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#new poets corner
mycollectioncloud · an hour ago
Be productive! Your worth is how much you make! Balance all 30 of these things! Or else you’ll be nothing.
Working on this balancing act called life. A Couple of things here, A couple of things there-- Oh wait, this has now slipped.
Like a waiter with a tray full of drinks... Balance, balance, Can’t step too quickly! Or take anything off without adjustment.
Sometimes though, That weight becomes... Too rocky, too much, Next thing you know it all comes crashing down.
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some-broken-words · 4 hours ago
Tears don't show that you are weak;
They just reflect all the pain you have suffered from, without telling anybody.
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kaira11 · 7 hours ago
Have you ever loved someone so fucking much that you don't want to change a single thing about them?
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kaira11 · 7 hours ago
Hell is other people
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thenightcallsmetonight · 10 hours ago
Maybe happiness comes in those little bottles; and you can just add a drop to your vodka when you sit on the roof with your best friend.
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deadminstrel · 13 hours ago
I try to lift my weary body
Off the bathroom floor
But my aching soul
Pulls me back in
Shackled to the core
And wounds that are 
Bleeding my cold blood
And I feel the pain
Tryin’ its way through 
The crevices in my soul
The only evidence that I am alive
And my face falls down
With no courage to look at her
But my eyes have a visual
On the closed screen
Of her smile 
And that is all that I see
But then her figure melts down,
As tears roll on my cheeks
With warmth in them
And I feel her touch 
In those tears
Striving for her next touch
Is the only reason I’,m thriving
And it is today
That I have learned that
It’s her soul 
That my soul seeks refuge in 
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