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unabasheddreamerconnoisseur · 38 minutes ago
i have my very own poetry book "My Evocative Lullabies" published on wattpad. so it'd be cooler if u guys check it out! i'd be hella grateful. im sure u guys will find it good. dropping my socials here⬇️
wattpad handle: @/bigcoochiepirate
IG handle: @/sd_logophile
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wini16 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Fingers were his new weapon,
Tracing each possible line-
to command the attack.
The loss would be of time,
That would run into profound pond
Of intimacy.
A moment, greater than you,
A moment, greater than i,
A moment of love that never was suffice.
An original piece,
By - @wini16
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begummehfoozhai · 2 hours ago
love, as i know it
I’ve been saying thank you’s more often
You’ve been saying sorry’s more often
Some would say it’s a weak friendship
We’re engaging in unnecessary formalities
But i think we’re moving towards love
We’re being gentler towards each other,
We’re being kinder to one another
This is the only expression of love i know of
I do not know anything beyond this —
Being a better human for the person you love
So they forget how cruel the world around them is.
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amadthunderbird · 6 hours ago
we huddle over the kitchen counter,
our spoons clinking together
sweet cold vanilla
melting in our mouths,
fingers and lips sticky,
and we laugh at us.
it's a bright day
and we are at the park.
i sit on the bench
reading my book,
and you take my pictures
with your nikon
around your neck.
you're sitting under our tree
among brown yellow leaves,
(you planted it last year for me),
scribbling something
in your brown leather notebook.
i bring warm fresh bread
and your favourite cookies
and we have our own little picnic
in our own little backyard.
we are walking down
to the local theatre.
a cold breeze is blowing
and my skirt whips against it.
you remove your jacket
and tie it around my waist.
i wrap both my hands
around your arm.
it's a full moon night
and we're sitting on our porch
huddled together.
you're telling me about
this particular childhood story
and i rest my head on your shoulder,
hands locked.
you're crying
and i tell you it's okay.
and in a long time,
for once,
it really is okay.
© amadthunderbird
Tumblr media
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triashawrites · 7 hours ago
I am not another tragic teen throttling through trails of torture. I tiptoe on the highway to heaven, carrying a crowd of crying carcass, carefully crafted with comfortless contempt. You attempt to consume me; I chuckle as you capsize in your callous casket. My body; a badass of a billion bedimmed beliefs, the beauty and the brutality. The profanity and the prayer. My Vagina doesn't serve the vulnerable. Veiled in the vile vengeance, and a venom of vanity. For I am not the salvaged sadness of a slaughtered silence. I scream and snap that I am all the savageness in the sailing ship of life, I seized the sorrow, now they sigh. I love, I live, I learn, I lead. Anarchic, yet never an artefact of annihilation. I amaze you with the art of making it out, outrageously Alive.
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sadthoughtsworld · 8 hours ago
a piece of words
Tumblr media
I miss holding a pen in my hands
a broken one
where the ink flows all over my hands
a right one
where there'll be no need for hand washing
I miss the smell of paper
even if it was ripped out, I would still love the texture
even if it was written on & wet
the ink would give it a different color after I dried it in the sun
I miss writing letters
on any type of paper
a ripped out one, a sun dried one and even a burnt one
I think I miss
the from me , the to you , the xo's
the part where I choose the size of my words and draw my own heart at the end
the most
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storieswithamaleta · 9 hours ago
For each word I have inculded the defination and a sentence.
Some are even from classic literature. See if you can find them.
Abject: contemptible.
The lawyers so dragged out the proceedings, that both parties ended up in abject poverty.
Reprobate: without scruples.
The first half of the film consists of SS officers observing potential recruits in all manner of borderline reprobate acts.
Insouciant: carefree, nonchalant.
His insouciant manner attracted women who liked the dandy type.
Enervate: weaken mentally or morally.
He had learned the art from them, and London had scarce had time as yet to enervate him.
Effete: over-refined.
In fine, it will become old and effete, no less truly than the individual.
Fatuous: silly yet smug.
This produced a fatuous contentment, which from the beginning led producers to view TV as a threat.
Credulity, readiness to believe.
Having gone broke, her credulity opened him to get-rich-quick schemes.
Remonstrate: argue in protest.
The child knew he’d get his way if he remonstrated long enough.
N’est-ce pas (pronounced ness-pah): Right? 
No one is going to support you so you better support yourself, n’est-ce pas?
Risible: laughable.
In the face of round after round of layoffs, the corporate slogan, “Our people are our most important product” is risible.
Mien: demeanor.
There was something about this courier's mien and person that awoke a poignant memory.
Mawkish: insincerely emotional.
What a fool, what a weak, mawkish, insipid fool he had made of himself!
Execrable: detestable.
Not having seen their aging parents in two years is execrable.
Fulsome: insincere, mawkish.
The employee’s fulsome praising the boss didn’t fool him a bit.
Fractious: irritable.
You are old enough to know better, and yet you behave like a fractious child.
Abjure: renounce.
I cannot abjure that world which contains the fondest object that links me to life.
Fulminate: denounce forcefully.
The excellence of the fulminate may be ascertained, by the following characters.
Importune: beg persistently.
She was so eager to marry that she importuned him until he felt so pressured, he dumped her.
Proscribe: command against.
The rules proscribe that certain testimony may not be admissible for one purpose, but may be admissible for another.
Imperious: domineering.
The chef’s imperious manner intimidated the entire kitchen staff.
Descry: catch sight of.
There was hardly a spot of him where you could not descry some sign of a bone underneath.
Roué: cad.
Every woman in town was wary of that roué except of course for those who were attracted to bad boys.
Martinet: demander of conformity.
The boss was a martinet; who insisted that everyone had to punch a clock and divide the work precisely equally.
Cavil: quibble.
His distress would have moved an adamantine heart, and was not a thing to cavil at.
Querulous: peevish.
The note of the sanderling is a soft ket, ket, ket, uttered singly or in series somewhat querulous in tone.
Tendentious: biased.
The position in Ethiopia is, to say the least of it, tendentious, and at any moment the natives may change their skin.
Timorous: beyond timid, fearful.
However, Lisa only shrugged her shoulders and smiled at finding him so timorous.
Expiate: make amends for.
He went all out to expiate himself for having cheated on his wife.
If you like these I have 18 more words.
They will be out a week later so hit the follow button to stay up-to-date.
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jojadhavpoetry · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
“practice what you preach”
but sometimes people have to break.
people will make mistakes
we can’t always be saints.
people will veer off course
and look for shelter in the shade.
people need someone to listen
as their heart releases the rain.
someone who doesn't echo what they already know.
“i know, i know, i know”.
don’t tell me what i need to do
and “this is what’s good for you”
i know that too,
i just want you to know
that i’m not perfect.
even good girls need an outlet.
// follow me @jojadhav.poetry on instagram for much more! ✨
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heranessa · 16 hours ago
At the beginning you told me
I was everything
In the middle you said
I should be more
In the end
I was never enough
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nachobandoni · a day ago
Upon my whispers edge
I hear you moaning
your voice gives me
those goosebumps of delight
where all others fade
in harmonic changes
in rythm ranges
everything in the right place
our hands and bodies
squeeze into the right spaces.
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nemophilistwanders · a day ago
Dear Self,
I'm sorry.
Sorry for being afraid, for being afraid to face all my fears.
For not pushing myself enough to achieve my dreams. For being not ready to come out of my comfort zone.
I'm truly sorry for not trying harder. For letting my fears eat me. I'm sorry :(
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Letters From Ryan
My dearest, time is a jester and distance's made up, nothing can stop us now
Not lines in maps or years passed on, we'll always find each other somehow
And within each letter you'd write to me there'll be x's and there'll be o's
With a salutation that reads: to the one and only I adore, so cheekily dainty in prose
You'd say: theres nothing more romantic than your written words, darling, nothing's ever lost between us two
And your scented letters filled with little tokens meant to show you're near and to always remind me of you
A crow's feathers, a page from your favorite book or lines from your favorite songs
A dedicated attempt at poetry, soothing words when life goes wrong
But most cherished of all between the lines is the love that keep both of us fond
And no matter time or distance,  nothing or noone can ever break our soul's bond
I've all your letters within a heart shaped box that when opened plays a melody
All alone in the moonlight, a memory to always bring you back to me..
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heranessa · a day ago
Everything was so easy for you.
Holding my hand.
Kissing my cheek.
Loving me.
Existing with me.
Leaving me.
Forgetting me.
Moving on.
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