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#bucky blurb
moonlight-onyx · 58 minutes ago
Ok but 51 from list b with c!Bucky is so soft??
um yes 😭
1.5k sleepover + list b
it’s brooklyn, baby
#51: "You're cold, take my jacket."
Tumblr media
bucky was an asshole, at least, that’s what you loved to tell sam.
truthfully, though? he could be a real sweetheart when he cared for someone. and for you? he’d never be able to quit caring for you.
steve had found this cute little drive-in movie theatre down the road that was showing old horror movies tonight.
all of you had been cramming for exams and such, deciding that it was time for a much needed break from everything.
so, you packed a bunch of blankets and pillows into the back of steve’s old pickup truck and found a spot in the back to park.
even with the amount of blankets, you couldn’t help but shiver a bit when the breeze kicked up some more. usually, you’d ask sam for his jacket, but he wasn’t wearing one tonight.
bucky’s attention was caught by you not-so-smoothly trying to rub some warmth onto your arms.
he smiled softly and pulled his dark red hoodie off, handing it to you, “here.”
you went to decline but he cut you off. “you’re cold, take my jacket.”
you sighed and took it, quickly slipping it on. “thanks,” you whispered, curling into yourself as you let your hands disappear in the sleeves that were far too long for you.
it smelled nice, at least. smelled like bucky and his cologne; like home.
“anytime,” he watched you get comfortable, his chest warming a bit when he saw you try and hide your smile.
Tumblr media
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moonlight-onyx · an hour ago
AHHH congrats on 1.5k bubs, you deserve it!!!🤍🤍 we're gonna ignore the fact you posted this like five minutes ago and i'm requesting something, but i got the notif on my break sooo :)
but can i request from list a 44&50 with bucky boi
1.5k sleepover + list a
#44: sitting on the other’s lap
#50: putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up
Tumblr media
bucky had you sit on his lap most of the time. it wasn’t always a sexual thing, he just liked having you close to him.
especially whenever he was feeling down, being able to feel your warmth always lifted his spirits.
he’d had a nightmare this morning, long before the sun came up and couldn’t fall back asleep. he’d also had a giant stack of paperwork to do that he’d been trying to catch up on for a week.
you’d woken up shortly after him and made your way to the spare bedroom that was being used as his office space. “buck? whatcha doin’ up this early?”
he looked over at you, giving you a soft smile. “couldn’t sleep. what’re you doing up this early?”
you shuffled over to where he was sitting, climbing into his lap to wrap your arms around him. “didn’t feel right without you there.”
“m’sorry, doll,” he hummed, rubbing your back soothingly. “i just have so much paperwork to do an-“
your hand gently covering his mouth was enough to shut him up. “shh, i’m taking a nap.”
bucky laughed and pulled your hand from his mouth to kiss it softly. “i love you.”
“mm, love you too, bucky.”
Tumblr media
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agentofbarnes · an hour ago
Barnes AU: similar to the office episode 6x16 delivery: where Pam doesn’t want to go to the hospital til late for the birth of her baby and Jim’s just freaking out. I’m not sure if you’re an office fan though! :) but would be nice to see Bucky like that. I can imagine sam kinda being like Michael.
here comes becca
note | uh so weirdly enough i just started watching the office this month and just watched this episode last night wtf how weird is that
Tumblr media
When it’s time to have Rebecca Barnes, you feel like you know everything from the last time you have birth and insisted that you wait a along as possible to go the hospital. It was so you could a whole two days in the hospital to recuperate after the baby, but it seemed as if little Becca Barnes had other plans.
You were determined, though. Bucky was going to have a heart attack. It was the middle of the summer, you, Bucky, and Grant had all gone to the Wilson’s for a pre-Fourth of July celebration before the big neighborhood bash tomorrow (which wouldn’t have fireworks since many of the attendees had experience in the army and it can be quite triggering).
The contractions had started in the morning and Bucky had wanted to go ahead to go the hospital, but you told him no. Sam had helped you the couch while Grant asked questions repeatedly to Bucky.
You had waddled back into the yard where Bucky sat on the bench with Grant, a stressed look on his face.
“It’s going to be fine,”You told him, stepping towards with an easy breath.
“I think we should go to the hospital.”
“The book says seven to five minutes, its only at six, we got time, it’ll be fine,”You assured him.”Trust me, Buck.”
“I do, trust you, but maybe you should trust me with this.”
“I’m the one in labor, when I’m ready to go, I’ll go.”
“We match!”Grant noticed finally, the large tee shirt was the same symbol of Cap’s Shield on it. Grant wore a similar one today.
Bucky glanced over your form, tilting his head curiously,”Did you change?”
“Oh, yeah, my water broke and it made a whole mess—“
“What?!”Bucky asked in a panic, making Grant jump slightly at the booming voice. He quickly apologized to his toddler before standing up to try and move you towards the door.
“We’re leaving, Sam can watch Grant, we don’t have much time unless you want to birth in Sam’s living room.”
“I like his living room, he has a nice ambiANCE!” You screamed, clutching your bump and reaching out for Bucky to catch you. He helped you the chair while Grant looked at you in terror.
“It’s okay, baby,”You cried out,”Don’t be scared, I-I’m fine.”
Grant’s eyes were welled up with tears, making you cry too, not just from the pain. Bucky kissed your forehead before calling out for Sam.
Sam came around the corner,”Oh god, it’s time, we’re having a baby.”
“We?”Bucky asked, tilting his head.”You have your own baby on the way, man.”
It was true, his fiancée also happened to be pregnant. She was a two months away from giving birth to her own little girl, but Sam had always been super involved with you and Bucky so he felt like he needed to panic too.
“Grant, go to Uncle Sammy,”Bucky told him, heart aching at how sad Grant looked.
“Mommy hurts,”Grant cried, almost as if he were completely in sync with your emotions.
Sam picked Grant up, rubbing the toddler’s back gently and trying to soothe him.”Hey, your mama is gonna be okay, bud, and you’ll have a cute little sister after this.”
“You need to calm down,”You told Bucky,”Your aura is too much, you gotta breathe,” You hissed in pain, trying to simultaneously send calming waves over Bucky.
“Stop that, you’ll hurt yourself,”Bucky told you, kissing your forehead. He tried to calm his own emotions,”Hey, you know what will calm me?”
“What?”You panted, trying to make it through the contraction.
“Let me take you to the hospital.”
When you finally listened, Bucky took you to the hospital and you were in labor for 14 more hours. By the time your baby girl was born, it was the Fourth of July and you were exhausted.
Bucky praised you, loved you, and took care of you until you had successfully give birth. Hours later, you finally got both of your babies with you.
“Mommy!”Grant came tumbling in, much chiper that he had been the last you saw him. Bucky quickly caught him before climbing the bed.
“Gotta be gentle, bud,”Bucky chuckled, glancing at you cradling the little baby. He sat Grant on the edge of the bed, taking little Rebecca in his arms to let Grant cuddle up in your arms. He sat with his back against your chest, between your legs so that you couldn’t hold him.
Bucky gently put Rebecca in Grant’s arms, holding most of her weight while you supported her head so Grant could hold her. Bucky sat on your side, smiling down at his little family.
Sam clicked a quick picture, the first photograph of the Barnes’. Grant kissed her forehead, giggling when she blinked up at him. He whispered a little love you that made you cry. It was sweet, and Sam captured it on film.
“You ever decide on the full name?”Sam asked curiously as Bucky took her back into his arms fully. He felt safer with his baby curled into his arms peacefully.
“Rebecca Natalie Barnes,”You answer, sniffling while you gazed at her perfect face.”Felt like right you know? Nat saved my life, the first friend I had outside of my boarding school, the first non-mutant to accept me. She was my best friend, it’s only right that my strong little girl be named after the strongest woman I’ve ever met.”
“She’d like that,”Sam chuckled,”Born on Fourth of July too, just like Steve, think she might be the next Captain?”
Bucky smiled at that, glancing down at his baby girl with tears in his eyes,”She might, got that look in her eyes, she’s gonna be trouble.”
“Just like her daddy,”You giggled, leaning against his arm while Grant cuddled against your chest all clingy like.
“‘m not trouble,”Bucky murmured.
“You literally broke someone out of prison,”Sam reminded him.
“Let it go,”Bucky rolled his eyes, kissing Rebecca’s little forehead.”She’s my perfect girl, she’s not gonna go near anything like that. She’s gonna be good trouble.”
“Look, she already has your pout,”Sam joked.
“I call that’s the Barnes Grump,”You teased, grinning sheepishly,”All my loves tend to be little grumps except Buck, of course, he’s a big grump.”
Bucky smiled happily, not much of a grump at the moment. How could he be when everything was perfect?
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bucksfucks · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY || a new city, a new house, a new life, & a new hot neighbour who just so happens to be really good with his hands.
PAIRING || neighbour!bucky x reader
WORD COUNT || 2,600 words
WARNINGS || talk of cheating [readers ex-husband], talk of divorce, reader doesn’t want kids [kid-free by choice], character mention: sam wilson, sexual tension with bucky, pet-name [plum], mention of spanking, lots of teasing, bucky works out shirtless, sexual activities in the kitchen, bucky takes readers panties off with teeth, bucky keeps readers panties, oral, squirting, sex against window, exhibitionism, dog tag kink, choking [bicep], dumbification [dumb baby, stupid, big girl words], belly bulge kink, size kink, mocking + degradation, breeding kink, wife/housewife kink, unprotected sex — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
NOTES || trying out a new format <<3
    It was always men that managed to ruin your life.
    From your high school boyfriend abandoning you at prom or your that one college hookup that managed to say all the wrong things.
    It was always men.
    You thought your husband, ex, husband was different. That’s why you agreed to marry him in the first place.
    He was sweet and charming, whisking you away on dates and telling you how pretty you looked.
    The facade didn’t last. After the honeymoon is when things slowly started crumbling.
    He began picking up longer working hours, claiming that it was exactly what you guys needed to start a family.
    A family? He never listened to you.
    You didn’t want kids. In fact, you were incredibly happy being the aunt to all you nieces and nephews making sure that you were their safe space.
    It was never in your books to have kids.
    So when you discovered that you wonderful, loving, caring husband had cheated on you—you didn’t hesitate to draft up divorce papers, find a new place, and then spend six months travelling the world.
    You met amazing people and made amazing memories. But you were back again at a new city city, a new job, and a new house.
    It felt so…empty.
    Minimalism not by choice, but by necessity.
    A few pictures hung on the walls, some of your family and friends, but were mostly cheap prints you found at your local home goods store.
    A work in progress, is what you told yourself as you slowly settled in. It didn’t have to perfect.
    The neighbourhood was nice; cute, quaint, and quiet. The people were nice and helpful, welcoming you as you caught the eyes of a particular neighbour.
    Everyone called him James, but he introduced himself as Bucky as he extended an arm for you to shake.
    It was warm, a beaming smile on his face as he pointed to the u-haul truck in your driveway, “need any help?”
    You remember shaking your head, pride and ego too high before Bucky scoffed and said “you expect me to believe that a pretty little thing like you is gonna carry in an entire couch by herself?”
    You felt embarrassed. You therapist did tell you that it was okay to ask for help, so you finally caved.
    Bucky called over another neighbour; Sam.
    He made you laugh within the first five minutes as his nephews came barrelling down the street yelling “we can help!”
    And they did, the two boys probably did more than the three adults ever did—and the best part is that they still had energy by the end of it.
    “I don’t have much, but how about I order us some pizza’s as a thank you?” You offered, shutting your fridge as you realized you had nothing but a few beers and some ketchup.
    Sam laughed, “I’ll take you up on that offer next time, but I’ve gotta get back.”
    You thanked him profusely, telling that the pizza offer didn’t expire before it was just you and Bucky.
    The old you would have never asked for help, let alone offering a stranger dinner, but here you were.
    You both are swapping stories before the night grew young and you’d swapped numbers.
    Yeah, this neighbourhood was alright.
     Bucky had a habit of doing most things shirtless. 
     Not like you minded, in fact, it didn’t seem like anyone in the neighbourhood really minded. Only Sam ever giving Bucky shit asking do you even own any shirts? 
     It was Sunday morning which meant you’d woken up to multiple sets of lawnmowers and the faint sound of chirping birds before you’d decided that you’d add your brand new hydrangea tree to your front yard. 
     Lucky for you, Bucky had decided to workout at the same time. 
     He jogged past you, stopping to send you a wink, “lookin’ good, plum!” He chuckled, stopping on his driveway as you saw the gym equipment in his garage. 
     You could do nothing but shake your head and laugh as you continued to prod at the dirt. 
     The sexual tension that Bucky carried with him was obvious. You’d learned very quickly that everyone was interested in getting into Bucky’s pants, but no one had ever gotten that lucky. 
     He loved the attention though, he had to as he did pull-ups in full view of everyone. 
     It wasn’t long until his sweaty torso, dog tags clinging softly, was making it’s way over to you as he brushed a few beads of sweat off his forehead before crouching down beside you. 
    “What are these?” He asked, slightly out of breath as you dropped the small shovel in your hand, “hydrangea’s.” You answered, smiling as you finished patting the soil. 
     He hummed, “they smell sweet.” 
     You nodded your head, “they’re my favourite.” 
     Bucky looked at you, smiling, “not as sweet as you though, plum.” 
     It was an instinct to roll your eyes as Bucky chuckled, the two of you standing up as the local power walking club passed you; mostly paying attention to the shirtless Bucky. 
     You couldn’t blame them. 
    “You wanna come in for some lemonade? It’s freshly squeezed,” you enticed him as he chuckled, “I’d love some.” 
     Bucky knew your house all too well, his trips becoming so frequent that you had decided to give him the tour one night before dinner. 
     They were cookie cutter houses, an identical copy to all the other houses on the block, but Bucky still took the tour as if his life depended on it. 
    “Any plans for today?” You asked, opening the fridge as you grabbed the glass pitcher while Bucky slid onto one of the bar stools. 
    “I’ve got a few case files to look over tonight,” he groaned as you poured him a tall glass and slid it over to him before you did the same for yourself. 
     Bucky was an attorney, so it made sense as to why he didn’t have wife. 
     Or at least that’s what you told yourself because surely there’s eligible people that he’s shown interest in. 
     His work hours were hectic and never consistent, some days staying in the office until five and other until one in the morning. 
    “Well then here’s to the weekend,” you smiled, raising your glass as Bucky did the same, lightly tapping them against one another before taking a sip. 
     He let out an approving moan, eyes locked with yours as he licked the remaining lemonade from his bottom lip; but he knew what he was doing. 
    “Almost as sweet as you,” he was proud, the smirk on his lips telling enough as you shook your head, “you’ve gotta put that pent up sexual energy to use, James.” 
     The slip of his name always did something to him, watching the way his eyes darkened just a little. 
    “Plum if you call me James one more time I’ll have no choice but to put you over my knee,” he deadpanned, your breath catching in your throat at the prospect. 
     Was that something you were into? You weren’t sure, but for Bucky? You’d try anything once. 
    “Don’t threaten me with a good time,” you mumbled jokingly, half jokingly, as you began wiping the counter down to distract yourself from the fact that Bucky had stood up and was reaching his black and gold arm out to place over yours; stopping your movements. 
    “Let’s stop playin’ this game,” he purrs, heavy hand tugging you so you’re facing him. 
     His hair has grown since you’d met him almost eight months ago, pushed back from his sweaty workout as you meet his gaze. 
     It’s darkened, pupils consuming his irises as you swallow thickly, “what game?” 
     He shakes his head, looking down as another smirk tugs at his lips, “don’t act stupid with me now.” 
     A shiver rolls down your spine at the authority in his voice and the way he’s holding you by your bicep. 
    “Don’t act like you don’t think ‘bout me late at night,” he purr, voice dropping an octave and you can smell him. 
     There’s sweat and bergamot, presumably his deodorant as you’re chewing on the inside of your cheek. 
    “Do you wanna know what I think about, plum?” He then cooes, cupping your face gently with his cool palm. 
     You can only nod your head. 
     He turns your head, “see those windows?” He asks, your eyes scanning the large living room glass before you nod your head. 
    “They look out  into the entire neighbourhood,” he whispers, “and I’ve dreamin’ ‘bout the day I get to fuck you ‘gainst them for everyone to see.” 
     His words make you gasp, breath hitching in your throat as you have to bite your lip to stop the moan that threatens to slip past your lips. 
    “Dreamin’ ‘bout the day I get to make you mine.” 
     You feel butterflies, but not in your tummy. 
     He pulls you close again, pressed against his crotch and oh. 
    “That’s what you do to me,” you wiggle your hips instinctively, finding your confidence and Bucky sees this. 
    “Use those big girl words of yours, plum. I know you’re a smart girl,” he mocks, tapping your lip and suddenly you forget how to speak. 
    “I want you to use me,” you finally manage to spit out, watching the way Bucky’s face lights up and the way his cock twitches against your hip. 
    “Good girl, see what happens when you put that baby brain of yours to work?” He taunts you, already bunching your sundress until he’s hiking it around your waist so he can slip his fingers under your panties. 
     It makes you gasp, eyes closing and mouth opening as he runs warm fingers through your folds. 
    “So fuckin’ wet,” he growls, “barely need any warmin’ up, could probably take my cock right now, so desperate.” 
     Oh how his taunts makes your knees weak. 
     He’s quick to sink to his knees, nose prodding your covered core as he looks up at you before he’s biting your panties with his teeth and slowly tugging them down your legs. 
     That’s a new one. 
     It causes a moan to bubble, leaning against your counter as he shoves your panties into his pocket, “I think I’ll keep these.” 
     Do whatever you want, just touch me you keep repeating in your head as you feel his hot breath over your pussy. 
     His mouth is finally over you, lapping your juice up as he hums and moans against you. The vibrations are enough to have you teetering on the edge, his beard rubbing against your inner thighs and you’ll be feeling that tomorrow. 
    “God,” he groans, “you’re so fuckin’ sweet, plum.” 
     You look down, seeing the way he’s palming himself through his shorts all while he’s eating you out and it sends a shiver running over your body. 
     He pulls away, lips glistening under the light filtering through your windows, “have you ever squirted?” 
     The question catches you off-guard, mouth slightly agape as you stutter out nonsense. 
    “I-uh, I think? Maybe, once, I-I don’t,” you don’t know what the right answer is, but Bucky just hushes you. 
    “I want you to relax, okay? Don’t think, jus’ feel.” He explains as you swallow and nod your head before he’s back between your legs. 
     He starts slow again, with his tongue flat against you before feel his fingers at your entrance. 
     When he slowly stretches you, curling his vibranium fingers, there’s absolutely no holding back. 
    “That’s it baby,” he cooes, “can feel you squeezin’ me, I know you wanna,” it’s a slightly foreign feeling. The tightness and pressure mixing and meshing with each other as sudden waves start washing over you. 
     It happens all of a sudden, a loud yelp leaving you as you soak Bucky’s face and chest, and Bucky looks feral. 
     He’s up, standing, before pulling you into a kiss, your first kiss, where you can taste yourself. 
    “You ever done that, plum?” He asks, heaving chest and aching cock as you shake your head, “no.” 
    ““Course you haven’t, but that sweet cunt’s mine now, gonna have you squirtin’ every goddamn day.” He growls, quickly tearing your dress off of you, taking a step back and admiring you. 
    “You see this?” He pulls his cock free, pumping himself, “all because of you.” 
     You’re kissing him again, skin against skin, as you’re moving towards the large windows in the early afternoon light before Bucky has you pressed up against it. 
     The glass is cold against your skin, nipples perking up as you gasp again, “now everyone’ll know jus’ who you belong to.” 
     It makes you whimper, feeling him run the head of his cock through your folds teasingly. 
     He kicks your feet apart further before he’s wrapping his bicep around your neck, getting so close to your ear that you can feel his breath against you. 
     When he sinks into your slowly, you relax against him, “fuck,” he hisses, “so fuckin’ tight.” 
     Your walls flutter around him, greedily grabbing him as you swallow him. 
    “Takin’ my cock so well, baby. And all for the neighbours to see,” he chuckles lowly, bottoming out and pulling your back flush against his chest. 
     His warm, wandering hand starts down at your clit, teasing you before slowly running up your tummy before he groans. 
    “M’so deep ‘side you, can you feel me?” He purrs, pressing on the belly bulge as another low groan echos in your ear. 
    “Bucky,” you whine, wiggling your ass as you feel your slick against your own thighs now, without a doubt dripping onto Bucky too. 
    “Aww, sweetheart,” he’s mocking now, “you need’a be fucked? Can feel how wet and desperate you are.” 
     He rocks his hips, a gentle taunt as he gets even deeper. 
    “S’okay,” he cooes, “m’gonna take care of ya even better than that husband of yours ever did.” 
     He then snaps his hips harshly, taking the breath from your lungs as you’re pressed harder against the glass. 
     You can feel his now hot dog tags pressed against your back, clinking together as he fucks you deep and hard. 
    “C’mon, plum,” he grunts, “want you to squirt over my cock.” 
     The same pressure is there again, like a rubber band waiting to snap as Bucky’s fingers find your clit and you can’t hold it back anymore.
     You’re soaking his cock, pushing him out with the force of your orgasm as Bucky bites down on your shoulder before he’s slipping back inside of you. 
    “My dirty slut, gettin’ fucked for the neighbours to see,” he growls, “but ‘m not satisfied yet.”
     He’s grabbing your ass, squeezing the supple flesh, “cum for me, cream over my cock, plum. Let me breed you.” 
     You’re whimpering, voice leaving you as you feel your orgasm gripping your body in immense pleasure before Bucky’s hips are stuttering deep inside of you and you can feel the twitch of his cock. 
     The sound of Bucky cumming, deep, rumbling moans replay in your mind as you find your breath again, his bicep relaxing from your neck. 
     He presses soft kisses to your shoulders and neck, turning you around with a lazy smile. 
    “You’d make a great wife, y’know that?” He smirks, wiping your bottom lip, “sweet, innocent lookin’ thing on the outside, but fuck do you make my knees weak, plum.” 
     You can’t help but giggle, pulling him in by his dog tags, “take me to dinner first, James.” You purr teasingly, watching him bite his lip, “only if I can have you for dessert.” 
     Dessert, breakfast, lunch, dinner? Bucky didn’t care, he just wanted you always. 
     And he finally got you.
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spicymocha · 16 hours ago
Faking Sleep Blurb
Warnings: fluff
parings: Bucky x GN!Reader 
Summary: Bucky feels himself blush as he tries not to disturb your ‘sleeping’ on his left shoulder. Bonus: Bucky confess his feelings, without knowing the reader is faking their sleep and hears his confession. 
Tumblr media
Bucky doesn't know how to react when you fall asleep on his shoulder; specifically, his left shoulder connected with his metal arm, which he hated. He didn't feel the heavyweight until he shifted in his position, trying to find something comfortable. He watched as your eyes closed, the way your head nuzzled into his neck comfortably. Bucky's hand twitched - ready to carry you into the bedroom and let you sleep until you awoke, but he decided against it at the last minute. It would be incredibly rude of him to wake you, such a peaceful slumber, and now that you're unconscious. Bucky could look closely and study all the small features of your face without needing to embarrass himself or getting caught staring at you. "How silly of you to do this to me, y/n," he murmurs to himself. "To think that of all of the people, you'd be the one capable enough of breaking my guarded walls. Heh, and here I thought the humane emotions I had were gone, but I guess you've proved me wrong." He wonders why he's confessing his hidden feelings out in the open, where the both of you felt at your most vulnerable. Bucky leans closer to your face, his lips brushing against your own. With his nonmetal hand, the brunette caressed your face, softly brushing away a strand of hair behind your ear. Bucky finds himself enhanced by your beauty as he stays in the closed position for a long moment before he reluctantly pulls away - blushing. Looking off, Bucky doesn't notice the slight blush on your face as you struggle to keep your eyes closed. Maybe later, you can give Bucky a surprise of a lifetime cuddles and an innocent kiss. 
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dailyreverie · 17 hours ago
Kissing Prompt: 13 with Bucky please!
Ease Off
A/N: Hi anon! Thanks for the request 😊 I was rewatching FATWS and that "If he was wrong about you then he was wrong about me" scene makes me SOB every time, so this blurb happened lol. I hope you like it!
Click here to request a blurb!
KISSING PROMPT #13: frustrated kisses
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word count: 979
Warnings: Language (F word)
Tumblr media
[gif by @thewhitewolfisaguardian]
The sound of the bag hitting the floor and the door slamming shut was all you needed to know that Bucky was home. It was almost midnight, he had called you from jail about an hour and a half ago, and since then you had been staring at the door waiting for him wide awake with the TV serving little as a distraction.
He looks at you from the entrance, and from the look in your eyes he just knows that you are about to lecture him. "Please don't." He says, turning on his heels to head into the kitchen.
"Don't what?" You ask as you stand up to follow him, your voice stern and desperate to reach him. "You call me from a police station and expect me to don't do what, exactly?" Bucky opens the fridge and grabs a beer for himself, not looking at you as he opens it and takes a gulp. "Bucky, I'm just trying to understand-" You cut yourself as he turns his back to you and slams his beer on the counter, startling you. "Jesus Christ, James, I only want to know-."
"I don't know fucking know, alright!" He finally looks at you, his voice louder than it should be at this time of the night. "Whatever it is that you want to know, I probably don't have the answer to it."
"You can't talk to me like that!" You snap back. "You call me at 10:45 at night telling me you were arrested, then your therapist calls me to ask if I know why you have been missing your sessions because she has to basically BAIL YOU OUT of jail,” His body turns half way so he can lean on the kitchen counter, the grip he has on it making his knuckles turn white. “And I can’t get a fucking explanation?”
“That’s all you want? An explanation?” Bucky scoffs, and you are not sure if you have ever seen him so angry. “Well, how’s this. That shield, the one Steve protected with his life, the one that represented everything we ever stood for, it means nothing now!”
“So that’s why you skip therapy?” Bucky rolls his eyes and you can see him biting the inside of his mouth to not scream back at you. “That’s the one thing that will clear your name, and you just skip it?”
“Why should I even go?” He yells, “That shield is in the hands of that Walker asshole, Sam doesn’t give a damn about it, and Steve didn’t give a damn about me. What am I supposed to do, huh?”
“Buck.” You interrupt, shocked at his quivering voice, because the pain in the words he just spoke about Steve was something he had never mentioned before, and the blatant way he says it makes you realize that frustration is making him blurt out all his thoughts; he doesn’t seem to notice it, doesn’t seem to register what just came out of his mouth.
He looks at you with angry eyes and a puffing chest, expecting you to continue talking. “Why the fuck am I still fighting for something that is no longer here?” He keeps asking, shaking at every word, and the tone in his voice should have made you turn around and leave but instead you are walking towards him even after he has done nothing but scream at you since he got home.
“Bucky, baby, just-” You try again, but his ranting interrupts you.
“What’s the point of all this fucking therapy, and all this fights, if I’m doing it for someone who-”
“Bucky, look at me!” You insist, holding his face between your hands to force him to look at you. His eyebrows are knotted and his nostrils flare at every breath, but his eyes don’t match the anger, instead they are filled with confusion and… plain sadness.
So you kiss him, pulling his head towards yours in a firm grip, hoping that with it he can slow down his train of thought and bring him back to you. His breathing starts to slow down as his lips move along with yours, and when you feel his hands holding your waist you know you have his attention back. You pull apart slowly, and you can see he is still trying to figure out how to feel and what to say “You are a good man, that’s why you are still fighting.” Your hands caress his light stubble while his find the skin under your shirt to draw small circles on it. “And I will never understand Steve, but he knew that too.”
“He was wrong.” He states, his voice raspy and knotted. If you could, you would go back in time and kick Steve Rogers right in the crotch.
“He was, but not about you.” The tears that form in his eyes rip your heart apart. “Never about you.” You whisper, assuringly.
Bucky kisses you again, looking to feel grounded as he always does when he has your lips against his. He doesn’t let go for a few minutes, because you are the one constant thing that makes him feel like he is doing something right and he wants to cling to that feeling for as long as he can. He lifts you with ease so you can sit on the counter, giving him an easier access to reach the rest of your body while his lips are still connected to yours.
You break apart after a few minutes and you immediately look for his eyes, much calmer and softer than the last time you saw them. His metal fingers grab your hand softly to lift it to his lips. There’s no need to say any word as your gaze meets his, you just let yourself wrap around him to bandage every wound that his past left behind on him.
Thanks for reading! Reblog and comment if you enjoyed it!
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avenging-fandoms · 18 hours ago
🎀 For soft hours: Bucky has been trying to confess his feelings for the reader many times and she doesn’t really understand his hints, even though the feeling is mutual. So after some time he has had enough of failing and kinda just explodes with the feeling and basically just shouts his confession at her 🎀
Tumblr media
you nursed your drink in your hand as you watched all of your friends dance together, smiling with your body leaned up against the bar, waving at steve who awkwardly danced with a girl he had just met.
“what’re you doing over here by yourself?” bucky asked and leaned on the bar next to you, the bottom of his stomach peeking out as you smiled at him.
“just enjoying watching everyone. why are you over here with me and not with them?” you ask and bucky smiled, finishing his beer. bucky looked at you up and down before you turned back to him and he smiled at you. "hm?"
"i'd much rather spend my time with you than with them" bucky said and you chuckled, shaking your head. "come dance" you cock your eyebrow and look at bucky, shaking your head. "scared?"
"oh, alright barnes. show me your old man dance moves" you took his extended hand and followed him to the dance floor. he held your hips and and swayed, and your jaw dropped slightly as he smiled. “not bad for a 106 old man”
“you think i’m old?” bucky dipped you and pressed his nose against yours, making your laugh. “show me what you got, agent yln”
“i think i’m gonna head home. long day fighting bad guys takes it out of you” you smile and pat his chest, bucky grabbing your hand before you were out of reach.
"do you want a ride home?" bucky offered and you smiled, nodding. bucky's stomach began to swarm with butterflies as your fingers interlocked with his. bucky opened your door and you thanked him, bucky closing it and heading over to the driver's side.
it was a quiet ride except for the late night radio host playing soft sleepy music. "isn't that a bit dangerous? what if someone was tired driving home from work, heard this, and fell asleep at the wheel?" you scrunched your eyebrows and bucky smiled, chuckling softly.
"i think you should call them and give them a piece of your mind, yn" bucky teased and you laughed as he pulled into your driveway. you grabbed the door handle and bucky stopped you, jogging to your door and opening it for you. "i can open my own door, buck. you're not stuck in the 40s"
"yeah, thank god for that" bucky sighed as you two walked up to your door. you looked at him confused and he stuffed his gloved hands in his pockets. "what?"
"you don't miss the 40s? back in the military, two arms, girls falling all over you?" you chuckle and he gives a side smile, shaking his head softly.
"the 40s didn't have you" bucky said lowly and you looked at him, your face feeling hot as you gulped. "and two arms would be nice again" you both laugh and you look down, taking his hands out of his pockets.
finger by finger you pulled the gloves off his hands. bucky watched you closely and you stuffed the gloves in your pockets. your finger traced the vibranium, bucky looking at you with hooded eyes. "do you like hiding it? your secret identity?" you joke but bucky wasn't laughing. "sorry, i shouldn't have-"
"i like you, yn. i don't know if you're ignoring the hints or.. or you don't like me back. but i needed to tell you before i drove steve crazy with hearing about you" your eyes shot to his, your smile growing with every word. "i really like you"
"hopefully i don't get fired for this" you breathed and held his face as you kissed him, bucky's body curving into yours as he deepened the kiss. your lips molded perfectly with his, and he sighed softly into your mouth.
"i've waited so long for a kiss like that" bucky pulled away for a quick minute before kissing you again. "perfect goodnight kiss" he smiled and you pulled away, looking up at him.
"do you have to go so soon? i uh.. i'd like to tell you about my crush on you but why i couldn't do anything about it" you grabbed your keys and bucky nodded, kissing your head.
you and bucky stayed up until the morning sun peeked through your curtains, and you both crashed on your couch. you laid out on the couch with bucky in between your legs, his head on your stomach with his arms wrapped around your leg.
you opened your eyes to check things out, taking a picture of bucky and smiling before falling asleep again, your fingers in bucky's hair.
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winterrskywalker · 23 hours ago
Kind of like a part 2 to ‘touch starved’ but playing hide and seek with Bucky?
sorry it took me some time to reply, i had a pretty bad day and i wasn’t feeling like writing something ! i really like this idea, thank you for sharing 🥺 i battling myself because it doesn’t convince me that much, but here it is.. finger crossed it doesn’t sucks too much and i hope you’ll like it !!
N/A: requests are open !! plus i’m working on my taglist so stay tuned if you’re interested ♡
WARNINGS: language
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
“I’m coming!” You screamed from the kitchen.
You and Bucky decided to play hide and seek while the team was on a mission, so the compound was completely silent. Bucky was winning, but didn’t gave up.
You started looking for him and scanned the living area carefully, you noticed some pillows were on the floor but Bucky was nowhere to be seen. You sighed and left to look in his room, but it was empty too.
“Motherfucker didn’t know how to play… he lied.” You muttered while looking at the gym, pissed off because he lied. The gym was empty too. You have just 10 minutes left and you had no idea where Bucky was hiding.
You quickly run towards your room and looked in the closet and under your bed, but you couldn’t find him.
“Maybe he’s in the armory.” You whispered and run over the armory, looking everywhere for him. “Fuck!” You exited and came back to the kitchen, angry at him. “Fuck you, James! I know you can hear me!” You sat on the counter and waited for Bucky to appear.
“You didn’t search into the lab, doll.” You jumped when you heard him, too focused on playing with your t-shirt. “I hate you.” You declared, looking at him. “You can’t win, accept it.” He showed you his tongue and you rolled your eyes.
“Last round. Come find me, human machine.” You smirked and waited for him to turn around and start counting. You quickly run towards the stairs and almost slipped while trying to reach for the lab, looking for a place to hide.
You heard him saying he was coming and your heart started beating even faster because you weren’t hiding yet. You swore under your breath and then exited the lab, careful to hear his footsteps.
You quickly reached the stairs and reached your room, you inside your closet and prayed he wouldn’t hear the doors closing. You tried to calm your heartbeat and froze in place.
You made him promise to avoid using his enhanced hearing but you started doubting he listened to you.
“Doll, you finally learned how to hide properly!” He mocked you, laughing. He was close to your room, so you put your hand over your mouth and tried to no make a noise.
“I have 5 minutes, maybe you can win baby!” He said loudly from the corridor, your heart betrayed you and you heard the door of your room opening. “Or maybe you can’t.” You knew he was smirking, taking his time.
You swore you were going to kill him right there.
Bucky opened the closet and when he met your eyes you kicked his legs hard, making him laugh at your attempt to make him fall down to the floor.
“Fuck you Bucky, you’ve been cheating since the beginning.” You pushed him from your way and walked out of the closet. You reached your bed and sat there, showing him you were angry.
“I’m not cheating, I was hiding at the beginning, but I got bored so I started following you.” He explained, coming closer to you. You looked at his face and narrowed your eyes. “I missed you?” He leaned towards you and cupped your cheeks, caressing your skin. “We were playing.” You whispered, trying to hold a smile.
“I know, but I just can’t get enough of you.” He quickly kissed you, then gripped your hips and you squirmed in surprise when Bucky lifted you from the bed as if it was nothing, holding you in his arms. Your legs quickly circled his hips and your hands were holding his broad shoulders.
“I love that you’re so needy.” You chuckled and kissed his nose, making him smile. “I love you.” Bucky started leaving kisses all over your face, then lowered you on the bed and was quickly beside you, cuddling with you. “Touch starved.” You muttered when he hid his face into your neck, as usual.
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nameless-ken · a day ago
Bucky Barnes Imagine
Summary: Bucky gets enlisted in the war. (loosely used the song Hold Me While You Wait as inspiration)
Warnings: fluff, mentions of making love, angst
Words: 1.5K
Parts 2 ?? Comment if I should continue!
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
Hold Me While You Wait
- -
“Bye Miss. Y/L/N!” A couple of your students wave to you as they run down the stairs outside of the school. You laugh as you stand at the top of the stairs, waving back. 
The smile on your face only grows bigger once you look at who's standing at the end of the entrance steps of where you teach. Bucky. He stands there with his hands in his pockets and a bright smile on his face. You slowly walk down the steps, eye not leaving him once. You can’t get enough of him and that gorgeous face. 
“Hello, darling. How was your day?” He asks as you step down the last step. He wraps an arm around your back and pulls you close to him. 
“It was great. And yours?” You giggle as he presses kisses against your face and neck. 
“It just got better.” He mumbles against your neck. 
“Buck, we’re in public.” You push his face away playfully and he groans. 
“Let’s get home then.” He grabs your hand in his and starts running. You laugh as he pulls you along. 
“Bucky, I’m wearing heels.” You shout and he stops before picking you up and starts running again. 
You can’t stop laughing. He’s such a character. There’s no one like him. You’re so happy to have him in your life. 
He gently sets your back down on the ground once you make it to your apartment. Bucky recently moved in with you and the place is still a mess, unpacked boxes everywhere. Bucky always came up with the excuse of, ‘making sure the bed is broken in first, the rest can wait’. And you certainly can’t ever say no to him. 
Once inside you walk to your bedroom to change. You slip off your dress and heels, letting your hair down. You stand by your vanity, taking off your jewelry. 
“Wow, I’m the luckiest man in the world.” You turn your head to see Bucky leaning against the door frame. 
You feel your cheeks heat up but hold your confidence. You set your necklace down, the locket he bought you for your birthday. You feel him step more into the room but still a little away from you. You turn around fully to face him and see him holding his camera. 
“Bucky.” You groan. You hate getting your picture taken but Bucky does it any chance he gets. 
“Doll, you’re so beautiful. I’m just making sure you never forget it.” He brings the camera up and snaps some photos. 
“Oh you know you’re doing this for you.” You roll your eyes and walk closer to him. 
“You bet I am. Can’t get enough of you.” He snaps one more picture before you take it out of his hands. 
“Why do you need so many anyways. I’m not going anywhere.” You hold the camera in your hands and look up at him. 
His head bows and eyes fall to the floor, like he’s hiding something. 
“Bucky, what’s going on?” You set the camera down where he got it from and stand in front of him. 
He doesn’t reply. He grabs your hips and traces his hand slowly over your body. You move your head to get him to look at you. When he won’t, you grasp his face in your hands. Your eyes plead with him to tell you whatever is going on. He closes his eyes and clenches his jaw. 
“I got drafted.” His voice breaks. 
You can’t move. You don’t want to move. Your eyes are stuck on his lips, his words replaying over in your head. He’s leaving and may never come back. You’ve only just started a life together. You have so many plans and now it feels like they’re all shattered. 
Bucky moves a hand to your face and pulls you against him. He holds you as silent tears fall from your eyes. You’re in shock, not wanting to believe he’s leaving you here, all alone. 
“I’m so sorry darling. I wish I could change it.” Bucky whispers against your head. You let out a shaky breath and move your head back to look at him. His eyes are red and leak tears as well. 
“I’ll always love you.” 
“I’ll always love you. Never forget that please.” 
- -
Bucky informed you he was set to leave in a few days. It was all so sudden, you didn’t have time to prepare for the last day you may ever have with him. 
That day, you’ll never forget. 
All you did was spend it in your home with each other. The only thing that mattered now was just being with each other. Savoring each second that passed by. 
He couldn’t get enough of you and you couldn’t get enough of him. You lost count of how many times he made love to you. It was like you both couldn’t stop. You were addicted to the feeling of him against you. His warmth calming you and his kisses pushing all your fears away. 
“You’re a dream, my love.” Bucky admires you as you lay underneath him. You don’t care that he is practically crushing you with his body, you just want to feel him before it all disappears. 
“I hope you dream of this moment everyday you’re away.” You kiss his lips, holding the back of his head. “I hope it’s enough for you.” 
“I couldn’t ever forget you doll. You’ve changed my life in ways I never imagined. No matter what happens, I’m glad to have spent this last year with you. It’s been a privilege to have loved you and whoever comes next, I hope they-”
“Bucky, stop.” You interrupt him, never wanting to think about not being with him. 
“I just never want you to feel alone. If something happens and I can’t come back to you, I want you to be happy. And I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can’t converse with fate but I know that no matter what, I’ll always be with you. No matter how difficult it gets or how desperately the world tries to tear us apart, I’ll love you immensely. I’ll be yours forever.” 
- -
Bucky grips your hand as you weave your way through the train station filled with soldiers. You don’t want to be here. You want to take Bucky back home with you and never let him leave. You look at all the families and friends of other soldiers as you pass by. You don’t think you’ve ever seen so many tears in your life. You swallow the lump in your throat, trying to keep the promise you made Bucky, no crying. 
Bucky stops near the train and drops his bag to the ground, turning to face you. Once his eyes meet yours, you know that promise is already broken. 
“You have those pictures soldier?” You try to lighten up the mood surrounding the air. He laughs and you want to bottle that sound up so you never forget it. 
“Wish they were the real thing.” He wraps his arms around up. 
“I’m right here,” You press your hands against his chest, smoothing out his uniform. “Hold me while you wait.” 
He doesn’t hesitate and holds you tightly against him. You tuck your head against his neck and he does the same. You feel his breathing against your skin and it sends chills over your body. 
You jump when the train whistles, gripping Bucky tighter. You can’t let go. 
“Doll, I have to board.” He mumbles against your neck, running his hands down your back. You shake your head against him. 
“I know, darling. I don’t want to either but I have no choice. I’m so sorry for this.” He grabs your arms and gently undoes them from around his neck. 
Sobs escape your lips and your breathing grows uneven. You’re an absolute mess right now. He takes your face in his hands, kissing away your tears before passionately kissing your lips. You don’t get the chance to protest as he drops your face and grabs his bag, stepping on the train. You stand there, shaking, a hand pressed to your chest as you try to calm your breathing. Your eyes land on him and you see the wetness on his cheeks. He hasn't moved from the steps of the train. You quickly walk over to the steps and he immediately leans down. You grab his face and kiss him again. It’s messy but beautiful. 
The train starts to move slowly and you pull back. The hand that is holding yours falls. You watch as the love of your life slowly starts to fade away. 
“I love you!” Bucky shouts as he holds onto the handle and leans out from the steps. You can’t help but laugh, same old Bucky. 
“I love you!” You yell back and he sends you a kiss. You stand there until you can’t see him anymore. You squeeze your eyes shut and let out a shaky breath. You grip the locket around your neck. 
“Come back to me. Please, come back to me.”
- -
taglist: @vicmc624​ @chouettedubois​ @cstan @celine-xox​ @mischief-siriusly-managed​ @ultrunning​ @bahama-mama-llama​ @multiplums @jackiehollanderr​ @knowyourworth-sellyoursoul​
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darkbucky · a day ago
pairing: dark!bucky barnes x reader
warnings: violence (not really detailed, but you can guess what he's trying to do), reader crying & begging, possessive behavior, bucky being a bit gross
a/n: idk why or how, but I had this idea of dark!bucky being possessive about reader having an old tattoo of their ex's name and trying to cut it off. (also, ik this is short + not really a fic, but I still wanted to include warnings just in case) *and if anyone like this idea, feel free to use it in a fic! I want to see y'all's interpretation*
Tumblr media
the pain was searing hot; it was a surprise you haven't passed out yet, but he was delighted you were conscious and aware – having you witness what he was doing to you, what he was trying to erase.
Tumblr media
as soon as bucky discovered your ex's name still inked on your body, it brought out something dark within him: possession slithered its way across his hands, coiled tightly around the handle of his blade.
“you're with me now, doll. I don't see why you haven't had this removed, when they're out of the picture.”
your stomach flipped in sync with his movements; the knife glinted in the light each time it dropped back down in his vibranium hand.
“b-bucky, you're scaring me,” your eyes darted frantically, like a cornered animal seeking an escape.
“no, no, it's okay. I'm doing this for us,” he cooed. “now, hold still for me, okay?”
you couldn't have outrun him even if you tried – you were no match for his super serum enhanced abilities. he had you on your back in a blur, his knees pressed down on your chest; the weight of him was oppressive.
“bucky, stop!” you wheezed. “please, don't do this!” you thrashed in his hold, eyes wild and pleading.
“do you not love me? is that why their name is still on you?” he gritted out, froth collecting at the corner of his mouth with every word. “maybe I should brand you as mine. leave a mark that will stay with you forever. won't you like that?”
tears spilled down your cheeks in a steady flow. bucky groaned as he took in the sight; his rough tongue lapped it up greedily – you flinched with every stroke, earning you a deep chuckle.
“are you ready, darlin'?” he grinned down at you, vibranium arm whirring as he brought the weapon closer to the offensive word engrained into your skin.
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demonsandmischief · 2 days ago
Can't Sleep
Marvel - A Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky x Female Reader
Prompt Request #2 - "It's okay, I couldn't sleep anyway."
Prompt Request #4 - "I'm pretty sure that's my shirt."
300 Words
Tumblr media
- Can't Sleep -
You heard it immediately, sitting up in bed and squinting into the darkness, trying to make out where he was. You groaned when the lamp was turned on.
"I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"
Your eyes finally focused and adjusted. You found a shirtless Bucky standing at the end of your bed, watching you intently.
"It's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway," you mumble, dragging a hand over your face with a tired yawn. "Did you have a nightmare, Buck?"
He had deep bags under his eyes that sunk into his normally sharp features. He gives a nod, the metal dog tags around his neck shifting and catching the light.
You pat the space next to you, but he hesitates.
"I can't," he says. "Bad luck."
"We're getting married tomorrow," you roll your eyes. "You weren't supposed to see me the night before."
He sighs, "I know, I know. I really wanted to do things right, but I can't sleep without you. Did I mess things up?"
"It's just a superstition. There's nothing to worry about. Get over here so we don't look like the walking dead tomorrow," you giggle.
He gives a gentle smile, moving to lay down beside you, but he pauses. "Wait-is that my shirt?"
"I don't know," you shrug, a smile automatically tugging at your lips.
"I'm pretty sure that's mine, sweetheart."
"I can't sleep without you," you pout, laying it on thick.
"Yet, you don't see me wearing your shirt," he rolls his eyes playfully. "That one's my favorite."
"Turn off the light, James," you huff.
He gives a low rumble of a chuckle and you smile, curling against his chest. He wraps his arm around you tight and you're both finally able to sleep, dreaming of weddings and a lifetime with Bucky.
A/N oops I accidentally posted this too early because my fat fingers hit 'post' instead of the edit pencil. 😭 I'm sorry to whoever requested - but I did remember the numbers.
Tags: @nyx2021 @jerseynatural-enthusiast @bklynxbaby @alexabarnes17
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vibraniumphoenix · 2 days ago
warmth. [ b.b ]
a bucky barnes x reader blurb wherein you’re the only one who gets to see the soft side of the usually cold and stoic super soldier.
WARNING: none !! (well is isn’t beta-read so mistakes are all mine !!)
A/N: i have this headcanon where bucky’s pretty much soft with you yet he’s still so awkward with it since he’s still trying his best to learn how to be open with his thoughts and feelings. drown in feels with me, please <3
updated a/n: oh wow this was so soft and domestic good bye im crying
Tumblr media
You were Bucky’s new source of strength; the ray of sun he needed on days that are too rough and dark. You were his rest when life gets too tedious.
If you weren’t so updated with his life, it would be hard to believe that he was the same person who can take on 10 men alone without breaking a sweat. He tried to shield you from his wrong-doings but you ended up giving him a lecture that he shouldn’t hide anything from you一 even the dark memories of his past since you wouldn’t love him any less. In your eyes, he didn’t do any of that. He was barely a shell of a man when you met him and you don’t have the heart to blame him for it; he was a victim.
The sun that seeped in through the small cracks of your curtains was enough to wake you up, making you stir lightly. You reached over to the side of your lover only to see that it was cold and well empty, making you open your eyes to check the time and groan at the fact that it was barely past 8 in the morning.
You grabbed Bucky’s pillow and hugged it close to your frame, his scent greeting your senses as it lulled you back to sleep until the smell of burnt toast infiltrated your nose, making you cringe and sit up. As much as it irked you to get up, you had to see what was going on in your kitchen before it burns down completely.
You made your way out of the room and the smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the air, making you smile in excitement. Carefully, you peeked inside and saw Bucky silently cursing as he grabbed the charcoal-looking toast from the oven while the other hand waved over the toaster that was smoking lightly as rather /colorful/ words rolled off his tongue.
This made you laugh and re-emerge from your hiding spot, startling Bucky. “You shouldn’t be awake yet, doll.” He groaned, his right arm running through his hair. The faint rosy color that decorated his features were enough to tell you that he’s embarrassed that you caught him in the middle of the act一of burning toast that is.
“I would love to sleep in, Buck but the smell of burnt toast woke me up.” You teased, letting out a soft laugh as he huffed softly, putting his hand over his face. You walked over to where he was and wrapped your arm around his frame, snuggling yourself against him, “Plus, the bed is cold without you, James.”
He placed a gentle kiss to your forehead, hand cupping your cheek as his thumb prodded against the skin gently. “I’m sorry, baby. I just wanted to make something for you.” He explained, holding you in his tight embrace, swaying the both of you from side-to-side.
Bucky was still awkward in showing his emotions around you, albeit he was worse when the both of you first started dating. Everything was very foreign to him in terms of showing affection and receiving it. He was actually growing ashamed of himself for being a fool in front of you. He has his adorable moments with it; when he wants to say i love you but ends up saying something rather embarrassing that leaves you clueless or when he wants to give you a hug but instead just stands and looks at you until you ask what’s the problem.
It was so very new to him and you didn’t blame him for it, instead you embraced it and told him that he didn’t have to force himself and that you can wait for even a thousand more days if it meant you could see him comfortably be affectionate around you. It’s in these little moments like this that you are reminded of how loving he can actually be.
“Then we can make them together, love. So I can make you something as well.” You answered, leaning in to give him a gentle kiss, smiling into it as you feel him smiling as well. He nodded, hesitantly letting you go as he grabbed the bread and passed it on to you.
“If so, can you do the toast? I don’t want to burn them again.“
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Which scenario would be sweeter?
Bucky comforting y/n in the midst of a hard super-soldier labor with his child. You whimpering "James" instead of what you normally call him, (Bucky).
Steve helping y/n through a similarly rough labor with his kiddo. Y/n collapsing down onto Steve's chest (he is behind y/n for support). Exhausted y/n pleads "Stevie? I can't do this anymore." -Steve's kid is also supersoldier, of course.
Tumblr media
Ohhhh my god I can’t choose, I’m just gonna have to expand on both cause I can’t stop thinking about it
Bucky Barnes
It’s a rough birth, but you had a feeling it would be, I mean, you had prepared for this. But holy shit, it hurts so much.
He insisted that you give birth in Wakanda because the best care is there and they are more than equipped to deal with super soldiers.
He’s got his flesh hand wrapping around yours and his metal hand pressed against your face to cool you down. You are screaming in pain, collapsing in the bed.
It had been literal hours and you were nowhere closer to birthing his baby. You can’t help but cry in pain and defeat.
“James,”You whimpered, gasping for air and turning your head towards him.”I-“
His heart palpates at the sound of his actual name, not Bucky, not Sarge, or even Jamie. James.
James goes into real serious mode, knowing you needed the guidance and the soothing words from him. Seeing you in so much pain makes his heart ache.
He shushed you, cooing at you gently and telling you were going to be okay.
“We’re almost there, baby doll, she’s coming, but you gotta push for me, okay? I got you, just a little longer.”
Bucky leaned his forehead against yours, kissing you gently before encouraging you to push.
It’s a whole two more hours of praises and soothing whispered before baby barnes comes into the world.
“She’s perfect, baby doll,”Bucky whispered holding the tiny babe before resting her in your arms.”You did so good, I’m so proud of you. Look at her, she’s everything. You both are.”
You look up at him firefly, tears in your eyes as you agree,”Yes, she is, and so are you.”
Steve Rogers
Oh my god, Steve Rogers would be sickeningly sweet. You had known the chance of his child growing in you being a super soldier.
He holds you so close, letting you squeeze his hands so tightly as you push as hard as you can.
It’s been hours, you have been in labor for almost 20 hours and you think you might die from the pain. Steve is taking such good care of you.
“Stevie?”You cried, body exhausted and sweaty,”I can’t do this anymore.”
His heart broke at the sound of how hurt your voice is. You are in so much pain and he knows you can do it.
“It’s okay, hey, we can do this together, pretty girl, listen to me,”Steve whispered in your ear soothingly.”We can do this all day.”
You’re gasping for breath, leaning back against him and nodding slowly. He kissed your sweaty face, whispering how proud he is and how perfect you are.
He’s right, you were the Rogers’ and you never gave up.
Finally, the world is graced with your baby boy and absolutely collapse into Steve in complete exhaustion.
You hold your baby for the first time and you cry so hard, happy to be done and to have in your arms.
Steve holds you close, the baby sleeping soundly beside you guys while he laid in the hospital bed. He watched over both of you, happier than he’s literally ever been.
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buckyhoney · 2 days ago
𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐮𝐩, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: here is a little bucky blurb! i just love somnophilia LMAO here ya go with my needy baby
pairing: needy!bucky barnes x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
18+ warning
warnings: 18+, language, somnophilia, dub-con, oral (f), fingering
words: 700
Tumblr media
The lights are turned off throughout the apartment. Bucky's careful not to be too loud when dropping his overnight bag in front of the mini hallway entrance- not wanting to disrupt your sleep.
Taking a quick turnaround trip with Sam and Steve seemed better at the moment. However, from the moment he facetimed you, fresh out of the shower and towel barely hanging on your breasts, Bucky's mind was stuck with the image of you the whole time.
The small increments where he was alone wasn't enough time to properly relieve himself- and he had hoped to be home before you had gone to bed.
Lights are off in the bedroom, the only source of light coming from the tv. Scenes of a random tv show plays on mute- perfectly illuminating your body.
The image of your body laying on the mattress with barely any clothing covering your most intimate parts of you causes the familiar ache Bucky had felt nearly all weekend to begin.
You shift in your sleep. Laying on your back with your legs parted, exposing your cunt- covered only by the small material of your panties.
Staring shamelessly, Bucky's mouth waters. Fog clouding his brain, only thoughts of finally being able to dip his tongue inside you. He pulls over his shirt and discards his sweats.
He can't help himself, not when your legs are spread in front of him, and your panties barely cover your folds.
Carefully, Bucky moves the blanket off of you. He knows the motion of pulling your panties off completely would wake you; he opts for moving them to the side. While doing so, a string of mumbled curses escapes through his clenched jaw.
Stomach flat on the mattress, he hooks your legs over his shoulders. Bucky's palms rest on your tummy.
Fast asleep, your body still reacts to his touch- dampening the closer his fingers get to your pussy.
His eyes lock on the glistening cunt.
"Look at you, soaked for me, even in your sleep." He blabbers to himself, trailing his fingers on the inside of your thigh.
Goosebumps cover your skin, shifting at the sensation. He's been put in a trance. His thumb glides over your folds, stopping at your clit, warming you.
Whining into your thigh,
"So fucking pretty,"
Peppering lazy wet kisses into them. The desire and hunger for a taste hijacked the goal of keeping quiet. His lips press against your folds, lapping up the arousal.
The drippy hole clenching around nothing, in desperate need to be filled.
Your body shudders at the sensation of his tongue swirling around your clit. The vibrations and pleasure pull you into a lighter sleep.
Bucky sucks on the nerve harshly. His nails dig into your hips as he grabs at your body, needing you closer to him.
Your chest rises and falls rapidly the closer he pushes you to your climax. Small whimpers and soft moans slip past your lips, jerking into his mouth.
"Missed this cunt, fuck," Bucky's tongue flickers your clit as his fingers join them.
Arousal coats his fingers as they slip inside you. Gasping in pleasure, your eyes flutter open. Your head lifts up to see Bucky sucking harshly and his fingers pumping in and out of you- not even acknowledging your consciousness.
" M'sorry princess, I couldn't help myself.” You're lost for words.
Your chest heaves, legs tremble and your hips dig into the mattress. The first wave of pleasure crashing into you. Fingers clawing at the sheets, balling them into your fists.
"Holy shit, Buck-" Bucky collects the arousal that's dripping from your hole.
The animalistic moan into your clit causes your hips to buck and your back to arch. Bucky feels your walls tighten around his fingers, curling one last time into your g-spot.
"Oh yes, cum around my fingers," He practically begs,
The bulge trapped by his boxers is throbbing- pulsating- begging for a release. With two fingers still stuffed inside you, he lifts his head to greet you.
"Hi, princess." He coos, watching your body twitch at the sensitivity.
"I've been thinking about this cunt all weekend- I just wanted a taste,"
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bucksfucks · 3 days ago
you HAVE to write about that beefy!bucky x tiny!reader idea you just posted
⟶ tiny • beefy!bucky
Tumblr media
word count || ~ 1,000
warnings || massive size kink, pet names [little one, pretty girl, baby], bulge kink [bucky see himself in tiny’s belly], breeding kink, unprotected sex, taunting, dry humping, teasing, mocking and degradation [dumb baby, stupid, big girl words], bucky is big [not in a painful way], nipple play — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes || i’m sorry this is a little late, i wanted to make it as perfect as possible!!
“Little one,” Bucky warns as she pours, space between her eyebrow creased as she gives him a loud huff.
There’s nothing that’s going to change her mind. She’s stubborn, after all, and Bucky knows this.
“Why not?” She whines, close to throwing a temper tantrum because she doesn’t understand why he won’t let her.
He sighs, uncrossing his arms and pushing off of the doorframe to walk over to her.
The look in his eyes changed with his first step, pupils engulfing the blue around them.
“You really want it?” He questions, cocking his head to the side as she doesn’t hesitate as she nods her head enthusiastically.
“Then go ahead, I’d like to see that tight cunt of yours swallow my cock.”
A shiver runs down her spine at his words, being pushed onto the couch before pulled onto Bucky’s lap.
He grinds her hips against his—dry humping as soft little pants and whines leave her lips.
There’s nothing Bucky loves more than hearing her desperate, and now, she’s naked against him; drenched and clawing at his shoulders and chest.
“I can do it, Bucky,” she drawls, eyes closed as she rubs her tummy against his hard cock.
It causes him to groan lowly before he’s smirking, “well no one’s stoppin’ ya, baby.”
Bucky watches as he can see the way her breathing stutters, pocket of air catching in her throat at him giving into what she wants.
“Or did that dumb baby brain of yours realize that ‘m too big for you, huh?” He taunts, clutching her cheeks between two metal digits; watching how they dig into her soft cheeks.
She pouts, again, before shaking her head. All it does is make Bucky roll his eyes.
“Big girl words, use your big girl words.” He reminds her as he watches the crease form between her eyebrows.
“Cute,” he comments, “now don’t act stupid.”
“I want to, I wanna feel you ‘side me,” she squeals, using two hands on his cock as she strokes him.
He sighs, enjoying the way her smaller hands move against him. They’re so much softer than his ever could be, knowing him all too well.
“Go on, little one, sit on my cock then. Let me fill you up ‘til ‘m all the way in your tummy,” he purrs with a teasing smirk.
She’s giddy, excited as she lines himself up with her waiting core before slowly, but daringly sinking over him.
His hands are gripping her ass, squeezing the supple flesh as her mouth hangs open.
She’s handling it well, Bucky thinks, but she isn’t even halfway over him.
A whimper leaves her mouth, “uh, uh, you’re doin’ so good. I know what my pretty girl is capable of.”
She needs the encouragement as she opens her heavy eyes to look down at how far she is over him; walls greedy as they squeeze him.
“You wanted this, little one,” he growls suddenly, hands on her hips.
“But you’re too dumb to understand that you can’t have everything you want.” She whines at his words as she feels herself bottoming out on top of him.
And she feels full. Fuller than ever before.
Bucky let’s out a content hum, “look at you, little girl.”
“Do you feel how fuckin’ full you are? So greedy to be stretched and full,” he taunts, “how’s it feel?” He asks, flesh hand on her lower tummy as he feels the bulge.
She lets out a soft moan, “so good,” as she can barely string together a coherent sentence because she doesn’t remember a time where she felt so complete.
“You gonna sit there or fuck yourself, hmm?” He poses the question, licking his lower lip as he begins to toy with her nipples.
“Because if you don’t start movin’ I sure as hell will, pretty girl.”
She shudders, anchoring herself on his shoulders as she wiggles her bum, then rocks her hips and oh the moan that leaves her mouth is enough to get Bucky’s cock twitching.
“Love all the sounds you make for me, little one,” he groans, letting his head fall back as she moves over him.
His eyes are glued to where they’re connected, watching her swallow him with each movement and he can’t wait to fill her up.
“You gonna let me breed you?” He barks, nostrils flaring as she desperately rides him.
“Gonna let me stuff you with my seed ‘til you’re drippin’?” She wants it, needs to be full of him as she continues with her hips.
“Well then don’t you dare stop ‘cause ‘m so close, pretty girl. Milkin’ my cock so fuckin’ well with your sweet little cunt.”
Goosebumps prickle her skin as she begins to cum without warning, body loosening as she falls forward and it’s Bucky’s turn to thrust upwards.
He can’t focus on anything other than the bulge he creates in her tummy before…
“Fuck,” hearing Bucky choke out a whimper as he cums sends a shiver down her spine as he pumps her full before he finally loosens the grip he has on her waist.
“Oh baby,” he hums with glossy eyes, “don’t think I’ve ever came that hard.”
She hides her face as she feels his scruff against her jaw, “and it’s all ‘cause of you, little one.”
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chokemewanda · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Conscience Masterlist
Here’s part one. I’m super excited for this fic and there’s a lot of works building and research in it. I’ve written a few different ethnicities in here. Please call me out if I’ve gotten something wrong but I did do my research! Likes are great but reblogs and feedback are amazing! 🥰
Warnings: swearing, sarcasm, talks of sex work, Sweater Weather, girl in red, too many kids
Word Count: 4200+
Tony needs to stop recruiting children.
You rocked back and forward from your toes to your heels, smiling blandly at the gathering of superheroes. You weren't overly surprised to find Peter Parker who had paused in the act of bringing a spoonful of cereal to his mouth.
You had figured he was Spiderman quite some time ago but you had never really paid him much attention because of it, only as someone who MJ sometimes hung out with.
It was weird to see all of Earth's mightiest defenders going about their morning routine. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were making coffee while reading an actual, physical newspaper.
Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton were lying on opposite sides of the couch with their legs tangled, tossing pieces of pancakes to each other.
Bruce Banner was reading from a tablet at the kitchen island, writing notes on a spare leaf of paper with one hand and sipping coffee from a mug in his other hand.
No one looked up beside Peter. Not until Tony cleared his throat loudly. Everyone glanced up in sync and then went back to what they were doing.
"Stop recruiting kids Tony." Steve sighed, sounding almost bored with Tony's antics. You looked from the supersoldier to the billionaire and back again, still rocking on your feet. Peter finally finished bringing the spoon to his mouth and chewed slowly on his cereal.
"Yeah Hugh Hefner part two. Stop recruiting us kids." You spoke up. Peter choked on his cereal and Bruce stopped writing his notes, looking up between you and Tony with his eyes narrowed.
"Hugh Hefner?" Bruce asked, clearly interested. Steve and Bucky shared a look that made you think they had no idea who Hugh Hefner was which was entirely possible when you thought about it.
"I'm just saying, I'll dance, sure. But the no touching rule still stands and all of you are rich enough that if I see any dollar bills I'm kicking you in the crotch." You shrug as if it's a normal everyday conversation and once again the whole team looks up at you again.
"Dollar bills? I didn't bring you here to dance." Tony shakes his head, not sure if your serious or not. He had no idea about what you got up to in your spare time and a job was a job.
"You didn't?" You ask, your eyebrows furrowed. You knew exactly why you were there, you just weren't willing to admit to that. You wanted to see how long you could run the gag.
"You a dancer?" Bucky looked up, from the paper. He didn't seem overly interested, just like he wanted to break the silence while Tony floundered for words.
"For you Mr. Winter Soldier sir, I revoke the no touching rule." You told him, hands clasped in front of you and eyelashes fluttering. You gave him your best smile and he rolled his eyes but couldn't fight his own grin.
"I didn't bring you to prostitute yourself out." Tony interrupted, clearly confused about the turn in the conversation. He shook his head like he was manually clearing his thoughts.
"Disappointing, I was excited to begin my stripping career." You sighed heavily, folding your arms against your chest and pursing your lips.
"What did you bring her for?" Peter asked curiously and you realized that he was about to learn a lot more about you than you wanted him to. He was safe, you knew just as much about him.
"To join the team Penis. Can't believe you're spiderman." You sighed and Peter flushed red but you weren't sure if it was the familiar nickname or his secret being outed.
"I'm not uh-" Peter tried to argue and you rolled your eyes at him, turning back to Tony who was looking between you both.
"You know Parker?" Tony asked, eyebrow raised. You wondered how he got to be as smart as he was. He literally had a printed copy of your resume in his hand that told him you were a senior in the very high school Peter was a junior in.
"Yeah, I mean I've known he was Spiderman for a while too but you know, you win some you lose some." You told them all and Peter's eyes almost bugged out of his head in shock.
"You knew?" Peter asked, his voice doubtful and you nodded, shrugging again. It hadn't been overly hard to figure it out.
"Dude, your class goes on a school trip and Spiderman just comes along? For a while I suspected MJ but then I realized she'd never let anyone presume it was a man saving people." You told Peter who processed the information fairly quickly only to nod.
"Men ain't shit," Peter told you all and you smiled, mirroring his nod. Everyone else watched the exchange with varying levels of confusion and curiosity. You did catch Natasha nodding along with Peter's statement.
"What is going on?" Bucky asked, looking from Tony to you and then to Peter. He looked like he felt left out and you almost felt bad.
"Well Mr. Winter Soldier, sir. Is that too formal? Should I call him Bucky, James seems a little anti-climatic. I'm never sure about made-up names or real names." You babbled, looking to Peter. He seemed the best fit to help you with your predicament.
"See! I told you this was going to be an issue one day. I'm not the only one." Peter looked as if he was relieved to finally have someone on his side with this. He was surrounded by a lot of old people.
"Parker-" Tony sighed but you didn't want this issue dismissed.
"Especially when it's the bad guys. Momma always told me to be polite and refer to people by their titles but does it count when they try to stab me?" You asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. You were genuinely unsure of what you needed to do.
"See! It should be an all or nothing kind of thing." Peter agreed, pointing his spoon at you as if you had just validated all his concerns about life.
"God, there's two of them now." Bucky sighed, taking a mouthful of coffee and pinching the bridge of his nose like this was the worst thing that could've happened.
"Why do people try to stab you?" Steve asked, ignoring his metal-armed companion who looked like he wished he'd never left his bed this morning.
"That's why I brought her here." Tony insisted.
"Because people stab her?" Natasha asked drily. She was still throwing pieces of pancake at Clint who continued to catch them despite neither of them looking at the other.
"Because they try too." Tony countered smugly, like that made his point. You were still watching Natasha's impeccable aim.
"Do you listen to girl in red?" You blurted, completely ignoring the ongoing conversation around you. You would've been embarrassed if you weren't so curious.
"Girl in red?" Natasha asked, almost confused. You supposed that was as close to expressing emotion she got around strangers.
"I'll settle for Sweater Weather." You told her honestly, clenching your fists where they were tucked under your arm. She still looked confused and you pouted knowing that probably meant no.
"You know I wondered about that too," Peter told you, looking Natasha over with a critical eye. She glared back at him and he seemed to realize that analyzing the assassin so closely was probably not that wise.
"I listen to sweater weather," Bucky spoke up quietly, sending you a timid smile. You considered his words carefully, in awe of how he was advancing with the time.
"What can that metal hand do?" You asked, a smirk on your lips. It shocked almost everyone in the room. Peter and Bucky laughed while Tony sounded like he was being choked.
"What age are you?" Bucky asked and you knew he was just humoring him. You weren't overly bothered, you didn't care too much about the old man.
"18 years, seven months, and three days. which means I'm legal." You teased, pursing your lips in an effort to contain your laugh.
"Come back to me in a century," Bucky told you and you nodded, considering his words before shrugging.
"You're not my type anyway, where's Wanda? I wanna think about kissing her like I don't know she can read minds and then see how she reacts." You told the room. 
"Wanda, really?" Peter asked, tilting his head to the side as he considered your words.
"Big tiddy goth gf, keep up Parker." You sighed like the weight of the world was on your shoulders.
"Goth?" Peter asked,
"Emo? I don't know. I work with what I'm given." You finally uncrossed your arms to throw them up in exasperation.
"Why is she here, Tony?" Natasha sighed, bored of the conversation diversion.
"I ship you with Wanda." Peter interrupted again and you smiled brightly at him.
"Meet Conscience." Tony introduced and you wrinkled your nose in distate. You didn't like that one at all. It was tough to spell.
"Huh, Tony's always needed one of those." Bucky joked and you rolled your eyes, knowing that your name would become a pun all around if you let him get away with it.
Hit Bucky. Hard.
No one but you could see the dark ink of your unspoken words, how they floated out with your breath and through the air, jumping atom to atom in quick succession until they reached Steve. They floated up and in with Steve's breath and in the next instant, he reached out, winding Bucky with a punch that put everyone on the offense.
Make him sorry for that.
Bucky reacted without thought, tackling Steve across the kitchen island and into the back of the sofa, knocking Natasha and Clint off with the force. The pair of them rolled around for a minute while Tony watched on with an amused smile.
Natasha made you do it.
Both super soldiers turned on the assassin and she looked between them both, gun cocked and aimed already. "Stop it, whatever it is that you're doing, stop."
You inhaled deeply, drawing the words back in with purpose and both soldiers dropped their fighting stance, turning to look at each other. Bucky looked more shook, his shoulder dropping and his breath coming quickly. You felt almost bad for invading his mind like that.
"What the hell was that?" Peter asked, still eating his cereal but with wider eyes this time. Everyone else in the room was watching you warily.
"You think I've been passing Calculus on my own?" You asked with a scoff, rolling your eyes.
"You're not passing calculus." Peter reminded you. He only knew as much because MJ was doing her best to tutor you because you were a fucking idiot. That wasn't something you wanted everyone to know.
"Welcome to my villain origin story." You sighed, glaring at Peter. "We gotta be on the same side here Parker otherwise I'll have to tell everyone about Flash."
"Did I say you weren't passing Calculus? I should have said you were top of the class." Peter rushed out, cheeks turning pink at the reminder of his biggest enemy and Spiderman's biggest fan.
"I thought as much." You smirked proudly.
"Are we going to talk about it?" Steve asked, his hand rubbing gentle circles into Bucky's back. The Soldier was still hunched over, looking defeated.
"I'm the little voice in your head." You told him with a shrug, like it should've been obvious. "You do as I say and you don't question it, ever."
"What's to stop you from using it against us?" Bucky asked and you looked to Tony.
"Our alliance, supposedly." You told him skeptically. "Tony is an idealist."
"I caught the kid using it to get an internship here. Jarvis picked up on it." Tony told them. "She wasn't trying to hide it."
"Didn't expect a robot in the ceiling. I'll be more subtle." You assured them all.
"I don't trust her." Bucky sighed, his breath still coming just this side of too quick to be normal for him.
"Good, don't do that." You told him honestly before sighing. "But also my mom says I'm not allowed use it for harm. Or to convince celebrities to marry me."
"Your mom says?" Natasha asked bitingly, her words intending to sting. "Your promise to your mommy is what's keeping you on good behavior."
"Fucking right it is." You lied through your teeth. "My mom is scarier than every villain you've ever faced."
"Language." Steve sighed almost automatically and you grimaced.
"Is he serious?" You asked Peter who nodded, pointing to a jar full of coins on top of the fridge.
"We've got a swear jar." Peter confirmed.
"Man, that's kind of weird. How much per swear?" You asked, patting your empty pockets.
"25 cents." He told you and you winced.
"Damn, better start dancing. Remember ladies, gents, and non-gendered folks, no dollar bills, and I get to pick the music." You pointed a finger at them all warningly.
"Shame. I was going to suggest gangam style." Peter laughed and you looked at him like he was an idiot.
"Bold of you to assume it isn't top of my list." You told him, the 'duh' in your tone coming unsaid. "But you're a minor so you'll have to wait for your birthday."
"We still need to talk about it," Bruce spoke up and you shook your head.
"Nah, cause I ain't interested. I just wanted a paid internship. I haven't got time for Nazis unless I'm studying them. God bless, goodbye. Call me Bucky." You waved a hand, ducking from the room without a backward glance, and headed for the elevator.
You stood in the doorway, hands braced on the frame of the door to support yourself, and met the eye of all the agents lined up to invade your home. They had weapons to the ready but must have been drastically misinformed because they hesitated to shoot at you. Their mistake.
Leave. There is no threat here. Leave.
You used your deepest breath yet to send the message, exhaling until you were almost blue in the face. It worked and the agents turned and made their way through the corridor and back to the stairs. You stood in the doorway watching and waiting for them all to disappear in the uniform lines they maintained.
"Are they gone?" You looked over your shoulder to find everyone watching you from behind the living room door where you had put them after pulling them from their beds. It was the safest option because if anything went wrong there was a fire escape. You shut the door of the apartment, leaning against it heavily as a wave of dizziness washed over you. It took a second for your vision to focus on the terrified faces looking back at you.
"Yeah, back to bed, you know the rules." You sighed, recovering your breath. You didn't inhale too deeply, letting the words linger in the Agent's mind. You didn't want to accidentally withdraw the message, hoping it would sink in and they wouldn't return to bother you.
"Will you read us another story?" You sighed again and nodded when Rìa spoke, pushing yourself up off the door. The little girl came out from behind the door, clutching her twin brother's hand in hers and you smiled as comforting as you could at them both. They were the third youngest at only eight years of age and needed constant reassurance that things were alright.
You paused for a second making sure you were steady before walking everyone back to the first bedroom. The apartment you had boasted three bedrooms, one for the boys and one for the girls but more often than not everyone congregated in your room. You had to get a bed big enough to fit all nine of you at once. It was a tight squeeze but you made it work.
Usually, it involved little two-year-old Tommy curling up on your chest, four-year-old Moe under your left arm, balancing precariously on the edge of the bed. Next to you on your right, Rìa shuffled close and on her other side was her twin brother, Lou, who was never far away. He was pressed against Liza who was sixteen. Bo, a ten-year-old, was always more comfortable with Liza and so was usually strewn across her lap, trying to maintain contact at all times.
Which left Josef, the eldest besides you at seventeen years old, with twelve-year-old Edith who practically lived in his shadow, hovering in his orbit most of the time. There you read everyone's favorite. The Owl and the Pussycat. When you finished the poem the room descended into silence, as much as was possible with nine bodies packed tightly together.
You were just beginning to drift off when there was a knock at the front door. Only Josef heard it besides you and he gave you a warning look as you manoeuvred your way out of the pile of children that surrounded you.
"Go to sleep. Everything was fine." Agent's didn't knock and you had a fair idea of who it was. You were going to have to deal with your issues head-on, just like you always had. You closed the door most of the way over, leaving just the slightest crack in the doorway.
When you opened the door Tony invited himself in, eyes assessing the apartment before landing on you. You were exhausted and he could tell just from looking at you. You did your best to hide it but something was waring you down and he hoped you were close to giving into his offer.
"Pretty effective way to deal with Shield." He told you, hands shoved in his pocket, a frown on his face as he took in the toys scattered around the apartment.
"That was Shield? What the hell were they doing here?" You asked, already knowing the answer to your question. You wanted him to admit that he had fucked up, that he had released your secret.
"It seemed that landing yourself on my radar landed them on yours." Tony shrugged, arms out wide like you'd believe his open body language.
"No, you put me on their radar. You fuckin' moron." You snapped your voice still quiet so as not to disturb the kids
"Excuse me, I didn't waltz into Sta- Avengers Tower and start using my weird witchy powers on unsuspecting citizens-" A sharp cry interrupted Tony's rant and you looked up in fear. Little Thomas had managed to get out past the older kids and was now standing with his arms raised for you to pick him up.
"You need to leave, now. Don't make me use it." You told Tony, scooping Thomas into your arms and rubbing a hand against his back in circles to calm him. You didn't acknowledge him but Tony's burning gaze held all the questions you would never answer.
"You're not going to mention the kid?" He asked and you blinked at him, face impassive.
"You don't see a kid. Because if you saw a kid I'd have to make sure you forgot him and me." You warned, deathly quiet.
"I don't see a kid." He agreed, hands up defensively.
"You need to leave. Now." You warned again, rocking the little boy who was lying against your shoulder.
"Come to the tower, we can keep you both safe." Tony urged and you fought down a derisive snort at the thought of packing up your eight kids and moving them into Avengers Tower. Of course, he had no idea what he was offering.
"Get out of my house and stay out of my life. If you've got a file on me get rid of it. I'm asking once, nicely. I won't ask again, I'll tell you to do it next time." You told him, walking to the door and opening it pointedly.
"We've got room for-" He tried but you only glared harder at him.
"No, you don't. Get lost." He left, his shoulder slumped and a sigh leaving his lips as he passed you.
"Alright, emergency protocols, let's get your things together. If it doesn't fit in your bag then let it go." You had woken everyone up once Tony had left the building and begun packing your bag. This was the third time you had all been through an emergency move but the younger kids weren’t sure what to do.
"I'm tired." Moe whined, running his eyes. His hair was standing up on his head and he was clutching his blanket tightly in his hands, fighting off a massive yawn.
"I know Pappu, I'm so sorry." You told him, kneeling down to his height. He pressed into your warmth, yawning again and nuzzling you neck as you ran hands up and down his back to comfort him.
"Are we in trouble?" Edie asked softly and you looked over Moe’s shoulder. She already had her bag packed and was working on helping Joey pack his. You felt awful for dragging them through this again but it was better than the alternative.
"No, we're in danger. We need to go and now. Liza, can you bring Tommy and Edie? Joey, I need you to get Moe and Ria. I'll worry about Lou and Bo." You released Moe to Joey who ushered the little boy to get changed and pack his toys away before they got lost.
"What happened? Was that Tony Stark, did you get the job?" Joey asked as he stuffed pyjamas into a bag small enough for Moe to carry. He added the rest to his own bag, knowing not to over load the young boy.
"No, we had a difference of opinion. He wanted me to work in communications." You told them all, folding clothes quickly and adding them to your duffel bag.
"You are very good at getting your point across." Liza told you as if you should reconsider and you knew why she wanted you to settle down in a job. The kids needed stability and it was become less and less likely.
"Yeah well, not for him." You muttered zipping up your bag and moving to help Bo pack hers as quickly as possible. You weren't sure how long it would be before Shield was back.
"You could be a superhero." Ría cheered, bouncing on the bed while holding on tightly to Lou's sleeve.
"I don't think so, Nena. Sounds like a lot of work." You told her with a grin, scooping her off the bed and kissing her cheeks until she laughed.
"Would you have to be gone all the time?" Lou asked quietly from the bed and you nodded at him.
"I would, Nene and I most certainly wouldn't be able to keep all of you with me." You never sugar coated things for the kids. No one had ever told them the truth but you always would.
"Then don't." Josef told you, looking up from where he was packing a bag. You'd known Josef since you were four and he was three. You'd both been fostered together at the same time and had yet to be separated from each other. You'd die before you let anyone separate you from any of the kids in the room.
"I didn't even consider it." You promised him and he flashed you a pearly white smile, finishing up his packing.
"Where you been?" Peter popped up over your shoulder and you jumped, pressing a hand to your heart.
"Disneyland, my mom surprised us all with a holiday." You told him with a shrug, continuing to scan the vending machine for anything remotely enticing.
"Damn, she just pulled you out of school like that?" Peter asked, jaw dropped.
"Swear jar, Penis." You sighed, putting in your selection and scowling when your KitKat got stuck. Typical.
"Don't call me that." He huffed and you gave up on getting your candy bar, turning to face Peter.
"Don't swear. How would Cap feel to know you've got a potty mouth?" You teased, passing him to cut through the corridor.
"I'm almost eighteen." He told you petulantly.
"So?" You asked, pushing out the main entrance of the building.
"I can swear if I damn well want to." He told you and you clicked your tongue.
"I'm telling. I'm so telling. I'm gonna call Tony right now and tell on you." You pulled your phone from your pocket and Peter's face paled.
"You wouldn't." He challenged.
"Try me, Parker." You tossed right back.
"I'll introduce you to Wanda if you don't." He countered, a smirk on his lips.
"I don't want to meet Wanda. They say never meet your heroes, you'll just get disappointed." You told him with a dramatic sigh.
"She's pretty cool." Peter shrugged and you rolled your eyes.
"She's pretty. That's enough for me." You told him, aware he was still following you, despite the fact he was cutting class to do so.
"That's objectification." He argued and you laughed.
"You're objectification." You told him in return.
"You're a child." He muttered, kicking a rock along the ground in front of him.
"Don't you have class to get to?" You asked, finally looking up to meet his eye.
"I think as the senior, you should be more worried about getting to class." He said and you nodded. He was right but you wouldn't let him be.
"Penis, I swear to god-" You held up your phone again and he raised his hands defensively.
"Alright, I'm going, I'm going." He turned back the way you both came with a laugh.
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winterrskywalker · 3 days ago
Touch starved — Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
SUMMARY: Knowing that Bucky enjoyed being touched by you was pretty surprising, because whenever people got closer more than they should, Bucky would usually flinch, putting as much distance as possible. But then, you came into his life.
WARNINGS: a good amount of bucky being cute af ?
AO3: here!
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
“Can I hold your hand?” Bucky was standing close to you while you were making dinner for everyone. “I need my hand to cook.” You chuckled and gave him a quick look. “Can I hug you then?” He was pleading you with his eyes, but you didn’t noticed because you were focused on slicing the vegetables. “Alright.” You nodded distractedly, keeping slicing.
Bucky quickly circled your body with his arms from behind and held you close to his body, resting his chin on your shoulder. “I’m glad it’s winter because you’re hotter than hell.” You joked and smiled, feeling him hide his face into your neck.
“We’re going to divide into three teams, alright? That’s the better approach.” Tony was explaining the plan while everyone was sitting around the conferences table. “First team, Barton, Romanoff and Rogers.” He was looking at their faces for confirmation.
Bucky, on the other hand, was trying to pull your legs over his, making you giggle. “Stop! This will be over soon!” You whispered, pushing his hands away.
You tried to hold your laughing but jumped when he gripped your hips and pulled you in his lap completely, circling your waist. Tony sent a death glare at the two of you and you muttered a sorry, holding back a laugh.
“Second team, Banner, Barnes and Y/l/n.” Tony made sure the two of you were listening and then went on. “Last team, Wilson, Maximoff and Vision.” Bucky was tickling your neck with his growing beard to kiss you and you were squirming, trying not to laugh.
“Dear Lord, can someone take them apart? We’re trying to plan the attack on the Hydra base.” Tony snapped and both of you froze in place. “Sorry, keep going.” You smiled innocently, already feeling Bucky’s hands under your shirt to hold your hips.
“No, no, no!” You were running around the compound, chased by Bucky. “I’ll be late, stop it!” You screamed when he lifted you, holding you tight. “You’re insatiable, I swear.” You laughed while Bucky was trying to kiss your lips, but you tried to avoid him, knowing better than to give in. You’d never leave otherwise.
“Bucky, baby…” You tried to push him away, smiling. “You promised to cuddle with me.” He showed you his puppy eyes and your heart melted. “I know! But I have some work to do, I promise I’ll make it up to you when I’m finished with Nat.” You caressed his cheeks, smiling fondly. “Don’t take too long then.” He put you down and fixed your hair, making sure you looked perfect.
“Someone’s being touch starved.” Sam chanted from the couch, laughing. “Let her go, bro.” Bucky sent him a death glare and then smiled at you. “Okay, gotta go. Bye sunshine.” You kissed his nose and then rushed to the elevator, noticing he was standing there, watching you leave.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
Im so in love with the stucky trio/ trinity au 🥺🥺🥺 The relationship development you’ve done is so sweet!! can I request a prompt for them specifically?? Maybe fluff #2 and sarcastic/fun #34ab?? 🤞🙏🙏
panties — stucky
summary | steve is a little shit, but you and bucky love him anyway.
warnings | poorly written smut, it’s rushed idk, cockwarming, mentions of oral, panty stealing, public sex, creampies, bruises (steve tends to be a little rough and leaves marks)
prompts :
2. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.”
34. A: “You’re an idiot.”
B: “But I’m your idiot.”
Tumblr media
“Steven Grant Rogers, give me back my panties right now,”You warned, voices echoing all the way from corridor to the kitchen where Bucky was sharing lunch with Sam and Joaquín. It had been Steve’s idea for Bucky to bond more with people who were important to the two of you. Joaquín Torres was your best friend, a man you had met working with Sam and Steve that the former had taken under his wing. The younger man had just moved into the facility, taking the room across from Sam’s and next to yours.
It was very important to you and Steve that Bucky got to know your friends, which is what he was doing when Steve seemingly stole your panties.
“Oh dear god,”Sam cursed, looking at Bucky pointedly.
“What’s happening?”Joaquín asked curiously, still very new to the whole situation of the poly relationship.
“My boyfriend and girlfriend are getting up to no good,”Bucky answered nonchalantly.”Can’t ever leave them alone, they tend to start trouble.”
“Now, that is something we can agree on,”Sam said, chuckling slightly,”Get used to it, Torres. They are insatiable and unashamed.”
“Should you go check on them?”The younger man asked, but Bucky shrugged.
“They’ll come to me, just watch.”
What happened was that Steve had come into your room, looking for some affection when you had slipped on the new dress that you got for Bucky and him to see. He couldn’t help but spread his hands over your ass and pulling the cute pastel panties from your legs. He had spread your thighs out, buried his face between your legs happily. He told you he was getting you ready for Buck because the second he saw that dress, he’d want his cock stretching your cunt until you were whining for more.
When Steve had pulled away from you, he didn’t get the panties back, stuffing them in his pocket with a teasing smirk.
That’s when you begged him to give you your panties back,”C’mon, Steve, give ‘em back.”
“Not gonna need when Bucky has you bent over the couch,”Steve teased, making you playfully hit his chest.
“Maybe he’ll bend you over the couch, huh? Why is always me gettin’ fucked?”
“Hey, I get fucked,”Steve told you,”Literally last night, remember?” Another smirk came on his lips, grabbing your waist and squeezing. You whined at the feeling, his hands massaging the sore bruises he had left the night before,”Or did you forget how you sat on my cock while Buck fucked, bunny? Surely your memory isn’t that bad.”
Yes, you did remember, vividly, actually. Bucky had been pressed against your back, rocking into Steve who was absolutely mess of pleasure with both of you stimulating him in all ways. Steve hadn’t been able to hold himself back, his hands tight around your hips to the point that his crushing grip had left slight hand prints on your skin.
Steve lifted your skirt, admiring the bruised skin that he knew you liked so much. Bucky always told him he needed to be more gentle, but you liked the pain.
“‘m sorry, are you really sore?”Steve asked, actual concern now in his voice when he realized how bad he had bruised you.
“I’m fine, don’t be ridiculous.”
“I’m not being—did I hurt you bad? Do I need to ease up?”
“No,”You told him,”I like how needy you get, how want me so bad that you can’t help but lose control. I like how it feels, and I love how it looks.”
“It does look so fucking hot,”Steve murmured, kissing your shoulder and tracing the bruises with a blush on his face.”I love marking you, letting everyone know who you belong to.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“But I’m your idiot.”
“Yeah, you are,”You murmured, kissing his lips gently before pulling out of his grip,”I miss my other idiot, let’s go find him.”
Steve intertwined your hands, pulling you along with him till you found Bucky in the kitchen.
“Jamie, we miss you,”You complained, a smirk displayed on your lips.”You take so long to eat.”
“Sorry, I like to take my time with things so sweet, peaches,”Bucky chuckled, making Sam roll his eyes and motioned for Torres to help him with the dishes.”You two causing trouble?”
“No...”Steve murmured, resulting in Bucky shaking his head.
“Yeah, because I think both of you were having a little too much fun without me,”He teased, looking between the two of you darkly. Bucky leaned forward, his fingers clutching the fabric of your dress. His hands danced up your hip to find Steve had no given you you ur panties back.”No panties?”
You shivered are his low whispered, shaking your head and looking at Steve.”He was too stubborn to give them back.”
Bucky smirked, licking his lips before pressing a kiss into his lips. Steve slipped the pastel panties from his pocket into Bucky’s hands teasingly, making his groan quietly and his cock twitch in his pants. He glared at Steve’s antics, glancing at the company in the room. Bucky breathed out,”I love you, you enormous pain in my ass, but you’re gonna regret getting me hard when you know I can’t fuck either of you right now.”
You giggled at that,”Oooh, somebody’s in trouble,”You teased Steve, but felt Bucky’s hand on your waist.
He pulled you against his body,”You aren’t any better, wearing this fucking dress...”
“You guys ready for the movie?”Sam interrupted, holding up the dvd for Harry Potter. Apparently, it was a must see for popular culture.
“Yeah, we are,”Bucky answered, taking the couch with with the two you. Except he pulled you on his lap, sharing a blanket with all three of you.
“What are you doing?”Steve asked very quietly as the movie began to plan and Bucky seemed to be moving your hips.
“This dress is driving me crazy,”Bucky admitted, his hard cock discretely trying to push his thick cock into your clenching cunt. Your hands balled up the fabric on Bucky’s shirt while the brunette slung his arm around Steve.
“Fuck,”You whispered, making Bucky squeeze your thigh to be quiet.
“You’re gonna sit still and watch this movie, okay?”Bucky rasped into your ear as you felt Steve leaned into both of your bodies, his hand resting on your thigh.
“Yes, sir,”You murmured, back pressed into Steve and Bucky as you tried to keep quiet with your cunt stretched by the length of his cock. Luckily, the room was dark and big. The two friends of yours were completely immersed and the surround sound worked in your advantage.
You had slowly moved your hips, not able to keep yourself from trying to fuck your self of his big cock. “Careful,”Bucky huffed into your neck,”Don’t wanna get caught, do you?”
You shook your head, holding back a gasp when you felt Steve’s touch teasing at you. You were soaking his cock, feeling so full and needy.
It had been an hour of you squeezing his cock and Steve slowly teasing at your clit before Bucky couldn’t take it anymore, spilling inside of you impulsively. He breathed out quietly, making Steve cover his own mouth to suppress a moan.
You thought it was over, the risk of being caught made your body feel tingly. But it seemed Bucky had other plans, his metal hand dipping into Steve’s trousers and pulling him out under the big blanket.
“Cuddle with Steve, peaches,”Bucky said,”’m too hot.”
You nodded, moving over to Steve’s thick thighs innocently. Your body quivered under his touch, feeling his thick member pressing inside your sensitive pussy. Steve nearly came just from how easy you seemed to sink down him with Bucky’s cum lubricating his cock.
His hands carefully grasp your hips, pulling you back into his chest while Bucky smirked.”That’s it, bunny,”Steve whispered into your ear.”Feels so good.”
“Quiet,”Bucky warned.
So, Steve shut up, slightly moving your hips against his cock until he painted your already dripping cunt with his cum. Your whole body vibrated with pleasure, small gasps falling from your lips which Bucky quickly swallowed by kissing you innocently.
It was only now that you were leaking with their mixed cum that Steve slipped your pretty panties over your thighs. You kissed both their cheeks, settling between them happily. They both wrapped arms around you, making you sigh out peacefully.
Yeah, Steve and Bucky tended be horny idiots when it came to you, but god, you loved them so much.
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steverogwrs · 3 days ago
can we kiss forever? | feel loved. | s.s
Tumblr media
pairing: sebastian x reader.
summary: you and sebastian like each other a lot but you had to separate due to personal conflicts, but in one night you meet and the feelings come back to the surface.
warnings: heartbreak.
a/n: hello!! this is a mini series that's i've decided to come up with for sebastian. i was inspired by the songs can we kiss forever? by kina and feel loved by thomas reid. i hope this doesn't flop and i hope you like it.
series playlist.
chapter 1.
chapter 2.
thank you for reading!
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