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#the falcon
marvel-heaux · 2 minutes ago
do u ever cry when you think about bucky softly saying
I’m not a killer anymore
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scoobydoomistakes · 11 minutes ago
You know how the best of what a neural network generates *feels* recognizable, but just a little bit off?
This frame.
Tumblr media
This is what would happen if you took a neural network...
Tumblr media
...described what superheroes were like to it in the form of three vague haikus...
Tumblr media
...and said "here's a canvas, knock yourself out."
I, in equal parts, love it and am terrified of it. It’s got it all.
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flufffysocks · 40 minutes ago
correct me if i’m wrong but like,, steve and bucky wouldn’t have had any vaccinations in the 40s, sooo how do they not die of like, the mumps?
is it the super soldier serum? or did hydra take the time to vaccinate bucky over the course of his history? i need answers
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capxwinter · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
© credits to the author, i found on pinterest. if you own it, let me know so i can add your @
bucky barnes x reader
part one ⸺ part two
Summary: nothing could put F.R.I.D.A.Y back online, not even Tony
Word count: 770
Warnings: curse words
Author's note: someone in the comments of the part 1 gave me the ideia to write a part 2, thank you so much, i really appreciated!
english it’s not my first language so I’m deeply sorry for any mistakes or inconveniences. xoxo, lola
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Tumblr media
ten days.
ten fucking days.
that is how long F.R.I.D.A.Y was offline, and nothing seems to work.
When completed 3 days that the AI was having problems, Tony dropped his vacation and went directly to the compound, since then you two have been working non-stop trying to fix her.
The lab was a mess. dirty coffee mugs, dirty plates, and mathematical equations literally everywhere but no one was brave enough to say anything. you and tony were on the brink of collapse.
After seven days the lack of sleep was destroying you two. when pepper convinced tony to take a break, bucky almost kissed her, he was trying to do that for a long time now but you were too stubborn to even consider.
Tony was already out of the lab when bucky arrived, when he looked at you he felt his heart breaking a bit. you were a complete mess.
For the first time in a long period, you faced something that you weren’t able to fix, and that was crashing you. you’ve always been a fixer. since you were a little girl you would fix things around your house, and bucky knew that, he knew every little thing about you.
“I’m dead” you commented when your boyfriend entered the lab “I prepared a bath for you, go while the water still warm” you planted a soft kiss on bucky’s lips “I love you too” he responded with a smirk crossing his face.
While you were trying to relax in the bathtub bucky was cleaning the lab. taking the dirty dishes to the kitchen, organizing the snack bags that could be found anywhere, and gathering all the paper sheets with notes and equations. that was his way of showing he cares, running baths, and cleaning your mess.
Bucky was used to your mess. you could be very methodical but when you would start to brainstorm, organization wasn’t one of your first priorities and soon bucky noticed that not even clothes.
You walked into the lab with a towel wrapped around your body while on the phone with Tony. Natasha and Steve stood behind you trying to understand what the fuck was going on
“i don’t have time to explain to you, just come to the compound, RIGHT NOW” you hang up before he could respond.
“now is okay to walk around naked?” nat said handing you some clothes that she grabbed in your room when she saw you getting out of the bathroom to the elevator “thanks, nat” bucky looked at you, he was very confused.
“i think i know what is wrong with F.R.I.D.A.Y” he was waiting for you to finish but steve interrupted you.
“kid, go put on your clothes and we’ll help you with everything we can” you nod and went to the bathroom.
leaving the room you noticed how clean the lab was comparing with how you left it. you made a quick note to thank bucky later.
“so, where do we start?” Steve asked
“Remember that 2 weeks ago Dr. Banner accidentally removed all the security softwares of all the compound tech? F.R.I.D.A.Y is attached to the compound now. she got exposed to some kind of malware that probably has rewritten her code” tony arrives, he is sweating and pepper is trying to calm him down
“what you got for me, kid?” he ignored everyone else in the room
“We gotta reprogram F.R.I.D.A.Y, her codes were rewritten. we cant turn it on because we are using the wrong codes” tony looked confused for a sec but he quickly understood all
“But how? No one can’t break the F.R.I.D.A.Y security system”
“that’s the thing, no one broke it. they were deactivated by mistake” just like tony you were nervous as hell.
“you think she got exposed 2 weeks ago?”
“im 100% sure, it all makes sense”
“let’s do it then.” you two sit on your desks, AC/CD was blasting through the lab speakers.
everybody watched your moves with so much attention and when you shouted “done” they all stood quietly
“you do the honors, kid” you stood up and called for the AI
“F.R.I.D.A.Y?” tony almost cried when the robotic voice responded, “yes, Miss Y/L/N?”
"god, you're amazing" bucky shouted, his voice contained a lot of pride, and he wanted to show everyone how proud he was of you.
all the avengers in the lab cheered, they were all proud of you
Tumblr media
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nightfallchamomile · an hour ago
If I were hot I’d rule the world.
but I’m not, so back to watching the same tv show I’ve watched for the past two months while eating cookies in my blanket and sweatpants.
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wellhellomarvel · an hour ago
I dare you to not love Sebastian Stan challenge
Tumblr media
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the-sexiest-avenger · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Picked this up at a local shop last weekend. Copyright 1974, Captain America and The Falcon #177.
The ads in here are too funny. Interior pics coming soon.
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Bucky:”Are you ready to deal with PTSD flashbacks Sam”
Sam:”Always Buck”
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aliteralgarbageheap · 2 hours ago
People care about Bucky Barnes. That's their problem
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Sam:”How did this man drown?”
Bucky:”Well he couldn’t breathe underwater”
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cyberdelph · 2 hours ago
✨🌱Anthony and Sebastians grievances against Tom Holland is just so entertaining. • • • 
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justjessame · 2 hours ago
Starting Over Chapter 29
When we landed, Bucky showed just how supersoldier he really was by not only manhandling ALL our combined luggage - READ: all of MY luggage and his ONE measly bag - while holding tight to my hand and winding through the crowd in the airport.  He didn’t rush, keeping pace with MY short ass legs, making sure that I didn’t get yanked along behind him at a clip that would pull my arm out of its socket, but he clearly had a single-minded purpose to get out of the airport and on the road to - where?  
In a taxi, I think he finally realized that we had options for a final destination - his place or mine?  
“I’ve never seen your apartment,” and that settled it, Bucky gave the driver his address and we were on our way to his apartment and it was his turn to fidget.  “Bucky?”  
“I didn’t pick it out,” he was explaining as he helped the driver get my things out of the trunk, the drive had been mostly silent - not tense, but he’d been less than calm.  “When I agreed to therapy -” Another part of his pardon, I nodded, taking his free hand in mine and linking our fingers.  “It’s not as homey as your house,” he sighed, brow furrowed as the taxi pulled away, abandoning us and our things on the curb in front of his building.  
“I understand,” I bit my lip, and considered how to salvage my push to see his apartment that he seemed less comfortable with now that we were stranded at.  “I could always order us an Uber?”
He chuckled, looking down at me.  “No, I’m being stupid, aren’t I?”  I shook my head, no he wasn’t, he was just being unsure.  “Come on, let me show you my very utilitarian apartment.”  He managed to grab the bags without releasing my hand, a feat that he would forever impress me with, and with a deep breath to steady himself - we entered the building.  
Bucky’s apartment wasn’t bad, but he was right, it wasn’t really HIS.  I smiled when I saw the folded blanket on top of his pillow on the seat of his chair in the living room.  The television that I knew he’d keep on while he slept on the floor next to it.  But none of the rooms I walked through had his personality stamped on them.  
There weren’t any pictures of him and Steve - or him and Sam for that matter.  His apartment wasn’t all that different from the hotel room we shared in Delacroix, really.  
“Well?”  He was watching me as I wandered, keeping his distance, but studying me as I looked around.  “Is your curiosity sated?”  
“My my, Bucky, you do have a lovely vocabulary.”  I teased, my eyes flicking to his and my lips curling into a smile.  “You sleep here, but where do you live?”  
His lips were twitching as I came closer, and when I got near enough for him to reach out - he did, pulling me close and nudging my nose with his.  “Wherever you are, Brooke.”  My heart pounded, thinking that not only was the answer perfect, but it was what I wanted to hear - an answer to a question I hadn’t asked, that I hadn’t had the courage to ask YET.  And then his lips brushed mine and I was ecstatic that we weren’t on the plane anymore, that we were alone and on firm ground.  
Bucky was holding me on his chair, his blanket wrapped around us as we caught our breath.  His fingertips were tracing patterns on my bare skin, and I was immeasurably happy.  
“You’d move in with me?”  I wanted confirmation, and being held on his lap after making the likelihood of him being able to make eye contact with his neighbors without SOMEONE blushing more than difficult I felt pretty certain of my chances.  
“Is this a hypothetical question, Brooke?”  I tilted my head back, hating to leave the warmth of his chest, but wanting to see his face - not a terrible trade off.  He was smirking, but he was also waiting.  
“No, it’s an honest to God offer and question, James Buchanan Barnes.”  I stared into his eyes.  “Would you like to live in sin with me?”  My fingers traced the sharp lines of his cheekbones and full lips, giggling when he snapped at them with his teeth.  “Is that a ‘no’?”  
He sat back and studied me, licking his lower lip and distracting me for a moment with the slight movement.  “I don’t think I could say no to you about anything,” his lips quirked into a smile.  “Living in sin?”  His eyes narrowed, “should we stock up on candles and warn the local church?”  
I was laughing as his hand cupped the back of my head and pulled me closer to seal it with a kiss, and once we started kissing - well we got the sinning started early.  
My cell phone ringing broke in during our dinner - delivery from a nearby Chinese place, eaten on the floor because it was strangely comfortable.  
“Connie,” I was shaking my head as Bucky held out a bite of chicken for me to eat.  “Yes, Mother, we’re in New York.”  
“You could call or text,” she was muttering, but it was more teasing than anything.  I had her on speaker, but she was less testy.  “Hey, Bucky.” 
“Hey, Connie,” he was grinning at me, and clothed now, which was a pity.  “Guess I’ll be meeting you soon?”  
“We can hope,” she said in a tone that clearly told me I would be expected to make that happen soon.  “Are you guys at Brooke’s or -”  
“We’re at Bucky’s,” I answered, looking around the apartment, but Bucky rolled his eyes.   “For now.”  I shook my head again as he fed me another bite.  “We’re eating can we -”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Connie was not in the mood for our cuteness.  “Call me when you get back to the neighborhood, you turd.”  
“I will, love you,” I swear I could hear her rolling her eyes at me through the phone as she repeated my parting.  “I think she’s irritated with me.”  
He was grinning at me.  “Nah, she’s just not in the mood to listen to us and our,” he leaned closer and kissed me, making me forget about food.  “We’re going to make most people sick on their stomachs.”  He murmured as he pulled back.  “We’re sickeningly sweet.”  
“Are we?”  I shook my head with faux disbelief.  “I don’t see it,” wrapping my arms around his neck.  “I mean, me and you,” brushing my nose against his before nipping at his lip to get him to chuckle.  “Sweet?”  
His arms went around my waist and yanked, pulling me onto his lap and getting a squeal out of me.  “You might be right, maybe we aren’t sweet.”  He started a slow tour down my neck, his stubble creating a glorious friction and causing my breath to catch.  “What word would work for us, Brooke?”  His words vibrated against my skin, but I couldn’t think of one, now while my brain was busy thinking of how best to get us both bare skinned and joined again - you know important things. 
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