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#poems about love
somethingmissingthings · an hour ago
“I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold”
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its-ronnierae-blr · 4 hours ago
Poetry Day 6
I hope you heal
In the way that you can feel it
The way you feel the fire of life
Burning in your heart again
And I hope you heal
In the way
You feel the euphoria
Crashing into your soul
In the way you feel the silk
Of your sacred blood
Flowing softly through your veins
I hope you heal in the way
The world regains color
The flowers start to smell a bit sweeter
And the air finally feels like drinking cold water
On a hot day once again
And of all the things I hope for you
I hope that you fall in love
With living once more
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psyche-tips-the-candle · 8 hours ago
I was so angry. I struggled to keep it quiet but now, I think you'd rather a fight, far more simple to deal with than the thought that I might burst across your chest, weeping, a ripe blister, rather the spite and bitter slow spiral to silence than the bite of confrontation. I should remember how you always shied away from honesty how Cupid would flee light, should accept how you are and never tried to beg an apology through jagged white teeth. If I was loud instead of aching I think we could have been something not quite broken, maybe then we'd be alright.
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vampqueers · 9 hours ago
This may be my huge ego here but I’d really like if someone loved me so much or hated me so much that they made a song about me
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deuteragonized · 9 hours ago
you are an addiction
that i just cant shake
they say recovery is linear
but i've relapsed so badly now
it may not be recovery anymore
or perhaps you are a scab
that can never seem to heal
i tell myself you're gone
because i think i'd like you to be
but you're back in a moment
bleeding me dry and
i cant quite say i want to stop you
worse than that, even,
i wonder if you're mine
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solarister · a day ago
Because what if I worshipped you?
What if I gave my life
to you and all I get is a blank page at the end of a book,
nothing to lead me through, nothing as much as a the end because what the fuck do I do now?
All the words I’ve seen on the pages I make into tales.
I make it into souls, into worlds but really,
they’re just letters on paper.
That’s how much you mean to me.
Worlds—to nothing at all.
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its-ronnierae-blr · a day ago
Poetry Day 5
I don’t talk to Artemis
About you because
The only things I tell her
Are my secrets
She hides them away
From the prying eyes of the universe
Instead, I tell Apollo about you
Because he announces the things I tell him
To the world
He puts my words on a pedestal
And shows them off like a trophy
And darling,
I wish I could have the courage
To be as bold as Apollo
To shout my affections for you
From the top of Mount Olympus
But I’m more like Artemis
Hiding away my feelings from the universe
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beauxcygnes · a day ago
no bro you don't understand I'm in love with gebran khalil gebran quotes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bitterzoete-liefde · 2 days ago
sweet oranges
A poem by L.L.L. I remember when you took me to a garden 
filled with blossoming orange trees it smelled like paradise you brought a lemon and picked an orange
you fed me the sour lemon bitterness filled my mouth  my eyes welled up in tears you wiped away my tears you explained that the world is filled with lemon people bitter 
as you handed me a bright orange you taught me to show them tenderness
for this orange is sweet  it grows among blossoming flowers plant your love and kindness on them show them forgiveness let them receive sweet oranges  instead of sour lemons help them grow guide them to see the beauty in orange trees let your mercy soften their hearts let the twinkling light in your soft eyes spark inside them do not start a fire  for it will only burn down  everything you planted live in peace  know that there are people  who will share their oranges in return  who wish for you to blossom among them
know that you are loved and not alone. ----> Note: Please do not repost this poem on social media without my permission. I hope you are okay, despite the hardships in this world.  Be safe.
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its-ronnierae-blr · 2 days ago
Poetry Day 4
You listen to the original version of your favorite song
While I listened to the modern version
And until you showed me the original version
The one I had been listening to
Was my favorite song
But now I listen to your song
On repeat
At work
At school
When I’m falling asleep
When I’m in the car
Heading to school
And it has become a favorite of mine
As well
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r-t-sosa · 2 days ago
Your skin bathed in coralled freckles, in the colors you love to show.
-R.T. Sosa, Things That Get Away
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1-800-sad-gays · 2 days ago
They tell me secrets
They tell me lies
I'm too clumsy to hold a single sentence
The cup that once held their trust is now bone dry
The color of emptiness
She ate the last chip
Now the bag is empty
Except for the tiny crumbs trying to amount to something
He drank the last drop
Now his once full mug is empty
I have nothing inside me
My feelings aren't real
They aren't fake either
I desperately try to feel something
Then I panic
My throat closes up
My heart races
I gasp for air
A sudden will to live floods me
My legs go numb
My eyes close
That's what I feel
I feel empty after feeling broken
I feel empty after feeling fixed
I try to be full
Even by a fifth
But I remain empty
I try my best but fail every time
I beg to feel something
I long to feel something other then panic
Other than anger
Other than sadness
Other than the overwhelming emptiness inside of me
The void speaks to me
Black calls me
The sweet embrace of death knocking on my door
I long to answer
But I don't
I instead try to feel something
Anything at all
I reluctantly answer the call from the void
I black out
My past self never to be seen again
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treesappy · 3 days ago
Odes to an Ocean
I hear them
the softly billowed Seas
i saw their tear stains earlier
on the sides of rocks and trees
the breeze; t’is blowing strong, my dear
over cliffs and through the leaves
“I pine for thy embrace, my dear
and hope ye stay true.
come home soon,
- your lover “
a note all bottled tight
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its-ronnierae-blr · 3 days ago
Poetry Day 3
March 10th
6:48 pm
I think you’re asleep
I hope you stay that way
for a little while longer
Your dark hair swoops
just above your eyebrow
and your cheeks slightly tinted pink
You look so beautiful
and I’m cursing at myself
because I can feel a soft spot
starting to form in my heart
reserved just for you.
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its-ronnierae-blr · 3 days ago
Poetry Day 3 (BONUS POEM)
Maybe it was because of
your infectious laugh
or those eyes that make
me crumble and fall to my knees
Or maybe it was that smile
That damn smile
that could make it feel like
you were being bathed in sunlight
Whatever it was,
it wrecked me
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