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#yandere writings
anxiousnerdwritings · 15 hours ago
Hi!Can I request a yandere letter from Jason Todd (romantic) where the reader (is his past lover) became a vigilante after he died and started seeing someone else who kinda reminds her of Jason?
Tumblr media
Hey Babe,
Glad to see you’re doing right by kicking some criminal ass. Although, I have to say I was worried when I first found out you took up being a vigilante. But the first time I saw you in action, I couldn’t have been prouder. You were even using moves I showed you before...well, you know.
Speaking of which, I heard you kicked the Clown’s ass pretty hard, good. The bastard deserves that and more. I also heard you would have ended his miserable existence if it weren’t for Bruce. He was always weak when it came to taking care of these lowlifes and their criminal ways, indefinitely.
Especially, that fucking clown.
That’s why I had you. You were mine and vice versa. We always had each other’s backs. Unlike Bruce, you actually kept your word. You never gave up on me. You fought for me, you’re still fighting for me. And I would do the same, tenfold. Always. You’ve already done so right by me, far more than any of those so called “friends” of mine ever could.
But I got to say, I hate that new partner of yours. Don’t get me wrong, Babe, I get it. You needed something, someone after I was gone. But you can’t replace me. No matter how hard you try. And you don’t have to, not anymore.
Believe it or not, your Jaybird’s back and I’m taking back what belongs to me. It’ll be you and me again, Baby, just like old times.
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ramwrites · a day ago
Since there seemed to be a severe lack of people writing for this dude, I took it upon myself to write at least a little something. Sorry for the glitchy gif its the only one of him Tumblr provided lmao
WARNINGS: yandere Karl Heisenberg, mentioned body mutilation, mentions of extreme violence and gore, cursing, no actual nsfw but allusions to nsfw, injured and traumatized reader, afab! reader
Tumblr media
"Can't believe the bitch's cow has strayed so far from the meadow." The low and grumbly voice of one of the lords interrupted your focus on keeping quiet. You covered your mouth and hid even further back into the small space beneath the desk, even though you'd definitely just been adressed directly. "What? You didn't like the taste of grass anymore?"
The desk that was covering you flew up into the air, making you cover your head in an attempt to defend yourself. You felt someone kneel in front of you, and with shaky breath you eventually opened your eyes.
Heisenberg was looking down at you with a wide and toothy grin. Both his hat and glasses obscured your view of his eyes, but you didn't need to see them in order to feel the cruel gaze he pressed on your skin. In his left hand, he was holding the handle of his hammer, and for a moment, you imagined the way he would slam it down on your head, splattering your contents across the dirty factory floor.
“Don’t whimper like that.” He warned as he lifted himself up, kicking you so you’d stand up too. “I’m not going to kill you if you listen to me.”
Scuffling to your feet, you wiped the grime off your face, trying to look more composed than you were. Since you’d crawled out of the castle through tunnels only the staff was aware of, there’d been death and violence everywhere, and it was wearing down on you. All of it made you wish you woke up somewhere else, somewhere kinder than this shitshow. 
Eventually you’d arrived at the factory, and had hoped you’d be able to climb out somewhere and run off into the distance. The lands surrounding the castle and village were crawling with lycans, but it was the only way out, and you needed to get as far away as possible before the caste realized you’d escaped.
The scrapyard you and the grey-haired man were in felt hollow and cold, his voice bouncing back against the high ceilings and brick walls. You’d lost your shoes a few hours ago, and every step you had taken around this place had hurt, loose stones and screws meant you had to look out at every step.
When you’d heard footsteps approaching, you’d hid underneath a desk, hoping you wouldn’t be heard, but Heisenberg apparently had keen ears.  
The grey-haired man with the scruffy hat walked back to one of the many other scrapmetal heaps that littered the place and leaned against an old car, the entire hood missing, grabbing a pack of cigarettes from his pockets and lighting one. "So? Why'd you run?"
Wrapping your arms around yourself and shivering, you flinched as a sudden sound of lycans nearby cut through the air. Heisenberg didn't react and seemed to wait for your answer. Your voice cracked a bit when you answered. "I heard them talk about stringing me up."
"Ooh? Did your taste go stale?" He said, mocking Lady Dimitrescu's voice, a deep contempt for your previous mistress apparent in every word he said. "No longer fit for those pretentious and disgusting wines of hers?"
"I don't know." You answered truthfully. You hadn't made any mistakes as a maid, none you could remember anyway, and they had never once stopped looking at you like you were a glass of water on a hot summers day, so you'd been surprised when they talked about your death so casually and amusedly. You’d fooled yourself into thinking your blood was special enough to be kept. “I didn’t want to wait and find out.”
Walking back towards you, a cigarette still in his mouth, Heisenberg walked till he was but a breath away and blew out his smoke right in your face. When you coughed slightly as a result, he let out a short laugh. 
"In that case, that hag will want you back." Heisenberg walked around you, lifting his hammer up and leaning it against his shoulder. "That's even better. I love ruining that woman’s day.”
He pressed the cigarette out against the brick wall, despite having only just lit it, and clapped his hands, his loud voice echoing through the room as he controlled the entire conversation. You were in his territory after all, and there was nothing you could do if he decided you were more fun to him dead. 
"I have a fun idea- wait what's your name?"
"y/n, perfect." He drawled out your name, and you wondered how long it'd been since you heard your own name called like that. The women at the castle just called you 'the maid' or more graphic insults on most days. "So you might've noticed how I don't like your mistress a lot."
He waited until you nodded. 
Happy with how obedient you were being, he patted your head in a demeaning move, but you still felt comforted by it, knowing he could kill you in a second if he didn’t feel satisfied with your behaviour. The mutilated corpses on the way to the factory had assured you he didn’t feel any mercy towards those he didn’t find satisfactory. 
Your worst fear was to be turned into one of his engineering creations, the ones you’d seen crawling below you or heaving with pain in corners, merged with metal and without any resemblance to their own self. 
"I think I'll ruin her prize cow." His lips twitched again, as if barely containing his own laughter. "That’s you, in case that wasn’t clear. Do you now how I can do that?"
The question felt rhetorical and meant to taunt, but still you slowly shook your head.
"Come on, girlie, use your head." He held out his hand and a drill flew into it, and before you could crawl away, he made sure it worked a few times before pushing it threateningly againt your throat. "What can a 'stupid manthing' like me do to ruin your blood for that leech bitch?"
You knew the answer, but you didn’t want to say it out loud. 
Lady Dimitrescu had made it very clear what the necessities were to be considered delicious and prime for the wine she made. Other girls also used for the wine had whispered in dark nights that they weren’t technically virgins, and that it had just been a while for them, meaning that the taste could only be distinguished if it had been recent sexual activity.
No one ever told the Lady of the house that, afraid of earning her wrath and causing the death of many of the girls trapped in the basement.
Heisenberg pressed the drill firmly against your throat, his finger itching on the trigger. You knew he didn’t need to pull to trigger in order to make it spin through your skull, using his powers would achieve that goal just as well, but Heisenberg seemed to like making you nervous, and in that goal he succeeded. 
"F--fuck me?"
He dropped the drill immediately.
"Correct!" He chuckled. "I could also order some lycans to do it for me but where's the fun in that? Don't get many women here to begin with. Shouldn't waste the ones I get."
Heisenberg didn't tell you that he'd ordered his lycans to back off way before you even got close to the factory. You'd never would've made it here alive had it not been for his interference, but you didn't need to know how he favored you. It was funnier if you were scared and thought he was just out to taunt Alcina.
He also wanted to do that, but it was more a plus, if anything.
Every time he visited that blasted castle, he'd seen you cower behind the daughters, wearing a costume that had seen better days, the lace they pricked on to make it seem decadent instead making your outfit look cheap. Every meeting, he felt jealousy curling up his spine, how Mother Miranda had given you to the leech instead of to him, even though he would take much better care of you.
It only cemented his hate of the system, of the family.
Letting the metal of the old car behind him snap loose and bend itself around your waist and wrists, he cemented you firmly in place against the wall. Like this, he could make right a wrong, a step closer to a world that was fair to him.
Weighing the pros and cons, he eventually decided to stick another piece of metal to your body, covering your mouth. While he wanted to hear you sing for him, maybe that was better kept for times he didn’t need to prove a point. 
Your fearful eyes were enough of a show for him today. 
Making a bit of a show of it, he laughed and picked up the torn lace of your skirt between his thumb and middle finger and lifted it up very slowly, smiling at you as you tried to struggle against the metal bindings. The drill he’d used to threaten you returned, floating right beside your skull, the tip just barely touching your hair. 
You immediately stilled and just stuck to breathing shallowly. 
Removing his glasses to get a better look at you, he placed them in the pocket of his jacket and started removing the layers of clothing you were wearing, tearing it down or bunching it up at your waist. Women’s clothing always was such a hassle, with layers upon layers of cloth. Growing tired with it, Heisenburg opened up his hand and let a knife shoot right his way, the handle falling right in his open palm. 
Using it, he cut off your clothes, whistling as he did so. 
He was close to fully uncovering you, your thighs already bare, when a sudden growling and huffing sound above got his attention. Aggravated beyond all belief, Karl Heisenberg looked around the scrapyards, seeing several lycans curiously circle around the scene, curious whether they could kill and eat you. 
“Can you all just fuck off!” He screamed, making you flinch underneath him. When the lycans slowly removed themselves, listening to the commands of their master, Heisenberg looked at you a tad apologetically and lowered his volume. “Those monsters are all just a bunch of perverted onlookers, but I ain’t the type to want those kinds of eyes on me during.”
When he resumed cutting away your clothing, you flinched as far backward as you could in your current state, managing to nick your skin on a loose piece of metal right above your right shoulder. A shallow cut opened up just below your neck, and you started making pained noises, alerting the man cutting at your clothes. 
Noticing you’d managed to cut yourself, Heisenberg chuckled, pressing his own body against yours to lick away the blood that had started to flow.The scruff of his bears as well as his tongue darting in the wound hurt immensely, and you screamed in pain.
"Don't know what that bitch is on about." He said after pulling back, his beard stained red with blood. "You still taste fine to me."
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anxiousnerdwritings · a day ago
My Sweetest Child,
I have watched you grow before my very eyes, from a little baby to the beautiful and splendid person you are today. I think of just how grateful I was to be gifted with such a darling child everyday and how I could not be happier. I could have never asked for anything more then what you already were.
I still remember the very first time I held you. You were so small, so fragile and you felt so right lying there in my arms. I never wanted to let you go and I promised I never would. I became your home from that day on and you became mine.
I could never imagine not being a part of your life. Even if you are not by my side as much as you used to be when you were much younger, I could not fathom not seeing you or holding you in my arms again. The mere thought makes my heart ache painfully in my chest.
I could never bring myself to stop or interfere with you living a life of your own but I would only ask of one thing; Please, do not forget your dear Mother? All I want is to be there for you, to love and support you always. To watch you live and thrive. To see you be happy. That’s all a mother could ever ask for her darling child.
Your Loving Mother,
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sugoscurry · 2 days ago
31. "Fuck, you look so beautiful like this; squirming beneath me, sucking my cock."
Pairing: Rook Hunt/Reader
Warnings: Yandere, SPICE, non-con
Note: that’s it I wanna [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]—
You couldn’t breathe.
The poison laced on the tip of the arrow that grazed your arms and legs was potent enough to make them too numb to lift a finger. Your arms hung uselessly as Rook guided your head with a gloved hand on your nape down his thick shaft. He didn’t care about the little grazes of your top row of teeth on the veins of his cock— in fact it spurred him on even more— fucking your throat in earnest. You shift your back slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position, but you only bump your head against the bark of the tree behind you.
“Amour,” he gasps, gripping your neck tighter. "Fuck, you look so beautiful like this; squirming beneath me, sucking my cock."
You look up with him with distant, tears eyes and for a second Rook relents. Fuck, he nearly just came just by the sight of you. You have no idea what you do to him. His gloved hand not situated on your head grasps at the bark of the tree as he thrusts his hips against your face, allowing himself to lose control to your warm mouth.
“Nn— J-Just a little more, mon lapin—“ he moans, biting his bottom lip. “Please allow me the honor of coming down your throat.”
His pelvis grinds against your nose as groomed blond tufts of hair graze against your skin. His thick cock pries your jaw open beyond comfort, allowing saliva to freely drip down your lips and chin as well as down the column of your throat and drenching the collar of your shirt. The smell of precum as well as his natural earthy musk permeates your mind as you try to focus on anything by else rather than the situation you were in.
You suspected you were being followed into the woods, but you least expected to be ambushed by the hunter of Pomefiore himself. You’re too far in for anyone to hear you shout for help and you ended up running further in due to panic. You were a vulnerable target Rook wanted more than anything to hit, and here you were at his mercy. You weren’t experienced with your mouth, but Rook made use of it anyway, saving your virginity “for a time when you’re more receptive to his advances” he says. So he found your virginity sacred but not your dignity?
But by the seven, you were started to get lightheaded, spots danced in your vision as his scent becomes more and more intoxicating. At this point his thrusts become more aggressive, further making you gag and choke. Rook’s gloved fingers on the bark nearly tears some of the jagged surface as he finds purchase when finally thrusting into your mouth one last time and using his other hand to keep your nose buried against his pelvis. His knees wobble as he murmurs words of praise in his native tongue and his hand on your head strokes at your hair gently. Snot, cum, and drool covered his now soft length and pelvis, but Rook didn’t find it even the slightest bit revolting.
When he pulls out of your mouth your jaw remains slack as if you were showing him how obedient you were while swallowing his seed. In reality, you’re too lightheaded from being asphyxiated on his dick and your jaw is locked from being forced open on his dick. The taste of his semen begins to become apparent from the back of your throat and rising to your tongue. Eventually, your jaw closes uncomfortably as your stalker hoists you up by the waist, his pants fixed and a blush visible on his cheeks.
With his hunting gear affixed on his back and you resting against his chest he brings his lips down onto yours as he kisses you passionately, groaning at the taste of his own cum on your tongue. When he pulls away he lifts your weight over his shoulders and begins to walk the opposite direction of the setting sun.
“Rentrons à la maison, mon cœur.”
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anxiousnerdwritings · 3 days ago
You have been the very best to me; kind, loving, supportive, nurturing, everything a mother is and should be. I don’t remember much of my life without you having been a part of it and I never wish to find out. You have never doubted or judged me and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.
You have accepted me for me, encouraging me to be nothing but myself and I wouldn’t be the person I am if it weren’t for your love and support. I know I never have to worry whether you will turn me away or not be there when I need you most.
I know I can be a handful sometimes. Even on my worst days you put up with me, handling me with the same love and care as always. Never skipping a beat. You always talk about how grateful you are to have me when I am just as grateful for you. You are my mother, through and through. And I know I’ll never be without.
Thank you, Mom, for everything. Happy Mother’s Day!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Hi, for marvel love letters, maybe a romantic Peter Parker writing to his obsession that is hesitant toward his love?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you? Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen the way you’ve been keeping to yourself even more than before, especially when I’m around. Or how you try to make yourself as small as possible hoping I won’t notice you, I always notice you. Or how you shy away or scurry off whenever I get close to you.
I know my confession came out more jumbled and intense then I wanted but I just couldn’t contain myself. I’m sure it overwhelmed you and I’m sorry for that but you could at least be honest with me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. But being able to finally tell you how much you mean to me and how in love I’ve been with you for God knows how long just felt too good.
You don’t need to give me an answer or even return my feelings right now. I just needed to tell you how I felt. If you need time then that’s perfectly fine. I’ve waited this long, I can wait awhile longer. But please don’t shut me out or run from me again. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide or keep anything from. I’m here for you and that’s never going to change.
Call me whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Yandere Harley Quinn w/ Friend!Reader (platonic)
Tumblr media
First things first, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known Harley or if you even know her at all, you are her BEST FRIEND. One look at you and she’s already planning what your BFF bracelets are going to look like. And you better wear it.
She absolutely adores you! Harley would be the type to dress like you, try to talk like you, think like you, even smell like you. It makes her feel closer than ever and what better way to be close to someone then to become them. Or rather have you become her?!
Harley always finds a way into your home, no matter what you do to prevent it. You either come home to her having cooked a meal for you or ordered takeout. Or you wake up to her curled up next to you in your bed, probably wearing some of your clothes. There have been a number of times you’ve come home to her fast asleep in your bed, wearing something of yours or clutching your pillow with one of your shirts being a makeshift pillowcase.
She loves spending any time with you. Whether it be doing something fun for just relaxing and reading a book. She’s really smart and is more than willing to help you study or with what work you may have. Harley loves to lend a hand wherever she can, especially if it means helping you.
Harley isn’t really one for punishments, she can be a real pushover most times. If you say the right things and make a few promises then Harley will usually let you off with a warning. But if you don’t come through with those promises then she’ll have to do something to make you keep your word.
Usually she only threatens to do things to people or things that you love or care a significant amount about. She’s more of a threat to others than you. But on the rare occasion you say or do something that really upsets her, Harley will have no problem acting out on those threats. She’ll even drag you along to show you that she means business. All she wants is for you to allow her to be the best friend she knows you need. Why can’t you just let her be here for you.
Harley wouldn’t want to take the same route as the Joker did with her. She doesn’t want to be your Joker, she just wants to be your Harley. But if push comes to shove and you insist on being stubborn then Harley’s hand will be forced. She will take you to the vats of chemicals that she herself was once dropped into. You and Harley will be one in the same from them on. There won’t be any running away from her anymore, not as long as you have a reflection.
But you don’t have to worry, Harley will always be there for you, even when everyone else in your life abandons you. You’re her bestest friend, of course she loves you. No matter what, Harley won’t ever leave your side. It’s you and her against the world as she says. Besides, she thinks the new change in appearance is much more flattering.
She would drag you all around Gotham City, not necessarily doing anything criminal but rather having a very fun night out on the town. She wants to show you a good time and how much fun there is to have in the world. You’ll eventually be dragged into fleeing from the cops or Batman but that’s to be expected when you’re BFF’s with Harley Quinn.
Also, Harley would definitely introduce you to Ivy. The three of you would be a packaged deal, courtesy of Harley. Wherever you go, Harley goes and Ivy follows. Wherever Harley goes, she drags you along and Ivy follows. Wherever Ivy goes Harley also drags you along. Ivy will become a constant in your life along with Harley. Harley’s own obsession or at least some of her tendencies would rub off on Ivy. And Ivy has a way of reigning Harley in, even if it’s just a bit. In a way, they’ll work together in regards to you.
By the way, Harley would totally get you your own hyena, just like hers. Oh, they could be best friends too! Or even lovers!? Then that would make you best friends, in-laws and eventually grandparents. The thought alone brings a tear to Harley’s eye every time she thinks about it.
There is a lot of delusion to Harley’s obsession if that hasn’t made itself clear yet. It doesn’t matter how absurd it is, Harley is fully invested in everything she puts her mind to. And she’s just as invested in you. So much so, that Harley would be the type to marry her best friend so long as no one else could have them. Besides, you being married to her would only ensure that you are best friends till the day you die and vice versa.
You can bet she’s getting your marriage certificate framed and hung up somewhere. I wouldn’t doubt that she would go as far as to carry it with her everywhere. Or she’d at least carry around a photo of the two of you on the most important day of both your lives. Either way, Harley will pull the certificate or the picture out and show everyone. Even showing it to Batman as he hauls her off back to Arkham, talking about you all the way.
Speaking of which, whenever Harley ends up put back into Arkham, it’s inevitable really, Ivy will be there to keep an eye on you. She’ll keep you safe and healthy for when Harley comes back. And then it’ll be the three of you once again.
Now if Ivy ends up back in Arkham then you’re free for awhile. But are you really free given that not only Harley but also Ivy have been such a consistent part of your life, even for such a short amount of time. You may just end up feeling more lonely then relieved. You may even take drastic measures just to be reunited with both of them. In the end it’s better to be together then far apart.
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lovelybkg · 7 days ago
stressed (big sister pt 2) | levi ackerman
pairing :  levi ackerman x fem!reader
+ eren yeager x fem!reader, armin arlert x fem!reader, mikasa ackerman x fem!reader (all platonic)
request by anon​s : part two to the big sister | shiganshina trio ? pretty pleasee <3 /  Hello! May I request fluffy headcannons of Yandere Levi Ackerman from aot being taken care of and pampered by their darling since they hate seeing him stressed out from work. Maybe even Levi giving back to their darling 🥺🥺🥺 Thanks!
note : this shiganshina trio au is probably my favorite to write! i hope its alright that i combined the two since they i thought they would go well together 
warnings :  classic yandere protectiveness 
my requests r open ! here’s part one <3
Tumblr media
the survey corps just got back from a failed mission, and everyone was exhausted. you couldn’t join this mission because you got sick and was still recovering. though you insisted you could handle it, the trio and the captaid forbid you.
you made your way to levi’s office with a cup of his favorite tea after noticing how stressed he looked. his eyes looked way darker than usual and his eyebags were way darker.
as soon as you entered his office, you were met with the sight of him doing paperwork. why can't this man just relax for once?
looking up to check who entered his office, he frowned upon seeing you.
"what are you doing here, you brat? you're supposed to be resting right now" and the only answer he got from you was a smile before you placed the tea on the table in front of him.
making your way to him, you began massaging his shoulders. in just a few minutes, you noticed his stiff posture getting better and him getting more relaxed
"'m ok, im all better now! i even baked your favorite bread" you reassured him as you started playing with his hair "oh, that reminds me, i have to go get it! be right back" and you got up to leave after leaning down to give him a kiss on the cheek
going to the kitchens meant you were going to have to interact with the people you meet on the way. he didn't want you around any of them, especially those three brats who kept stealing you away from him. before he could stop you though, you already left the room and closed the door behind you.
on the way back, you were cornered by the exact people levi was hoping you wouldn't see. eren, mikasa, and armin
before you could even greet them, they began to bombard you with questions
"what are you doing here? you're supposed to be resting!" "why are you in this part of the building?" "are you meeting with someone?"
you dismissed all their concerns with a laugh, reassuring them that you were alright before asking them about the mission. one question led to another and before you knew it, thirty minutes passed with just you talking to them about random stuff and the bread forgotten.
when you remembered what you were supposed to be doing, you tried to sneak past the trio to get to levi's office. it was usually so hard to get away from them, but it was easier this time as they were distracted by a piece of bread you offered them earlier.
meanwhile, levi was starting to get impatient and considered going out to get you. thankfully, you walked in before he could or else another fight would've ensued between him and the three.
sitting next to him, you began tearing the bread into smaller bite size pieces which you then began to feed to him. he couldn't help the small smile forming on his face at your sweet gesture.
of course, he tried to hide how flustered he was with a comment about how you must have gotten your germs all over the bread. this of course, wasn't taken to heart as you just pouted at him and lightly punched his shoulder
though he didn't really like being treated like this, like a hopeless baby, he didn't mind if it was you. it only meant more time with you, which he craved so bad because the brats kept stealing you away more often lately
you began telling him about your day as the both of you fed each other the freshly baked bread. it was quite boring, according to you, as you had nothing to entertain yourself with. you told him about how you spent the whole day sleeping and reading books while you waited for their arrival.
though you complained about it, levi was quite happy to hear about what you did the entire day. this is what he wants every day to be like for you. you shouldn't be out there fighting titans, you could get hurt! here, he could keep you away from harm. unbeknownst to you, he was already began thinking of ways to get you to permanently stay home.
the sweet moment between the two of you was interrupted by loud knocking and a voice that made levi visibly cringe "y/n-san! are you here? we've been looking everywhere for you!"
it was eren
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lovelybkg · 7 days ago
storms and comfort | f. tokoyami
pairing : tokoyami fumikage x gn!reader
request by anon​ : Hi hon! If you write for Tokoyami could you do something along the lines of reader comforting him during a storm?
note : its weird how his initials are tf lol anyways, my first time writing for tokoyami ! and this is actually soft? yandere part is only around the last two paragraphs
warnings :  mentions of kidnapping and stockholm syndrome
my requests r open !
Tumblr media
the storm has been going on for about two hours now, with the power being cut off an hour ago because of the bad weather. tokoyami couldn’t think, he couldn’t even hear his own thoughts. all he could hear were the harsh patter of the rain on the windows and roof. he couldn’t see anything except darkness, with only the occasional lightning illuminating the room he was locked up in. well, that and dark shadow’s glowing eyes. 
he locked himself up in this room knowing he wouldn’t be able to contain dark shadow because of the darkness. he’s doing this for your own safety. and he didn’t want you to see him this vulnerable, he’s supposed to be the strong one! the one to protect you from everything! so, he tucked you into bed two hours ago, strictly forbidding you from going anywhere near him. now, he’s stuck alone in this small room as he started to struggle breathing, his head feeling too heavy as he desperately tried to calm himself down.
then, he heard light footsteps walking towards the door of the room he was in. he thought he was hallucinating until he heard knocking and your voice calling out his name. 
“tokoyami-kun? is everything alright in there?” just hearing your voice made him feel a bit better, your presence always did. he opened his mouth (beak? 😭) as if to respond, but immediately closed it again as no words came out. before he could try to answer again, he heard the sound of the door opening “im coming in”
you were met with the sight of him crouching down on the floor, with dark shadow almost fully wrapped around him. he was sweating and breathing heavily, showing signs of his earlier panic attack. his eyes were wide, alarmed with panic as he saw you come in. thankfully, you were smart enough to bring a flashlight with you. upon coming in, you directed the light directly at dark shadow, effectively taming him. 
you reluctantly approached him, not yet being fully comfortable around him as he only kidnapped started dating you around three months ago. however, seeing him in such a pitiful condition led to you wanting to comfort him and make him feel better. though he was your captor and you were supposed to hate him, you couldn’t; not when he took such great care of you, never forcing you to do anything you didn’t want to. he even go you everything you asked for, making sure you were comfortable in his home. this is the least you could do.
so you hugged him. after a few moments, he awkwardly embraced you back. his arms were tightly wrapped around you, as if he never wanted you to let go of him. you stayed like that for a while, without exchanging any words as he slowly calmed down. the previous noises from the storm now only served as background noises for your soft humming, gently lulling him to sleep. 
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Could we get platonic yandere supernatural love letter? The last one was stunning, maybe one with cas or Sam if you’re comfortable with it!
Tumblr media
Hey (Name),
I know this is the last thing you want right now but given that you haven’t talked to us since we brought you home or acknowledge us whatsoever, I have taken the liberty of writing you this letter.
I get that you’re angry with us, especially Dean, and its completely understandable. You have every right to be upset or even hate us, but could you at least try to understand where Dean and I are coming from? Everyone we have ever loved or cared about has been taken away from us in some way, shape, or form. We don’t want the same to happen to you. We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we ever lost you.
I know Dean can be a massive jerk but he means well even when it doesn’t seem like it. Trust me, I would know that better than anyone. He genuinely cares about you all the same and he goes about showing that care with his actions. I can agree that his actions can sometimes be questionable but he’s trying. We both are.
I’m not trying to tell you to like the situation you’ve been put in, that we’ve put you in, but could you try and bare with it. Once everything is said and done things will get better, I promise. Until then please bare with us. We just want to keep you safe.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
I needed to write you before the time finally comes. Before he finally comes looking for us. I won’t be able to send anymore letters after this for awhile, I shouldn’t even be writing this one, but I have to get this to you.
I just want to thank you for everything you have done, everything you have been, and everything you are. You are my greatest friend and I don’t know what I would have done without you by my side. We’ve always been there for each other and I know we will continue to be there for one another, no matter what.
I know we’ve been through so much together, you and I. Always and forever, isn’t that what we promised all those years ago? Well, I need you more than ever, my friend.
I wanted to ask something of you. If... anything were to happen to James and I, would you be there for Harry? Would you keep an eye out for him? Would you watch over him? Protect him? Would you love him and be there for him if we couldn’t?
I know I probably sound out of my mind but I can’t shake this feeling of dread. And I’m scared. I’m scared of what’s to come and whether my family will survive it.
Please, promise me you’ll be there; for us, for me, for Harry. Promise me that you will take care of my baby if I can not.
Promise me, (Name). You’re the one I trust most in the world, please take care of my baby. No matter what.
Always and Forever with Love,
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anxiousnerdwritings · 8 days ago
a love letter from yandad! brainwave based on the ask: where readers parents force her to cut the kings out of her life, due to them seeing their unhealthy obsession with reader?
Tumblr media
Those “parents” of yours have no idea what they are doing by trying to cut Henry and I out of your life. Things wouldn’t have to get to the level they are now if those fools just minded their own business.
I knew I should have taken care of them sooner rather than later, but now there is no excuse. I need to step in and set them straight.
Be ready by 6:00 pm, on the dot. Henry will come by your old residence to pick you up and bring you to our home; your new home.
By the end of the night we will finally be a family. No more obstacles left to get in the way.
Your Father
H. K.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 days ago
Love Letters Masterlist
Yandere Barbara Gordon (platonic)
Yandere Bruce Wayne (platonic)
Yandere Cameron Mahkent (romantic)
Yandere Damian Wayne (platonic)
Yandere Damian Wayne (romantic)
Yandere Damian w/ Twin!Reader (platonic)
Yandere Dick Grayson (romantic)
Yandere Dick Grayson/Tim Drake (romantic)
Yandere Dick Grayson (romantic)
Yandere Henry King Jr (romantic)
Yandere Henry King Sr (platonic)
Yandere Henry King Sr (platonic)
Yandere Jason Todd (romantic)
Yandere Jordan Mahkent/Icicle (platonic)
Yandere Red X (romantic)
Yandere Rick Tyler (romantic)
Yandere Roy Harper (romantic)
Yandere Selina Kyle/Catwoman (platonic)
Yandere Talia al Ghul (platonic)
Yandere Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler (romantic)
Yandere Knull (platonic)
Yandere Norman Osborn (romantic)
Yandere Peter Parker (romantic)
Yandere Peter Parker w/ Hesitant!Reader (romantic)
Yandere Raven Darkholme/Mystique (platonic)
Yandere Steve Rogers (platonic)
Yandere Tony Stark (platonic)
Yandere Alice Cullen (romantic)
Yandere Jane and Alec Volturi (platonic)
Yandere Volturi Queens (platonic)
Yandere Dean Winchester (platonic)
Yandere Sam Winchester (platonic)
Harry Potter
Yandere Draco Malfoy (platonic)
Yandere Lily Evans (platonic)
Yandere Ron Weasley (platonic)
The Boys
Yandere Homelander (romantic)
Greek Mythology
Yandere Aphrodite (romantic)
Yandere Hestia (platonic)
Yandere Zeus (romantic)
Mother’s Day Love Letter From Reader (platonic)
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 days ago
Oh can I have a platonic love letter from yandere Damian wayne trying to get his sister who ran away to came home before the yan fam does something drastic.
Lots of love
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
Everyone is worried out of their minds looking for you, you know? Me included. We’ve all searched everywhere but it’s like you have completely disappeared. Not a trace of you anywhere.
Where are you? Can’t you at least let us know that you are safe? Can’t you at least tell me you are alive?
Father is desperate. We all are. But I’ve never seen him like this before. Even with the help of the Justice League we haven’t got a clue where you are, if you’re even okay. I’m afraid of what is going on inside Father’s head. I’m afraid of how far he’s willing to go and who he’s willing to take with him.
Was running away really worth it? Is it worth putting us all through this turmoil and heartache? The family is going downhill fast, understandable given how you are what kept us intact. Now that you’re gone it’s as if you taken a piece of all of us with you as well.
I don’t know where you are. I don’t really know why you left but if you come back I promise we can fix whatever drove you away. I’ll talk to Father and the others, we’ll settle whatever it is, just please come back home. I need my family whole again. Without you, there is no family.
We all miss you. I miss you. So please, Y/n, come home before it’s too late.
-Your Little Bird
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 days ago
Yandere Chris and Claire Redfield Headcanons (platonic)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Redfield siblings stick together no matter what. Even separated, they’re sole goal is to find one another and be reunited. Family is what matters most, especially when it comes to surviving zombies.
Claire is the one who probably becomes obsessed with you first. She came across you while she was looking for her brother and she just couldn’t leave you on your own. The two of you were safer together in her eyes. She’s not going to let you out of her sight, she’ll have you glued to her side from now on.
At first you don’t question her taking you with her, if anything you appreciate it. It’s hard enough surviving on your own but now you have someone to have your back and keep you company. You’re thankful for Claire in the beginning but soon or later that won’t last long.
It’s no surprise that Claire is protective, you’re protective of her too, you have to be in your guy’s current situation but Claire seems to have taken it to a whole other level. She doesn’t trust anyone, not even Leon. At least not with you.
She believes she’s the only one who knows what’s good for you. And at one point she believed she was the only one who could protect you, at least until the two of you found Chris. But the cruel reality comes crashing down on her when you inevitably get hurt, on her watch. Luckily, Leon was there to help out.
Leon would become one of the few people Claire trusts after that, especially with you. After her brother of course. When Claire can’t chance taking you with her, she’ll leave you with Leon. He becomes a companion for you and another set of eyes for her.
As for Chris, when he and Claire are finally reunited you are all she can talk about. When Chris meets you he can understand why. It doesn’t take him long to follow suit with his own obsession. If you’re Claire’s family then you’re his family too.
If you thought Claire was overprotective then you haven’t seen anything yet with Chris. He is extremely overprotective. Not as much towards Claire, he knows she can handle herself pretty well. But you, he’s not taking any chances with you.
Claire isn’t the only one with a second body to protect and look out for you. Chris trusts Jill wholeheartedly and vice versa, she has no qualms about helping him out when it comes to his family. Chris doesn’t necessarily trust Leon himself but if Claire does then he can get by with that. But Jill will always be his first choice for when neither Chris or Claire can’t be with you.
Chris really likes to make you laugh or at least get a smile out of you. He can’t stand seeing you look so hopeless or sad and he’ll do his damnedest to give you even a little bit of hope to hang on to.
God forbid anyone tried to hurt you or use you against either of the Redfield siblings, especially Albert Wesker. Everyone is already gunning for him, having him try and pull something like that would only take everyone to a whole new level of wanting his head on a silver platter.
Claire usually handles punishments. Chris, more times than not, can be swindled out of any kind of punishment or consequence. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy, neither does Claire but they also want you to realize that you need them. With how the world is after the virus, you can only trust and rely on each other but you insist on going against that.
You’re only ever really punished for trying to getaway from them or Jill and Leon. No one is ever extremely physical when it comes to punishments, the most they do is try and restrain you. Also, Jill and Leon are given permission to act out any punishments they see fit but they are given limits to what they can do.
The farthest I could see either Claire or Chris going is purposely putting you in a dangerous situation only for them to save you. They’d make damn sure there is no way you’ll actually get hurt or anything, they just want to scare you into finally realizing how much you truly need them.
Even with time and your obedience, Chris and Claire’s tendencies won’t ever truly let up. They could lessen to an extent but never to a point of you having your own free will. You’re their family and they know what’s best for you, that’ll never change. In the end it’s best to bare with it. They mean well even if they can be pretty selfish with how they go about certain things.
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enchanted-m00ns · 11 days ago
Yandere Chiaki Nanami
Tumblr media
a / n: why do i keep on typing "chiaka" instead of chiaki-!!! >:\ anyways, i wanted to do this lol. cw: yandere themes ig???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- chiaki nanami, the ultimate gamer. she was quite straightforward sometimes, considering your feelings and how you might react to certain thing she might ask. - as a gamer, she is very observant and analytical so she wouldn't ask you what your interests are. instead she'd look from afar. - chiaki isn't really the type to stalk, per say. she'd just catch little details and put them aside in a notebook in her head. - but maybe the type to be obsessed- like gaming, she can look at you and forget to sleep and breath! - although, no need to be afraid! chiaki would never hurt you or anyone! instead, she bullies them online- >:) - but really, she's really good and remaining calm around you! - chiaki loves yours presence so much! she loves having you around her at all times, just to make sure you're safe <3 - she also really loves when you sit next to her in bed, watching her play her games! - since chiaki's gaming sessions sometimes go a bit overboard at night, you'd usually fall asleep, but she doesn't mind. having you safe is her main priority now :) - at school, she is even doing well in her studies because she knows that you'll be mad if she doesn't do well in school. you're chiaki's only motivation :D
Tumblr media
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lovelybkg · 11 days ago
protective | t.s.
pairing : todoroki shoto x gn!reader
request by @pocky-writes​ : how about a soft yandere todoroki who likes to spoil his sweetheart, and at first they don't like it until he scolds them and tells them that if they don't accept the spoils, he won't give them anything else. smuggle in some praise from him at the end too?? <33
note : wanted to write protective shoto, and i thought the request kinda fit so i decided to add it ! sorry if it isn’t the main story D:
warnings : very protective behavior, reader is kinda childish and sensitive, slight manipulation
my requests r open !
Tumblr media
you woke up to an empty bed, devoid of the usual gucci and other designer brands packages shoto left for you. you let out a sigh of relief, thinking he finally listened to you and stopped sending you so much expensive stuff. surely, you didn’t need all those gowns and designer bags. hell, you don’t even go out! were you supposed to wear those fancy clothes in your small apartment? upon telling him about this, he offered to let you move in with him in his penthouse. as if. 
you love him, you really do. but he just has to listen to you sometimes! you don’t want him wasting so much money on you! he’s already paying for your college tuitions, that’s already too much. whenever you tried to tell him to stop, he just shuts you up with a chuckle and a kiss on your forehead, telling you not to worry about it. 
opening your phone, the 27 unread messages from him didn’t even phase you. he did have the tendency to send you a lot of text, most of them to check up on you. you knew how much it bothered him not being able to meet you often because of hero work, that’s why you were so understanding of his protectiveness and clinginess. he’s just worried, after all. you sent him a good morning text, proceeding to answer all of his questions as to avoid making him worry. he does get fussy when you don’t reply to his texts quickly. 
then you remember the plan you made with your friends to go out later that afternoon. you knew there was no way shoto would let you go, he doesn’t really allow you to go out much anymore. you understand though, he just wants to keep you safe! but maybe he’ll let you this time? before you can carefully plan how you’ll ask for permission, your phone flashes with an incoming phone call from him.
his deep voice greets you as soon as you answer the call, “good morning, my love”
“good morning, sho! are you at the agency?” he couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic way you greeted him. you were just so cute! he feels all his stress melting away by just hearing your voice.
the conversation went on for about an hour. he tells you about how stressful his morning was, with the new interns messing up during patrol and how dynamight couldn’t control his temper in front of the media again, which ended with him having to take care of everything with the agency’s pr department. you wanted to know more about his day, but he quickly changed the subject, instead asking you about how your sleep was. were the new pillows he bought you comfortable? how about the cotton silk pajamas? did you wear them? upon answering yes, he asked you for a picture. you quickly sent him one, fixing your hair before doing so.
“you look adorable, baby. do you like them? i’ll buy you more once i have the time” before you could protest, he changed the subject again as if he knew you were going to refuse. 
“what are your plans for today? i don’t think i can visit you today, it’s quite busy here at the agency. maybe you could read the new books i bought you, or just rest and take naps for the whole day. also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. i left my credit card there so you can order food, okay?” suddenly being reminded of your plans by his question, you braced yourself for what you were going to say next. 
softly calling out his name, he hums as if asking you to go on. what were you so nervous about? he knows you get quiet when you want to ask him for something, he just wishes you would stop being so shy. after all, he would give you anything your little heart desired. 
“can i go out with my friends tonight? please? i promise i’ll be home by ten!” you practically squeaked out with how nervous you were. it’s as if you could hear your heart beating out of your chest with the silence that followed your question. why isn’t he talking? is he upset at you?
“no” his voice was cold now, quickly replacing the doting tone he was speaking to you in earlier.
“w- why? it’s safe! there’ll be six of us so there’s no way i’ll get hurt! please, sho, just this once? i haven’t seen my friends in so long” your voice started to crack, a sign you were close to crying. 
“i said no, baby. so stop arguing, alright?” you started crying now, all he could hear from the phone was your soft sniffles before you hang up on him. 
you woke up with a headache and a strong arm wrapped around your waist. as you begin to panic, you realize it’s just shoto next to you due to the scent of mint and expensive cologne that practically engulfed your room. 
remembering what happened a few hours ago, you felt tears well up in your eyes again. you didn’t even notice you fell asleep. you hugged him tightly and buried your face in his chest, startling him. 
“im sorry sho!” you blurted out. you snuggled further into his chest, refusing to look at him. you didn’t wanna see his face! he’s so scary when he’s angry!
quickly recovering from his shock, he started rubbing your back softly as he reassured you that he wasn’t upset at all. he readjusted your position, forcing you to look up “im not mad at you baby, but i am glad you know what you did was wrong. i just want to protect you, you understand right?”
you nodded your head yes as you tell him you love him too. of course you did, shoto took good care of you. he does everything for you, the least you could do is listen to what he says! after all, he knows what’s best for you.
he gives you a kiss on your forehead before smiling softly at you, “you were crying, weren’t you? i’m sorry baby, but i’ll make it up to you. we’ll go shopping later, alright? i’ll buy you whatever you want”
you whined out a no, puffing out your cheeks like a child. he seriously needs to stop spending money on you, you didn’t deserve it! 
as if reading your thoughts, he rushed to reassure you “why not? baby, let me spoil you. you deserve it,” you know you don’t deserve it. you’re already so lucky, being able to date him, knowing millions of other people wish they were in your place. what can you even give him in return?
“shouuuu” you whined, “you already give me so much! and i can’t even give you anything in return. i dont deserve you” you pouted, showing your clear displeasure of his insistence on spoiling you.
he let out a light chuckle, face laced with amusement from what you said. his naive baby, why can’t you understand that he wants to do this? he loves you, you’re his sweetheart, and he’s going to take care of you. he’ll give you the entire world if he could, it’s what you deserve.
“i don’t expect anything in return, my love. and i’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. you’re the sweetest baby anyone could ask for, i’m very lucky to be able to call you mine”
the writing is kinda choppy, especially the conversations dhshs im sorry! D:
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lovelybkg · 12 days ago
sick | m.i.
pairing : midoriya izuku x gn!reader
request by anon : May I request Yandere Midoriya reacts to Y/N being sick? Y/N is rarely absent but Y/N have a fever. And here is Midoriya wanting to take care of Y/N, hold them, and make sure they're eating well.
note : there’s nothing i love more than a loving darling <3 i hope you like this !
warnings : yandere behavior, izuku is paranoid nd delusional
my requests r open !
Tumblr media
there’s only 15 minutes left before class starts and you still haven’t arrived, izuku was getting quite worried. 
he knew you had a tendency of waking up late, but he went to your room earlier while you were sleeping unaware to make sure your alarm was on!
did something happen to you? what if a villain attacked the dorms while you were asleep? he couldn’t let you get hurt!
while he was considering going back to the dorms to check on you, aizawa arrived and informed everyone you would be missing class for the day because you got sick.
what? how did you get sick? were you not taking care of yourself? was it because of the cold? but he made sure your blanket was placed properly on top of you last night when he sneaked in your room, how could that happen?
maybe it was because you weren’t eating enough? sure you ate three meals a day, but that isn’t enough! you need to eat more
that’s why he made you food everyday, placing the small lunchbox in your locker before class started. but he never saw you eat his gifts? he worked so hard on those, he even asked his mom to teach him how to cook different dishes!
it’s his fault you got sick, he should’ve taken care of you better! he’s your friend boyfriend, it’s his job!
he couldn’t even focus in class anymore, all he could think about was you. while present mic was droning on and on about some random english poem, he was listing different ways he could help you feel better on his notebook
make you soup? he could text his mom or ask kacchan for a recipe!
no no no, he can’t ask kacchan for help! what if you end up liking the soup so much that you fall for him instead? he can’t let that happen, you’re his.
his poor baby, you must be suffering right now. 
why can’t class end sooner?? he just wants to go and hold you in his arms.
just imagining you in pain makes his heart hurt. he just wants to make you feel better, give you kisses and cuddles. 
in his mind, he’s your boyfriend, and he has to take care of you!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 14 days ago
platonic!volturi queens letter for a young teenager around their teens?
Our Precious (Name),
You have no idea what your very existence means to my sister and I. Our own existence became nothing but stagnant and lifeless, even more so then we already were. Then you came along; an innocent little thing simply on a school trip to Volterra.
You were so free. So lively. Your mere presence reminded us both of our dear Didyme. Once we lost her, we also lost a part of ourselves as well. But you, you make us feel alive again. Alive and complete. We could not possibly bare the thought of parting with you, not after we regained so much of what was taken from us.
Aro and Caius were apprehensive and not accepting of the idea of keeping you, but my sister and I were allowed to be happy. We deserved that much after being forced away into hiding. But do not worry, we will not let them bring any harm to you.
No. You are ours after all. Our precious little Y/n.
Having been locked away has made us more impatient then usual, we must apologize for that. But we can not chance losing you, not like our late Didyme. Therefore, Sulpicia and I agreed to have you changed right away. We will see it through, beginning to end. And do not fret, the pain will subside soon enough.
Once you awaken we will be right by your side, for all eternity.
Yours Truly,
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stayarmytinyzenmoa-l · 14 days ago
[10:11 PM]
**Takes place quite some time after [Jungwoo’s Infatuation Ending]**
TW: Kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, Implied Amnesia
Y/N Pronouns: Female (She/Her)
[Main Masterlist] | [Timestamp Masterlist] | [Infatuation Masterlist]
You woke up in an unfamiliar room, your heart was still racing faster than ever before. Where the hell was this? One minute you’re at home watching a movie with Jungwoo and the next you were here. It looked like a waiting room, there was a jacket and bag next to you that you didn’t recognize and there was a bottle of water in front of you. The door opened and a tall officer walked in.
“Hey there, (Y/N), we’ve been looking all over for you, I can’t believe it’s been this long,” he says. “Don’t worry, you’re safe now.”
“Sorry?” You shook your head, still trying to adjust to the light.
“You hit your head pretty hard when we came to get you so you were knocked out, Renjun tried to make the place comfortable for you, at least,” the officer continued. You were still trying to make sense of the spinning room. “You had us all worried, to think Jungwoo could do something like this... none of us thought he would.” Your ears perked at the familiar name.
“Jungwoo? Where is he?”
“Far away from here, you don’t have to worry about him anymore. You’re safe now,” the officer continues. “My little brother can rest easy now knowing you’re in safe hands. Want me to get you anything, (Y/N)?”
“No thank you, can I go see Jungwoo?”
“What for? Either way he’s in a different facility,” the officer frowns. “If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.”
“Uh, I actually have one.”
“Who are you?”
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