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michasartdump · 2 hours ago
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"I know who you pretend I am."
wow this took longer than i expected but oh well. anyway have some hands because i haven't been able to get mitski's "washing machine heart" out of my head and all the edits that people made with sambucky and riley and steve and aaaaa i just needed to paint this ok
also 2 different versions because i couldnt decide which one i like more hehe
reblogs as always appreciated!!
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kamwashere · 3 hours ago
just thinking about the fact that karli is what wanda would have become if she didn’t become an avenger
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terathegreat · 5 hours ago
It would've been interesting if Karli had lived. I don't think the Found Family with SamBucky could've been a thing because, regardless of her good cause, innocent people did die and she'd have to account for that. So. Prison?
And Sam goes as often as he can to see her. Just to talk to her and let her know she isn't alone because he has a soft spot for her. Bucky follows, ofc, because no way is Sam going into this Super Max Prison with just his wonderfully kind and understanding heart - he's ready to accept Sam's assessment that Karli is a victim of "The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions", but he also knows ppl can turn on a dime.
Anyway, it goes on for a while and all this time Karli is holding on to that Sharon/Power Broker info. And Sharon knows that she could spill at any time and is very curious why she hasn't because tattling to Captain America would mess up a few things.
And, idk, I don't have this fully thought out, but it would be an interesting story. Better than whatever is happening with Captain Murder-Liar.
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slytherclaw2005 · 11 hours ago
Sam and Bucky really did were RIDE (car scene) or DIE (dust scene in Wakanda) together before tfatws even came out.
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chonko-the-simp · 13 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so like i was one of those people who chopped off all their hair during quarantine and my mentally ill ass cannot handle the short hair touching my neck, plus I’m lazy so doing my hair just ain’t it for me so I’m growing it back out and I’m almost to the point where I wanna get it styled but like I’m trying to decide which look I should go for and here are the ideas I’ve come up with so far
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fanficmaniatic · 15 hours ago
Okey... So I just read a post where someone said they where disappointed Riley was not mentioned in tfatws.... And I agree.
But it let me thinking... How could they now mention Riley in Cap4/ Season 2, and I may have an Idea...
What if they next time Sam Mentions Riley is after Bucky is badly hurt? He is bleeding out, almost unconscious, when Sam comes screaming “Riley” begging him not to leave him. Bucky barely notices, cuz he was almost unconsious, but after he wakes up he asks Sam about it, and it causes their relationship to take a step back.
Now this would need to happen early in the plot, so that at the end they could have worked it all out... But yeah, what do y’all think?
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1stbonesfan · 16 hours ago
I need for Bucky's surviving family to come find him. And welcome him. And love him. And I need this to happen after he's moved to Delacroix but before he and Sam get together. I really want him to have a strong, stable, Barnes family support system to help him see that he deserves to be happy with Sam.
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bottlesandcats · 18 hours ago
Props to all of the OG sambucky shippers who called that shit back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Y’all were doing God’s work and paved the way for the rest of us.
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vapidandaimless · 19 hours ago
NO! Because he's saying Sam is bad at sharing because Sam probably keeps going on about "that's my shirt, Buck" (ignore the stars in his eyes) and "Bucky, that is my beer" and Bucky just shrugs and takes his sweet time on that one sip and Sam licks his lips but shush and also "damnit man, get your own slice" and Bucky laughs with his mouth full and says "I brought the cake!!!" while Sam absentmindedly wipes frosting from Bucky's chin but, you see, Sam is SO BAD at sharing 🙄
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kahm00nn · 19 hours ago
dying to find time and motivation to make a Sam Wilson appreciation edit with this song
someday,,, someday
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inlovewivlove · 22 hours ago
Sam: I was attracted to you first.
Bucky: Well, I confessed first.
Sam: Well I asked you out first.
Bucky: Well I said I love you first.
Sam, getting down on one knee: I proposed first.
Bucky: wHaT!
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feathersofvibranium · 22 hours ago
// so tfatws caatws sambucky headcanon/meta ~
what if on one of the long military plane flights (before zemo and his snazzy plane) the idiots get bored and bucky doesn’t want to do more inner thoughts reflections so he casually* brings up his date with leah at Izzy to sam, or that he was on a date and it didn’t work out
sam being the empath and solution-finder talks him into how to be a better date, how to say things that he knows works with the ladies, what to say, “no, man, no one uses ‘dame’ anymore!”, with plenty of sass and banter exchanged between them, as they do, and just.. casual social-meter boosting all around, probably
*”casually” but we all know he’s been masterminding this entire ‘get sam-sempai to notice me’ situation since before end of endgame *coughs*
so bucky pretends to not listen and they get to their destination and that was that
who’s the next single person they run into? 
sarah wilson
time to turn up the charm using sam’s advice that he clearly was listening to, just to get under sam’s skin
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I always say morning instead of good morning because if it was a good morning i'd be watching a new episode of tfatws
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