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#civil war
i-like-old-things · 8 minutes ago
He he he!
*insert Julia happy dance*
I love having history majors as parents
Why? Because, our ideal vacation is going on long weekend trips to visit museums and battlefields and historical sites
Example: Gettysburg, Thomas Edison’s West Orange Lab and Estate, Patterson Falls, most of the places in the historic district of Philadelphia, etc
But nowww, we’re going to Mount Vernon!! When exactly, I have NO clue but we’re going sometime this summer so yayyyy!
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saintlopezlov3r · an hour ago
Natasha Romanoff🕷 & Tony Stark🔅 friendship✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marvel Comics
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harryinthecountryside · 4 hours ago
i swear harry and sebastian don’t look anything alike but everytime i see those leaked dwd pics i think it’s seb 😭
I think they look a lil alike but yeah those pictures really resemble seb
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nukeli · 5 hours ago
I always found Captain America as a character to be two-dimensional, overappreciated, a Mary Sue, and just straight-up annoying and occassionally even infuriating. I'm not talking about mcu OR the comics specifically. I'm not like those blind, fit-throwing Civil War lunatics.
So, naturally, i went like ""He'd be more interesting if he was evil"", and through the years i have proceeded to come up with several wildly different AU takes on evil!Steve. None of them ever became fics, however.
Does anybody want to hear about them?
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mcu-discussions · 6 hours ago
Re that scene in 1.06: I don't see Bucky being particularly nervous after the battle with the Flagsmashers, just highly aware of his surroundings and on guard against potential danger. I think hypervigilence is sort of his default state, and in this case it is enhanced by the crowd and the adrenaline rush of the battle that has just finished. So he does a quick check to make sure there's no imminent threat to Sam, then focuses his attention on getting Sharon to safety. (1/2)
Hi and thanks for sharing your take! 💌
Makes perfect sense. Reading this also reminded me how quickly he noticed the newsagent watching him in the Bucharest scene from Civil War: he's a great observer and constantly aware of his surroundings.
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scuttle-buttle · 6 hours ago
I definitely am babysitting my niece and I may or may not be watching TFATWS ep. 3 and I'm DEFINITELY NOT teaching her that Zemo is
Tumblr media
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deweybertolini · 7 hours ago
To Run Like the Wind
To Run Like the Wind
What a story. As you will hear in this PODCAST… Is he a caricature? No. A living, breathing human being? Yes. One whose tortured life teaches us much today. Thank you for listening, and for sharing this message!!! Please remember that depending upon your web browser and connection speed, it may take up to 60 seconds for this podcast to begin to play. God bless you richly as you listen.
Tumblr media
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shuckfaced-fangirl · 7 hours ago
My favorite movie from each year 2011-2020
2011 - xmen first class
Tumblr media
2012 - the hunger games
Tumblr media
2013 - frozen
Tumblr media
2014 - the maze runner
Tumblr media
2015 - star wars the force awakens
Tumblr media
2016 - captain america civil war
Tumblr media
2017 - wonder
Tumblr media
2018 - black panther
Tumblr media
2019 - avengers endgame
Tumblr media
2020 - soul
Tumblr media
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orion-nottson · 8 hours ago
if i was alive in the 1860s, i definitely would have fought for the union and committed war crimes against the south
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marvelmusing · 8 hours ago
Steve Rogers x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
You’ve been offering the Avengers legal advice for years. You helped them authorise their missions, and make sure they were protected from the government. In all your time working with them, you’ve never seen anything like the Accords.
“How’s it going?” Steve leans against the door frame of your office at the Avengers compound. You look up at him, the lamp beside you providing little light for you to see him properly. Sighing, you hold up the heavy document, as he sits beside you,
“I’ve highlighted everything I have an issue with.” Steve shifts closer to see the ridiculous amount of yellow highlighter as you flick through the pages. “As you can see it’s not looking great.”
“Thanks for reading through this, sweetheart. I really appreciate it.” You reach out and take his hand.
“Hey, it’s my job to protect you guys. You fight the bad guys. I make sure you keep your human rights.” You joke. Though after reading the Accords you realise it’s not too far from the truth. He gives you a small smile. You squeeze his hand gently. The news of Peggy’s death affected him much more than he let on. It breaks your heart to see him like this. “How’re you doing?” He sighs quietly.
“Not too bad.” You trace your thumb over his hand.
“When’s the funeral?”
“In two days.” You nod. The day of the Accords signing.
“I can come with you?” You offer, though it’s likely he’ll want to be alone. He shakes his head,
“You’re needed here.”
“Not if you need me.” He smiles at your insistence.
“Sam’s offered to come with me. I’ll be okay.” You nod, glad that Sam will be with him.
“I love you.” You whisper, as you pull his hand to your lips. He gives you another smile,
“Love you too.” You look down at the Accords.
“You don’t have to sign this, Steve. You can wait. Wait until I’ve made sure it’s safe, for everyone, to sign it. In the meantime you’ll just have to lay low. Be a little more domestic.” You smile at him softly, “We can have date night on Fridays, movie night on Saturdays, then we can have a roast on Sunday. You could try out some of your Ma’s old recipes.” He seems comforted by your suggestion.
“Is this a sneaky way of getting me to cook you dinner?” You smirk at him, glad he’s smiling more.
“Perhaps?” You rest your head against his shoulder, and he places a kiss against your forehead. “We’ll sort this out, my love.”
“Thank you, doll.”
Tumblr media
You’re thinking of Steve when you’re in Vienna, when politicians mention how they wish he was there you agree with them. You do wish he was here. Though you know he’ll never sign the Accords as they are now. You stand at the back of the room, among the hoards of diplomats, assistants, and translators. Then the bomb goes off, and the chaos erupts. You soon find Natasha, and the two of you make it out. You both help with evac before finding out King Chaka is amongst the casualties. And that the main suspect for the bombing is the Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes. Steve’s best friend. Natasha goes to sit with Prince T’Challa. You decide to take a walk along the street, to clear your head. You look down at your phone, seeing Steve’s name flash up on the screen. You answer quickly,
“You alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I was near the back, so I got lucky.” You hear Steve breathe a sigh of relief, in the background of the call you hear a police siren. You hear the same siren as the car pulls up across the street from you. You stand up, looking around for Steve. You can’t spot him. “I know you’ll want to find Bucky. But please, stay home. I can sort this out.”
“You saying you’ll arrest me?”
“No. I won’t. But someone will. We said we’d lay low after the signing. You’re not going to are you?”
“Doll, if he’s this far gone. I should be the one to bring him in.”
“Steve. Stay safe, please.”
“I love you.”
“Love you too, Rogers.” You hear him hang up. You look around, hoping to see him somewhere. No sign of him. You sigh, hoping he won’t do anything drastic.
Tumblr media
Then you find out Steve’s been arrested. Along with Sam, Bucky, and King T’Challa. So you head to the Task Force Headquarters in Berlin. You watch as they bring Bucky in, locked in a large metal cell. You frown in annoyance. You head towards the black van that’s just parked up. The door is opened and Steve gets out, with Sam, and T’Challa behind him. You stand next to Agent Carter and Agent Ross, a large number of soldiers surrounding the area. Steve looks towards Bucky before turning his gaze to you.
“What’s gonna happen?” He asks as he strides towards your group.
“Same thing that ought to happen to you. Psychological evaluation, and extradition.” You frown at Ross.
“This is Everett Ross,” you introduce him. “Deputy Task Force Commander.”
“What about a lawyer?” Steve asks. Ross smiles,
“A lawyer, that’s funny.”
“I’m working on it.” You tell Steve. Ross gives you a hard stare, which you return.
“Agent Carter, see their weapons are placed in a lockup. We’ll write you a receipt.”
“I better not look out the window and see anybody flying around in that.” Sam comments as the group follows Ross. You stay close to Steve’s side, as he glances back at Bucky. Bucky’s eyes meet Steve’s then glance to you momentarily. He looks almost resigned to his fate. You take a breath before calling out to Ross,
“Why isn’t Sergeant Barnes with the rest of the group?” He laughs quietly,
“You’re kidding?” You shake your head at him. “You’re asking why one of the world's deadliest assassins isn’t walking next to us?”
“The Winter Soldier is one of the world’s most deadly assassins. Sergeant Barnes is America’s longest serving prisoner of war. If this is the respect you give our veterans you should be ashamed of yourself.” Ross isn’t laughing anymore.
“He blew up the UN.”
“Innocent until proven guilty.” You counter. “What proof do you have that he did it?”
“He was photographed at the scene.”
“One grainy photograph is hardly substantial evidence, Commander.” He sighs, knowing that you won’t drop this,
“I’m not the one you should be taking this up with.”
“Who is then?” He gestures towards the glass windows of the office you’re approaching. Where Tony is standing, talking on the phone. After a brief exchange between your groups, Steve sits in one office with Tony. Whilst you stay with Sam and Nat in another office nearby. You look over to Steve as he and Tony talk. It doesn’t take long before their voices are raised at one another. Steve soon heads out and joins you and Sam. Nat goes to stand with Tony whilst the UN psychologist talks with Bucky. You press a button on the intercom which allows you to hear what’s going on. Steve looks down at the photograph taken of Bucky, supposedly when he was in Vienna.
“Why would the Task Force release this photo of him anyway?” Sharon tries to justify it. You have an awful fear that something’s about to happen. Then the power goes out. You tell Steve where they’re holding Bucky, and with that Steve and Sam rush off. You don’t know at the time, but that’s the last time you see Steve for some time.
Tumblr media
He gives you one call. He explains that he’s still in Berlin. That he has to go to Siberia, to stop the doctor from releasing the Winter Soldiers. You tell him you understand, you know he has to do this. He tells you to take care of yourself. You tell him to be safe. That you love him. He loves you back. You hear about the fight at the airport. That Sam, Clint, Wanda, and Scott have been arrested and sent to the Raft. Secretary Ross ignores your demands to see them. You hope that, wherever Steve and Bucky are, they’re safe. Then you see Tony. He seems uncomfortable around you. Like he’s seeing Steve everytime he looks at you, and when that thought crosses his mind, he seems guilty. Like he hasn’t told you something.
Tumblr media
Months go by. You don’t hear from Steve at all. Random government agents keep stopping by your apartment to ask you about Steve. It makes you consider leaving, going somewhere else, away from everything that’s happened. But you stay, in the hope that it’ll help Steve find you. One morning you’re woken up by someone hammering at your door. You pull yourself out of bed, and head to the door. It’s some more government agents. They seem new to the game, their threats are half hearted and once you recite all the laws they’d be breaking if they entered your apartment they soon lose their mojo.
“Listen, I have no idea where Captain Rogers is. I assure you, if he happens to swing by, you will be the first to know.” Like hell you’d tell them. They see that you’re not budging, say their goodbyes and leave. It’s not even half an hour until there’s another knock at your door. Granted it’s more gentle than your morning wake up, but it still grates at your nerves. You head to the door, calling out, “For the last Goddamn time, I have no idea where Steve,” you pull open your door. “Rogers is.” You whisper out the last part, shocked by the sight in front of you. It’s him. It’s Steve. You throw yourself into his arms, pulling inside the apartment. He breathes your name against your neck, holding you as close as possible. He pulls back, cupping your face in his hands, looking you up and down.
“Are you alright?” He asks. You laugh a little,
“Am I alright? Steve, what happened to you? I heard Tony say you fought, nobody told me what happened. I feared the worst.”
“I’m okay, I promise. I’m so sorry for leaving you.” You shake your head,
“You did what you had to do. It’s okay, my love.” He nods, pulling you close again.
“I broke our friends out of the Raft.” You look up at him. You know he’d never leave them to pay for standing with him. You nod,
“He’s safe.”
“Good.” He squeezes your waist, wanting you closer than ever. He sighs,
“I know you wanted to fix this. I’m sorry, doll. But I don’t see how we can work this out legally anymore.” You shake your head,
“We can’t. That doesn’t matter to me anymore. As long as I have you, that’s all that matters to me.” He sighs,
“I’ll be running from the law now. I’ll let you know how I am when I can. I-” You pull away from him, frowning. You head to your kitchen. “Sweetheart, I know it’s not ideal-” You reach into the cupboard under the sink and pull out the emergency bag you kept hidden there.
“I’m coming with you.” You turn back to him as his eyes widen in surprise.
“It’ll be dangerous.”
“I know. But you’re not leaving me here.” He knows that look on your face. There’s nothing you can’t argue your way out of. He smiles at you,
“Wouldn’t dream of it, doll.”
Tumblr media
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saucy-history8 · 9 hours ago
this is my review on the movie “Free State of Jones” (may contain spoilers btw) 
I think this movie was excellent and I think it showed many things very well such as: The horrors of war, racial injustice, struggles of freedmen in reconstrusction, interracial marriage, and the rich man’s war but a poor man’s fight 
The war aspect of it was great, the opening battle scene was bloody and a bit hard to watch with amputations, but it was emmotional and real, seeing people just get shot and the rest of the troops just walking over dead bodies like they didn’t even see them. It’s real and it’s moving. 
The idea of a rich man’s war but a poor man’s fight is demonstarted perfectly in this movie, really showing that the confederacy scraped off everything from the poor citizens, leaving the welathy plantation owners to keep doing whatever. 
Seeing the rag tag group of deserters of the confederate army, freedmen, and women become one county and be united was inspiring to see. It followed not just the war but really showed inequality after reconstruction. The character Moses Washington was one of my favorites, he was inspiring to see and when his little boy got taken back into slavery even after it was abolished he went back to get him, he worked to ensure his fellow freedmen could vote, he gave his last breath to helping others, but sadly SPOILER, Moses got lynched by the KKK. It was heartbreaking and very very very real to see. 
It’s a moving movie, the cinemotography is great and it captures not just war but also inequality very well. Overall really good movie I enjoyed it a lot. 
Thanks for coming to my movie review, maybe I’ll start reviewing civil war movies 
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rogerfckintaylor · 9 hours ago
I hope sebastian stan knows how much we lov him cause superheroes kicking each others asses for 2 hrs really aint my vibe but he's too pretty so i'll suffer
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bitchiva · 9 hours ago
Why is everyone on ao3 some brand of anti steve rogers, or anti team cap, or not Steve friendly or something??? these are literal tags with shitloads of works. Any anti tony tags are like,,,3 pages, that too scarce.
What has steve done, is my question. What is so wrong with anything he did that he's hated so blatantly??
More importantly, why is tony revered and "protected" as if he's some baby who has to be shielded from the consequences of his own actions?? Like,,,,Ultron, accords - tony knew about it all and Steve had no clue until the end moment and even then he tried his best to do damage control. Steve dismantling Tony's suit cuz he was gonna kill his beat friend (*cough* lover *cough*) is wrong but tony firing at Sam when all he wanted was to help Rhodey was right?? It's not on team cap that vision got too distracted by a crush, isn't he supposed to be some ever evolving Android????
Tony trying to kill Bucky while he was brainwashed and mind controlled is ok, but wanda and pietro acting out of sheer self defence and desperation after Tony's weapons killed their whole family and destroyed their life wasn't fair???
What is this hypocrisy where all tony does it justified but everytime Steve does smth similar, he's acting out of line, or is to be bashed or smth??
Didn't tony like retire in aou or smth?? Why was he so interested in the fucking accords then if he was retired or shit?? Why would he side with the man who tortured his "science bro' Bruce???
"we need to be kept in check" no honey, tony, that's just you and your ego.
(also what's up with winteriron?? What kinda toxic ship is that??? Why would you ship Bucky with a person who tried to kill him in a fit of rage???)
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ronbowie · 9 hours ago
Correct me if I’m wrong but Vision is supposed to be morally gray, isn’t he?
Here me out (this is based off my memory, so I may be off base, who knows).
But Vision is made up of JARVIS, Ultron, and the Mind stone, correct?
Ultron was deemed evil because he knew too much about the world and decided it couldn’t be saved, so he would destroy it and remake it in his imagine which he deemed “perfect”.
While JARVIS was a complex AI that could access basically any data and main function was to take care of Tony much like human Jarvis did. I would deem that as fundamentally Good, he was programmed to be a good to neutrally aligned AI.
But then there’s the mind stone which is a very grey area. It’s been show to give people powers if used in certain ways (Wanda & Pietro for example) or power life forms (Vision) and even fester on the dark thoughts and desires others (Loki) and brainwash (Clint).
It persuades the mind to do whatever it pleases despite not having a conscious of that makes sense. But usually, it persuades others to give into their desires from its history.
So Vision is made up of three things, The Bad (Ultron), The Good (JARVIS) and the Grey (Mind Stone).
Which really explains how he is to me. Case and point when Tony tells him to make Sam a “Glider” during the airport fight scene. Tony leaves room for Vision to decide on how he does it, and Tony used to be this vague with JARVIS at times too, yet JARVIS always did the right thing in Tony’s books, and I think Tony expected Vision not to shoot to kill, but quite literally slow Sam down and make him “glide” down to the ground so he can be subdued.
But Vision takes this as an order, much like JARVIS, but he chooses to use the mind stone in particular to take Sam down. Except he misses and hits Rhodey. He shows remorse after this in passing because Rhodey was close to Tony, close to JARVIS, but he doesn’t seem to truely understand that what he did was wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony took his anger out on Sam simply because he realises his mistake and didn’t know how to lash out at Vision who could easily take a shot at him. There’s probably a lot more complicated feelings there in that scene but it’s very possible Tony realised Vision wasn’t as infalliable as JARVIS. He interacts with him less and less as the movies progress too.
And there’s also the scene in the kitchen with Wanda. Vision comes off as very well meaning but awkward, but he’s obviously seeking companionship with Wanda. It’s the first person he actively seeks to befriend. I’ve theorised this from the beginning, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason he acts so sweet with Wanda is because she gained her powers from the exact stone in his head. The Mind Stone actively seeks out Wanda of all people when in retrospect Vision should be more drawn to Tony, Rhodey or Pepper, hell any of the original six avengers, given he is infused with JARVIS’ coding. Outside of Wanda, Vision comes off quite stilted and awkward around others, as if he’s on the fine line of knowing he should want their friendship but not really feeling the pull to interact with them as he does Wanda.
Honestly, I’m rambling at this point, but I think if Vision had stayed alive in the MCU there would have been a chance of him going rogue or even anti-hero. When I saw White Vision in WandaVision, it was like seeing what Vision could have become if he hadn’t had the Mind Stone directing his actions out of his base desires and feelings which were; Following Orders with Good Intention (JARVIS), Staying Close To Wanda (Mind Stone), and Feeling Disconnected From Humanity (Ultron). He sees humanities flaws through a naive gaze, but I feel he understands at his core that we have many good and bad things about us.
I’m done rambling now ahhh
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