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#poems on sadness
daisypoet77 · 9 days ago
the days go on and on
sometimes that hopeless feeling
comes creeping back in.
like it’s a dark cloud
on a sunny day:
you never expect it.
and suddenly
everything becomes bad;
my mind becomes a place of sadness,
my heart is empty,
and food becomes unbearable to even look at.
it’s horrible
and it’s the line that i’ve been so far past
for so long now,
but something brought me back.
i’ll be great,
then i won’t be.
then hurting.
it happens so fast
i get whiplash
and feel paralyzed,
but unfortunately my mind stays perfectly aware
that the days go by
and life goes on
and nobody really sees it
but my world is blue.
—original poem
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whatalesaid · 10 days ago
Si no me hubiera ido.
Si no me hubiera ido, jamás habría mejorado tanto dibujando.
Si no me hubiera ido, no habría conocido tantas cafeterías.
Si no me hubiera ido, no habría disfrutado tantas risas con amigos. Si no me hubiera ido, no habría aprendido a tomar vino. Si no me hubiera ido, jamás me habría amado tanto a mi misma.
Si no me hubiera ido, no habría sentido la libertad de verdad...
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softbrattyprincess · 10 days ago
at a glimpse of you, i explode
my heart aches and splits open, hot lava of love spilling out and melting my body into a puddle on the floor
somehow my body as a puddle continues to ache and throb, painfully aware that you are not scooping me up to make me whole again
you will never know how i long for your presence, your being, your body warmth
i LONG for your smile, your anger, your hurt, your jealousy
i long for YOU and that’s it, that is all 
you affect me in a way that is almost impossible to put into words so I come here and try to paint a picture letter by letter of what you do to me and it’s still not enough
i EXPLODE at the glimpse you and you have never had a glimpse of me
i don’t even find it unfair because I GET to look at you 
i GET to feel the wild, amazing, crazy things you make me feel
there is no injustice because I still get to feel and experience you in my own way
i could never be more grateful for something as minuscule as this little bit of you i consider mine, though you are not even mine, you belong to the world and i love to see you interact with it through my own lens
i will sit in my quiet little corner, still a pool of lava and ache and long and cry over you until my lava cools
~ softbrattyprincess
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