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#twisted wonderland
yutanpo0411 · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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misspomefiore · 32 minutes ago
Twisted Wonderland x Homestuck
it’s 4am and it’s time for another crack edit neifhskdn it was hard assigning everyone a character and some of them don’t really suit their character lol
therapist: Twisted Wonderlandstuck can’t hurt you, it doesn’t exist.
Twisted Wonderlandstuck:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Floyd as Gamzee is so fucking terrifying
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emyluwinter · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media of. Great. Sevens!!!
You already have 101 followers !!!Like 101 Dalmatians !!!
(I feel like a little Divus Cruel)
I....I... I do not know what to say in such cases. But I am very grateful to you for the fact that you like my work so much!!!This really surprises me!!! because I can't always write very funny or big stories, but IT JUST BLOWS ME AWAY.
Tumblr media
I feel like Idia!! Why are there suddenly so many of you?! I'm not ready!!
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strwbryrainbows · an hour ago
hello everyone,
i'm asking for help from all of you to tell me if there has been anything i've written that seems to not include anyone (except for requests that specifically say they want a male/female/gender neutral reader)
e.g. 'A red/pink tint was seen on her cheeks' - as we all know, people with darker skin tones can't do this
i'm not speaking for everyone, but i know some people get offended by this
i want to include everyone i can in my writing, so please help me!
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twst-shenanigans · an hour ago
twst Incorrect quote #146
*Ace and Deuce spying on MC’s date with Riddle behind a bush*
Deuce: “We never should have come to the garden!”
Ace: “No guts, no glory!”
Deuce: “You ever scared of anything?!”
Ace: “Yeah. Dying alone. That’s why I brought you here.”
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doodlerh · an hour ago
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strwbryrainbows · an hour ago
tonight, i'm happy | malleus draconia
6. I know but, I want to see you.
100 Strawberries Event
Request by @wolken-himmel (!!)
Warnings : Malleus might be a bit OOC here, but nonetheless, very cute
Tumblr media
"Tsunotaro! Lilia just told me that you're sick, why are you here??" you inquired as soon as Malleus entered your peripheral vision. To say that you were worried sick about him — pun intended — would be an understatement, eventhough you knew he's perfectly capable of taking care of himself. You know, with him being a couple hundred years old dragon fae and stuff.
He showcased a small, playful smile before replying, "Indeed, I am sick. But I won't let these small stuffs to get in my way of meeting you., child of man." Your heartbeat quickened a little from his words, not that you'd admit that to him ever.
You sighed and shook your head. "How are you supposed to get better if you don't get enough rest?" Before he could cut you off, you cut him off first, "And no, being a fae does not excuse you from getting less rest than humans. You know I worry too much about these things, especially if it involves you." You had whispered that last part, but it didn't escape his supernatural hearing.
Malleus mustered the most innocent face he could before replying to you, "I know but, I want to see you. But since you worry about me so much, why don't you take care of me?" He hoped that you would give a positive response to his request.
You gave him a blank look before sighing yet again and slipped your hand into his. The two of you made your merry ways to the Ramshackle Dorm, where you would take care of him.
"Sorry Grim, you'll need to sleep on the couch tonight," you said, with puppy eyes and all, in hopes that the raccoon-tanuki friend of yours would understand. But that was practically impossible, since he replied with a "No way! Why do I, the Great Grim, have to sleep anywhere than the comfortable and sleep-inducing bed?"
Grim's reluctance rapidly faded when he saw the tall figure that gave off an intimidating aura behind you. In the end, he agreed to it and when his head hit the couch, he was out like a light. 'Well, that's one problem solved,' you thought to yourself as you petted the sleeping Grim's head, quietly wishing for him to have sweet dreams.
Malleus, on the other hand, was not amused with the attention you gave to your friend. "(Y/N)~, I'm so sick right now, I feel like I'm gonna pass out if you don't bring me to lie down somewhere~" he whined, tugging your arm as he did so. You rolled your eyes quietly, but your heart was practically doing somersaults due to how adorable he was right now.
"Alright, why don't we hit the hay right now, hm?" you cooed as you both walked up the stairs to your bedroom. You knew you weren't the tallest girl in town — hence Floyd's nickname for you; shrimpy — but you hoped your bed would suffice for Malleus, at least for one night.
As he climbed into your bed, you grabbed a few blankets to keep Malleus warm. You saw him fidgeting, unable to keep still. "Hey, patients need to rest quietly, okay?" you reprimanded him gently, to which he nodded and stopped his fidgeting.
"Now, you must be hungry right? Do you want to request anything specific to eat?" you asked, determined to prepare a meal for him. He put a hand under his chin as he kept silent, probably thinking about what to eat. "Anything that wasn't made by Lilia is good enough for me." His reply caused you to let out a small laugh, and he looked at your happy expression with love-filled eyes.
"Alright, stay here for a while okay? I'll whip up something real quick for you," he nodded cutely at your statement. He watched your figure leave the room quietly, and now he was all alone.
Malleus relaxed in your bed, trying to find something to distract himself with while you were gone. His eyes searched around endlessly, observing your neat and tidy bedroom. As he was busy looking around, a knock on your window immediately attracted his attention.
"You hurt me, Malleus. I swear you could've stabbed me in the heart and it would hurt less than your statement," a certain mischievious fae appeared at your window. Malleus simply rolled his eyes, "Lilia, you know I only say the truth, especially if it's about your cooking."
Lilia put a hand above his heart, as if to show how his heart ached to hear that. Malleus simply let out a laugh, his caretaker's antics never failed to amuse him and put a smile on his face. The two chatted for a while, their topics mostly recolving around you. Lilia made sure to take note of how excited Malleus was whenever he mentioned your name. "I can't wait to get a future daughter-in-law, so play your cards right, Malleus!" the older fae had stated, which caused a blush to appear on Malleus' cheeks.
As soon as the two faes heard footsteps approaching the room, Lilia bid his farewell and left, not leaving a single trace. Malleus made sure to close your window too, not wanting to get reprimanded by you for letting the coldness from outside to enter the room. You entered the room with a bowl of steaming, creamy soup and a spoon as well as a few tissues. The room was filled with the delicious aroma of the soup.
"Here's your order, sir! Please, sit up and enjoy this meal," you said, acting like a waitress at a restaurant. The fae simply smiled and did as he was told. He took the bowl from your hands and was overjoyed that he got to enjoy your cooking. But, this simply won't do.
"But (Y/N), I can't eat by myself! What if I drop the spoon, then you'll need to clean the mess and that would add on to your pile of work!" Malleus whined yet again for the night, simply implying that he wanted you to feed him.
You sighed yet again, but you couldn't deny that the fae in front of you was the epitome of cuteness and everything good in the world. You grabbed the spoon you had brought and scooped the soup before bringing it close to his lips. He smiled before letting the spoon enter his mouth, the soup bringing joy to his tastebuds.
Before you knew it, the bowl was empty with not a single drop of soup left. You wiped his mouth with the tissues as Malleus praised you, "You're such a good cook, (Y/N). I can't imagine how much I would've loved eating in my younger years if it was you who prepared the food." His words made your heartbeat pick up yet again, and you simply let out a small giggle in reply.
You took the bowl in his hands to bring it to your kitchen, but Malleus had other plans. The fae took the spoon and bowl, put it on your nightstand and embraced your figure. "Wha-? Tsunotaro, I need to wash the dishes! Plus, you're sick and I'll-" "No need to worry, (Y/N). Let's just sleep, yeah? These trivial things can be done tomorrow, anyways."
You had no reply. You didn't even attempt to squirm out of his grip, because you frankly didn't want to. As your eyelids felt heavier, you heard Malleus sing softly, as if putting you to sleep, "Tonight, I'm happy, a cozy dream, the frozen season melts with our warmth."
You let sleep overtake you as you had a smile on your face.
Well, if only you could continue smiling the next day. You woke up with a higher temperature, sneezing and coughing nonstop. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Malleus attempting to cover you with blankets.
Oh, how the tables have turned, huh?
Thank you for all your support!
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melo-nyan · 2 hours ago
Happy late birthday gift to the cutest and most manly country bumpkin, my beloved, Epel Felmier (grown up ver. Bc i wanted to kill myself)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now give me your last name pls 💍
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wolken-himmel · 2 hours ago
In which Floyd and Jade reminisce about that one time, while they were still in middle-school, they introduced Azul to their younger sister (Y/n).
Azul is embarrassed to hear about his childhood crush again, and the twins know just where to make it hurt the most.
Tumblr media
"Hey, Azul— remember that one time we introduced you to our little sister (Y/n)?"
Floyd had a big grin on his lips as he sat down on Azul's desk, his arms crossed playfully. The octo-merman jumped at the mentioning of that name — he hadn't heard it in years, even though he had never stopped thinking about the owner of that name.
Azul's hands were trembling in utter panic and excitement while he intently stared at Floyd and Jade, who silently stood on the other side of his boss' desk, to flank him from both sides. Azul desperately wanted an answer, but he kept his usual calm facade up — well, as best as he could.
"(Y-Y/n)?" he cried out, quickly glossing over it by coughing into his fist. "Why are you bringing her up all out of a sudden?"
Jade had an amused smile on his lips, watching Azul writhe around under their intense gazes like a deer caught in headlights. The more serious twin planted his palms onto the surface of the desk, bending down to show Azul a raised eyebrow. "You seem quite flustered, boss," Jade commented, which Azul denied with frantic shaking of his head. "Is something the matter?"
Taking a deep breath, Azul slouched forward with eyes forced close due to all the overwhelmingly negative emotion that flooded his mind. Memories he wanted to desperately forget came back to haunt him, and he absolutely hated feeling this helpless. Prying an eye open, he warily eyed the two eels. "I just don't want to think about... how I embarrassed myself in front of her," he admitted, his voice cracking slightly. "You know— I was still clumsy and... and..."
"Soft? Squishy?" Floyd finished, smiling from ear to ear.
"Yes, all of that—" Azul had a distasteful frown on his face, immediately looking at his reflection in the aquarium nearby. Then, he buried his face in his palms and let out a series of groans. "Ugh, I wish she didn't have to see me like that."
Floyd began to laugh as he playfully patted Azul's head. "She found your squishy cheeks adorable, though!" he cooed, which caused Azul to perk up in surprise. Jade hummed, nodding along calmly. "She would never shut up about our adorable octopus friend."
Azul looked like a child with how brightly and innocently his eyes were shimmering. "R-Really?"
Jade had a cruel smile on his lips. "Remember when we introduced you to one another?" the eel asked, watching in amusement as Azul shrank into his seat.
"...I'd rather not..."
"Jade, Floyd! Hello!" you chirped as you swam towards your brothers at the speed of lightning, your arms outstretched to wrap themselves around the one closest to you. You had found them holed up in one of the classrooms, accompanied by their shy octopus friend you always were curious about. Letting out a little giggle, you threw yourself at Floyd, who stood closest to you. "How have classes been? Mr. Sebastian was super strict today— I hate his choir classes..."
Floyd let out an eager gasp and immediately wrapped his arms around you, cuddling you close to him like you were a precious diamond. "Little sister! I missed you—" he cooed, his tail tickling your stomach slightly.
"Floyd~!" you whined, swatting away his mischievous tail with your hands. Nonetheless, that smile on your lips never disappeared as you kept your arms wrapped around his neck, hugging him and laughing so much that bubbles escaped your mouth. "I missed you, too."
Jade had an amused smile on his lips as he could see a purple tentacle try and retreat from his peripheral vision. Turning around, the eel found Azul to be trying his best to hide behind him, or at least get out of your sight. Jade clicked his tongue and grabbed Azul by his forearm, pulling the frightened octopus out from behind him and forcing him to face you. "Azul, why don't you come out and meet our little sister (Y/n)," Jade drawled with a mischievous smile on his lips.
You peeled yourself away from Floyd, who only begrudgingly let go of you, and swam towards your brothers' friends. Azul seemed frozen in place, his tentacles curling around his body to shield himself from your eyes. "U-Uhm..." he stuttered out, his eyes never quite meeting yours.
Once again, Jade let out a little chuckle. "Don't worry, dearest sister, he's just shy," he explained, giving Azul a little push to make him stumble towards you. "Come out and meet (Y/n), Azul—"
"Hello, Azul!" you chirped as you held a hand out to the octopus-merman, a big smile on your lips. "It's nice to finally meet you."
Azul found it hard to speak with how the words were just stuck in his throat, stubbornly refusing to get out. Eventually, though, he managed to croak out, "It's nice to meet you, too—" Much to his horror, he had tripped over his very own tentacle on his way towards you.
A yelp escaped the poor boy's lips as his body fell forward, threatening to collide with yours. You gasped as you felt his squishy tentacles bumping into your body, causing you to fall backwards onto the floor with Azul landing right on top of you.
Embarrassed whimpers escaped Azul's throat, and he winced when you raised your head with a dazed expression on your face. He expected you to yell at him for being such a stupid octopus, but all he was met with was a worried frown on your face, no anger inhabiting your visage at all.
"Oh! Oh no! Are you alright?" you yelled out in utter concern as you gently unwrapped his tentacles from around your body that had immediately clung to you due to the surprise and shock that the fall had caused the boy. Azul immediately removed his tentacles from your body, inching back from you with frightened eyes. Yet, he didn't get far as you immediately wrapped your hand around his arm, leaving him even more scared. "Did you hit your head on one of the tables?"
Despite your eyes being soft and concerned, Azul was still incredibly scared by this whole situation. "I'm sorry!" he cried out, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. His cheeks were burning, and his heart in his chest was thumping wildly. Somehow, embarrassing himself in front of you was even worse than in front of anyone else. "I'm just so clumsy—"
You valiantly shook your head, hoping to calm down his jumpy nerves. "No, don't worry about it. It could happen to any of us!" you said as you inched closer to him, which left him anxious to no end. What exactly were you trying to do? Azul couldn't wrap his head around how strange you were acting — especially since your brothers just laughed at the whole situation in the background. "Hm... let me take a look at the tentacle you tripped over. Does it hurt? Is it painful when I touch it?"
Azul had to hold back a scream as you grabbed one of his tentacles and inspected it, feeling for any bruise or indent that shouldn't be there. His cheeks were a burning red by now, and he would have inked if it weren't for his absolute determination to keep his last ounce of dignity in front of you. "No, it's all fine—" he croaked out, melting when you looked up to shoot him a relieved smile. Your actions rendered him speechless, especially when you let go of his tentacle and pulled him into a hug. "Can I ask... Can I ask why you're so nice to me?"
You let out a giggle and patted his head, not realising that Azul was having an existential crisis. "All friends of my brothers are my friends!" you chirped, giggling as shy tentacles wrapped themselves around your tail.
Once the flashback came to an end, Floyd had an annoyed frown on his face — another one of his infamous mood-switches. "And then you had to mess up and not show up for your date with her," Floyd muttered with a groan escaping his throat. "All because you were scared of embarrassing yourself in front of her..."
Azul jumped up from his chair, his cheeks flushed due to his fondness for you and the anger that Floyd's words invoked inside of him. "Hey! I was an insecure child!" Azul barked, his voice loud and booming — before it died down to nothing but a hurt whisper. "And don't you think I would have? I just— I was just so afraid that I couldn't move anymore."
Azul let out a heart-wrenching sigh and threw himself back into his chair.
Jade hummed, deciding that it was time to cheer their boss up a little bit. So, patting the businessman's head with an eerie smile on his lips, Jade nodded understandingly. "All is good, Azul," he said, letting out a little chuckle. "You get a second chance now. (Y/n) is coming to visit us in a few days."
Azul's eyes shot open at those words. "In a few days?!" he cried out, his eyes ripped wide open and his lips trembling due to the adrenaline that suddenly flooded his veins. "Why couldn't you have told me sooner!"
Floyd rolled his eyes, explaining, "Then your reaction wouldn't have been as funny—"
"Oh, by the Great Seven!" Azul screamed out as he jumped up from his chair and stormed out of his office, running off to who knows where. "I need to— I need to make sure everything is perfect until then!"
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philosophyfaith · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Episodes 1-4 with Mikki! It’s meant to reflect scenes from the movies! Got really scared drawing the other characters but I’m pretty pleased!
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pearlwhitecats · 2 hours ago
You can expect art from me. Of course ;) SILVER BDAYYYKSHDDKDJ AAAAAAAA 💕✨💕✨💕✨💕💚💚💚✨💕💚✨💚💕💕✨✨💚💕💚😭😭💕✨✨🥺🥺✨💕💚💕😭✨
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deceitful-darlings · 3 hours ago
Since Silver is human, does he protect MC from his dorm or gives her to Malleus?
He would probably try to, he would subtly try to keep them away from situations involving his dorm and not talk about them around Malleus, Lilia, or Sebek to try to avoid curiosity. The problem is that while he’s human therefore sympathetic to their feelings, he is in the end loyal to the people who raised him. So while he might try and dissuade them he won’t outright stop them, he’s just consumed with guilt when MC is in their hands.
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arcdiris · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mock sprite + animations! This time with one of my Yuus/MCs.
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twistedwishingwell · 4 hours ago
I could ask for headcanons with Dorm Leaders that catch Fem!Mc masturbating moaning their names pls😉
Coming right up! Headcanons under the cut because of spice~ 
Riddle Rosehearts 
He had come over to Ramshackle hoping to request some help with the unbirthday party (as he tended to look for any excuse to receive help from her) 
He had knocked on the door and the ghosts had let him in so he headed up 
He normally knocked, but he had heard his name being called so he assumed they knew he was coming and was giving him permission to enter
He had never opened and closed a door so fast in his life
Even for the split second, the image was burned into his mind of Y/N with her skirt riding up, a hand between their legs and mouth open as they continued to moan and pant his name 
His face is absolutely scarlet and he wants to head downstairs to wait in the parol but he can’t will his legs to move after closing the door
She wanted him, his Rose wanted him. It made his heart flutter and a smile grace his lips. 
Maybe he should ask her to be his official date to the unbirthday party instead of just asking for help with the prep work 
Leona Kingscholar 
He had been running out of places to hide from Ruggie in order to be able to nap in peace
Ramschakle dorm was the perfect place and better yet the Herbavoire would likely be around 
The ghosts didn’t bother with him as he let himself in and headed up stair with the sound of the herbivore rustling around 
He opened the door without knocking but he wasn’t expecting the sight in front of him. The little herbivore with her legs spread and fingers toying with her slit and an arm over her eyes as she continued to let out breathy moans of his  name
The rumbling chuckle he let out caught her attention and she bolted up quickly attempting to cover her lower half with a discarded blanket 
“Please don’t stop on my account,” Leona laughs as he leans against the door frame. He is purring on the inside. Out of all the guys at the school his herbivore chose HIM. And it was the best feeling getting to be number one as a second born. 
Embarrassment clear on her face as she pouted at him before holding a hand out
“You going to help or just stand there?” 
“I don’t see why not when you ask so nicely.” 
Azul Ashengrotto 
After she had ruined his scheme for free labor at the lounge, Azul found himself short-staffed more often than not. Thankfully, Angelfish was always willing to lend a hand with a few sad looks and the promise of free food. 
Today was such a day as he welcomed himself into Ramshakle dorm as he was accustomed to, heading upstairs to where he knew she would be
He had sworn he heard his name in greeting and that was why he opened the door without knocking 
He did not expect to see her curled on her side, fucking herself open as she moaned his name over and over again 
He was frozen in place out of embarrassment as his face heated up
His poor heart and mind don’t know how to process the scene. He wants to know why, and how you find him attractive. And part of him is thrilled because this means all of his hard work was paying off 
“Azul I can--I mean I---I’m so sorry.” 
The apology and tears stinging at the corner of his Angelfish’s eyes were enough to pull him back to reality 
“Oh dear, no need for that. I’m just flattered is all,” he said in a smooth tenor--covering up his previous embarrassment. “And thrilled you feel the same. 
Kalim Al Asim
Kalim wanted to invite the Ramschakle perfect to one of his parties. They must be lonely without dorm members after all. 
He had reassured Jamil he would be fine on his own inviting them (that was not what Jamil was concerned about as he was yelling after him but that was irrelevant) 
Kalim had let himself in without a second thought and bolted straight up to the stairs to the perfects room 
“Y/N! Do you want to--OH I SO SORRY!” 
He hadn’t expected to open the door into this, seeing the girl he had begun to treasure with their legs pulled up to their chest, panties pushed out of the way so they could finger themselves. And... was that HIS name they were saying as they did such lewd things 
Kalim isn’t really sure how to process what is happening but he knows one thing for sure--he wants to help
“Y/N, is it alright if I help?” He asks in earnest with determination in his ruby eyes. “I can leave if you want but I wanna help if you will let me.” 
It’s a little embarrassing, to say the least for the two of them but when she gets up to pull him to the bed he’s smiling the whole time. 
Vil Schoenheit 
He had just been dropping off some paperwork for Crowley was all, having been the unlucky student the crow found and suckered into the busywork 
He was in a bit of a rush so he didn’t take the time to knock like he usually did and just pushed his way into the dorm. If you weren’t there he didn’t mind, he would simply leave the work in your room and leave
But when he opened the door he didn’t expect that sight before himself
The sweet potato of a perfect looked absolutely divine all splayed open with her fingers pumping in and out of herself, his name of her tongue as she brought herself closer and closer to the edge
“My you are audacious in your affections,” Vil states not wanting to leave but not wanting to make his presence unknown either 
The Sweet Potato looked as though she was caught reaching into a cookie jar--doing her best to straighten herself up to his amusement 
“Now now,” Vil scolded lightly as he left the paperwork on the desk and walked forward. “I didn’t say you should stop did I?” 
Idia Shroud 
Idia hadn’t intended to go to the dorm in person. Honest. He is just trying to get away from Cater and his photography addiction. 
He had let himself into the dorm to attempt to avoid the ginger normie when he swore he heard his name being called
Thinking he was caught or in trouble he headed to the sound, surely the perfect wasn’t upset with him. She let the ADeuce Duo crash all the time after all. 
Nervously he opened the door, and it was most definitely not the CG he was expecting to unlock 
She was face first in her pillow and ass in the air as she slipped fingers into herself over and over all while calling his name. HIS NAME. A nerd like him and she was being so lewd while saying his name. His head couldn’t even process it. 
“I’m dreaming. I finally died from the harassment from the normies and I went to heaven.” His words caused her to sit up abruptly--embarrassment and shame covering both of their faces. 
“And if you aren't?” She asked meekly as she looked at him--shifting and pulling at her uniform 
He is already moving forward to kiss their lips. It is a special cut scene, after all, it would be a shame to skip it. 
Malleus Draconia 
He had been walking outside the dorm at night as he usually did
He hadn’t expected to hear his name called from outside. Curiously he found himself heading for the dorm and entering as the perfect had invited him in so many times before 
He went up to her room, his name still being clearly heard
The sight of them fucking themselves open, practically screaming his name, and eyes half-lidded with lust was not the scene Malleus expected to find there 
“You truly are a strange creature. You do not fear me and instead crave me in your bed. Why is that?” He asked and watched as his briar rose blinked--realizing that it wasn’t a dream 
When she starts scrambling to cover herself and asking why he was there he explained the situation. 
Her expression was truly divine when she learned it was her calling his name that drew him in. 
He goes in close and kisses her cheek before whispering, “it truly was a beautiful sight briar rose.” 
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ectopus · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
POV: this is what you see every time you look at Epel and Jade (I actually don't know what I was doing when I draw jade and jut gave up halfway, also who's the ed sheeran guy from genshin lmao)
Tumblr media
cringe ass nae nae cat
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areyuuserious · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
a song of ice and fire ants
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