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#john walker
tjadakaa · 29 minutes ago
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Today is a simping for John Walker kind of day huh
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super-hero-confessions · 38 minutes ago
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gorillageek27 · 2 hours ago
Comic parallel
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img121 · 3 hours ago
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zebob16 · 6 hours ago
Seeking comfort ✨
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I've been having some tought couple of weeks and wanted to imagine some comfort interactions with my comfort character John Walker. Hope y'all enjoy it. I'll try my best as usual. The reader is gender neutral and this fic is sfw. Mention of death of a relative.
It's been a month since half the population of the universe got snapped by Thanos. I've received a sudden promotion. I should be happy about it but I wasn't. My promotion, like the promotions of many of my coworkers was only a reminder that the previous person on the job was not longer part of existence. They were not dead, they simply vanished. They turned to dust. Stopped existing altogether.
I left my workplace at five. The bus had less people than it used to. There used to be those "familiar strangers", those people you don't actually knew but who were still a part of your routine because you shared a bus ride everyday. Now the bus was full of unfamiliar strangers again. According to the avengers the choice was random. I wonder if in some places no one got dusted at all. If some families were somehow still intact.
I tried not to think too much about it. Tried to focus on the present and on those who remained but it was just impossible. Everything reminded me of the snap in one way or another. Like my home. Coming home from work used to be good, my parents would be watching tv, and my dog would jump in my legs. My dog and my father got dusted. My mom didn't, but she was in the car with my dad. She wasn't quick enough to grab the wheel.
Now my home is just me. It has been for a month now but I still can't get used to it. The walls feel so cold and abandoned. So empty all the time. I got hit by a sudden urge not to go home. On the bus window I saw the city lights and the people walking around. I saw Custer's Grove High School, the school I attended as a teenager. I left the bus in front of it.
It was already dark so there was nobody there and the lights were all off. I walked in with no problem whatsoever. There used to be security guards there, one or two tops, but apparently those were vacant now like so many other jobs all around the world (and galaxy).
My footsteps made loud noises while I walked around the school. On the walls there were colorful cardboards with the names of snapped people. There were also photos and poems and flowers all around. It all felt wack for some reason. Pointless. If there was a heaven those people were not there. Were they even dead?
The football field was still as huge as I remember. I never liked being there. I didn't enjoy the games or the cheerleaders or the mascot. Now though the field made me feel good. Good and bad at the same time. Bittersweet. I sat in one of the stands like I've done so many times in the past. I took a deep breath and the cold air hurted my nostrils a little but I didn't care. It was indeed the first thing I felt the whole day.
I dived my face into my hands and without realizing it I started to cry. The tears flew around my fingers. Even though I knew I would feel better eventually, at that particular moment I felt like crap.
"Tough times huh?" I heard a male voice nearby and jumped in surprise.
The man seemed to be around my age. He was wearing a military uniform, was blond and that was pretty much all I could see with the darkness around us.
"Don't worry" he chuckled, "I won't tell anyone you're crying in a highschool field at night. Otherwise I'm gonna have to explain what I'm doing here!"
He got closer and I realized he also had tears in his eyes even though they looked dry now.
"I'm John Walker, by the way."
I said my name and shaked his hand.
"This is embarrassing." I poorly cleaned my face with the back of my hands.
"No, it isn't!" John reassured me, "We have all being crying. I mean it's the only option at this point."
"You're right. I wanted to ask if you've lost someone but it's pointless. Of course you have. We all have."
We both looked at the empty field for a second.
"I used to study here." I said.
"Yeah, me too. I was one of those jocks."
"I can see that!" I said, pointing at his uniform. We both chuckled. "Where were you?"
"Afghanistan. We all came back because of the snap."
"You were there when it happened?"
"War is hard in and on itself. I'm sorry John."
"Thanks." He smiled, "It means a lot."
I smiled back and suddenly felt the need to talk
"Can I vent real quick?"
"Please! This is why I came here in the first place!"
We both chuckled again. I stayed in silence a couple seconds gathering my thoughts.
"It's just that...everything just seems so pointless nowadays. I get up, go to work, come back home and go to sleep just to repeat everything the next day. But I can't find any joy in it because the people I would like to share this routine with are now gone. You understand me?"
"Yeah, totally!" John sighted, "I'm just so glad my girlfriend is still around."
"Your girlfriend didn't get snapped? You're one of the lucky ones, I see."
"Hardly!" John chuckled while tilting his head, "I mean I love her don't get me wrong!"
"Of course!"
"...But looking at the circumstances. It's all fucked up. I wanted to ask her hand, you know?"
"Oh my gosh really??"
"Yeah yeah I even bought the ring already."
He stopped talking and I felt the "but" building itself inside his head.
"But...?" I whispered.
"But..." He snapped his fingers and the gesture actually sent a shiver down my spine. "Not the best time for a party is it now?"
I took a deep breath.
"I just feel so lost."
"Me too."
"I had everything planned out, you know? But suddenly all my family is gone and I don't even now how my life is going to be next week. I don't feel safe or organized in any way."
I felt John touch his shoulder on mine. I appreciated the gesture and smiled. Abusing of his kindness I placed my head on John's shoulder. He shifted to a more comfortable position for both of us.
"I miss before." I said, "The world wasn't perfect by any means but waking up in the morning surely felt so much easier."
"I agree."
John and I stayed there for a while enjoying each other's company and silent comfort. Eventually I took my head off his shoulder. My chest felt lighter.
"You're a true hero John Walker."
"Please don't thank me for my service!" He smiled.
"Don't worry I won't. I will thank you for being here tonight. It feels good to share the grief."
"Thank you for being here tonight!" John replied, "I agree with everything you said."
I smiled at John and he smiled back. We hugged each other really tight and went to the bus stop together. And this is the story of how I cried in front of captain America that one time. Before he was Captain America of course!
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tramamakesyoufunnier · 7 hours ago
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(no wait
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johnwalker-the-newcap · 8 hours ago
John: That’s one of my biggest fears. Like, if I ever woke up as a donut...
Lemar: You would eat yourself?
John: I wouldn’t even question it.
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mqximofff · 10 hours ago
it seems like the spanish mcu community have started shopping wanda maximoff and john walker I have so many questions-
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lrxvii · 11 hours ago
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Digital Art
Peace was never an option
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itsflygtig · 12 hours ago
1. He doesn't show the shield when presenting himself.
2. Can't people see that John sometimes introduces himself as Captain America because he is NOT sure that people will know him by his name because he wasn't a public person before that? It is not so difficult to see.
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backdraft-bimbo · 12 hours ago
the F in John F. Walker stands for Fucking and that's my only contribution for tonight
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valwentinefics · 16 hours ago
Locker room - John Walker x F!Reader (18+)
Your husband is feeling stressed over his new job as Captain America so you decide to help him out, just like old times.
A/n: Before you say something about him being horrible let me just say he’s hot so it’s okay.
Warnings: Creampies, locker room sex, very slight degradation in one part if you squint really hard
You walked into the old locker room, nostalgia washing over you as you thought back to your teenage years. You had snuck into this locker room many times when you were younger, and though you weren’t sneaking this time it still felt odd to walk in. You took in the familiar yellow lockers before your eyes landed on your husband, John, who was staring at the locker that used to be his. It was odd to think of how far he had come, from star football player to Captain America. If anyone could do the job though it was John, your sweet, caring, and adoring husband.
“Reliving the glory days?” You interrupted his thoughts. He turned around to face you, his blue eyes meeting yours. God how you loved his eyes, they were such a brilliant blue you felt as if you could drown in them at any given moment. You wouldn’t mind dying in the depths of his blue eyes. “I remember sneaking into this locker room before every game to see you.”
“It’s probably why we always won,” He smiled and you both laughed softly, nostalgia filling your minds. You two were high school sweethearts and the whole building brought back sweet memories of each other.
“Are you nervous?” You asked him, concern filling you as you faintly heard the chatter of the crowd through the walls. 
“Never.” He joked before turning serious. “Everyone in the world expects me to be something, and I don’t want to fail them.”
“I know.” You put a hand on his shoulder. Without warning his hands cupped your cheeks and pulled you into a kiss. You could feel his worry melting away as his soft lips moved against your own. Your hands tangled into his hair before you pulled away to catch your breath. “Why don’t I help you out, like old times?” 
“I think I have time in my schedule for that.” He mumbled against you lips as he kissed you again, hands reaching up your shirt to toy with your breasts, pinching your nipples gently. 
You began to palm him through his pants as he broke the kiss to kiss at your jawline, making you moan quietly for him as you felt yourself grow wet. John pinned you against a locker, his knee slipping between your thighs and you began to grind on it desperate for the friction.  He moved a hand from your breast and moving it into your pants, rubbing your clit.
“God you’re so wet for me babygirl.” He smirked, his hands undoing his belt and pulling down his pants and boxers swiftly as you removed your own bottoms. He hoisted you up, his hands supporting your ass as you wrapped your legs around his waist, your back feeling the cold metal of his old locker. “Stay quiet.”
Your husband pressed himself into you and you had to fight back your need to moan as his cock sunk into you, filling you up fully. He stayed nestled inside of you for a few moments as you caught your breath before thrusting at a slow pace, only quickening his pace when you gave him a nod okay.
John used his mouth to move your shirt so it exposed the area between your shoulder and neck, biting down on the flesh as he thrusted into you at a steady and fast pace, causing you to toss your head back with pleasure, your mouth open with silent moans. It was hard for you to stay quiet as he hit the right spots that made you become putty in his hands, but you managed, instead breathing heavily. 
You felt his nails dig into the soft flesh of your ass as he began to thrust deeper. His quiet breathy moans and grunts tickled your neck as you felt his lips graze against your skin. “Such a good girl, taking my cock so well.” He praised you, making your cheeks flush at the praise from him.
“Oh captain!” You were unable to hold back your moan. He began to thrust into you harder, his hands gripping tightly on your ass as he repeatedly filled you with his thick cock, bringing you waves of pleasure. 
“Do you like being fucked by your captain, babygirl? Do you like bouncing on my cock? You’re such a perfect little slut.” He praised, pulling his face away from your neck to look you in your eyes, smirking as he saw your blushing face.
“Yes captain! Oh fuck, I love it when you fuck me!” You moaned quietly as he moved you so you were laying on the bench in the middle of the room. You looked up at his blue eyes lustfully as your back was pushed into the wooden bench by one hand on your chest, his other hand rubbing your clit while he continued to fuck you.
“I’m going to cum in you babygirl. I’m going to fill you up with my cum and you’re going to stand there and watch my interview while it drips out of you like a good girl.” His words made you moan, your hands shooting up to cover your mouth to keep quiet. He chuckled softly as he watched you blush and struggle to keep quiet below him. He rubbed your clit faster as his thrusts became harder and slower as he neared his climax. “Are you going to be a good girl and cum for me?”
You nodded quickly, feeling a tightness in your abdomen as you neared your orgasm. “Captain, I gotta cum!” You announced as you felt yourself on the edge.
He sped up his thrusts. “Cum for me babygirl, cum for you captain!” He ordered you, slamming into your pussy as he shot his large load of cum into you before pulling apart, breathing heavily. 
John grabbed your discarded pants and panties, shoving his cum back into you with his fingers before putting them on for you, letting you catch your breath as he put on his own clothes.
You sat up, smiling at him but still out of breath. “Do you feel better now?” 
“Very. Thank you so much darling.” He kissed you on your forehead. 
You stood up, feeling his cum drip out of you and into your panties. You gave John a quick kiss on his lips before heading to the locker room washroom to fix your hair and makeup. “Remember John, be yourself. They’re going to love you.”
Your husband returned your smile. “You always make me feel better about everything babygirl.”
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positively-emerald · 16 hours ago
Im a big fan of how much of Bucky’s fighting style is to literally just SLAM INTO THINGS as hard as he can with whatever he has handy
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captainpikeachu · 18 hours ago
The reason I keep saying story framing is so important in how John Walker’s story is presented is because a different story framing would have actually changed entirely how people would have seen him and his motivations.
All you have to do is look at the film John Wick to realize this. The protagonist is a hitman who amassed his fortune by professionally killing people for the mafia. He’s literally a bad person and murderer by any objective standard. Yet because the film opens with him being lovely with his wife, then we see him losing her to illness, and then he gets a puppy from her and then he unfairly loses that dog, every single frame is designed so that we sympathize with him when he goes on a rampage and kills over 70 people in one film. We never question the morality of his killing because the film already framed the story as those people who died “deserved” it.
If John Walker had been the protagonist of the show, if the story had presented his point of view and motivations and context of his emotional state and his past and backstory and how all of that drives him to do what he does, if they had let the viewers into his world and followed his journey from the beginning where we saw his doubts, his reluctance to take on the shield, how the government convinced him, the pressure he constantly faced, or his trauma and how he got three medals of honor, his actions throughout the show would have been seen as understandable and justified, and maybe even right, the same way people cheered on John Wick enough that he’s got numerous sequels and spin offs.
Story framing is key to storytelling and people need to realize this.
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