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#poems on mental health
alaskaisnothere · 16 hours ago
I stopped writing because I thought "who the fuck is reading my words anyway" as if writing to get the poison out isn't enough, as if I'm not enough. And I'll never be, because I'll always have that need to make people feel something. I'll always have that urge to scream my feelings and hear back that they're valid. That I'm valid.
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afishwhowishestofly · a day ago
I want to cry
Cry, cry and cry.
I can't understand
All these emotions inside me.
My melancholy is brimming
And spilling out of
Its container and I can't do anything
But to see it flow.
I'm again writing foolish words
But these emotions are real.
I cannot describe the feeling
But certainly something died inside me.
My heart feels shattered
And I try to knit it together
With knotted threads.
But it only gets worse.
Sometimes, I think I need help.
But I'm unable to ask for any.
This loneliness is eating me up,
And all I do is, watch it swallow me whole.
My past has been troubling.
My future is unsure.
This sadness is conquering
And joy seems long lost.
I reread my poems
And I cry.
I recall my past
And I cry.
I wish to end my poems
On positive notes,
But that faint light
Has only got fainter.
I think the sorrows I kept inside
In a trunk with multiple locks
For so long,
Are now wanting to come out.
I don't know what I'll do.
But I think, I'll let them out.
Poem by- @afishwhowishestofly
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etrystic · 2 days ago
Like the ink of a pen flows
Time goes like a river
I float abroad and often sink
Thoughts weigh me down when I think
I'm human
Tormented by mistakes
Prowled by my ego, anxiety and control
I give it up, let it go
Let the stream run
Feelings flow
Scream loud
And tears fall
Sins begone
And stand tall
For I am human
In this vile Earth
God, guide me among this river
Tormented by hurt.
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