. “Hello?”
Even if she weren’t next to the phone, she could still hear the conversation, her hearing was exceptional even amongst her species.
Jason! Finally! I’ve been calling you like all day!
Jason rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I know. That’s why I wasn’t answering.”
“Who is it?” she mouthed.
“Dick,” he replied.
What was that?
“Nothing, I was just—”
“No, Dickhead, I’m not.”
“Little-wing?” (Y/N) snorted and Jason pinched her hip.
“What do you want, Dick?”
Well, now that I know you’re with your girlfriend, can I talk to her?
“No,” Jason scowled, and she held out her hand with that look and he sighed. “Fine, here she is.”
(Y/N) smiled as she heard Dick squeal on the other end. “Hello? Dick?”
Yes! Hi! That’s me! Little-wing’s older brother!
“I know you are,” she replied. “I’m (Y/N), Jason’s girlfriend.”
See, we knew he had one. He’s always rushing around the manor like he’s late for dinner.
She smirked and cocked a brow, looking straight at Jason. “Oh, he is, is he?”
“What’s he saying?” Jason asked and she quickly brought one of her legs up and pushed against his chest, shoving him back to the other side so he couldn’t grab the phone.
“Tell me, does he ever talk about me?”
Oh, never. See he’s super tight lipped.
“Jason doesn’t talk about me?” (Y/N) pouted. “Jay, darling, I’m hurt.”
He tried shoving her leg out of the way, but she didn’t budge. “(Y/N), gimme the phone.”
I know the best way to remedy that, (Y/N)! You should come over to the manor tonight for dinner and we can absolutely humiliate him for you!
Her lips split evilly. “Tonight, for dinner? And here Jason was making some of his famous beef stir fry for me.” She shrugged. “Oh well, I guess there’s always tomorrow.”
So, you’ll come?
“We’ll be there,” she quipped, winking at a scowling Jason.
Jason yanked the phone from her and hit end call, then leveled her with the darkest glare she’d seen him give—and she loved every second of it, smirking right back. “Why would you do that?” he questioned lowly, and she raised her foot, toeing the collar of his shirt.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, darling,” she replied innocently.
Jason grunted low in his throat and grabbed her foot, sliding his hand up her leg. He got to her upper thigh and curled his hand underneath her, bending her knee up to lay across the back of the couch. Her other leg, practically on its own accord, shifted outwards, allowing him space to lay between her hips and (Y/N) couldn’t help but inhale sharply when he peered up at her, teal eyes narrowed and searching for something in her expression.
“Now we have to go suffer through dinner with my family, (Y/N),” he murmured, pressing his lips to the inside of her thigh where her shorts had ridden up.
“It’s only for a few hours,” she huffed, ignoring the urge to thread her fingers in his hair and tug him closer where she wanted him. Jason groaned against her thigh and she shivered as the vibrations sparked deep beneath her skin. She whined lowly and he shifted to her other thigh, sinking his teeth into the sensitive flesh. (Y/N) cursed as he sucked a bruise into her skin, laving the sting with his tongue before dragging it closer to her center.
“Jason,” she gasped, feeling his fingers starting to slide under her shorts, and then he was pulling away, from her body and from the loveseat to stand before her. (Y/N) didn’t know what to do as she stared up at the rather smug looking Jason, one leg cocked up over the couch, the other haphazardly resting on the floor.
“Knowing Alfred, he’ll want us there by six, so we should get ready to go,” he stated before sauntering off towards the bathroom.
She lay there for a moment, heart beating wildly in her chest, then the annoyance flashed across her face and she shouted angrily, but more flustered than anything, “You are such a teasing bastard!” All she heard was a bark of laughter.
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Gone: Part 5
AN: The part where the boys find out!!!! There will be one more part after this! And then this series is done!!!!
Master List 
There’s no explanation for it. There are no major cases going on, no supervillain attacks, no natural disasters, and no breakouts from Arkham. There’s absolutely no reason why Bruce shouldn’t be answering his phone especially going on three days. Dick can’t help but wonder if he’s finally fallen into a coma of exhaustion. With him in Bludhaven, Jason with the Outlaws, and Tim with the Titans there was no one to watch over Bruce except Alfred. And try as he might, the butler wasn’t able to go into the field. 
So he rounds up the troops. He sends a message to Tim to use the tubes, he drags Jason away from the Outlaws, and he drives to Gotham. It’s nearly two in the morning; which should mean Bruce is out on patrol, with Alfred in the caves. The house should be dark. It isn’t. 
They sneak in through windows, just to be safe and they stick to shadows. They check the cave and the study first. Then they spread out across the house. Jason is the first one to hear something that sounds like . . . giggling? 
He pops his head into the kitchen, and what he sees there makes him doubt his own eyes, because it looks like Bruce is sharing cookies with a kid. And not a robin either, just a regular kid? 
“Remember, you can’t tell your mom, late night snacks are a secret.” 
“Mommy won’t be up for a while. She could sleep through a hurricane.” 
Bruce snorts, “She’s actually done that before, back when we were in high school.” 
The girl giggles again, and now certain that he’s not seeing things Jason steps into the kitchen, “What the hell is going on?”  
Bruce’s head snaps towards him, and with alam Jason realizes Bruce didn’t know he was there. For the first time ever, Bruce hadn’t sensed him. “Jason? What are you doing here?” 
“What am I ??? Are you seriously asking that question?” 
He watches as Bruce’s posture changes, as he goes from whatever the hell he just was to the man Jason has always known, “I wouldn’t have asked the question if I didn’t want an answer.” 
“We haven’t heard from you in three days! Your counterpart hasn’t been seen in three days! We thought Alfred might have finally had you committed or something.” 
Bruce rolls his eyes, “It’s nothing like that. I had something come up?” 
Jason crosses his arms and leans against the doorway, “Babysitting?” 
The little girl’s eyes narrow on him, “It’s not babysitting when I’m his kid.” 
The sentence hits him like a MAC truck, “Excuse me?” 
She pops off of the stool, grabs what looks like a brontosaurus, and walks over to him, “I’m his daughter. Jo.”
His eyes flicker back to Bruce and the man shrugs. Jason’s mouth opens and closes several times before he squats down to study the girl. To her credit she studies him right back. “You’re not a clone?” 
“Is your mother one of our arch enemies?” 
“No. She’s too nice for that.” 
“And you’re not a robot?” 
“Not that I know of.” 
He pokes her arm and she giggles, and his own lips twitch in amusement, “Any deadly superpowers I need to know about.” 
“No powers at all.” 
He stands up and he looks back at Bruce, “All those talks you fed us and you go and have a kid?” 
Bruce sighs, “I’m married to her mother.” 
His eyes go huge at that, “You were married?” 
“Still am. We never got a divorce.” 
The shout goes through the entire manor, and brings Tim and Dick running. They skid to a halt right next to him, nearly knocking him over. 
“Jay, what’s wrong?” Dick’s tone is threaded with worry as he takes in the sight in front of him, mainly a little girl with a stuffed dinosaur and an annoyed looking Bruce. 
“Oh. Just our entire lives have been a lie! That’s all!!!” 
Tim lets out a tired sigh, “Explain please.” 
“Bruce is married.” 
“And he has a daughter!” 
“And because he’s cruel, he named her Joe.” 
“My full name is Josephine. After the character in Little Women.” 
Jason blinks three times, “Then I take back my previous statement. That’s actually a really good book.” 
Jo grins, and turns back to Bruce, “I like him.” 
Bruce sighs, “Of course you do. Dick, Tim, you guys okay?” 
Dick shakes his head a few times, “I think so, but an explanation on how this happened would be nice.” Tim just continues to blink. 
“Daddy and mommy were friends since they were kids. They grew up, got married, and mommy got pregnant, but daddy wasn’t ready to be a dad. So mommy went away, but we’re back now.” 
Dick eyes Bruce, “And you’re ready to be a dad now?” 
Bruce scowls, “Working on it.” 
Tim finally snaps out of it, “By giving her sugar at two in the morning?” 
He scoffs, “The kid sleeps less than I do and her mom . . . my wife is fast asleep. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me.” 
“Unless the screaming wakes me up.” 
Heads whip around to stare at you, and you look around the three boys to look at Bruce, “You are a bad influence.” 
He scoffs, “We used to sneak cookies all the time when we were her age, and their age.” 
“I remember.” 
You turn to focus on the boys, “Hi there, by the way.” 
They all just raise a hand in greeting as though they can’t quite believe their eyes. Your head whips towards Bruce, “They look traumatized. What did you do?” 
“You’re blaming me?” 
Before he can say anything, the tallest one takes your hand and says, “Jason Todd. Very nice to meet you. Please tell me that you’ll stay forever and continue to give him hell.” 
Your lips twitch, “No promises.” 
You watch Bruce stiffen at that statement, before Dick comes forward and says, “So what was Bruce like as a kid?” You’re guided over to the island, by your husband’s oldest son, and the other two follow. 
Bruce settles down in the chair next to you, while Jo climbs into your lap, and you spend several hours getting to know the young men in front of you. Part of you wonders if maybe Bruce has done more damage than good, the other part of you says that he’s done his best and that despite teenage drama, it’s obvious these boys care about him very much. 
By the time six am rolls around heads begin to loll, including Jo’s. You look at Bruce, who is still very much awake, “The boys all have rooms?” 
“Yep. They’re cleaned every week.” 
“Then I think it’s time they’re used.” 
You’re surprised when no one fights you, and Dick is actually quick to scoop Jo up, and carry her upstairs. Tim grabs Remmy, while Jason allows Bruce to steer him in the right direction. It doesn’t take long to get them all settled, and when you head into your room Bruce follows. 
You climb into bed and pat the empty space next to you, and he climbs in. You lay there in the dark in silence before you turn to him, “What are you thinking?” 
“That I’m an idiot.” 
“Tell me why before I agree or disagree.” 
“I could have had everything: You, the boys, Jo, and maybe more kids, but I let my fear get in the way.” He turns his head to look at you, “Tell me it’s not too late. Tell me that I can fix it.” 
You don’t lie to him, “I don’t know Bruce. I really don’t. I think . . .only time will tell.” 
He takes your hand, and nods, “I can settle for that . . . for now.” 
You scoff, “Like I’d give you any other choice.” 
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Part 22/?
Being asked to be the photographer at the recent Wayne Gala was an amazing opportunity, meeting your soulmate Damian Wayne was not a welcome surprise.
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Back again with another question from the Father of Mine universe. Lovedddddddd your replies to the other questions! I see that Jason is soft with the reader and I love it. With all my heart. How do you think Jason would respond if the reader got hurt, was on her period or sick now that they are together? Before he was watching over her when she was exposed to the gas but I want to know if you have opinions about this.
Also what about the other way around? Does the reader stay in bed and chill?
Maybe being on my period always makes me think like this because I want snuggles during this time. 🥰
Father of Mine
The getting hurt question will be answered a bit in an upcoming drabble I’m writing. 
When Y/N’s on her period, she usually just gets quieter because she’s in so much pain the first couple of days. But Jason casually keeps track of her cycle, so he always knows. He makes sure to get her all her favorite snacks and drinks. He makes sure his cuddles are available. He’s like her giant pillow and Jason doesn’t mind one bit. He’ll ask her a million times if she needs anything: tampons? pads? heating pad? advil? Jason isn’t embarrassed to get his girl feminine products. He also isn’t grossed out by periods. Only boys do that shit. He is 100% down for period sex if Y/N is. The man sees more blood on one night of patrol than Y/N will see in her entire life. And people think he’ll care about Y/N’s period blood? His girlfriend that he’s absolutely in love with and obsessed with? Nah. 
If Y/N is really sick, Jason won’t leave her side. He’s skipping patrol. He’s skipping whatever odd jobs he’s doing for money. He cooks her soup. He goes to the store to buy her every flavor of gatorade. He’ll force her to take some kind of medicine. And he makes sure she’s not too cold or too hot. He’ll sit on the couch or lay in bed with her if she just doesn’t want to be alone. 
Y/N does the same thing for him when he’s sick. 
When Jason is hurt, Y/N gets severely stressed out. So Jason tries to hide when his injuries because he doesn’t want to upset her. And honestly he’s rather good at it and usually gets away with it. Y/N can’t do a lot when it comes to being a doctor or a nurse. And when she thinks it’s too bad for Jason or her to mend, she gets really aggressive about him going to the hospital or at least to the manor for Alfred to help. Y/N get quite scary when that happens and Jason usually can’t find it in him to fight her. 
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meshlasolus · 2 days ago
Cruel Irony
Bale!Bruce Wayne X Reader
Alright so I'm in my hotel lobby so hopefully the wifi will let this post I've been trying to get it posted for a few days but yk whatever.
Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.
Chapter Warnings: none
Tumblr media
The first night Bruce made an appearance in his new suit, it was only to talk to the officer Gordon from the GCPD. He came back with a bunch of bruises and a whole lot of blood. He made it known that he hadn't even gotten into a fight, and the injuries were only because he jumped onto a fire escape.
I patched him up as best as I knew how, with him cursing under his breath every few seconds. When I was done, he left muttering a quick goodnight. I'd realized he was bummed out about the suit he'd been given by Mr. Fox.
When I began my first day at Wayne Enterprises, my new supervisor had introduced me to the heads of every department. It was her job to show me the ropes of my job as well as teach me about the company and all the current events that are taking place within the establishment. She was wonderful to me, although a bit strict, and stern. She was a powerful machine of business, and if I were to be like her, I had a lot to learn.
The day after Bruce's first test, he drove to work with me, which wasn't a daily occurrence. He told me something about meeting with Luscious Fox again, and so I assumed it would be about his nighttime activities.
Alfred and I thus far were the only people who kmew about his ideas to become a symbol to the city and bringing justice to the criminals, but I had a feeling that Mr. Fox would soon be catching on.
When work was over, and my brain was just about tired enough to turn itself off for the next week, I carefully and sneakily grabbed a roll of paper from my desk before heading down to the car where Alfred and Bruce were waiting.
He had eyed the roll of paper when I stepped into the car, but didn't ask until we got home.
"So, what's that?" He nudged the paper roll, to which I reacted by pulling it close to me. He furrowed his eyebrows and reached for it.
"Nope, you can't see this. It's a surprise." I tried to sound convincing, and even added a smile, but my nervous nature was very unlike me. He was unsure.
"What kinda surprise?" He narrowed his eyes and gave me a side glance.
"The kind of surprise where you don't get to see it until I'm finished." I said more fluidly. It wasn't a complete lie. It would come out eventually.
He straightened his features and nodded with a small smile, rolling his eyes before replying.
"Alright... but if it ends up making a mess in the house you're in trouble." He said with a pointing look and a smirk before exiting the room and heading to his own. I followed behind him, needing to get to my own.
"I learned my lesson, no trees in the house." I replied, remembering last weekend's mishap.
He chuckled and closed his door, as did I. My night began by spreading out the plans onto my bed, sighing and digging into my drawer which I had kept the collected materials in the past few days. Bruce didn't need to know about this, even though he was confident in sharing his plans with me. This would only worry him.
The black sleeves that I'd been altering had begin to take the shape of the pattern. I was not a very crafty person, although I could get the job done if I needed to. I just hoped my fighting skills would be enough to compensate for my lack of gadets and fancy suit like Bruce. I hoped my wits and wisdom would get me even further.
The number of hours I'd spent working on this get up was far too many by now, and the fact that it still wasn't quite finished gave me a sense of frustration. I wasn't even sure what I was missing, but I knew it was something. A hood.
I went into my massive and oversized closet, filled with expensive and some priceless clothing items at every corner. I reached into the back to find the clothing I was wearing when I first arrived in Gotham. My old raggedy attire from my career in the league of shadows. I supposed it would be a sort of tribute to my old life, while helping me conceal the identity I had made for my new one.
I chopped up the old shirt, making sure it was the proper size for a hood before I began to put everything together. I was sure that Bruce wouldn't be bothering me tonight, for he himself had plans of his own. The batman would make his first appearance in the city.
I also would make an appearance, but on a much smaller scale... I didn't want to run into Bruce if I could help it, but I needed to start getting experience in this city, enough at least to prove myself to Bruce.
I swore to protect him, but I couldn't very easily do that from the Wayne Manor every evening.
Since I did not have work to attend to tomorrow, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to begin.
Standing in front of the mirror, I felt more confident in the clothes I was wearing now than the ones I wore earlier in the morning. They weren't a reflection of who I truly was, only a facade. This right here.... I felt as though I'd reached a peak moment in my life. I smiled, pulling up the tighter band of fabric over my face to form a mask that only showed my eyes. I tied my hair up quickly and messily, then pulled the makeshift hood over my head.
To say I looked lethal would be an understatement. I smiled at myself and nodded in approval.
I went to the window, looking back to make sure my door was locked before I opened the panels with a squeak coming from the hinges. I climbed out with ease, making the maneuvers down the side of the house, gently gripping the sconces to keep me from plummeting down.
When my feet hit the dirt, I sighed in relief, then looked out over the city. It hadn't dawned on me how much running I would have to do just to reach the narrows, but I shook it off. I would be fine.
With a glance back at the wonderous house I'd begun to call my home, I started off in the direction towards the city. I was lucky enough to approach a cab while I got closer to the more populated areas, so as quickly and quietly as possible, I jumped down from my place on the runnung path in the hill, landing atop the yellow vehicle on the balls of my feet.
My training had prepared me for many things, but never had I put my skills to use so thoroughly before. This was another level of territory I had stepped into, but it was too late to back out now. I needed to prove myself capable, and I knew that I could if given an opportunity, which, in the narrows, was not hard to come by.
The next morning, Bruce slept through breakfast... and lunch. Alfred wasn't quite worried about him, however he did come to the conclusion that perhaps he should check up on the young billionaire.
Alfred opened the curtains of Bruce's room, seeing that he was still peacefully resting.
"Bats are nocturnal." Bruce groaned and turned to the other side of his bed while pulling the sheets up.
"Yes, but Bruce Wayne is not... and even for Billionaire Playboys, I think 3 PM may be pushing it a little." Alfred commented, setting pain medication and a green juice down on his bedside table.
A bit of chatter took place, but Alfred was only anxious for Bruce to see the newspaper. The butler was not even interested in what was on the front page, though he felt it a great accomplishment for Bruce.
"I think you will find page three more interesting." Alfred remarked, though Bruce was confused, since he very obviously was the one who occupied the coveted front page. Still, Bruce's interest was peaked, and he turned to the third page and smirked a little, while also huffing a sigh.
The title of the article wrote:
Hooded 'Cobra' Prevents Bank Robbery
Bruce kept reading, partially aloud, even though Alfred had already spent quite the long morning reading it all already.
"The figure was tall and shadowy, leaving no traces of evidence as to who they might be. Witnesses have taken to calling the mysterious hero the 'Cobra', given the sneak tactics and their snake shaped hood and face covering. The figure fought off seven gunned robbers, while completely unarmed, sources say...." Bruce scratched his head on that one before laying the paper back down and standing up from the bed.
He figured the best way to beat the sore and bruised muscles he'd gotten would be to move them around. He dropped to the ground and began his push ups, and Alfred was surprised he hadn't said anything about what he'd read, yet.
"Alfred, could you call Moyra in here, please?" Bruce paused his afternoon/morning workout spell and took a moment to breathe.
"I would like to sir, but she's still asleep." He replied, standing and getting ready to leave. "I could wake her up, if you wish."
"No, I think I oughta do it myself." Bruce stood from the floor, thanking Alfred again on his way out of the room. Bruce neglected to pull on a shirt, and he thought nothing about it.
I wasn't really awake, but I also did not call the state I was in one of sleep. It was somewhere in between. I could faintly feel the presence of another being in my room, but I didn't pay attention to who it was or why it had come.
When I felt a familiar hand on my face, I calmy stirred into full conciousness. My eyes fluttered open and I saw the beautiful face of the man I loved. Although under different circumstances, I wished I could wake up like this for the rest of my life.
"Hey..." I whispered faintly, eyes still groggy and a bit puffy from the irregular sleeping schedule.
"Hey...." he trailed off, leaning a bit closer and examining a small bruise I had on my face from the evening prior. "I made the front page this morning....."
"That's great, Bruce." I smiled in content. He was doing his part, and I was doing mine. Perhaps I should tell him soon, so he won't be upset with me.
"You made the third." He said, quirking an eyebrow. My smiled dropped from my face and my euphoric state of waking up had immediately fled from my body.
"It wouldn't happen to be because of Wayne Enterprises?" I tried to cover whatever bades I had left, maybe none at all.
He shook his head. I mimicked him in a sense of defeat.
"No, okay.... so you caught me, huh?" I prepared for an earful of Bruce's reasons why I shouldn't be doing this, because it's too dangerous, but it never came.
"I did. And I'm proud of you." He said, rubbing up and down my arm to show he wasn't angry. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat up a bit, only now realizing his completely bare chest. It would be quite distracting, but I would endure it.
"I thought you said you didn't want me to-"
"I was wrong. Looking at what you did, and how easily you did it... I shouldn't be the one to hold you back." He admitted, his eyes locked onto mine and I could tell he meant every word.
I smiled again, for the dangers were past.
"Does that mean the Batman is getting a sidekick?" I chided with a side smirk, coaxing him into it cheekily, although I knew he would eventually bend.
"I think you should stick to the bank robbery type stuff." He retorted, but I wasn't bothered. I rolled my eyes and tried again.
"How are we supposed to protect each other from opposite sides of the city." I proposed, to which he heaved a sigh. He knew he was going to give in, if not now then later on... he didn't see the point in prolonging the inevitable.
"First you need an upgrade."
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thebigbadbatswife · 3 days ago
The Witching Hour Masterlist
Read On AO3
Warnings - implied/referenced character death, mentions of death, guns, gunshot wounds
Rating - T
Summary - When her friends dragged her to Gotham’s old cemetery for some Halloween ghost hunting fun, Y/N really didn’t think her life would end up changing like this.
Chapter 1 - All Hallows’ Eve
Chapter 2 - Through The Veil
Chapter 3 - Against The Clock
Chapter 4 - Reset
Chapter 5 - Déjà Vu
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superhero-boogie · 3 days ago
So I have this fic idea of Peter Maximoff, and it will be long af, but I'm already writing a batfamily other that has more than 20k up until now so what should I do?
Hey I should probably link it here
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