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syiano · 3 hours ago
Welp there goes the last of my sanity-
SamBucky x Male!Reader
Being In A Poly Relationship with Sam and Bucky Headcanons
Tumblr media
⌲ have two stubborn bois on your hands.
❄You're the one who breaks up any agurements they have.
⌲You have to pick movies for movie night because they would even have an agurement over that.
⌲And also on who gets to be in the middle when it comes to cuddling.
❄Bucky once again threatens to break Redwing if Sam hogs the blankets or eats all the snacks.
❄You and Sam can easily bring Bucky out of a grumpy mood just by poking his face or cracking jokes as he tries to fight his smile.
❄You always playfully nudge Bucky and smirk when you catch him looking at Sam with heart eyes. (Called it)
❄Yes, you also get to choose the locations for your dates.
❄Bucky is not really big on PDA, but Sam always pushes it by playfully wrapping his arm around you and Bucky's shoulders.
⌲You played with Sam's shield one time and it got stuck in a tree, only for him to playfully say you'll pay for that and chase you and tickles you when he catches you.
⌲Sam shows you how to program, which is something you learned to be very skilled at. You and Sam like to build together and makes sure to give you advice and courage when you would doubt yourself.
❄Bucky wants to keep everything. Even if it's no longer useful and just all worn out, he still sees them as precious and wants to keep them as a memory.
⌲While Sam tries to repair anything worn out he finds years later, Bucky wants to keep it as it is (Sam calls him a hoarder lol).
⌲Bucky and Sam are both morning birds, and they're always waking you up (Sam is the one who will threaten to eat your breakfast if you don't get up).
❄Sam is the one who normally cooks, while you and Bucky just chill or either ask him if he needs help.
⌲You will sneak up on Sam and jump on his back if you catch him doing laps.
❄Bucky promises he will come back to you if he ever has to leave, and gives you something to remind you that he will be back for you.
⌲Sam is more on the playful side, and says he's going to take you flying when he gets back. He also always brings lots of stuff back only for Bucky to say he tried to talk him out of it.
❄Baking with them, and all of you getting scolded by Sarah for making a mess.
⌲You listen to Sarah when she talks about the silly and dumb things Sam does sometimes.
⌲You and Sarah joke about the both of them, only for Sam to complain and joke about how you betrayed him.
⌲You, AJ, and Cass like to prank Sam, only for Bucky to join in.
⌲Overall, you usually stayed at your shared home and helped around the house and boat along with babysitting Sam's nephews.
⌲Sharon visits occasionally, and comments on how she doesn't understand how you can deal with those two, and brings up that one time they had an agurement during a shooting, only for the both of them to groan when you would say what they did was pretty stupid.
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malfoysreid · 3 hours ago
Wouldn’t Change a thing- B.B.
marvel cinematic universe
- pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader
- genre: smut
- word count: 2.6k
- summary: when you admit to bucky that you’ve never finished more then twice at one time, he see just how many times he can push you over the edge.
- warnings: smut, unprotected vaginal sex, oral!female receiving, choking, slight degradation, soft dom!bucky, sub!reader, praise!kink, orgasm denial, might be a spank or two,
-A/N: this is literally just porn, no plot. this is also the first time i have ever written smut, i’m trying to get used to it a bit and find out wether or not i’m going to write any for my bucky fic, other then that let me know what you think.
credit to the rightful owner of the gif!
Tumblr media
A choked gasp escaped your lips as Bucky pushed you up against the wall. His lips immediately attached to your neck, which had fallen back in pure bliss. His plump lips worked magic against the skin of your throat. The trailing of wet kisses and light nips of his teeth felt amazing. Blood rising to the top of the skin resulting in little bruises.
When you emitted to your boyfriend earlier in the night— curled against his side, you two in your own little bubble at one of Tony’s many ridiculous parties—that you had never come more than twice in one setting, that being with him. You definitely didn’t expect him to respond with a sly “I like a challenge.” and then proceed to drag your body, through the crowd and up the floors of the compound to his room. But then again, it’s not like you were complaining.
Bucky moved one hand to rest at the small of your back, pulling your body flush against his chest. Then moving his hands to the back of your thighs as he holsted your weight up as you wrap your legs around his hips.
His lips drifted back to yours, smashing together in a bruising kiss. The kiss was messy, spit mixing together, tongues wrestling for dominance. But it was as passionate as ever.
Bucky walked you back towards his bed, breaking the kiss and throwing your body onto the soft surface as if you were a doll. You waited for him to lay with you but he never did.
“Undress.” He demanded. His voice deep with lust.
Your eyes widened ever so slightly before you complied. Propping yourself up on your knees, you reach behind your back unzipping your dress. He watched as the silky material fell from your body, leaving you in a deep red and black strappy lingerie set.
Bucky eyed you for a moment before you went to unclasp your bra. “Don’t.” He stopped you. Your hands fell back to your side in obedience, just what he wanted.
You were always so good for him. An obedient little slut that does whatever he tells her to.
And looking at your lace covered form now, he knew you had planned this all along. You’d planned to bring up the topic of conversation earlier, you’d planned for him to absolutely demolish you tonight. And who was he to deny you that wish.
Bucky took slow steps towards the bed, crawling on and pushing your body flat onto the mattress. Like a predator about to devour its prey.
“So pretty for me.” He husked. Your eyes were wide and full of innocence as he finally met yours again. Despite him having taken every ounce of innocence from you a long time ago. Bucky loved it. The way you looked so stunning under him.
When he’d tie you up and have you screaming for him, your shaking form underneath him, the way he felt so protective over you.
“So, so pretty.” He held a contemplative look on his face. “Wanna fuck you in this.” He ran his fingertips over the straps of your panties. “But I also wanna rip it off you.” Both his hands grabbed your hips hard as he pulled them up to meet his own.
“Please, Bucky.” Your voice was pitiful. Weak and broken with need.
“Be patient, doll. I’ll make you feel good.” Bucky muttered as he placed a large hand over the expanse of your stomach and pushed your body flat onto the bed again.
You laid your head back against the pillows. Trying to relax and be a good girl.
Bucky’s hands danced along your skin, the cold vibranium of his left arm leaving goosebumps in its wake. Your body stuttered when you felt his metal fingers drag along your clothed slit, the material of your panties soaked completely in your arousal.
“You're dripping, sweetheart.” Bucky rubbed your sex through your panties, the touch so light, so teasing it was hardly there. “I told you I was in need of a challenge, but this, my love, this is no challenge.”
With his words he pushed your panties to the side and dipped two of his cold vibranium fingers into your soaked pussy. He spread your arousal around your slit before pulling his hand away, bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking every last drop from them. “You taste so good, doll.” He groaned.
You looked up at him, your irritation and arousal growing exponentially. “Please, Bucky.” You pleaded. He was teasing you, but he just couldn’t help it with the way you react to his touches.
Bucky slid a finger underneath one of the straps along your hip bone, pulling back then letting the elastic snap against your delicate skin. You jumped at the contact, but your body defied you with the desperate moan that escaped your parted lips.
“Keep count for me. Okay, sweet girl?” He trailed down your body, pressing your legs apart and settling in between them.
“Okay.” You mustered up the strongest voice you could.
The sight of Bucky’s eyes directly on your pussy still made you anxious, no matter how many times the two of you had been intimate. Every time was better than the last.
He licked his lips before using his fore and middle fingers to scoop up some of the arousal leaking out of your hole, lifting it up to your clit. The sight was erotic and he loved it. Your clit pulsating for his touch, the slow movements of his fingers causing your pussy lips to spread giving him the most beautiful view of your clit all the way down to your tight little whole.
You threw your head back in pleasure as Bucky began a slow and steady pace of rubbing your clit, just as you got used to the rhythm, allowing the pleasure to course through your body, he stopped. Replacing his forefinger with his thumb and using his middle finger to circle your entrance.
The tight circles around your sensitive bundle of nerves didn’t slow as Bucky plunged his middle finger into your little whole. Your walls clenching around him, before you relaxed, welcoming the intrusion. Your repetitive moans mixed with the wet and filthy sounds of your gushing pussy filled the room.
The familiar pressure was building in your stomach, your walls clenching around Bucky’s fingers as he added another. Your legs clenched shut around his hand, he quickly pried them apart.
“Be a good little slut and hold this up for me.” Bucky demanded grabbing one of your legs. You moaned at the degradative term but nonetheless grabbed your leg, holding it out of the way for him. He wanted a perfect view to watch that little pussy of your clench and quiver.
He began to rub your clit faster, messaging the nerves. The feeling of his cold metal fingers sliding in and out of you and the pleasure to your clit became too much. The knot in your stomach snapping as your leg shook in your grasp. Waves of pleasure raked through your body, your mind numbing over with ecstasy. Bucky fucked you through your orgasm with his fingers, prolonging it for as long as he could. Rubbing your sensitive little nub until you were pushing him away.
“Look at that sweetheart, it’s so easy.” Bucky husked as he pressed a kiss to your clit. Your body jolted at the contact, far too sensitive for his touch. “Look at me.” He demanded.
Your eyes were still glued shut, body numb and tired. But Bucky wasn’t having it, he brought his hand down, slapping you pussy. Just hard enough to send a sting to the area, which then spread throughout your whole body. Reluctantly you opened your eyes to meet his. Bucky sent you a look, as if he was asking you to do something, and then you remembered he’d asked you to count.
“One.” You choked.
“Good girl.” Was all Bucky said before he dove back into your pussy. His tongue lapping up all of your cum. The pain of the oversensitivity soon became pleasurable, you moaned loudly as Bucky licked up your slit to your clit. Circling the nub with his tongue before pulling it between his lips, sucking lightly. He brought his teeth around your clit, pulling back a bit.
“Bucky...” You moaned, you weren’t sure whether you were asking him to stop or for more. No matter, he didn’t stop. Licking back to your entrance, slipping his tongue in and fucking you.
Your next orgasm came much faster. The pleasure racking through you, your hips bucked up into his face.
Bucky grabbed your hips, holding you against his tongue as he took in all of your cum. “Two.” You breathed.
But Bucky didn’t even think about stopping, continuing to eat your pretty pussy. His tongue slipping in and out of you, his hands holding you legs wide. Tears welded in your eyes from how good it felt. You looked a mess when he lifted his pretty blue eyes up to your face. Head thrown back, lips parted as breathless screams escaped the pink flesh. Hair mussed and tangled.
“Such a mess baby. You gonna make a mess on my tongue again?” Bucky muttered against your pussy. His sinful words sent you over the edge again. A full scream leaving your mouth this time as your entire body spasmed. Walls clenching around nothing as Bucky’s tongue licked you clean. Messy tears flowed down your face, your makeup surely spread everywhere.
Once your body finally stopped shaking, Bucky trailed back up to your face. “So pretty when you cry for me.” He grabbed your chin softly, bringing your eyes to meet his. “What number was that, doll?”
“Three.” You whispered, your hips involuntarily bucking up to meet his. You whined when the rough fabric of his jeans brushed up against your abused clit. All you wanted was for him to fuck you. Fill you so good like he always did.
“Please, Bucky.” You cried, pulling on his shirt.
“What do you want, sweetheart?” Of course he knew exactly what you wanted, he just had to torture you.
“Please.” You pleaded. “Fuck me.” You pulled his shirt again.
“See, that’s all I needed.” Bucky reached his hand behind his back, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it unceremoniously onto the floor. Your hands ran down his toned chest, too tired to do anymore.
Unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard cock. You took a second to admire him, thick and long, always fills you so well, before Bucky lined his tip up with your entrance. Rubbing his tip against your wetness, up your slit before circling your clit. You whined out again at the direct stimulation of your sensitive nerves. Bucky shushed you gently before lining up with your entrance and slowly pushing in. The feeling was unforgiving as he sick into you, inch by inch. He wanted you to feel every last bit of him, ever vein and curve. It drove you mad. He groaned when your tight whole clenched around his length. Once he was fully inside of you he took a second to just enjoy the feeling of your tight walls and wetness welcoming him. Then all gentle touches were lost as he set a bruising pace.
Each thrust harder then the last, your body tutted on the bed from the force of Bucky’s thrusts. It felt heavenly, your mouth opened in ecstasy. “Bucky, Bucky, Bucky!” You panted. He leaned down to take one of your hard nipples in his mouth. Sucking the bud, grabbing it gentle between his teeth and pulling back just a bit. One of his hands grabbed your right leg, hiking it up around his waist. The new angle allowed him to touch deeper within you. Every single touch sent your over sensitive body closer and closer to the edge.
Until he stopped. His mouth leaving your breast and his hard cock sliding out of your dripping core. You were just about to cry out when he flipped you onto your stomach. Pulling your hips up, your back arching and your ass in the air. You gasp at the sudden movement. And then he was back inside of you. His cock hitting deeper inside you from the improved angle.
“Cum!” Bucky demanded as he pounded into you. All it took was his command and you were being thrown off the cliff, body spasming for the fourth time in a row. He held your hips up to keep you from trying to get away from him. You moaned and cried more in pleasure.
“And that was four.” He didn’t stop once you had stopped shaking, chasing his own release. You gave up fighting, knowing it would do no good. Until only a few minutes later he was pulling you flush against his chest by your hair. His vibranium hand drifting down your body, landing right between were the two of you connected. Bucky circled your clit with his icy fingertips.
“No, no…” You shook your head tiredly. Your body is so over sensitive, and the way his cock felt as he slid almost all the way before slamming back into repeatedly.
“This is what you wanted, my love.” Bucky’s lips pressed against the tender skin behind your ear. His teeth biting down onto the skin before pulling back again. “Such a little slut. You planned all of this, little girl. Didn’t you?” His hot breath against your sweaty skin sent shivers up and down your spine.
“No, I didn’t.” You shook your head, struggling to keep your eyes open.
“Don’t try to lie to me.” Bucky punctuated every word with a thrust harder than the last. Every time he moved his cock brushed against your g spot, you shuddered at the pleasure. Your walls started clenching for the fifth time tonight, tears staining your checks farther as your orgasm was about to rack through you.
“Hold it.” Bucky could tell, but of course, you lied to him.
“Wha-no please! I can’t.” You cried.
“Yes you can, now hold it.” From the cold stimulation to your clit and the aggressive pounding into your body you couldn’t take it. “I’m sorry! Please, Buck… I’ll be good.” You pleaded.
A few moments later you felt his cock twitch inside of you, signaling he was close. He groaned deeply against your neck, “Cum.” He commanded.
It happened fast, your back arching off of his sweaty chest, a scream of pure bliss leaving your lips. Spark after spark of pleasure raked through your body as you came. Bucky followed, his hot seed shooting into you fast. Filling you even more than you already were. A mix of both of your cum dripped down your thighs as he pulled out, flipping your fucked out body over to lay on your back.
He hovered over you again, spreading your legs and scooping some of his cum off of you with his fingers and thrusting them back into you. Stuffing you full of him. Your eyes remained closed, too tired from your five orgasms to react. When Bucky thought that you’d had enough he pulled away, laying down next to you and pulling you into his chest.
“You did so good for me, doll.” He murmured into your hair, rubbing your back. You made a small noise of agreement. Bucky had been thoroughly surprised, he’d never been able to pull so many orgasms from you, not that he’d ever tried.
“M’gonna run you a bath, sweetheart. That sound good?” Bucky leaned his head down to kiss your cheek. You nodded against his chest. He then picked you up, bridal style and carried you into the bathroom.
It never ceased to amaze you how quickly Bucky’s demeanor changes with you, one second he could be fucking you incoherent and the next he’s back to gentle touches and sweet nothings.
No matter, you wouldn’t change a thing.
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man-imgay · 4 hours ago
I had a dream last night of a conversation between Bucky and Sam. So here it is. This is how I write my fanfiction. My dreams tell me.
"One day, someone will love you and you won't realise how good you had it until they walk out on you, Bucky."
"Does that mean you're leaving me, Sam?"
"Don't make me. Please don't make me."
"And what if I fall?"
"I'll always be there to catch you."
"I'm not Steve. I won't abandon you, Buck."
"Everyone does eventually."
"Yeah well, not me. You're stuck with me. Sorry."
"Don't be. There's no one else I'd rather by my side, Sam."
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earlgreydream · 4 hours ago
| stucky x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. plz write a squirting fic with stucky & Bucky holds the reader down
dom!stucky helping you train & things get steamy
Tumblr media
“Y/N, let’s go,” Steve called, watching you stretch in the corner of the gym. You nodded, bouncing to your feet and walking up to the mat in the center of the room. 
The training room was empty, barring you, Steve, and Bucky. School kept you busy during the day, leaving you to practice your fighting and defense at night. You didn’t mind, preferring to have the gym to yourself, able to train privately with your two super-soldier boyfriends. 
“Driving me crazy watching you stretch like that,” Bucky stated, taking your hand and helping you onto the sparring mat. 
Both boys struggled to keep their eyes off of you when you showed up to train in tiny spandex shorts and a sports bra. It was easier to move that way, and you needed all the help you could get during their intense sessions. Both men were shirtless, and your adrenaline was pulsing with sexual energy. You pushed the impure thoughts out of your head, trying to focus so you didn’t get the life beaten out of you. 
Steve watched as you practiced dodging hits from Bucky, moving swiftly out of the way of the blows. He tried to grab you, and you dropped low, managing to sweep him off of his feet by grabbing his ankle and yanking it out from under him. 
“Damn,” Steve smirked at you proudly, and you jumped on top of Bucky, shoving him back down before he could get up. 
“Think you’re so fucking smooth?” Bucky asked, flipping the two of you over, pinning you down to the mat. The surface was cold against your back, and amusement flashed in his silver eyes, along with lust, his eyes trailing down your body. He loved pinning you below him, proving that your body would bend to his will, even during your training. Steve adjusted himself, knowing he couldn’t get this hard while you worked, because he was up to work with you next. 
You used the instant of Bucky’s distraction to bring your knee up to his abdomen. He shouted, loosening his grip on you, unintentionally allowing you to slip out from under him. You kicked him down, standing on top of his back with a pleased grin. 
“How was that, Captain?” you asked Steve cheekily. 
“Very good, honey,” he tried not to laugh. 
Bucky knocked you off, and you fell hard against the mat. 
“Hey! You’re not allowed to be mad that I’m doing well!” you cried, the breath knocked out of you from the impact. 
He slapped your ass, not caring that you were succeeding in combat training. You shrieked at the sting that spread through your skin, and you gave Bucky a vicious look. You were annoyed at how aroused you were getting, at the action certainly didn’t help. 
“Buck, that’s enough.” 
Steve walked over, helping you to your feet. You thanked him, giving Bucky another scathing look. 
“Hey, cut the attitude. Go run,” Steve said, pointing to the padded track that stretched around the perimeter of the gym. You sighed but obeyed, jogging around the room. 
“Fuck, she’s going to kill me,” Bucky whispered, watching your body bounce as you ran. Steve agreed, definitely admiring your ass. You could feel their heated gazes, and it made you slick between your thighs. You had to train, but you were quickly going hungry for sex. 
You joined them once you finished your lap, sweat giving your skin a sheen. Bucky whistled at you, and you couldn’t stop the laugh from escaping your lips. 
“Come here,” you said, pulling him into a kiss. You were startled about how starved it was, his tongue instantly pushing into your mouth. He gripped your ass in his hands, and Steve scolded the two of you. 
You boxed with Steve, doing the drills that Bucky shouted out at you. Your breathing increased, your chest rising and falling quickly and your body bouncing on the mat as you delivered punches and kicks to the pads he held. 
The boys didn’t care as you grew tired, and you wrestled with Bucky, rolling around on the mat. Your thighs went around his head as you tried to roll the two of you over, but he knocked you down, his hands pinning you to the mat as he buried his face between your legs. 
“I want to fuck you so damn bad,” he growled into the spandex, making you moan with need, unable to hide it any longer. 
“Please, Bucky,” you begged.
“Sergeant, to you. We’re still training,” Steve corrected, your eyes rolling back at the command. 
Your hips were shoved to the ground, and Bucky climbed over you, kissing up your bare torso.
“Doll, you wanted to get fucked, didn’t you? Wearing the one you know I like,” he growled, nipping at you through the sports bra that held you in place. 
“Yes, Sergeant,” you answered, trying to roll your hips up into his. 
Bucky pulled down the zipper with his teeth, freeing you as the sports bra fell open. Steve swore, tossing his sweats off, kneeling down behind your head. 
Bucky couldn’t keep his hands from your chest, tugging at your nipples and making you squeal and writhe under him. 
“Want your Captain to fuck your mouth?” Bucky asked, smirking at you. 
“Yes, please!” You parted your lips, making Steve laugh darkly and cradle your head in his large hands. 
“So needy, honey. You’re so horny you’ll take dick anywhere you can get it, huh?” Steve teased, and you felt yourself growing even more soaked.
You moaned as he fucked into your mouth, burying himself in your throat. Steve groaned as you opened your jaw, running your tongue along the veins of his cock. 
“Fuck,” he swore, his blonde head falling back. He struggled not to slam into your throat, being careful as he rolled forward steadily.
You jolted as Bucky lightly bit down on your soft skin, delighting in the sound you made. He let off you, kneeling between your legs and pulling the spandex from your hips. 
“She’s fucking soaked, Stevie,” he gasped, running his fingers through your glistening slit. 
“All that from being thrown around by us?” Steve asked, knowing very well you couldn’t answer with your mouth still full of him. 
Bucky held your thighs open before his tongue replaced your fingers, the muscle dragging through your folds and pushing inside of you with shallow thrusts. You moaned around Steve, making the soldier’s hips stutter.
Bucky ate you out, holding your hips still and pressing his tongue flat against your cunt, making you squeal around Steve.
“I’m going to come, honey,” Steve’s voice was deep and raspy, sending heat shuddering through you. 
You gripped his thighs on either side of your head as he spilled down your throat, filling your mouth with his taste. You swallowed all of it, your eyes glassy as you gazed up at him. 
“So good for your Captain,” he praised you, leaning down to press a heady kiss to your lips. 
“Bucky!” You yelled as you came, gushing onto his chin, gasping as he lapped it all up. 
“You look so hot when you come, doll,” Bucky wiped his mouth, letting you catch your breath. 
You started to get up, but Steve stopped you, his hand wrapping around your neck and pulling you into a messy makeout session, distracting you as Bucky pried your legs back open. 
Steve laid you back down on the mat, groping your tits as Bucky knelt between your thighs. 
“Beg, doll,” Bucky smirked, brushing his tip against your clit, through your folds, teasing you.
“Please fuck me, Sergeant. I need to feel you in my pussy,” you whined, biting your lip and arching your back off of the floor. Steve smirked as you shuddered under his touch.
He rolled forward into you, stretching you out and satiating your throbbing need to be filled. Pleasure erupted through your body and you moaned, pushing your hips against his, trying to pull him deeper inside of you.
The air was thick and sexually charged. You were sensitive from your first orgasm, and you shuddered as Bucky’s tip brushed against your g-spot. The pressure was quickly rebuilding in your belly, and you were dangerously close to a second orgasm as Bucky rocked steadily into your pussy, encouraged by Steve’s teasing hands. 
“I’m close, I can’t hold it,” you warned, unable to fight it off. 
“You’re going to wait until we tell you, doll,” Bucky ordered, squeezing your thighs. Tears threatened to fall as you tried to hold back, and a choked shriek escaped you as he came inside of you, riding out his own orgasm with shallow thrusts, painting the inside of your velvet walls with his release. 
“Thank you, Sergeant,” you squeezed his wrist, your vision blurring. 
“Go ahead,” Steve granted you permission, and the pressure gave way, sending a powerful orgasm rushing through you. Your legs were shaky under Bucky’s hands, all of your nerves sparking like a live wire. Tears slid from your eyes, and Steve kissed them off your cheeks.
“You look so gorgeous when you fell apart, honey, all spread open and getting fucked here on the floor,” his deep voice shot down your spine and settled in your cunt. Bucky felt your walls seize around him at Steve’s lewd words rolling from his lips.
“Does it turn you on to hear Steve tell you filthy things?” Bucky asked, his gaze alerting you that he demanded an answer. 
“Yes!” you confessed, blushing.
There was no reason to be embarrassed about it, especially given what you were doing. They reveled in seeing you so shy, tearing your walls down as they took turns fucking the doubt from your mind. Neither of the boys teased you to shame you, they ate up your confidence in your sexuality, and they wanted to know how best to please you. Despite their dominance over you, they did everything for you, striving to extract as much pleasure from you as possible. 
And fuck, they were so good at it. 
You’d never experienced anything like the two of them, and any relationship or sex that predated them was rendered completely irrelevant. They blew your mind over and over again, taking you to heights of pleasure you had no idea were even possible. 
“I know you have another one in you, doll,” Bucky grinned, and you blushed, shaking your head.
“I’ve already come twice-”
“You can do it again, it’ll feel so good, I promise,” Steve kissed you, dragging you back onto his lap. He pushed his legs between yours, spreading you open on top of his body. 
You were hypersensitive already, and out of breath from the training and sex with the men who had superhuman stamina. Steve’s fingers pushed inside of you, curling forward and brushing your spongey walls, making you writhe on his lap. Bucky’s lips caught yours, tasting Steve still on your tongue. You moaned into his mouth as Steve fingered you quickly, lewd noises filling the gym as his fingers slid in and out of your pussy, slick from both yours and Bucky’s come. Bucky’s hand went between you, rubbing your clit as Steve pushed two fingers deep inside of you. He leaned back on his heels, watching you squirm and beg incoherently for more. 
“Captain!” you shrieked, about to snap. 
White-hot euphoria burned through you like fire, searing everything inside of you and swirling in your clit. You screamed and pulled on Steve’s hair as it shattered, electricity sparking through every inch of your skin. You squirted all over their hands and the padding below you, soaking everything between your legs. You panted, trying to draw air into your lungs and recover from the intensity, melting back into Steve’s arms.
“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Bucky praised you, making your cheeks rosy. You’d never done that before, and you were suddenly shy around them, hiding your face.
“You alright, baby? That was a lot, huh?” Steve chuckled softly, kissing your cheek and hugging you tightly against him. 
“Yes, holy shit,” you swore, closing your legs and curling up into Steve. 
Your legs were still trembling slightly, even once they’d cleaned you up enough to slide your shorts back up your legs and rezipping your bra so you could walk through Stark Tower back to your room. 
“You did great, doll.” Bucky kissed your cheek before following you back to your room, turning on the shower as Steve set you down.
“I’m not letting you shower with me, I can’t go another round, and I know you two. Go shower and come back,” you laughed, pushing them out of your bathroom. 
You got clean, sitting on the tiled seat in your shower, still weak on your feet. Once the water started to go cold, you got out and dried off. You searched through your things, pulling a clean pair of cotton shorts on your legs and Bucky’s NASA hoodie, letting the fabric swallow you up. You wrapped your arms around yourself, breathing in Bucky’s scent that lingered on his clothes, like sandalwood and lemons. It instantly relaxed you, taking the edge off of your raw nerves. 
Your muscles were a little sore, and you grabbed a bottle of lotion from your dresser. The door opened and Steve and Bucky entered, Steve immediately going to stretch out on your bed. Bucky smiled when he saw you in his hoodie, and he hugged you from behind, kissing the back of your head. 
“Do you mind?” you asked, handing him the bottle. 
“Of course not.”
You sat on the bed and Bucky massaged the lotion into your muscles, patiently listening to you talk about your day. Steve’s soft blue eyes never left yours, playing with your fingers, his head resting in your lap. 
“Can we skip training tomorrow? I’m exhausted,” you asked, and Bucky smirked.
“Yeah, I suppose you can have one day off.” 
“So generous,” you giggled, leaning into his side as he settled down next to you. 
“We can always work out another way,” Steve suggested teasingly. 
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milliedazzledust · 7 hours ago
I'll Come Back for You (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
REQUEST: ANON - something where he is in winter soldier mode and protecting the scientist (y/n) where she is the only one who can sort of calm him down after a mission
ANON - winter soldier!bucky being protective over his scientist who’s forced to be take care of his health and she’s being kept there against his will too
ANON - Bucky Barnes request about how both reader and Bucky are each other support systems? It could be like a headcanon, how would the reader comfort him while how he comforts her so forth and so on
WORDS: 3506
A/N: So I don't know if I was inspired or if I just wrote too much, but I'm pretty insecure about this story. I'm not sure it's good, but I hope you'll like it :)
“What happened this time ?”
Her voice was only a whisper in the quiet room. The broken man silently sat on the examination table while she stuck a needle in his functioning arm. He didn’t speak, didn’t even flinch. This masquerade had started the moment she had set foot inside Hydra secret base. They had brought her against her will to take care of their most valuable soldier. It was always the same dance, rehearsed a million times since she had met him. After each mission, each murder, he’d come to her. She’d fix his physical wounds, take care of his arm and let him go.
More than often, she found herself feeling sorry for him. She knew what Hydra was doing to him, she’d heard the screams echoing in the distance. It would keep ringing in her ears for hours. Sometimes, the simple thought of picturing what he was going through was enough to bring her to tears. No one deserved to suffer this way.
The Winter Soldier was a cruel man, an assassin. She had seen him in action, had even been attacked the first time they were introduced. But despite everything, she liked him. This wasn’t a place anyone could handle and she was reminded constantly that she was disposable. A necessary tool to take care of a killer. While she was aware of the danger Hydra represented, he was a different story. The man he once was had been trapped in a small corner of his mind, disconnected. His hands were his own, but his actions were dictated by an army that had invaded his head long ago. He was empty, a machine turned on and off at will by the power of ten simple words.
“I was stabbed” Was his only answer. He didn’t give any detail, simply raised his shirt so she could inspect the injury.
“Do you feel any pain ?”
He blankly stared at an invisible point on the wall, avoiding looking at her. He was aware anyone could be listening.
“Soldier ?” She called him, stopping her movement and waiting for his response.
“I don’t feel anything” His voice was emotionless and a chill ran down her spine when he spoke. He was detached, impassive, a statue unaware he was capable of sentiment.
She cleared her throat, trying to stay focused on her task. She cleaned the wound, took his vitals, wrote down the conclusion of her examination and prepared what she needed to sew him up.
When she was about to administer the anesthetic, he suddenly grabbed her wrist. She caught her breath, frightened, but made no movement. For the first time that day, he turned his head to look at her. Whatever she saw in his eyes was enough to ease the tension in her shoulders.
“It’s okay” She whispered, a kind smile on her face. “This is propofol”
She knew he would recognize the name. She had spent countless hours explaining everything she was doing to him in detail so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable or scared. He was a super soldier that required extreme measures of treatment.
“No drugs,” He told her.
“You might regret that decision once I start to put the stitches in”
“I need to stay conscious,” He explicated, almost begging her. “Please”
She didn’t argue, only glanced at a camera behind her recording their interaction.
“Alright” She conceded. “I’ll switch to saline”
He nodded, grateful she wasn’t pushing. She turned her back carefully so her table was no longer in the camera’s field of view and he watched her emptying the needle and filling it with a harmless mixture of water and sodium chloride. Nothing that would put him to sleep.
“Have you ever been to Greece ?” She asked him out of the blue. He stared at her curiously. “I’ve always dreamed of visiting. It has the longest coastline in Europe, with so many islands between the blue Aegean Sea to the east, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Ionian Sea to the west. Can you imagine how beautiful it must be ?”
She kept talking for a while about the country, the books she had read and the films she had seen about it. His eyes stayed on her the whole time, his head tilted to the side, wondering why she was telling him all this. Not that he minded, he loved listening to her. She had the power to calm him down. He was constantly on high alert, ready to fight whomever he was told to kill, prepared to endure whatever torture they had prepared, but this room and the woman inside were his only small moments of peace. Her voice was the music he desperately needed to sooth his soul.
“Why are you telling me this ?” He wondered out loud.
She smirked. “To take your mind somewhere else than here. Seems like it worked”
He glanced at his stomach and realized the stitches were already there. Too engrossed in her story, he hadn’t noticed or felt anything.
“Funny how magical words can turn out to be, isn’t it ?”
She could swear she saw the flicker of an emotion on his face looking back between his wound and the woman, but just as quickly as it came, it was gone.
“Thank you, doc”
She hesitated a moment before gently taking his hand on her own.
“Be careful” She muttered. “There’s only so much I can fix”
“I will” He promised. “Are they … are they treating you right ?”
She shrugged. “If threatening to kill me is what you consider right, then I guess I’m a real princess in a castle”
He ran a jerky hand through his hair and seemed to be looking for the right words to say but never spoke.
“Can I ask …” She began, curiosity getting the best out of her. “What is your real name ?”
When his gaze fell on her, all she saw was pure panic. Her question, as simple as it may have been, had surprised him. He didn’t remember, didn’t even question anyone, because it hadn’t mattered. He didn’t need to be more than a ghost to be able to kill.
“I’m sorry” She apologized. “I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t mean to…”
“I don’t know” He admitted.
She gulped and looked away. His eyes held too much confusion and despair. Coming face to face with the enormity that was this man’s fate was sometimes undeniably heartbreaking.
“Can I call you Winter, then ?” She suggested.
He seemed to ponder for a while before offering her a small smile. “Yes, yes I’d like that”
It hurt to see a glimpse of happiness on his face for something as simple as a name and the woman didn’t realize that what she had just given him was the shred of an identity. A tiny piece he would hold onto. He was living inside a nightmare he had no idea he was trapped into, and if she dared to help, she would pay it with her life. So all she had the power to do was give him a name. Make him feel alive again.
The next time she saw him was only a couple of days after, carried by two agents, head hanging low and barely conscious. His clothes were stained in blood and his metal arm seemed dislocated.
“Patch him up” One of the men coldly ordered. They dropped the injured soldier on the ground like he was nothing more than an object, not even human.
She rushed to his side, checking his pupils first with a flashlight to rule out any intracranial damage to his brain. She did the same on his chest with a stethoscope. They hadn’t told her anything, she was going blind, assessing every part of his body, searching for any potential life threatening injury.
When she moved to his shoulder to inspect the metal bones, he regained consciousness. Maybe it was the sight of yet another scientist above him or the touch of her fingers on his skin, but the man was quick to react and got on his feet in no time. His hand wrapped around her neck tightly and he pushed her body with force against a wall, choking her. She tried to speak, but the action had been so sudden and violent that she was unable to move a muscle. He was in a trance, eyes filled with hatred that she knew was not directed toward her. Whatever he was picturing on his mind had awakened the assassin. She was the threat and he was in a game of survival.
She whispered his name several times but it was only after a minute, when she was on the verge of passing out, that he seemed to realize what he was doing. He stared at her with wide open eyes and released her from his grip. Her body fell on the floor before she started coughing, struggling to catch her breath.
“I’m…” He tried to speak, looking down at his hands in horror.
“Water” She managed to whisper.
He brought the woman a bottle and tried to help her on her feet. When he reached for her, she involuntarily flinched. A pure reflex. She didn’t miss the sadness on his face and he recoiled from her.
“I didn’t mean…”
“I know. It’s alright”
“I could’ve killed you” He said it more to himself than to her.
“But you didn’t” She laid a hand on her chest, taking a deep breath to try and calm her heart rate. “What happened ?”
“You touched me,” He explained.
“I touch you all the time” When he smirked, she realized the double meaning behind what she had just said and blushed. “Hm … why would it be any different today ?” She immediately changed the subject.
“Usually, when I’m unconscious I can … sense them around me. Working on me. And I can’t move but I still feel the pain”
Once again she was at a loss of words against the heaviness that was the burden of his life.
“Are you sure you’re alright ?” He repeated almost in a childish voice.
“I’ll get over it, don’t worry” She tried to reassure him. It didn’t seem to work. He took a temptative step, making sure she wasn’t uncomfortable. He moved his hand toward her neck, deliberately going as slow as he could. His eyes stayed on hers, watching out for any sign of fear. “What are you doing ?” She said in a breath, a different kind of shiver rolling down her spine.
“I need to make sure I didn’t hurt you” The sincerity and concern she heard in his voice were unsettling to her. She stared back in disbelief, but didn’t move. This was the closest they had ever been and it almost felt unreal for both of them. Too good to be true, especially in a place of nightmares like this.
He tilted her head to the back, still looking at her, and softly brushed his thumb over her skin. A bruise was already starting to appear. She saw the change in his eyes, the regret and sadness when he lowered his gaze. He kept inspecting her from all angles possible, making her chuckle in the process.
“Are you done, doctor ?” She joked.
He tried not to smile but miserably failed. “Almost. Haven’t found a diagnosis yet”
This time she laughed.
“C’mon, I’m not the real patient here. I need to take a look at you” She glanced at his metal arm, still dislocated. He was avoiding using it and she had noticed.
He sighed but didn’t remove his hand from her neck. Instead, his thumb slowly reached her cheek and he gently stroked her skin.
“I wish I could get you out of here” He whispered. “You don’t deserve any of this”
“Neither do you”
He clenched his jaw and plastered a tight smile, refusing to acknowledge what she had just said. He lowered his arm and sat on the examination table without saying anything.
“I’m gonna … hm … I’m gonna need to cut your shirt open” She gulped, trying to keep her face from getting any redder.
The man smirked and grabbed a pair of scissors nearby that he handed to her. She took it but didn’t dare to look at him, too uncomfortable by the situation. As she cut his shirt higher and higher, her hands started to shake. He could see her shifting her weight from side to side and desperately avoiding any eye contact. She was embarrassed and he was enjoying every second of it.
When finally she had taken it carefully off his body, she huffed in frustration. There was no denying that he had beyond toned muscle structure, verged into defined and well built curves.
“Is it… is it alright if I touch you ?” She allowed herself to take a glance at him, and rolled her eyes when she saw the smirk on his face.
“More than alright, doc” He teased her.
The moment her hands came in contact with his skin, he involuntarily flexed his muscles. She took a sharp breath, trying not to lose focus when she cleaned his wounds. She looked at him to make sure he wasn’t in any pain, only to realize he was already staring. What should have been a quick glance turned into something more, a moment that lasted a little too long. When he leaned in toward her, she suddenly seemed to notice the lack of space between them. She cleared her throat and took a step back.
“Quit flirting, Winter” She reprimanded him with a playful grin.
He laughed. It was the first time she heard that sound and she couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her mouth. He looked so carefree and alive, so human. She was finally meeting the man behind the assassin, and he troubled her even more than the silent killer.
“I kinda like to see you blushing, doc”
She ran a hand through her hair, trying to hide her obvious nervousness.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” She pursed her lips to keep from smiling.
“Sure you don’t” He sniggered.
She rolled her eyes. “I’m gonna need to put that shoulder into place”
Instead of talking, he grabbed her hips and considerably shortened the distance she had put between them. Her eyes widened from both the sudden gesture and the feeling of his fingers on her body.
“Go right ahead, doc”
She leaned in toward him to have a better access to the injury, ignoring the unexpected shudder. She was practically over him, a hand on his shoulder, the other on his broad back. If he felt any pain when she pushed the bones back into place, he didn’t show.
“All good ?” He whispered, heavily breathing. She was about to ask if he was okay but the words stayed stuck when she realised how close their faces were. He wasn’t hurt, no, he was perturbed by her presence. He could smell her perfume and see the hair raising on her neck. Whatever he was feeling, she felt it too.
“Do I make you nervous, soldier ?” She said, a smile building on her full lips.
“You have no idea, doctor”
She turned to face him. They locked eyes and, for a moment, none of them moved. The atmosphere instantly changed when he bit his lips. He bent closer and closer, and this time she didn’t push back. When finally he kissed her, she froze in place. He was about to draw back when she grabbed his neck, deepening the kiss. A sensation she couldn’t comprehend took over her whole body.
He didn’t rush, took his sweet time lingering his lips over hers. She could swore her knees would have given out if he wasn’t holding her in place. Her chest was fluttering and she lost all sense of time.
He pulled back from the lack of oxygen, but not before caressing her mouth one last time.
“Too much?” He inquired quietly.
She shook her head, laughing. “No. Just enough”
“I’ve been dreaming of doing that for a while” He admitted.
“Quite the change of attitude. I could’ve sworn you wanted me dead only ten minutes ago” She joked.
He pouted, not particularly happy she was reminding him of his previous outburst.
“You’re all set up, Winter” She announced after one last look over his chest. “No major damage”
“Have you checked my heart ?” He joked with a smirk. “I think it’s beating a little fast”
She coughed to try and hide her laugh.
“I’m afraid that’s not fixable” She started to write her report, ignoring his lingering gaze on her. Her brain was still fuzzy from the kiss they shared. “Unless I stay away, which would probably ease your … discomfort”
“Who said anything about discomfort ? That’s a kind of pain I’d rather … enjoy”
She raised an eyebrow, not missing the way her own heart palpitated.
“Don’t play with fire, soldier”
He smirked. “Between us, I’m trying to delay the moment I’ll have to go through that door again”
This time she lost all joy and raised her head from what she was writing on her papers to look at him.
“You’re strong enough to leave this place, you know”
“Leave where ?” He asked.
“Somewhere you’ll find who you really are”
“Does that somewhere include you ? ‘Cause you should know I won’t go without you”
She walked up to him and took his hands.
“Save yourself while you still can, Winter” She sadly replied.
“What about you ?”
“I’m just … collateral damage” She exhaled.
He gently pressed his forehead to hers.
“I promise I’ll come back for you after that last mission”
“I’ll hold you onto that”
He planted a soft kiss on her lips, making her forget once again where they were and what their reality was.
“I’ll take you to Greece” He whispered. “Just the two of us. Wouldn’t that be great ?”
“It’s a date” She grinned, making him laugh.
“You’ve got yourself a deal. We’ll get out of here” He swore. “And I’ll take you dancing under the stars of Mykonos”
He didn’t know then that he would never have the occasion to keep that promise. They would have more moments, stolen from the chaos of this place, but nothing more. Weeks later, he would hear rumors about treason and compromising positions. He would understand too late they meant her. She was his weak point, and the Winter Soldier couldn’t have any weaknesses. She was disposable, he was an assassin with superpowers. All the recordings they had proved he no longer could be operational so long as she was still breathing.
“Buck, you alright ?” A voice suddenly spoke in the agonizing silence.
He turned around to his friend, brushing the tears he didn’t realize had started to fall. Standing in the empty room, his eyes couldn’t move away from the dried patch of blood on the floor.
“Yeah, I just need a minute” He shook his head, trying to make the painful memories disappear.
The man behind him began to inspect the place, searching through scattered papers around the desk.
“Dr. Y/N Y/L/N” He read.
Bucky closed his eyes, clenching his jaw. The simple sound of her name was enough to widen his wound. He sat on the examination table one last time, without her. Forgetting he wasn’t alone, he let himself wander into his most precious memories. He remembered the taste of her lips, the color of her cheeks when she blushed, the smell of her perfume and the touch of her skin. Every detail engraved in his head forever.
“Did you know her ?” The person asked.
The man stopped what he was doing and observed the former assassin for a solid minute. He looked heartbroken.
“Bad memories ?” He inquired.
“Not in this room” Bucky sadly smiled.
“What happened ?”
“I don’t want to talk about it, Steve”
The Captain hesitated for a moment but didn’t push. He was aware his friend was still healing and whatever the place was, it was part of his pain.
“Is she dead ?” He only questioned.
He gulped, tilted his head backward to keep the tears at bay. “They took her away from me” His voice cracked when he spoke. He was not able to stop the violent sob that escaped his mouth. He wanted to say so much more but the lump in his throat was far too heavy.
“I was too late,” He whispered. “I promised I’d come back for her but I was … too …”
His shoulders started to shake as tears ran down his bloodshot eyes. Steve rapidly closed the distance between them and hugged his friend, letting him express his sadness. They stayed there until he was calm enough to take a deep breath.
“You ready ?” The Captain inquired.
The broken soldier silently nodded.
“Where to now ?” Steve asked him. “You’re free to go anywhere you'd like”
“Greece. I have a date in Greece”
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nervousbidisaster · 7 hours ago
John: How did none of you hear what I just said?!
Bucky: I've been zoned out for the last two and half hours.
Sam: I got bored and distracted about the halfway through.
Zemo: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
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amourbleue · 9 hours ago
there’s plenty of reasons for tfatws season two, but the most important is joaquin torres
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Tumblr media
➼ BROOKLYN  NINE - NINE  ! @soldatzimy​​  asked    :    ❛   are those gummy bears wrapped in a fruit roll-up? ❜  
at  what  point  did  clint  get  used  to  the  idea  of  the  man  formerly  -  known  -  as  the  winter  soldier  inviting  himself  into  his  apartment  ?    hard  to  put  a  finger  on  it,    exactly.    maybe  that’s  because,    these  days,    EVERYBODY  seems  to  be  inviting  themselves  into  clint’s  apartment.    or,    maybe,    if  he’s  feeling  a  little  extra  introspective  this  evening,    he  might  say  it’s  because  the  guy  is  starting  to  grow  on  him.
besides,    they’re  part  of  an  exclusive  club    :    BRAINWASHED  ANONYMOUS. 
Tumblr media
〝    hi,    bucky.    i’m  doing  great,    bucky,    thanks  for  asking.    〞     yeah,    okay.    just  because  he  sorta  likes  the  guy  doesn’t  mean  clint’s  not  going  to  give  him  a  little  bit  of  grief.    it  passes  quickly,    though,    and  he  just  shrugs.    〝    katie  says  i  should  be  eating  more  fruit.    〞
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Tumblr media
"holy shit we're okay" moments after intense action scenes or fights or weakness. so another one of those drawings from me <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Is it just me or the pressure sensitive plating of Bucky’s hand actually looks semi-transparent? How cool is that. Wakandan designs are neat.
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The smut chapter of Bambi Eyes is up 😈😌
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becca-e-barnes · 11 hours ago
I love your writing! Can you please do one with Bucky where the reader gives him a gift and it’s like an iPod and the reader put a bunch of 40’s music on it for Bucky to listen too and Bucky asks the reader to dance and it’s really sweet and fluffy! Thank you!
When I tell you I RAN for my iPad to start writing this request as soon as it came through omg, I am obsessed with this one! Thank you so so much for sending me this, I absolutely loved writing it 💗
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 2,925
Warnings: Loads of fluff, super duper sweet Bucky, little bit of angst and mentions of family loss. Mad cottagecore vibes. This is honestly just hella soft!
Summary: Bucky doesn’t remember much about his sister Rebecca, just that today is her birthday. Coming to terms with the fact she grew up alone upsets him so you cheer him up with an early birthday present, taking him back to the 40’s.
A/N: I noticed Bucky has a sister in the comics so I went with that! (cause it makes me so happy to know that a canon Rebecca Barnes exists). I really don’t know much about her so if I’ve written anything wrong, please let me know so I can edit her to be canon compliant 💕 (And yes, all my 40’s songs are from the Fallout 4 soundtrack, I couldn’t help it)
The sound of the rain pattering softly on the roof woke you from your sleep. You rubbed your eyes and turned to look at the thin flannel curtains, noticing they were letting in a little light. Birds had only just began to start chirping faintly in the distance, meaning it couldn’t be much later than 5am. You rolled over in the large bed, hoping to feel the comfort of your husband’s firm chest against you but as you moved, you noticed the sheets were cold. He must have gotten up some time ago.
With a yawn, you pushed yourself up, your feet hitting the cold wooden floor of the bedroom.
“Buck?” You questioned, rounding the little corner and seeing he wasn’t in the kitchen. Your brow furrowed and you headed to the living room, checking to see if he was there. It wasn’t uncommon to wake up without Bucky. While he usually slept like a log these days, he was still keen to stay in shape so he would often go for a run at sunrise but usually only on mornings when the weather was nice. His nightmares barely ever bothered him anymore. You were thankful for that at least since it meant you weren’t woken in the middle of the night to the sight of your wonderful husband trembling with grief, knowing that he longed to wake up and be anyone other than himself. It broke your heart seeing what he had to suffer through to get to this point but he was endlessly grateful that you had suffered it with him. It was tough on you, you couldn’t deny but there was no chance you would ever have let him go through any of that alone. There had been countless nights spent cradling his shaking body, humming softly to him to remind him he wasn’t still living those nightmares. Eventually, those awful nights became few and far between, his smiles became brighter, the bags under his eyes shrunk and he returned to something closer to the man you imagined he must’ve been in the 40’s.
You reached the living room door and noticed the fire was lit, warmth beaming out the room as you took in the sight in front of you. Bucky was sitting in an armchair by the fire with a little wooden box resting on his knee. The only light in the room came from the fire and what little brightness was beginning to seep in through the window but despite how dim it was you could still make out his messy bed head.
“You okay baby?” You asked with a little yawn, crossing the short distance between you, coming up to the back of the chair and resting you hands on his broad shoulders that were still covered by his pyjama top. Your fingertips ran over the seam where his skin was replaced with metal and he let out a little content hum.
“Yeah doll, you should go back to bed, you’re tired.” He soothed, bringing his flesh hand up to squeeze one of yours. You looked down and noticed his lap was littered with old photos and newspaper clippings. You had helped him collect them over the years, taking him to libraries and museums, trawling through archives to make sure he had as much in his little collection as possible. He had spent years tracking down everything he could find about his sister, keeping all the clippings in his little wooden box.
Instead of going back to bed, you lifted the papers from his lap and sat down in their place. You pulled the woollen throw from the back of chair and draped it over the pair of you before starting to shuffle through the few photocopies in your hand. Each picture showed a different stage of your sister in law’s life, from a photocopy of the newspaper announcing her birth right up to the last piece you and Bucky had been able to track down. It was just a short article about an interview she had given, talking about how Bucky had been the only Howling Commando that had given his life in service of his country.
“Just wish she could’ve known the truth. Wish she’d known I wasn’t dead all those years.” He whispered, face buried in the crook of your neck as you leafed through the delicate pages. His mother had died when he was little and his father had died shortly before he went to war. He and his sister had been separated shortly after they lost their father. “She must’ve been completely alone…. Would’ve had no family until she got married.” He mused sadly, looking at the little newspaper clipping that announced her marriage to her husband.
“Would have been a tough life Buck.” You agreed quietly and he nodded.
“Today is her birthday.” He whispered after a little silence, the weight of all that he had missed out on weighing so heavily on him.
“Tell me about her Buck.” You quizzed, stroking his flesh arm gently, cuddling up against his warm chest as the fire crackled beside you.
“I really don’t remember much about her.” He admitted quietly. “Not sure if that’s because HYDRA jumbled some of my memories or if it’s just because it’s been so long.” He was so distracted by the article in his hands. It had a tiny, grainy photo in the centre of the text, a photo of a young Bucky and Rebecca standing together in their school uniforms. “Remember Rebecca loved to go to Stark’s science fairs.” A little fond smile tugged at the edge of his lips. “God, I used to go to those with Stevie to try to get him a date. We were both hopeless.” He laughed softly, his lips pressed gently to your neck as he spoke.
“We both know that’s not true Buck, Steve said you were such a ladies man.” You giggled, holding his chin gently and pulling him into a soft kiss.
“Hard to be a ladies man when your little sister was tagging along on your date.” He chuckled, “kinda spoiled the mood.”
“I bet it did.” You agreed sarcastically, running your fingers through his soft messy hair, watching his face as his eyes flitted over the paper in front of him. Eventually his little smile faded and his brow furrowed. It wasn’t hard to tell that he must have been thinking about how Rebecca would have reacted to hearing what her brother had done to Howard Stark and you knew you needed to get him out of that hole before it got too deep for him to handle. You gently gathered up all the little clippings, tucking them safely back into the wooden box and returning it to its place on the mantle. Bucky was still looking solemn so you returned to your spot on his lap and cuddled up against his large frame, nearly like you were trying to protect him from his own thoughts with your body.
“I know it’s early but I really don’t think I can keep it to myself any longer, you want one of your birthday presents?” You suggested and his little smile came back.
“Sure doll, that would be nice.” He laughed, kissing the top of your head. You bounced up out of his lap and pranced off to the bedroom, looking for the little box you had hidden in your dresser under some clothes. You returned to the living room with his gift tucked behind your back.
“It’s not wrapped yet, I didn’t plan on giving it to you early so you gotta close your eyes and hold out your hands.” You teased, making Bucky roll his eyes. He did as you asked anyway, metal and flesh hands cupped together in front of him. He looked so damn cute you couldn’t resist giving his lips a little peck.
“Was that my present doll?” He laughed, feeling you sit back down on your spot in his lap but still keeping his eyes squeezed tightly shut.
“Yeah Barnes, that’s all you’re getting,” you joked sarcastically. He looked far too handsome with his cheeky grin, the warm light from the roaring fire dancing on his flushed cheeks. You loved this man more than you could put into words and you knew he loved you back just as fiercely. After building the suspense for a moment, you placed the box in his hands and he opened his eyes like a giddy child. You watched as his eyes scanned over his new gift, trying to work out what exactly it was.
“Oh! It’s an iPod! Sam has one of these!” He beamed excitedly, a little bit too proud that he had been able to figure out what the box actually contained before he had opened it. He carefully lifted the lid and pulled the iPod out, pressing the power button. You hadn’t really considered how tiny it would look in his huge hands. The screen flickered to life and he looked like a child on Christmas morning. His eyes were alight from both the bright screen and his excitement. His smile was absolutely infectious, joy radiating out of him at such a simple gift.
“I put some music on it for you babe.” You smiled, giving his forehead a little kiss.
“If you’ve filled this thing full of Harry Styles, I’ll throw it at you.” He teased quietly, trying to press the touch screen with the thumb on his metal hand, forgetting that it wouldn’t register properly.
“He’s a guilty pleasure of yours, don’t even deny it.” You laughed back, carding your fingers through his soft hair, showing him how to open the music app. “No, I put some of your music on it.” You watched as he used his flesh thumb to scroll through the list of songs. “You wanna connect it to the speakers?” You asked quietly, taking it from him and showing him how to open the settings and connect it to your living room speakers by Bluetooth.
“Pick a song, hun.” You smiled handing it back to him. He pressed the first title he saw. ‘Mighty Mighty Man’ by Roy Brown started playing and you thought Bucky’s grin was going to take over his entire face. His eyes crinkled as music boomed through your small living room.
“God, I remember this song.” He laughed, running a hand through his hair. He looked so carefree and happy in that moment, clutching his little iPod tightly. You beamed at him and he looked up at you, giving you a happy kiss, both of your lips still pulled tight with smiles. His cheeks were hot against yours given how he was closer to the fire than you and his metal thumb rubbed gently against your bare thigh under the woollen throw. He let out a happy little sigh, pulling away to look back down at the rest of the songs on the iPod. His thumb hovered over ‘Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall’ by The Ink Spots for a minute before he clicked on it. As the gentle introduction started, he pulled you close to him, both of his strong arms circling around your waist. His face was buried in your hair and he kissed gently at your shoulder as you listened to the slow song together, just enjoying each other’s company and the sound of the rain pattering outside.
You couldn’t help but wonder how different his life must have been the first time he heard that song. He wouldn’t have had any idea the grief and loss and pain that was ahead of him. Far too much rain had indeed fallen on Bucky Barnes’ life.
“It’s not all been bad you know.” He whispered ever so quietly against your skin, almost as if he had been able to read your mind. “You’ve been the biggest blessing.” His last sentence was barely louder than a breath. You weren’t really supposed to hear it, it was more just Bucky’s way of thanking the universe for finally giving him something truly pure. Every now and again, on those nights he was struggling to sleep, he loved to roll over and just take in the sight of his beautiful wife tangled in the sheets. Rather than counting sheep or getting lost in his thoughts, he would quietly list the things he loved about you, almost how people talk to their plants. He hoped that by saying it out loud, even if you weren’t listening, your body would still acknowledge it and you would grow to love yourself how he did. He knew it was silly but he would far rather think about all the reasons he had fallen so madly in love with you than lie awake staring at the ceiling. He could think of hundreds of reasons, often silly little things like how cute you looked when you were reading or how endearing it was when you put your hand on your hip when you were cross at him for eating your last muffin or how slowly you had to peel carrots because you didn’t want to “lose a finger”. Every night brought some new confession because he found that every day, there was something else he could obsess over. He had never anticipated finding love like this. Not just because before he met you, he was filled with a bit more self loathing than he would ever have admitted to, but just because he didn’t believe it existed. “People don’t just love each other like they do in movies, it’s all made up.” He would argue, so cynical that anyone could ever find a soulmate, never mind one of the most notorious assassins the world has ever known. You had well and truly changed his mind. He would gladly do anything for you, anything at all. You had shown him so much love and trust and in some strange way, he felt like you understood him at times when he didn’t even understand himself. You knew what he needed because you were what he needed.
The song ended but neither of you moved to untangle your bodies, choosing instead to stay wrapped up in each other. A couple more songs played, with Bucky humming along to them gently. He couldn’t remember all the words but he got most of the tunes right. Then ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire’ by The Ink Spots started and he pulled his head from the crook of your neck
“Would you dance with me Mrs Barnes?” He asked with a soft little smile, taking one of your hands in his metal one.
“Anything for you Mr Barnes.” You agreed, dragging your bodies apart to stand in front of the fire. It had died slightly but the room still had a happy glow. The rain was coming down just a little harder and it only made being inside, warm and dry with your husband even more appealing. Bucky’s hands fell to your waist and yours went to his shoulders. It didn’t take long for him to work his thumbs under your thin pyjama top, just enjoying the feeling of your soft skin against his hand. His touch was gentle and reverent, like holding you too tightly would make you shatter like delicate porcelain. Your bodies moved slowly to the music, swaying together in your little living room, hoping this moment would never end. There wasn’t much to it but you couldn’t honestly think of a more blissful start to your day. You both shuffled together, dancing slowly like you had on your wedding day (at least for your first dance anyway). The feeling of the carpet under your feet and the smell of the burning wood kept you both grounded – this was your home, the home you shared together and most likely the home you would raise your children in some day. Your body was tired and your mind was foggy but just from the sense of safety being warm and comfortable in your husband’s strong arms brought.
“Love you Buck.” You smiled, looking up at him after the song ended.
“Love you too y/n. More than you’ll ever know.” Came his hushed reply and then a little yawn.
“Will we go back to bed for an hour or two?” You suggested, running a hand up his flesh arm soothingly and he nodded, only realising just how tired he was after not sleeping most of the night. The fire had all but died, the embers glowing faintly on the hearth. He turned the music off and let you lead him back to your shared bedroom, flopping onto the bed and wrapping his arms around you.
“You’ve no idea what that iPod means to me doll. Was like being back in the forties but this time, I had my best girl there with me.” Your head lay on his chest and he cradled your face with his metal hand.
“Glad you like it baby, happy early birthday.” You smiled, drawing little shapes on his chest with your fingertips.
Bucky’s heart was so full, it didn’t take him long to fall asleep. Sure he missed Rebecca and his parents but everything he needed in the world was lying there in bed with him, cuddled up against his chest. Some day he hoped you two would have your own little family when you were both ready and he would love and cherish them as much as he did you but until then, you were all the family he needed.
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