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andiboyo · 2 hours ago
Sorry for not posting the hurt/comfort for bucky yet, been tired from work, but to make it up, how about some Jefferson from OUAT x reader fics for the time lost? (Posting hurt comfort may 10th)
Tumblr media
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whenweloveagain · 5 hours ago
You're Not My Bucky (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
"No no no . . ."
You were running. He's there. You know he's there! You know he's there! He just can't leave you alone, he's always spreading, like a cancer, consuming you and your life and everything you ever cared about . .
Bursting through the upper floor of the Russian Embassy . . . The man he has pinned hits the ground. Every time you show up, you have his full attention. And you wouldn't have it any other way.
"What's wrong Soldier?" You growl. "You look live you've seen a ghost."
You dodge the first knife. Your arms rise as his full weight descends upon you. Drop as he aims for your ribs. He's fast. And strong. And every time you're about to hit, he's blocking and every time you're about to hit, he's dodging. It's like knowing all the steps to a dance you've done a thousand times before. Because he's an insult.
"Give up!" Your shout snaps his concentration for one second long enough. Elbow up like a battering ram. It strikes his jaw with a crack. The twisting kick follows. BANG! As fast as he's down he's up like a yo-yo.
"You aren't the goal," he warns you. Look at how you can take all that gentleness, all that handsome charm that Bucky had, and twist it into something so warped. Something that spits in the face of everything he stood for.
"No," you say. "But I've got your attention on me now. And you better not take it off."
His laugh hits you like shards of glass. "I know you."
"And I knew you. But you're not my Bucky, you're just the thing that killed him."
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fallingfavourites · 12 hours ago
Right so i wrote this about Bucky a while ago and im not sure if i should continue it, please help me guys
Tumblr media
there he was standing right in front of me. I hadn't seen him in what felt like 70 years and it has been. I could never forget those bright blue eyes in a million years, though these blue eyes weren't bright, they looked dull and empty. As if someone had sucked the soul out of them. I could hear a voice screaming at me only I couldn't make out what they were saying and right on cue I felt a sting in my stomach. it didn't particularly hurt. it felt more like a burning sensation.
That feeling is practically imprinted in my brain. I knew immediately what had happened. my hands unconsciously reached for my stomach. I felt my clothes dampening around the wound. when I looked down at my hands I saw the crimson red liquid slowly starting to stain my hands. a soft exhale escaped past my lips. I again heard the voice screaming out to me. only when he stopped by my side I could make out who it was.
Steve kept looking back and forth between me and the man that had fired the gun. horror and worry clearly showing on his face. when the man had run away Steve paid his full attention to me. I saw his mouth moving but couldn't make out what he was saying. he put pressure on the wound in the lower part of my abdomen when I noticed the familiar female with shoulder-length red hair.
As I looked up I vaguely saw someone flying above me with metal-looking wings. the longer I kept looking up at the sky the more tired I was getting. I could faintly make out Steve telling me to stay with us. I heard nats frantic voice saying that help was on the way. I hadn't noticed sam flying back up and searching if there was any sign of him, the man who had shot me. S.H.I.E.L.D. cars were driving right to us, which I internally debated if that was good or bad.
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multific · 19 hours ago
Picture Perfect
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson x Reader
Summary: Now that things were back to normal, you finally had the chance to relax and meet with everyone, and you decided to bring your daughter along as well.
It was a lovely Saturday, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was perfect for a party. 
Sam came up with the idea to have another get together with everyone by the boats. 
This would be the first time for you to bring your newborn daughter along. And you couldn’t wait for everyone to meet her.
Of course, Sarah and the boys already met her, but not everyone else. Sam told you that Bucky might be there as well.
Once you placed your baby in the carrier, you were off.
A lot has happened in your lives, you giving birth then Carly, Sam becoming Captain America, a lot has changed and you learned a lot. You were extremely proud of your husband that’s for sure.
He placed his hand on your thigh as he drove to the party. The smile on his face was so bright. It filled your heart with warmth and made you smile as well.
Soon you were on the docks, everyone laughing, chatting having a great time. Many people wanted to take a picture with Sam so he had a small little meet and greet while you went to Sarah with your daughter.
The little bundle of joy soon became the center of attention.  
Everyone was cooing at her and she just smiled and giggled. Her little giggle was possibly the cutest thing you ever heard.
Then soon Bucky arrived, with a cake. The boys immediately rushed to him. 
You looked at Sarah and wiggled your eyebrows. She only rolled her eyes as she looked back at you, but she was smiling.
Everyone was having an amazing time, and you enjoyed yourself just as much. Soon your daughter got hungry so you excused yourself to feed her. You walked away from everyone, found a calm place and started to feed her, although you covered yourself with a cloth, you still didn’t want anyone to see you.
“Slow down Pumpkin.” you told her when she got a bit too quick. Her hand was holding your finger as she ate, you tested her strength by wiggling your hand. 
You laughed a little when she knitted her eyebrows, she didn’t like that you were wiggling your hand.
You were so occupied with her, you didn’t even notice Sam watching you.
He went after you when Sarah told her you left to feed your little one, and what he found was perfection.
The woman he loves so much, and his daughter. Sitting as a light breeze moved her hair, she was giggling at their daughter as she was feeding.
Sam wanted to take a picture, but he also knew that he will never be able to forget this perfection in front of him.
After a few more minutes of just watching the two, he decided to head over.
You finished by then and heard someone approaching, you slightly turned your head and saw your husband. You offered him a smile before he took your daughter to burp her.
And now you had the change to ogle over your perfect husband. How could a muscular man like him be so gentle and caring with a baby amazed you. It was possibly the hottest thing you can ever think of. And so, you took a picture of the two.
It really was picture perfect.
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Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You for reading my story!~
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frick-frickers-fricking · 23 hours ago
mornings like this-b.barnes
Tumblr media
Bucky was never a morning person, the light of the morning sun hurting his eyes because of the lack of curtains in his apartment. The apartment that used to be empty and had little to no sign of life. Until she came along, a bright and lively person, someone that could talk all day and Bucky could never get tired of the sound. 
When she moved into their now shared apartment she noticed that Bucky’s home had no warmth, no coziness, no home. But the one thing that was a drastic change for Bucky was that he now loved mornings, morning runs through the neighborhood and making morning coffee, as he watched her stumble into the kitchen with messy hair and one of his shirts. 
A quick kiss placed on her head or cheek, and a smile painted on their faces. Breakfast made and then a quick shower for Bucky and a wardrobe change for her. 
A puff of steam coming out of the bathroom following Bucky, when he exits the bathroom, as he kisses her. 
“Sweetheart, I love you, but your morning breath is gross.” He’d say, and she giggle and then she would brush her teeth and get another kiss before she gathered her stuff and left for work, telling him that she would be back before 7, and that she loved him. 
Yeah, you could say that Bucky was a morning person now.
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spid3rgwen · a day ago
TFATWS head canon 3/???
Sam and Bucky run into Deadpool at one point, chaos ensures. Deadpool calls Bucky “big daddy James”, Bucky has to google daddy kinks, Sam considers retirement and Deadpool offers to take the mantle of Captain America.
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A Stark and her Soldier ~ Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Tension rising between you and Bucky as you spend time together in Madripoor.
Warnings: TFATWS E03 SPOILERS! Things start to get a little heated! 
Series tags: @supernaturalcat7 @sapphiredreamer26 @babygirlwilly @misssilencewritewell @wavyjassy @stydia-4-ever @freeflyingphoenix​ @xkonpinkx​ 
Read Part 1
The flight to Germany would have been a great chance for you to try, as you kept telling yourself, but you decided to sleep through most of it – you didn’t even know where to start.
You knew what was coming before it happened, you knew it the moment your brother grabbed for the gauntlet, you knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t attempt something like that without a reason.
He raised his hand to reveal the stones. The weight that fell over you was nearly enough to crush you.
“Tony,” Your voice was barely a whisper.
“And I am Iron Man,” You could have sworn you felt every ounce of pain coursing though his body.
He snapped.
You gasped awake, tearing your head off of Bucky’s shoulder – you hadn’t even realized you placed it there.
“Hey, it’s okay, you’re okay,” His eyes were laced with concern, and his voice was like a soothing balm.
You looked away from him, focusing on nothing in particular and trying to calm your breathing. You grounded yourself and realized how iron tight your grip was on Bucky’s arm, you quickly released, realizing that your nails had broken through his scarred skin, “I-I’m sorry.”
He tilted your head up, forcing you to meet his eyes, and brushed your hair way from your clammy skin, “Don’t be, doll.”
You felt the nickname deep in your bones, it had been so long since he had called you that. You let out a shaky breath and turned away from him. Say something, now’s your chance, say something. You placed your head back on his shoulder and shut your eyes, before whispering, “He wasn’t wrong.”
“Steve,” Your voice was barely audible as you said it, you doubted a regular person could hear it, you’d have to remember to ask him if his hearing was enhanced – on second thought, maybe you didn’t want to know…
Tumblr media
“Stop pacing, you’re making me nervous!” You obeyed, turning to your friend.
“He should be back by now, Sam! Zemo knows far too much, if he –” You couldn’t let yourself think about what could be going on in the cell, so you turned your attention back towards pacing.
“I wasn’t gone that long,” You let out a sigh of relief at the sound of Bucky’s voice.
“Long enough to get her pacing.” You ignored Sam and gave Bucky a once over before searching his eyes, and thankfully, found nothing out of the ordinary.
“Come with me.”
The two of you let Bucky lead you through the hallways of the prison and down a set of stairs. He eventually pulled out a flashlight and began to explain what he was planning.
“What are you talking about, you want to break Zemo out of jail? Where are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?”
Your mind was spinning at the idea that Bucky presented, everything in you was screaming no, “Y/N, say something.”
“Bucky please,” You begged, taking a step towards him, “Meeting with Zemo was one thing, but freeing him? We can’t do this.”
“We don’t know how they’re getting the serum. We don’t even know how many of them there are,” He paused, “Look, let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
The tone in his voice told you that this ‘hypothetical’ wasn’t going to be as hypothetical as it should’ve, “What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything.”
You exchanged a look with Sam, “Bucky, seriously.”
He slowly explained his ‘hypothetical’, every word that left his mouth was more suspicious than the last.
You clenched your fists to keep your hands from shaking, you hated where this was going, you hated that look in his eyes, “Whoa. Whoa, Whoa –”
You followed Sam’s gaze and froze in your spot. Zemo, the cause of most of your nightmares and the man who tore apart your family. You couldn’t help but blame him for what happened five years ago – maybe, just maybe, if Tony and Steve had never fought, if all the Avengers had been together, you could have won that initial war against Thanos and his army. Maybe you would still have a family. You knew it was a stretch, but you couldn’t help it.
Sam and Bucky’s resounding “No!” snapped you out of your thoughts.
“When Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you backed him. You broke the law and you stuck your necks out for me, I’m asking you to do it again.”
“I really think I’m invaluable…”
“Shut up,” Sam turned back to Bucky and sighed, “Okay. If we do this, you don’t make a move without out permission.”
Bucky turned his attention towards you, still glued in your place a few feet away from them. He walked over and took your hand again – he had to be able to sense what that did to you, “What do you say Y/N, you trust me?”
You let out a shaky breath and met his eyes, “Always.”
“Okay Zemo. Where do we start?”
Tumblr media
You gave Bucky one last look of concern, silently begging him to change his mind before climbing aboard Zemo’s private jet.
“Why don’t you tell us about where we’re going.”
“Sorry, I was just fascinated by this,” Zemo said gently, examining a page in the book he was reading, “I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?”
Before you knew what was happening, Bucky was standing above Zemo, a gloved hand wrapped around the baron’s throat. You couldn’t help but squirm at the sight of it, your whole body burning up.
“You touch that again, and I’ll kill you,” You released a breath alongside Zemo, you hadn’t even realized you were holding it – and it definitely wasn’t a breath of relief.
You couldn’t take your eyes off of Bucky, there was a darkness to him that you hadn’t seen in a long time. You barely registered Zemo’s comment about the list of names.
“I’ve seen that book, it was Steve’s, when he came out of the ice.” You looked over and recognized it too, he put a bunch of your suggestions in that book as well. He had watched, read, and listened to every one of them, a sad smiled crept on to your face at the fond memories of your discussions with him about them.
You turned your attention back to the conversation, “You remember that, right? As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon.”
Pain flashed though Bucky’s eyes, sometimes you forgot how old he really was, and didn’t even want to think about the horrors he had faced in his lifetime. You had the sudden urge to pull him into your arms and never let go, to remind him that he was safe now and to remember it yourself. But you remained seated.
Tumblr media
You pulled at the too short dress that clung to your body, showing off every curve and swell. Arm candy, that was the role you were to play, and you despised every second of it.
Every time you saw Bucky in his uniform, it took your breath away, but the hard mask he currently wore made you feel like you were suffocating. You were struggling to keep from staring at him anyways, so you decided to make it a part of your role, watching him with lust-filled, dazed eyes – easier than giving Zemo that look, you doubted that anyone would blame you.
The atmosphere shifted the moment Zemo ordered Bucky to attack. You had seen him fight before, but not like this – not since his escape from the compound, you shuddered at the memory. Your breath hitched as he sent a man flying with his kick, you felt a mixture of awe, worry, and lust coursing through you. Pull it together, Y/N.
The more he continued though, the more the worry took over, you could tell Sam felt the same way when he reached for Bucky’s arm. Zemo spoke to him in Russian and he released the man, though his movements and expression remained the same, you noticed him blinking something away from his eyes, as though the Winter Soldier had truly been trying to resurface in those brief moments. You subtly gripped his hand, in hopes to pull him back to reality.
You had already been struggling to stay in character, and this exchange made it even harder – it required physical effort to keep the worry from etching your features.
It didn’t make things any easier when Zemo guided you to sit on the arm of his chair, looping his own arm around your waist and resting his hand far too high on your thigh. You couldn’t even focus on Selby’s words because of how uncomfortable you felt. Natasha had always taken on this role during previous missions, she never trusted Tony and Steve to not lose their cool in such a situation, so she always took one for the team. You tried your best to channel your inner Nat, but it only made the ever-present tightness in your chest more unbearable.
Bucky stood with his jaw clenched and you could have sworn that the anger in his eyes was from more than just his Winter Soldier act.
“Tell us what you know about the super-soldier serum,” Zemo got up from beside you, giving your thigh a tight squeeze, before walking up to Bucky, “and I give you him. Along with the code words to control him of course. He will do anything you want.”
It felt like a punch to the gut to see Bucky being treated like a machine to be used and traded, especially knowing that that was exactly what was done to him. Watching Zemo caress his face like you would a prize animal made you even angrier – you had to clench your fists to keep from shaking, trying to keep that aloof expression on your face was a tremendous feat at this point.
You noticed sadness flash through Bucky’s eyes. It was subtle enough that no one but you, and maybe Sam, would recognize it, but it was there, and it killed you to witness.
You turned back towards Selby as Zemo dropped down next to you again. The conversation was halted when Sam’s phone began to ring. Fuck.
You heard Sarah’s voice on the other end, please pick up on what’s going on, please… plea- “Sam I’m sorry, I’ll call you back.”
“Sam? Who’s Sam?” Before she could finish giving the order to kill you, she was dead.
You instantly fell into you action, lunging for the man nearest to you and knocking him out cold – if there was one thing that Natasha taught you, it was to win a fight, and not just that, but to do so in heels.
You quickly followed Zemo out, sticking close to Bucky. When the firing began, you were the first thing he reached for, ensuring that you were by his side as you ran. You only stopped when the men following you were shot dead, you whipped your head around looking for who could have done it, “Well, this is perfect.”
Sharon… You watched quietly as she walked up to Zemo, gun in hand, and Sam tried to explain the situation to her. If you had it your way, you would have let her shoot him, but you knew that wouldn’t do anyone any good. Your heart broke as she talked about how she didn’t speak to her family anymore. You couldn’t help but blame yourself, I should have done more, I should have convinced Steve or Tony to get her pardoned… I didn’t even think about it… fuck.
As if sensing the direction of your thoughts, Sam gently put his hand on your back, one look at his face told you that he was feeling the same way.
You let out a sigh of relief when Sharon decided to let you stay with her, you hoped this would give you a chance to make amends – although, that seemed impossible considering what she had gone through.
You paused before walking into Sharon’s place, gesturing at Bucky to stay with you, “You guys go ahead, we’ll catch up in a few.”
She threw a questioning glance your way before leading Sam and Zemo away.
“What is it?”
You didn’t answer the question, you just wrapped your arms around Bucky’s torso and buried your head into his chest. You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, you only knew that after the events of the night you wanted to get the feeling of Zemo’s hands off of you, and more importantly you wanted Bucky to feel a sense of safety and love. He was hesitant at first, but he pulled you tight against him, gently caressing the back of your head, “Are you alright?”
You let out a shaky breath and nodded against him, “I just need a few more seconds.”
Soon enough you pulled away and headed towards the door the others had walked through.
Sharon led you to a room separate from the boys, allowing you to choose from a wide array of sexy yet tactical outfits – anything was better than what you were currently wearing. Once you were ready, the two of you joined the others, Sam was still changing when you walked in and you let out a low whistle, as Sharon said, “Much better.”
Though Sam didn’t acknowledge the remarks, you noticed a hint of a smile creeping on to his face.
Your breath hitched when you saw Bucky on the couch. You had never seen him dressed like this, that tight black suit made you feel things that you didn’t care to admit. As you took a seat next to him you prayed more than ever for his hearing not to have been enhanced, “You okay?”
“Yeah.” Your voice came out a bit higher than you would have intended. You took the drink sitting on the table, assuming it belonged to the man that had you squirming, and threw it back, you were certain you’d need a couple more to get through this night.
Tumblr media
Sam and Zemo had drifted off into different direction, leaving you by the bar with Bucky. You swirled the brown liquid in your glass before drinking the last bit of it. You didn’t drink more than you could handle, but you also never drank like this before or during a mission. You needed the liquid courage to be standing next to the super soldier, especially considering what he was wearing.
There were two wolves inside you of, one that wanted to tear that suit off of him and devour him whole, and the other that wanted to avoid looking at him until the suit was gone – either way, that suit had to come off.
Sharon hadn’t been kidding when she described the party, the atmosphere made it even harder to for you to focus on anything but him.
“How do people dance to this music?” Bucky asked, snapping you out of your thoughts before they went too far south.
You knew it was a rhetorical question, but the alcohol running through your veins decided it would be a good idea to answer it, via demonstration of course. You walked towards the edge of the dance floor and threw an innocent smile over your shoulder before starting. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him as you sensually swayed your hips to the music, fingers gently outlining your curves before brushing against your face and into your hair.
Bucky was absolutely stunned, he knew that he should do the gentlemen-like thing and turn away, but watching you move like that definitely didn’t make him feel like a gentleman.
When you finally turned to him, the darkened look on his face was enough to make you stride up to him, every step was swift and determined. You took his hand and led him to dancefloor with you. You continued where you had left off, swaying against his body this time. He didn’t move, but he didn’t stop you either, he simply watched – well, felt.
The music changed and you finally realized where you were, and what you were supposed to be doing. Your face felt like a furnace and you stepped away, turning to him.
“We uh… we should find the others,” You managed to choke out.
The look on his face mirrored none of the embarrassment you felt, his expression was still as dark as before. He simply stared at you – or, into you – for a moment before nodding, and walking off. You hurried to follow him, trying to calm your thoughts and cool the burning in your core.
Sam gave you strange look as you joined them, you prayed that he hadn’t seen you, knowing he would never let you live it down.    
“Hey, guys. I found him.”
“Here we go.”
Just before you walked out, Bucky handed you a glass of something, you raised a brow at him and he shrugged, the faintest smirk on his face, “Water. Cold water.”
Tumblr media
The tension between you and Bucky on the way to the shipping yard could be cut with a knife. It was enough that you decided to stay outside with Sharon to keep watch, “What’s going on between you two?”
You looked over at her and shrugged, “Nothing.”
“Please, last time I saw you, you made it pretty obvious how attracted you were to him,” You tried to keep yourself from blushing, “You were so young then, it just seemed like a little school girl crush, but this,” she gestured to nothing in particular and chuckled, “Jesus Y/N, you’ve got it bad.”
Before you could answer, you heard the footsteps, you quickly turned on your earpieces, “Guys, we have company.”
You gave each other a quick nod and sprung forward. You activated the gauntlet your brother had created for you and shot two of them, as Sharon attacked with a metal rod.
Even with Sharon’s impeccable fighting ability and your equipment, you were struggling to hold them off. The two of you made your way into the lab, “Guys, we’re seriously out of time here.”
The moment the words left her mouth, Zemo shot Nagel, “Shit!”
“What did you do?”
Bucky must have sensed what was coming – maybe heard it with that potential enhanced hearing – because he pulled you against him just as the blast tore through the side of the lab, and threw you to the ground, shielding you with his own body. You winced as he pushed himself off of you, groaning in pain himself.
He reached down and pulled you up, making sure you were steady on your feet before moving to help Sharon and Sam.
You could barely see your targets through the smoke, but you kept shooting, both with your gun and the gauntlet.  You rolled your eyes, as Sam and Bucky began arguing.
“Guys, not the time!” Sharon called out, just as you said, “Really? Now?!”
You managed to fight your way past them as Zemo pulled up with a car, you scooted in behind him, Sam squeezing in next to you, “You’re not gonna move your seat up, are you?”
“No.” You let out a genuine laugh, not just at the pettiness of Bucky’s revenge – you still remembered every second of that first car ride you had been on with the two of them, you and Steve thought you were going to lose your minds and eventually decided to move you to the front seat with him and turn the music up – but also because you couldn’t believe that you had just survived that. You had been in bigger fights before, but you had always been covered head to toe in Tony’s gear, this felt like your own fight, and you had made it out alive.
Tumblr media
With the adrenaline gone, the tenseness in your body returned. You picked at your cuticles to keep yourself from staring at Bucky as he wiped down his metal hand on the plane. That metal arm had been the star of many of your fantasies, you couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel between – “You okay?”
You shot your head up, fearing you had been caught staring, but thankfully Bucky’s attention was on Sam, not you. You were desperately trying to ease away from him after your little fiasco at the party, but he wasn’t making it easy for you. The worst part was that he wasn’t even doing anything.
You knew Sam’s comment about the shield struck a chord with Bucky because he made eye contact with you for the first time since your show, and it managed to shut you down enough to meet his glance. You got up from your seat and moved next to him, gently squeezing his hand as he began arguing with Sam about what the shield represented.
Without knowing it, that hand squeezing gesture had become a source of safety for both of you, it was enough to ground each other and let you know that you were safe.
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jasonslildemon · a day ago
Bucky barnes x reader
Part 2
Link to part 1
Early the next morning, a single scream was heard through the apartment, interrupting my dreams. 
I immediately bolted up, my eyes scanning the room as I heard another scream coming from outside my room. 
I got out of bed, grabbing a knife from the little nightstand before creeping out to the hall. 
My eyes took a second to adjust to the light, seeing no damage done to the rest of the apartment, this time another blood-curdling scream came from Bucky's room. 
My eyes widened and I slowly opened the door, another scream burst out.
The room was dark, but no one was in it other than Bucky's withering body. 
I could make out Bucky's body, him wearing a tank top that showed his metal arm on full display. 
Creeping closer, another scream came out of Bucky's mouth, sweat coating his face, he must’ve been having a nightmare. 
I hesitantly put my hand on Bucky's cheek, sending a warm feeling through his body, trying to calm him. 
I could feel his body start to shake less, and was about to send another wave through his body before his eyes shot open and his metal arm grasped my wrist, a small squeak coming from my lips. 
His eyes were hard, tightening till they widened and he let go,” I’m sorry “, he said pulling away from me and rolling into a ball, his head hiding into his knees. 
“Bucky are you ok, you were having a nightmare”, I asked and he shook his head, a small sniffle coming from his ball formation, his body horrible shaking,” please...please go”. 
I pulled back, knowing how hard nightmares were to come out of, waking back out of the room,” good night bucky I hope you can get some sleep”, then I closed the door. 
I wasn’t going to sleep easily, slowly moving to the kitchen to make some tea. 
My elderly neighbor was into witchy things and would give me random bags of teas for different remedies, this time I selected a random one that gave off a randomly pleasant smell.
Boiling some water, I was careful as I poured it into a cup, letting the tea settle down. 
I went to the couch drinking my tea, laying my head on the couch, and then passing out.
The next morning, I woke up to the sound of Sizzling and the smell of bacon, yawning I opened my eyes, the sun blinding me as I let out a soft groan and buried my head into the couch. 
Another round of sizzling started and I bolted up remembering that I didn’t live here alone anymore, turning to the kitchen I saw bucky cooking bacon. 
He had another long-sleeved shirt on, but this time he wore no glove, his metal hand on full display.  
I sat up, going to sit criss-cross, noticing that my teacup was gone, had he taken it? 
I watched Bucky cook for a bit, noticing how he wouldn't go by the knife box, and how he would stare at the stove for a few minutes before flipping the bacon. 
I slowly got up not wanting to disturb him and wanting to change out of these clothes. 
Getting up, the couch made a slight creak sound, alerting bucky that I was awake. 
He turned to look at me, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of PJ pants, his dark hair cascading around his face. 
He smiled looking down at a plate of bacon then back up to me," I'm sorry about last night so I made you apology bacon". 
He looked hopeful, like a lost puppy trying to make up for something it did. 
"You don't gotta apologize for having a nightmare, we all get them, some worse than others", I told him, walking across the room till I was in front of him looking at the plate of bacon. 
He held it out to me with his metal hand, not wanting to make him uncomfortable, I grabbed the other side of the plate, taking it over to the small table. 
Settling in my chair, I watched bucky fidget in the kitchen before sighing and coming to sit in the chair in front of me. 
"I'm sorry if I make you uncomfortable", I said, taking a bite of bacon. 
His blue eyes widened, before looking up into mine as he quickly shook his head, "no, no you don't make me uncomfortable, more I make myself uncomfortable". 
I stayed silent but raised an eyebrow, silently asking him to continue. 
He stared to the side of me, his brain probably trying to figure out what to say before he opened his mouth, "It's just…", he sighed, folding his arms then laying his head on them, his eyes still trained to the side of me. 
I felt bad for making him talk so I reached over and touched his flesh hand, "you don't have to tell me", I sent a slight warm sensation through his body and his eyes drifted to mine. 
His body eased a bit, his head turning to the side as he began speaking," I should be used to change, going from winter soldier, to regular bucky, with hardly any memories of who I actually was, running to Bucharest, the whole avengers vs avengers, to being frozen, then Wakanda, at least I felt some calm there", a smile broke across his face, before returning to his plain face," then the whole Thanos thing happened and now I'm here and steve, the only family I have left, is leaving". 
He spoke with a heavy heart and I felt terrible for him as I pulled up my legs to my chest, wrapping my arms around my legs,”  I’m sorry”. 
Bucky shrugged his shoulders, his eyes distant as he responded,” ill just have to deal with it, besides”, he said sending me a small smile,” I’ve only known you a day but I like it here, its… homie”, he said causing a smile to grow on my face. 
I looked down, smiling into my ball form. 
He took a piece of bacon and ate it, reminding me that I had to go shopping.
I bounced up and went to the kitchen counter grabbing a notepad I had and then grabbed a pen that had a fuzzy top, going back to sit at the table, I pushed them to bucky. 
He eyed them and I gave him a small smile,” I’m gonna go get groceries and I want to know what types of food you like”. 
He picked up the pen with his right hand, twirling it between his fingers touching the fuzzball top,” you don’t have to buy me anything”, he said and I rolled my eyes, nodding,” well I want to, I have all this extra money and nothing to do with it”. 
He looked around the apartment then back to me,” I don’t pay for the apartment, I did a favor for tony stark and this is him paying me back”, I explained,” not that I wanted him to but he insisted”, I sighed, running a hand through my hair. 
Bucky chuckled, a sound that I liked and wouldn’t mind hearing more often from him, as he slowly wrote a few words on the paper. Plums, chicken, and a few other things that I would consider new on my list,.
.I don’t know if some of these things will still be here, just things I liked in the 1940’s”, he said as my eyes swept over the list a few times, making sure that I memorized some of it. 
“I’ll make sure to look for them, do you know when steve will swing by”, I said, folding the note on the table, and taking the plate that had been emptied of bacon to the kitchen. 
“No I think we’re gonna go for a run through”, he said and I nodded, going past him, down the hall, and into my room, kicking the door shut. 
I changed out of my shorts into a pair of jeans and switched my tank top out for a black and white shirt, sliding on a pair of converse. 
I walked back out, seeing bucky on the couch holding onto one of the throw pillows, looking out the window. 
"There's a balcony out there if you want to go out", I said as he looked back to me, "I'll be back in a while, have fun with Steve". 
He smiled, doing a slight wave, he waved me off as I grabbed the key chain off the rack and walked out of the apartment. 
I'll post link to part 3 when I get that done
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buckybarn3s · a day ago
i want to write you a song
pairing: modern!bucky x singer!reader
warnings: nothing i don’t think just fluff eeeek (maybe mention of parents that have passed away) (ignore lack of capitals i wrote this on my phone)
blurb: where bucky has trouble dealing with his past and constantly feels he’s not good enough for reader. so her being a musician/singer she writes him a song.
a/n: i thought of this a little while ago but i decided to write it while i was bored on the plane. hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
it had been a year for bucky. a year since losing steve and a year since the final battle.
after everything bucky was still plagued with nightmares. shuri had removed all the awful things hydra had put in his brain, but he still constantly felt shame and guilt for his past.
so when he met you 6 months after thanos, and coming back after the snap it had been hard for him to accept your love. and to realise that even through the nightmares and mental torture you still loved him.
unlike bucky you weren’t one of the lost. you had to live in a world for 5 years without many of the people you cared about.
you had always had a passion for music but in a time where the world was broken you turned to music even more. and even though it was a sad and hard time you had 3.5 billion less people that could want to be a musician and so people started to actually hear your music. most people turning to it for comfort.
you had always felt pain, even before the snap; having lost your family years beforehand. and so when anyone you had considered close left there was nothing left for you besides music.
when people actually listened, it made you feel like finally you had a purpose in the world.
in those 5 years you became a house hold name. so many people listening to your music which sang the words impossible to speak when most felt numb.
5 awful years went by, and finally the rest of the world came back after the final battle. you became even more of a well known name then as familys and friends shared your music with those they had lost to tell them what exactly had gotten them through. your music.
you felt honoured. and yet there was still a hole within you. a hole that had been there even before everything.
it was one day 6 months after everyone had returned when you had left your apartment in new york to get a coffee at your favourite local cafe. you had your usual cap and sunglasses on, in an attempt to disguise yourself.
without paying attention you swung the cafe door open hitting another customer with two coffees in hand, sending his drinks flying. like you he had a cap and sunglasses on.
“oh fuck, i’m so sorry” you rambled pulling your sunglasses off in hope he could see your sincerity. by now he’d removed his sunglasses himself but he was looking nervously at the ground.
“no it’s okay i shouldn’t have these on insid-“ his voice cut off as he looked up at you. “you’re (y/n).”
you sent him an apologetic look, but it quickly turned to a smirk. “that i am. and your bucky barnes. but no it’s my fault, i wasn’t paying attention.”
his gaze suddenly seemed more nervous again. “your one of the few people that hasn’t referred to me as the winter soldier” he spoke letting out a small smile.
you smiled back at his response. “why would i? anyway please let me buy you some new coffees” by now the staff had started cleaning up the mess sending you both glares.
“no you don’t have to i can get some new ones.” he responded shrugging.
“no no, it’s the least i can do bucky.” you responded giving him a big grin.
“fine” he finally sighed. “if you you insist,” his poker face turning to a smile.
you both walked over to the counter walking around the now clean but wet floor. you ordered yours and his drinks giving the cafe a $50 tip as an apology for messing up their morning.
while you were both waiting for your drinks you continued your conversation. “so how does the bucky barnes know who i am?” you asked wiggling your eyebrows as you emphasised his name.
his face blushed as he laughed at your expressions. “well my best friend steve listened to your music a lot when half the world was gone. myself included. and so he showed me it once i came back. thought i might enjoy the sadness of the music.”
you jaw dropped as you gasped. “you mean to tell me the captain america knew who i was?! that’s way more cool than you knowing who i am”
it was buckys turn to gasp. he placed his hand over his heart in a dramatic manner, “i’m hurt doll, truly hurt.”
your heart fluttered at the pet name he had just given you but instead of showing it you just stuck out your tongue in cheeky manner.
more chatting went on between the two of you until finally you got your order. unfortunately the perks of going to a very busy cafe.
you exited the warm cafe and were met with the cool winter air of new york. pulling you jacket in closer to yourself. your sunglasses already back on.
“now i don’t really know how to do this anymore. the last time i flirted was in the 1940s but i was wondering if i could get your number?” bucky asked cautiously. you could tell he was nervous.
your heart fluttered again. he wanted your number? you fumbled with your words. “y-yeah of course!”
his face fell slightly noticing your nervousness. “if you don’t want to give it to me don’t feel like you have to” he replied.
“no no it’s not that bucky. i just would never have thought someone as attractive as yourself would want my number.” your eyes fell the ground in embarrassment.
it was buckys turn to be surprised. “if anything it’s the other way around doll” he replied as he handed you his flip phone.
after you had given him your number you had continued to walk with him to the avengers compound. (for once not having anything on this morning). you had resisted the urge the entire time to make fun of his flip phone.
it didn’t take long for you to become attached to bucky as the months went on. much like he did with you.
you had begun dating a month in and would see each other as often as both your schedules would let you.
you had tried to keep the relationship hidden for a while. but it didn’t take long for the public to notice that ‘the winter soldier’ was dating the worlds beloved ‘(y/n) (y/l/n)’.
of course rumours spread and though both of you had anxieties that neither of you were good enough for the other. it was bucky who it affected more. constantly acting as if you would just disappear one day and he’d be left an empty shell of a person like he once was.
after around six months you had become so comfortable with one another. and so his insecurities were something you could never understand, having never endured what he had. to you he was the strongest person. to him you were the strongest person he knew.
it was your 5 month anniversary of dating coming up and though it was drastically important it meant a lot to you so you wanted to do something special. something to ease his insecurities so you did what you did best. make music.
you were in your apartment the only light around you being the glow of candles. just having finished dinner as you snuggled up to him on your couch.
you looked up to the beautiful man you felt honoured to call your own.
“i have a gift for you.” you spoke softly.
“oh yeah?” he smiled giving you a kiss on the nose causing you to blush.
“yep” you replied, “but i’m gonna have to go get it.” you jumped up out of his arms and he pouted as you ran off.
seconds later you returned with your guitar sitting back down next to him. he raised an eyebrow at this.
you gave him a kiss on the cheek and then leaned back again, “i wrote you a song to tell you just what i see from my eyes when i look at you.”
this caused bucky to blush but he stayed silent, encouraging you to begin.
and so you began to pick a simple and soft melody.
i want to write you song
one as beautiful as you are sweet
with just a hint of pain
for the feeling that i get when you are gone
i want to write you song
i wanna lend you my coat
one that’s as soft as your cheek
so when the world gets cold
you will having a hiding place you can go
i wanna lend you my coat
oh, everything i need i get from you
oh, and giving back is all i wanna do
i wanna build you boat
one that’s a strong as you are free
so every time you think
that your heart is gonna sink
you know it won’t
i wanna build you a boat
oh, everything i need i get from you
oh, and giving back is all i wanna do
you began to play a little interlude and bucky took that as his time to speak finally grinning, “i like the part about boats.”
you rolled your eyes. “shut up bucky i’m not finished” causing you to giggle as you began to sing again.
oh, everything i need i get from you
oh, and giving back is all i wanna do
i wanna write you a song
one to make your heart remember me
so anytime i’m gone
you can listen to my voice and sing along
i wanna write you a song
i wanna write you a song
as you finished the end of the song you suddenly felt very vulnerable. but once you looked at bucky all you saw in his eyes was admiration.
“bucky everything i sang then i meant, you truly are the strongest person i know. and i love you more than anything.”
he carefully took the guitar from your hands and placed it gently on the ground. grabbing your waist he pulled you close resting his forehead against yours.
“doll, if anyone is to say the words you just sang it should be me. i have lived in darkness for so long. and anytime i have felt the smallest amount of happiness it’s been taken from me.”
a tear fell down your face. you hadn’t known him that long but you knew he was your soulmate.
“i love you.” you whispered looking at his beautiful blue eyes.
“i definitely love you more,” he responded pulling you into a soft but passionate kiss.
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imagineaworld · a day ago
leather & jeans | b.b
pairing : biker!bucky barnes x reader
summary : you walk into a biker bar to repay a debt for your brother and get more than you bargained for
word count : 1.9k
warnings : 18+ ONLY, smut, swearing, oral (m recieving), fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, daddy kink, praise kink, thigh riding, pet names
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You regret offering to help your brother the moment you stepped through the door to the bar.
Loud ruckus all around you sent your heart rate through the roof, and it took everything in you to keep a calm exterior as all eyes fell on you. A momentary silence before the rowdiness resumed.
Walking into the bar owned by the local biker gang was scary enough as it was, let alone being a woman, walking in by yourself, carrying a bag full of cash.
You looked around through the sea of faces, hoping to see someone who looked mildly friendly that you could approach to ask for the man you needed. There seemed no such person. Instead, you opted to head to the bar and ask the bartender for help.
Clutching the bag on your shoulder, you made your way to the bar. On your journey through the leather-clad bodies, you bumped into someone.
“Sorry,” you blurted out, afraid of the consequences.
You looked up at the man you had bumped into. He towered over you, ruggedly handsome with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes. A black leather jacket coated his muscled body. Your eyes fell upon his left hand, made of metal, glistening in the light of the bar.
“No problem, doll,” the man replied. “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this, hm?”
His intense gaze intimidated you, not to mention his beautifully carved face. “I’m looking for Bucky,” you answered, slightly flustered.
“Well,” said the man. “You’re lookin’ at him. What can I do for ya?”
The man did fit the description that your brother had given you. The boss. A ruthless, violent leader. Despite this, you couldn't help but be attracted to him, the danger perhaps adding to your desire.
You'd heard from your brother about all the horrible things this man was capable of, the terrible things he'd done. Danny had told you what happened to people who didn't pay up on time.
“Danny sent me,” you explained. “I have the money.”
He didn't tell you why, but your brother owed money to the leader and was banned from the bar until it had been paid. He sent you in his place, with a shit ton of money you had no idea how he had come to possess. You didn't want to think about it.
How'd a pretty young thing like you know that low-life? Bucky thought. Better yet, what was Danny thinking, sending you to a place like this, full of men ready and willing to take advantage of you.
“Let’s see it.”
You slipped the bag off your shoulder, opened it up and displayed the contents to Bucky. He peered into the bag and assessed the stacks of cash inside.
"This all of it?" He asked, looking back up to you.
You shrugged. "As far as I know."
Your heart was still pounding and an uneasy feeling had settled into your stomach. Something didn't feel right. All around you, watchful eyes fell upon you and the leader. You tried to ignore them, tried not to make eye contact with anyone.
"Come with me."
Closing the bag and slinging it back over your shoulder, you obeyed. Bucky placed a large hand on the small of your back, leading you through the crowd. Men adorned in leather jackets stepped aside, giving respectful nods to Bucky as he passed them.
He led you to a private room that resembled something like an office, though much less professional. Still, a wooden desk and chair gave the impression this was Bucky's office.
"Empty it out onto the table, darlin'," he ordered, finally removing his hand from your lower back. "I need to count it."
With the way he spoke, it was clear he was used to giving orders and having them followed. You dreaded to think about what happened to people who didn't obey him.
You did as you were told, feeling even more unsettled now that you were alone with this man. You stepped away from the money scattered on the desk, putting as much space between yourself and the man.
You watched as Bucky began to count the stacks, organising them into piles as he went. You waited in silence, not daring to interrupt him.
"Well," he spoke after he'd sorted all the stacks into piles. "Looks like it's all here."
"So what now?" You asked. "Is Danny still in trouble?"
Bucky looked at you, his eyes running up and down your body. "How'd you know Danny, sweetheart?"
A shiver ran down your spine at the nickname that rolled off his tongue so easily. "He's my brother."
He started towards you, closing the space you had put between you and him. "Danny never said he had a sister, or that she was so beautiful." Your cheeks heated at the compliment, but dread pooled in your stomach. "What was he thinking, sending a sweet little thing like you into a sinful place like this."
"I offered," you began to explain.
"That was stupid."
He slowly stalked even closer to you, like a predator catching its prey. In a bid to keep a safe distance from him, you backed away. You took a step back for every step he took towards you until your back hit the wall.
Your heart rate sped up as you realised you had backed yourself against the wall. And with Bucky advancing on you,  there was no escape. Calling for help may only cause more problems.
"Don't worry, darlin'," he said darkly. "No need to be afraid. I just wanna teach your brother a lesson."
He had his body pressed up against yours, sandwiching you between him and the wall.
"Leave him alone," you breathed out. "Please."
He whispered in your ear. "Say it again." His breath was hot on your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
"Please," you whimpered again, ashamed at your arousal beginning to pool in your panties.
Bucky breathed in the sweet scent of your perfume, he could feel your heart thumping against his chest, hear your breath trembling. He couldn't help himself. You were so innocent, so untainted.
"What are you willing to do," he spoke gruffly into your ear, twirling his finger around a lock of your hair. "To make sure nothin' happens to your brother?"
He started slowly kissing behind your ear, trailing down to your neck as his beard scratched your soft skin. "Anything, hm?" He said gruffly. "Cos I've been dying to know what you'd look like with my cock buried in you since you walked through the door."
There was no denying any longer. "Bucky," you panted, desperate for his touch.
"Tell me you want it, baby," he urged, slipping a hand under your shirt. "I'll give it to you."
"Please," you pleaded. "I want it. I want you."
That was all Bucky needed to hear. He crashed his lips to yours in a hungry kiss, pulling off his jacket as he did so. You let out a small yelp at the urgency with which he kissed you, his facial hair rough against your face.
He slipped a thick thigh between your legs, causing a moan to escape your lips as his thigh brushed against your pussy through the fabric of your jeans. 
"You like that, hm?" He growled, kissing his way down your neck as goosebumps erupted on your skin.
You managed a breathless 'yes', but Bucky pulled hard on your hair. "Yes, daddy," he corrected.
"Yes, daddy," you repeated and he let go of your hair, satisfied with your submission.
His touch sent shockwaves through your body, and your pussy throbbed, desperate for release. You palmed him through his trousers and he let out a deep groan, throwing his head back in pleasure.
"On your knees," he ordered, removing his leg from between yours.
You obeyed, sliding down the wall to your knees as he unfastened his belt, discarding it on the floor and unzipping his trousers. He pulled out his sizeable cock, already rock hard from your touch.
Again, you did as he told you to do, opening your mouth. He pushed his cock to the back of your throat, your eyes filling with tears as he triggered your gag reflex. Your mouth was warm and wet on his dick, and he savoured the feeling.
"Good job sweetheart," he praised. "Taking my cock so well."
Your head was pressed against the wall as he fucked your mouth, holding your hair back with his large hands. When the tears started streaming down your face, he knew you'd had enough.
"Be a good girl," he said, stepping away from you as you tried to catch your breath. "Bend over the desk for me."
You climbed to your feet and did as he asked. Bent over the desk, the used your forearms to prop yourself up slightly, so the hard, cold desk wasn't pressing into you.
"Look at this ass," he worshipped, grabbing a handful causing you to cry out. "All mine."
He yanked your jeans down, exposing your thong underneath. "Such lovely panties, you wear these just for me?"
"Yes, daddy," you mewled.
He pushed your panties aside and slipped a finger into your wet pussy. You moaned out as he curled his finger inside you.
"So wet for me, huh, baby?" He murmured, adding another finger as you clenched around him. "Such a pretty little pussy."
"Please, daddy," you whined. "I need your cock."
He chuckled darkly at your desperation. As he took his fingers out and pulled your thong down, you felt empty. He pressed the head of his cock to your sensitive clit and began lathering up your slick as he teased your entrance.
He pushed into you with a hard thrust and you cried out at the feeling of him stretching your walls. Your eyes rolled back as he started pounding into your pussy, almost feral.
"So fuckin' tight," he growled through gritted teeth as he hammered into you.
Your ecstatic moans could surely be heard by the long-forgotten men in the bar but you didn't care. Bucky, on the other hand, wanted them to hear you, wanted them to hear what he was doing to you. Show them you were his.
"Gonna fuck you so hard you can't walk," he groaned, continuing his assault. "This pussy is mine."
He was true to his word, fucking into you roughly, his large hands gripping your hips and leaving bruises to mark you as his. You were completely at his mercy, though he seemed to have none as he ignored your cries, a mixture of pain and pleasure, at the way he beat your cunt.
You had no idea how long he had been fucking you when he said, "Gonna cum inside that tight little pussy of yours."
His cock twitched inside of you before he stilled, filling you up with hot ropes of cum. He collapsed against you, sticky with sweat and panting for breath.
"You did so good for me," he murmured eventually, slowly pulling out of you and watching his cum drip down your thighs.
He helped get you cleaned up, gently wiping around our abused cunt before pulling your jeans and thong back up. Taking your flushed face in his hands, he placed a gentle kiss on your temple. 
"You know where I am if you need me again."
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bloodorangesoup · a day ago
Oh, Don't Mind Me
Summary: Reader is having a very good day, including a damn good sandwich and an adorable dance session in the kitchen. Bucky observes with heart eyes. Slow dancing ensues.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: None, complete fluff
Notes: This is my first writing on here, let me know what yall think! Hopefully, as I continue writing I’ll get better, but for now, I liked this. Also, I do not and will not respect the rules of grammar surrounding punctuation and quotation marks because they do not, as Marie Kondo says, spark joy. Happy reading!
Spring had finally settled in Upstate New York leaving the air fresh and the flowers bright. It was one of those days that just flowed. Gliding by breakfast, you had already turned in a mission report that was supposed to be completed a few days prior, took a shower, tidied up your room, and started lunch. There was a steady buzz of contentment in your head, a result of the day’s effortless productivity and quiet atmosphere.
Putting together the last pieces of the sandwich you made for yourself, you chose to ride the high of your productive buzz and wash the dishes you used before eating. Never had you felt so happy washing dishes. The water was just a little hotter than warm and felt relaxing. Even after the knife and cutting mat were clean you let the water run over your hands, taking in the steam rising to your face causing goosebumps to appear on the area of your arms that the water didn’t cover. Everything just felt like it was in place, it just felt good. When you finished, you dried off your hands and poured yourself some water, admiring how pretty the droplets of condensation looked on the glass.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y., play my favorite playlist, please,” you chimed into the empty kitchen.
“Playing your most played playlist on Spotify,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice echoed through the room. You silently thanked Tony for his genius idea of connecting all the team’s Spotify accounts to F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s system. With that silent thank you, When A Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge began softly drifting through the speakers in the kitchen and adjacent living room.
You felt like you were floating. The floor to ceiling windows in the hall let in the sunlight and you closed your eyes as it touched your face and spread warmth all over you. Leaning against the counter, you opened your eyes and turned for a moment to pick up the first half of your sandwich. Closing them again, you took a slow bite and slowly chewed, letting your shoulders drop and letting out a hum of pleasure. Maybe it was the perfection of the moment, but it was a damn good sandwich.
With a small smile lifting up the corners of your lips, you began softly rocking your head side to side with the slow rhythm of the song. The smile on your face grew as you felt the music course through your ears, down your neck, into your chest, and through the rest of your body down to the tips of your toes. Taking another bite of your sandwich, you pushed off from your spot leaning against the counter and stood in the space between the counter and kitchen island for a few seconds before letting your whole body rock side to side just like your head had before. With the combination of the lack of duties to worry about, the satisfaction of such an excellent sandwich, the sun glowing across your skin, and the music coursing through your veins, you felt completely and utterly at peace.
About fifteen minutes prior, Bucky had just finished a workout session. Once his hair was literally dripping with sweat he decided it was about time to get cleaned up and see what you were up to. He happily got to his room, showered, and changed into fresh clothes with nothing but you on his mind. He checked your room to find it empty and assumed that, without a text telling him otherwise, you were probably in one of the living rooms or the kitchen.
Not wanting to disrupt the quiet that settled over the compound on this day, he didn’t call out for you and figured he would see you eventually. He padded through the hall and heard the distant drone of music playing from the kitchen area. Smiling to himself, he remembered how excited you were when Tony had sent out the text telling the team he added Spotify to F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s system.
He recognized the song as one you had put on a playlist you had made for him at the beginning of your relationship. He had worked up the courage to ask you out, after a few months of intense pining and a lot of pep talks from Steve, and later that night received a goodnight text from you including a link to a playlist titled “For Bucky”. The song was about two decades after “his time”, but after seeing how much you melted at it, it quickly became one of his favorites to listen to.
Once he finally reached the source of the sound, he halted to a stop at the doorway of the kitchen. To his delight, you were exactly where he thought you would be. However instead of simply making something to eat, you were dancing in the middle of the kitchen. Eyes closed, grooving to the sounds of the speakers, the light hit you in a way that made his breath hitch and a lump form in his throat. You looked adorable, gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. The song playing also brought right to his attention that, in addition to adorable, gorgeous, and absolutely beautiful, you were also all his. All of that, your soft humming to the music, your unabashed smile, your hips swaying back and forth, was all his. The sight of it alone made his mouth gape open a little and the back of his eyes sting with tears that hadn’t yet formed.
But before he could get completely swept away with his overwhelming adoration for you, you turned around and opened your eyes for a second to take another bite of your, once again, amazing sandwich and came face to face with Bucky. It startled you enough to make you jump and look away in exasperation of the small scare. Bucky chuckled to himself at how cute you could be and leaned against the doorway. You looked up at him with a face that clearly said “how long have you been standing there and how much did you see?” Ignoring the silent question, Bucky decided the opportunity was just too good to pass up teasing you a little.
“Oh, don’t mind me, doll, keep going.” He couldn’t help the little grin that crept up his face.
At this point the song had faded out and transitioned into another song. Bucky identified it as one that was also on the playlist you made for him and it made his grin a little wider realizing that it was in fact “For Bucky” that you were playing.
You rolled your eyes, leaned your hip on the side of the island, and decided to verbally repeat your question.
“How long have you been standing there?”
“Oh hey, Bucky! It’s nice to see you, I missed you, how was your day?” Bucky mocked, pretending to be you. “Oh hey, y/n! I missed you too, my day’s been good,’” Bucky replied back to himself, making you groan and roll your eyes again.
“Hey Buck, how was your day?” You asked him in the most monotone voice you could use, making sure to exaggerate the annoyed expression you wore.
His grin turned into a smirk as he opted to answer your initial question rather than answer the one he mocked you into.
“I’ve been standing here long enough to see you dancing to our song, angel. Very cute, really.” He teased.
“Oh, shut up and come here” You pouted while lifting your arms, inviting him to take up the open space. He smiled at your change in tone and pushed off the doorframe to meet you with arms wide open. You slipped your arms around his neck, resting them on his shoulders, while he snaked his around your waist. He turned you both so that your back was to the island and he caged you against it. You let your head fall against his chest while he leaned down and buried his head in your hair. You could smell him on his clothes, the subtle musk of his skin that lingered anytime you slept in his bed or cuddled him.
Inhaling and exhaling with a sigh, you ran a hand through the hair at the back of his head, returning to that state of absolute peace, now having with you another reason to feel it.
From inside your hair, a grumbled voice came through, “You know that song you were playing when I first came in, I listen to it all the time, always makes me think of you.”
You couldn’t control the giddy feeling that hearing that left you with. You looked up at him, prompting him to lift his head and peer down back at you. Your eyes met and you smiled wide at him, loving the feeling of being wrapped up in him. He grinned back at you and you couldn’t avoid seeing the look of bliss that graced his face, if you could have it your way you would keep him in this moment forever.
“You said that song was our song?” You asked.
“It’s the song I think of when I think of you, and it’s the first one on the playlist you made for me,” he blushed but then quickly followed up, “it doesn’t have to be our song if you don’t want it to or if you want a different one or someth-”
You moved forward away from the island, pushing him backwards with your hips until you were both standing, still embraced, in the middle of the kitchen.
Shaking your head you hummed, “I love it. Dance with me?” Bucky simply nodded his head, staring at you like you put the stars in the sky.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y., play the first song on this playlist again, please.” The sound of the old 60s love song started tuning into the room. You didn’t think your smile could get any wider than when Bucky started rocking the both of you side to side, his eyes never leaving your own other than the occasional glance at your lips.
“You’re so amazing, angel, you know that?”
“You’re one to talk, you’re absolutely perfect yourself, Mr. Barnes.”
This made Bucky completely smile down at you. In that moment neither of you needed words to express the loved and adoration you two shared for each other.
Steve walked through the compound looking for Bucky, on a mission to give him back his watch that he’d left in the gym. Hearing your and Bucky’s voices in the living area, he smiled to himself and made his way there. Arguably one of the things in the world that made Steve the happiest was Bucky’s relationship with you. He knew as soon as he had introduced you to the team and could see the way Bucky blushed and got nervous around you that he was a goner. After months of waiting for Bucky to feel okay with dating and feelings and the whole shabang that came with those, he made it his main goal to set you two up. He knew how much you genuinely cared for Bucky and knew how undoubtedly happy you made him, when he saw you two together it served to him a reminder that the world could be good, that things could be bat shit crazy but there was always a silver lining.
Making his way to the kitchen, he ironically stopped at the door frame just as Bucky had, hearing you two together.
“You’re so amazing, angel, you know that?”
“You’re one to talk, you’re absolutely perfect yourself, Mr. Barnes.”
He saw his friend smile down at you and felt the pang of happiness that hit him whenever he listened to Bucky talk about you. He could feel the love from where he stood, rooted in place.
Bucky looked down at your lips once more, you copied him. He leaned in while tightening his hold around your waist, bringing your whole body closer to him, and kissed you softly. The kiss sucked the breath from your lungs. No longer swaying to the music, you let yourself lean into him and kissed him back with passion, making him feel how much you loved him. When your body couldn’t supply you with any more air, you were forced to pull back and look up at him. He looked totally smitten. He peered down at you with red cheeks and a relaxed grin, taking you in.
“God, I love you so much, y/n.”
“I love you more, Buck”
You gave him a soft peck in response and dropped your head back on his chest as you continued swaying to your song. Finally tearing his eyes away from you, he noticed Steve standing where he had minutes before, with a satisfied smile, nodding his head in approval.
Bucky just smiled and nodded back, closing his eyes and resting his chin on your head. You were his reminder that the world could be good. Things could be bat shit crazy, but you were always his silver lining.
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sadiexwrites · 2 days ago
Yandere Bucky Barnes! X Stubborn Pregnant Reader
WARNING: Mentions of sex, alcohol, language, some mentions of suicide, murder, NSFW, some sweetness.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Today, I'm going to be doing a little dash of Marvel and since Tumblr had made me be in a Bucky Barnes mood, I decided to create this NSFW or whatever you call it. (Still new here.)
Tumblr media
You could only imagine the shocked look on your face when you found out you were pregnant because it was priceless.
Holding that little test with two blue stripes was one of the hardest thing you had to do, much less look at it.
It took a few breakdowns for you to get yourself together again and decided to keep it a secret from Bucky, which won't be much of a problem.... or that's what you thought.
Throughout the whole month, you kept on being your stubborn self who hated Bucky's affection and love, always slapping away his attempts to give it to you.
But somehow, the soldier noticed something different from your behaviour, although you tried to keep it as it was like before you found out you were pregnant.
Perhaps it was the way you were more stubborn and keep on declining Bucky's invitation for sex at night or maybe it was the way you shove off his head from your stomach every time he tries to lay his head on it, giving him a grumpy look.
But then again, it might be because of the way morning sickness love to pester you ever day, causing you to vomit and make noises loud enough for Bucky to hear and wake up.
Eventually, he realized what was going on after a month of taking your excuses, and forced you to take a pregnancy test.
"You knew all along, didn't you?" You were afraid that Bucky might force you to abandon or get an abortion but instead you were welcomed with a warm smile on his face. "Why didn't you tell me? We're going to have a child!"
Soon after, you found out that it was actually Bucky's plan to get you pregnant all along. And of course, you were furious as fuck and threw a tantrum as he liked to call it. But after you were done, he immediately let out a chuckle and kissed your forehead while gently rubbing your small two months baby bump as if it was the most precious thing in the world.
Bucky made it his mission to learn to cook, so that he could cook for you every single day, and prevent you from going to a restaurant in fear of you and the baby getting poisoned by the food there.
If you think Bucky has been too protective and possessive before he found out you were pregnant, then you were wrong, because he never left your side ever since. Even followed you when you went to the bathroom, helping clean your back in the bathtub and massaging your calp. Although it did help you, especially when your baby bump starts to grow much, much larger, you still can't help but feel disgusted at his touch.
For example of his possessiveness, Bucky had once followed a barista home and killed him, after he deemed him being 'too friendly' with his doll when they were going to buy something at Starbucks. To say the least, you didn't know what had happened until you went to Starbucks again and found out that he was missing. Let's just say that cost Bucky to not being allowed to touch your six months swollen belly for a whole month.
Bucky had made sure to threw away your sleeping pills and all of your birth control pills in fear that you might try to commite suicide like you did in the past. But you also had a feeling he did it because he wants another child in the future.
One time during your pregnancy, he had no choice but to leave for a mission, much to your excitement. But he had left you with his best friend, Steve Rogers, and frenemies, Tony Stark. You weren't sure why Tony was even there because him and Bucky were not in good terms. But you knew your chances to escape was none if Steve was going to babysit you the whole time. He is practically a secons yandere to you, but sweeter and less possessive and demanding. He just has one mission; to not let you escape.
Three to four months had passed, and you were still upset about what happened to the barista and kept on ignoring Bucky after he returned home from the mission, even with all his desperate pleas and begging. That was until, you felt your water broke and Bucky forced you to let him carry you to the hospital.
And after many, many hours of pushing and screaming at Bucky like a maniac, a new bundle of joy came into the world. You and Bucky were in awe the whole time while watching the baby carefully as the nurse gently put a blanket over them. You hated Bucky with all you have, but you could never hate your baby- because it wasn't his fault that their father is an asshole who can't keep his pants to himself one way or another.
In the end, you slowly began to love your baby but hatred is the only thing you have for Bucky and the whole time you were resting after the exhausting process of giving birth, you were too busy thinking of a plan to get away from Bucky safely with your baby. Whatever it takes.
Please give me a little break. I have never done this before, only read a lot of it. But hope you like it!
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fa-headhoncho · 2 days ago
Untitled TFATWS Fic: Part 4
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Prompt: You raid the Flag Smasher's base with Walker and Hoskins, bringing back unwanted memories.
Word Count: 2701 (sorry lol)
Reader: Female
Warning: non-con kissing, nudity, blood
Author's Note: lmk for taglist
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
“Ich habe keine Ahnug, wovon du sprichst.” The man sternly says, taking a step to size up Hoskins. “Ihr Amerikaner seid brutal geworden.” He insults causing you to tense, but in a way you knew he was right and it frustrated you. The GRC had good intentions but they didn’t understand what these people were going through.
Hell, you didn’t understand what they were going through. When Steve and the Avengers took you in, it wasn’t exactly a bad situation compared to what others had to deal with during the Blip. Especially with the ones who came back to nothing to their name anymore. The volunteer work made you realize that and it conflicted you. The Flag Smashers had a worthy cause and they were banding together in the wrong way.
“Bullshit. That’s bullshit!” Walker whines out causing you to tense. The tone wasn’t nice and you knew the three of you didn’t come all the way to Germany for nothing. He was getting angry, there was something here and something he had to prove. “We know she came through here. Now, where’d she go?” He demands, his voice threatening.
The man directs his attention to the Captain and looks him up and down. Walker’s stance straightens and you can see his fist balled at his sides. Over the short time of getting to know the new Captain America, you could tell he was falling apart a bit in this situation. Honestly, he wasn’t the worse guy when it came down to the bare bones of things but power can do wonders to a corrupt mind.
Your eyebrows shoot up in surprise when the German fellow spits on America’s new golden boy. The blonde lets out a sigh, showing he was physically restraining himself to jump on the guy. He looks over his shoulder at you, his eyes narrowing and his head tilted towards the target. The look was the familiar that made your mind flashback to the countless times a Hydra official gave the same look.
Mind going into autopilot, the boys separate like they’ve done these a million times. You stalk forward and brace your forearm, shoving the man back and holding him against the pillar behind him.
“Do you know who I am?” Walker screams out from behind you making you snap back to reality. You immediately release him and step back, the blonde taking your spot in front of him with a threatening gaze.
“Yes I do, and I don’t care.” The man spits back and you see a shift in Walker’s eyes. There was a flash of hurt then it switched to frustration, quickly regaining his facade, blocking out any emotion in his eyes. He leans forward slightly and you think he’s about to punch the guy but he steps back.
The officers start to cuff the man while Walker whispers something to Hoskins and then walks away. You watched with a dazed expression on your face, not believing you fell back into your old ways so quickly with just one gaze. There was a part of you still stuck in your past that you didn’t know about until Walker had you join him in this assignment. It frightened you.
A gentle hand rests on your shoulder bringing you out of your negative thoughts. Looking up, you see Hoskin’s kind eyes. “You okay?” He asks in a sincere tone which slightly surprises you. The little voice in the back of your head told you that it was just him trying to manipulate you like they used to and that it was their fault that you were back into all this however a much louder one says otherwise.
You shake your head, forcing a tight-lipped smile to appear on your face. “Yea,” You breathe out and slowly repeat the mantra your therapist had taught you years ago. He stands there for a moment, the internal battle in his mind playing in his eyes.
“I know this isn’t the ideal situation for you but we really do appreciate your help.” His grip on your shoulder tightens in a comforting manner. “I understand Walker hasn’t been the… kindest to you and I can’t apologize for him. He’s still figuring this stuff out, I promise he isn’t always this much of an asshole.”
You nod, letting his words sink in. You never thought how much stress this could be on him. He went from a normal life to being thrown into this hero thing with the title and responsibility Steve took years to build up. It was a lot for him and he didn’t need you reminding him of what he wasn’t.
Hoskins notices your demeanor change and releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He takes his hand off of you and takes a glance toward the hallway where his best friend left then to his left where all the Flag Smashers computers laid out unattended. “I heard you’re pretty good with intel.”
You let out an ironic chuckle, of course, he chose his moment to bring that up. “You had to ruin it.” An apologetic look comes across his face and you wave it off, knowing that it’s time to get back to the task at hand. “Go after your boyfriend, I’ll see what I can do.”
He rolls his eyes at your comment before jogging off to follow Walker. A small smile sneaks its way onto your lips as you watch him leave. It was nice to get an insight on Walker and have a little banter with Hoskins. It made you relax, feeling that you were no longer a hostage in a pretend game of hero.
The police officers around you start collecting what minimal things were in the Flag Smasher’s base. They grab the files in the cabinets, the food they have in the other room, and they even grab the goddamn chairs. They weren’t leaving any stone unturned when it came to this and you understood why... this was Walker’s first mission leading as Captain America and he wasn’t going to mess it up. Your heart goes out to him but that didn’t mean you liked him.
You hold up a hand to the man in uniform as he goes to take the laptop, signaing that you wanted to use it. He nods in understanding and moves to collect other objects. Plopping down on the metal chair, you turn and start typing away.
The room was luxurious like the rest of the mansion. The walls were high, windows extending from the floor to ceiling, giving a breathtaking view of the landscape behind the home. It was a bedroom, a large California king against the wall opposite of the windows. A large desk with a dramatic-looking chair sat near the bathroom causes an evil smile to appear.
“Here it is.” The American turns around while holding his arms out.
“Wunderschön.” You respond, forcing an astonished look on your face. The dark-haired man furrows his eyebrows in response. “Uh… very pretty.” You pretend to struggle with your English to keep up the persona your file had described. He gleams at the compliment and moves to close the distance between the two of you.
He slips his hand around your waist, pressing his body against your scantily clad one. You wanted nothing more than to push him off and slit his throat but your bosses would be punish you for not following the mission orders. Especially when he starts trailing kisses down your neck.
You throw your head back and allow him access though. The kisses and nips were numb on your skin as you lazily trail your eyes around the room. The black dress left no room to hide anything so that meant anything pointy had to be disgusted in your purse… which was left on the dresser next to the closed door. You inwardly cringe at your mistake, saving it in the back of your head for future undercover missions.
There was no chance to lead him back to the entrance so you had to think fast. Gently pushing the man away, he doesn’t take the hint to get off of you and attaches his lips to yours. Your eyes widen in surprise but you quickly recover.
He tasted like whiskey and cigarettes and it made your stomach turn. Finally, he pulls away and you take the opportunity to look up at him through your lashes. That was enough for him to start fiddling with the zipper on your back. You let out an airy giggle at the way he struggles with it.
“Here.” You turn around and pull your long hair over your shoulder to give him better access. He hums out and starts to pull the metal tag down. Mind trailing off again, your eyes land on the laptop on his desk. The object of the whole reason why you were here.
The mission assigned was simple since it was your first undercover mission for Hydra. They thought you would be a good candidate considering you were young and “perky” in their words. Having no other choice than to compromise, they dressed you up and gave an identity to play as to get close enough to take the information off the computer.
Your breath hitches in your throat when you see a glimmer of light bounce off something in the corner of the room. The man paid no mind to it as it was a coincidence to your dress hitting the floor and the cold A/C of the room hitting your skin. You squint your eyes and try to make out the figure but it’s interrupted by the man spinning you around and throwing you onto the bed.
You stare wide eyed up at the man while he stands above you. A feeling of fear courses through your body at the thought of what’s about to come. The original plan was to sneak off with the target and tranq him but you fucked it up. The boss was going to have your ass if you didn’t figure out a way to get to that laptop.
You didn’t want to do anything further with this sleazeball but you also didn’t want to starve for the next few days. Closing your eyes, you wait for it all the happen. You’ve endured worse at the hands of Hydra so this would sadly come easy for you to block out.
A loud gunshot rings through the room and you feel something warm splatter across your body. Your eyes snap open in a panic to figure out what just happened. The man who was once hovering over you is now lying on the floor with a bullet in his head, blood pooling underneath him. Slowly, your gaze trails up to your own body causing your breath the hitch in your throat once again. Dots of blood litter your skin and undergarments which only meant--
“Are you okay?” A raspy voice calls out, one that you’ve never heard before. A piece of cloth comes into view, the metal hand attached to it surprises you. The Soldier has never shown this type of kindness to you, well anyone, before and it made you nervous. You hesitantly grab the wet cloth from him and start wiping the blood off of your body.
His stare was directed on the floor to give you some type of privacy. It was weird that the Soldier was showing you such care that you didn’t even think could be possible. You knew of his story, a brainwashed POW victim that was programmed to kill. But here he was, waiting patiently for you with your dress in his hand.
Once cleaned up, you stand up and bump into him. His head turns to you causing you to melt instead of flinching away like you usually would. His piercing blue eyes send a shiver down your spine. There was emotion in them. Concern.
Carefully, you reach out and place a hand on the metal appendage. The Soldier’s body immediately relaxes under the foreign soft touch. “Thank you, Soldat.” You whisper out, fearing that any hostility would send him back to his murderous state. Something flashes behind his eyes as he nods in response.
You wake up with a gasp, blankets are long forgotten on the floor. Your chest was heaving up and down as you try to compose yourself from the memory that forced itself into your dream. It’s been a while since you had a nightmare and you were confused. Maybe going back into the field wasn’t good for you. It was bringing back the part of you that you worked so hard to get past.
The abrupt sound of a phone ringing makes you flinch. You reach around blindly until your hand feels the cool touch of your phone laying on the bed next to you. Not even looking at the screen, you slide the green bubble and bring it up to your cheek.
“Hello?” You answer, cringing at how weak you sound.
You close your eyes and release a deep breath, your body physically relaxing at the familiar voice. “Yea, what’s up, Buck?”
“We haven’t heard from you all day, we were wondering how this morning went. Did you find anything?” His tone was soft and steady in contrast to the bustling of the environment behind him.
You shake your head and bring your hand up to run it through your messy hair, “No, not of importance. I went through their laptop but most of the significant information was remotely deleted or something… Found the files but not the documents.” You shrug and fall back onto the pillows behind you. His hum is followed by comfortable silence… until you hear someone whine in the background.
“Are you gonna talk to her or are you gonna sit there like lovesick teen-- Hey, not with the metal arm!” Sam is cut off with what you assume is Bucky slapping him. You giggle at the sound of metal hitting concrete. “Jesus, man, you’re crazy.”
“I won’t miss next time.” Bucky threatens with his teeth clenched, you can imagine him pointing his finger at him with a scowl on his face. The silence resumes while you stare at the lamp on the bedside table. “Are you okay? You’re oddly quiet.”
You hesitate for a moment, your dream flashing in your head. “Yea.” You softly confess, “Just had a weird dream.”
He waits for you to elaborate, knowing you would do the same for him.
“Oh,” He lets out a breath and takes a few moments before continuing, “I’ve been having some of those too.” He admits, “More than usual, I guess. Being back out here is triggering some memories and not the normal ones.”
A sense of relief washes over you at his confession. Knowing he was going through the same thing sends a pang to your heart but it was a good thing to know you weren’t alone.
“Well, I have to head out. We have a possible led and we need to check it out before it’s too late.” Bucky announces, you frown. It was nice to be able to talk over the phone with him even though you saw him recently and you didn’t want it to end. “Text me if you need anything, doll, I’m only a message away.”
Butterflies erupt in your stomach at his nickname for you. “Same for you, Buck… Be careful.”
“When am I not careful?” He chuckles out, you can hear Sam snort and mumble something in the background. “I didn’t ask you, Wilson.”
“Just, please, be safe.” You beg, you knew the two didn’t have any restraints and would do whatever it took to get the information they needed. Sam has broken the law for him once and you’re sure he would do it again for a good cause. “I…” You hesitate for a second, the words you wanted to say didn’t come out. “I don’t know what I would do if something bad happened to you…”
“Don’t worry about me, doll.” He tries to calm your nerves but there’s a twinge of nervousness in his tone that makes you uneasy. “I promise.”
taglist: @crowleysqueenofhell @mischiefmanaged71 @thewinterrbucky @lizajane3 @ahahafudge @spookycereal-s @a-girl-who-loves-disney @kittengirl998 @ sebby-staan @felicityofbakerstreet @sltwins @tanyaherondale
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