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#yandere twisted wonderland
flooyds · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
jade leech, yandere.
warnings. yandere content, implied/mentioned kidnapping, meeting family, forced marriage, talks of children, unhealthy relationship. this is not love.
listen to, me and my husband by mitski.
Tumblr media
it’s a wonder jade leech picked you, he could’ve — in your eyes, at least — had anybody he may have wanted. no girl or guy would refuse him, a seemingly perfect gentleman who would put you before himself, taking care of your every need. his act similar to that of a househusband. at least that’s how it was when you two had first started dating after graduating.
when he’d taken you to the sea, things became different. his true self coming out, not as the patient gentleman you knew, but as a cruel man. it’d given you shock at first, but then your thoughts were to get away, to run as far as you could from this man who you didn’t recognize as your lover.
everything came too quickly for your liking, when your efforts to escape were proven to be futile, you’d eventually accepted your fate with the leech brother, watching as your beautiful life faded too far for your reach, letting it sink in that you were stuck. underwater and helpless, not knowing what to do but try and make him happy to not get hurt.
it’d always been him and you, you can realize as you look back on memories, maybe floyd or azul here and there. but him stick by your side with his almost dangerous but seemingly friendly smile that was stuck on his face no matter what was to happen — especially when he was spending his time with you.
it makes you understand better now, that he wants you to forget all good memories you could have with the others you know, to leave your friends behind as you fall into his arms, unable to escape his grasp once you’ve found yourself in it. it was harmless at first, a new love found between the two of you, only to be twisted once you’ve been caught belly-up.
and once you’d met his parents, your fate had been locked in, their words of how happy and excited they were, how they couldn’t believed he’d gotten such a catch. and of course, to make matters even worse for you, they wanted grandchildren as soon as possible. you’ve already graduated, haven’t you? so what better to do that give them cute, precious eel babies? you’d just make the perfect housewife, especially for such a hard working man like their son.
he’d tied the knot immediately after that, his parents words only egging him on further. it’d made him see things in a different light, just how it made you as well. he hadn’t thought about a cute housewife nor children just yet, his mind still a bit rocked from your excitement about him asking you to be his — which may have been a few months ago, but it was very unexpected to say the least — and he couldn’t help but want to impress his parents with not only children and a lovely housewife, but also showing off a beautiful ring.
you weren’t a mermaid, yet, but you’d become one soon, because well, it’s rather difficult to be a human and live under the sea with a bad man, yes? he’d have azul take care of that, while floyd could talk to you about how excited he is to have little nieces and nephews, that he just can’t wait to see if they look like you or jade! (he would prefer them to look like jade because then they’d look like him too!) maybe you’d have twins too! or even triplets!
everything moves a bit quickly under the sea, and even quicker in the leech household.
Tumblr media
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mouisorange · 19 hours ago
☰ yandere MBTI
 〔Malleus Draconia〕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia is ﹝RAMS﹞.
❚ Reverent 
While Malleus isn’t one for worshipping his Darling, he does adore them greatly and holds them in high regard. He respects Darling and will show them double the respect they show him, even more-so if they’re ‘officially’ (and willingly) his. He does become a bit condescending if Darling is being difficult, but usually will just brush such behavior off as them having a lover’s spat. He is aware when it’s a serious matter but honestly he has all the time in the world to improve their behavior and fix whatever’s causing it so he’s not keen on making a big deal out of it.  He prefers to be in their presence as much as possible, finding his Darling to be much better company than the majority of those around him. Who else will make him smile, laugh, or be willing to have a normal conversation with him if not his dear Darling? 
❚ Aware
As mentioned in the headcanons I previously did for Malleus and earlier in this post, he is very aware of his feelings, his behavior; such awareness extending to his Darling’s feelings as well. The prince is oblivious in the beginning, as he’d never experienced romantic love before, but will get over it once he understands the new emotions. He will also want to understand his Darling’s feelings, Malleus may actually scare some types of Darlings off by how straight-forward he becomes after realizing his adoration. He won’t hide it, nor will he actively try to hide the more worrying feelings/thoughts he has. Darling could possibly brush off his phrasing most of the time, he does tend to speak rather formally so it’s not exactly hard to think that the way he says certain things could come off as more intense than he meant. It doesn’t help that he’s willing to twist the truth/what he actually meant if he senses any negative quirks when Darling questions him about his wording. 
❚ Manipulative 
Malleus toes the line between Honest and Manipulative, and while he is very honest with his feelings (among other things), he has no issue with throwing some manipulation into the mix. He doesn’t see a need to flat out gaslight or otherwise pull out any extreme manipulation, though that’s not to say Lilia won’t step in with some choice wording if he wants to. After-all, Darling likely has already formed some sort of emotional bond with the prince. This with the fact that he’s one of the most powerful people in Twisted Wonderland, is there really any solid reasoning as to why he’d have to pull on every word he says? Malleus would rather be honest with his sweetheart, but, of course, it’s not his fault if something came off as manipulative. He is a fae, and he’s still learning human customs! Darling just has to understand, he’d never mean to sway their thoughts or actions, right? 
❚ Strict
He definitely isn’t the one of the most strict yanderes in Twisted Wonderland, but he isn’t about to have his Darling think that they can just up and leave him. That being said, he’s actually fairly lenient most of the time. It’s when Darling starts giving him reasons not to trust them that he begins to drift into ‘rules’ and directly telling them (or just manipulating them) why they should(n’t) do something.  Malleus really only starts to get intense in a few situations; A.) Someone he genuinely considers a rival starts to steer too far into his territory, getting too close to his Darling. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy enforcing rules onto them, as he wants to view them as his partner/equal, but there are situations where he can’t just scare someone else away.  B.) Darling is actively rejecting him and starting to avoid him. This is especially unacceptable if they’d been ‘courting’, and then they refuse to become his spouse. Did they think they could just court the Crown Prince of The Valley of Thorns and then leave? He couldn’t even fake propose to a ghost, what makes Darling think he would court someone for the fun of it? 
Tumblr media
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Okay but old school actor Vil? Sexy as hell
MC only comes out of the house for public appearances. But why would they want to leave? Vil can get them anything they want! Fresh air? There’s a garden for a reason. Exercise? The gym should work fine!
Friends? They only need him, besides, they won’t feel so lonely after having a few children
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Vil doesn’t care if it’s biological child of both or adopted the most beautiful children. They would put pressure on MC to not leave him
In case they try to leave him and make a scene during public appearances, Vil poisons them. They have to obey him throughout the night for him to give them the cure at the end. A couple times, Vil acted lazy so MC can understand the pain they would feel if they didn’t get the cure
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pandoraw27 · a day ago
900 Follower event list:
Tumblr media
🍰Red Velvet Cake🍰
~Azul Ashengrotto~
🍋Lemon Tart🍋
🍵 Tea🍵
🍫Hot Chocolate🍫
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bubbledumbbinch · a day ago
100 follower special!
I have finally reached 100 followers on here!!!!! I’m so happy y’all like my writing so much! I’ve decided to have a little special, I’ll be accepting requests/asks until Sunday 6/13/21 at 1:00am, so approximately 48 hours. This is my first time doing something like this so sending anything in would be great! 
Please read my rules before submitting a request please, so you can know what I am/am not comfortable with! 
I accept TWST headcanons, scenarios, how I think characters would react to ___, and ficlets! Once the deadline has ended, I will start working on requests in order they come in, and try to finish them within a week, depending on how many I get!  Thank you very much and I hope yall participate! I don’t bite~
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peachykindalovesyou · a day ago
Through The Screen Chap 4
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
??? x GN! Reader
Word count:: 728
Warnings:: Implied stalking
Tumblr media
You chose...
A -> Leave it alone and get to your first class, you still have time to get ready.
You should just leave it be, it probably isn't as important as you think it is; Dreams are just dreams. This was the safest route, you didn't want to panic any more than you already have, it wouldn't be good for your health. Although even after reassuring yourself, it still felt as if someone was following you around...
Getting up out of your bed, you did your normal morning routine. "It's just like every other day, you don't need to worry.." You spoke to yourself in the mirror, it was an odd habit you had. To be honest, you didn't even care about getting to school or getting ready; The only thing on your mind was your safety and what you're going to do about the current situation.
But pushing that aside, you had to focus more on heading to school now and getting dressed, it wouldn't take that long. "Maybe my friends will know a little more about this? They don't even know about Twisted Wonderland, but hopefully they can help a little bit." You talked to yourself a little more, it was entertaining, in all honesty.
Finally putting on the last accessory of your outfit, you took a deep breath and attempted to clear you head, which only kind of worked. With your mind now mostly empty, you're ready to start the day. Your class isn't too far away, it's just a quick walk around the campus, you'll be there in time.
As you pulled out your phone to check the time before hand to know when you'll get there, you were met with an...odd occurrence. Twisted Wonderland. You thought you deleted it... Whatever, you're probably just seeing things because you're nervous.
Shutting your phone off and stuffing it in your pocket, you grabbed your things and head off. It was cold this morning, it sent a chill up your spine. 'Ah.. Maybe I should have put on a coat. It should be warmer as time goes by though.' You though to yourself; And in no time, you were right in front of the classroom.
Luckily enough, you were right on time. A few people were already in their seats, but it wasn't exactly theirs, you could sit where ever you wanted. With that option, you sat next to your friend. You two didn't talk much, when it came to things out of school work, but you knew her well enough to feel comfortable next to her.
"Hey, (F/N), has anything weird happened to you while playing a game?" You questioned her as you set your things down and waited for the professor to arrive. She gave you an odd look, as if she was trying to figure out what was going in in your head.
"Are you trying to pull some joke on me again? Are you gonna say 'deez nuts' or something when I answer?" She laughed through her nose slightly.
"No no no! I promise this isn't a joke, I need an actual answer." You couldn't tell her the real reason why you need an answer, she'd think you're crazy!
"Well if you want one that badly, no, nothing has. Other than a few glitches and a low frame rate, that's pretty much about it." Ah... So nothing much happened to her.
"Oh, alright. Well I was just wondering." Flashing a small smile at her, you shot your eyes down at the door as you heard it swing open, your professor has just arrived. He was very laid back and easy going, but he knew when to be tough when he needed to be. And on a few occasions, he even took away a few people's phones in order for them to pay attention to the lesson. Odd.
But right when your class had started, your phone buzzed like crazy in your pocket! Who was spamming you!? You don't usually get this much notifications in one go, something must be wrong. What if it's an emergency? But you can't check when the teacher is always scanning around the room!
You have two options, you can only choose one of them.
A.) Risk it, it could be something important.
B.) Don't risk it, you could get your phone taken away if you did that.
Tumblr media
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Okay the thing about Vil killing his husband but make it yandere-
MC: So’re gonna kill me too, like you did him?
Vil: You have got to be joking, I only wanted his money, I want your love and I get what I want
MC: Sure Jen…
Vil: Oh MC, MC, MC… What will I do with that tongue of yours? I shall train you from the start.
MC: I’ll just lea-
MC faints from the poison in aeriform. They should have guessed it wouldn’t be that easy with Vil the Poison King
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yandere-romanticaa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
...telling Malleus that you were finally able to find a way back home. He's shocked at first, unsure how to react. He's feeling all sorts of different emotions at that moment. He feels joy because he knows just how much you miss your home, friends, family... Just your old life in general. But... at the same time, he can't help but to let sorrow overtake his heart. Weren't you happy here? Wasn't your life here good enough?
Wasn't he good enough?
Those horrible thoughts plauged his mind in a endless frenzy, causing the dark fae to even lose sleep. He knew he fancied you, he knew that he adored you, but he never realized just how much he did so, until you proposed this horrible idea of you returning home. Silly human, you are home. You have friends here, you've build a good and stable life for yourself, do you really want to throw it all away? He says all of these things to you beneath the brilliant moonlight, his raspy voice tickling your ears as his deep green eyes stared down at you, his gaze too much for you to handle. The thought of you leaving for good was enough to bring the fae to his knees and cry out into the darkness. If he wanted you to stay he would just have to make you, one way or another.
And shattering your only secure way back would be a good place to start with.
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flooyds · 2 days ago
could I ask for some Yandere! Epel Felmier?
yan!epel headcannons.
Tumblr media
epel felmier x reader. yandere.
warnings. yandere content, slight use of drugs, threats, mentions/use of violence, talks of children.
a/n. i love violent!yan!epel..~
Tumblr media
- first and foremost, epel is a very violent yandere. not necessarily towards you, but he can be if you get on his nerves. he (tries to) threatens people that dare to speak to you and will use force if necessary. of course, he gets scolded by vil for it and ends up promising to not do it again, but that never lasts.
- he’s quite overprotective as well, he doesn’t like you going out without him, and will make deals with rook to follow you if you do end up going somewhere he’s not. he doesn’t necessarily trust that you won’t leave him — given, there’s a ton of other guys at the school who’re more manly, attractive, fit, taller, etc. than he is — and he can’t help but have doubts when it comes to your faithfulness. so, he has to have somebody watch over you, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not, he doesn’t pay any mind to it.
- he isn’t above drugging you either, he’s in pomefiore for crying out loud! they’re masters of poisons & potions so what better to do than use a few of them to make you seem as if you’re madly in love with him? it makes him feel so good when you compliment him and tell him how manly and handsome he is, even if it’s not exactly you telling these things to him, he ignores it, this is good enough for him. you two just haven’t gotten to the point where you obey his every word and tell him what you know he wants to hear.
- epel likes to complain to you, as well. mostly about vil and his forcing of making epel take better care of his appearance, but also about you too. he complains about how you think he’s girly and too cute for who he wants to be, that you think he’s weak and can’t defend himself nor you. even if you don’t feel this way, he likes to guilt trip you and feels satisfaction when you apologize and tell him how you thinks he’s manly and amazing! that he’s the best boyfriend you could ever have. it gives him a sense of pride in the way he can force you to tell him words of praise, since you’re just so scared of what big, bad epel could do to you.
- he also talks a lot about you meeting his grandmother! he tells you about how much she’d love and appreciate you, how you gave her precious grandson love! he likes watching your reactions to see how uncomfortable you get, especially when he gets more in detail about you two finally having your own family one day! and it has to be soon, because who knows when his poor old granny could pass or get sick, right?
- but, besides all of that, i personally think epel is violent, manipulative and sadist. he likes seeing you in pain and being uncomfortable, watching how your face contorts in fear when he threatens you and tells you certain things he knows you don’t like. he thinks that it’s hilarious how dependent you become on him once he tells you about how he could easily ruin your life if you were to become distant or leave him. unlike vil, he won’t dress you up as a doll or make you look nice, if anything he adores when you’re bloody and bruised, all beaten and rough looking, it’s his favorite look on you.
Tumblr media
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 days ago
Hi! I just found your blog and I want to say that I Love!your! writing! Can I request some headcanons for Yandere Malleus and Jamil (seperately) x fem reader with Somnophilia? Thank you(✿^‿^)
Hello!!! Aaaah, thank you so much, lovely!! I’m so glad you enjoy it! I will try to make this to your liking~ 😘💕
A/N: this piece of writing is strictly 18+. Minors Do Not Interact.
WARNINGS: somnophilia , dubcon/noncon elements
Pairing: Yan! Malleus x fem!Reader, Yan! Jamil x fem!Reader
NSFW under the cut!
Yandere!Malleus Draconia x Fem! Reader
Malleus would probably be up late again on one of his nightly strolls, when he decided to pay his child of man a visit.
The fae would sit outside on a tree that would have a perfect view of your bedroom! And what more, his favorite human had left the window slightly ajar with the curtains open - perfect for him to be able to sneak a peek at your small form. It was like you wanted him to find you like this! Though, looking on from a distance isn’t enough for him.
Malleus slips into the window quietly to get a better view of your face. You were quite adorable, face resting peacefully, your steady breaths, the way your breasts moved up and down with your breathing - oh, he was starting to feel his pants tightening.
The fae prince was absolutely entranced by you - even while sleeping. However, he was distracted by another form in your bed. A small monster known as “Grim”, was starting to stir in his sleep due to Malleus’s powerful aura.
Malleus decided to take matters into his own hands and took your sleeping form from the bed and transported back to his dorm room, leaving the small monster behind.
When the horned fae returns, he sets your body on his bed and immediately begins to touch you. His long fingers work to remove your sleeping clothes, and he chuckles darkly when he sees you’re not wearing anything to cover your breasts. The lack of your shirt now letting the cool air make your nipples perk.
Taking this as an invitation for your body to be touched, Malleus licks a long stripe of saliva up your chest, the tip of his tongue focusing on one of your nipples. He then trails his fingers down to your clothed pussy, noting how his mere touch makes your sleeping form writhe and moan.
The moonlight illuminates your body which now glistened with the fae’s saliva which lingered on your chest, neck, and thighs.
Since you were not awake to see Malleus doing these perverse actions, he would let more draconic features be visible, like his tail, some scales, and his longer tongue.
When you finally stir awake, your eyes were a bit blurry when you notice striking green eyes and a horned prince lapping at your tight cunt.
“Ts-Tsunotarou..?” You said groggily. You weren’t in your room, but in a darker one, in a large bed with your fae friend between your legs. He was groping your breast while rolling a nipple between his thumb and pointer finger, and his tongue was teasing your clit. You gasped as he did this, troubled by confusion and pleasure.
“H-hey, Tsunotarou, no..! What are you do- hnnnh~!” You moaned when he suddenly inserted a finger on his free hand in your dripping pussy. Since when were you wet?! “Oya, my dear child of man… to think you would look so innocently sweet in your sleep… it seems like you wanted me to find you like that so I could whisk you away, no? Don’t worry…” Malleus licked his lips of your juices. “I’ll satisfy your needs the way you wanted me to… I won’t deny your body of what it wants..!” As Malleus brought another finger into your hole you couldn’t help but whimper in sinful bliss as he scissored a certain spot with his fingers as he used his thumb to rub your clit vigorously.
Yandere!Jamil Viper x Fem! Reader
Kalim had invited you over to Scarabia for a fun and lively feast! After many drinks, delicious food, and TONS of dancing, it was no lie to say you were tired out. The other dorm members had retired to their rooms already, including Kalim. Jamil was cleaning up the common room after the party had ended when he noticed you passed out in the common room, Grim nowhere in sight.
Jamil sighed and furrowed his brows. Were you not concerned where and when you fell asleep? He would definitely lecture you about it later. Right now, he would appreciate the way your steadily breathing body looked in the moonlight that shone in through the open area of the common room.
Jamil often wondered what your body would feel like in his touch. Were you sensitive? Did you like rough hands on you? Jamil always figured he would never find out - Kalim’s bright demeanor always took your attention away from his seemingly humble servant who always stood in the shadows. His train of thought was interrupted by a moan that escaped your lips as you shifted to your side.
Jamil would panic thinking he was caught but calm once he saw you still snoring. The suggestive sound replayed in his mind and soon he felt his blood rushing to his dick. Jamil wanted to hear more sounds from you.
Carefully, he would lay on his side in front of your sleeping form and unbutton your dress shirt. Slipping his fingers into your bra, Jamil felt how the cool Scarabia night air made your nipples harden. He brushed his fingers over them, making you shift your thighs together for friction.
Great Seven, Jamil loved your thighs. The idea of seeing them bare was overtaking his mind as he pulled your pants and underwear down. He lightly grazed calloused fingers over your naked bottom half. Jamil watched your face contort with pleasure as he touched you, surprised you still didn’t wake under his ministrations.
He slipped his fingers down to your clit and rubbed it steadily, feeling wetness starting to pool onto his fingers as your breathing started becoming louder.
He couldn’t take it anymore. Jamil needed to feel you, needed you on his cock. Silently, he undid his belt and pants, fishing out his precum covered cock and giving it a few pumps. Jamil maneuvered his member between your thighs and right underneath your wet pussy. This possibly wouldn’t hurt, right? He wasn’t going to go inside you, at least not tonight. He had to be careful, or else one wrong thrust could have his thick cock spear your cunt.
Jamil thrusted himself between your thighs, unable to hide his moans. As he grabbed your ass to control your body, you finally woke to find the raven haired man thrusting his cock between your legs, staring intently at you, cheeks dusted with pink as he moaned right into your face.
“Jamil! Aanh- What are you- MMPH~!” You were about to yell when he cut you off with his lips sloppily moving against your own. Every moan you planned on releasing were being taken into his mouth, tongue moving hard against yours winning dominance in your wet cavern. You felt violated yet, why did it feel so good?
You could feel your body building up a familiar heat as Jamil thrusted into your legs, simultaneously stroking your clit with each movement. As Jamil had a strong hold on your butt to keep you from pulling away, you had no choice but to throw your arms around his neck to keep yourself grounded. Noticing your compliance, Jamil pulled away from your mouth and his eyes fixated on yours. “Haaah~ Y/N… I’ve wanted you like this for so long, so don’t be afraid… let go of your hesitation and let’s cum together..!”
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osiriatinted · 2 days ago
I want to do a short writing, but which type?
- fluff
- yandere/possessiveness
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flooyds · 2 days ago
Hello, hello! For twst, who do you think would be the most clingy yandere? Like they literally won't leave you alone, and when you try to go, they start getting manipulative so you never leave them.
(5) most clingy yanderes. (in order.)
Tumblr media
twst x reader. yandere / dark content.
warnings. yandere content, implied kidnapping, manipulation, toxic/unhealthy relationships. this is not love.
Tumblr media
kalim al-asim
not surprising, kalim is very clingy once you two finally get together. he was definitely clingy before, but now you have no breathing room. never having a moment alone, or else he’ll cry oceans, whining about how you two have to do everything together! you’re a couple after all, he’s mostly manipulative without realizing it, but sometimes he’ll do it on purpose, knowing that he can get away with it. you wouldn’t dare run away from him when you know he can ruin your whole life, and if he’s feeling evil, maybe your entire families too.
azul ashengrotto
azul was calm and collected before you two got together, but once he has you in his hold, he’s never letting go. he wants control over your entire life and won’t let you out of his and/or the tweels sight, and if you somehow do escape or go somewhere without him, the leech twins will find you within seconds, not wanting to have to deal with a sobbing and depressed azul anymore. he’s very manipulative on purpose because he doesn’t think you will be able to stay with him either way. filling your ears with words of ‘you never really loved me, did you?’ or ‘you hate me just like everybody else! you think i’m a fat, gross octopus!’
idia shroud
idia’s not as manipulative as he is clingy and dependent, he relies on your every word and action, following whatever you say and crying whenever you try and leave him alone. ortho’s no help either because he doesn’t wanna see his older brother cry! you have to stay, you can’t leave! idia attaches cameras to everything you own, wanting to be able to know what you’re doing and heavily monitoring you. ortho is more manipulative than he is, but idia also tells you manipulative words every here and there.
malleus draconia
malleus isn’t exactly manipulative as lilia/silver/sebek may be, but he still has some words that make you think about everything you do. he’s not super clingy either, but he still won’t let you go anywhere alone, always attached at your hip but he doesn’t have to be touching you. he doesn’t have to tell you manipulative words either, his presence is enough alone to make you stay, and you knowing of his powerful magic will definitely make you force yourself to stay with him. if you’re ever doubting things, lilia will be the one telling you manipulative words, trying to force you to see malleus is a light that isn’t bad, that he’s your prince from a fairytale.
deuce spade
i wouldn’t say deuce is very manipulative (just because he’s not very smart) but he’s definitely clingy! unlike malleus or azul, he won’t ever try to hurt you/get you hurt, you’re the most important person to him besides his mother and he doesn’t want you to ever leave him. he’s very overprotective, and thinks it’s better for him to just stick by your side to wherever you decide to go, he doesn’t think it’s safe for you to wander on your own, especially because you can’t use magic. and you obviously can’t leave either, his mother already knows everything about you and is so excited to meet his little boy’s first girlfriend! you don’t want her to be sad, do you?
Tumblr media
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yanderes-galore · 2 days ago
Can you do a sfw with Vil where he puts the reader under the Snow White sleeping curse and instead of home waking her up it’s neige how wakes her up.
Vil's gonna be so pissed....
Yandere! Vil Schoenheit Scenario
Summary: Vil is tired of Neige getting in his way. It's time to take you by force.
Possible Trigger Warnings: Yandere behavior such as a forced relationship, drugging, kinda somnophilia.
Tumblr media
His plan was simple, and so far it was working. Put you to sleep with the same 'Sleeping Beauty' curse as in the legends. This way he may keep you forever.
He'll keep you somewhere safe where only he can see you. According to the legends and research he's done, true love's kiss should awaken you. Although, he wasn't sure if he wanted you awake.
You'd struggle more against him then. You never paid him any mind and preferred Neige over him anyway. It angers him how you ignore him, he clearly gives you special treatment.
Vil stares at your sleeping form with an emotionless gaze. You talk to Neige behind Vil's back, you love Neige more than him, but he can't be mad at you....
No, Vil is mad at Neige for tempting you. Neige has bested him at everything and he isn't willing to have Neige best him at this, too. You will be Vil's even if it is with force.
Rook knows of this plan, he can't believe it. Vil was willing to something so drastic over love. It was beautiful in a way, but even Rook knew it was wrong.
Rook knows almost everything about people, Including you. You and Neige were close and Rook knows Neige has feelings for you. (How could he not know this about his Idol?) Rook knew he'd be betraying Vil but he couldn't let him do this.
Rook watches Vil carry your sleeping form to a locked room. He needed to know the location to get help. After seeing the door close, Rook heads off. He knows what he has to do.
Meanwhile, Vil appreciates how beautiful you look while sleeping. His eyes are half lidded as he touches your skin gently. How pretty, how his....
Every day Vil comes to visit your sleeping form. A kiss planted on your skin as he sits in the room for awhile, talking to himself. He's happy his plan worked no matter how dark it is.
"But you're safe here, I promise."
"I wish this didn't have to happen, but you left me no choice."
A smile comes to his lips as he stands up.
Vil slams his fist against the wall. You were gone, you had somehow been taken. You had escaped from this room and Vil was about to lose it.
Rook says nothing, refusing to speak to Vil. Vil was furious and in a rage. Who knows what he'd do if Rook confessed he helped you and Neige reunite.
"Where...." Vil hisses, turning his head to see Rook standing in the doorway. "WHERE IS SHE?"
Rook goes speechless as he notices the floor eroding. Gas started to fill the air and Rook knew there was trouble. He causes this, now he had to fix it.
Vil roars again as Rook takes off.
You're none the wiser to the trouble Rook caused, staying with Neige and chatting idle chat. Neige was having fun too.
You were happier this way, but at the cost of Vil's sanity.
Rook made this choice and knew he had to live with it.
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pandas-pandemonium · 2 days ago
Uehshhs just imagine the self aware twst characters seeing mc slowly growing disinterested in the game, what once was hourly logins are once a week logins and they nearly never take part in the events anymore. This is something I thought of since I can get bored of games quickly lol
A/N: Oof, same. I ended up deleting several of my VNs after getting a bit annoyed with the in-game mechanics/RNG aka Ayakashi Romance Reborn. Oh well, it does happen. This one is a bit short...
Yandere! Sentient! Twst x GN! Reader - MC slowly loses interest in the game
Did they... do something wrong?
The application's world has been so empty lately without your presence, they miss you so much. Why are they even continuing with these events if it isn't enough to bring you to them? Who cares if the game developers have to keep updating the game for other players? The one they care about is you, the one they know and love!
The more magically powerful ones have started to plan; finding holes in the code (with Idia's help especially) to find out what could possibly be wrong. Imagine their anger when they find out your attention has been diverted.
Perhaps this is one of the rare times all of them would actually work together. They can't have you deleting the game after all (not like you can anyways). Maybe if they start manipulating your feed and creating some custom events, specially for you and you alone, you'll come back. If not, they may have to delete the other apps on your phone.
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deceitful-darlings · 2 days ago
How do you think the diasomonia would react to the way Sebek died, I can imagine Silve being like "nah, fair enough". Just imagine ghost darling draging ghost Sebek around and saying "Look at him. Stupid."
PFFFTTTTTTTT Silver being sad for a moment and then think “Wait a minute, that’s what they call karma.”
Lilia’s there like “Well we’re still a family, you’re just less corporeal now! Look, you have MC again, be happy son!”
Malleus is still digging through books trying to find spells to bring you back to life, now he needs to being 2 people back. Can his friends stop dying please?!
MC is taking their moment to gloat over him and show his stupidity to everyone.
Sebek is sulking and trying to build up his spiritual power so he can be the stronger one out of him and MC again. He won’t be subject to this kind of humiliation!!!!
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yanderes-galore · 2 days ago
could I ask for Yan! Floyd with a cat hybrid darling?
Oh boy, This Eel would love a cat hybrid-
Cat hybrid may not like the eel though, lol
Tumblr media
He just loves your ears and tail. How they flick when you're near him, how they're soft and fluffy. You're also just oh so fun to cuddle!
His nickname for you could be catfish, of course. He likes to tease you with the name as he pets your ears. He massages the soft tufts on them as he grins at your purring.
One thing Cat! Darling isn't going to like is that he's a sea creature. You hate water and would hiss, scratch, and bite him if he tried to drag you to the reef he calls home. That's probably what upsets him the most.
"Awe, Catfish doesn't like getting wet, hm?"
For fun, he splashes you with water. You'll throw a fit and he laughs. He's only teasing his dear darling.
Floyd may dress up his cat darling. A cute ribbon on your tail, a collar with a bell on your neck. You look so dolled up and adorable enough to squeeze~
Floyd would also be very possessive of his cat darling. His catfish doesn't need to see any other boys, you can stay in Mostro Lounge where he can care for you.
Azul may pitch the idea to Floyd of having you work there as a waitress. Floyd agrees at first until he sees how customers react. They love you, flirting with you about how cute your ears and tail are. The dress Azul had you put on showed too much and Floyd gets a glare in his eyes.
He then demands Azul takes you out of waitressing. There's too many prying eyes on his catfish. He just wants to squeeze them all until they stop breathing....
Azul agrees with a sigh and you're back to staying in the lounge's backroom. Floyd does his usual work but he can't help but visit his catfish often on his break time.
Floyd's favorite part about his hybrid is your noises. Every little gasp and purr you make when he pets your ears and tugs your tail. It's adorable to him and he just eats it up.
He loves his catfish very much. If anyone wants to share with him, well....
He'll squeeze them, too.
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No because Malleus is so clearly endeared by MC-
He always laughs and gives those bedroom eyes, it’s painfully obvious. Maybe it’s because he didn’t really have friends that he sees the first person acting friendly towards him as his one true love
Outside his entourage, no one treated him friendly until MC, the person who talked with him without shaking, gave him a silly nickname and didn’t mind his nighttime visits.
Malleus wanted to talk to and see them more and more as more time has passed. Yearning for MC’s company when they were apart. Lilia had called it romantic love; he wasn’t about to question Lilia’s wisdom. He was sure his feelings were reciprocated. Otherwise why would MC smile at him, ask him to come over and watch films and invite him to other places. There had to be a reason behind it and it was certainly romantic love.
“I’m sorry, Malleus, but I don’t see you that way. I just can’t.” They said apologetically while rubbing their neck.
What a foolish human! How could they not understand how they love him as much as he does, that they are each other’s true love? But he was a patient fae. He was explaining the situation again, hoping the realization would down on them but it amazingly failed.
They must have been under other’s influence. Kingscholar must have gotten in their head
Malleus was certain that MC would have accepted if it were not for the others. He had to eradicate their influence somehow and the least violent way that wouldn’t put him in a villain position in front of others was to relocate MC somewhere away from others.
MC would come to realize their true feelings for him. Malleus could wait as long as they need, after all he had all the time on Twisted Wonderland…
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tri3tri · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tw: Blood, injury
I’m sad bc there’s not many yan silver around, but then I realized I haven’t written much about him either :’)
It was dark.
It was so freaking dark here.
You didn’t know how Silver could survive here, in the middle of nowhere that looked more like an abyss than a forest. Daytime wasn’t any better, the thick foliage pretty much covered the meager sunlight. Many times you’d tripped over fallen branches, and sometimes twigs too, if it weren’t for Silver holding you back. And, well, you would’ve been grateful for the extra hands.
If he didn’t keep you here.
And that damned fae for helping him.
You didn’t even see it coming. In your eyes, Silver was merely that odd guy who liked to sleep in random places. Sure, he was handsome, and gentlemanly, and quite rich if you looked past his humble cabin, but you didn’t like him that way. To you, he was your quirky friend, maybe even a little brother due to how vulnerable he looked sometimes.
But he didn’t seem to think that way.
And because he probably didn’t know how to confess his feelings properly, he decided to kidnap you instead.
Just because a burglar had the misfortune of breaking into your house when Silver was in there.
Obviously, he’d defended you, showcasing his ability for the first time since you’d befriended him. He’d never bragged about it, either, so it was easy to think he was just a dainty, sleepy man. But he wasn’t, and you’d been so stunned when the burglar suddenly dropped to the ground. You didn’t even see him move, his kick was a blur to your shocked eyes. Regardless, you were grateful for him, even offering to make him dinner as a payment. Silver, of course, politely yet stoically denied it, saying that your safety was important and he was glad to have been able to protect you.
Unbeknownst to you, he kept thinking about that incident, even going so far as to have nightmares about it.
At least, that was what Lilia had told you. Either he wanted you to pity Silver and, thus, accept his overwhelming protection, or he was exaggerating. You didn’t know, fairies were hard to read. You didn’t even want to be acquainted with him, but, alas, him and Silver came in a package.
One sticky package that you just couldn’t seem to get rid of anytime soon.
A pair of sturdy hands wrapped around your stomach. Silver rested his chin on your shoulder, staring at the darkness that swallowed the trees through the window.
“What are you thinking about?” His question came out in a drawl due to his constant sleepiness.
He merely hummed. He was always so easy to fool, unlike his more cautious yet easygoing father. It was almost pitiful... had Lilia didn’t exist with his infinite ‘wisdom’. Every time he visited, which was always sudden, he always simpered at you as if he knew what you were planning, whatever it was.
But, surely, he wasn’t that omniscient, right? There was no way he could’ve known what went inside your head. Fairies weren’t that powerful, were they? If that was the case, then you wouldn’t have anything to protect yourself, wouldn’t have anything to be called yours. Silver wasn’t an inquisitive person, but he was still possessive and suffocating to be around. And between you and Lilia, he’d certainly believe the latter.
Because you were just that unreliable, apparently. How would you protect yourself without him, anyway? How could he trust you for a simple self-defense? He didn’t, that was why he trusted Lilia over you. Lilia was always in the right, after all. It didn’t matter if he was wrong, he was still right.
Because he was his father, simple as that. And fathers knew everything, had seen everything, had experienced everything. They were a more reliable source than a weak, helpless girl.
That didn’t mean you’d be discouraged, though.
“I’m sleepy. Let’s go to sleep.”
In a more menial matter, you’d definitely hold the rein over him. You could order him to do anything – except releasing you, obviously – and he’d do it in a heartbeat. It didn’t matter how far the trip was, or how embarrassing the task was, he’d do it. Honestly, you doubted he had any inkling of shame in him, except for his perceived failure at protecting you.
He was willing to do anything for you, as long as Lilia replaced his spot as your babysitter, of course.
The days of your indignation and betrayal of your abrupt kidnapping were over, replaced by forced indifference and, sometimes, exasperation. Silver’s presence remained quiet and unassuming as usual, but Lilia still managed to annoy you even with his mere grin. He always knew which button to press, which wound to pour salt in, which insecurity to scratch. Occasionally, you wondered which one knew you better; Silver or Lilia?
It didn’t matter, anyway. Because tonight, you were going to leave this hellhole.
Sure, the forest was dark, terrifyingly so, but fleeing in broad daylight was equal to suicide.
And you couldn’t die without trying. You’d be damned to.
Silver’s biceps were pleasant to look at, but unpleasant to move, especially when he was hugging you like this. He cradled you so tight, so often, you wondered if he thought you were his teddy bear or stress ball. You wouldn’t be surprised if he did. He always seemed somewhat antsy whenever he wasn’t touching you in some way.
Silver growled when you tried to lift his arm, and merely tightened his grip around you. Your heart thumped wildly within its cage, but you couldn’t resist the urge to suck in a miffed breath. Of course, he was strong. Lilia had trained him all his life, after all. It’d be weird if he was weak, though, he was a bit too vulnerable.
But that was fine. You liked it that way. If he was more alert, this opportunity wouldn’t come, and then, you’d be trapped for the rest of your life.
“Silver,” you whispered, patting his cheek. The memory of you slapping that exact spot flashed in your mind. “I want to drink.”
Your ‘protector’ grumbled and cracked his eyes open sleepily. “… Ugh, what?”
“I want to drink.”
He sighed deeply as if you’d just asked him to buy some bread in the neighboring town at midnight and reluctantly released you from his bodily cage.
“Okay,” he croaked. “don’t take too long.”
“I won’t.”
You would.
You threw your legs over the bedside and stood up. Goodness, your muscles felt stiff from being in one position for too long. You wouldn’t have cared so much if he slept like a log – you’d be happy, even – had he didn’t drag you into it too.
… Okay, this one was your fault, but your point still stood.
You slunk out of the room and carefully closed the door behind you. Silver had gone back to sleep, but you had no doubt he was still waiting for you. His [Name] radar was active, after all, so you needed to be quick.
Slithering into the living room, you gingerly turned the keys and opened the door. Frigid air blew past you, and you momentarily regretted not wearing a thicker clothes. Oh, whatever. You could find something else to warm you along the way.
If you found one, that is.
The air seeped through as you closed the door. This was easy, too easy. You wondered why you didn’t do this sooner. It wasn’t as if Lilia visited every day, and Silver spent the majority of his time either sleeping or training. You’d missed so many chances before you, but none of them were as good as this.
You could feel it, somehow.
The village was located just outside the forest, and if you went to the center, you’d find your house. Your true house, before Silver declared his cabin as yours. But you wouldn’t do that, no. It’d just give him and Lilia opportunity to capture you faster. Instead, you’d report your kidnapping to the village chief or the authorities and let them handle it. Though, you weren’t sure if they could really do it. Lilia was strong, despite his jolly old man persona. He wouldn’t let himself, or Silver, be caught easily.
Or maybe he would, and then, he’d pull some sick tricks on them. You knew he wasn’t above such a thing.
But the neighboring town was too far, and you didn’t have too much time left. Soon, Silver would realize you’d gone and be on his merry way. Probably report it to Lilia too along the way. You didn’t know how he’d do that, but you didn’t want to know, either.
You just wanted to go to your true home and forget all of this ever happened.
As always, you tripped over stray twigs and branches, floundering towards what you hoped was the general direction of the your village, but you persisted. With ground teeth, you ignored the searing pain that shot up to your knees and trudged forward. Some cuts and scratches weren’t worth the isolation Silver had given you. You’d trade a battered body over a broken spirit any day.
You slowly ceased your sprint to a jog. But… would Silver punish you if he saw you like this? No, not Silver. But Lilia. Yes, of course, he was more intimidating of the duo. He had questionable knowledge, power, and experiences under his belt. He could break you, smoothly and sadistically.
Then again, Silver would still be displeased, and his protectiveness would intensify for sure.
You shook your head as you increased your pace. No, all those things wouldn’t happen if you were being fast and smart. You also needed to wipe the little blood on your legs if you wanted throw Lilia off your track. You didn’t want to mess with fairies’ keen senses.
And, then, you heard it.
A growl.
It sounded somewhat distant, but you heard it loud and clear in your hypersensitive ears. The sound echoed in the deathly quiet forest, unnatural yet natural. Like it belonged there, just not in your brain. Putting a hand against a tree, you tried to silence your gasps and pants as you listened to the growling. Your eyes, so wide and fearful, peered around the nebulous surroundings. Why was it so dark here? You hated it. You couldn’t see anything, and it was slowly killing you. The trepidation wasn’t good for your poor heart, and your legs itched to rest, to fall.
You were exhausted, yet at the same time, you were energized, fueled by the creature that lurked in the shadows. Or was it creatures?
You didn’t know. God, you wished you were home by now. Why was the village so far? Why couldn’t you be truly safe for once?
Hesitantly, you continued jogging. You couldn’t run too fast now, in fear the creature would hear your footfall against the dead leaves. This situation required extreme delicacy, and one wrong step could risk your life.
And you weren’t ready to die, underneath your bravado.
A huge wolf, with stygian fur that melted perfectly to the shadows and lurid crimson eyes, leaped from among the trees. Blood coated its teeth and dripped on to the ground below, leaving tiny puddles behind as it advanced towards you.
It’d just eaten, and it was still hungry.
And now, you were its next prey.
You let out a shriek, legs automatically gaining speed as you ran for your dear life. The wolf, sensing your frantic desire to escape, growled again and chased after you. It jumped from one tree to another with surprising agility, trying to pounce on you. You barely managed to avoid its attack, the teeth grazing to your shoulders and tearing the sleeves until you fell when the wind knocked you down.
You winced upon impact, rocks of various sizes digging into the side of your head. The wolf wasted no time standing around and immediately bit your leg, eliciting the loudest scream you’d ever released in your entire life. You screeched and shrieked as you thrashed about, trying to get the wolf off of your wounded leg. You kicked its face with your other leg, putting what was left of your energy onto the sole, and successfully threw it away.
Hurriedly, you scrambled to your feet and stumbled forward, dragging your injured leg with you. The wolf grunted and snarled, but you ignored it in favor of the tiny light that seeped past the trees.
There, it was. The exit, you were sure of it. You could already see a cabin from this distance, encouraging you to move with all your might. If you weren’t wrong, there was a family of farmers living in there. If you could just ask for their help, they’d report the village chief too and all of this would be done.
… That is, until someone kicked your injured leg.
You yelped and toppled to the side, once again feeling the pebbles stabbing your cheek. You grimaced, and through your slightly blurry vision, you could discern a familiar figure standing in front of you.
A short figure, with eyes redder than blood and a smile crueler than a tormentor.
“My, my. And what do we have here? A damsel in distress.”
“Lilia…” you croaked. Once the name truly sunk into your brain, your eyes widened and you quickly dragged yourself away from him.
“Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast.” Lilia stomped the back of your knees, and you could’ve sworn you heard the bone cracked. “You still need to tell me where you’re going first. I’m your father-in-law, after all.”
Father in– did he just seriously call himself that?! As if you wanted to marry his brainsick son. Even if he was the last man in Twisted Wonderland, you’d still refuse to marry him!
“Oh, still trying to run away, huh?” Lilia dug his heel onto your injury, relishing in your sharp cry. He giggled as if your misery was the biggest entertainment of the century. “I thought it was just a fleeting thought, but it seems I was wrong, eh? My, I’ve grown old now, that’s for sure. For a second there, you almost slipped my fingers. Silver would surely be upset.” He clucked and shook his head. “My lovely little son, only wanting one woman in his life. And yet, she knows no gratitude for the protection he so readily bestowed upon. What do I have to do with you, hm?”
“You can start by going to hell.” you hissed through your shoulder.
Lilia guffawed, and it dawned on you that you’d never seen him truly laughed until now. Well, weren’t you a joker?
“Oh, dear. There’s no such thing as heaven and hell for us fairies. Emptiness is what there is.” he mused. “And even if there is heaven and hell for us, I’ll just have to make sure we all enter one of them together, no?”
He smiled down at you, eyes gleaming with the assurance of an ancient man. You heard the familiar growl, and you sucked in a fearful breath when the wolf appeared from the trees. Lilia, though, remained composed.
Because it only had its eyes on you.
“Come on, now, honey.” He nudged you with the tip of his boot. “Beg for your life, and I might save you from the big bad wolf~”
You merely trembled, watching the animal crept closer. You tried to push yourself, but Lilia's shoe forbade you from doing so. You were scared. Why was this happening to you?! You just wanted to be free! Was that too much to ask for?
“One,” Lilia slowly counted, his gloved finger tapping patiently against his dark striped pants. “Two,” The wolf crouched slightly, preparing to pounce on you again. To bite you again until you had no functional legs. “Three!”
You screamed and hid your face behind your arms when it jumped to the air, its drool splattering everywhere. But the attack never came, instead, you heard the sound of something being sliced. Gingerly, you peeked through the gap of your arms to see Silver standing with a sword on his hands, breathing heavily. The wolf fell with a thud, blood gushing from its severed head and neck. Almost reflectively, your eyes rolled to the back of your skull as you slumped to the ground, fatigue and the loss of blood mingled into one nasty defeat at the hands of father and son.
Silver dropped his sword and rushed to your side, examining your injury in case it was anything fatal.
“Relax, Silver.” Lilia drawled airily, taking his usual spot in the air. “It’s nothing too terrible. The least she has is a broken leg now.”
Ah, so it was fatal. Just not in the way he’d expected.
“Should we go see a doctor?”
Lilia simpered. “Why bother, when you can use this to your advantage?”
Silver blinked owlishly.
“What… what do you mean?” he asked, almost breathlessly.
“A broken leg equals to obedience, because there’s nobody she can rely on but you.” The fae explained, with the kind of patience only a parent had towards their naïve child. And, truly, Silver had a lot to learn. “And besides, she can never escape from you again. Unless she wants to break another leg. There are so many creatures here, after all. Creatures that are more vicious and ravenous than that wolf.”
Lilia stroked the corpse, now cold under his touch. It was a pity, honestly. He would’ve loved to see it injure your other leg. It’d certainly deter you from trying to flee once and for all.
But, of course, it’d make Silver sad, and Lilia disliked seeing him sad.
He peered to his musing son.
“So, what will you decide?”
Silver pursed his lips, eyes going from your pale face to the crimson leaves below. After much contemplation, he finally lifted you bridal style and turned to the direction of their house. Your house.
“Father, let’s go home.”
Lilia grinned, slowly and smugly. “That’s my boy~”
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yanderes-galore · 3 days ago
Heard you wanted some Twisted Wonderland requests🧐 🤏
If it's okay with you, can I request Vil Schoenheit (had to google that one lololol) with a darling that is almost an opposite of him? Coming to school in a messy get up, clearly caring much for looks (Unmatching socks with them slippers, hoodie, sweatpants that kind of gremlin look💃) and deems Vil as a pretentious pretty boi. Like a sly cat, they don't hesitate to bicker with Vil, unaware of that good ole yandere side.
Jebus I ramble a lot don't I- my bad boss^^' Take care of yourself and make sure drink plenty of water!💕
Thank you, you too!
Tumblr media
At first, Vil is utterly repulsed at your appearance and behavior. You look like you barely shower, you don't match clothes, and you have such a mouth. Epel also had a big mouth on him but he got that under control with Vil's help.
He does his best to ignore you but you go out of your say to criticize him. He really should criticize you, but you wouldn't listen. At some point Vil realizes he really should do something about this.
He tries his best to get close to you after he decides what to do. He'll be nice to you and ignore your insults. He thinks 'fixing' you would be a great challenge.
He obsesses over you. You have so much potential to look and act so much better! He just needs to encourage it.
Once you two are close enough, he invites you to his dorm room. You seem a little cautious but by this time you know him more. You even call him names less, but still laugh at his obsession with beauty.
Vil then sets his plan in motion, locking the door to his dorm room and turning towards you.
"I've been waiting for this, It's time to encourage your true beauty."
It becomes basically a training session at that point. He ignores your fighting and complaining as he starts his plan.
He locks you in the bathroom with a new set of sparkling clothes (He'd pick dresses, but they don't have them in an all boys school-). He says for you to shower and change through the door. He can wait all day for you to do it, you aren't leaving that room until you're clean.
Once you're forced to shower and put on the way too expensive clothing, Vil continues. You're sat in front of a mirror while he does your hair and skin care. It's awkward for you, your face hot as Vil's cold stare meets your eyes.
"I'm getting tired of looking at your getup. You really need to learn from me."
You scoff and throw another insult towards him. Vil simply shuts your mouth with his hand as he glares at you.
"That mouth needs to change, too."
Once Vil forces you to shower, dress, and endure his skin care he focuses on behavior. He'll mold you until your beauty shines through. You have potential and he'll admit he is more attracted to you once he 'fixes' you.
Now he can't help but be in 'Awe' when he looks at you. Your appearance is much better and he's fallen even further into obsession.
Vil will take it as a challenge if you act this way towards him. His obsession starts small but once he pursues you it grows. By the time he's done you'll be a doll just for him.
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spiderling-space · 3 days ago
Yandere Malleus would have (a) wet dream(s) about MC and he would think it’s a vision of their future together
Malleus: I had a vision of us, MC, we were doing what married couples do
MC: Banter?
Malleus: Quit pretending to not know the answer, love
MC: I’m sure it’s just wet dream. It do-
Malleus: You shall have a separate quarters at Valley of Thorns. Do not worry yourself, royal planner will prepare our wedding
This would just seal their fate :(
Good luck to MC for trying to explain that what he dreamt doesn’t have a meaning and it’s just hormones.
Lilia would just support Malleus’ idea
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