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#loki of asgard
marvelmenhoe · 3 hours ago
⚠️not my edit⚠️
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helasupremacy · 12 hours ago
Can not explain it but they have the same vibes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shane and Loki would probably be friends and again I can not explain it
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koopakeki · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cannot/ will not get over how perfectly they draw Loki.
He looks so fucking gender, they captured him perfectly.
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lokistoriesblog · 12 hours ago
Thank you!
I can't believe I am already over 100 notes on my first fic. Thank you to all who read it, liked it or reblogged it. And most importantly for forgiving the gratiutidous Elvis references that were so cheesy even I was like "omg" but hey had to make it fun!
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thepilotanon · 12 hours ago
What would it be like to be Loki's best friend?
If you’re Loki’s best friend, he’s going to be the type to break into your bedroom and shake you awake at 3AM and whisper all excited “Hey, want to go do something possibly illegal and will alert Area 51?”. If you’re Loki’s best friend, he’s going to go all out when it comes to movie night, making a whole chocolate cake and offer you a fork and let you have at it before he consumes the rest of it. If you’re Loki’s best friend, he is going have you join in on the pranks and chaos he starts just for the fun of it, but also make sure you’re safe and unharmed from his more “explosive” jokes that he pulls on Thor or whoever is suppose to be authority to him.
I know this makes me look “old”, but this is how I see Loki and his best friend. And then there’s this - is definitely Loki as a best friend. I would also imagine you would educate him on memes and jokes and slangs and watch him GO OFF around Thor and other Asgardians. You would take pride in the fact that Loki (while not entirely embracing the Midgard Life), likes to confuse everyone and make him appear superior with his modern Midgard knowledge. (Oh, and this is Loki after he goes to the dentist for the first time - ignore the family titles, replace it with members of the Avengers - you definitely LOVE recording funny experiences with Loki, because you’re THAT best friend).
Why should I even say it, when it’s obvious that you and Loki will deck out in your best clothes, makeup and jewels and take over the town by spending nights at clubs and bars?? Loki has your back, of course, should anything bad happen, and he always makes sure you come back home safe and carefully tucked into bed. He takes care of you by removing your shoes and dressing you in your sleepwear (if you’re okay with that. Brief nudity between best friends isn’t as awkward to me, regardless of their preferred gender tbh).
Loki doesn’t listen to anyone. No authority, no king, no obnoxious big brother who promises him to hang him by his toes over a melting pool of lava for three days...but he will listen to you. Someone is about to give him an opinion on something he’s about to do? He’s going to silence them with the hand all “I don’t care about your opinion, I’m speaking to he/her/them, you boring cretin.”
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basicallyaknightofren · 13 hours ago
I’ve come across many Loki x Sigyn videos with Emilia Clarke as Sigyn and now I’m obsessed with these two together😍
I need all the fanfics ASAP
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yetanotherhiddlestoner · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thanks to the storm for waking us up last night. I do not like to be abruptly woken by loud and close clashes of thunder.  
Especially at 1 am in the morning. I really dislike storms, thank goodness Loki was nice enough to stay awake with me while it happened and help me get back to sleep once it had finally passed.
Now that he is catching up on sleep its my time to have some coffee and a nice breakfast while listening to the sounds of nature outside our windows. Good Morning Midguadians.
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thepilotanon · 15 hours ago
I feel like Loki is the type of person who panics on the inside when holding a baby "what if I drop accidentally drop it"
-screams into pillows-
HONESTLY, YEAH. It would take him a minute to be comfortable holding a baby, even with tons of help on how to correctly hold them, and then he looks like he’s okay with it - but he’s still on edge because the baby makes sounds and he doesn’t know what it means! He mentally freaks and goes on a tirade of “Alright, so the baby just grunted at me; did I hold her/him too tight? Did she/he not like that?? Should I return her/him back over? I NEED HELP.” I don’t think he would ever drop a baby, thank goodness, but he definitely worries over the possibility!
Loki doesn’t mind babies. He probably handles babies better than children, honestly, because they seem to tolerate him better - if that makes sense. If a baby fusses, cries or whatever, he will worry that he’s doing something wrong, but will remain calm and try to figure out how to soothe the baby. If a baby throws up a little bit on his clothes or dirties their diaper while he holds them, Loki will not blame the baby or make a big fuss about it. He knows how babies can’t control themselves and are defenseless, and he would probably just twitch his nose and be like “No matter. I can fix this.”
Of course, Loki would be better at dealing with his own babies in comparison to other people’s babies, just because he knows babies and infants are unique and different. He would most definitely be more at ease and comfortable with his own child than others, but he would be patient enough to try and figure out how to help the other, should he be put on babysitting duty (which is extremely rare) and make sure the baby is safe and comfortable until being returned to their parent.
I imagine times where Loki offers his finger to a fussy baby and they take it with all their might, and he will just stay there until the baby decides to let him go. If a baby falls asleep against him, Loki will refuse to move in fear that he may accidentally wake them (imagine Thor and Loki doing a silent charades for him to be left alone before he wakes the baby with his loud stomping). If a baby just stops crying at the sight of Loki, he will keep himself within their sights, knowing how it gives the parent a break (even though he never expects the parent to thank him).
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juliashephard · 18 hours ago
the worst thing about loki attacking thanos only with a fucking knife is that he probably knew it wouldnt even work and he didnt even want it to ??? like. loki is so smart, im sure he was sure thanos would kill him but he felt like such an outcast and felt so alone (even tho he had just befriended his brother) he didnt care that much in the moment
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wizardofrozz · 19 hours ago
The Perfect Pair Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki was angry and hurt, looking for revenge. Violet was on the hunt for the man that ruined her, made her into the monster she is. Neither of them expected to find what they didn’t know they were missing when they met. They were two sides of the same coin. Different people but also the same just below the surface. Their jagged edges fitting together just right, making the perfect pair.
Warnings (general): violence, angst, smut +18, blood and gore, mention of child abuse, mention of non-con, mention child abuse, past trauma
Pairing: Loki x OFC
A/N: The picture is property of yours truly (not sure how I feel about it yet though 😬). I’m still in process of writing this (as of 5/10) but hopefully in the next few days I’ll have decided on the ending I want. Also, if anyone from the All of Our Lives story wants to added to the taglist for this, please let me know! 😊
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
More to come... 
@criminalyetminimal​ @kendallthesimp​ @marvelfansworld​ 
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marvelmenhoe · 20 hours ago
Fuck me king of Asgard I’ll be ur pet on a leash
⚠️not my edit⚠️
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c00lkidvibes · 21 hours ago
loki art ✨
Tumblr media
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