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#The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
gorillageek27 · a minute ago
Im sorry! But this scene made me laugh so hard! The way he just falls on his face and eats shit. The fucking camera cut is the best part.
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yaksomins · 14 minutes ago
hidden in his front jacket pocket at all times, bucky keeps a small notebook filled with notes he's scribbled over the years—observations and random things he's learned about sam.
like how sam can recite 100 digits of pi on command or how he can effortlessly play a song on piano by ear or that he's semi-fluent in at least five other languages.
bucky knows sam loves the smell of coconut but can't stand coconut-flavored foods or drinks and that he's particular about how his burgers are prepared (medium-well preferably with tomato and grilled onions) and that he only uses one specific brand of cologne he calls his "signature scent."
bucky records these things, not because he's afraid he won't remember, but so he has a tangible list of all the reasons why he's so in love with sam wilson.
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kevinfeiges · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wyatt Russell as John Walker THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (2021), created by Malcolm Spellman
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superdogbiter · 19 minutes ago
Sam:”Tale as old as time-”
Bucky:”Memes as old as vine”
Sam:”Beauty and the -”
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xxlittle0birdxx · 59 minutes ago
Sam has a love-hate relationship with Bucky’s cat.
He thinks Alpine views him as competition for Bucky’s affections, because she threw up on his favourite pair of jeans one day.
In reality she just ate too fast. Sam’s jeans just happened to be in the laundry basket where she was hanging out.
Alpine actually likes Sam.
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lovedmoviesb · an hour ago
And Bucky Makes Three: Friday Night
Find the full anthology here!
Tumblr media
The jukebox in this bar had seen better days, as had most of the establishment. The sound suited the song, raspy, vintage, a melody smooth and rich as aged whisky. Someone had thrown open the windows, and a crooked fan spun from the ceiling, doing their collective best to break through the heat. The bar was neatly polished, the bottles gleaming in the glow of the multicolored light bulbs hanging overhead. From the kitchen, Sarah could smell the sweet scent of the cook’s labor. The wooden floors were ancient, nearly soggy in some places, bending under the curve of Sarah’s heels as she moved.
She didn’t mind it at all, so long as Bucky kept moving right along with her. He was a better dancer than she’d imagined (and she’d imagined quite a bit). His grip on her was firm but gentle, his vibranium arm curved against her waist, his flesh and blood hand linked with one of hers. Her other arm rested between them, her fingers hooked over his shoulder. The last time she’d slow danced she’d been in high school, scrawny and impulsive, all awkward angles. Her date had kept trying to sneak handfuls of her ass and she’d repeatedly trod on his toes as punishment. The memory felt ions away, a pale comparison to now.
The song shifted, another record falling into place and queuing up with an audible whir. A smooth beat began, drawing a smile to Sarah’s face as she recognized it at once. She chuckled, her hand flexing.
“I like this song.” Her voice was little more than a whisper, but Bucky heard it.
“Me too,” he agreed, leading her to step to the rhythm.
Baby, let's cruise, away from here
Don't be confused, the way is clear…
“My parents used to dance to this,” Sarah confided. She could picture them together in the kitchen, rocking side by side, trading the lyrics between them. Her eyes began to sting with a familiar wistfulness, the bittersweet cost of remembering.
Bucky grinned, putting space between them just enough that he could twirl her, spinning just to show off. Sarah happily followed along, giggling at the faces he was making for her amusement.
Let the music take your mind
Ooh, just release and you will find…
“Who knew you knew this song?” Sarah teased, leaning in as he pulled her back.
He started to sing in a low deep voice, carrying the melody easily. “You’re gonna fly away, glad you’re goin’ my way…”
He dipped her, raising a brow expectantly. Through her laughter, Sarah was able to finish.
“I love it when we’re cruisin’ together,” she sang.
He pulled her up with a flourish, grinning brightly. “You have a nice voice,” he told her.
She shook her head, aware that the bartender and the cook were openly watching, whispering excitedly. “You’re so embarrassing,” she chuckled.
“Want me to stop?” He asked, spinning them again.
Sarah shook her head, content to keep dancing. “No. I don’t.”
She leaned in to kiss him. If her neighbors were going to watch, she might as well give them a show.
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fairyevans · an hour ago
⤳Bad As Ever
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* word count; 2.2k *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
“do all i can just to show you you’re special, certain it’s your love that holds me together.”
➥[bucky barnes au x fem!reader]
[a/n; did someone say.... GUITARIST!BUCKY 😏]
warnings; SMUT! MINORS DNI, +18, cheating, dumbification, praise kink, daddy kink, exhibition kink, mentions/ of nicotine, unprotected sex, if uncomfortable please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)]
Tumblr media
there was something about him.
maybe it was the way his fingers easily strummed the guitar strings as he shut his eyes and drowned in his notes.
or the way his arms flexed and how he lip-synced along to the songs he wrote for the lead singer, eddie.
or just the simple fact that everything about him pissed you off and made you forget any good involving him.
“really? you just had to bring bleeding anarchy to play at this party?” you rolled your eyes at brock as you narrowed your eyes at the guitarist who had a smug smirk plastered on his face.
“why? thought everyone liked them.” brock shrugged his shoulders as he took a seat beside you at the edge of the pool, joining the rest of your friends as he threw his arm over your shoulder.
“everyone except [y/n].” natasha chuckled, swimming towards you and leaning on your bare thighs, stablizing herself to steal a glance of the band members.
“didn’t you think he was hot?” wanda giggled, causing you to reach down and splash some water directly at her with an annoyed expression on your face.
“he’s a prick.” you scoffed, keeping your eyes from his steel blue ones, for some reason causing your heart to race as he lip-synched along to the songs he wrote.
“you didn’t answer the question, [y/n].” maria smirked, brock sending her a scowl and prompted to wrapped his arm around your bare waist, considering you had opted for a gorgeous bikini that suited you perfectly.
“who the fuck cares what she thinks about him? she’s my girlfriend now.” he spat, beginning to place sloppy kisses to your neck, causing you to grimace.
it had been a while since you decided to break up with brock rumlow, but didn’t have the heart to do so, even if you did plan to let him down slowly.
after a while, you agilely sneaked from the crowd to light a cigarette, not wanting to deal with the constant nagging of your lousy lover.
“why so lonely?” you cringed at the recognizable voice, spoiling your stick of nicotine as you tucked it carefully behind your ear, glaring at him.
“take a hint, barnes.” he tutted, taking a quick swig of his cold beer and placed his palm against the tree you had been leaning on, caging you as his tongue swiped against his pretty pink lips, you swear you could punch his teeth in.
“you and rumlow? when’d that happen?” the innocent facade he covered his expression with had you rolling your eyes, not daring to shy away or lower your head to him.
“guess you wouldn’t know, considering you left for 6 months.” you crossed your arms over your chest, slightly pushing up your breasts which made bucky gulp, pretending his peripheral vision didn’t capture them.
“still holdin’ that against me, huh, sweetheart?” he snagged your cigarette and fetched his lighter, kindling the orange and white stick, sucking as you watched the ashes cascade.
“i couldn’t give a damn about your decision, what’s done is done.” the pain of being abandoned by him was there, it’d take a fool not to have seen the same hurt from several months ago when he announced he’d be leaving town, persuing his dream because it was all that mattered.
“princess..” his eyes softened while you put up a tough exterior, attempting to push him away til he circled his free, metallic hand around your wrist-- it wasn’t that you were afraid of his touch, but of falling down the rabbit hole you’d been spiraling in ever since he left you behind.
“don’t call me that. ever.” his jaw clenched but he remained silent, watching you leave.
the rest of the night, you managed to avoid bucky and his constant pining-- a scene was the last thing you wanted to cause.
you could’ve sworen his piercing, cold glare melted your skin as rumlow was way past sober, attempting to steal kisses but forced out a chuckle, pushing him away til he pulled at your bikini top strap.
“what the hell!” you screech, raising your arms to your chest as everyone instantly whipped their head, observing the horrified and teary look in your eyes, feeling hopeless.
“god, don’t cry.” he laughed, tossing your piece of clothing at the water and walked away, no one saying a word as wanda handed you the bikini with a worried gaze, but you assured her you’d be fine as you scurried into the giant house, finding the nearest bedroom.
bucky followed behind, listening intently to your sniffling as his heart crumbled, despising the way he’d been too busy helping sam and eddie load the instruments into their stereotypical van, that he hadn’t been there for you.
“[y/n],” the sudden voice made you gasp, wiping away the stained mascara with the back of your hand; as you squinted through your stray tears, you huffed and turned away from bucky.
“hey, we’re gonna talk about this,” his pointer finger waved between his chest to yours, “right now.”
he noticed you bottom lip wobbling as you fought back the tears gathering at the rim of your [e/c] eyes, swallowing back a sob as he took a step closer and snapped the lock on the door, giving the two of you complete and utter privacy.
“just leave, i’m not sure what you’re still doing here anyways.” you mumbled, causing him to sigh in frustration, rubbing his hands over his face as measured his next words carefully, not wanting to screw up the last chance he had with you.
“i’m here because i still care, okay? i took this fucking gig because it was the only way i could see you!” he confessed desperately, hands gripping at your bare arms as you shoved him off with a pissed glare, surprised at the way he stumbled back with your force.
“cut the bullshit, james, you could’ve called all those months ago, but you didn’t. you could’ve knocked at my door, but you didn’t,” you began to affirm, poking at his chest in resentment, “you fucking coward.”
your statement made him inhale sharply and push you against the wall, somehow admiring the intense feral look he had— one you never forgot.
one had that you up at night, picturing his head between your legs, smearing your wetness around your clit as he teased your mercilessly.
but when he finally made you cum, oh, he wouldn’t stop til you’d blabber nonsense and cry out his name, finger fucking you through every single orgasm till he was satisfied and decided you were ready to be destroyed.
“still with me? or is that dumb baby brain thinkin’ bout my cock?” he instantly took your breath away with the familiar filth his tongue would spew, knowing it went straight to your core.
“j-james-” “bucky. please, doll, call me bucky.” he insisted, cautiously reaching to craddle your cheek in his metal palm, and intuitively, you nuzzled against it, his gaze melting into yours as he leaned forward for a gently kiss.
“you still my baby? this little pussy still needs me, right?” his steel fingers danced across your skin, compelled to pull your swim-suit bottom to the side and rub at your clit as you almost instantly gripped his flesh arm.
“am i still your daddy?” his dark voice dragged a whiny moan from you, subconscious grinding against his fingers and he smirked, removing them and shoving them past your pretty lips, forcing you to taste yourself without detaching your eyes from his.
“come on, pretty girl, tell me what we both already know,” sucking on his digits, he groaned at your innocent, puppy eyes as his free hand strayed to your tits, squeezing and plucking at your sensitive nipples, loving how well you responded to his touch.
“yes... daddy.” spit dribbled from your mouth as you whispered once he pulled his finger away, wrapping his arm around your bare waist and leaded you towards the huge window that revealed the on-going party, and how everyone was either wasted or high.
“missed you so much, missed this wet fucking cunt,” he murmurs as he trails your bikini down your legs, bending your over as your cheek pressed against the glass, your nervous and uneven breaths fogging the window.
“just fuck me already, don’t sugarcoat it-” you yelped as he snapped a smack to your ass, pinching as he admired how almost instantly your skin began to glow a bright crimson red.
“watch your mouth, slut, otherwise i’ve gotta stuff it with my cock,” he growled, your core drenching in arousel with his sudden transition from soft to degrating in a matter of seconds, “although, i clearly remember you enjoy choking on this dick, letting me fuck your face til you start crying like a little whore.”
mewling, you felt the fat head of his cock press onto your folds, sliding up and down as he relished in your slick, not minding that anyone could squint and see how bucky was moments from fucking you ruthlessly against the window.
“gotta remind you who you belong to, huh? you think he can make you feel good?” his abrupt thrust pushed your body forward, moaning at the concealed warth you provided him just like the first time you had his cock snug in your pussy.
“d-daddy-” you gasped as he gripped at your waist, controlling the quicky pace of his pistoning cock, your hands fumbling as you desperately reached for the window frame, you were certain the crowd from the party could cleary see your eyes rolling back and your mouth gaping in a silent scream.
“that’s right, baby, turn off that little brain for me, let me fuck you senseless.” he grunted, his hips slapping against your ass, hypnotized by how your skin jiggled with each brutal thrust, you were driving him insane.
he had no clue how he managed to stay without his cock plunged deep inside you for 6 months.
but he was here now, wreaking your pussy raw, just like he knew you deserved, it was his best was to make up lost time.
your moans were just as perfect as the first time he had you in his arms, hopelessly seeking the words to beg him to go faster, deeper.
“fuck, clench on my cock just like that, baby, gonna fill this little cunt like i used to, just to have you walk outside and show them my cum streaming down these pretty legs.” he laid a smack to your thighs, not allowing either of you to catch a breath as his cock pierced you repeatedly, hitting parts of you no one had ever reached.
“bucky,” you choked out as he steel arm gripped at your throat, pulling you to his chest as his length remained still, forcing you to feel all of him, every vein, every curve, every ridge, just in case you’d forgotten.
“right here, baby, that’s my cock deep inside you, fuck, you’re taking it so well.” he gritted his teeth as you tightened around his, letting out quiet choked whines as he felt your quick pulse, he swore your heart would beat of your chest any second as you chased your high.
as he slightly bended his knees, he thrusted at a new angle which caused his cock to easily kiss your g-spot and you let out wanton moans, coming without warning as you creamed around his cock, your legs shook violently as his arms held you up, whispered hushed words of praise as he shut his eyes and moaned into your ear, shooting ribbons of his load in your hot pussy.
“oh my god...” you whispered as he gingerly pulled his cock out and took a seat on the bed, pulling you into his lap, your legs open as he bit his lips at your glistening, coated cunt.
“nonono, bucky-” you let out a shrieked whimpered as he lowered you onto his cock, feeling utterly full, the mixed cum being pushed back into place and you hid your face in his neck as he groaned.
“one more, baby, i know you can take it, make daddy feel good,” he’d never admit it, but he loved to beg for your pussy, there was no other safe haven than your heat, and he’d kill for it anytime.
“i love you, daddy,” you sobbed out, bouncing on his cock as he opted to fall on to his back, allowing you to place your petite hands on his chest, loving how you looked on top, in control of him and his body.
“i love you too, doll, fuck, keep jumping on this cock, show daddy how much you missed him.” he couldn’t tell if your tears were from how his cock buried so nicely in your core, or if how wounded you were from back when his absense consumed you and you’d constantly leave him voicemails at 3:00a.m, praying for his return.
“fuck, i’m cumming!” you gripped at your delicate tits, legs trembling once again as you let go, leaking your sweet juices down his thick member and he grunted, his balls twitching and he painted your insides once more.
“doll, are you-” you fell forward and wrapped your arms around his neck, crying into his neck and he instantly placed his rough hand on the small of your back, feeling heartache at your obvious pain.
“don’t leave, please, don’t do this to me.” you pleaded, as he moved back against the headboard, sitting up as he hugged you tightly, forgetting at the fact that he was still stretching you wide with his cock.
“i’m so sorry, baby, i regret everything, i love you so fucking much.” he assured, tangling his fingers through your hair and massaged your scalp, hoping to calm you down.
“promise me.” you stuck your pinky out like a child with a pout on your lips and he smiled in relief, hooking his smallest finger around yours and pecked your nose, causing you to wrinkle it.
[a/n; fluffy ending because im in love with guitarist!bucky, this is a whole ass concept, hope you guys liked it!]
chris evans & sebastian stan + characters taglist! 🌱
@0mrs-evans0 @amelia-song-pond @moonlacebeam @lyoongx @littlezombie666 @jangannarkoba @white-wolf1940 @jnkyrdz @siriuslyslyslytherin @loveaffaire @harrysthiccthighss @sohoseb
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sarahwilsonn · an hour ago
does anyone know the spelling for what zemo says to bucky in episode 3? (winter soldier, attack/well done soldier)? i don’t trust google translate and every transcript i can find just says “speaks russian” lmao. if anyone knows how to write it in cyrillic that would be even better <3
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Bucky:”Why are you in bed? It’s the middle of the day”
Sam:”Jet lag”
Bucky:”You came back from your trip 3 months ago”
Sam:”Fine,i’m depressed”
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margarethx · 3 hours ago
I’m pretty sure I’ve already made a post about how Sam probably knows much more about Bucky that the other way round. (Mostly because Bucky’s a historical figure and Sam must have learnt about him even more from some files and from Steve after 2014.)
But now that I think about it, there is a pretty good chance that both of them know a lot about each other while complitely unaware how much information their partner has about them. Because yes... Sam was looking for Bucky all over the world and at that time he probably became much more familiar with both “James Buchanan Barnes” and just “Bucky” without ever officially meeting him.
But also... he never found him. (As far as we know :>) Which likely means that Bucky knew he was being chased and put an extra effort into hiding. And given his background I suspect he could gain the access to some files about “Samuel Thomas Wilson” to read about his career or even private life. It’s easier to run away from someone if you know at least a little bit about them - you know how they look, who they’re working with, who to avoid, where not to go, how they might act when they find you. (Not that I have any experience with running away from the government, but it sounds logical :D)
So anyway... I wouldn’t be surprised if both Sam and Bucky are walking encyclopaedias full of information about their partner and none of them ever fully realized just how much facts the other one has.
Bucky can be like: “No, Sam definitely wasn’t there with you in October 2007. He was in Egypt at the time with Riley.” And Sam’s 99% certain they’ve never talked about it, but he’s not sure how to even ask how the hell does Bucky know that. And at some other time Sam would buy Bucky a suspiciously perfect gift and Bucky’s also convinced he never said anything about wanting that thing, but maybe Sam just has a good intuition? Who knows.
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