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#loki god of mischief
n0obmaster69 · 2 hours ago
Loki: I left Mobius in the middle of our mission ;he probably feels betrayed,how should I go back to him?
Thor: just tell him the truth,and tell him he's beautiful
Loki: good idea
Loki: I'm beautiful and that's the truth
Loki: how is that didn't work??? THOR FUCK YOU AND YOUR STUPID ADVICE!
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axlegasm · 6 hours ago
         ̄ ̄ warning ¡ nsfw
Tumblr media
"Seeing those lovely bruises and marks made me searing in pleasure, however, it's not making me satisfied, pet. I want to see your pathetic cry, hear your sinful scream until your throat becomes dry, and lastly, feel your body shudder while I pound my cock into you roughly as well as seeing those saliva drooling from corners of your mouth." 
Grinning in satisfaction as he watched you get flustered easily, trying to cover your flushed cheeks with your arm. He then brought his hand up to hold your chin, making sure that his face and yours were close enough to say. "Next time, do not misbehave. Understood?"
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stevesmewmew · 6 hours ago
I have seen a lot of theories and speculations about Kang being the timekeeper and I was thinking if the TVA is an actual organization that helps maintain a sacred timeline or if it is a facade that wipes people's memories and uses them and that could be why Mobius cares so much about the nineties aesthetic?
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mischievoushiddleston · 8 hours ago
Arranged Marriage
Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Arranged Marriage
Words: 2.2K
Masterlist here!
"I think I'm going to have a panic attack." Y / N leaned against the dresser and put her hand against her pounding heart as she breathed in and out quickly. "I can not do this." "Y / N, calm down and breathe in and out slowly." Y / B / F said and gently took Y / N's hands in hers. "I know you can do it." Y / N shook her head. “How am I supposed to marry a man I've never met. I never wanted to get married for political reasons, I wanted to get married when I love a man. ”Y / N explained with tears in his eyes. "I don't love the prince, Y / B / F." Y / B / F opened her mouth to reassure the princess and friend, but was interrupted by a knock on the doors of their apartments. "Come in!" Y / N called and the doors opened instantly. A gray haired beautiful woman entered the room and Y / N hurried to wipe away her tears. “Mother, what are you doing here? I have to prepare for the ceremony. " "Can't I visit my beautiful daughter on her wedding day?" Y / N forced a smile and nodded. "I wanted to give you something else." Her mother reached behind her neck and opened her necklace. "This is my grandmother's necklace, she gave it to me on my wedding day and now I want to pass it on to you." Y / N turned around and her mother put the necklace on her. "She's beautiful, thank you mother." She thanked her and looked at herself in the mirror.
"I'm so proud of you. You connect the royal houses of Asgard and Alfheim and create lasting peace between our planets. ”She gently stroked Y / N's cheek. "I know that you wished to marry out of love, but I wish for you that one day you will love him, Y / N." Y / N looked at the floor and nodded slightly. "Well then we'll meet again at the ceremony." Her mother left the room and Y / N set off a few minutes later. They stopped in front of the large doors of the throne room and Y / N looked one last time at Y / B / F, who smiled encouragingly at them. The doors opened and Y / N stepped gracefully into the crowded room. Thousands of eyes were on her, but Y / N’s gaze was on the floor, not brave enough to stand up to her soon-to-be husband. Finally she reached the altar and a hand reached out to her. Y / N gathered up their courage and looked into Prince Loki's ice-blue eyes. Reluctantly, she put her hand in his and started up the stairs. “Asgard residents. Residents of Alfheim. We have come together today to attend the Covenant for the Lives of Y / N and Loki… ”Thor, the new King of Asgard, began his speech, but Y / N could not take her gaze from Loki. "I know this marriage may not be voluntary for you, but I hope that one day you will be able to accept me as your husband." Loki spoke softly and quietly. It was unfamiliar to Y / N who had heard thousands of stories about Loki about how cruel he should be. She heard Loki being asked if he would take her to his wife. "Yes, I'll take Princess Y / N as my wife." Thor turned to Y / N and asked her the same question.
"Yes, I will take Prince Loki to my husband." The hall began to clap loudly, but for them the noise was far away. Y / N got dazed with how a ribbon was tied around Loki's and her hands and they were tied together for the evening by an old spell. Loki gently cupped her cheek and leaned over to her. He silently asked for her permission to kiss her, and Y / N granted her husband. His lips moved slowly with hers and Y / N kissed him back. The world seemed to vanish around the two of them as they kissed each other. Loki broke away from the kiss and leaned his forehead against hers. He smiled slightly at her, and for the first time that day, she smiled sincerely back. Loki bandaged his fingers with hers and went together into the adjoining hall for the party. Y / N was glad that not too many people were there. The newly married couple accepted the congratulations from the guests and they hoped that it would soon be over. When the five dozen guests were about to congratulate them, Loki leaned over to Y / N. "Would you like to dance?" Loki asked, unable to keep a slight mischievous smile from his lips. Y / N smiled and nodded as Loki led them onto the dance floor. "I remember you, I met you when we were kids." Loki explained and Y / N smiled when she remembered. "You were the boy who turned the servant into a frog, weren't you?" Y / N asked with a laugh and Loki nodded with a grin.
"I hope you're not too disappointed to be my wife." Loki turned her around the ballroom. “I am not disappointed. In fact, I'm actually glad I'm married to you. ”Y / N explained and Loki raised his eyebrow in question. "Oh really?" Loki asked and Y / N nodded with a smile. He stopped on the dance floor. "I'll try to make you happy and be a good husband to you, Y / N" Loki leaned forward and kissed her tenderly. After several hours that they both spent at the festival, they said goodbye to their family and went to his rooms. Y / N was noticeably nervous when the doors of the room closed. Loki lifted her chin gently so that she was looking at him. "So?" Y / N bit her lip. "We won't do anything you don't want, Y / N." Loki promised and stroked her cheek with his thumb. "Even if the people expect us to?" Y / N asked, holding his hand on her cheek. “I don't care about the people. You're my woman. I won't have sex with you tonight, I'll just hold you in my arms while we fall asleep. I'll wait as long as you need. ”Loki explained lovingly. "What if I want to consummate our marriage tonight?" Y / N looked seductively at him through her lashes. She stepped closer to him and placed her free hand on his chest.
"Are you sure?" Loki asked again, searching her eyes for the answer. Y / N nodded and bit her lip as she took turns looking from his eyes to his lips. He smiled before leaning over and kissing her tenderly. Loki put his arm around her waist and pulled her body against his. She felt his hard erection pressing against her. Loki turned her over, her right hand intertwined with his hand on her left side. He put his left hand on her neck and kissed Y / N's neck. Loki kissed her between her shoulder blades. His hand went down to the zipper of her dress and opened it. She was glad that her sleeve had a slit up to her shoulder and Loki only had to open a button, otherwise the band on her hands would have made it problematic. He pushed the dress down her body and it bundles up around her feet. She got out of her dress and was turned over by Loki. Y / N blushed when Loki looked at her body, only a pair of panties still covered her. "You are stunningly beautiful." Loki said. He caressed her upper arm affectionately and lifted her chin so she could look at him. "I can't believe how lucky I am that you are my wife." Loki kissed her and picked her up by the waist. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned into the kiss as his erection pressed against her clothed pussy. He carefully placed them on the dark green, silky paint. He gently pushed her legs apart and sat between them. Loki kissed her neck down to her breasts and took her nipple into his mouth. He massaged her other breast and rolled her nipple between his fingers as he sucked on her other nipple. Loki pulled away from her breasts and continued his way down. He kissed her stomach and lifted her leg over his shoulder and kissed the inside of her thigh down to her panties. Loki looked up and silently asked permission. When he found his answer, he pulled her panties over her legs and carelessly tossed them next to the bed. He ran his finger over the already wet crease of her pussy.
"Mhm ..." Y / N moaned softly and closed her eyes. Loki licked the juices off her finger. "By the norns, you taste delicious." He leaned down and began to lick her pussy as if he were a starving man. Y / N reached into his jet black hair as her husband licked it. She lifted her hips off the bed as he started sucking on her clit. Loki pushed two of his fingers into her tight pussy and began to thrust into her. "Oh ... Loki ..." Y / N's groans filled the room. She could feel the orgasm coming, but Loki pulled his fingers out of her pussy and grinned mischievously. His clothes disappeared in a green mist and her husband was naked. He crawled over her body and put her legs around his hips. Her two hands were intertwined next to Y / N's head. "Are you still sure?" He asked and Y / N nodded, not trusting her words. Loki moved his hips to find the entrance to her pussy and first pushed the tip of his cock into her. He thrust into her a little and with each thrust he pushed his cock a little more into her wet pussy. Y / N lifted her hips impatiently and let Loki slide into her in one quick thrust. He leaned his forehead against hers and they both gasped. Loki waited until Y / N had adjusted to him before he pulled his cock almost completely out of her pussy and only the tip remained in her. He thrust back into her just as slowly. "Faster ... Loki ..." Loki wrapped his free arm around Y / N and pushed harder and faster into her. He turned her over so she was sitting on top of him, her hands on Y / N's thighs. Loki picked her up and started poking her from that angle. He bumped her G-spot repeatedly and Y / N writhed against him.
"Norns, you're so tight around my cock." Loki groaned and buried his face in the crook of his wife's neck. He nibbled at the point between her ear and throat. Y / N scratched his back with her nails and it was clear to her that she would leave marks on his back. But she didn't care if anyone could see it, after all, he's her husband. He pushed hard into her and Y / N began to tighten around him, her body starting to shake uncontrollably. Loki felt that his wife was about to climax. He loosened his arm around her waist and began rubbing her clit. His cock thrust her pussy a few more times before it stiffened and came. However, Loki was far from finished and fucked her through her orgasm. "Oh ... God ... Loki." Y / N groaned and Loki smiled. "I may be a god, but I'm your husband too," he said mischievously, thrusting his cock hard into her. Loki began to pulse against her walls and rubbed her clit, quickly her second orgasm began to build up. "Come with me and let me fill you with my sperm and our marriage will begin to fill you with our offspring." Y / N groaned excitedly and this morning she wouldn’t have expected the idea of having Loki's child like that would be delighted. He poked her hard one last time and shot his hot cum into her pussy. Y / N came over his tail at the same moment. Loki pulled out of her and his sperm flowed down the inside of her thigh. The ribbon that had tied their hands together dissolved into a golden sheen and both looked at it intently. Y / N smiled at Loki, who smiled too. She kissed him quickly and Loki gently sat her down on the bed next to him as he quickly disappeared into the bathroom. After a few seconds he came back with a wet washcloth in his hands. He quickly wiped his cum off her thigh and pussy before throwing it next to him. Loki climbed back into the bed and pulled Y / N closer to him. She rested her head on his chest and started drawing small circles on his chest with her finger. "I hope I haven't been too rough with you?" Loki asked worriedly, looking down at her.
"Absolutely not, I really liked it." Y / N said and yawned wearily. "I think your chances are good that I will fall in love with you." "I think I might fall in love with you too." He pushed a strand of hair back from her face and kissed her forehead lightly before falling asleep too.
Taglist is open! @smoke-and-sunsets @everybitch @coco-puffses @fa-me
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anonymousfiction211 · 8 hours ago
Loki’s game: 6
Tumblr media
First day on the new job
‘You’re late’ Loki grumbled, while not looking up from his book. You looked at the clock ‘only 5 minutes’ you replied. Loki was sitting at your desk in your office. Giving you no other choice than to sit on the opposite desk. He didn’t say anything to you or even looked at you. ‘So… what do you need of me?’ you asked him. Loki then looked at you with eyes full of mischief. ‘You, my darling, are going to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. files and find everything you can find about the Tesseract’ he said. It took a moment for you to register what he said. ‘No way, if they found out I will be put in jail’ you told him.
Loki gave you a wide grin. ‘Best not get caught then’ he said. When you didn’t move he sighed. ‘Tony, Bruce and Steve will back you up if Fury finds out. We believe there is something they’re not telling is’ he explained. ‘Fine’ you grumbled. It was going to take you the whole day anyway to get past the security. In the meantime, you could confirm with Tony about all of this. You got your laptop and turned it on.
‘Aren’t you hot?’ he asked, gesturing at your sweater
‘What?’ you asked
‘I asked if you weren’t getting warm? Since you’re wearing such a big sweater’
‘I’m fine’ you grumbled. You had spent too long doubting what to wear today. You had three options, wearing the shirt Loki changed for you, wearing a red shirt and piss him off or wearing a completely different shirt. To play on the safe side you had put on the dark green T-shirt but put a large sweater on as well. Hoping to cover up your outfit.
Loki just grinned widely at you. He got up and adjusted the temperature of the room. He sat back down and went on with his own research. You ignored it for now and got busy with your own work. Luckily for you the rest of the morning the both of you worked in silence. Steve came to get you for lunch, and you gladly accepted it. During lunch he was checking up on you, wondering how your first morning with Loki went on and if you needed some help. You checked with him about hacking S.H.I.E.L.D. and even he reassured you that you would not get into trouble.
You came back from lunch and your office felt like a million degrees. You went back to your laptop, but it was getting harder to focus. Sweat drops were beginning to form on your forehead. You looked at Loki who was studying some papers, really focusing. Hoping he wouldn’t notice you took off your sweater, revealing the green T-shirt. To your surprise Loki didn’t look up or even commented on it, so you went back to your work. A few hours passed and you were finally getting into the groove, you forget how much fun hacking was.
Suddenly you felt two hands grab your shoulders from behind. It snapped you out of your trance and you shrieked a little. ‘You look rather ravishing today, pet’ Loki purred right into your ear. Before you could respond your chair was pulled backwards and his hands were in your hair. He pulled it rather hard, making you hiss in pain. He pulled you up and bent you over the desk. His free hand started to roam and squeeze your butt. You whimpered as he touched and stroke you. He lifted slipped his hands under your shirt, his fingers leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever he touched you.
‘Loki, stop’ you panted. Hating how your voice came out wanton and needy. ‘Why? I bet when I slip my fingers beneath your folds I will find you wet and ready’ he mused. You felt his hands started to undo the button from you pants. You started to squirm, making him laugh darkly at you. He let go of your hair and pulled down your pants and underwear. You felt exposed, but somehow couldn’t get yourself to move. ‘Already so compliant’ Loki praised you. Two fingers slipped between your folds and the moan that lift your lips made you embarrassed. Loki let out a low growl. You heard his zipper pull down and he retracted his fingers. You didn’t have time to whimper from the empty feeling, because his hardened cocked slipped inside of you.
You were so wet by now, he met no resistance. His started a relentless pace. With every trust the air was knocked out of your longs. You felt your orgasm build up rapidly and cursed him for it in your mind. Loki grabbed your hips almost painfully to increase his pace. He was rutting into you like a beast. ‘When I saw you take your sweater off I almost lost it’ he grunted. Loki’s thrusts were becoming sloppier, and you felt your own orgasm getting closer and closer. With a loud grunt Loki came and you felt his seed spill inside of you. He stilted inside of you until his breath evened out. He retracted from you and fixed his clothes straight.
You were still leaning on the desk. Your orgasm was still close, but was slowly ebbing away. You were still wet, horny, and now seed was dripping from you pussy on your thighs. You slowly got up and turned around. Loki’s face showed the most sadistic smile you had seen so far. ‘W- w..’ you started but couldn’t form a coherent thought or sentence. The only thing you wanted right now was for Loki to start fucking you like he did a minute ago. He grabbed your chin and gave you a kiss. ‘If you want to come today, you can visit me tonight. You know where to find me’ he winked at you. And suddenly he was gone.
You blinked a few times before you realized he was really gone. You were absolutely furious. How dared he to use you like that, and then expected you to come begging towards him. You let out a frustrated groan, pulled up your pants and made your way to your own room. You threw the clothes in the hamper and got under the shower to clean yourself up. After a long hot shower, you still were suer pissed at Loki. You got even more pissed at dinner when Loki completely ignored you, he didn’t even look at you. It only added to your anger.
After dinner you got back to your room. You tried to relax but and up pacing around. You actual were considering taking him up on his offer. You needed a release and Loki knew how to get you there, fast. But if you did, you would be accepting the way he treated you today, and you weren’t about to do that. No, he needed a taste of his own medicine. You didn’t know what you would exactly do, but you needed to yell at him. So, you stormed out of your room and into his. If he was startled by you bursting into his room, he didn’t show it. ‘Ah, took you long enough’ he commented. He looked amused by your angry body language.
‘Listen, this stops HERE! We are DONE! Do you hear me? No more games, no more fucking it ENDS NOW!!’ you screamed at him. He quickly got up and in a few paces stood very close to you. You saw anger in his eyes, but there was also a twinkle you couldn’t quite place. ‘Why is that?’ he asked like he truly couldn’t think of any reason why you were so angry. You scoffed ‘You can’t be serious. I don’t have to explain myself. I was just letting you know’. You turned around to walk out, but Loki grabbed your wrists and pulled you flush against him. ‘What has gotten into you, kitten?’ he asked again.
‘You, I hate what you did to me’ you said accusingly.
‘You seemed to enjoy it at the time’ he purred.
‘Just, let me go’ you set while struggling against him. His grip only tightened around you.
‘Is it that you didn’t got to come?’ he said with an innocent look.
You felt yourself heat up and knew that you were blushing hard. Suddenly Loki grabbed you by the waist and threw you over his shoulder. You yelped in surprise and asked what he thought he was doing. He threw you on the bed and was on you immediately and pinned you down with his weight. ‘FINE, if you want to come that badly I’ll make you come until you beg me to stop!’ he growled. ‘And you know what I will do than?’ he asked you. He grinned so widely his teeth were showing. There was nothing remotely civil about him anymore, his look was full of lust. He looked like a feral beast and you were his prey. ‘N- no..’ you stuttered. He put his lips on your earlobe and his tongue licked it, making you moan slightly. ‘I’m going to ignore you’ he told you in a low seductive voice.
Tags: @delightfulheartdream​ @the-best-phineas​ @theaudacitytowrite
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buckyandlokirunmylife · 10 hours ago
I’m be been thinking about this for days…how the Jotun Loki variant reminds me of Frostbite Loki by MOA…bcs like damn
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lilbluebabyicicle · 10 hours ago
Do you ever think of random scene from Loki and smile like an idiot or you all are normal? 🙄😅
Tumblr media
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xcasket-casex · 14 hours ago
Loki Laufeyson [Edit/Video]
So, I’ve been in sort of a editing mood when I have spare time. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Marvel and decided to make a couple things for our favorite villain! :) 
Tumblr media
@kakashis-m0le @thestoryofdani99 
I’m not sure who to tag on this one. But if you’d like to be tagged as always give me a heads up and let me know! Enjoy!
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 15 hours ago
Peter Quill trying to understand Norse mythology...
Quill: So...if I spray paint an apple with gold and eat it, I become immortal?
Loki: That's not how it works...
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starselfships · 15 hours ago
What are some date ideas you think Loki would come up with, knowing he's a very extra man? 🐍💚👑 (Feeling extra gushy today)
- @sigridfreyrsdottr
Definitely long walks in scenic areas! Loki seems like he'd enjoy that kind of date, long drawn out ones that are mostly heart-felt conversations! Then, when you get back home, he can spoil you :)
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vidavalor · 16 hours ago
45 minutes into watching the first Thor movie for the first time and Loki is the only character not annoying the hell out of me. I think it might be love.
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audreysmusings · 22 hours ago
“worth the wait” | loki laufeyson
pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Female!Reader
summary: a ball is being hosted in honor of asgard’s princes. loki will only attend on one condition, with you by his side. having been best friends for years, this is no problem to the reader, but will the pair make it through the night without hidden feelings getting in the way?
setting: before the events of thor (2011)
word count: 2.3k
warning(s): unedited, any & all grammar mistakes are my own, nothing that i can think of, let me know if i need to add any!
tags: @powerpuffluuvv @buckyandlokirunmylife @lokistoriesblog
author’s note: hi everyone!! if i’m being honest i’m really not sure how accurate this is in terms of canon & all that since researching asgard’s mcu history kinda had dead ends. with that being said, i tried to keep things vague & believable for you! this is my first time writing for loki so please don’t hold it against me, i hope it’ll improve. i left this ending open for a possible part 2 & have some ideas for it so lmk if you want a sequel. i appreciate any feedback from you, so please don’t hold back! if you’d like more loki or marvel content send me an ask or a message. also if you want to be tagged in this story should it continue please let me know, it’s no problem.
if you made it this far, thank you, & i hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Growing up on Asgard was a dream come true. The land was beautiful and the people were kind. Your parents were wealthy rulers neighboring the Palace of Valaskjalf, and due to their status, you visited often when you were younger. It didn’t take long for you to befriend the two young princes that inhabited the palace, Thor and Loki.
The three of you grew up together and caused more chaos than you’d like to admit. If one was near, the other two weren’t far behind. You’d spend your summers living in the palace when your parents travelled and became an honorary member of the family. If you were being honest, you spent more time with them than your own family.
Of course there were rules you obliged to, but they were more like suggestions for you than anything. As you all grew older, Thor, the more social of the brothers, branched out and made new friends. Loki, on the other hand, stayed by your side and the two of you grew even closer.
When Thor would be off with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, you and Loki could be found in the library or simply walking the palace grounds. Thor, although a bit arrogant, was always kind to you.
If you fell, he’d carry you to safety. If you needed someone to talk to, he’d be there. Thor was a good man when it came down to it, the strength of his heart paralleled that of his physicality.
Loki was different. When you first met him he was quiet and reserved, but the more you got to know him the more he let his true colors show. He was always gentle with you and paid attention whenever you spoke. He was in tune with your feelings and could read you like a book. He complemented you perfectly.
Around others though, he was a bit different. Where there was softness with you, there was mischief and mess left for everyone else. The dynamic of your trio worked really well you thought. Loki would play into Thor’s gullibility and you’d clean up the mess they made.
Though he’d never admit it, Loki felt very strongly for you. You were his best friend. He doesn’t know what he’d do without you.
You felt the same way, even if you didn’t say it.
The connection between you two went unnoticed by no one expect maybe yourselves. It was uncertain if the two of you were completely oblivious or simply too happy to care about the implications others made about your relationship.
Neither Loki or you were bothered by the whispers or knowing glances, for you were too busy enjoying one another’s company to care.
When you both were younger it was fine, but now you both were nearing an age where it was less acceptable to not have any romantic ties, especially when all of your time was spent with your childhood best friend instead of possible suitors.
Your parents were concerned you’d never marry if you kept staying by Loki’s side. His parents didn’t seem to mind, well at least Odin didn’t care. Frigga simply wanted what was best for her son and didn’t push too much when it came to love. Though she could tell by the way Loki looked at you that you were more than just a friend.
This week both boys were off to some other world, currently fighting in what you’re sure will be another long and dramatic battle story over dinner. Not that you minded, they’d often include you in their dramatic reenactments as whatever part they needed filled.
Now the boys didn’t know this, but Odin has planned a ball in honor of their bravery and to strengthen relations between neighboring kingdoms, including yours.
Sure, balls and that sort of thing were always something you felt were best played out in fiction, but with your status these sort of things aren’t really a choice, they’re a lifestyle you abide to. While you still honored tradition, some of it was was just silly to you.
That’s why having Loki by your side to mock all of the posh practices and phony traditions was perfect. You’d never admit it, but secretly you enjoyed some of these events. A dinner in honor of an old man you’ve met once? Not too enticing. But a ball shared with all of Asgard? It’ll be entertaining at least.
Once the boys had returned the talk of the palace was all about the ball and preparation for it. It was being taken extremely seriously and there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t excited.
Well, besides one of the princes it was being thrown for.
“I’m telling you (Y/n), this is ridiculous. It’s just my father’s excuse to get dressed up and drunk and hopefully make a few deals with other rulers!” Loki said with an exasperated tone.
You shrugged, “Well is it that bad? Last time I checked you liked getting dressed up and getting drunk.”
Loki rolled his eyes, “Still, at least call it what it is, everyone’s making a big deal out of a simple party.”
“Mmm, be careful with your words. I think the staff would die if they heard you call it simple. I don’t think there’s been this much activity here for a while, everyone’s excited.” You told him.
He quirked his brow, “And you?”
You paused before speaking, “Well, I think it’ll be fun. Drunk fools dressed to the nines? And dancing? It’ll be a night to remember for sure.”
Loki chuckled, “I suppose you’re right. As long as we’re not the drunk fools dancing.”
You both laughed at that before you spoke again.
“It’s kind of romantic too, in theory.”
He furrowed his brows, “Go on.”
“It’s like something out of a fairytale. Dancing can be so intimate and personal, don’t tell me that the grand flirt you are didn’t consider that.” You teased. “You have a reputation to uphold.”
“No, no, I did. The idea bored me.” Loki deadpanned.
You shoved his shoulder lightly, “Oh, come on! You’re a prince having a ball hosted in your honor-“
“And Thor’s.” Loki interjected.
“Still,” you continued, “you’ll have lines of hopeful faces waiting for a dance with you. Doesn’t sound too bad to me.”
He considered what you said, “That’s true.”
Loki paused before speaking again, “Now tell me, does the (Y/n) (Y/l/n) have a date for the ball?”
“I’m not sure yet. There’s a few possible suitors, but nothing is set in stone.” You replied coyly.
“Ah,” Loki nodded. “Do go on, I must know who.” He faked intrigue.
“Well,” you started, “there’s this prince I have my eye on if you must know.”
“Only a prince?” He tsked, “We both know you can do better than that.”
You chuckled at his antics and continued, “He’s incredibly dreamy.”
“Mm, well I’m sure he is.” Loki said.
“Yes, he’s got this dazzling smile, gorgeous eyes, and the most smooth voice.” You gushed.
“Anything else?” He asked cheekily.
“Mmhm,” You paused and looked at Loki with a shy smile, leaning in close enough to feel the warmth radiating off of him, “He’s got this silky blonde hair that I could die for.”
Loki sighed, “Oh, please tell me you’re not talking about-”
“Thor.” You sighed dreamily and swooned, falling into his lean frame.
Loki’s face fell and you couldn’t contain your laughter anymore. He shifted out from under you, leaving you laying down, laughing on the library bench.
Loki rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest as your fit continued, staring down at you.
“Are you done yet?” He asked.
“Yes , I promise,” you said breathlessly. “I’m sorry, but you should’ve seen your face! It was hilarious.”
“I’m sure it wasn’t that funny.” Loki retorted.
“Mmm it kinda was.”
“After this stunt the only prince you’ll be going with is Thor.” Loki said pointedly.
You brushed him off, “And if that happened, you’d wish it was you the entire time.”
He chuckled and ran a hand through his dark hair, “Maybe, but I hope we won’t have to find that out.”
You quirked your brow at his admission and sat up straight, facing him.
“Loki Odinson, are you asking me to go to the ball with you?” You asked.
“Only if the answer is yes.” He said plainly.
“And if isn’t?” You retorted.
“I don’t know how I’ll recover.” Loki replied, dramatically brining his hand to his chest.
You swatted his arm lightly and took his hands in yours, pulling yourself up to his level.
“Well in that case, I’ll say yes.”
“Atta girl.” Loki said with a wink.
“Now, what are we going to wear?”
From then on, Loki’s approach to the ball shifted from absolutely against it to slightly interested. You both agreed on staying within the preferred color pallet: emerald green, gold, and black.
Your palace’s staff took over with your attire. The seamstresses sewed an entirely new dress for you from scratch, you were given access to the royal vault to select any accessories you desired, and were even able to get a new perfume designed for the night.
Sure it was all very traditional and materialistic, but this was all too tempting to stay away from. If you were to go to this, why not go all the way?
By the time the ball came around you were more nervous than you’d expected to be. Loki treated the ordeal like a chore more than anything, but you could tell there was a small part of him that was looking forward to it.
These sort of events were a common part of his lifestyle as a royal, but since you were officially going as a pair he wanted to treat it a little differently. When he asked Frigga for a necklace to give you to go with your gown, she gave him a knowing smile and sent him towards the palace’s jeweler.
He wanted something “simple, yet still ornate.” When the necklace was finished, it was perfect. It had a plain gold chain with a teardrop shaped emerald pendant in the center.
The stone’s silhouette was decorated with gold leaves, the detailing impeccable. Loki hoped it wasn’t too much, but besides birthdays and various holidays he never gave you presents and this was the perfect opportunity to thank you for your companionship over the years.
But now that he was waiting for you to arrive he wasn’t so sure about the gift, what if you hated it? What if you completely laughed in his face?
Before his thoughts could spiral further, Thor forced him to come down and greet the guests with him. The palace was already full and the ball hadn’t even started yet. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement. Even the staff was buzzing with energy.
The ball room was typically shut up and covered in dust since it wasn’t used very often, but tonight it was like a completely different room. The gold accents in the room mixed with the never ending supply of candlelight created a warm and intimate atmosphere.
The music playing was upbeat and lively, as well as the attitude’s of the people in the room. Everyone was dressed beautifully and the entire palace screamed one word: indulgence.
As people entered the ballroom, their official titles were announced by the doorman as they made their way down the grand staircase.
The entire set up was gaudy and flamboyant in nature, Loki loved it.
More and more people made their entrance, but still there was no sign of you. He knew you were sometimes late, but he’d assumed you’d be on time tonight considering all of the buzz around the ball. Just as he was about to really begin to worry, the doorman loudly announced the name “Lady (Y/n) (Y/l/n)!”
Like something straight out of a book, the crowd looked up at you and you bowed slowly before descending down the stairs. Loki couldn’t help but stare, it was like he was frozen in this one moment in time, taking in you.
He always knew you were formidable in your beauty, it’s not like this was new to him, but something about tonight made you radiant in a way he’d never seen you. Maybe it was the intoxicatingly thick air or the music swelling as you approached him, but Loki was truly at a loss for words.
The gown you were in was stunning. It was the perfect style for you and the fabric looked almost too flawless to be real. It was flattering in every way and was truly made only to be worn by you.
Pulling himself together, Loki walked towards the end of the staircase and extended his hand to you. You locked eyes with him and smiled gracefully, taking his hand and squeezing it lightly as the two of you made your way into the crowd.
As if you were strangers, you stared at one another, unsure of what to say. Loki was dressed nicely too, sporting new robes with gold accents and a deep green as the base. As a pair, it was clear to even an outsider you went well together.
You both started to say something before you stopped, willing the other to speak.
“No, no, go ahead.” You said with a chuckle.
“You first.” He pushed.
“Well now I forgot what I was gonna say, so please just tell me already.”
Loki rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, revealing a sleek box in his hand with green smoke wafting from it.
“I have something for you.” He said plainly, extending the box towards you.
You looked between him and the black box suspiciously, “This isn’t a prank, is it?”
He chuckled and shook his head.
Still skeptical, you spoke lowly for only Loki to hear, “Let me remind you that we have an audience,” you gestured to the various guests tuned in on you two, “and they’re all looking at their prince.”
Loki smirked at the guests and moved closer, speaking lowly and softly, “Believe me, they’re all looking at you.”
You could feel your face heat up and stepped back, “If you’re lying I won’t let you hear the ending of this.”
“No lying, I promise.” He grumbled.
You looked back down at the box and back to Loki, curiosity beating out your skepticism.
He grinned and slowly opened the box, revealing the necklace. You couldn’t help the faint gasp that escaped your lips as admired the piece of jewelry, taking in its intricate design. You could still feel the guests’ eyes on you, but you chose to ignore them.
You met Loki’s gaze and noticed the nervousness behind his eyes.
“Do you like it?” He finally asked, his eyes searching yours for a reaction.
You nodded slowly, “Loki, it’s so beautiful. I- I don’t know what to say or if I can even wear something so finely done.” You confessed.
“Well, I could tell you were excited about this whole ordeal and wanted to give you something to go with your fairytale night.” He offered. “I never really gift your things so consider it a token of appreciation for your, uh, companionship over the years.”
You couldn’t help your heart swelling at his words,“Oh, Loki, I love it.”
“I’m glad.” He replied, his eyes not leaving yours.
You looked back down at the necklace and went to touch it, but before you could, Loki snapped the lid down on your fingers, causing you to jump and making him laugh. The weight in the air was gone in an instant and filled again with lightness.
You then joined in on the laughter and it was a moment so simple, yet so wonderful you worried you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. When the two of you realized the exchange wasn’t unnoticed between the nosy guests and most of their faces were confused, you both brushed them off and laughed even more.
“Now,” you said, regaining your composure, “will you help me put it on?” You asked.
Loki nodded and you both made your way into the main hall, finding a mirror. You adjusted your hair, as needed for him to be able to access the back of your neck, and watched in the mirror as he moved behind you to clasp it on.
His cool fingers brushed against your neck and you shivered at his touch. Either he didn’t notice or he chose to ignore it for your sake. Most likely the latter.
His sharp features were somehow even made more handsome as he concentrated on the necklace. Once he finished, he looked at you in the mirror and moved his hands gently across your collarbone, adjusting the necklace and caressing it lightly, putting in in place.
You both stared at one another for a moment and you realized how close he was to you.
It felt like the air around you was glass and one faulty move would shatter everything around you. You shifted your gaze from him to the necklace and touched it lightly, placing your fingers over his, and admiring it on you.
Loki watched you intently before leaning closer to you.
“Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on something worthy of its beauty.” He murmured into the shell of your ear.
You weren’t sure whether he was talking about the necklace or you, but you didn’t care. You were both getting too close to crossing that one line you’ve danced around and never crossed all these years. You were too scared to break it now.
Before he could say anything else, you spoke softly, backing away from the mirror and facing him like normal.
“I’m so sorry I was late, we lost one of my shoes before we left and it took forever to find it.” You confessed.
Loki, noticing the shift in your attitude, took his cue to back off and chuckled softly, “You could be hours late and it still wouldn’t matter. I’m just glad you’re here.”
“Still, I hate to have kept you waiting.” You said honestly.
Loki faced took your hands in his, “Oh, believe me. It was well worth the wait.”
You rolled your eyes and bit your lip to hide a smile, “And there’s the sweet talking again.”
Loki shook his head and held your gaze, “No, I mean it. You’re breathtaking, (Y/n). I would’ve waited years just for this moment.”
You shifted your gaze away from him and cleared your throat, “So what royal duties must you follow tonight?”
Loki grinned, “Absolutely none.”
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anonymousfiction211 · a day ago
Happy birthday
Tumblr media
Summary: Everyone has forgotten your birthday, expect your loving boyfriend Loki who has a special evening planned for you.
Word count: 2.588 words
Happy birthday When you woke up this morning you were so excited. But now, you couldn’t wait for this day to be over. The whole day went by and everyone had forgotten it was your birthday. There were no text messages from friends, no cards in the mail, not even your parents had bothered to call you. At work no colleague had congratulated you, there wasn’t even a cake – apparently the office tradition broke with you. And adding to your misery, Loki was still in Asgard and you had no idea when he would be back. For a moment you though about leaving a message for Heimdall, Loki had taught you how. But you didn’t feel like yelling to the sky, to a men you never met, only for him to tell your boyfriend that you were sad. And then what? You would only wonder the rest of the night if Loki had gotten your message or if he also didn’t care like everyone else.
Deciding against leaving a message you drove the rest of the way home in silence. By the time you arrived at your house you were actively holding back your tears. Somehow you had hoped that maybe it was all a trick and there would be a surprise party at your house. But there were no cars and you didn’t see the lights on in your house. You sat in your cars for a few minutes, taking a few deep breaths. You would just order a pizza, watch a movie, and go to bed. At least it was weekend now, and you could spend the weekend doing all the things you love like reading, baking, playing the piano and maybe buy a few more plants. You rumbled through your purse, looking for your keys. You got out of the car and opened your front door. You entered your hallway and the first thing you noticed was that there were lights on, and you could clearly hear someone walking around in the kitchen.
You briefly wondered how you didn’t see the lights from the outside of the house, you should have. But panic rises as you realized that someone was in your house. The problem was that your phone had died, so you needed the phone in your living room. But once you would call the person inside your house would hear, and that could lead to a very bad situation. You put your purse and keys down as quietly as you could. You grabbed an umbrella and slowly made your way to the kitchen. If you played this right you could knock the person out, tie them up and then call the police. With the umbrella in your hand, you slowly opened the kitchen door. There was a man in front of the furnace, standing with his back to you, but you recognized him immediately.
‘Loki?’ you asked.
He turned around and smiled brightly at you. ‘Happy birthday, love’ he said.
You immediately ran towards him and he opened his arms to catch you. It took a moment for the two of you to let go of each other. When you did he kissed you.
‘I missed you’ he said.
‘I missed you too. How are you even here? I thought you had to remain there until the end of the month?’ you asked him.
‘Darling, like I ever was going to miss your birthday’ he smirked.
Normally, you would laugh. But the remark hurt and you started to cry. Loki’s happy expression changed into a worried one. He pulled you closer and let you cry against his chest.
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked when you stopped crying.
‘Nothing’ you mumbled, nuzzling closer to his chest. You didn’t want to admit it that everyone forgot your birthday.
Loki grabbed your shoulders, moved a bit away from you so he could look at your face. ‘Tell me’
You stared at the ground until a finger under your chin made you face Loki again. You sighed. ‘You’re the first person to remember today’ you said, your voice barely higher than a whisper.
You saw the hurt in Loki’s eyes before he pulled you into another tight hug. ‘That’s awful’ he whispered.
‘I’m really glad you’re here’ you said back.
‘Me too, and I will do everything in my power to make you happy tonight’ he said.
‘But why are you holding an umbrella? It isn’t raining?’ he asked.
You broke the hug and put the umbrella on the ground next to the door. ‘Ah, well. The lights were off, but when I entered I saw them on and heard you in here. I thought you were an intruder’ you explained a bit sheepishly.
‘And you were going to attack me with an umbrella?’ he cocked one of his eyebrows in amusement.
You shoved him ‘Shut up, that was the best plan I could think off’
He just laughed a little. ‘Sorry to startle you. The lights would be my doing. I really wanted tonight to be a surprise’ he explained.
How he did the trick with the lights you didn’t ask. You knew that once Loki started to talk about magic, he would be talking for hours on end. The kitchen timer went off and you noticed that Loki had something in the over. You were curious and tried to look passed him, but he blocked your view.
‘Go sit at the dining table. I have a few surprises for you tonight and you are far to curious, kitten’ he mused.
You wanted to protest, but the look of excitement on his face was way too adorable to ruin. So, you did as you were told. You walked to the dining room that was just across the hall. When you entered you froze. Not only had Loki already set the table, there also was a large bouquet of roses, candles were burning and your favourite wine was in a wine cooler. This was by far the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for you. You sat down in your chair when Loki walked in with two plates, covered by a lid.  
‘You like it?’ he asked
‘I love it’ you smiled at him.
He sat the plates down and instead of removing the lid, grabbed the bottle of wine. He poured you a glass, which was thoughtful, but you suspected that he liked to drag out his surprise meal a little longer. He poured another glass for himself and sat down. He sat very close next to you, adding to the intimate dinner. Finally, Loki removed the lid from the plate and you saw your meal. It was your favourite, steak with red wine sauce, oven baked potatoes covered in herbs and green beans. It tasted amazing and suddenly you realized that Loki didn’t cook.
‘How did you manage this? I thought you couldn’t cook?’ you asked.
‘I wanted to do something special so, I learned this dish’ he explained a bit flush.
‘Hmm, don’t you remember early in our relationship that you explicitly stated that Gods don’t cook?’ you teased him.
Loki grabbed your hand kissed the back of it. ‘He does for the one he loves’ he said, making you fluster and blush. He smirked at the effect his words had on you. The rest of dinner the two of you talked about what had happened in the three weeks he was away. Loki, of course, had many stories that involved tricking and annoying Thor. Once you finished your meal Loki grabbed the plates and told you he was right back. He came back with a large slice of cheesecake the two of you shared. He told you proudly that he also made the dessert himself. When the two of you were finished you started to clean up, but Loki stopped you. He conjured up a blindfold and you looked questioningly at him.
‘I don’t want you to see just yet’ he mused.
You rolled your eyes but let him put on the blindfold. He steered you through the house. When he told you to stand still you felt him move in front of you. He undid the blindfold and once it was off he moved to the side.
‘Surprise’ he mused.
You gasped when you saw. Loki had set up an enormous blanket fort in your living room. There were blankets, large pillows and he had al kind of snack set up on the table. There was a string of light that gave the whole room a romantic vibe. The fort was placed so you could still see the tv, there were multiple DVDs laying in front of it. Next to de DVDs there were several board games.
‘Remember our first movie marathon and we spontaneously build a blanket fort?’
‘Of course I do. That was the night you asked me on our first official date.’ you whispered a bit overwhelmed by his surprise.
‘A date that went so terrible you actually told me that the blanket fort was a much better date’ he mused.
‘Well yeah, you got us kicked out of the restaurant before our starters even came. It was pouring outside and you lost the car key’ you laughed. ‘But walking in the pouring rain with you turned out to be fun’ you added.
Loki grabbed your hand and guided you to the fort. He sat down and put you between his legs. The rest of the night the both of you cuddled, talked a lot, and played the games. A few hours later you decided to put on a movie.
‘Thanks for the amazing evening. This night was really the best gift you could have given me’ you said hallway through the movie.
‘Did you really think that this was your gift?’ he said.
You squirmed out of his grasp. Loki overdramatically sighed but laughed at your giddy attitude. He reluctantly let you go, so you could bounce up and down, excited to see what he was about the give you. He conjured up a small dark green box. When you reached for it he pulled it away.
‘I think I deserve a kiss first’ he smirked.
You rolled your eyes but started to kiss him. Knowing Loki, he would demand another kissed so, you made out with him for a while. The moment he lowered his hands around your waist you grabbed the box.
‘And they say I don’t play fair’ he teased.
You ignored his comment and opened the box. Inside the box was a beautiful golden necklace with a snake on it. The snake was in a s-form and there was a tiny green stone for the eyes.
‘It’s beautiful’ you said.
Before Loki could reply you grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for another kiss. He just laughed at your action and took the box from you, once you were done. He took out the necklace and you turned your back towards him. You removed your hair and he fastened the necklace around your neck. When it was in place you turned around and Loki pulled you flush against him.
‘Thank you, for everything’ you said.
‘I’m glad that you liked it all’ he said to you.
You kissed him again, more slowly this time. Loki moved his lips with yours and you felt his tongue asking for permission. You opened your mouth and he slid his tongue inside, exploring every inch. You moaned slightly in the kiss. Your hands were under his shirt and his were caressing your upper body. You stopped kissing him and pulled his shirt over his head. For a moment you stared at him, and you noticed Loki slightly blushing under your gaze.
‘Let’s make this more fair’ he whispered.
He removed your shirt and unclasped your bra in one smooth motion. He laid you down on your back and started to kiss your neck. He moved lower and swirled his tongue over every inch of your breasts. You were extremely aroused and your nipples were hard by the time he was done. You were breathing fast underneath him. He brought his head up to yours and kissed you deeply. He laid on his side next to you. His hand slowly trailed from your cheek down to your breasts. He pinched your nipple, earning him a gasp from you. He moved lower and undid the button of your pants. You eagerly kissed him back and stroked his naked chest. His fingers slipped between your folds. Once his fingers were wet with your arousal he circled your clit. He swallowed every moan and whimper that left your lips with his own mouth.
You felt the pleasure wash over you. Loki slowly circled your clit until your orgasm had subsided. He retracted his fingers and licked them clean.
‘You look very pretty when you come undone for me’ he whispered in your ear.
He pulled of your pants and underwear. Once you laid naked before him he removed his own. When his erect cock sprung free you licked your lips. You wanted to get up, to suck his cock, but Loki laid you back down.
‘Tonight, is about you’ he said.
He was on top of you and stroked his erect cock against your wet folds and your clit. In one smooth motion he pushed himself inside of you. Your legs automatically hooked around his waist and Loki started a slow pace. His eyes didn’t leave yours, unless he was kissing your mouth, neck or whispering in your ear. He whispered how beautiful you looked, how much he loved you and how incredible you felt around his cock. Because of the slow movements and your wetness, you could really feel every movement he made. Every movement was deliberate, it really felt like you were the only thing that existed for him right now.
To your surprise he stopped. Before you could ask, he rolled the two of you around. You were on top of him and due to gravity felt his cock slid deeper inside of you. Hitting just the right spot. You started to ride him in the same slow pace as him. It truly was a sight to have Loki lay underneath you, moaning and praising you. Once you felt your orgasm build up, you started to ride him faster. His hands went to your bouncing boobs and he started to play with them. This was definitely the most intense sex the two of you ever had, normally there were a lot of games and Loki was an enormous tease. Loki started to moan shamelessly underneath you, but you were doing the same at this point. When he started to circle your clit with his fingers you came undone immediately. You felt Loki’s cock twitch inside of you and his seed spill. After a few more thrusts you collapsed half on top of him. Once your and his breathing had gone back to normal you pulled him out of you. He immediately grabbed you back and laid you close to his chest.
He was stroking your arms. Goosebumps were forming and you started to shiver a little. Loki grabbed a blanket form nearby and pulled it over the two of you. He nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and pulled you as close as he could.
‘This really is the best birthday I ever had’ you said.
‘It’s far from over yet, love’ Loki said while starting the kiss your neck and trailed his fingers to your clit.
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Ok…I am officially addicted to this edit😁
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