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that-one-queer-poc · 4 minutes ago
shirabu gives semi one of his stim toys as a sign of affection
he’s blushing while he does it too, holding it out like a schoolgirl would hold out a box of chocolates or a love letter, stuttering and everything
(semi is amused at first but then gets soft when he understands)
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happy-shadow-thoughts · 5 minutes ago
Matchup Event!
ive wanted to do a haikyuu matchup event since forever so i’m finally doing it! below are the requirements:
Appearance match up:
send me a picture, drawing, or detailed description of yourself and i’ll match you with 2 characters. if you don’t want your photos to be posted let me know and i’ll screenshot the ask without the photos or send the photos in a different ask or dm them to me. please tell me your gender preference and any characters you don’t want to get. i’ll also write a short drabble for each character you’re matched with.
Personality Matchup:
tell me your mbti personality (if you know it), your zodiac sign, a detailed description of your personality, your gender preference and any characters you don’t want to get. you’ll be matched with 1 character and i’ll make a 3x3 moodboard and write a small drabble with that character.
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lazychickensoup · 9 minutes ago
𝑇𝑒𝑡𝑠𝑒𝑟𝑜𝑢 𝐾𝑢𝑟𝑜𝑜 𝑥 𝐹𝑒𝑚𝑎𝑙𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠- 𝑔𝑟𝑜𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑔, 𝑙𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑢𝑎𝑔𝑒
Tumblr media
I aggressively enter my key to unlock my house. Once I step in and throw my stuff down and walk into the kitchen to make some comfort food. My coworkers have been absolute assholes today. I have only been working for a sports magazine in the volleyball section for a week and I am already getting bombarded with tons of misogynistic calls and groping. It’s ridiculous that we still have to go through stuff like this.
“Babe is that you?” My husband pokes his head into the room and beams up when he sees me. He’s was honestly the only one keeping me sane right now. He comes up and slaps my ass fueling me with more anger as memories of my coworkers doing it flood my mind.
“Stop Tetsurou, I’m not in the mood.” I exhale gripping the counter.
“Aw, why not. Did you have a bad day at work?” he comes up to hug me but I push him away. He stands there confused with his arms out. I usually always lay in his arms when I’m stressed but I just really don’t want to be touched.
“Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.” I decide to start dinner. Opening the cabinets I see that our pots were missing. Looking to the sink it was full of dishes from the past two nights. I walk over and pull up my sleeves getting ready to wash them all. “You really couldn’t have done the dishes today, or helped clean up at all? You have been home for two days doing nothing but sitting on your ass.”
“Woah just because you had a bad day at work doesn’t mean you get to come home and take it out on me. You are the one who usually does the cleaning so I just left it for you.” I drop the dish I was holding, it shatters into tiny pieces on the floor. “Babe what the hell.”
“No- No Kuroo. What the fuck. You have been home from your practices for two fucking days. You could have done something to help out. Anything. No, you had to wait till I got back from my 12-hour shift after being harassed all day and just say ‘you can do them’. That’s not how this works. You are gonna do these damn dishes and make your own dinner tonight or go to bed hungry. I’m so fucking done.” I walk into the bedroom and start to strip, putting on some comfy clothes and take off my makeup. I hear the door click shut ignoring the other body in the room I grab my laptop and sit in bed. Typing away on an article I’m supposed to finish I feel the bed dip beside me.
“Y/n…” I still pay no attention. He shut the laptop pissing me off more.
“What Kuroo I-” I turn to him and his eyes were filled with tears. “Are you really crying because I told you to do the dishes?” I scoff at him. ‘Unbelievable.’
“Your coworkers harass you?” His stare was serious, it scares me. I sigh pulling him to my chest.
“Yes, I know it shouldn’t happen, but where I’m working it’s gonna happen. Especially since I’m one of few women working the volleyball department.” his sniffles get louder.
“I’m sorry y/n. Hearing that breaks me. Why don’t you report them?”
“It’s not that easy Tetsurou. I’ve seen women get fired for reporting other men. No one ever believes us. There’s nothing I could do.”
“Do they...grope you.” my breath hitches. It’s not exactly easy to tell your husband that other men are touching on you. His glossy eyes meet mine waiting for my answer. I nod at him and he clutches my shirt sobbing into my chest.
“I know babe. I know.”
The next day I sit at my desk watching the seconds tick by waiting for lunch break.
“L/n-San we need that article on the boss’s desk within the next hour.” one of my coworkers walk in without warning.
“I already turned it in. I gave it to him this morning.” I open my email hoping that he hadn’t lost it.
“Well, he’s in there complaining that he doesn’t have it. You might want to go talk to him.” I storm out of the room and open my boss’s door.
“Sir I had the article turned in this morning. I put it on your desk.” he looks me up and down with lustful eyes. Growing uncomfortable in my dress I sit in the seat provided by him.
“Now Miss Kuroo, I’ve look and looked but yet I still can’t find it.” he gets up and makes his way behind me grabbing my shoulders.
“S-sir I assure you it was on your desk.” My eyes scan over the surface of his desk landing on the green folder labeled 'VBA 3-23’. I stand up to grab it leaning over his desk he smacks my ass hard making me yelp.
“Aha, cute. Does your husband hit you like that? Ya know in a pleasurable way.” I turn to him if it were cartoon steam would be coming from my ears.
“Sir that was not appropriate. Here is the article. Next time look harder.”
“Oh trust me I look pretty hard.” he motions down to his crotch where his pants bulged. I look away in disgust. Thankfully the receptionist came in interrupting this nightmare.
“Oh sorry to barge in. Y/n-san you have a visitor. They say it’s urgent.” I walk out with my boss trailing behind me. To my surprise I see Kuroo standing there with my favorite fast food.
“Babe, what are you doing here?” I ask turning away from him to see my boss. “Sir, this is my husband Tetsurou Kuroo.” I smile at him feeling safer as Tetsurou snakes his arm around my waist.
“I came to have lunch with you. My practice doesn’t start till 2.” He gives me a big cheesy grin and leans down to kiss me. I look back to my boss for any kind of reaction I almost laugh at his dumbfounded expression.
“Your husband is the Caption of the Scheming volleyball team? That Kuroo?”
“Did my last name not sound familiar?” I ask innocently.
“Well it did but I would have never guessed aha…” Kuroo glances down and gets a glimpse of what situation I was in. He smirks and pulls me closer.
“Yes sir. I was lucky enough to be married to the beautiful woman right here. Don’t you think?” he kisses my head resting his chin on it.
“Well, I would more say she’s lucky to be married to you! You’re a professional volleyball player aha.” he scratches his neck nervously looking for a way out of this conversation, but Tetsurou was not gonna let up.
“Well, I don’t know about that. Y/n here has been my best friend since our first year of high school. I’d say she’s really helped me to get where I am. I am the lucky one. Now enough about us. It was nice meeting you, sir.” Kuroo sticks his hand out to shake, he towers over my boss purposely intimidating him just so he can get his messages through. They shake hands and I and my husband leave for your lunch date.
“Well, you showed him did you,” I say latching on to his arm as we head out to the car.
“I am the only one who gets a piece of you. Only me.”
“Yeah yeah, tough guy. Let’s hurry I’m starving.”
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that-one-queer-poc · 9 minutes ago
semi: party rockers in the hou
shirabu: its party rock is
both of them: *start passionately making out*
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setterspirit · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
those damn vultures
❥ ‑‑‑‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ masterlist | | seventeen | ]
fast facts;
fact #1; kyotani has mastered the art of avoiding the press. it’s like he has a sixth sense when it comes to those things. though, when he’s with anyone from his team, he often can’t avoid the press because he’d just draw even more attention to himself and whoever he’s with. though somehow, when it’s him, kanji, tsukki, and the rest of their group, they don’t draw too much press attention to themselves. or they do, but by that time, y/n’s already posted something about it on any of her social media platforms so it’s not really “breaking news” by the time a media source talks about it.
fact #2; suna didn’t actually throw anything breakable. the loud thump of his overnight bag hitting one of the doors within the room just made it seem like he threw something breakable. he was easily able to pick up the clothes that had fallen out of the overnight bag despite it looking like a tornado had hit... his motivation to pick up his clothes came from not wanting to be subjected to coach nakatani’s favorite punishment.
fact #3; coach nakatani’s famous, favorite punishment is dreaded by everyone on the team. only suna and komori have avoided said punishment thus far, but who knows?that could change...👀 but it’s extremely unlikely that komori will ever have to undergo that. he’s more like the captain than the teams captain, but only by a hair. if only you could name liberos captain...😔
✨) summary; l/n y/n is a single mother living with her 5 year old son in sendai. suna rintarō is a professional volleyball player, the middle blocker for the ejp raijin. the msby black jackals vs the schweiden adlers is a game between two of japan’s v league division 1 teams that bring together many old rivals. y/n is dragged to the game by her cousin, tsukishima kei, claiming she needed to get out and do more than just work and take care of her child. reluctantly, she goes along with the usually salty blond — leaving her 5 year old with a babysitter — to watch the game between two of tsukishima’s ex-teammates. suna makes the executive decision that he will be going to the game to support his former teammate and setter, miya atsumu, with komori asking if he could accompany the middle blocker so he could support his cousin, suna readily agrees and they also invite washio to go with them, knowing he’d want to see bokuto as well. a chance encounter at the game of old reunions brings together two old friends and feelings start to re-emerge. follow y/n and suna as they get to know each other again, fend off any unwanted attention, and work through parenthood in “talk about surprises!”
updates will now vary (depending on when i have time)!
taglist; @qiqiscocogoatmilk @its-the-aerieljeane @crayonwriting @reblogthatgoodfanfiction @mint-mai @akaashiwife @kac-chowsballs @sugarb0 @bdanie @the-golden-jhope @goodpop9 @navymacaroons @tendo-sxtori @sirachano0dles @inarizqkiiii @hannahlxu @mattsunsupremacy @winunk @briidgee @kageyamasgirl @yongboxerrr @kiyoovmie @elianetsantana @ofmiceandsharks @bokutokita @honeydrip @tycrackculture @madmelle @kitkozume @gushinim @luckypartyranchmug @kenssister @matsukawaslut @smthn-about-smthn @neko-chii1 @tsukkisfatsimp @k3nma-fairy @tchalameme @athenarosaline @sunarinsbb @mirotic-ness @lilith412426 @moonlightaangel @meri-soni-meri-tamanna @sakusasimpbot @cinderella-2003 @chantalkate16 @borpcorp @peepeepoopoot @sakuxxi
bold and strike through means i couldn’t tag. ):
check the masterlist to see how you can be added to the taglist! <3
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juicykawa · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
daily oikawa
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moachimagic · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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post timeskip, iwaizumi hajime x f!reader romance 2.3k words
Please do not repost or repurpose my works. Thanks.
Standing in front of your apartment door, you can hardly recall the ride home. Everything seemed to happen in a blur. Maybe it was the silence and surprising lack of traffic. Or perhaps it was your relatively low blood sugar. Regardless of the reason, time had lost all meaning until you reached into your bag to search for your key and unlock your door.
Darkness greets you when you step inside, so you flick on the light to chase it away. However, there is one spot that lingers. Pressed up against the wall with her tail held high in the air to greet you is your ever constant companion, Botan. The black cat has been with you through thick and thin the past two years you’ve had her. From greeting you after long days of work to comforting you when you were at your lowest. Just seeing her bright gold eyes and little wet nose is enough to bring a smile to your face.
After taking your shoes off, you crouch down to run your fingers through Botan’s soft, sleek fur from head to tail. The black cat purrs at your touch, and leans into your hand to request more. “I’m sorry baby,” you murmur, pulling away.
Botan responds with several disappointed cries, demanding to be pet more. She even bunts her head against your leg, rubbing against it several times.
“We can cuddle later, okay? I have to make dinner for both of us or we’re not gonna have a good time,” you say, walking away from the frustrated feline.
With an indignant huff, she darts between your legs and flops over to expose her fluffy belly in one last attempt to make you pet her. You try to resist, to keep your priorities straight. But opportunities to rub the supremely soft belly of your cat do not come by that often. A quick glance at the time has you succumbing to the magnetic attraction your hand has to the fur. You reach down to give her a few scratches. There’s a little bit of time before it becomes too absurdly late to eat dinner.
Looking down at the sad bowl of instant noodles topped with a fried egg and some thinly sliced spring onions, you ponder the power that your cat holds over you. What you had intended to be a short, maybe five minute petting session, turned into an eight minute session, then a ten minute session, a fifteen minute session…
By the time you looked at the clock again, it was already 9:30.
A sigh escapes your mouth, pushing the steam rising from the hot, entirely too salty instant soup the noodles are bathing in aside. Dipping your chopsticks into the cobbled together meal, you dejectedly swirl everything around.
But why are you sighing? Aside from the fainting a few hours ago, nothing is really wrong with your life right now. You’re living in a cozy apartment in Tokyo with your adorable cat, and you just got the job you’ve been pining after for the past several months. After moving to the city, you’ve somewhat kept in touch with your friends back home and made new ones at work. And it’s incredibly likely that you’ll meet even more at your new job. Things are changing in exciting ways! You should be celebrating right now, not sitting alone in your apartment eating a sad bowl of noodles.
You hum, letting the thought marinate in your mind as you poke through the yolk of the egg with your chopstick. Liquid gold flows out of the center and into the soup. As the two slowly mix together, you glance down at your cell phone. Yukie might still be busy eating her way through the menu of that new izakaya right now, but you can probably shoot her a text to see if she’s free tomorrow.
After a mouthful of noodles and soup, you unlock your phone and immediately raise an eyebrow. When did your mom call you? The notifications stare you down, making dread crawl up your back. She hasn’t had many positive things to say to you in recent months. Between the numerous calls she’s made pestering you about your health and relationship status, you’ve grown quite tired of hearing her voice. Especially if you missed the first call.
This time, she appears to have given up on reaching you with the first two calls. However, the voice message she left you has concern brewing in your chest. Did something happen while you were fainting into the arms of an unfairly attractive gym trainer?
You swallow down another bite of noodles with some egg, before clicking on the message.
“Hi honey,” there’s an aggressive edge to your mother’s voice. She’s clearly not happy. “You’re probably working overtime again, since you aren’t answering.” You shift your eyes to the time the message was left. Unsurprisingly, it was during your interview. “I’ve told you over and over again, that working overtime isn’t good-” You roll your eyes and drag your finger along the timeline to skip ahead a bit. She has indeed berated you time and time again about the dangers of working overtime. This time, you’ve learned your lesson the hard way, and you don’t need to hear it from her anymore.
You take another half hearted bite of egg. The sound of your mother’s voice loses coherence, blending into a meaningless drone while you chew and swallow. But then a particular string of sounds catches your attention. You drag your finger back a little before pressing play. “-set up a blind date for you! He’s living in Tokyo too, so I thought-”
A groan reflexively makes its way out of you. Without bothering to listen to the details, or the rest of the voice mail, you just turn the phone off, and continue to slurp unenthusiastically at the now lukewarm noodles.
The firm press of a furry body against your leg breaks you out of your thoughts. You look down to see Botan rubbing up against your shin, purring and meowing for attention. Her bright, round eyes bring a smile to your face.
Reaching down, you gently scratch at the spot behind her ears. She leans into the pleasant sensation, purring loud enough to send vibrations up your leg. “You’re right,” you murmur. “I should pay more attention to you. Who cares what mom thinks.” You swallow down the last of the noodles, finish off the egg, and walk into the kitchen to pour the remaining soup down the sink.
Maybe you’ll use one of those nice bath bombs with the flower petals for your bath today. You deserve it.
When you flop onto your bed and sink into the sheets, your body is thrumming with a peaceful energy. A nice, long bath complete with scrubs, oils, and lotions truly does wonders in making you feel like an entirely new person. The weight of the day has been washed down the drain, and you’ll be able to sleep well tonight. Maybe you’ll even sleep in a bit more than usual to make up for what you lost during the week.
Botan jumps up to join you, settling into her usual spot near the foot of the bed. You hum cheerfully, reaching down to stroke the top of her head. The black cat yawns, then tucks her head against her paws.
The sight has you crawling under your sheets to curl up too. The comfort provided by your pillows and sheets has you melting into the mattress. Your eyelids slide closed and your breathing evens out.
Sleep welcomes you into its arms gently.
Here, the darkness is comforting. It means rest and recuperation. It’s a time where you don’t have to concern yourself with your nagging mother or the judgement of society. Here, you can simply be.
However, as soon as you find your solace, detached from the world and all its responsibilities, you are pulled back, grounded, by the sound of your phone ringing incessantly in your ear.
Your eyes are a struggle to open, but when you do, streamers of light from the window force them shut once again. A frustrated groan makes its way out of you as you struggle to locate your phone without sight. Luckily, the vibrations from the device act as a nice guide to it. Without looking at the name at the top of the screen, you unlock and answer it.
“Hello?” you croak. Wincing at the sound of your own voice, you lean away from the microphone and cough into your hand to clear it. And you’re very thankful you did.
“Young lady, where have you been?!” Your mother’s voice punches you fully awake. “Why didn’t you call me back last night?” You quickly sit up with your back ramrod straight.
“I’m sorry mom, I got home kind of late and forgot to call you after I took my bath,” you reply, sheepishly hiding the fact that you barely listened to her voice mail. You can hear her huff on the other end of the line.
“Honey, you have to take better care of yourself. You can’t just work all the time.”
“I know, mom. You’ve told me a hundred times before, but I just secured a really good position. All my hard work is paying off!”
You can almost hear the cogs turning in her head, trying to process your words. Her next words are much softer.
“Oh honey, that sounds great,” she says. “But, your father and I are still worried about you.” The words sap all the energy out of your body. You flop onto your side, grabbing a pillow to cling onto for some kind of support. “You’re out there, living all alone in the city-”
“I’m not alone mom, believe it or not I have made friends since moving out here,” you laugh a little, trying to lighten the mood. Unfortunately, your mother does not take the hint.
“But you had so many more here at home! And I was talking to Miyako the other day, she said that ever since you moved out to Tokyo, you haven’t been keeping in touch with her as much. You two have been attached at the hip for so long, and…” she trails off, trying to find the right words. “We’re just worried that you might be focusing a little too much on work.”
“I’m doing fine mom,” you say, trying your best to placate her. “I’ve just been a bit busy because I’ve been working towards this position for a while. But now that I have it I’ll be able to slow down a bit, catch up with everyone and take some time for myself too.” Your mother hums. There’s still a bit of tension in her voice, stringing it out and pulling it taut.
“I just think that it would be more... comforting to know that you had someone you could really rely on over there, which is why-”
You groan.
“Which is why I set up the blind date for you. He’s the son of the cousin of a friend’s friend, and he sounds like a wonderful man. And, like I said yesterday he’s working in Tokyo too so-”
“Mom, I’ve already told you a hundred times that I’m not interested in a relationship right now.”
“Just give him a chance,” she pleads, “You never know, he just might be the one to make you change your mind! I know I did when I met your father.”
You sigh into your pillow. “Alright. I’ll go, but only to be polite. And I’m telling you right now that I’m just gonna turn him down. So don’t expect anything to come out of this.”
“Well it’s better than you turning another one down before you even meet him,” she grumbles. “I’ll send you the details over text so that you don’t try to lose them again.”
Then the call ends, just as abruptly as it started.
You turn over to rest on your back, letting the hand holding the phone flop down onto the bed. As much as you love your mother, she can be quite draining at times. Especially when she’s trying to set you up with a guy.
Your phone buzzes, lighting up to notify you that your mother has sent the details over. It’s scheduled for next weekend, at a trendy new cafe. You squint at the address.
Isn’t this the cafe Yukie has been raving about recently?
“Sorry can you repeat that? Your mom did what?” Yukie’s voice slowly drifts through the speaker phone. You stop patting in your daytime lotion to lean a little closer to your phone.
“She set me up for a blind date at that new cafe near the train station. Cafe de Luna, right?”
The girl on the other end gasps. “Cafe de Luna? I’ve heard that their macarons are to die for!” You laugh, imagining the dreamy look on Yukie’s face.
“Yeah, I told her I would go just to be polite. I’m probably just gonna stay for the pastries though,” you confess.
“That works, but only if you can manage to get there early enough. Everytime I try to go they’re either sold out or packed to the point the line goes down the block.”
“Ah,” you finish patting the lotion into your skin. “Maybe I’ll be able to get out of it easy then… Because we’re gonna be meeting next week.”
Yukie hums, a mischievous edge lining the . “The hype might also have died down by next week too though.” You don’t have to see her face to know that her eyebrows are wiggling up and down right now.
“I’ll grab you some of their macarons if it’s not too packed.”
Yukie immediately begins cheering. “Thank you!” she sings. “I’ll treat you to dinner the same day then! It’ll be a little celebration for you getting the job!”
Your lips tilt into a smile. “Yeah, I’ll see you then!”
a/n: hmmm who could this blind date be with (๑•̆૩•̆)? ur gonna have to find out in the next update HA
BUT i start working this week, so updates are gonna be a bit slower after this part. this fic is still going to be my main priority though, because i’m really having a lot of fun planning and writing this (●´ω`●) maybe i’ll use it to destress from work?
i hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!! kith kith
taglist is open! send an ask to be added ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ) (taglist reblog happens an hour after posting)
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sapph-phan · 14 minutes ago
half of me wants to be all cool and like “art is useless” like oscar wilde and the other half of me is crying over anime 
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frogtanii · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
℗ home
kenma x fem!reader (poker face ending)
series masterlist
wc. 2.9k (ahaha)
warnings. NOT PROOFREAD, liberal use of italics, soft soft, kenma in denial, allusions to marriage, bokuto and kuroo meddling, drinking, declarations of love, SMUT!!! (is marked off!), sub!kenma, handjob + blowjob, slightly insecure!kenma, meiko mentions, enthusiastic consent, one (1) katamari reference, vocal!kenma, uhh
an. good golly gee i HATE ending the endings m so bad at it AND the smut is lil weirder to skip??? like it’s not impossible or anything but it’s not as smooth as atsumu’s, m rlly sorry :((((( but i rlly hope y’all enjoy hehe don’t forget to feed me shawties :3
Tumblr media
the loud obnoxious pop music blasting in the crowded bar around kenma made him want to fling himself into the moon at the nearest opportunity.
okay, so that was a little dramatic but the fact still stood.
he was crammed into a tiny booth with kuroo, bokuto, and akaashi, the former brushing up against him with every little movement, making kenma bristle in discomfort.
why the hell did i agree to this, kenma thought while sipping on his cranberry juice. he’d never enjoyed drinking, his true thoughts and feelings coming out way too easily once intoxicated. it was so infuriating being a lightweight, especially when everyone around him was disgustingly drunk.
“are you having fun kenma?” bokuto half yelled, half slurred into his ear from across the table. kenma slouched further into the booth’s stained cushions in response, his lack of answer not bothering bokuto in the slightest.
with the boisterous man’s attention successfully diverted by akaashi, kenma allowed his eyes to wander out over the dance floor but he wasn’t really paying them any mind. instead, his mind was occupied with none other than you.
it shouldn’t have been that surprising considering all the time he’d been spending with you recently. it had been a few months since the hyper house had disbanded and while you were enjoying your time living with your best friends, they had way too much sex. like an abnormal amount.
it had gotten to the point where you were having to abscond from the apartment four times a week because they were just so loud.
at first you had found refuge in the 24 hour cafe a few blocks from your place but falling asleep at a hard wood table only to have to walk home at 2am alone was terrible for your peace of mind (and your back).
you’d started complaining about it at your weekly animal crossing hang outs with kenma and he’d offered the brilliant solution of you coming over to his place when makki and mattsun were otherwise... occupied.
you were shocked at his suggestion and aptly so. it was no news that kenma absolutely hated hosting and having people over, especially since he was one of the few former members that were able to afford their own place straight out the gate.
when you’d expressed this, all he had said was, you’re different.
that wasn’t enough for you, evidenced by your once again nightly stays at the cafe but when you had to run home because someone was following you, you begrudgingly agreed to kenma’s offer and started sleeping at his house multiple times a week.
it was a bit to get used to at first, seeing you first thing in the morning with messy hair and sleep-swollen eyes. you were beautiful jarring. but, as time passed, he got used to your presence, making your drink of choice and sliding him his tea in the morning, sending him a soft smile that had him running to the bathroom to hide his blush.
it was all... strangely domestic.
even now, the thought of you in your threadbare sleep shirt, standing in his kitchen while cooking breakfast sent a wave of heat across his face, spreading up to the tips of his ears.
“what are you thinking about that’s got you so red?” kuroo teased, pulling the glass out of kenma’s hands, laughing at his annoying glare. he hoped he could ignore the question as he so often did, but apparently he wasn’t so lucky.
bokuto cackled in his seat before calling out your name, sending a chill of fear down kenma’s spine. “bet he’s thinkin about her! about how he wants to smooch her and maybe more,” he waggled his eyebrows, “i’m just saying!”
the rest of the table let out good natured laughs but kenma was preoccupied with replaying what bokuto had said.
i mean, sure he thought you were pretty, but anyone with eyes would agree! and yeah, maybe spending time with you was the highlight of his week, but it wasn’t his fault you were so genuinely enjoyable to be around. and of course, sometimes when it was late at night, his mind would wander to you and how it would feel to wake up beside you instead of across the hall from you and—
fuck. he liked you. a lot.
then, as if you somehow knew exactly what was on his mind (a terrifying thought to entertain), his phone buzzed in his hoodie pocket. he pulled it out quickly to check it and he hated how his heart picked up in his chest at the sight of your contact name.
[sussy baka <3]: wya shawty 🤨 u have no food in ur fridge n m hungry seen 13:20
[player ew]: s boys night seen 13:22
[sussy baka <3]: 😐
[sussy baka <3]: are u having fun seen 13:25
[player ew]: ... seen 13:28
[sussy baka <3]: yeah that’s what i thought
[sussy baka <3]: bring home some ramen <3 seen 13:31
home. god, if he didn’t like the sound of that coming from you. it took kenma no time at all to start packing up his things, ignoring the knowing looks on his friends faces as he tossed down a couple of bills for his drink and left to go home, where you were.
after stopping at the convenient store, he headed to his apartment building, shopping bag full of ramen in one hand and heart in the other.
no matter what he did, he couldn’t get bokuto’s annoying voice out of his head, telling him that he liked you. and now that he knew it was true? he was kind of spiraling.
the ding of the elevator managed to somehow shake him out of his thoughts, at least for him to get to his front door, but once it was open, all coherent brain activity immediately dissolved.
you were sitting on his couch in the living room, bundled up in one of his mario blankets and wearing one of his hoodies as you watched some animal documentary raptly, sheer disgust written all over your face.
kenma gulped.
he managed to work up the courage to actually enter his apartment, kicking off his shoes by the door and beelining towards the kitchen, not missing your excited call of his name and wide grin.
biting down any other unchecked feelings, he quickly set to work boiling the water for the ramen and then... stood there. boiling water would take a while and he knew he couldn’t avoid you forever but he really, really didn’t want to go sit by you with all these emotions sitting right on his chest.
“kenma, they’re gonna eat the seal!” you yelled from the couch, waving him over frantically. how was he supposed to say no to brutal animal murder on tv? kenma chuckled dryly at his own joke as he made his way over to where you sat, plopping himself on the side of the couch furthest away from you.
he told himself he just didn’t want to bug you when he had to go check the water but he knew it was a lie. he was running from his feelings, from anything that could ruin this.
you shot him a concerned look which he caught out of the corner of his eye but he kept his head firmly forward, unwilling to look at you if he didn’t have to. “kenma, what’s wrong? was boys night that bad?” you asked gently, and fuck if that didn’t make him feel worse.
kenma just shook his head, still choosing not to face you. you let out a long, arduous sigh before scooting across the couch and pressing yourself to his side, pulling his head down to rest on your chest while taking one of his hands into your own.
what the fuck. what the fuck?!1!?1!!?1!
you were so soft and warm and your arms around him made him feel things which was exactly what he was trying to avoid but then you actually started to speak and oh shit it got worse.
“kenma,” you started, running your hands through his deep brown locks, “you know you can talk to me about anything right?”
of course he knew that because this was you and you were so kind and considerate and badass and cool and that was all precisely why he couldn’t talk to you about everything, especially when it came to his emperor of the cosmos sized feelings for you.
but, instead of saying any of that, he allowed you to continue, his body relaxing into your hold against his will.
“i bother you because i care about you and i worry, you know. i know you’re strong and you can take care of yourself but i can’t help it...” if kenma was really listening, he would’ve heard the shakiness in your voice, the apprehension in your words but he didn’t. “i can’t help it because i like you, kenma.”
you... what?
kenma pushed himself off of you to look you in the face, to find any sign that you’re pranking him or just being cruel but he couldn’t find any.
still, he couldn’t take you at your word, after all who would like someone like him?
“say it again,” his voice comes just under a whisper, his words stilted and unsure but he needs to know, he needs to believe you. he wants to believe you.
“i like you.” you don’t use any big, flowery words, nor do you try and justify why you like him and still, somehow it’s enough. kenma’s eyes filled with tears as they’re trained on you but your eyes were occupied elsewhere.
staring at his lips.
“can i kiss you?” you asked softly, not pressuring or forceful but like that was truly just on your mind and you had to ask it. kenma wasn’t sure how he was supposed to resist when you asked him like that. “please,” was his response, already breathy and absolutely wrecked.
you obliged.
•••smut begin•••
surging forward, you pressed your mouth to his, soft lips meeting chapped ones as you moved them insistently against his own. kenma let out an embarrassing whine at the contact, his hands balling into fists by his sides.
yours, on the other hand, wandered, tracing over the hills and valleys of his chest and back before landing right under the hem of his hoodie. you pulled back, laughing quietly at the way he so eagerly chased your lips while halting him with a hand to his sternum.
“can i take this off?” kenma nodded enthusiastically before he could stop himself and you let out another soft huff as you busied yourself with getting him naked.
he tried to help you where he could, but he was ultimately resigned to bask in your movements, in your control as you manhandled him out of every article of clothing he was wearing until he was as naked as the day he was born.
immediately, the insecurities took hold of him, his mouth opening to stutter out an apology for how he looked. meiko’s voice played in his ears, reminding him he wasn’t what the girls went for being too skinny, too sensitive, too loud.
kenma moved to pick his clothes back up to cover himself before retreating to his room where he could die of shame but your firm hand kept him where he sat.
“you’re beautiful,” you said, like you were saying the sky was blue or the grass was green — as an irrefutable fact. your brows were furrowed at first but the expression melted away to show a softer one, one full of love, admiration, and... lust.
a high-pitched whimper left his lips at your gaze, his cock throbbing against his thigh. you grinned and moved back in to kiss him, your hand moving to his throat to hold him in place, his adam’s apple bobbing against your palm.
your other, unoccupied, hand traveled down his body to rub over a nipple, his back arching into your touch as his breath hitched against your mouth. you let out a hum of approval, continuing your ministrations of pinching and plucking the hard bud before moving further down to take a hold of his cock.
kenma broke away from you, a choked wail erupting from his chest as he bucked up into your grip. “can i make you feel good? can i show you how beautiful you are?” you asked earnestly, your thumb gently caressing his jaw.
“please, please, please,” he begged. under normal circumstances, he would be embarrassed at how easily he’d been folding for you, but it was so much easier to just submit to your capable and willing hands.
“good boy,” you tacked on mindlessly, your blown eyes and kiss-swollen lips only adding to your debauched look. internally, kenma preened at the fact that he was responsible for you looking like that, so feral like you just wanted to eat him up.
which was apparently exactly what you wanted to do, evidenced by you sliding onto your knees in front of him, pressing kisses and sucking marks into his pale thighs.
kenma’s hips stuttered beneath you as he watched you get closer and closer to his throbbing member, the tip already bright red and leaking precum.
suddenly, your eyes shot up to his, pinning him with an intense stare as you slowly, slowly brought him to your mouth, the wet heat enveloping the head before you closed your lips around him and sucked.
holy fucking shit.
his reaction was instantaneous. his eyes rolled back into his head, his hips bucked up into your mouth, and a filthy moan escaped from him as you started to get into a nice rhythm sucking his cock.
kenma could barely keep himself quiet, especially when you began toying with his balls, the feeling adding to the coil tightening in his gut.
you pulled all the way off of him before sucking him down the hilt, his mouth opening in a silent scream as you choked around his length, the pleasure that your throat was bringing while you pulsed around him was otherworldly.
he was going to die, he resigned. he was going to die by the biggest orgasm he’d ever had with his penis in your mouth and he was going to love every second of it.
a sharp tap to his inner thigh brought him back down to earth, this bleary eyes trying to focus on your face and once they did, he was taken aback. your eyes held such fondness, such love that he could hardly take it.
kenma couldn’t hold back his thoughts, especially under the intensity of your gaze, his mouth opening to gasp out, “i love you, shit, i love you.”
you pulled off him with a pop but you didn’t stop stroking him, your hand picking up the pace to the point that his thighs were quivering with the strength of his oncoming orgasm.
“say it again,” you threw his words right back at him and if he’d been in his right mind, he might’ve laughed but since he was drowning in pleasure, he immediately followed your orders, groaning out those three words over and over until he was hoarse.
you seemed to enjoy it, so much so that you took the palm of your hand and toyed with the sensitive tip of his cock, sending him right over the edge.
his vision whited out completely as he came with a loud cry of your name, tears trailing from his lashline from the sheer severity of his orgasm, one hand grasped tightly in yours.
•••smut over•••
as kenma came down from his high, he watched you brush his hair from his face before pressing a kiss to his hairline.
“you know, i love you too,” you stated, pulling him up to rest his spent body against your own. he scoffed while playing with your hand, toying with your bare ring finger in a way that you knew was deliberate.
“i figured, you just sucked my dick.” you protested loudly, smacking him gently on the arm when he snickered at your reaction. after your laughter died down, he rested his head back over your heart, listening to the steady beat thrumming beneath his ear.
your hands tangled back into his hair and he felt himself drifting off into dreamland when a loud meow startled him awake again. kyabia (or caviar) stared up at him with unblinking feline eyes, her tail swishing silently against the floor. “oh god, my cat is seeing me naked,” he gasped in horror, your chest heaving against his ear as you cackled.
kyabia quickly got bored and scampered off to who knows where and by that time, kenma was ready to knock back out. you were still laughing though and since you were his human pillow, that just wouldn’t do.
shoving you down on the couch, he buried his head in your chest and muttered a blunt, “sleep,” ignoring the way your giggle made a smile spread across his cheeks.
obviously, you could tell if your own matching grin was anything to go by but you let it be, instead choosing to wrap your arms around him and hold him tighter to your body, like you were trying to pour all your love into the embrace.
kenma only hoped that you would also “let it be” when you caught him ring shopping on his phone just a few weeks later.
it was only a matter of time. why delay when he loved you and you loved him? he knew he couldn’t wait until he could officially call you his.
after all, kozume yn had a nice ring to it.
Oh, home, let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you
Oh, home, let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you
Tumblr media
taglist - if your name is in bold, i cannot tag you
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the rest of the tags will be in the replies!!
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tsukkinginamo · 14 minutes ago
Haikyuu captains as dads—but make it middle aged Asian dads 🥵🤩
Kuroo makes his kids practice waking up early a MONTH before school starts. When traveling with his family, he insists to go to the airport at least 5 to 6 hours earlier before the flight.
Ushijima replies to his children's long ass texts with a 👍. However, he's very loud when he's talking to someone on his phone in public. He also has a very loud ringtone.
Oikawa doesn't want a pet dog/cat at first but then he got too attached and scolds his kids if the dog/cat is not fed enough. When his kids show him a meme, he immediately asks "who are they?"
Daichi has his own couch in the living room. He's the only person that can sit in that couch. He treasures the couch too much that it's still wrapped in plastic.
Kita makes his kids attend kumon classes. He also brings fruits into his children's bedrooms after arguments.
Bokuto buys a shit ton of snacks after his kid mentioned that they liked a specific flavor of that snack. He also washes takeout containers to use as tupperwares.
I was scrolling through me and my dad's convos and I suddenly thought of this hnggggg
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nayarablueglasses · 21 minutes ago
nayarablueglasses 100 follower event!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nayarablueglasses has hit 100 followers! to thank you all, we’re holding an event. let’s take a look at the day’s specials...
Tumblr media
☪⋆ We now sell ice cream! for the low price of telling me your pronouns, preferred name, character of choice, and letter topic, we will write you a letter. from your chosen character, to you! You may request up to three of these per person.
☪⋆ We now sell cookies! for the low price of your pronouns, five interesting facts about yourself, preferred fandom and your preference in partners, we’ll make a matchup for you! You may request up to two of these per person- one romantic matchup and one platonic matchup.
☪⋆ We now sell coffee! similar to cookies, for the low price of your pronouns, five interesting things about yourself, preferred fandom, your favourite colour and the way you text, we’ll assign you a kin! You may request one per person.
☪⋆ We now sell lemonade! for the low price of your guys’s requests containing a flower, a set of reader pronouns, and a character of your choice, we will create a drabble. you may request up to three of this per person.
Tumblr media
don’t forget to check my pinned post to find out which fandoms/characters i will and won’t write for.
this event will run from May 17th (2021) until i decide it’s over. currently, the event is:
OPEN! send me an ask!
Tumblr media
[[all images and works with the name “nayarablueglasses” on them are property of nayarablueglasses, Fabien and Roln. please do not edit, repost or claim as your own.]]
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angelpand · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When his tall but I want to be the big spoon
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honxedew · 33 minutes ago
Hello my name is gumi!
You might question why im posting this but i will be making Headcanons and match ups for different animes!
My ask box will be open and then from there you can give me a short description of yourself or go for some requests.
I do matchups and head Canon's for..
×Boku no hero academia
×Diabolik lovers
×Chainsaw man
×demon slayer
×Yuri on ice
×A silent voice
×Jojo's bizzare adventure
×Wonder egg priority
×howls moving castle
I do mostly anything but if it is something that i will not do then you will get a small notice dm from me.
Have fun and don't be afraid to drop one✨
Tumblr media
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powercloud · 37 minutes ago
At The End of The Day
pairing: tsukishima kei × reader
wc: 2.4k
genre: fluff, pining!tsukki
warnings: timeskip tsukishima, ooc tsukishima maybe(?) He's just so in love with you okay :(
Tumblr media
The night was getting colder, the sky already a pretty shade of black, and the moon hung over their heads with a smile. Tsukishima took this as a good sign as if the moon smiling is a green light to pursue his plan. He looks over to you, your eyes distant and looking straight ahead, you were bracing yourself under the blazer he lent you. The view was astonishing. Under you and him the city was busy, flashes of light twinkling brightly, almost nearly outshining the bright stars above. The breeze was noisy as well, blowing your and his hair. But the warmness of Tsukishima’s heart was enough not to completely freeze him over, he was more worried about you though. But after a few stolen, glances he figured you were all right. The rooftop was your favorite, you've gotten used to it.
It's been silent between the two of you. You always fill in the quiet with your antics and puns and dumb realizations, but Tsukki supposes that’s why he was oddly fond of you after a week of knowing you first year in high school.
It’s been years since he concluded he was in love with you. Specifically three, but if he ever mentions the exact number he feels like a hopeless idiot. If he told you about that, would you call him so? He’d never know unless he confesses.
Tsukishima tightens his grip on the metal railings, his knuckles turning white. He bites his lower lip, nearly making it bleed. He’s nervous, he’s scared but he’s willing to push through it. All for you.
Tsukishima steals yet another yearning glance at you, this time his head snaps forward when you caught him red-handed cheeks turn a bit red before he sniffs and got a hold of himself. You laugh gently at his uncharacteristic expression.
“Something bothering you?” you ask, taking one or two steps closer to him. Any more he’d explode.
“Nothing,” Tsukishima lies. And you know this because you always have this certain facial expression where you’re unsure of his answer; one well-defined eyebrow rise, the bridge of your nose scrunched slightly, and your lips on a pout. You always were adorable when you were sure he was lying.
“Well, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Sometimes Tsukki wishes you knew how close he held you in regard, how he won’t get upset if you push him further into questioning. Hell, he’d tell you the truth right away.
But you turn away, leaving him be and respecting his privacy, eyes back forward and thoughts miles away.
Tsukishima follows where you were looking, and he wonders what you were thinking. The future? The past? The inevitable fall of humanity and the universe?
Tsukishima would very much like to know if you’d thought of him. He won’t hesitate to tell you he’s thinking of you, too. Most days you never go away from his mind. He wants you to think of him right now as he’s thinking of you, too. But Tsukishima thinks that’s not the case. You never look so troubled when you were thinking of a person unless you worried.
Tsukishima nudges your elbow with his, and finally, he looks at you straight in the eyes, flushing lightly as always. “What’s bothering you?” He asks, his mouth in a straight line, seemingly uncaring.
“Nothing, just—” you sigh deeply, shoulders falling. Tsukki holds his breath, maybe it would be you that confesses? He always thought you liked him back. Tsukki waits as your gaze flutter from the city below then finally to his honeysuckle eyes. “I don’t know if I’d rather wake up in the middle of a war or the middle of a zombie apocalypse.”
He mentally slapped himself for assuming you’d be the first to say something sentimental.
Of course, he thought to himself disappointingly. On a daily, you weren’t even worried about important things like school or true love. You were thinking of choices you’d likely choose in a situation that would never happen, like the zombie apocalypse you mentioned.
You don’t think of me much, do you?
Tsukishima tries to hide his disdain. “I thought you said you had a plan when the zombies come.”
“Yeah, but I mean, like at the beginning of every zombie apocalypse movie, y’know. Like when they start growing in rapid numbers, and the panic rising out of people, the raging undead and their unquenchable thirst for human blood. As in the part where they just start flooding in.” you were very dramatic in using hand gestures. “I don’t know what I would do if that suddenly happened.
“That would never happen,” said Tsukki and you frown, and he smirks, always enjoying irking you. “Neil D. Tyson already said so.”
“Thank God. But still—if it could, what would you rather wake up in the middle of, Tsukki?” you ask him, leaning closer again and his heart palpates. “War or the apocalypse?”
He pretends he’s thinking hard, then he just shrugs nonchalantly, then you whine and tell him how he’s such a killjoy. If he were honest and cheesy, whatever situation he’d suddenly wake up to, Tsukishima wouldn’t hesitate to protect you in either one.
“Women can’t fight in a war, pick war,” Tsukki said, and he smirks again as you scoff and roll your eyes.
“You know how much I’m brave.” Oh, he knows alright. You were intensely afraid of heights, yet look where your favorite spot in the whole world is. “I wouldn’t think twice to enlist,” you said, chest puffed out. “’sides, it’s the 21st century, Tsukki, equality is much softer now. It's indulged..”
“And?” Tsukki encourages you to go on as it looked like you wanted to add something.
“War is worse than hell. I’m fine laying down my life for what’s right, but I’m not ok with children dying or starving, or widows crying over their dead husbands or wives, or old people going cripple. I don’t like seeing good people get hurt.”
God, you were always such a fucking wholehearted, good, kind, courageous, generous person. He loves you so fucking much it hurts to think you’d sacrifice your life for the people you don’t even know.
“Always such a martyr, aren’t you?” you punch Tsukishima on his shoulder. He only laughs at your feeble attempt to hurt him. When you push yourself away to frown again, Tsukki softens. “If you think those kinds of people don’t deserve to die you need to know that you don’t deserve it, too. Fuck dying for the country. Wars are bullshit.” Tsukki had to cut out the part where he’d say he’d want you to hide with him. Later, he tells himself, it's too early.
“Well, you’re not wrong,” you said.
“I have never been.”
“Shut up, jackass.”
“You first, dumbass.”
After a few petty insults are thrown at each other you both settle down with Tsukishima letting you win. He doesn’t care if you call him a salty bitch, as long as he gets to see you grin triumphantly after.
Then it was silent again. The wind was stronger this time. One blow and you gripped Tsukishima’s blazer and winced as you took the cold bite. Tsukishima wanted to wrap his arms around you to keep you warm, uncaring of the fact he was cold, too. Very. He had nothing else on besides his thick sweater, apparently not thick enough. Tsukishima wanted to lead you downstairs, back to the party which he’s sure has died down by now. It was nearly 2 in the morning.
But before you two could go he wanted to say something first. Confess before another perfect moment like this slips from his fingers. He looks at you, and you’re so gorgeous. Your hair is a perfect mess behind your head. Your cheeks are flushed, and you kept wetting your lips as the cold had dried them. The city lights shadowed perfectly on the half bottom of your face, the stars mirrored in your eyes. You were serene, too. Seemingly enjoying this time. This time with him.
It was either now or never.
“I love you,” he told you. Except he told the wind instead as another harsh blow blew on the rooftop. You and him wince simultaneously, but both for very different reasons. You hadn’t heard him, that was obvious, because you hadn’t as much reacted any differently. Tsukishima knows you weren’t pretending to not hear him either. Unlike him, you weren’t mean. You would even acknowledge the ignored person who tried to relay a message across a group with a curt nod, and an inviting smile—you listened, as Tsukishima was the reason for that person being reluctant in talking.
Tsukishima frowns, his heart falling. Above him, the smiling moon disappears behind a gray cloud, a red light. Maybe tonight wasn’t the night after all. Maybe no night was the night. But it would be stupid of him to give up after one try. Tsukishima would never forgive himself for letting you go so easily. He knows at the end of the day it’d always be you he loves. He knows he’ll follow his heart to you even though it would break sometimes.
Jesus, he thought. Love is frightening.
Tumblr media
A few months later was another perfect moment to tell you Tsukishima’s true feelings. He had just come home from his night shift from the museum, coffee in his hands yet he was still tired and exhausted, but when he saw you sitting down in front of his apartment door, waiting, he smiles to himself.
Once you sensed him, you looked up from the floor you were sitting on, eyes huge and jade. Most people compare eyes to oceans or galaxies. Not your eyes though, they reminded Tsukishima of his favorite thing. Glancing down and his tiny plastic toy dinosaur, and then sliding further down to your green eyes. Tsukishima realized that’s probably why he felt so awake when he was with you. You were like a loud inspiring roar in the morning.
You had plans, you told him. There was a spot in the park, though you suppose it wasn’t even part of the park anymore. There was a forest, more natural than man-made, just beside the park. And when you were bored one day, you ventured through it and found the most amazing spot to view the sky. There were no outside noises, not another human has found it, you prided yourself in that. There were lots of pests and insects though, which was why you brought with you two huge blankets.
So there you two were, beneath the galaxy, feeling small and vulnerable to alien sight. But it was utterly beautiful.
The two of you lie on top of a small hill covered in grass and pretty flowers, there were trees around but it was a clearing where you and he were at. Looking up it was as if the sky was moving and the stars were burning bright. He held your hand shamelessly. And he thanked every God listening when you didn’t pull away, instead you wrapped it firmly as if you’d be taken by a UFO and he’d be your only grip to this Earth.
“Did you see that, Tsukki?” you asked, flabbergasted. You had to let go of his hand to prop yourself up and point to the violet sky. “I think I saw an alien ship!”
“They’re coming to get you,” Tsukishima said. Leaning on his elbow to snicker at you. “Their long-lost family.”
You punch him on his shoulders and he laughs. It’s been years but Tsukishima knows his saltiness isn’t going anywhere.
You lie down again, Tsukishima does the same but this time he can’t hold your hand, not when it's clasped with your other hand and laying on top of your stomach. He hides the fact he’s a tad bitter about that.
“Did you know,” you began, Tsukishima turns to you, intently listening because the stars have never captured him like the way it captured you anyway. What he felt about you, you felt in the infinite universe. Tsukishima’s fine being a close second. “Most people forget dinosaurs have ears because dinosaur ears don’t have bones.”
Tsukishima glares at you incredulously. First of all, how dare you question his lengthy knowledge about dinosaurs. Second, he knows for a fact that’s not true and that you stole it off a kid’s show you watch every fall.
“And that’s a rock fact!” you said, proud and overjoyed. But of what? You didn’t get to fool him successfully.
“No, it’s not, you idiot.” Tsukishima went his way to flick your forehead harshly. When he pulls his hand away you nearly bit off a finger.
Feral bitch, Tsukishima thought affectionately.
“Ok, fine, how about—” you trail off, a finger tapping on your chin, eyes darting from one dead star to another. “Most books on witchcraft tell you witches work naked.” Tsukishima knows which show you got this from off, too. “And that’s because most books on witchcraft are written by men.”
"Now, that I won’t deny.”
The two of you laughed lightly before looking back up again, heart alight. This time, Tsukishima stares at the stars, trying to find reason why you were so smitten with it as he was with you. He tries to find something in between the spaces of dead stars and see if there’s something like that in him, too. So that maybe you can love him as much as you loved the infinitesimal. He doesn’t find anything, unfortunately, he’s distracted by your harmonious humming.
“Tsukki,” his heart skips a beat. You say his name so magically it's hypnotic. He didn’t think he’d fall in love further just by the way you say his name.
“Yeah, y/n?” he cringes at how soft he sounded.
He looks at you, glazes over your direction to see you already looking at him. And his body is on fire. There was something different with you, with the way you look back at him. Something entirely different.
Finally, Tsukishima thought, staring deeper into your glossy eyes, you’re looking at me like I’m something you love, like I put the stars in your sky.
“I love you.”
And the moon in him explodes.
“I love you, too.”
And it’s the end of the day. You’re still and always will be the one that he wants
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bubbleteaimagines · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Holy hell Atsumu, what is this music taste,” You cringe as Atsumu blasts some random pop song through the speakers, parked at some random rest stop while you attempted to do your taxes.
Since you both were unsure of where to meet, you suggested that anywhere quiet would do. Of course you should have known that with your airheaded husband, that was the wrong choice of words. Now you were here, at a trucker stop, with a shaky connection and annoying playlist that seemed to be consisted of every song you didn’t like.
“What? It’s quality music,” Atsumu said, genuinely offended as you scoffed and rolled your eyes.
“More like the top 100,” You told him, “No flavor whatsoever.”
Atsumu gasped dramatically, clutching his chest and pouting. “No flavor?!”
“Yep. You heard what I said,” You giggled.
He huffed. “Fine then. Why don’t ya take the aux and play your oh-so-amazing playlist?” He suggested.
Gladly, you took his phone to look up some real music. Smiling, you straight to YouTube and typed in the song, clicking on it and then smirking at Atsumu.
“See? Now this is real music,” You giggled as (F/S) began to play through the speakers. Slowly, Atsumu’s eyes began to widen as he recognized the song.
“No fucking way,” He gaped, quickly snatching the phone. “Ya like this song too?!”
“It’s my favorite one,” You told him, nodding slightly. “Actually — I like the whole album. And the artist too. (Y/F/A) is a beast.”
“Huh.” Atsumu leaned back in shock as he watched you enjoy the song, a small smile on his face as you quietly sung along and danced to the music. “Who would have thought that we’d have the same music taste.”
“Especially after those god awful songs you just played,” You joked, causing Atsumu to roll his eyes. “No but seriously- that is pretty wild. I didn’t peg you for the type. Thought your taste in music was just bland.”
“Oh geez, thanks,” He scoffed and lazily threw his phone back on your lap. “All have ya know though – I actually do have taste. And I’m going to see them in concert whenever they come. Either this week or the next.”
“No shit!” Atsumu winced as you suddenly yelled out, sitting up straight with wide eyes. “Are you for real?! I thought those tickets were sold out!”
It was true, you had tried to some but to no avail. Everything you looked at was sold out, but apparently...
“You don’t need tickets when yer invited,” Atsumu said smugly. You choked on your spit.
“Sorry, sorry,” You winced underneath his glare. “I is that possible?! You’re like a nobody!”
Atsumu gaped. “A nobody?!” He cried out, this time making you wince at his volume. “All have ya know I am actually really famous in these parts! Ever heard of me playing pro volleyball, or did that just slip yer mind?!”
“Oh yeahhh,” You suddenly realized that he was right. “Oops. Must have forgotten.”
“You’ve literally been to the gym where I practice.”
“Doesn’t mean I remember seeing you face, though.”
“Are ya serious? You sat there and screamed at me for damn near 30 minutes!”
“Oh yeah,” You smiled fondly at memory. “Back when you were being a dick to me — I remember!”
He narrowed his eyes, “Ya just had to bring that up, didn’t ya?”
You grinned at him. “You know I did,” You told him, patting his cheek lightly. Atsumu scowled and flicked your hand away. “But anyways — since you’ve got these oh-so good connections, why don’t help me out and let me come along?”
“And have ya screaming my ear off for three hours? No thank you,” Atsumu said.
You pouted. “Oh come on! Pleaseeee! I really wanna go, Atsumu, and this is first time I’ve gotten the chance! Pleaseee!”
Atsumu took in the way you leaned closer to him, your hands reaching out to lightly grip his shirt and shake him back and forth. Whether your were aware or not, your face merely inches from his and his breath hitched at the close proximity.
“Please! Please! Please please please—”
“Alright alright!” Exasperated, he grabbed your hands and stopped you from shaking him anymore, leaning back to escape your assault. “I’ll let you go if you just stop buggin me, alright! There’s no need to get that close me, ya know?”
“Thank you!”
The small blush that had risen on his cheeks was (thankfully) missed by you as you celebrated, throwing your arms up and giggling. Atsumu had to turn his face away from you to hide the way he was chuckling; secretly pleased with your reaction.
“You won’t regret this!” You beamed at him.
He shook his head. “Yeah, yeah. The tickets are for next weekend so I hope ya don’t have anything planned.”
“I dont!” You told him immediately, mentally picturing your calendar. “The only event I have for this month is this weekend, with my grandma. But next week, I’m totally free!”
“It starts at 8,” Atsumu grunted, looking at your sternly. “So don’t be late or I’m leaving ya.”
“Oh whatever,” You waved him off. “I’ll be there, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Don’t you worry about me.”
“S’not you I’m worried about,” Atsumu mumbled, but thankfully you didn’t hear him.
Instead, you whipped out your phone and set a reminder for next week. “There. Now there’s no way I’ll forget,” You told him, showing where you set an alarm for Saturday.
Atsumu rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t stop the small smile that formed at corner of his lips. “You’re such a dork,” He chuckled, before a sudden thought hit him and his eyes went wide.
“All things aside though...we really do need to start working on our taxes.”
You blinked. “Right — yeah. Before we both go to jail,” You winced, and suddenly all talk of next week went out the window as you fished around for the papers.
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It took approximately two (2) hours and 3 phone calls to Osamu to finish their taxes
Most of which consisted of Osamu yelling at them
Atsumu attends hot yoga every Tuesday
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marshieee · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
OMYGOD I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THIS ASK I AM SO SORRY ANON😭😭 but please i have to screenshot this and send it to my pocket sized friend😂 but this is so cute🥺❤️❤️ i’m sorry i’ve super inactive i was preparing for this practical test and if we fail we can’t graduate. So I’m sorry again that i just finished this now, anon i’m sorry.
Tumblr media
Haikyuu boys losing their pocket sized s/o in a crowd
Tumblr media
To be honest it was him who got lost not you
But for him it felt like he lost you.
He’s all over the place
Panicking check
Sweating nervously check
He would go back to his tracks hoping that maybe you’re there but to his dismay you weren’t
And out of all days he forgot his phone
Now he can’t contact you
So out of desperation
He went to the information desk
“Hi i lost someone”
"Oh did you lost a child sir?"
"no i lost my s/o"
eventually when you're in the midst of looking for your boyfriend you suddenly heard.
"Y/N please come to the to the information desk, we have your boyfriend bokuto kaoutaro...Y/N please come to the information desk, we have your boyfriend bokuto koutaro."
when you arrive at the information desk there you saw bokuto sitting beside a clerk, patiently waiting for you to pick him up.
this boy is so excited to go to the amusement park with you
it's been awhile since you two had a date.
he's been dragging you everywhere.
rides, foods...
weird ass statutes
you're arms would hurt from being dragged around so you would tell him that you'll just hold his arms.
feeling a little bad he would just let you hold his arms
so you two we're just walking around and the crowd started to get even bigger
you tried to grip on his shoulder but unfortunately you lost your grip.
and lev being oblivious because he was in euphoria he didn't hear you calling as he just continued to talk about the rides he wanna go next
He heard a faint voice of you calling him, when he looked his side he swore that his soul probably left his body
looking around to find you but he can't because you're
but he remembered something, something you told him if the possibility if either of you are lost.
"If you got lost just stand ok? don't go anywhere move anywhere, if i got lost do the same thing alright?"
"because you're tall"
he doesn't really get it but he stood there at the sidewalk and waited anxiously.
he saw you running up to him, so he opened his arms for you to dive in them.
"thank god i found you"
"yep you found me hahaha, let's go?"
You wanted to go shopping
At the flea market
Cuz why not??
Cheap thingz👌
You very much enthusiastic about it and iwaizumi was just glad.
I mean a date in a flea market doesn’t sound so bad?
But today it was really crowded
Iwaizumi had to hold your hands so that you won’t get lost.
When you two decided to check this one stall and then suddenly his phone rang.
“Hold on babe let me take this call”
It was from oikawa btw.
You were so excited to check some stuffs that you forgot you have a boyfriend...
So when iwaizumi turned around you were gone.
Boi he panicked.
He’s searching for you and keep on calling your phone, but unfortunately your phone is on silent.
You hear nothing babe, nothing.
When you realized that iwaizumi is gone you also panicked.
You were about to run around but someone grabbed your arm.
It was an exhausted iwaizumi, lowkey pissed too.
“Where the heck did you ran off? I told you to wait”
“Yeah dummy”
“It’s fine, atleast i found you”
You gave him a kiss as an apology.
Ok it took awhile for you to drag him to the aquariums today.
You wanted to see the dolphin show and ofcourse you want to watch it with someone
And what do you have?
A (salty) boyfriend.
It took a lot of convincing but you got him there.
You were enjoying admiring the fishes here and there
Dragging tsuki everywhere
If other people do this to him, he’ll get annoyed asf
But today? He can’t help but smile and look at you very happy just seeing a pufferfish puff.
Or how a jellyfish illuminates with different colors that are displayed.
As you two were going to where the show is going to play. But on the way there people started to show up.
You being a small bean, can’t keep up with the crowd.
So you suddenly got separated with tsuki.
He....was tall.
He immediately found you when he felt that you let go of his hands.
He saw you getting squished and pushed. So he oven hold your hand and remove you from the crowd.
“Baby! What about the show?”
“Let’s get in when the people are less”
“But we can’t have any good seats”
“I’ll take that instead of you being a pancake”
He love you don’t worry.
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arrogantsonofabiscuit · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Arguing with their s/o and how do they sleep after the argument
A/n:- help me with the fic names someone 😓🥲.
Genre :- angst—> fluff, mentions of pet names! 
Feat:- Kuroo , Sakusa , Oikawa, Kita
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi:-
So basically you and him had gone on a date in a very neat and clean café according to you since you knew Kiyoomi’s germaphobe nature. And what was the best part was the fact that the café was in a secluded corner of the city so you thought why not right? Nothing could go wrong  ……..right?
Nuhuh honey. This is how the date went down in your diary!
So the weather seemed very pleasant it seemed like the clouds did not know rain okay? So why the hell did the clouds understand the concept of rain and now it was cloudy! Like why now? Couldn’t you rain later? But no the luck is rarely with you lol.
So now you sit on the cold chair in the café with soaking wet pants, you were cursing under your breath and could feel the cold air of the aircon hit your back. Great just great!
Sakusa approaches the quite corner of the café and watches your wet and dirtied form shivering under the cold weather.
He looked agitated and looked away and asked you to take a bath as soon as you guys leave the café.
As soon as you enter the doorway of your apartment still soaking wet and feeling very cold , you hear Sakusa mumble something . “Why did you forget your umbrella?”
“I did not know that it would rain, even the weather report did not mention about it whatsoever!”
He looks at you with a disgusted face which screamed “You are so dirty , go clean yourself”
You quickly rush to your bathroom and take a quick shower , Sakusa enters the bedroom and watches your dirty clothes lying on the ground which was your first mistake dear grave  mistake.
So now you are here sleeping in your huge bed with backs facing each other. Great y/n just great.
Its 2:11 am at night where you are at one edge of the bed looking at the ceiling and observing the various cracks it has. Am I the only one who does this and literally counts them ?      
He was on the other corner of the bed with his eyes wide open as he couldn’t sleep for a second Bruh if you are suffering just make up already! 
You quietly shift to his side of the bed and wrap your arm around his waist, this caused him to whip his head towards your direction but his gaze seemed soft on your features . The way you pouted and looked at him with* those * puppy dog eyes he melted right there. 
He gently wraps his arm around you and nuzzles his head on your neck . You rest your head on his chest and inhale the smell of fresh laundry and well him! 
You guys forgot about the argument you had about him calling you dirty and disgusting which made you angry at him as well as sad. Here you are in each others embrace and dose off quietly with soft snores filled in the room.      
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru:- 
Okay so hear me out , this guy is a huge tease that’s the way he is. Yohoo.
Arguments with him generally were either he pouted or whined for your attention.
Then how come now that you guys have fought long ago still not talking to each other?
So the reason why you had the argument was because of the fact that you are short and you couldn’t reach the bookshelf to grab the reference book you  needed for studying.
“Tooru, would you please give me the book on the top shelf?”
“No ✨”this mf straight up said no
And you were like “huh”?
You were already having a rough day and this made you mad.
So  you asked a guy sitting near the window of the library, he simply nodded and handed you the book smiling .
Let me tell you Oiks is  a very territorial guy so he was more than pissed at you .
Now you are here in your shared apartment in the same bedroom on the same bed as him , but not facing each other.
You were pouty and so was he, but somehow you always made him feel the warmth he couldn’t get since he was always so busy with his volleyball , dealing with the fan girls , studying and what not, but at the end of the day you were the source of light to help him keep going.
And now finally he whines which causes you to jolt out of the fluffy bed. “What? Did you have a nightmare?” you ask with a concerned look on your face.
He then pats your shoulder and makes you fall on the bed with him and then he gently wraps his arm around your torso and nuzzles into your neck. You kiss the crown of his head and sleep as he hums on your neck which lulled you to sleep . The argument long forgotten.
Tumblr media
Kita Shinsuke:-
This guy right here is the whole damn meal and I meant every single word here .
So argument with this whole damn meal guy is impossible right? Like how humanly possible it could be?
How can you argue with this daddy material I mean guy?
Anyways so the reason was that you are clumsy I mean who isn’t a klutz?
He told you to be careful since you were walking recklessly on the wet road because of the rain which had poured half and hour ago.
You legit slipped on the pavement since the water somehow caused you to lose your balance and you just fell which almost keyword almost exposed your underwear.
You apologised on the way home but he seemed to get angry since you did not listen to him.
You then told him that you don’t constantly liked been told what to do? Are you her dad? Kita-san ore no oto-san desuka?
That made him more angry , angry but with the most robotic face like how is it humanly possible ?
Anyways so here you are on your bed reading some stories whereas he was also on the bed but not facing you whatsoever.
It continued till midnight, and you couldn’t get a blink of sleep.
So you quickly glanced at your bicolored haired boyfriend , who seemed to be stiff on his side of bed.
You placed your head on his firm chest and saw him immediately melting in your soft touches.
A warm smile crept on his face as you mumbled apologies against his chest. He apologised too for being too demanding on you.
The room was filled with small snores and  legs tangled with each other under those fluffy blankets.
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurou:-
Sir your hand in marriage please.🤲
Neways we all know the great provocation king himself if a mfing tease just like our ol’ oiks
But do you know your limits?
Sometimes he does sometimes he does not.
So now you are upset with him since he made you feel inferior and dumb . That was not the only problem , he called you dumb right in front of his teammates! Way to go Kuroo!
Maths is always a difficult subject calculating shit or what not . You can clearly see the love I have for this subject lol.
The problem was not that difficult you only had to convert your answer to the required unit, which you couldn’t , so its not wrong asking the Smart guy right? The smart guy who is your boyfriend?! Right?
And now cue the song “hello darkness my old friend…” ahem~
You enter the cafeteria with the math book in your hand searching for your boyfriend, it was not difficult to spot him with his hair in all glory.
You nudge his shirt and he smiles and replies “What’s wrong?” you explain him that you can’t seem to get the right answer and its not making any sense.
He takes your book and reads the question. He simply chuckles and replies ”Obviously you can’t find the right answer because you forgot to convert it ! Kitten .” You write down the converted answer but still it did not seem to be right. “Kuroo, I still can’t get it right. Why is it so difficult?”
Yaku and Kai were worried since they knew you weren’t that great in math but they knew that your beloved is gonna tease you for your silly mistake.
He laughs and tells you” You have to divide it not multiply , dummy!”
You pout and hide your flush face since his few teammates laughed at your silly mistake .
So now here you are in your shared apartment doing your homework religiously and not even sparing a glance at your tall boyfriend.
Kuroo was worried because you weren’t looking at him at all nor were asking him any doubts.
You heard Kuroo  click his tongue in irritation and he then leaves the room. You complete your homework and head to bed.
After midnight where both you couldn’t spear a single nap, turned to face each other and that’s when you saw kuroo looking at you with pleading eyes.
“I will forgive you only if you promise me that you won’t do it again and rather help me with it. Do you promise?”
“Yes kitten I do , also could I get some cuddles ? ” he asks sheepishly .
“You don’t need permission for that, here..”you open your arms and allow him to hug you tightly and nuzzle his head on your chest with legs tangled. (cute)
You aced the test!
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! Reblogs are highly appreciated <33
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