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#mcu marvel avengers
justasociallyawkwardgeek · 21 minutes ago
Peter: You think Harley and I are immature?
Tony: Well, a bit, yes
Peter: Hmm. Well, Harley, what do you think?
Harley, from inside the blanket Fort: Mr. Stark’s not allowed to come in then
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lesbian-deadpool · 23 minutes ago
Wanda: Do you guys think that the cops are gonna go through our stuff?
Y/N: What are you afraid of? They’ll look through your dream journal?
Wanda: No, I just-
Clint: What, are you running a sweatshop back there for skirts that look like curtains?
Wanda: Actually-
Tony: What’d you steal a kiss and hide it in an envelope?
Everyone: *Laughs*
Wanda: I have an ancient magic book that says I am meant to destroy the world.
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stark-strange-love2 · 56 minutes ago
Teen Morgan: I like girls
Peter: I like boys
Tony: okay, Harley? Have any big announcements?
Harley, looking up from the potato grenade he’s building: huh?
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helenakey · an hour ago
Okay, y'all need to hear this. The truth is the Dark World put Loki in a pedestal because they played the trope of the tragic dark prince up to eleven and of course we all fell for it because Tom Hiddleston was in his prime and looked absolutely gorgeous in that movie. I'm not denying that.
But let's. Not forget that in Avengers despite being referred to as a bag of cats and being incredibly dangerous, Loki was also. Not very bright. His plan was terrible. Everything always exploted in his face. If Iron Man hadn't stepped in he would have probably been obliterated by a nuclear bomb by the end of the movie. Seriously let's not pretend Loki being sort of clueless and too-arrogant-for-his-own-good it's a new take. It's not.
At least now they are letting him be clever. Not infallible. But clearly very clever and kind-hearted, if a bit troubled.
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writer-in-the-forest · an hour ago
Tumblr media
my sister got me these cute necklaces for my birthday!! I attached my old Cap shield charm to the Cap necklace cuz the necklace it was originally attached to broke. Will probably remove the best friends forever parts but hey how ironic is it that Steve’s necklace says forever and he uh did not stay with Buck till the end of the line ha ha catch me crying. Also Tony is the best so its perfect that his says Best.
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Can anyone recommend some Stony fics set in the aftermath of Endgame, after Tony's de*th, where Steve is trying to cope with the loss (if he has PTSD, or any disorders) and slowly tries to recover? (failing miserably)
*oh, yeah, I am an absolute sadist for wanting to read such fics but OH WELL*
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headcanonthings · an hour ago
Bucky: You were charged with breaking into a pet store?
Clint: I thought the puppies might be lonely
Bucky:...that's valid.
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i-gotta-go-bye · 2 hours ago
I got some Loki theories
Tumblr media
I think the timekeepers are fake, an identity created by someone using the TVA workers by making them think they are working for a superior force or for a higher purpose, just to keep the timeline running as they wish.
I think Mobius's boss knows something for sure, but I'm not so sure if she's the one behind all of it.
Tumblr media
I'm thinking it could also be related to an upcoming Doctor Strange character maybe. At the end of the show probably the "sacred timeline" would collapse at the hands of Loki and Mobius that would somehow have already found out what was going on. And then the show could tie into the multiverse of madness of doctor strange 🤷🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Also i have got a question cause I don't know about the comics or all that, but if loki just said on the show that he can duplicate himself molecule by molecule and create another loki, kind of like a mirrored version of him, then doesn't it mean he could live in the end when thanos snaps his neck if it's actually loki's clone???
Tumblr media
That could be a cool way for loki to live in the end and for the line he said to thor make sense "the sun will shine on us again brother" or something. It could be loki tricking everyone again for some higher purpose hopefully explained here on the show.
what do you all think? help me out
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tonystarksfifthchild · 2 hours ago
Natasha learning how to bartend: what can I get you?
Her supervisor: can I get a martini, dry?
Natasha looking at the liquid ingredients: well, I’m not too sure how to tell you this.
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bee-awsomee · 3 hours ago
Could you please do more stony avengers assemble stuff because I think your drawing are so cute ☺️
I am using references from pinterest
Tumblr media
And I can't draw backgrounds 😅
Tumblr media
Not perfect but here
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bisexual-chupacabra · 3 hours ago
Y/N, brushing their teeth on Nat’s kitchen sink: Good morning.
Nat: What- When did you get here?
Y/N: I spent the night.
Nat: But I remember you leaving before I went to bed. You said, “good night, I'm going home” and then you left.
Y/N: Yeah, but then, on my way out, I tripped and fell down the stairs.
Nat: Oh my god, were you hurt?
Y/N: Nah, I just didn't feel like getting up, so I slept on the floor.
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clueing-for-bennybatch · 4 hours ago
Just watched Loki episode 2 and oopsy whoopsy looks like I have yet another gay ship on my hands 🙃
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letstalkaboutfilmstuff · 4 hours ago
Things Cat Dad Bucky would do:
He Carry’s Alpine around everywhere.
He Holds her like a baby; either up against his chest with his hand on her back, or cradled like a baby.
He coo’s at her like she’s a baby.
You know he sneaks her bits of chicken.
He’s against training her to do tricks but is very pleased that she is hopelessly devoted to him.
He lets her chew on the strings of all his hoodies, like a pacifiers.
He has one of those hoodies with the pouch for your cat!
He falls asleep with her on his chest all the time.
She sits on his shoulder when he answers the door, or when he’s cooking.
He has a cat carrier backpack for her. She likes to see what’s going on when the go somewhere.
The only thing he has trained her to do is to not panic at bath time. The first few times he struggled to keep her in the bath, now he has a method to keeping her still and happy.
He shouldn’t (in Steve’s opinion) let her in the bed but he frequently does; especially if Steve’s away.
He has built her a pretty wicked cat climbing frame around the house. The walls are all covered in cat steps and tunnels.
Her cat tree is pretentious, it looks like a tree house, but she loves it so Steve is loath to complain at Bucky about the price (Steve is a cat dad too he’s just a grumpy one.)
Bucky doesn’t ever want to put her in a cat holiday sanctuary when they go away. He’d actually rather die (those are his own words). Instead Alpine goes to either stay with Natasha, Bruce or pepper (who is almost always around, but when she’s not she has house keeping take care of her.)
Bucky never refers to her as a cat. Alpine is his baby. By now the avengers and their friends know that if Bucky says something like “we have to get home to the baby” or “where’s my little girl?” They know he’s talking about Alpine and not a secret baby that Steve and Bucky forgot to mention.
I just thought these were kinda cute and happy (for once)! I’m gunna be honest I got these ideas from this specific panel in Falcon and the winter soldier vol. 1.
Hope you enjoy my lovelies 🥰
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