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#the falcon and the winter soldier imagine
terry-perry · 7 hours ago
Could I pls request where reader is giving birth to baby Barnes and what Bucky would be like?
Tumblr media
The mission was finally over and they were on their way home. The entire flight, Bucky anxiously bounced his leg as he thought about you. You were now going to be on your last week of pregnancy. He almost didn’t go on this mission because he felt like you needed him more, but you insisted that you’d be fine without him. Especially since Sarah offered to look out for you, just in case. 
It helped put his mind somewhat at ease while he was out of the country with Sam. And now that they were back, all he wanted to do was get home and rejoin you on your wait for the arrival of your son. These thoughts still swam in his mind as they landed and turned their phones back on. Both Sam and Bucky were welcomed with multiple notifications. 
“Oh god...” Bucky uttered, already thinking the worst. Then he read the most recent text he received from Sarah:
Y/N in labor. Heading to hospital. Get here ASAP. 
“Oh god, oh god...” Bucky began to hyperventilate and freak out.
The baby wasn’t meant to come for another week. He just got there. They still had things they needed to set up in the nursery. Did Sarah have your overnight bag? Would everything be okay with your son if he came this early?
“Bucky,” Sam did his best to get him out of his head. “Buck! I need you to calm down, all right? The hospital is 40 minutes away. We need to call for a ride.”
“I don’t know if I’m ready,” Bucky expressed, still needing to take some deep breaths. 
“A little too late for that. Bucky.” Sam then spoke in a calmer tone to assure the former Winter Soldier a bit, but still needing to give him a good talking to. “I need you to keep it together, all right? This is a lot, I know, but Y/N is gonna need you. We need to go. All right?”
Bucky gave a prolonged exhale one last time before nodding. Sam was right. It was time to get to his family. 
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spid3rgwen · 9 hours ago
TFATWS head canon 5/??
The Howling Commandos were a fantastic group of soldiers, from diverse backgrounds. They all went on after the war and told their kids and grandkids and great grandchildren stories about Captain America and Bucky Barnes. One soldier, whose last name was Walker was especially fond of telling these stories.
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statticscribbles · a day ago
For Sale
Summary: Bucky/Reader, Song-Fic to Silverado for sale by morgan wallen, reader surprises bucky at their wedding with a new motorcycle
”I wanted to propose..” Bucky mumbles and Steve just stares him down over the table.
“With what?”
“That’s the thing, the ring I had my eye on is well, I’d have to sell my bike.”
“Your bike, you’ve had that since you started here, it’s been on every mission with you and-”
“I know but Y/N is more important..”
“She’ll be just as upset as you are right now when she finds out, you know that right?”
“Don’t care, marrying her, getting to spend the rest of my life with her is worth it.”
”How am I supposed to list this, I can’t just put an ad in the paper anymore, according to Tony.”
”Oh you can, I bet half the universe would kill to own a bike that you rode on.” Steve snorts a little when Bucky rolls his eyes.
“Oh yeah I’ll sign it and everything, maybe get the team in on it too.” He chuckles and keeps his face blank as Steve’s turns into a sly grin.
“Steve no, that’s not fair to everyone, I was going to just go undercover or… fine okay you can do it!” Bucky throws his hands up and Steve smirks.
“You’ll have more than enough to get her the ring and pretty much her entire dream wedding.”
“Oh yeah cause one old bike will get that much.”
“Wanna bet.”
“If you win you get to say whatever you want at your best man's speech.”
“Deal.” Steve’s grin doesn’t fade for the rest of the day.
”Bucky, seriously you’re going on a mission for our anniversary?”
“Sorry babe, I didn’t want to but there’s some big thing they needed me for.. Steve offered to take you to the dinner reservations I made, so at least you can enjoy it with a friend.”
“I want to enjoy it with you.” You don’t care that you’re whining it was your two year anniversary and he’d promised to take you out to the restaurant you’d had your first date in. You felt you had the right to whine about it.
Steve seems far too happy just to be getting free food and you’re trying to figure out what he’s planning but he easily avoids any of your questions.
“Okay how about after dinner I’ll tell you.”
“Okay, fine I’ll shut up about it.” You glare but focus on your food and the conversation falls back into something less involved with work, which means very little of Bucky and his current mission. Of course it easily meanders back to Bucky with Steve seeming to be a little more nervous than earlier.
“You know something about his mission.” You narrow your eyes and Steve nods.
“Order dessert and I’ll be back in a second okay?” You nod to him and then he hesitates.
“Actually, I’ll order, the skyline view is pretty, you should check it out.” He grins in the way that you know means he’s not giving you a suggestion.
“Dessert and a view?” You laugh a little hearing the door open, you don’t turn around and sigh.
“Sorry for being so snappy at dinner, I just miss Bucky, it’s shitty that he’s gone and it’s our anniversary.” You huff and turn shocked to see Bucky standing in the doorway.
“Bucky!” You rush over to him but he holds his hand in front of him, he waves it in a go back gesture and you laugh.
“You have some grand plan to reveal yourself as an anniversary present then?”
“Not me.” he laughs as he turns you back around.
“Okay, turn.” You can hear the grin in his voice and as you turn you’re shocked to see him holding up the ring you’d pointed out before to him.
”How on earth did you afford that, I know the team doesn’t pay much..”
“I sold the bike.”
“Bucky, no! That was your baby, Bucky, seriously…” You almost glare at him, he grins and shrugs a little.
“You’re more important to me.”
” So I know the bride usually gets the groom a cake, but I was thinking about how you suddenly had all the money we needed to have my dream wedding…” You grin letting Bucky place his arm around you.
“And I did some digging, and lo and behold I find out that someone is flaunting the fact they have a James Buchanan Barnes signed motorcycle..” Bucky ducks, his face pinking as he avoids looking at you, you can hear Steve cheering.
“So I figured I could skip the cake and get you a better wedding present?” You nod a little and place your hands against Bucky’s chin, turning his head to look at where Bruce and Tony are maneuvering the new Harley bike next to the cake.
“This is incredible, how can I ever thank you?” He kisses you and walks over to the bike, hand never leaving yours.
“Well I’d say marry me, but we just finished with that.”
“I’ll make it up to you later.”
“Mhm, there’s a surprise for you, and just you under the seat.” He grins and assures you he’ll open it later. You’d been nervous when you’d approached Steve with the idea of getting him the bike, Steve had been more than happy to help out, and when you’d explained to him the idea you had, hiding something extra for Bucky in the seat.
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Star-Spangled Partner
Pairing: Sam Wilson x Avenger! Reader
Summary: You are Sam’s partner, in more ways than one, and you’ll always be there for him. 
Warnings: angst/fluff, death, violence, weapons, cursing
A/N: Hey everyone! I’m still working on a few requests (I do them in order, so if it takes a little bit for me to get to yours, I’m sorry! I will definitely get to it though). But, I wanted to take a break to write a little something for Sam. I haven’t written for him in a while and I’ve missed it. So, this is the result of that lol. I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated! :)
Tumblr media
The wind whips around you as you ride your motorcycle through the city. 
Clenching your hands, you rev your engine, speeding up to catch up to the civilians stuck in moving trucks driven by the Flag Smashers. 
“What’s going on down below?” Sam asks, voice coming through your earpiece.
Revving your engine even harder, you’re now only feet away from the trucks. “Almost there. Gonna have to fix up my baby for me,” you respond before leaping off your motorcycle and grabbing onto the side of one of the trucks. 
“Yikes, I saw that. Definitely going to need at least a new coat of paint,” Sam jokes. 
“Always the funny guy,” you respond, climbing up to the top of the truck. Walking towards the front, you bend down and smash your fist against the windshield, breaking it. The driver swerves and you hold on tight to not fall off. 
“Do I have to listen to this banter for the whole mission?” Bucky asks, en route to your location to help you with the hostages. 
“Probably,” Sam replies. “You know how we are.” 
Regaining your balance, you shove your arm through the hole you made in the windshield and slam the passenger’s head against the dashboard, knocking him out. 
“Here goes nothing,” you whisper to yourself. 
Crawling over to the side of the truck, you fling yourself through the passenger door window, landing on top of the Flag Smasher you just rendered unconscious. 
The driver stares at you in awe. 
“Hey there, I’m Y/N,” you say before pulling out your gun and shooting him in the leg. As he screams out in pain, you take the opportunity to kick him towards the door. Continuing to kick him, you don’t stop until the door flies open and he falls out. Immediately after this, you slide over to the driver’s side, grabbing hold of the steering wheel and shutting the door. 
“I’ve gotta say, that was hot as hell,” Sam says. 
“Are you watching me?” you ask. 
“Always, baby, always,” Sam responds. “And, I’ve got a glorious view.” 
“Motherfucker,” you whisper, driving the truck a little farther before coming to a stop and jumping out. 
Walking towards the back, you throw open the trunk doors. 
“Okay, everyone out. Let’s go.” You put your hands out, helping anyone you can step down off the truck. “There you go. You’re okay.” 
Looking over your shoulder, you spot Bucky helping the other truck’s hostages. 
“Hostages are secure,” you say into your earpiece. 
“Good,” Sam responds. “Because I’m going to need help. Karli headed into the underground tunnels and I’ve lost her.” 
“We’re on our way,” Bucky says, looking over at you and nodding. 
You nod back before running off towards the tunnels, Bucky following close behind you. 
“Sam!?” you yell. “Where are you!?” 
“Damn, Y/N. Blow my eardrums out, why don’t you,” Bucky says next to you. “Did you forget we have these?” He gestures towards his earpiece. 
“Oh, shut up,” you respond. 
You point at the two hallways in front of you. “I’ll go left, you go right,” you say to Bucky, looking over at him for confirmation. 
“Sounds good,” Bucky says, nodding his head in agreement. Before he runs off, he turns to look at you. “Be careful.” 
“You too. See you in a few.” You take off down the left hallway, eager to find Sam. 
“Please be okay,” you whisper to yourself. 
“Oh, I’m okay, sweetheart, don’t you worry,” Sam replies in your earpiece.
“You asshole!” you say. “Why didn’t you answer me when I called for you?” 
“My connection was out. But, I think I can hear you now because you’re getting closer to me. Also, you’ve been particularly vulgar with the nicknames today. What’s up with that?” 
Still running down the hall, you start to see a beam of light. “Well, when you work with the chaotic duo that is Sam and Bucky, you tend to get a little crazy.” 
“Oh, you love us. Me, especially.” 
Finally reaching the light, you see Sam standing a few feet away from you, his back facing you. You sneak up, not wanting him to notice you. 
“Why yes, I do love you more,” you whisper in his ear. 
Sam jumps, startled by the sudden intrusion. “What the hell was that!?” 
You shrug your shoulders and walk past him. “Just some innocent fun.” 
Following you, Sam shakes his head and chuckles. “You always love fun at the worst time.” 
“Damn straight,” you say, grinning at him. 
After a few minutes of endless wandering, you’re stopped by a gun being pointed at Sam. 
“I’d stay still if I were you,” Karli says, holding the gun. 
Sharon is on the ground a few feet away, her hands pressing down on a gunshot wound. 
“Move and you’ll end up like your friend,” Karli speaks again, gesturing towards Sharon. 
Looking over at Sam, you start to panic. “Sam,” you say.
Sam looks at you for a second before turning his attention back to Karli. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he says. 
“And, I don’t want to hurt you. But, there’s no other way,” she says. “I’m sorry.” 
“There’s always another way,” Sam responds. “Just, trust me. I can help you.” 
“I don’t want your help!” Karli yells, putting her finger on the trigger. “You’re just a means to an end.” 
Karli starts to slightly press down on the trigger and you fling yourself at Sam, knocking the both of you to the ground. 
A gunshot goes off. Waiting to feel some sort of pain, you’re confused when you feel nothing. 
Lifting your head off Sam’s chest, you see Sharon standing over Karli, who is lying motionless on the ground. 
“Sharon?” you ask.
Sharon looks over at you. “I gotta head off before someone else sees me,” she says. “Are you and Sam okay?” 
Nodding, you continue staring at Karli. “Is she…?”
“Yes,” Sharon says. “I’m sorry.”
“No!” Sam yells, rising up from under you. He looks at Sharon accusingly. “What the hell did you do?”
“I saved your life!” she yells back. “The least you can do is thank me.” She looks over at you again. “I’ll see you soon.” 
“Be safe,” you say, watching her turn around and leave. 
Sam walks over to Karli, checking her pulse quickly before picking her up in his arms. 
“I didn’t want it to come to this,” Sam says, looking at you with tears in his eyes.
“I know,” you respond, gently touching his arm. “We’ll get through it together though. Like we always do.”  
Sam nods before the both of you walk out to the public, with Karli lying still in his arms.
Watching Sam through the door, you take a sip of your coffee. 
“I can feel you staring at me,” Sam says, sitting in a chair on the deck. “Just come on out.” 
Putting your mug down, you open the sliding door and walk out. 
“Come here,” he says, gesturing for you to sit on his lap. You walk over to him and plop down, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“What’re you thinking about?” you ask, placing your head against his chest. 
“Just thinking about what I could’ve done differently.” 
Peeking up at him, you start to caress his jaw. “You’ll only drive yourself crazy thinking like that.”
He looks down at you. “I know. I can’t help it though.” 
Sighing, you look out at the water. “You give out everything you can and never expect anything in return. I admire you for that.” You look back at him. “But, you need to realize that sometimes our best isn’t always what we want. You did what you could and that’s what matters. Nobody is blaming you and you definitely shouldn’t be blaming yourself.” 
Sam looks down at you and smiles. “How is it that you always know just the right thing to say?” 
“Maybe it’s because I’m always right,” you joke.  
“Oh, that’s definitely not it,” Sam jokes back. 
Playfully swatting his arm, you laugh. “Whatever you say, Cap.” 
You settle back against his chest and he tightens his grip around you. “As long as I have my partner by my side, I’ll be okay,” he says next to your ear, before kissing the top of your head. 
“Good thing you’ll always have me,” you say, smiling. “I love you.”
He kisses you slowly. “I love you too,” he whispers against your lips. “Always and forever, baby.”
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teafrompari · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
«It's just that shield's the closest thing I've got left to a family. So when you retired it, it made me feel like I had nothing left.»
Bucky Barnes wallpapers
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | episode 5
like/reblog if you save ❤️
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giodoodless · a day ago
Headcanon of the day: Sam and Thor finally meet.
Here i go:
Thor is back to earth with the guardians, just to find out that Sam is the new captain america now.
“Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Thor Odinson, and you are?”
“Sam Wilson”
“It is a pleasure to meet you Sam, son of Wil”
Sam can't stop staring. Dude's so tall and big and pretty. His huge biceps make his eyes go wide, impressed.
Thor doesn't stare, but from time to time, he takes looks at Sam. He's definitely not like Steve, not at all. He's even prettier than him.
Thor likes to make him laugh. He doesn't know why exactly, but whenever Sam's with his big and bright smile on his face, Thor's already smilling too.
They both find each other funny, even tho Thor's sense of humor is kinda different a lot actually.
Will laugh about random stuff.
Both get impressed about how serious and dangerous one can become.
Sam will ask Thor about many things, like how was Asgard, how were the other worlds, the creatures, the space, and Thor will gladly answer all his questions.
Both are smart and have good fighting strategies, altho they never really have a plan.
Sam will definitely ask about his terrifying axe, and mjolnir too, how it works, and with a curious grin, Thor will handle it to him, convincing Sam to try and take mjolnir himself.
The last time he thought someone was worthy, this person rose a powerful thunder and beated the shit out of thanos and his army with it. It was worth the shot. He he.
Lmao he was right.
Thor watches Sam fly across the sky in awe.
“And i suppose you are an angel yourself son of Wil”.
The thunder comes with Thor's arrival from up high, the intense blue enlightening the sky and everything around, and Sam's eyes shine with brightness and facination.
Sam is fast when he's fighting, and Thor is totally impressed, giggling as he throws his axe, thinking if maybe he could challenge Sam to a match later.
“Come on son of Wil! It'll be fun!”
“Dude, you can just call me Sam”
“Alright then Sam. Let's fight!”
Tall and gorgeous god of thunder and tiny and angelic captain america. That's what Thor named them after.
Asks are open for suggestions <3
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a-fandom-reimagined · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I missed you all soo so much.
And I'm now accepting requests for:
Bridgerton, Castlevania (season 4 since it dropped), Shadow & Bone, Venom, WandaVision, The Falcon & the Winter Soldier...
As long as I've been gone you'd think I'd have watched more stuff...
I watched ATLA & FMA/FMAB. You guys want those? I think I can do it.
(I don't know what happened to my inbox but I think I'm missing some requests. So if you sent something in and I never did it just send it in again.)
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alloftheimaginesblog · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you had told your older brother about the fact that you seem to have fallen for his old friend’s best friend (aka Sam’s friend and partner) Bucky Barnes, Sam didn’t seem to take the news well. As your older brother, he was protective, he always had been and so, when you told him how you felt about Bucky, he immediately tried to shut down the idea.
As days and weeks passed and the more time you spent around Sam and Bucky, Sam could see that Bucky clearly felt the same for you, “Okay, fine, dammit!” Sam exclaimed one night, “I can’t take your damn eye flirting, just go on a date already!”
Bucky clapped him on the shoulder, “Thanks, partner,” he said, throwing a wink your way.
“I ain’t your damn partner.”
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marveldc-imagines-hub · 3 days ago
Imagine Pride Masterlist
A/N: Self-explanatory; a masterlist for the Imagine Pride series! If you want an imagine that you don’t already see, feel free to request it (when requests are open, of course). Happy Pride, folks!
Summary: An imagine-exclusive series of Pride-specific one-shots, mainly focusing on Reader coming out as a certain sexuality/gender identity and revolving around general LGBTQ+ events (Pride parades/marches, transitioning, just LGBTQ+ characters hanging out together, etc), but also exploring multiple LGBTQ+ headcanons for canon characters.
Bucky Barnes
Peter Parker
Sam Wilson
Steve Rogers
Imagine Coming Out to Steve as Bisexual
Tony Stark
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dreamwritesimagines · 3 days ago
Burn The Witch 20 - Final Warning [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful support and feedback my loves ! ❤ Here’s the next chapter, I hope you like it as well and please let me know what you think! ❤ Thank you! ❤❤❤
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Warnings: Enemies to lovers, lovers to enemies, fake dating, mentions of blood, sex, violence, death, manipulation, language, guns, knives.
Summary: Everyone has a past.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Not that you had ever been in a situation where you wanted to come clean to a target and blow your own cover, but you could easily say that this was one of the hardest things you had ever been through.
And considering your career, you had been through a lot.
You had no idea how to even begin the conversation, and you were pretty sure that it would completely ruin every chance of happiness you would have with him, every chance of a future together but—
You had to keep him safe. You owed him that much.
Considering your whole relationship had been nothing but a lie.
You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard your name being called and you looked up, still holding the empty milkshake container.
“Your boyfriend is here with the Captain America,” Tara winked at you, “Is he single?”
“No Y/N, I’m trying to steal your man but letting you know beforehand. Yes, Sam!”
“Um—“ you tried to pull your thoughts together, “I’m not sure, I can ask.”
“Don’t make it obvious though,” she pointed at you and walked away. You let out a sigh, looking down at the empty container, then fixed your apron and walked out of the kitchen into the main area. You could feel the warmth in your stomach as soon as you saw Bucky and Sam in one of the booths, and you went under the counter to approach them.
“Hi darling.”
“Hey,” you pecked him on the lips and sat beside him, “Hi Sam.”
“Hey Y/N,” he greeted you as Bucky entwined his fingers with yours, “Anyways, as I was saying. I can look into her but unless you give me more information, we’ll hit a dead end.”
Your heart skipped a beat as you looked between them and Bucky thought for a moment.
“Maybe Sharon might help.”
“I mean she can try—“
“Who are you talking about?” you asked and Sam grinned.
“Bucky’s spy friend.”
“She’s not my friend,” he said almost instantly and your stomach dropped.
“I just want to learn who she works for,” he said, “Just in case.”
“In case of what?” you managed to ask and Bucky shifted his weight like he was uncomfortable.
“In case we need it.”
“But why would you need it?”
To that, he looked like he had no answer and Sam cleared his throat, grabbing his phone.
“Well, I’d better talk to Sharon,” he said, standing up from his seat, “To see what we can find. I’ll see you guys later.”
With that, he walked out of the shop and you turned to Bucky, your brows raised.
“So,” you said, “What’s happening?”
“No what you’re thinking right now,” he said quickly, “It’s just… I ran into her. Again.”
You actually wanted to find out how much information he would give you, so you decided to push.
“Oh? I didn’t know you went on a mission.”
“I didn’t, she broke into my house.”
You blinked a couple of times, staring at him as if you were confused. “I’m sorry?”
“I have no idea how she knows where I live, but—“
“She was in your apartment.”
“For like five minutes,” he added, “And she….she told me something.”
If he kept this up, maybe you had a chance to convince him to leave the country for a while by using your cover even if you couldn’t convince him by being yourself.
“What?” you asked him and he paused for a moment, then shook his head.
“It’s not important.”
“It sounds like it is,” you tried again and he cleared his throat.
“Nah it’s just…. Usual secretive spy stuff.”
“But are you safe?” you insisted and he smiled, pressing your hand to his lips, his fingers still entwined with his.
“Of course darling.”
No. No you’re not safe.
You bit inside your cheek, trying to find something, anything to tip him off without blowing your cover but you came up empty except for one thing.
You had to tell him. You had no idea how you would do it, and you had no idea how he would react but you couldn’t—
You couldn’t just sit there and let them take him and blame him for things he quite possibly hadn’t done. Knowing the General, he would pull every trick in the game to convince your superiors that he was dangerous.
And Bucky was one of the very few people you knew who didn’t deserve that.
But how could you do it? You knew it would mean losing him, you were quite sure that he would never trust you again, nor would he ever want to see you again. Not only that, but if the General found out anything about you tipping him off, you would be killed, that was for sure.
As he always said, actions had consequences.
“Don’t look so worried,” he said with a chuckle, snapping you out of your thoughts, “I promise you, everything will be alright.”
For some reason, you were having a hard time believing it but you tried to smile, then leaned in to kiss him.
“Yeah,” you managed to say, “Of course it will.”
By the time you were done at work, you were way too tired but it had nothing to do with the goddamn milkshake shop. You half wished you could ask Keith or Chloe about what to do, but you decided you actually needed to come up with a plan before getting them involved.
If you were going to get them involved, you had to make sure they would be safe even if you wouldn’t be, but it didn’t mean the lack of plan at hand wasn’t making you panic. Even the mind blowing sex wasn’t enough to put you to sleep, not when you kept thinking about how it would end soon.
Either way, you were going to lose him.
The thought of it made the tears burn your eyes but you rolled over in bed and looked down at him. He looked so peaceful without nightmares torturing his sleep and you sniffled before leaning in to press your lips into his dark hair, inhaling his scent. He moved a little, letting out a content sigh and you pulled back to grab your dressing gown, then made your way to the kitchen as silently as possible. After grabbing the wine bottle, you went to the bathroom to get in the bathtub, the cold surface against your warm skin giving you goosebumps.
You were being so stupid. Even more stupid than a Victorian lady risking it all for dick.
You cussed under your breath and took a huge swig of the wine, leaning your head back, desperately trying to find an idea to help you get out of this thing unscathed.
Or not to break his heart in the process.
By the time you had finished the bottle, you were still clueless but alcohol was slowly taking away the panic pulsing through you. You kept your eyes on the wall, tracing the rim of the bottle and only when Bucky knocked on the door that you realized he was awake.
Wow, the spy in you would be so disappointed if it were any other time.
“Hey,” you called out, “You can come in.”
He opened the door and his brows furrowed as soon as he saw you in the bathtub holding a wine bottle.
“Hey,” he said, “Everything alright?”
You closed your eyes for a moment, then nodded and looked up at him.
“I couldn’t sleep,” you said, “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” he said and approached you to crouch down, “Nightmares?”
“Something like that,” you mumbled, still holding the bottle tight, “What time is it?”
“3 a.m.”
You heaved a sigh and he reached out to brush your hair behind your ear.
“Want to talk about it?” he asked softly and that made the burning in your eyes even worse, but you cleared your throat and shook your head.
“Did you know….” You trailed off, waving the empty bottle, “In some cultures people drink at funerals?”
“Nope,” he said, “I didn’t. Whose funeral is it then?”
“Mine I think.”
He tilted his head, stealing a look at the bottle before smiling at you softly. You were aware that he thought it was just the wine and nightmares speaking, and you were way too tired to let him know, to explain-
To lose whatever it was between you.
“You’re not dead, sweetheart.”
“Not yet,” you managed to say, and he took a deep breath.
“Don’t say that,” he said, his voice low as if the thought was too much for him to handle and you let out a bitter chuckle.
“Alright, I won’t.”
“Do you want to come back to bed?”
You shook your head, wiping at your eyes.
“Okay,” Bucky said, “Is it okay if I stay here then?”
“Yeah,” you sniffled, turning the bottle in your hands. His fingers caressed over your hair and the action was so soothing that for a moment you felt yourself getting lost in the feeling before you turned your head to look into his blue eyes.
“Do you think that—“ you paused for a moment, “Do you think we could have a happy ending?”
“A happy ending?” he repeated, confusion flashing over his features and you licked your lips.
“Yeah, do you think….Do you think we could have that house with the red door and the big garden and the treehouse?”
A gentle smile curled his lips and he nodded.
“Yeah,” he said, “Absolutely. And if I’m remembering it correctly, I was told there would be a hammock between an apple tree and a peach tree.”
“And a dog.”
“And a dog,” he repeated, “And kids.”
You could swear your heart hurt.
“I’m going to tell you something but you’re not allowed to say it back,” you said, “Not…not yet anyway. Not right now.”
He tilted his head, “Okay. What is it?”
“…I think I’m in love with you,” you admitted, your heart beating like crazy as you wiped your eyes again. A light crossed his eyes but you couldn’t even decipher what it was, instead you reached out to hold his hand, leaning your head back again.
“Why am I not allowed to say it back?” he asked and a painful smile pulled at your lips.
“Just because,” you said, “And I’m—I’m sorry.”
“For what?” he asked and you opened your mouth, then the fear crashed down on you so you just shrugged your shoulders.
“Can we stay like this for tonight?”
He thought for a moment, then leaned in to press a kiss on your temple.
“Of course darling,” he said, “If that’s what you want, let’s stay like this.”
The next morning, you woke up with a clear decision in mind.
You had to tell Bucky and you had to get him out of the country before the General could lay a hand on him. You even had a speech in mind, but in the morning Bucky had an appointment with his psychiatrist so he had left early. You didn’t have much time anyway, you had to go to the base as well but it didn’t mean you were as calm as you would like to be.
You had to make sure not to make the General suspicious of you until Bucky was out but unfortunately, you hadn’t thought about your best friends.
Keith took one look at you when he saw you, then checked whether anyone was watching you before he placed his coffee cup on the desk and grabbed your wrist to pull you into the hallway.
“What happened?”
You crossed your arms and shrugged. “What? What are you talking about?”
“Something happened,” he said, “Tell me and I’ll help you fix it.”
“Y/N, I know you better than you think I do,” he said through his teeth, “Is your cover blown? Is Barnes suspicious of something?”
You clenched your jaw, then shook your head.
“Then what is it?” he said, “Chloe says the mission will be over soon and you’ll probably become a handler, I thought you’d be—“
“That’s the problem,” you interrupted him, “The mission will be over soon.”
Keith shrugged, “Okay. So? Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“Apparently not.”
He pulled his brows together, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Maybe Bucky doesn’t deserve to be dragged here and have shit pinned on him. Again.”
He stared at you for a couple of seconds before a look of realization crossed his eyes and he ran a hand over his face.
“You’re not serious.”
“That guy’s dick game can’t be that good. If you’re willing to put your life in danger just because he’s good at sex, I promise you there are a bunch of people who can fu—“
“It’s not because of that.”
“Oh it’s not? Then what is this about?”
“It’s not about anything, I’m just saying he doesn’t deserve it.”
“Y/N, if the General finds out you’ve gone soft—“
“I haven’t gone soft!”
“You know what happens to the spies who fall for their targets,” he whispered through his teeth, “No matter how much you want to—to put this behind you, to run away with him—“
“I’m not naïve,” you spat, “I know I’d never be able to run away. This is not a fairytale, I’m not going to walk off into the sunset with Bucky. He will never forgive me or want to be with me once he learns who I am.”
“It doesn’t mean he deserves this,” you said, “He tries to help people, and we will make people see him as dangerous.”
He shook his head, heaving a sigh.
“He’s a good person, Keith,” you said, “Unlike you and me, he’s a good person.”
You turned your head when you heard the General’s assistant calling out your name.
“He’s ready for you.”
“Thanks,” you said and took a step but Keith grabbed you by the arm.
“Don’t tell him anything,” he whispered, “We’ll—we’ll figure something out, okay? Trust me, just don’t tell the General anything.”
You bit inside your cheek and nodded.
“We can talk about it later,” you said and walked to the General’s office. He was waiting for you behind his desk and looked up from the file when he heard you come in.
“Y/N,” he said, “Hello.”
“Sir,” you greeted him and sat down on the edge of the seat. “Hello.”
“I’ve been looking over your file,” he said, a small smile appearing on his lips, “And I gotta tell you, it’s….it’s very impressive.”
“Thank you sir.”
“Of all the missions we’ve put you on…” he said, “You haven’t failed. Ever.”
You felt like throwing up, but managed to smile back.
“You’ve taught me well.”
He let out a chuckle. “I’d like to take all the credit, but you and I both know it wasn’t just me, Y/N. You have a talent.”
Talent for killing and using people.
“Your father would be proud of you.”
Your eyes snapped up to his, that familiar ache at your heart making you sit up straighter.
“Growing up without him was very difficult for you,” he said, “I know that. I tried to help as much as I could and trust me, you’re like a daughter to me but I also know that deep down you waited for him to come back. Always.”
You rolled your shoulders back, trying to keep your head high.
“I’m not waiting for him to come back.”
“I’m not. He left me.”
He heaved a sigh and leaned in, his eyes locked into yours.
“I’m sorry you have to find out this way but your father didn’t leave you,” he said, making you frown. “The Winter Soldier killed him.”
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caitschampagne · 3 days ago
reacting to tfatws as seb’s significant other
sebastian stan headcanon
mild profanity, thanks for reading ! :)
you feel very strongly about this show
basically it’s you screaming “KISS YOU IDIOTS” at sam and bucky on screen 99,9% of the time
it’s embarrassing to say the least but hey it’s what you feel
and sebastian adores it
literally the whole time he’ll sit there not watching the show but watching you
and you find it lowkey creepy but you’re too engrossed to care
and one friday when you just burst into tears he was horrified
but it was just you sad that they weren’t together
and you PASSED AWAY when bucky swooped in with that shop-bought cake to hug sam’s nephews
your eyes WIDENED
and you turned to sebastian and you screamed very unattractively
but he just laughed
and your heart rate was SO DAMN HIGH
and you gripped his arm so aggressively he winced but you couldn’t care less
lmao it was an event
and you HATED sarah for no reason except for bucky hitting on her
istg you’d SPIT at that tv when she was on
“wtf bitch he’s your brother’s”
and sebastian would die laughing
you’d just scoff and flip her off
and in the last episode you just cried 98% of the time you were so sad it ended
and afterwards you facetimed anthony mackie to passionately convince him about sam and bucky
and anthony would 100% agree but blame seb for not letting them get together (?)
and you’d photobomb seb’s zoom promo meetings just to say “sambucky forever” then peace out bitches
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ruesthay · 4 days ago
• o sexo com sam é extremamente perfeito, ao mesmo tempo que é algo quente e levemente selvagem, também é Suns romântico, com direito a beijos por todo o corpo e "eu te amo" após ele gozar
• adora transar dentro do carro, ele sempre sabe as melhores posições para fazer isso ser ainda mais prazeroso do que deveria ser; também adora quando você o chupa enquanto ele dirige
• ele tem uma certa obsessão por sua bunda, sempre que pode ele está passando a mão, a mordendo, dando tapas ou deixando alguns chupões nela, ele adora te ver de quatro, com a bunda empinada para ele o máximo possível quando vocês discutem, o que sempre acaba em sexo ele é bem bruto, descontando toda a raiva e frustação nesse momento, é claro que você não se importa com isso, já que sempre te proporciona muito prazer
• gosta de te chup4r e enfiar seus dedos em você ao mesmo tempo
• ele gosta de usar brinquedinhos e coisas de sexy shop, como aqueles gels que esquentam
• o sexo com bucky seria algo selvagem e romântico ao mesmo tempo tempo, a combinação perfeita
• ele é MUITO experiente e apesar de estar um pouquinho enferrujado, sabe bem o que faz, é capaz de te fazer chegar ao seu limite em questão de segundos, seja usando seus dedos ou língua, ou seu pau
• ele adora te provocar e te fazer implorar por ele, adora te falar coisas obscenas durante o ato, como o quanto ele adora estar dentro de você e coisas desse tipo
• ele não gosta muito de te enforcar, tem medo de se empolgar e acabar te machucando, porém ele nunca te nega isso quando você o pede
• ele demoraria um pouco para usar o braço de metal em você, tanto por se sentir um pouco inseguro por causa dele, quanto por ter medo de te machucar, mas uma vez que o usasse, você vai querer isso sempre, já que a sensação do metal gelado dentro do seu núcleo quente, te faz literalmente ver estrelas
• ele adora transar na cozinha, adora colocar você em cima do balcão e te fod3r ali mesmo
• o sexo com zemo seria uma surpresa, é como se cada transa fosse diferente, em um dia seria algo tradicional, no outro estariam testando alguma prática nova e no dia seguinte poderia ser algo mais selvagem
• ele adora testar novas práticas e usar brinquedinhos em você, principalmente vibradores clitorianos, quando quer te punir ele usa a prática king out, que é uma das preferidas dele
• ele sente grande prazer no sexo anal e está sempre tentando de convencer a fazerem isso, embora você não goste muito, quando ele se comporta direitinho, você acaba cedendo e lhe dando o que ele quer
• na maioria das vezes ele costuma ser bastante gentil durante o ato, te proporcionando o máximo de prazer possível, antes de se satisfazer
• ele adora quando você o masturba antes de chupá-lo, para ele essa é uma coisa extremamente prazerosa, ele costuma dizer que a sensação de suas mãos, seguida pelos seus lábios macios no pau dele, é indescritível
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noshame-bb · 4 days ago
Don’t know if u the requests but cockwarming with evanssss
anon listen- QUIT DOING THIS TO ME. i have lectures I need to sit through but all i can think about is how good mr.evans would feel-
Pairing: c.evans x reader
Rating/Warnings: slight somno, cockwarming, tooth rotting fluff
Tumblr media
imagine that Chris just came home from a long day, he's tired and stressed, and horny, and just wants to be close to you. He greats Dodger at the door, "Hi bubba" and pets the excited pup. He makes his way to the bedroom, where he se's you lying in bed, with nothing but his patriots t-shirt on. The tv is playing 'Captain America; Winter Soldier', and the biggest smirk stretches across his face. He knows you watch his movies when he's gone because 'I miss you when your gone' you would say with a pout.
He knows he should leave you to rest but, he can't stop staring at you. The curve of your hips under his shirt, or the perky nipples that poke out. He rids himself of his clothes, except his boxers, ,shuts off the tv and slides in next to you. He pulls you your back to his front, and just about moans at how good you feel against him. He slides his hands around your waist, and uo between your breast and thats when you start to stir. "mmm babe?" You question into the dark. Chris hums back and starts kissing your neck.
"Missed you" He smirked. "wanna show you how much i missed you but, to tired, but i love you and i missed you and i missed your dick-" He cut you off with a chaste kiss. "That's arlight bubba, why don't you just uh.... keep me warm?" He asked hesitantly. You turned you body so you faced him and gave him a nod. He started to take your (his( shirt off, so he could feel all of you.
"So pretty," Chris murmured into your hair. ",all for me huh?" Your hands made it's way all over his body. From his neck, his abs, his assm all the way to his cock. "All for you lovie, all for you." You were still in a sleepy haze, letting Chris manipulate your body, while you helped him. When you felt Chris was hard enough, you slid him into your hole. Which just happen to be wet enough for him. How weird.
He let out a hiss, "God baby, so warm" You had to agree. Normally you and Chris wouldn't fuck without a condom, you were on birth control but you wanted to be careful, but this was a hole new level of intimate. " I give you full permission to fuck me awake, with how good this feels." You said into his chest, partly from being slumped over, partly because he was your personal space heater.
"Oh I will pretty girl"
And you both fell asleep, content being close to one another. Stress from the day melting away. Chris relaxed in your embrace, face falling into your hair, inhalling your sweet scent and falling asleep.
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inncorrect-quotes · 5 days ago
Sam, holding a fork: You know you’re talking alot if shit for someone who has two perfectly good eyeballs each cost about $16,000 on the black market.
Bucky: .....
Sam: *lip smack*
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barnesdogtags · 5 days ago
i want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck
Summary: Bucky takes you to the bookstore and gives you his dog tags for your birthday.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tags: fluff, Alpine makes an appearance
Word count: 647 | masterlist
Note: my birthday is coming up on the 10th which is what led to this self-indulgent fic. i also have one with steve and sam. any feedback is appreciated! ❤️
Bucky showed up at your apartment that afternoon with something planned. No matter how many times you asked, he wouldn’t tell you what it was.
“You know since we’re walking I’ll figure it out, right?”
“Maybe I’ll just go by myself.”
“Fine, I’m shutting up.”
You two talked about your days as you walked. It was a beautiful day out, not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was exactly how you liked it. There were a few moments when his hand would brush against yours, you didn’t know whether it was accidental or on purpose.
The walk didn’t last long, and you knew almost right away he was taking you to your favorite bookstore. You’d taken him there a handful of times, he’d grown to love it as much as you. His bookshelf was slowly filling up with new books.
“I thought I could pick out a book for you and see if you like it. Or is that stupid?” Bucky was starting to overthink his idea.
“It’s not stupid, I love it.”
He followed you inside and had you wait in a chair near the front so you couldn’t see what he was looking at. You picked up a random book and started reading while he wandered around, carefully looking over each section. You and Bucky had different tastes in genres, he liked sci-fi or mystery while you liked romance. He finally caved a few months ago and read one of your favorites since you agreed to read one of his.
After about twenty minutes, Bucky met you back at the front with his choice. It was from the same author as the book you were currently reading, you had mentioned they were becoming one of your favorites. You didn’t think he would remember.
“I know you like the one you’re reading, so when I saw this I thought it’d be a good choice. It’s their newest one.”
“Thank you Bucky, this is perfect.”
Bucky invited you over afterwards. Alpine greeted you with a meow and you bent down to pet her. There was a small cake on his coffee table next to a gift bag. The cake looked like it had been dropped, the plastic on the side was dented and some of the icing was smeared on it.
“Sorry about the cake, Alpine knocked it over this morning and I didn’t have time to get another.”
“It’s alright, it’ll still taste good. Is the bag for me?”
“Yeah,” he handed it to you. “Happy birthday.”
“I thought you already got me the book?”
“I wanted to give you more than that.”
You removed the tissue paper and reached inside. Without even looking you knew what it was based on the way it felt.
Bucky was giving you his dog tags.
You pulled them out and ran your fingers along them, the metal cold against your skin. You were speechless, you knew how much they meant to Bucky. He never took them off, and you were surprised you didn’t notice them missing earlier.
Finally you said, “I can’t take these Bucky, I know how much they mean to you.”
“You mean more, I wanted to make sure you knew that.”
Without thinking, you kissed him. It surprised him at first, he didn’t think you felt the same way.
“I’m sorry,” you laughed as your cheeks turned red.
“Don’t be, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”
“I love you,” you said at the same time.
Both of you laughed. Bucky smiled at you. “I love you.”
You smiled back. “I love you too.”
He took the tags and slipped them over your head. His eyes trailed down to where they rested around your neck. It felt weird to be wearing them, but you knew you’d never take them off. You couldn’t believe they were yours now, and that Bucky was too.
general tag list (let me know if you want to be added): @cornelia-street-cardigan - @katiaw2
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Tumblr media
“*yn* keeps her word and ends up right in-between Bucky and the good Doctor Nagel. Bucky realises that he has more in common with *yn* than he would have thought.” 
Warnings: swearing, violence, TFATWS spoilers, fluff
Notes: Sequel to ‘Madripoor’ which you can read here.
“He’s in there. Container 40261. I’ll keep an eye out while you talk to Nagel but I’d hurry, we’re on borrowed time.” 
“If he’s still even in there .” Bucky remarked dryly as he took the ear piece from Sharon’s extended palm.
“*yn* would have no way of knowing where exactly Nagel is. She was just trying to get a rise out of you.” Sam answered.
“And clearly it worked.” Zemo noted, amusement dancing on his features as Bucky turned to glare at him.
“We don’t have time to argue, I’ll be waiting out here.” Sharon spoke before Bucky could snap back at Zemo. 
The three made there way inside the seemingly abandoned shipping container, Bucky standing at the entrance as he scanned the shipping yard. Despite Sam’s words he couldn’t fight off the niggling thought that someone was here. Watching them.
And he had a strong suspicion that the someone in question, was *yn*.
Bucky had been completely silent in the car ride over to the shipping yard from Sharon’s. Bucky had sensed the three other’s taking turns to study him before exchanging glances with each other. He had tuned out within five minutes after Zemo and Sam began theorising about who she was and how she had the super soldier serum. 
He wasn’t sure what it was, but there was something about her. Something about the way she looked at him that sent a shiver up his spine, the way his heart had skipped a beat when her body had brushed against his. 
He didn’t like it.
The soft crooning of a record player entered Bucky’s ears, breaking him out of his thoughts as Zemo pushed back the fake wall and exposed a hidden entrance. The three silently crept through the doorway, revealing a dark lab. It didn’t take long to find Doctor Nagel, who was so focused on whatever liquid he was stirring that he was completely oblivious to their presence.
“Doctor Nagel.” Sam spoke as he stopped the record playing causing the room to be suddenly enveloped in thick silence. Sam’s voice made Nagel jerk around in surprise, his eyes wide as he turned to face them. 
“Who the hell are you? What do you want?” 
“We know you re-created the super soldier serum.” Sam answered calmly. 
“Get out of my lab.” Nagel scoffed as he moved to storm away from Sam.
“Hey.” Sam continued, grasping his arm just as Nagel’s eyes locked with Bucky’s. “You know who he is right? And this is Baron Zemo, I know you’ve heard of him too. And you seem like a pretty smart guy, so I suggest you become conversational real quick.” 
“How about a counter offer?” Nagel narked back as Sam shoved him into the wall. “Make me a better offer and I’ll talk.” 
Bucky felt rage begin to bubble up inside him as he glared at Nagel. Wordlessly he stormed forward, grasping him by the collar. Sam and Zemo watched as Bucky dragged him over to a chair and dumped him onto it, as if he weighed nothing more than a feather. 
“Every bounty hunter in the city is here, we gotta go.” Sharon spoke into their ear pieces as Bucky brought his gun up to press against Nagel’s temple. Without warning Bucky pressed the trigger, shooting a bullet just centimetres from Nagel’s skull.
“Alright alright, I’ll talk.” Nagel relented, letting out a sigh.
 “Tell us how you created the super soldier serum.” 
“I was brought into Hydra’s winter soldier program to pick up their work. When Hydra fell, I was recruited by the CIA, they had blood samples from an American super soldier. But before I could complete my work, I turned to dust. I-” Nagel cut himself off, his eyes widening in surprise as they locked onto something in front of him. 
Bucky’s brow furrowed as he pressed his gun deeper into his temple and followed his gaze only to find a blank wall. Sam and Zemo turned back around and exchanged confused glances before looking back at Nagel.
“Something the matter?” Sam queried him. 
“I-” Nagel cut himself off once more as Bucky pressed the barrel of his gun deeper into his skin. “I thought I saw-”
“Guys, I don’t think it’s just bounty hunters out here. I think it’s the power bro-” The three winced as a loud screech burst against their ear drums before the ear piece went silent.
“Sharon?” Sam spoke, pressing his finger to the metal device. “Sharon?” 
Sam cursed under his breath when he got no response before glancing over to Bucky, “I think we should get going, something’s not right.” 
“Oh come on now.” A foreign voice piped up before Bucky or Zemo could respond. He sucked in a sharp breath when his eyes fell on *yn* who had somehow managed to slip out from the shadows undetected to stand behind Sam. 
“We were just getting to the interesting part.” She continued, the click of her trigger echoing through the room as she pressed her gun to Sam’s head. Bucky wavered for a moment. He could see Nagel eyeing him from the side, waiting to see if he was going to move his gun to point it at *yn*.
“Drop it.” *yn* demanded when Sam slightly moved to adjust his grip on the gun in his hand. 
“And if either of you two want to leave this place alive I strongly suggest not trying to shoot me either.” She continued as her eyes darted between the men.
“You got friends out there?” Sam queried as he raised his hands in surrender as he began to slowly lower his gun to the ground.
“Something like that.” 
“I do not believe it.” Nagel muttered, causing all eyes in the room to land on him. His eyes were wide, completely mesmerised at the sight of *yn* in front of him. “I cannot believe you’re alive. I was told you did not survive the process....”
“I’m sorry-” Bucky butted in, his face contorted into a look of disbelief. “You know her?” 
“She was one of the first.” Nagel answered him. 
“First what?” Sam spoke up. 
“Like I said, I never got to complete my work before the blip. When I returned, I needed to ensure that the serum was.... efficient.” Nagel trailed off, a glint of amusement in his eyes as he licked his lips. “The Power Broker was more than willing to provide me with... test subjects.” 
“I didn’t come here to relive our past.” *yn* snapped back before anyone else could get a word in. “I came here to find out exactly what it is you dosed me with.”
Silence fell over the room as *yn*’s words snaked their way into the ears of the others. It was like time stopped for a brief moment as Zemo, Sam and Bucky exchanged looks of complete and utter disbelief. 
“You don’t know?” Sam finally spoke up, straining his eyes to look at *yn* without turning his head too much in fear of her reaction. “But you said that you knew you had super soldier serum- that was why you were wary of Zemo-”
“I knew that was what the doctor over here called it. A cheap imitation maybe, no one’s been truly able to replicate it since Erskine.” 
“You’re right. No one could.” Nagel interrupted, his eyes gleaming with an unreadable emotion. “Until me.” 
There was a pause as *yn* studied him before, “meaning?” 
“Meaning you’ve been dosed with the exact same stuff your boyfriend’s got flowing through his veins darling.” Zemo drawled, nodding his head towards Bucky causing glares to fire at him from all directions.
“Ok, fine. Now how do I get it out of me?” *yn* asked turning her attention back to Nagel. 
There was a brief moment before Nagel let out a splutter of maniacal laughter. “You think that once a serum like that gets into your blood that one could simply ‘get it out’?” He spoke, amusement dancing on his features as he eyed her. Bucky watched *yn* as an unreadable emotion flashed across her features as she digested Nagel’s words. 
“More importantly, do you think the Power Broker would want good little super soldiers that could easily be rendered powerless? I think not.” 
Bucky’s gaze flickered over to *yn* to see her staring at Nagel, her jaw clenched as she listened. “So you work for the Power Broker?” He heard himself ask as he studied her intently.
“Think less ‘work for’ and more-” Nagel paused deliberately, glancing up at the ceiling as if to ponder his next words. “- ‘owned by.’ Do you think that’s an accurate statement?” He queried, a smirk carving itself into his features as he looked at *yn*. Bucky watched as her face faltered for a moment, the mask slipping down briefly to reveal pained eyes and a quivering bottom lip before it was quickly brought back up.
“I think you need to watch that mouth of yours, Doc.” *yn* answered coolly, but the way her she was clenching the gun so tightly that her knuckles were turning bone white suggested that she was anything but. “You’re already on thin ice with the Power Broker considering you let a child steal twenty vials of the stuff.”
“Stolen? By who?” Bucky asked.
“Karli Morgenthau.” Nagel answered, his face contorting into one of rage. “Hadn’t heard from her until she called me a few days ago, asking me to help someone named Donya Madani. Poor woman has tuberculosis.” He drawled.
“And what happened to her?” Sam queried.
“Not my pig.” Nagel shrugged as he locked eyes with *yn*. “Not my farm.”
“Do you know where she was calling from?” *yn* asked, ignoring his attempt at taunting her. There was a pause as Nagel studied her for a few moments before a spark of realisation flickered in his eyes.
“Ah so that’s why you’re here.”
“Just answer the damn question.” *yn* sighed impatiently, fully aware of the eyes that were burning holes through her skin from every direction.
“Off to go collect the master’s most prized possession like a good little soldier. Must sting a little to know you’ve been replaced by a few vials of liquid.” Doctor Nagel tutted. If his words effected *yn*, it didn’t show on her face. Instead her brow simply rose as she tilted her head to the side to study him. 
“As far as I recall, you let those few vials get stolen by the kid. I wonder what the Power Broker would think when they hear you’ve been uncooperative in helping me fix your mistake, Doctor Nagel.” Her words were spoke calmly but the chilling edge to her tone was enough to make Doctor Nagel squirm around in his chair. 
“She was calling from the GRC Resettlement Camp in Latvia.” He huffed, finally relenting. 
A smile formed on *yn*’s lips at his answer, “now that wasn’t so hard was it doc?”
*yn* tore her gaze from Nagel as a phone buzzed in her pant pocket. She slipped her phone out, cursing under her breath at the message that glared back at her. 
“So you’re after Karli Morgenthau too?” Sam asked *yn*. 
“Look playing good cop, bad cop with you guys has been fun but plans have changed. We gotta get out of here.” *yn* spoke, completely ignoring Sam as she stuffed her phone back into her pocket.
“Guys!” Everyone jerked there heads around at the sound of Sharon’s voice. “We’re out of time.” 
All it took was a split second of distraction and Zemo lunged forward, the sound of a gunshot echoing out seconds after. *yn* watched as the doctor’s eyes widened in surprise before quickly glazing over. A blood stain in the centre of his chest began seeping into the fabric of his shirt as his chair toppled over.
He was dead before he hit the ground.
“What have you done?!” Sharon exclaimed, her jaw slack in shock as she stared at Zemo who was now being detained by Sam.
*yn* and Bucky appeared to be the only ones not bothered in the slightest.
“Man-” *yn* let out a low whistle. “The Power Broker is going to have your head for that.” She remarked as she looked up at Zemo. “Kinda jealous I wasn’t the one to finish the pig off.” 
Before he could contain himself, a snort slipped out of Bucky’s mouth. *yn* looked over at him at the unexpected sound. She raised her brow in amusement and as the pair locked eyes, Bucky couldn’t fight the smirk that twisted up onto his lips. 
Before anyone could open their mouths, an ear piercing explosion rung out and the impact flung them all to the ground. Bucky groaned as he felt the weight of one of the shelves topple over and pin him to the floor. Heat surrounded them as flames sprung to life, licking at their bodies as the lab turned into a ball of fire. 
“Anyone see Zemo?” Sam shouted, blinking rapidly as he tried to clear see through the smoke. 
Bucky coughed, smoke filling his lungs as he attempted to push the heavy frame off his body. Just as he was about to push, the weight suddenly vanished from on top of him. He looked up to see *yn* standing over him, the shelf in one hand and the other extended down to him. “This thing’s gonna blow any second, c’mon.” 
He didn’t even have time to process what was going on before he felt his hand instinctively reach up to clasp hers. The second her hand was enclosed around his, *yn* pulled him up onto his feet and haphazardly shoved the shelf away from the pair.
“Let’s go.” *yn* instructed as she moved over to help Sam and Sharon up. The second they were both on their feet, *yn* guided them all out towards the entrance. The second that they had stepped outside, another explosion rang out. This time the entire lab was obliterated, fuelled by the numerous oxygen tanks inside. 
As they spilled out into the daylight of the ship yard, they were immediately greeted by what was left of the bounty hunters. “Alright, wait for my signal-”
Bucky was cut off as Sam stepped forward and fired shots at the bounty hunters and darted right. Bucky cursed under his breath and rose his gun, taking aim at the bounty hunters to the left. *yn* followed suit, quickly taking out two men concealed behind a large concrete pipe. 
“I thought you said you had back up out here.” Bucky shouted at her.
“I did but someone decided I could handle myself apparently.” *yn* answered nonchalantly as she took out another hunter. 
*yn* suddenly shoved him under one of the shipping containers, pinning his body against the wall with her own. Before Bucky could protest, a bullet wizzed past them - right through where he had just been standing. *yn* placed an arm on his chest keeping him pinned to the wall and raised her gun with the other. Her jaw clenched with concentration as she aimed her weapon and fired off three shots, all finding their targets with ease.
“Seems they were right.” Bucky remarked.
His words made *yn* draw her attention from the carnage happening around them to look up at him. “Was that a compliment I just heard?” She asked, a bemused expression appearing across her features.
“Maybe.” Bucky admitted, a small smirk twitching up onto his lips. “But don’t get used to it.”
“Hey!” Sam shouted causing the pair to jerk their heads apart in surprise. “Would you two quit flirting and help?!” 
Bucky shot Sam a glare which caused *yn* to let out a breathy laugh as she patted Bucky’s shoulder. She stepped away form him and refocused on the bounty hunters, raising her gun in preparation.
“Fuck, I’m out.” She cursed when she went to take another shot. 
“Me too.” Bucky announced as the pair turned to take cover under the shipping container with Sam and Sharon.
A loud explosion suddenly rang out, drawing their attention away from each other. The group watched as Zemo jumped down from a container and killed three of the hunters in quick succession. 
“Quick, let’s go!” Bucky shouted, seizing the opportunity to flee while the hunters were preoccupied. The four of them sprinted through the yard, dodging and weaving through the shipping containers. They skidded to a halt as gunshots ran out, ricocheting off the walls around them. 
“In here!” Sam shouted as a female bounty hunter emerged in front of them, her gun raised. Sam ripped open the door to a container and ducked inside, quickly followed by Sharon and Bucky.
*yn* was about to follow suit when a bullet suddenly ripped through her thigh. She let out a grunt in surprise as her leg buckled underneath her at the unexpected injury. She tried to curl up into a ball as another bullet embedded itself into her collar bone. Before she could even begin to think of a way out, Bucky stepped in front of her, blocking the bullets path.
She watched as he leant forward and ripped a pipe off the container structure with ease before using it to knock out one of the men. He swivelled around and threw it. They watched as it sailed through the air before piercing the female right through her shoulder, trapping her against a wall.
“Let’s go!” Sam called out, beckoning frantically to both of them. Before she could protest, Bucky turned to her and lifted her up into his arms. *yn* automatically gripped onto his suit jacket as he carried her into the safety of the container. Sam shut the door once they were inside and they were immediately enveloped in darkness.
*yn* let out a hiss as Bucky gently placed her on the ground, her body practically screaming at her anytime she moved a muscle. “Thank you.” She spoke through gritted teeth.
“Just returning the favour, doll.” Bucky remarked as he crouched down beside her. “Are you ok?”
“I’ll be fine I just-” *yn* cut herself off and let out a hiss as she pressed her fingers to the bullet hole in her shoulder. “I just need to get this bullet out and then the serum will heal me.” 
“Are we going to talk about what the hell just happened or?” Sam queried before Bucky could pester her further about her health.
Before anyone could answer, the rumbling of an engine outside caught everyones attention. 
“I’m fine.” *yn* dismissed him as she felt Bucky try and lift her up in the dark. She heard him mutter something indistinguishable under his breath before Bucky rose to his feet and pushed the door open causing sunlight to hit their faces.
“Fuck.” *yn* mumbled under her breath now that she could properly see her injuries for the first time. Her right arm was soaked in blood and a crimson red stain on her thigh was growing in size by the second. *yn* clenched her jaw and gripped onto the side of the container to get back on her feet to join the others outside.
Zemo smirked as he pulled around the corner, revving the engine before coming to a stop in front of the group. “Supercharged.” He grinned proudly as he gestured to the stolen car.
“You’re going back to prison. Like, now.” Sam spoke.
“Do you want to find Karli or not?”
“He’s right. We need him.” Bucky answered, glancing over at Sam. “There’s only two of us and twenty of them.” He continued as he leaned over and pulled open the car door. 
“Fine but if you try that shit again-” Sam warned as he begrudgingly clambered into the vehicle. 
“I know, I know.” Zemo waved him off dismissively. 
“Well that was one hell of a reunion.” Sharon remarked. 
“Come back to the States with us.” Sam encouraged her.
“I told you I can’t, just get me that pardon you promised me.” She answered, sending the three a nod before turning on her heel. “Thanks for everything.” Sam spoke, nodding in return and watching her leave before moving to sit in his seat.
“You gonna scooch over or what, eagle?” The sound of *yn*’s voice made the three of them jerk their heads up to see *yn* now standing beside Sharon, one arm resting on the car door.
“Oh hell no. I’m sorry one unpredictable psychopath is enough.” Sam shook his head adamantly which caused *yn* to raise a brow.
“What happened to there being only two of you and needing help.”
“Zemo hasn’t put a gun to my head and used me as a shield.” Sam shot back.
“Not yet anyway.” Zemo piped up unhelpfully which caused Sam to shoot him a glare. 
“I’m sorry about that eagle, but it was necessary. I had to have some sort of leverage. If it makes you feel better I was never planning to shoot you.” She spoke, sarcasm laced through her words.
“Oh well that makes it all ok then.” Sam rolled his eyes. 
“Look, I’m going to find Karli with or without you. Wouldn’t you rather another person on your side for the time being.” 
“She has a point.” Zemo added.
“I am also injured so it wouldn’t be too heroic of you to leave me stranded.” 
“Something tells me you’d end up being just fine if we left you behind.” Sam drawled, his eyes narrowing as he studied her. A small smirk appeared on *yn*’s lips at his words before she turned her attention to Bucky.
“And what do you say winter soldier?” *yn* spoke, a glint of amusement in her eyes. Bucky studied her for a moment, letting his eyes flicker down to the blood that was still oozing out of her wounds. He felt something tugging at his chest as he looked up and locked eyes with her for a few moments. 
“I think she’s right. We need all the help we can get.” He finally answered, turning his head to look at the road in front of him. 
“Wow what a shock that Bucky decides to let the hot assassin girl stay.” Bucky could feel *yn*’s eyes on him as Sam spoke but he fought the urge to look back at her. 
“Aw you think I’m hot? I’m flattered eagle.” *yn* grinned sarcastically as she opened the car door. Sam sent her a glare as she forced him to shuffle down to the other side so that *yn* was sitting behind Bucky. 
“And stop calling me eagle.” He snapped back. 
Bucky felt a small amusemed smirk appear on his lips as he let himself look in the rear view mirror as Zemo began to drive. His eyes locked with *yn*’s briefly in the mirror and he felt the smirk widen slightly when he saw her own bemused expression staring back at him. 
“Thank you.” *yn*’s surprisingly soft voice made Bucky look up from cleaning his metal hand. 
“They’re lemon poppyseed. Very delicious.” Zemo explained as he handed *yn* a plate of biscuits. 
“They look good.” She answered as she took the plate and placed it on the tray in front of her. Bucky watched as she picked up a biscuit and hesitantly took a bite. Her eyes lit up as she chewed before taking another eager bite.
“Hungry?” Zemo observed in amusement to which *yn* nodded as she learnt forward to eat another biscuit.
“Haven’t eaten in a couple days.” She answered in between mouthfuls. 
“Well in that case, I will get you some more food.” Zemo spoke, getting up from his chair to move towards the cockpit of the jet. “Do you have a first aid kit?” She asked him, tearing her eyes away from the food.
“I do.” He answered.
“Good, I need to get this bullet out.” With that *yn* pushed the plate away from her. Her thigh wound had already healed but the bullet lodged in her collarbone was preventing the serum from healing her. She tugged her t-shirt over her head revealing a tight black singlet underneath. Bucky swallowed as he watched her lean down and put the t-shirt on the ground. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t quick enough to divert his gaze when she glanced up.
“Try to keep it in your pants Barnes.” She smirked, shooting him a wink which caused him to roll his eyes. “Don’t flatter yourself.” He shot back which caused her smirk to widen. Luckily for Bucky, Sam was currently on the phone and too preoccupied to pile on the teasing. 
*yn* muttered another thank you to Zemo when he handed her another plate of food and a first-aid kit. Bucky forced himself to stare out the window of the plane as *yn* opened the kit and sat up in her seat.
However, no matter how hard he tried to ignore her, his eyes kept involuntarily dragging back to her figure. He watched out of the corner of her eye as she inhaled sharply and dug the forceps into her shoulder. She gritted her teeth as she attempted to retrieve the bullet, cursing under her breath when she was unsuccessful. 
Bucky suddenly shot up onto his feet just before she could try once more and moved to crouch down in front of her. The pair stayed in silence for a few moments, staring each other down, waiting to see who would make the first move. 
Wordlessly Bucky extended an open palm and flickered his eyes to the forceps before looking back at her. He could practically see the inner conflict occurring in her mind as she studied him. Finally after a few long moments stretched by, she relented and placed the forceps in his hand.
Bucky inhaled a sharp breath as he focused on the wound. He hovered over her collarbone for a few moments before gently pushing the metal into her skin. She let out a hiss, her hands clasping onto his shoulders as he dug into her flesh. 
“Fuck.” She cursed, her fingers digging into his skin as he twisted the instrument sharply. “I’m sorry.” He apologised just as he felt the forceps hit the bullet. 
“Sure you are.” She laughed breathlessly before wincing once more. “Ah fuck!” She hissed again as he unexpectedly yanked the bullet from her flesh. 
“I tried to be gentle.” He spoke apologetically as he dumped the bullet into the medical tray. 
“That’s the only circumstance I’d ever want you to be gentle on me Barnes.” *yn* answered, shooting him another wink.
“You know if my therapist was here right now she would say that you say stuff like that to deflect.” He remarked as he moved to place the antiseptic onto the wound.
“Your therapist?” *yn* echoed, raising a brow at his words. 
“Government ordered.” He stated to which she nodded in understanding. 
“You gonna tell me why you’re working for the Power Broker?” He spoke after a few moments had passed.
“Maybe. Might need to dance with me again to get it out of me-ah.” She hissed as he pressed the antiseptic deep into the bullet hole.
“What Nagel said. About the Power Broker owning you-”
“Nagel’s an insidious little parasite who feeds off other people’s misery.” *yn* snapped. “Sorry I should say was, not is.” 
Her words made Bucky pause from dressing her wound to lock eyes with her. Despite her harsh words, he could see the pain and vulnerability swimming around in her irises as she looked back at him. And if he wasn’t mistaken, her eyes were growing glassy, as if tears were threatening to spill down her cheeks.
“*yn*-” Bucky began, leaning down to instinctively take her hand in his. He cut himself off when he felt her hand wrap around his bicep, ceasing his movements.
“He was right.” She hoarsely whispered. “About the Power Broker anyway.”
“What happened to you? How can we get you out?” *yn* studied his earnest features as he spoke, a small smile appearing on her lips at his worried expression. Before she could stop herself, she felt herself bring a hand up to stroke his cheek gently. 
“Thank you Bucky, I appreciate it.” She spoke, pulling her hand away to place on her lap, “but I can’t get out.” 
“Why?” He queried frustratingly. “What do they have on you?” 
“They found Madani.” Sam announced, just as *yn* parted her lips to answer. 
“Dead.” Sam continued, his brow furrowing in confusion when his eyes landed on *yn* and Bucky. “She died in Riga.”
“I have a place we can go.” Zemo announced as Bucky went back to finishing applying the dressing on *yn*’s shoulder.
“I for one am looking forward to coming face to face with Karli.” He continued as he leant back in his chair.
“Done.” Bucky mumbled so quietly that only *yn* could hear. Before she could answer, he was up and back to his seat, leaving *yn* alone once more. 
“Oeznik, we’re changing the course.” *yn* heard Zemo say from in front of her.
“Thank you.” She whispered, her eyes locked on Bucky as she spoke before leaning back in her chair and looking out at the night sky.
“Off to Riga we go.”
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT ON MADRIPOOR!!! I HOPE THIS SEQUAL IS EQUALLY AS GOOD <3 If you have feedback please give it back here xx Let me know if you want a part 3..... :D
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okay I have an idea for a request: soft and shy bucky (maybe when he lived in romania and is hiding?) got hurt in some way, like his arm got electrocuted or smth and he comes to readers apartment seeking care and she freaks out and bandages him up and then sits on his lap looking over his entire body and kissing his face because she's so relieved he's alright and is peppering him with kisses all over his face
meanwhile hes just shy and blushing and trying to relieve her
pairing: bucky x reader
warnings: fluff, a bit of angst. mentions of injuries
Tumblr media
Bucky was lost, with no identity, no one he knew was around and even if he knew anyone, he couldn't remember. He'd ended up in Romania, stuffed in a bad flat he'd paid upfront with cash with furniture he'd gotten from the roadsides and cheap thrift shops. Everything was dark and moldy green, no decorations, no paintings, just a place which he could quickly drop if anything happened. Everything was just ... liveable. If home is where the heart is, then Bucky’s home held broken shards of a non working heart. It was just there, as he’d explain it to himself whenever he questioned what he was doing. He didn’t know, he didn’t want to know or maybe he couldn’t know so instead he just went through the motions. He went through the tide highs and lows of not knowing what to do, something that he’d never expect to feel like back in the 40s. 
In his youth, he never questioned what to do with his life. He knew what was expected of him, join the army, come back home, get married to a nice girl, have a family and a good paying job but now, now he just stood and watched life pass by them in the eyes of those who walked past him in the street. Life for. him was nothing but waking up and trying to get by, drawing and writing shards of memories which would come back to him. His past, however, always caught up to him and some HYDRA agents tried their hand at controlling the Winter Soldier again. Today was no different and as he dragged himself up the stairs to his flat, arm disabled and some nasty cuts to his face and neck, he felt like the soft grip he had on his life was becoming looser and looser. He sighed against his own door, resting his head against the worn out wood after realising his keys probably now laid in a narrow street along with his broken groceries. He felt like crying, hoping his mother would come and hug it all away like she used to do when he was a kid, hoping this was all a nightmare and he’d wake up back in the 40′s, back when he knew who he was and who he’d be. His eyes glazed upon the baby pink painted door to his right, the gold number hanging from the high point as part of his brain was yelling at him to drag himself to that door, to drag himself into her embrace. His neighbour. His girl, at least in his mind. She couldn’t be much older than her mid twenties and while the two had spoken so many times before, Bucky refused to ask her how old she was. After all, you never ask how old a lady is.  
Before the darker part of his brain could intervene and tell him to break down his door, he was dragging himself to her door, fist banging on the pink wood with as much strength as he could muster. Small footsteps were heard from inside the flat and soon enough she opened the door, dressed in pink gingham and an oversized beige cardigan with her gold heart locket dangling from her neck as it always did. Bucky thought she looked absolutely darling, and probably a smile mindlessly stretched across his lips, she was absolutely horrified, pulling him inside with whatever strength she had.  
     - Bucky, what happened? - she probably intended to sound less scared than she did. If only Bucky knew she was scared for him, not of him. 
Her hands trembled as her fingers slowly dragged at a wound in his cheek which was small enough to have started to heal by itself. Her breathe hitched into her throat as her mind threw her into trying to make him not be in pain. She left his side for a few moments, returning with a white caboodle. Bucky’s arm was still numb, standing still and heavy on his shoulder, just like it used to whenever he didn’t obey and he wanted to scream out. He wanted to scream his agony out, all his anger, but her gentle touch, holding his jaw straight as she cleaned the cuts on his face brought that storm right down. He was still angry, still wanting to just disappear but looking at her through heavy lashes, all he could think about was just staying there, staying there with her. Her touch and the necklace dangling from her neck almost hypnotised him, lulled him into the man he used to be. Yet, he knew he didn’t deserve her, but he couldn’t help but want her for himself. He couldn’t help but be selfish.
    - I was worried. - she spoke through shaky breathes. - You didn’t come home yesterday ... you didn’t come say hi. I was scared you had left without saying goodbye or that someone had hurt you.
    - I’m okay. - he reassured, pushing her hair away from her shoulder and pulling her into an embrace they both needed. Her lips grazed the skin of his jaw, soft kisses which melted whatever ice was still in his heart and made his cheeks heat and redden. God, how he wanted that pre planned life with her. He wanted her so much.  - I could never leave without saying goodbye to you.
    - What happened?
    - Nothing happened, just got into a brawl.
    - This is Bucharest, not West Side Story, Buck. You need to file a complaint with the police, they could’ve killed you with these wounds. 
    - Dove, it’s fine ... I’m okay, now. I’m with you.
   - Buck ... - she sighed, burying her head on the space between his neck and shoulder. - I don’t want you hurt.
   - I’m with you. No one can hurt me. 
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chloelucia13 · 7 days ago
Nothing Personal: Chapter 1
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!reader (enemies to lovers)
Prompt: Bucky’s public appearance was lacking in the... well, everything department. And now, with him fully being in the public eye as the new Captain America’s right hand man, that needed to be fixed. That brought you into the equation, someone who seemed to be the direct opposite of the White Wolf. Bubbly, friendly, the perfect PR girlfriend for the grumpy man. Whether he liked it or not.
Chapter Summary: Bonding time seemed like a good idea in theory, but nothing works as well as it does on paper.
Series warnings: angst, fluff, a tiny bit of smut, language, violence, descriptions of gore, cheating
Chapter Warnings: just some fluff a teensy bit of angst, drinking, and Bucky being a dick
Word count: 2691
A/N: I’m planning on this being a pretty slow burn fic so I hope y’all are in for some ANGST. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it! My messages, inbox, and taglists are always open!
Tags: @summerdaughter​, @spid3rgwen​, @girlfriday007​, @lmaosupertuff​, @pansexualproblemchild​, @toothhurtyam​, @claudiaatje​
Tumblr media
You didn’t know what was worse, when he was silent and glaring at you or when he was hurling venom-laced words at you.
All of the paperwork had been signed, all of the NDAs and contracts and whatever the fuck else there was that you couldn’t even remember. Basically, a shit ton of legal bindings that appeared to hold the next six months of your life in a vice-like grip.
Of course it scared you, no normal person wouldn’t be at least a little intimidated by it. But you were willing to help your friend, and help his friend as well. And hell, maybe you’d even make a new friend along the way.
Well, that was what you thought. 
Now, as the two of you sat in a nearly abandoned diner, an untouched plate of fries on the booth table between you two, that possibility of friendship (or even some sort of civility) faded further and further away into near nothingness. It had only been five minutes, but the tension between you two made the seconds barely inch along. 
“So,” you hummed, breaking the silence and offering him a smile. “Have you watched any new movies lately?”
He scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back into his booth seat. 
“What? I’m just trying to start a conversation.”
“Yeah? Well it’s a pretty shitty attempt.”
You had only spent a couple hours of him spanning from the day before to now, but his attitude hadn’t shifted one bit. You let out a huff. “Fine. Do you have any better conversation topics?”
His jaw clenched and he kept his lips pursed.
You nodded, nervously rapping your knuckles on the table as you glanced around. “I’m gonna order a milkshake. Do you want a milkshake? O-Or we can share one? I know Jess probably wants us to do that kinda stuff.”
“There’s no way in hell I’m sharing a shake with you.”
Your smile faltered slightly. “So is that no milkshake at all or just no shared milkshake?”
He squinted at you, his expression giving you his answer.
“Sam, I don’t know about this, there’s gonna be a lot of people there,” you whined, tugging on his arm as the two of you walked along the street. “And with  how much James despises me, I don’t know how good this will look for the paparazzi.”
“Why don’t you call him Bucky?” Sam asked, looking down at you with an arched brow.
“Because he said I’m not allowed to call him that.”
Sam rolled his eyes, shaking his head slightly. “You can call him whatever you want. James, Bucky, motherfucker, pain in the ass.” The chuckle he pulled from you made a proud smile rest on his lips. “And don’t worry about the paparazzi. This is just a bonding experience that you don’t have to do alone. Just let loose and have some fun!”
“Easy for you to say,” you muttered as he pushed open the door to the crowded bar. 
The group you were supposed to hang out with waved you and Sam over and the two of you made your way over. There were a few familiar faces surrounding the table, but most of them were strangers.
“Alright, everyone this is Y/N!” Sam introduced you, patting your shoulders with a bright smile. You waved shyly, reluctantly moving away from Sam and over to Bucky’s side. “Buck, why don’t you introduce her to everybody? I’m gonna get us a round of shots.”
Before you or Bucky could protest, Sam slipped away from the table and over to the bar. Bucky’s jaw tightened and you gripped his arm tightly, sharing a quick glance with him.
Despite Bucky’s close relationship with (what you assumed to be) everyone in the group, none of them were aware of the fact that this “relationship” you and him shared was a fabrication. So you had to keep up appearances.
Your grip fell from his arm when a tight smile crept onto his face. “Alright, Y/N, this is Wanda, Maria, Joaquin, and Sharon.” Each person offered you a wave and a smile as they were being introduced.
“It’s so nice to meet you all!” you told them, smiling so widely your cheeks ached a bit.
“So how did you two meet?” Wanda asked, leaning forward and propping her head up on her folded hands.
You and Bucky shared a nervous look, but before you could stutter out the response Jess had instructed you to give, Sam swooped in with the drinks.
“Alright we’ve got tequila shots and lime slices for the table, and a Shirley Temple with rum for the lady,” Sam announced, placing the tray of drinks on the table and handing you your specialized drink. “I can’t believe you still remember my order,” you hummed, grinning at him before taking a sip.
“Oh come on, it’s only been like...”
“Seven years.”
“That looks like a hangover in a glass,” Bucky grumbled, lips downturned in disgust.
“But it’s so worth it!”
Can I try it?” Wanda asked, scooting over to you.
You nodded and handed her the glass, letting out a laugh when her eyes went wide as she had a sip. “See, I told you!”
You all fell into easy conversation, idly chatting while having nursing the drinks in your hands or, in the men’s cases, slamming down shots left and right. More and more people began to flood into the bar as it grew later in the night, and one by one, every person in the group had disappeared into the populated dance floor.
That left you and Bucky all alone, standing awkwardly as you watched the rest of the group genuinely enjoy their time. “This music is giving me a headache,” Bucky huffed.
“What kind of music do you like?” you asked, pouring an empty ice cube out of your glass and into your mouth.
He shrugged. “40′s music.”
“Oh right, because of the... right.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing!” You let out a sigh, twirling the ice in your glass with your straw. “I thought tonight would be better.”
“I thought that maybe since we were with friends we wouldn’t feel as awkward. But I guess the situation itself is just... awkward.”
“That’s one way to put it.”
You were silent, allowing the ice cube to melt in your mouth as you watched condensation drip down your glass.
“I can’t believe you wore a goddamn sundress to a bar.”
You rolled your eyes and let your forehead rest against the tabletop. “Jesus Christ.” Pushing a hand through your hair, you took a deep breath. “Y’know, you being an asshole to me won’t make the next six months go any faster.” 
“Who says it’s gonna last six months?”
“The contracts we signed, Jess, this whole agreement basically.”
He rolled his eyes. 
“Alright.” You pushed your glass away from you and turned your body to face him. “We gotta get to know each other somehow. Let’s start with the facts. When’s your birthday?”
He rested his forearms on the table and you mirrored his stance, looking him in the eye. “March 10.”
You hummed. “Oh, a pisces. Makes sense.”
He gave you a confused look, opening his mouth to grumble some statement to reflect his clear annoyance. 
“Wait, March 10? That’s next week.”
“Sure is.”
You smiled. “Are you gonna have a party?”
“I don’t have birthday parties, I'm not 8.”
“No, but you’re in your hundreds. I’d say that’s a pretty big milestone to celebrate.”
He let out an irritated huff, drumming his knuckles on the table. “I don’t like parties.”
“It seems like you don’t like a lot of things,” you teased with a grin, pushing your boundaries and playfully nudging his shoulder with yours. 
He aimed another death glare your way, but the two of you were pulled away from your “moment” by a flash of a camera. 
Your eyes widened in panic for a quick moment before you sucked in a deep breath. “Hold my hand,” you whispered under your breath, glancing at the window to your left where a group of paparazzi were gathered. 
“What?” he snapped incredulously.
You let out a groan before tangling your fingers with his metal ones, ignoring his flinching reaction and smacking a bright smile on your face. “There’s paparazzi outside. Just pretend you like me for like one minute.”
He seemed stunned by your bold movements, taking his hand with no hesitation. Silently, he nodded and let the cool metal of his fingers clasp around your warm ones. However, he still was able to catch the shy smile that settled on your lips before you looked away bashfully.
“If we go to the middle of the dance floor they won’t be able to see us,” you whispered, glancing back at him to search his eyes. To onlookers, it seemed like a gentle gaze exchanged by two lovers engrossed in each other, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
“Okay,” he hummed, nodding absently.
“Are you sure? I-I know you don’t like crowds-”
“It’s fine,” he replied gruffly, his demeanor switching back to being closed off and short with you in a matter of seconds. He gripped your hand in his and dragged you over to the dance floor, weaving you through the throngs of people until you two were squished together in the middle of the floor. 
Your breath hitched in your throat when you realized just how close you were to him, your chest pressed against his and your hands still linked. Bucky seemed nervous as well, but you doubt that it was for the same reason. His gaze was focused somewhere in the distance, and though you tried to find what he was looking at, you couldn’t see anything. “Bucky?” you hummed, gently pulling your hand from his to rest it on his shoulder.
“I thought I told you not to call me that.” his eyes stared down at you, making you shrink slightly in your spot. 
“I- sorry, it just slipped past, I guess. Sorry.”
“Why aren’t you two dancing?” Wanda cried out, reaching out for both of you. “Come on now, you’re in the middle of the dance floor!” You gave her a smile, squeezing Bucky’s shoulder which you realized your hand was still resting on. “We were just about to,” you shouted over the music. “We just, uh, needed to catch our breath. It was hard getting over here.”
She gave you a doubtful look but didn’t push any further, which you were grateful for, and by Bucky’s sharp exhale that gentle fanned over your face due to the close proximity, you could tell that he was also relieved. “Alright, you two have fun. But not too much!”
“I can’t promise that!” You shot her a wink and she grinned at the both of you before disappearing back into the crowd.
“What the hell does that mean?” Bucky scoffed, sending someone a glare when they bumped into him while weaving through the crowd.
“I’m just trying to sell this whole ‘relationship’ thing. Now put your hands on my hips, I can feel her watching us.”
He rolled his eyes, but his hands shifted to settle on your waist. The contrast between the warm flesh on your left side and the chilled metal on your right side, radiating through the thin fabric of your dress, sent a small chill through your body. “I don’t know why I agreed to come here in the first place.”
“I don’t exactly think we had a choice. Trust me, I’d much rather be at home right now than crammed between a bunch of drunk and sweaty people.”
“Sure doesn’t seem like it.”
“I guess I’m just better at putting up with things than you are.”
“Clearly.” You watched his Adam’s apple bob, his eyes looking everywhere but at you. 
“Y’know I don’t want to be doing this fake relationship thing either, right?”
“Then why are you doing it?”
You shrugged. “I just wanted to help. Maybe make some friends.”
His tongue darted out to wet his lips, shaking his head. “Yeah, well I don’t need your fucking help.” His words were laced with malice as he spat them in your face, his hands falling from your hips before he shoved his way out of the middle of the dance floor.
You stood there all alone, stunned and reeling from his words. Sure, you two weren’t doing the greatest tonight, but you thought that maybe you two had grown a tiny bit more comfortable with each other and this whole situation. Clearly not.
Someone touched your shoulder, making you jump. “Are you okay? Where’d Bucky go?”
You let out a small chuckle, hoping it would push away the sadness that simmered in your chest. “He, uh, he had to go use the bathroom. I’m fine.”
Her eyes searched yours. “Y/N, you know I can see your thoughts, right?”
Your forced smile fell. Right. The Scarlet Witch. How could you let that slip past you? “You read my mind?”
She sighed. “I can read minds, but I didn’t. I can already see everything I need to know.”
Your shoulders slouched as your eyes closed in regret. “I just... I'm just trying to make him like me.”
Wanda squeezed your shoulder comfortingly and gave you a sympathetic look, but something else glimmered behind her eye that you couldn’t quite place. “Well, you’re not gonna be doing all of this alone. You’ve already got Sam, and you have me too.”
You gave her a smile, one of the only genuine smiles you’d worn all night. “Thank you, Wanda. That really means a lot.”
“Dude, what the hell?” Sam huffed, stepping into the bathroom with crossed arms and a scowl on his face.
Bucky let out a puff of air through his nose and bowed his head, looking down at his wet hands in the sink. “What?” he answered, deciding to play the oblivious card even though he knew exactly why Sam was upset. 
“You know what! Why are you acting like such an ass?”
Bucky shook the excess water off of his hands before brushing past Sam to grab a paper towel. “Sam, I get that she’s your friend, but she’s fucking obnoxious. I don’t think I can do this.”
“She’s not obnoxious, you are! She’s putting up with all your shit so you can have a better track record and maybe have some semblance of a normal life!” “I didn’t ask her to do that! I didn’t ask for any of this shit!”
“You don’t have to ask for things for people to do them, Buck! This is good for you, she’s good for you. So get your head out of your ass and grow up.” The two men stood toe to toe, staring each other down until the other decided to budge. Sam shook his head and scoffed. “You deserve to be happy, Buck, no matter how much you try to push it away.” With that, Sam walked out of the bathroom, leaving Bucky to soak in the words he spoke.
Bucky tossed the paper towel in the trash before staring ahead, catching his reflection in the mirror attached to the back of the door. He was scruffy, his beard growing far past the 5 o’ clock shadow that he swore was there just that morning. His hair was getting back to that fluffiness that he remembered having when he was young, wavy- bordering on curly- combed to one side and tamed to the best of his ability. With a frown, he ran his hands through his hair and mussed it up. It was getting a bit longer than he liked, and the thought of buzzing it all off crossed his mind. 
Disheveled. Scruffy. A mess.
With one final pass of his hands through his hair, he stomped out of the bathroom and over to the bar. As he glanced over at the dance floor, he was you and Wanda dancing without a care in the world, sparkling eyes and beaming smiles.
He ordered a whiskey neat to drown his butterflies.
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