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hunklejunk · a minute ago
New chapter is uploaded of Connected in the Darkness!
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graboidfarmer · 2 minutes ago
A scene from the fic? If you want Ford getting frustrated and leaving in a huff then immediately coming back in saying sorry and giving her a proper goodnight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Grumpy owl is sorry
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eregyrn-falls-art · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
HAPPY SUMMERWEEN!  (click to embiggen)
This year the theme is “Tall Tales and Legends”, and so, we have:
Dipper as Pecos Bill.  One of the tales involves Pecos Bill using a rattlesnake as a lasso (the snake's name is Shake, which leads me to believe the snake is kind of okay with this? In this case, Mabel created a plush version for Dipper to carry.)
Mabel is Annie Oakley, who was a real person, but around whom legends have grown.  Famous as a sharpshooter, nicknamed “Little Sure-Shot”, I figured Mabel would be into that connection.  Plus her outfit is awesome (that skirt with the rose applique is one that we have photos of Oakley wearing).
Stan is dressed as Captain Alfred Bulltop Stormalong, a legendary giant sailor from New England, who is mostly remembered today as the subject of sea shanties (and also the name of a hard cidery here in Massachusetts).  Stormalong was the sea-going Paul Bunyan -- 30 feet tall, his ship was so big its mast had to be hinged to let the sun and the moon pass by.  Stormalong had a lifelong rival with the Kraken... and so one of the young Pacific tree octopuses (from 2020′s Stan Twins Birthday pic) is hitching along as a guest star in the role.
Speaking of giants... Ford, of course, is Paul Bunyan, with Waddles obviously done up by Mabel to play the part of Babe the Blue Ox.  I’d like to think that Ford develops the same kind of fondness that Stan has for Paul Bunyan, who after all, with the statue in town, is a Gravity Falls fixture.
Finally, Fiddleford is Johnny Appleseed -- another real person around whom legends grew. John Chapman really did go from state to territory to state in the early 19th c., introducing apple trees to parts of the upper midwest.  (And speaking of hard cider -- I read an interesting theory that most of the varieties that John Chapman planted were not really good eating apples, but would have been more valuable for hard cider-making, which was a staple at the time.)  Anyway, Fiddleford was halfway to the look already.
The Tall Tales theme was a lot of fun to research and do.  And I can never resist folkloric stuff for Gravity Falls; it just fits so well!
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harpydrawsstuff · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Unfinished? Yes.
Cute? Yep-
Dipper get off the box-
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middleofnowhere92 · 10 minutes ago
Mids! Let’s get another 📙, pretty please! 🥺
An arranged marriage fic between Zhao and Mai lives in my God damn head and I can't get it out.
Zhao could be persuaded to agree since Mai's family is well established and has a great deal of clout.
Mai's parents would pressure her into it in their never ending quest to continue social climbing.
Me thinking of yet another age gap fic:
Tumblr media
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Mabel: Did you see me out there? I was on fire!
Stan, a stressed grunkle: I know, Mabel, I had to use the fire extinguisher so I could spray you down.
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rwbybutincorrect · 58 minutes ago
Jaune: It’s stupid!
Oscar: Hey, nothing we’ve done so far has been un-stupid, and we’re still alive, aren’t we?
Jaune: NO!
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rwby-sk · 59 minutes ago
Now I want a mini fic
About Neo going full Taken to get Oscar back after accidentally telling a bunch of guys that he's reincarnated Ozpin and worth a ton of Lien
The whole time worried JNR will freak out if they realize what happened
The epitome of "don't tell mom" energy
Maybe it can be a buddy-cop fic with Emerald
Vacuo has kidnappers right?
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rwby-sk · an hour ago
Neo: *I just killed someone and I need you to help me hide the body*
Jaune: *What?! Oh my Gods what happened?"
Neo: *That was a lie, no one died. I just want you to realize the bad thing I did do is hardly shocking by comparison*
Neo: *I stole Crocea Mors and sold it at a pawn shop for spending money*
Jaune: "I can't believe you would do that!"
Neo: *Because I didn't. Again, I just need you to realize how much worse I could have fucked up before I tell you what I did*
Jaune: "I don't like this game"
Neo: *I don't like the fact that I accidentally told a group of kidnappers who Oscar was, and I had to go fight through their crime syndicate to get him back before they sent you guys the ransom note*
Jaune: "I... Just tell me what you really did. I won't be mad"
Neo: *Okay, I took twenty Lien from your wallet to buy mascara*
Jaune, walking away with a sigh of relief: "See? That's not so bad. I'm not even upset"
Oscar: "Hey, uh, thanks for saving me"
Neo: *It was my fault anyway. But you can buy me new mascara and we'll call it even*
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imnotrevealingmyname · 2 hours ago
The Blanket
Loki X Fem!Reader one shot
A/N: This is the sleepy!Loki fic I was talking about. I had planned for it to be a standalone one shot, but it fits in well with the Little Things series so why not? It turned out differently to what I'd imagined, but please be gentle with me. It's been a while since I've posted anything.
Warnings: Unrequited love (kinda), idiots in love, angst (a little bit). Fluff too.
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Tumblr media
You were staring. You knew you were staring. It couldn't be helped, not when he looked like that.
The top three buttons of Loki's shirt had come free, and your eyes greedily sought out the sliver of skin that peeked out. His hair had grown past his shoulders, and somewhere in the course of the night his bun had come loose. A few stray curls rested on the sharp curve of his collarbone. Your hands itched to move it out of the way of the gorgeous view that you were currently being treated to.
If there was any guilt bubbling up within you, it was quickly extinguished by the feeble attempt at reassuring yourself that you were only trying to make sure he wouldn't get cold. You had conveniently forgotten how to turn off the AC, of course.
As you drew closer on hesitant feet, the blanket seemed to get heavier in your hands. Loki's lips were parted just a fraction, and a soft sigh left them, lashes fluttering as he slept.
What wouldn't you give for this to be the first thing you saw every morning.
Resisting the urge to press your lips to his forehead, you tucked the blanket in around his relaxed form, letting your fingers linger for a moment longer than was strictly necessary, against his forearm. Like every other time you had ever touched him, the warmth of his skin surprised you. You could feel the cold sinking in, though. Your thumb found his wrist, and your breath stuttered.
Longing rose in your chest like a hopeful creature awakened from its slumber, and like always, you squashed it.
You couldn't rip your gaze away, however. How would he have reacted to your blatant worship of him, if he were awake? Because that's what you were doing, no? That's what you wanted to do. You wanted to worship every glorious inch of him with your eyes and trace that path with your lips. If loving him felt like this, how would it feel to be loved by him? How would it feel to have his hand in yours, his breath mingling with your own?
As if in response to your thoughts, Loki made a small sound in his sleep, and stirred. You froze, but he kept on snoring softly.
What if he has a nightmare? a small voice in your head whispered. You gulped. Maybe you should stay.
He looked a little uncomfortable in that angle. You wanted to slide in beside him and guide his head onto your shoulder.
Yes, the little voice chimed in. Maybe you should. He'll wake up sore if you don't.
Well, too bad, you were already walking out of the room, regret and want coiling in your belly, settling there in a cold, dead weight. Your hand clenched in the wake of the resentment.
Maybe if you had turned around, you would've seen a pair of lucent green eyes darkening with the same resentment that you felt as you walked out of the chilly common room.
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pinetreewannabe · 2 hours ago
today i turned up to school hungover dressed like a surfer dude, cut both my middle fingers in the workshop, forgot i made plans to meet up with a friend and started beef with the model in art class
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jacketbones · 2 hours ago
are we allowed to send in suggestive incorrect quotes? because I have a really funny one in that case, but I totally get it if you don’t want anything een remotely nsfw. I’ve seen some suggestive ones already but I want to make sure to be respectful of your boundaries just in case :-)
Yes you can send suggestive stuff. Hell even NSFW stuff if you want. I don't post things like that myself-but I have no issues with submissions!
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libertariantaoist · 2 hours ago
“Favor and disgrace come with a warning honor and disaster come with a body why do favor and disgrace come with a warning favor turns into disfavor gaining it comes with a warning losing it comes with a warning thus do favor and disgrace come with a warning and why do honor and disaster come with a body the reason we have disaster is because we have a body if we didn’t have a body we wouldn’t have disaster thus those who honor their body more than the world can be entrusted with the world those who cherish their body more than the world can be encharged with the world” -Lao-tzu- (Taoteching, verse 13, translation by Red Pine) WANG CHEN says, “People who are favored are honored. And because they are honored, they act proud. And because they act proud, they are hated. And because they are hated, they are disgraced. Hence, sages consider success as well as failure to be a warning.” SU CH’E says, “The ancient sages worried about favor as much as disgrace, because they knew that favor is followed by disgrace. Other people think favor means to ascend and disgrace means to descend. But favor cannot be separated from disgrace. Disgrace results from favor.” HO-SHANG KUNG says, “Those who gain favor or honor should worry about being too high, as if they were at the edge of a precipice. They should not flaunt their status or wealth. And those who lose favor and live in disgrace should worry more about disaster.” LU NUNG-SHIH says, “Why does favor become disgrace and honor become disaster? Favor and honor are external things. They don’t belong to us. When we try to possess them, they turn into disgrace and disaster.” SSU-MA KUANG says, “Normally a body means disaster. But if we honor and cherish it and follow the natural order in our dealings with others, and we don’t indulge our desires, we can avoid disaster.” HUANG YUAN-CHI says, “We all possess something good and noble that we don’t have to seek outside ourselves, something that the glory of power or position cannot compare with. People need only start with this and cultivate this without letting up. The ancients said, “Two or three years of hardship, ten thousand years of bliss.” WANG P’ANG says, “It isn’t a matter of having no body but of guarding the source of life. Only those who refuse to trade themselves for something external are fit to receive the kingdom.” WANG PI says, “Those who are affected by favor and disgrace or honor and disaster are not fit to receive the kingdom.” TSENG-TZU says, “The superior person can be entrusted with an orphan or encharged with a state and be unmoved by a crisis” (Lunyu: 8.6). RED PINE adds, “The first two lines are clearly a quote, and the last four lines are also found in Chuangtzu; 11.2, where they are used to praise the ruler whose self-cultivation doesn’t leave him time to meddle in the lives of his subjects. They also appear in Huainantzu: 12, where they are used to praise the ruler who values the lives of his people more than the territory in which they live.”
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hadesisqueer · 2 hours ago
Are you still doing the bending asks and if so what about Oscar?
Oscar can reincarnate so he's the Avatar
Nah, I feel that due to his personality (he's literally the most diplomatic character in the show, always trying for avoid conflict if it's possible and mediating between enemies) he'd be an airbender
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paintmewithmemories · 2 hours ago
take my hand (walk, run, fly with you)
"you promise to stay right there, yeah?" taehyung says.
"right here, taehyung," jimin promises. "have courage, little tiger."
alternatively, jimin gives taehyung courage.
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paintmewithmemories · 2 hours ago
your love is the strongest thing i know (i reckon it's been doing weights)
"so, jimin's totally failing at his task," jungkook's voice interrupted their moment.
"what task?" jimin asked distractedly. he sighed again, this time in pleasure, when taehyung's smart, clever, pretty fingers pressed gently at the kink in his neck.
"your conquest for asserting your heterosexuality", jungkook reminded him.
taehyung's fingers froze immediately as his eyes widened in shock. "his what?"
"oh my god," jimin whispered. "my heterosexuality!"
[ or, the one in which jimin realises he's in love with his best friend and does the only logical thing possible: pretends to be straight and Avoids Feelings. ]
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