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#loki fluff
bambi-laufeyson · 3 hours ago
I love love love!!! seeing loki explain things with his hands ♡ something tom does aggg what a qt !! 💕
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bri-made-a-mistake · 3 hours ago
i am in desperate need of some loki fluff 😫😖 what if loki keeps messing with and pranking thor just because he knows it makes the reader laugh and he would do anything to see her smile 🥺
Tumblr media
trigger warning for angst (particularly grief), fluff, snakes, and mentions of rats, i should really start putting trigger warnings on these lists just like i do for my full fics but i keep forgetting, i’m sorry
right so building off of this list of headcanons bc i’m too lazy to come up with something else, you’re teenage florist!reader, obviously a lot older than when you first met loki, your relationship is established, but you’re still in asgard
it’s been a lot since your mom passed, y’know? grief is a lot. when you look back on that time, all you can think of is being cold. like you were bathing in liquid nitrogen
you weren’t technically aware of it but you isolated yourself from loki and stopped visiting the royal palace
it’s a paradox. you can’t be around loki or thor bc you feel this indescribable weight when you’re around them, almost like guilt but worse, and you can’t be at the shop anymore bc it’s where you grew up and everything reminds you of her, so where do you go?
both the little apartment and the shop are yours now. you knew this would eventually happen, but not so soon
you still have to keep business flowing so you still order stuff for the incoming summer and try to be there as much as you can, but you’re definitely not there as much as you should be
your evening walks are twice as long now. the town girls talk about you behind your back, they say you walk the length of the valley
resist the hamilton reference
and loki? loki hates seeing you like this
loki said he doesn’t enjoy hurting ppl in the first episode of his series but let’s be real, he also doesn’t enjoy seeing the ppl he loves hurt like this
every time thor brings it up loki tells him to get out of his room lmao
mewling quim
it’s probably bc he’ll never admit it that he has a bit of trouble trying to find ways to cheer his loved ones up bc for some reason all he can (selfishly) think of is his reputation as the god of mischief
but for you? he’s going to try hard
he comes round the shop one day just before you’re about to leave for your walk and asks if you wanna come up to the palace
unsurprisingly, you say no
loki grins at you tho
“wanna see what i’ve got?”
you narrow your eyes, this can’t be good
“what do you have?”
he straight up procures a snake from midair
“i was thinking we go up to the castle, put it on thor’s bed, see how long it takes him to notice.”
you’re trying not to seem scared of the snake. “is it venomous?”
“of course.”
you narrow your eyes. “thor loves snakes though.”
“it’ll make it even funnier, i promise.”
“my idea of funny doesn’t involve dressing snake bites, loki,” you say, and although it’s not stern, it’s also not light hearted either. “i have an order of fiddle leaf figs coming in soon, i have to be here to receive it. maybe some other time, okay?”
loki starts to smile a little, getting hopeful again, but you correct yourself before thor’s health and safety can be compromised. “we’re not getting venomous snakes to bite thor, ever.”
i stg this practically grown man pouts at you
i picture you’re like seventeen in this btw
but he magics the snake away, thankfully
and leaves bc he’s tryna respect ur boundaries
after that he just starts suggesting pranks to you
“what if when thor goes for his morning shower, i make an illusion where the floor is swarming in rats?”
“absolutely not.”
“what if i pretend i’m odin and disown him from the family?”
“that’s not even funny.”
“what if i push him off the bifrost bridge, just for fun?”
“i have a feeling you might throw me under the bus when frigga finds out.”
it’s gotten to the point where thor half knows what loki’s trying to do and he wants to cheer you up as well
but he does, like, you know, actually human things with you
he comes to your village one day and accompanies you on your evening walk, and he gets you to talk about all the cool wildflowers that line the road the farther you walk
he actually ignores the swooning fangirls for once and insists on taking you out for ice cream
and it’s nice, you suppose, you genuinely appreciate him, but the happiness isn’t really substantial enough that you start feeling good about your life again
one day you actually confess to thor how sad you’re feeling and everything, like, how really fucking sad you are, you’re not even sure why you telling him this instead of loki. you know loki means well but he’s actually making you feel worse yknow
and thor, not exactly understanding but dumbly trying his best anyway, listens
and he pulls you into a tight one-armed hug when you feel your vision blur
thor, son of odin, god of thunder, fearsome warrior, future king of asgard, man that makes all the town girls swoon, is actually a really good hugger
does he run home and tell loki everything? yes
“lady y/n is perhaps more upset than we realized, we have to do something!” he cries, not even bothering to keep his voice down bc he notoriously sucks at whispering
“you think i haven’t been doing anything?” loki hisses back, preparing to stab him for the 859723th time
“what would cheer her up, do you know?”
and it’s then that thor and loki decide to form a truce literally just so they can see you smile again
they invite you over to the castle one day and they stage the grandest prank is history, which is…
uhhhh i don’t actually know, use your imagination
but by the end of it??? do you know what you’re doing?????
you can’t even feel it happening, but you’re beaming like an idiot
and when i say a tide of relief floods loki
you start cackling like a witch
“odin’s beard, what was that?”
VICTORYYYYYY thor wants to shout
unfortunately one of the royals calls thor away for something and this leaves you and loki alone
you’re still laughing lmao
“my love, i thought i would never see you happy again,” loki says, and he thinks of it as a risk but he pulls out the sappiness bc you’re finally happy goddammit
“what’s that supposed to mean?” you choke out through giggles, and he steps forward to take your hands in his
“i thought you would avoid me forever,” he says, half seriously, half teasingly.
“i wasn’t avoiding you!” you exclaim, going to tug your hands away from him, but loki hangs on
“then why wouldn’t you talk to me all throughout these past weeks?” he asks you.
this makes you stop and stare, wide eyed, and loki isn’t really sure what to say so he stares back
and it’s the same face hes been looking into for five years ago now but somehow it’s even more beautiful in that moment
“i didn’t want to contaminate something so good,” you reply softly, cryptically.
it’s a bit of a selfish move, but loki’s eyebrows raise teasingly. “you think i’m good?”
“i think you’re a dolt, loki odinson!” you snap back bc you haven’t forgotten about what he and thor just did, but you’re grinning again.
loki frees one of his hands and cups your face.
“you are the good in me, my love,” he says softly. “the only thing i want is for you to be happy.”
you raise your eyebrow. “the only thing i want is for you to stop terrorizing thor.”
loki raises his eyebrow right back, and his voice is even lower as he says, “but what if it makes you-”
you grip him by the nape of his neck and pull him down onto your lips.
loki smiles into the kiss
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nezukomimi · 8 hours ago
We're Better - Zuko x Reader (Angst and Fluff)
Summary: Zuko was your friend since childhood, and you were his. It didn't matter that he was banished, that he was gone for so many months. You and Zuko would always find each other, no matter what.
A/N: I'm writing for atla now so suck on that
Uses she/her pronouns
Main Masterlist
Prompts List
Tumblr media
"He's back. Prince Zuko is home."
You had heard those words last night and they were the only things you could still hear.
You knew it was wishful thinking for him to be half the same person you knew when he had left, but you were counting all of the freckled stars in the sky that he at least remembered you.
You had no affiliation to the royal family nor the palace, so even before his banishment it was rather difficult seeing him then, but now, you had no idea.
You had no idea how to see him; if he even wanted to see you.
Your family never knew of your past friendship with him, so it's not like they could have aided you in any sense.
And so you tried pushing him in the back of your mind. You had been successful at doing so for over eight months, why should now be any different?
Because he's here, your thoughts reminded you, He's alive and he's here.
"I have a secret." It was a quiet and timid voice, unseen to the nature of the world.
"I can keep secrets." An eager voice, laced with novelty. Two bodies sat huddled together under the shade, one holding plums in their hand as the other ate.
The first one seemed to weigh their options, wanting to see if telling the other the truth was going to do any damage.
"You're my best friend." The shy one whispered but the other just laughed gaily.
"You're my best friend too!" She exclaimed and the boy smiled bashfully, their shoes bumping each other as they sat in childlike giddiness.
"Can I tell you something then?" You asked stilly, not wanting to seem like you were mocking him.
"Of course." He replied earnestly, snacking on some nuts.
"Well," You wiggled your feet, your shoulder touching him, "I don't actually know what a best friend is." You were embarrassed to have lied to him just seconds earlier, but he didn't seem to mind.
"A best friend is like a friend but better, or that's what my mother told me. It's like," He seemed to think for a little while, pulling out a handful of nuts from his pocket, placing them on his lap,
"These are all normal friends, right?" He pointed to the almonds and you looked at him confused but he continued, "But best friends are like these," He pulled out two delicately wrapped sweets from his other pocket, giving you one.
"They're better?" You asked a bit more understanding of what he was trying to say, your face blushing as he nodded.
"Exactly," He unwrapped the sweet,
"They're better."
You couldn't sleep.
It seemed like knowing that he was even here was binging back memories you had long forgotten, and not even sleep could help you forget.
You climbed out from your mattress, wrapping a small robe around your night clothes as you slipped some slippers on, careful not to make any noise as you opened the front door, sneaking out of the house that was slowly suffocating you.
Your family lived in a relatively small village of the fire nation, houses were spaced a bit more apart, and you found yourself quite lucky that the back of your house overlooked the vast ocean.
After all, it had been where you met Zuko so many years ago.
You comforted yourself on a big enough rock, smoothing your clothes as you sat down, resting your chin on your knees as you watched the calm waves splash back and forth, the sound comforting your busy mind.
The moon shimmered gently off the water, the soft glow reflecting onto your face.
You felt your heaving chest ease a bit, your tense shoulders letting down as you pressing your chin against your knee, shutting your eyes, letting the calm breeze waft through your hair.
"Is someone here?"
You snapped your eyes open, jumping to your feet as you looked around for the voice.
You looked for anything good enough to fend yourself with and you settled on a large stick, holding it an arm's length away from you, a rock nestled in your other palm.
"Get away, whoever the fuck you are get away and nobody gets hurt." You warned, looking around, still not able to find whoever it was that had spoken.
The person didn't say anything for a solid minute but you still felt their presence, and you waved your stick around, trying to hit them.
The stick and rock dropped from your hand as they called your name.
"Y/n, is that you?"
Air was logged up in your lungs, hands shaking slightly.
"Who is it?"
You heard some shuffling around and you noticed a dark figure, a hood caped over the head, shadowing over their face. You watched as they brought a hand, tugging it down.
"Oh, gods," You almost fell to your feet.
That's what you only seemed to be able to say as Zuko rushed over, pulling you up and bringing you closer to his chest, hugging you so tightly you couldn't recall the last time someone held you like that.
"Zuko," You repeated over and over again and he just hugged you tighter, a careful hand holding your head in his hand, his cheek resting on the top of your head, his pacing heartbeat echoing around you two.
"Hey," You spoke through his robes, your voice slightly muffled. You couldn't say anything else, but that was fine because neither could he.
"Hey," He said, chuckling softly, his grip on your body felt so warm, so familiar that you didn't want to let go.
"Since when did you get so tall?" You didn't know why you were crying and laughing all at the same time, why you felt like for once the universe was working correctly.
You heard him laugh, his thumbs rubbing up and down on your back.
"I've always been tall," Talking to him felt like muscle memory. His scent, his voice, (although it took you a couple of seconds to figure it out), everything about him was the same.
So you pulled out from his hold, looking at him directly, your hands ghosting over the skin of his jaw, too scared to cradle him like you once used to in fear of him pushing you away.
You watched as his once bright and excited eyes looked at you with sorrow and fear, how his bottom lip trembled slightly as he leaned into your touch.
"I missed you," You let out a small sob as his tears wet your palm, and you gingerly rubbed your thumb over the outside markings of his burn and more tears fell, so you brought his head into your neck, hugging his back as tightly as he did yours.
"I missed you more," You whispered and he whimpered faintly as you brushed through his long hair, both of your tears staining each other's clothing.
"I missed you," He repeated as he pulled away, lips hovering over the corner of your eyes before he kissed them gently, "I missed you so much, Y/n."
You led him to where you used to be sitting, scooching over a bit to accommodate for both of your sies, his hand in yours, fingers lacing through one another.
"I feared you had forgotten me," You admitted painfully, sniffling as you wiped your nose, not seeing the horrified expression that set on his features, "I thought that you would come back and," He stopped you, tugging you over to him.
He kissed your forehead, your cheek, your jaw, and the corner of your lips, proving you evidently wrong.
"You were all I thought about," You gave him a watery smile as he pecked your lips, holding your head to his chest, "If not for you I'd probably be dead."
He held you for so long and you held onto him, no words needed to be spoken, only the satisfaction of having each other filling the silence.
"Your words were the only thing I repeated to myself when I couldn't stand," He whispered, "Stay alive, come back home alive." You remembered well uttering those words to him the night before he left, but hearing how much they affected him met so much more to you now.
"And you did, Zuko, you did," You murmured into his neck, watching as small fragments of the hinting sun popped up.
"I'd do anything for you, Y/n," He tugged on your pinky with his, "After all, what sort of lover am I if I can't even keep a simple promise?"
"You'd be my best friend," You told him jokingly and he laughed, knowing you were kidding, "Because best friends are better, aren't they?"
He kissed the crown of your head, his soft lips lingering on your skin. You looked up at him, the small fire in his eyes returning slightly in light of the sun.
"Expect when you love them,"
"In that case, we're better."
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princessayveke · 10 hours ago
thank you
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br4inr0t-g3rard · 11 hours ago
Just some goose game
Word count: 272!
Pairings: Loki x Gender Neutral! Reader
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: cussing
Summary: You have to Go to work and Let Loki play the untitled goose game on your switch!
Tumblr media
Loki and You were sitting on the couch cuddled up, you were just playing on your switch while he was reading a book. Your phone rang from across the room.
“Who is it?”
“Ugh, just work”
You answered the call dreading every second of it, I mean you thought you had an off day today but guess not?
“Pardon me but I have to go”
“how unfortunate.” He frowned
“Well um, can you do me a favor and continue playing my game please?”
You thought to yourself that you could always save but hey, you don’t have time.
“Absolutely” Loki said with a smile.
“Alright thanks! See you later love you” you said rushing out the door.
Loki waved before grabbing your switch.
It didn’t take him long to figure out the gist of the game. And once he realized what it was all about, and holy shit he loved it.
He hooked up the switch to the tv and got all into it.
You came home to hear yelling of excitement.
You quietly sat down next to him to watch him play. I mean you absolutely loved the game too, and seeing how much joy he got over harassing people as a goose gave you endless amounts of serotonin.
I mean you didn’t realized you did it but you started yelling with him.
You watch him play through the whole game until super late, eventually you passed out leaned against him. He kissed your forehead and then passed out too.
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marvelswh0re · 11 hours ago
Can I request a Loki one shot where the reader is super shy and rarely talks to any of the team and Loki comes to stay at the tower and she intrigues him and he goes out of his way to befriend her and only her and she eventually opens up to him and they’re super close. idk if that made sense but just a lot of loki fluff plssss 🥺🥰
A Life Well Lived Is A Life Lived Alone // Loki Laufeyson
Hello! It took me a hot minute to write this (I stared at a blank document for forty minutes lmao) but I ingested half a packet of Haribo Gummy Bears and then I was ready. So here it is, lovely anon, I hope it lives up to your expectations...
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Word Count: 1806
Warnings: Fluff, completely SFW
Summary: Reader feels out of place, then she meets Loki.
Night had fallen, blanketing New York in a sea of darkness and stars. From where you sat; perched atop a squishy, velvet armchair in the library, a book open in your lap, you had a perfect view of the sky. The Avengers Compound had a lot going on at all times; people coming and going, galas every month, a sound system called JARVIS that you were beginning to think wasn’t a sound system anymore because it seemed to have a personality. It was all too much for you, as somebody so used to a reserved, quiet life.
So, when you weren’t cloistered up in your room, you were in the library; in the velvet chair by the window. Every now and then you’d drift down to the gym to train, usually in the middle of the night so you wouldn’t run into anybody. It’s not that you didn’t like the Avenger’s, and you were endlessly grateful for everything Tony had done for you, it was just that even in a room of equally extraordinary people, you still felt out of place. And though you were still polite, speaking when spoken to, offering smiles in greeting, nobody ever really caught your attention. Nobody ever stuck. Except Tony, because Tony Stark made himself stick.
Nobody ever really stuck.
Until tonight.
Midnight had long since passed and all was silent, the sun would begin to rise in a few hours but you didn’t care, too lost in the words on the slightly yellowed pages. There was one line in particular that you kept going back to, though. Swearing to yourself that this would be the last time because you needed to turn the page, you allowed yourself to indulge in the quote one last time:
“He existed only in her head, but she felt him everywhere. And in the dying candlelight she saw him in the shadows, and her heart cried for it knew that it would never feel his touch, nor hear beautiful words drip from his beautiful lips like dandelion wine. His tears of ichor would stain her dreams for centuries.”
With tired eyes, you closed the book, wanting to hold onto those words for the night. Tracing the title with your finger, you turned your gaze to the window. The stars had begun to wink out, disappearing one by one in preparation for the dawn that was still a couple of hours off. Part of you wanted to stay right there, curled up in the chair, watching the stars go dark as you waited for the splash of golden to break the horizon. But you knew you should at least try to get some sleep.
The creaking of the door opening pulled you from your haze before you could get up. Turning, you watched in silence as a man with dark hair slipped into the room. Wearing all black, if you hadn’t known any better, you would have presumed he was trying to rob the place. But you’d seen this man before, he’d arrived at the compound a few weeks ago, and he went by the name of Loki.
His feet were silent against the floorboards as he crept along one side of the room, peering at the hundreds of books on the shelves, reading each individual title.
“Come on, come on,” he whispered to himself, “give me something good.”
He turned around then, ready to move to the next line of shelves, when he spotted you and froze; like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
“Hello,” he said, shoving his hands into his pockets.
“Isn’t it a little late for you to be here?” There was something in his voice that itched at something in your mind. It was clear and eloquent, and he seemed to shape each individual word with care as it spilled forth from his lips. You imagined what it would be like to hear him read aloud.
“I lost track of time,” you admitted, holding up the book so he could see the cover.
Loki huffed a laugh, his gaze dropping to the floor briefly before lifting to meet yours once more.
“That’s good. The losing track of time, I mean.”
“Um, how so?” You were ready to leave, but now he’d drawn you in with his odd musing. And he was the only person, in the whole six months of your time at the compound, that you’d seen in the library. Maybe that’s why you weren’t trembling as you spoke to him; because he was like-minded and, considering where he was at this hour of the morning, maybe a little out of place.
“I read somewhere that ‘time is not kind to those who一’”
“‘一notice it passing.’ Sir Warwick Ashwood’s ‘The Ultimatum of Man.’”
Loki nodded, secretly wondering why he hadn’t sought you out sooner. He hadn’t heard much about you from the others, purely because nobody seemed to know that much about you. But when Tony had mentioned you in passing after picking up a book he presumed you’d left out, grumbling about how you rarely left the library but when you did the books would follow, Loki knew.
He knew that there was one person in the damned compound that was worth talking to.
Too lost in his thoughts, he hadn’t noticed that you’d left. But there was a book in his hands, the one you had been clutching moments ago. Smiling to himself, he opened the book to the first page, sat down on the floor, and began to read.
Over the next few months, Loki seemed to go out of his way to find you. Ever since that morning after you’d given him the book, when you’d entered the library and found him with dark bags under his eyes but a smile on his face, the book still open on the last page, you’d known that maybe, just maybe, Loki might be the kind of person to stick.
After a handful of reading sessions where the two of you sat on opposite sides of the room in comfortable silence, basking in the peace of the library with only books and each other as company, Loki had become something… Someone to you?
As time went on, Loki got closer every time you would read together. One day he’d be at the desk by the wall, the next at the table amid the stacks, until one day you arrived at the library and there was a second velvet armchair next to yours.
And that’s where you found yourself on a Wednesday evening in late January, a mug of hot chocolate in your hands that Loki had made after swearing that it would be the greatest thing you’d ever consumed. Loki sat in his armchair beside you, his own mug balanced precariously on the armrest, head bowed over a book. Strands of hair fell in his face that he had to keep brushing back, his gaze never leaving the pages. You had a book open on your lap, but you hadn’t looked at it for quite some time.
“Okay,” Loki said, clearing his throat as he turned to you. “What’s a quote from a book that really spoke to your soul?”
You took a sip of your hot chocolate as you tried to think of an answer; a few came to mind, but some were too personal to share.
“This is hard,” you muttered, tugging desperately at your memories to try and bring something forth. Something worth sharing. Chewing on your bottom lip, you set your cup on the floor beside the chair with a soft clink.
“Don’t read into this, okay, but it’d probably have to be ‘I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind.’”
“Edgar Allan Poe, of course.”
“What’s yours?”
Loki didn’t even have to think about it, instead he leaned forward to set his elbow on the armrest, letting his chin balance atop his fist.
“‘A life well lived is a life lived alone.’”
“Oh, wow. Are you, like, okay?”
Loki laughed, and you couldn’t help but crack a rare smile.
“I’m fine, darling. It’s my favourite quote because it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.”
You balked at the term of endearment, silently cursing yourself as you felt warmth creep up your neck. Loki hadn’t seemed to notice though, it’d probably just slipped out by accident.
“It sounds poetic, and it may be the perfect thing for a forlorn philosopher to proclaim as he’s in the inescapable throes of a breakdown, but it’s ridiculous. Everybody needs somebody, at least one person, in their lives. Because I feel that a life lived alone is a life not properly lived.”
“It’s up to interpretation,” your voice was barely a whisper.
“It is, all literature is. What’s your interpretation?”
“Well, I don’t know the full context, but maybe, what if the author was trying to explain that solitude is safety? What if it’s a defence mechanism? Protection, to a certain degree. What if being alone is the only way to guarantee that the only person that can hurt you is you?” You didn’t realise you were ranting until you paused to take a breath, feeling the sting of tears welling in your eyes. Blinking them back, you stared down at your hands, picking at your fingernails.
“That’s… That’s an awful lot of what if’s…” Loki whispered. You didn’t move as you heard the chair creak, and you didn’t move when you saw Loki out of the corner of your eye, crouching down beside you. His hands closed around yours, warm against your skin, and you closed your eyes.
“Look at me,” he said. “Please, look at me.”
You did, internally cringing at the tear that slipped down your cheek.
“This is why people shouldn’t go through life alone,” he reached up, wiping away a fresh tear that threatened to fall with the pad of his thumb. He tucked your hair behind your ear and, despite yourself, you tilted your head into his touch.
“Because otherwise there’s nobody to pull them back when they’re spiralling, and I think you’ve been spiralling for a long time. I think that you’re lost somewhere between what was and what will be, and I think you blame yourself for it.”
You nodded before you could stop yourself, taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling, trying to calm yourself down.
“Don’t,” Loki almost pleaded. “Let me help. Let me help you. There’s only so much safety in solitude.” Loki was on his knees, pulling you forward until your forehead pressed against his.
“If you want it, there’s safety with me.”
And you saw it all spread out before you then. There was somebody that had stuck, and the loneliness seemed escapable now. Lifting your hand, you pressed your palm against Loki’s cheek,
All book quotes, except the Edgar Allan Poe one, are mine so please don't steal them lol. (Warwick Ashwood is not a real person, that quote is also mine.)
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arcticana13 · 13 hours ago
*⁀➷ Cosmic Lover *⁀➷
a Loki Drabble
TVA worker falls for the newest Variant
Tumblr media
I think she always knew there was more to this existence than a desk and caring for time. She knew there was more to her than this. Of course she never spoke of the doubts she had in fear of being killed off like anyone who steps out of character has.
It was until Loki. When he came running to her desk and hid under it. “ Hey what are you doing?! “ she asked as she hurriedly started picking up the paper work he had made fall all over. Paperwork involving him of course, she was in charge of making sure all Variants were counted for. “ Shhh!” was all he said and pulled her down with him. The yank was unexpected and she fell a little too close to him. She had never been this close to anyone. She felt his breath on her face and saw the blue of his eyes. “ I’m sorry, truly I am but I need your help “ he whispered. She raised an eyebrow “ And how could I possibly help you?” She knew everything about him. Well everything that was written of him. She had studied him like so many other Variants but he was special because he too was stubborn. Too stubborn to accept his reality. The difference is she never let anyone know. “ I need to get out of here but you must come with me “ he said in a hush as others walked by not noticing the whole ordeal. “ What?! Leave are you crazy! I don’t even know you and you’re a criminal!” she screamed. Loki put his hand over her mouth. “SHUSH!- you of all people should know I’m crazy I mean darling all you do is read my files “ he said with a wink. Her face turned red and she pushed his hand away . “ Why would I want to go and most importantly why would I let you escape let alone help?”. Loki looked at her intently. He had watched her while under the TVA. Seen how she stood out of every moron in that place. She’d be caught looking away from her work probably daydreaming. She had eyes so dark they seemed like dark holes he’d seen in space. And hair as pink as the flowers in Asgard’s gardens. He sensed she had the same doubts and longings as him. “ You’re just like me and I can show you just what you’ve been missing out on “ he said louder this time. A little too loud since they heard the guards coming. She stared at him and looked around the mundane room and the fluorescent lights flickering. She felt the dread in her chest. She didn’t know Loki not really and she knew the importance of the TVA and the role she played. But she also knew how she longed to not only be alive but to live. So she opened a portal, stood up and reached out her hand to Loki. His wide eyes stared at her hand for a second, processing what was going on. “ Come on then, take me away “ she said with a wide grin. He let out a small laugh and took hold of her hand. “HEY. WAIT DONT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” the guard yelled as she helped Loki up from the ground. Loki took her from the waist and looked at everyone in the room. “ I’m awfully sorry for this, but it seems this one will be retiring from her job until further notice” and with that he pulled her along with him and ran through the portal.
And so it seemed she and Loki explored the stars. Rewrote them. For they were never destined to meet. Let alone fall in love. And it all went against destiny. Which excited Loki but terrified him. How unfair that the woman he loved wasn’t meant for him. He’d hold her closely as everyday passed in fear they’d take her away. And she felt the same. She would sink into his arms and count his heart beats. They had found a lonely planet and they had found comfort in the cosmic skies of purple above them. She sat in the comfiest spot she could find and got lost in thought. “ No matter how far I take you, you always seem to think and think and look back” Loki said as he walked up to her. She smiled. “ Loki, I’ve never had much to lose, and now it seems I have everything to lose. I didn’t expect this, I didn’t expect you. Everything has its consequences I know it more than anyone. And so do you. It seems selfish to save ourselves and let others perish.” He sighed at her words, sat next to her and looked up at the sky. “ I’ve never belonged anywhere. So it seems I’m not meant for much but to help others grow because of my failures. And you, you were just a beautiful woman meant to rot behind a screen and paper work. It is selfish. But I have every right to be selfish, to want you and to want this” he said as he grabbed her hand and held it up to his chest. “ Aurora, you were named after a sunrise for a reason. You are my light, I’ve been in the dark for too long and it’s too much for someone to ask but stay with me.” Aurora gripped Loki’s hand and smiled at him as a tear slipped down her face. He was still in the dark, so she stayed in the dark with him
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arcticana13 · 14 hours ago
Okay a fanfic where you work for the TVA and it’s all you’ve known then Loki comes along and you fall in love and now y’all both breaking rules exploring the universe
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hiraethmaximoff · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I'm made any mistake.
"Be free, my horned-friends, be free!" - You laughed when you saw Loki so elated by the end of the world, Mobius kept denying with the head while looking at actions of the god of mischief, but you found it funny, that was his nature, mischievous, and you liked it.
"Come on y / n, we have to free the other goats" Loki said before taking you by the hand, you looked at Mobius, it's supposed you was here for job not fun
"we can't have fun when these people are going to die" you whispered
"Oh, of course we can" he assured without letting go of your hand "I'm here to teach you to have fun, it's incredible that you didn't know what a fish is" you laughed at the memory
"Well, let's cause chaos Loki" you muttered amused, you couldn't see it 'cause you were looking at the goats but Loki looked at you with adoration when you said those words, apparently you were teaching him things that Loki had never felt:love...
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earlgreydream · 16 hours ago
star crossed.
| loki x reader | fluff |
anon requested. Loki with princess!reader, who he is trying to courting and she is so very in love with him (and maybe she has been since they’ve known each other) but she isn’t sure that her father will approve of the marriage but that doesn’t stop her from coming into his room at night
Tumblr media
Loki was bored. Impossibly, insatiably, devastatingly bored.
Thanks to Odin, Loki was stuck in the third week of courtships at the palace, seeing women who were falling at his feet, trying to win his affections. He was sick of it, and he’d aggressively protested against his father, who insisted he needed a wife.
Loki did want a wife, but he only wanted you. The two of you had been sneaking around far longer than the length of courtship— one you weren’t allowed to participate in.
Your father was disapproving of Loki, he wanted only the best for the princess, and the god of mischief didn’t meet his expectations. Because of your parents, you and Loki had to keep your love a secret, sneaking around the palace and the kingdom, always looking over your shoulders.
The two of you had fallen in love during your studies in Asgard, tutored in another wing of the castle. During some exploring, the two of you had met, and started spending time together in secret. You found that you had much in common with the mischievous god, and you were caught in star-crossed love.
“Y/N!” Loki whispered, appearing in his room. You jumped off the lounger and ran to him, throwing your arms around his neck.
He squeezed you tightly, burying his face in your neck.
“I’ve only got a few minutes. I’m sorry, my father is truly a bastard.”
You laughed, stroking your fingers through his curly hair. You kissed his cheek, prying him from your body.
“It’s okay. Can I come to you tonight? After all of this?” You asked.
“Always, my love.” Loki’s hands cradled your face. Your laid your hands over his, smiling up at the young god.
“Don’t kiss any of those other girls, Lo,” you teased, earning a scoff.
“Never… I wish you could be there.”
He pulled you into a kiss, his hand resting at the base of your spine, pulling your hips to his. Your arm hung around his neck, dragging him down to meet you.
“Gods, I adore you,” you breathed, your lips brushing his as you spoke.
“Not as much as I, you,” he smirked, running his tongue lightly over your lips before pushing inside, swallowing your soft hums of happiness.
“I want you forever. I wish I didn’t have to go entertain harlots.”
“Loki, don’t call them that,” you gently swatted his chest, squealing as he grabbed you and flipped your back against him, caging your body in strong arms.
“Master Odinson? Are you alright?” A servant called from the hall, hearing your squeal.
Loki’s hand went to cover your mouth, holding you tightly against his body. Your eyes widened and he gave you a look.
“I’m alright, it was the cat,” he lied, slowly releasing you.
“You best be out of here. My father will come for me if I don’t return to the courting. I’m sorry my love, I’ll join you later.”
You sighed, leaning back against him.
“Later, then?”
“Later. Come tonight, and you’ll have my full attention, my little star,” he kissed your cheek.
“You seem distracted.”
Loki turned to glare at Thor, shaking his head and swallowing down a drink.
“Who’s caught your eye, brother? I know there is someone, they’ve made you less insufferable. Clearly none of the women here though…” Thor mused, and Loki nearly dropped his glass in shock.
“You’ve been following me.”
“No, I’m only perceptive. So there is someone.” Thor was grinning, pleased to have out-witted, Loki.
“She’s unattainable. Her father doesn’t approve of me, so she isn’t here, courting,” Loki muttered, taking another swallow.
“So, her father doesn’t approve. You’ll be a king, Loki. Take your girl.”
Loki smiled at his brother’s sudden ferocious support. Thor was often on his nerves, but now he was thankful for his presence.
As the partying died down, the last of the heartbroken women being led out in tears, Thor occupied Odin so that Loki could slip away, unnoticed.
Loki crossed golden hallways, practically running back to his chambers. He slid through the doors, letting them close heavy behind him. The lock fell into place, enforced by magic, ensuring the privacy of your evening.
Loki saw you then, standing out on his balcony, the breeze blowing through your dress and wisps of hair that had fallen loose from its ties.
Your fingers rested on the balcony railing, and you were admiring the kingdom from above, radiant in the soft twilight. You looked stunning, and he admired you from the doorway.
“Y/N,” he finally caught your attention.
“Hi,” you broke into the softest grin, turning to face him.
“I’m yours. Entirely.”
“My prince.” You ran your fingers over his sharp cheekbones, along the raven edge of his hairline.
He wrapped his arms around your body, keeping you close. You nipped gently at his bottom lip, giggling as he growled against your neck, moving down to press kisses along the column of your throat.
You titled your head to the side, allowing his lips to explore your skin. A small sigh escaped you as he found a sensitive area, lightly sinking his teeth into your skin.
“Loki,” your voice rose several octaves, fingers clawing at the silk that covered his shoulders.
“We’ll be seen out here,” you reminded, and Loki broke away, pulling you inside.
He left the balcony doors open, letting in the pleasant night weather. He shimmered for a moment, left in only loose pants, showing off his broad chest. You smiled, admiring him from where you sat on the edge of the bed. 
“You’re staring, princess,” Loki smiled, and you nodded, not about to deceive the god of lies. 
Your laughter rang through his chamber as he dragged you onto his lap, pulling you to straddle his waist, pushing your skirts out of the way.
“There is no one else but you.”
He pulled you into a kiss, his lips melding against yours. You tasted him, wine and sage and something more. He engulfed your senses, surrounding you with his presence and himself and making the rest of the world fade away. Nothing could reach you, you were drowning in him, and he was losing himself in you. It was right, and it was perfect, and you were complete with Loki. 
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quicksilverownsmysoul · 16 hours ago
Loki fanfic where he goes to a petting zoo and pets all the goats 🐐❤❤❤
Horned Brothers
Tumblr media
You and Loki were out for a drive, he was starting out the window, you saw his head pop up. He starring at the billboard advertising the local petting zoo. He turned to face you, clearing his throat as he asked you to take the next exit.
You glanced at the billboard and smiled when you saw the goats front and center, you knew what he wanted. But he was too proud to admit it, you suppressed your giggles and did as he said. Pulling into the small petting zoo entrance.
Loki didn’t even wait for you to park, he jumped out of the car and began to take long strides to the entrance, a look of pure concentration on his face.
Everyone moved out of his way, wondering what business someone like him had a children’s petting zoo. You managed to park and began to scan the place for him.
You found him exactly where you expected he would be. Standing in the middle of the goat corral, having an in-depth conversation with a goat as he fed them pellets from his hands. “Yes yes.” He said to one of them. “I know it was genius. I don’t have any idea how my conquering of New York failed.”
The goat just blared in response, nodding its head as if it understood. All the goats surrounded him and he smiled at them, squatting down to their level.
He petted them all, running his hands over their short hair, smiling as he did so. He laughed as one of them attempted to nibble on his tie. You moved closer to him squatting down beside him.
He gave you a smile and turned back to the goats continuing his conversations with them. Asking them questions and nodding as they screamed out an answer. You took out your phone and snapped a couple pictures of him with the goats.
He referred to them as his horned brothers, you guys stayed until it was time for the petting zoo to close. As you were led out of the corral Loki turned back, leaning close to the herd of goats that followed him to the exit. “I’ll be back for you my horned brothers. Freedom is closer than you know.”
“You’re not planning on setting the goats loose are you?” You asked him on the ride home.
He scoffed arms crossed. “Of course not. I’m planning on bringing them home with us.”
“Watch me.”
“.....Can I take one home?”
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tripleyeeet · 17 hours ago
hi it’s actually wednesday and i actually have time to write so here’s a preview of my next loki fic for @elijahs-wife’s writing challenge!
“Very stupid, actually. Momentously stupid. Almost stupider than me agreeing to come to a wedding with my ex boyfriend who also happens to be my coworker.”
You’re not sure why you tell him; why your mouth just falls open and the words sort of spill out like they’re nothing, but they do and at that point his interest has already peaked and his brows are rising upwards at the same time a small scoff of disapproval falls from his lips. 
“Ex boyfriend and coworker? Are you mad?”
“Maybe,” you cringe, trying your best to ignore the unfortunate recognition; your face scrunching up to reveal clenched teeth and wide eyes. 
Chuckling, he leans towards you in his seat, casually resting his elbow against the headrest. “That’s quite the trek, from coworkers to friends to lovers to—“
“Oh, we were never friends,” you correct, feeling another wave of embarrassment rush through your system once you realize that you could’ve just left it that. He doesn’t need to know the timeline of your dating history. 
“So lovers was the start of your journey?” he muses. 
“I guess so, yeah.” 
“But that ended once you started working together?” 
Pressing your lips together tightly, you wonder then how weird it would be if you just left —if you just unlocked your car door and got out and left without another word.
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agentofbarnes · 17 hours ago
i’m absolutely in love with ur Loki and princess au 🥺💕 imagine the princess and her daughter getting ready for a gala, Loki is watching from the door in awe and his heart is so full of love
loki’s ladies — loki
au : princess and the prince
Okay, last one for this Wednesday! I’ll continue with MW requests next week! Much love!
Tumblr media
Loki Odinson was by far the most distracting person to get ready with. For one, he was already dressed, but it was his beautiful wife and daughter that he tended to distract.
Asta was by far the most distracted, wanting to be held by Loki the entire time. You had Loki leave the room while you did her hair and got her completely ready. It was only when you were starting to dress that Loki reappeared in the door way.
You were glowing with love, watching Asta twirl around in her golden dress with green accents. The dress the adorned your body was dark emerald green, matching the golden tiara you were set to wear this evening. It was reminiscent of the horns Loki often wore, which he’d be wearing for the night’s occasion.
Loki can’t help how his heart swells at the sight of you and his darling daughter giggling together while you put on different jewels and accessories.
You carefully picked up the golden tiara, and that’s when Loki stepped forward.
“Allow me, my love,”He insisted, taking the delicate treasure and placing it gently on the soft locks of your hair. You look into the mirror, smiling sheepishly with your husband standing tall behind you.”Absolutely breathtaking, just as you were all those years ago, my love.”
You turned to him with a blush creeping on your cheeks,”And you are just as charming as ever.”
He shared a brief kiss with you, breaking from your lips when Asta pulled at his sleeve. She looked up at you both, making grabby hands at you.
Loki chuckled, picking her up in one arm and wrapping the other around you.”Is that better, littlest love?”
“Yeah,”She sighed, hugging both of her parents tightly. It made you giggle, kissing her cheek while she paid with the jewels on your neck.
“Are my ladies ready?” Loki asked with a tiny smirk,”I believe all of Asgard is waiting.”
“For us?”Asta asked with a big smile.
“Well, you are the most beautiful girls in all the nine realms, can you blame them for wanting to be graced with your presence?”Loki kissed her nose gently.
“As much as I love Asgard, I think they can wait, these beautiful girls want to cherish their time with the most handsome man in the nine realms,”You winked, leaning forward to rest your head on his shoulder. You both liked this little family you had created, and if it were up to you, you’d stay like this forever.
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