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darlingnote33 minutes ago
darling i miss you... why won't you talk to me...?
please don't pout oh god I'm so sorry, i know you don't like being in the cage but you kept trying to escape if i left you out :(
i don't want you to get hurt out there
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obsessed-loverboyan hour ago
mood: would rather be tied up in my darling's basement
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yandeloid2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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fuwa-fuwa-yandere3 hours ago
it's okay that you are weak!
that's why you have me ...
i'll protect you, my darlin'! 馃挄
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fuwa-fuwa-yandere4 hours ago
i can teach you how to play
just ...
let me erase every name from your mind and replace it with mine, so you'll always be mine, only mine!
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l0v3h4t34 hours ago
your love is the sweetest!!!
the more you give, the more i want!!!
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l0v3h4t37 hours ago
roses are red
violets are blue
i want you to know, love
that i鈥檇 kill for you.
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obsessiveloverboy10 hours ago
馃珋馃敧馃巰 I think I've been dead for a long time 馃巰馃敧馃珋
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lxvesick-yxndere13 hours ago
im so in love with you that it makes me sick.
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