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#Bucky Barnes imagines
I am the night - Envy
Pairings - Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Words - 2980
Warnings - DARK FIC, kidnap, violence, descriptions of murder
a/n - Thanks so much to my darling @thicccsimp​ for checking this over for me and once again if you are not already following her then please do so because she's so awesome and I adore her. Thanks to the amazing @happygowriting​ for the moodboard you can see below, she's also awesome.
taglist -  @wonder-cole​ @libbymouse​ @mashep23​ @sagechanoafterdark​ @bestofbucky​ @ladyfallonavenger​ @whisperlullaby​ @saiyanprincessswanie​ @moonlacebeam​ @jamesbuchananbarnesslut​ @plaid-shirtsandvibranium-arms​ @grav3yard-gh0st​ @jevans2​
Tumblr media
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The next few weeks are quiet, Sam still sniffs around under the guise of ‘checking in’ but overall you’ve been left alone. The problem is it's quiet, too quiet, and that makes Bucky nervous. He focuses all his time on you, trying to be the boyfriend you deserve in an effort to assuage his guilt.
Finding himself daily at the coffee shop on the corner, he quickly made friends with the owner Gina and her daughter Isabelle. He’s spent so many hours in here that they make his coffee order when they see him at the door and have even started ‘Bucky’s Books’, a recommendation table for all the stories he seems to get through whilst sat in the corner.
He took you there one morning and introduced you to the women, smiling at how well you all got along and pulling you into a hug when you got excited by the rows and rows of books to explore. You both sat on his usual sofa, now reserved just for him, reading the books you’d bought in comfortable silence, sharing a brownie and drinking the coffee that came recommended by Gina. You were lost in the pages when you heard a commotion and looked up to see a man leaning over the cake counter, pointing at Isabelle and judging by her body language saying something that made her uncomfortable. Without hesitation Bucky was up and over trying to diffuse the situation while you pulled Isabelle into the back room, she was shaking and trying to hold in her tears when you pulled her into a hug and felt her deflate.
You heard a loud crash from the cafe, trying to listen behind you for any clues but coming up blank, hoping and praying that Bucky was ok. Looking down at Isabelle who was a lot calmer now you helped to lay her down on the broken sofa in the office before going out to get her a drink of water and something to wipe her face with. Entering the cafe again you didn’t expect everything to be so calm, Bucky was stood at the door as if he was keeping watch and Gina was making him a fresh coffee as if nothing had happened. Grabbing a bottle of water and some paper napkins you asked Gina if she wanted to check on her daughter while you watched the counter for her and she happily took you up on your offer.
Bucky was tense standinh at the door and you wanted to help him but something told you it was best if you let him calm down first. Pouring coffee from the filter machine and adding his oat milk you clear your throat to get his attention, smiling softly and relaxing when his tense shoulders drop. “Are you ok? Did you get hurt?” You ask him and watch as he shakes his head, walking round the counter to pull you into a hug, “No doll, I’m absolutely fine. I asked him to leave and he wouldn’t so I took care of him. Hopefully he won’t be back but I’m here enough to watch out for them both.”
You reach up and softly kiss him, smiling at how protective he has become of these two women when he only got to know them recently. You pull him back down to the sofa and wrap his arm around you watching out for any customers while Gina and Isabelle were in the back. They came back out ten minutes later and both rushed over to thank Bucky for his help, talking for a little bit about upgrading their security system and maybe installing a panic alarm in case he came back. Giving you both some cake and the books you were reading to take home with you as a thanks, you wave goodbye and walk the short distance back to your apartment, talking about what you were going to do later that night.
The next morning you leave for work early and kiss Bucky goodbye, telling him to say hi to the ladies for you and bring you back a brownie for later. He hovers around the house, playing with Alpine who spends most of her time ignoring him and sleeping on your side of the bed. Getting himself ready to go he opens his door to Sam and groans, “What do you want Sam? I’m about to go for coffee, if you would like to lecture me about whatever it is you think I’m doing then you could follow me instead of holding me up.” Bucky walks off towards the shop, Sam walking beside him asking him the same question he always does, what has he got himself mixed up in.
Entering the store he can tell something is up straight away, the door was unlocked but there was no one around, calling out for both women he gets no response and walks around the back to check the office. Sam is confused and asks what’s happening, listening and helping to look for a number to call either woman before they overreact. Gina arrives ten minutes later, a panicked look on her face and she runs through the store looking for her daughter. “Bucky it's him, he’s got her. He’s threatened it before and this time he got really mad because she posted a photo with her new girlfriend. He was so mad, you’ve got to help us, please.”
Bucky looks at Sam who’s on the phone with the police and pleads with him to help, Sam comes off the phone and asks Gina for any information she has, telling her to talk to the officers when they arrive. Following Bucky down the street he shouts after him to wait up and jogs to catch up, “What’s your plan? You just gonna break his door down and hope he’s there? C’mon you’ve got to be smarter than that.” They both stop and stare each other down, silently telling the other one to do as they’re told but all it does is annoy the other one to the point of anger.
“I’m going to this asshole’s house, I’m getting her to safety then you can update the cops. Good luck getting them to respond quickly enough Sam.” Marching off and following the map on his phone he has a 20 minute walk, choosing instead to order an Uber. They get dropped off a street away and split up when they arrive at the house, Sam going round the back and Bucky checking the front. Looking through the windows, they see nothing, no sign of recent activity or clues that anyone is around. Calling Gina quickly and letting her know they get the address for Isabelle’s apartment and make their way over. “Sam we have to find her, he was unhinged yesterday. He tried to swing for me and said he would be back for her. I know he’s going to hurt her.”
Arriving at her apartment, they ring the bell just in case, nobody answers so they press all the buttons, breathing a sigh of relief that someone opens the door for them. Knocking on her door, unsurprisingly there’s no answer. Bucky looks up and down the corridor before shoulder barging the door open and pulling Sam in. Looking around they see nothing out of place, no signs of struggle and sadly no signs of Isabelle.
They get back to Bucky’s apartment, Alpine getting locked in the bedroom before she attacks Sam, making a list of what they know so far while Sam calls the police with an update. Sitting on the sofa they go over what options they have, Bucky leans his head back and rubs his eyes, “Sam we need help, I can’t let her get hurt, she’s too sweet.” Nodding his head and picking up a notebook he writes down what they know so far, hoping something would make sense and spark something. It doesn’t work, they’re at a loss. With no leads and no word from Gina there’s only one option and he didn’t particularly want to take it, making a coffee for Sam and telling him he needs to get something from his bedroom.
Alpine sits on the bed waiting for him like she knew this was coming, watching Bucky as he paces back and forth across the room, “Alpine, I need help. Can you ask them to get here?” It takes less than a second before Fury sits in the chair in the corner of the room, one brow raised waiting, “Tell me why I’m here Barnes, I was having a game of chess with one of our more famous residents.” Bucky sits on the bed and looks at him, taking a deep breath before launching into his plea, “My friend is gone, I think her boyfriend took her and he’s going to hurt her. I can’t find her and we both know the police are useless so I need your help. She doesn’t deserve this.” Fury nods and vanishes and Bucky sinks to the floor in defeat, looking at Alpine who stares at him as though studying him.
A file lands at his feet and he scrambles to open it, seeing only a page with a location on it and a little note underneath, “YOU OWE US ONE”. He breathes out and nods his head to himself, punching the location into his phone. He can’t take Sam, it wouldn’t end well but he has no way of sneaking off without raising suspicion, looking down at the cat he asks her if she has any bright ideas? Alpine jumps off the bed and walks round to him looking up at him before mewling and growing right before his eyes.
Bucky stands open mouthed, staring at himself. It’s like looking in a mirror, everything matches, “What the fuck?” He says to himself and falls backwards onto the bed when Alpine repeats it back at him. Pointing in your face and “I’ll take care of Sam, you go and teach that piece of shit a lesson.” Alpine turns to walk out the door but before she can Bucky stops her, “Remember you have to be civil or he’ll know something is up, keep him here for at least twenty minutes so I can make a run for it.” Alpine nods and makes her way to where Sam is, sitting down and making small talk while Bucky changes into his combat gear, carrying his mask and goggles before climbing out the window and down the fire escape.
It only takes thirty minutes to make it to the warehouse where he’s holding Isabelle, snapping on his disguise and walking around the outside, working out all the available escape routes. He hears her before he sees her, she’s crying out for help and tied to a chair. There's no sign of him anywhere so Bucky sneaks in, hiding behind a mound of dirt and looking around the room. Isabelle sits sobbing in her chair and he can see the marks all over her body, one of her eyes is swollen and the way she leans away from her side suggests she has a broken rib too. Confident that he’s not there, Bucky takes the mask and goggles off and approaches her, finger to his lips begging her not to make a sound.
Cutting the cable ties off her wrists and ankles he helps her stand and gets a shock when she wraps her arms around him, whispering in his ear that she’s so happy he’s found her. Neither of them expect the gunshot from behind them, Isabelle screams and ducks and Bucky puts his mask and goggles on pointing to the other side of the room before turning to approach the man. He fires at Bucky three times, his shaky hand making his targeting weak and getting frustrated that he’s not able to hit his mark. “Did you make a plan? Did you decide exactly what you were going to do with her?” Bucky asks, his head tilted to the side, slowing his steps down until he’s in the man's face.
He turns briefly to look at Isabelle, thankful that she’s not about to witness what is about to happen, raising his fist and colliding with the nose of the kidnapper he hears the delightful crunch of broken bone. He hits the deck, screaming in pain. Bucky shakes his head, sneering at the pathetic excuse of a man, he aims the gun at Bucky’s chest and pushes it against him.
Bucky doesn’t hesitate any further, picking up a sharp rock and stabbing him in the neck. He doesn’t go too deep, just enough so it looks like Isabelle herself has done it, standing over him and watching the life drain from his eyes. He takes the goggles off and see’s Coulson standing outside the window, a small almost imperceptible nod before he vanishes.
Rushing over to Isabelle he gives her the rock and hugs her tightly, “You can’t let anyone know I was here ok? You did this in self defence, no matter what anyone says you stick to the story.” She nods her head and holds him tight, walking over to the body and taking his phone out of his pocket, “Bucky, get out of here. I’ll give you a five minute head start before I call the police.” They look at each other for a moment and nod before he runs back in the direction he came.
Climbing up the fire escape back to his bedroom and praying Sam isn’t suspicious, he quickly strips changing back into his regular clothes and opens the bedroom door, Alpine makes her way back to the bedroom, transforming once she’s inside and Bucky slinks out to take her place. Sam is on the phone with Gina asking her for updates and Bucky makes coffee for them both. Bringing it to the table and seeing two cups already sat there, Sam looks at him confused, picking up one of the cups, sipping and watching Bucky as he sits down. “What's going on?” Sam asks, putting his phone away and watching him closely. Bucky shrugs and shakes his head, answering his phone to Gina and putting her on speaker. Both men breathe a sigh of relief when they hear her happy news, Isabelle is safe but the police have her in custody.
They agree to come down to the shop tomorrow to see her and get an update, offering to look after the shop whenever she needs it. Hanging up and looking at Sam, Bucky breathes a sigh of relief and blows out a puff of air, “Great news, hope she’s ok,” he says, Sam leans forward and watches him, narrowing his eyes. He’s about to say something when you burst through the door and run over, throwing yourself into Bucky’s arms, “I saw Gina, she told me what happened. I can’t believe it,” you say to them both, standing up and hugging Sam, “Thanks so much for being here today. Will you come to the shop tomorrow, we all need to be there for her. Hopefully once she’s given her statement the police will let her go.”
Both men nod, Sam still watching closely before he gets up to leave promising to be there early tomorrow. You go to run a bath, adding your favourite bath oils and coming up behind Bucky you rest your hands on his shoulders. He turns looking at you like he doesn’t know you for a moment before snapping out of it and smiling at you. A hollow feeling settles in the pit of your stomach, you read about PTSD online after meeting Bucky and this was something that could happen, you make a quick mental note to talk to Sam about it in the morning.
Sitting in the bath together, you hold his hand, kissing the top and resting it on your stomach, “You ok? You seem really tense today, everyone is ok I think. Nothing more to worry about,” you hear him grunt an agreement and relax a little behind you, kissing you on the top of the head and moving to get out. When he leaves the bathroom Alpine makes her way in, walking along the edge of the bath and watching you, you talk to her asking if she had a good day. She responds by jumping down and getting comfortable in the clothes you discarded on the floor, you watch her fall asleep and lay back, grabbing your book and getting comfortable yourself.
Standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of water he notices Fury sitting on the sofa and doesn’t get a fright this time, “You got another file for me?” Fury shakes his head, observing him and leaning back on the sofa, throwing his arms out.
“What happened today?” Fury asks, watching him closely, his eyes following him through the room. Bucky sits down, staring at him and taking a deep breath, “I needed to help her, she’s a good person.” Fury nods his head and agrees, “You didn’t have to kill him though, but you did. Do you think Samuel will be ok knowing what happened? What about the girl in the tub?” Bucky holds his head in his hand and grips his hair, he can feel the panic brewing inside him. The baseball sits securely in his bedside table, he needs it but he can’t leave Fury where he is so he tries to ground himself by focusing on what he can see around him, it works enough for him to take a deep breath and look back up at the man.
“No one can know, he was going to kill Isabelle and he needed to be stopped.” Fury nods his head and stands up, looking down at Bucky and sneering, “We’ll be in touch Barnes, you owe us a favour now.”
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shadow-changeling · 25 minutes ago
Timeless (V)
Tumblr media
Timeless is inspired by @just-dreaming-marvel 's Out of Time series! Such a good read that gets you in the feels. Go read it, please.
Likes, Reblogs, Comments and Feedback is appreciated 💕
(Previously On...)
The Rogers siblings now sat across from each other on a plane, Olivia sat beside Peggy and the plane was piloted by Howard Stark. Olivia bounced her knee in nervousness as the plane flew through the war zone. She wasn't about to let her brother fly into the war zone by himself but, she couldn't help but flinch at the sounds of bombs detonating. Steve couldn't help but feel guilty for the fear his sister was feeling. He reached across to place a hand on her bouncing knee.
"It's going to be okay. Don't worry so much, I can do this." he assures her.
"It's not that I doubt you can do this. It's that I'm worried about your safety. You're going into the middle of a war zone with no backup." she tells him.
Steve said nothing more, knowing there wasn't anything more he could say to provide comfort for her. Peggy decided to speak up then.
"The Hydra camp is in Krausberg." she leaned forward so Steve could see the map. "Tucked between these two mountain ranges. It's a factory of some kind." she points out the landmark.
"We should be able to drop you right on the doorstep." Howard called from the pilot's seat.
"Just get me as close as you can." Steve called back.
He then turns his attention back to Peggy, "You know, you two are gonna be in a lot of trouble when you land." he says.
"And you won't?" she retorts.
"Where I'm goin', if anybody yells at me, I can just shoot 'em."
"Yeah? And they'll most likely shoot back." Olivia spoke up.
"Your sister is right." Peggy says.
"Well then, let's hope it's good for somethin'." Steve says, knocking on the shield that sat beside him.
"Agent Carter? If we're not in too much of a hurry, I thought we could stop off in Lucerne for a late night fondue." Howard suggested from the front of the plane.
Peggy looked awkwardly at Steve, who was shrugging on a parachute pack and Olivia had to stifle a giggle behind her hand.
"Stark is the best civilian pilot I've ever seen. He's mad enough to brave this airspace, we're lucky to have him." The British agent says, changing the subject.
"So are you you...fondue?" Steve wonders, gesturing between her and Howard.
Olivia giggled then, her brother was so innocent in some occasions.
"This is your transponder," Peggy started, ignoring the blond's question and handed him the device. "Activate it when you're ready and the signal will lead us straight to you."
"Are you sure this thing works?" Steve asks in curiosity.
"It's been tested more than you, pal." Howard responds.
In the following moment, the plane began to be attacked. Howard did his best to fly it steadily, and Olivia gripped the seat below her. Steve got up from his seat and moved across to her and drew her into his embrace. He held her close to him for a couple of minutes before placing a kiss on the crown of her head and then pulled away.
"Love you," he whispers.
"I love you too." she responds.
He gives her a smile before letting go of her and turned to the plane door, opening it.
"Get back here!" Peggy demands. "We're taking you all the way in."
"As soon as I'm in the clear, you turn this thing around and get the hell out of here!" Steve shouted, having crouched down.
He looks directly at Peggy, "You get her out of here." he says.
"You can't give me orders!" Peggy shouts.
"The hell I can't! I'm a Captain!" Steve shouts in return.
He gives Peggy a grin before he pulled the goggles down from the helmet and jumps out of the plane, falling into the war zone beneath him. In the same moment, Olivia jumps up from her seat and attempts to snag another parachute pack. There was no way in Hell she'd let her brother do this alone.
"Oh no you don't." Peggy said, grabbing the young girl's arm.
"Let me go, I have to go after him." Olivia tells her, attempting to pull her arm out of the woman's grasp.
"Absolutely not! He wanted you to be safe, and you can't be safe if you follow him into the war zone. Sit back down, I have faith in your brother." Peggy tells her.
Olivia pulled her arm out of Peggy's grasp before looking out the plane door. She takes in what she can see of the war going on below the plane before letting out a sigh and returning to her seat. As Howard turns the plane around, she can't help but pray for her brother's safe return.
(Next Time On...) 
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deliciousangelfestival · 35 minutes ago
“Make Yourself At Home.”
Tumblr media
Words Count : 100-
Character: BuckyxReader
I saw the post from @navybrat817 . The story is so cute. I suddenly got a new idea and also found a perfect prompt for this. 
You were enjoying your day off from your job. It's a perfect day to binge-watch on Netflix while eating your favorite snack. 
But it got disturbed when your apartment door suddenly got opened. 
The shiny metal arm that holds the door was the first thing you see. Bucky took off his shoes, and hangs his jacket.  
You rolled your eyes while putting away all the food. "Make yourself at home." 
He lifted his head and put an innocent smile towards you. 
Something different about him, before you could found out what's wrong. Bucky rests his body on your couch and puts his head on your lap.
He looks up to you and puts your palm to his forehead.
"I'm dying." He told you with puppy eyes. 
"No you're not." 
You pick up a phone call from your best friend and ignoring the clingy man who's on your lap. 
"Sorry, I have a clingy and feverish assassin on my lap. I'll call you back when I've convinced him that a cold doesn't mean he's dying."
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itsjustmelainey · 42 minutes ago
Here To Help
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Female Reader
Summary: Your super baby is so heavy that you’re uncomfortable, fortunately Bucky might have found the solution to help you.
Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, discomfort, soft!bucky.
Words: 466
Author’s Notes: This is written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club and my prompt was: “The reader is pregnant and Bucky sees this thing on tiktok where partners stand behind and gently lift the pregnant belly to take the weight off.” Thank you very much for the prompt!
Tumblr media
Your belly felt extremely heavy. What, with being close to 7 months pregnant and all it was to be expected. But you were carrying a super baby that seemed to be heavier than a normal baby, or at least from what you found out from the other mothers-to-be and as the baby grew bigger, the heavier your stomach felt and the more pressure it put on your legs and back. Sometimes it felt like you were carrying a Boulder around.
To see you in such discomfort made Bucky feel guilty. He wished there was a way he could carry it sometimes just to give you a break and he tried a lot of things to try and make you comfortable; hot baths, extra pillows, a pregnancy pillow, using his hand as a stress ball. Nothing seemed to work. He wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet though. After Sam had introduced Bucky to tiktok, he’s become somewhat addicted to the app. Looking up videos of funny animals, life hacks and since your pregnancy announcement - pregnancy tips and tricks. There was one video he watched that seemed to work, noting the sigh of relief on the woman’s face and the tension leaving their shoulders. He was positive this might work, and he was willing to try anything just to give you some relief.
Bucky found you standing over the kitchen sink, slowly washing up the few dishes that you had insisted on doing. Your tank top was stretched across your belly, and your shorts hanging low on your hips. With your stomach being so tender and stretched, having any item of clothing over it was so uncomfortable. Bucky stood behind you, his chest flush with your back and his hands resting atop of your bump. He kisses your neck gently and whispers sweet things in your ear, reminding you of how much he loves and cherishes you.
“I love you.” He says, rubbing your belly in small circles. You sigh and smile tiredly.
“I love you too.”
“You’re so great you know that? I know it’s not easy, I want to help in any way that I can.” He says, still kissing and whispering. His hands drop lower so they are under your belly, he can feel the baby moving slightly as he very gently lifts the whole bump up with his hands.
You immediately relax, throwing your head back against his shoulder and for once since the baby started to grow, the huge feeling of relief washes over you.
“Thank you.” You whisper, closing your eyes. He bums, kissing your hair and holding the two of you close to him.
Finally, Bucky has found something that works a treat. He will do this for as long and as often as you need him to, to give you a few minutes break from the weight.
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mcueveryday · 4 hours ago
Hey, if you guys have any fic recs for Bucky Barnes and SingleMom!Reader, please let me know, I need some of those ❤️
Thank you in advance ❤️
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buckyhoney · 5 hours ago
𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐦𝐞, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: idk what this honestly, but i just felt like i needed to read it so here is this, let me know your thoughts- lowkey was scare to post this, very different than what i’ve done before i guess
pairing: bestfriend!bucky x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
warnings: fluff with a bit of angst, kinda a plot, sorry for any typos
words: 445
Tumblr media
Trying to find the right words to express, he takes a deep breath. When he looks up at you, tears swell in the corners, threatening to fall.
"Loving you has been the most inconvenient thing that has happened to me." He shrugs,
Tears well in your eyes, loving you? Your heart begins to beat so loud, you thought it would fall out of your chest.
"I'm in love with you," He says, defeated.
Exhaustion flushes his face, but so does relief- he said the words that he's been meaning to tell you for years.
"I love you," Each word cuts his lip, but the pain is almost relieving.
He wished it was under different circumstances- not when you were about to leave him and move halfway across the country with your fiancé.
But, here he stands- looking at you with your last suitcase that has the last bit of your life packed away. He was at your front door within minutes of texting him that you were about to leave for the airport.
"Y/N. I am so in love with you that I can't think about anything or anyone else." He shakes his head.
The tears become too heavy for your eyes to hold- they fall silently as you stand in disbelief.
Not wanting to believe the things you're hearing, wishing you were hearing them under different circumstances- Not when you promised to marry a near-perfect man who was on his way to get you.
For the first time, finally seeing what you've been blinded to for years. Seeing the love flooding in his eyes, pleading silently with you. Praying that you would repeat the three words and you stay with him.
Bucky's eyes lock with yours, praying that you would cave in.
"I can't sleep- because that one time you fell asleep on my shoulder at Steve's. I just can't get comfortable anymore." Bucky laughs, realizing how insane he must sound to you.
He continues anyway, knowing this might be the last chance he gets.
"You know- I can't listen to music. I can't because nothing sounds good as your voice." The vibration in your pocket reminds you that he's outside waiting for you- but your body is paralyzed.
"I can't breathe knowing you're not in the same room with me- My chest starts to physically hurt." He runs his hands through his hair,
"You have inconvenienced my life because all I want to do is be with you- and," Tears and the crack in his voice interrupt him- taking a deep breath, he sighs,
He purses his lips together, letting the tears continue to fall.
"and the worst part of it all? I- I can't be with you,"
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metalbuckaroo · 5 hours ago
Hi! So from the prompt list, could you do the 44th dialogue prompt where reader and roommate!Bucky are talking and bucky just keeps falling in love with her more and more but reader is oblivious to his flirting bc she doesn't think anybody wants her and while they are talking and bonding one evening they fall into the category of relationships as the topic of the conversation (sorry if it doesn't make sense, english isn't my first language)
Bad Night
Summary: After a bad date, Bucky offers his help.
Warnings: Some angst, lil fluffy, pretty cheesy, mentions of sex,
AU: Roommate!Bucky x reader
AN: After 3 days I'm finally letting this go. Not very sure how this got so long, but part of me wants to make a part 2 if that would interest anyone.
Prompt from this list. Requests are always open, reblogs and feedback are appreciated.
Tumblr media
"Hey, dollface, can you look at something for me?" You heard Bucky call, his footsteps getting closer to your room. "If it has to do with your testicles, then no. I will not."
He stopped in your doorway, eyes wide as he looked you over. "Oh, wow. Where you going? Got a hot date you didn't tell me about?" He teased, walking further into the room.
"Yeah, hopefully this one actually goes decent. Now what do you need?"
He turned so his back was to you and pulled his shirt off. "This place on my scar is all itchy. Does it look irritated?"
This hadn't been the first time he'd asked for you to inspect a spot on his jagged scar. Although for the first month he'd make it a point to cover it, not wanting to freak you out.
Whether that be with a towel thrown over his shoulder, wearing a shirt, or just
Until that day you had came home early from work to Bucky standing in the kitchen shirtless. He had expected you to immediately look at the cluster of scar tissue on his shoulder and never see him the same. Instead, you had just greeted him like any other day; a warm smile that made his heart melt before blabbering about your day and asking him about his.
That's when he got more comfortable, walking around without a shirt or just in a towel after a shower. When your smile started making his heart melt even more than before.
You touched your fingers to a small red blotch on the spot where dark metal met skin and he shivered slightly, goosebumps forming on his skin. "Yeah, it is a little. Try putting lotion on it."
He sighed and turned to face you, looking down at your dress. "Who is this guy? Do I know him?" He said cocking an eyebrow at you. "I tried that stupid dating app you suggested." You exhaled, shrugging your shoulders.
Narrowing his eyes at you, he shook his head. "You're not going." He said folding his arms across his chest. You raised your eyebrows and copied his actions. "And whys that?"
"Because, I should've never told you to try it. Dating apps are full of weird people." He muttered, going over to your dresser. "Murderers, stalkers, creepy cat people."
He opened the drawer and pulled out some clothes to stuff into your hands. "Which is why, you're staying in with me." He smiled, sparkling white teeth flashing at you.
Rolling your eyes you put the clothes back in their spots. "If I don't go on a decent date for once, I'm going to end up a creepy cat person. Besides, not all cat people are creepy. Mrs. Lawrey is really nice."
"She's an exception." He nodded, following you towards your bedroom door and down the hall. "If it makes you feel better, I'll text you if he starts acting creepy."
He huffed a breath and grabbed your shoulders, spinning you around to look at him. "Fine, but, that means I get to come rescue my girl if he does."
You felt a slight blush creep your neck and moved away from him to slip your shoes on. "You're just saying that, because I pay half of the bills." You said, opening the front door.
"And you cook pretty good. Now, go on. Be safe." He teased, swatting at your backside as you walked out into the hallway. "Try not to break anything, please." You told him on your way down the hallway.
"Not making a promise I might break."
The date had went horrible, one slip up and he said a few choice words to you before calling a cab to leave.
You swiped your fingertips under your eyes to erase any sign of crying before you got to your front door, wanting to avoid Bucky at all costs.
"Hey, dollface. Back already?" He said from the living room. "Yeah..." You mumbled back, trying to make a break for your bedroom to change.
Bucky could tell something was wrong by how you weren't rambling about everything that happened. "Oh, no you don't. Get back in here."
You exhaled and turned back around to look at him. "What, James?" You sighed, walking closer to where he was sat in a recliner. "What'd he do?" He said, narrowing his eyes at you. "Nothing, I'm fine."
"You're crying, I wanna know why. What'd he do?" You rolled your eyes at his stern voice and shook your head. "Just didn't go very well." You said, sucking in a deep breath.
They never did. As soon as you let one little fact slip, they'd high tail. You would've been better off staying home like Bucky had suggested.
Bucky's voice broke you from your self pity. "C'mere." His hand reached out to grab your wrist and tug you closer. "I'm not sitting on your lap, that's weird."
He scrunched his nose up and shook his head. "Doesn't have to be. Stop being a brat and let me comfort you."
Once you were sat on his right thigh with your side against him, he wrapped his arms around you and leaned his head back against the chair. "This should be our new bonding method. Feels like we're getting closer by the second."
You teetered your head back and forth, pressing your lips into a thin line. "Maybe because, I'm on your lap. That's pretty close."
A soft pat to your thigh and he was looking directly at you, blue eyes dancing back and forth in curiosity.
He wanted to know what made you so sad and torn up about one stupid date. "Tell me about it?"
You took another deep breath and he lifted his head so you could slip your arm behind his neck. "Every single time I go on a date, they mention sex. As soon as I tell them I'm a virgin they're gone. Tonight's was just extra rude about it."
His eyebrows creased together, hand moving to your knee. "You're a virgin? How?"
You looked at the ceiling, tapping a finger to your chin as if you were thinking. "Hm, could be from never having sex." You said the most obvious answer.
"No, I mean-" he huffed a laugh and gestured a hand over you. "Look at you."
You pinched his side and he narrowed his eyes at you. "I thought we told each other everything?" He mumbled, his lips turning down into a frown.
"No, James. You tell me everything. I don't tell you near as much." You said patting his chest, the chain of his dog tags cool on your palm. "You don't have to, I know a lot just by paying attention." He said, giving a nonchalant shrug.
"Now, explain, miss goody-two-shoes. Why hasn't anyone popped your cherry?"
You looked to your lap and pursed your lips. "When I was younger I never felt the need to lose it. Now, I can't seem to find a guy who doesn't want to have sex on the first date. I'm not losing it to someone I barely know."
When Bucky stayed silent you looked at him, he was chewing on the inside of his cheek and you could see the gears turning as he looked at you.
He wanted to offer his help, but didn't want to scare you away. That was the whole reason he hadn't said how he felt over the past couple of months.
Although, he wasn't sure how you never noticed. How you hadn't noticed the lingering touches and looks, everything he'd say.
You had waved it off as mindless flirting because that's how he played it off; as him being a flirt without any serious intentions.
"You're being quiet and it's weird. Say something." You said flicking the tip of his nose. "I'll do it. If you wanna lose it, I'll do it. I know a lot about you."
"Buck-" you shook your head, trying to wrap your head around what he was saying. "You can't be serious." You said breathing a soft laugh.
He nodded and his hand on your knee moved to the back of your thigh.
You felt heat rush to your cheeks as you looked at him, his strong features completely serious. "I'm gonna go to bed. Its late."
Just like Bucky thought would happen, he was scaring you away. "Wait- no, come back." He said as you pulled out of his grip and stood.
You shook your head and cleared your throat. "Nope, not coming back. I know you don't mean it because... You're Bucky and you say shit like that all the time, so..." You inhaled deeply and started towards the hallway. "I'm gonna go get ready for bed."
Bucky stood from the chair and followed after you. "Sugar, wait." He grabbed your wrist gently and tugged you towards him, nearly crashing you into his chest.
In a sudden movement, his hands held your cheeks and his lips engulfed yours, the abrupt motion causing you to stumble a step back; your hands flying up to grip the sides of his shirt.
The kiss was slow and deep, the taste of his minty toothpast flooding your tastebuds when he slipped his tongue pass your lips.
He pulled away after a moment, looking at your shocked expression. "I mean it."
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joansie16 · 6 hours ago
More Like Fear Park
SUMMARY: You and all the Avengers go to a fun park for your day off. You have a fear of heights but you are to stubborn to let anyone know, so after doing a wild ride your body was already out of it and made you get an anxiety attack and your crush helps you calm down
WARNINGS: Anxiety Attack, Tremors, Extreme Rides
The Avengers Tower was filled with cheerful conversations and giggles. It was finally everyone's day off and the excitement was slightly overwhelming, you were going to a fun park!!! Even though you loved spending time with your friends - family - your secret fear of heights seemed to get in the way multiple times.
When you arrived at the fun park, the fun filled screams filling your ears, added more extremity to your fear. You desperately tried to hide the shivering of your hands and stop fumbling with your fingers. No one knew of your fear of heights and you intended to keep it that way, you were an Avenger after all. Always jumping from rooftop to rooftop, soaring through the air, but that was different. The adrenaline would surge through your veins causing every bit of fear you ever had, to vanish form existence, driving every thought of heights to the thought of saving someone's life and making it back to the compound alive. But the fun park made no adrenaline efflux in you to shut your fears out but rather formed a knot in your stomach pushing the fear even deeper into your heart, making it pound against your ribs like a prisoner banging on the metal bars of his cell, trying to escape his sentence.
You were pulled out of your thoughts by a rough hand grasping your bare shoulders, slightly ushering you forward to where everyone was waiting. "You know you don't have to do this" came Tony's mocking voice with an added sneer tagging along. "And why wouldn't I want to do this? I've been waiting to do something fun since the beginning of the month" You bit back. Tony threw his hands up innocently. The silence following is heavy and ominous looks are surreptitiously shared between the people except between Tony and you who were leering into each other's souls "Which ride are we doing first?" Sam asks, breaking the painfully, awkward silence. You snap your gaze from Tony to Sam "You choose" you say excessively polite, through gritted teeth, trying to hide your timid - and anxiousness. 
Slowly the awkwardness lessen and you follow the group, like a puppy with its tail between its legs, to the ride they decided to go on first...the UFO.
Tumblr media
The twenty minute wait to get to the front of the line passed quicker than you had hoped. You arrive at the front of the line, mindlessly fumbling with the hem of your shirt. You stiffly and swiftly walk to a cage, getting in next to Bucky. Your palms sprinkled with perspiration and you wiped your sweaty palms against your jean for the numberless time, before you tightly clasp the metal bars in front of you for safety as the ride starts spinning. It starts painfully slow but quickly increases its pace and starts spinning to a vertical position. You felt like the lump in your throat escaped through your lips, your soul following and the inclement air punching your lungs causing the bit of oxygen left to escape you as well. You felt empty and numb but at the same time full - full of apprehension. 
To the contrary, Bucky, Steve and Wanda seemed to be having the best day of their lives, throwing their hands up in the air while yours clung onto the bars for dear life. You tightly closed your eyes, shifting your position a bit as if the ride didn't shift you enough, in an attempt to stop the wave of nausea hitting you like a punching bag, taking all its frustration out on you, but nothing seemed to help. When you open your eyes, you notice the ride starting to lean back to normal. And a few more seconds pass before your soul and oxygen enter your body again, right before the ride stops. Finally, you think as you let out a quivering sigh. "Hey Y/N, you okay?" Steve asks with a smirk. "Yeah, that was amazing." You say but your voice fails you at the end with a slight tremble. "You sure?" Wanda asks with a concerned look "Yeah, why would I not be fine after a normal ride like this, we should all do it again before we go home tonight" You say as you exit the cage after Bucky. You give a quiet sigh of relief when Steve and Wanda drop the subject and you all head back to the rendezvous. 
You have been waiting at the rendezvous for Tony, Natasha and Thor for over an hour now. "Why don't we go on another ride, while we wait for them?" Sam, who joined the group twenty minutes ago, asks. "You guys go ahead, I really just need to go to the bathroom, I'll join you later" You quickly say, not wanting to miss the perfect opportunity to escape another appalling experience. "No problem, we're going to the Miner's Revenge" Steve says over his shoulder as they already started walking. "I'll wait for Y/N" Bucky says. You've had a crush on Bucky since the first day you met him and under no circumstances did you want to seem weak in front of him. "You don't have to, I might not be done in time to go on the ride" You scold yourself for trying to make him leave, but you can't risk letting him see you in this fearsome state. "I don't want to go on that ride anyway, so I can wait as long as you need doll" His words send fluttering butterflies free in your stomach, letting them mix with the anxiousness. How you hate that smile he gives you that you can't say 'no' to and the look he gives you when his analyzing every emotion you so desperately try to hide. "Ummm, okay, yeah, tha-thank you" you stutter and quickly leave to the bathroom. 
After five minutes you return to Bucky more relaxed and already forgetting the horrible ride (UFO). It is a bit easier for you to control the quiver in your voice with the idea that you don't have to go on the next ride and the thought of Bucky also not doing it. You and Bucky start walking and making small talk. When you arrive at the ride (Miner's Revenge) the rest of the team is already on.
After a while a strange feeling creeps up to you like a thief in the night robbing you from all your balance and serenity and you can't help but show your weakness. The railing, separating the observers from the ride, the one you were resting your elbows on, suddenly became a support to prop yourself up on it with tremulous hands barely being able to clasp around the cold metal. "What's wrong Y/N?!" Bucky asked with a concerned tone. "Nothing I'm fine" you try to convince yourself more than trying to convince Bucky. What is going on with my body?!!! I was fine after the UFO!!! Your thoughts were running wild but caught when Bucky took your trembling hands in his "Y/N, just look at me and breathe, focus on my voice" As much as you hated your crush seeing and helping you in this state you hated the feeling of being handed over to your anxiety even more and forced yourself to look into Bucky's cerulean eyes. Still shuddering, Bucky placed your hands on his chest to feel his heartbeat. "That's it just breathe through your nose" you complied "and out through your mouth" your breaths were shaky but you were able to let oxygen permeate your lungs once again. Slowly but surely you made progress and were now as calm as a light breeze on a chilly day.
Bucky picked you up from the concrete, you didn't know you were sitting on, and gave you a tight hug. "Do you want to tell me what happened" he whispered in your ear, still hugging you. "I don't really know what came over me. The UFO made me feel a bit weird and I thought I was fine afterwards, but looks like my body has its own power of will" you nervously giggled. Bucky laughed a bit "please tell me next time when you feel like this doll, I hate seeing you suffer." "Thanks Buck, but I didn't want you to see me like this, it's embarrassing" You say covering your face with your hands. Bucky gently removes your hands from your face. The butterflies in your stomach was flittering wildly with Bucky so close to you and the blood was rushing to your head making you as red as a tomato. "You never have to be worried about being embarrassed in front of me, I won't think less about you doll... And has anyone ever told you, you look adorable when you blush" And before you are able to comprehend what is happening you are caught in a passionate, breathtaking kiss. Your heart palpitating at a rapid pace and your stomach bursting with butterflies.
 When you two eventually pull away for much needed oxygen Bucky gazes at your vibrant irises "I love you doll... will you be my girlf..." Not even letting him finish you lean in for another kiss, twiddling your fingers in his hair and he has his one hand sliding over your cheek and the other snaking around your waist. "Does that answer your question?" You ask with a cheeky grin after pulling away. "Not quite yet" He states before he pulls you in for another kiss. "FINALLY!" You hear as you quickly pull away to see Sam approaching you guys with the other Avengers short on his heels. "You owe me $20 Stark" Natasha says and immediately receives a $20 with a free eyeroll and grunt from Tony. "You guys bet on us?!!!!" You and Bucky raised your voices in unison "Shouldn't have expected anything else" Bucky chuckles. 
From there the day went on rather quickly and you have never been happier in your entire life. At the end of the day, the park turned out to be fun and it's all thanks to your new boyfriend - the love of your life.
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savemesomenachos · 7 hours ago
Congrats on 200!! Can I request smut 3 and angst 2 for Stucky??? I imagine it’d be tough working out dynamics for dating two super soldiers who’ve known each other for years and I feel like these prompts would really fit 🥺🙏
Thank you so much!!! I completely agree. They’ve know each other for so long and it would be hard to figure out the dynamics until they fuck the reader🤷🏽‍♀️
You can find the link to my drabble list here
Drabble #2
Smut🥵 3. “Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
Angst💔 2. “It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!”
Pairing: Stucky x Reader
Warnings: angst, almost smut (MInors DNI), insecure! Reader
Word Count: 904
Y/n’s POV:
I freeze in my spot at the entrance of the bedroom where I hear moans pour out of the door.
“Fuck Steve…” I hear Bucky whine as I push the door open an inch.
“So fucking impatient huh?” Steve taunts as he shoves his hand through Bucky’s hair and tugs.
“I need you to touch me, please!” he whines once more while Steve only chuckles.
My fists clench as I force myself to turn and walk away as I realized I wasn’t invited to this particular rendezvous. I enter the living room with a scowl on my face and flop down on the couch, face down. Lately, I had started feeling left out with Steve and Bucky. I knew they were still getting used to the idea of a third in their relationship but it hurt. The way they’d gravitate toward each other and forget that I was there. I know it wasn’t intentional but it hurt nonetheless. Obviously, Captain America, a WWII trained soldier and the Winter Soldier, an assassin for over 70 fucking years were oblivious to the pain they caused.
“Why aren’t you with your boys?” Natasha asked as she sat on the back of my legs. “Thought they’d be all over you by now.”
“That makes two of us,” I mumble into the couch seat.
“Trouble in paradise?” she asks, twisting off the cap to her beer and throwing her legs up on Tony’s expensive centre piece.
“I think they just forget I exist sometimes. I know it’s not on purpose but…”
“It stings anyway?” she completes.
I shrug as much as I can in my position as Natasha sighs.
“You tried talking to them about this?” she asks, taking a long sip of the beer as the condensation from the bottle slides down to my leg.
“Not really,” I say. “But you know what,” I say, shoving Natasha off me, “I fucking will,” I decide.
“GET IT!” she screams after me and I only laugh in return.
When I get to the door this time I push it open this time and their gazes snap to me immediately.
“Y/n!” Bucky announces, surprised as he scrambles to cover himself.
“Hey, whatcha doin’ doll?” Steve asks, pulling the sheets across his lap.
“Why didn’t you come see me when you arrived?” I ask, ignoring his question completely. The confusion on his face only works to fuel my anger.
“I guess it slipped our minds,” Bucky says, sitting up straighter against the headboard.
“Did it also ‘slip your minds’,” I say as I air quote, “that you have a fucking girlfriend?”
“Woah doll, don’t you think it’s a little unfair?” Steve asks dragging my attention back to him.
“No I don’t think it is. We’ve barely talked in the past few weeks. You’ve barely kissed me or touched me or even looked in my fucking direction,” I say as their jaws drop at my angry tone.
“It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake,” I mumble under my breath but their super soldier hearing picks up on it anyway.
Bucky gasps in surprise while his eyes widen.
“Baby, you don’t mean that,” Steve pleads as he makes his way across the room to me.
“I don’t know anymore Stevie. Do you even love me? Or was this just some sex adventure for you both?” I ask shakily, tears escaping the corner of my eyes.
“Of course not. We’ve just been assholes. We were actually planning something for you and I guess we got carried away,” Bucky says as he comes to stand beside me and fiddles with the hem of my t-shirt with a blush on his cheeks.
“Planning something? Like what?” I ask, my hands raising to my face to wipe off my tears.
“We were gonna ask you to move in with us but Bucky was nervous,” Steve says, a smile making its way onto his face.
“You were too punk! Don’t try to blame this shit on me,” Bucky exclaims exaggeratedly.
“You want me to move in with you?” I ask, my eyes widening and tears threatening to escape again.
“Yeah,” Steve whispers, raising his hand to cup my cheek in his warm palm.
Bucky wraps his arms around my waist from behind me and rests his chin on the top of my head.
“So…” he asks. “Will you?” he whispers in my ear as his vibranium fingers make their way under my t-shirt and up my stomach.
My stomach clenches at the coldness of the metal and his insistent kisses on my neck don’t help either.
“Y’know, jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you,” Steve whispers in my ear before he kneels on the floor in front of me.
“Shut up Steve,” I pant between laboured breaths as Bucky cups my breast in his palm. His fingers tweak my hardened nipple and my back arches in desperation.
“Say you’ll move in with us doll,” Steve whispers against my thigh as he undoes the button on my pants and rolls them down my legs. His lips press against almost each inch of bare skin.
“Yes,” I moan as Bucky peels my top off and works on unhooking my bra.
“That’a girl,” he whispers against my ear as Steve lifts me by my waist and deposits me on the bed.
“Let’s show our girl how much we missed her huh?”
“Yeah, let’s.”
Permanent: @julyvegan @tenaciousperfectionunknown@mysweetlittledesire @bbl32 @noshame-bb @cece5 @white-wolf1940 @marvelfansworld @jassiejj2118 @sohosteve@sia2raw @honeymarvel @hart-failure @Clints-worldavengers
Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep @marvelatthisone
*if your username is in italics and with a strikethrough, it means I couldn’t tag you for some reason*
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here
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urimaginespimp · 7 hours ago
The Wrong Bait
Bucky x Reader  
You, Bucky, Nat, and Sam are undercover in a Gala. Nat was supposed to be the one to get close to the target, but the initial plan goes down the drain when the target starts hitting on you instead. 
Your role in this mission was simple: blend in with the guests, be on the lookout for Nat’s target, make sure nobody gets hurt. The man wasn’t that much harmless, but he was working with sketchy people.  
This was probably one of your most laid-back missions yet, and it could’ve been taken cared of by other agents, but you, Nat, Bucky, and Sam wanted jumped on the possibility of a fancy night out after a day of pure boredom.
“I don’t have sight on the target yet.” you spoke in a low voice in the intercom.
“Neither do I.”
Bucky and Sam replied at the same time.
The satin floor-length gown you had on was enough to be appropriate for the occasion, and at the same time take your boyfriend’s breath away.
“I told you, quit having those heart eyes or I’ll poke them out.” Sam’s hushed voice came into the device again, confusing you.
“Who are you talking to?” you asked as you moved your way through a busy sea of people chatting along, and you took a seat by the bar.
“Your simp of a boyfriend.” Nat snorted an answer in behalf, making your cheeks burn at the flattery.  
Turning your seat and scanning through the faces in the room, your eyes finally met your boyfriend’s who was standing by the corner in his well-tailored suit, ignoring the unsubtle adoring stares sent his way by other guests.
“I don’t have hearts on my eyes.” Bucky muttered weakly in defense, sending you a shy smile that you mirrored, which of course was seen by Sam from who knows which corner he’s hiding.  
“Don’t make me go over there and smack that grin off you.” Sam threatened, thought you could hear the mirth in his voice.
But because of that little conversation the four of you had, you all missed to note that the target had made his way by the bar himself, and was now sitting beside you.
“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” A deep voice asked you on your side. Turning your head his way, you stared right into the eyes of the man whose picture was flashed during briefing. Curses were heard through your earpiece.  
Composing yourself, you knew you couldn’t blow it. But there was a reason why Nat was the one to interact with the target and not you. And that is the well-known fact that you are bad at flirting.
“I was gonna ask you the same thing.” You found yourself answering with a smile, though you were pretty much kicking yourself now in your head.  
“I am too sober for this.” you heard Sam mutter once again in your earpiece.
However, instead of being put off by your response, the target seemed to find it amusing. “So, I’m a nice girl now too, eh? I guess we nice girls should be sticking together.” he winked at you before taking a swing from his own drink.
A scoff from undoubtedly Bucky, came through.  
“I think I located the secret room. Y/N keep him there so I can get what we need and leave smoothly.” Nat instructed, and you almost let out a groan from frustration.
“You’re blushing.” The man commented, bringing your attention back.
“I'm not blushing. Your face is just so hot that I got sunburned.” you attempted to redeem yourself but failed once again. You winced.
“Wow, you’re on a roll, Y/N” the tone in Sam’s voice implied that he was close to losing it.  
“In a hotel ballroom at night?” the man let out a boyish laugh, shaking his head at you. “Come on, don’t let me deteriorate your confidence.”  
From his reactions so far, this might actually be easier.  
“Uh... People call me Y/fake/N, but you can call me tonight?” you tried to sound confident, but it was evident in your face that you were cringing.
“Keep going, darling, I might just fall in love with you.” he was still grinning at you in amusement.
“Quit flexing, Buck. We get it, you have a jawline.” Sam spoke once again, amused at seeing how hard Bucky was clenching his jaw from across the room.
“I’m about to break this guy’s jaw.” he replied through the intercom in all seriousness.
Clearing your throat, you hope that Bucky will forgive you for what’s about to come out of your mouth next. “It’s working then. I mean I would flirt, but I often seduce men with my awkwardness.” you smiled.
Nat who was being all stealthy in the secret room couldn’t help but comment. “Isn’t that your comeback to Bucky after all those teasing about your awkwardness?”  
“Yep. The very same one that got him to kiss her.” Sam added to her comment.
“I didn’t know you guys kept a scrapbook of our relationship.” Bucky replied in annoyance. “It’s alright, darling.” He assured you, his tone softer.
“I owe you one.” you found yourself replying, confusing the man in front of you.
“What?” He asked.
“I- I owe you a dance!” you quickly excused from mini panic, and pull him to the dance floor. It felt really wrong, especially when the reason you even learned how to dance was also because of Bucky, who has since then gone quiet.  
The man himself was good on the dancefloor, but you couldn’t help getting distracted from your own guilt, when you finally spot Nat by the exit, giving you a nod as a signal that you were free to go.  
“I have to go!” you exclaimed a little too excitedly.
“Why so?” The man before you asked, slightly annoyed.
“I just have two hundred-year-old men at home. They’re kinda traditional and need me home by now.” you reasoned smoothly.
“Two?” he inquired.
“Yeah, people keep joking they might be more than platonic though.” you chuckled and waved at him while already making your way to the exit.
Once outside, you turned right around the corner to where Bucky was already waiting, while Nat and Sam were already inside the car waiting. You gave him an apologetic smile, and was ready to apologize when he pulled you into him and kissed you, almost in a desperate manner.
Pulling away, you saw that there was a glint of smile in his eyes. “You’re not mad?” you asked and he shook his head with a smile.
“Maybe just a little jealous.” He answered.
“A little?!” Sam called out from the car, with the window down. “Get your assess in here so we can go home.”
Before you could reach out the door, your boyfriend pulled you into him once again and gave you a peck before giving you a playful scolding look.
“Don’t think that I didn’t hear what you said about Steve and I, doll.”
Y/N: This is short, but I’ve been having a bad case of writer’s block and just slowly working my way through it. Lol.
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buckysglow · 7 hours ago
Okay, okay last time i ask u... but dad!bucky being soft
Last one for the night! I’m doing them as fast as possible, but send in some more of your ideas and prompts! I’m doing as many Dad!Bucky requests as I can in honor of Father’s Day!
Tumblr media
You checked your calendar once more, sighing when you finally came to the conclusion that you couldn’t go. You turned to your son. His hair was a mess from his long day at school. His cheeks were covered in chocolate from the Oreos you had given him as a snack. Your heart melted at the sight of him.
“Bubbas, I got some bad news...” You said dramatically, making all of the boys stop in their chewing to look up at you. Bucky included. “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to chaperone your field trip to the zoo, Sam.”
Your middle child always seemed to be the most sentisive, so when he dropped his head, your heart ached. You looked at Bucky, quirking an expectant eyebrow at him. He jumped, sitting up straighter, and cleared his throat; Bucky never liked going on the field trips because he found the other parents to be extremely annoying.
“I might be able to go, Bubbas; what day is it, Mommy?” Bucky asked, giving into your stubborn gaze.
“It‘s in two weeks, on Wednesday! You have nothing written down, Daddy, so I think you’re all set to go!” You exclaimed. Bucky feigned his own excitement well and looked at your son with an open smile.
“Dad’s never gone on one of my fieldtrips!” Your eldest whined, crossing his arms over his little chest.
“He’ll try to go on your next one!” You assured him quickly, avoiding Bucky‘s glare.
When your two boys came home from the zoo, they had a slight tan from being in the sun all day.
Sam came running in to greet you, clutching his bag tightly in his hands, “Mom!”
“Hey, bud, did you and daddy have a good time!”
“It was awesome, Mom! Dad got to hold a snake and it tried to squeeze his arm to death, Mom! It was so cool!”
As he spoke fast and breathless, your husband walked in. He had a soft smile on his face as your son told you the story.
“I guess it didn’t like the metal cuz it started to squeeze, but Daddy didn‘t feel a thing, Mom! It was s’cool, you should have seen it. The snake woman was freaking out tryin’ to get it off him.”
You nodded along with your son, eyes wide as he told you. You looked over at your husband with questioning eyes; he just shrugged nonchalantly.
“And then, all my friends,“ he gasped for air as words continued to rapidly fall from him, “kept askin‘ Daddy to lift them up or to let them punch it.“
“Sounds like Daddy was a hit!” You grinned, looking between your boy and your husband. Again, Bucky just shrugged.
“Yeah, Mom! Even my teacher asked to touch his arm!”
“Oh, did she now?” You laughed, eyes narrowing slightly at Bucky.
“Alright, Sam,“ Bucky jumped in, “Why don’t you go wash your hands and get ready for dinner?”
As your son rushed out of the room, you glared at Bucky. He smiled at you guiltily as you placed your hands on your hips.
“Touched your arm, hmm?”
“Listen, baby, I can’t help that I was the coolest parent there.” He joked lightly, pulling you closer to him, ignoring that you stayed stiff.
“Well,“ you laughed, “I guess you’ll be going on all of the fieldtrips from now on then.”
Bucky’s eyes grew wide like saucers, “Oh, please, God, no! I take back what I said!”
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buck-buck-boose · 8 hours ago
I’ll Love You ‘Til I Die
A Mini-Series
Summary: In which Lottie Green makes a vow to James Buchanan Barnes in her childhood. Against all odds, she kept that vow.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1.7k
Author’s Note: Here’s another chapter, lmk what you think :)
Chapter Two: A Visit
During the remaining weeks of summer, Lottie took it upon herself to continue delivering freshly laundered and mended clothes to the Barnes family. Lottie tried not to linger in the tenement, but Mrs. Barnes would often invite her in for a cup of iced tea before she could duck out; it was often a weak cup, but it was tea nonetheless.
“So Lottie, tell me, what grade will you be in this year?” Mrs. Barnes inquired over the rim of her cup. It had a chip in the handle and no saucer to match it, though Lottie adored the pink floral pattern that graced its side.
“I’ll be in fifth grade, ma’am. Though I’m a bit younger than the others; I turn ten on August 25th.” Lottie puffed out her chest proudly; excited to be approaching the double digits in age. She knew that she would receive nothing for her birthday, but she didn’t mind. She’d rather have food on the table every day of the week than a new dress or shoes that she’d probably ruin in a week flat.
“Oh, only five days away,” Mrs. Barnes hummed, “what do you plan on doing to celebrate? It’s quite an important age.”
Lottie tilted her head in thought, scuffing her shoes along the floorboards as swung her legs, “I dunno, I—“ Before she could form her answer, the door to the apartment burst open, revealing a rather disheveled looking Bucky, who had the arm of a wheezing blonde boy thrown over his shoulders.
“Ma! We were in the lot around the corner playin’ ball and Steve started having one of his attacks again!” The larger boy moved to guide his friend to the sofa across the room while Mrs. Barnes quickly rose from her chair, taking the blonde’s— Steve’s —other arm, to help her son.
Lottie quietly observed, a crease forming in her brow. She didn’t know the boy, but she vaguely recognized him; he was the boy usually left to sit aside during the neighborhood baseball games. He was at least a head shorter than his gangly counterpart; really, he was closer to her in height than he was to Bucky. His hair clung to his pale forehead, while his flushed cheeks puffed in and out in an attempt to control his breathing.
Mrs. Barnes turned to her, “Lottie dear, would you wet a rag for Stevie while we try to calm him down?”
Lottie nodded, leaving her chair to rifle through the kitchen drawers for a rag. Once she’d acquired one, she ran it under the faucet and soaked it in cold water. She brought the rag over the sofa, kneeling down so that she could press it to his sweaty forehead.
“C’mon Steve, let’s do those breathing exercises your doc gave you, just breathe deeply like me,” Bucky instructed, taking exaggerated deep breaths for Steve to copy. Once the two had been at it for a few minutes, Steve managed to control his breathing again.
“Oh, and this right here is Little Lottie, the best damn laundry deliverer in Brooklyn,” Bucky added, nodding in her direction. In any other situation, Lottie would’ve been at least a little annoyed with the nickname she’d earned, but with Bucky, she didn’t mind. She took a sort of pleasure in it, knowing that he thought she was special enough to deserve her own nickname. She relished the way he said “Little Lottie” in an almost sing-song voice; as if the nickname was a lyric to a song that he couldn’t quite place.
Mrs. Barnes smacked him upside the head and scowled teasingly, “I don’t know where you learned that language, but you certainly shouldn’t be using it in front of your mother and a young lady.”
Bucky held his hands up in mock surrender, but a smirk never left his face, “Alright, alright Ma, I’ll never do it again. Cross my heart,” and he made a show of solemnly drawing an imaginary “X” over his chest with his finger.
Steve barked out a laugh from the sofa, “I’ll watch out for him Mrs. Barnes, make sure he acts real saint-like around young ladies like Lottie over here,” he then met her gaze with an easy smile, “I’m Steve. Steve Rogers.”
“Nice to meet you, Steve,” Lottie grinned, “Now how’d you end up having one of these attacks in the first place?”
“Well as you heard, we were playing ball in that lot around the corner, and Buck here tried to show off for this little redhead Delores— but he calls her Dot —and long story short, I was the sucker that had to run for the ball when he hit a home run,” Steve explained, giving Bucky a lighthearted glare. Lottie’s heart sank and her stomach twisted at the mention of this “little redhead.” It seemed that she wasn’t the only girl in his life who was special enough to deserve a nickname. It sent her mind racing— how did he say her name? Did he drawl the nickname all slow like he was trying to savor the taste of it? Her eyes were probably a pretty green or blue, to complement her fiery hair. She probably had Mary Janes that fit just right and a dress that didn’t show off knobby little knees.
Lottie was shaken out of her stupor by Bucky nudging her with his foot, as he was standing next to the sofa where Steve lay, and she was still kneeling next to the sofa even though the wet rag she had used for Steve lay limp in her hands. “Little Lottie, Steve here asked if you’ve ever come to watch us play ball. A lotta the girls from school like to come watch,” Bucky said, staring down at her.
She shook her head, “No, my Ma hasn’t let me go that far away from home on my own yet. She’s probably nervous about all the rowdy older kids there.” Mrs. Barnes laughed at that, “As if my Bucky is any better than the ‘rowdy older kids.’”
Lottie shrugged; even her own Ma knew that Bucky had a good head on his shoulders. Most boys his age would tease her on the schoolyard, they were never as kind as Bucky. Her thoughts drifted briefly to her lucky penny tucked into the pocket of her dress and the borrowed handkerchief stored in her beginners’ sewing kit; she’d begged her mother to teach her how to embroider so she could decorate the handkerchief as a show of thanks for his kindness.
“Well you should come to the next game on Saturday, and your Ma won’t have to worry, you’ll be escorted by yours truly,” Bucky offered.
During the remaining weeks of summer, Lottie took it upon herself to continue delivering freshly laundered and mended clothes to the Barnes family. Lottie tried not to linger in the tenement, but Mrs. Barnes would often invite her in for a cup of iced tea before she could duck out; it was often a weak cup, but it was tea nonetheless.
“So Lottie, tell me, what grade will you be in this year?” Mrs. Barnes inquired over the rim of her cup. It had a chip in the handle and no saucer to match it, though Lottie adored the pink floral pattern that graced its side.
“I’ll be in fifth grade, ma’am. Though I’m a bit younger than the others; I turn ten on August 25th.” Lottie puffed out her chest proudly; excited to be approaching the double digits in age. She knew that she would receive nothing for her birthday, but she didn’t mind. She’d rather have food on the table every day of the week than a new dress or shoes that she’d probably ruin in a week flat.
“Oh, only five days away,” Mrs. Barnes hummed, “what do you plan on doing to celebrate? It’s quite an important age.”
Lottie tilted her head in thought, scuffing her shoes along the floorboards as swung her legs, “I dunno, I—“ Before she could form her answer, the door to the apartment burst open, revealing a rather disheveled looking Bucky, who had the arm of a wheezing blonde boy thrown over his shoulders.
“Ma! We were in the lot around the corner playin’ ball and Steve started having one of his attacks again!” The larger boy moved to guide his friend to the sofa across the room while Mrs. Barnes quickly rose from her chair, taking the blonde’s— Steve’s —other arm, to help her son.
Lottie quietly observed, a crease forming in her brow. She didn’t know the boy, but she vaguely recognized him; he was the boy usually left to sit aside during the neighborhood baseball games. He was at least a head shorter than his gangly counterpart; really, he was closer to her in height than he was to Bucky. His hair clung to his pale forehead, while his flushed cheeks puffed in and out in an attempt to control his breathing.
Mrs. Barnes turned to her, “Lottie dear, would you wet a rag for Stevie while we try to calm him down?”
Lottie nodded, leaving her chair to rifle through the kitchen drawers for a rag. Once she’d acquired one, she ran it under the faucet and soaked it in cold water. She brought the rag over the sofa, kneeling down so that she could press it to his sweaty forehead.
“C’mon Steve, let’s do those breathing exercises your doc gave you, just breathe deeply like me,” Bucky instructed, taking exaggerated deep breaths for Steve to copy. Once the two had been at it for a few minutes, Steve managed to control his breathing again.
“Oh, and this right here is Little Lottie, the best damn laundry deliverer in Brooklyn,” Bucky added, nodding in her direction. In any other situation, Lottie would’ve been at least a little annoyed with the nickname she’d earned, but with Bucky, she didn’t mind. She took a sort of pleasure in it, knowing that he thought she was special enough to deserve her own nickname. She relished the way he said “Little Lottie” in an almost sing-song voice; as if the nickname was a lyric to a song that he couldn’t quite place.
Mrs. Barnes smacked him upside the head and scowled teasingly, “I don’t know where you learned that language, but you certainly shouldn’t be using it in front of your mother and a young lady.”
Bucky held his hands up in mock surrender, but a smirk never left his face, “Alright, alright Ma, I’ll never do it again. Cross my heart,” and he made a show of solemnly drawing an imaginary “X” over his chest with his finger.
Steve barked out a laugh from the sofa, “I’ll watch out for him Mrs. Barnes, make sure he acts real saint-like around young ladies like Lottie over here,” he then met her gaze with an easy smile, “I’m Steve. Steve Rogers.”
“Nice to meet you, Steve,” Lottie grinned, “Now how’d you end up having one of these attacks in the first place?”
“Well as you heard, we were playing ball in that lot around the corner, and Buck here tried to show off for this little redhead Delores— but he calls her Dot —and long story short, I was the sucker that had to run for the ball when he hit a home run,” Steve explained, giving Bucky a lighthearted glare. Lottie’s heart sank and her stomach twisted at the mention of this “little redhead.” It seemed that she wasn’t the only girl in his life who was special enough to deserve a nickname. It sent her mind racing— how did he say her name? Did he drawl the nickname all slow like he was trying to savor the taste of it? Her eyes were probably a pretty green or blue, to complement her fiery hair. She probably had Mary Janes that fit just right and a dress that didn’t show off knobby little knees.
Lottie was shaken out of her stupor by Bucky nudging her with his foot, as he was standing next to the sofa where Steve lay, and she was still kneeling next to the sofa even though the wet rag she had used for Steve lay limp in her hands. “Little Lottie, Steve here asked if you’ve ever come to watch us play ball. A lotta the girls from school like to come watch,” Bucky said, staring down at her.
She shook her head, “No, my Ma hasn’t let me go that far away from home on my own yet. She’s probably nervous about all the rowdy older kids there.” Mrs. Barnes laughed at that, “As if my Bucky is any better than the ‘rowdy older kids.’”
Lottie shrugged; even her own Ma knew that Bucky had a good head on his shoulders. Most boys his age would tease her on the schoolyard, they were never as kind as Bucky. Her thoughts drifted briefly to her lucky penny tucked into the pocket of her dress and the borrowed handkerchief stored in her beginners’ sewing kit; she’d begged her mother to teach her how to embroider so she could decorate the handkerchief as a show of thanks for his kindness.
“Well you should come to the next game on Saturday, and your Ma won’t have to worry, you’ll be escorted by yours truly,” Bucky offered.
Mrs. Barnes interrupted the conversation, shooting Bucky a pointed look, “Actually, Saturday is Lottie’s tenth birthday! She’ll want to spend the day with her family, I’m sure.”
“Well when you say it like that Ma, let’s ditch the game altogether!” Bucky looked at Lottie, “Whaddya say to a day out at Coney Island with me and Steve? All special for your birthday.”
“Well rollercoasters and the beach sound an awful lot more exciting than a ball game. My Ma and Pa won’t miss me too much if I go out for my birthday, I’ll just make sure I’m home in time for supper,” Lottie said, accepting Bucky’s generous offer with a grin. She didn’t know Steve too well, but she knew if Bucky cared for him so deeply, he was a boy worth getting to know.
“I guess it’s settled then. Now Bucky, Steve, I’ll put the kettle on for when the two of you would like some tea. I left the teabag that Lottie and I used on her saucer,” Mrs. Barnes said, gesturing at the cracked porcelain saucer that held the reused teabag.
Lottie spent the rest of the afternoon with Bucky and Steve, she sipping on her watered down iced tea from earlier in the day, and the boys drinking their fresher drinks.
She learned a lot about the boys in those few hours; Steve’s passion and skill at art and Bucky’s love of film musicals— that fact made her giggle while he defended himself.
“I don’t care what you think Steve, Eddie Cantor was aces in Whoopee! ”
“I never said he was bad, I’m just sayin’ no one can take a guy seriously when he’s dancin’ around and singin’ like that, Buck.”
“I’m really keen on that song, ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me.’ When Eddie sang it, it was so charming and romantic.”
“Thank you, Little Lottie, glad to know you’re not bumping gums like Stevie over here. We’ve got a taste for the finer things, you and I.”
When the sun began to dip below the horizon, Lottie knew that it was time to go home for supper. She thanked Mrs. Barnes, who was handling a distressed Becca, for her hospitality and bid farewell to the boys. She skipped down the stone steps of the tenement, scraps of sketch paper in hand— the boys had attempted to teach her how to draw with charcoal like they’d been doing in their accelerated art classes during the last school year. She would never be quite as good as them, but something inside of her warmed at the memory of Bucky looking over her shoulder to see what she was drawing.
Tucked between the scraps of paper was a drawing that Bucky had done while Steve was teaching her shading concepts— it was a picture of her and Steve, both sitting on the floor, using a low coffee table as a desk to draw on. Bucky had gotten the shading on Steve’s golden hair just right; his strands reflecting some sun, while her mousey curls hung around her face. Bucky had taken extra care in creating the curls, as they were no doubt difficult to recreate on paper. She giggled at the shape of the nose he’d given her— he needed to do some work on drawing facial anatomy. Looking closer, it seemed that the coffee table in front of her and Steve was in no way proportional to their bodies, making them look like giants compared to the furniture. Regardless, she loved the picture, especially the loopy signature at the bottom of it.
That night, Lottie placed the sketches on her dresser, right next to a mason jar, where she placed her lucky penny. She surveyed her most prized possessions with a look of fondness and sighed happily,
“James Buchanan Barnes, I’ll love you ‘til I die.”
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buckysglow · 8 hours ago
Y’all really be insatiable lmao... but I do love me some dad!Bucky.
Tumblr media
“I asked you three times to clean this room,” You snapped at your oldest. You were absolutely livid at the sight of him, unmoving besides the flicks of his thumbs on the videogame controller.
“And I‘ve told you no three times,” He challenged, not even bothering to look at you. You clenched your teeth. Not this again, nope. You were so tired of raising a teenager. You felt sorry for your own mother, knowing she had to put up with you and your antics and attitude at the same age.
“Noah Barnes, if you don‘t get up and clean this room—“
”Mom, will you just shut up!” He spun in his desk chair, screaming all the while.
You flinched. This was the first time he had ever said anything like that to you. Your mouth floundered as you tried to process what just happened, absolutely shocked at the attitude from your son.
You didn’t have to say anything because a seething Bucky appeared behind you, “What did you just say to my wife?”
Noah tensed, grasping the arms of his chair, “Dad, I —“
“Apologize, Noah,” Bucky growled, teeth clenched like yours were just a few moments ago, “And if I ever hear you speak to my wife like that again, no videogames and phone for a month, got it?”
“I’m sorry, Mom,“ Noah mumbled, “I didn’t mean it.”
You nodded, eyebrows still sewn together, “Fine, just have your room clean before dinner, please, Noah.”
The boy’s head dropped, “I will.“
“I love you... gotta stop being mean to me though, it hurts my feelings.” You smiled softly, kissing the top of his head.
He sighed, a soft smile playing on the edge of his lips, “I know, I just—I died in the game as you walked in... I was just mad.”
“Just don’t do it again,” You nodded, patting his shoulder.
“Seriously, dude, never again,” Bucky warned gently, “That’s your mother, show her some respect.”
You turned to Bucky, a thankful smile on your face. As you closed the door to Noah’s room, you reminded him that dinner was at 5:30.
“Thank you, baby.” You whispered to your husband, pulling him in by his belt. You rested your forehead against his chest.
“I don’t think we will survive all three of them, bubs.” He joked softly.
You laughed, looking up at him with tired eyes. He pressed a kiss to your lips as you spoke, “No, definitely not.”
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Back To You
Tumblr media
The events following the conversation in the plane could only be described as awkward. It only became awkward because all of them knew what Scott had said was he truth. All of them knew that. Hell, even Hope knew that.
As the plane landed they all made there way to a bathroom and swore, as Johnathan lay butt naked, not to tell a single soul about what they knew. Scott called it 'The butt naked oath'. Now that was the easy part.
The harder part was lying to Tony and him. They both had played a prominent role in Y/N's life. Tony was not only her brother but also her guardian from a young age. After their parents had passed away in a tragic car accident, Tony was the only on she had in her life. He was always there for her no matter what and he knew her like the back of his hand. She wasn't able to sneak up cake after dinner when they were young how the hell was she going to lie about this situation.
When it came to laying to him, Y/N could kind of get away with it. They both had known each other for a long long time. She knew that she was a goner from the second she saw him. Of course it took her a couple of years to realise that, but still Buck Barns had here heart from the start. She loved him, she still does. But the he couldn't love her.
"You still with us or are you up in dream land?" questioned a voice in a car.
"Huh" replied Y/N not hearing what had been said.
"I asked whether you were hear with us or in dream land" said Tony. "And your answer just told me that you were in dream land. Did Peter's blabbering bore you?"
"No it's nothing like that. I'm just tired" replied Y/N.
"It's alright kid. I know you are. Just don't do that while standing on top of a stove. Pepper will kill you if a fire doesn't." joked Tony.
"Haha" Y/N replied dryly.
"Oh I'm not joking. New York has changed you." said Tony.
"Yeah whatever."
As they reached the house Tony went unbuckle Peter from his seat while Y/N stood there marveling over her old house.
"Hey why don't you take Peter in and I'll get your stuff" said Tony putting a hand on her shoulder.
"Yeah. Come on Pete, let's go" said Y/N slipping into her baby voice. As she was walking towards the house, she became absolutely oblivious of her surroundings. The second she stepped into the house she was surprised by many people shouting at the same time 'Welcome home.'
During this Y/N being Y/N had managed to be so scared that she fall down straight on her back. Taking Peter down with her. Pepper was the first of all of them to make her way to Y/N, but alas when a child is hurt the mother doesn't see anyone else.
"Oh go Peter" and with that the whole room was making a fuss over where Y/N lay there still on the ground a little shocked.
"You need some help?" said the voice Y/N was hoping to hear a little latter.
"No I'm fine" she said getting up, completely ignoring his hand. Standing up fully she took his appearance in. He looked the same except there was hair on his cheeks, he was still tall taller than her at least, his hair was still shot and messy even though he had tried to set it and his eyes they were still the same shining ocean.
"Hi" he whispered. His voice a little gruff, yet soft.
"Hey" Y/N whispered back not quite sure what else to say. Just as Bucky had opened his mouth, she was pulled away by Natasha and the rest of her friends.
They all stared making conversation with her and hugged her, but Y/N's mind was still on the boy who held her heart. No matter what she will make her way back to him.
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buckysglow · 8 hours ago
I saw your requests are back open! Can we have more dad!Bucky?
Omg of course, you can.
Tumblr media
A splitting head ache, aching feet, tense and spasming back. You leaned over the counter to relieve the pain, forehead pressing against the cool granite. You hummed out in discomfort, hearing your three kids screaming in the other room.
”That’s mine!” Your eldest yelled.
”Noo!” Your youngest screeched.
The other was simply screaming... just screaming.
You knew they were fighting over a toy; they had been doing this with every toy in sight for the last hour. Your eyes filled with tears of exhaustion and frustration.
The jingling of Bucky’s keys had you leaning up on your elbows. You were too tired to open the door for him, so you just stared at the entrance of your house until he walked in. He hung his jacket on the hook next to the door, unaware of your staring.
“Bab—“ He called, only to stop when he saw you. He tilted his head to the side, processing the emotions on your face and the bags under your eyes. You lazily gestured toward the other room. Bucky made the connection. He grimaced at you.
“Boys! Knock it off!” He called, using his deep, scary voice. And honestly... you couldn’t be more grateful for the yelling. Finally, it was someone that wasn’t you. And the terrifying voice seemed to work because your boys went silent. All three of them whispered amongst themselves until they emerged from the playroom, greeting Bucky with sheepish and guilty smiles.
“Hi, Daddy.” They said in unison, and you smiled as best you could at Bucky. He was staring at them with narrow eyes and crossed arms. “We’re sorry.”
“That’s right. Stop teasing one another. Find something else to do.” He waved them away, and watched in silence as they left the room. You proceeded to sink down to your previous position. Bucky made his way over to you, hands immediately finding the knots in your muscles. You moaned quietly.
“Long day?” He whispered. You couldn’t even find the energy to speak, so you just hummed back. “I’m gonna order dinner. What should we get?”
You rolled your head to the side, eyes locked on his. You really hoped he would read your energy and say what you were thinking.
“Pizza,” He nodded, knowing that it was always what you craved when you were exhausted, “Pizza is always a good one.”
You chuckled through your nose, making a lazy kissy face.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m amazing, I know.” He grinned back.
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metalbuckaroo · 9 hours ago
i’m a sucker for fluff, so if you ever need fluff ideas or want fluff request i’m always up for it <3 so maybe #11 and #28 from the fluff prompts :) as always no pressure!
Summary: Bucky has a favorite diner with a favorite waitress
Warnings: cheesy ass fluff
AU: Biker!Bucky x Reader
AN: Not extremely proud of this, it could've been better, but I needed to post something since I've been MIA all day totally not binge watching True blood. I may come back to it one day and rewrite it.
Prompt from this list, requests and asks are always open. Feedback and reblogs are appreciated
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
Every Friday for two months Bucky would go to the same diner at 3pm and sit at one of your tables. Sometimes he'd be alone, sometimes he'd have friends with him.
But, he'd never fail to say something to bring a blush to your cheeks; whether it be a random compliment or a simple wink.
So, when 6pm was creeping up and there hadn't been any sign of Bucky, you were confused.
"Missing your regular?" The cook teased from the other side of the order window. "No." You said breathing a laugh and shaking your head.
The familiar sound of rumbling motorcycles made you look out of one of the large windows, three pulling into the small parking lot.
"Well, would ya look at that." The cook said, clicking his tongue. "I can't stand you." You laughed, cleaning one of the tables.
Bucky followed behind Sam and Steve to the door, dropping his cigarette into the ashtray before walking in.
The three leather clad men contrasted to the light blue booth seats as they sat down, Bucky sending you a cheeky smile.
"You're late, Sarge." Bucky's smile got wider at his title falling from your lips, chuckling lightly. "Miss me?" He said scrunching his nose. "Maybe a little."
His tongue swiped across his bottom lip, blue eyes scanning down you for a moment before he cracked another smile and leaned closer to you. "Let me take you out for drinks."
You cocked your head to the side and raised your eyebrows at him. "Why would I do that?"
"Well, I'm pretty irresistible." He shrugged before sending you a wink. "Tell him yes so he will stop dragging us here every Friday." Steve quipped.
You inhaled a deep breath, looking over the mountain of muscle that had a hopeful look plastered on his face. "My shift doesn't end for another hour. Sorry." You nodded.
"I'll wait, sugar."
Bucky had kept his word, by the end of your shift he had left a generous tip and went outside with his two friends.
"You keep tipping me so well, I'm gonna have to give you a kiss, James." You told him when you walked out of the diner. "I think you owe me a kiss, then." He smirked, shoving his hands in his pockets.
"Let me buy you a drink first."
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mollysolo · 9 hours ago
Dark Paradise - Chapter (nine / ?)
Pairing: bodyguard!Bucky Barnes X fem!Reader
Series Summary: Through out your life you’ve been able to easily get used to many things. Sudden wealth, new cities, affairs, new step-parents, drugs, etc. All of these things were normal for you, your life was pretty normal to you at least. That was until a certain man flipped your world upside down.
Chapter Summary: Tension arises at your fathers funeral.
Warnings: None :))
Word count: 1.5k
Previous Chapter
Tumblr media
Three weeks later, you and Bucky were now standing in front of that damned mirror again.
Your palms sweated as you stared at your reflection, so much had happened in the last month and nothing felt real anymore.
You swiftly wiped your hands off on your dress while Bucky began to spin you around to face him. He looked down at you with concerned eyes and you looked back up at him with nervous ones.
He started to loosely hold your face in his hands, making sure not to get any makeup on them as they remained there.
He pressed a short but gentle kiss to your knuckles, making you giggle as he then he opened his mouth to speak.
“It’ll be okay, doll. We can leave as soon as the service is over, alright?” he assured.
You softly nodded, trying to hold back tears. Noticing this, Bucky got a makeup wipe and handed it to you. You took it from him with another quiet chuckle.
“It’s your fathers funeral, (y/n). I doubt that anyone will expect you to have a full face of makeup on. Especially after all of the things you are going through.” he told you.
“I know.” you whispered with another nod while you took off the light makeup you had applied a few minutes prior.
Once it was all off, you grabbed Buckys hand and began to leave your apartment building with him.
Grieving had been one of the hardest things you had to go through in your life. But, you had to admit it was a lot easier with Bucky right there by your side every step of the way.
—Time Skip: One hour later—
While you approached the funeral home, your body stayed close to Bucky’s. You kept your head held high, ready for anything someone might say to you.
Deep down you knew that people would start judging you and gossiping. You expected it even. You knew the fact that you had fallen in love with your bodyguard would be frowned upon.
You silently sat down with him in the front row of seats. Bucky held your hand in his lap as everyone waited for the funeral to begin.
Your sister walked up to the podium a few moments later, dark circles under her eyes. She looked so tired and numb standing up there all by herself.
You wished that you hadn’t been recovering the past few weeks, you wanted to have comforted her. You could tell that she was suffering more than you ever were.
Which you also expected as she was your fathers favorite and they spent most weekends together, bonding without you.
“Alright everyone, I’m going to give my speech as will my sister, (y/n) and lastly our fathers lawyer will make an announcement. Thank you all for coming today.” Wanda spoke to the small crowd in front of her.
Once it was your turn to give your speech, you couldn’t help but burst into tears. Your sisters speech had reminded you of the happy memories you two shared with your father once more.
Though, you still felt so conflicted.
Bucky stood behind you and kept one of his hands on your back as you got out the words in your speech.
You quietly thanked Bucky as well as everyone in the crowd while you finished your speech and started to go back to your seat.
Wanda flashed you a gentle frown and patted your leg as you sat back down.
‘I’m okay’ you mouthed to her.
‘Okay.’ she mouthed back.
It was now your fathers lawyers turn to speak, you could just see how incredibly nervous he was. And you wondered what exactly was in your fathers will that made him so scared to even utter it.
He quickly cleared his throat before he began to talk to everyone, but more specifically you and your family.
“Mr. (y/l/n) wrote in his will that in the event of his death, his daughter Wanda will take over his business and his two daughters will evenly split all of the money he has in his bank account. Which is currently 20 million dollars, each daughter will get 10 million. There is no mention of his current wife in his will.” the lawyer quietly but clearly spoke.
As he finished speaking loud gasps echoed out across the room.
You couldn’t believe it, even though your father barely paid any attention to you, he still gave you a lot of his money.
Maybe he really did love you and was just quite bad at showing it.
But you had to admit, it felt good to know that your step-mother got nothing. You hated her the second you met her five years ago.
The lawyer tried to make a quick escape from the funeral, but your step-mother stopped him. She stomped her foot on the ground like a child as she glared down at the lawyer.
“You must have made a mistake! He wouldn’t leave me out of his will!” she shouted, still acting like a child having a temper tantrum.
“No ma’am, I did not make any mistakes. You can read it for yourself, he left you nothing.” the lawyer anxiously said.
She snatched the will from his hands and scanned her eyes across the words on the piece of paper.
The lawyer was right, she got nothing.
Wanda scoffed and said to her, “He probably caught on to the fact that you are nothing but a gold digger. He would’ve loved to see us laughing at your pathetic self.”
Wanda smirked as she finished speaking.
You covered your mouth with your hand as you let a loud laugh escape your lips. You smirked as well while you quickly thought of another way to snap back at the woman.
“Wandas not wrong. Did you ever find it weird that he never had any photos of you up around the house or that he never invited you to his galas? He knew you were just using him.” you said, successfully snapping back at her.
“Ugh!” she screamed before she then stormed out of the funeral home.
You and Wanda laughed as she dramatically left with tears streaming down her face. Your eyes met Bucky’s face to see him laughing as well.
“Damn, I didn’t know you had that in you doll.” he said, still laughing a little bit.
“I’m full of surprises.” you said with a bright smile on your face while you stood up from your seat.
Bucky smiled back at you as he also stood up and took your reaction to his comment as a sign that you were ready to leave.
But before you two did, he obviously gave you and Wanda a few minutes to say your goodbyes.
“If you ever need help with the company, don’t be afraid to call me okay?” you made known to your sister.
She nodded in response.
As you and Bucky walked up to your car, you saw Jean leaning up against it. There was a douchey and infuriating look painted on her face.
You rolled your eyes at her as she began to slowly clap and a smirk stayed plastered on her face.
“Wow, making your step-mother cry? I never thought you’d do that.” she sarcastically said, her eyes lingering to Bucky’s face, he looked away.
“Why are you here?” you asked her with an annoyed tone to your voice.
“I thought I’d pay my respects to your family.” she said, now evilly grinning at you.
“Leave, your not welcome here.” you simply said, your eyebrows knitting up with pure rage.
“Alright, but this won’t be the last time you see me, “doll”.” she said before making a theatrical exit.
“Fuckin’ bitch.” you muttered under your breath as you hopped into the drivers seat.
“All she ever does is try to steal the things that make me happy and now that you’re in my life, she’ll try to steal you too. I can’t let that happen.” you told Bucky, your voice becoming subtly shaky.
“Wait, I make you happy?” Bucky curiously asked you, placing a hand on your arm to stop you from starting the car.
“Yes, you do Bucky. You make me the happiest woman on earth.” you answered, resting your hands on the steering wheel.
His arm dropped to his side with shock, he couldn’t believe what you were saying.
He then reached over to you and pressed a deep kiss to your lips. You softly moaned into his mouth like you had the first time he ever kissed you.
“I’m happy to hear that doll. My heart belongs to you and only you, okay?” he replied.
“Same here.” you said smiling at him as you turned the car on.
“Oh and Bucky?” you said, looking over at him once more.
“Yes doll?” he said.
“When we get home, I want you to fuck the shit out of me. I need you and I can’t wait any longer.” you added, your breaths beginning to speed up.
He bit his bottom lip between his perfectly white teeth as his the corners of his mouth rose into a smile.
“Don’t have to tell me twice princess.” he told you.
A warmth pooled in your stomach as you began to drive as quickly as the limit would allow you to.
You needed to get home as soon as possible.
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pietrotica · 9 hours ago
𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 | 𝐛.𝐛.
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : dad’s best friend!bucky barnes x f!reader 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 : 4,215 words 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 :  (  MINOR’S DO NOT INTERACT! 18+  )  teasing, age gap (bucky is late 30s, reader is 22-23?), undefined relationship, praise kink, thigh riding, fingering, oral (female receiving, male receiving mentioned), dirty talk, pet names (sweets/sweetheart, honey, baby/doll), unprotected sex  ( don’t risk it, wrap ya biscuit! ), creampie, cumplay,  𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : the weather is bad and your dad, whose been picking you up after late shifts, is out of town so he’s sent his best friend bucky to take his little girl home. who is bucky to refuse?
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬 :  i really said to myself “hey why don’t u write something small abt this au!bucky” and then it took two days and made my brain melt out through my bad ear. anyway, please don’t reupload, repost or translate my work. i only post on tumblr, so if you see this elsewhere know that it isn’t me. once again, i ask that MINOR’S DO NOT INTERACT! 18+
Tumblr media
“You better be careful, what with this weather” Your boss, Tom, calls as you pull on your jacket, having so graciously offered to finish closing up on his own so you could get a head start to try and beat the worst of the wind and rain. You’re babbling your thanks to him once again when the bell above the diner door gives a jingle, your ride home entering. Your boss is about to shoo him away, telling him that they’re closed but you cut in, “Don’t worry, this is just Bucky. My dad asked him to pick me up, cause he’s outta town”.
“Y’ready, doll?” Bucky calls out with his familiar drawl, opening the door back up and letting a large gust of wind and rain into the diner. You make a point to dart straight out, shouting your good nights and final thank you to Tom as you rush to Bucky’s car, earning a chuckle from the pair. The parking around the diner isn’t that expansive, but it’s dark and you find yourself halting as you look out for it, only for Bucky’s hand to find the small of your back and guide you instead.
You feel your cheeks growing warm, biting at your bottom lip as you make a point to stay in his space even when you spot his familiar car. He even makes it a point to walk you to the passenger side of the car, opening and closing the car door for you before hastily making his retreat to the drivers’ side. Ever the gentlemen, you find yourself thinking as you let go of the breath you didn’t realise you were holding, his touch still hot on your back despite the loss.
When he does get into the car, he offers you a crooked grin (one you’ve come to find endearing and familiar in recent months) before starting it up and beginning to drive. The ride is quiet, the radio crackling in-and-out as it loses connection, not that either of you mind. Given he was slightly handsy as you’d left, you didn’t know how to act all alone in the car with Bucky.
He’s the first one to break the silence as the car pulls up to a stop at a red light, the rain coming down a little harder on the windows than it had earlier. “How come you got your dad driving you, Honey?” Your face burns at the name, turning to face him while there’s time. “My car broke down two weeks ago, can’t afford to fix it until next month maybe. I was fine, but he likes picking me up when it’s closing shifts.” Bucky nods as you explain, his left arm settling on top of your thigh. You bite back a sharp breath, pathetically feeling a thrill go up your spine at more contact before. You make it a point to straighten up before continuing, hoping you come across as unaffected, “I said I was fine while he was away, but he saw the weather report and freaked, I guess.”
Murmuring an agreement, Bucky’s thumb begins to rub small circles on your clothed thigh. “Wanted me to make sure his little girl was safe. Pick ‘er up, take her home, you know.” And with that the light changes to green and once again his touch leaves yours, a pitiful whine falling from your lips before you can stop it.
So this is what’s happening, you find yourself thinking as you clench your thighs together in an attempt to alleviate some pressure. It wasn’t the first time he’s teased you like that, not the first time his hand - far larger than your own - had made its way onto your thigh and roamed. You hardly think your dad would have even entertained the thought of asking Bucky to pick you up so late, to “take her home” as Bucky had said, if he knew how the pair of you had been fucking like bunnies since you’d graduated college and returned home last summer.
But dear god had it been good, truly having hit the jackpot with Bucky and his talented… Everything. You’d developed a small crush on him when you’d come home for the first time after beginning your sophomore year of college and come face to face with him. To say he was everything you weren’t expecting when your dad had been talking about a new friend of his would be beyond an understatement (part of you wanting to march over to your dad right then and there and berate him for not informing you that his friend was so hot). 
He’d been so kind, introducing himself so politely and acting like a gentleman but you’d heard him run his dirty mouth the few times your mom had sent you to pick up your dad from the bar at the weekends. Since then, Bucky had been a permanent fixture in your late night fantasies as you imagined your fingers were his, bringing yourself over the edge with his name on your lips, or as you ruthlessly fucked yourself stupid with a dildo and coming messily as you imagined it was his thick cock filling you.
Truthfully, your fantasies had been fantastic but you couldn’t help but think the real thing was far better the first time you sank to your knees and messily slurped your shared come off of his cock and balls after he’d fucked you rough and hard against the bathroom sink during the 4th of July neighbourhood bbq right before your college graduation, making you watch in the mirror and bite down on his first as he fucked you so deep.
You’d thought it was a one time thing after that first time, fully expecting awkward tension the next time you’d see him. You couldn’t even prepare yourself for the mortification that would come if he confessed to your father, but the next time you’d seen Bucky he’d been so casual, smug. It was like he could see your mind racing, eyes falling every so often to his crotch like a cockslut, making him bold. 
You weren’t sure how but it was like every available opportunity you both had alone, you both ended up coming together. Over six months of memories where you had watery eyes, mouth stuffed full of his cum and cock, pulling off and spitting his seed into your hand as you continued to stroke him. 
You’d been bent over the back of the sofa, summer dress thrown over your back and panties pushed to the side while he ate you out like a man starved - Your friends and family on the other side of the house were completely unaware how your body thrashed as be brought you over the edge with such an impact you’d had to take your time returning to the party. (He’d had a smug grin on his face then, too, as he watched you walk back on wobbly legs, trying to pretend like you weren’t still catching your breath).
And, of course, he’d fucked you good and deep on many occasions - stuffing you so full of his cum before making you pull your panties back on and walk back out like his cum wasn’t staining them. He’d let you walk around in them before coming back later on, fucking you sweetly as you choked out his name and taking the panties home with him before you’d even noticed (asshole).
It wasn’t just sex, at least you’d hoped. You’d see moments in your encounters that made you think there could be more to it, like when he’d let you stay the night after you’d fucked you stupid into the mattress only for you to wake up in the morning to the smell of pancakes in the kitchen and his warm smile as he pulls you to the breakfast nook. Neither of you had spoken about the type of relationship you had, if it was just sex or the potential for something more and you’d been okay with that. 
His hand comes back down against your thigh, sliding under the uniform this time but he makes no attempt at going where you need him most. He resumes the pattern of small circles against the exposed flesh as he continues to navigate the roads. 
A moment later his hand stills, pausing the teasing. “You want this, Sweetheart?” And you know if you said no, his hand would immediately draw away, and instead he’d take you straight home with no issue. Your hand takes his, biting down on your lip as he checks for any sign of hesitance. 
“I want this, James. I want you, please” and with that he resumes, your body igniting once more. He’s got this proud look in his eye, sneaking quick glances while he drives and murmuring a good girl that stutters your racing heart.
How the hell can he focus when he’s teasing me like this? You can’t help but think to yourself as you spread your legs open further, giving him more access that he simply ignores. 
“Buck’ c’mon, please” You break, lip caught between your teeth as you feel yourself getting more and more turned on, core hot and slick pooling in your panties. “You’re okay” He says instead, shushing you as he begins his slow descent up your thigh. You count that as a win, the flesh of your thigh burning where he touches. “You’re doing so good, Sweetheart. So patient” He tells you, though you feel strung out as he says it - focusing on the heavy rainfall hitting the roof of the car in an effort to take your mind off his teasing. So much for acting unaffected, you curse yourself.
You come back to just as his wrist brushes against your hip bone, a loud whine falling from your lips before you can try and stop it. Not that you think he’s bothered about the sounds you’re making, not when he’d complain so often about having to keep quiet when you’d secretly have your ways with each other during events. 
Your experience showed Bucky preferred when he had you at your apartment or his house, where you could make as much noise as he liked. You were inclined to agree, the sounds of his grunts and moaning like music to your ears.
“Please” You try again, sucking in a sharp breath when his fingers toy with the lace covering your cunt. You turn to him, unable to stop yourself as your hips twitch. He continues to skirt around where he needs you most, thighs spread wide and trembling. You’re desperately trying to rock your hips against the seat, the vibrations of the care providing minor relief as Bucky continues his teasing.
He briefly brings his hand back down and soothes the area, gently rubbing and kneading at it while you whine and whimper. You weren’t sure you’d ever been so turned on by, essentially, next to nothing but here you were, dripping against his leather seats while he nonchalantly plays with you.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he said softly, massaging your inner thighs, you feel his fingers snake up and pull your panties to the side finally earning a sharp intake of breath from you. For a brief second he draws his eyes away from yours, a smile etched on his lips before turning back to focus on the road. “You’re doing so good, takin’ what I do and don’t give you like a good girl, aren’t you?” His fingers are so close as you breathe a sigh of relief, happy to finally have his touch. He’s so close to running his fingers through your folds, sinking them deep into your cunt when suddenly he pulls away, turning the car’s ignition off.
You’re sure the disappointment is all over your face as you pathetically sigh, head rolling to the side to look out the window. It takes you a second, the main lights turned off and the room dim, but you realise he’s pulled up into his garage without you even noticing. 
Almost like he can see the confusion in your face, Bucky shrugs. “He did say to take you home” before opening the drivers’ side door and getting out. 
Your legs are shaky as you get out, Bucky once again opening the door for you and crowding into your space as you rest against the body of the car (which is the only thing holding you up right now, you thought).
“You wanna come home with me baby?” He asks, lips meeting the column of your neck and leaving wet kisses on the skin. “You want me to take care of you like you want, gonna make you feel good, Sweetheart.” He murmurs against the hollow of your throat as he sucks and drags his teeth at the skin there, making you whine and desperately try to rock your hips against his clothed thigh to much avail. You feel slick against your thighs, dripping and desperate for something to take the edge off.
Still needy, you can’t help but pull him down into an open-mouthed kiss that feels like he’s consuming you and wrap your arms around his neck in an attempt to pull him that much closer. Now you’ve got your hands on him (his touch roaming as he moans into the kiss) it’s taking everything in you to not tear your clothes off right there in the open garage for his whole neighbourhood to see.
You whine against him once more, the scratch of Bucky’s stubble making you hiss as he continues his work of marking up your neck while you continue to try and ride his thigh. He tsks, pulling away from you and shaking his head.
“Can’t wait anymore, not even to walk across to the other side of this door?” He teases, pointing to the door connecting his garage to the inside of the house. He pulls his keys from his jean pocket, pressing a button and the garage door starts to close.
Your face burns because no, you really couldn’t wait but then he presses a soft kiss to your forehead and gently pushes against the small of your back, hand falling back to where he’d placed it before as he guided you into the house. You make yourself useful, fingers pulling at the buttons on your uniform and shucking it off, your bra hastily following as he closes the door before pawing at Bucky’s shirt while he locks the door with a chuckle.
With a final check of the door handle and making sure it’s locked, he turns and kisses you deeply, pulling you into his space as he makes it a point to finally start touching you like you’d near begged him to in the car. You’re pressed against his wall before you even realise what’s happening.  
“Baby, I need it. I need you really bad” You manage to get out in between his kisses, feeling the hand cradling your face fall to your breast and begin to pinch at the nipple that pebbles. 
Pulling away from your mouth with a line of spit connecting his lips to your red and swollen ones, he bends to take the nipple he’s toying with into his mouth, sucking and biting at it with a smile. “You know ‘m gonna take care of you,” He pulls the hand from the nipple he’s worrying with his teeth and starts teasing the other as your head rolls back. “You trust me, don’t you, Honey?” He looks up at you and watches as you hurry to nod, stammering out your answer as your hand makes its way into his hair.
“Then keep it up, I got you. Gonna make you cum, get you nice and stuffed full of my cum before bed.” He murmurs into your skin, hot wet kisses trailing down from the valley of your breasts to your naval as he falls to his knees at your feet.  “Get you nice and warmed up first though, take care of your pretty pussy now, yeah?” He asks, pressing a kiss into your hip bone earning a strung out whine from you.
Eyes still fixed on you above him, Bucky lifts your leg up and over his shoulder in a familiar movement as he kisses the inside of your thighs. A shiver runs through you as you feel his hands pawing at either side of your hips, pulling your panties down and exposing your sopping cunt to the air.
“Fuck, look at you.” Bucky says, almost to himself as he kisses your inner thighs once more, catching you off guard when he draws his fingers to rub at your bare pussy, quickly making work of rubbing circular motions at your clit. 
“So wet, Sweetheart, all for me? Y’ gonna let me take care of you?” His mouth moves to your clit then as he looks up at you once more, alternating between sucking at the bundle of nerves and gently licking at it. 
His fingers trail down through your folds before they make their way to your core. You hiss as he starts to finally fuck his thick fingers inside of you, gaining a steady rhythm as they curl inside of you. 
“Should’a done this in the car” he grunts out before lapping at your folds, “but you just looked so pretty for me, moaning and dripping on my seats”
His stubble is scratching at the sensitive skin of your inner thighs and lips, making you keen away as he fingers you. He sucks at your clit before gently soothing over it with his tongue, warning you before he adds another finger to the mix.
His name is tumbling from your lips like a chant as you feel his fingers drag against your walls, clenching down on them. “Fuck, sweetheart. You’re killing me” His voice sounds from your cunt, vibrating against it as he curls his fingers in a come hither motion. It knocks you slightly off balance, held up by Bucky’s arm curling under your thigh to keep your raised leg steady. 
Your hand, still grasping at his hair, tugs him away from your pussy with a sigh. His beard is glistening in the low light of the streetlamps shining through the window with the remnants of your juices and you can’t deny it’s a good look. You pull his head back to look up at you, his fingers still fucking you though more slowly. 
“Bucky, baby, I’m ready.” You pout, huffing a breath out. “Need your cock. ‘Promised you’d fill me up, Buck. Need you to fill me up, need you to--” You babble, only stopping when he pulls his fingers out of you and rises to pull you into a bruising kiss. You don’t even bother to whine about how empty you feel, instead moaning at the taste of yourself on his tongue. Your hands fall to his jeans and tug at the waist band, making work of pulling his cock out. Bucky takes the opportunity to shuck off his jeans and underwear too.
“Look at this, Honey. So hard, all for you” Bucky spits into his hand, still slick with your juices before running his fist over his cock. Your own tries to get at it, but he quickly grabs your wrists and pushes them up and above your head. “Don’t think I’ll last if you get a hand on me now, Babydoll.” He’s quick to explain, “Wanna come ‘nside of you tonight, missed getting you to myself”
Wrists still pinned above your head, he continues to fist at his cock to bring some relief (desperate not to cum too soon, God, he wanted to make it good for you) before he licks into your mouth. He gives himself one last stroke before stilling, “Right, c’mon, up” is all he has to say before he’s lifting you up as you wrap your legs around him, your arms falling to wrap around his neck.
He pushes his cock inside at a pace you can only describe as torturous, making you feel every detail of his cock like you’d be quizzed on it later. The veins on the underside, dragging against your walls due to his pace. Eyes pleading with him as your hands are drawn to your own head, tugging at the strands of your damp hair in frustration,  “Bucky, please. Quit playing me around and just fuck me.” you moan out.
He’s close to as far gone as you are, so he hurries his motions up rather than tease you more, his eyes flutter, closing when he’s finally bottomed out. He pulls you into a desperate kiss and starts to steadily fuck into you, making you drag your nails down his exposed back. You feel a slight burn against your own back as your skin drags against the wall - both of you filling in the empty space of his hallway with the sounds of your slapping skin and moaning.
“Honey, you’re so fucking tight. Every. Fuckin’. Time” He accentuates with his thrusts, causing you to bury your head in his shoulder and pant against his sweat-slick skin. The familiar ache he caused from the car ride is blossoming into bliss, your stomach tightening as he continues his thrusts and resumes his work on your clit.
It’s making your eyes roll to the back of your head as your whole body feels like it’s lit on fire.
“Baby, ‘m close. Jus’ like that, yeah!” You keen, the sounds of Bucky’s grunts as he thrusts spurring you on. He’s not sure if it’s from the rain from earlier or sweat but your hair is sticking to your face and Bucky can’t stop himself from brushing it out of your eyes gently with his fingers. He mutters praise as he goes, cradling your face with one hand while the other holds up your position.
He changes the angle of his hips, driving into you deeper and hitting you just where you need him to over and over again. You can feel how wet you are, can hear it in the thrusting of Bucky’s hips and yet, you can still feel more seeping out of your pussy with each slam of his cock.
“Y’close, Sweets? Gotta be, you’re milking my cock” Bucky calls out, hands gripping your ass and no doubt leaving bruises to bloom in the morning. You nod furiously, feeling your orgasm build as he continues to drive into you and brings the hand at your face back down to your clit once more.
He’s rubbing his fingers against your clit, tracing tight circles against the nerves as he continues to slam his cock right against your g-spot and make you wail.
“M’m gonna cum, yeah. Fill you up, Honey, get you all stuffed with my cum until it’s leaking down your thighs. Gonna fuck more into you in the morning, you like that” You can feel his balls slapping against you, heavy as he fucks you. 
“Wanna cum too, s’close jus— Yeah, jus— That—!” Your head falls back as you cry out, feeling the coil snap and your orgasm wash through you as Bucky fucks you through it mumbling ‘Atta girl’ into your skin for cumming down his cock. His own release is close, drawn closer by your twitching walls and velvet heat drawing him deep. He feels his balls draw up and tighten before he’s spilling into you and making you whine, head burrowing in the crook of your neck once more as he grunts.
You both stay for a few minutes catching your breath, your legs barely locked around Bucky’s waist anymore and it’s truly a testament to him that you’re both still in an upright position. Hot breaths on your collarbone turn to a small kiss and a teasing bite, a look of regret painting Bucky’s face - confusing you for a moment - before he lifts you slightly to pull out and settle.
He’s quick to put his knee between your legs in an effort to keep you up, pressing his torso against yours as he lazily kisses you. You feel well and truly fucked out, smiling into the kiss when you felt the corner’s of Bucky’s own lips turn up. His hand trailed back to your sensitive pussy, thankfully avoiding your sensitive bud and instead gathering the cum that had started to drip out as you took your time.
“How about we get you into bed, Sweetheart” He murmurs, kissing and biting along your neck still. He brings his fingers back out from your cunt, pressing the digits against your bottom lip and waiting for you to open. Almost immediately they’re sucked into your mouth, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you clean his fingers. 
“Lemme take you to bed, my sweet girl. You did so good, jus’ wanna hold you tonight, wake up to you in the mornin’ while I’ve still got the chance, yeah?”
Fucked out, you nod pulling his fingers from your mouth spit slick and allowing him to scoop you up and finally take you further into the house and then, his bed.
Tumblr media
Bucky makes sure to send a text to your dad when he’s got you sleeping on his bed, wearing one of his old shirts. She’s home safe, it reads.
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kaunis-sielu · 11 hours ago
You would’ve sworn he was an Alpha. Based only on physical and behaviors that you’ve seen. The way he moves for example, long strides with purpose, each movement is precise and nothing wasted. He’s built like an Alpha, all muscle, large and sharp angled. He’s observant, seems to notice everything and is always aware of a new person entering the space. But when you get transferred to be the new manager of the Avengers you’re shocked to find that he doesn’t smell of an Alpha. Instead he smells like a Beta. Steve, Tony and Clint are all Alphas while the rest of the team are Betas, you are the lone Omega in the room.
You take suppressants which helps hide the fact that you’re an Omega from most people but these aren’t most people and now that Steve has called you into his office after only a week it has you worried sick. You tap on the door and hear him call for you to enter. Pushing open the door you’re surprised to find not only Steve but the surprise Beta Bucky waiting.
“You wanted to see me?” You say softly and Steve gives you a smile.
“You’re not in trouble if that’s what you’re worried about.” He soothes and while that, and his calming pheromones put you more at ease you’re even more surprised to find that it’s actually Bucky that’s putting you at ease.
“I was.”
“No, I just wanted to make sure that you’re feeling okay in this new job. I know we can be an intimidating group, especially for an Omega.”
“I’m not-“ you protest for a second before he stops you with a look.
“You don’t need to worry, as long as you’re comfortable we’re not going to stop you from working with us.”
“How did you know? Most Alphas can’t tell.”
“Oh, I couldn’t. Bucky could.” You blink over at him in confusion. This is the first time ever that a Beta has been able to tell. “So just let me or Bucky know if anyone harasses you or you feel uncomfortable okay?”
“But he’s a Beta?” You mutter and a wave of irritation rushes over you. “No, wait sorry. Let me explain. I take the suppressants and was told that a Beta wouldn’t be able to tell, they’d think I was just another Beta. Occasionally an Alpha would be able to tell but it’s rare so I’m just confused as to why Sargent Barnes could tell.”
“Bucky.” He corrects you and you nod.
“Well, if you don’t want to use suppressants anymore you’re safe not to.” Steve tells you with a small smile, “I know they can make your heats really unbearable.” He’s not wrong,
“Thank you. I’ll think about it.”
“Okay, you’re free to go.” He says dismissing you, and both he and Bucky wait quietly until you’ve left.
“Buck, you need to tell her.”
“I don’t need to do shit.” Bucky growls and Steve rolls his eyes at him.
“If you think that we can’t handle adding another Alpha to the mix you’re nuts. She’s clearly your Omega.”
“What? No she isn’t.” Bucky protests.
“Why else would you still be able to smell her? I certainly can’t. You’re not being fair to either of you if you stay on the suppressants.” Bucky growls at the other Alpha but Steve only laughs. “If you’re trying to prove that we can’t manage you in your true nature you’ve proven yourself wrong.”
“Fine. I think about it.” He snaps and Steve nods.
“I’d hurry, if she’s gonna stop taking hers than she’s gonna have some interested Alphas around.” This gets a real growl out of Bucky and he decides in that moment that he’s going to go off the suppressants and he’s going to claim you. If you’ll have him.
You decide to go off the suppressant as soon as the month is over and the second you do Alphas notice. Some of the men on the tac team are getting a bit too much,
“Come on Omega let me take ya out baby.” Brenden coos and you shake your head. He’s been the most persistent, but his scent really puts you off. It’s almost acidic.
“No thank you Brenden.”
“That’s Alpha to you.”
“No. It’s not. I am not your Omega.” You argue, under his smell is one that’s soothing, it’s a cedar and smoke and coming closer.
“You’re an unclaimed Omega. I’m an Alpha.” Brenden argues backing you against the wall, you feel the rage before you realize who it is that’s so angry. It’s not you and it’s not Brenden. It’s not until Brenden is yanked away from you that the calm settles over you.
“She said no.” Bucky growls and you find your hand clutching the back of his shirt. Since when did Bucky Barnes smell so good?
“Back off Beta.” Brenden sneers and Bucky lets out a snarl.
“He’s no Beta.” You say softly, “He’s Alpha.” You mutter and Brenden laughs.
“Everyone knows Barnes is a Beta.” Bucky goes for Brenden but doesn’t get far with you clinging to his shirt. Bucky freezes and looks back at you with soft blue eyes.
“Let’s just go please.” You mutter but when his attention is off of Brenden the other man lunges for Bucky. Without even looking away from you Bucky catches the other Alpha around the throat.
“Omega. Please go to my room. I’ll be right there.” Bucky says calmly.
“Your room?”
“I don’t want to invade your nest.” He explains as Brenden thrashes in his grip.
“Oh, okay.” It’s very sweet of him to not want to invade your space.
“Really quick,” he takes your hand and scents your wrist. “So you’re left alone. Now please go.” It’s incredible how gentle he can be with you while holding the struggling Alpha. You go, making your way to his room like it’s a path you’ve walked a million times. When you get to the door it slides open without you even needing to touch it.
“Sargent Barnes requested I give you access to his rooms.” FRIDAY informs you as you step inside. The room is cooler than yours, which isn’t a surprise, and his scent is everywhere. His space is bigger than yours, it’s not a studio so you don’t have to worried about his bed being the most prominent thing in the room. You sit down on the couch and wait silently for Bucky to come back.
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