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#original poems
april-stranger · 12 minutes ago
springs follow
i've been living on the blue side of things
it is like my heart has been caught in strings
the look in your eyes - compassion - it stings
don't know what to do with all my sorrow
you could love me more now for tomorrow
maybe i will stop feeling this hollow
- S.
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pearlsandpromises · 21 minutes ago
This heart is dead
So rivals, we stay
Because flowers were not meant for burning
So rivals, we stay
Because the moon never met the sun
So rivals, we stay
Because the ocean never listened to anyone
So rivals, we stay
Because a storm couldn't move me, could you?
So rivals, we stay
Because hungry dogs are never loyal
So rivals, we stay
But don't tell me this is home
So rivals, we stay
But am I really a villain in your story
So promise me,
We will remain
'Til death do us apart
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melloncolliegalaxies · 26 minutes ago
i bury words beneath my tongue
like we bury people once they're gone,
i worry that your mouth might
unearth them with a kiss
but often i just wonder
what you hide behind your lips.
i want to tell you i love you
like a song completely new,
i don't want to sound
like some cover,
a reprise without the truth.
my love speaks in French,
but you only know English,
my love sounds like drivel
and i don't think that you're fluent.
my love sounds like a splutter,
when it's really a language to learn;
it should resound like a symphony,
a tumbling tongue and a stutter
is not what you deserve.
- "tumbled tongue trysts"
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afishwhowishestofly · 27 minutes ago
In the night skies
When clouds turn black
And thunders roll,
Shivers are sent
Down my spine.
I feel the cold breeze
Going deeper in the
Marrow of my bones.
When the world shuts
And returns to bed,
I feel a wake in
My memories long
Forgotten. Ease is lost.
My spirits are dwindled.
Grief gets profound.
And sadness dictates.
Tears roll down and
I wipe them away.
In those nights, I learn
The meaning of warmth.
But I've grown an
Affection with sadness,
Disruption and ruins.
I'm not asking for
Help. I'm not detaching.
My connecting threads
With cold winters,
I'm wrapping more
Sturdy fibres around
Them to make the
Bond more stronger.
For I have no strength
To sustain any longer.
Poem by- @afishwhowishestofly
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iamdeadinsideb · an hour ago
love as we know it is a lie that we bury with us to our graves. we search for it, following traces leading us to places we never thought of it to be.
the ones who love you will hurt you. they sing "i love you" and will throw you, under that bus, into the dead and there is no coming back.
they will wrap you in blankets full of butterflies and will suffocate you till you die, wont pick up your ashes when they burn you alive.
love is hatred in disguise, another word for i hate you to be precise. tell me is love a lie or are we the liars ?
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pearlsandpromises · an hour ago
A lonely room in a lonely house
I'm always looking at the telephone
As if I'm waiting for it to ring
And I'm always looking at the door
As if I'm waiting for someone to knock
And I always look a little longer
At their eyes
As if I'm looking for someone
But when the lady sitting besides, asks
"Are you waiting for someone?"
I say, no
But we all know I'm lying
And that is the truth
But don't worry, I'm certain
That one day, who I'm looking for will come
And you know?
When they do
I'm going to call them
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baileyblushpoetry · 2 hours ago
I can't even remember your name
And I guess that's a good thing
But I remember your face in the night
With the light of the cars passing by
The way you talked about sadness
Like it was a song
I called you one day to invite you over
But your line had been cut
You were already gone
𝒃𝒂𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒚 𝒃𝒍𝒖𝒔𝒉
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perdituspoems · 2 hours ago
The Crevice
Avoiding the cracks is a game we played for the little ant more of a crusade He is not scared of the awkward crack For this little ant the crevice he will bravely attack
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antiapathy-rawr · 3 hours ago
The separation provided makes me feel flush and divided. Away from my other half i feel alone again at last. I can’t keep losing the best parts of me. Soon my heart will only open with a key. Please take me from my confines and help me up so i can rise. Rise away from the world as i know and go to my beyond and see if there i shall grow. A world that failed what was my soul is now what i want to change. A heartless person the last thing i need around but please i will love you so you will feel better days. I am not a bar but i will make you whole. And yes they are allowed to go yet please stay for another drink it’s on the house i just don’t want to let you out.
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perdituspoems · 3 hours ago
Glorious hailstones the cascading torrent sky’s wonder or over-worldly tyrant
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nightly-pain · 4 hours ago
Paper poems:Candlelight Green
Tumblr media
(Written Version)
Drinking that candlelight sunshine
To brighten the dark place of my mind
This heat is coming from a frozen valley
Deeply secretly hidden in my mind
My love for you is
always a blessing to the roots
in the distance
Where we stood
So come with me
Don't be afraid of the eyes.
Of the green burning in the distance.
Don't be afraid. Don't keep the green.
Pull the hands out the pockets filled with the greens.
The waste of this land
Already had seen better days a better self
Fight to fight against the current
Yet still pleading for the greens
They don't care. They won't.
Don't be afraid. Don't keep the green.
Pull the hands out the pockets filled with the greens.
Did you really thought they didn't care?
Green is the only thinking way
Accepting the amount of rejection
I never liked it.
But it dependence of war is
not going further than the one with options.
An illusion of a delusion.
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lost-ash-es · 8 hours ago
there's a man in the hallway looking at me
i see him out the corner of my eye
i turn my head to face him
now he's gone, tell me why
there's a boy in the street waving at me
i see him out the corner of my eye
i turn my head to face him
now he's gone, tell me why
now i'm off to work walking fast
and they are walking too
i can't seem to escape them
but i can't see them as true
one almost says something
he wants to say it bad
but he stops himself before he does
and it sometimes makes me sad
there's a girl in my room laughing at me
i see her out the corner of my eye
i turn my head to face her
now she's gone, tell me why
there's a person quickly walking to me
i see them out the corner of my eye
i turn my head to face them
now they're gone, tell me why
now i don't know who's real or fake
and who is not to trust
at times i feel they are okay
while i just turn to dust
i really want to see them soon
though i know i never will
they'll always be too far away
so i'll just sit here, still
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painting-thoughts · 8 hours ago
You deserve someone who only loves you.
c / someone you love, too
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painting-thoughts · 9 hours ago
I want to know what real love is. Where can I find it?
c / so lost
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perdituspoems · 9 hours ago
Gentle wandering heavenly revealing the moon dim light peers out illuminating the nightly gloom
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perdituspoems · 10 hours ago
Yap yap yap yap
Yap yap yap yap tearing around the garden yap yap yap yap sorry for the noise I beg your pardon yap yap yap yap shhh time for a well earned nap
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witchpossessinghozier · 10 hours ago
Why I call myself Ocean
I walked across the beach
As though in a trance.
I ignored the balloon sellers
And the ponies
And the children shouting in joy.
I went to the coastline
Where the roaring, raging ocean
Crashed up against the shore
Again and again.
The Ocean stretched vast
As far as the eye could see
Reminding me of how endless
This world could be.
I felt insignificant, lost.
But I also felt
Like I belonged
To something greater
Than who I was alone.
And in times of sorrow and hardship
I think of the vast ocean
And remember
The world is endless
And I am not alone.
Just like ocean's crashing waves
Erase the marks on the sand
My sorrow too is impermanent.
It will be erased
By the ocean's crashing waves.
-by Ocean.
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baileyblushpoetry · 10 hours ago
A place for thoughts to live free
These words come together
To say what I need
In ways that maybe you can better understand
From heart to mind
Hope of forever written by my hand
𝒃𝒂𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒚 𝒃𝒍𝒖𝒔𝒉
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