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yandereaffections · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Once you get past his worries about accidentally hurting his darling surely you'll be carried basically everywhere, no strain on his part, Bucky enjoys having you so close to him in the first place
With your arms wrapped around his neck playing with the hair that rests on his shoulders, you'll be held to his chest with all the support lifting you up being from the metal arm secured under your thighs. Sneaking lil kisses when your admiring his features and leaning his head against you when he wants to take in your scent again, not caring about the looks directed at you in public, only wanting to hear those small giggles that slip from your lips when he gets too close
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chaoticgaysstuff · 2 days ago
Assumptions and Outcomes | Yandere Alex Summers x Male! Reader
Summary: Alex makes an assumption and you have to deal with the outcome.
A/N: Some fingering, anal sex, smut... trying to get a handle on writing stuff like this. I'm certainly no expert.
Tumblr media
It all started with a picture. 
One simple picture that managed to bring out a dark, possessive beast inside Alex Summers. 
It was a picture of you and Hank kissing at the mall with both of you smiling into the kiss, which was sent into the group chat that was created by Raven. Alex felt like blasting something as the feeling of anger and jealousy rose inside his chest along with desire and want. 
Desire and want for you. To have you in his arms. He wanted you in ways that one friend should never want another. 
He's been wanting you for so long and tried to get you to see him the way he saw you, but it seems that you wouldn't because you were apparently with Bozo now. 
The blonde-haired male had a temper, and his temper flared every second passed that you weren't back here at the mansion. 
Before he realized it, he blasted the TV in his room with a powerful blast as a scream erupted from his throat. 
It didn't matter if you were dating Hank now, he needed to make you see him the way you saw him. He needed to stake his claim and make you his forever. 
You and Hank smiled at each other before walking in opposite directions. Instead of heading towards your room, you walked to Alex's room to drop off the gift you got for him at the mall. 
You knocked lightly on the door, "Alex!" You whispered quietly, turning the knob and opening the door. It was really dark in here, causing you to turn on the light. 
What definitely caught you off guard was seeing Alex sitting on his bed, staring hard at the wall with the TV broken on the floor, a huge hole in it. 
"Hey, Alex. Are you alright? And what happened to your TV? Did you break it?" 
Finally, Alex looked up at you with his blue eyes narrowed at you in anger, "So, how was your date with, Bozo?" 
You frowned at the tone in his voice and tilted your head to the side in confusion, "Date? What are you talking about?" 
"Oh, so now you're going to play stupid!" The blonde snapped, standing up from the bed and closing the distance between you two. 
"Seriously, Alex. I don't know-" 
Alex pushed you up against the wall, cutting you off completely as the bag you were holding dropped to the floor. 
He used one of his hands to pull out his phone and clicked on the image he wanted you to see, "Look at my phone and tell me what you see." He ordered, putting the phone in your face as you looked at the image displayed on it. 
"I see a picture of me and Hank kissing." You answered nonchalantly. 
"Exactly, you and Hank kissing! Were you even going to tell me? Or were you just gonna keep dating him without me knowing about it? You two fuck and move out of the mansion, huh?" 
"Whoa! Why are you flipping out?" 
"I'm flipping out because you should be with me!" He screamed in anger, "You should be with me. I should be the one to kiss you and to hold your hand. No one should ever lay their lips upon yours and I don't like others touching you." 
"And what are you gonna do about it?" You asked, cocking an eyebrow as you inwardly smirked. 
"I'm going to spank that ass of yours and show you who you belong to." 
He threw his phone in the bean bag chair across the room and grabbed the back of your head, bringing you closer to his face, and crashed his lips into yours. 
You hungrily kissed him back as you, loving the way his lips felt on yours and gripped his waist, and he bit your lip, nipping at your bottom lip. 
He broke the kiss and licked his lips like your lips were the tastiest thing in the world and grabbed you by the nape of your neck and pulled you down over his thighs, lowering your pants to your knees. 
"A bad boy like you deserves at least fifteen smacks, don't you think?" He asked, rubbing your ass in a circular motion with his large hand. 
"I don't know about that much, Alex- OW!" You cried out when you felt a hard smack come in contact with your ass. 
"You're in no position to tell me what to do," He spoke in an authoritative tone, "And this beautiful ass of yours will get blistered fifteen times and you'll take it like the good slut you are for me." 
Not even bothering to wait for a reply, he smacked your ass and you hissed. It felt so good to get spanked and Alex enjoyed watching you become a whimpering mess. 
The sounds that came out of your mouth went straight to Alex's cock.  This continued until he reached fifteen. 
The blue-eyed male took off your clothes and sneakers and threw you over his shoulder, tossing you onto the bed. 
A small noise formed in your throat when Alex jumped on top of you, running his hand down your back,     nails dragging along your skin gently. 
A smirk formed on Alex's lips, "You're so hard and needy for me. You want my cock shoved in your ass, don't you?" 
Suddenly, an idea formed inside that head of yours and you smirked back, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe I want Hank to come shove his-" 
Alex wrapped his arms firmly around your throat and leaned down to whisper hotly in your ear, "Don't say things that will get you into more trouble, and looks like you need a little lesson for that potty mouth of yours." He gently nipped your ear. 
He kept one hand wrapped around your throat while the other hand leaned across the small dresser near his bed. He opened the first drawer and grabbed the bottle of lube. 
And then Alex pressed you into the mattress and nudged your legs apart with his knees. He squeezed some onto his fingers and rubbed them together before reaching down and ran his fingers over the entrance of your hole before pushing a finger in. 
"Ah... oh fuck..." You moaned out, gripping onto the thick sheets. 
He pushed his finger deeper inside your hole as various sounds of moaning came from your mouth which was like music to Alex's ears. He stretched you properly before adding a second one as he stroked your cock. 
"You love getting fingered fucked, don't you? Love my fingers in your ass hole?" 
All you could do was nod your head aggressively, "Y-Yes. I love your fingers inside my hole. Please insert a third finger inside my hole, Alex." 
Alex smacked one of your ass cheeks, "Address me as sir or master." 
"Please insert a third finger, sir." You begged and that was the confirmation that Alex needed and inserted a third finger in your hole, stretching you out further. 
"F-Fuck!" You groaned out and Alex's patience was running out. He pulled his fingers out and flipped you over as he pulled a condom out from the drawer. 
"You want my dick inside you, don't you? Want my juicy cock inside that tight hole of yours, you little slut? Want to get fucked by me, and only me, right? Not Hank or any other guy. Just me, right?" 
You nodded jerkily, "Yes, only you. Please stick your cock inside my ass, sir." 
Alex put on the condom and threw the wrapper on the floor. He gripped your thighs tightly, spreading you open a little more as he thrust into you quickly and you let out a small cry of pleasure. 
"Oh God, Y/N." Alex groaned from behind, slamming his hips into yours as precum started leaking out of your cock, "Come for me, baby boy. Come now." 
Hearing his demand caused you to release, cum streaming onto the wall as he cummed in your hole. 
You both fell limp onto the bed and you felt him wrap his arms around you as he pulled you closer, both breathing heavy. 
"You're going to have to break it off with, Hank," Alex spoke up as he nuzzled against your neck, "You're mine, okay? You're not allowed to even think of him in a relationship-type way. And I want to hear you say that you're mine." 
A breathlessly chuckle erupted from your throat as you sighed, "I'm yours, but me and Hank-" 
"I don't want to hear any but's. You agreed to be mine, so you are now," He planted a kiss on your lips and ran a hand through his blonde hair, "No Hank."
"Okay, no more, Hank." 
Though Alex's assumption was false, you leaned into him as he pulled you closer and didn't even bother to correct him. 
Because you weren't dating Hank. He kissed you because some guy wouldn't stop hitting on you, even though you told him that he wasn't interested. He was still hung on Raven and as his gay best friend, you made a duty to make sure they get together. 
But, Alex's assumption made for a great outcome for you and him. You were happy with this outcome because you got the man you've been chasing for a while and nothing was better than this. 
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sadiexwrites · 4 days ago
Yandere Bucky Barnes! X Stubborn Pregnant Reader
WARNING: Mentions of sex, alcohol, language, some mentions of suicide, murder, NSFW, some sweetness.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Today, I'm going to be doing a little dash of Marvel and since Tumblr had made me be in a Bucky Barnes mood, I decided to create this NSFW or whatever you call it. (Still new here.)
Tumblr media
You could only imagine the shocked look on your face when you found out you were pregnant because it was priceless.
Holding that little test with two blue stripes was one of the hardest thing you had to do, much less look at it.
It took a few breakdowns for you to get yourself together again and decided to keep it a secret from Bucky, which won't be much of a problem.... or that's what you thought.
Throughout the whole month, you kept on being your stubborn self who hated Bucky's affection and love, always slapping away his attempts to give it to you.
But somehow, the soldier noticed something different from your behaviour, although you tried to keep it as it was like before you found out you were pregnant.
Perhaps it was the way you were more stubborn and keep on declining Bucky's invitation for sex at night or maybe it was the way you shove off his head from your stomach every time he tries to lay his head on it, giving him a grumpy look.
But then again, it might be because of the way morning sickness love to pester you ever day, causing you to vomit and make noises loud enough for Bucky to hear and wake up.
Eventually, he realized what was going on after a month of taking your excuses, and forced you to take a pregnancy test.
"You knew all along, didn't you?" You were afraid that Bucky might force you to abandon or get an abortion but instead you were welcomed with a warm smile on his face. "Why didn't you tell me? We're going to have a child!"
Soon after, you found out that it was actually Bucky's plan to get you pregnant all along. And of course, you were furious as fuck and threw a tantrum as he liked to call it. But after you were done, he immediately let out a chuckle and kissed your forehead while gently rubbing your small two months baby bump as if it was the most precious thing in the world.
Bucky made it his mission to learn to cook, so that he could cook for you every single day, and prevent you from going to a restaurant in fear of you and the baby getting poisoned by the food there.
If you think Bucky has been too protective and possessive before he found out you were pregnant, then you were wrong, because he never left your side ever since. Even followed you when you went to the bathroom, helping clean your back in the bathtub and massaging your calp. Although it did help you, especially when your baby bump starts to grow much, much larger, you still can't help but feel disgusted at his touch.
For example of his possessiveness, Bucky had once followed a barista home and killed him, after he deemed him being 'too friendly' with his doll when they were going to buy something at Starbucks. To say the least, you didn't know what had happened until you went to Starbucks again and found out that he was missing. Let's just say that cost Bucky to not being allowed to touch your six months swollen belly for a whole month.
Bucky had made sure to threw away your sleeping pills and all of your birth control pills in fear that you might try to commite suicide like you did in the past. But you also had a feeling he did it because he wants another child in the future.
One time during your pregnancy, he had no choice but to leave for a mission, much to your excitement. But he had left you with his best friend, Steve Rogers, and frenemies, Tony Stark. You weren't sure why Tony was even there because him and Bucky were not in good terms. But you knew your chances to escape was none if Steve was going to babysit you the whole time. He is practically a secons yandere to you, but sweeter and less possessive and demanding. He just has one mission; to not let you escape.
Three to four months had passed, and you were still upset about what happened to the barista and kept on ignoring Bucky after he returned home from the mission, even with all his desperate pleas and begging. That was until, you felt your water broke and Bucky forced you to let him carry you to the hospital.
And after many, many hours of pushing and screaming at Bucky like a maniac, a new bundle of joy came into the world. You and Bucky were in awe the whole time while watching the baby carefully as the nurse gently put a blanket over them. You hated Bucky with all you have, but you could never hate your baby- because it wasn't his fault that their father is an asshole who can't keep his pants to himself one way or another.
In the end, you slowly began to love your baby but hatred is the only thing you have for Bucky and the whole time you were resting after the exhausting process of giving birth, you were too busy thinking of a plan to get away from Bucky safely with your baby. Whatever it takes.
Please give me a little break. I have never done this before, only read a lot of it. But hope you like it!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Hi, for marvel love letters, maybe a romantic Peter Parker writing to his obsession that is hesitant toward his love?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you? Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen the way you’ve been keeping to yourself even more than before, especially when I’m around. Or how you try to make yourself as small as possible hoping I won’t notice you, I always notice you. Or how you shy away or scurry off whenever I get close to you.
I know my confession came out more jumbled and intense then I wanted but I just couldn’t contain myself. I’m sure it overwhelmed you and I’m sorry for that but you could at least be honest with me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. But being able to finally tell you how much you mean to me and how in love I’ve been with you for God knows how long just felt too good.
You don’t need to give me an answer or even return my feelings right now. I just needed to tell you how I felt. If you need time then that’s perfectly fine. I’ve waited this long, I can wait awhile longer. But please don’t shut me out or run from me again. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide or keep anything from. I’m here for you and that’s never going to change.
Call me whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen.
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yandereaffections · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This black and white schemed hero is a absolute gentleman, you'll receive the most 1930s like flirts you've ever heard from him with his hand rested on your waist squeezing ever so gently
Within each kiss or moan you manage to receive from him there'll be little comments, chest to chest with only the word "Amazing" stopping Noir from filling in the gap between your lips, basically thriving on pride when you whimper into his mouth
He's the type to encourage and supply you with a prize for good work, being such a sweet lil thing for him requires attention and he wouldn't hesitate to have you basking in pleasure by his hand, adoring each little way you squirm and jolt at his touch and explaining just how much he can spend the rest of forever in this position simply watching you contently, but alas it would be a shame to keep you pent up like this without you releasing all over his fingers that's accompanied by the heavenly sound of your bliss filled sighs
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A Pure Soul (Yandere!Wanda Maximoff x ADD!Autistic!reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Two weeks or so after Wanda arrives at the Avengers’ Place, (y/n) shows up. An autistic Avenger who’s extremely honest and who doesn’t really seem to mind just being by themself, but also is kind and even affectionate to others. Wanda’s smitten by this and does the unthinkable.
Request?: Nope. I’m literally just throwing this out of the back of my head. From the Yandere Starter Prompts list by @yandere-mccree
Prompt: 5. “This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.”
Warnings: (AOU Spoilers, CACW spoilers, IW spoilers, Endgame spoilers, torture sorta, sleep paralysis mention, ableism, slight manipulation?, kidnapping, mind-breaking mention)
Note: I wanted to try a bit more of a subtle Yandere vibe for Wanda. I’ve never really written one of these, so it might not be as great as I hoped. I don’t encourage or condone the unhealthy aspects.
Word Count: 3,268
It’s only been a couple of weeks or so after she’d been taken from Sokovia after it was destroyed. Wanda’s still mourning the loss of her brother when you arrive. You're a shy person, not a fan of eye contact, but you do like touch, hugs in particular, as well as head pets.
Wanda doesn’t pay attention to you much at first. You’re just another Avenger to her; a nice change of pace, but that’s all. But then comes Lagos. Wanda now has guilt along with so much trauma. It’s no surprise when you hear her crying in her room one day, the door somehow left open a crack.
“I’m a terrible person,” she says softly, thinking no one heard.
You peek in and catch her with a pillow to her face, weeping. Your heart breaks. You know it’s on her, but she clearly feels terrible. You stand in the doorway until she soon notices you.
“Oh....(y/n),” she says as casually as she can. “Hey.”
“You’re not a terrible person,” you tell her.
She’s shocked to hear this.
“You’re not afraid of me?”
You shake your head.
“Why would I be?”
“I’m too destructive,” she says, sniffling. “You saw what happened in Lagos.”
You enter your room and sit on her bed with her. 
“But you’re also very kind,” you point out. “And you’re a good person. You clearly care when you hurt others, and you want to rectify your mistakes. A bad person wouldn’t do that.”
In that moment, you can sense her need for some physical contact. You lean over and give her a hug, rubbing her back.
“I’m glad you’re here, Wanda,” you tell her.
And you are. You truly are. Even if you don’t know her well, you’ve heard her talk a few times, and she’s a breath of fresh air. Most of the Avengers tend to be a bit loud and sometimes a bit insensitive, but not Wanda. Wanda’s extremely sensitive to others’ feelings and tends to be a quiet person. It’s something you need. Her accent is also soothing to you for some reason, not to mention she’s beautiful.
You let her cry on your shoulder for a few hours, even humming to her a bit. Then it’s dinnertime and you’re called to the kitchen. That’s when something in Wanda changes. You, an Avenger who barely knows her, aren’t afraid of her; in fact, you’re glad that she’s here. She also doesn’t know you all that well, but she’s seen some acts of kindness you’ve done for her and the other Avengers, even when you thought no one was watching. And she heard your thoughts when you were hugging her, all wonderful things about her, how you wish she could see how amazing she is, how beautiful she is.
At that moment, her heart melts. How can someone with such a sweet and pure soul like you exist? How could someone so....perfect exist? It’s a ray of sunshine in her heart, making her forget about the guilt and trauma, even if only for a few moments. Your presence is exactly what she needs. And she needs more of it.....
At first it starts off simple and small; making an effort to see you more often, running into you in the compound, smiling at you, making conversation. And honestly, there’s something about Wanda you can’t quite shake off. She does make your heart flutter; sometimes you get shy around her or even blush. It’s adorable and it’s something that only makes her more fond of you. 
She discovers you’re autistic when the lights of the compound are too bright one time. The second she notices how anxious you are after Tony turns on the lights before getting his coffee in the other room, she immediately turns them down for you, and she’s the first person you tell. 
“I’m touched that you trust me enough to confess this,” she tells you with a few tears in your eyes.
Wanda asks you what other things you like or dislike, things that give you sensory overload and things that help you calm down. She asks you about your experiences as an autistic person. You’re touched by how considerate she is, and even confess to her about your ADD, or Inattentive ADHD, as they call it now. She also asks about that, but does her best to take it a little at a time so that you’re not overwhelmed with questions.
What you don’t know is that she already knows all of this, having telepathy and all; she wants to hear it from you so that it doesn’t come off as creepy. She also loves to hear your voice. It’s like music to her ears, music that eases her stresses and trauma, even if only temporarily.
Then she starts to make some more effort, actively implementing what she knows and paying attention to things you say and do, so that she knows what she can do or say without it being suspicious. Wanda wants the relationship to move as naturally as possible. You’re her precious angel, and she doesn’t want to scare you. And she won’t unless it’s inevitable or of absolute necessity. 
Wanda buys a bunch of fidgets and other sensory things for you to try, keeping in mind what you’ve told her. But also throwing in some “close guesses,” meaning things she knows but that you haven’t told her, things close to what you’ve told her. She can easily pass it off as just “having a hunch,” as long as it doesn’t happen too often. 
Though she wants it to be as natural as possible, she occasionally uses her powers on you; nothing too severe at first. Just sending little suggestions to your mind; she’s told you a few of her favorite things, so she’ll base those suggestions off of that. One of the first suggestions is why not ask her how to make paprikash? She suggests that the two of you make it together and you agree. You’re not big on spice, but there’s some sweet paprika as a substitute. And it’s not as spicy as you think, but it’s delicious.
Sometimes Wanda sends a suggestion to get you going on a rant on one of your Special Interests; it’s both a chance for her to “get to know you more,” but mostly because she adores hearing you speak about what you love; she especially loves seeing that twinkle in your eyes and she loves seeing your face light up. It’s one of the most precious things to her, seeing you so happy. She wants to cherish every single second of it. 
Though you’re nervous about it, suggestions of humming or singing to her pop into your mind. You give into them fairly often, mostly later on in the relationship. She tells you about how beautiful your voice really is, which gets you shy and blushing. It’s so endearing to her, seeing her sweet little sunbeam being so cute without even trying.
When you come back from a battle, Wanda checks to make sure you’re okay as soon as possible. She volunteers to patch you up to the best of her ability, and she soon becomes the person you first think of when you need first aid or care after a battle.
Then Wanda decides to take it a little further; her room in the compound is next to yours. She stands outside of your door, waiting for you to go to sleep, before opening the door a tad and sending in sweet dreams. If there’s one thing she despises, it’s seeing her sweet little angel upset, and this assures that it won’t happen. 
Next she sends little dreams with her in it; first only small appearances, but then she becomes apparent little by little until she ends up being the focus of many of them. Of course she’ll throw in miscellaneous dreams here and there, just to make sure you don’t get suspicious.
Then comes Wanda’s biggest suggestion to you; you two have gotten so close over the past few months, why not ask her to be your girlfriend? It only makes sense. You still feel those butterflies in your stomach, you two both have amazing chemistry, and you both are very close. At this point, you don’t question it. You’re just nervous to ask, as you’ve never been in a relationship before. Of course the nervousness is also slightly part of the suggestion, more on a subconscious level. It’s not enough to make you panic; just enough to make you shy when asking her. And of course, you are. You end up stammering a little, blushing a bit. She fondly assures you that it’s okay to feel this nervousness, and happily accepts being your girlfriend. 
Now that you two are a couple, her next suggestion for you is to give into those affectionate feelings you have when cuddling with her. She loves the warmth you bring. Wanda didn’t think you could get any cuter, and yet she’s a full-on puddle when you cuddle with her. You’re just so sweet and Wanda can’t help but feel protective over you.
Others begin to notice you opening up more and they start making conversation with you. Of course Wanda’s listening to their thoughts to make sure they’re not interested in going further than a friendship with you. Friends are okay for her, and she’s very excited inside when you make a new friend, as she knows that making friends doesn’t exactly come naturally to you. However if it ever gets to anything past that, she’d have to take action. One does express interest in you, and that doesn’t sit well with Wanda. This person doesn’t deserve such a sweet angel, let alone her sweet little angel. Something must be done. 
That night, after sending you sweet dreams, she sneaks over to their place and hides just outside of their bedroom door. She’s able to track their brain activity, so she knows when they’ve gone to sleep. Once they do, she sends them their worst nightmares, ones that paralyze them in their sleep out of fear. The next day, you don’t see them at their usual time. You figure maybe they’re sick or they overslept. In the meantime, she’s there to keep you company. It happens on and off with them for some odd reason.
If it’s one of the Avengers taking an interest in you, Wanda ensures that the two of you don’t get too close. If you go on a mission and need a partner, Wanda steps up. It’s not really a surprise to them, with her being your girlfriend and all. She glares at the Avenger who’s showing interest, letting them know to stay back. 
And then shit hits the fan.
You come back to the compound in tears one night and Wanda’s the first one at your side.
“(Y/N), what happened?” she asks worried.
You tell her about how you ran into someone who said that autism is a disease that needs to be cured and that you shouldn’t exist because you’re a burden on society. Wanda doesn’t leave your side that night. You need someone there for you. Externally she’s supportive and loving. But internally, she’s both heartbroken and fuming as she looks through the memory. A fire storms inside of her. How dare they tell such a sweet and pure soul like you that they’re a burden! How dare they say her sweet angel has a disease that needs to be cured! Wanda knows that autism has its challenges, but also its upsides. It’s not anything that needs a cure. It’s a part of your identity. She will NOT let this slide. Not even a little. 
After cuddling with you, and sending extra-special sweet dreams that night, Wanda finds the place of the person who told you this. Wanda sneaks into their bedroom and induces their worst nightmares, along with a dose of sleep paralysis. She uses her telekinesis to throw objects around the room and even at them. She uses her power to make them choke. Her grief and anger only amplifies the severity. It’s satisfying to her to hear them scream, plead, beg for mercy, to see them so helpless, knowing what they said to her precious angel. She keeps doing this to them until they’re completely broken, even going back multiple nights, just to make sure they’re gone for good. 
You don’t hear from them until you find out that they’ve become completely catatonic. Part of you still feels bad for them for some reason, but you don’t know why.
“You have nothing to feel bad about, (Y/N),” Wanda assures you when you bring this up with her. “Their guilt probably just got the best of them. C’mon, how about we get some lunch together?”
Wanda’s got your back and more for the next few days. And then Tony locks her in her room, and you’re infuriated. He just sees her as a weapon and not a person. In spite of their attempts to convince you to come along on missions, you decide to stay back and keep Wanda company, to make her confinement more bearable. 
The two of you both fight Tony together, end up in the Raft, and escape together, living away from the compound. Then comes the war. You’re the one dusted and Wanda survives. Those five years without you are hell to her. She spirals back into grief, guilt, and trauma, blaming herself for not being able to save you. Thank God for Bruce Banner. In 2023, he brings you back. The second Wanda finds this out, she rushes for you, her eyes filled with tears, and you’re just as relieved to see her. Your warmth sparks a sense of purpose back into her. After you died and were brought back to life, to her you’re truly an angel now, and she refuses to let an angel be harmed. She’s reluctant to let you fight, but she tells you as long as you stay by her, it should be fine.
Tony sacrifices himself to save you all from Thanos. The second the funeral is over, you decide to take a nap. Wanda gently grabs you and takes you to a remote location; a cottage in the middle of the woods on an island. Those five years without you and then suddenly having you back sent her protective instincts into overdrive. She decides that she can’t let anyone or anything hurt you anymore. She’s lost her parents and her brother. She can’t lose you. She won’t lose you.
When you come to, you’re shocked about where you are. 
Sitting up you begin to panic when you hear a familiar voice.
“Good! You’re awake.”
The smell of paprika hits your nose as you see her face, a sweet smile upon it. 
She brings over a plate of chicken paprikash. 
“What do you think, (y/n)?” she asks.
“Of what?”
She gives a little giggle.
“Of our new home, of course.”
Your heart jumps in your chest.
“New home?”
Wanda sets down the food on a nearby table, and sits next to you on the bed you’ve been placed in. 
“(Y/N), I.....those past five years....”
“Must’ve been horrific,” you say, still in shock.
She nods. 
“And I wish I could’ve saved you.”
She gently takes ahold of your hands. 
“And now that you’re back....I’m scared to lose you. I want us to be together forever.”
Your face flushes, and you glance away. She giggles a little and gently guides your face back up to her.
“My sweet (y/n), you’re too adorable,” she tells you.
Your eyes meet the bridge of her nose, and she doesn’t make you look at her eyes. She knows eye contact can be hell for you.
“I’ve missed this energy so much; I’ve missed your kind-hearted nature, your beautiful voice, your wide and innocent eyes, that cute little button nose, you cuddling up close to me. I’ve set everything in this cottage up just for you. I want you to be as comfortable and happy as possible here.”
“Where exactly are we, though?” you ask.
“Somewhere where you’ll never be hurt again. I’ll ensure that.”
This set off a slight red flag, and you panic a little.
“We couldn’t have just moved to a house in the suburbs or maybe a house in Greece?”
She shakes her head as she pets yours, something that absolutely gives you butterflies.
“No. This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you, sweet (y/n). You have such a pure soul-you are a pure soul-and the world outside will only hurt you. Sweet and innocent people, especially at your age, are very rare. They’re like diamonds; real diamonds. They’re extremely difficult to find, but once you do, they’re a treasure that needs to be protected. I want to be that for you. I want to protect you, keep you safe, love you and care for you. This cottage, this island, it can become a whole new world. At least give it a try? For me? Please?”
You want to say no, right? You’re not sure. It feels like something inside of you is at war, but one side is winning. Wanda’s clearly relieved to have you, and you’ve loved her for a long time now as she’s loved you for a long time now. You feel comfortable around her too. Perhaps a little protection might not be the worst idea. At the very least, a trial run wouldn’t hurt.
You nod.
“Okay, I’ll give it a go.”
Wanda hugs you close and gives you a small peck on the cheek. 
“Thank you, my sweet (y/n)! Thank you.”
The two of you have dinner together and then watch a few sitcoms before you cuddle up in bed as Wanda softly sings you a Sokovian lullaby, your head lying near her shoulder. As you drift off to sleep, Wanda watches you endearingly. What you don’t know is that you’re going to enjoy being here. She’d love it if it’s on your own terms, but if you start to seem distant, she won’t hesitate to use her magic to send some suggestions. Maybe it’s to prompt you to ask her to include or remove or change something, or even to enhance your joy for the little things. Extreme worst-case scenario? She’ll plague you with a few nightmares, ones that’ll show you how dangerous the outside world is without her, but it will pain her to do so. Expect a lot of cuddling and kisses from her when you wake up in tears in the hopes of making things better. And she makes sure they do. All she wants is for you to stay and be happy and safe with her. 
And even if you wanted to leave, it’s doubtful that even with your powers, you’ll get past the barrier Wanda’s put up. It’s doubtful that you’ll even get that far. It’s a big island after all. Big and deserted. She wants to give you enough space, but not too much. Just enough to make you happy. If you somehow find it, Wanda will make sure you’ll forget finding it. She’ll fill in the gaps with something else so that it doesn’t seem suspicious. It’s not surprising that she knows how to deal with so many outcomes; she’s had five years to think it over, after all, just in case you came back.
But none of that matters right now. All that matters is that she has you, her precious angel, and you’ll be hers forever one way or the other.
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lavendercitizen · 11 days ago
Pairing: Soft!Dark!Nomad!Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: After your little stunt Steve is nursing you back to health. What will happen now?
Word count: 2,830
Warnings: Mention of death, yandere/dark fic, hurt/comfort(?), cursing, discussion of stockholm syndrome.
A/N: This is part 2 of Blizzard, I put it as a series in my masterlist, but I don't know if I'll write any more parts to this. Considering I love this AU, I'm sure I'll write more things similar to this though.
I did research hypothermia a little, still this is probably not accurate. Anyways Idk why I find this topic so interesting, but I really tried to describe the conflict of dealing with this.. extreme 'love'
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Maybe in another life, Stevie."
Her words ring in his ears, he can't stop himself from choking out a sob. This isn't happening. This can't be happening.
But it is, and you're not really looking at him anymore, eyes drooping closed and before your hands can slip away from his hands he holds onto them.
"No... No. Nononono-"
A loud cry breaks the silence. Steve Rogers is kneeling in the snow, little flakes falling all around him, his face morphed into one of incredulity.
He had fought a lot of battles throughout his life, he went through hell and back whilst fighting for Bucky, but this? You tore a hole into the captain's heart.
Something snaps in him. Without even checking for a pulse or leaning in to try and hear if you're still breathing, he picks your cold body up, and unwilling to waste another second he runs off; back to your shared cabin. He's not going to let you go.
As careful as he can, he carries you home, making sure not to press any of your limbs. Your face is red and even with all this happening, you look peaceful. Like you've accepted your fate. Steve's jaw clenches hard. Hasn't he been good to you? And what about you, he remembers your touch and your gentle smiles. It took you a while, of course, but eventually you warmed up to him. He knew you would, after all Steve loved you like you were the most precious thing to ever exist.
So why did you run, why put yourself in danger in the freezing temperature— did you want to die? He doesn't understand, doesn't want to know, because the answer scares him.
It feels like hours have passed when he finally sees the cedar logs of the wooden cabin. He kicks the door open, carefully squeezing the both of you through the entrance, and makes a beeline for the bed.
Only now does it occur to him to check for a pulse. Steve almost cries again when he feels it, weak and slow, but it's there. Your clothes are completely wet, even though you have protective wear on, specifically made for this kind of weather, you've been outside for too long. With each thing he rips off of you a splat sound fills the cabin. He doesn't care that your stuff is dripping all over the floor— all he cares about right now is you.
There's another two blankets in the closet next to the door of your bedroom, and he briskly pulls those out too, carefully placing them over you.
Stripping himself down to his boxers he tenderly pulls your motionless form under the covers and right into his arms, holding you tightly to him after he adjusts the blankets so the both of you are practically sealed. Only the top of your head and your face peek out.
As the sun sets, all Steve is able to concentrate on is you. Not once do his thoughts stray. It's a nightmare.
The crackling fire is the only thing he would leave your side for, needing to make sure that the house is heated up. It gives him time to think. He's angry, partly at you and partly at himself.
Why did you do it?
He ponders about what he'd say when you wake up, and even more about your reaction. It was written all over your face, the resignation, as he had urged you to look at him, and that had terrified him.
Periodically he checks your pulse and your breathing, relieved when he notices both return to a somewhat normal state after excruciating hours of wait.
Tumblr media
The first thing you wake up to is the intense feeling of debilitation. It's like you were run over by a car several times. Where are you?
The urge to fall back asleep again is strong. However, you can sense someone's arms around you, panicking slightly, you look up.
The memories flash in front of you, and you have to close your eyes as your head starts to throb painfully. Oh god what have you done? Fuck, this is so bad. You hadn't wanted what happened to happen, didn't mean to go so far. In the spur of the moment, as the cold air pinched your face, and you were alone—finally alone, away from his ever-looming presence, your mind was on autopilot. Suddenly getting out of here had been your only resolve, not actually thinking about the distance you'd have to conquer, and the way the storm would impede you. But as your bones and muscles felt like they were turning to stone, and your breathing had slowed, you knew this was the most stupid thing you could've possibly done. You believed you were done for, and in a way it was easy, just accepting that this was your fate.
Almost peaceful— you remember the quiet, the snow like a blanket, and there was that feeling again. The guilt that was always lurking just behind the surface, it had gripped your heart so many times and in the worst moments too. As you were growing sleepier, the fight had left you completely, and that feeling had vanished, like ashes in the wind. You even got to see him in what you supposed to be your end. The absolute disbelief, and shattered look on his face was reassuring, as horrible as that sounds, it had felt freeing then.
However, what you didn't expect was that he would manage to save you. It hadn't even been an option in your mind, you thought you'd die there, and Steve would just have to accept that. It was his fault after all...right?
You're not so sure that he would agree with your sentiment at all. Fear begins to flare up in you.
Now you were scared. What will happen to you? You were alive and well— kind of an overstatement, but you were alive. Not dead. You doubt that if there is a heaven Steve would be pressed against you now.
Before your brain could start and compute images of you, chained in a basement, beaten black and blue, you draw his attention to you by reaching up, or trying to (your fingers feel weird and tingly), and press both hands on either side of his face, just like you did then. Maybe you want to know if this is real, if he is real. It feels pretty real, the sensation of his beard against your fingertips makes you realize you are very much here right now, this is not a dream— because if it is then it would be a very realistic dream.
And it snaps Steve out of his dazed state. You're awake. Then it really hits him; you are awake and looking at him. He wants to ask you so many things, wants to shout at you, show you what he felt, but all he can do is stare.
"Steve?" you say his name reluctantly. Why is he not reacting? The awareness that he might snap at you, or worse is still there, but oddly enough you are unfazed by it.
He reaches a hand out, carefully placing it on your cheek as if you'd break under his touch.
His blue eyes shimmer with tears, and he frowns at you, seemingly lost in thought.
"Steve," you call out his name more urgently, as much as your weak body allows you to. First, he sniffles a little, looking like a hurt puppy. His brows furrow, the corners of his mouth turn down. Then the tears slip down his angelic visage, and he progresses from sniveling to crying. Quiet sobs wreck his body.
Before you can do, or say, anything, he hunches over, presses his face against your chest and his arms tighten to a point it hurts around you.
Your tired mind can barely keep up with what's happening. His blond mop of hair is unruly, which is what you choose to focus on in that moment, perhaps to try and soothe yourself with the distraction. Carding your tired fingers through his hair, you attempt to achieve some semblance to what it usually looks like.
At some point you must've fallen asleep, because when you open your eyes again Steve is gone, and you feel strangely upset about it. It's not long though before he returns, a mug of tea in his hand, fresh clothes on and his hair is combed into place.
Wordlessly he sets it down, seating himself on the edge of the bed with an unreadable expression and reaches out with his hand.
You flinch, it's just a second, but he saw it. His hand halts, right in front of the top of your head and his face falls.
How are you supposed to handle this?
Acting on your intuition, you take his hand in yours and press it against your forehead.
For some reason you feel the need to apologize, though if it's because you flinched or because you almost managed to die, you don't know.
Steve draws his hand back. Finally, the moment you've been anxiously anticipating arrives.
"Why did you do it?"
"No. Tell me why. Did you want to die? What were you thinking!? Wasn't I enough?" he hisses, then his tone turns cold, "I thought you loved me, but it seems like I was wrong."
"Steve-" he doesn't let you speak though.
"Was all of it fake. Every kiss, every smile and when you looked at me like that- was- is...
Did you even mean any of it?"
It's a lot and his shouting certainly doesn't help you while you're trying to form your thoughts.
"I- I did. I mean, it was real. I just... I don't know why I did it, okay?"
That's a lie, and you know it. But you don't wish to talk about the basis of all of this, the reason you're here. Steve is possessive, obsessive and controlling. Yeah, you got used to it— what else were you supposed to do? With no way out and no one else but him as company, constantly pushing his affection onto you.
How can you know if you genuinely feel what you do for him.
"Bullshit," he spits out. His eyes search yours intently, searching for answers.
With a stressed exhale you whisper, "Okay. You're right, I know why, but don't pretend like you don't."
Steve looks almost offended. This must be the most direct and honest answer you've given him since he first took you.
"No, I don't know why," he replies angrily, growing more impatient.
This is going to take some time, you already know it, so you try and sit up with the little strength you have. Steve is by your side instantly, helping you with one arm under your legs and the other behind your back. Even now as this conversation occurs, he does his best to be as tender as possible. It makes you want to cry as the confusion creeps up in you.
"Steve, you took me from my life-"
"And what kind of life was that?" he interjects. Asshole.
Shooting him a furious look, you fire back, "It was my life. Doesn't matter how bad it was, it was mine, and I was free to do what I pleased."
"You can do what you want here too! Just ask me, and I'll give you everything you need," he proclaims with furrowed brows, not seeing how this was relevant.
"So would you let me go if I asked you to?"
"No- you know that's not what I meant," Steve murmurs darkly.
How can he not see it? This was wrong— so incredibly wrong. But who were you fooling. You should've known that you never had or will have a say in this, whatever this is.
Motioning for the tea, you think about how you can save yourself from this strained conversation. Nothing you say will change him, and honestly you are just so goddamn tired; you don't have enough energy for this.
Steve hands you the warm mug, brushing his fingers over yours for a moment as if to reassure himself that you're still here before pulling back. The silence is just plain awkward, tension lingers between you. On one hand the hulking blond wants to satisfy your every whim, but he wouldn't couldn't let you go, and that's final.
You are his and you need to see that.
"It doesn't matter then—" you cut yourself off, lifting one hand to motion back and forth with your index finger between yourself and him, "This conversation. Doesn't matter 'cause you're not letting me make my own choices, meaning I'll never be free. Not really..."
Steve is starting to get really ticked off, you can tell with the way his eyes seem to darken, his jaw clenches hard and you almost regret what you just said, but it's important to you that he knows. It's all out in the open now. You will never leave, that much is obvious, so you resolve yourself to be straight up with him.
Not that you weren't before, but his love silenced you in quiet ways. Complaints began to die in your throat. A stern look here, a tight squeeze there, and soon you had begun to prefer being obedient with him.
"I'm being open with you right now, Steve."
Blue eyes snap to yours, at first perplexed, then hesitant, and you try to smile, show him that you really meant that, though it must look more like a grimace. What else is there left to do. The struggle is evident on his face. Could you possibly get through to him?
"Steve..." the way you whisper his name with so much emotion behind it pains him, all this, it harrows him. Never did he want it to be like this, he planned all that there was to consider, but he didn't think you would haunt him like this.
When he started working on fixing up the rusty cabin, all he could think of was you, his fantasies were running wild; Your head lying in his lap, that gentle smile of yours mirroring his, your hands ghosting up his left arm until you would be able to reach his rosy face. He knew you would be happy, even if it would take some time, knew your beautiful heart would reach the broken parts of his weary, cold one.
And now you're here. It had become everything Steve Rogers ever wanted, slowly but steadily.
And then you ran.
Almost died, turned his dream upside down— how could you do this to him?
"Please you have to try and understand where I'm coming from," you murmur with a frown, as if you weren't so sure of your statement. In reality, you don't know if arguing is a smart move, if you'd ever be able to see a flicker of realization run across his mesmerizing face. "It hurts me Steve, I- I want you, wanna be with you," if it weren't for his enhanced hearing, he wouldn't have been able to decipher your quiet confession, "but it's not right."
His blue eyes shine, you can't discern what it means. He seems to be mulling over all that has been said, his lips purse, like usual whenever he's deep in thought, you muse with something akin to fondness, and then try to shake it off once you recognize it. You flex your fingers nervously around the handle of the ceramic mug, your mind and heart are at war.
When you look up again, his gaze is fixated on you. You realize he has decided on something.
A decision to help you is what it is; the result of his mental debate. You said you want to be with him, said you meant all of it, that it was real. He just has to give you a little push, show you that this life can be heaven, more so than he thought it had already been for you, and then you'll see how right this he is for you.
The hair on the back of your neck stands on end, and you feel paralyzed. Steve is smiling at you, softly, but you don't miss the predatory glint in his eyes, and you just want to run, want to get out. In the heat of the moment you blurt out the first thing that your brain can come up with.
"My tea is cold."
He chuckles, gets closer from where he's seated on the edge of the bed, and gently pries the mug out of your hands.
It's supposed to be a warning, though it sounds more like a plea, and you know you're losing. You never stood a chance, not against his wicked idea of love.
"It's okay sweetheart, I'm here now. Never gonna let you go, baby. Know you didn't mean to run, you love me, right?"
At least you tried, didn't you?
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paperfan-1 · 16 days ago
Okay so I have a thought,
You know how there's au's for evil Steve Rogers like where he's Captain hydra. Well I've read a few fics about it and there's a pattern they I've noticed a lot with them everyone seems to make him a bit to forceful and non-tactful with try to acquire the reader.
(please don't take any offense when I say this I'll explain why in a second)
In my opinion I would think that Steve would be more careful, like he wouldn't be full on forceful instead he try his best to convince the reader when he woo's them. He would respect their boundaries best as he can but still trap them without making it obvious. In which he would ne manipulative, possessive and, obsessive without scaring them off or making the reader see him in a negative light.
What do y'all think?
Maybe I'm just soft
@stargazingfangirl18 they have amazing captain hydra fics please go check them out.
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lavendercitizen · 23 days ago
Pairing: Soft!Dark!Nomad!Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: You've gotten so used to Steve's closeness, when you should be fighting him with tooth and nail. Not anymore.
Word count: 1,404
Warnings: Dark/yandere fic, angst: guilt, mention of kidnapping, implication of death, hypothermia.
A/N: Finally, my first Stevie fic😁 and ofc it's angsty on another level... yeah ngl this is dramatic af, sorry not sorry🤷🏼‍♀️ apparently I like breaking my own heart.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cold snow is whipping past you, burning your cheeks, and you don't know if you can take another step anymore, surprising yourself every time you manage just one more. Fear is a great motivator. And that's something you did not want to find out, but here you are.
You will yourself not to cry, unsure of how bad it would hurt if the tears would freeze on your face.
Is he still on your tail?
It's been a while since you last heard his shouts and screams; Never have you heard desperation, perhaps fear and a hint of anger, like this. Not once have you felt terror like this, as well as hopelessness and guilt.
And even if it hurt so bad hearing Steve's anguished cries, even if it made you want to turn right around and run into his warm arms, you remind yourself why that is exactly what you're not going to do with a shake of your head.
Days had turned into months in the little cabin, and you knew— knew that when the feeling of being torn, the shame that came with every touch, every scrape of his lips on your skin, against your mouth, dissipated more and more, that you had let yourself get swallowed by his darkness.
It was like waking up from a dream. You saw him talking to you, his smile so natural, something you wouldn't think twice about admiring then, as if this was normal, but you weren't listening. How could you have allowed yourself to let him mold you like he did. Every little touch, every smile and laugh— how could you.
You let yourself sink into his advances more and more, completely forgetting about escaping and working towards your freedom.
It disgusts you, looking back at it, but you get why you did it. Never have you felt such affection and love from anyone. The attention he gave you was exhilarating and made it easy to shove down the conflict that arose inside you every time. It wasn't right though, it was a sick and twisted love. But it was easy to believe that it was real.
Steve was like a man possessed. Even when you accepted his touch, pushing back less and less— you couldn't pretend like you did not see the dangerous glint, hidden behind his gentle loving eyes.
In another life, you think, we could've been something.
Your body feels like it's on fire and plunged in ice-cold water at the same time. With each minute more, your movement becomes less. It was pretty stupid, running away from him during this weather, and you curse yourself for your terrible timing. This was the one chance you had—Steve trusted you after all this time together, believing you wouldn't run anymore—and now you lost that chance to an emotional outburst. Just great.
How much longer can you go? At this point you're just walking, holding your arms tightly to yourself. Not even the protective jacket you are wearing is helping much. Fear begins to form in the pit of your stomach.
Please. Please- not after I've gotten this far.
Steve had told you once that the next town isn't even that distant from the little cabin the two of you were holed up in, when you worried about food supplies. That was when you were still actively pushing him away, and the mention of civilization had made you light up like a Christmas tree. Obviously he had not been very pleased at your eagerness to leave and quickly shut you down with a reminder that even if you would somehow leave there was no way you'd find the town before he'd find you.
Yeah, that had wiped the spark right out of your eyes. You remember how you ignored him for the rest of the day after that, and he felt terrible.
God, isn't that confusing?
In one moment he would angrily tell you that there was no escape and in the next he would be at your side, an unspoken apology on his lips, with furrowed brows and sad eyes.
No more though, it doesn't matter anymore.
You hope.
But as your small steps slow down even more, and you feel the trembling in your hands starting to ease, your hope dwindles. Even your breathing—shaky a moment ago—is now steady, because it's slowing down. Hypothermia, you muse.
Funny how quick a dream can vanish. Moments ago you were still fantasizing about your arrival in town. Quickly you realize that there would be no arrival.
You can't take it anymore— so tired. You're so tired and exhaustion sweeps over you faster than anticipated. Maybe that's okay. Because even if you would be able to reach the town, that's the first place Steve will go to, and then it would only be a matter of time before he finds you. Even if somehow you manage to get a car, a rental or something (though you doubt that's a thing in a small-town in the middle of nowhere), how far would you get?
So maybe this is the only way. With a small huff you sink down against a big pine tree. The cold instantly seeps into your legs, the only part of your body that wasn't completely numb, and your breath hitches at the feeling.
It's for the better, you try and console yourself in what you know are going to be your last coherent moments. Small is what you'd use to describe yourself right now. Small and abandoned, and all alone.
Regret sinks its claws into you. Would you really rather die than spend another minute in your little bubble of a life with Steve? It's too late now, you can't allow yourself to even think about it.
Painful tears fill your eyes, instantly burning your skin with the unfamiliar warmth, but you can't bring yourself to care. If anything they bring a little bit of feeling back into your frozen body. Then it hurts less and less. Darkness creeps into the edges of your vision, and you close your eyes, ready to fall asleep one last time.
Everything stops; at least it feels like it. The raging snow becomes insignificant, the cold trivial, but your body seems to respond. A flicker of recognition lights in you.
"Steve?" you croak quietly. You hear your name again this time a little closer, and maybe it was some sort of survival instinct, but then you cry out his name with all that you have left, and by some miracle he hears you over the roaring storm.
Even more tears spill out, you don't know if you're relieved or if this is the worst mistake of your life, but you don't get the chance to ponder on it, because the next thing you know Steve Rogers fills up your vision. Hands are on you, you think he might be attempting to warm your much smaller ones, but you can't be sure— you feel nothing.
"(Y/N), oh my god-
Doll, listen to me, you need to stay awake, you hear me? Goddamnit I can't lose you, baby, please- just please look at me."
The corners of your mouth twitch slightly. If you'd tell your younger self that this would one day be a situation she'd find herself in, she probably would laugh in disbelief.
"(Y/N)," he says your name again.
Ah, yes, he is still here, you're still here too. With a quiet huff you force yourself to look at him— your Stevie, kneeling in front of you, and for the first time you notice the tears slipping down his beautiful face. Oh, Steve.
This is it, you really believe it, you do.
Now, as your resting against the rough bark of the pine tree behind you, and the snow is quietly falling, having eased up, Steve is lightly shaking in front of you with distress, and you're ready to say goodbye. Your hands come up to his face, you press your fingers on either side against his beard. You don't feel them, but that's okay. The darkness is consuming you faster and faster; there's not much time left.
Steve Rogers has torn you from your life, taken you to be a part of his own little world, and now he's watching you slip away. His cries are like a knife into your cold heart, but it's too late now.
"Maybe in another life, Stevie."
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inscribeddiatribes · 23 days ago
Yandere Wanda Maximoff Refusing To Let The Reader Go
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not my photo. Credit goes to them.
Note: I still have a couple more requests that need to be posted! Sorry for the wait.
Tumblr media
Wanda has had intense emotions for the majority of her life.
Her love (obsession really) for you would be no different.
Her love in combination with her grief would be a recipe for disaster.
Wanda wants to live the life that she feels like she deserves and if she has to use her powers to achieve that... so be it.
The life she wants includes you.
The poor town of Westview is left to Wanda’s mercy.
You feel like you have no choice but to try to help them.
If you slowly start to pressure Wanda into bringing you back to reality by describing the life you could live, the town of Westview might stand a chance.
Wanda never anticipated you willingly going along with her plans and her excitement is evident.
She still needs a bit of a push to completely let Westview go though.
Someone is able to pick up on this and you better believe that they’re going to use it to their advantage.
When Monica and SWORD offer Wanda immunity from punishment, it’s truly an offer she can’t refuse.
Both Wanda and various agencies will pretend like this whole Westview situation never happened.
You may have thought that you left the whole suburban life behind, but that’s far from the truth.
Wanda may not be able to have her picture perfect life, but that won’t stop her from pursuing anything close to it.
She’s free to drag you along with her and absolutely no one would intervene.
Well, at least you’ll be able to have modern technology this time around.
Tumblr media
I don’t own these characters, pictures, songs, or lyrics. This work is strictly for fair use/ entertainment purposes. No money has been received from this work.
Tumblr media
Check out my masterlist! Masterlist
Send an ask or use my form in my masterlist to be added to my tag list!
Tumblr media
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inscribeddiatribes · 24 days ago
Yandere Avengers With A Reader That Loses Hope
Tumblr media
Warning: Mentions of depression, punishment, violence, Yandere elements, anger, obsession, or isolation. NONE of the violent or invasive acts depicted in this work should be done or encouraged in real life. Don’t read ahead if these topics make you uncomfortable.
A/N: This has taken quite some time for me to write. Sorry for the wait!
Aged-up Peter (18+)
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Steve will probably go through the five stages of grief.
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
At first, he refuses to believe that anything is wrong with you. He’ll continue to pretend that everything is normal.
Then anger will hit him. A million questions run through his mind. How dare you ignore him? He gives you everything you want and you treat him like this? Why are you doing this to him?
All his threats seem to bounce right off of you.
He’ll beg for your forgiveness after that. He’ll promise that you’ll receive better treatment and more freedom if you stop withdrawing.
Eventually, Steve acknowledges that you just might be too far gone.
One thing is for sure, Steve won’t let you go.
He’ll continue on with his own dreams and goals. You’ll just be forced to come along for the ride.
Tumblr media
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Tony will start off by cracking jokes about your silence and attempting to tease you.
He’ll come to realize how serious it is when you don’t even scoff at his ridiculous jokes.
Tony isn’t great when it comes to feelings or mental health, so he resorts to what he knows best... gift giving.
He’ll offer to buy you whatever you want. Diamonds, devices, even an island.
He’ll just start leaving gifts in your room if you continue to give him the cold shoulder.
Tony lives off of people reacting to him, so someone he cares about ignoring him will really get to him.
Tony will eventually offer to give you some space by allowing you stay in your own apartment.
He’ll even allow you to visit friends and family... after he warns you that they’ll go missing if you tell them anything about his behavior.
Tumblr media
Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
Thor has lost so many people over the years.
You being checked out would hurt him to the core.
To him, it’s almost like he’s lost you too.
It’d most likely cause him to sink into depression.
Half of his days will probably be spent trying to get you to interact with him in some way.
The other half of his days will be spent wallowing in his own self pity.
Thor is probably one of the few Avengers that would let you go.
He eventually realizes that he doesn’t want to drag you down any further.
With great reluctance, he’d let you go.
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Peter will be heartbroken.
You’ll soon be exposed to a different type of desperation.
He just wants you to be happy again.
Peter will do anything to make that happen.
Begging, crying, he’ll even get on his knees and beg. He knows no shame.
He doesn’t care even care that you were always resistant, he just needs you.
Peter will try to make things right by taking you out on “dates”, pampering you, etc.
It’s not enough.
He can’t stand to see you like that.
Letting you go won’t repair the damage he’s caused, but it’s a start.
Peter will always be lurking around, he just won’t have enough courage to talk to you again though.
Tumblr media
Doctor Stephen Strange
Tumblr media
Stephen probably would have noticed your behavior when it was beginning to start.
He doesn’t talk to you very much, but he’s still an expert when it comes to your behavior (thanks to his powers).
Stephen will probably try have a bit of a heart to heart with you to reassure you that he cares.
After finding out the extent of your hopelessness, he’s extremely worried and unsure of what to do.
He could either alter your behavior and thoughts or do things the hard way by trying to get you to come back to yourself naturally.
Strange will use what he learned in medical school to mentally get through to you. That will only last for so long though.
If you don’t start returning to normal, you better believe his powers will be making an appearance.
I don’t own these characters, songs, or lyrics, nor did I create any of them. This work is strictly for fair use/ entertainment purposes. No money has been received from this work.
Send an ask or use the form in my masterlist to be added to my tag list!
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thefieryphoenix · 25 days ago
MY SLEEPING BEAUTY~ A Yandere Peter Parker Oneshot
Tumblr media
I do NOT own the gif, got it from Google :)
You were such a pretty delicate cute fragile little thing in Peter's eyes. The way you chewed your lip when you were anxious or nervous was so cute to him..... you reminded him of a little cute adorable baby bunny and yes, baby boi here developed something more deeper than an innocent crush.... he had a crazed obsession for you but he'd stutter and become a blushing flustered mess while talking to you. However he won't hesitate to make a person back the HECK away from you if he thinks they're getting too close to you
Peter likes watching you drinking and admiring your beauty from far normally as well as Spiderman. He'll stalk you home under the pretense of patrol and will make sure your safe and secure at your home, sleeping cozily on your bed like a curled up kitten
Ever wondered what that sudden rush of wind was or you clearly remember shutting your window last night? Well, that's Peter for ya, or the friendly Spiderman checking if you were doing all right. He liked to watch you sleep, focusing on your soft breathing as your chest rises and falls slightly. Sometimes, he'll even come in bed and snuggle with you only to leave a few hours before you got up and yes, he'll gently kiss the top of your forehead when you nuzzle into him or cuddle back into the unknown force that's holding you
You were lovely to him and even more lovely in the night which was PRECISELY why he'd watch you sleep and visit you in the night. Oh he HAD to, your plump rosy soft lips were too addicting for him to resist you for too long
"Oh darling Y/N'' he sighed as he lay in your bed with you. "If only you knew how much I love you, what I'm going to do to you when we're together'' he chuckled slightly and caressed your cheek lovingly. "Don't worry, Spiderman will save you from your life, I know how hard it is for you sweetheart, exams and tests and studies and on top of that you're even working at that god damn coffee shop where people have the guts to ask you for your number! Don't worry darling, I'll keep you safe from all this no matter what. Leave it all to me~"
Unable to control himself, he reaches down to your neck and as you squirm slightly and sigh, he just shushes you gently and mumbles, "I'll kiss you and take such good care of you. Isn't that what you want my love?"
He peppered your face with light kisses, worshipping you. He lay in bed for some more time with you and then as he glanced at the alarm clock on your bedside table, he curses that it was time for him to get going and places a gentle kiss to your lips and says, "Don't worry my sleeping beauty, we'll be together soon. The thought of kissing you and having you is too addicting~" and strokes your cheek lovingly with his thumb
"Sweet dreams my cute little sleeping beauty, I'll be back for you and then we can live a happy life together~"
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yandereaffections · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As much as he can admire and appreciate the nicknames you give him Bucky will only let you call him 'metal man' so much in public
Honestly he enjoys how hyped you seem to get when nervous, rambling on about subjects that are brought up and awkwardly laughing when you don't know what to say, it's cute in a way
Bucky can only take so many of your bad puns in a day so keep that in mind when your making puns about the colors of people's outfits and what items surround you, he won't hesitate to sit you down and shut you up with a kiss, hoping if he turns your focus to something simple such as his existence it will help stabilize you
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anxiousnerdwritings · 28 days ago
Blease give us another platonic love letter from yandad Steve blease
Tumblr media
Dear Y/n,
I don’t even know where to start. I mean running off to go to a party is one thing but running away to get married is something else entirely. I nearly had a heart attack when I found out!
You have no idea how worried I was. How worried your aunt and uncles were. We thought Hydra had gotten to you, only for us to find out the truth. You ran away with some stranger. Someone neither any of us have ever met or heard of. Who was this? Who took my child from me?
It took some digging but we finally got an answer; you had a secret lover. I want to say first and foremost, you know my rules on romantic relationships. We’ve discussed this topic on multiple occasions. But I can see why you kept them a secret. I obviously wouldn’t have approved if they were all too willing to take you away and elope somewhere.
Honestly, do traditions mean nothing anymore?
Anyway, you know I can’t allow this, right? You know I will do anything to bring you home. I just can’t live with myself otherwise. I wouldn’t be a good father if I did.
As I write this letter, we’re halfway to where we tracked the two of you. I’ll be quite honest it’s a quaint little place for a makeshift wedding. If we were here for any other reason it would be a nice place to visit. But we’ll have to do that another time, once you’re home and safe with your family. And once you’ve learned your lesson.
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yandereaffections · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No why would he willingly go back to be a killing machine, even if you are the one with the remote to him, when Bucky can be a free man with a not so free hydra lackey
He can only be so empathetic towards you especially when you're trying to mindfuck him more than he already was, it's been a couple of decades surely thats been enough time to spend as a puppet
Don't forget this man was made to be stronger than the average person, you really think those trigger words are going to protect you when Bucky can easily press your face into the dirt with immense pressure, daring you to continue. Don't get him wrong Bucky does love you, this is just possibly as low as you can possibly go darling, helping you will take a bit of violence
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anxiousnerdwritings · 29 days ago
hiya!! knullanon here! I love your writing, if you could write a platonic dad one of (guess) knull please? I love him so much I swear!
lots of love
- knull anon
Tumblr media
My Child,
Watching you live, proceeding through life in the same cycle, day in and day out, has me inquiring whether you would want for something more? Do you wish to stay in a stagnant world, just waiting to be taken over, for all your days?
Do you not crave for more?
Do you not want for a purpose?
I can give exactly that. You can be far greater than the eye can behold, by my side. We can rule together. We can conquer together. Side by side. You and I thriving over all the worlds to come.
Does it not sound marvelous?
All you have to do is be ready. Be prepared for me to collect you.
Alas, running is futile, so do not even try.
I will have you soon enough, my child.
Father Knull
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anxiousnerdwritings · 29 days ago
*whispering quietly* how about a Peter Parker one to a romantic darling?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
I’m so nervous, even now my hand is shaking as I try and write this letter to you. You seem to always have a way of turning me into a nervous wreck. It’s not a bad thing or anything. It just makes it a lot harder to try and talk to you.
Even when I thought I could at least accomplish this as a means of telling you what I’ve been holding in and not look like a huge idiot, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I guess it just goes to show how bad I have it for you, huh.
Geez, all I want is to be able to talk to you. Or hell, even just be able to be near you without falling apart.
I probably sound pathetic, don’t I?
Maybe, I’ll try again in person. If that doesn’t work then I could always go the Spider-Man route. I just have to try and not get too ahead of myself.
Baby steps, Pete. Baby steps.
Besides, it’s not like you’ll be reading this. Not anymore at least. No, I’ll try again later.
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anxiousnerdwritings · a month ago
Ummm can I request a love letter from Kurt (Nightcrawler)? I miss my boy ,,, he baby 💕
Tumblr media
Meine Liebe,
Do you believe in love at first sight? Soulmates? Fated lovers?
Ever since I saw you for the first time I knew you were my everything. My world. My heart. I wanted to come up to you that day and introduce myself but I do not think you would like what you see.
My friends have been encouraging me to talk to you. Even just to say ‘hello’ or something similar. But I can not bring myself to. You deserve more than me.
But I also can not stop feeling the way I do. I can not give you up. So, I stay hidden. I watch from places you do not see. Places no one knows.
I may not allow myself to have you but I can at the very least allow myself to be close to you. That is enough for me.
I promise I will watch over you. Protect you. Love you, all from a far.
An Admirer
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barnes-n-nobles · a month ago
Youre My Path (SMUT)
Tumblr media
Yandere Bucky being crazy, possessive, and DARK!
TW-Mentions on non-con, drugging, stalking, and overall dark behavior. A little bit of knife play as well.
Let me know what y’all think 
Today was just another boring ordinary day. You had to go to the store and stock up on some groceries that you had been planning on getting but you lacked the will power to do so. You opened your phone and looked at the time. Ugh, I need to go before they close you thought to yourself as you managed to peel yourself off of your comfy sofa. You got ready and headed towards the nearest super market.
Lately youve been having some weird feelings, as if someone is constantly watching you. You always shake it off though, because nothing ever happens to you. You always get home safe and sound. Today was a little more intense though, as if you could almost hear someone breathing behind you when you were walking to the store. Relieved to have made it inside, you grabbed your cart and started your trip through the empty isles of the store. You loved and hated to come at night, it made you feel at peace knowing there there wouldn’t be annoying ass kids and angry moms yelling at them to behave. No people blocking the isles with their carts and most importantly, no need to run into someone you knew. The only reason you hated it, was because you didn’t want to get kidnapped and left for dead.
As you made your way to the bread isle, you had that feeling again. You felt like someone was behind you, you stopped dead in your tracks to see if anyone would walk past you. You pretended to look at the merchandise and you slowly turned around to see if there was anyone there. You looked both ways, and sure enough there was nothing. You rolled your eyes and kept it moving. As your trip started coming to an end you decided to stop by the makeup isle, needing a couple of items that you would use for your upcoming date.
Usually you didn’t try this hard but you figured you would give it a shot. All the past times you went on dates they would disappear after your first date. You weren’t sure if it was because you didn’t try hard enough or if they simply weren’t feeling your vibe. As your mind trailed off you accidentally ran into another person with your cart, completely snapping you out of your mind. A broad man, fell to his knee. “Oh my god!!! I’m so sorry. Are you ok? God I’m so clumsy please forgive me” you said frantically as you started to help him up. He lifted his head up to meet your gaze, big blue eyes % bore%% into your own. Your eyes started to trail from his eyes, to his lips, and up again to his perfectly sculpted face. You were mesmerized, you had never seen such a handsome man. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it, y/n” he said quickly getting up and walking off with a visible smirk on his face. You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion, knowing damn well he did not just say your name. You werent exactly sure if your mind was playing tricks on you or if he really said what you think he had said. You got up quickly, still in shock but hoping that it was really your mind playing tricks on you. Hesitantly you continued to shop, even though there was a little voice in your head telling you to get the hell out of that store.
Bucky POV
FUCK she’s so beautiful, he thought to himself. The way you stared at him, it was clear you wanted him the way he wanted you. This was the moment that he had been waiting for ever since he laid eyes on you. He had never been this close to you, it was like a dream come true. You smelled like candy, your beautiful e/c eyes meeting his. Just how he had imagined but better. The way you apologized made him hard. Just think of how submissive my y/n will be to me mmmm I’m going to devour her in every way possible he thought to himself, smirking.
Bucky ran into you at a coffee shop near your house. It was love at first sight for him. He watched you interact with your friends, smile, laugh, and it was like a match made in heaven for him. He knew he needed you to smile for him, laugh for him, and live for him. He followed you home that night. Making sure you wanted to be safe, of course. But his monthly visits turned to weekly and then turned to daily. He eventually managed to get into your home. You left a space key under your mat, and he felt so happy yet disappointed that you would endanger yourself like that. “When we live together, I’ll make sure you don’t make silly mistakes like this” he said to himself as he got into your home.
He went through your house just browsing, seeing if anything interesting caught his eye. He then made it into your room and continued to look through your things. He found your panties next to your bed and quickly grabbed them and put him in his picked for him to enjoy later. He also took some pictures of you, to also enjoy later.
You were his new routine and he enjoyed every second of it. As time went on he would keep tabs on you, absolutely hating it when you went on dates. He was consumed with jealousy and couldn’t believe anyone would dare lay a finger on you. He knew that this would not fly and he had to make sure to get rid of any roadblocks that got in his way. Bucky murdered them and everytime he did he felt relieved, almost happy knowing that he was that much closer to you.
After his encounter with you, Bucky walked off into the parking lot, one car over from yours, slipping into the drivers seat. His mind started to go wild. He needed you so badly. He wished he could have taken you right then and there. How he wished he could be inside you, your soft moans begging him to make you feel good. His cock soon started to throb at the thought of you. He leaned back in his seat taking a pair of your panties out from his pocket. He brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply, moaning as he exhaled. “Fuck Y/ make me so horny...I’m going to fuck the shit out of you when you’re here baby just you wait”.
Wasnt long before he pulled out his dick, stroking it hard. His hips bucking into his hand wishing it was your pussy. He started to think about how beautiful your pretty mouth would be around his dick, how good your tongue would feel swiveling around his tip. Just as he was about to cum, he stopped. He growled and threw his head back lowly moaning your name. “Fuck...I cant take this anymore. I need her” He quickly tucked himself back in and relaxed.
All you could think about was how that guy knew your name. It kept replaying in your head and it didn’t make sense. You headed to your car and started to load everything in. “Hello my Y/n” you heard someone say in a low deep voice. You quickly turned around, your heart starting to beat a little faster. “Umm. Do I know you?” You asked. Bucky sighed and started to walk towards you. “Not yet doll but you will” a smirk on his face once again. You backed up as he took steps forward. “Don’t come any closer, or I’m calling the police”.
Bucky pressed himself against your body, his hands snaking their way to your hips. His face now pressed against your neck. “No you wont Princess, I know you like this. I can tell by the way that you’re breathing that you want me to keep going” his low voice going straight to your core. “N-no please...stop I ..” you tried pushing him off but you started to feel so weak. You had not noticed that Bucky had used something to drug you. All you felt was your body going limp and you falling into his arms.
Bucky smiled as you fell into him, placing a soft kiss on your temple. He noticed that someone was coming over so he quickly pressed your body to your car, and grabbed your face, kissing you. The person walking, walked a little faster as they were feeling a little awkward. Perfect he thought to himself. He placed you into the back to his car, resting your head to a pillow he had just bought and covering you with his sweater. He quickly drove off, leaving all your things by your car.
Your eyes opened, your head pounding. Wherever you were it was dark but comfortable. You groaned as you started to fully wake up, slowly sitting up. Your left hand felt heavy, you tried pulling it and you heard a chain. You yanked your hand hard again, making a loud sound. Bucky heard the noise coming from your guy’s room and he smiled and quickly got up making his way to you.
“Baby you’re awake now” Bucky excitedly said
“What’s going on..why are you doing this to me, where am I?”
“You’re home doll, with me”
“But I don’t know you” you cried softly
“My name is James Buchanan Barnes, but you can call me Bucky. I’ve been looking after you for a while now and it’s been a pleasure but I'm so glad that I finally have you all to myself, just how it was always meant to be”
He started to get on the bed climbing towards you. You backed up as he came towards you, your back was now against the wall, pinning yourself between the cold wall and his broad body. His hand going to the back of your neck, bringing you close to him, your lips almost touching his.
“I’ve waited a life time for this, to have you here with me. You make me crazy and I would sacrifice the world for you. Now that you’re all mine, I won’t ever loose you” he closed the gap between you two, his lips desperately locking into yours. Kissing you passionately, he was hungry and desperate. You turned your head to the side, breaking the kiss.
“This isn’t the way Bucky, this isn’t right. You need to let me go” you begged. Bucky smiled and looked down moving back away from you. It made you feel relieved that he was not too mad due to your actions. He slowly got up from the bed and went over to his dresser, rummaging through some things.
“Bucky...maybe we are in different paths right now, maybe in the future we will be together but now right now, not like this...please Bucky listen to me”, hoping that he would have a little sympathy, you used his name to make it more personal.
“You know , y/n...just because you say we are on different paths doesn’t mean it’s true” he grabbed something and started to walk towards you again. This time his metal arm reached out to pull you by your leg to the edge of the bed, giving you whiplash. He quickly climbed on top of you, pinning your arms above your head with his metal arm and pulling out a syringe with his other hand.
You quickly started to wiggle around trying to get him off you. Shaking your head, “no no please stop no”. Buckys eyes had a hint of madness to them, dark and disturbing. “Don’t worry these don’t hurt, it will make you feel better I promise”. He quickly injected it to you and you soon started to feel get hot, with a tingling sensation “This will loosen you up a bit, it’ll make you relax so that we can enjoy eachother baby”
His lips made their way onto your neck, kissing and licking you all over. Your heart started to race, your eyes closing, soft moans escaping your lips, “n-no..” Bucky grunted as his erection started to press against your clothed pussy. His hips bucking forward, dry humping you. He lowered down to your ear, whispering, “ cant you see what you do to me. You’re so sexy and sensual you’re almost making me cum in my pants with your adorable moans, my love. As much as love to hear you right now, I want you to moan and scream my name y/n...begging me to fuck you harder”
All his words, combined with his dry humping made you soaking wet. As much as you hated this you couldn’t help but moan louder. His cock pressing against you was not enough and you needed more. You tried your hardest to resist, “G-get a..way f-from me..” you managed to choke out, trying to not moan anymore and trying to push him off with your body. Suddenly Bucky got angry. Hating how you were fighting him. He tore off your thin leggings in a fast single motion, revealing your soaked panties. He took out his knife and pressed it against you, earning a frantic gasp but you stopped moving. “Stop fighting me doll, for your own good because I swear I will fucking destroy you. I’ve waited too long for this, don’t push me because you won’t like the way I punish you.But......if you behave I’ll make sure to take care of you..real good care darling” he said as his knife traced your body. He grabbed your shirt roughly and ripped it off, slicing your bra open as well.
His mouth watered at the sight of your delicious breasts, making his cock twitch with excitement. His knife trailed down to your panties, making you whimper. “You’re so delicious kitten, I’m going to fuck you so hard. I cant wait till my cock is right in here” he motioned and tapped your clit with his knife. He roughly grabbed them and ripped them open instantly. He threw his knife to the side and quickly started to rub your clit making your back arch with your eyes closed. Your moans now filling up the room. Bucky smiled and took one of your nipples into his mouth, making you quiver and move your hips down into his hand. “Mmm, I knew you wanted this..wanted me...only me” he growled against your chest. “F-fuck Bucky...keep going please”. You hated yourself for saying that but you couldn’t help it, you were in pure ecstasy.
Just as you were about to reach your orgasm, he removed himself from you. Making you whine and buck your hips up, wanting and needing his touch once again. “Don’t worry kitten, I’m not done with you yet”. He quickly undressed and positioned himself at your entrance, rubbing his tip on your clit, making you mewl. “Tell me what you want doll...tell me what you want from me” he coaxed. You didn’t answer, as you were too embarrassed to say anything. His metal hand went to your neck, squeezing it hard. “Tell me y/n..tell me what you want NOW” he yelled, releasing his grip from your throat.
“Fuck me Bucky...please” you finally said. “I don’t think I heard you doll, say it loud and clear”. “FUCK ME BUCKY PLEASE I NEED YOU...PLEASE”. You finally broke. You needed him now, there was nothing in the world you wanted more than to have his cock inside of you, his lips on your skin and his hands all over you. You were finally filled with his big cock slipping in and out of your wet pussy. His hands on your neck, choking you but not too hard like before. His hips snapping in and out of you making your body shake. 
“Such an obedient slut, MY obedient slut. I’m going to break you and bend you to my will. Making you all mine. I’ll make you crave my touch, my attention, my voice. You’re going to live only for me, doll. Only for me” he growled as he pounded into you, rubbing your clit making you loose it. He then started to feel you reach your end, making him moan, “cum on my dick baby...cum for me. Let go” he cooed as he angled himself to reach into you deeper. That’s when you felt your orgasm hit you, your body started to shake, waves of pleasure surging through your body. “Mmm Buckyyyy” you moaned. Making him loose it as well, he coated your insides in his thick warm cum. Pumping himself in and out slowly. Gasping for air.
Fuck he was such a God, he made you want more of him. It was the first night and you were already going crazy for his touch. You wanted him to keep going keep doing you however he wanted, but most importantly to keep pleasuring you. Bucky finally pulled out and laid next to you, looking at your beautiful face. He brought his lips to yours and gave you a soft kiss. “The drug hasn’t worn off baby, don’t think this is over. We’re going until we cant no more, doll.” He said against your lips, flipping you over for round two.
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