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#winter soldier imagines
avenging-fandoms · 2 hours ago
bucky waking up from a nightmare and all he keeps saying is “don’t leave me, please don’t leave me” as he holds you so tight
Tumblr media
the winter soldier stomped around the hall, pointing his gun at people and pulling the trigger. people fled with pleas and screams, ducking with every shot. the winter soldier scanned the room, spotting the person he was told to find. 
the winter soldier skipped steps as he ran up the stairs, standing in place as he rose his hand slowly, cocking the gun. all he saw was the back of their head, and he stepped closer, slower. the winter soldier pressed the gun against the back of the person’s head, and they slowly turned around. 
you stood in silence as the barrel of the gun pressed against your forehead, staring up into his eyes. the winter soldier’s eyes flickered in between yours, gripping the trigger with his index finger slowly. you shut your eyes and the winter solider pulled the trigger. 
bucky woke up with a loud sob, his breathing jagged and shoulders shaking as he sobbed. you sat up with him, rubbing his back and scooting closer to him. your fingers ran through his hair, pulling his head to your shoulder. bucky’s arms wrapped tightly around your body, crying into your neck. 
“don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. please.. please..” he whispered, sniffling and letting out a sob. “don’t leave me, yn, please, don’t leave”
“i’m not going any where, bucky, i’m with you forever and a day. i’m not going any where, baby” you kissed his forehead softly a couple times, whispering the same words against his head. 
bucky finally calmed down and you two laid back down, your nails softly drawing pictures into his back. your other hand rested on his cheek, thumb rubbing over his skin. bucky didn’t loosen his grip on you, scared to close his eyes in case he saw what he had a nightmare about. 
“do you want something to eat? watch something? music?” you offered everything bucky enjoyed, but he just shook his head. his head snuggled deeper into your neck, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly.
“i just want you to hold me, yn. please don’t leave me” he whispered, a tear running down the side of his face and landing on your skin. 
“i’ll never leave you, bucky. it’s me and you against the world” you kissed his forehead and put on your relaxing music playing, humming along and bucky fell asleep to the vibrations, your warmth, and your words replaying in his head. ‘i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you. i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you’ 
you turned off the music when you heard bucky snoring, holding him as you fell back asleep yourself with your cheek on top of his head. you were what bucky always needed, and he never wanted to let you go, and you never wanted to let him go either. 
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amberspellharbor · 23 hours ago
I've seen that your requests are open, can you do something with reader gifting Bucky Barnes the 3 Lord of the Rings books? They were published after WWII, and reader knows he liked The Hobbit so she thinks it's something he'd like.
The request is here
I'm sorry it took so long to write it, I'm going as fast as I can while studying at the same time - I twisted the request a little bit to fit the story, I hope you'll like it !!!
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multific · a day ago
Picture Perfect
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson x Reader
Summary: Now that things were back to normal, you finally had the chance to relax and meet with everyone, and you decided to bring your daughter along as well.
It was a lovely Saturday, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was perfect for a party. 
Sam came up with the idea to have another get together with everyone by the boats. 
This would be the first time for you to bring your newborn daughter along. And you couldn’t wait for everyone to meet her.
Of course, Sarah and the boys already met her, but not everyone else. Sam told you that Bucky might be there as well.
Once you placed your baby in the carrier, you were off.
A lot has happened in your lives, you giving birth then Carly, Sam becoming Captain America, a lot has changed and you learned a lot. You were extremely proud of your husband that’s for sure.
He placed his hand on your thigh as he drove to the party. The smile on his face was so bright. It filled your heart with warmth and made you smile as well.
Soon you were on the docks, everyone laughing, chatting having a great time. Many people wanted to take a picture with Sam so he had a small little meet and greet while you went to Sarah with your daughter.
The little bundle of joy soon became the center of attention.  
Everyone was cooing at her and she just smiled and giggled. Her little giggle was possibly the cutest thing you ever heard.
Then soon Bucky arrived, with a cake. The boys immediately rushed to him. 
You looked at Sarah and wiggled your eyebrows. She only rolled her eyes as she looked back at you, but she was smiling.
Everyone was having an amazing time, and you enjoyed yourself just as much. Soon your daughter got hungry so you excused yourself to feed her. You walked away from everyone, found a calm place and started to feed her, although you covered yourself with a cloth, you still didn’t want anyone to see you.
“Slow down Pumpkin.” you told her when she got a bit too quick. Her hand was holding your finger as she ate, you tested her strength by wiggling your hand. 
You laughed a little when she knitted her eyebrows, she didn’t like that you were wiggling your hand.
You were so occupied with her, you didn’t even notice Sam watching you.
He went after you when Sarah told her you left to feed your little one, and what he found was perfection.
The woman he loves so much, and his daughter. Sitting as a light breeze moved her hair, she was giggling at their daughter as she was feeding.
Sam wanted to take a picture, but he also knew that he will never be able to forget this perfection in front of him.
After a few more minutes of just watching the two, he decided to head over.
You finished by then and heard someone approaching, you slightly turned your head and saw your husband. You offered him a smile before he took your daughter to burp her.
And now you had the change to ogle over your perfect husband. How could a muscular man like him be so gentle and caring with a baby amazed you. It was possibly the hottest thing you can ever think of. And so, you took a picture of the two.
It really was picture perfect.
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My taglist is open!
Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You for reading my story!~
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wigglywoowanda · a day ago
The Famous Couch {Sebastian Stan X Reader}
Requested?: Yes
Request: Can you do a Sebastian request when reader and Anthony are costars for a movie together and they talk about Sebastian's couch and how it was a bit awkward to be love interests since reader is dating Sebastian
**Warnings**: mentions of pregnancy, one night stand, some cursing, teasing, mentions of COVID-19,
Words: 2.3K (I kind of got carried away! I’m sorry!)
Reminder: My inbox is still open! I am still taking requests! I do everyone in the Marvel Cast, as well as the characters they play. (Feel free to ask about characters in other movies. Example: Sebastian Stan as Officer Lee from The Devil All the Time or Tom Holland as Arvin from The Devil All The Time.)
Writing starts below the cut! Hopefully the person who requested enjoys this and I hope that everyone else enjoys it as well! Y/FN means your first name and Y/LN means your last name. (In case anyone is confused!) And because I love Sebastian and Anthony’s friendship, there will be a dump of gifs at the end. (All gifs I found on the internet!)
Tumblr media
Sebastian was your number one support, when it came to taking any sort of role. You were an inspiring actress, who got your big break after being cast in one of the Marvel movies as Sharon Carter. (You and Sebastian wouldn’t get serious about your relationship until after Civil War, which was the first movie you were in.) You were Sebastian’s date to the world premier of Civil War and it was clear that the fans were all for the relationship. 
You were getting interviewed by someone else, when you heard Anthony open his loud mouth, “Oh my god! Sebastian Stan! Man, you’re looking good. You ever see a man this handsome walking the streets? He’s going to get arrested because he’s killing all the ladies.” 
You glanced down at your boyfriend, whose face was now a bright red and he was laughing. You excused yourself from your interview to join the two of them. By the time you arrived at Sebastian’s side, Anthony had already taken over the entire interview. 
“What are you wearing, Sebastian? I didn’t think you could clean up this nice,” Anthony teased before sending a wink towards you. “Oh my god. Would you look at who it is? It’s Y/N Stan.” You flushed and linked your arm with Sebastian’s. “My dear, you are looking gorgeous.” Anthony took your free hand and pressed a kiss to the top of it. 
“You don’t look too bad yourself, Mackie.” You responded and you could feel Sebastian tense up. He was aware that it was innocent flirting and that Mackie was one of his best friends, but hearing someone compliment you, still made him a little jealous. “Relax, Seb. He’s only messing with you because he’s aware that you’re obsessed with me.” 
“I think that’s the other way around, Doll.” Sebastian responded and you did your best to hold your composure. Whenever he called you Doll, it made your knees tremble. “We all know you’ve been known to not take your eyes off of me.” 
“I mean, those steel blue eyes do show you where home is.” Anthony butted in, chuckling at how you two were currently acting. 
You looked up and met Seb’s blue eyes and smiled, not even looking at Mackie. “I think I would agree. I always know I’m home when I look into his eyes.” 
“Wait, wait, wait. Are we getting a dating announcement from my two best friends?!” Anthony asked excitedly and you and Sebastian looked at each other. 
The yelling from the crowd went silent as Sebastian leaned down to press his lips to yours. Whenever you and Sebastian kissed, it was like you were the only two in the room. However, Anthony teasing Sebastian and hyping him up, pulled you out of the world the two of you shared. 
When you were offered a role in an upcoming romcom, you were quick to accept it. When the director told you who you were working with, you couldn’t help but laugh. Anthony, one of yours and Sebastian’s best friends, was your love interest. The movie was going to be a remake of the classic Romcom, “Knocked Up”. You were thrilled to be a part of the remake, as you remember it being one of the first romantic comedy movies that you had ever watched. Filming was to take place before the filming of “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, so you were going to just fly from New York to Georgia when “Knocked Up” was finished filming. 
When you arrived on set, it was clear that Anthony hadn’t realized that you had been casted as the main female role, Alison Scott. Upon finding out this information, you and Anthony could not stop laughing. You quickly texted Sebastian a picture of Anthony kissing your cheek, with the equally cheeky caption of, “Look who I stumbled upon and who my love interest is.” Sebastian read your text and only sent back laughing emojis. Even though you and Anthony had been close, it was still a little awkward to film some of the sexier scenes. If anyone were to ask you, you weren’t going to deny that Anthony was attractive. Anthony was one of the best looking men that you knew, so it was a little awkward to play a girl that he gets pregnant after a one night stand. Despite having a few challenges in the beginning, you were able to look past it all and enjoy your time as Alison Scott. On screen, you and Anthony had phenomenal chemistry and at one point, you’d convinced the director that the two of you had actually been an item at one point. 
It took three months to film and almost the moment filming was wrapped up, you and Anthony were on the next plane out to meet Sebastian out in Georgia. Once you landed, the first thing you saw as you exited the airport was Sebastian waiting near a limo. You squealed, leaving your bags by Anthony as you ran up to hug your boyfriend. Sebastian laughed when you knocked his phone out of his hands, sharing a long awaited kiss with him. He would hug you back before returning to greet Anthony. 
“She’s a great kisser, Seb.” Anthony teased as he hugged Sebastian, a smirk playing on his face. 
“If you want to live through filming, I suggest you stop making comments about how good my girlfriend is.” Sebastian threatened as Anthony threw his hands up in defense. 
When COVID-19 hit, filming had to stall for a short amount of time. It was too dangerous for anyone to be filming, so everyone was sent home. It took nearly nine months to finish filming “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, due to all of the travel bans as well as the lockdowns. During the first month of lockdown, Sebastian made a really nice dinner and asked you to marry him. (Of course you said yes.) You guys spent most of the time enjoying each other’s company until you got the call to come back out to Georgia to finish filming. The moment you stepped off the plane, you were all greeted by the fellow members of the show. Regardless of the required distances and such things, you all had a group hug. You loved Sebastian dearly, but you were always surrounded by co-workers, so it was weird being alone with Sebastian for so long. It didn’t take long for the cast members to notice the beautiful diamond ring on your finger and the teasing from Anthony began once again. 
It wasn’t until late February that you were able to do any press for the show. Anthony had texted both of you, telling you that your first interview was coming up. One for “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, and for “Knocked Up”. Anthony explained that since the movie was coming out before the show, they were going to do the interview for the movie first. Sebastian was excited for you to talk about the movie because he knew how proud of it you were. “Knocked Up” was delayed for release until the movie company worked something out with HBO and other streaming stations. When you joined the Zoom call, Anthony was already there with the interviewer. 
“Well, if it isn’t the infamous soon to be Y/N Stan. How are you?” Josh spoke before Anthony could say anything. 
“I’m great. How are you?” You politely asked back as Anthony watched from his screen. You could hear the yelling of his kids in the background and it caused you to smile. 
“I’m good, thanks for asking.” Josh gave the two of you a countdown and several moments passed before he started again. “Hey guys! Welcome to Stir-Crazy and boy do I have a show for you! Not only are you getting a “Knocked Up” interview with Y/FN Y/LN and Anthony Mackie, but we will also be doing an interview for the upcoming show, “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.” And yes, Sebastian Stan will be joining us for that! How are you guys? How are you handling quarantine?” 
“I’m doing great. I love getting to spend all the time with my kiddos. I apologize if you can hear them in the background,” Anthony spoke first. “However, I think that Y/N has had a better quarantine than myself.” 
You flushed and held up your hand, showing off your ring. You, Anthony and Sebastian discussed telling the fans, so you weren’t surprised when Anthony brought it up. “At the beginning of quarantine, Sebastian asked me to marry him. I couldn’t say no to him.” 
“And?” Anthony pressed and you laughed. 
“After finishing filming for “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, some of our closest friends and family were flown out to Vegas with us, where we eloped. I’m no longer Y/FN Y/LN, but I am Y/N Stan.” You said with a smile on your face, watching Sebastian moving behind the camera. 
“Congratulations to you two! I’m really happy for the two of you,” Josh spoke with a large smile. 
Sebastian walked over to you, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips. You shared a tender kiss with him before he softly said, “Te iubesc.” (“I love you” in Romanian.) You responded with saying, “Nu la fel de mult pe cât te iubesc.” (Not nearly as much as I love you.) 
Sebastian rolled his eyes before kissing you again as Anthony spoke up, “Does that mean we’re seeing a mini Y/N and Sebastian baby?” 
Both you and Sebastian scoffed and rolled your eyes as Sebastian took your second headphone, “No, Anthony. It doesn’t. It means “I love you” in Romanian.” 
“You really have to be that extra and say it another language, don’t you?” Anthony teased. “This is why Y/N married him and not the other idiots we work with. It’s that love language.” 
Josh laughed, “Alright, alright. Let’s get back on track here.” 
“That’s my cue to leave,” Sebastian said as he started to take out his headphones. 
“You can stay if you’d like, Sebastian.” Josh responded which made Sebastian promptly stop what he was doing. “My first question is, how was it being Anthony’s love interest? And vice versa.” 
“I’m not going to lie, it was insanely awkward. Anthony is one of the many attractive men that I have had the pleasure to work with, but being best friends with him and dating Sebastian, it was really weird. The first two weeks of filming, we had to skip the whole one night stand scene because we weren’t comfortable with it. By the end, I was pretty sure Anthony had convinced the director that we were dating and it was an ongoing joke the whole time. I always love working with Anthony, even if the production rate drops drastically.” You spoke and Anthony nodded in agreement. 
“I did get to tease Sebastian for a little while after filming. The first thing I said to him when we landed in Georgia was that his girlfriend, at the time, was an amazing kisser. Hell, I made sure to always bring it up. It got the point where I was afraid that Sebastian was going to come after me while I was sleeping.” Anthony responded, making the rest of the small group laugh. 
“I was afraid he was going to as well! I considered locking our bedroom door and hiding the key so that he couldn’t. Luckily, I think that he got over it.” You met Sebastian’s face, which was stone cold. “Lighten up, Seb. No one likes to see you so angry.” 
“I’m not.” He responded and you leaned over to kiss his cheek. His face almost immediately softened. 
“See, she’s got that power over him! I ain’t never seen something like that before!” Anthony spoke before laughing. 
“I have to ask this since Sebastian is here,” Josh paused and Sebastian sighed. He knew what the question was going to be about. “Has Anthony actually even been on your couch?” 
“I have no idea why he keeps telling people this, but he hasn’t.” Sebastian spoke, sighing. 
“Don’t lie. I know you’re scared of people breaking in and stealing your great couch. Are you sitting on it now?” Anthony asked, raising an eyebrow. “Of course you are. I know that couch anywhere.” 
“We are. It’s honestly extremely comfortable. I’m sure if you asked Sebastian how well he sleeps, he’ll tell you.” You teased making Anthony and Josh laugh. 
“Damn, what did you do to get yourself in the doghouse, Sebastian?” Anthony asked. “That couch does an amazing job at putting you to sleep.” 
“Alright, I’m leaving this conversation.” Sebastian said with a laugh before dropping the airpod back into your hand. “Call me when we’re talking about something other than my couch.” 
You couldn’t help but laugh, “Okay. I’ll enjoy this comfy couch all to myself.” 
“Hey, I can be there in a few hours. I’m sure there’s enough room for me there!” Anthony said, loud enough for Sebastian to make out the words. 
Sebastian rejoined you on the couch, smirking as he flipped Anthony off. You smacked his arm softly before he kissed your cheek. “Stay away from my couch and my wife. We shouldn’t have a problem, then.” 
“So, have you actually seen his couch, Anthony?” Josh asked before Anthony shook his head. 
“No, but we are planning something for me to eventually see his couch. With everything going on at the moment, it wouldn’t be very smart. Although, if I come and sleep on your couch a couple nights, I expect the two of you to come out here and do some fishing.” Anthony responded while smiling. 
“Consider it a deal,” Sebastian said as he kissed your temple. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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amberspellharbor · a day ago
Somewhere Only We Know (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Request: @the-craziestone story about Bucky x Reader, where Bucky is really obsessed with Reader - But not in a creepy way, more like he's really really in love with her and he can only see her, like she's his world Anon: can you do something with reader gifting Bucky Barnes the 3 Lord of the Rings books? They were published after WWII, and reader knows he liked The Hobbit so she thinks it's something he'd like
Words: 2943
A/N: this is pure fluff with no warning, also I changed a tiny bit the second request to fit the story - enjoy ;)
He couldn’t explain the sadness he constantly felt every time he was walking through the streets of the city he used to know by heart. A stranger in a strange land was the best way to describe him. More than seventy years had passed, and he hadn’t witnessed any changes. While he had been a puppet deprived of freewill and controlled with the sole purpose of killing, he had missed the birth of a whole new world. Now, as he strode around the streets, he could easily remember each of their names, but none of them were familiar. His mind remained in the 1940’s and in the middle of the noises, surrounded by the sound of first responders vehicles, the children running around and cars piling up on the road, he was a stranger in his own home. It was an unsettling feeling, a pining melancholy that reminded him in every step he made that his Brooklyn didn’t exist anymore. 
He was furious in a way, but mostly confused. Haunted by memories he had gotten back a second ago, and they didn’t fit this new reality. He wasn’t even nostalgic, but the loneliness was getting heavier every day. He could still picture the park he used to take his sister, the alley where Steve had gotten beaten up one day, the bakery his mother used to go to every morning. Treasure of souvenirs he would keep forever. And although the park, the alley and the streets names were still here, he was left alone walking down Brooklyn. 
“Hey, Y/N!” He heard a voice shouting. “Where do I put those ?” 
His head mechanically turned to a young boy carrying a heavy box of what looked like antics. Without thinking he crossed the road and when his eyes laid on the small shop, he gasped. There it was, one small piece of his past still here. It was an old bookstore he used to go to with his sister. The man, a friend, an immigrant from France with a thick accent, would let them stay for hours. Bucky loved reading to Rebecca. They would sit inside and she’d insist to hear The Hobbit. François, the man owning the store, would make coffee and stay with them, relating the stories he had heard around the world, telling them all about the France he had known. It was all still here. ‘Au Nom de la Rose’ was still here. 
He didn’t hesitate a second and rushed inside the place, an honest smile on his face. His eyes roamed over the room and he took a deep breath. It was just like he remembered, a place filled with murmurs and whispers floating above his head and through the roof, indistinct conversations between friends, huge windows bringing in a powerful light at this hour of the day, plants in almost every corner. Even the atmosphere was the same, this powerful smell of imagination coming from the laying books on the shelves, begging to be read, mixing with a distinct smell coming from the dust. The small couch and the old table he used to sit by with his sister were also there. The wooden pieces had many rough and sharp edges but looked just as smooth and clean as he remembered. Finally, his eyes landed on a woman there. He watched her rearranging a bouquet of daffodils, breathing in the perfume of the vibrant flowers as she tended to them meticulously. 
For some reason, he couldn’t look away. She felt familiar, like he had known her all his life, yet he had never seen her before. When she turned around he took an instinctive step toward her. She noticed, raised her head and that was the moment their eyes met. His breath caught in his throat when she smiled at him. He stood, frozen on the spot, staring at her. He couldn’t comprehend that instant connection. There was an inexplicable sense of excitement yet weird feeling that they had known each other forever, that they were meeting each other again after a long journey. He was transfixed, almost stuck by the confusing mixture of emotions but oddly comforted by them - all at the same time. 
“Can I help you ?” She asked him.
He surprised himself thinking there was something eerily calming about her voice, that he could listen to her for hours.
“Do I know you ?” He quickly wondered out loud, mentally facepalming himself for his lack of tact. 
“Shouldn’t I be asking that question ?”
“Why ?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes” She grinned.
“I’m … I’m sorry” He apologized profusely. “I didn’t mean to…” 
“Look weird ?” 
He could swear his heart skipped a beat when he heard her laugh.
“This place is beautiful”
“Thank you” 
“How long have you been working here ?”
“Forever” She smirked. “The store belongs to my family. Passed on from generation to generation” 
Bucky raised an eyebrow, surprised.
“You’re related to François Y/L/N ?” He questioned.
She tilted her head, crossing her arms.
“Now I’m intrigued” She told him. “How do you know about my grandfather ?” 
“We’ve met,” He answered without thinking. He rapidly realized his mistake when she narrowed her eyes in utter curiosity. “I … I didn’t mean … I mean … It was … It was a long time ago”
He gulped, hoping she wouldn’t push it. She looked him up and down, assessing him. 
“What’s your name, weirdo ?” She inquired, giving him a skeptical glance.
“Bucky. M’am” 
She smirked.
“Let me guess, a soldier ?” 
“How … ?” 
“You all have the same manners, and the same eyes”
“What do you mean ?”
She was now standing in front of him, staring at his face with the most adorable smile he had ever seen.
“You carry the same sadness and the horror you’ve seen” She replied honestly. “My father was a lot like that too” 
Her answer had the effect of a punch in the gut he hadn’t been expecting. He felt naked under her gaze, a stranger with the power to see through his soul.
“I’m Y/N” She introduced herself, raising her hand to shake his.
It was rare for him to smile truthfully but the unexpected bliss slowly growing made his lips twitch before he could even acknowledge it.
“Hi, Y/N” He greeted her.
She chuckled, amused. 
“Hi, Bucky” She murmured. 
After that encounter, he made a point of coming back as much as he could. He stayed for hours sitting on the couch, reading the same book over and over again. They shared quick words but he didn’t dare to start up a conversation, too afraid he would say something he shouldn’t, something that would scare her away. He was content like this. There was no Winter Soldier, no war, no fight, no one else than Bucky. Being next to this girl was in itself a medication for him. It made no sense but she was so bright and radiant. Like a magnet, he was sucked into an invisible gravitational pull toward her.
By the second week of him coming into the store, she started to notice the small marks of attention. He would come so silently she wouldn’t hear a thing, bringing a fresh cup of coffee he would lay on her counter when she wasn’t looking, replacing the daffodils before they could fade, carrying the heavy boxes filled with new books. When she wasn’t working, she would grab something to read and sit next to him. They would exchange a smile but wouldn’t talk. The proximity was enough. Their presence was louder than any word. A quiet routine they were slowly creating. 
By the fourth month, nothing had changed and that day was no different. Rain was pouring outside and the store was empty, except for Y/N and Bucky. Just as usual, he was reading in a corner while she was working. New stacks of books had arrived and she was methodically putting them on the shelves. Standing on a ladder, on the tip of her toes, she was so focused on the task she had failed to notice the soldier walking up to her. 
“Do you need any help ?” He offered. 
Surprised to hear his voice so close to her, she lost her balance and slipped. She yelped as her ankle hit one side of the ladder and automatically closed her eyes, anticipating the fall. She tried to brace herself but before her body could touch the ground she felt something cold holding her waist. Suddenly, instead of laying on the floor, she was against his hard chest, in a protective embrace. She recognized his arms around her and shivered at the odd coldness. He  felt it immediately and was quick to put some distance between them, making sure his metal arm was no more on her body and only his human hand was steadying her. 
“Are you alright ?” He questioned. She pursed her lips, trying not to show that she was hurt when she heard how worried he sounded. 
“Yeah, it’s fine. I’m fine”
He looked skeptic but didn’t say anything about it.
“I didn’t mean to scare you,” He apologetically told her.
He took the books scattered on the ground, putting them away, and helped her walk to the couch.
“You know, if the goal was to literally make me fall for you, I’d say you did a pretty good job there” She flirted, making him chuckle. 
He sat on the table in front of her and grabbed her calve, gently laying her leg on his thigh to assess the damage. From the corner of his eyes, he could see her blushing. It made him insanely happy to know he wasn’t the only one affected by their closeness. They tried not to look at one another, too embarrassed by the situation. This was the closest they had ever been and the touch on his skin on hers was more than enough to make her heart ready to jump out of her chest. When he clasped her injured ankle, she cried and instinctively pushed him back. 
“Fine, huh ?” He repeated her own words with a smirk.
She huffed and rolled her eyes.
“It’s not a big deal, Bucky” She reassured him. “I’ve got to get back to work”
“You’re not moving from this couch” He ordered.
“Is that an order, soldier ?” She ironically threw at him, crossing her arms in annoyance.
“You bet it is”
She watched him, intrigued, as he stood up and piled up some books on the table to put her ankle to rest on it. 
“No moving around, got it ?” He made sure she would follow his advice.
“Aye, aye, Captain”
He chuckled 
“Technically speaking, I’m not a Captain” He confessed as he continued what she had been doing earlier and started putting the books carefully on the right shelves. 
“Would you have preferred Sergeant ?” She replied, bitting her lips, unsure this was the wrong moment to admit she knew who he was.
He instantly stopped what he was doing and slowly turned around to stare at her.
“What did you say ?” He asked, more scared than ever.
Up until that moment, he had avoided telling her who he was. Becoming part of the Avengers meant his identity wasn’t a secret anymore, and although he had done a terrific job staying hidden among the mass of people, it wouldn’t have taken more than a little push to find who he really was. He stood in front of her, frozen, not having a clue how to react.
“Sergeant Barnes, isn’t it ?” She sounded nervous, almost frightened to say his name out loud.
“I… “ He tried to say anything, but as the rain kept pouring outside, slowly turning into a thunderstorm, he blankly stared back.
“Would you have told me ?” She whispered.
She humorlessly snorted. 
“We’ve known each other for more than three months, Bucky. I see you practically every day. Be honest, eventually would’ve never come” 
“It’s not like that” He tried to explain.
“I’m not mad, don’t worry” She sadly smiled. “I just wish… I guess I wish you could’ve trust me” 
He rubbed his jaw in frustration and made a step toward her. Without breaking his gaze, he slowly took the glove off, revealing his metal hand. Still, he didn’t look at her, too afraid of her reaction. The cold metal had never felt so hot against his skin, a burning reminder of the stranger he had become.
“I didn’t want you to be scared,” He admitted in a broken voice. 
“Of you ?” She was surprised. “Why would I be ?”
“I’m not a good man, Y/N”
“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that ?” 
“You don’t understand…”
“The red box under the counter” She interrupted him. “Can you take it for me ? And turn the sign of the shop, we’re closed.”
He gave her a puzzled look, but did as she said anyway. He locked the front door and took the box she asked for before walking to her and putting it directly in her hands.
“Sit” She instructed him.
He didn’t dare to stay near her and chose to stay on an opposite chair.
“I found this a little after you and I met” She told him, motioning to the box. “It was in the basement, hidden under old junks my parents had kept over the years”
He let her speak, not understanding where this was going or why she was telling him about that. She slowly opened the mystery box and took a small envelope out of it. It looked old, so old the paper had turned into a deep shade of yellow.
“My grandfather wrote this” She confessed. “In 1957. It’s addressed to Bucky and Rebecca Barnes. I believe it belongs to you” 
She handed him the letter that he took with shaky hands.
“How did you… ?” He started to ask.
“It was a long shot,” She explained. “The first time you were here, you said my grandfather's name like it meant something to you. Like you really knew him. When I found the box, and the envelope, I didn’t make the connection with you right away. But your name was all I needed to start my research. My parents kept pretty much everything so it didn’t took me too long to find an old photo with you and him, back in the 1930′s” 
He wasn’t moving at all when she showed him a picture François had taken of them right before he was enlisted. 
“I wanted to wait for the right time to tell you, I guess. I mean, you have enough ghosts as it is”
“Still not scared ?” He inquired in a humorless chuckle.
“Not one bit” She didn’t hesitate to reply.
She softly smiled and motioned for him to come closer. When he sat next to her, she moved the box from her lap to his. 
“We were friends, François and I” He recalled, his eyes glued on the letter. “He was married to Eloise. This bookstore was their treasure. He kept repeating that I shouldn’t go to war when I could stay hidden under the pages of books that would take me around the world without risking my life”
She took his metal palm between her fingers when she heard his voice breaking. He almost tried to remove it but she tightly entwined their hands together.
“Maybe he was right” He muttered under his breath.
“Or maybe you and I were meant to meet almost a century later” She shrugged.
He snorted before turning around the envelope to open it. Y/N gently laid her head against his shoulder and let him read in silence. She didn’t move when she felt his body shaking with tears but only held his hand harder.
“They’re originals, from 1954 I think. He kept them for you” She told him as he slowly took what was in the red box. A set of three old books. “Why Lord of the Rings, though ?” 
He laughed,sniffing, before brushing the tears off his face and staring down at the woman. At that very moment, he felt like the journey was done. His soul had stopped the search it had been on for a time that felt like forever. Like a century. 
“My sister and I, we used to come here often,” He said in a melancholic grin. Sorrow was finally starting to be replace by something much better, happiness. “We would sit on this very couch and she would make me read the Hobbit. She used to love that story so much.”
“How many times has she make you read it ?” The woman smirked.
“Enough to remember every single word” He exaggerated, making her giggle. “When I told François I was leaving, he said he would send me books to help me travel away from the war, even just for a moment. I guess he kept them, hoping I would come back. Even after I was declared dead” 
“Maybe deep down he knew you weren’t”
“And he planned this whole meeting with his granddaughter ?” He ironically added.
“Oh no, that was beyond him. That was fate, Barnes”
“I was meant to find you” He agreed, a deep feeling of love and utter contentment forming in his heart. He bent his head down and let all he needed to say be spoken through the kiss they shared. 
“Will you read it to me ?” She playfully requested.
Overflowed with joy, he smirked and kissed her forehead before opening the old book on his lap. There it was, the only choice he needed to make. The only home he had yearn to create. Her. 
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fictionalmemoirs · a day ago
Buckyvision Part 2: An Unideal Life
Summary: In this reality, you and Sam have a relationship too close for Bucky’s liking and he can’t do anything about it.
Pairings: Captain America!Sam Wilson x You
Warnings: swearing, gun violence
A/N: Sorry if I missed adding you to the tags! Let me know
Word Count: 3.3k
Heads up!:  @ironmansuucks  @fanofalltheficsx  @intothesoul  @ladifrickinda  @reichelhache  @austynparksandpizza  @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms  @thesneakylittleminx  @bluemoon-icecream  @mizz-kraziii  @stolenxkissess @kennedywxlsh  @fragile-heartt  @pistachoz  @acciosiriusblack @galaxysweets @xkonpinkx @i-just-like-fanfics​
Tumblr media
From being surrounded by a scarlet energy, Bucky was suddenly transported into an alleyway in the middle of the day.
“Bucky, this way,” a gruff voice whispered from behind. As Bucky looked back, he saw Sam entering an unmarked building. Automatically, switching into Winter Solider mode, Bucky stealthily followed Sam.
“What’s going on?” Bucky whispered as he and Sam ran up a staircase. He wanted to get some idea of what was going on, so he didn’t get blindsided.
“We’re following, Y/N remember? Torres said she had popped up on his radar around here. We literally just talked about this,” Sam answered, annoyed.
“Right, right,” Bucky took note then shot back, “You know it’s just when you talk, it’s hard to listen. Your voice is not pleasing to the ears at all.”
“You didn’t have to come you know,”
“Sure I did, you’re hopeless without me and you don’t even have Y/N,”
“Just be quiet and stay out of the way,” Sam rolled his eyes and put his hand up to silence Bucky. Bucky didn’t say anything as they approached the door with roof access. Sam looked at Bucky. Bucky in turn nodded to signal that he was ready. Sam slowly and quietly reached for the door handle and turned it.
“Why are you moving like a turtle?” Bucky furrowed his forehead.
“I don’t want her to see or hear us. Element of surprise remember?” Sam shook his head in disbelief, “You really don’t listen,”
“But it’s Y/N, why do we want to surprise her?” Bucky asked in confusion. For the whole time, he thought that you were maybe kidnapped, and they were on the way to rescue you.
“Did you hit your head or something?” Sam let go of the door and turned to Bucky almost fuming.
“Uhh…” Bucky hesitated to answer, “Just remind me?”
“Seriously?” Sam snapped.
“Just remind me,” Bucky repeated getting frustrated himself.
Sam huffed, “You know what? No, just stay behind.”
“Just tell me,” Bucky grunted, but Sam ignored him and went on the roof quietly. Bucky let out a frustrated sigh and followed him silently. In the distance of the rooftop, Bucky saw you and his jaw dropped. You had shorter than usual hair, and wore a red skintight suit while holding a large sniper rifle. You had one foot on the edge of the building as you stared into the distance looking for your mark. It was all very femme fatale, and he was all for it.
“Oh man,” Bucky sighed dreamily as he admired you from afar. He hadn’t seen you like this before and it stirred something inside him. You were very competent as a fighter, but you had a very class clown energy usually. You loved throwing out quips to the bad guys which was still entertaining but seeing you glare…man, it was enough to get Bucky’s heart pounding. He imagined looking up at you from some bed as you pushed him down forcefully and and got on top. Bucky’s cheeks burned.
“She looks hot,” Bucky continued his comment, “Wow…this is really doing it for me,”
“Are you fucking serious?” Sam whispered aggressively.
“What? Don’t deny it. Y/N looks really good in that suit and with the hair. I mean…I’d let her scratch me while we’r—”
“Stop right there. Don’t finish that sentence,” Sam interrupted, “First of all, she looks great, you don’t have to tell me that. But second, don’t talk about my girlfriend li—”
“GIRLFRIEND?!” Bucky cried out in shock, “Since when?”
“Be quiet!” Sam hissed. It was already too late though because you had already noticed them. Sam knew this. You quickly aimed your large sniper rifle knowing that the two would take a while before getting to you. Sam threw his shield at you hoping to stop your assassination attempt while Bucky ran towards you. You simply put up a forcefield to protect yourself from the shield then grabbed the handgun from your thigh. You shot at Bucky to slow him down. He raised his metal hand to block the bullets and continued to run towards you. At this point, Sam had begun to run towards you as well. Becoming impatient, you formed another force field and pushed both of them to the side of the building. As Bucky and Sam were propelled sideways, Bucky quickly grabbed the edge of the building with his metal hand while grabbing Sam with his flesh hand.
“You should’ve just stayed behind!” Sam yelled at him.
“Yeah, and how would you have survived this?” Bucky grunted while swinging Sam side to side.
“I have wings, dumbass,”
Before Sam could do anything, Bucky roared and flung Sam back up onto the rooftop. As Bucky pulled himself up, he heard a gunshot noise and Sam shout,
Bucky breathed in and out and pulled himself up quickly. As he got on top of the roof, he saw Sam trying to negotiate with you.
“It’s me, Y/N. It’s Sam. Remember me? I’m your boyfriend and we love each other very much so please snap out of it,”
“That’s not going to work,” Bucky told him while studying you. You slowly moved your gaze from Sam to Bucky while keeping a serious face. Your eyes traveled from the top of his head to his feet and then back up. You then raised an eyebrow at him. This sent a small chill down his spine. Jeez what was it about you right now? Was it the haircut or the way you looked at him?
“What do you suggest we do then?” Sam retorted, “This is how Steve got through to you,”
Bucky began to piece things together. You were brainwashed by HYDRA or something and turned into their personal weapon. It made sense as to why Sam and Torres were keeping a close eye on you and how popping up on the radar made them want to move quickly. It also made sense that the element of surprise was important.
“How many times have you tried bringing her back using her memories and how many times has it worked?” Bucky inquired. Sam didn’t say anything and looked away in shame. It was true that Sam tried this many times before and got no response. Bucky on the other hand didn’t mean for his question to be an attack on Sam, he just really wanted to know. Based on Sam’s response, however, Bucky deduced that the memory recall strategy hadn’t worked very well. This meant one of two things: 1) The memories of Sam and you weren’t strong enough to get you to snap out of it or 2) You weren’t brainwashed the same way he was. There was something else that was controlling you. 
Bucky needed to test a few things. He grabbed Sam’s shield and threw it to you. At the same time, Bucky dashed forward. He needed some hand-to-hand combat time with you. The original Bucky from this universe might have already known, but he still needed to piece the whole puzzle out. This time, you didn’t dodge the shield, but you actually caught it. Damn, that was hot too. As Bucky lunged forward, you flipped backwards and threw the shield at him. He caught it but his eyes never left you. You were never this graceful before. Had you always been catlike in this universe or was it something else? Before Bucky could do anything else, you had jumped off the building.
“NO!” he darted forward and reached out for you. As he extended his grasp, Bucky’s flesh fingers barely brushed against the sleeve of your suit. Meanwhile, his metal arm bumped against the edge of the rooftop an stopped him from falling off. He watched as your body gracefully fell down the building. Suddenly he saw a white winged figure come up from behind you. Sam had grabbed you from behind and lifted you high up in the air. His hands were wrapped around your biceps.
“Y/N, this isn’t you!” Sam shouted in your ear as his grip around you tightened. You tried to wriggle out of his hands, but you weren’t in a position to get any leverage. From below, Bucky watched as you both struggled mid-air. He began searching his pockets for anything that could help. On his right pocket was something that felt like a dart. As Bucky pulled it out, he saw that it was something that resembled a tranquilizer dart. At least this universe’s Bucky was somewhat prepared. He began to feel around his body for a dart gun or something. After a while, he finally found something that could be used. Unfortunately, it already seemed like you had already broken free from Sam and were freefalling.
You surrounded yourself with a force field to protect your body when landing. As the you reached the rooftop, your force field created a crater on top of the building. The force field absorbed the much of the impact and allowed you to land unscathed. You looked around for any sign of the other person but was surprised when you saw the rooftop completely empty. You quietly grabbed the sniper rifle you had left behind and strutted towards the exit. As you opened the door, your eyes met the gaze of the Winter Soldier standing on the other side. Before you could react, he had plunged the dart into your left arm. You pushed yourself backwards and began to run away. As you ran however your head began to feel fuzzy and your legs felt weak.
Bucky watched as you tried to run away. You didn’t get too far before collapsing on the ground. Bucky slowly approached you examined your body. Everything seemed normal but as he cupped your neck with his human hand, he felt a small, unnatural bump. Bucky carefully adjusted you to see the back of your neck more. Luckily, your short hair allowed for easy access and viewing. He saw the unnatural and long bump on the back of your neck. It was evident to him that something was inserted into your neck. It was possible that the device connected all the way to your brain, so he hesitated to pull it out completely. Bucky picked you up and went to go find Sam to resolve the problem.
Your eyes slowly opened to see Bucky sitting in the corner of your hospital room. His eyes were closed and arms crossed. He was probably waiting a long while for you to wake up, you figured. After telling Bucky that you and Sam were dating, he had cut off contact with you guys. It was surprising and totally unexpected. So, when you saw Bucky, you felt some relief.
“Hey,” you weakly called to him. This however was enough for Bucky to hear as his eyes snapped open and he turned to you.
“Hey,” he stood up and pulled his chair towards your bed, “How are you feeling?”
“Like I was hit by a train…What happened?” you asked him. Bucky placed his clasped hands onto the hospital bed and leaned forward.
“From what I heard, you got kidnapped and brainwashed into being an assassin.” He gave you a small smile that made your insides feel warm. Tears welled up in your eyes. It had been so long since you last saw him, and it felt like forever since he smiled at you.
“It’s all Sam’s fault. You shouldn’t have picked him,” Bucky casually said, but you knew he was joking this time, so you let out a weak laugh. Bucky continued, “I fixed it though so no need to worry. Also, if you really wanted to know what being a brainwashed assassin felt like, you should’ve just asked me.”
“I’m glad you’re not upset anymore,” you told him.
Bucky inhaled deeply and let out a sharp exhale while leaning back in his chair. He pursed his lips and contemplated the next words that would come out of his mouth. He couldn’t really say anything about being upset because this wasn’t his life. Maybe in this life, he was madly in love with you but didn’t have the courage to say anything. He was slow and lost you to Sam. If Bucky considered the situation, which he had while waiting for you to wake up, he would’ve probably been really upset too. After all, he was initially upset when you two had fought and you moved out. He pretended he didn’t care to protect himself, but he was deeply wounded. He was pretty devastated when he returned to the apartment to find your room empty. The nice part about your departure was that he didn’t have to see you at all. It was all very out of sight, out of mind. In this life, he was probably working with you and Sam and being a third wheel on missions probably felt shitty.
“Well…I don’t know about that,” was all Bucky said to preserve the pride of the original Bucky of this reality.
“Please James,” you pouted while reaching for his hand. Bucky allowed you to hold his hand and stroke it gently with your thumb. You pleaded, “Let it go…I’m happy, Sam’s happy… you should be happy for us,”
“I like your new haircut,” Bucky changed the subject.
“He’s going to propose soon,” you suddenly said. You were not his Y/N. This life that he was currently in wasn’t his so he couldn’t take anything that happened personally. But even with that being said, your sudden news felt like a stab in the chest. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Sam or that Sam was a bad person, but he supposed that if you were going to be with anyone…he wanted it to be him. This of course was a new sentiment and maybe he developed it after spending a whole day with a version of you that was his wife and the mother of his children. Or maybe this was the feelings of the Bucky who usually inhabited this reality. Did any of those Buckys reside in him while he was there? Did they stay unconscious or were they transported to his life?
“And how do you know that?” Bucky asked while trying to sound casual.
“I saw the ring box in our apartment while I was cleaning,” you divulged while smiling goofily. Your demeanor and personality had completely changed after taking out that device, Bucky noticed. Your glare and silence had been replaced by a sunnier disposition. He preferred it this way. No matter how hot he found your assassin side, he preferred an affectionate and talkative you any day.
“Wow, he’s shit at hiding things too.” Bucky mumbled, “Are you sure you want to be with this guy?”
“I missed you,” you then expressed while tightening your grip on his hand. Bucky inhaled deeply and felt a buzz in his chest. These were words that would affect him even in his own reality. When you had first called for him to help out with Wanda he was in total shock. Of all the people you could’ve called, it was him. However, when you saw him, you were all business. Because of your formality, Bucky decided to keep a wall up and hardened his heart. But the words you had just uttered were probably the ones he wanted to hear from the you in his own reality the most. This almost felt therapeutic to him.
“I…” he paused for a moment then said sincerely, “I missed you too,”
You smiled and gave Bucky’s hand a light squeeze of affection,
“How have you been then?” you asked him.
“Terrible,” he answered honestly although he didn’t know if it was true for this Bucky.
“Well, you could always come back to working with us,” you suggested.
“And watch you guys be gross and cutesy with each other during missions? No thanks, I’d rather gouge out my eyes.”
“Dramatic as usual,” you slapped his hand, “Sam and I are very professional and would never do that.”
Bucky snorted then gave a smirk in disbelief. You opened your mouth to comment when the door slammed open as Sam rushed in with a bag of food in his hand. He dropped the food bag and shoved Bucky against the wall as he approached your bed. He cupped your face and quickly kissed you. It was a pretty long kiss Bucky thought. Sam then pulled away and scanned your face for any other injuries. You assured him that everything was okay while rubbing his arms. You cupped Sam’s neck and pulled him towards you for a short kiss before pressing your forehead against his.
“I love you,” you told Sam.
“I love you too,” he replied.
Bucky unconsciously clenched his fists and jaw. He felt almost disgusted seeing Sam shower you with affection. All he could do however was look away.
“I’m so sorry this happened. I promise it won’t happen again,” Sam kissed your forehead.
“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”
“I love you,” Sam said again.
“I love you,” you smiled at him. Bucky rolled his eyes and quietly gagged. Knowing he couldn’t take any more of this saccharine display of emotions, Bucky began to leave.
“Bucky wait,” you called out to him, “Please don’t go.”
“Don’t worry, I’m gonna just stand outside. I don’t want to get in the way of your reunion,” he explained.
“Okay,” you smiled and watched him leave.
Bucky tried to keep his word and stood outside. He leaned against the wall across from your room. There was a little window that showed you and Sam. You two looked at each other with affection and it was sickeningly sweet. It was official: this reality sucked. Bucky didn’t want to pretend any more that he was okay and that this pained emotion was inherited from the Bucky of this reality. This sucked. Again, Sam was a great guy and probably a great partner so it wasn’t technically bad but it wasn’t ideal. He kept reminding himself that Sam was a good guy and good partner for you. However, when he watched Sam kiss you and hold you, Bucky’s blood began boiling. He didn’t know why….okay he knew why…he was jealous but who could blame him? You were his wife! Okay you weren’t in this reality, but you were in a different life! Bucky ran his fingers through his hair and lightly slammed his head against the wall. Why didn’t this Bucky tell you how he felt a lot sooner? Why’d he drop the ball? Bucky at this point totally understood why this reality’s Bucky cut contact. It felt terrible to be constantly reminded of your mistake. Just then, a flash of red from the corner caught Bucky’s eye. As he looked, he saw the same scarlet energy that moved him from the first world to this. The energy looked like a large crack on the wall almost. As a nurse passed him, Bucky stopped her,
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but uhm, do you see that red light?” he asked her. She looked around the hallway then shook her head.
“No? Okay, thanks, I should probably go see a doctor soon,” he gestured for her to leave. So he was the only one who saw Wanda’s whatever. For a moment Bucky just stood and waited. Maybe someone would come out this time. However, the longer he waited, the smaller the crack became. Bucky gave you and Sam one more look. Sam had moved onto the bed and spooned you. Bucky inhaled and exhaled sharply. Fuck this reality. He walked towards the crack and the world around him disappeared again.
Part 1
Part 3
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avenging-fandoms · 2 days ago
You’re in bed with Bucky and he’s giving you kisses on the neck when all of a sudden his teeth clamp down and you’re like
“Did you... did you just bite me?”
And he looks up and smirks and is like “did you like that doll face?”
And you’re like “yeah... I kinda did”
Tumblr media
bucky was eager to get you into bed, and he was moving fast. his fingers toyed with your underwear, kissing you sloppily and humming into your mouth. bucky’s kisses trailed down your neck, rubbing your side with his hand and down with his nails, making you shiver. 
you gasp softly as you felt bucky’s teeth dig into your skin, your fingers gripping his hair and he loosened his jaw, looking up at you with a smile. “buck.. did you.. did you just bite me?” you smirk and he licked his lips, kissing your jaw.
“well.. did you like it, dollface?” bucky smirked and you gripped his hair, pulling his face up, making him grunt as he looked up at you. 
“yeah.. i kind of did actually. do you want to see how it feels?”
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tricksters-captain · 2 days ago
Helmut Zemo imagines - Hostage Part 1
Tumblr media
AN: I came up with this idea for a series in the shower and I hope you guys are as intrigued by it as I am. Also I’m aware it’s posted later than I said but I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t post it until I was happy with it!! To make up for it, I have some Laszlo Kreizler smut coming up soon for you Alienist fans. 
Summary: You were chosen as one of Karli’s elite. You became a super soldier to help your cause, make the world a better place but taking the serum came with a price. After being cornered one day, you’re taken by the famous Helmut Zemo to give him answers or face the consequences. 
In This Chapter: Introductions. You are sent on a mission for Karli, only for it to turn bad. 
Pairing(s): Zemo x Fem!Reader, Karli Morganthau x Platonic!Reader
Word Count: 2,703
Warnings: Spoilers for TFATWS, violence, strong language 
You stared back at the burning building as the truck pulled away. 
Despite the rumbling of the thick tires on the tarmac beneath you, you could hear the screaming. 
“Hey.” DeeDee placed a hand on your shoulder and tugged you round. “Don’t look.” 
You could see in her eyes that she was just as shocked as you were but was trying to hide it.
The task had been to remove as many supplies as possible from the GRC depot to take back to the camps in Riga. There had been no mention of bombing the place. 
Lennox’s eyes met yours in the rear-view mirror. You were all thinking the same thing. 
Why would Karli go through with something that hadn’t even been discussed?
“Turn here. It’s faster.” DeeDee leant forward pointing towards a more narrow alley as fire engine sirens echoed up ahead. 
Lennox did as suggested and the others followed close behind. 
It wasn’t a long drive from Vilnius to Riga but you all stopped when daylight broke to take some time to eat something. 
You sat down beside Diego, your eyes flickering to Karli every few minutes as she dished out supplies for you all. 
She noticed. 
“(Y/n).” Karli remained standing as she handed out the last can to Dovich. 
You took the hint and rose to your feet. 
You followed her to the side of the abandoned structure as the others tried to tune the radio. 
“What’s the problem?” Karli asked you, a hard expression across her features.
“What’s the problem?” You couldn’t help but scoff at the question. “Karli, you blew up a building with people still tied up inside.” 
“I did what I had to do. It’s the only language these people understand. You saw just how much food, water and medicine they were sitting on. If we had a fraction of that just a few months ago Mama Donya might still be alive.” You could see the tears Karli was trying to suppress as she spoke of Mama Donya.
“You still should’ve consulted us before you went ahead with it. We’re better than an eye for an eye and you know that.” You cautiously took her hand into yours to try and comfort her. “We’re trying to make a difference here.”
“And that is how we do it.” She dropped your hand as she defended her actions. You shook your head but didn’t retaliate. You knew there was no use in arguing with her in that moment. 
“There’s something I need you to do after Mama Donya’s funeral today.” Karli was quick to change the topic. “A mission for you and DeeDee.” 
“What is it?” You asked, folding your arms across your chest. 
“I need you to go to these coordinates immediately after the funeral. One of our allies will be expecting you both. He has information and something I need. It’ll be a parcel, small enough to conceal so you can make your way back to us without any suspicion.” Karli texted over the coordinates and the information on the contact. 
“How can you be sure it’s safe?” You asked as you studied his profile. 
“I wouldn’t send you if it wasn’t.” Karli paused before she wrapped her hand around the back of your neck and brought your forehead to hers. “We have to stick together now more than ever.” 
You closed your eyes and exhaled a shaky breath. 
“One world.” You muttered. 
“One people.”Karli pulled away just as Dovich called over to you both. 
They had managed to get the radio to work. 
You sat down and opened a can of fruit slices to try and quench your hunger. 
“The depot that was bombed was funded and run by the GRC, the Global Repatriation Council. One of the workers killed was the father of two and had only been on the job for one week. After condemning this latest action by the radical group known as the Flag Smashers, the GRC formally began drafting legislation known as The Patch Act, which would seek to restore traditional border regulations and fast-track the return to normalcy. The act of violence has also brought attention and followers to the Flag Smasher cause. No one can deny the world-wide reach of this group is growing, as is the danger.”
You shared a look with Gigi and Dovich as you listened to the broadcast. Your stomach churned at the mention of the father. You swallowed hard as you placed your food down. 
Karli parted from the group again, feeling the pressure of the eyes on her, but you chose not to follow. 
You had known Karli for 3 years. You met in Riga and became close quickly. You both had lost everything and then you had each other. When she took off to Madripoor, you followed. She always knew how to get people to see things her way, she had a spark inside of her that drew in those who wanted to fight for something; she was powerful for 19. She only grew more powerful with the serums. 
You had backed her and supported her from the start but something was twisting. Something was going sour. You had never killed innocents before but in Karli’s eyes; was anyone on the side of the GRC innocent?
“Finish up. We need to get to the border in time to meet our contact.” Karli strode past the group and didn’t stop until she climbed into one of the cars. 
You cleaned up after yourselves, leaving no trace that you were there, before you got back on the road. 
You were back in Riga soon enough, your contact at the border let you through without any issues and you made it to the checkpoint with all the supplies safely. 
Fortunately, you still had time to spare before Donya’s funeral. 
You remained hidden, on the low, whilst Karli went with Nico to pick up the leftover serums. 
You had previously spoken about creating more super soldiers. You had been against it. There were more than enough of you for the moment and the process of turning into one was beyond any pain you’d ever felt. You didn’t think more people needed to go through that. However, the vote passed and more were to be created. 
“You ready?” Karli asked you as she returned. You nodded. 
You headed to the secret location of Mama Donya’s funeral and fell into the crowd as the body came into sight. Mama Donya had been important to Karli and therefore important to you. She had been a kind woman. Kind to you. But Karli had a bond with her that you didn’t. This was Karli’s time to heal, to grieve, to help those who also relied on Donya. 
You watched Karli step up to say a few words. 
“I don’t remember my mother or my father. Same goes for siblings, grandparents, cousins. What I do remember is being alone. Worse than being hungry or cold or scared. I was alone. Until Mama Donya. Like a lot of you here, Mama Donya saved me. She clothed me, fed me, loved me.” You followed Karli’s eye line when she gasped softly. 
It was Sam Wilson. Avenger. 
You felt your blood go cold. Usually where there was one avenger, there were sure to be more. 
“She taught me that we have to do for each other because they won’t. And we know who they are. They imposed struggle and hardship on us, then labeled us as criminals for pushing back. But the struggle is what brings us all together. People who have nothin’ in common. For we are, after all, simply one world and one people. So live accordingly.”
As you stepped forward and placed your bouquet of flowers down beside Donya, Karli clasped hold on your wrist. 
“Go now.” She whispered under her breath. 
“What about you?” You asked. 
“I’ll be fine. Get to the contact.” Karli tried to assure you but you weren’t certain on leaving her. Dovich guided you away to stop you from arguing with Karli about it. He told you that he was going to stay behind to help Karli and that you had a more important job to do right now. 
You had to give in and leave. 
As you made your exit, you grabbed DeeDee and the keys to the motorbike outside. 
“We gotta make a detour. Make sure we aren’t being followed.” You announced as you climbed onto the motorbike. 
“Karli said our guy would wait for us so it’s better to be safe than sorry. We can’t mess this up.” DeeDee agreed with you as she placed herself behind you. 
You took off down the street and did your best to lose any tails. 
You ended up ditching the bike and moving underground once you were sure you were alone. 
You were either really lucky or they had only brought enough backup to deal with Karli. 
“We should be close.” You checked your phone to read the GPS before placing on your mask. 
DeeDee held the flashlight up as you worked your way through the empty tunnel. 
“You’d think Karli could organise a rendezvous point somewhere a little less musty.” DeeDee grimaced as a trio of rats scattered past you both. 
“This is the safest way. We may have gained a lot of supporters above ground but we have a lot of enemies too.” You tried to defend Karli’s choice but even you had to admit that the sewers were a low point for you all. 
“You think she got away okay?” DeeDee asked, the concern obvious in her voice despite her blank expression. 
“I think Karli’s smart and she wouldn’t stick around if she knew she couldn’t win.” You may have been anxious for her but you rarely had doubts with Karli. Even without the serum she always managed to slip through the cracks. 
As you continued to make your way through the tunnels, you spotted a silhouette up ahead. 
You narrowed your eyes as DeeDee shone her light on him. 
Fortautely, it was your contact.
“Greetings.” The man smiled widely at you both. He wore a bright head torch that stopped you from looking him in the eye and a large forest green coat. 
“We’re here to collect the parcel and information for Karli.” DeeDee informed him, shading her eyes from his light as she tried to lift her gaze. 
“Yes. Yes. I know.” The short man pulled out a small object wrapped in brown paper from under his coat. “Karli said you would be coming.” 
As the man spoke, you heard something splash in the water behind you. 
“What was that?” You asked, looking back to see if you could spot anything. 
“It was probably just one of the rats.” DeeDee tried to assure you but the hairs on the back of your neck began to stand up. 
You had a bad feeling about it. 
“I’m going to check it out.” You whispered to her. “Better safe than sorry.” You repeated what she had said earlier. 
“Be careful.” DeeDee handed you her flashlight before letting you go. 
You crept back round the corner from whence you had came. You remained close to the wall to avoid any oncoming intruders head on. Peering down into the water, you saw that it had been in fact just a rat that was now paddling through the sewage. 
“It's okay.” You relaxed, shouting ahead so they could hear you. “It was just a ra–––” You were cut short by a gloved hand covering your mouth. 
You sent your elbow backwards instinctively which threw your attacker into the wall. 
You spun around to see a figure dressed in a lavish coat with a purple mask covering his face. You furrowed your eyebrows at his appearance. You didn’t recognise him as an Avenger. 
He came towards you, sending a fist to the side of your head. You managed to block his attack, kicking him in the chest. 
You thought he’d be no match for you with your enhanced powers but he managed to put up a good fight. 
He wrestled with you against the wall as he gained the advantage. You resorted in head butting him to get him off you. 
You sent your leg up into his side but he wrapped his arm around your calf and yanked you forward. You lost your balance as he grip moved, hooking under your knee. He squeezed your thigh against him as he pulled out a rather large syringe. 
“DEE! RUN!” You managed to howl before the needle sunk into your thigh. 
You tried to fight again as he dropped your leg but your vision became patchy and your balance began to sway. 
Not to your knowledge, he had injected as much tranquilliser into you as one would a tiger. Your enhanced abilities wouldn’t help you with that, you were soon out cold. 
The stars shone above you as you and Karli laid back on the bonnet of the car. 
“I genuinely believe that you could be the one to change things, Karl.” You said as you munched down on the chocolate bar she had gifted you. 
“What are you on about?” Karli furrowed her eyebrows through her smile as she turned her head to face you. 
“I mean look what you did for my birthday, just using your powers of persuasion.” You smirked.
“Persuasion isn’t enough to change things.” Karli disagreed. 
“You’re right but right now, people need someone to look up to. Half the world is gone and hope isn’t something that's easy to come by anymore.” You stated. 
“And you think that person could be me?” Karli scoffed at the idea. 
“I think you could do anything you wanted if you put your mind to it.” You broke off a piece of chocolate and handed it to her. 
“I think you’re spending too much time around Mama Donya.” Karli took the chocolate and popped it in her mouth. 
“We’ll see who’s right one day.” You mused with a small smile. Karli rolled her eyes before trying to steal another piece. “Hey! It’s my birthday present!” 
When your eyes finally opened, you realised you were no longer in the sewers. 
You were standing but your hands were up above your head, chained to the wall behind you and a large metal strip was around your neck also. You desperately tried to search your surroundings through your mask but the restraints stopped you from moving much. 
The room was dark, no windows, a few dim lights dotted around caused the room to seem almost a brown colour and there was little furniture. 
You would’ve been a fool if you didn’t noticed the gun on a small table off to the side as well as the medical equipment glistening on a tall metal cart. 
Your head throbbed and your mouth held the metallic taste of blood. You tugged at your wrist restraints to test their strength and to your luck they were holding. 
“You’re awake.” You heard a thick accented voice when you stopped rattling your chains. “Good.” 
The possessor of the voice, your kidnapper, stepped into light and you clocked who it was immediately. 
Tumblr media
It was Baron Helmut Zemo. 
Zemo could not see your face as he had left the mask on you but he could tell from your eyes that you knew who he was. 
“I bet you are wondering why you are here. Tied up in this basement.” Zemo started. “Let’s start with introductions, shall we?” 
You remained silent.
“My name is Helmut Zemo––”
“––I know who you are.” You retorted. 
“Then you know what I am capable of.” Zemo glared at you for the interruption. His hands finding his pockets as his eyes settled on your own. 
“I know you’re going to kill me.” You knew of what happened with the Avengers. You knew of Siberia and the destroyed soldiers. You knew of his hate. 
“I’m not going to kill you.” Zemo wagged his finger at you. “Not yet at least. No. We have a few things I’d like to discuss first.”
“Like what?” You scowled at the man. 
“Like the whereabouts of Karli Morgenthau.” 
AN: Next Part Out Sunday!!! 
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Project Winter Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Project Winter was Hydra’s great plan to success. The plan was to gather one of their best soldiers and replicate them in order to create the perfect army. And what better way to replicate than to reproduce?
Warnings: Kidnapping, Blood, Unwanted pregnancy
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 coming soon...
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Project Winter (Part 2/3)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Kidnapping, Blood, Unwanted pregnancy
Part 1
Summary: Project Winter was Hydra's great plan to success. The plan was to gather one of their best soldiers and replicate them in order to create the perfect army. And what better way to replicate than to reproduce?
You made it out, after passing a big gate, you heard another big explosion behind you, as you looked into the mirror and now saw the entire place in flames and pieces.
You tried to calm your hammering heart. You closed your eyes for a second. Then you felt a hand on your stomach. It made you jump a little, then you saw the man who just rescued you with his hand on you. 
"What are you doing?" you asked but you knew you won't receive an answer, you never did from the other men. But you did try your best to move away from his touch. 
You were nervous but when he didn't show any intention of hurting you or the baby, you calmed down a little.
"Mine," was all he said surprising you with an actual answer.
"What do you mean yours?"
"The baby is mine."
"Oh no. You... please don't hurt us," you said as you realized he might be a psycho who rescued you so he can have your baby. 
"No. The baby is mine. Yours and mine. Remember the day you saw me in the lab?"
"Yes." you nodded at him.
"I know what the doctor said to you. He told you that you were chosen in the project to bear a child of the Winter Soldier. They wanted a new army, an army of super-soldiers they can manipulate from birth." he took a quick look at you and saw how disturbed you were "I'm sorry." he ended up saying.
You tried to wrap your head around what he just told you. But it was too much at once.
"At least, it's not an alien." you ended up saying before you looked out the window seeing nothing but mountains and trees. 
All you did was thinking for the majority of the ride. You didn't know where you were or who you were with. It scared you, terrified you even. 
Then you entered a town, it was abandoned. The man next to you stopped the car and parked in a hidden place before you got out as well. He grabbed a suitcase which was filled with guns, you assumed, then he closed the truck.
You looked around, everything was old and nature started to take over the place. "Come with me." you heard him say.
"What's your name?" you asked as you followed him into a clothing store.
"Nice to meet you Bucky. My name is Y/N." you said politely as he started picking clothes off the rack.
Bucky suddenly started to undress, surprising you. You stared at his chiseled chest, but when he started to take his pants off you turned around as you felt your face felt heated.
He soon changed his leather suit to some jeans and a simple shirt. Then he handed you a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt to change into.
"Umm. I will go to the changing rooms," you said as you grabbed the clothes and walked to the back of the store.
Once you were changed the two of you walked around the town a little. You assumed you were looking for a gas station or something.
Bucky stopped in front of a house, he looked up at the second-floor window before he turned to you.
"We will stay the night," was all he said before he headed in to check the place. You followed him. The house was obviously as abandoned as the rest of the town, pictures were missing from the wall, but the furniture was still there. While Bucky was looking around probably for food, you headed upstairs. You found two beds and a little bathroom. The tap still worked, although the water was rather cold, it was better than nothing.
You walked to the bedroom and looked out the window. You could only imagine the family who lived here and how happy they were. You could see children playing in the back with a dog, everyone happy.
You wondered why did they leave?
"I found some food. Nothing much, beans mostly." you didn't hear him come upstairs, so when he spoke up, it made you jump a little.
"T-Thank you. I will go down in a second." you quickly turned and offered a smile to him. He gave you a nod and went downstairs again. You decided to rearrange the bedroom a little. You put the mattress back into the bed frame and you even found a couple of blankets and pillows in the closet.
"I found pillows and blankets, the bed is also good and there are two," you said as you sat down at the table as Bucky gave you a place with beans, corn, and some meat. It was all from a can.
"We stay the night here, and tomorrow we leave," he said as he ate his food. You wanted to ask so many questions but you were afraid to. You trusted him, that's for sure. And the fact that you were pregnant with his baby...that certainly concerned you.
You had a quick chance to take a look at him. His long hair pushed back into a bun, and his features.
He was handsome, there was no denying that.
"Will they come for us?" you suddenly asked as your eyes met his.
"They will want the baby if they find out that we escaped before the place exploded."
"What caused the explosion?"
"I'm not too sure, I did hear someone yelling about the lab but I didn't pay much attention."
"A-And if they come for the baby...what should I do?"
"I have a plan. We stay low, I have an old friend, Steve, who might be able to help us."
"So, you are not leaving, right?"
"No. As I said, the baby is mine as well. And I intend on keeping them safe."
That gave you a sense of relief. Sure, you were pregnant with a child of a stranger. But those awful people wanted to use an innocent child for their own gain, that disgusted you. But knowing that Bucky would be there to help you and keep the baby and you safe calmed you a lot.
After you both ate, it got dark outside rather quickly. Bucky told you not to turn any lights on in the house, in case they can see it and would find you.
You were taking a bath, the water was cold, but it was better than nothing to clean you. You looked at your stomach a lot. Not much changed, it looked just like before, except for the small little bump that let you know there is a small human growing in there.
The mattress wasn't the most comfortable thing, but it was better than the one in your cell for sure.
Bucky said he will keep watch while you slept. both of you locked into the room upstairs, Bucky sat by the window looking out for any movement. The shotgun he got from the truck in his hands in case he needed it.
You slept quite well. Suddenly a loud noise woke you up, you quickly sat up just as Bucky rushed to place his hand on your mouth, motioning for you to be quiet. He then slowly moved to the window and looked outside. He saw a big truck as it passed by. It didn't stop.
"I don't think they know we escaped just yet."
"Then we have to get to your friend quick before they realize and come after us," you said as you moved the blanket higher up on your body. "I cannot let them take the baby."
"They won't. I will not let that happen, I can promise you that," he said as he hugged you to reassure you. "We leave in the morning, I will wake you up, sleep some more, you need to rest, we have a long journey ahead of us." you slowly started to panic as your breathing got quicker.
He was so warm and his voice was so soothing, you didn't even argue. You moved to lay down once again and slowly drifted off just as he was running his hand up and down your back to keep you calm.
The next morning Bucky woke you up it was already sunny outside. You two ate some more canned food before heading back out.
"The truck has GPS in it, they can track us with that, but I did see another car broken down. I checked it out earlier and filled it with petrol, it is good to go."
"Wow. You think of everything," you said impressed by him.
You popped into the front passenger seat as Bucky started to drive.
"Where are we?"
"Canada. Close to the border, I know a place we can slip into the US and once we are there, we go to New York, find Steve and his team." Bucky said as he laid out the plan to you.
"And to think that a month ago I was just a shop assistant in a book store," you said crossing your arms as you looked at the trees passing by.
For some unknown reason, you felt so safe with him.
Bucky radiated confidence and with the way he talked about his plan, you knew you were in good hands. You leaned back in your seat and closed your eyes as Bucky turned the radio on.
You fell into a light sleep but you didn't miss the way he placed his hand on your stomach. He must have thought you have fallen asleep.
A small smile creeps up on your face. As scary as the situation is, you and the baby were in good hands, that is for sure.
Part 1
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Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You for reading my story!~
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Sweet Jealousy
Bucky Barnes X Fem!Reader
Warnings: smut, vaginal sex, unprotected sex(wrap it before you tap it), jealous sex, dirty talk, pet names(babygirl,kitten,daddy), spanking, hair pulling, fingering, slight choking
You stand in front of the mirror, admiring how the black fabric of the dress hugged your frame in all the right ways. Smiling after one final glance, you exit the room to greet your friends. The tell tale of clicking heels on hardwood signal your entrance to the main room where a couple sit together on the couch, leaving a single person sitting in the chair off in the corner.
"Okay. Let's head out!" You call out with a smile, hips swaying as you step towards the door. The three friends collectively agree, making their way out the door as well. Steve and Natasha walk out side by side and Bucky follows a few paces behind, waiting for you to lock the door. "You look really nice, Y/N." Bucky speaks up with a shy smile that warms your chest. With a quickly muttered thank you, all four friends rush off to the club that was a few blocks away.
 You stand at the bar with Natasha sipping on your drink. "So you planning on getting laid at the end of the night?" The red-headed woman asks with a smirk as she finishes off her glass. You couldn't help but shake your head at her bluntness, which only answers her question. "Well, in that case we have a couple options. You can go mingle, you can dance with me and have men flocking to you, or you can go over there to Bucky." She counts off the options on her manicured fingers. "And don't even try denying having a thing for Cyborg." Natasha's comment caused you to close you mouth before defensive remarks could escape. Without another word, she walked off to find Steve with a wink. 
You down your drink with a huff and weave your way through the mass of sweaty bodies that were on the dance floor. You begin to let your body loosen and flow in time with the music that shook the walls. Hips moved in mesmerizing ways as your hands moved aimlessly around your body, letting yourself get into the moment and enjoy it. As the song changed you felt heat spread across the expanse of your back as someone moved close enough to feel. Their hands slide along your sides and come to rest at your hips, pulling you even closer as the shared movements speed up.
 You stay dancing with the person as one song flows into the next. Your bodies pressed impossibly close to one another, hands feeling everywhere they can reach and grinding in time with the beat. Your arms wrap loosely around the man's neck, eyes never leaving each others.
Before you could lean close enough to make the next move, you were pulled away from mysterious dance partner and towards the bathrooms. Your head whips around as you ready yourself to engage with whoever pulled you away, but stop immediately once realising that it was Bucky.
 He towers over your frame and stares down with dark eyes. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" He hissed out, just loud enough to barely make out. A wave of confusion washes over you while scanning his features for any clue as to what he was talking about. As if he understood the confusion he bites back, "Don't play dumb, Y/N. What are you doing grinding with some guy? Right in front of me?"
  Your  hands rest on hips with annoyance. "You answered your own question just now. I was dancing with someone and having a great time doing it. Was I supposed to ask for your permission first?" Sarcasm dripping with every word that slipped through the smirk on your painted lips. "Do you want me to be pressed up against you, James? You want me to be so close to you that I can feel your cock twitch in your jeans?" A wave of confidence flooded your system the longer you spoke, allowing you to shift closer to the tall man in front of you.
Bucky's whole demeanor changes in an instant. His eyes are dark and set, as if he were a predator and you were his prey. His tongue darts out to wet his pink lips before drawing his bottom lip between his white pearls. A moment or two passes as his eyes drift up and down your frame before settling on your lips and his chest rumbled with his comment. "With that little mouth on you, we aren't going back to the dance floor anytime soon. I might just have to take you home and show you just what I want to do to you."
 You don’t know what fueled your actions more, the alcohol in your system or the heat between your legs, but you roughly pressed your lips to his. It took no time for him to reciprocate the kiss with the same intensity that quickly took your breath away. When the two of you pull away to fulfill your lungs aching need for air, you shared a knowing look that told the pair of you that you were on the same page. In agreement, you all but run to the exit and make the travel back to the apartment, but not before shooting Steve and Natasha a quick text.
As soon as the click of the door being locked sounded, your back was slammed against the cold wood. Bucky's eyes bore down on you, sending a shiver down your spine while setting a fire through your body. Lips crash together once more, no romance or soft intimacy involved, just lust fueling the rough and messy kiss. Bucky's lips drift down your jawline and neck, leaving wet kisses as he goes and pulling gasps from your swollen mouth. A cross between a yelp and a moan erupts from your mouth when his right hand grips tightly on a handful of hair and tugs it, exposing your neck to him fully.
Your hands glide across the material of his clothes as you attempt to bring them up to lace the fingers through his hair. But before you could touch a single strand of his brown locks, both wrists were held tightly above your head in Bucky's large vibranium hand. A quick nip at one earlobe draws attention back to Bucky himself, his breath hot against your ear as he speaks. "Tsk Tsk Tsk. You were a brat while we were out and brats get punished. Now strip and go to your bed."
As much as you wanted to tease and talk back, you found yourself obeying the order without so much as a second thought. The dress you were wearing falls onto the floor, matching bra and panties quickly following. You wait rather impatiently in the middle of your bed, palms resting against bent knees. Your heart thrums in your chest and ears, anticipation rushing through your veins, and insecurity creeps in. Everything is only heightened by the sight of Bucky striding over and stopping at the end of the bed with his belt hanging loosely in his fists.
"Look at you being such a good girl for me. Now come here and get over my knee, it's time for your punishment." Bucky praised and ordered in a calm voice, settling himself. You crawl over to his lap and lower your body on his thick thighs, wiggling your hips and ass for good measure. A sharp smack to the left cheek rips a gasp into the air and halts your teasing momentarily. The stinging pain sends tingles straight to your core and makes you impossibly wetter. As if your body had a mind of its own, your ass presses back towards his hand with need.
His chuckle sounds through the room as his large hand comes down and strikes the opposite cheek. "I want you to count each one out loud, doll. If you are silent or lose count, we start over. Understood?" You bite your lip with an enthusiastic nod and answer a yes. "I say that you deserve ten. What do you think, kitten? Do you deserve ten slaps to your ass?" Bucky asks as his hand rests against the soft flesh. "I deserve whatever punishment you deem fit, daddy."
Ten swats and one soaked pant leg later, Bucky caressed the red and tender flesh with soft praises. The cool metal of his left hand soothing the burning sting. "Look at the mess you made, kitten. You soaked my pants because of your punishment. I think you liked it quite a bit." He cooed, dragging his index and middle fingers up and down the drenched slit. You were a whimpering mess spread across his lap, mumbling incoherent nonsense, internally begging for him to thrust his digits in your throbbing heat or rub harsh circles on your sensitive clit.
As if by the grace of Odin himself, Bucky flicked the tip of his fingers against your clit a few times before thrusting two long fingers in your sopping cunt with ease. He sets a delicious pace, curling his fingers just right to hit the spot deep inside your walls that have you choking out screams. The hand that wasn't plunging in and out of you, gripped your hair tightly and yanked your head upwards allowing the sweet moans to flow freely into the air. Your climax was barreling through at a rapid speed, muscles tensing and the boiling coil in your abdomen threatening to snap in white-hot pleasure. But before you could voice that you were about to cum, all contact was pulled away and you were left panting and irritated.
As you were about to complain or take matters into your own hands, Bucky was stripped of his clothes and was stroking a hand up and down his considerable length. Your mouth watered and core clenched at the mere sight of the super soldier in all his naked glory. "You like what see, babygirl?" A simple hum falls from your lips as you wait for any further instruction.
"Lay back." James instructed, body pressing into yours. You share a quick, but passionate kiss as he aids in resting you on your back. His eyes search yours for a moment, silently waiting for consent to continue. An eager nod encouraged him to continue and lines his hard member up with your entrance. He hisses out as he drags the head of his cock from your entrance up to flick upwards against the swollen bundle of nerves, fully coating himself in your arousal.
You whimper and try to buck your hips up to get some sort of additional friction, all of the teasing driving you crazy with need. "Please fuck me, daddy. Please." You plead, batting your lashes at the older man. He slams his hips forward, filling you completly in one sharp thrust. Bucky stays still, allowing you both time to adjust to the new sensations and starts to slowly thrust once you lift my hips up to his. With every stroke, what little breath you had is knocked back out of your lungs and turns to strangled gasps. As Bucky's thrusts increase in speed and intensity, he hooks one of your legs up and around his waist, pounding deeper into you with the new angle. His tip brushing your g-spot with every thrust.
Bucky's name is the only clear word that comes out of your mouth with broken moans. The familiar burning in your abdomen returns and your muscles begin to tighten. "I'm gonna c-cum." You  pant, warning the older man. His left hand wraps around the column of your  throat with moderate pressure, making your eyes roll back with pleasure. "Hold it! Don't cum!" He growls. His thrusts getting sloppy as he chases his high, wanting to orgasm at the same time. His right hand creeps between your joined lower halves and thumbs your clit in fast circles, only fueling the fire of the building orgasm.
"Please. I can't hold it. Please let me cum!" You beg with hot tears starting to sting your eyes. The feeling becoming too much to handle, your body was begging for release. With one word, the coil finally snaps and your orgasm rushes through your body. The walls flutter and clamp down on Bucky's cock, soaking his member and down both of your thighs. He coaxes you through the tail end of your intense orgasm with small thrusts. He pulls out just before he reaches his peak with a groan, his hot seed coating your stomach and mound in thick spurts.
The two of you lay side by side for a few minutes, breathing heavily and trying to recover from the intensity of the moment. The bed shifts and you hear the water in the bathroom turn on. You peel open your eyes in time to see Bucky kneeling between your shaking legs with a warm washcloth to clean you of the mixture of your spent arousal. You settle under the blankets and lift them open as an invitation for him to climb in beside you. "So I take it that you are the jealous type?" Both of you chuckle and you look up at Bucky who returns a smile. "I guess the cat is out of the bag on this one."
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goodcleanfunsis · 4 days ago
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Tumblr media
*accepts fate and dies alone* 
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hangonimwriting · 4 days ago
THE ACE UP THEIR SLEEVE -Bucky Barnes x Reader x Sam Wilson (Platonic) [Part 6]
Tumblr media
|| SPOILER ALERT - Do not read if you haven't seen FATWS’s last episode yet. Or do, if you want to. Like i said many times before, I'm not your boss 🤷‍♀️. ||
A/N: I did not proofread it, sorry if there's any error.
“We have breaking news. There's a complete lockdown at the GRC meeting in Lower Manhattan where authorities are saying they're tracking multiple threats from groups seeking to stop the GRC's vote on global resettlement. There is a no-fly zone in effect...”
Sitting on her living room’s couch, Y/N heard as the reporter on TV informed their audience about the current situation. The phone in her hand displayed a message Sam had sent her not long ago. On top of the coffee table, the tiny black earpiece’s blue light blinked repeatedly screaming for her to put it in her ear.
Cursing under her breath, Y/N grabbed the earpiece and putting it on her ear, she stood up and ran towards her room. If she was going to do this, she needed to change.
“I'm almost there.” She heard Sam say over the radio.
“What's the plan?” Bucky asked. His voice making her stomach flip pleasantly. Or it was probably just the fact that she going to be flying in the city again after such a long time that made her feel that way. Yep. That was the reason.
“Karli's gotta be close. Keep your eyes open.” Sam said bringing Y/N’s attention back to her search. Pulling the black box out of her closet and placing it on her bed, Y/N opened the lid to find her suit neatly folded inside.
“Sergeant Barnes.” She heard someone say, making her smile. It was nice to hear people treating Bucky as something other than Hydra’s former killing machine.
“And by the way, I called in some backup.” Sam said, and this time it was Bucky who smiled at the thought of Y/N being back in the field with them.
“Excuse me, sir. Are you supposed to be here?” Y/N heard another voice through the radio. “It's me.” A female voice said this time.
“Sharon, what the hell are you doing here?” Bucky asked, suddenly pissed. The illusion of seeing Y/N again flying out the window.
‘Photostatic Veil’, Y/N thought remembering S.H.I.E.L.D’s disguising methods.
“Relax. No one's looking for me here.”
“Do I hear Sharon?” Sam asked.
“Unfortunately.” Bucky replied.
“Hey, Sam. I thought I'd get the band back together.” Sharon told him.
“Thank you. You're risking a lot coming here.” Sam said.
“I hear pardons aren't all they're cracked up to be anyway.” Sharon responded.
“Depends on the therapist.” Bucky commented.
“They're gonna move on the building soon. Be ready.” Y/N heard Sam say.
Quickening her movements, she changed into Ace’s outfit with ease. Just like she had done a million times before. Staring briefly at her reflection in the mirror, she sighed with nostalgia. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed wearing her stealth suit until now.
Finishing strapping her winged harness, she made her way back into the living room. “The NYPD has the area secured for the moment. Everyone is urged to stay clear.” The reporter said, still standing on front of the camera.
Through her open window, Y/N could hear the sirens wailing. Their red and blue lights, tinting the buildings with their colors as they drove by.
Stepping out of her apartment, Y/N ran towards the stairwell. “This shall be enough warm up.” She told herself running up the stairs and into the building’s rooftop. “Time to save some asses.” She said before jumping off while adjusting her earpiece. She had a long flight to Lower Manhattan and she hoped to find out some information from what others would say in the meantime.
“This is an emergency evacuation. Please proceed to your transports. Groups one and two will leave from secure vehicles in the basement. Group three will leave via air support on the roof.” The announcer said over the speakers.
Standing on top of the building right across from the one where the GRC reunion was being held, Y/N took a look at the surroundings trying to get clues from what she could hear and see.
The building had a few smashed windows and some of it’s floors were covered in a bright red light. From the basement, two secure vehicles emerged into the street. A whirring engine and some screeching tires following right after. Behind them a man in a motorcycle following suit.
“You better speed things up, Sam.” Y/N heard Sharon say over the radio. Her eyes automatically capturing the movement at the top of the building. An helicopter hovering over it. “The chopper's about to take off.” She added.
“Bucky!” Sam grunted.
“I don't fly, man. That's your thing.” Bucky yelled over the sound of the revving engine.
Wrinkling his face while groaning, Sam thought for a moment of the only other person that could fly. “Y/N?” He said, and hoped for an answer.
“Yeah, yeah. I gotcha.” Bucky heard her voice reply over the earpiece after a second of silence, a smile tucking on his lips at the sound of it. She tried to sound uninterested, but she was there. She had attended the call. Looking up at the sky he saw her dark figure flying towards the building in the opposite direction. She was there. Her wings whooshing in the air.
“Bluebird, please check if anyone in there has flight training.” Y/N said flying towards the chopper.
“Did you just say ‘please’ to a robot?” Bucky asked with a chuckle as he drove.
Bluebird was a similar prototype to Redwing. Being trained under the same program, Sam and Y/N’s suits had a lot in common.
“You should concentrate on your driving, you could fall like a bowling pin.” Y/N replied trying to contain her own chuckles.
“Enough with the flirting!” Sam grunted making her laugh and roll her eyes.
Bluebird’s beeping had come into a stop. Thankfully, one of the passengers of the chopper had flight training. Getting closer to the flying vehicle, Y/N used her abilities to communicate with her.
“I know this might be weird. No, you’re not crazy. I just need you to listen.” Y/N told the woman, Ayla, from inside her head. The woman’s eyes opening like plates. “A little birdie told me you know how to fly a helicopter.” She kept talking but, as soon as the Flag-Smasher behind the control noticed her presence, he moved the helicopter so that it’s blades moved down towards her.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!” She screamed losing balance trying to get away from the blades. “Whoa! Boy, you just earned this ass-whoopin'.” She grunted regaining her balance.
“Okay.” She said back inside Ayla’s mind. “What we're gonna do requires perfect timing. We're gonna count down from five. When we get to one, you're gonna grab the control. Okay? Five... Four... Three... Two...” She said flying towards the pilot and using her legs to bring him to unconsciousness with just one kick. Once the guy had been flung out of the chopper, the woman stepped up and grabbed the control as planed before the chopper fell into the water. “Nice work, Ayla.” Y/N said panting. “Nice work.” She repeated, this time to herself as she flew back to the city.
Flying back towards the building, Y/N noticed one of the two vehicles that carried the hostages starting to burst into flames. Landing back on the floor she ran towards it. At the back, Bucky was trying hard to open the doors. Desperate screams coming from the inside.
“Hold on!” Bucky told them using his metal arm to try and break the lock. Y/N was about to help him, when she heard someone else join the party.
“Morgenthau!” Walker said making her turn her face to see if it was really him.
“That guy is here too?” Y/N questioned looking at the man holding a visibly homemade shield.
“Let's finish this.” Walker told Karli.
“I didn't mean to kill your friend. I don't wanna hurt people that don't matter.” She told him.
“You don't think Lemar's life mattered?” He questioned her.
“Not to my fight.” She said infuriating John, who jumped ready to attack her. But she kicked him back with ease. Her group of followers attacking the guy as he laid floor.
“Go. Go!” Bucky told the hostages finally able to release them from the burning vehicle.
“Thank you for saving us.”
“You're welcome.”
“Should we help him too?” Bucky asked and Y/N simply sighed heavily, walking towards them.
“Six to one is not quite a fair fight, don’t you think?” Y/N said pushing one of them away from Walker, and engaging herself in the fight. Bucky doing exactly the same.
“Bucky!” Y/N gasped watching the man slide on the floor and falling off the building. The super soldier in front of her taking this as an advantage punched her off of the building too. Her wings opening mid-fall to keep her from hitting the floor.
“You okay?” She asked Bucky landing safely on the floor, still panting. He nodded standing up.
The sudden sound of metal creaking, making them look back up. The remaining hostage-full truck now hanging over the railing. Teetering on the edge of demise. All kinds of screams coming from it.
“I gotta help him.” Y/N said watching Walker making the heroic decision to try to pull it back to safety. Opening her wings once again, Y/N raised in the air.
Unfortunately, as she reached the level the truck was on, the Flag Smashers had already reached Walker. Attacking him, and making them all fall off as a result.
“Shit!” Y/N yelled watching the vehicle tilt slightly. The hostages inside screaming at the top of their lungs.
Landing on Walkers previous position, She tried to hold the truck in place and slowly bring it back into safety. But if it was heavy enough for a super soldier, it was ever heavier for her. She was trying her best, but she was barely holding the vehicle in it’s place.
Inhaling deeply, Y/N tried once again to move the truck back. This time it moved much easier, confusing Y/N. That was until she heard it. Sam was helping her, pushing the vehicle up from the other end using the wing’s jet for propulsion.
“Hell, yeah! That's the Black Falcon there. I tell you.” Someone yelled as the truck was successfully brought back to safety.
“Nah, that's Captain America.” Someone else said.
Y/N looked proudly back at Sam for a moment. The man had come a long way. Meeting their gazes they gave each other a small smile before flying back down with the rest of the team.
“You of all people bought into that bullshit?” Karli questioned Sam as they landed.
“I'm trying something different. Maybe you should do the same.” He responded. And only a few seconds later, the sound of a gun being fired reached their ears. On the floor, a fair number of smoke bombs quickly started to cloud their vision giving Karli a chance to escape.
“This way.” Sam said using his new goggles heat-vision. Leading the rather strange group of people into the building.
“Hey, Sharon. We're underground. We entered the tunnel on William. Heading south.” Bucky informed her through the radio.
“Looks like they split up.” Sam said pointing in the directions the Flag Smashers had parted.
“Here.” Walker said taking one of the paths.
“I got it.” Bucky told Sam, giving Y/N one last glance before running after Walker.
“Over here.” Sam told Y/N, guiding her down the other path. The sound of a gunshot helping them turn the right way on the last few meters.
“Sam, stay back.” Karli said watching him entering the room, the gun in her hand pointing towards him.
“So, what's next, huh?” Sam asked her. “You kill ten this time, then, what, a hundred? Where does it end? Please, let me help you.” He said.
“Don't try and manipulate me.” She yelled, approaching Sam in order to attack him.
“Karli, don't! I'm not gonna fight you! Karli...”
“Fight back!”
“Stop it!”
“Fight me! Fight back!” She yelled trying to get Sam to attack her, but he never did.
The sound of another gunshot filled the air, making everyone freeze for a moment. A shot had been fired and this time, Karli was the one to get hurt. Turning her face away from the scene before her eyes, Y/N stared at Sharon for a moment. Leaning against a pillar, grabbing her stomach with one hand, her gun on the other.
“I'm sorry.” Karli whispered before exhaling one last breath. Grabbing her in his arms, Sam picked Karli up.
“Let’s get out of here.” He said, carrying the Flag Smasher out of there.
“What happened to the Flag Smashers?” One reporter asked.
“When did the government make you Captain America?” Someone else asked.
“Is it still Falcon?”
“Or is it Captain Falcon?” They all asked, as Sam brought Karli into one of the ambulances waiting on the street.
“Sam, thank you so much, from all of us.” Ayla said.
“Sincerely.” The senator added. “You did your part in dealing with those terrorists, now we'll do ours.”
“Are you still going forward with resetting the borders?” Sam questioned.
“Our peacekeeping troops will begin relocating people soon. The terrorists only set us back a bit…”
“You have to stop calling them terrorists.”
“What else would we call them?”
“Your peacekeeping troops carrying weapons are forcing millions of people into settlements around the world, right? What do you think those people are gonna call you? These labels, "terrorists", "refugee", "thug", they're often used to get around the question, why?”
“Those settlements that happened five years ago, do you think it is fair for governments to have to support them?” Lacont asked.
“And the people who reappeared only to find someone else living in their family home, they just end up homeless? Look, I get it. But you have no idea how complicated this situation is.” The Senator objected.
“You know what? You're right. And that's a good thing. We finally have a common struggle now. Think about that. For once, all the people who've been begging, and I mean, literally begging for you to feel how hard any given day is... Now you know. How did it feel to be helpless? Now if you could remember what it was like to be helpless and face a force so powerful it could erase half the planet, you would know that you're about to have the exact same impact. This isn't about easy decisions, Senator.”
“You just don't understand.” He stated making Sam scoff.
“I'm a Black man carrying the stars and stripes. What don't I understand? Every time I pick this thing up, I know there are millions of people out there who are gonna hate me for it. Even now, here... I feel it. The stares, the judgment. And there's nothin' I can do to change it. Yet, I'm still here. No super serum, no blond hair, or blue eyes. The only power I have is that I believe we can do better. We can't demand that people step up if we don't meet them halfway. Look, you control the banks.” Sam said turning towards the woman beside him. “Shit, you can move borders! You can knock down a forest with an email, you can feed a million people with a phone call. But the question is, who's in the room with you when you're making those decisions? Hmm? Is it the people you're gonna impact? Or is it just more people like you? I mean, this girl died trying to stop you, and no one has stopped for one second to ask why. You've gotta do better, Senator. You've gotta step up. Because if you don't, the next Karli will. And you don't wanna see 2.0. People believed in her cause so much that they helped her defy the strongest governments in the world. Why do you think that is? Look, you people have just as much power as an insane god or a misguided teenager. The question you have to ask yourself is, "How are you going to use it?"” Sam said finishing his speech, and finally walking towards his friend waiting for him.
“Sorry, I was, uh, I was texting and so, all I heard was, um, ‘a Black guy in stars and stripes’.” Y/N said making Sam chuckle. “Nice job, Cap.”
“Thanks.” He said. “Sharon?”
“Blocking my light.” She replied looking down at her wound.
“We gotta get you to a hospital.”
“She's not gonna listen.” Bucky interfered.
“It's not the worst thing that's happened to me all week.”
“Told you.”
“Uh, Cap?” A man said approaching them.
“I think he's talking to you.” Y/N told Sam, making him smile.
“Thank you for coming.” He told her.
“No problem.” She replied. “All right, can I get out of here now, please?” She asked, and Sam nodded chuckling. Turning towards the man, his face went back to a solemn expression.
“What's up?” He asked him.
“So, we got eyes on the last Flag Smasher that fell into the Hudson. He's hurt but not down. Can you help?” The man informed him as they walked away.
“Always.” Sam replied, now in the distance.
“I thought you weren’t gonna answer his call.” Bucky commented, walking beside Y/N as they left the scene.
“Well… He didn’t call.” Y/N said, staring ahead. A smile on her lips. “He texted.” She added making Bucky laugh. “Hey, um, are you up for a drink?” She asked him.
“I could really use one right now,” Bucky replied. “but I’m afraid there’s something I need to do.” He added lightly scrunching one side of his face.
“Would you like some company for that?” Y/N offered, turning to look at him for a moment. A smile appeared on Bucky’s lips as he turned to look at her too.
“Thank you.” He said contented by her kind offer. “But this time, I think I have to do it alone.” He added with a heavy sigh. Turning her down for the second time in the night.
Y/N nodded in understanding, neither rejection going over her head. Maybe she had been wrong. Maybe Bucky wasn’t really interested in her like that. And it was okay. It wasn’t the first time and it sure wouldn’t be the last. Inhaling deeply, she turned her focus back to the street ahead.
“A raincheck on that drink would be nice though.” He told Y/N, looking back ahead as well. A light pink tinting his cheeks. Of course he wanted to have a drink with her; he would have agreed to do anything, if it involved her being around. He just needed to get his house in order first.
“Okay.” She said, biting down on her lip with a smile.
It was still fairly early when Y/N heard a light knocking on her door. She hadn’t ordered anything, and she certainly wasn’t expecting anyone either.
Careful not to make a sound, she slowly walked towards it. Placing her hand on top of the white painted wood for support, she leaned closer to look through the peephole. A very familiar face nervously waiting on the hallway.
“Hey! What are you doing here?” She said finally opening the door after unlocking it.
“I thought maybe we could get that drink now?” Bucky said scratching the back of his neck.
“At seven in the morning?” She asked with a light chuckle.
“You never said it had to be an alcoholic drink.” Bucky replied, slowly raising his shoulders. “So, how about coffee?” He asked.
“Coffee sounds great.” She replied with a warm smile. “Let me just grab my jacket real quick.” She said turning towards her coat rack.
“Hey, um, do you have any plans for today?” He asked, as she put her jacket on.
“Mmm no, what do you have in mind?” She questioned, turning back to Bucky who stared back at her with a smile on his face.
“I want you to come with me somewhere…” He said leaning his body against the doorframe.
“Why do I feel like I’m not gonna like what comes next?” She joked resting hers against the door, making Bucky chuckle.
“Where is everybody?” Bucky asked and, as soon as they saw him, Sam’s nephews ran towards the metal-armed man. It was really cute to watch Bucky interact with them.
“Oh! There he is!” Sam yelled watching Bucky approach the group of people celebrating on the pier. “And he’s not alone!” He said standing up to met them halfway. “I guess we could say that the white wolf is not quite the lone wolf?” He added wiggling his eyebrows, making Y/N roll her eyes. “Thank you guys for coming.” Sam said giving each a hug.
“I’m gonna leave this over there.” Bucky said bringing up the cake they had brought and motioning towards the table a couple meters away.
“So I guess the locals are celebrating their new Cap, huh?” Y/N said, this time she was the one wiggling eyebrows.
“Oh yeah. Is there another item we should add to the celebration?” Sam asked taking a step closer to her and lowering his voice a little.
“Are you serious?” He said in disbelief. “The guy’s been single for decades, it shouldn’t be so difficult…”
“Well, from what I’ve heard he’s also been in cryo for a while, so...” She added making Sam laugh.
“Anyways… I’m happy I made this happen.” He said throwing his arm over her shoulders.
“Nothing happened.”
“But it will.”
“We don’t know about that.”
“Oh, I know it will.”
As the sun began to set in the horizon the locals started to leave the party. They all had spent a wonderful day filled with laughter and light-hearted chatter, and Y/N was thankful Bucky had brought her along.
Standing alone at the edge of the pier, Y/N stared at the reflections projected on the water. The light breeze caressing her face as she reminisced about everything that had happened in the past couple of days. She was also thankful she had opened her door the day the two men showed up. She had had the opportunity to be back in the field for a mission after many years, and had the chance to meet and work along the one and only, Bucky Barnes.
But everything good comes to an end, and it was now time to get back to her normal life. It was bittersweet. A mix of different feelings flowing through her body as she stared absentmindedly at the sea.
“Hey.” Bucky said walking towards her, bursting her little thought bubble.
“Hey.” She responded turning to look at him.
“Beer?” He asked offering her a bottle.
“Are you trying to get me drunk now?” She joked, accepting it and thanking him.
“I thought it’d cover for the one I owed.” He said, and Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle. “Plus, now that you mention it, I guess that wouldn’t hurt either. Actually, I think that could be something fun to watch.” He joked, making her laugh.
“We both know how hard it is for us to actually get drunk so, this could take a while.” She told him, bringing the bottle to her lips.
“I have no hurry.” He said with a light chuckle. “I forgot to tell you.” Bucky said nonchalantly taking a sip of his beer. “I used your technique the other day.”
“What technique?” She asked confused.
“The 'fall like a bowling pin' one?” Bucky explained, making Y/N laugh.
“You didn’t just through yourself like a bowling ball at a group of "Flag Smasher pins', did you?” She questioned and Bucky simply shrugged taking another sip. “You did?” She asked bursting into laughter. Her laugh so contagious, Bucky started laughing too.
“What?” He asked finding her staring at him with a grin. She lightly shook her head at him. "It's called being a quick thinker. I'm resourceful." He said.
"It's not that." She explained, the smile never leaving her face.
"What is it then?"
“You’re not glaring anymore.” She told him.
“Well, I suppose I have more reasons to smile now.” He said, carefully moving his right hand to brush hers. The simple touch awakening the butterflies in her stomach.
“It will happen!” Sam yelled walking by, in the distance. Making them lower their heads, chuckling shyly.
“What do you think? Will it?” Bucky asked making Y/N lift her gaze up to meet his.
“I think you know.” She replied after a moment of silently staring at each other.
“Do I?” He asked scrunching his eyes. “Have you been reading my mind again?”
“Nope.” Y/N replied shaking her head. “I told you before, I don’t need to read your mind to know what you’re thinking. I can read your eyes like a book.”
“Can you? Please, tell me, what are they saying right now?”
“Hmm, let me see.” She said placing her hands on each side of his face and leaning closer to have a better look at his eyes. Bucky’s hands traveling straight to her hips to help Y/N keep her balance. His eyes stealing a quick look at her lips; something that didn’t go past her. “They say you wanna kiss me.” She stated confidently, straightening her posture. Her hands traveling down from his face to his shoulders.
“Is that so?” He asked raising his eyebrows. A boyish grin on his face.
“Yep.” She nodded.
“You’re a good reader but,” He said slowly shaking his head. “the question is, shall we do something about that?” He questioned.
“I think we shall.” She replied and without wasting another minute she brought her hands back to his face, bringing him closer to her and eagerly closing the distance. If this was the only chance for her to do this, then she was surely going to take it.
It’s fair to say that she completely forgot about the butterflies the moment their lips met, cause a whole damn zoo erupted in her stomach instead. It only took Bucky a second to reciprocate, but when he did, he wrapped his hand around her neck to deepen the kiss. And Y/N couldn’t help but melt into it.
“It’s happening!” Sam yelled with excitement, making them smile amid the kiss. Even though they opted to ignore him. They were too busy getting lost in each other to pay any attention to their cheering friend. “Alright, alright, get a room!” He yelled again making them pull away, shaking their heads while laughing.
“You should consider coming with us on more missions.” Bucky told her. “I honestly don’t think I can go back to working with that guy by myself.” He joked.
“I think you guys make a great duo.” Y/N told him.
“Yeah, but the three of us could make an even better trio.” He replied earning himself a look from the woman standing in front of him. “I know. I heard that. It came out wrong.” He started rambling.
“Who would’ve thought a man from the ‘40s would be into kind of stuff?”
“I’m not.” Bucky said cupping one side of her face, his thumb softly caressing her cheekbone. “I don’t like sharing.” He added looking straight into her eyes. A gaze so piercing it could intimidate anyone. But not her.
“I could live with that.”
Until next season... Or not.
Tumblr media
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demxters · 4 days ago
we were in screaming color
i. “don’t want no other shade of blue but you” 
bucky barnes x reader; soulmate!au
summary: the rest of the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate. you and bucky barnes lived in color. that is, until you lost him.  (inspired by this ask) 
wc: 9k (also the longest thing i’ve written wtf??) 
warning(s): swearing, light descriptions of blood, some descriptions of panic/panic attacks, and pain 
main writing masterlist ☼ marvel masterlist
a/n: this will have multiple parts! i didn’t plan on this being that long, but here we are…. ty so much to the lovely anon who requested this, i had so much fun writing this and i cant wait to continue y/n and bucky’s story! also i apologize for the ts references, i saw the opportunity and ran with it hehe 
Tumblr media
(gif credit @aavengingbucky)
People say meeting your soulmate will open the mind’s eye to a world full of color. The situation was rare, finding the one soul out of a billion who’s made for you. The world is so vast and there are so many people to encounter that you’d think meeting your soulmate would be impossible. And yet at the ripe age of eighteen, you were lucky enough to have met yours.
The day James Buchanan Barnes and his little friend Steve walked into the general store your parents owned was the day that changed your life forever. You remember that day as if it were yesterday. You remember the way his boisterous laugh met your ears, pulling you from the newspaper in your hands. You remember meeting his piercing gaze from across the store and seeing the world around you burst into a plethora of beautiful colors; each color being named as you stared around in wonder. When you met the boy’s stare again, the word blue formulated in your mind and you felt yourself go weak in the knees. It was then that you decided that of all the colors you could now see, blue was your favorite of them all. 
“Whatcha thinking about, sweetheart?” 
You look up at your favorite pair of baby blues from where you lay on his chest and let out a heavy sigh. Eight years later and it still felt like you were seeing the color for the first time every time you looked at him. “Just thinking about how pretty your eyes are, Barnes,” you reply dreamily, readjusting yourself so you were now sitting besides him against the headboard of your bed. 
He lets out a soft laugh at that and turns to you with a smile. “They’re nothing compared to yours, doll.” 
Hiding your face in the crook of his neck, you let a smile fall upon your features. “Stop it…” 
“You started it!” He looks down at you bashfully and playfully pokes at your sides, making you jerk. 
You yelp, trying to pull away from him, but he only brings you back to him and wraps his arms around your waist. You stop moving then and settle into the comfort that his hold brings you. Your positions are now reversed as Bucky rests his head on your shoulder, slightly lying down. The two of you lay together in silence as you bask in each other’s presence. You close your eyes as you try to memorize the pattern of his breath and the feeling of his skin on yours. 
Bucky gently rubs up and down your back as his fingers lightly trace your spine. He hated himself for thinking it, but he wanted to remember what it felt like to hold you like this without any other care in the world. He wanted to relive this moment for as long as he could, in case this would be the last time. 
When you open your eyes, you look down and notice the way Bucky’s brow was furrowed and the worry lines on his forehead. Taking your hands that rested on his chest, you delicately grab his face and focus his gaze on you. You give him a small smile before smoothing your thumbs over his cheekbones and forehead. “Don’t go there,” you tell him softly. 
“I can’t help it.” Removing his arms from around your waist, he grabs onto your wrists and grasps them tightly. “I-I can’t…” Bucky’s breathing quickens. 
“Shh,” you coo. “No need to rush, Buck.” 
He nods, slowly taking a deep breath. You continue to rub your thumbs across his cheeks and under his eyes in a soothing manner. He swallows harshly before speaking again. “I can’t leave Steve and Ma and my sisters. I can’t leave you. Not when I don’t know if I’ll even come back.”
“Don’t say that. Don’t you dare say that. You’re going to come back, you hear me? You’re too stubborn not to,” you argue, feeling your heart shatter as Bucky’s body shook in your arms. You knew how much it hurt him to leave. You saw it in his eyes every time the war was mentioned. He wore his uniform with pride, gloating here and there that he was going to be a sergeant. And you couldn’t be prouder. But it was behind closed doors when you saw his doubts and fears slip through. 
“But in the case that I don’t-”
“No. You will. I know you will.” You shake your head in denial, trying to ignore the fact that somewhere deep down you knew he was right. Not everyone came back from the war, no matter how hard they tried. Families got torn apart, friends were separated, and soulmates were lost. You refused to think of it. You didn’t want to. Not when he was still here with you. Releasing his face from your hold, you turn away from him with a frown. “Can we not talk about it please? I don’t want to think about this. You’re still here, aren’t you? I don’t want this to be my last memory of you before you leave.” 
Bucky sighs in defeat. “Ok,” he finally complies before wrapping you up in his arms once more. He rests his head atop yours and presses a kiss into your hair every now and then as you hug him just as tight, almost as if you were afraid to let go. “Hey, Y/N?” he says softly after a couple minutes of silence. He hears you hum in response and continues. “I love you.” 
Looking back up at him, your eyes soften and you let a small smile grace your features. You lean up and capture his mouth with yours as your lips fall into a rhythm they’ve performed one too many times before. “I love you too, soulmate.” 
While he was gone, you dreamt of him in color. You dreamt of the way his crystalline blue eyes would light up when you reunite. You dreamt of the red stains of your lipstick on his skin, as you’d kiss him over and over again. You dreamt of his military greens that he’d be wearing when he got back. Steve would make his presence known every now and then in your dreams as well, the yellow of his hair as bright as the sun. You dreamt of a glorious reunion with your soulmate and your best friend. After Steve told you he was miraculously cleared to join the army as well, your heart shattered.  You were happy for him, knowing how badly he wanted to be involved. Except you couldn’t help but want to be selfish just this once. You just wanted your boys back. 
The days came and went at a snail’s pace as each day stayed routinely the same. You started your mornings with your shift at the General Store. Then you’d have lunch with your mother before going to the post office to mail off yet another later to Bucky. You mailed one everyday, but you got one from him at least once every two weeks. You didn’t mind though knowing that he’s out on the field. Just being able to receive a letter from him once in a while was enough. At least you knew he was still out there. Evenings consisted of visiting the Barnes’ as you were a familiar face and some form of comfort for them. You’d talk with the girls and do Rebecca’s hair and help Winifred tuck them into bed. Then you’d have a cup of tea with Mrs. Barnes before heading back home and doing it all again the next day. It may have not been much. But at least it gave you a small sense of calm before the storm. 
It started with Steve’s unbelievable transformation. You have never seen anything like it. When you received an invitation in the mail from the man himself to attend something called, “Captain America’s USO Show,” you were puzzled to say the least. Yet you went anyway, curiosity getting the better of you. Nothing could have prepared you for what you saw that night. The theatre at which the event was being held was decked out in an array of red, white, and gorgeous blues. You looked around in awe. The venue looked like something straight out of an Independence Day decoration catalog. People were ushering around you left and right as they tried to find a seat and you followed the flow. Your eyes flit across the sea of people, trying to find a vacant seat. Spotting one in the center section of the theatre four rows away from the stage, you make your way down the row and into one of the vacant seats. You smooth down your outfit as you take a seat as you continue to stare around the room. A banner for the event a little ways from where you were catches your eye. Well doesn’t he look familiar, you think to yourself as your gaze focuses even more on the so called “Captain America.” 
“Excuse me, miss, is this seat taken?” a sweet voice pulls you from your thoughts. 
You turn attention to the voice to see a lovely elderly woman dressed in a lovely lavender pantsuit. “Oh no,” you kindly respond, gesturing to the seat. “It’s all yours.” 
She gives you a nod and a smile before taking the seat. 
The two of you wait for the show to start in silence as you continue to take in the sight around you. 
“So, I’m guessing you’ve met your soulmate?” the woman questions you, intrigued. You send her a look of surprise and she chuckles. “I could tell by the way you’re looking around. Most people would’ve just stared straight ahead, but your eyes are wandering all over the place!” 
The two of you share a bout of laughter prior to your reply. “Yes, I have actually. I met him when I was eighteen.” 
She sighs dreamily and gives you a soft smile. “You’re lucky to have met him so young. Is he with you tonight?” 
The expression on your face falters at her question. “Unfortunately not. He’s somewhere out there serving the country…” 
“Ah, a military man. My Harold was a military man too. He fought in the first World War as a sergeant.” 
You find yourself smiling at that. “My fella’s a sergeant too.” 
“Oh, what a small world!” she exclaims with a giggle. The woman turns to you and gingerly places a gloved hand atop yours that lay on your lap. “Even the war couldn’t tear us apart. It was the scarlet fever that took my love away from me…” She trails off, staring longingly into space. “A word of advice, dear. Cherish every moment you have with your soulmate, you hear me? People like us, people who find our soulmates, we go through hell just to be with them. Because once they’re gone, it’s harder to find that light the world once had when you were together.” 
The woman’s words feel like a stake to your heart as you think about Bucky. Your throat goes dry and it takes everything in you not to rush out of the theatre right then and there and demand the US military for his location. You just sit there, staring at the woman beside you with teary eyes. You open your mouth to speak but are cut off by the dimming of the lights and the deep voice of the announcer. 
“And now, ladies and gentlemen, Captain America!” 
The red, white, and blue clad man runs on stage with an award winning smile and a wave. The crowd erupted in applause at the sight of the man and you let out a chuckle in amusement. You thought it was silly how much the people praised this man for parading as the face of America when there were men at the forefront of the battle right now. You continue to watch, eyes narrowed in suspicion as you stare at the man. Something about him struck you as awfully familiar as he spoke. Yet, you couldn’t put your finger on it. So you just sat back and watched the show. You’ll admit, you were more than slightly entertained, but the nagging in the back of your mind that you knew this Captain America occupied most of your thoughts. 
The show came to an end with an extravagant finale with the Captain giving quite a “punch” to a man who was supposed to be Hitler and more war and weaponry propaganda. Which was expected, considering the times. But it still made your stomach turn nevertheless. After an applause from the crowd at the show’s end, the theatre audience began to trickle out with just a few sticking around to meet with Mr. America himself. You bid goodbye to the woman who sat next to you during the program, wishing her the best, before going to wait by the side of the stage where Captain America was shaking hands with fancily dressed men. You stand there for a few minutes before the men leave, waving enthusiastically at the Captain. 
He sees you standing a few feet from the front of the stage and a gigantic grin crosses his face. He rips off the mask he’s wearing with his costume and you let out a large gasp as a hand goes to cover your mouth. 
“Steven Grant Rogers!” you exclaim with such shock going through your body you can barely move. 
Steve laughs and hops off the stage. He heads your way and gathers you up in his arms with a wide grin. “Y/N!” he beamed. 
Your arms wrap around his muscular form as you gasp again and how easily he picks you up off the ground and spins you in a circle. When he places you back down on the floor, you pull away from him and are met with him smiling widely at you. “Wha… how?” you stutter, barely able to conjure up the words to describe what happened to him. Steve Rogers was the lanky little boy from Brooklyn no more. He was now Captain America, large, buff, and extremely charming. 
“It’s a long story,” he tells you with a shake of his head. “Gosh, I’m so glad you came. I was afraid you wouldn’t get the invitation.” 
“So it was you?” 
“It was,” Steve responds proudly. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?” 
“I wanted to keep the element of surprise.” He sends you a wink and you find yourself laughing again. 
“Well, it most definitely worked.” Your eyes rake over his form once again, taking in the miracle before you. “I still don’t understand what’s going on here,” you mutter in disbelief. “But it’s so good to see you again, Steve. It’s been too long.” 
“Yeah, it has. Hey, how about I take you out to dinner tonight? Let me change out of this get up and we could go to Lottie’s just for old times sake?” Steve pleads. 
You agree without hesitation. This sense of normalcy would be good for you, especially with how lonely you’ve been feeling lately. Going out with Steve would be a good form of comfort and familiarity. 
Sitting in the diner with Steve is a breath of fresh air. The last time you felt the least bit content was back when Bucky was here. Thinking of Bucky, the smile on your face subsides and you find yourself staring longingly out the window next to your usual booth. 
Steve notices your sudden silence and could tell exactly what you were thinking from the look in your eye. “I miss him too,” he tells you softly. He reaches across the table and gently takes your hand in his, giving it a light squeeze. “Buck’s one hell of a fighter. He’ll do everything he can to get back home.” 
You send him an appreciative smile. “Thanks Stevie. What about you? Care to tell me how all this happened then?” 
He only smiles at your question and shakes his head. “I’d love to, Y/N/N, but I’m not sure how much I can exactly tell,” Steve tells you remorsefully. The way your lips tilt downward pulls at Steve’s heart. “But I promise once all of this is over, I’ll tell you everything. How about when Bucky gets back, so I can fill the two of you in?” 
Steve walks you home just like old times. The walk to your house is mostly quiet other than your occasional teasing comments on Steve’s new bod. For the first time in months, things felt relatively normal. But it was Bucky’s absence that reminded you otherwise. When the two of you get to your front door, you give Steve one last hug before parting ways. Your walk upstairs is a sad one as you reminisce how a night like this would have looked months ago. Making your way into your room, you let out a sigh and sit at your vanity. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you almost didn’t recognize the person looking back at you. She was tired and disheveled, with her hair in disarray and a lack of powder on her face. She was nothing like the proper lady her mother raised her to be. Your eyes scan over your features once more when your gaze catches a glimpse of a familiar brown hanging from your open closet. Getting up, you walk over to your closet and pull the clothing off its hanger. You bring the jacket up to your nose and inhale its familiar scent. You wrap it around your shoulders, pretending that you’re in Bucky’s warm embrace. If you pushed yourself enough, you could almost imagine that this was a night like any other, and you were coming back home wrapped in the arms of your lover. 
Something was wrong. If the lack of letters from Bucky didn’t worry you enough, the feeling in your gut that did. The letters stopped coming a few weeks ago. The worry was normal, your mother had told you. She also told you that sometimes there were mailing delays and maybe the month’s shipment hasn’t come through. You considered this for a moment, until the dream you had a few nights ago. 
All your dreams start the same, with you in your rose red dress and Bucky in his military uniform in the dance hall downtown. Tommy Dorsey’s “Daybreak” is playing in the background as Bucky holds a hand out for you to take. But instead of being pulled into his familiar embrace, your dream took a different turn. As you take his hand, the scene shifts, and you find yourself in a dark and empty room. The air is cold, though you can’t feel it. The sight of your breath as you exhaled told you there was a drop in climate. You turn around, finding yourself in what looked to be a mix between a prison cell and a laboratory. Then the faint sound of his voice catches your attention. His words were incoherent, but you could recognize his voice anywhere. 
You receive no response back. Looking around the room, you try to gather your senses and scan your surroundings. Where the hell were you? You hear him again, only this time, his voice is louder. More intelligible. 
“Bucky?” You call out again, voice laced with a sense of urgency. 
He doesn’t respond to you again and you find yourself barging out of the room and into a dark hallway. You let out a shaky breath, listening again for any sounds of his voice again. The next time you hear him shakes you to your core, making your stomach turn. 
He screams. He lets out a heart wrenching scream that seems to vibrate through the hall, causing you to drop on your knees as tears begin to fall from your eyes. Pain was the only thing you could feel. He was in pain. He screams again and you let out a sob as you bring your hands to your head and cover your ears. You’re not sure how long you stay there, before the screams finally stop. 
Suddenly, you’re jolting out of bed drenched in sweat. Your throat is dry and you have dried tear stains on your cheeks. You shiver as you remember the horrible dream you had. The tears well up in your eyes once more as the sound of Bucky’s screams echo through your head. It may have just been a dream, but everything about it felt completely real. From the sound of his voice, to the feeling of the cold concrete against your knees and the musty smell of the corridor. You had to figure out a way to reach him. You had to make sure Bucky was ok. 
Bucky sat in the infirmary tent, still shaken from all that has happened within the span of a couple of hours. Just hours ago, he was in Hydra’s clutches. Too sudden movements from the nurses around him made him flinch and loud noises around the camp made his heart rate raise. Steve stayed with him the entire time. For moral support or for his own reassurance, Bucky wasn’t sure. But he appreciated the company. He just wished you were there with him too. 
Being poked and prodded at by the scientists at the Hydra compound he was held at almost made him lose hope entirely. Grasping onto the thought of seeing your smiling face again, to be able to hold and kiss you as he pleased, was the only thing giving him the motivation to stay alive. So much so that he could’ve sworn he heard you calling his name once or twice while he was there. Bucky knew he must’ve been hallucinating, but your voice had sounded too real. He could’ve sworn you were right outside his cell. And the  thought alone, scared him more than anything. There’s an unsettling tug in Bucky’s chest that ached every time he thought of you. An ache that could be resolved only by you. Bucky couldn’t stand the aching any longer. He needed to find a way to see you. 
He sits up, hastily yanking the IV out of his arm and attempts to climb out of his cot when it squeaks beneath him, alerting Steve of his consciousness. 
“Buck?” he questions, a bit aloof from sleep. 
“I’m fine, Steve, go back to sleep,” Bucky brushes him off. He tries to get himself up on his feet once more when Steve grabs him by the elbows and steadies him at the edge of the cot. 
“You’re not fine, Bucky. Get back in bed. You need to rest.”
He shakes his head with a heavy sigh, running his hands through his already disheveled hair. “I can’t. Please, Steve, I-I need to see her.”
“The nurse?” Steve questions. His blue eyes sweep through the infirmary in search of a nurse when he feels Bucky grab his hand. 
“No, not the nurse. Y/N. My Y/N, I need to see her,” Bucky frantically pleads as he tries to get out of the bed once more. 
Steve shakes his head with worry and pity for his friend. He knew what Bucky just went through was traumatic. And he knew that Bucky needed all the comfort and support he could get. Which is why he wasn’t surprised when he asked for you. It pained Steve’s heart that no matter what he did could cure his best friend’s want. “I’m sorry, Bucky. But Y/N’s not here.” 
“No, Steve.” Bucky shakes his head, eyes constantly darting back and forth. “I need to see her. I need to know that she’s ok.” 
Steve’s brow furrows at Bucky’s words. “What? Bucky, Y/N’s fine. She’s in Brooklyn, remember? Right where you left her. I even saw her before I left. She’s ok. She’s safe, I promise.” 
The worry on Bucky’s face doesn’t fade. His muscles are still tense and his forehead is beaded with sweat. “Steve, please.” 
Seeing the panic on Bucky’s face, Steve knew he just wasn’t going to let it go. Steve didn’t blame him. If he were in his place, he’d need reassurance that his loved ones were ok too. So Steve nods, giving Bucky’s hand a squeeze. “Ok. Ok, Buck. I’ll see what I can do.” 
After what he did for the troops and being Captain America, Steve was able to pull some strings and get you on a privately escorted flight to Italy. When you got the phone call from Steve, your mind immediately went to the worst case scenario. But after some explaining from Steve, you were able to let out a breath of relief. Though you were a bit confused as to why Bucky was begging to see you, Steve promised he’d explain everything when you got there. Without any care other than the thought of your love, you threw your clothes in a suitcase and scribbled a note to your mother explaining your whereabouts. 
The camp was anything but comforting. People were running around left and right and you could hardly grasp onto your surroundings. The camp was loud. There were shouts coming from all directions as you stepped off the jeep that picked you up from the airport. You must’ve looked as lost as you felt because a man in uniform sauntered up beside you with an amused smirk on his mouth. 
“Are you lost, miss? A military camp isn’t exactly the place for a dame like you.” He sends you a mocking smile as he pulls a cigar out of his coat pocket. 
The man offers you a cigar, which you politely decline, tightening your grip around your bag on your shoulder. With your eyes scanning across the camp, you tell him, “I’m actually looking for Sergeant Barnes of the 107th.” 
“Barnes? I don’t know where he is, but I do know someone who does. Stay here.” He jogs off to one of the tents. The man comes back with a woman who dismisses him with a nod. He gives you a nod before walking off. 
“Ah, you must be Miss Y/L/N,” the woman observed with a warm smile. She had a strong English accent and striking red lipstick. “I’m Agent Carter, but please call me Peggy. Steve said he’s expecting you. Come, follow me.” 
As Peggy leads you through the camp, you find yourself feeling nauseous at the sight of how the men around you were damaged by the war. There were men with lost limbs and men with cuts and scars galore. Men who were sprawled out on the ground in tears, clutching pictures of their loved ones, and men who were drinking through the trauma brought upon them. The sight almost brought you to tears. You couldn’t begin to imagine what they were going through. Then you think back to Bucky and you think you’re going to be sick. Steve hadn’t told you much over the phone other than Bucky begging to see you, leaving the rest up to your imagination. You’re pulled out of your thoughts at the familiar call of your name. 
Steve approaches you and Peggy with a relief filled smile which you gladly return before giving him a huge hug. When you pull away, Steve observes the pinch of your brows and the way your lips were pursed. He sees the look of worry in your eyes as he gently grabs you by the shoulders. Steve smooths a hand down your shoulder and carefully takes your bag from your hold. 
“Steve-” you start with teary eyes. 
“He’s here, come with me,” he tells you gently, guiding you by the arm to another tent. 
You suck in a deep breath, trying to keep yourself steady as best as you can. For Bucky’s sake and Steve’s sake, of course. Though the way you clenched your fists and attempted to blink the tears from your eyes suggested otherwise. Walking into the tent was just as horrendous of a sight as the camp outside. With men sprawled everywhere, and nurses shuffling left and right, everything about it made your heart drop. As you carefully followed Steve, your eyes flit all over before finally landing on a cot at the very back end of the tent. He was sitting up with his back facing you, but you knew it was him. You’d recognize him anywhere. You don’t even register that your feet are moving quicker than Steve’s until you’re standing directly behind the man you’ve been longing to be reunited with for months. “Bucky?” 
At the sound of your voice, oh your sweet angelic voice, Bucky is up faster than anyone’s seen him move in days. He almost trips over his feet as he runs over to you, his military boots loose from his undone laces. There’s no hesitation in his movements as Bucky runs over to you and tackles you in the largest hug. His arms wrap securely around your waist and he tucks his head in the crook of your neck. He inhales your familiar scent that sends a wave of calm over his entire body. Bucky feels your arms come around his neck and he pulls even closer to him, afraid that if he let go for just a second, you’d slip away from him. He was afraid that the second he let go, he would find himself alone in that cold, dark cell and back in Hydra’s hands. Burying himself further against you, he lets out a breath. “You’re ok. You’re ok…” he repeats over and over again. 
“Bucky,” you sigh, voice filled with relief. You feel his hold on you tighten and you reciprocate the action, finally feeling the longing you’ve had subside at the motion. When Bucky mumbles your name into the skin of your neck, your heart stutters at the feeling of finally being able to feel him again. You pull away from him ever so slightly, just enough so you could see his face. His blue meets your y/e/c eyes and you let out a breath of relief. You were finally home. “Are you ok?” you question, cupping his face delicately in your hands. “When Steve called me on the phone, gosh Buck, I thought I lost you.” 
Your voice cracks at the end of your statement and when he notices the tears that have begun to stream down your cheeks, his heart almost breaks in his chest. He grabs your wrists and leans forward, placing his forehead against yours. You let out a shaky breath and Bucky’s grip tightens. “Oh, sweetheart,” he whispers softly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” 
You shake your head with a frown. “Why are you apologizing? You have nothing to be sorry for.” You softly place your lips upon his and Bucky lets out a quiet moan against your lips before you pull away. Brushing the pads of your thumbs over the apples of his cheeks, you slightly bump the tip of your nose with his, eliciting a smile from the man. “You’re here, aren’t you? You’re here and that’s all that matters to me.” 
Bucky and you were so caught up in each other that you didn’t notice Steve and Peggy slip away or the nurse who changed Bucky’s sheets for some new ones. The only thing that existed was each other. 
“Stay,” Bucky pleads with a sad smile. “Stay with me tonight. I know the cot isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep on but-” 
“Ok. Ok, Buck, I’ll stay. For you, I always will.” And it was true. You would stay with Bucky Barnes for as long as he pleased. 
Bucky fell asleep in an instant that night. You held him in your arms as if it were any other night; as if he didn’t just come from the forefront of a raging war. You begged him to tell you what happened to him. Though him nor Steve told you directly, you knew there was something they were hiding from you. The way that Steve wouldn’t meet your eye and the vacancy behind Bucky’s eyes told you so. There was more to the reason why you were here. But Bucky requested you wait. You reluctantly complied. 
When you first saw the color yellow, you automatically noticed how it filled you with joy. The yellow of the sun, the yellow of the flowers Bucky bought you on your first date, and the yellow of the overly buttered popcorn at the cinema Bucky always took you to were just a few of the things you associated the color with. And even now despite the circumstances, the pale yellow glow from the moon above filled you with joy as it shone through the half opened tent flap like a spotlight, illuminating your lover. The light accentuated Bucky’s features in a way that you would describe as heavenly. You could see every freckle and blemish and the curve of his cheekbones. But with it came the view of every cut, scar, and bruise on his skin from where he lay on your chest. Your chest tightens as your gaze lands upon the purpling bruise and dark spots that gathered under his eyes. Biting your lip, you will yourself not to cry. Just the thought of Bucky being out there fighting a war that seemed impossible to win made you want to run up to the general and beg him not to let Bucky back out there. The tiny, selfish part of you wanted to beg the general to let your Bucky come home. But you knew that wasn’t possible. Bucky would hate it if you did. He was never one to back down from a fight, always being the person who needed to see justice be served to be satisfied. You knew that dragging him from this fight wouldn’t be fair for him. But what about you? It wasn’t fair for you to be the one at home wallowing in your own pain and sadness as you wondered when (or if) he’d come home. It wasn’t fair that you had to go through it all alone. You blink away your tears, letting out silent curses as you do. Bucky was only doing what he thought was right. He always did. It’s not fair for you to get mad at him, not after all he’s done for you. 
Bucky stirs in your embrace as a soft whimper leaves his lips. His brow was furrowed and his eyes were shut tight. So tight that the corners of his eyes began to crinkle. He lets out another noise of distress, pulling you from your thoughts and back to him. Your lips turn down in a frown at the sight of the man in your arms as you gently brush a strand of stray hair from his forehead. His skin is clammy at the touch and beaded with sweat. Pressing the back of your hand carefully against his forehead again, you let out a soft gasp at how hot he feels. He must be close to running a fever. You try to lay him down on the cot so you could get up and call a nurse but his grip on you only gets tighter. “Bucky,” you murmur. 
He lets out a string of incoherent words and flinches. 
“Bucky, honey, you’ve got to let go,” you shake him slightly, trying to get him to wake. He stirs once more, letting out another whimper of pain and you touch his shoulder a bit harder this time. “Bucky!” 
He jolts up, heaving for air as his arms fall from your waist. A chill runs through his body as his mind flashes back to the horrors that were bestowed upon him not long ago as his eyes frantically dart back and forth as he tries to gather his surroundings. Bucky was heaving as he tried to catch his breath. A delicate hand on his shoulder stopped him from spiraling as you breathe out his name. “Christ,” Bucky sighs, collapsing into your arms. With his eyes squeezed shut, he winds his arms around your waist and peppers sweet kisses against your neck. “I’m here. You’re here…” 
Wrapping one arm around his shoulders, you use the other to run a hand through his hair that was partly damp from sweat. You nod placing your lips on the crown of his head. “Of course you’re here, my love. You never left.” 
Bucky shakes his head in a panic. “No, no. I was there. I was back there and I couldn’t-I couldn’t move.” He pulls away from you and his eyes vigilantly rake up and down your form. “I can’t go back there. I can’t.” 
You swallow harshly as he continues to babble about not going back. Back where? What possible could have happened to him while he was away to make him react this way? You gently rock him back and forth as you try to subside his frantic words. “Oh, Buck,” you mumbled into his hair. “What did they do to you?” 
His movements still and his gaze darts away from yours. You see his Adam’s apple bob as he swallows harshly. The bright blue of his eyes suddenly go dull at your words and for a moment you’re afraid that you might have crossed a line you should have stayed behind. Then it’s as if something in him snaps, and Bucky tells you everything. And the whole time all you could do is sit there with tears flowing down your cheeks as he tells you about the unimaginable. When he finally finishes his story, you throw yourself at him with such a force that Bucky could swear he felt his heart bump against his rib cage. Your sobs tear Bucky’s heart in two as you apologize for something that you never could’ve prevented from happening. Bucky takes this as his turn to comfort you. He wipes away your tears and kisses you everywhere his lips could touch. Each brush of his lips was enough of a reminder for both you and him that he was here with you. That despite it all, Bucky still came home. When you eventually collapse in his arms from exhaustion, Bucky silently thanks the heavens above for bringing him back to you. He couldn’t bear the thought of you having to lose him in a way worse than the war. As you nestle yourself in Bucky’s arms, the yellow glow of the moon gives itself a different meaning for the two of you, no longer emitting joy, but rather a sign of sorrow. 
Since that night, you and Bucky haven’t spoken about either of your breakdowns, opting to specifically focus on his recovery in the meantime. It was a mutual agreement between the two of you-- him not wanting to discuss it any further and you keeping quiet in fear of making him even more upset than he already was whenever someone mentioned the incident. So when the rest of the Howling Commandos suggested having a celebratory night at one of the local pubs, you eagerly agreed. 
It’s been awhile since the last time the two of you were able to have a somewhat normal night with one another. Perhaps it was before you even knew Bucky was drafted for the war, before either of you had any knowledge of your impending doom. To think those were the good old days… Straightening out the dress Peggy lent you, you step out of the car with Peggy giving you a bright smile at your side. “Ready for your date?” you tease. 
Peggy’s cheeks gather a light pink dust on her porcelain skin as she brushes your comment off. “It isn’t a date. The whole unit is going to be there.” 
“True, but come one, you totally got dressed up for Steve!” You bump her playfully with your elbow as the two of you head to the pub. 
She exasperatedly rolls her eyes at you before nudging you back. “So what if I got dressed up for Steve? We’re not like you and James. He’s not my soulmate or anything.” 
“So?” You let out a groan as you pulled her aside before she could entire the pub. “Just because he’s not your soulmate doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try! Look, soulmates are rare. Bucky and I got lucky enough to have met each other. But my philosophy is, if you haven’t met your soulmate yet and you think you love Steve, maybe the universe is trying to tell you that you should give it a shot.” 
“Oh, I don’t know, Y/N…” 
“I believe in “everything happens for a reason” Peggy.” 
“Aren’t you quite the optimist,” she retorts. 
“I get it from Bucky.” Hooking your arm with hers, the two of you walk into the pub. “Now, show the captain what he’s missing.” With a small smile, you give her a playful wink. 
Making your way through the room, you spot the Commandos gathered around a table drinking and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. The sight makes your chest bloom with warmth as Dum Dum Dugan animatedly waves his hands around as he dramatical tells one of his infamous stories. You giggle as you and Peggy make your way to the group, exchanging greetings with the rowdy (and incredibly drunk) men. Over the course of the couple of weeks you’ve been at the camp, you’ve gained a soft spot for the P.O.W.’s Bucky bonded with. You admit, they were terrifying at first glance, but once you got to know them you enjoyed their company. 
“Looking for the lover boys?” Gabe Jones smirks at the two of you. Wolf whistles and chortles erupt around the table at Gabe’s teasing. 
“Oh, shush, you,” you feign anger before joining in on their laughter. 
“They’re over there,” Jones replies, pointing to the back room with a grin. 
You mouth a quick thank you to the man before pulling Peggy along with you to find your boys. Just as Gabe said, the two men were seated at the bar with a glass of whiskey in hand, looking as carefree as ever. Letting go of Peggy’s arm, you make your way over to Steve and Bucky and motion for her to follow. Walking up behind the two, you gingerly wrap your arms around Bucky’s shoulders and resting your chin on his shoulder. “Sorry to interrupt, Captain, but I’m here to steal your Sargeant.” 
At the sound of your voice, Bucky breaks into a huge grin as his hands grasp onto your hands that rested near his chest. The tip of his nose brushes against the skin of your cheek as he turns, giving you a sweet kiss on the skin. 
“He’s all yours, ma’am,” Steve cheekily replies, laughing as you pull Bucky up from his seat. 
With Bucky in tow, you pass Peggy and mouth her a silent ‘Go to him!’. Her eyes darted from yours to Steve’s figure at the bar. You shoot her an encouraging nod and make your way out of the pub. The cold Italian air nips at your skin as you step outside for some fresh air. You close your eyes and dramatically take a deep breath, crinkling your nose as you turn to Bucky. His crystal gaze was already set dreamily on your form, his lips pulled into a sweet smile. “What?” you ask him. 
Bucky exhales as he shakes his head. Taking a step closer to you, he holds your face in his hands as he rubs small circles into the hinge of your jawline with his thumb. “I don’t think I’ve told you how beautiful you are tonight,” he confesses with a charming grin. “I’ve never loved the color red more than when it’s on you.” 
Your chin drops to your sternum as you avoid his intense stare, fiddling with your fingers and bashfully staring at your feet. “You use that line on all the ladies?” 
“Only on you, my love,” he declares softly, grazing his fingertips faintly down your neck and to the sides of your ribcage. 
Your knees buckle at the sensation his touch sends through your body. Goosebumps rise on the surface of your skin from his touch, rather than from the cold as he continues to move downward until his hands are resting lowly on your waist. With a tug, he smoothly brings you flush against his chest and your arms instinctively drape themselves on his shoulder. “You sap,” you whisper into the cold air. “Wait ‘till the boys hear their sergeant’s gone soft for little ‘ole me.” You lightly tap him on the nose with the tip of your finger, eliciting a chuckle from the man. 
Bucky keeps you against him as he subconsciously sways the two of you underneath the Italian night sky, keeping you tucked snugly beneath his chin. “Daybreak, another new day, the mist on the meadow is drifting away…” 
The softness of his voice surrounds you as he begins to sing your song, making your eyelids flutter shut. The tension in your muscles subside as you continue to sway and you let the lull of his heartbeat bring you home. As he continues to sing, you hum along as you imagine the two of you standing in the dance hall in Brooklyn. 
Bucky’s grip loosens as he rounds the end of the song and he pulls back to take you in. “As the white clouds sail on through the blue, at daybreak I did dream of you…” The last words of the song linger as he gently caressed your lips with his. 
You let out a sigh of relief as Bucky’s mouth meets yours. You push against him with one of your hands snaking into his hair as your heart tries to claw its way out of your chest through the all too familiar dance of your lips. His movements have you drowning in the taste of whiskey and the scent of his cologne. He was the only thing that your mind could focus on. You didn’t need alcohol to get drunk, not when you had him. His kiss was intoxicating. To taste him, feel him, and love him awakened a feeling inside of you that no words could ever describe. Bucky Barnes lit the match that set your heart ablaze. Your love for him spread like a wildfire through your entire being as you tried to convey this all through your declarations of love on his lips. And yet, even then, it wasn’t enough to put out the flames that scorched your heart. If you didn’t need to take a breath, you could’ve gone on to kiss Bucky forever, but your lungs were screaming for air so you reluctantly pulled away. 
Bucky was panting heavily from the passion filled kiss you shared. Even with swollen lips, smudged lipstick and slightly mussed hair he still thought you were the most incredible thing he had ever seen. Nothing, not even the colosseum of Rome, could ever compare. The way that the stars reflected your wide and soulful gaze almost had Bucky on his knees. He doesn’t let go of your waist as he presses another quick, yet fervent kiss to your lips. “You know I love you with everything I have, right?” 
“I do,” you reply without a second of hesitation. 
Resting his forehead on yours, Bucky lets out a shaky breath before he continues. 
You notice the tremor of his shoulders as he does so, causing you to grab his face in your hands. 
“And because I love you, you know I have to do this,” he lets out slowly. 
“James, what is this about?” Fear overcomes the absolute bliss you were feeling just moments ago at his words. 
“Steve, the Commandos, and I-- we’re leaving again first thing tomorrow morning for the Alps. Steve has a lead on another Hydra base.”
“The Alps,” you repeat, slightly untangling yourself from his hold and crossing your arms against your chest. Tears well up in your eyes and cascade down your cheeks as you look up at Bucky whose eyes are glossed over as well. 
“Y/N, I know. I know, sweetheart. I know I said last time was our last but-” 
You shake your head as you wipe away your tears. “But you have to go, I know.” 
“Hey, once this is all over you and I are finally gonna start that new life together. Just you and me. Ok?” He takes your hand and brings them up to his lips. “I promise.” 
“That’s quite a big promise to keep James.” 
“Darlin’, have I ever let you down?” 
You shake your head no. 
“See?” He tries to lighten the mood with a watery chuckle and a smile, but you could see the pain behind his eyes. 
You return his stare, noticing the way his eyes look brighter in the moonlight because of the tears gathered at his lash line. Using your other hand to caress his cheek, you keep your gaze on his as you try to commit the beautiful blue of his eyes to memory. “Come home to me, James Buchanan Barnes. God knows what I’ll do if you don’t.” 
With his hand still in yours, Bucky pulls you into him and keeps you securely in the crook of his neck. “I promise, Y/N. I’ll always find my way back to you.” 
“I love you,” you sigh. 
“I love you too, soulmate.” 
Your eyes were burning. You could feel it through your closed eyelids from where you lay inside the small tent that you and Peggy shared. It felt like nothing you have ever felt before. The pain slowly made its way down your face, to the side of your throat, and finally stopped at your heart. Letting out a cry you fall onto the floor on your knees as you claw at your eyes. 
Your cries alert Peggy who’s out of her cot and by your side in an instant. “Y/N?”
Another pained cry makes its way from your lips when suddenly the pain just stops. The aches and burning disappear just as quickly as it came. You try to open your eyes and for a moment, you’re surrounded by complete darkness. As you continue to blink away your tears and your blurred vision, your senses finally come back to you. The world is still a bit fuzzy, you’re able to see again. When your vision clears, the first thing you notice is how bleak the world looks. You scan the area of the tent as Peggy continues to fret over you. But you can’t hear a word she’s saying. The only thing your mind could process was the lack of light, no, color around you. The tent that you used to know was a deep shade of green is now a blanket of black. Your eyes darted to a tube of lipstick on the side table that you knew was the most gorgeous shade of pink only to find it reduced to a dull grey. Your body is moving faster than your mind could follow as you stumble out of the tent and outside. You look up at the sky expecting to be met by the most beautiful shade of blue that reminded you of your lover, only to be met with dullness once more. The heaviness on your chest seemed to grow as you frantically sucked in breathes of air through your mouth as if you were using a straw. 
Various nurses and soldiers are rushing past you in a frenzy causing you to turn around to see what the commotion was about. Pushing through the crowd was Steve and the rest of the Commandos who looked like they had just gone through hell and back. Your eyes flit around, trying to find the comfort of your favorite shade of blue, when Steve stops right in front of you. 
“Y/N…” he whimpers with his shoulders sagged and head hung in defeat. 
You look to the other men for an explanation but they only dodge your gaze with a forlorn look in their eyes. 
“No,” you whisper, shaking your head in disbelief. “No, no, no, no…” 
Steve catches you as you let out a gut wrenching sob before falling to your knees. He holds you tight as his own sobs are muffled by his face hidden on your shoulder. “I’m sorry,” he cries over and over again as he holds your shaking form. The only thing you could cry out to him in response was the name of your lover as you clung to Steve like he was your lifeline. And in a way, he was, being the only thing you had left of Bucky Barnes. 
A wave of rage and anguish washed over you at the loss of your other half as you cried in Steve’s arms until you felt absolutely numb. The world was bleak as you realized you had nothing left to live for. The light, color, and beauty of it all left with the one you loved. Until Steve told you that he was going to take down Hydra once and for all. Your anger and grief clouded your judgement as you practically forced yourself onto the mission with him. Gripping onto Steve’s shoulder as he looks at you with sadness in his eyes, you give him one last reassuring smile. Helping take out Hydra and its leader was the least you could do after all the pain they had inflicted upon you and others. If you could, you would take out every last follower of Hydra standing for taking away your other half-- your soulmate. 
Closing the compass in his hand, Steve looks up at you one last time with a bittersweet smile on his face. “For Bucky?” 
Letting out an exhausted laugh, you close your eyes and brace yourself for impact as you envision the smiling face of James Buchanan Barnes. “For Bucky. ‘Til the end of the line…” 
Tumblr media
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avenging-fandoms · 4 days ago
SOFT HOURS ‼️‼️‼️ bucky loves cuddles i don’t make the rules he just does
Tumblr media
oh absolutely. especially after one of his nightmares that he couldn’t wake up from.
with your hand on his chest as bucky laid on his back and you on your stomach, bucky’s hand on top of yours. his mind took him back to the days he wished he could forget, wearing the mask and killing people. bucky’s nightmare felt real, and he started to twitch.
you weren’t facing him, but you could feel his hand moving on top of yours. your phone flashed ‘3:02am’ and you rotated your head to look at bucky. his eyebrow was furrowed, and under your hand a layer of sweat formed over his skin. bucky started to whimper, mumbling incoherently and you sat up.
your hand brushed over his hair, trying to wake him up without startling him. his whole body was now trembling, and you wanted to cry for him. “bucky.. james i’m right here, okay?” bucky gasped and you jumped as he sat up fast.
bucky panted as he woke up, his arms trembling as he held himself up. he blinked a couple times and looked at you, falling into your body with a soft cry. “i want them to stop, yn” he whispered and you shush him softly, rubbing his back and arm.
bucky’s arms wrapped tight around your waist as he pulled you into him, squeezing his eyes shut and basking in your warmth. “i know, bucky, i know. and we’re working on it, right?” he nods and you kiss him head. “tell me your favorite good memory you can remember”
“the first time i met you” he whispered and you scratch up and down his back slowly. “i remember your hair in front of your face, but i just knew you were as gorgeous as a magnolia in may. i had never seen someone as gorgeous as you, and i was so nervous to even approach you” he chuckled and you smile, kissing his forehead.
“i love you, bucky, and i’m always gonna be here for you, no matter what” he looked up at you with a soft smile, leaning forward and kissing you sweetly. you hummed quietly and traced patterns into bucky’s back, a content sigh released from his nose before he fell back asleep. bucky always knew he’d be safe if he was sleeping right next to you.
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avenging-fandoms · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
bucky would be so hesitant to pull your hair or do anything but hold you because he knew how strong he was but your taunting and teasing went too far for his liking.
while washing the dishes and bucky drying them, you kept getting distracted by your thoughts and how bad you wanted but to not just be gentle all the time. you needed him to be rough or you were going to go on sex strike.
“yn, you’re wasting all the hot water” bucky nudged you and you jumped, handing the dish to bucky. “what’s on your mind?” you shake your head and scrub the plate, bucky stepping closer to you. “come on, doll, tell me”
“why are you vanilla in bed?” you dropped the plate and sponge in the sink, bucky’s face dropping. your lips rolled in between your teeth and you shut off the water. “i just.. i’ve asked you to do rougher stuff than normal, like.. choke me or.. pull my hair. but it’s the same thing every time”
“yeah, yn, because i’m scared i’m going to hurt you” you scoff and he laughs. “oh, i’m so sorry i care about my girlfriend”
“if you cared about me you’d pleasure me like i want instead of just boring m-” you gasp as bucky’s hand gripped your hair tightly in his right hand, with his left hand around your neck. 
“is this what you wanted, whore? you wanted me to grab you and make you shut up like my pet?” bucky smiled against your neck and you smirked, pressing your butt back against his crotch.
“i want everything and more about you, james” bucky smiled and bit your neck, letting go of your throat but still holding onto your hair. “take me to bed, bucky, please”
“god how i love to hear you beg” he whispered against your mouth and you whimpered, fumbling over your feet as bucky held onto your hair at the back of your neck like you always wanted him to do. 
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fictionalmemoirs · 5 days ago
Buckyvision Part 1: It’s a Wonderful Life
Summary: While fighting Wanda with you, Bucky gets hit with her power and wakes up to a reality that’s not his own.
Pairings: Dad!Bucky x You
Word Count: 3.7k
Warnings: None
A/N: This story is told mostly from Bucky’s perspective. I might make this a mini-series.
Tumblr media
“Stand back!” you called out to Bucky as an out-of-control Wanda hovered in the sky. Strong winds whirled around you as you thought of ways to calm Wanda down. Just then you see a metal rod fly past you towards Wanda. She immediately struck the metal rod away.
“Seriously, Bucky?” you snapped after turning to him.
“What? I don’t see you trying to do anything?” he shot back.
The scarlet aura that surrounded Wanda grew and started to reach towards you. Soon the world around you swirled and began to look blurry. You knew you had to stop Wanda soon. You began forming a force field around her in an attempt to stop and disrupt whatever Wanda was doing. As you and Wanda struggled for control of each other, a stray red beam from Wanda shot towards you.
“Y/N!” Bucky yelled and pushed you out of the way. He got hit.
Bucky’s eyes snapped open, and he panted as he tried to understand what had just happened. His eyes darted back and forth as he studied the ceiling that was in front of him. He soon realized that he was in his own room. He rubbed his eyes with his vibranium arm. Bucky calmed down as the cool metal hit his warm forehead. He thought about Wanda and you, but seeing that you both weren’t in the room, he wondered if it was all a dream. Or maybe he passed out from the night before. As he moved to try and get up, Bucky noticed another body in the bed with him. They were laying on their side, facing the opposite direction from him. Bucky carefully pulled his human arm free from under the person to make sure they wouldn’t be woken. He leaned towards the body and quickly identified it as you. His eyes widened in shock and he got out of bed almost immediately. He shuffled to the hallway and slapped his cheeks. What the heck was he thinking? Since he was dressed in pajamas, Bucky hoped that you had only slept in his bed and nothing more. Jeez, you guys hadn’t seen each other for months and then all of a sudden you were sleeping in bed with him. What had happened last night? He quickly went to the bathroom, urinated, brushed his teeth and went to the kitchen for breakfast. As Bucky stepped into the hallway, he heard something.
“Daddy?” a voice called to him. Bucky turned to see a little girl on the hallway walking towards him. She rubbed her eyes and lazily approached him. Bucky assessed that the child was maybe about five or six. She wore purple pajamas with unicorns on them and clutched what looked like a Captain America doll. Bucky looked behind him to see if there was any other adult the little girl was talking to. He turned back to the little girl was getting closer. Bucky turned behind him once more to see if another person had finally showed up behind him. When he realized he was the only person the girl could be speaking with, he asked her,
“Are you talking to me?”
“Daddy you’re being silly,” she giggled then raised her arms towards him. For a moment, Bucky did nothing but stare at her. She opened and closed her hands impatiently and whined. Bucky only furrowed his brows in confusion. She looked familiar but why? As Bucky waited, the little girl became fussier.
“Daaaaaddy!—she began waving her arms more—DAAADDY!” she sounded like she was getting ready to cry, “Daddy are you mad at me?”
“N-No, no, no ,” Bucky answered in a panic and picked her up. He hushed her crying while rubbing her back. He gently pushed her head towards his chest to drown out her cries. The last thing he needed was the little girl’s mom coming to yell at him. When she finally stopped crying, Bucky studied the little girl’s face. She definitely resembled you. He thought it was her eyes and the shape of her nose. Did you have a niece that was somehow visiting that you didn’t tell him about? How did you even get her into his apartment?
“Daddy, you’re being a big meanie,” she pouted and wiped the tears from her face.
“I know, I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m such a bad bully and I’m so sorry,” he cooed at her and wiped her tears off with his flesh hand, “Why don’t you call me Uncle Bucky though?”
“Why?” she sniffled while laying her head on his chest.
“Just for fun,”
“Okay Uncle daddy,”
Bucky cleared his throat, sharply inhaled, and shook his head, “Nope… that’s …worse. Just ‘uncle’. No daddy.”
“Daddy I’m hungry, can we have pamcakes?” she ignored him.
“Why don’t I get Y/N and she’ll take care of this?” he suggested while putting her down, “Stay here okay?”
Before the little girl could answer, Bucky had rushed towards your room. When he opened your door however, he only found the room of a little girl. Confused, but not having the time to ponder, Bucky ran to his room where you were sleeping soundly. Bucky grabbed your arm and shook you,
“Y/N, Y/N, there’s a little girl in the apartment and she keeps calling me her dad,” he whispered aggressively. You had awakened but not moved on the bed.
“I know,” you said groggily while pushing his hand away and pulling the covers over you. Your nonchalance frustrated Bucky.
“Seriously Y/N, where did she come from? And what are you even doing here? Did you bring her over?”
“Bucky, I’m just trying to sleep. Can you leave me alone and take care of it?” you grunted.
“She wants pancakes, what do I do?” Bucky pulled the cover from you lightly.
“Just make her pancakes,” you pulled the cover back over you.
“But Y/N—”
“Don’t tell me you don’t know how to make pancakes, James,”
“The little girl—” he tried to explain again.
“Deal with it, James.” you snapped. Bucky groaned in frustration seeing as there was no talking to you. He returned to the little girl who was sitting on the couch and watching TV at that point.
“Hey,” he called to her. The little girl hopped off the couch and ran to him,
“Pamcakes, pamcakes pamcakes!” she chanted.
“Right…uh…why don’t we have something other than pancakes for now?” Bucky went into the kitchen and rummaged through the cabinets. For the most part, the food was still in the same location although there were a lot more kid focused foods. In the corner, he spotted some Captain Crunch.
“How about cereal? Y/N can make you pancakes later,”
“Okay,” she said dejectedly. Bucky quickly pulled the cereal box out and prepared a bowl for the little girl. She stood next to him and got up on her toes to try and watch her father. Noticing this, Bucky picked her up and placed her on the counter so she could get a better view. He walked to the fridge to grab the milk.
“By the way…uh what’s your name?” he asked her.
“Daddy did you forget my name?” she asked while taking some cereal out of the box to nibble.
“Uncle, but no,” Bucky swatted her hand away from the cereal box, “IIII… just wanted to make sure you knew your name. So, what’s your name?”
The little girl chuckled then answered, “Stevie!”
“Really?” he asked while pouring the cereal. He put down the box and uncapped the milk. He poured the milk quickly and capped it once more. Stevie was hardly an appropriate name for a little girl, he thought.
“Mhm! Daddy gave it to me,” she explained while reaching for the cereal box once more.  Bucky quickly swatted her hand away again. He then grabbed her and slowly put her down onto the floor. He began to hand the bowl of cereal to her. Stevie held out her hands to receive the bowl. At the last minute, Bucky pulled the bowl away,
“Are you sure you can hold this without spilling?” he interrogated.
“Are you really sure?”
“Yesssss!” she giggled.
“Mmm,” he hesitated. He eyed her suspiciously. Her hands were so tiny that the bowl seemed larger than usual. She beamed at him waited patiently for the bowl. She started opening and closing her hands while waiting.
“Daddy! I can do it,” she assured him.
“Uncle and…no, I’ll bring it over myself,” Bucky finally concluded.
“Okay! Can we watch Paw Patrol?” she requested.
“Sure, go grab a spoon,” he told her while heading to the living room. He heard the opening of a drawer, clanking of silverware and then the shutting of a drawer. Soon Bucky heard running. As Bucky placed the bowl on the coffee table, Stevie had arrived with her spoon. He sat just behind her on the couch. Stevie absent-mindedly ate her breakfast and watched cartoons. Meanwhile Bucky looked down the hallway and wondered when you would emerge from the room. He then noticed something on the wall of the hallway that wasn’t there before.
Bucky stood up and walked towards the things on the wall. As he observed the items, he realized they were photos of you and him and Stevie. Some photos were framed and looked like they were professionally taken. Other photos were polaroids taped onto the wall. And there were even photos that were regular stock being held up by clothespins on a string. In one photo, it was you and him on a beach taking a selfie. In another photo, it was you and him beneath the Eiffel Tower. In another one it was you, him, and Sam in your hero outfits. They all seemed nice, but the only problem was that he didn’t remember taking them. Then Bucky’s eyes fell on one of the professional looking photos. It was him on one knee proposing to you. His eyes widened in shock. What the heck was that photo? In the next professional photo, it was you in a wedding dress and him in a tux walking down the aisle. You held your bouquet up in the air and tried to block the incoming rice from the air. Bucky’s breathing began to pick up in a panic. Wait…you guys got married? As Bucky panned through the other photos, they told him the story of your guys’ life. There was one of him holding the newborn Stevie. There was a family Christmas photo and so on. He became overwhelmed with the life that he hadn’t lived.
When did all of this happen? Bucky pinched himself. This was all a dream, right? He felt the pinch but the world around him did not change. He pinched himself again just to make sure. When nothing changed again, Bucky went into the kitchen to freak out. He paced back and forth while trying to make sense of the world he was living in. He hadn’t seen you for six months and all of a sudden you guys had a family? He remembered that the argument between you two did not end very prettily which caused you to move out of the apartment completely. How did he end up married with a kid with you? What did Wanda do exactly? Bucky whispered to himself when he heard,
“Good morning, babe.”
Bucky turned to see you standing in the kitchen entry way…pregnant. Very, very pregnant.
“Y/N, you’re…” he trailed off.
“I know, I’m getting really big,” you said while patting your stomach.
“Whose kid is that?”
“Yours,” you said casually while opening the fridge and reaching for the pitcher of water.
“No, Y/N, seriously, whose kid is that,”
“Yours, Bucky,” you gave him a small smile. You thought this was one of the ways Bucky was getting you to stroke his ego.
“Y/N, I’m being serious, who got you pregnant?”
You put the water pitcher on the counter and slowly walked towards him. Bucky looked at you seriously. His dark, somber expression reminded you of some exciting nights that you both shared. You got up real close to him. Bucky started to feel the sweat coming down his neck.
“You did, daddy,” you said in a sultry tone and winked at him. Bucky cleared his throat and looked away from you. He turned red from embarrassment since he was in fact, a little turned on by what you had just said.
“Did that finally do it for you, big guy?” you chuckled and waddled back towards the fridge, “Although if you do want a piece of this—you gestured to your whole body—we can’t. I’m too far along that if we did it, I think it would induce labor. I don’t think we’re ready for Bucky junior just yet.”
Bucky cleared his throat again. He quickly accepted the fact that he was the one who got you pregnant in fear that you would call him daddy again. But something you said made him curious,
“Wait, did you say Bucky junior?”
“Yeah, we decided to keep passing your name on, remember? James Buchanan Barnes the fourth,” you paused to chuckle then marveled, “The fourth. Could you have ever imagined something like this happening?”
Bucky slowly walked towards you. He was going to have a son? A strange feeling overcame him. He thought that it was maybe pride or some kind of relief. He never thought it was possible for him to live such a normal life and now here he was living in some kind of domestic bliss with a son on the way. If only his parents were alive to meet their grandson. He slowly reached for your stomach with his flesh hand. As soon as he made contact, he felt movement. He let out a small laugh as tears came to his eyes. You cupped his face gently and rubbed his scruffy cheek with your thumb.
“He’s excited to interact his dad,” you whispered. This made more tears come to Bucky’s eyes as he grinned like an idiot. If this was a dream, this was a great dream and he almost never wanted it to end.
“Mommy, mommy!” Stevie came running in.
“Hey sweetheart,” you greeted while picking her up, “Did you have pancakes with daddy?”
“Uh-uh he said you’d make it,”
“Oh really?” you gave Bucky an annoyed glare, “Daddy was being lazy, huh?”
Bucky soon came to take Stevie from you, “Why don’t we let mommy carry one baby at a time, huh?”
“Oh, now he’s being considerate,” you shot at him.
“You make it better,” Bucky made up an excuse.
“How sweet,” you sarcastically returned then turned to Stevie, “Okay well do you want to help make pancakes?”
“Yes!” she answered immediately then fussed so that Bucky had to put her down.
“Okay, let’s get the ingredients,”
Bucky definitely enjoyed this dream to the fullest. It was funny because before all of this, he didn’t really see you as a romantic partner. But when you kissed him, he couldn’t deny that he felt his stomach flutter and heart pound more than he expected. He couldn’t deny that there was definitely chemistry between the both of you. He found that you just glowed and all he wanted to do was hold you and kiss your forehead and hear you talk. Your voice became a melody. He wondered if it was because you were carrying his son that he suddenly felt this full force of affection or if it was because you were showering him with affection, and he was just mirroring you.
Stevie, he found, was just like you. She was upbeat and showered him with a lot of affection as well. He assumed that she was probably copying you. She loved to just sit on his lap and cuddle which felt very healing for him. Every now and then she’d tell him she loved him, and he tried many times not to just burst into tears. He wondered if his dad had felt this happy and loved when his sister was born. In the afternoon, Stevie had sat on his lap while drawing your guys’ family on the coffee table. She commented on how daddy’s metal arm should be purple instead of the dark metal it actually was. She also drew flowers on it and he agreed with her that his arm needed decorative Disney princess stickers. Meanwhile, you had dozed off on the couch. Occasionally, Bucky would reach out his flesh hand and place it on your pregnant stomach to see if he could feel Bucky Jr. kick. He then kissed Stevie’s head and let out a sigh of contentment. This felt like the perfect life and he didn’t want the day to end. However, in the back of his head, Bucky felt wrong. Yes, this was a wonderful life but he knew deep down that it wasn’t his life.
In his life, you and he had not spoken or seen each other in a while. He lived alone in the apartment and suffered from constant nightmares that kept him sleep deprived. His house was barely furnished and felt cold all the time. It sucked and that reality kept him from truly experiencing this current world. He knew deep down that he would have to go back to that life and leave this wonderful life. But maybe his real life didn’t have to suck. Maybe if he patched things up with you, he wouldn’t have to be so miserable.
At night when Stevie finally went to bed, you cornered him in the bathroom while he cautiously brushed his teeth.
“Are you okay, honey? You’ve been acting weird all day. It’s like you’ve never met Stevie before and you keep almost crying,” you inquired while rubbing his back. Bucky tensed up a little but released the tension soon after. He spit out the toothpaste in his mouth then turned to you.
“Not really, Y/N,” he whispered.
“What’s wrong?”
“This whole life! It’s not mine,” Bucky confessed. As soon as he saw you frown, he expanded his explanation, “It’s not a bad life, Y/N! It’s great life, really it is, but it’s not mine. I would love for it to be my life, but it’s just not.”
“Why don’t you think it’s yours?”
“Because I didn’t do any of those things that are in the pictures on the wall. They’re beautiful memories and they’re precious but I just…they’re not mine…”
“But James—”
“I don’t know how else to explain it,” Bucky ran his fingers through his hair, “I mean, there we are fighting Wanda one minute and the next minute, I’m waking up next to you, married with a kid and another one on the way,”
“Fighting Wanda?” you repeated, “Sweetie, we haven’t seen Wanda in years. In fact, we haven’t seen her since the blip probably.”
Bucky’s whole face crinkled in confusion. He shook his head and assured you, “That’s impossible, we just saw her. She was out of control and you were trying to contain her using your forcefields and—”
You both turned to see Stevie standing right outside the bathroom.
“Stevie, what are you doing here? It’s your bedtime,” you frowned at her.
“Can daddy read me a story?”
Knowing how out-of-place Bucky was feeling, you suggested instead, “Why don’t you go pick a book, sit in bed and I’ll come by in a bit to read to you,”
“No, I want daddy!” she demanded. Your heart broke a little. Bucky was usually gone for long periods of time for work. So, whenever he was actually home, Stevie wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, but daddy—”
“It’s okay,” Bucky cut in. As much as he knew this this life wasn’t his, he still wanted to be Stevie’s dad.
“Go to your room and I’ll be there to read to you, okay?” Bucky told Stevie. The little girl squealed in delight and ran to her room. Bucky let out a soft chuckle before finishing up his tooth brushing routine.
“Oh Bucky, when you read to her, let her read some of the words,” you told him as he began to leave the bathroom.
“You know, let her read the last word of the sentence or something. Let her practice reading,”
“Yeah, okay, but after that, we have to talk about what’s happening,”
“Sure, of course,” you agreed before starting to brush your teeth as well.
After finishing your nighttime routine, you swung by Stevie’s room to see if she was even close to falling asleep. What you found was Bucky sitting on the twin bed while cradling your daughter on the left side of his body. He slowly read through the page and asked Stevie questions about the pictures in the book. You couldn’t help but smile as Bucky’s expression changed as he progressed through the story. Stevie laughed at her father’s voices and sometimes confused face as they read the story together. It seemed that Stevie was more awake than sleepy. You quietly left the two alone and retreated to bed. Once the story ended, Bucky had tucked Stevie in and even kissed her good night. This life wasn’t his, but he could see the appeal of it all.
Bucky quietly entered the room and saw you reading. You put the book down,
“Is she asleep?”
“Oh yeah,”
“So I was thinking because you mentioned Wanda,” you began, “there’s this theory of parallel universes that I heard about. Do you know about it?”
“Not really,”
“Well basically, it’s this thought that there are infinite universes in existence. In some universes, we’re living the same lives. In others we don’t know each other, or I might not exist, or you might not exist, and so on. So, I think that you might be a Bucky where we aren’t married and have a family.”
“Yeah… that sounds about right,”
“It’s possible Wanda had hit you and you were transported into this alternate reality. Back when Ultron first threatened the Earth, Wanda had attacked the mind of some of the Avengers to make them think they were in a different world. I think we should contact Dr. Strange if this is what’s happening,”
Bucky nodded, “Alright, well I’m going to go sleep on the couch outside,”
“Okay good night,”
As Bucky closed the door from the room, he noticed a scarlet light at the end of the hallway. It looked just like the aura that surrounded Wanda. Maybe he didn’t need to see Dr. Strange. Bucky quickly ran towards the light and everything around him disappeared.
Part 2
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