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krigardrottning · 6 minutes ago
But you're feeling the same
'Cause she isn't there to hold your hand
She won't be waiting for you when you land
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beanbag-io · 9 minutes ago
Shit poetry Day 4
They ask me how I am, I say that I am fine.
When all I want to do is, cry all day and whine.
The circle must be curvy, but I am into the line,
This poem makes no sense, stop reading and go have some cheese and wine.
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iamheretomockdestiel · 23 minutes ago
Thinking of posting all my poetry and song edits here, there's an audience for that isn't there?
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almulaxyzcf · 41 minutes ago
Seni affetmememnin gururunu her yaptığın hatada yaşıyorum. Teşekkür ederim<3
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disillusions-of-grandeur · 46 minutes ago
I do not care about this obsession with money and recognition. I am an artist, perhaps at my core, a purist. I am here to create endlessly for the masses. I want to create for the masses. I do not have any intentions to gloat to the naysayers in my past. I do not care about any of that. The thought process in my 30s has changed so dramatically and it’s refreshing. For the first time in my life I’ve been “ok” with little things like the way storm clouds roll in with a cool wind whilst the sunbeams peak underneath their dark entourage. Maybe even simply the warmth of fresh towels out of the dryer. I’m just getting older. Perspective is changing. Time is becoming more and more valuable.
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lost-khione · 50 minutes ago
If the ayakashi were to write Futaba a love letter in free verse poetry (part 3):
Tumblr media
Finally finished Gin's after x number of says 😊 I think I managed to do him justice. Took a lot of time to brainstorm for my fave
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drepanini · 55 minutes ago
It’s been a while since we’ve talked
And I’m doing much better now
Ever since the day you chose to walk
I promised myself to take a vow.
I promised to keep going.
I promised I’d be okay.
And even though there is pain in this growing
I’d do it again to take the thoughts of you away
And I’m doing good now
I’m doing pretty well
But if you came back now
I still have so much to tell
I know that you’re happy
I’ll tell you that I am too
That’s all I ever wanted us to be
But all I do is write about you
The feelings have faded
And our time is long gone
The love I had is degraded
In its place, lies a sad song
I’m telling you now to go
I’m letting you be free
And that’s more closure
Than you ever gave me
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readersmagnet · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Trini: My Life of Poems by Trinidad Rodriguez is a poetic memoir depicting the experiences of a courageous, determined, and faithful woman who has lived a life with difficulties and hurdles that she has overcome.
Each poem in this book is a chapter in the life of Trinidad as a single mom who experienced struggles and victories. Some poems will allow you to bloom and realize freedom, while others will bring you pain and sadness.
Find yourself a quiet corner and learn more about Trini in her book through her website at
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novinablog · 57 minutes ago
Somooth Criminal
I'm aiming for him
And i approached him
Like a criminal
With smooth
Really smooth
He's got something inside of him
Something beautiful
Something worthwhile
And something that i need in my life
I'll make him fall in love with me
Like a vampir need blood
And I'll excite him
So that he doesn't want to leave me
I'm in love with his body
And i need his love
If i don't get him
I'm dead
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yjrambo · 58 minutes ago
Bent pages wrinkled with age,
torn and tattered
like the skin that covers your soul.
Through the crevasses, deep as valleys
lie the the secrets of your journey.
The stories they could tell are hidden
somewhere only you can conjure.
So you fill the cracks with makeup,
anything to make them unrecognizable.
But what’s forgotten,
is how beautiful the scenery is.
Through those valleys
and up those mountains.
Somewhere along the way,
you made it to the summit
of your highest peak.
And my, what a view you have
only if you choose to see it.
Please wake up darling,
it’s lovely here.
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hack-neon · an hour ago
Wishing I could have
Danced with you
Under the moonlight
For one last time
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solwritesfor · an hour ago
I've loved you since the day you left
I know it may not be you
But it felt like it was you for some time
Because ashes and scars and blood
Don't have a face
You cannot love them
You cannot thank them
And maybe that's for the best
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If you allow things like doubt and uncertainty to begin the process of suffusion throughout your’ll never know any one thing about anything.
Ok | eddiemustwrite
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deathbythehandsofhim · an hour ago
i write about him
"he" does not exist
never did.
i smoked his love
like a cigarette
got high
never was the same.
love poems,
they make me feel
like other beings.
hard for me to understand
but they are still there.
i only write about it,
because it is something that is considered very wrong,
no it isn't wrong.
death is like love,
only the one you love doesn't exist.
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petrow · an hour ago
road trip
a look of straight defiance a look of whimsical negligence
one is hers, one is his but they both taste rebellion
faster on the open road and slower at the coastline
her busy mouth won’t quit his pleasured mind stays lost
four sunsets away from home home becomes here and there
the road is pavement, dirt or grass the destination is well above it
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anonnotsoanon · an hour ago
cry, cry, cry
cry in crowds overwhelming painful show
cry in crowds let every soul know how i feel
cry in front like it matter we're bound to fail
cry in front upstaging every emotion
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