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#loki incorrect quotes
thorsacutie · a minute ago
Thor: What are you doing?
Loki: Plotting my domination of the world.
Thor, completely unphased: Cool, what do you want for dinner?
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mischievous-thunder · 6 minutes ago
Loki: I've got some candy from the Cafeteria. Yes, again. Do you want some?
Mobius: Candy? What are my options?
Loki: Either "yes, Loki" or "no, Loki".
Loki: Preferably "no, Loki" because I'm just being polite and don't want to share these gems.
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thorsacutie · 17 minutes ago
Loki: *Stabs Thor*
Loki: *Laughs*
Someone else: *Also stabs Thor*
Loki: Woah there buddy! Who tf do you think you are? I’ll have you know that’s my brother, and only i’m allowed to stab him. So just take a few steps back, okay?
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getmepizzza · 26 minutes ago
Shuri: I’m cold, brother
T’Challa: wait here, I’ll get you a jacket
Thor: I’m cold too
Loki: want me to set you on fire?
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thepunintended · 27 minutes ago
Mobius trying to flirt start a conversation: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Loki: And yet you ruined it.
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mischievous-thunder · an hour ago
Loki: You've heard of built-in mechanism, right? Have you ever seen a built-in blow dryer?
Casey, excitedly: A built-in what?
Loki, equally excited: I'll show you. Hold my Tesseract-
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Thor: So brother, you’re a villain?
Loki: I am, so what?
Thor: I’m telling mom
Loki, chasing him: NO DON’T-
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Thor: Farewell, brother! Although you did betray and attack me it was... still very nice to see you!
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mischievous-thunder · 3 hours ago
thor ragnarok but everytime loki walks into scene what's new pussycat plays on 100% volume, bonus if the other characters can hear it
Thor, as the song plays: Here comes my Loki everyone, my pretty kitty.
Thor: You guys hear that music? That's your cue to control yourselves.
Thor: You may admire him but anything else is off-limits to the general public. He. Is. Mine.
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wvndaxvoid · 11 hours ago
Loki: I’ll have some of your finest wine, please.
Peter: Loki, this is a McDonald’s.
Loki: Oh, I’m sorry.
Loki: Can I please order a McWine?
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fandomsarefamily1966 · 12 hours ago
Azula: Trust is for children and dogs. There's only one person you can trust.
Sokka/Katara: Yourself? I like it. Slap it on a T-Shirt.
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zemosimp05 · 13 hours ago
Prompt :Jealous Y/N x Loki. Congratulations on 500 ❤
*Random TVA girl eyeing up the god of Mischief*
Tva girl: So Y/N... Loki is your Boyfriend boyfriend? Or you two just messing around!?
Y/N : *narrowing eyes* Bitch if I stab you... Will you be dead Dead or just not breathing?
*Loki encountering this from a distance with a proud face*
Tumblr media
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crazyfangirl25 · 15 hours ago
Loki: If you need anything I am available 24/6
Mobius: Don’t you mean 24/7
Loki: No, because Saturdays are my hang out with Y/N days
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skiplo-wave · 15 hours ago
Casey: Do you ever feel bugs on you when really there’s nothing there?
Loki: Those are the ghosts of the bugs you killed before.
Casey: *sobs*
Mobius: You fucking scared him, you idiot!
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skiplo-wave · 15 hours ago
Mobius: *hands Loki a note*
Loki: What's this?
Mobius: Request for you to not be a bitch today
Loki: Request denied
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