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#valkyrie incorrect quotes
bubblegum7661 · 7 hours ago
*everyone discussing Oscar’s adoption*
Renora: he’s ours!
Ozpin: Bitch- I saw him first!
Everyone: you’re dead!
Ozpin: my death was greatly exaggerated
CFVY with a chainsaw: if you don’t hand over those adoption papers no exaggeration will be necessary.
Oscar: “…”
Oscar: *sigh* at this rate I might as well be the one to adopt all of you…
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Loki: I brought reinforcements.
Thor: You brought Brunhilde?
Loki: Um... no, but I brought the the next best thing.
Korg: Hey.
Thor: Korg? You brought Korg? The next best thing would have been Bruce!
Korg: Normally I’d be offended, but Bruce is freakishly strong.
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rwbybutincorrect · 14 hours ago
Ren: This is such a bad idea.
Nora: Then why are you coming along?
Ren: One of us needs to be able to talk our way out of the inevitable trouble you’ll get us in.
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 19 hours ago
Valkyrie: If a guy calls you “princess” in a condescending manner, assert your newly appointed royal status and have him beheaded.
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incorrecthick · 22 hours ago
Carol: Hey Sarah, wanna third wheel on my date with Valkyrie tomorrow?
Sarah: sure.
Carol: Quill! Wanna third wheel on my date with Valkyrie tomorrow?
Izzy: uh... I-
Carol: Great! I've always wanted to go on a double date!
Sarah & Izzy:...
Valkyrie: Carol...
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incorrecthick · 23 hours ago
Carol: Are you into women?
Valkyrie: only when I am drunk
Carol: but you're always drunk?
Valkyrie, opening another vodka bottle: exactly
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Carol: Val said she doesn’t love me anymore
Valkyrie: No, I said “you can’t be the little spoon five times in a row, it’s my turn now”
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
Nora: Imagine if your dad was a Minotaur and your mom was a Mermaid and you got the human half of both and now you’re just some guy.
Jaune: You have too many thoughts.
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aliza---e · a day ago
Emerald: This is a box. We're going to put the things we love inside of this box.
Nora: Can i put Oscar in the box.
Emerald: No
Ruby: Can i put Oscar inside the box?
Emerald: No.
Jaune: Can i-
Emerald: No one is putting Oscar inside the box!
Emerald: Okay, we're putting Oscar inside the box.
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tupayapsina · a day ago
Ruby: What's going on?
Weiss: Yang and Blake are broken
Ruby: How?
Weiss: They've been staring at each other with the stupidest grins on their face for the past hour
Nora: They aren't broken, just in love
Weiss: Ew gross
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Valkyrie: Wait, you two are sleeping together?!
Thor: Only when we’re done having sex…
Bruce: *facepalms*
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tupayapsina · a day ago
Ruby, very tired: Can I sleep in your bed?
Weiss, half asleep: Ruby, this is a queen-sized bed. that means it's for [gestures vaguely to Ruby] the Queen
Weiss: Of course you can
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incorrect-apex-quotes · 2 days ago
Octane: What if I put coffee in my cereal instead of milk?
Lifeline, taking the coffee pot as she walks past: What if you didn't?
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Valkyrie: Are you sticking up for Thor right now?
Loki: Yes. I’m feeling a strong brotherly sense right now
Loki: I would like that feeling to go away as soon as possible
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aliza---e · 2 days ago
Nora: If you tear more holes in a net, it would end up having fewer.
Ren: STOP!
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 days ago
Ren: How do you tell someone their breath stinks without being rude?
Nora: “I’m bored, let’s drink mouthwash.”
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Carol: Thought I was meowing at Goose for the past hour.
Carol: Turns out it was just Valkyrie and I meowing at each other from different rooms in the house.
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rwbybutincorrect · 3 days ago
Blake: Wow, you are just so smart.
Nora: Yes, that’s something I’ve been excused of many times.
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aliza---e · 3 days ago
Nora: It has been six years, seven months and eight days since the lime skittle was replaced with green apple.
Nora: Zero People have been charged with treason. There's no justice.
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