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tsauergrass · 26 minutes ago
Written for @drarrymicrofic: love letter
The first letter came with a coin. The second came with a stamp. The third came with an Earl Grey tea bag, the parchment suffused with the faint, citrus fragrance of bergamot.
Draco held the tea bag close to his nose. The tea leaves rustled between his fingers; the scent lingered in his nose.
“I have been receiving letters,” he said one day to Harry.
Harry looked up from the cook book he’d held in his hands.
Harry nodded. He came to the library every three or four days and poured cook books over the tables: Indian lunches, French pastries, dishes for breakfasts and afternoon parties. Draco had not thought, before becoming a librarian, that being enamored with recipes encompassed frequent visits to the library. He reckoned he was wrong.
“From whom?” Harry asked.
“The letters weren’t signed.”
The library was small and quiet, but the high ceilings created the illusion of space, of myths. Of echoes. Sunlight streamed in through the tall windows on warm days and laid golden bands across the wooden floor. There was a small patch of garden in the back; it had been a barren, tangled, withered mess, but Draco had tidied it up, had grown bushes of red roses that now spilled and overflowed the tiny corner with blooming, crimson roses as big as dinner plates.
He’d shown it to Harry. Privately, secretly, because patrons were not allowed in the back garden, really. He had done it as a regular’s benefit.
“Why roses?” Harry asked.
“Le Petit Prince,” Draco said.
Harry smiled, helpless and confused. “What?”
“The Little Prince,” Draco said again, helpless, too, to the tiny crease between Harry’s brows. He cleared his throat. “Do you know the story?”
“You like that story?”
“It’s your favorite?”
“I suppose so.”
The next letter came with fresh rose petals, crimson and creased at the edges. Draco held them lightly between his fingertips as though they would fall apart. Carefully pressed them back into the envelope. Carefully placed the letter with the rest, a pile in his drawer: folded parchment with paper cranes and leather bookmarks and buttons.
“It’s quite old-fashioned, isn’t it,” Draco said, dangling his feet on the wrought-iron bench. They were in the back garden. Harry was watering the roses; he’d offered.
“That’s not really a question, is it?”
Draco hummed. “Depends on how you look at it.”
“You like things old-fashioned.”
“Not everything.”
“But this.” Harry finished, flopped himself onto the bench beside Draco. “This, you like it old-fashioned. Slow.”
“Yes,” Draco said.
“Draco.” Harry looked him in the eye. Earnest; honest. A clarity that struck like glass. “What are you so scared of?”
Draco felt colors rise in his cheeks. Felt his fingers tremble. Felt the shape of the truth, the secret, thrumming in the space between them.
“Of being the rose,” he said. Then,
“Of being left behind.”
He was not brave. He did not know how to say goodbye. He did not know how to look at the depthless darkness of the galaxy and search, hopeful and hopeless, among the specks of light for a silhouette for the rest of his life. He could not.
“But he came back,” Harry said.
Draco blinked.
“It’s letting go,” Harry continued, “and trusting they will come back. Knowing they will come back.”
Draco let out a laugh, a dry huff. “Is that what you will do? Come back?”
Harry slipped his hand into Draco’s. Twined their fingers together, loose and warm.
“We are not the little prince and his rose.”
He did not let go.
“I won’t leave at all.”
His face was close. His eyes were close. The dark curls of his hair falling on his glasses—close. Everything was warm; it was hard to focus.
“I knew,” Draco said, the words slowly tumbling out, “I knew it was you.”
Harry laughed. It was close, too.
“My handwriting?”
“It’s horrible.”
“Did you like them? The letters?”
“Mm,” Draco said. “I like things old-fashioned.”
Harry leaned in and kissed him. Draco closed his eyes. The brush of lips; the brief deepening. Draco’s fingers twitched in Harry’s hand. Harry squeezed, warm and tight.
“There,” Harry whispered. A tether. A promise.
“Yes,” Draco said. He kissed him again.
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evcrlasting · 35 minutes ago
closed starter for @writingail​
“So what’s wrong with this one?” Milo’s newest form of entertainment had come in the form of Cecelia’s dates. He hadn’t completely nailed down if he found it hilarious or if he was just using the humor to make the situation seem better. It was the small things, right? It hadn’t stopped her from coming in and sitting at her regular spot at the bar as usual, and he didn’t mind some extra company as he closed up. “Cece, you’re gonna have to tell your mom off eventually.” That or she’d actually end up with one of the stuck up men, and he just wasn’t ready to process that possibility yet.
Tumblr media
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eurythmix · 44 minutes ago
i saw your post a few days ago abt how in your survey nonbinary people explicitly linked their gender to their bisexuality and ive been thinking about it a lot bc i didnt realize other people do that too! in my mind in the exact same way gender is a foreign object in the sense that its not a part of my body i feel like its a foreign object in that it doesnt factor into my attraction. idk why im telling u this but you're writing a phd abt it so i thought u might find it interesting lmao
weirdly enough i have a v similar relationship between my nonbinaryness and bisexuality and i'm beginning to think it may be a pattern for a lot of people? like when i was discussing being nonbinary with my supervisors, they (v politely) asked how i define my sexuality in relation to the nebulous nature of my gender and they were rly surprised that i was so forthright in saying bi?? (and then after a few minutes one of them was like oh well i guess u can only really be bi or asexual as a nonbinary person – as in, u couldn't possibly orient urself as gay/lesbian if ur not a man/woman – and im like. hm. no. fascinating that u've come to that conclusion but No.)
anyway the connection between sexuality and gender is a rly interesting and constantly evolving Thing and while i definitely understand why there was/still is a push to say sexual orientation =/= gender, i think it's actually way more a complicated dynamic than this split model leads us to believe
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gee-roux · an hour ago
2a, 7, 12, 22 pls!!!!!!
2a. build a starting lineup based on looks
i am at something of a disadvantage here as i am not actually attracted to men, but that doesn't necessarily mean that i have no aesthetic appreciation for them, so i'll do my best.
centre has to be either zibanejad or khaira. if i do the tie breaker based on hockey, it's zibanejad. if i do it based on "i have a soft spot for local players," it's surrey boy jujhar khaira... tough call...
trying to remember who else might be attractive. i tried looking at rosters to jog my memory, but all nhl headshots are so bad.
carey price as the goalie, obviously. maybe jared spurgeon? hm, just realized that other people have just answered with their lineup and didn't include their interminable inner monologue. okay. i've decided that the rest are going to be bearded flyers, which seems reasonable.
claude giroux - jujhar khaira - jake voráček
ivan provorov - jared spurgeon
carey price
7. why is your favourite player your favourite player?
okay, i'm trying to make an executive decision. there is no way i can answer this tonight, because i have too much to say... but i've already taken so long on this that i don't want to make you wait until morning. someone else has also asked this, so i think i'll post answers to 2a, 12, and 22 now, and then answer this question when i answer the other ask tomorrow... which seems logical, but then i'll feel bad about making you wait for an answer to this one. but is it egotistical to even think you're waiting with baited breath for my inane rambling? probably. okay, i'm leaving this one for tomorrow and hoping you won't hate me.
12. which player has the best™️ fashion taste?
surely it's pk? although as someone who genuinely loves terrible fashion, i almost enjoy some of claude's early horrible looks more than pk's, like. actually good fashion sense.
22. give me an unpopular opinion about any player or team
i am so peaceful.
i follow fans of two teams—i won't name names, but let's call them the slaps and the trials—and sometimes when each would complain about the other team this past season, it felt a bit like the spiderman pointing meme.
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fantasmalforces · an hour ago
"Not going to lie, I once fistfought a Swan and won." || from Beth @ whoever you're vibing!!
“Only a swan?”
Tumblr media
The slight curl of Maverick’s lip and his raised brows betrayed that she had his attention but that he wasn’t all that impressed by what he was hearing. He supposed that a swan was... impressive enough for someone that looked like they’d crawled out of a particularly humid portion of the Soviet Union with hardly their life intact. And who smelled like prime maggot and mosquito bait. Though it was hardly fair to compare the victories of a Pirate to an apex predator like himself, especially given the reputations of the bloodthirsty waterfowl and their capabilities compared to a human being’s... but he going to do it anyway.
He offered the typical short, forced laugh so typical of stereotypical aristocrats like himself. A posh, haughty sound that was little more than a smug puff of air out of his lungs and into the open. This one was hardly entertaining. Thankfully, he only had to be here a little while longer to finish up the business transactions he had pending on Rook. “Given the nature of the wildlife on this island, I would expect someone of your... occupation, to have something a bit more impressive on your resume. Perhaps not. I suppose there’s only so much that can be expected of ruffians,” the tiger mused.
Wow. What a posh dick. He was even looking over his nails while he let them insults roll off his tongue so nonchalantly.
“Still, I suppose I can see the charm in having barbarians running the lower levels of an operation like this. I doubt even you recall the last time someone said something along the lines of ‘no’ to you. Muscle does have its place over mind at times.” He smirked a bit, looking Beth over. A change of clothes and maybe a shower and he could see her running cargo holds in one of his factories or the like. A well-paid low level grunt with the brawn to muscle supplies and payment out of other vendors. Not that he was considering. He had a rather strict hiring policy after all.
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certibbs · an hour ago
Am I the only one who finds the Star Wars expression "Maker" to be weird when I read characters/people in the fandom use it in replacement of the expression "God" or "oh God" or something like that? Bc the only time I have heard it said in the SW media is by C3PO, and it makes sense for him to say it, bc he's a droid. They have 'Makers', people who 'make' them. Hearing and reading human/humanoid characters say it just seems weird, like, you're not a droid. Say "Stars" or "By the stars" or something idk.
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dykeza · an hour ago
philza making the fuckboy face and then getting punched by techno
Canon occurrence. “M8 look at this funny face I can m- *WHAM*”
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boimgfrog · an hour ago
Mashiro holding hands with Futaba and swingin them between the two of them when they walk
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fictionkinfessions · an hour ago
@ /654287062725492736/me-a-ybcpete-kin-i-forgive-you-patrick legitimately started crying over this thank you -ybc!patrick #🍭✨😈💥
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prettyboykatsuki · an hour ago
shinso be suicide baiting ppl on online forums 
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buttfucklarrie · 2 hours ago
the gay™️ experience is realizing lmao i had a crush on that person. 7 yr old me or whatever would be like omgggg shes sooooo pretty (ik im a guy but trans sdfjkjhkf) so like realizing i liked all these girls is rly fucking funny. i would always be like ah i just Want To Be Friends With Her. nothing more than that.
sry for all the asks btw im literally killing everyones dash
rightttt omg it is the gay experience™️, i think i always was just like ‘doesn’t everybody think girls are hot??’ but nope <3
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mccoyquialisms · 2 hours ago
when I’m not working or drowning in boxes, I’ve been in star wars au hell, and since I unfortunately don’t have time to make edits for all of them, I wanted to highlight some favorites I haven’t mentioned before. these are pretty gen, if you want the spicier/’things I’m much more embarrassed to admit to reading” ones send me an ask lmao. *** for still updating/WIPs.
Prequel Era/The Clone Wars:
The Desert Storm and Rise and Fall by Blue_Sunshine ***
Four years after Order 66 and the fall of the Jedi Order, a grieving, struggling Ben Kenobi finds himself inexplicably taken back in time. (This one is a genuine epic that is thankfully still updating and I cannot even begin to express how delighted I am about it. Rise and Fall is the one that’s an ongoing WIP. I will make an edit for this someday...)
Su’Cuyi by InvisibleSilence
“I promised Padmé that I would take care of them. I’ll take them. I have a safe place we can go." No one would find them if she went to her husband. No one knew they were married, after all. (Jango/Obiwan, Obiwan is F)
it’s not the waking, it’s the rising by blackkat ***
Two years after the Empire's rise, Cody wakes up. (Cody becomes Emperor, which is not a thing I knew I wanted until I read it, and now I want it)
All the Souls Deserve a Chance by Batsutousai
When Palpatine dies unexpectedly a year after the invasion of Naboo, the jedi must scramble to pick up the pieces of a grand plan now in shambles. Can Obi-Wan, and his newly-discovered padawan-brother Feemor, be the key to healing the old wound between the Jedi Order and Mand'alor Jango Fett? (this one is just cute and fun tbh. the author’s Make a Brand New End series is also fun!)
in our hearts some ancient song by whimsicalimages
Cody finds Fives first. There are galactic consequences. (Cody/ObiWan)
Deliver Us by Bittodeath ***
Jango decides to save some clones by sending them to a particular Jedi, and in the process accidentally fucks up a lot of Sithly plans. (tagged as Jango/Obiwan but so far has been just straight up family shenanigans. Lots of exploring Mando and Jedi cultures, which is the Good Shit™)
The 212th Attack Battalion’s Guide to Saving the Galaxy by Accident by antigrav_vector, Quarra ***
Ghost Company gets de-aged and thrown back in time. Shenanigans ensue. (pay attention to tags re the relationships on this one if certain ones bother you, but it’s all just good fun tbh)
Everything Happens the Same Except Padme Lives:
the family amidala by dirgewithoutmusic
Padme leans on Obi Wan’s shoulder. Luke has motor oil on his cheek and Leia is trying to smile for him. They are too young to have to carry these things, but they will carry them. They will carry each other through this. 
The Beginning After the End by notbecauseofvictories
Padmé wakes to the back of Obi-Wan’s head, his hair mussed and his arms spread, outstretched over her knees as though to shield her from all that would come. (Too late, Padmé thinks, feeling the dull ache around her throat, where phantom hands tightened. Much too late for that now.)
Sequels Trilogy:
in the place that’s made of old relations by orphan_account
The one where Rey grows up alone on Jakku. Well, not completely alone. It turns out her grandfather knows a thing or two about living in the desert. (Rey is a Skywalker)
Try Again by nymja
Luke Skywalker and the student who found him. (this series was written pre-Last Jedi and is therefore an AU, and also the only canon that I accept)
The Mandalorian:
All Things In Balance by thetamehistorian
Din searches for the child's kind and discovers something else entirely. (I do plan on making an edit for this eventually because Force Sensitive Din my beloved <3)
Heart of a Child by cac0daemonia, Crystalshard
Grogu's life did not begin when Din rescued him from bandits. His story started long ago, and when Palpatine initiated Order 66, one clone trooper was all that stood between him and Operation Knightfall. (for all we know this could be canon. Either way, I am sad)
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