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#poems on life
alaskaisnothere · 17 hours ago
I stopped writing because I thought "who the fuck is reading my words anyway" as if writing to get the poison out isn't enough, as if I'm not enough. And I'll never be, because I'll always have that need to make people feel something. I'll always have that urge to scream my feelings and hear back that they're valid. That I'm valid.
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jenkins-poetry · a day ago
I am the incurable romantic.
I am the incurable romantic
Ha how sweet!
I suppose you expect us to dance singing of roses and the beauty that seeps its way into everyday life. You want us to be fuelled by a love for the mundane, flirtations of nature with a butterfly tickelish fever that consumes our every being.
Well little do, you know that we lovers and admirers of the romance of society are some of the loneliest and most hypocritical people you will ever meet.
I can speak for myself in this regard at the very least.
For I adore the concept of the intertwined soul. The adolescent glances and slowly reaching hands that melts into interlocking fingers. This that transcends time it's self.
But unfortunately I have observed that most often in this life the things that we yearn for the most we will most indefinitely never receive.
And thus I remain an observer.
Of pure smiles and warm hands, grazing warm faces pressing against warm lips
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jasonspoems · a day ago
Fireflies dancing in the night 
What a wonderful delight
Their beauty, believe you me, it’s a glorious sight
They draw our attention 
Gathering them into the palm of my hand is my intention
They are amazing insects, I need to mention 
They flit and fly in all directions 
Their acrobatic movements are beyond my perceptions
Upon my mind, they weave undulating, visual impressions 
Such delicate creatures God has given to you and me
They are here on Earth for all to see
Their abdomens all lite up, it creates a lasting memory 
A glass jar and a net
In unison my boys did clamor, “Can we have them for a pet?”
My wife's kind word, I'll never forget 
It'll be a choice that you'll soon regret
The sadness that ensued, both boys were quite upset
These innocent creatures you must protect 
My wife's kind words that night were so wise
The wisdom of her words they did fully recognize 
From the tiny glass jar, each individual firefly did rise
Darting happily back up into the sky, very much alive
Their abdomens blinking on and off, a vision to forever visualize 
Of cherished memories, these moments with our boys and those beautiful fireflies.
Written by:
Jason Cheney 
November 25, 2020
(Maryland 2003)
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beforehuego · 3 days ago
I miss riding bus to school while
sleeping on a stranger's shoulder along the way,
I miss walking to malls and shops
to the school's grassy yard, library
even the our school's bathroom
that just transports you into an expensive place.
I miss watching people while waiting
cause traffic is one of the many thing in this world
that just gets worst and worst everyday.
I miss a lot of things actually,
But I don't know why
this little body of mine gets comfortable
just being inside our little house
savoring every moment I have with myself,
Guess I miss seeing the world outside
but my body tells me that I'm
already, too tired.
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jojadhavpoetry · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
i looked out on the horizon and watched the sun set.
i knew you would’ve loved it if you were here.
it’s a shame you decided to leave;
who knew what you’d be missing.
who knew i’d have so much fun on my own.
it’s lovely to know i’m killing it.
// follow me @jojadhav.poetry on instagram for much more! ✨
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aninditandhika · 4 days ago
Sebatas Iya
Tak ada siapa untukmu bicara
Seribu kata di pangkas sebatas "iya"
Mengaku tidak ada ternyata di rundung duka
Jatuh dan berdiri lagi dengan luka terbuka
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un-said-love · 6 days ago
"I choose to love you in silence…
For in silence I find no rejection,
I choose to love you in loneliness…
For in loneliness no one owns you but me,
I choose to adore you from a distance…
For distance will shield me from pain,
I choose to kiss you in the wind…
For the wind is gentler than my lips,
I choose to hold you in my dreams…
For in my dreams, you have no end".
Tumblr media
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dawnfxx · 6 days ago
@Actually Autistic Tag
Please do not try to break me.
Don’t you think he has already tried?
Why not let me try and help you?
This is all that this is about.
 My darling little boy,
So innocent and unique.
His daddy wants to hide him.
And I want to make him proud!
 This is not about one person.
I want to change the world!
All the boys and girls alike,
Deserve the right to shout aloud!
 I am me. And me is not going to hide!
Behind no mask, or where society perceives!
Of whom I am or who I am going to be!
So, take my hand and guide me to Infinity!
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jasonspoems · 7 days ago
Spiders in the Shower
Spiders in the shower
You'll see them after you turn on the water
They cause everyone to uncontrollably shudder
Some are quite hairy
Some have long, long legs
But all are God's beautiful creatures
Yes I know, each and every one, big and small
So when they race towards your legs,
As they most definitely will
The desire for that perfect shower has suddenly gone by the way
And your usually silent and inert body goes into a sudden sprawl
Just remember, they are only looking to get to higher ground
Each are saying, please save me
That is all
So when you pick them up and see their hairy legs menacingly waving
All they are really doing is saying, thank you, in their own kind way
Their brimming eyes upon you are fixed
Though we don't know it, God gave every creature on Earth an ability to give thanks
Yes, even those who upon the ground do crawl
As you recover from your fright
Just remember that they are running with all their might
Because they know that within the hollow of your hand
There is safety from the pelting rain
And bottomless drain
So bend over and lift them up, instead of reaching for your towel
Therefore everyone, please give God’s creature a fighting chance
To him or her, you are a heaven sent giant
So learn to become a hero
Especially because you stand so tall
To each spider found in your shower, yes, one and all.
Written by:
Jason Cheney
December 17 - 19, 2020
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