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#new poets community
still-beliefs · 6 hours ago
They’re taking my left ear from me
A symphony much like chocolate
I just can’t enjoy it as much anymore
Disregarding like tunnel vision
But they won’t let me go
All these hands gray and frightful
I’m not scared but they’re strong and
Tonight I have my own hands full with
Protecting my heart
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still-beliefs · 10 hours ago
How can I write when I don’t have the words
And how can I feel better if I cannot apply
The necessary pressure to paper
Comply with me, stupid hands
Commanded by a stupid head
I don’t want to keep repeating
The only way I can feel right now
Pressure in my head
Led astray in love by people who abused it
It’s not a weapon and
It’s not passions fault the way you wield it
Speechless you leave me again
But so differently than it used to be
It’s like a balloon, just
Pop goes everything
I’m alone and the only one suffering
Waiting too long at a spot that’s wrong
What if and all that destiny bullshit
Is how your heart sang to mine
I’m still reminded
You never even gave me a closure
So I wonder if it’s my fault constantly
But that’s nothing new
So that’s all I guess for now
And I’m sorry how
I’m just not good enough for you
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mycollectioncloud · 13 hours ago
Do you really love me? I sit and wonder
Gazing forward Eyes reveal I’m somewhere else
Put us out of this misery Of uncertainty
Well, maybe I’m certain But letting go...seems scary
Everything will change From what I know
But... Doesn’t life do that anyways?
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still-beliefs · 19 hours ago
Only once all is lost
Will the truth show through
Follow the whispers down
The labyrinth into
The heart of it all
Fight your demons
Use the power inside and
Cleanse yourself
I know better than this
So I need to stop
Accepting their lies
Lying to myself in return
Grasp at the function and
Gasp at the reaction
I will sit here and become
Anything but this
I hear them clearly they tell me
Be bigger and do better
Be kind and love love love
Until you can’t breathe
Until you can’t bend
You will not break anymore
And for the first time with a clear mind
I truly believe that
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magicinmoxie · a day ago
Just once.
Just once the boy wants to dip
A finger in butter and sugar,
To lick peanut butter from a knife
He can't.
He won't.
Because it wouldn't be just once.
He will slice his apple into two,
Because "just once"
Would be his forever.
If he let it.
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mycollectioncloud · a day ago
Stuck in a crossroads Between a clean uncluttered physical space And using cleaning as an excuse to procrastinate
Beautiful and loved clothes/items Usually do use/wear most of them In between upgrades at the moment
The what was And what is Bumping elbows as they pass each other by
So much old energy cleansed and released Yet seemingly still so much to let go Does this ever end?
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mycollectioncloud · 2 days ago
How much will one put up with Before a change is made?
Apparently quite a bit Keeping happiness at bay
A little change here A little change there
Except this time It’s a big change to spare
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ecrisettaistoi · 2 days ago
Hey Ney
Enlève tout ce qui ne sert
qu'à épater la galerie, le tape-à-l'œil,
le clinquant façon Swarovski,
simplifie le génie, touche par ci, touche par là,
sans insister, légèreté d'une pluie d'été,
esquisse au lieu de graver,
esquive au lieu d'affronter,
retire l'or, les brillants, les parures, le paraître,
le moi je,
joue le jeu,
joue le Nous
sans forfanterie, sans excès - puff puff pass -
et éclaire de ton éclat de pur Solitaire le chemin
de la troupe toute entière sur la route menant à Olympie
par sa banlieue et sa périphérie.
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still-beliefs · 2 days ago
My heart is not
Your clear crystal vase
You display but never dust, hell
You only touched once
But it’s funny how
Belongings work and
How I can’t stop my
Shaking shrouded soul
From taking it all in like a black hole
Into the unknown
I walk but won’t run for you any longer
You’re not a chariot rider
I am not your four legged forager
Your mighty steed or knight
But the sad steep truth is
I would love to belong in that world
Where we once watched the sunrise
Thinking another chapter had begun
Maybe it has but I lost my place in
This twisted tirade
Within my stale smoke thoughts and
Lost field of vision
Listening now for
Your sweet, soft voice
To speak like it used to
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still-beliefs · 2 days ago
It’s like an object you can feel the texture
Just by looking carefully
Waves set to sabotage, violent and rushing
Coming at me like a magnet is inside
It’s just another ride in another magical world
We see but only dream to feel
Extreme, unsure of any other way to be
Come to me as you are and
Please tell me the grass is still green and
Nobody is perfect and any cliche you can think
Producing glue to patch these small holes
Knowing we might never get to the big ones
Mysteries of the ones we love and
Just where did they end up going
Leaving us here to figure out
What they never could and we
Never may
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still-beliefs · 2 days ago
I should’ve wrote to you last night
When I had the courage flaring
Instead of signals flashing
It hurts when you act like I don’t exist
After you said and promised so much
I should’ve known better than
To think I knew better so quickly
As if anything has ever been about me and my feelings
I can’t stand these quick lip touches I can’t consider kisses
These nights where I always miss you but
It’s like you just want me to worry or
Maybe it’s funny to keep someone waiting
Teasing but knowing
You’ll just be leaving me alone again
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still-beliefs · 3 days ago
Think of the correlations
As you look up at the constellations
The gears are grinding
I’m just in time for
Being let go of or
Given an excuse to
I’ll leave you like a ghost
I’m not scared anymore to give way
Planting seeds of passion across
This trail I walk alone most times
But when admiration takes me yonder
Sometimes I grow fonder of your dance
Than I do of my natural instinct to be quiet
I’ve been sharpening this soul into
A spear aimed at the roots
I’ve written you poems but
Was never able to sing to you
Bounce and grab
Scared to drop, we beg but I think we know now
It’s upto us so
Maybe that’s why it hurts so deep
So heavily burdened but
When you say you can’t do it
I want to help you across
This waste but
You leave me like I’m
A pawn in the game or just a
Person to blame
When I’m so in love with you
Deep and truly lost in the
Way the blade doesn’t catch anymore
So we’re reverse stitched, pained
Lame and ungrateful again
For the first time ever I won’t do it so
Don’t ask me to be here when
No one is awake and you’re shaking at the knees
Laughing at how fucked up a girl like you could lie to prove
How completely and selfishly she could destroy a broken man like me
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mycollectioncloud · 3 days ago
104.’s about to drastically change, Making it different while trying to stay the same.
Tight squeeze at first, Then it will get better.
With change comes uncertainty, My garden will yet become wetter.
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ethanora · 3 days ago
Never enemies, just distorted memories.  Two halves of a shattered mirror, smashed, but never clearer. 
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doyouevenpoetry · 4 days ago
"You asked for space but I travelled too.
I cried with the stars and held on to Mars.
I listened to Jupiter. He told me you reminded him an awful lot of Lucifer.
I suffered with Saturn as I was told you would suffer too; to patiently wait for your turn.
I held hands with Venus and she said that there was nothing left between us.
You see, You asked for space but I travelled too.
I lived with the planets, and they showed me I was too good for you."
- Nathalie Fiorin // 14/04/2021
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doyouevenpoetry · 4 days ago
from the [Ground] up
"My roots are sound. I die with the change of seasons but have no doubt.
My roots are sound. That means I'll always flourish. Even if it's from the ground."
- Nathalie Fiorin // 14/04/2021
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