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burninmatches12 minutes ago
Ok well see now you have to write something where Zemo gets off on being called sir. We gotta make this canon official, y'know, for the people.
oh honey bold of you to assume i'm not already doing it as we speak...
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ada-crowe28 minutes ago
Yesterday I watched "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and you know what? This is amazing! Daniel as Baron Zemo is so gorgeous! 馃敟馃憦馃挅
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lex-the-flex38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Imagine Being Zemo鈥檚 Sugar Babies
A/N: This gif totally makes it look like Sam and Bucky are Zemo鈥檚 bodyguards and I love it.
Like Sam and Bucky, Zemo decided to give you a better life, allowing you and the boys to live with him.
All the high-end clothes, jewelry, shoes, and electronics you could ever ask for.
All the best food and drinks would be at your disposable. Even when the four of you would be at home or in hiding.
Endless parties聽around the world and attending professional or private meetings.
Front row seats to concerts, private art exhibitions, and fashion shows.
While Sam would change his mind about sending Zemo back to prison once he realized how well the four of you worked together.聽
No matter how perfectly weird it was.聽
You would never have to drive anywhere. Zemo or Sam would always take the wheel, or have a personal driver.
On the occasion where you did have to drive, Bucky would always accompany you, even if you had to go to the grocery store.
Bonding with Sam and Bucky.
So much bonding!
Those boys would do anything and everything in their power to protect you. And you would do the same for them.
Being the voice of reason whenever Sam and Bucky didn't see eye to eye with Zemo.
Sam and Bucky would be your best friends, as well as Zemo, but the three of you agreed to keep everything platonic, in fear of slipping up.
But when the time came to travel to Madripoor, you and Bucky would secretly lock fingers, despite you being Zemo鈥檚聽鈥減ersonal bodyguard鈥 for the evening, and Bucky聽鈥渟tepping鈥 into the Winter Soldier鈥檚 shoes again.聽
Once you and Zemo got separated from the boys, you immediately defended him, all the way until you all got back to the plane.聽
As soon as you landed in Latvia, Bucky couldn鈥檛 contain his feelings anymore, and confessed to you. You felt the same way for him and agreed to form a relationship in secret, only for Zemo and Sam to constantly tease you about it.聽
A/N pt. 2: I WANT this so much..
Tagging ~聽
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thatgoblin44 minutes ago
Zemo dating Single Mom Reader Headcannon
Tumblr media
At first he's a bit wary knowing your a mom, but warms up to it. After all, he's still grieving his own son.
When you first introduce Zemo to your child, he's sweet and pays extra attention to them. He wants to make a good first impression and knows the relationship will end if said child does not like him.
He spoils the both of you, or all of you because maybe there's more than one child.
He always makes sure to make plans to include the kids.
Whenever he comes over Zemo takes his time to talk to each child and looks at everything they have to show him.
If there's a teen, he tries to be cool, but fails miserably. No one can be cool to teens if they try.
Any holiday is an excuse for presents.
If someone is in trouble and run to him for help he backs you up as passively as possible because he knows you're in charge, but is also scared of the kids not liking him.
Zemo teaches the kids different languages to talk behind your back while in in front of you.
The talks of having a kid between you two.
The _dirty_ talks of having a kid between you two.
Making the kids groan as he shows you so much affection, even in public, but then again they're used to the stereotypical 'husband tolerates wife equals love.'
Gods help anyone who hurts them.
'My dad is an engineer!' 'My dad is a dentist!' 'My dad broke up the Avengers!'
The visits to school principal's office for having to explain Zemo teaching the kids self defense and then kids using it on bullies who then get a broken finger.
Parents Day where Zemo some how adopts more children who don't have parents that show up by choice or parents who can't show up because of work.
PTA meetings are battle grounds for Zemo and Susan, the head of the PTA.
Zemo has toppled the Avengers, but teaching someone to drive is the most terrifying thing he's ever done.
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nix-akimboan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a hero will sacrifice you to save the world // a villain will sacrifice the world to save you
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cogentrantingan hour ago
Someone: "Not all super soldiers"
Zemo: "you're right. James Barnes would never."
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starwarsnstuff2 hours ago
Tumblr media
*throws money at screen*
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punemy-spotted2 hours ago
12, i gotta know 馃憖
Oh man, hm.... Oh man. I feel like none of my headcanons are actually canon are are in fact just me going, 鈥淭hese beautiful idiots are in need of affection and we gotta give it to them!鈥
Um. Well, the one I keep pushing the most honestly is Immortal!Zemo, because he constantly has me thinking in frantic, half-baked concepts and looks like someone who always knows more than he lets on, so being intrinsically and deeply connected to the Reader is always an avenue I want to explore. He will find you, in this and every life, and he will love you.
Whether you want him to or not.
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fuddlewuddle2 hours ago
Bambi Eyes Zemo is a go
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baroness-zemo2 hours ago
Hi ! 8 + Helmut Zemo, please ? 馃巼
Exhaustion (Zemo x Reader)
Prompt: 鈥淐ome Here, I鈥檒l carry you.鈥
Word Count: 395
鈥淪chatzi鈥 means Sweetheart
Tumblr media
The relief you felt as you and Zemo walked through the door of your home was immense. After being out all day shopping, you were exhausted, and although he didn鈥檛 say anything, you knew he was too.
You kicked off your shoes, 鈥淲e鈥檙e never going shopping again.鈥
Zemo smiled and hung his coat on the rack, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the one who insisted we go to every store in the mall, schatzi.鈥
鈥淲ell you鈥檙e the one who told me I could buy whatever I wanted! You can鈥檛 tell me something like that, I鈥檓 too picky Hel, I wanna buy everything!鈥
He looked down at the many bags hanging from his arms, most likely cutting off circulation. 鈥淔rom the looks of it, you did buy everything.鈥
You rolled your eyes and grabbed a few of the bags, helping him carry them to the living room. You both sat everything on the couch and you looked over at the stairs.
鈥淥h what I would give for a hot bath right now,鈥 you fell onto an empty spot on the couch, your back aching.
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you go take one then?鈥 Zemo was looking through the stuff that was bought, pulling out the new bottle of his favorite cologne.
鈥淏ecause,鈥 you frowned, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 wanna go upstairs, my feet hurt.鈥
Zemo sighed. 鈥淐ome here, I鈥檒l carry you.鈥
Before you even had a chance to reject, he was picking you up, one arm supporting your back, the other looped under the bend of your knees. You gasped in surprise, instinctively wrapping your arms around his neck.
He chuckled and started making his way up the stairs.
鈥淚f you drop me-鈥
鈥淚 won鈥檛, relax dear.鈥
True to his word, he didn鈥檛 drop you. He even went the extra mile, taking you to the master bathroom and sat you down on the counter next to the sink.
You watched as he went around, gathering towels, a fluffy loofah, and a silk robe, setting them all on the table next to the bath. Then, he started running the bath water, making sure it was the perfect temperature.
He looked to you once he deemed everything ready, and you couldn鈥檛 help but to walk over and kiss him. 鈥淵ou treat me so well, Helmut.鈥
鈥淚 simply treat you like the queen you are, my dear.鈥 He placed a kiss to your forehead, 鈥淓njoy your bath.鈥
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sorcerersofnyc2 hours ago
The Last Thing Left (Zemo x F!Reader) 1/?
Ghosts weren鈥檛 enough to hold two people together.
While they wait for Torres to locate Donya Madani, Zemo reflects upon his relationship to you, his only tether to his wife and closest friend.
Slow burn, previous relationships, angst, various mentions of death & mourning. You both lost your spouse. You're a regular civilian person. Zemo's wife's name is Heike because of comics.
Note: Main Character is neutral in most regards but the story was written with my own cultural background in mind. (In other words, I won't say what she looks like but I envision her as a POC.)
I meant to write a one-shot but as it turns out I have feelings for this man.
I'll have part two by the end of the day and hope to update steadily.
He looks forward to coming face-to-face with Karli, the girl responsible for the birth of a new faction of Super Soldiers. His plan was simple really: He would find her and end her, just as he did Nagel.
Sam and James lack the conviction to do what needs to be done. It鈥檚 that weakness that makes Helmut invaluable鈥攖hat and he鈥檚 the one with the private jet.
It鈥檚 night, so he prepares a meal for the three of them in the little kitchen near the cockpit.
As delicious aromas permeate the air, James relaxes on the couch near the back of the plane. Sam sits across from him, attempting to contact an associate. He hopes the man can help them find Karli鈥檚 mentor, Donya Madani.
But Helmut knows from experience how strenuous locating displaced persons can be.
After all, when the Avengers left Sokovia in an irreparable state, he searched displacement camps for his remaining friends and family鈥攆inding the dead was much easier.
Sam鈥檚 associate won鈥檛 find Donya as long as she鈥檚 alive. They鈥檒l have to wait.
In the meantime, the jet would need refueling, and he simply refuses to spend his time listening to Sam and James bicker about shields and symbols. They would need somewhere to stay.
鈥淣ow what?鈥 James asks, his voice and disposition bitter as Helmut hands him the plate. He eyes the meal with suspicion.
鈥淲e wait鈥 Sam can barely withhold his frustration with James, but he accepts the food with a nod.
鈥淔or how long?鈥
鈥淔or as long as it takes.鈥
Whatever this is between them, it鈥檚 fraying鈥攔ipping at the seams.
If it wasn鈥檛 so painfully ironic (and hilarious to watch,) Helmut would find the relationship between Sam and James a little sad.
Ghosts weren鈥檛 enough to hold two people together.
鈥淚 know of a place we can go until then.鈥 Helmut settles down into his chair and orders Oeznik to adjust their course towards Spain. He鈥檇 know where to port.
The journey would be long and annoying, but he would handle it as handled every arduous thing: with patience and a glass of whiskey.
And his impending headache will be well worth it; he can鈥檛 wait to see you again.
You were a friend of his wife, an artist she met at University.
Heike longed to see the world outside the trappings of nobility and studied abroad. She didn鈥檛 expect to meet a friend so quickly.
You were there for the important dates 鈥 the engagement, the wedding, and the baby.
He鈥檚 known you for years.
But despite your presence in his life, Helmut never really thought to consider you a friend, not really. Heike liked you, you were kind, and the rest mattered little to him.
But when his wife hosted dinner for her milestone birthday, your life became entangled with his. Because on that day, you caught the eye of his oldest friend, Dominik.
His family had been nobility once, many years ago, but Dominik had no title; he was free to live his life with impunity. Society wouldn鈥檛 care if the person he married was Sokovian or not, and no one would talk if they weren鈥檛 from old money. There might have been looks or whispers, but most were content to him be.
He could have chased after anyone鈥攂ut you enchanted him from the beginning. You came from a different world, a different place; he valued your perspective and admired your art.
鈥淭hey would make such a cute couple, wouldn鈥檛 they?鈥 Heike asked that evening, her eyes filled with mischievous glee.
Helmut remembered a particular day when he found his friend thumbing through a pile of books you considered 'essential reading.' He was never meant to read them all at once, but he was determined to impress you.
"I asked about her favorites," he told him, "She really likes to read."
Endlessly curious, Helmut read them too. (He found the one on Pre-Columbian art extremely insightful, as was the one on Marvin Gaye.)
But it wasn鈥檛 until a year later that he realized the true depth of his feelings for you.
Usually, when Dominik received your amorous letters, he would grin and gloat about it.
鈥淟ook,鈥 he would say, waving the envelope around as if it were your banner. 鈥淚 have someone waiting for me.鈥
But one night, after a tough mission near the border of Lithuania, Helmut watched his friend pull your letter from the pocket of his uniform. The night was damp and freezing from the rain, but he read it quickly, thumbing at the wrinkled page with a smile.
He was happy for him, happy for you.
So Helmut watched your courtship from afar, offering advice and guidance where he could. Eventually, he attended your wedding.
It took a great deal of compromise for you to move to Sokovia (you found the contemporary art and film cultures lacking) but once you did, he and Heike entertained you on holidays.
There had been no children between you, but there was plenty of love.
There was so much love. In fact, someone found your letter in his pocket on the day they pulled him from the rubble of Novi Grad.
鈥淒oes anyone know where his wife is?鈥 An officer asked.
鈥淒oes anyone know where anyone is?鈥 Another replied.
It was an endless cycle of death and sorrow. People found soldiers and civilians buried.
Some were alive, most were dead.
People cried, families broke apart, people begged and fell limp in the streets.
Helmut buried his entire family.
You buried the love of your life.
Not for the first time did you have something in common, but this was the first thing that truly mattered.
You had no one left.
You made a beautiful speech at the service, one that spoke to the volumes of love you had for him.
"I loved him," you said, "and he loved me. He made me feel welcome, made me feel safe."
But when the service was over, you stood at the site of his freshly dug grave (just one in a long row of others) to say your private goodbyes.
After a while, Helmut joined you.
"I stand here and yet鈥 I still can鈥檛 believe it.鈥 You said, eyes cast down. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e gone.鈥
All because of the Avengers.
鈥淲hat will I do without him?鈥
鈥溾 I鈥檒l take care of you,鈥 he promised.
鈥淭hank you, Helmut. But鈥 I鈥︹ You wanted to tell him you鈥檇 be alright. But the lie lodged itself in the back of your throat and a sob pushed forward instead. You cried.
鈥淧lease鈥 It鈥檚 what they would have wanted. Heike and Carl鈥 they adored you. I can do this much at least.鈥
You, the only thing he had left of the ones he loved.
He didn鈥檛 want to let you go.
Thanks for reading! Look out for part two! The reader will have more interaction with Zemo.
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noforkingclue2 hours ago
What I should be doing: answering requests and finishing fics
What I鈥檓 actually doing: writing a 1500+ words dark!Zemo fic
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clints-lucky-arrow3 hours ago
Dude Cursed is right up my alley I fuckin love the idea bless you
馃挏 I'm so excited to hear that! 馃挏
I really want to go for some dark gothic vibes. 馃槏 Honestly, I'm excited for it myself! Been putting together a little Pinterest board to help with visualisation and everything 馃槀
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not the same person
I refuse to believe
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burninmatches3 hours ago
i should be focusing on school but i can鈥檛 get over the fact that zemo has a sir and a pet kink and absolutely no one will tell me otherwise
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