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#incorrect avengers
tonystarksfifthchild · 12 minutes ago
Vision: Are you ok?
Wanda: Short answer or long answer?
Vision: short answer
Wanda: no
Vision: ok then, long answer
Wanda: nooooooooooo
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idyllicmei · 32 minutes ago
Y/n: I hate you
Peter's mind, enemies to lovers au, slowburn, angst, with happy ending, 400k+words:
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 32 minutes ago
Thor: All of my capes keep disappearing, it’s strange
Bruce, using one of his capes as a blanket: I wonder where they could’ve gone
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incorrectmarvels · an hour ago
Sharon: Steve, will you please tell Nat, Bucky, and Sam why we were kissing?
Steve: An online dating site randomly paired us up, so as a joke I thought it would be funny to pretend you and I were dating. And then you kissed me as a joke to shut me up.
Sharon: But we never had any other romantic contact after that?
Steve: No, that would be like dating your elderly aunt.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 hours ago
Scott: Who are you texting?
Y/N: Ahhh! No one. I’m just reading my horoscope.
Scott: Liar. Why would anyone read their horoscope so late in the day? Everything’s already happened.
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Stephen: I want to kiss you
Tony: There’d better be more than kissing
Tony: There’d better be doughnuts
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Stephen: I saw… a trillion different realities folding onto each other, like thin sheets of metal forming a single blade…
Wong: Yes, yes, the time-knife, we’ve all seen it
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Tony: Hey dude
Bruce: I’m not your dude, I’m your bro
Tony: *nods* Of course bro, I always respect people’s bronouns
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buckys-blue-eyes · 4 hours ago
Steve: *Walking in on Bucky about to yeet himself out the window with Peter filming*
Steve: WHAT-
Peter: ...
Bucky: ...
Peter: You know that science experiment where you drop the egg?
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quirkdemon · 4 hours ago
Thor: Loki, you're acting like a child
Loki: I am not ACTING
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sebbystanlover · 5 hours ago
Marvel quotes 33
y/n: I'm not stupid bucky, my general knowledge is better than you think.
bucky: alright, spell orange.
y/n: the color or the fruit?
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sebbystanlover · 5 hours ago
Marvel quotes 32
y/n: so Nat, whats the first thing you notice when a man approaches you?
Natasha: the fucking audacity.
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funkylittlebidiot · 5 hours ago
Stephen: hey what are you doing?
Harley: fishing
Stephen: ah - okay, you kids and your online games -
Harley: yea
Stephen: wait, you’re on your email - Who’s Karl Hamburg?
Harley: idk but he just paid $25 for a package he never ordered so I’m buying us Italian for dinner
Stephen: get me the truffle ravioli
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bucky-freaking-barnes · 5 hours ago
Steve: How are we supposed to put a tracker the size of a penny on sam without them noticing? 
Bucky: Hey, sam, I bet you 5 bucks that you can't swallow this penny
Sam: *takes and swallows tracker* Pay up, loser
Steve: ...
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bucky-freaking-barnes · 5 hours ago
Sam: we’re about to do the taser challenge
Sam: you want in? 
Nat: what's the taser challenge? 
Bucky: we tase each other, then drink
Nat: how do you win? 
Sam: what are you, a lawyer? You want in or not?
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godsofhumanity · 5 hours ago
Isis: If your friends jumped off a cliff would you follow them?
Horus: Absolutely not!
Isis: Ok good.
Horus: I would jump first. I’m a leader, not a follower.
Isis: nO
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westannatasharomanoff · 6 hours ago
Steve: I don’t know, can you?
Natasha: (sighs) May I get a hell yeah?
Steve: You should’ve gotten a hell yeah during break before the meeting started.
Natasha: (frustrated groan) But I didn’t need a hell yeah during break
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lesbian-deadpool · 7 hours ago
Steve: What’s a sugar daddy?
Bruce: Um... a... dad... who... gives you candy...?
Bruce: Don’t you dare.
Y/N: But-
Bruce: Don’t taint him.
Steve: ???
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