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ikimaru10 minutes ago
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definitely not doing it on purpose聽馃憖
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voltron-goldmine55 minutes ago
Lance: you know what i'm never gonna do?
Keith: what?
Lance: give you up
Keith: don't make me regret marrying you
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voltron-goldmine57 minutes ago
Kaltenecker: moo moo moo
Lance, gasping: oh my god, no way!
Keith: what the fuck is happening
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reducedtoashesan hour ago
Accidental Marriage
Keith didn't understand familiars. Sure, he was a witch all his life, but without a mom or dad to teach him all the tricks and things behind being a witch it took a while to understand it all. It wasn't till he was 12, when Shiro took him in, where he finally got a grip of his magical powers. First it was his elemental magic.
It came in at the most inconvenient time. He was making his bed, because Adam, Shiro's boyfriend, was a clean freak. Keith had been grumbling to himself how, "he wished Adam would get off his case" and "Adam was a big meanie." Of course he didn't mean it, he was just a kid and was annoyed at having to do work. Anyway, it was when he was getting the pillow case over his pillow when he set it a flame.
Screaming out for Adam and Shiro they both came rushing in the find the bed half burnt. Adam had put out the fire, with his water magic before it could get any worse. Sighing in relief, they all just stared at the scene infront of them, before Shiro picked up Keith and spun him around. Yelling, "I got my powers!" He pumped his fist into the air and laughed as they spun around. Adam being the ever responsible one said, "yeah, and almost burned the house down. We're going to have to work on that."
To say the least discovering his abilities had taking a while. It wasn't till he was 15, when he summoned his first familiar. Sure he had Shiro and Adam, but he still felt alone. They had jobs, and most of the time they weren't home by the time he was back from school. So, he spent his time wondering past the town. Passing by ally ways and going to the dirt roads that lead to the forest behind the town. He had borrowed a book from the library, one on familiars. The idea of a friend you could summon intrigued him. He knew not all witches could do it, but he really hoped he could. He had read in the book that a familiar came when it wanted too, and the familiar was based off what was in the witch's heart. The deepest desire of the witch. He also read that most familiars could also keep their physical form for three days. After that they would either disappear or became a pendant type thing which the witch could use to summon them again.
His first familiar came in the form of a toad. He was amazed by the green, bumpy skin. That and his big bulging eyes. Poking and laughing as it hoped away, he was glad to have a friend. He told him all about Shiro and Adam and how he felt lonely. They were partners in crime. He took him to school on the second day, and scared all the kids. He even got candy out of it, mainly because the kids had dropped it as they ran away from toady, what he called the toad.
However, even if his deepest desire was to have a friend, toady still left on the third day. He had cried and cried. It wasn't fair, why would they give him a friend only to have it taken away from him.
That's why he had promised himself to never get attached. But it was harder said then done. It was when he was feeling the most loneliest, when a familiar would come to his aid. So, for him, it was hard not to fall into that friendship they offered.
Over the years there had been: toady 2, kitten, mittens, red, hawk, and gecko. Another toad, three cats, a budgie, and a gecko. He got used to making friends and then watching them disappear. None of his familiars had ever become pendants. When he asked Shiro about it he simply said, "becoming a pendant took a lot of magical energy, and a really strong connection." Not even Shiro had a familiar.
Keith had answered with, "Being a witch is weird!"
Oh and young Keith you had no idea how right you are.
Keith was 20, when the weirdest thing had happened to him. Acutally, it started pretty normal. He was feeling a little extra lonely, especially because he had recently moved out to live on his own. Shrio had gotten him a job at a mechanic, so he was ready to stand on his own too feet.
It was a chilly morning. The fall wind coming into the living room he was sitting in. He stared out into into the street. Slowly counting the leaves that were falling from the giant oak, that sat in the middle of the park.
"Meow!" There on the windowsill that was once empty sat a brown tom. His fur was short and he had little cowlicks on the top of his head. He had a little bell hanging form the collar around his neck. The bell would jingle every time he moved around.
Bringing his finger up, so the cat could smell it, Keith softly spoke, "Here boy, come here. What are you doing here?"
"Merwp" He was cute smelling at his finger, he gave it a gentle lick. Before biting down hard enough to draw blood.
"Ow! You little shit! You're supposed to be nice to your witch!"
"So, your the little lonely witch?"
What---wait did that brown fuzzy ball just speak. Oh Keith was definitely losing it.
"Hello? Are you not going to introduce yourself to me."
"AHHHHHH!" Screaming a very manly scream, thank you very much, he jumped off his couch and crawled backwards towards the T.V. "How- what- why, you speak?"
"Uhhh...yes I speak? You ok there little witch?"
" speak, cat don't speak."
"Woah, woah clam down. Yes I'm a cat. I speak because I'm a half human familiar. And I'm here to keep you from being lonely."
Bringing his hand to his face. He gently tapped at his chin, as he thought out loud, "Half-human? I don't remember reading about that...and wait to keep me from being lonely?"
"Yup!" Popping the p. The cat jumped from the window, transforming mid air, and landing on his lap, very much naked. "You can think of me as your husband!" The cat--human purred out as he rubbed his cheek against Keith's red face. The last sounds he heard were the soft jungles of the bell as his whole world faded to black. "Hu-hus-band?"
Jingle Jingle
" Can you please stop, petting him!"
"Aww, but he's so cute!" Adam complained but complied as he stopped given the feline head scratches.
The second Keith had gained consciousness, he awoke to find the brown tom sleeping on top of him. Jumping off his bed, which he could only assume he had been carried into, he gathered up the familiar, his coat, keys, and phone. Driving as fast as he could, he was going to Shiro's before his brain could catch up and all the questions of how the hell had this happened came back.
"Hey! If you won't give me pets, then atleast let Adam. You don't have to be such a jealous husband." Ending his sentence with a smirk the cat looked rather pleased with himself.
Gritting out bewteen his teeth Keith spat out, "I'm Not Your Husband!"
"Oh yeah? Then why do you have my mating mark on your hand?" Using his paw, the cat, pointed to Keith's wrist.
"You mean this rash? It's probably cause I'm allergic to cats. It's itchy."
Hissing the cat just opened and closed his little mouth before yelling out, "Rash?'s not a rash, how rude! It's my gift to you and you call it a rash! It's itchy because you won't accept me as your husband!"
"You know what I don't talk to crazy magical cats that think I'm married to it!" Turning his whole body from the cat to his right, he asked Shiro, "can you please explain, what the hell is going on?!?!
"Well, it's like...ughh"
Sensing his confusion the cat addressed Shiro, "Lance or Leo when I'm a cat."
"Yes, uhh ...Leo, it's like he says, a familiar came to your aid sensing your deepest desire."
"My deepest desire wasn't to have a husband!"
"I'll say, I never thought someone would willing tie themselves to you."
"I like you Adam."
"Well if you like him so much why don't you marry him!"
Both Adam and Lance turned to exchange glances than turned back to raise an Keith at Keith.
"Is he always this ungrateful?"
"Sadly, yes he's always been a tremendous pain in the as--"
"What Kashi! He's not a kid anymore I can openly cruse."
"Anyway, Leo said your deepest desire was to not be alone and I guess this was the solution your powers gave you. Simple as that."
"Makes sense." Shrugging Keith couldn't see the flaws in that logic. Also Shiro was like his big brother and he knew more about witch stuff than anyone esle in Keith's life. Which, to be fair wasn't a lot of people, but he's point's still valid.
"What you believe him in like two seconds!? And not me! I basically send the same thing!" Hissing and jumping on the tips of his paws Lance was furious.
"No you didn't. You basically called me your husband. But now, I know your just messing with me because my deepest desire has always been to have a friend, so like all the other familiars you'll disappear in THREE DAYS!"
Keith was so into his explanation he failed to notice he was growing loud and teary at the end of it. All around him were faces of pity and understanding. He didn't want that so he stormed out of the kitchen and into the living room. Sitting down on the couch he wished it would swallow him whole.
"I didn't know he felt that lonely." Adam spoke up looking to Shiro than to Lance.
"He's really sad...I can feel it...should I go talk to him?" Lance looked up at the two humans, with his big cat eyes asking for advice. He knew he what he was here to do, but he had no idea how to do it. Had he already failed, Keith hadn't accepted him as his husband. Even though he was the one who had offered his finger for Lance to bite.
"No it's okay. I'll talk to him. And don't worry Lance, you're doing a good thing." Smiling down at the cat he gave his head a firm pat.
Lance looked as Shiro turned the corner to enter the living room. Tiny tears fell from his ocean blue eyes and he really hoped he was doing the right thing.
"Hey kiddo, wanna tell me what that was about."
Finding Keith hiding away in his hoodie, which he had pulled the strings to close around his head, it reminded him of the past. When Keith was still so young and he would come home from a tough day at school. He would sit down on the couch and block himself from the world only coming out when Adam threatened to eat his cookies. Now, Keith was older, even if he would always be Shiro's kid brother. He could only hope Keith would let him in.
Sighing Keith opened his hoodie up and stared at Shiro as he bite into his lip holding in tears.
"Oh, Keith. Tell me what's going on."
"I didn't want to burden you guys. You already took me in and you guys are enough. But, sometimes I wish I wasn't alone. Or I had more friends, is that selfish?"
"What, no! Keith, you can have other friends. You can have another live, and your not a burden. Never."
"But, I don't know how to make friends. I guess my witch powers sensed that because it would always give me familiars that I could play with, but after three days the were gone and I never got a pendant.
"Yeah, I remember those familiars. I don't know why your power would give you a friend and then take it away...But Keith if it's hard for you to make friends maybe you should try with Leo..uhhh..urr Lance?"
"I think we skipped that step, supposedly we're husbands."
"Yeah, can't believe you got hitched before me."
"I can! You've always been a pussy!" Yelling from the kitchen, they had almost forgotten their conversation wasn't private.
"Oh hear that Shiro you better man up and ask him." Keith teased his brother.
"Come on, don't gang up on me now."
Laughing the sad atmosphere had faded away. There was a certain magic the brothers had with each other. One that helped resolve any issue especially when they talked it out.
"No, but really should give Lance a try. He doesn't seem all that bad, he's here for you. Sure, he may have gotten the wrong idea, but he wants to be your friend."
"Yeah...thanks Shiro."
"Anytime kiddo" Ruffling Keith hair, Shiro couldn't be prouder to call him his brother.
Jingle Jingle
"I can't believe that stupid bell stays when you switch to your human form."
Keith had decided to make the most of his new situation and take Le--Lance to his job. Lance had transformed at Shiro's residence, with very little shame. Keith and Shiro both blushing bright red. Shiro because he innocent at heart, Keith because that was his husband, and what a good looking husband he was---
Adam hadn't batted an eye. He worked as a nurse, so he saw junks of different kinds every single day, so it took much more to make him flustered. He had pulled out some of Keith's old things they still had lying around.
Lance was now wearing dark grey sweatpants he had rolled up to his ankles, and a sleeveless hoodie. Which, did very little to hide his collar bones, and the bell that hung from his collar.
"Of course not! My bell is special to me!" Humff!" Crossing his arms Lance pouted for a bit before going back to playing with the hex nuts.
Going back to messing with the scrap metals he was working on, Keith scowled Lance. "Stop it. Your going to lose them, and I need them to do my job."
"But I'm bored Keith. This is boringgggg... let's go do something fun!" Holding on to his arm, Lance jumped up and down on his knees.
"Stop! Ughhh...fine you know what let's have lunch. Will that be more fun for you."
Jingle Jingle
"Yum dis is zoo coot" Smiling as he took another bite of his tuna sandwich, Lance was in heaven. It was just a plain tuna sandwich but Keith had made it just for him.
"Don't talk with your mouthful it's bad manners. Shit!" Dropping his lunchbox on the floor Keith hurried to pick everything up.
"Ahhhhhh!" Hissing as Lance jumped on top of the table in the break room. Keith followed his gaze to the cucumber that had fell out and rolled away.
"Are you scared of the...cucumber?
"Cucumber!?! That's no cucumber, it's a dangerous snake!"
Snickering, Keith couldn't help but chuckle. "Snake? Lance this is a cucumber."
"Who eats there cucumbers whole! You're supposed to cut them!"
"Well, I don't always have time to cut my cucumbers and make lunch, before I have to leave for work."
"Well you won't have to worry I make our lunches form now on. It's the least I could do as your husband. Plus there's no way we're eating our cucumbers whole."
"Uhh..yeah. Thanks I guess.." Keith couldn't help but blush, Lance was so cute. His cat personality definitely bleed into his human form. That's and his bell, ears and tail.
~~~And that's all I wrote it was getting really long and I wanted to post it today, but if you want more let me know. I'll probably still write a fic out of it because I have mad ideas, but I still have projects I'm working on so might take a while.~~~
Jingle Jingle
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vldx2an hour ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hello voltron community of 2021. room for 1 more in this 馃ぁ馃殫?
i did coran too but he doesn鈥檛 fit lol
Tumblr media
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fuckthisshitimin2 hours ago
Shiro: Pidge, can you take out the trash?
Pidge: Ugh, fine. Lance. Dinner, tonight?
Lance: ... I would be offended, but then I wouldn鈥檛 have the time to prepare for our first date.
Pide: Wait, n-
(And the rest is history)
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chibi-pix2 hours ago
Another day of watching Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
I kinda got caught up in other things last night and didn鈥檛 watch any and only watched a few today. I believe I got episodes twenty one through twenty four. And let me just be honest.聽 Lotor keeps getting creepier and my desire to wreck him keeps growing. Lotor, you creeper, I鈥檓 so glad your VLD counterpart was better. He was still a jerk and a bouncy bitch when Allura wrecked him, but he was definitely better than you. And I will forever change his story in my fics to make him a good guy.
Anyway! I was left confused. Did Romelle get taken away again? I mean, it sounded like Keith expected her to be returned but... I鈥檓 confused.聽 And poor Bandor. He鈥檚 doing his best. Let him have his sister back.聽
I quite enjoyed the episode with the dangerous flowers. It made me think of Pidge in VLD with her allergies and this sort of thing would be interesting to remember and try to reference in one of my fics or a new one. Pidge there would definitely be the one not affected by such flowers because of her measures to avoid allergies, I鈥檓 sure. Also, Farla, I think that was her name? Yeah, I鈥檓 pretty sure she dies in GoLion judging by how she slumps in Lance鈥檚 arms. But this is DotU, where no one seems to die, they just get really big boo boos. Now go forth, Lance! Go plant the good flowers!聽
When the others were training and reduced the mountain to rubble, I admit, I audibly called out聽鈥淩icola!鈥. I think that was because of DBZ abridged episodes a friend had me see. I was chuckling. Bless Pidge鈥檚 wee little heart in how he responds to Allura鈥檚 top coming off. And it鈥檚 even more hilarious because Mama told me about her mistake of wearing a two piece like that and diving off the high dive. She lost her top, too. Allura, might I suggest no more diving? Or a different top?聽 Though she did have good form. coughcough Nanny also needs to take a chill pill. Allura鈥檚 a young woman who can鈥檛 just spend her life studying. She needs to train since she wants to protect others but she also needs to have fun to reduce her stress.聽 I鈥檓ma be honest. I had a dream last night with me in DotU. Nanny didn鈥檛 like me because I was sassy and didn鈥檛 conform to expectations.
Ah! And then the episode with the evil space mice. It was nice seeing the mice of Arus work to help out. I鈥檓 glad they got their cheese as a reward in the end!聽 And with the power down and the doors not opening, thank you Hunk for having common sense and forcing it open. I was worried you guys would be morons and worry about being trapped. You proved me wrong and I鈥檓 glad.聽
Anyway! That鈥檚 this update! Until next time!聽
Tumblr media
Added note. When would one watch Vehicle Voltron? It鈥檚 not on the same list, I need to go to a different list with where I鈥檓 watching, but I dunno when is best to watch it.
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askvoltron3 hours ago
some ppl being so weird acting like the most embarrassing thing keith could do is wear a dress???? Freaks anyway have you guys ever played dance dance revolution
yeah idk why that was the way they did that but 炉\_(銉)_/炉 it let me off the hook lol. anyway i played it once at an arcade but it made me look stupid so never again -keith
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askvoltron3 hours ago
keith! what鈥檚 with the fingerless gloves?
what鈥檚 with shiro鈥檚 fingerless gloves? what鈥檚 with hunk鈥檚? i鈥檓 not the only one with fingerless gloves here >:(
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bluedemon19953 hours ago
Conference Room: intergalactic meeting coming to an end
James: throws an arm around Pidge and walks alongside her down the hall. 鈥淗ey, Katie, we are all going out to eat and go bowling, feel like being my plus one?鈥
Keith: staring at James walking behind him and PIdge
Pidge: 鈥淥h, um, yeah, I guess.鈥 Turning to look back at Keith and Lance, 鈥淵ou guys coming too?鈥
Lance replies no but Keith surprisingly nods.
Lance: nudges Keith- 鈥淵ou鈥檝e been really quiet today okay?鈥
Keith: still staring at James absently replies, 鈥淲ell, nobody plans a murder out loud.鈥
Lance: 鈥淗ey Pidge, I鈥檓 definitely going!! Gonna call Hunk and Shiro too!鈥
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klance-honeycore-zine3 hours ago
Preorder stretch goals
Tumblr media
Of Which Love is the Honey, a Klance Honeycore zine, will have three bonus pieces of merch that certain bundles will receive if we hit a specific amount of preorders!
Our first stretch goal is a matching set of icons designed by Mion Jazri! Our Teacup Bundle and Garden Bundle will include this bonus merch if we are able to reach 40聽preorders!
Our second stretch goal is an acrylic charm designed by @lostkimin! If we are able to reach 75 preorders, this bonus charm will be included in our Honey Bundle, Picnic Bundle, Garden Bundle, and Flower Bundle!
And finally, our third stretch goal is an enamel pin version of the charm designed by @lilac8raccoon鈥! At 100 preorders, this enamel pin will come with every order of the聽Honey Bundle, Picnic Bundle, Garden Bundle, and Flower Bundle!
We鈥檒l be sure to make announcements if we manage to hit each goal, so keep an eye out!聽And consider preordering a copy of the zine!
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So I made a Voltron blog
It鈥檚 @alteansword
You no longer have to endure random Voltron reblog sprees every month or so :)
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