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clakearts · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
sambucky best sun/moon couple
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margarethx · 37 minutes ago
Happy three month anniversary of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier first episode premiere :>
Also happy three month anniversary of this wonderful human being introduced in the MCU. I love you and I miss you, Joaquín <3
Tumblr media
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biluata · 48 minutes ago
I just remembered Avengers Academy was a game that existed and now I’m imagining sambucky in that universe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yaksomins · an hour ago
my friend and i were looking for something to eat and we found this restaurant that has a dessert called “uncle buck’s beignets” and now i can’t stop thinking about sam and bucky opening up a bakery together in delacroix.
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yaksomins · 2 hours ago
This might not be strictly a prompt, but you're writing is so soft, I think it's gonna be great. So here goes: Sam is playing with Bucky's hair. Yup that's it. It could be pre slash, and Bucky falls asleep, that's how he realizes how safe Sam makes him feel. Or could be before they go undercover to a fancy party, and Sam fixes his hair for him. I dunno if that's considered a prompt, but I hope you'd give it a go
bucky's usually not one to drift off.
falling and remaining asleep has always been a struggle for him—echoes of all the lives he's lived archived and sealed away deep in the recesses of his mind, always found a way back to the surface once he closed his eyes. flashes of hazy memories unraveled before him like old film reels before jolting him awake in a cold sweat.
and it's for that reason he's particularly puzzled when he finds his head resting in sam's lap on the plane ride to germany, sam's fingers idly stroking his hair with one hand while thumbing through his phone with the other.
bucky's not sure how he ended up there, but he fights his initial instinct to move, the curious warmth building in his chest and stomach the longer he stays, overtaking him.
sam hasn't sensed he's awake yet, his eyes trained on the tiny pixilated words scrolling on his screen that periodically elicits a small chuckle from him. all the while, his fingers continue threading through bucky's hair—slowly, tenderly—melting away all tension left in bucky's body with each movement.
it takes tremendous effort for bucky to not fold. to not turn onto his side and bury his face into the warmth of sam's center, hugging him close and asking for more—more of sam's fingers caressing his skin and maybe sam's lips pressed to his forehead or cheek or, even better, his own lips.
bucky wants it—needs it—so bad his chest and face burn at the thought of actually making the request.
"you feeling better?" sam suddenly asks. it's then that bucky realizes sam's looking directly at him, his phone abandoned off to the side. "been a while since you've been on a plane, huh?"
"i'm fine." bucky clenches his jaw, averting his gaze when sam raises an eyebrow. "you don't need to worry about me."
"i know i don't," sam says, and bucky hates the way his stomach drops so easily at his words. "but i can't help it if i do."
bucky openly scoffs, finally sitting up and returning to his seat across from sam. it's a decision he immediately regrets, already missing the comfort of his closeness.
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margarethx · 2 hours ago
I feel like one of the reasons why Sam and Bucky work with each other so well as a duo in is the fact that they are at the same (or almost the same) level of importance when it comes to the MCU. They are in a similar position as characters.
Let me explain...
----- ------- -----
Before tfatws Sam Wilson was a character from the background. He is important for the overall storyline, but he’s not at the front of any movie. Even in ca:tws he was less relevant to the plot than e.g. Natasha. He’s necessary and there is a significant reason he’s there at all, but at the end of the day it’s a Steve Rogers’ movie. Not Sam’s. And even if calling Sam a sidekick is most of the time insulting - at least within the MCU - he kind of is a sidekick. That’s the role he has in the narrative. There’s a main hero (Steve) and a guy who follows his lead to help (Sam). Of course Sam has his own life and issues that have nothing to do with Steve, but we don’t even know them at this point. And here we’re looking at Sam through the lense of the Captain America movies.
Almost every scene with Sam before tfatws was connected to Steve. Sam joined the fight in ca:tws to help Steve. He was in AoU, because Steve invited him to Stark’s party. He was in Civil War, because Steve asked him to join the Avengers and he wanted to help Steve with finding Bucky... Similarly, Sam had his own opinions in Civil War, but we only hear them when it’s relevant to Steve’s story. (When Sam and Rhodey argue about the Accords they stand behind Steve, because the scene is about him making the decision.)  Even in Ant-Man, where there is no Steve at all, Sam mentions him after Scott left. Etc, etc. You get the picture.
And the same goes for Bucky.
We only see him in ca:tfa where his story is intertwined with Steve’s. When Steve gets his ass kicked before he got the serum. Or when they go to the Expo. Or when they fight during the war. Even when Bucky is saved by Steve it’s less about him being finally free and more about Steve finding his friend again. In ca:tws their meeting is told mostly from Steve’s perspective. It’s a film about Steve facing the Winter Soldier not the other way round. And later viewers don’t see Bucky’s life as a fugative untill the moment he becomes important to Steve’s storyline again in Civil War. And so on and so forth. It goes like that basically from Bucky’s first appearance in the MCU to the last scenes of Endgame.
When Steve and Bucky are fighting on the same side Bucky’s role could also be described as: “a sidekick”. Just like Sam’s.
----- ------- -----
And I honestly believe that this is the reason why pairing Sam and Bucky together makes so much sense. Even if you put aside the obvious chemistry between the characters and their actors it just works for them to join forces in multiple scenes.
Both of them walked in Steve’s shadow before they got their own show. Not because they’re less interesting as characters or because Steve’s storyline is better, but because Steve is one of the main heroes in the entire MCU while Sam and Bucky were always orbiting around him in a way. And we, as the viewers, learnt very little about them outside of the stuff that was important for their relationships with Cap.
Why do we know about Sam losing Riley? Because Steve also lost someone who fell to their death. Why do we see Bucky killing Stark’s parents? Because it’s a movie about Steve’s conflict with Tony (mostly) and it’s just one of many things that makes the conflict worse. I’m not implying it’s unfair to the characters or something (even though I’d love to see them having more sceentime in general)... It’s just the role they serve in a story, because someone has to be in that position for the narrative to flow. You cannot make every character “the main one”. That wouldn’t really work.
----- ------- -----
But then... When Sam and Bucky are together we suddenly see much more about both of them outside of their connection with Steve. It’s almost like destiny how they always end up in close proximity. They seem to naturally gravitate towards each other ever since they’ve met. And it looks like taking them away from a big, important character (Steve) makes them shine brighter. Most of the little moments they shared became iconic at some point when they were just allowed to exist together.
And again... I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy seeing their interactions with Steve, because I do. Especially Sam’s. But it very often feels like they interact with each other because it’s important for the progression of the plot. When Steve talks with Sam it’s often about their next mission, or how Sam helps him with something, or to show that Steve has difficulties with adjusting to the modern world. And when Steve talks with Bucky (at least after ca:tfa) I always feel like there should be a narrator’s voice talking over a scene, telling me: “see? they were friends in the past, before the war... this is important! pay attention”.
Meanwhile, when Sam and Bucky interact, some scenes just... happen for no purpose. Like they interact, because they want to, not because the script told them to. There’s absolutely no plot-related reason for showing Sam and Bucky sitting in that tiny car in Germany. Or to show them standing together in Infinity War when Thanos attacks.
What the two of them have is completely different from what they had with Steve in the past.
----- ------- -----
To be honest, it always bothered me a little how Steve never really did anything for Sam (freeing him from prison where Sam landed for helping Steve doesn’t count). It’s always Sam making Steve feel better and standing by his side. So it’s a very glaring contrast, when we got to see a whole separate montage where Bucky visits Sam and helps him fix the boat that was important to his family. Or when he casually throws a shield with him for practice, asks Sam if he’s okay, and brings him a new super-hero suit even though Sam never even asked for these favours or suggested that he needs Bucky’s help.
And I know that some people won’t like what I’m about to say, but Steve and Bucky really don’t act like they are particularly close to each other most of the time (especially after their first movie). I believe that they were friends before everything went to shit, but after ca:tws? Not really. They cling to that label, because of their shared story and because Steve cannot let go of the past, but they just... don’t act like they are friends anymore. It’s like they both changed too much and don’t know how to deal with that. So they don’t. It’s like Steve is only attached to some past version of Bucky that no longer exists and the new Bucky doesn’t fully match his expectations. Sam on the other hand has no expectations at all. He builds his relationship with Bucky from the fresh foundations. The creators don’t need to bring back some shared memories from 70 years ago to prove that these two have a strong connection. They just show them doing stuff together. The argument about The Big Three? Petty revange over a car seat? Discussing music tastes? Having “sleepovers” and giving each other slightly mean, but harmless nicknames? Discussing mental health? Having staring contests? Watching goddamn sunsets? That’s what people who are close to each other do.
And that’s why these two simply... work.
It’s not just implied or explained in a flashback. “Look, viewer. They are friends. I know they don’t act like they are, but trust me. They went for a dinner a decade ago... offscreen.” Sam and Bucky even refused to call themselves friends! They’re a couple of guys (allegedly). And yet I still know they like each other very much from the way they interact, speak about each other, or look at each other.
And I really think that one of the main reason’s why it works like that is because they’re both equally crucial (or irrelevant at times) for the story. Both are just as (un)necessary for the plot to move on. Sometimes they are very important and sometimes the plot would easily work without them. ca:tws could’ve happen without Sam. Civil War could’ve technically happen without Bucky if they put more emphasis on the Accords. There were both certainly unnecessary in Infinity War or Endgame. But there’s no way the events in tfatws would’ve happen without both of them being there together. Sam might’ve never taken the shield and become Captain America if it wasn’t for Bucky. Bucky would’ve spent countless years trying and failing to make amends and never finding peace if it wasn’t for Sam. The fandom likes to focus on only Bucky, but you wouldn’t get this much content about him if there was no Sam to share the story with him.
Because they just fit together perfectly.
----- ------- -----
Last disclaimer (because I really don’t want people to get the wrong impression): I actually like Steve. And I like Samsteve (romantically or platonically). Platonic Stevebucky is alright too. But it just kind of... pales in comparison when you see what Sam and Bucky have. Most MCU relationships pale in comparison if I’m being honest.
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mandofury · 2 hours ago
My tired brain: Bucky and Sam have a very sweet keldabe kiss while Sam is carrying Bucky as they fly in the air.
If any artist is able to, can y'all pretty please with a cherry on top draw this
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burn-thatbridge · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Sarah Wilson (Marvel), Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne, Sharon Carter (Marvel), Joaquín Torres Additional Tags: Misunderstandings, Idiots in Love, Scott tries to be helpful, but he really isn't, Sam is a dumbass, bucky is a dumbass, Sarah is not Series: Part 1 of Gone Home With Summary:
“I guess I’ll get going too, then,” Sam says.
“What?” says Scott. “You’re going to go back to yours?” He looks faintly horrified.
“Yes, should I not?” Sam asks slowly. 
Scott wrinkles his nose. “Well, it’s your sister, man.”
Sam’s stomach drops. “What?” It’s his turn to say it, harsh and shocked. Maybe he shouldn’t be surprised. He’s had the thought before but pushed it away. He has seen Bucky flirt with Sarah, and Sarah not exactly spurn his advances — quite the opposite, in fact. It’s not like he thought Bucky had taken Sam warning him off seriously, but Sam hadn’t taken the flirting seriously, either. Hadn’t wanted to. 
“Awkward,” Scott says, and then laughs, a mix of grossed-out and amused. Scott just thinks that for Sam this is the horror of realizing your best friend might be going to sleep with your sister. Not the pain of your best friend, who you are secretly in love with, taking your sister back to the apartment you share with him to sleep with her.  
On a night out, Bucky and Sarah leave together. Sam fears the worst.
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cyclogenesis · 3 hours ago
Just This Once. Sam/Bucky, Explicit. 15,732 words.
Bucky has enough to deal with given his feelings for Sam and his latent masochistic streak, so if everyone could stop treating him like some sort of murder sexbot, that would be great.
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redwingsupportgroup · 4 hours ago
When Bucky gets worked up after Zemo puts him on a blast about his notebook and the names on it, he immediately falls back to the violent ways. he holds Zemo by the neck/chocks him, a very known winter soldier move. even his tone changes.
Tumblr media
then the first thing he does after he breathes in and realises what did he just do, he looks at Sam almost immediately to check his face and/or reaction.
Sam has lunged forward but didn't really do anything, maybe because the whole thing ended as fast as it begun. but to Bucky's comfort, Sam looks at him, in the eyes, we can't really see his expression, but it must be some kind of comforting or at least normal. Bucky relaxes immediately and sits back in his seat, Sam changes the subject to lighter topics and keeps looking at Bucky to reassure him he isn't scared.
Tumblr media
Both of them are very protective of each other, and care about each other's opinion so much.
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friendlydaydreamer · 4 hours ago
Me: Maybe I should try reading something that is not sambucky fanfiction?
Brain: no.
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cadiebug · 5 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel) Additional Tags: Getting Together, Mild Hurt/Comfort, Angst, only slightly though, I'm not that mean, Maybe - Freeform, I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping, Drawing, Bucky Draws and Its a personal Head Canon, It's only weird to draw your bestie unless you're in love with him, I don't make the rules, Domestic, Insomnia, Memory Loss, Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug, So does Sam Summary:
Sam didn't mean to see it, but then again he may be, slightly, kinda did mean to pick up Buckys sketchbook and start flipping through the pages.
But like come on. Bucky wouldn't know. Right?
Gah okay, I finally posted something on ao3, and It's not even that bad. Kinda. Maybe. Eh, it's okay. 
Anyways I just wanted to put it out there, that I have been paying attention to requests. They are currently on a list of other prompts I want to do. But I do have some personal writing things I’ve been meaning to work on. But I’ll definitely get to them at some point. 
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onmyojisrambles · 7 hours ago
I keep thinking of Sam and Bucky at the Bucharest apartment.
Like… I feel like they slept together while there because of how lived in the place looked and how lucid Bucky seemed there.
For some reason I imagine that Sam was the only one completely naked tho. Bucky kept his clothes on because at that point being naked meant being vulnerable, and he was still coming to grips with his new reality.
It was a thrill for Sam (adrenaline junkie) because anyone might find them at any second and for the fact that it felt fucking delicious getting railed by a clothed Bucky. A small part of him wishes it didn’t have to be this way, but with the way Bucky looked at him, he knows they can have a future together and he can’t wait to see how they get there.
Bucky loved it as well, it was something that he was in complete control of. Sam looked gorgeous even while being surrounded by drab furniture. And he keeps thinking that there will be a time where he can do this properly with Sam, where he can step out with the other man and take him on a real bed. Maybe he’ll be able to get naked as well, Sam deserved that, Sam deserved the world and Bucky was going to fight to get better and give it to him.
Years later and months after Sam takes the mantle, they do.
Bucky takes Sam out on dates and is attentive and caring, vulnerable in ways he didn’t think he could do. Sam loves the attention and returns it in his own ways; he also learns that he lean fully on Bucky now.
And when they sleep together, it feels like a first time, Bucky does get naked and it’s emotional and they’re both crying.
They’re making love on a proper bed, in their own house and this is it, they feel it on the pit of their stomachs.
There’s no one else for them.
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marvel-sambuckyvibes · 8 hours ago
In retaliation to Bucky's various jokes and puns about Sam being short, Sam decides to leave the house and not come back for a day the next time Bucky does it.
The time for action comes quickly, when Bucky says, "Hey Sam, need help reaching that? You know, being at your level and all." Sam goes and gets in his car while Bucky laughs upstairs.
Fast forward twenty minutes later and Sam and Bucky are on the couch with a blanket because Bucky texted and called Sam one hundred forty times.
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marvel-sambuckyvibes · 8 hours ago
So one day when Sam and Bucky are walking the tables turn. Someone recognizes Bucky. They're going down the sidewalk, just enjoying their day (sam and bucky just had a wonderful argument about the water sam forgot to refrigerate) when someone walking towards them stops and says, "Wait, I know you. You're the-" except they're looking at Bucky, and right as the first syllable of "Winter Soldier" slips from this kid's mouth, Sam pulls Bucky past them, turns around, and gives the kid a solid kick in the back before Bucky could unload a round into their forehead.
Bucky appreciates this.
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marvel-sambuckyvibes · 8 hours ago
After an argument Sam will always go to wherever Bucky decided to go hide (he knows the places by heart) and will go sit with him, hold his hand, and just lean against him until Bucky finally gets up and drags them both to bed so they can cuddle.
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marvel-sambuckyvibes · 8 hours ago
I feel like it would be really Sambucky for them to wake up in the morning, all drowsy and happy and just hug eachother for hours while the light slowly becomes so bright that Sam and Bucky feel forced to get up, and hold hands in the way to the kitchen and everything.
But then an hour later they would be arguing and yelling on the street about how Sam forgot to refrigerate the water bottles.
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glittercake · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Sam, he fights like—"
"If you say Ali, you're fired. Everyone fights like Ali, nobody fights like Ali, come on now—"
"You!" Steve blurts out, his voice rising then fading to a sigh, "You. He fights like you, Sammy. Every move, every jab, his footwork. Kicked my ass. He fights like he studied you. Look, he's dedicated, and he's good. I haven't seen talent like this in a goddamn long time, Sam. He could be—"
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