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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#one piece
watermelon-chan · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Cowboys make me cry
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namizaela · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
redraw of a redraw of some nami fanart! the two previous pieces are under the cut because they're kind of embarrassing lol
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Tumblr media
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enigmasong · 13 minutes ago
Eustass Kid got a higher bounty than Luffy by Sabaody on the grounds of him killing civilians, but given the Navy's habit of trumping up charges and even scapegoating their own deeds onto people they deem as criminals, I gotta question the validity of that charge.
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opbackgrounds · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
We have all been Luffy at some point in our lives
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daily-zoro · 16 minutes ago
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i really love that zoro makes that choice himself. no one’s telling him or pushing him to go after orochi, not toko or hyori, luffy isnt there, sanji’s telling him not to. the second yasu died zoro wanted to fight. and he chose murder
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everyroronoazoro · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
you could ask a little nicer, zoro. what’s the magic word
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flimflamfranky · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
[start id: a drawing of post-timeskip franky and robin, both wearing mesh lingerie. robin is in front, also wearing an open black jacket and pants, and looking at the viewer over a pair of sunglasses. she is reaching up and placing a hand on franky's cheek. franky is behind her, wearing his triangle sunglasses with his hair styled into a pompadour, with his hand on her hip. end id]
for week 2 of the frobin spring event by @frobinfandays! based on the visual prompt 'coca cola bottle'.
just matching couple things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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sirarthurcrux · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I would like to tell everybody that Coby is my husbando.
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27thfirefly · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
some crocorocis for the soul... outfits from this n requested by the lovely @k-k-armadillo
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martinbolseiro · 35 minutes ago
Shou Tucker appeared in One Piece and lives in Dressrosa!!!!!! O-O
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lynliin · 42 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dokidreaming · 46 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
beast pirate Kiku and Yamato 😈
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gildedmuse · 48 minutes ago
In case there was anyone out there still had questions about why it is Zoro is so devoted to his captain.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is Luffy, doing his best to insult Zoro, meanwhile Zoro is probably just thinking, "Four Swords? This kid is a fucking genius?"
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panicsarts · an hour ago
🗝 Shop Update 🗝
Clay Figures
Now available in the shop are the clay figures I started out with! All currently available options are listed along with a surprise me option if you’re unsure. Another option is the Other. Don’t see something you like? You can leave a note for what you are seeking. Please be sure to list the name of the character and the fandom! You may also send a message here. Just include the name/number your order is under.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Listing Update
Finally, the ASL Brothers Stack Charm has been updated to include two options. Just the charm or the charm and a cat figure of one of the three brothers.
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weaverworks · an hour ago
Fanbase should not be toxic and policing fans ships are terrible! You don't get to berate their fav pairings for no reason!
With that being said, here's my ship:
Donquixote Doflamingo x Riku Viola
I will forever Stan for this ship and I have a thousand reasons or more but I don't have to explain because.
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quirkyseastone · an hour ago
Congrats on the 700!!! Can I please get Shanks + Touch or whatever is available? Thank you <3
Thank you so much anon! I haven’t done much for Shanks yet, so touch is still available! I hope it’s okay, Shanks is a fun one to write, so I enjoyed doing this!
This is just SLIGHTLY suggestive, so warnings for anyone who may not be into that!
Tumblr media
Touch — Shanks 
Shanks’ touch is flirty, fun, and full of love. He’s completely unable to keep his hand off of you, and he never wants to live a moment without feeling your skin against his. His hand tends to roam all around you—resting on your thighs where he traces little shapes, on your knees, around your shoulders, on your back. He only gets more affectionate when he’s drunk; making you wonder if he was glued to you somehow. He can get even more handsy, giving you playful pats on your butt, or flirty little touches on your legs. Shanks is passionate about you, and he will never let you forget.   
Tumblr media
Sense of Romance Event
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donvampiro · an hour ago
Hello, hope your day had been well so far :)
Do you happen to have rules about what you accept and don’t accept? And a masterlist on what you’ve already done
Didn’t want to end up sending in anything that’d potentially be on the “don’t”s section 😅
Can I request a scenario on Ace with a shy fem. s/o? She’s good at singing, but literally no one knows since she only sings when she’s alone. Then one day, on Ace’s birthday, she puts on a public performance (on the ship), where she sings the song “Birthday” (by Katy Perry) dedicated to him. She managed to keep her look of confidence through the song, but when it’s finished, she’d be blushing heavily. How’d Ace react with both the shock of hearing her sing for the first time, and such a... provocative song?
Mainly looking for fluff with maybe either a bit of teasing at the end or suggested lime.
Thank you for reading this ask :D
Hey, Anon! Hope you're doing well :D
No kidding, thank you for reminding me that i haven't done anything like a 'Rules' post yet – but now it's not as if i've written only 2 scenarios, so i really should do it, you're right.
if you're interested, here's my Masterlist! - Welcome to Company Vita
Anyway alright Anon! tbh i didn't know this song (#shame#), but now i do, so let's try to see how our Fire Fist Freckles Ace would react. 'Pop your Pérignon', bc here we go! thanks for asking, and i hope it will meet your expectations as well as possible <3
'i'll give you a taste'
Ace x (shy) fem!reader
Tumblr media
'If you wanna dance, if you want it all; You know that I'm the girl that you should ca– ah, no!'
it wasn't the right octave. You frown, annoyed.
it usually never happens. So why? You know you're good at singing.
you know you are.
but in your opinion, it has always been better to sing for yourself. just enjoying the moment, you, yourself... and you ; so you could do all the variations you wanted, trying – daring.
daring is an issue for you, because you're aware of your shyness.
you know you are.
plus some apprehensiveness maybe? Ace's brithday is coming.
everyone on the ship is preparing it, and so are you. But you want your present to be special, to be unique. Ace deserves this.
that's why you've chosen to surpass your shyness, to let your singer skills flourish – here by singing 'Birthday'.
there are obvious reasons to justify your choice. the title of the song, for instance : a song named 'Birthday' for a birthday.
but there are other reasons – 'deeper', we could say.
because yup, we should never judge a book by its cover.
as well as people would never have thought you'd be able to offer a whole performance because you're shy (you neither btw) ; 'Birthday' isn't a mere 'happy birthday' song.
Oh, no no no –
but here you are now. on the ship, literally in front of the whole crew, so at first you're more thinking about how to create a diversion in order to flee than singing.
the pirate turns around immediately upon hearing your insecure voice. he smiles.
'What's wrong?'
your blushing is so intense. but you find some comfort in Ace's eyes, locked on yours in a gentle glance.
'N-nothing. just... a present for you.'
he seems both surprised and happy. it might be because he IS surprised and happy actually
or maybe it's you who are so good at reading his emotions without even him  needing to talk about them?
'F-for me?! Wow, thank you! But... why?'
such a facepalm in your mind right now
'Because it's your birthday, i guess...??'
he chuckles.
'I'm kidding. however, don't say it's « nothing »!! something from you isn't « nothing » at all, y/n.'
a shiver runs through your spine. meanwhile, the crew has started cheering on you, really interested in what you'd have to propose, you, shy y/n. you're always so quiet.
you know you are.
But music has always had this capacity to shoo your shyness away. when you sing, the whole world disappears. remains only music, notes and people you love.
therefore, you feel a sort of 'self-confidence wave', as long as you thinking about singing – singing for him. Ace.
'Listen carefully, ok?'
– 'Of course.'
– 'i'm counting on you to.'
Everyone sits down in a circle and stares at you. After breathing out heavily, you clear your throat and then-
'I heard you're feeling nothing's going right'
it's only the very first line, but Ace's attention is immediatly drawn by it.
the meaning of this line,
but also,
your voice.
so smooth, a bit high-pitched, but not that much, so it matches perfectly with the rhythm you're setting up progressively – because 'the clock is ticking, running out of time'.
although the song advised to do it, his eyes are not covered at all. it's the first time he hears you singing, and he's determined to not miss a word.
'You know that I'm the girl that you should call'
because those very words, oh my god, those lyrics sound... particular? no... not 'particular', it's... he was short of words actually, just looking at you dumbstruckly with his mouth half-opened.
at first, he was puzzled : your voice is beautiful, but... why were you always talking about food? 'I hope you got a healthy appetite' ; 'i'll give you a taste' ; 'i know you like it sweet' ; 'so you can have your cake' ;... he was wondering if you were hungry? There was a cake right there though.
it's probably his state of staggering at this moment which had led him to have this kind of reflections, at face value and a bit ridiculous.
you look so confident.
because you're in your element.
and thanks to this feeling of ease, there's this sort of aura, a solar aura emanating from you and turns you even more beautiful than you already are in Ace's opinion.
it's at this very moment that the pirate begins to discern another meaning in the lyrics.
plus, the rhythm you've chosen helps him to hear every word clearly. and maybe the 'taste' you're singing is not the one he thought about.
'So hot and heavy, 'til dawn ; I got you spinning ; Like a disco ball'
he starts blushing a bit. he never thought you could sing something so cheeky. unless it's him who is... slightly dirty-minded? this very thought makes him blush even more.
'you're never gonna be unsatisfied', you've sung earlier.
Oh, you're so right. as well as the whole crew, Ace is bewitched by your voice and your confident smile, so rare when you're in public.
'So make a wish'
Right now, Ace's wish is that you keep singing. for him, but also for you – all this joy in your eyes, it melts his heart.
but the song finishes, with this 'Happy birthday' you've said so suavely.
he's glad his head hasn't caught fire – literally – at that moment. meanwhile, the crew starts applauding vigorously. profusion of compliments while Ace remains silent.
since you've finished singing, you're a blushing mess. as if all your self-confidence was gone in one second. but it's often reassuring to see Ace is in the same state.
blushing heavily as well, his eyes are still wide-opened, his lips shiver a bit.
still short of words. as if you had said everything through this song, as if you've stolen all he wanted to tell you for so long.
in front of his silence, your first thought is negative – 'He didn't like it.'
you start apologizing, blushing more intensely. seeing it makes Ace blushing more as well, you two are stammering something confusing apologies and acknowledgements.
'y/n!! t-thanks a lot, and please, don't be sorry, it's just that it was so-'
you freeze.
'it's « so »...?'
ah, shyness. you want to know. but you don't dare asking for more. waiting for Ace to end the sentence by himself.
– '… perfect? You sing so well, i never thought you could. i mean... you've never sung with us. i whished you would.'
– 'really? wow... i... i don't know what to say. thanks. but... what really matters to me is... well, did you like it? at least, i hope it wasn't too awful?'
– 'don't say that. i'm sure you know you're good at singing.'
you look away.
he smirks.
'… and that you know perfectly what you're singing.'
you look away, still blushing. is he burning you or what?
'i... don't know what you're talking about.'
– 'Come ooooon, y/n.'
he comes closer, whispering in your ear, so close so you could clearly feel his smirk widening.
'There were many promises in your song, and keep in mind it's still my birthday. i hope you're going to keep your commitments.'
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